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Jessica Alba’s Social Media Has Been Hacked… Again

A few days ago I suggested that Jessica Alba’s Twitter password was “password1” after it was hacked, but I think I was giving her too much credit. She got hacked again. No, seriously, her Instagram got hacked just a few days after her Twitter.

Alba had just posted this about the Twitter hack.

Here’s a video of some of the posts the hacker made.

He basically just talked about rappers, mentioned the liked The Fantastic Four (probably the only person who did) and asked for some money. He also said Nazi Germany was innocent, which I want to assume is just being provocative but you never know, there are so many actual Nazis out these days.

See, this is in stark contrast to Taryn Manning’s recent “hack” which, let’s be real, was almost certainly not a hack. It’s pretty likely Jessica Alba doesn’t like Nazis  and isn’t asking herself for 1% of her net worth. While Taryn Manning could credibly attack her management team over her treatment. Especially when you consider how Orange is the New Black ending means Manning will have to go back to waiting tables at Fuddruckers or whatever because the acting gigs probably aren’t lining themselves up. The best she can really hope for is a career like that woman who played Angela on The Office, where occasionally you’ll be watching a TV show and say “Isn’t that Angela from The Office?” only without the part where people recognize her.

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Jessica Alba’s Twitter Account Got Hacked, Racist Tweets Fooled No One

Here’s your periodic reminder to secure your social media accounts. And just accounts in general. You should be doing things like two-factor authentication, a password that isn’t just ‘password1’ and not clicking on links in e-mails that say “We are very much to be needing your passwords in the preventing of the frauds.”

These are all things Jessica Alba didn’t do, because her Twitter account was very clearly hacked in Saturday night. How obviously hacked?

That obviously hacked. Saying the n-word and saying Hitler was right and rape is good hacked.

It also linked to this Instagram account which has one picture of a cloud that kind of looks like Godzilla.

The tweets were deleted but so far there hasn’t been a peep from Alba or her team about it, not even the standard “I’m sorry for the offensive messages but clearly my account was compromised.”

I do like to think there was one sad, lonely racist out there who saw these hacked tweets and was filled with joy, going “finally, someone is telling the truth about how retarded faggots did 9/11” only to have his little heart crushed when the tweets were deleted. Quite a rollercoaster of emotion for that theoretical dipshit.

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26 Celebrities Who Suffer From Mental Illness

We often imagine celebrities as leading perfect lives - when you're rich and famous, what problems could you possibly have?

But the truth is, stars can suffer as much as anyone. Mental illness, as they say, does not discriminate.

Many celebs have been open about their struggles with mental health, helping to end the stigma that once surrounded conditions such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder.

1. Demi Lovato

Demi lovato with pink lipstick
Demi Lovato has been open about her struggle with bipolar disorder, cutting and bulimia. "I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar," she told People when she was 18.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo dicaprio red carpet photo
Leonardo DiCaprio suffers from OCD, which he drew upon while playing Howard Hughes in The Aviator.

3. Lena Dunham

Lena dunham golden globes photo
Lena Dunham suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety, and even incorporated OCD into her character on Girls. She has taken medication for her conditions and told fans on Instagram that exercise helps immensely.

4. Robin Williams

Robin williams in the crazy ones
Funnyman Robin Williams suffered from depression, paranoia and anxiety and tragically took his own life in 2014. However, his widow Susan said her husband's death was a result of Lewy Body Dementia, a form of neurodegenerative dementia that causes mood instability, hallucinations and impaired motor skills.

5. Justin Bieber

Justin bieber hair picture
Justin Bieber admitted to taking Adderall for ADHD, but recently quit because it gave him anxiety. Early in 2016, he canceled meet-and-greets with fans, saying they left him feeling "drained and unhappy" and "mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression."

6. Angelina Jolie

Angelina jolie movie premiere fail
The movie star admitted that she used to cut herself as a teen. “I went through a period that when I felt trapped I would cut myself. I have a lot of scars,” she told OK! magazine.
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Jessica Alba’s Daughters Visit Her At Work: ‘They’ve Seen the Growth’ of The Honest Company

Jessica Alba Daughters Honest Visits
Source Instagram

As a mom, wife, actress and businesswoman, it makes sense that Jessica Alba would have daughters Honor Marie, 8, and Haven Garner, 5, visit her when she’s hard at work — especially for the Honest Company.

“They usually come to my office and they see me at work a lot,” Alba, 35, tells PEOPLE.

“They saw my first office, which was like 6,000 square feet and my next one, which was like 28,000 square feet, and my third one that we just moved into that’s like 86,000 square feet,” adds Alba, who is one of the business’s co-founders.

“So they’ve seen the growth of the company and the amount of people that are there now.

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And the star admits that her daughter with husband Cash Warren are very inquisitive when it comes to her company.

“They like to ask me a lot of questions about it and how it all works,” she says.

Instagram Photo

But even though her girls visit her pretty often while she’s at the office, Alba says that when it comes to seeing her on a film set, they only visit “a little bit.”

“For the most part, they don’t really come,” says the actress, who notes she hasn’t “done a lot of movies since I’ve had them.”

RELATED VIDEO:  Jessica Alba’s 5 Style Tips!

However, when she filmed her latest movie — Mechanic: Resurrection — Alba did bring her younger daughter along while they were shooting out of the country.

Instagram Photo

“We just did some pick-up shots in Bulgaria for, like, two days,” says Alba, who stars alongside Jason Statham in the action-thriller sequel.

She continues, “[Haven] just hung out in the trailer with another producer’s daughter, who was her age, and they just played Barbies [and] watched Peppa Pig.”

Mechanic: Resurrection is in theaters now.

— Mariah Haas

Jessica Alba’s Daughter Honor Looks Like Her Mini-Me as She Takes Over Snapchat

Honor Warren Jessica Alba/Snapchat

Jessica Alba ‘s daughter Honor is already a Snapchatting machine.

As Alba, 35, prepared for daughter Haven‘s 5th birthday party, the 8-year-old seemed to snag her mom’s phone for a soirée of her own.

“I’m just a little girl who doesn’t know how to find her own way home. I’m so sad,” Honor joked in a Snapchat video using one of the app’s filters — this one equipped with a huge, red bow, enlarged eyes and rosy cheeks.

In a series of Snaps, the little girl chronicled the preparations for her little sister’s party, including a photo of a table full of sweets.

“Getting ready with the cupcakes and cake, the Snap read.

Haven and Honor WarrenJessica Alba/Snapchat


Table of snacksJessica Alba/Snapchat


Honor soon stood with the birthday girl in a video clip in which she put what appeared to be lipstick on little Haven.

The two then cuddled close to each other and puckered their lips.

In the end of the Snap spree, all party preparations seemed to be complete as a photo showing a watermelon-shaped table filled with food read “Everything is ready!!!!!!!!!”

In another Snap, a series of balloons spelling “HAVEN” hung over the watermelon-themed decorations.

–Char Adams

22 Stars Who Really Hated Their Own Movies

Just because an actor works on a film doesn't mean they're proud of it.

Sometimes, they just gotta pay the bills and take a role that well, isn't the best.

Find out which 22 stars hated their own movies and weren't afraid to admit it! Some of them may even surprise you.

1. Ben Affleck

Ben affleck red carpet look
Ben Affleck has one very specific regret when it comes to his past films. "The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil. It just kills me. I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got f***ed up the way it did stays with me," he said.

2. Katherine Heigl

Katherine heigl photograph
Katherine Heigl wasn't exactly a big fan of her 2007 film, Knocked Up. She called it "a little sexist. It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys. It exaggerated the characters, and I had a hard time with it, on some days."

3. Jim Carrey

Jim carrey dumb and dumber to photocall pic
Jim Carrey regretted the 2010 film Kick-Ass because of the violence. Before the release of the film, he tweeted "I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence."

4. George Clooney

George clooney at the sag awards
George Clooney wasn't happy with Batman & Robin at all. He was quoted saying, “With hindsight, it’s easy to look back at this and go, ‘Woah, that was really ****, and I was really bad in it!'"

5. Robert Pattinson

Profile of robert pattinson
Despite its popularity, there are certainly plenty of people who opening hate on the Twilight Series. One of those people? Robert Pattinson. He's hinted in several interviews at a dislike of the story and of his character, including saying that Twilight "seems like a book that wasn't supposed to be published."

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica alba looking fresh
Jessica Alba hated Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer so much that she almost quit acting because of it. Can you blame her?
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Jessica Alba Documents Daughter Haven’s Adorable Montessori Graduation on Snapchat

Jessica Alba/Snapchat

Jessica Alba shared an adorable series of pictures and videos on Snapchat, while at her 4-year-old daughter Haven‘s preschool graduation on Friday.

The strawberry blonde tot smiled bright in the Snaps, waving to her mom during the opening of the Montessori school’s ceremony.

Dressed in the school’s official blue t-shirt and khaki shorts, Haven said the pledge of allegiance, and beamed during a shot while holding her diploma. 

Jessica Alba/Snapchat

The 35-year-old actress added rainbow and sunflower stickers to the stories, including statement illustrations like “Can You Not,” “OMG,” “Awesome” and of course, “Love.”

Alba, who also has a 7-year-old daughter Honor Marie with husband Cash Warren, included a part of a speech from one of the school’s female teachers — who she deemed “Havie’s fave teacher.”

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to make a living this way,” the teacher said, “and I want to thank you the parents for giving me the honor of teaching your amazing children.”

After the ceremony, Alba and Warren, 37, headed off to the Los Angeles premiere of Seoul Searching. The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary last month.

The comedy, set in 1980s Korea, had an ’80s prom theme, which Alba rocked in a gold-belted, long-sleeve, low-cut black dress, gold-studded short boots and gold Octavia Elizabeth earrings.

Jessica Alba/Snapchat

Inside, actor Ken Jeong gave an opening speech, which Alba captured part of on video. “I love Ken Jeoong” she captioned the post, using a heart emoji.

Later on, she dined at Indian gastropub Badmaash in downtown L.A.

RELATED VIDEO: Cash Warren Reveals How the Paparazzi Caused Him and Jessica Alba to Parent Their Kids Differently

Last year, Alba said she liked capturing every moment of her daughter’s lives on Snapchat.

“They’re just so funny to me,” she told PEOPLE. “To me, it’s all groundbreaking, but they’re just average, funny, sweet little girls.”

— Dave Quinn

Jessica Alba Brings The Cleav In Vogue Australia And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Jessica Alba's jugs are featured in Vogue Australia, mate. (Drunken Stepfather)Jackie Sandler wears a see-through shirt in her husband's latest crap movie. (Last Men On Earth)Liziane Gutierrez goes ahead and strips on the beach. (WWTDD)Stephanie Moore is totally naked. TOTALLY. (Egotastic ...

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Jessica Alba Says She Still Feels Everything Her ‘Sweet’ Daughters Do Is ‘Groundbreaking’

Jessica Alba‘s daughters are the (unwitting) stars of her social media accounts, but she just can’t help herself — she is so proud of her girls.

“They’re just so funny to me,” she tells PEOPLE of daughters Honor Marie, 7½, and Haven Garner, 4, at the 2015 March of Dimes Celebration of Babies Luncheon.

So what is the mogul capturing for SnapChat? Just “what every 7 and 4-year-old do.”

“To me, it’s all groundbreaking, but they’re just average, funny, sweet little girls,” she shares.

Katie Jones/Variety/REX Shutterstock


Alba, who was presented with the 2015 March of Dimes Grace Kelly award at the luncheon, says she was excited to receive the “huge honor.”

“The work that they do is so massive, and it’s so important, and it really does save lives,” she says of March of Dimes, adding, “I made healthier choices as a pregnant woman because of the work that March of Dimes has done. They really lay the foundation to give the most vulnerable the best chance at life.”

Alba’s already focused on her next big project, however: the holidays.

“We always have an 80-person sit-down dinner at my house so I’m preparing for it,” she shares. The actress hosts the dinner, which is potluck style, but also has some help in the kitchen from Haven and Honor.t

“They like to mix and they like to mush their hands in things, but that’s kind of it,” she jokes.

– Lindsay Kimble with reporting by Mariah Haas

Justin Bieber, Yolanda Foster & More: Star Sightings 12.04.15

As we wind down yet another week in the 2015 calendar, some celebrities are popping in and out of Christmas parties, as others dragged themselves out of bed (Yay Yolanda!) to let fans know they're doing ok.

Chris Martin, who popped by BBC Radio 2 studios in London today, told fans that performing live at the Superbowl will be "the greatest moment" in his career.  Good on ya, Chris.

Happy Weekend, peeps.

1. Justin Beiber Spotted in Harajuku, Toyko

Justin beiber spotted in harajuku toyko
Justin Bieber out and about in Harajuku,Tokyo on December 4th, 2105.

2. Amal Clooney at Charlotte Tilbury's Naughty Christmas Party

Amal clooney at charlotte tilburys naughty christmas party
Amal Clooney at Charlotte Tilbury's naughty Christmas party celebrating the launch of Charlotte's new flagship beauty boutique in Covent Garden on December 3, 2015 in London, England. Tilbury did Clooney's makeup for her September 27th, 2014 wedding to George Clooney.

3. Jill Zarin and Allyson Shapiro: Domingo Zapata's 'WANTED' Exhibition

Jill zarin and allyson shapiro domingo zapatas wanted exhibition
Former 'Real Housewives of New York' star Jill Zarin and her daughter, Allyson Shapiro at Domingo Zapata's 'WANTED' exhibition at Lulu Laboratorium in Miami, Florida on December 2nd, 2015.

4. Eva Longoria: Global Gift Foundation Dinner

Eva longoria global gift foundation dinner
Eva Longoria attends the Global Gift Foundation Dinner at Auberge Residences & Spa sales office on December 3, 2015 in Miami, Florida.

5. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren at a UCLA Basketball game

Jessica alba and cash warren at a ucla basketball game
Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren watched the UCLA Bruins defeat the Kentucky Wildcats 87-77 at Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles on December 3rd, 2015.

6. 'Downton Abbey' Star Laura Carmichael at Charlotte Tilbury's Christmas Party

Downton abbey star laura carmichael at charlotte tilburys christ
Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith on 'Downton Abbey' attended makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's naughty Christmas Party in London on December 3rd, 2015.
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Hollywood’s Biggest Cheapskates & Worst Tippers Revealed!

There are lots of ways to make enemies in Hollywood and earn a reputation as a typical celebrity D-bag, but perhaps none of them are more baffling than chronic penny-pinching.

After all, the vast majority of stars are fabulously rich, and now more than ever, most of them have done very little in the way of actual work to earn their fortunes.

Add to that the fact that today's waiter might be tomorrow's A-list director, and celebrity rudeness makes even less sense.

There have always been rumors about certain big shots mistreating "the help" (We're looking at you, Kendall Jenner.) but the new issue of Star magazine goes straight to the source to find out which stars have earned their bad reputations by taking testimony from longtime waiters, bus boys and bartenders at Hollywood's favorite hot spots.

The tabloid has published a list of the biggest cheapskates, the worst tippers and the rudest customers in Tinsel Town, and we're happy to bring you some of the highlights.

If you're planning to go out this weekend, please, please don't be like any of these people:


1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth photo
Not surprisingly, Gwyneth cements her snobby reputation every time a waiter brings her the check. Sources say the actress blames her paltry tips on the fact that she's "bad at math."

2. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer aniston hairstyle
Apparently, Jen regularly visits a psychic named Fay. She pays Fay's $150 fee, and seems happy with the services provided, but never leaves a tip. “Jennifer clearly thinks that Fay does a good job, because she keeps coming back for more – but it’s strange that she won’t leave a thank-you.” We'd say that's more than MEDIUM rude. Sorry.

3. Mick Jagger

Mick jagger pic
Waiters and waitresses will get no satisfaction from the Rolling Stones frontman. One source tells a story about a time when Mick left a $10 tip on a $90 bill at a DC pizza joint. In fairness to Mick, tipping is a purely American custom.

4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina jolie waves
Angie earned a spot on the list, but we're totally fine with her alleged cheapness. A source says Jolie “makes it clear to her kids that they don’t need the nicest clothes. She wants them to realize that they are blessed compared to all the children suffering in the world.” And they always look perfectly happy and stylish to us!

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica alba looking fresh
Despite being the CEO of a billion dollar company, Jessica reportedly takes frugality to a new level, refusing to give out free samples of her company's products to even her closest friends. “She was way more generous when she had less money," says a source. "Now that she’s loaded, she’s holding on to every cent like it’s her last.

6. Usher

Usher at the vmas
The R&B icon apparently thinks it's acceptable to leave an autograph in lieu of a tip. Sounds like someone needs to show Usher the exit!
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How Jessica Alba Gets Her Kids to Behave (Hint: It Involves Makeup!)

Talk about an overachiever.

Jessica Alba, who has a billion dollar success with The Honest Company, is back with Honest Beauty, a skincare and cosmetics line focused on safe ingredients to produce radiant looks (and maybe even a bit of the creator’s coveted glow).

“It’s so gratifying to have an idea and see it from start to finish,” Alba, 34, told PEOPLE at Honest Beauty’s pop up shop Thursday at The Grove in Los Angeles. “To have the physical product and now a physical space is really cool.”

Jessica Alba Honesty Beauty
Splash News Online

The mom of daughters Haven Garner, 4, and Honor Marie, 7, drew inspiration for the line from her own family tree.

“I discovered chamomile and calendula when I had Honor. They smell good and they take down inflammation. So we put a lot of that in our skincare,” says Alba.

“My grandmother loved aloe. Anytime I had anything wrong with me, she would come in with a green hand and smear it on me. I used to hate it as a kid, but now it’s a fond memory.”

And though Alba says she prefers a “no makeup makeup” look on her days off, she loves going big when the occasion calls for it.

“Whether it’s for moms on the go who want makeup with staying power, or for someone who wants to really go glam, these products can do both,” she explains.

Instagram Photo

According to the mom of two, the collection can even keep a couple of rambunctious kids busy.

“My girls are in my makeup all day long,” says Alba with a laugh. “They love putting it on me. Whenever they’re fighting, I’m like, ‘Stop yelling at each other and I’ll let you put my lipstick on!’ ”

— Aili Nahas

Jessica Alba: Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguards Totally Roughed Me Up!

Yesterday, we reported that Kylie Jenner's bodyguards shoved Jessica Alba during a Fashion Week event in New York.

Many thought the account provided by Page Six was a bit overblown, but Alba sat down with Andy Cohen last night and confirmed that Kylie's team really did get aggressive with her.

"I was just really shocked," Alba said, describing the incident. "I got like body checked." 

"It was by two of them. I was like, ‘Whoa whoa, what’s happening?' I thought there was a fire. I was like 'What’s going on?' I guess someone was just leaving the building. I don’t know, it was really shocking."

"Someone was just leaving the building" is some next-level shade-throwing.

The master class in passive-aggression continued when Cohen asked if anyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan had reached out to her to offer an apology.

"I'm sure they don't know what's happening," Alba replied.

She has to be joking and subtly sticking it to Kylie, right? This family googles themselves on an hourly basis, there's now way they're not aware of this situation.

We're guessing Kylie is too busy with other fashion week drama, or she sees billionaire CEO Jessica as competition, and is thus totally fine with the fact that her security team gave Alba the business.

Jessica Alba Leggy MILF In Thigh High Boots

Jessica Alba may be the billion dollar business woman these days, but she'll always be the super hottie uber-MIFLtastic PTA mom I'd most like to snoggle in the back of my Corolla to me. Among other things.Jessica made her way onto the Tonight Show to pimp various and sundry things ...

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Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguards Shove Jessica Alba During Fashion Week

Kylie Jenner

How many times do you get to shove a billionaire? If you’re Kylie Jenner, the answer is zero because you get your bodyguards to do it. During the recent New York Fashion Week, her bodyguards took their responsibilities way too seriously. It happened after the Opening Ceremony fashion show ended. Jenner’s overzealous bodyguards reportedly pushed Alba out of the way to make way for Queen Kylie. That’s BS if true.

“After the show, trying to leave the venue, it was very crowded,” said a source. “Everyone was in the crush and Jessica had stopped briefly to say hi to someone when all of a sudden from behind came Jenner’s bodyguards. They just shoved Jessica out of the way. She just looked astonished!”

Because Jessica Alba is so big and and tough. Naturally, she needs to be shoved aside. Catfight! Too bad there wasn’t one.

But another source added, “Jessica didn’t freak out” over the incident.

Yea, you know why Alba didn’t freak out. A billion dollars, that’s why.

And screw celeb bodyguards. They’re just shitty club bouncers with more pay and higher status. Take away that money and status walking around catching celeb vapors and they’re nothing but scuzzy, juicers looking for a fight.

Jessica Alba Sextastic Business Hottie

There are many ways I've imagined Jessica Alba over the past ten years or so, but never so much as recently in her guise as hot business woman, a visual motif expertly exploited by Allure magazine which features all of her industrious accomplishments of late, not the least of ...

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Ariel Winter Bikini, Kim Kardashian Nekkid Pregnant, Kelly Brook Bikini Booty Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

The parade of hits from the mouths and Instagram accounts of babes keeps on rolling right along, with the attention seeking class meeting on the playing field with the ogling class in a perfect round of sextastic synergy that even a generation ago couldn't possible be imagined.This ...

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Blame Not Jessica Alba For Her Useless Sunscreen

Celebrities often have the best intentions, but often just manage to make us normal folk laugh at their zany antics. I cite Goop as a major example of the kind of hijinks celebrities get up to when they want to make themselves feel like they’re normal humans when in reality, they’re the farthest from it. But it’s okay, because we often buy completely into it.

That’s why Jessica Alba’s Honest sunscreen isn’t totally her fault.

In case you haven’t heard, it turns out that Jessica Alba’s brand Honest, which she endorses and co-founded, has a major problem with its sunscreen: it does not, in fact, screen from the sun very well. Instead of having anywhere from 18 to 25 percent of zinc oxide, the normal amount for an SPF 30 sunscreen, the new formula of the Honest brand has only about 9%, making users of this sunscreen red in the face—literally and figuratively.

Users have taken to Amazon and their personal social media accounts to express rage at the ineffectiveness of the product, showing off their sunburned skin and the terrible burns their children have suffered as a result of using it.

In a word, people are furious with Jessica Alba. As the face of the company, she’s the obvious target, but it’s a misplaced anger. Why? Because Alba probably has little to nothing to do with the formulas of the product. She’s got the deep pockets and the recognizable face, and she probably has something to do with the mission statement, but that’s where it ends.

The fault lies with us, the people. And more important, the FDA. Here’s why.

There are currently no regulations nor efficacy testing done on any sunscreen sold to the public. That means that it’s left up to each company to formulate their product, leading to wildly inconsistent products across companies.

So there’s no regulation, no standard, and often, toxic products. This may be the reason why Honest, whose slogan is “everything you need, nothing you don’t,” seems less effective: because it doesn’t contain potentially toxic additions like oxybenzone and vitamin A. In Europe, these chemicals are banned. Not so in the United States, which leads to rampant ignorance about the toxicity of these products and chronic misuse.

In other words, Honest isn’t the only dishonest company, but it’s the easiest one to criticize, because a pretty celebrity is at the helm. But Alba isn’t at fault—we are. The public is partially to blame for believing the marketing ploys of a company that knows we’re more likely to buy things a celebrity has endorsed.

Without doing research or being conscious, skeptical consumers, we’re at fault for allowing companies like Honest and countless others to use celebrities to sell us things—because they know it works. Alba probably wholeheartedly believes in selling her fans “honest” products and in making a difference in the world, I wouldn’t know. But I know that we’re enamored with celebrities and want to emulate them, which makes us easy to sell to.

Oh, and less than half a percent of those [...]

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Hollywood Stars Who Are Surprisingly Good Dancers

While season 12 continues to air, the popularity of the TV show So You Think You Can Dance is not only proof that people like watching celebrities do something other than acting, but it has also been proof that some celebrities are actually pretty good dancers.

If you have managed to keep up with each season of So You Think You Can Dance, you already know there are plenty of good celebrity dancers, or at least ones who were easily taught how to dance. In case you aren’t a reality show fan, but would love to learn about some good dancers in the celebrity world, here are a few you should know about.


Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken has proved his dancing skills in both music videos and in movies. Fans of Fatboy Slim may remember seeing his dance skills in their video for Weapons of Choice. Rumor has it that Mr. Walken started his career as a dancer, before he became an awesome and well known actor.

This one is probably pretty surprising to people that didn’t see that music video, since he just doesn’t seem like the dancing type when you look at him or watch his movies.

Patrick Swayze

According to Arthur Murray, dancing is a great thing for men to learn for many reasons. It’s great for keeping fit and for attracting the ladies, just ask Patrick Swayze (but you can’t, RIP). For generations the movie Dirty Dancing has attracted women that love a romance, and shown them all that Mr. Swayze was a pretty talented dancer.

The world lost a very talented man when Swayze died from cancer in 2009. Not only was he a great actor and a great dancer, but he was also a pretty good singer. The song “She’s Like The Wind,” from Dirty Dancing, was sung by Swayze.

Channing Tatum

Speaking of actors that have attracted the attention of the ladies, Channing Tatum was catching the eyes of women all over the world long before he took his first dance step in Magic Mike, but now with Magic Mike XXL, he has women drooling in the theater aisles. That boy can dance.

Tatum will likely be showing off his dance moves in a third Magic Mike movie, with it’s huge popularity.

Jessica Alba

Dancing isn’t just for the guys. Jessica Alba has been turning heads for years, not just for her stellar acting skills, and her awesome wellness company, but also her dancing abilities. Don’t believe it? Go rent the movie Honey and check her out.

Jessica Alba spends most of her time working on being well and helping others be well with The Honest Company.

John Travolta

John Travolta was a disco dancing fool back in the late 70’s. He followed his disco time in Saturday Night Fever with more dancing in Grease. He might not do a lot of dancing in the movies these days, but he sure stole some hearts in the past, and showed he has some dance floor skills.

Alfonso Ribeiro

Depending on how old you are, or how old your parents are, you may just remember the ‘Carlton Dance.’ If you don’t, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still runs in syndication so you can check out reruns and see Carlton’s great moves. The Carlton wasn’t Mr. Ribeiro’s only dance move, as he got his start on Broadway. He was also the Tap Dance Kid.

Vin Diesel

Take some time and look for Vin Diesel on YouTube and you’re likely to come across a video of him break dancing, and he’s pretty good at it too.

Who are your favorite celebrity dancers?

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Jessica Alba’s Sunscreen Line Faces Scrutiny From Angry Customers! Check Out The Backlash HERE!

Uh-oh, this isn't good news for Jessica Alba!

In recent weeks, Jessica's sunscreen from her Honest Company has come under fire for it's lack of effectiveness -- AKA a lot of people are getting SUNBURNED! Oops!

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While Alba's Honest products are often praised for their organic ingredients, the mineral based sunscreen is reportedly not up to snuff.

Check out some consumer reactions (below)!

Oh no, these reviews aren't good! There's nothing better than an angry parent to stir up some controversy!

To be fair, there are also positive reviews of the product which have deemed the sunscreen as safe.

Take a look at the original exposé on the sunscreen (below)!

As of now, Jess has yet to speak out on the scandal.

So, what have been YOUR experiences with the product?

[Image via Instagram.]

Jessica Alba Hot And Sweaty and Perfect After Spin Class In LA

I don't know what the slogan says exactly on the tank top Jessica Alba was wearing outside of spin class to unfairly cover up her sports bra top, I just know I want to stare at it for hours figuring it out. The sweaty hot MILF hit up one of the super popular Soul Cycle classes in ...

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Jessica Alba Sextastic Legs Thrilling In Thigh High Boots

Be still my barely beating dirty heart. Jessica Alba, the MILF of all uber-MILFs, in thigh high boots. This is enough to send this poor Alba luster into deep cardiac happiness. Wow. I ask for so little, I get so much. Jessica isn't one for big public displays, especially since she ...

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Jessica Alba’s Daughters Are Master Chefs in the Making

Jessica Alba has two little sous chefs at home: daughters Honor Marie and Haven Garner.

“It always take three times longer when they help, but I try to have them participate in any kind of cooking,” the actress told PEOPLE at the ZICO Coconut Water event in New York City on Tuesday.

“It’s good for them to understand the process of making food, and where it comes from. They are also more inclined to eat it, if they participate in making it.”

Among their favorite foods to cook up together are meatballs, smoothies and “anything that needs mashing” or “cracking eggs.”

Jessica Alba daughter  Zico coconut water
ZICO Premium Coconut Water

Outside the kitchen, Honor, 7, and Haven, 3½, are two growing girls with different interests and personalities.

“Havey loves making people laugh. She loves building things. She likes blocks and Legos and cars. She likes to race, unless she knows she is going to lose — then she doesn’t like to race. She is just really funny,” Alba, 34, shares.

“Honor is a little more self aware and poised.”

— Kelli Bender

Jessica Alba Cleavy Hot Coconuts on Display for Zico

Zico is some kind of coconut water that is so amazing if you drink just one a day, you will look just likeJessica Alba. So I’m told. If you’re a guy, Jessica Alba will be attracted to you beyond the point of self-control. It’s all in the literature.The uber-sextastic Jessica Alba ...

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Jessica Alba Cleavy Hot Coconuts on Display for Zico

Zico is some kind of coconut water that is so amazing if you drink just one a day, you will look just like Jessica Alba. So I’m told. If you’re a guy, Jessica Alba will be attracted to you beyond the point of self-control. It’s all in the literature.

The uber-sextastic Jessica Alba has been pimping Zico for some time now. I have to believe she believes in its nutritional powers, or in the least, the checks are clearing. Same difference. More important to our cause, Jessica employs the power of her smoking hot body and faptastic cleavage to pimp the shizz out of the nut water. Works for me and thee. Product purchases optional. Ogling incessantly mandatory. You know the rules here. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Zico Water

Jessica Alba Hot Damn Cleavetastic Mom Body in Sextastic Shape (VIDEO)

I could hide my lust for all things Jessica Alba, but it would be near on impossible. Holding back the tide is one of those tasks you only take upon yourself if you really like hard work, and don’t like yourself. As for me, I’m open to spilling forth my full feelings for Jessica at any and all times. Here is a mom and now very successful businesswoman who knows that the sextastic gifts granted to her by Mother Nature’s hand deserves to be exhibited foe all the ogling world to see. Selfish? Nay, Jessica is the opposite. For shame for those who keep their talents tucked away in private.

Featured in the current edition of Shape magazine, the uber MILFtastic Jessica Alba poses and preens in various tight swimsuits, showing off tons of her tanned alluring skin and a body that deserves at least fifteen more babies, or in the least, a couple hundred more attempts at making them. Hot damn. I’m in lust all over again. There are few forces on this planet as plainly powerful as an oiled down Jessica Alba. In fact, none that I could think of, at least none I’d like to caress well into the evening. Enjoy.

Jessica Alba Oiled Up For Shape Magazine

Legendary hottie Jessica Alba was looking tanned and toned in a bikini spread for Shape Magazine. It’s no wonder that Shape wanted to do a spread with Jessica because her shape is bangin’. The first thing that you notice in these pics is, of course, the famous Jessica Alba boobies. I’ve been a fan of them since I first saw them in the skin tight bodysuit she wore in that terrible Fantastic Four movie she was in years ago. She almost spills out in several pics which give us not only some spectacular cleav but also some delectable sideboob. Jessica’s legs are also a thing of beauty. I wouldn’t mind caressing those bad boys late into the night. Oh, to be a drop of pool water on those thighs.

I’m going to buy several copies of this magazine and wallpaper my closet with it. That way I can always step into my closet to reflect on the beauty of Jessica’s yabbos.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine

Beyonce’s Sweet Mother’s Day Photo — and More Stars Celebrating Moms on Insta

If you had any doubt that Blue Ivy is a mini-me version of Beyoncé, this recent Instagram should clear things up. Bey, who’s celebrating her fourth Mother’s Day as a mommy, shared two side-by-side photos: one throwback to the ’80s in which she’s standing with her mom, Tina Knowles, and a second where she’s with Blue. The similarities between the two are only accentuated by the fact that they’re sporting similar hairstyles, center-parted pigtails for Beyoncé and center-parted pigtail topknots for Blue.

Instagram Photo

“Sending love to Mothers around the world,” the 33-year-old singer captioned the photo, which she shared with her 32.3 million followers on Sunday. The post captured 776,000 likes (and yes, we assume some of those likes were due in part to Mama Tina’s killer 1980s look comprised of shoulderpads, a studded belt and shoulder-grazing earrings).

Other celeb moms also took to Insta to give thanks to their children with adorable #ussies and share how they celebrated the day, while famous daddies also used the platform to honor the mothers of their children.

Which Mother’s Day post is your favorite? And how did you celebrate the day?

–Zoë Ruderman

27 Celebrity MILFs Who Make Parenting SO HOT!

Ready for the ultimate list of 27 hottest celeb MILFs? If you're reading this, then obviously yes, you are ready and then some.

Scroll through the hottest moms in Hollywood right here and now and tell us who you'd most love to ... buy flowers for today!

1. Mila Kunis

Mila kunis hot
Mila Kunis is the mother to a girl named Wyatt. We're so jealous Ashton Kutcher gets to sleep with her.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney kardashian pregnancy pic
Now that's an attractive family! Kim's big sis Kourtney often flaunts her figure in teeny weeny bikinis.

3. Brooke Burke

Brooke burke charvet photo
A 42-year-old mother of four, Brooke Burke still looks like this. Jealous?!

4. Sofia Vergara

Sofia vergara vanity fair cover
This bombshell calls herself mom to a 20-year-old son.

5. Christie Brinkley

Christie brinkley struts
The supermodel and mother of four is 60 ... going on about 30? Talk about ageless!

6. Beyonce

Beyonce tumblr
Is it possible that Blue Ivy's mom gets sexier by the day?
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Happy Mother’s Day! A Tribute to 19 Celebrity Moms We Love

Happy Mother's Day from THG! On this special Sunday in May, we pay tribute to the O.G. (original girl, not gangsta) in everyone's life.

M-O-M. Three letters, infinite respect. Today is wonderful, but every day could be called Mother's Day really, given all they do for us.

So let's take a look at 19 celebrity moms we love, from veteran parents to new additions to the club, and celebrate moms everywhere!


1. Jessica Biel

Jessica biel son
Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake recently welcomed their first child, Silas Randall Timberlake. The happy and private couple are sure to make great parents, don't you think?

2. Kate Middleton

Kate middleton and prince george image
Kate Middleton might be a duchess, but her best title is mom! Might she add to her brood soon? We can only hope!

3. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett johansson all smiles
Scarlett Johansson is the mother to a girl named Rose. We love that name! And we love that she doesn't claim to be a parenting expert.

4. Christina Aguilera

Christina aguilera on a red carpet
Christina Aguilera has two kids. She gave birth to her second in August 2014.

5. Beyonce

Beyonce and blue ivy carter photo
Beyonce is a doting mother to daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Adding the motherhood hat to her arsenal has been great for Queen Bey.

6. Michelle Obama

Malia and sasha obama
Michelle Obama is the first lady to daughters Malia and Sasha Obama and answers to the title of "Mom."
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