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13 Most Boring Break-Ups of All-Time

We'll be honest:

As a celebrity gossip website, we like it when couples break up and hurl insults at each other and act all immature and petty and bitter.

But it can also be refreshing to see stars as like fully-formed, fair and reasonable adults.

Just consider the amicable terms on which the following stars split from each other:

1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben affleck and jennifer garner leave tavern in brentwood
Affleck and Garner split in June of 2015, but kept hanging out together. She finally filed for divorce nearly two years later, but it was so amicable, the pair aren't even using attorneys.

2. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Lady gaga and taylor kinney attend celebrity ski and smile chall
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney cooled their relationship off when it became apparent that their rigorous schedules were becoming a bit much. Gaga also said she wanted everyone to root them on. Something tells us they will be back together at some point.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Gwyneth paltrow and chris martin
Gwyneth likes to imply that she can do things better than everybody else, so it came as no surprise that she and Chris parted amicably. She wanted to prove that she's above all petty nonsense.

4. Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie

Hilary duff and mike comrie 7th annual march of dimes celebratio
Hillary and Mike called time on their relationship in 2014 and have remained close ever since.

5. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Blake shelton and miranda lambert red carpet
Their relationship coming to an end was hardly shocking, but they were surprisingly amicable about all of it.

6. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfedlt

Jon hamm jennifer westfedlt image
Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfedlt kept it classy when they parted ways in September 2016.
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Gywneth Paltrow’s Cookbooks Might Kill You

It’s a good thing most of Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipes are too expensive and involved for a real person to make because if anyone took the advice in those books they’d probably die.

Considering Paltrow thinks cramming jade eggs in your snatch will solve all your problems and decides on what animals are ok to eat based on how smart she’s decided they are, why would anyone take any advice from her ever?

It becomes pretty clear in her books that she has never cooked herself, and maybe doesn’t even know what chicken is.

From Page Six:

For example, there’s no “safe endpoint temperature” in her rotisserie-style chicken in her book “My Father’s Daughter” according to North Carolina State University Professor Ben Chapman, who said the thermometer should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure you destroy disease causing bacteria.

In another book, she recommends washing raw chicken, which can raise your risk of catching a common food poisoning bacteria. Also, who the fuck washes raw chicken? I’m a vegan asshole and even I know you don’t do that.

Many meat-based recipes in her books don’t include final temperatures, which is another problem entirely.

Way to go, Gywn.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Anal Sex Tips and Teaches Old Women How to Have Casual Sex

Goop‘s Sex Issue has come out and there’s a lot going on. If you’ve ever wanted Gywneth Paltrow to give you an anal sex reality check, you’re in luck.

“First it was shocking, then it was having a cultural moment, now it’s practically standard in the modern bedroom repertoire—or so a quick scan of any media, from porn to HBO, will tell you. But the reality about anal is not, actually, that everyone’s doing it, says research psychoanalyst and author Paul Joannides.”

Wow, you mean just because it’s in porn that doesn’t mean everyone is doing it? I have no interest in hanging out with the kinda people who refer to anal sex as “having a cultural moment.” So what, have gay dudes been having a millennia long cultural moment?

Joannides also gives some anal sex tips:

The way the rectum curves shortly after the opening tells us we need to make a lot of adjustments for anal to feel good. Also, the two sets of sphincter muscles that nature placed around the opening of the anus to help humans maintain their dignity when in crowded spaces (to keep poop from dropping out) mean there’s an automatic reflex if you push against them from the outside.

So one of the first things a woman or man needs to do if they want to be on the receiving end of anal sex is to teach their sphincter muscles to relax enough that a penis can get past their gates. This takes a lot of practice.

Of course, because it’s Goop, there’s a sex toy article. It includes a $673 pleasure puff ring that is literally just a feather duster stuck to the top of a ring and $125 lace bunny ears. And of course $120 gold-infused sex oil.

You can also read Gwyneth Paltrow’s guide to casual sex, which I am guessing involves at least three assistants, or an article trying to make old, single women feel better about themselves, despite our shitty society telling them they are useless shriveled prunes.

“I see a difference in how women in their forties walk into a room, the way they can make heads turn and pulses race. It’s a radiance, a power from within. Call it a sexual glow, or just plain sex appeal. Whatever it is, it’s alluring.”

Somebody should tell men that, I guess.

If you really want curated content about fucking from a chick that thinks octopuses are too smart to eat and that jamming a jade egg in your vag will solve all your problems, you are in for a treat.

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Women to Put Stone Eggs in Their Vag

This is what happens when you’re too rich and comfortable. I’m too concerned about paying rent to worry about whether my pussy needs some turquoise jammed up in it. Thanks, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Famously out of touch Gwyneth Paltrow, who thinks all moms should just hire assistants to raise their kids for them and eats moon dust, thinks that jamming rose quartz in your snatch will help you release negative energy.

According to Goop‘s latest newsletter, putting a rose quartz or jade egg in your vag is an ancient Chinese secret.

“The strictly guarded secret of Chinese royalty in antiquity – queens and concubines used them to stay in shape for emperors – jade eggs harness the power of energy work, crystal healing and a Kegel-like physical practice.

“Fans say regular use increases chi, orgasms, vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general.”

Shit, can we tell these Hollywood fucks that sending me $2o is an ancient Chinese secret that makes your skin flame resistant? I bet they’ll be all over it.

13 Formerly Famous Couples Who Actually Get Along

There are some celebrity couples who end relationships with a whole lot of arguing that is all over the media. 

But then there are tandems who wrap up their romances in a friendly manner, with no controversy. 

It's true! Scroll down for evidence...

1. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Lady gaga and taylor kinney attend celebrity ski and smile chall
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney cooled their relationship off when it became apparent that their rigorous schedules were becoming a bit much. Gaga also said she wanted everyone to root them on. Something tells us they will be back together at some point.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Gwyneth paltrow and chris martin
Gwyneth likes to imply that she can do things better than everybody else, so it came as no surprise that she and Chris parted amicably.

3. Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie

Hilary duff and mike comrie 7th annual march of dimes celebratio
Hillary and Mike called time on their relationship in 2014 and have remained close ever since.

4. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Blake shelton and miranda lambert red carpet
Their relationship coming to an end was hardly shocking, but they were surprisingly amicable about all of it.

5. Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfedlt

Jon hamm jennifer westfedlt image
Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfedlt kept it classy when they parted ways in September 2016.

6. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben affleck and jennifer garner leave tavern in brentwood
You would be forgiven for thinking this pair are still a thing. They are always together.
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Most Priviledged White Woman in the World Continues to be Out of Touch with Reality


Gwyneth Paltrow, not known for having a grasp on the lives of average Americans, found a way to seem even more like a rich girl who assumes we all spend $6,850 for a pet pendant.

Page Six posted two stories about Gwyneth’s speech at an AirBnB conference. She mentioned how she never realized she was in a profession where so many people kissed her ass. Who knew people would kiss ass to a super famous woman from a Hollywood family?

Paltrow also complained that she’s not rolling in cash these days. “Now, like, we’re on JetBlue.” My God, Gwyneth, Jet Blue? What a travesty! Why even bother to fly if you can’t get champagne and massages on command in first class? That’s what all us normal people do. Normal, insanely rich people, that is.

Feeling it wasn’t enough to insult all middle class to poor people with her lack of awareness, she wanted to share her thoughts about the election.

“It’s such an exciting time to be an American because we are at this amazing inflection point…”

Well, inflection means a change in pitch when speaking, so I guess she loves the amazing vocal range of this election? That doesn’t make any sense, but at least it’s better than being completely unaware of how Muslims and people of color feel about the situation.

“People are clearly tired of the status quo, and … it’s sort of like someone threw it all in the air and we’re going to see how it all lands. It’s very important for me, personally, now more than ever, to create a community and to remember the humanity of everybody and to create love and … understanding…”

It’s sweet that she finds the horrifying rise of a moronic leader with a White Power cabinet to be a great time to find love and awareness. To be fair, Gwyneth looks like an Aryan Nation poster child, so she’ll probably be okay when we start sending out nukes and imprisoning muslims.

“The most amazing thing for me about this election is I felt … ‘I don’t understand the opposition well enough at all.’ I’m not going to tell you what side I’m on, but my big takeaway was, ‘I really need to open my mind and understand better because I don’t.’”

Okay, this isn’t a terrible point. It’s true that all liberals underestimated the feelings of the working class and we do need reach out and try to find something that appeals to them other than insane racism. Plus, it’s great that Gwyneth admits that she doesn’t understand, cause that’s the truest thing she’s ever said. Maybe Paltrow will realize we don’t all want to buy $6,300 portable yurts and realize she has zero awareness of any persons non rich life.

Or, she’ll just give some money to a charity that tries to bring yoga to the homeless and feel like a hero.

Are Gwyeth Paltrow and Chris Martin About to Consciously Re-Couple?


Only three months after filing for divorce, it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are about to get back into it. Which is really weird considering that over the course of their several year split Paltrow said that Chris Martin was like her brother.


White people at it again with the inbreeding.

A source told Radar:

“Both Chris and Gwyneth have tried and failed to move on … she really misses his companionship. They might have had a bohemian marriage, but it worked. She’s beginning to regret pulling the plug. She and Chris actually had it pretty good.”

What the fuck is a bohemian marriage? Eating moon dust and having assistants raise your children?

Both are with other people, but apparently Paltrow’s relationship with Glee producer Brad Falchuk isn’t doing all that great and she’s ready to get back with the world’s most boring frontman.

Oh joy.

That One Time Gwyneth Paltrow’s Dad Called Her An Asshole

Gwyneth Paltrow Cookbook

Apparently, she didn’t really take it to heart.

After Shakespeare In Love took Paltrow from regular rich girl Hollywood royalty to A-list celebrity, her dad got real with her. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she goes all in about how he cut her down to size.

“I remember when I was maybe 27 years old and kind of at the height of my movie stardom — it was around the time of the Oscar and this and that. I think I was very much believing my own hype, which how could you not. I was sitting with my dad, feeling great about my life and everything that was happening, and he was like, ‘You know, you’re getting a little weird … You’re kind of an asshole.”

Haaaaaaa. And she never really stopped.

“But it turned out to be basically the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s the difference between someone who loves you more than anything in the world giving you criticism and getting it from some bitter stranger on the internet. What my dad said to me was the kind of criticism where I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m on the wrong track.’ I’m so grateful to him for doing that.”

At least there’s one thing bitter strangers on the internet and Gywneth Paltrow’s dad can agree on.

Gwyneth Paltrow on Her ‘Super Ballsy’ Daughter: ‘I Always Follow Her Lead’

Gwyneth Paltrow Harper's Bazaar
Alexi Lubomirski

Most moms probably expect their kids to follow their paths in one way or another. But for Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to her daughter.

“My daughter is super ballsy. I always follow her lead,” the actress and lifestyle businesswoman, 44, shared about 12-year-old Apple for Harper’s Bazaar‘s November cover story. “I actually don’t need to encourage her to take risks. She likes to push herself; she wants to see how far she can get.”

Adds Paltrow, who is also mom to 10-year-old son Moses with her ex-husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, “It’s really inspiring to see that in a young woman.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow Harper's Bazaar
Alexi Lubomirski

Even though Paltrow credits her older child with developing her own strength, the mom of two and Goop mastermind can’t deny that their upbringing has played a role.

“In my case, I’ve borne these two kids into a particularly strange circumstance,” says Paltrow, who has spoken in the past about the importance of keeping a family dynamic despite her conscious uncoupling from Martin.

“They are going to have to fend off a lot and protect themselves from a lot of projections and prejudice about who they are, coming from the family that they come from,” she continues.

Gwyneth Paltrow Harper's Bazaar
Alexi Lubomirski

And considering Paltrow’s personal opinions on growth, it’s no wonder the Iron Man star’s daughter is a powerhouse.

“If you haven’t taken all of life’s incredible knocks and disappointments and used them to become a fully integrated, self-expressing person by the time you’re 40, then what can I tell you?” she says.

Jen Juneau

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Consciously Uncouple From Goop

52021604 Actress Gwyneth Paltrow signs copies of her book ' Its All Easy' at Barnes & Noble in New York City, New York on April 12, 2016. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876

Paltrow told a bunch of suits at a business summit that she wants to disassociate herself from her own lifestyle brand: Goop.

What? Why? It’s not the brand. It’s her. She told everyone at the 2016 Sage Summit that she was holding it back.

From The Daily Mail:

‘In order to build the brand I want to build, its scalability is limited if I connect it to the band,’ she conceded.

Yeah, because people think you are an out of touch bitch. Your easy smoothies that contain moon dust and your suggestions that all moms just get personal assistants will win you zero friends out of your tax bracket.

‘So I always think how can I grow the brand, how can I separate myself from the brand and I think it’s going to be more its own brand.

Maybe get somebody working there who didn’t come from a rich family if you want anybody to think Goop has anything to do with real people.

‘More and more I would like it to be its own brand – my dream is that one day no one will remember that I had anything to do with it.’

We’re a few gold dildos in to deep for that Gwyn.

The Cutest Backup Singers! Gwyneth Paltrow Films Apple and Moses Helping Out Dad Chris Martin on Stage at Glastonbury

Having a rock star for a dad does come with perks.

When Chris Martin and Coldplay headlined Glastonbury Festival this weekend, the father of two enlisted the help of daughter Apple, 12, and son Moses, 10, to provide some back-up vocals to the massive crowd.

The band paid tribute to British indie rock band Viola Beach after all four members — Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin — and their manager Craig Tarry plunged from a bridge and died in a tragic car accident in Sweden in February.

“We’re going to create Viola Beach’s alternate future for them, and let them headline Glastonbury for a song,” Martin announced.

Chris Martin
Ian Gavan/Getty

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Coldplay performed the band’s song “Boys That Sing” with footage of Viola Beach in the background while Apple, Moses and two of their cousins sang their hearts out.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who reached a divorce settlement with Martin last month, shared a video of the little rockers from the crowd on her Instagram.

Instagram Photo

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This isn’t the first time Paltrow has been spotted in the crowd of a Coldplay show. While recently speaking with Stephen Sackur, host of the BBC News program HardTalk, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, the 43-year-old mom talked about keeping the family together despite the couple’s separation.

“As anybody who has been divorced knows, you have to put a lot aside to maintain the family and the practicalities of what that might mean and sometimes that’s quite tough on a personal level,” Paltrow explained. “It’s a commitment I make every day to my children and their father even though we’re not in a romantic relationship.”

“You can remain a family even though you are not a couple and make it a less traumatic experience for the children,” she continued.

They’re Getting So Big! Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Adorable Photo with Kids Apple and Moses

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Spanish adventure with her children continued on Sunday – and reached new heights.

The actress posed for a sweet photo with daughter Apple, 12, and son Moses, 10, showing off just how quickly her kids with ex Chris Martin are growing up.

Source: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

In the Instagram image, Paltrow hugged her look-a-like daughter while Moses clutched a railing next to her, high above the city.

“Good night from the mountains of Barcelona,” Paltrow wrote alongside the photo, in Catalan.

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On Friday, Paltrow posted a picture of Apple rocking out next to the stage while Martin performed in the city with band Coldplay.

“Sometimes your dad really needs you to visit him at work,” Paltrow, 43, wrote.

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Martin and the actress have continued to keep things amicable since their split after 10 years of marriage, and officially reached a divorce agreement earlier this week, promising in court documents not to ask for spousal support.

–– Lindsay Kimble

Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Apple to See Dad Chris Martin in Concert: ‘Sometimes Your Dad Really Needs You to Visit Him at Work’

A day after reaching a settlement in her pending divorce, Gwyneth Paltrow took 12-year-old daughter Apple to Barcelona — visiting father Chris Martin while he was performing with his band Coldplay on tour.

The 43-year-old actress shared a sweet snap on Friday of Martin blowing a kiss to Apple while she cheered him on from the sidelines.

“Sometimes your dad really needs you to visit him at work” Paltrow captioned the shot.

Apple Martin and Chris Martin
Source: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

Martin, 39, and Paltrow have remained amicable since famously agreeing to consciously uncouple back in 2014. In court documents filed by Paltrow earlier this week, the couple have entered into a written agreement saying that neither will ever ask for spousal support.

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The couple, who were married for 10 years, continue to celebrating holidays and birthdays as a family. Two weeks ago, the parents united at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, to celebrate Apple’s 12th birthday, waiting for her while she rode Thunder Mountain.

Instagram Photo

“When your parents can’t handle #thundermountain anymore so they wait for you at the bottom,” Paltrow captioned the photo.

Instagram Photo

The Oscar-winning actress also shared a shot of Apple and friends at a sweet birthday brunch attended by Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s daughter Blue Ivy, 4.

“Birthday brunch squad #godsistersandbesties,” Paltrow wrote.

Earlier this year, Paltrow and the kids accompanied Martin on the first leg of his band’s tour in Peru and Argentina.

— Dave Quinn

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter Apple Celebrates Her 12th Birthday with Blue Ivy

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s kids are growing up right before our eyes!

The Oscar-winning actress celebrated daughter Apple‘s 12th birthday on Saturday with a sweet Instagram note and what looked like an even sweeter birthday brunch with other famous kids.

Apple Martin
Source: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

“Here she is 10 years ago today on what was her second birthday. Happy birthday, Apple Martin, great love of my life,” Paltrow, 43, wrote alongside a photo of a 2-year-old Apple wearing pink face paint.

Paltrow also shared a photo from Apple’s “birthday brunch,” which included a shot of the tot standing with a group of friends — including Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s daughter Blue Ivy, 4.

“Birthday brunch squad #godsistersandbesties,” Paltrow captioned the photo.

Instagram Photo

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The actress’ eldest child already bears a striking resemblance to her famous mom — something Paltrow has documented on Instagram before. In February, the actress shared an artsy selfie with her daughter, with Apple’s hair tousled to mimic her mom’s ‘do.

Instagram Photo

Earlier this month, Paltrow also shared a shot of Apple wearing a dance costume and walking in a parking lot, <a href=”writing, “Crushed it. #rainbowdancecompetition.”

— Maria Mercedes Lara

If You Like Putting Expensive Things in Your Ass, You’ll Love Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sex Toy Recs

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop's Sex Toys

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want sex tips from a lifestyle site called Goop.

Though I am interested in Gwyneth Paltrow’s organic yam lube, which sounds like it would be a great Thanksgiving side dish.

Regardless, we have them. Here are the most expensive things on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site Goop‘s list of “Not So Basic Sex Toys.”

Black and Gold Cat Whip From Agent Provocateur


Good news peasants, this fucking whip will only set you back $535 dollars. Maybe I am just a simple woman who doesn’t need to be slapped across the ass with a student loan payment to get my rocks off, but I’m not exactly gagging to get my hands on one of these. Hands are free, my friends.

Droplet Necklace From Kiki De Montparnasse


This necklace turns into nipple clamps, but even though it’s got some dual purpose future shit going on, I would not shell out almost $400 for it.

If clothespins were good enough for Wendy O. Williams, than they’re good enough for me.

Duet 8GB Lux From Lovecrave


The clit stimulator/USB drive has 24 karat gold plating and starts at $219, but the more data storage you want the more you have to shell out. Who the fuck is gonna back up their computer on their vibrator? Shit like this is why Rome fell.

Tiani 24k Remote Controlled Vibrator


This “24 karat gold kissed” $399 massager comes in Hot Cerise, Obsidian Black, Deep Rose, and Cum Stain. Ok, so the last one isn’t real. This thing has a dual motor design, and for almost $400, it better also do your taxes and perform exorcisms.

Literally Just A 24 Karat Gold Dildo

LELO_Insignia_INEZ_packaging_gold_2x_0 LELO_Insignia_INEZ_product-1_gold_2x_1

I hate rich people.

Thanks for the tips, Gwyn. Considering I make “jerk off into a sock” money, I can’t wait to forget all of them.

Kourtney Kardashian Drinks Clarified Butter Everyday For Health?!

Move over, Gwyneth Paltrow! Kourtney Kardashian is the queen of health tricks!

Recently, the KUWTK star wrote a blog entry where she confesses to drinking ghee, a type of clarified butter commonly used in South Asian cuisine.

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While drinking butter doesn't seem like it would be good for your health, the 36-year-old says the substance triggers weight loss, strengthens the immune system, hydrates skin, makes hair grow thick, and nourishes the nervous system.

The pint-sized diva wrote:

"A teaspoon a day does a body good."

Who taught her about ghee?! It was none other than mama Kris Jenner, who learned to make it from ex Robert Kardashian's mother.

However, Kourt buys it from Martha Soffer of Surya Spa. According to Miz Kardashian:

"She taught me to take ghee every morning and I trust all of the ingredients and I know she makes it herself."

You can substitute ghee for regular butter, and use it in French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and quesadillas. On the flip side, be cautious about using it with protein.

"I just stick to eating it with some sort of carbohydrate like a cracker… You can use ghee while cooking oatmeal, stir fries, soups, quinoa dishes, rice, lentils, and veggie sautees."

Considering how good Kourtney looks, everyone should be drinking ghee RIGHT NOW!

[Image via Instagram.]

Chris Martin Wishes Son Moses Happy Birthday with an Epic Surprise

Talk about the ultimate birthday surprise!

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s son Moses turns 10 on Friday, and his father helped him kick off his birthday celebration in the most epic way possible.

The Coldplay frontman, 39, surprised his mini-me by inviting him on stage at his show in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday and having the stadium full of fans wish him a happy birthday.

Paltrow shared the special moment on Instagram, posting a video of Martin wrapping his arm around his son as he leads him out on stage.

Chris Martin son Moses birthday concert
Source: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

Instagram Photo

“When your dad wishes you an early 10th birthday at work…” she captioned the clip.

The actress, 41, has spent the past week traveling with her two kids, including daughter Apple, 11, to accompany Martin on the first leg of his tour. Before stopping in Peru, they spent a few days in Argentina.


Exclusive Look at Gwyenth Paltrow Booty Modeling In Malibu!

The term MILF gets thrown about quite a bit these days. Mostly by me I suppose. Guilty. And Gwyneth Paltrow may not have the greatest reputation in the world for being sincere and friendly and a low maintenance type of lady. But in her defense -- look at that asstastic. At 43 ...

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Blue Ivy Gets a Smooch from Gwyneth Paltrow While Watching Mom Beyoncé Rock Out for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Cool babysitter or the coolest babysitter?

While Beyoncé wooed millions with her impressive Super Bowl 50 halftime performanceBlue Ivy, 4, was watching and snuggling up to her mom’s pal Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth Paltrow Blue Ivy Super Bowl
Splash News

During the game and show, which paired the pop diva with Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin and his band Coldplay, Blue bopped around a private box at Levi’s Stadium, snacking and stealing a smooch from the actress.

Gwyneth Paltrow Blue Ivy Super Bowl
Splash News

Paltrow was seated next to her son with Martin, Moses, 9. Blue’s dad Jay Z was watching from nearby.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on


A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

#superbowl50 jacket game

A photo posted by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on

Earlier, before the big game kick-off, Paltrow shared a photo of Blue with her daughter Apple, 11.

The Super Bowl BFFs held hands as they walked in matching vibrant printed jackets — likely a nod to the brightly colored costumes and set pieces from Coldplay’s impressive appearance.

It’s been a big week for Blue: the tot also appears in Beyoncé’s new “Formation” music video — the same track she performed during half time.

— Lindsay Kimble

Mini-me! Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Stunning Photo with Lookalike Daughter Apple, 11

First there was Reese Witherspoon and Ava, then there was Cindy Crawford and Kaia, and now, Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple can officially be added to the growing list of celebrity mother-daughter lookalikes.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin

Source: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

The actress, who shares daughter Apple, with ex Chris Martin, posted a new photo with the 11-year-old to Instagram on Saturday.

In the selfie, both wore their long locks down with subtle waves and slightly smiled for the camera. Paltrow, 43, added a rainbow filter to the picture.

Gwyneth’s Changing Looks

The photo comes just one day before Apple’s dad’s biggest gig yet: the Super Bowl halftime show. So did the pre-teen have any advice for the Coldplay frontman? Of course!

“My daughter said the sweetest thing yesterday,” Martin shared in an interview last week. “She said, ‘How are you feeling about the Super Bowl?’ I said, ‘Of course we’re a little bit nervous.’ She said, ‘Dad, the worst that could happen is that you’ll get turned into a meme.'”

– Lindsay Kimble

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Sweet Christmas Hugs with Apple and Moses

Gwyneth Paltrow Todd Williamson/Getty

It was a happy holiday for the Paltrow-Martin family!
Gwyneth Paltrow shared a heartwarming photo with her two children, daughter Apple, 11, and son Moses, 9, celebrating with their mom on Christmas.


A photo posted by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on

And by the looks of it, Moses takes after his mother just as much as his sister does.

She captioned was a very fitting three Christmas tree emojis.

Paltrow and Apple and Moses’s dad, Chris Martin, famously announced their “conscious uncoupling” in March 2014.

The foursome reunited for a family pre-Thanksgiving dinner last month in N.Y.C., multiple sources told PEOPLE.

They “looked like a happy, regular family having a big pre-Thanksgiving dinner,” an onlooker told PEOPLE.

They all spent Thanksgiving day together too, with Paltrow sharing a photo of their large holiday party on Instagram.

–Diana Pearl

Gwyneth’s Daughter Can Sing, Too! Mom Shares Video of Apple Performing Christmas Song

Gwyneth Paltrow Todd Williamson/Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter Apple Martin don’t just look alike — they can both sing, too!

Paltrow shared a very special holiday message with her social media followers Friday, when she posted an Instagram video of her daughter performing Marcy Playground’s “Keegan’s Christmas” in a group of other young guitar- and ukulele-players.

Paltrow, 43, captioned it, “Best wishes and love to all for a happy holiday.”

Best wishes and love to all for a happy holiday 🌲

A video posted by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on

Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that Apple has musical talents — her dad is Chris Martin after all!

This isn’t the first time Paltrow has shared a sweet photo of her and her 11-year-old daughter. In Halloween, the pair wore matching skeleton makeup.

And as Paltrow recently told PEOPLE, the Shakespeare in Love and Iron Man star has also been saving her clothes, maybe for her daughter to wear one day. Including, yes, that famous pink Oscars dress.

“What’s funny is I’ve been saving my gowns and special things since 12 years before she was born, so I have everything,” Paltrow told PEOPLE earlier this month. “I have every Oscar dress.”

“Maybe [Apple will] wear it to prom and do a Pretty in Pink thing and resew it and cut it up,” Paltrow said, quickly adding, “I don’t know if I’d let her chop that one up.”

— Adam Carlson

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Happy Daughter Apple Likes Taylor Swift: ‘She’s Not Naked on the Red Carpet’

Gwyneth Paltrow Todd Williamson/Getty

At Variety‘s Power of Women luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills on Friday, honoree Gwyneth Paltrow told reporters which powerful woman she’s so glad Apple, her 11-year-old daughter with ex-husband Chris Martin, looks up to.

“She loves Taylor Swift, and for me, that’s such a great sign,” Paltrow, 43, said.

“Taylor is a girl who’s incredibly talented. She writes her own music. She’s not naked on the red carpet. She’s an incredibly astute businesswoman, so with role models like that, [Apple] can’t go wrong.”

The lifestyle guru also talked to reporters about how she believes Apple’s generation will produce even more strong, outspoken women.

“I really think that that generation is going to do something very special,” Paltrow explains. “Those girls, they are so in their power. They are absolutely shameless in terms of their femininity, and I think we’re on the verge of something really exciting.”

The actress was honored during the luncheon for her work with L.A. Kitchen, which distributes leftover food from restaurants to needy Los Angeles residents.

In her acceptance speech, Paltrow offered up sobering statistics about global hunger.

“The world produces enough food to feed the global population of seven billion. However, one third of that food goes to waste,” she shared. “And one in eight people, including many children, go hungry as a result of it.”

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She also spoke more about the power of strong women, saying that it is an “exciting time to be a woman.”

Paltrow continued, “It is possible to be a woman who is intelligent, thoughtful, articulate and vicious, while being a woman who is maternal, nurturing, sexual and for other women. I believe that we are those fully integrated women. I know my daughter will be that woman.”

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— Andrea Park

Hollywood’s Biggest Cheapskates & Worst Tippers Revealed!

There are lots of ways to make enemies in Hollywood and earn a reputation as a typical celebrity D-bag, but perhaps none of them are more baffling than chronic penny-pinching.

After all, the vast majority of stars are fabulously rich, and now more than ever, most of them have done very little in the way of actual work to earn their fortunes.

Add to that the fact that today's waiter might be tomorrow's A-list director, and celebrity rudeness makes even less sense.

There have always been rumors about certain big shots mistreating "the help" (We're looking at you, Kendall Jenner.) but the new issue of Star magazine goes straight to the source to find out which stars have earned their bad reputations by taking testimony from longtime waiters, bus boys and bartenders at Hollywood's favorite hot spots.

The tabloid has published a list of the biggest cheapskates, the worst tippers and the rudest customers in Tinsel Town, and we're happy to bring you some of the highlights.

If you're planning to go out this weekend, please, please don't be like any of these people:


1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth photo
Not surprisingly, Gwyneth cements her snobby reputation every time a waiter brings her the check. Sources say the actress blames her paltry tips on the fact that she's "bad at math."

2. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer aniston hairstyle
Apparently, Jen regularly visits a psychic named Fay. She pays Fay's $150 fee, and seems happy with the services provided, but never leaves a tip. “Jennifer clearly thinks that Fay does a good job, because she keeps coming back for more – but it’s strange that she won’t leave a thank-you.” We'd say that's more than MEDIUM rude. Sorry.

3. Mick Jagger

Mick jagger pic
Waiters and waitresses will get no satisfaction from the Rolling Stones frontman. One source tells a story about a time when Mick left a $10 tip on a $90 bill at a DC pizza joint. In fairness to Mick, tipping is a purely American custom.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina jolie waves
Angie earned a spot on the list, but we're totally fine with her alleged cheapness. A source says Jolie “makes it clear to her kids that they don’t need the nicest clothes. She wants them to realize that they are blessed compared to all the children suffering in the world.” And they always look perfectly happy and stylish to us!

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica alba looking fresh
Despite being the CEO of a billion dollar company, Jessica reportedly takes frugality to a new level, refusing to give out free samples of her company's products to even her closest friends. “She was way more generous when she had less money," says a source. "Now that she’s loaded, she’s holding on to every cent like it’s her last.

6. Usher

Usher at the vmas
The R&B icon apparently thinks it's acceptable to leave an autograph in lieu of a tip. Sounds like someone needs to show Usher the exit!
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Jennifer Garner Steps Out For Her First Public Appearance Since Splitting From Ben Affleck!

At least it was for a good cause!

On Friday night, Jennifer Garner made her first public appearance since her well-covered split from Ben Affleck over the summer, and she did it by joining a whole bunch of big-time celebs!

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Garner was part of the Think It Up telecast in El Lay on Friday, a show trying to raise money and awareness for improving education in California, and Garner was joined by many other celebs at the wonderful event.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Biel, Justin Bieber, Kacey Musgraves and many more all joined Garner on stage at various points throughout the night -- including the last two performing for the event -- and a good time looks like it was had by all!

Garner, pictured above with Bieber, was all smiles at the event, though of course she was not wearing her wedding ring. Considering all that she's been through the last several months, at least she was happy on Friday night!

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Cities and The Cinema: 6 Films That Explored Beautiful Places


Cinema has the ability to transport us to totally new places. Whether it’s the stunning cinematography or a plot that creates a character from a city, we can get lost in places we wish to visit when we watch a good film. From the bright lights of Tokyo to the relaxing beaches of Naples — get lost in these six unique cities and the wonderful films that explored them.

Tokyo, Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is littered with beautiful cinematography and was filmed in Tokyo’s Shinjuku and Shibuya — two of Tokyo’s most colourful and busiest districts. The journey through the Japanese capital experienced by Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray is filled with streets covered in neon pictographs, high-rise hotels and many elements that make for a visually stunning film with a great storyline to boot.

Thailand, The Beach

Post-Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio on a beach. Sounds good enough, right? Well luckily for us, the film was more than Leo’s good looks, and explored the stunning island of Krabi, Thailand. From the lush jungles, blue lagoons and gorgeous beaches, the scenic island played a pivotal role in the film’s success, and further shows the power of locations and cinematography in film.

Ischia, Italy: The Talented Mr. Ripley

Beautiful people in beautiful clothes in a beautiful location — pretty much the perfect description for The Talented Mr. Ripley. The acclaimed film, which stars Jude Law, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow, takes us on journey through Italy, stopping at Venice, Naples, Tuscany, Rome and San Remo. Talk about a Roman Holiday! The cliffside views, ancient ruins and picturesque beaches add to the mysterious plot of the film, creating a rather dreamy atmosphere.

Edinburgh: Trainspotting

While Trainspotting focuses on the poverty-stricken lives of heroin addicts in the 90s, the Edinburgh backdrop provides a beautiful juxtaposition to the rough lives of these characters. The high energy storyline, set amongst Edinburgh landmarks (the famous opening scene was filmed on Edinburgh’s Princes Street), is one of the few films that presented Edinburgh to the world, and still manages to have an allure even with its dark storyline.

Udaipur, India: The Darjeeling Limited

The colorful and cultured landscape of India gets the Wes Anderson treatment in The Darjeeling Limited. This dramedy about family and the ties that bond them contains rich visuals of Udaipur, as the travelers discover the beauty of this foreign land.

Paris: Amélie

For any Francophile, Amélie is the perfect movie to explore the beauty of Paris. The quirky film starring Audrey Tatou really shows what it is like to live in Paris — specifically in the Montmartre neighborhood. From stone-skipping at the picturesque Canal Saint-Martin, to walking down the cobblestone streets, Amélie truly feels like the ultimate Parisian experience for girls everywhere.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Son Moses’s ‘Math Face’ During the Back-to-School ‘Homestretch’

It looks like the summer fun is over for Gwyneth Paltrow‘s son Moses Martin.

Moses, 9, is seen concentrating on math equations in a new photo shared to his mom’s Instagram on Friday.

The blond boy, whose dad is Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin, wears an armful of woven bracelets as he tackles a problem in a math workbook.

“Summer math face,” the actress wrote, adding the hashtag, “#homestretch.”

Courtesy Gwyneth Paltrow

Of course Moses’s summer hasn’t just been about homework. Earlier this month, he rode a horse along with professional polo player Nacho Figueras .

Back in June, Moses joined his older sister Apple, 11, to play with their pets. Not pictured? The family’s newest additions: two bunnies! The grey and black critters joined the Paltrow-Martin family in April.

— Lindsay Kimble

Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Sweet Beach Pic with Her Look-Alike Daughter, Apple

Gwyneth Paltrow Todd Williamson/Getty

Nothing says summer fun more than the beach, and Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter, Apple Martin, looked happy together as they soaked up the sun this week.

The Oscar winner shared a sweet pic with her 11-year-old, whose father is Paltrow’s ex-husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, on Instagram on Wednesday, captioning it, “Beach day with my little beauty.”

Paltrow’s little mini me can be seen giving her mama a kiss on the cheek.

Instagram Photo

The mom of two, who shared a pic of her son, Moses, 9, hitching a ride with polo champ Nacho Figueras over the weekend, also posted a pic on Instagram last week of her look-alike daughter taking to the water dressed as a mermaid with a glittery blue tail. She hashtagged it #summermagic.

Instagram Photo

— K.C. Blumm

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Son Moses Gets Polo Lessons From Nachos Figueras

Polo star in training!

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s son Moses Martin, 9, got a lift from a polo pro on Sunday, joining the top-ranked Argentinian player Nachos Figueras on horseback.

The GOOP gal’s son with ex Chris Martin, smiled proudly as he helped Figueras hold onto the brown horse’s reigns.

“Ahora #wearefigueras también, o no?” Paltrow, 42, wrote in Figueras native language, seemingly asking her followers to support the star on the field.

Courtesy Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow opened up last month about her fears regarding how her kids would react to the public scrutiny over she and Martin’s split.

She said she told the kids, “You know Daddy and I are famous and there’s going to be a lot of stuff out there. I can’t control what you’ll see. But you know what’s real and how much we love you.”

The star said that the children “understand the difference between the inside and the outside world” from growing up in the limelight.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Favorite Things

— Lindsay Kimble

19 Celebrity Selfies That No One Saw Coming

These celebrity selfies are ones you never saw coming. Could you have ever guessed these stars would be in selfies together?

1. Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett

Paul mccartney and warren buffett selfie
Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett had dinner together in Omaha, as evidenced by this kid's amazing selfie.

2. Letterman, Gaga and Bill Murray

Surprising celebrity selfies letterman gaga and bill murray
Now that's a trifecta.

3. Adele and Katy Perry

17 surprising celebrity selfies adele and katy perry
Adele, looking a lot like Katy Perry, attended Katy Perry's London concert.

4. Meryl Steep and Hillary Clinton

17 surprising celebrity selfies meryl steep and hillary clinton
Meryl Steep, the queen of Hollywood, and Hillary Clinton, the most influential woman in politics, make for a powerhouse selfie.

5. David Ortiz and Barack Obama

Ortiz obama selfie
Sure, the White House welcomes all championship teams ... but not all of those visits result in a selfie like this, or David Ortiz and Barack Obama.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow and Friends

Gwyneth paltrow selfie
Gwyneth's selfie with some of her celebrity friends. She sure loves other famous people.
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