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Meet Syd Wilder!


You might recognize Syd Wilder from the explore page of your Instagram where you can see her in full glam, usually wearing some sort of luxury lingerie posing for the camera. Syd has over 1.9 million followers on the platform who aren’t only there for her good looks, the comedic actress has been creating her own skits for social media and is actually really funny.

Not only are her fans in awe of her beauty and ability to be silly and sexy at same time, she’s also got a massive fanbase listening in to her podcast Girl Instarupted where she sits down with guests from all walks of life, from Jim Jeffries to adult performers like Christina Cinn who joined her on a show to talk about everything from vagina tightening bath bombs to Christina’s butthole. Listen to the Girl Instarupted podcast here!

If you’re already familiar with Syd, you know that she recently got involved with OnlyFans like many people did during this pandemic, the platform has given creators the opportunity to connect with fans on a deeper level.

“First of all, OnlyFans completely saved me during the pandemic. I was grateful to be able to connect with my fans from all around the world! I’ve learned a lot about the many different ways the male brain works..”

We were lucky enough to do a little Q&A with Syd where we learn things like what her most embarrassing story is (it’s amazing), why she’s still single and what motivated her to get into the premium content world!


18 Questions With Syd Wilder!

1- A/S/L; Tell us about yourself and what you’ve done to get where you are today!

I’m a comedic actress turned influencer who has a podcast (Girl Instarupted), does many voiceovers, and has an online business, aka OnlyFans.  Today I’ve done a lot of computer work, some editing, voiceovers, and OF messages.

2- What are some of your craziest experiences or stories that have happened in your life due to your career as a model and comedian?

I spill all the juice on Girl Instarupted but to give you a tease, I danced on stage with Prince when I was 16, and he said, “Damn, that white girl can dance.” That will forever be a moment for me! 🥰

3- Have you found being a model helps you in comedy or hinders you?

It’s a double-edged sword. In some situations, it really helps, and in some cases, it really hurts.

4- Do you have any crazy fan stories? We’d love to hear them!

I had a fan that didn’t want to leave my side that came to a comedy festival for my web series, Fab Life Teresa XO. The fan insisted on going home with me, and Chris Franjola, who worked on the web series, kindly walked him on Hollywood Boulevard. I had to get security after that.

5- Speaking of fans, how has OnlyFans changed the game for you? What have you learned so far from your experience on the platform, and what are your goals with the platform compared to other social networking platforms?

First of all, OnlyFans completely saved me during the pandemic. I was grateful to be able to connect with my fans from all around the world!  I’ve learned a lot about the many different ways the male brain works. I’ve ironically learned a lot about business through OnlyFans – Which I’ve kind of nerded out on. I want to continue to connect with my fans and produce great content for them while maintaining my boundaries.

6- What was your motivation for taking your personal brand into your own hands in that direction?

Mainly the pandemic . I’ve always been cast as the stripper, pornstar, hotwife, or bikini girl, so for me, OnlyFans isn’t a big stretch from the roles I usually play. At least outside of what I’ve written for myself. I kind of look at it as that fun fantasy figure I get to play. Spoiler  alert – I don’t look dolled up every day.

7- You also have a Podcast. Tell us about that:

Yes, I actually had to pause production because my OnlyFans took off last year, but I have close to 70 episodes that I’m really proud of. I interview celebs from Jim Jefferies, Margaret Cho to adult performers and mental health professionals. I wanted to create a platform where it’s okay to talk about mental health, sex, sanity, show business, and soul. My hope is to relaunch it this year! I’ve already got some great interviews in the can.

8- Who is your dream podcast guest?

Pink – I love her.

9- What is your pre-shoot routine like?

I usually research my guests thoroughly before they come on my show. I make sure my tech is set up properly and try to pick a few topics to focus on so the interview doesn’t go all over. It’s kind of like choreographing a dance.

10- What would be your dream shoot?

Somewhere fabulous as magical in Capri, Italy.

11- What inspires your comedy?

Tragedy. I have a darker sense of humor but still, have a light heart.

What inspires your model shoots? Is it the same thing or are they totally different?

My location inspires them a lot. When I shot at the Fairytale Cottage in Topanga, my shoot was very ethereal and girly. When I shot at Justine Cross’s dungeon, I was more dark and dominant. I like to play with both masculine and feminine energies.

12- What other models and content creators are you following right now?

I love @iamstevana and Hannah Berner.

13- What is your go-to karaoke song?

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ by: Nancy Sinatra

14- What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on set?

I’m kind of an embarrassing person  I always trip, fall or have lipstick on my teeth. I think because I’m a germaphobe and big on smelling good, taking a deuce on a tiny set makes me nervous and embarrassed AF. I always have poo-pourri with me.

15- Tell us a Secret – something the general public doesn’t know about you but either should, or would want to know.

I talk in my sleep.





16 – Tell us a Joke – or is asking a comedian to tell us a joke like asking a Doctor to perform surgery on us in the bar bathroom?

I learned after my girlfriend encouraged me to “tell a joke” from my old stand-up set in front of that older country band, Big and Rich. I completely BOMBED. “Telling a joke” off stage doesn’t work for me. For others, it does, but I like to slip jokes or ideas for jokes into casual conversations. It works better for me that way. I also don’t do stand-up anymore, I’m more focused on voiceover, but I’m excited to work my characters into TikTok. I just started an account

17 – Most Embarrassing Story, a cliche question, but we want to hear it.

Most embarrassing story – I was in the middle of a move and I went to the cable company. I was in such a hurry, I forgot to put on underwear. It usually isn’t a problem, but I was on the first day of my period, and my tampon fell out in front of a guy, that I never wanted to see again, as I was trying to leave. I had to go back in the store, pick it up and walk back out. I avoided eye contact, and no one filmed it for social media.

Cliche question – is that your real hair or why is a girl like you single?

It’s never my real hair and because I have standards and don’t want to settle. I also live in LA, and the men are rubbish here.


See more of Syd on her:
and of course over on her ONLYFANS!




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Interview with Ivy Dupler!

Ivy Dupler has voiced a wide range of video game characters, from the cybernetic detective protagonist in Whispers of a Machine to a nightmare dragon in Unavowed to a vampire magician in the upcoming Nighthawks: The Vampire. She’s a voiceover actor on the rise, and she spoke with me about her craft.

How do you approach a video game role?

I always start by trying to empathize with the character in some way, so I can make a personal connection and bring my experiences to the role. I’ve never been a hungry nightmare dragon forced to stay awake or an augmented homicide detective with a holographic boyfriend. But I have been so sleep-deprived that I was ready to just completely snap, and I’ve also experienced what it feels like to have a loved one remain just outside of your grasp. It’s all about finding that connection and translating it into an impactful performance.

Do you get to collaborate on the characters or writing at all?

Voiceover recording is absolutely a collaborative process. The best directors are the ones who let you try all sorts of different things in the booth and allow you to get creative, to really make the role your own. The biggest thing to remember is that everyone at the session the director, the engineer, the actor, etc. wants the same thing: to get the very best performance possible.

How hard is it to perform with other characters when you’re actually alone in the booth?

It’s definitely one of those things that gets a lot easier with practice! Observations and environment quips you know, like the lines that a player character says out loud to themselves when you click on an item or hot spot are some of my favorite things to voice. You learn to rely on your imagination for those, especially when you’re given limited context regarding the actual final visuals.

Fight scenes and death screams are always fun too, though the hardest thing about them is not accidentally damaging your voice!


What has your favorite role been so far?

Voicing non-human characters is always a blast: I’ve been a dragon, an elf, several robots, and a trio of creepy skulls who speak primarily in rhyme, to name a few. Roles like that can really push you when it comes to finding that personal emotional connection, which is always a fun challenge as an actor. That being said, my favorite roles are always the ones that are the most complex, with tons of emotional depth that allows me to show off multiple facets of the character.

What is your favorite video game to play?

Well, my absolute favorite game of all time is BioShock. The worldbuilding, the aesthetics, the gameplay, the performances it truly has it all. I really love games that have strong narratives. I’m also an avid Overwatch player! I’m a platinum-ranked support player primarily, but I’d still consider Mei my main. I actually stream regularly on Twitch, and usually play adventure games on my channel sometimes including games that I voice characters in!

Have you cosplayed any video game characters?

Yep! I’ve cosplayed as Lara Croft and Elizabeth from BioShock: Infinite (specifically her outfit from the Burial at Sea DLC). I’ve also completed the nerdiest of all voice actor goals by cosplaying a character that I voiced. I promised on Twitter that if the Kickstarter campaign for Nighthawks reached $100,000, I would cosplay my character, and sure enough, the goal was reached.


You can follow Ivy on Twitch and Twitter, and listen for her work in games, commercials, and animated series.

Jason Ginsburg has fond memories of the Atari 2600 he played as a child. He’s a digital producer for streaming television and lives in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @Ginsburg.

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