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Kanye West is Almost Smiling in This Family Photo!

Kim Kardashian has shared a new picture on her Instagram and Facebook pages, and it's worth noting for two reasons:

1. It features Kim, her husband and both of their kids, something we do not see very often.

2. Kanye West is smiling in the snapshot. Or at least smirking! For real!

See for yourself:

Kimye Family Photograph

Amazing, right?

Kim shared the photo along with a very simple caption that read "Happy Holidays."

It's nothing too special or newsworthy, but this is Kim Kardashian and this is social media, so the photo has been Liked over 72,000 times in just a few hours on Facebook.

Kardashian and West have actually lived a mostly quiet life in 2017.

They concluded last year on quite the low note, of course, with Kim getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris and then Kanye suffering a nervous breakdown mere weeks later.

These traumatic events left both stars shaken.

Front and Also Center

For a few months afterward, divorce rumors plagued Kimye, as multiple outlets and tabloids wrote that these incidents were simply too much for the couple to handle.

Word spread that the pair were drifting apart.

There was even a rumor just this month that Kardashian was ready to file for divorce.

We aren't buying it, however. Why would we?!?

First of all, Kanye just gifted his wife with over $500,000 in stocks, which does not seem like the actions one would take if one were about to get a divorce.

Kanye and Young North

Second, Kanye actually struck some poses for the family Christmas card, as you can see above.

He didn't make the cut for the final version, which left us a little confused and concerned, but still. There's one final, very strong reason to believe this romance is doing just fine.

And that reason is this:

Kim and Kanye will soon welcome child number-three!

As has now been confirmed by Kardashian herself, a surrogate is pregnant with the baby because doctors deemed it too dangerous for Kim to give birth for a third time.

She actually may be due any day now.

Kimye Smiling!

Would Kardashian and West really make this plan if there was any doubt about their romance?

If they believed for one second that they weren't staying together?

We think everyone knows the answers to these questions.

Over the next couple months, meanwhile, Kim and Kanye will welcome their child... Khloe Kardashian will give birth... AND Kylie Jenner will give birth.

So while 2017 was actually pretty tame as far as this famous family goes, it's already pretty clear that they'll be back to making headlines of every kind in 2018.

Buckle up.

Taylor Swift Fans Hurt Taylor Swift’s Reputation With Rat Emojis Aimed At Kim Kardashian

The feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West/Kim Kardashian will never die, despite both Taylor and Kim saying they want nothing more to do with each other.

Here’s the quick recap, in case you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of years:

*The VMA incident
*Taylor and Kanye became friends
*Kanye said the line, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.”
*Taylor was upset by the line and said she didn’t approve it
*Kim released footage of Kanye and Taylor chatting on the phone, where Taylor did approve a similar line
*Taylor said she was upset at the “bitch” part, which was not part of the phone conversation
*Time passed
*Taylor released “Reputation” and included a couple of lines that may or may not be about Kanye, but totally were. The one that stands out is “Friends don’t try to trick you, get you on the phone and mind-twist you.”
*Kim posted the following on Instagram:


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

And that led to idiots spamming a bunch of rat emojis on Kim’s social media feeds.

That’s where we’re at right now. Instead of snake emojis, which Kim and Taylor both blocked from their respective feeds, Swift fans have turned to rat emojis. This is a feud that is never going to stop until Kanye and Taylor actually have sex. Or at least make a song together. If Eminem and Ed Sheeran can put a track together, I’m sure there is a way for Kanye and Taylor to finally make a track that should have been made years ago when they made up and were friends.

For sake of humanity, put your differences aside so people on the internet stop posting rat emojis to Kim Kardashian’s timeline when she’s just posting pictures of her kid.

As for me, I would like to be excluded from this narrative. Thanks.

Jennifer Lawrence Got Naked In Kris Jenner’s Closet and Asked Kim Kardashian to Send Kanye In

Jennifer Lawrence hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and she did a pretty good job. You can check out her monologue where, once she gets used to the rhythm of the cue card guys, she delivers a few funny jokes and does a great woman on the street segment.

But the highlight of the program was probably when she had Kim Kardashian on and recounted a story about getting completely naked in Kris Jenner’s closet. Hmmm. Naked with Kris Jenner and in the closet. That sounds so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

Kim is apparently blonde for some reason now, and it’s not working for her. She needs to fix that. What did, work, however, was the insane story the two shared in the first segment, which Us Magazine transcribed.

“I remember getting naked in your mom’s closet and ordering you to dress me,” she said. “I looked amazing, as you could see in that video. Is my memory correct? Did you call Kanye to come up in the closet? Did you want him to style me?”

“You said, ‘I’m not joking! I really want Kanye to style me!’” the social media mogul reminded her friend. “And so I said, ‘OK,’ and then I come back in and you’re fully butt naked!”

What the fuck did Kanye West do to deserve being surrounded by beautiful naked women all the time?

Oh yeah, he did that. Good for Kanye. I like that dude.

Kim and JLaw also talked about Kim’s time as a “hacker”, where she basically used phone number spoofing to get other people’s voicemails. Lawrence followed up by asking Kim “So do you think that you could like, hack, like, a president’s Twitter and maybe like stop a war? Like you could save the world… in theory.” Of course, Kim immediately called the leader of North Korea “Kim John Une” so we probably shouldn’t be pinning our hopes on her.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: We’re Having THIS Kind of Baby!

As has been previously confirmed, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really are having a third child.

Via surrogate, that is.

Following multiple months of rumors and speculation, a source close to the famous couple revealed on Wednesday that Kim and Kanye have hired a woman to give birth to their fifth immediate family member.

The Wests Together

Moreover, we know when this surrogate is due:

Kimye will become parents again in January.

How exciting, right?!?

And now we can contribute another vital tidbit to this initial report:

According to TMZ insiders, Kim and Kanye will welcome a baby girl into the world in very early 2018!

Neither superstar has spoken out specifically about the surrogacy, which is pleasantly surprising.

For a celebrity who shares absolutely everything with the public, it's nice to see Kardashian is taking this major life step seriously, while also respecting the privacy of her surrogate.

Kim Kardashian Has a Smile

All we know at the moment is that she's a twenty-something from San Diego.

The baby to whom she has agreed to carry to term on behalf of Kardashian and West will join four-year old daughter North and 21-month old son in the busy household.

Kim has said several times that she'd love to have more children, but she suffered dangerous complications with both her earlier pregnancies.

“It would be a really dangerous environment for me if I were to get pregnant again," Kim said last year, adding that her husband is very much on board with another child.

"Kanye has been mentioning" the prospect of another kid every day for over a week, Kim told sister Khloe on the latter's short-lived talk show in 2016.

Under the terms of their arrangement with the unnamed surrogate...

... Kim and Kanye will pay $45,000 in ten $4,500 monthly installments.

... will also pay $5,000 for each additional baby in the case of multiples.

... will pay $4,000 if surrogate loses reproductive organs.

Kimye at Home

In exchange for these payments, the surrogate has agreed to various health-related terms, such as no drinking or smoking while pregnant.

“This was always the plan," a source tells Entertainment Tonight, explaining that the surrogate was found and hired by the stars in June.

"After the complications with the other pregnancies, they knew they wanted to go the surrogacy route for the next baby,” the source adds.

“They took their time finding the right woman to carry their baby and of course they are being very hands-on during this process.”

We're so very happy for Kardashian and West.

No, really, we are!

It's easy to mock these superstars for a variety of reasons, but no one can doubt that they love their children and provide those children with a stable, healthy environment at home.

So if they want to expand? And if they went about it in responsible, legitimate fashion? Hey, more power to them! Mazel Tov!

(Editor's Note: We still reserve the right to make fun of the baby's name if Kim and Kanye go a North or Saint-like route once again.)

Kim Kardashian: Terrified of Taylor Swift Diss Tracks!

Just days after purging her social media, Taylor Swift is preparing her big musical comeback.

Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” album already has a release date, and her new single is expected to drop tomorrow (late tonight, really).

Fans may be rejoicing, but reports say that this news has one person quaking in her heels. Kim Kardashian is right to be afraid. …

Last year, Taylor Swift’s omnipresence in all media for about two years had left her vulnerable, because fans are fickle and overexposure makes some weak-minded people grow tired of people they’d otherwise admire.

Calvin Harris and Taylor broke up, followed by Calvin having a mini-tantrum on Twitter in which he ranted against Taylor, as if she’d wanted to destroy him.

It was then, when Taylor was at her lowest point in years, that Kim Kardashian struck, leaking carefully selected snippets of a shadily recorded phone call between Taylor and Kanye that made it appear that Taylor had lied about her knowledge of Kanye’s planned lyrics.

People who sided with Kim and people who just wanted to see Taylor Swift crash and burn immediately started calling Taylor a “snake,” since dishonesty is associated with limbless reptiles in Western culture.

Taylor basically went silent. She used to attend every show, get every interview. Suddenly, she was playing it shy.

She released a single with Zayn Malik last December, but the title, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” was so unrelatable that I sure didn’t listen to it.

For a time, it seemed that Kim Kardashian and Taylor’s other jealous detractors had won.

We have to say that we love that Taylor Swift’s reaction to all of this was basically modeled after one of our childhood Disney role models: Jafar from Aladdin.

You know, the bit where Aladdin calls Jafar a snake and Jafar responds: “A snake am I? Perhaps you’d like to see how snakelike I can be?” And then transforms himself into a giant snake.

Because after hordes of disloyal fans called Taylor Swift a “snake,” mostly in emoji form, Taylor Swift teased her new album with snake videos.

Sometimes the best thing to do with a vicious and unwarranted attack on your character is to turn it right back against your critics.

We don’t know 

So, we know when Taylor Swift’s music is coming out.

Her single drops late tonight, and her album comes out November 10th.

And Kim Kardashian is petrified that Taylor Swift will diss Kanye on that album, HollywoodLife reports.

According to their insider, it’s a major concern:

“One of the few people out there that is not very excited for Taylor Swift’s upcoming music is Kim Kardashian.


“She feels that she will be attacked along with Kanye in a future song over their past differences and she doesn’t want to deal with the fallout of a Taylor Swift song and what that does to people.”

We love the “past differences” line. Kim Kardashian orchestrated Taylor’s downfall last year.

And Taylor has every right to sing about the man who called her a “bitch” in his lyrics while talking about how he could have banged her if he’d wished.

She has even more right to sing about the woman who waged a public image war against her and forced her out of the spotlight for over a year.

Kim might be regretting that, right about now.

“She doesn’t want to be the focus of anything Taylor related, she hopes that her and Kanye dodge a bullet and Taylor ends up talking about others instead.”

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Well, maybe Taylor will have some choice words about Calvin Harris, but … that’s not going to fill a whole album.

Taylor sings about all sorts of things and may even include songs about her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

But, let’s be honest: it’s hard to imagine her releasing this album without discussing three particular targets:

-Kim Kardashian, the mastermind behind her temporary fall from grace

-Kanye West, who was central to that situation

-the people who turned on Taylor, who betrayed her — both disloyal fans and squadmates who suddenly didn’t find being Taylor’s friend convenient anymore

And let’s not forget that Kanye’s public image isn’t anything close to what it used to be.

You don’t get to say that you didn’t vote and then follow that up with an announcement that you would have voted for Trump and have anyone respect you ever again.

Kanye’s “antics” stopped being funny a long, long time ago.

It doesn’t help that Kanye got basically steamrolled by Jay-Z’s diss track.

Kim and Kanye will probably be able to weather this storm, because they’re rich.

Taylor weathered her own storm, and now it’s Kim’s turn.

We can’t wait until her single drops, late tonight.

We also can’t wait until Taylor’s album, “Reputation,” drops this November.

It’s time again for Taylor Swift to give this wretched world the queen it deserves.

Kanye West Wants $10 Million For His Mental Breakdown!

Kanye West wants his money, and he wants it NOW!!!

Back in November 2016, the Yeezus rapper canceled his Saint Pablo tour after he was hospitalized at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital Center for a mental breakdown.

Because of his health issues, Kim Kardashian West's husband was supposed to be paid out by insurance, but never was. Fast forward to Tuesday, he's fighting back!

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West's company Very Good Touring, Inc. is suing insurer Lloyd's of London for refusing to cover the contract's non-appearance fee, and wants $9.8 million plus interest.

According to docs, Ye's legal team suspects Lloyd's of blaming his mental collapse on marijuana use:

"Nor have they provided anything approaching a coherent explanation about why they have not paid, or any indication if they will ever pay or even make a coverage decision, implying that Kanye's use of marijuana may provide them with a basis to deny the claim and retain the hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums paid by Very Good... The stalling is emblematic of a broader modus operandi of the insurers of never-ending post-claim underwriting where the insurers hunt for some contrived excuse not to pay."

Although North West's dad and his team submitted a claim to the company in November, they allegedly did everything in their power to reject coverage!

"Almost immediately after the claim was submitted, Defendants selected legal counsel to oversee the adjustment of the claim, instead of the more normal approach of retaining a non-lawyer insurance adjuster... Immediately turning to legal counsel made it clear that Defendants' goal was to hunt for any ostensible excuse, no matter how fanciful, to deny coverage or to maneuver themselves into a position of trying to negotiate a discount on the loss payment."

Saint Pablo is certainly no Saint when it comes to getting $$$!

[Image via WENN.]

Kim Kardashian Surrogate: She’s HOW FAR Along?!?

The rumor of Kim Kardashian expanding her family isn’t just set to become a reality…

… it’s set to become a reality in the fairly near future.

According to Us Weekly sources, the surrogate hired by Kardashian and Kanye West is already pregnant.

Moreover, she’s over three months along, meaning Saint and North will have a sibling as early as this January.

We know, right?!? WHOA!

The story hasn’t been reported on in several weeks, but Kim and Kanye allegedly agreed in mid-June to hire a woman to carry their third child to term.

They did so because Kim badly wants a large family, yet doctors have advised her that getting pregnant again would be dangerous as a result of her medical condition.

(Kardashian has been diagnosed with placenta accreta.)

“It would be a really dangerous environment for me if I were to get pregnant again,” Kim said last season on Keeping Up with the Kardashians after consulting with a physician.

As a result, TMZ confirms that Kimye chose to pay a surrogate $45,000 in multiple installments.

The arrangement requires the surrogate to agree to certain guidelines (e.g. no drinking or smoking while pregnant; a bonus if she were to produce twins, which has actually been rumored, etc.) in exchange for giving birth to a child that will then be adopted by Kim and Kanye.

The couple has reportedly chosen a San Diego mother in her late 20s, someone who was referred to them by an agency and someone who has served as a surrogate on at least one occasion in the past.

We don’t yet know if she’s pregnant with a boy or a girl.

“I have so many siblings and I love it, they’re my best friends and I would love that for my kids,” Kim told Ellen DeGeneres during a 2014 appearance on her talk show.

However, two pregnancies plagued by Kim’s potentially life-threatening condition prompted her and Kanye to ponder alternative options, rather than enduring another high-risk situation. 

At various times over the last year or so, Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian have volunteered to serve as a surrogate for their loved ones, but no one really took those offers too seriously.

This is all pretty darn exciting.

And not just because it will provide Keeping Up with the Kardashians with a storyline that could easily keep it on the air for another two or three seasons.

But we’re talking about another Kimye baby!

We wonder what he or she will look like! We wonder how he or she will fit into the family!

And, yes, we of course wonder what he or she will be named. Really, it could be anything.

JAY-Z vs. Kanye West Feud Will Amount to Nothing

JAY-Z and Kanye West used to have the perfect relationship. Jay was the legendary rapper, ready to pass the torch to the young prospect with something to prove. West had nothing but admiration for the veteran and was ready to ascend to legendary status himself.

West helped Jay-Z craft The Blueprint, one of Jay’s best albums. Jay pushed Roc-A-Fella to sign West and helped transform him from a producer to a rapper. The two had rumored disputes, but it was more brothers fighting than anything major. Jay-Z jumped on the “Diamonds (Remix)” to put to bed any rumors of a fallout. Kanye made “Big Brother,” an entire song dedicated to his relationship with Jay.

They dropped Watch The Throne, a monster collaboration album that only two stars as big as Kanye and Jay could pull off.

Sometime after Watch The Throne, things changed. Whether it was Jay-Z becoming a father, Kanye West marrying Kim Kardashian, a combination of the two, or something else, we may never know. But we do know that this November rant by Kanye is what brought the issues between the two to light.

He first accuses Beyonce of being a diva and saying she wouldn’t perform unless she won an award that Kanye was also up for. He then asks Jay-Z to call him and to not send killers at his head.

This was the first sign of a fallout between the two. West would go to UCLA Medical Center the next day for mental health concerns.

The situation died down as both men tried to get their lives together. People just assumed that Kanye was crazy and that when he returned to good health, things would be fine between the two.

Jay-Z put that theory to rest with the release of “4:44.” On the track “Kill Jay-Z,” Jigga raps:

But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye
You gave him 20 million without blinkin’
He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?
“Fuck wrong with everybody?” is what you sayin’
But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane

The 20 million in question is apparently a standard fee that artists on the level of Kanye receive prior to a tour. That must be nice.

Following the release of the song, Kanye announced that he would be leaving Tidal, Jay’s music streaming service, because the company owed him money.

A Kanye West vs. Jay-Z feud should be a huge deal. We’re talking about two of the biggest rap star of all-time. Former best friends who pushed each other to great heights during the course of their careers.

Ten to fifteen years ago, we would have gotten music on the level of “Ether” or “Hit Em Up.” But in 2017, don’t expect that.

Jay-Z is a father of three. Kanye is a father of two. Both have wives whose fame may eclipse their husbands. Jay-Z is 47. Kanye is 40. The last year hasn’t been easy for either man. Jay went through public cheating allegations. Kanye had mental health issues and had to deal with Kim being robbed at gunpoint.

Those looking for the next Jay-Z vs. Nas, 2Pac vs. Biggie, and Eminem vs. Everyone will have to look elsewhere.

What we’re going to get in this feud is a lot of interviews and tweets. Jay-Z will release his statements exclusively through Tidal. Kanye will give his thoughts six months later on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And nothing will come out of it. We won’t a classic diss track or anything like that. We’ll just get two old guys talking about each other while holding their daughters.

Hopefully, the real story will come out. Maybe the two will take jabs unsuspecting and biting jabs at each other. But we’re not going to get good music, which should be the goal of a rap feud. The winner of the feud is the one who produces the best track. In this case, the winner of the feud will be the one who stays up past 10.

Kim Kardashian: FURIOUS Over Jay Z’s Diss Track About Kanye West?!

Kim Kardashian has enough to deal with right now.

We imagine she's still dealing with the trauma of being robbed at gunpoint last October in Paris, and if reports are to be believed, she's expecting a new baby or two via surrogate.

Kim Kardashian in Black and Green

If that weren't enough, her husband, Kanye West, suffered a mental breakdown late last year, and it seems like he's still working on getting himself well.

There are also all those divorce rumors that keep popping up ...

The point is Kim has her plate full these days, and she doesn't need more piled on.

But unfortunately, that's apparently just what Jay Z did when he released his new album last Friday.

The issue is that, in one of the tracks on the album, Jay went after Kanye, and went after him hard.

"I know people backstab you, I feel bad too," he rapped. "But this 'f-ck everybody' attitude ain't natural."

Jay Z and Kanye West Photo

"But you ain't the same, this ain't KumbaYe, but you got hurt because you did cool by 'Ye."

"You gave him 20 million without blinkin'," Jay Z continued. "He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f-ck was he thinkin'?"

"'F-ckin' wrong with everybody?' is what you sayin', but if everybody's crazy, you're the one that's insane."

Pretty rough, right?

It's even rougher for Kim, who, according to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life, "gets very protective of her husband, like a mama bear."

"She thinks it was a low blow to diss Kanye and throw around words like 'insane' after all he's been through."

Kimye on Easter

"Kanye had a real difficult time last year," the source continued, "and is still coming out of it, so to hit him like that wasn't cool."

And you know what? It really wasn't.

To call someone who recently spent some time in a psychiatric facility to get help for some emotional issues "insane" -- especially someone you used to consider a close friend -- really is low.

And if the story wasn't sad enough already, another source added that "Kim is worried sick that Kanye is getting too worked up over this feud."

"She has worked so hard to get Ye to a more stable mental and emotional place and fears the strain of beefing with Jay will cause him to relapse back to an unhealthy mental state."

Kimye in 2017

Kim "really wants Kanye to focus on his health and the family," but "instead he seems more and more concerned with work, money and the tour and that really concerns her."

Yeah, if that's true, it concerns us, too.

It seems like overextending himself was what caused Kanye to have a breakdown in the first place, and it seems like he's doing the same thing all over again.

Why'd you have to go and be petty, Jay Z?

Kim Kardashian Throws Down With Jay-Z to Defend Her Man

Kim and Kanye have been through a lot. One of them being crazy. The other one being crazy. Both of them being crazy at the same time. Kanye’s rumored presidential run. The Kanye/Trump love connection. But Kim has limits, and she isn’t going to let anyone talk trash about her man, even if that person is Jay-Z.

In the opening track of Jay’s new album “4:44”, there’s one lyric in particular that stands out.

I know people backstab you, I felt that too/But this ‘fuck everybody attitude’ ain’t natural/But you ain’t the same, this ain’t Kumba ‘Ye/But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye​/You give him $20 million without blinking/He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck what was he thinking?/’Fuck wrong with everybody?’ is what you saying/But if everyone is crazy, you’re the one that’s insane

You catch the references to Kanye? I see it, but hey it’s music, and I’d be inclined to let it go. That’s reportedly not the case with Kim, who a source says is taking things very personally.

“She gets very protective of her husband, like a mama bear,” the source said. “She thinks it was a low blow to diss Kanye and throw around words like ‘insane’ after all he’s been through.” This all was in reference to Kanye’s recent mental health troubles, which have been truly blurring the line between his performative crazy public persona, and maybe actually in need of help problems.

I can see how people, including Jay-Z would be confused by Kanye’s behavior, but Kim knows where she stands.

“Kim would like nothing more than to drop the whole feud and move on with their lives,” the source said. “She likes Bey and Jay and would love to be friends—but it has to be a two-way street. If they aren’t interested then so be it.”

Jay-Z Apologizes to Beyonce, Throws Shots at Kanye on New Album

Jay-Z dropped 4:44 last night and let me tell you, as someone who stayed up until 4:44 AM to listen to it, it’s really good. It’s 47-year-old Jay-Z making a grown man album and I can’t get enough of it.

On the album, Jay’s mother comes out as a lesbian, Jay admits to cheating, laments the state of current rap, takes shots at Kanye West, and says a lot of other things that I can’t do justice to.

On the track “Smile,” which features Jay’s mom, Gloria, Jay lets the world know that his mom is a lesbian and is proud that she no longer has to hide:

Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian
Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian
Had to hide in the closet, so she medicate
Society shame and the pain was too much to take
Cried tears of joy when you fell in love
Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her

The track ends with Gloria delivering a powerful message:

Living in the shadow
Can you imagine what kind of life it is to live?
In the shadows people see you as happy and free
Because that’s what you want them to see
Living two lives, happy, but not free
You live in the shadows for fear of someone hurting your family or the person you love
The world is changing and they say it’s time to be free
But you live with the fear of just being me
Living in the shadow feels like the safe place to be
No harm for them, no harm for me
But life is short, and it’s time to be free
Love who you love, because life isn’t guaranteed

And, as for those cheating rumors that gave us Beyonce’s Lemonade? Yup, they were true.

You egged Solange on
Knowin’ all along, all you had to say you was wrong
You almost went Eric Benét
Let the baddest girl in the world get away
I don’t even know what else to say
Nigga, never go Eric Benét !
I don’t even know what you woulda done
In the Future, other niggas playin’ football with your son

That’s the from the opening track “Kill Jay-Z.” Jay actually opens up a bit more on the title track “4:44”:

And if my children knew, I don’t even know what I would do
If they ain’t look at me the same
I would prob’ly die with all the shame
“You did what with who?”
What good is a ménage à trois when you have a soulmate?
“You risked that for Blue?”

Even “Becky with the good hair” gets a shout out on the track “Family Feud”:

Yeah, I’ll fuck up a good thing if you let me
Let me alone Becky!

But, because I love a good rap feud, my favorite part is Jay taking shots at Kanye West. Here’s what he has to say on “Kill Jay-Z”:

I know people backstab you, I felt bad too
But this ‘fuck everybody’ attitude ain’t natural
But you ain’t a Saint, this ain’t KumbaYe
But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye
You gave him 20 million without blinkin’
He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?
“Fuck wrong with everybody?” is what you sayin’
But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane

I don’t think Jay-Z has it in him to beef like he used to, but this man is hurt by what his brother did to him. And I’m 100 percent ready for Kanye’s response.

If you haven’t listened to 4:44, go do it. Even if you don’t like Jay-Z, you’ll like this album.

Kanye West Wants To Design Uniforms For A Sports Team Now — But Wait Until You Hear The Team…

The Los Angeles Dodgers ... The New York Knicks ... The Chicago Bears ... when you hear that Kanye West wants to design sports uniforms for a team, that'd be the kind of squad you think of, right?!

If you only knew...

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TMZ is reporting this morning that Yeezy is sick of the branding and uniform options over at Calabasas High School near where he lives in Calabasas, California -- and the superstar wants to completely re-design new duds for their sports teams!

The Coyotes, as CHS is known, are in Kanye's crosshairs after a recent meeting between the performer and school officials -- and he wants to re-brand the school's teams as the Wolves, too.

There is some good here: Yeezy would make a sizable donation to improve school facilities, and raising the profile of the school can't hurt -- but officials for the high school must now weigh whether to let Kanye take over their re-brand.

He reportedly met with school officials and pitched them recently about the changes.

Photos: Kim & Kanye Through The Years

If there's one good thing working in his favor, the school's uniforms are currently under a deal with Adidas, which owns the Yeezy brand, so it might be an easy match at least from that standpoint.

We'll see if the school decides to go full-on Kanye, though.



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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Still on the Brink of Divorce?!

Remember a few months back, after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint and Kanye West had his mental breakdown and there were a whole bunch of rumors about how they were getting divorced?

Yeah, it was a tough time in the world of Kimye.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for Fashion Week

But lately, Kim seems to be doing considerably better after her trauma, and Kanye is still taking plenty of time to himself.

So you'd think that things were good between them now, right? No divorce rumors, no rumors at all, really, so surely they're fine.

According to a new report from People, that may not be the case. Not entirely, anyway.

A source close to Kanye claimed that "Kim and Kanye are in a great place" right now, and "They are just so happy. He's doing really great."

"They went through a really tough time there for awhile. It was really touch and go."

Kimye on Easter

"She was dealing with the robbery and all that came after," the source explained, "and she felt like he wasn't there for her. He was going through his issues around the holidays, and he felt like she wasn't prioritizing him."

And so "Things were just awful between the two of them, but also with both of them separately."

"It was like for the first time, they just weren't happy. I don't think they were happy separately, and I know they weren't happy together."

It sounds like a tough time, but the source said that Kim kept telling Kanye that "if we can get through this, we'll be stronger than ever."

"They never fell out of love with each other, but it was just one of those times where marriage is hard work, and you have to push through the pain."

Kimye on Valentine's Day 2017

Apparently they both went through moments when they wondered if it was worth it to keep struggling, "But the answer was always 'Yes, this is worth it.' So they both chose to fight."

The source, who seemed to be extremely chatty, theorized that it was like Kim and Kanye "were dangling on a rope off a cliff, and they used every single thing they had to find solid ground."

"They clawed their way back to somewhere a lot more healthy, and they're still clawing their way back. There are good days and there are bad days."

So while they obviously love each other and are fighting for their relationship, "If they called and said it was over, it wouldn't come out of the blue."

Kanye West Feels Up Kim Kardashian

"But on the other hand, it wouldn't shock me if the two of them are still married in 20 years. Their chances are way better now than they used to be."

Meanwhile, a source close to Kim explained that "She's really focused on what's ahead, in her work and in her marriage."

"She and Kanye have been able to process things and move past them and are very ready for what's next and not be so focused on the mess that was last year."

So from both sides of the fence, it seems like things are looking good for them, but they're not out of the divorce woods yet.

Here's hoping they're able to continue working on their marriage, because ... come on, do you really want to live in a world with either of these people single again?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Call in "Sex Coach" to Save Marriage

How far Kim Kardashian has fallen.

The woman who rose to fame for a certain Kim Kardashian sex tape is now uninterested in having sex with her very own husband.

It’s sad but true, according to a recent report.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to Radar Online this week, an insider said that Kim and Kanye barely have intercourse anymore.

The rapper has allegedly been complaining to those in his inner circle that Kim is “no longer affectionate” with him, which is especially hard for West to take these days due to his recent mental breakdown.

Kanye really needs his wife to be there for him during this difficult time, but Kardashian is struggling with her own personal issues.

As everyone out there likely knows by now, Kim was robbed at gunpoint while on a trip to Paris in early October.

She has slowly stepped back into the spotlight over the last few weeks, but the experience continues to affect the reality star; which, in turn, continues to affect her marriage.

There’s been a slew of Kimye divorce rumors spreading around the Internet for about two months now.

But OK! Weekly claims that Kardashian and West really are working to save their marriage.

A source tells this tabloid, however, that neither Kim nor Kanye is much interested in sex these days.

And they know they need to do something about it.

“Kim’s libido took a hit after Saint was born and since then it’s gotten worse because Kanye’s sex drive’s vanished after his breakdown,” claims this insider.

As most fans know, the iconic artist was handcuffed to a gurney during a psychiatric meltdown in November, prior to being taken to UCLA Medical Center for evaluation.

So it does make sense that he may now view handcuffs differently. He may not be so into whatever he and Kim used to do in the bedroom.

How does the famous couple plan on solving this issue?

By bringing in a professional.

The magazine writes that a “sex coach” has been hired to offer tips and advice to Kim and Kanye; not on technique and/or various positions, of course.

Says the insider:

“The sex therapist is not going into the bedroom with them, mostly talking through things and helping them communicate better, alongside their regular therapist.”

Communication really is the key to happiness.

And to a good sex life, let’s be honest.

Kim has shared many new family photos (above) since the calendar flipped to 2017.

But she is yet to speak out very much in public.

However, new episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are slated to air in March, at which time we expect to hear a lot from Kim in promotion of the series.

We’ve already seen the first preview, which gave us our first glimpse at Kim talking about that nightmare of a robbery in France.

Check out the trailer here:

Kanye West Not Asked to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration Because He’s Black?!

Don't look now, but Donald Trump may have another scandal on his hands.

A big one. A bad one. A racist one.

OK, to set the stage for this latest monstrosity, let's remember that Kanye West has been vocal about his support for Donald Trump these past few months.

Donald Trump and Kanye West Photo

In a concert shortly after the election, Kanye revealed that while he skipped out on voting this time around, if he had voted, he would have voted for Trump.

Then in December, Kanye met with Trump in New York for ... reasons. We really don't want to speculate too much on what could have gone down between those two.

Afterwards, they posed for photos, and Trump claimed that he and Kanye have "been friends for a long time."

Kanye later tweeted a photo of a gift that Trump had given him: a copy of the Time's Person of the Year issue featuring Trump that he'd signed "To Kanye: you are a great friend."

Now that all that nonsense is fresh in your mind, let's also remember that poor Donald had a hell of a time finding artists to perform for his inauguration.

Donald Trump Writes a Speech

Eventually he managed to book 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith, along with a few other acts.

There'd been some speculation that he could have gotten Kanye to perform, since they're besties and all, and since Kanye is one of the very few notable artists willing to publicly support him.

But now, the chair of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, Tom Barrack, is explaining the issue with Kanye performing for Trump.

And it is going to get ugly in here.

Good ol' Tom says that while Kanye has "been great," and while "he considers himself a friend of the President-elect," it's imply "not the venue" for the rapper.

And that's because "It's going to be typically and traditionally American."

Kanye West at Shoe Event

If you deduced that Kanye wasn't asked to perform because he's black, well, you're not alone on your assumptions.

Over on Twitter, people are ripping this statement apart.

"What's traditionally American?" one person asked. "WHITE?"

"This guy isn't even aware of how racist he sounds," another commented.

One Twitter user pointed out that "Rap/hip hop is American music. 'Traditionally American' is code for not ethnic/black/urban," and another asked "Uh, you guys know which country invented hip hop?"

Kanye West in All White

"That's a scary level of racism right there," someone stated. "And you can tell he doesn't think it's racist."

In closing, one more Twitterer said "In other words, they don't want ya black as there lmao!"

And honestly, is there any other way to interpret that statement? Because if there is, we're having trouble coming up with it.

Dark times ahead, everyone. Look out.

Trump Didn’t Ask Kanye to Perform at Inauguration Because He’s Not ‘Traditionally American’

After Kanye West and Donald Trump had a meeting of the minds at Trump Tower, a lot of people speculated that Trump was asking Kanye to perform at the Inauguration. When Kanye never appeared on the line up, we all assumed that West said no.

Not the case. According to Inauguration Committee chairman Tom Barrack Jr., Kanye was never asked at all.

Why not? Kanye publicly supported Trump and is losing his mind so he sounds like the perfect choice.

“[Kanye’s] been great. He considers himself a friend of the president-elect, but it’s not the venue,” said Barrack. “It’s going to be typically and traditionally American, and Kanye is a great guy. We just haven’t asked him to perform. We move on with our agenda.”

Okay. So, what do you mean by “traditionally American?” It could be a code word for “white,” though they did ask Jennifer Holliday and Sam Moore is actually performing at the event. Maybe the whiteness of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir evens it out.

At the end of the day, I guess Kanye isn’t as American as Elton John, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and Charlotte Church, all of whom were asked and turned Trump down.

Kanye has been called a lot of things and most the names, he’s deserved. Being labeled not “traditionally American” is a new one to add to his list of reasons people don’t like him.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Back Together, But Still Struggling, Source Says

Coming into 2017, the future wasn't looking very bright for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

New rumors about Kim and Kanye divorcing seem to have popped up at the rate of about one a week since the couple walked down the aisle back in 2014, but this time, it seems there's real reason to believe their marriage hit hit a serious rough patch.

Kanye was hospitalized following an emotional breakdown back in November, and far from running into his arms after he was released, Kim appeared to keep her distance.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Harper's Bazaar Party Fashion Week 2016

The two of them were only spotted separately in public, and there were even rumors of Kim and Kanye living in different homes.

Weeks later, no one is denying that they were sleeping under different roofs for a time, but family insiders have offered the explanation that the Wests were just following doctor's orders for the safety of their kids.

Believable, but still not a great sign for the future of their marriage.

Last week, however, a gradual Kimye reconciliation seemed to begin, as evidenced by the holiday photo that Kanye posted on Instagram.

Kimye Gets Cozy

Was it a transparent attempt to send the message that the and Kim had patched things up?

Of course!

But according to sources close to the couple, they are actually making an attempt to rescue their relationship.

Of course, it's anyone's guess as to whether or not those efforts are paying off.

Kim Kardashian Laughs Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 Show

“Kanye and Kim are still in that very polite stage after a blowup,” a source tells People magazine.

“They’re getting along better, but it’s still a difficult time. He’s committed to getting healthy.”

As for what may have triggered the meltdown that nearly led to divorce, insiders say Kanye is struggling to cope with the 2007 death of his mother, Donda West.

“Kanye still doesn’t have closure about his mother, and I don’t know that he ever will," one source tells the magazine.

Kanye West in All White

"[Her death] was unexpected, and he had no time to prepare for it. 

"When the anniversary comes along, it’s like the wound is reopened. Some years, he does okay in managing it. Other years, not as much. This was a year where things went off the rails.”

Obviously, Kanye is a frequent punchline in celebrity circles, but if the reports of what he's going through are true, then it's certainly no laughing matter.

We wish him all the best and hope he's able to find the help he needs.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Staying Together For the Kids!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West apparently are staying together for the kids. 

Or they're going to try to, at the very least. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the Red Carpet Picture

According to the Daily Mail, the couple's public weekend outing was more than just a show of unity and "affection" for one another: it was a statement that things aren't as rock-solid as some may think. 

The DM revealed that the fame-loving couple decided to attend counseling "for the sake of their kids" after putting their marriage and motivations under the microscope. 

If ever there was a time to go into therapy, now would be it, and the excuse couldn't be better. 

Even if Kim and Kanye decide to part ways -- a thing that sources close to Kim vehemently deny -- counseling for both parties for the sake of their kids is the best option. 

A healthy parent rears healthy children, after all. 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at a Red Carpet Event Photo

It was reported that Kim endured yet another battle -- this time internal -- and though reason told her the best thing to do was leave Kanye, her heart won, because she apparently still loves him. 

"They’re actually doing better," an insider, someone who claims to be a closer, personal friend, revealed.

"It was obviously a bit tough when [Kanye's breakdown happened] and it was confusing ... but they’re doing better now." 

"Kim is so in love with him and love can be blinding sometimes -- she just adores him and the family loves him as well," the friend continued.

"It’s a situation that she’s giving another shot, a second chance."

The source added: "She feels he’s been under a lot of pressure, so she feels like he deserves another shot."

Kimye on a Date

First of all, a mentally ill person doesn't "deserve another shot," they're mentally ill. 

They need help and counseling and caring -- not to be treated like the family dog that peed on the rug one too many times. 

"They had a heart-to-heart about it and Kim is still deeply in love with him," the friend said.  

Hard to believe, since she actually waffled about being with him after their darkest individual moments? Perhaps.

"Despite the fact that logic tells her the best thing to do would be to move on, the other side of that is that she has children with him now," the insider continued.

"Kim told me, 'It’s not just about me, it’s about the kids.' So she wants to make it work." 

For the sake of the kids. 

Kimye Gets Cozy

The loose-lipped friend of the couple claimed that the two were going to get through the hard times together. 

Kind of like, you know, how the marriage vows go. 

"She [Kim] wants them to get therapy, counseling and for them to get through this together," the friend continued. 

"Right now, they’re both individually recovering -- her from a traumatic experience and him from going crazy."

The insider somberly concluded: "But once they get through this and get back in shape, they’re going to do counseling to see if they can save this [their marriage] for the sake of the kids." 

Hopefully they can just get it together period. 

All joking aside, it's been a really rough year for Kanye and Kim. 

And hell, for all of us, really. 

Had we all known what 2016 had up its sleeve, we might well have pulled a Daylight Savings and advanced the entire damn calendar to 2017 instead. 

Kanye West: Will He Struggle with Mental Illness Forever?!

At this point in time, you're surely familiar with the tragic tale of Kanye West and the mental breakdown he had just before Thanksgiving.

And if somehow you managed to miss it ... well, hope that rock you're living under is treating you well.

Kanye West in White, On Stage

It was on Monday, November 21st, that Kanye had a bit of an episode while working with his personal trainer.

His doctors called 911, told dispatchers that he would possibly become violent when confronted by police, and then was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he spent just over a week under a psychiatric evaluation.

Another issue that necessitated Kanye's hospitalization was that he reportedly began messing with the dosage of the psychiatric meds he'd already been prescribed.

After Kanye left the hospital (and during, and before he went, and probably for the rest of all time), rumors upon rumors upon rumors began to swirl.

We heard that Kanye's actual problem was a drug addiction, that his marriage with Kim Kardashian is all but over, that he's living separately from Kim and their children.

Kimye Again

And now we've got one more report to add on the pile -- and this one is particularly upsetting.

According to a source who spoke with People, Kanye is still a long way from being on the other side of his breakdown.

"He's recovering, but not recovered," the insider reveals. "He's sick and every day he gets better."

Another source claims that Kanye's behavior was worrisome as far back as Halloween, explaining that "He wasn't making a lot of sense when he talked, and he was texting a lot of strange stuff to people."

But apparently, Kanye was struggling even earlier than that, and when Kim was robbed at gunpoint in early October, that was "what set off" his downward spiral.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Keeping Up With the Kardashians Photo

"He was teetering on the edge," the source says, and when Kim was robbed, he just "broke down."

It's all coming together, right? It fits in with something that we've heard before, that Kim was always the strong, solid one in the relationship.

She'd always been ready and willing to give Kanye support whenever he needed it, but when Kim went through her traumatic experience and desperately needed his support, he simply didn't have enough to give.

It's pretty sad when you think about it, isn't it?

Kanye West Attends UFC 202

And it gets even sadder, because that insider closes things up by claiming that the issues Kanye is facing are issues that he'll have indefinitely.

"This is something he will deal with for life, but he can conquer it," the source states.

And hey, best wishes to Kanye that he can conquer it, right?

‘Kanye’s a Clone’ Say People Who Can’t Go a Day Without Talking About Kanye

Kanye’s behavior has been pretty erratic lately from meeting with Trump to rumors of schizophrenia. But an internet theory explains it all. Kanye is a clone.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Kanye died and the blond, Trump loving Kanye is merely a clone designed to take his place.

What proof do they have? Well, no real proof, but the fact that Kanye’s face looks more bloated than usual, his new love of Donald Trump, and the fact that he dyed his hair are leading people to believe it couldn’t be the real Kanye.

Sadly, evidence of Kanye behaving strangely has existed throughout his entire career and the fact that was placed on a psychiatric hold and was released back into the world with little treatment can explain a lot of his unusual statements.

But who knows. Maybe the government needs Kanye around to distract everyone from the actual terrible things that are happening around the world and if that means they need to break out a clone, they’ll do it.

Kanye West Explains Meeting with Trump: What is HAPPENING?!

Yesterday morning, Donald Trump, soon-to-be president of the United States, sat down for a meeting with Kanye West.

Man, 2016 is just SO extra.

Donald Trump and Kanye West Photo

The meeting lasted about 15 minutes, and after it was over, the best buds were nice enough to pose for some photos.

When asked, Trump told reporters that he and Kanye have "been friends for a long time," and that when they hang, they just talk about "life."

It was all just incredibly bizarre, and probably just a ridiculous attempt from Trump and his team to get people to talk about anything besides Russia.

After all, why else would a man who is about to take the highest office in the land sit down with the rapper who did "Golddigger," married Kim Kardashian, then had a mental breakdown?

Kanye West is Concert

Well, lucky for us, Kanye was kind enough to hop on Twitter for a moment to break everything down.

What did he and Trump really talk about? What do his very public endorsements for Trump mean for his own political aspirations?

Yeezy's got the answers, y'all.

"I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues," he tweeted yesterday evening -- also confirming that the meeting was his idea.

"These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago," he continued.

"I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change."

Kanye West Sighted in New York City Looking Exhausted

He then tweeted a "2024" hashtag, which is truly terrifying because we can only assume it means that he believes Trump will serve two terms as president, pushing his own campaign back to 2024.

What did we ever do to deserve any of this? Serious question. Ideal answers will arrive in the form of a soothing lullaby or a haiku recited during a back rub, thanks.

But hey, don't let your guard down yet, because Kanye has one more ridiculous shot to fire.

This morning, he shared this photo:

Donald Trump Note to Kanye

So that's Trump's Time Person of the Year issue that the PEOTUS -- let's just shorten that to POS, sound good? -- gave to Ye.

And on the cover, he actually wrote "To Kanye: You are a great friend. Thanks, Donald Trump."

Note how he underlined the word "great." OK, then note how this is exactly what a third-grader would write in a yearbook.

Again: what did we ever do to deserve any of this?

Meeting of Masterminds, Kanye Had Tete-A-Tete With Trump

Kanye West may have said “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people,” but he’s having a chummy meeting with Neo-Nazi supported Donald Trump.

West showed up in Trump tower today for a requested 15-minute meeting with Trump. Neither West nor Trump went into any details about this meeting of the minds, though we can all pray it’s not a not a hip-hop track. Kanye later tweeted that he “wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues.”

Donald Trump said that Kanye is a  “good man” and they had been “friends a long time.” This may be Donald’s one chance to prove that he does have one black friend and targeting a guy just released from a mental hospital is probably his best chance.

If Kanye shows up in Trump’s cabinet, we really won’t be surprised. Hopefully, West had some words of wisdom for Trump, like “Too many Urkels on your team, that’s why your wins low.”

Kanye West: I Need to Keep Away from the Kardashians!

For the past several days, stunning reports from across the Internet have alleged that Kim Kardashian may divorce Kanye West.

There's been talk that Kim has met with an attorney already and is simply sick and tired of Kanye's nonsense.

The stars have allegedly grown apart ever since Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in early October, an incident that caused her to shy away from the spotlight and NOT go on tour with her husband for the first time in years.

As a result, there's supposedly tension between Kim and Kanye, although all reports to date have claimed that she's the one considering a split.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian: No Smiles!

All reports until THIS one right here, that is.

According to Page Six of The New York Post, West is fearful of becoming the next Kardashian "casualty.'

He's aware that Kris Humphries is no longer a household name... and that Lamar Odom has fallen off the wagon... and that nearly every man who a Kardashian or Jenner touches ends up regretting his association with this family.

Could someone as successful as Kanye West fall prey to this curse?

Anything is possible.

“People around [West] are like, ‘He needs to get away from those crazy people.’ It’s just a curse over there," an insider tells Page Six, adding:

"Anything with the Kardashians is tarnished and . . . they’re opportunistic people who completely take advantage of him."

And while one might think that Kanye could never see himself being taken advantage of, the same insider claims that the rapper understands where his pals are coming from.

"Even [Kanye’s] like, ‘F-ck this, I’m not going to be the next casualty,” the source says.

While still very much married, Kim and Kanye are living apart right now.

Kardashian and her kids are reportedly shacking up with Kris Jenner for awhile, at least until things calm down inside their regular home.

The rapper was released this month after nine days in the hospital for a nervous breakdown and is still receiving outpatient treatment. He has a long way to go until he's in the mental clear.

Similarly, Kardashian is still feeling the negative effects of the aforementioned robbery.

Both have some major issues on their plates.

It remains to be seen whether they will be able to work on these issues together, or if the once-stable couple will be torn apart.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Black White Harper's Bazaar

There's no definitive answer at the moment.

In the same Page Six report that claimed Kanye wants to avoid becoming the next Kardashian victim, another insider says the following:

"The divorce stuff is totally untrue. If anything - with everything that’s been going on between the robbery and this episode with him - it’s brought them closer.

"Kim has been right by his side and they’ve gotten closer than ever through it....

"[The divorce rumor] is completely bogus and lame because it makes her look like she’s abandoning him in his time of need. It’s totally wrong. His friends want to be supportive of them and of her."

You may go ahead and believe whichever side to this story you want.

It does seem interesting that neither Kim nor Kanye would issue any kind of statement to shoot down divorce chatter, doesn't it?

We respect their privacy. We understand that both stars need to remain underground for awhile, for the sake of their mental well-being.

But there's no way they aren't aware of this chatter.

Just come out with a joint statement, released through a publicist, and then continues on your respective breaks.

They are well needed and well deserved. But that would at least put these rumors to rest. 

Kanye West: Here’s The REAL Cause of My Breakdown!

Nearly two weeks ago, Kanye West went and had himself a pretty significant mental breakdown.

It was heartbreaking, scary, and ... somewhat preventable?

Let's back up.

Kanye West in White on Stage Image

On the afternoon of November 21st, Kanye was with his personal trainer when his mental state took a turn for the worse.

As his personal doctor described it at the time, he was suffering from psychosis due to severe exhaustion and dehydration. Things were so bad that those around him feared that he would become violent.

Was was transported by ambulance to an L.A. hospital where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation, and he stayed there for over a week.

Now, even though he's left the hospital, he's not out of those scary woods yet: he's still receiving some pretty intensive outpatient care.

A medical staff is with him 24 hours a day, and he's even living separately from Kim Kardashian and their two children, North and Saint, due to safety concerns.

Kanye West Sighted in New York City Looking Exhausted

"She is very worried about the kids being around Kanye," a source said about Kim, and it sounds like she hasn't even brought them to see their father since his breakdown.

And that makes sense -- if Kanye's as bad off as reports have made him out to be, then he might be too unpredictable to be around them, and even if he's not, it would definitely be confusing and upsetting for the kids to see him like that.

But it's still sad, especially because the source added that "They don't know for how long Kanye will need outpatient care."

And let's not even get started on all the rumors that Kim and Kanye may be headed towards divorce anyway ...

The interesting thing though is that, as we said before, it's starting to sound like the breakdown itself could have been avoided.

According to a new report from TMZ, Kanye has suffered from psychiatric issues for a while now, but he's always been able to keep them under control with certain medications.

But after Kim's robbery, Kanye started messing around with the dosage for some reason. He may have stopped taking the meds altogether, or he may have taken the incorrect amount. We're not sure at this time.

And, as you can probably imagine, the results were disastrous.

Kanye messed with his meds, and that's why, for the past few weeks, his behavior had been getting more and more bizarre.

Kanye West in Queens

His rants against Jay Z and Beyonce, all that wild Donald Trump talk, and yes, even his breakdown, all allegedly happened because of the medication.

While he was in the hospital, doctors were able to get him back on a proper schedule with the meds, and they were able to stabilize him, but now that he's in outpatient treatment, he's in charge of his own meds again.

Here's hoping he's able to keep everything on schedule this time around.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Living in Separate Homes!

As you've likely heard by now, Kanye West was hospitalized last week after suffering a psychological breakdown.

As is usually the case with this sort of thing, rumors about the nature and severity of his condition have been circulating non-stop, but  confirmed details remain scarce.

So far, we know for certain that the rapper required nine days of in-patient care and that his release date was postponed at least once to allow for additional treatment.

Kanye West, Out to Lunch

Now, Kanye is out of the hospital but still under the supervision of 24-hour medical staff.

It's been widely rumored that his erratic and possibly dangerous behavior has put a strain on his marriage to Kim Kardashian, and now People magazine is confirming that Kim and Kanye are indeed living in separate homes.

The move is said to be primarily a safety precaution, but there have been multiple reports that  Kardashian and West were headed for divorce in the weeks leading up to his hospitalization.

“He is receiving outpatient care else with a medical team," a source tells the magazine.

“Kim still seems concerned but is supportive. They don’t know for how long Kanye will need outpatient care.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Keeping Up With the Kardashians Photo

The insider says Kim is concerned for the safety of her children, who have reportedly not seen West since the day he was admitted.

“She is very worried about the kids being around Kanye,” says the source, adding that they did not accompany her on her visits to the hospital.

The family threw an early birthday party for Kim's son Saint on Wednesday, but Kanye was not in attendance.

The unidentified family friend claims that the future of Kim and Kanye's relationship is unclear, but adds that both parties hope to move forward as a couple.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Harper's Bazaar Party Fashion Week 2016

“There are frustrations and problems, like any relationship, but they love each other deeply,” the insider says.

As for now, however, the iconic couple is soon to enter their third week of sleeping under separate roofs.

We'll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.

Source Reveals Kanye West Is NOT Living With Kim Kardashian & The Kids As He Continues Outpatient Mental Health Care

Kanye West may be out of the hospital, but the 39-year-old is still receiving outpatient care for undisclosed mental health issues.

Although Kim Kardashian West is standing by the rapper during this trying time, we're hearing the couple is currently living apart as 'Ye continues his treatment out of concern for their two children, North West, 3, and Saint West, almost 12 months.

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A source close to the family told People:

"He is receiving outpatient care elsewhere with a medical team. Kim still seems concerned but is supportive. They don't know for how long Kanye will need outpatient care."

The insider added:

"She is very worried about the kids being around Kanye."

Must be serious!

It sounds like the Famous artist needs to cool the jets for a bit and receive whatever medical treatment necessary. That might not be the best environment for the young children.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

Kim No Longer Keeping Up With The Kardashians


So, it’s pretty much universally recognized that 2016 was the year from hell. It was so shitty that not even America’s richest and most beautiful escaped.

This year Kim Kardashian was assaulted and robbed in her Paris hotel room and now Kanye is hospitalized due to mental health issues.

But of course, what does the head of the Kardashian-Jenner axis of evil care about? Kris Jenner thinks Kim hasn’t been nearly naked in public enough lately and it’s time to step that up. Because that’s what really matters. A source told Radar:

“Kris has been pushing Kim to go back out in public. She is seriously pressuring her.”

What a bitch. She claims she’s doing it for Kim’s own good, but I think approximately no one on earth buys that. Apparently, this time Kim has decided she’s not taking Botox Medusa’s shit. She’s dropping all of her public promotional appearances and putting her family first.

She is putting Keeping up with the Kardashians filming on hold and is keeping Kanye and the kids far away from Kris so they can all heal and relax away from cameras, pressure, and Kris Jenner’s demon-like hell-talons. She’s not gonna appear in the show for awhile, but is it forever? Is she done?

If she is, I predict that no one will watch it ever again.

Is Kanye West Schizophrenic?


An LA psychologist who is not treating Kanye West, probably never met him, but has access to all the same viral articles mocking him that assholes like me pump out, is tryna get herself trending on Facebook by theorizing about what’s wrong with him.


Psychologist Julie Armstrong told In Touch:

“He is not sleeping and he’s also got this luminosity— he’s saying ‘I am Jesus.’ A manic schizophrenic, a manic psychotic person has a religious delusion or delusion of persecution, and that’s exactly what he is exhibiting.”

I took enough personality quizzes online in 201o to also know this.

“Mania often comes with an irritable mood, a provocative mood, and that’s all very indicative of a bipolar disorder.”

Until we hear anything officially from anybody who has actually been in the same room as Kanye I’m not willing to bet money on any of this.  That’s not all though, apparently the picture of Kim Kardashian as a #1 bae wifey we’ve been getting isn’t real. According to another source:

“People close to Kanye are pissed with how she [Kim] is handling it and how the media is portraying Kim as this devoted wife, but she didn’t do anything to help Kanye before he was hospitalized.”

Kim Kardashian knows about nude selfies. She doesn’t know about mental illness. Or probably compassion. What do you want from her? Leave her alone. She’s having a bad enough time. Damn.

Kanye West: Paranoid and Still Hospitalized

Kanye West ... well, he's had better weeks.

And yes, that's a mighty big understatement.

Kanye West Attends UFC 202

On Monday afternoon, he was taken to a Los Angeles hospital after his personal physician called 911 and told the dispatcher that he "suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration."

Kanye's doctor also said that when police arrived, he'd likely become violent -- he even allegedly tried to attack someone before being handcuffed to a gurney and transported to the hospital.

At the time, Kanye's rep said that he was "just exhausted," and "he's a notorious workaholic," so between working on his fashion lines and touring, "it really wore him out."

Pro tip: whenever a celebrity is "hospitalized for exhaustion," a good, long side-eye is typically called for.

And it looks like Kanye is no exception.

Kanye West VMAs 2016

According to a new report from TMZ, Kanye's problems are "way worse" than exhaustion.

He is reportedly "paranoid and profoundly depressed," and "he's been dealing with these issues for a long time."

It makes sense: people like to joke about Kanye and his antics, but there have been quite a few times when there has seemed to be more than just his massive ego behind his outbursts.

Take, for instance, the way he called Jay Z out in a concert last month, and again last week.

In those rants, he sounded deeply hurt that Jay wasn't as good a friend to him as he wanted him to be -- Kanye begged him to call him, to come see him, to act "like we're brothers."

Last week, he even said "Jay Z, I know you got killers, please don't send them at my head."

Kanye West Takes a Stroll

He also said "I been sent here to give y'all my truth, even at the risk of my own life, even at the risk of my own success, my own career."

If that's not paranoia, then who knows what is?

When Kanye was taken to the hospital on Monday, sources say he was so paranoid that "he was convinced people were out to get him, including the doctors who were caring for him."

"For a time he wouldn't even let the doctors touch him."

Ideally, Kanye will be able to go home Monday and receive treatment from his own doctor, but there's no guarantee he'll be well enough to do that.

The Future POTUS?

Additionally, we're learning that Kanye's mental state is so bad that those 21 concerts he canceled earlier this week?

His insurance policy will almost surely take care of the massive cost, since the cancelations were "due to illness."

Get well soon, Kanye.

THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2016!

Happy Thanksgiving, from the whole THG family to yours.

What would a quintessential, uniquely American holiday be without family, food, football and appreciation for the things we hold dearest?

Nothing. But this year it's taken on a special meaning.

Spencer Pratt is a Turkey

Here at The Hollywood Gossip, on this twenty-fourth day of November, the year Two Thousand Sixteen, we honor some impressive turkeys.

By that, we mean some of the celebrities we've had the honor, the pleasure, and the burden of covering here over the past 10.87 months.

Or in the case of the winner, about that many years.

Who ruffled the most feathers and left us shaking our heads, hanging our heads in shame, and/or laughing our heads off at the same time?

And who would we POSSIBLY select, this of all years, as the recipient of the prestigious 10th Annual Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award!?

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Turkeys of 2016 ... and man alive, we're talking fowl individuals. Legit bird brains up in hurrrr.


10. Florida Man. If you see an absurd news headline on Facebook that somehow isn't from a fake political site, #FloridaMan was likely involved.

9. Justin Bieber. He's pulled it together a bit and actually fallen a few spots from prior years, but still makes the list b/c what a douche canoe.

8. Kanye West. We wish him well, now that we know he may be truly mentally unstable, but even that can't explain some of his antics.

7. Jon & Kate Gosselin. No, this list isn't from 2008, but it might as well be, as these two are STILL going at it harder and uglier than ever.

6. Hillary Clinton. Worse move in hindsight ... setting up a private email server or not setting foot in Wisconsin this whole election season? 

H Turkey!

5. Jordan Rodgers. The Bachelor franchise has seen its share of guys who deserve a pumpkin pie to the face, but nothing like J-Rod. 

4. Jim Bob Duggar. For no other reason than having invented those absurd courtship rules, bird brain JBD can gobble up this spot.

3. Stevie J & Joseline. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta duo EASILY prevails for most dysfunctional celeb couple of '16, which is saying a lot!

2. Jenelle Evans. Now expecting her third kid by her third different guy, the Carolina Hurricane took her kid to the beach ... in an actual hurricane.

And the #1 Turkey of the Year honor goes to - who else - the newly-elected 45th President of the United States of America, ladies and gentlemen!

Donald J. Trump the Turkey

1. Donald J. Trump. Comment rendered unnecessary. If you really require an explanation, go and read any page of any site of the Internet.

Fun Thanksgiving task: Bring him up at the dinner table and see what happens ... everyone is being SO SECRETIVE with their opinions!

Fun THG fact: Mr. President-Elect is the first two-time winner of this award, having previously been named top THG Turkey of 2012.

Our prescient words four years ago today ...

"The king of PR stunts, conspiracy theories and Obama rants wins our top turkey honor because of his repeated attempts to insert himself into the national political discourse, and the complete and utter rejection of his 'ideas' by citizens across the political spectrum."

Well, joke's on us. And the whole planet.