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Austria stupid sluts

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Somerset comic con 2019

Arsi Nami lifestyle commercial shoot in Las Vegas

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Arsi Nami lifestyle commercial shoot in Las Vegas

Arsi Nami Lifestyle commercial shoot in Las Vegas



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OPEN POST: What is Your Favorite Movie or Franchise Theme Music?

A killer theme is as vital to the success of a big budget popcorn film as any other element on display. There’s got to be a triumphant fanfare or majestic introduction to welcome the audience into the world of the film. This is no time for subtlety or nuance, you’ve got to get the audience instantly fired up for what they’re about to witness.

There are some composers, like John Williams and Danny Elfman, who have made this a cottage industry. Others have nailed it on their first try. Some on their tenth try. And some on their only try.

As much as I would have loved to include them, no theme songs, so, sorry Ghostbusters 1 & 2 fans, as well as anyone pulling for a specific Bond song, or even advocates for Eminem’s Venom song. This is score only

I imagine the one that elbowed its way to the front of the line for most of you is John Williams’ Star Wars theme. This is sort of the go-to answer, but deservedly so. It’s amazing, it puts you in the right frame of mind for the adventure ahead. It’s the best of what a theme can be in that it more or less only exists over the opening and closing titles, and that’s not a knock against the rest of the music Williams created for Star Wars. It’s just that this particular piece is so far above all the others, it’s unfair to make the other music compete with it…


The brainchild of composer Monty Norman, later refined by his predecessor John Barry, the brass heavy James Bond theme has to be one of the first that leaps to mind. Every Bond film has opened with it—except 2006’s Casino Royale which saves it for the end—and it is as iconic as any theme ever. It’s a strong contender for anyone’s top spot.


On the more rapturous side of things is “The Godfather Waltz,” a somber, sobering piece of music that adequately prepares you for the melancholy to come in The Godfather films. Director Francis Ford Coppola handed the job to Italian composer Nino Rota, who created some memorable themes for Fellini’s 8 1/2 and Bertolucci’s Romeo & Juliet. Kicked off by a lone horn, the theme grows from there into an old world waltz that never leaves your head throughout the film.


“When is he gonna bring up Bill Conti’s ‘Gonna Fly Now’ from Rocky, bro?” If we were doing theme songs, “Eye of the Tiger” would be a fierce competitor for the title, as is the amazing fanfare that starts this immortal theme from the Rocky movies. Conti is another Bond veteran, Conti lost the Oscar for this theme, but won it several years later for The Right Stuff. This is as iconic and immortal as themes get.


Howard Shore’s scores for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films are as integral to their success as all the other technical elements. It won Shore three Oscars for his efforts and propelled into the upper echelon as a result of his excellent work. Watch the movies again and try to imagine getting anywhere near as emotional in certain moments without that score.


Elfman’s got a lot of these, and of course his Simpsons theme is every bit as iconic as anything else he’s done, but his 1989 Batman score remains his Mount Everest. The theme that Elfman created hasn’t been usurped in nearly thirty years of trying via many other Batman movies. He replaced the 1966 Batman theme in our heads, and most remarkably of all, nothing has yet to replace his theme as the definitive Batman music.


Here’s a strange one, but one that I felt merited consideration nonetheless as it meets all the criteria…


Alan Silvestri’s greatest composition remains the Back to the Future theme music, another rousing theme used repeatedly throughout the films to generate an emotional response…


Of course, Indiana Jones is another great John Williams one…


As is E.T…




Jurassic Park…


The list goes on.

For me, my favorite has always been one from my childhood. Henry Mancini’s jazz theme for Blake Edwards’ The Pink Panther remains my personal pick for favorite movie or franchise theme music. It’s the epitome of cool and very much established the tone for the film. Plus, it’s become ingrained in all our brains thanks to its use in the cartoon that followed.

So let’s hear it. What’s your favorite? If you guys like this, we can do TV themes next time.

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The Academy Pumps the Breaks on Their Proposed ‘Popular Film’ Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made many changes to their annual Oscar awards over the years, but one they proposed adding this year backfired in spectacular fashion. You see, in recent years, the Academy has made a desperate stab at relevancy, chiefly by increasing the number of Best Picture nominees in hopes that its voting bloc would nominate more commercially successful films.

This approach hasn’t worked all that well. In fact, any time the Academy attempts to do something to broaden their commercial appeal, it ends up being rightly and roundly rejected by the general public. You see, people either love the Oscars or they don’t, and no lineup of Best Picture nominees is going to swindle Joe Sixpack in to tuning in to the show.

Nevertheless, the Academy pressed on with a new idea this year that involved adding a new category called Best Popular Film. This seemed, to them anyway, like a great way to honor movies like Black Panther or The Incredibles 2 that made a ton of money but wouldn’t make the cut for Best Picture in your average cinema-going year.

It was a stupid idea and now the Academy has decided to table it for the time being. In a press release, Academy CEO Dawn Hudson states…

“There has been a wide range of reactions to the introduction of a new award, and we recognize the need for further discussion with our members. We have made changes to the Oscars over the years — including this year — and we will continue to evolve while also respecting the incredible legacy of the last 90 years.”

Sure. We get it, you goofed and now you’ve gotta fix the goof. Word to the wise, shelve this idea permanently. Nothing is going to entice the average moviegoer into watching the Oscars, short of the prospect of them receiving an award for watching.

[h/t Variety]

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Oscar statues in a parking lot across from the Hollywood & Highland Center during preparations for the 89th Academy Awards, in Los Angeles, Feb. 22, 2017. (Monica Almeida/The New York Times)

Take an In-Depth Look at the Filmography of David Lynch

No director in American cinematic history traffics in the strange and unusual quite like David Lynch. Over at MrSkin.com, there’s an article exploring the many strange and sexy scenes from Lynch’s career, and it’s one hell of a read.

Whether you’re a Lynch fan or find yourself completely and utterly baffled by his films, it’s a great overview of the way the director uses nudity and sexuality in his films, and I think you’ll benefit from its content. And hey, if nothing else there’s plenty of sexy pics and GIFs of such nude scenes as Naomi Watts and Laura Harring’s lesbian sex scene from Mulholland Dr., Isabella Rossellini’s Blue Velvet nude scenes, and much much more!

Click Here for a SKIN-depth Look at the Strange Sexuality of David Lynch’s Films

And while it’s not covered in this article, I really and truly recommend you check out this video clip where Lynch tells the story of meeting George Lucas with the possibility of directing Return of the Jedi

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Kelly Brook arriving at the TV Bafta Awards 2012, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London 27th May 2012


antoniusbudyono11 posted a photo:


Kelly Brook arriving at the TV Bafta Awards 2012, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London 27th May 2012


antoniusbudyono10 posted a photo:


Kelly Brook arriving at the TV Bafta Awards 2012, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London 27th May 2012


antoniusbudyono10 posted a photo:


Kelly Brook arriving at the TV Bafta Awards 2012, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London 27th May 2012


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Makeup Artist Danielle Pirslin performs a horror makeup tutorial on Famous Celebrity Joseph Carrillo. Don't try this at home.


inquiries - [email protected]

Was Zack Snyder Fired from the DCEU He Helped Create?

In a new piece over at Mashable, the death bell is officially rung on the Zack Snyder era, but there is a huge amount of inference that Snyder was actually fired months ago. Back when we all thought he was stepping aside because of a family tragedy, it turns out that Snyder was being booted and the whole thing with Joss Whedon coming in to complete Snyder’s vision was a bunch of bull roar. It was the salvage job we all thought, and now that DC has seen how poorly that went, they’re completely cutting ties—at least creatively—with Snyder.

According to sources, Snyder will still get his requisite Executive Producer credit, but it will be more an honorarium in the way Stan Lee gets one on every Marvel movie. But actually, that’s not a good analogy, because at least Lee had a hand in the creation of the characters. I guess it’s more of a legal thing, allowing WB to fulfill whatever legal part of that contract they signed with Snyder years ago. But the DCEU is moving forward from its 2017 slate and more or less ignoring everything that came before.

This is also the reason they’ll never release Snyder’s cut of the film. They’d just as soon pretend it never happened basically. They’re planning on ignoring any more of his contributions to this world and doing more rapid course correction, which is what got them into this pickle in the first place. I recommend you read the entire piece at Mashable, as it contains additional details like future involvement—or lack thereof—from people like David Ayer. But what say you? Are you happy Snyder’s gone? Pissed off? Indifferent? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Keanu Reeves at a screening of Lionsgate Films' "John Wick" at the Arclight Theatre on October 22, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.


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Idris Elba Gray Trench Coat

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Idris Elba Gray Trench Coat

Shop now: ebay.to/2lWzrKY
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Daniel DiCriscio by Wayne Wright

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Daniel DiCriscio by Wayne Wright

Celebrity Portrait of Daniel Daniel DiCriscio, photographed by Wayne Wright in Los Angeles 2017.


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20161105-06 Jason Isaacs & I at Comic Con Stockholm | Kistamässan, Stockholm, Sweden

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20161105-06 Jason Isaacs & I at Comic Con Stockholm | Kistamässan, Stockholm, Sweden

FAN REPORT BELOW! (Vaguely coherent? Maybe? Cobbled together at the last moment before the 10-year anniversary of my first Jason encounter, because I procrastinated from November to March. Not least because I was trying to find TEH WORDS. Words like "ARGH", "SQUEE", and "ZOMFSMWTF", apparently. It's not much, but if you're a Jason fan maybe you will enjoy it.)


To the best of my knowledge, I first saw Jason in "Armageddon" in 1998. I didn't notice him much, but I may have taken home Quincy's important life advice regarding fire crackers! <:D (… Was he right? :B )

In 2000, I saw "The patriot". (…) But (I'm ashamed to say) it wasn't until my second viewing in 2001 that I, AHEM, noticed Jason. o_O "Who is this light-eyed, high-voiced, posh-accented fuck? :D "

The crush was mostly mild from 2001 to 2016. :)


That morning, I randomly went on Facebook and very randomly saw a group post about weekend plans. Someone mentioned Comic Con Stockholm. I hadn't even known Sweden had a Comic Con… but figured I'd better Google it. (My current "hometown" [BLARGH] is only 1 h from Stockholm.) They probably wouldn't have any interesting guests, right!




(The previous weekend I had studied for a MONDAY EXAM, and the weekend before that I was in London, and…)

I briefly considered not going (!), as I had already met him in 2007. (LUCKY! Click here for that fan report.) But I knew that if I didn't bite the scary scary con-apple I would regret it. Since he was one of the fan-friendliest celebs I'd ever met, perhaps the risk of EXTREME EMBARRASSMENT was… relatively low. o_O The 2007 encounter had felt a bit like a group standing around and talking to a teacher after class. (The nice, funny kind of teacher…) ^_^

So I soon booked my con tickets for the two Jason days. "Eh, maybe I'll be satisfied with only one day… But what if the tickets sell out and I regret it!" (Looking back, YES, I WOULD HAVE REGRETTED THAT.)



I took the commuter train to the con hall (where I had never been, but which was only a five minute walk from the station) and arrived around 9.15. The con itself was open from 10 to 19. Compared with the Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention (the only other con I've been to) the entrance cost more, but autographs and photo booth were cheaper. NOT THAT IT MATTERED MUCH TODAY. :B Of course I hurried to get tickets for a siggy and a photo. Only for Jason… as I had never heard of any of the other guests. :O

The main man hadn't arrived yet – his first autograph session was scheduled to begin at 11.30. I joined the long line and spied around for Jason, but didn't see him (YES YES THERE HE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!) until he was quite near the siggy table, smiling at people. :)

The line was slow… which was FINE, because
1) that gave me more time to COLLECT MY AWKWARD ASS and
2) it meant Jason was being talkative. This was kind of unsurprising. :)

There were three photos available to buy – two of Lucius and one nice black and white portrait. I picked the latter, and the siggy assistant attached a post-it with my name on it.

At the risk of repeating myself, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!



Stuff that happened (obviously every conversation in this post is paraphrased):

- I didn't step forward too early!


- I knelt down and said "Hi, thanks for coming" to which Jason replied "It gets me out of the house…!"

- He signed the photo! (Ya rly!)

- He asked me about good tourist attractions in Stockholm! Shiet; I'm not from Stockholm and haven't done much touristing there, and I told him so. He then asked where I was from! I mentioned my hometown GOTHENBURG (YEEEEEAH! IF ONLY I HAD THOUGHT TO MENTION THAT GOTHENBURG HAS CONS TOO! *cough* *nudge*), and started to mention my current hometown but… DAMMIT RAT, RELEVANCE!

- The "Dammit Rat, say one of the things" moment presented itself.

- I told him he had been one of my favourite actors for 15 years now. (Actually, I may have used the phrase "my favourite actor". 8| This, however, would not have been a major disaster. The order in which I find actors kind of seems to factor into their places on my fave list. AND JASON IS FANTABULOUS. Soooooo if I had found him in, say, 1997, maybe he would have been my official favourite… :)

- Anyway. Jason said that the characters he plays are much more interesting. Rat protests: "Nah, I actually met you at a stage door nine years ago and YOU WERE SO NICE!" He asked if the show had been "The dumb waiter". "Yes, I actually saw the very last performance. And you said it would be sloppy because it was the last one, but IT WASN'T SLOPPY AT ALL!"

- Jason said he hadn't done any stage work since then. (I happened to know this, as I had randomly checked his Wiki a few months earlier.) "I know! I felt so lucky to catch it!" And Jason said something about waiting for the right thing. Soooooo…! :9

- He then shook my hand again, "See you at another stage door!" (YEA! DO PLAYS! WANT LONDON! Until then, there was the photo booth…)

- I thanked him (uh, I HOPE) and walked off. With so much meet & greet time, even I had managed to squeeze in a bit of eye contact! ^_^ (I probably wrote a dissertation in some other post on how eye contact is generally overrated, but hella special with idols. :) Squee.

As expected-ish, I didn't feel 100% embarrassed! Because Jason…

I then hurried to join the line for Jason's Q&A, and got a seat halfway up the big auditorium. (I then tried to use the waiting time to take my pill. Last pill in blister pack. Dropped pill on floor. Lost pill severely. Kept looking for pill after Q&A. Found pill on floor of row below. Picked that fucking pill off the floor and ate it. Hardcore. P.S. Am not on pill because anyone wants to shag me.)

In today's non-news, the Q&A was fucking funny! :D Jason started with a sort of FAQ about Lucius and stuff, then the actual Q&A sesh began. Everyone who lined up for the mic (HELLA NOT ME!) got to ask their questions!

I'm only going misquote the hell out of him on a couple of points:

- "I haven't slept, and when I'm tired I tend to curse a lot." :)

- "Alan Rickman was the best movie villain in the last 100 years."

- "… but I'm not going to talk too much about Alan because I get too emotional."
#afterallthistime #liedowntrynottocrycryalot

I got in the photo booth line! As expected, it was faster than the siggy line; the organizers forbade small talk here. Then my turn came "AND YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!"

- (Well, I went up and said hi.)

- (Handshake? I don't remember. o_O )

- THE MEMORY CARD WAS FULL! So they had to fiddle with it for a few moments. I did not complain. :D

- I can never fucking think of originaly pose-y things to do, so I just went for the good unoriginal V-sign, sort of pointed in the general direction of Jason.

- Jason remarked "Your hand is shaking!" and lightly grabbed my fingers. x)

- Somewhere around this point, 1 photo got taken, but Jason said "One more." ^_^

- Upon the organizers' kind request, I didn't stick around for a two-hour convo, but thanked Jason and went on my way.

People's photobooth photos were already being printed, but at a very slow rate. So I walked around the con for a bit and looked at "everything". I bought my 70th journal (adorned with a gilded Hogwarts crest) from one of the booths. :D

Jason did another siggy session for the last three hours of the con day. The photo booth and its printer table was only meters away, so one could… just… ah… hang out there and wait for one's photo. YUP. :B I also spent some time leaning against a wall across the aisle, surfing and... and stuff. And took another Turn About The Room and shopped a five-pack of Harry Potter buttons just because one of them said "Always" and depicted Lily & Severus under their tree. <:D

Late in the day there was occasionally no line for Jason's table – but as I said, the con was supposed to close at 19, and Jason was still signing at 19.02… :D Then they started to announce the closing, so I kind of had to leave. But I intended to talk to him some more the next day. :)


Shorter line today, and the con would be open from 10 to 18. When they let us in, I went and got another siggy ticket… I had brought a couple of my Harry Potter DVD covers, but had not yet decided which one should get signed. In any case, I wanted to wait for the afternoon calm. :)

Jason's first siggy sesh of the day was from 10 to 11.30. I hung out by my wall-across-the-aisle again, but most of the time he was hidden by the crowd. So I found a bench around the corner, caught up on some journalwriting, and, um, Googled whether a "backward V-sign" means anything in particular. (Because that was how yesterday's V-sign ended up, back of the hand to the camera, since I was pointing at Jason.) WELL. I found meanings such as "The enemy have not yet cut off my fingers, so I can still shoot you with arrows lol" and "Fuck you" and "Now I'm going to gun you down".


(At first I was going to Photoshop in a huge yellow emoji V-sign (bizarrely twisted the right way), but I later tried out a simple DIGITAL FINGER AMPUTATION and… *shrug* … IF I HADN'T TOLD YOU MAYBE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE LOOKED CLOSELY AND NOTICED.)

Jason had a photo sesh from 11.30 to 13, but at 12.30 I lined up for his Q&A, which was to take place between 14 and 15… When the auditorium doors opened I could have grabbed a FRONT ROW SEAT, but… that's too… exposed, hehe. I picked second row. :)

JASON APPEARED! He said he had been told off yesterday for having monologued for too long, leaving too little time for fan questions. Either way was WAY fine with me… xD

- He asked who had heard yesterday's Q&A, and a lot of people raised their hands. "Oh, I'm in trouble." I decided against yelling out "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, MAN." ^_^

- Someone had apparently asked why he hadn't let a press guy take pictures of him. (There was also a no-photo policy by the siggy table, and at each Q&A there had only been a one-minute photo window right at the beginning.) Jason (possibly terribly misquoted AGAIN, but it's relevant for later events, sooooo): "The reason is that I'm incredibly vain. I borrowed my daughter's moisturizer but it's making my skin flake! [I hadn't even noticed.] And I don't want photos taken when I don't have control of the light and such, otherwise people might say 'Oh, looks like he's back on the heroin!' or something."

*diez* xD

- One fan said "First of all, I've had a huge crush on you since I was eight years old!" to which Jason replied "That is completely creepy and inappropriate! :D "

- A while into the Q&A, Jason decided that our applause after every answer was taking up too much time, so he instructed us to use just single claps. And he took a little video of one of them!

- He talked about fame, saying that he rides the tube without getting recognized. He knows some people who are superfamous, "and the only good thing about that condition is that one gets to pick and choose among movie projects."

- He said he loves walking around cons and checking stuff out, but can't do it with his own face because he gets too many selfie requests that way, sooooo… he wears a mask! :B (Masks and stuff are normal at scifi cons, FYI.) "And I'm not gonna tell you what mask I wear, heehee."

- He got through the entire line of question-askers again!

- I was extremely un-bored.

- Someone remarked "… and all your impersonations [he imitated a bunch of different people over the course of the Q&A] are spot on!" This was true. xD

Jason was going to have another siggy sesh for the last three hours of the con. Around 17, I joined a little line of just a couple of people who were waiting for him to return from a break. When he did, I offered the guy behind me to skip ahead. Guy: "Nervous?" Rat: "Yeeeeeeaaahh… :B "

Closer to the table I let yet another fan skip ahead of me. Jason happened to write that guy's name wrong twice, and proceeded to tear those photos up and throw them over his shoulder. :)

He mentioned to somebody that he hadn't had "the typical Swedish experience" (HAY JASON IF YOU COME BACK I CAN TAKE YOU OUT AND SHOW YOU A GOOD TOURIST TIEMZ? <:D ) "… but everyone's been lovely."

(Eeeeeeveryone? ((:B )

Once more it was my turn!!!!!!!!!!!! :O Guess we shook hands again? (I often think of bringing con celebs little gift bottles of beribboned hand sanitizer.) Guess he asked how I was? :) ("I'm… … … … … … fiiiiine, thankyou…") Of course I knelt in front of the table, as usual. "I got your autograph yesterday, but I wanted to say hi again while I can… :D " (A line recycled from a certain Daisy encounter, but fucking true!) And at some point he put his hand over my forearm, which was resting on the table. x)

I had my siggy object ready – the "Deathly Hallows" DVD cover. Jason prepared to sign the back, which has a photo of Lucius (and some other people I guess. Pfft), but I asked him to sign the spine instead, "if it's not too narrow." (They didn't seem to have a fine-tipped siggy pen around.) But Jason bravely accepted the challenge.

Rat: "That's daring, trying to fit the whole name in there."
Jason: "I can do it!"

Which he could. (Not that I would have cared much if he had instead produced an ABSTRACT FINGER PAINTING.)

He also asked if I'd had a good day!

Hmmmm, YES!

(Not sure, of course, if actual reply was "Yes" or CHEWBACCA NOISES.)

And Jason asked "What did you do?" I couldn't think of many things to list… since I had mainly sat / stood / walked around o_O … But I told him I had attended both of his Q&A:s and that they were great. Jason again expressed concern that the Sunday talk had been too much repetition. I denied this. (Repetition, yes. BUT I ENJOYED HAVING FUNNY AND INTERESTING STORIES DOUBLY BASHED INTO ME BRAINE! Sigh, I should have told him so.) He asked whether I preferred his monologues or the Q&A; I said I liked both. And that I liked his stories, and that he should do a STANDUP TOUR or something. ^_^ He may have replied that he didn't think enough people outside of cons would be interested. NAWWW! It is my unprofessional opinion that he should do some kind of survey to find out if enough people would be interested, hehe. In any case, even non-fans should be interested in juicy stories from the movie world. :B

I also told him "Until Friday morning I didn't even know Sweden had a Comic Con. And I thought 'Oh, probably no one interesting will be there', but I looked, and… 'OH SHIT! JASOOOOOOOOOON!'" *handhead* Jason double-facepalmed dramatically. xD


I left the table again… But stayed nearby, blowing a bit on the siggy to dry it properly. MAYBE I blew on it several thousand percent more than was necessary. :B I soon discovered that I had (seriously, and unsurprisingly) left the DVD case on the table, so I sneaked up real quick and snatched it, "Sorry…"

But still I hung around, as I had forgotten to mention a couple of things. Of course. -_- Soon the line ended, and Jason got ready to leave. It was still 10-ish minutes to closing time, so when a couple of stragglers showed up he attended to them as well. :) Then he said his goodbyes to the organizers.

Rat: *LURK*

Some person between Jason and me went away, and Jason looked at me.

Rat: "Hey, Jason, I forgot to mention… You're one of the least intimidating celebrities I've met, hehe." Jason iterated what he had said in the Q&A; that he wasn't a celebrity, just a guy doing his job etc.

(But I could have used the word "people" instead of "celebrities", although I never told him that… :)

Rat: "… And you don't look like you're on heroin. :) "
Jason: "That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day."
Rat: "Aw."


And at some point during this almost-post-con convo he lightly touched my arm again. 8D

A tiny while later, he left the siggy table area for real. I was packing the DVD case into my backpack at the time, and Jason passed behind me. I turned my head towards him, "Bye!" Jason, to everyone in the vicinity: "Bye, thank you!" My "You too!" was not very loud, but hopefully loud enough… :q

And Jason and a couple of the organizers wandered off down a long aisle… :)

I was relatively high for the rest of November, at least. :B

Fun bonus:

So, Robbie Williams, who is my 2nd fave artist or something, had released a new album on November 4. But I wanted to get into it properly, i.e. by giving it my full attention for the first few listens. I didn't find the time to do that until November 10. I enjoyed the album, and it now reminds me a bit of that special, high November. (… OH HAY SWEET NOVEMBER!!!!!!1!!!!111) For reasons, I rode the Stockholm train unusually often that month, and made it a bit of a tradition to listen to the album on the way, and of course to gaze wistfully at the con hall as we passed it… :) I almost forgot that I hadn't even heard the album at the time of the con – the songs, the month, the trains, and Jason became somewhat (and nicely) entangled in my mind. (It doesn't hurt that Jason and Robbie are funny and handsome in similar ways. :B )

Vegan FAQ! :)

The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See.

Please watch Earthlings.


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The Oscars Have Always Been Self-Important. Now It’s For a Reason

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The Oscars Have Always Been Self-Important. Now It’s For a Reason

via Blogger ift.tt/2mtHNuq


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Kelly Brook arriving at the TV Bafta Awards 2012, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London 27th May 2012

Theresa Wheathersby-29

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Theresa Wheathersby-29