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420 Babes for 420!!

It’s 420! The most important day of the year for all the stoners out there.

We partnered up with HUNIBADGER They are the premiere “dab rig”. Check em out:

You may be anti smoking pot because you’re a narc or a nerd who is scared of losing control. Which is a terrifying concept because it implies that you fear losing control. What could possibly go wrong if you did lose control?!

My advice to you, especially while in quarantine, is to dabble in the green goodness. They all talk about micro-dosing Mushrooms and LSD, but weed is probably an easier option. There’s no time like the now to learn all the uplifting health benefits of the plant. The anxiety relieving, the relaxation, the laughs. It’s a good plant.

You may not know what a “dab rig” is, but dab is a concentrate wax. They claim it is a cleaner way to get the benefits of the product, so you are just smoking what gets you high, rather than all the other stuff like leaves and stems.

Without a vertical vaporizer like the HUNIBADGER you need some ridiculous bulky set ups. We have a friend who uses a full-on butane torch, which is crazy but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So get yours now and take this this fully functional vaporizer everywhere you go!

Since it is 420 and we support 420 and the babes who 420. Here are some pics of babes in 420 action on 420.

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