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LAST CHANCE: Cyber Week Sale at Mr. Skin

Cyber Monday has transformed into Cyber Week at  Mr. Skin. This exclusive week offers the sale of a literal lifetime. We’re talking about a lifetime membership for Mr. Skin for only $99. Cyber Week doesn’t end there. This hot deal also includes a free month of Playboy Plus and Naked News. Is there anything better than this much nudity for only $99? You can enjoy celebrity nudity, videos, blogs, interviews, naked news, Playboy exclusives and so much more all wrapped into one Cyber Week sale. Click here to take advantage of Mr. Skin’s Cyber Week sale and get ready to cyber.

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Be Thankful for Celebrity Nudity on Mr. Skin for $99

There’s a lot to be thankful for Thanksgiving this year. Family, friends, food…and foxy babes! Leave it to Mr. Skin to provide the nudity to be thankful for. This Black Friday take advantage of the best deal on the internet and get a lifetime membership to Mr. Skin for $99 which is an absolute steal of a deal for getting your fill of celebrity nudity. This subscription includes a free month of Playboy Plus and Naked News! That’s so much nudity to enjoy for the hot holiday season. Get this gift either for yourself or for the friend or family member who needs some skintertainment in their life. Happy Thanksgiving! Click here to enjoy.

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See How Kourtney Kardashian, Hillary Clinton and More Stars Celebrated Mother’s Day

Kourtney Kardashian's Mother's Day
Source: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Celebrities love Mother’s Day too!

There’s plenty of proof of that on Instagram, where some new and veteran moms and kids posted photos showing their maternal love. Here are just a few of the best:

Kourtney Kardashian,37, posted a photo of her three children with Scott Disick, Mason, 6 and Penelope, 3 and baby Reign.

Instagram Photo

Riley Kehough posted a photo of her mom, a young Lisa Marie Presley.

Instagram Photo

Kris Jenner, 60, celebrated with her whole family.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Meanwhile, soon-to-be-dad Rob Kardashian celebrated the women in his life.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Kate Hudson, 37, posted a photo of her and her brother with mom Goldie Hawn.

Instagram Photo

Hillary Clinton,68, posted a photo of herself with her then-very young daughter, Chelsea Clinton. “Happy Mother’s Day to Charlotte’s mom, and my wonderful daughter, Chelsea. –H”

Instagram Photo

Salma Hayek posted a photo with her daughter Valentina Pinault on the set of her recent movies.

Instagram Photo

Drew Barrymore, who recently split from husband Will Kopelman, posted a classic photo of herself with her mom Jaid Barrymore.

Instagram Photo

Barrymore also shared photos of her Mother’s Day fun with Kopelman’s mom.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Chris Pratt gave his wife a very special shout-out.

Of course, these weren’t the only stars who celebrated Mother’s Day. Kim Kardashian West was surprised with an string orchestra when she woke up on Sunday while new-mom Chrissy Teigen snuggled with her newborn daughter, Luna, and showed off her impressive post-baby figure while making brunch.

–Nancy Dunham

2015 07 27 20-20-24-72.jpg

Paulfr posted a photo:

2015 07 27 20-20-24-72.jpg

The Illustrated ‘Home Alone’ Storybook Will Make Your Christmas Even Better

Home Alone is a Christmas classic, and this year, it turns a ripe 25 years old. Every year, millions of people watch Kevin McCallister’s adventures home alone in their homes, and this year, you can experience the story in a whole new way: with a fully illustrated storybook!

The movie, directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes, is receiving a hand-drawn makeover courtesy of Quirk Books. The whole movie is illustrated and highlights some of the best scenes, like when Harry and Marv slip on the ice-encrusted staircase and face-plant right into the snow. Or when Kevin repeatedly puts on aftershave and howls in pain. And who could forget Marv hitting Harry with a crowbar trying to kill the indestructible tarantula?

It’s all here, and more.

The trailer for the book has even drawn a cartoon that brings these illustrations vividly to life. Watch it here: 
Here are some sneak peeks at the pretty art, from some of our favorite scenes in the movie.

Yep, this book is definitely going on my list this year.

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The Internet Responds Hilariously to Starbucks’ #RedCups Debut

Alas, it looks as though the holiday season is upon us. I say that because the true marker of the holiday season has arrived: not Thanksgiving, not Christmas, but Starbucks’ red cups.

The day after Halloween, Starbucks locations all around the country chucked their tired, old white cups in the bin and paved the way for everyone’s seasonal favorite, the red cup. Now, we’re all ready for sledding, holiday shopping, snowstorms, cozy nights, fireplaces, and new latte creations. With the arrival of the red cup, the Internet has collectively gone crazy.

To coincide with the arrival of the beloved red cup, Starbucks has also released a Twitter-exclusive emoji in the shape of the cup, and so here below are the best tweets that encapsulate this great winter tradition, and capture the spirit of the season, the enthusiasm of consumers, and the outrageousness of it all.


1. This guy is asking the big, existential questions.

If you hold your phone to the mirror and tweet #RedCups 3 times will the emoji turn into real coffee?

— Andrew Cramb (@andrew_ftw) November 2, 2015

2. This elf who knows that true elves put more than coffee in those cups.

And with the arrival of Starbucks #RedCups Santa’s elves wake up from our 10-month hibernation to realize that crap, we’re still drunk.

— Angry Santa Elf (@angrysantaelf) November 2, 2015

3. This woman who thought, perhaps accurately, that the public needed fair warning.

My favorite unofficial holiday #RedCups pic.twitter.com/GVY32M8Qv3

— Jordan Taylor (@7ordan7aylor) November 2, 2015

4. This guy who knows that red cups are the real works of art.

Starbucks coming back out with #RedCups today like https://t.co/qaDbZKcO3K

— Mikey What’s Good? (@Mikey_Sul) November 1, 2015

5. This woman who has her priorities in order: it’s all about the ‘gram.

When your drink is free and red cups are back and your nails aren’t painted so they look like crap. #RedCups pic.twitter.com/Gu1Xt7SWek

— Alex (@alexandrearr) November 2, 2015

6. This woman who has a pessimistic outlook on #RedCups season.

When #RedCups is trending, you know that Basic season is in full swing.

— Grav (@m_grav) November 2, 2015

7. This woman who knows that sometimes, sacrifices must be made for those you love.

It’s #RedCups season and I can hear my wallet crying in the distance.

— Andrea (@andreaungson) November 2, 2015

Long Live The Red Cup.

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5 Best Vacation Spots to See Celebrities

Are you craving an exotic adventure? Want to enjoy nightlife like the stars? If so, you may need to head off to one of these popular celebrity vacay spots. Enjoy beach days, adventure and city life while being in a prime position to spot the stars. Included here are a few of the most popular vacation spots for celebrities.

Kauai, Hawaii

Everyone loves a good tropical vacation, celebrities and average Joes alike. Kauai is the most popular celebrity destination of the eight Hawaiian islands and is known for its wide variety of recreational activities and luxury resorts. Stars like Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Will Smith and Cameron Diaz have all spent time relaxing in Kauai.

If you are looking for fun activities that don’t involve star spotting, Kauai has you covered in that respect as well. Enjoy horseback riding, zip-lines and sea-kayaking while on the island. There are also plenty of fine dining options that take advantage of the island’s natural beauty; be sure to pack a bag with outdoor clothes and your best dress-up outfits if you plan to visit Kauai!

Tokyo, Japan

A current of movie stars flows through Tokyo as they promote their films in this vibrant city. But where is the prime place to spot those celebrities? Your best bet is probably Tokyo’s Disneyland park. You can visit the park with family in tow and hope to see previous visitors like Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

After doing a little star spotting in the “happiest place on earth,” you can head out to take advantage of some of Tokyo’s unique and diverse culture. Relish fine dining options in Tokyo as well as luxury hotels and pampering salons.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Think a little Southern cooking and hospitality might be needed on your next trip? Then head on down to New Orleans where Sandra Bullock, Ellen Degeneres and the Jolie-Pitts all have second homes. Due to some favorable tax incentives by the state, Louisiana has become a hotbed of movie production so you never know who you will catch traveling through to a shoot!

Following Katrina, New Orleans has been rebuilt once again into the vibrant city it was before. Visit the historical French Quarter and taste Louisiana specialties like Creole shrimp and grits. With culture, natural beauty and plenty of star-spotting city life, New Orleans might be just the place for your next getaway.

Toronto, Canada

By jumping across the U.S. border north, you will find yourself in the very celebrity-friendly city of Toronto. With over 33 films being produced in town at this time, it is quite likely you may be spotting a few familiar famous faces. Toronto also hosts the “Toronto Film Festival” in September at which Ryan Gosling was sighted in 2011.

Côte d’Azur, French Riviera

St. Tropez in the French Riviera is overflowing with star power during the summer months, leading some to say it has “the greatest number of famous faces per square meter.” St. Tropez has a tiny population of just over 5,000 people, so it is easy to see why big names rolling into town are quickly recognized. St. Tropez boasts visits from Ryan Seacrest, Zac Efron, Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris and Naomi Watts.

St. Tropez is an incredibly beautiful place to visit, aside from the stars, due to its pink-tinged architecture and tree-lined squares. The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean draw people from all walks of life and are sure to delight you and your travel companions during your stay, especially if you choose to rent a yacht.

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