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Katie Holmes’ New Boyfriend: Secretly Engaged to Someone Else?!

We probably don't need to tell you that Katie Holmes' love life has been loaded with ups and downs.

Holmes was married to Tom Cruise for six years, and although she was able to defy the odds by escaping the world of Scientology with her career and reputation intact, it doesn't seem like the whole thing was a very pleasant experience.

Katie Holmes Smiles on Instagram

Sometime after the dust settled, Holmes began dating Jamie Foxx.

We're not totally certain of what transpired there, as the couple was hyper-protective of their privacy.

But we know that the relationship has now come to close.

Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes Split

Fortunately, it wasn't long before Katie moved on with someone new.

Unfortunately, that guy was engaged to someone else at the time he and Holmes started hooking up.

Worse, it seems he dumped his fiancee of 18 months via text message after he learned that pics of him and and Katie canoodling were soon to go public.

Katie Holmes Is Hot

Sounds like a keeper!

“Up to this press coming out, Rachel had no idea what was going on,” one insider said of the situation.

“He is a cheater, and this isn’t a ‘happy ending’ story,” the source added.

“They had concrete wedding plans in the works … now she is just left with bad press and forced to move home.” 

Emilio Vitolo

Emilio Vitolo Jr. is a chef and "aspiring actor" (of course) who works at his family's Manhattan restaurant.

It's unclear when and how he met Katie, but it seems the two of them have been moving rather quickly.

It seems there was a brief period of overlap between the two relationships, and after weighting his options, Vitolo decided to dump 24-year-old Rachel Emmons via text.

Emilio Vitolo and Rachel Emmons

“She thinks it’s disrespectful for it to be so public,” a friend of Emmons' told the UK tabloid The Sun, noting that Rachel finds the situation “bizarre and disappointing.”

“Rachel feels Emilio could have been more honest and dealt with it like a gentleman and face to face,” the insider added.

“Nobody really knows if Katie was aware he was with Rachel. If she did, it’s a bad example to set for her daughter.”

Katie Holmes is Beautiful

Remarkably, Rachel's Instagram is still public.

She can be seen wearing her engagement ring in pics taken as recently as July.

And she gushes about her love for Vitolo even more recently than that.

Emilio Vitolo Jr. and Fiancee

“Favorite person I’ve ever met,” she captioned one photo of thr two of them kissing.

“You are my favorite part of life & I will love you forever," she wrote alongside another one.

For her part, Katie has yet to comment on the controversy, but we're guessing her relationship with Emilio is not long for this world.

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Call it Quits After Six Years Together!

It's not even breakup season!

But these relationships are out here ending left and right. 

Hold on tight, love birds! Unless you don't want to. 

Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Split

First, we brought you the sad news of Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter, then the shocking split between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, and now we bring you the ending of yet another celebrity couple...

(who we hope doesn't end up in the already messy love affair of those mentioned above)

But alas, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have called it quits. 

Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes Split

That's right, folks -- their six-year relationship has come to an end and it's very heartbreaking.

E! News has confirmed that the Batman Begins actress and the Oscar winner, who first sparked romance rumors in 2013, are officially over. 

And apparently, they have not been together since May!

Jamie Foxx on ESPN

According to a Page Six report, Katie was overheard talking about her current relationship status with friends while dining at NYC's La Esquina. 

"What Jamie does is his business -- we haven't been together for months," Katie said, accroding to the source. 

And after Foxx was recently spotted holding hands with upcoming singer Sela Vave outside of a nightclub in West Hollywood, we're pretty sure that is what Katie meant by Jamie's "business."

The musical duo has not commented on their involvement, but they were further photographed together leaving Lil Pump's 19th birthday party at Bootsy Bellows on Friday, Aug. 16.

Jamie Foxx Attends Showtime Event

Jamie and Katie have been notorious at keeping their relationship on the DL, in fact, it was a secret for many years until they went public in 2018 at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammys Gala.

Back in 2013, about a year after Katie's divorce from Tom Cruise, Foxx continuously denied that he was even dating Holmes, calling the speculation "hilarious."

"[The rumors] are one hundred percent not true," the actor told Nancy O'Dell at the time. 

"In fact, it's quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people." 

Katie Holmes Smiles on Instagram

Although most of the public knew that the two were together, thanks to plenty of celebrity sightings, it was Foxx who insistated that their relationship remain a secret at the time. Yikes. 

You may recall, but the last event the couple attended was in early May after posing for a photo together at the 2019 Met Gala. 

It's unknown exactly what went wrong from there, but things seemed to be looking ok for the pair and they were reportedly very happy with each other. 

Although, they weren't necessarily looking to take that next step either. 

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes on Easter

"Katie and Jamie live a very private lifestyle and intend to keep it that way," a source to Us Weekly back in April. 

"They don't plan on getting engaged anytime soon because they're happy with how things are right now."

Maybe they got stuck in that "what now" phase where they couldn't continue contemplating their long-term exclusivity, or maybe Foxx's eyes landed on new girl Sela. 

We can't say for sure, but we wish happiness to them both! 

Katie Holmes, Victoria Justice, Charlotte McKinney, and More Lighting Up NYFW

New York Fashion Week is one of those times when even the most apathetic towards fashion among us prick up our ears and pay attention. It’s a pretty sexy time to be alive whenever fashion week rolls around, and I couldn’t be happier that we’re right in the midst of it.

This year there were lots of hotties strutting their stuff. First up is Victoria Justice, who always looks radiant, but really sparkles in a blue ensemble. Charlotte McKinney was red hot in red and black, and gave me some Les Mis flashbacks.

Then you’ve got Katie Holmes looking great in white. That color suits her well, as it does Alisha Marie, who was also looking virginal in white. Finally there’s Karrueche Tran, doing her thing and turning heads while doing it.

I could care less about fashion most days of the year, and I still kinda could care less about fashion as I write this sentence. Rest assured, however, that so long as unbelievably hot women like Victoria Justice, Charlotte McKinney, Katie Holmes, Alisha Marie, and Karrueche Tran are out there advocating for it, we’re all paying attention!

[More Sexy Stuff From Katie Holmes Right Here]

Photo Credit: Splash News 

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Katie Holmes Drops Jamie Foxx Because He Was Embarassed To Be Seen With Her

After being forced to keep their love a secret due to an alleged contract from Tom Cruise (yes, this was a real thing), Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are openly splitting up just before a possible wedding.

Radar Online reports Holmes could not get over her trust issues with Foxx.

Holmes was hoping the two would have more public outings once the Cruise Clause expired, but that wasn’t the case. They continued to arrive separate to events, including Foxx’s 50th birthday party.

A source claims that Jamie is the one who’s insisted on maintaining the “we’re just friends” facade, and that it finally became “humiliating” for Katie.

The final straw was Foxx going out with Kristin Grannis, mother to his 8-year-old daughter Annalise. The two were spotted at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party in November, at lunch in L.A. in February, and at another L.A. lunch in April. Not like they share a kid or anything. Foxx was also seen bar hopping in New York and L.A.

“She had hoped that she and Jamie’s now-infamous walk on the beach would be the first of many public outings,” says the source, “but he still wanted to keep things hidden and status quo — even as he’s seen out with other women.”

“It rubbed Katie the wrong way,” the source told Radar exclusively. “It was hard for her not to feel jealous and worry about cheating, especially since Jamie’s a major flirt.”

Prior to the wedding, Holmes wanted Foxx to sign a “no cheating” clause in their prenup. Isn’t that to be, like, expected when you marry someone? Foxx didn’t sign because a smart free agent always gives himself a player option.

The breakup wasn’t dramatic. Katie is already going on dates with some New York lawyer and Foxx is probably in a hot tub with three models as I type this. If we’ve learned anything from Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, it’s that Holmes will be engaged by this time next week.

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Jamie Foxx Asked About Katie Holmes, Responds Like THIS

Jamie Foxx seems like a fun-loving guy.

And he and Katie Holmes seem like one of the more stable couples in Hollywood.

But this doesn't mean Jamie Foxx actually wants to discuss Katie Holmes in public.

The Academy Award nominee made that clear on Friday night during an interview with ESPN's Michael Smith.

Talking to the network prior to a celebrity basketball game, Foxx was asked the following question by Smith, who referenced a rumor about an activity in which he and Holmes recently engaged:

“I know you prepared because I saw pictures. Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real Love and Basketball?”

Pretty innocent, right?

It's not as though Foxx was asked whether Holmes was pregnant with his baby.

But it wasn't innocent enough for the actor.

You can see him squirm and smirk in the following video, clearly uncomfortable with the inquiry and unsure how to respond.

And then he figured out that he had no interest in responding.

Foxx calmly got up, received some help taking his microphone off and slowly walked away.

He didn't cause a major scene, he just decided he had enough of the interview once it got remotely personal. 

Foxx and Holmes have been together for about five years. This is a very serious romance,.

But it's also one of the most private ones in all of entertainment, which may be why it works for them and may be why Foxx didn't want to discuss it.

About that basketball rumor, though?

About how they were seen on a court in Calabasas?

“They were really happy,” an onlooker told Us Weekly of their Valentine's Day date, adding:

“Katie was dancing as they walked in and Jamie was laughing. They seem really at ease and truly enjoying each other.”

We'll just need to take this person's word for it.

Watch Foxx abruptly end his ESPN interview below:

Jamie foxx abruptly ends espn interview due to katie holmes ques

Met Gala 2017: From The Wild Styles To ALL The Sexy Couples — See The Highlights HERE!

The first Monday in May was a roaring success!

We knew the Met Gala be one helluva night with designer Rei Kawakubo of the avant-garde fashion house Comme des Garçons being the one honored.

Have you seen her designs? Outrageously insane in the best way!!

In case you missed any of the hottest stars walking the major red carpet, ch-ch-check out the highlights (below)!

Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady Are Dressed Perfectly For LAST Year's Met Gala Theme — BORING!

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Selena Gomez Keeps It Cute With The Weeknd On The Met Gala Red Carpet

Jaden Smith Clutches His Dreadlocks Close On The Met Gala Red Carpet

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Jennifer Lopez Is An Absolute Vision In Valentino At The Met Gala With Her 'Macho Bello' Alex Rodriguez By Her Side!

Kim Kardashian Keeps Things Pure & Clean On The Met Gala Red Carpet!

Rihanna Is A Walking Work Of Art On The Met Gala Red Carpet

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Bella Hadid Underwhelms In A Body Suit On The Met Gala Red Carpet

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Selena Gomez Whispers 'I Love You' To The Weeknd On The Met Gala Red Carpet!

Katie Holmes and Suri ‘Watch the Debates Together’: ‘It’s So Powerful’ for My Daughter to See Hillary Clinton

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise is #WithHer.

With the upcoming election quickly approaching, Katie Holmes and her daughter are spending time together cheering on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“We watch the debates together,” Holmes, 37, told PEOPLE at Quaker’s Oatober launch event at OatMeals on Monday in New York City. “It’s wonderful to have my 10-year-old see a woman up there doing well and being very clear and thoughtful in her responses and in her passion for what she wants to do for our country. That’s so powerful for a 10-year-old girl to see.”

Holmes, who shares Suri with ex-husband Tom Cruise, says watching Clinton has been empowering and inspiring.

“Obviously, it means so much as a woman to have the first woman president, but more importantly, she’s incredibly qualified for the job,” she says. “I believe in her, I feel her — and she has always worked so hard for children. I believe that our country will be taken care of with her as president.”

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Related Video: WATCH: Suri Cruise Celebrates Her 10th Birthday!

Holmes recently shared a post by Amy Schumer, which compared magazines and exposed ingrained sexism. For her, Holmes says there is more to be done to combat these social norms.

“I think that it’s important that boys and girls focus on what they want to do in life and what their passions are and finding those passions at a young age,” she says. “It’s important to focus on that as opposed to how they look and what they have. That’s what I focus on [with Suri]. It’s about school, extracurriculars and being proud of achievements and not the way that you look or what you have.”

She adds, “We have to make sure that girls know their power and grow up being empowered and knowing they can be scientists and teachers and doctors and lawyers. I think more importantly we really have to focus on education for everyone in our country.”

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes
Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Holmes recently wrapped filming for her role as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the upcoming mini series, Kennedys After Camelot.

“People out there have a personal connection to the family and then there’s so many fans of her,” she says. “I’m a huge fan. So there’s a level of responsibility, but you feel that with every role. You want to create some sort of reason to tell the story.”

— Blake Bakkila with reporting by Shay Spence

Her ‘Little Angel’: Katie Holmes Shares Sweet Photos of Suri from Her Mom’s Birthday Party

Katie and Suri
Katie Holmes/Instagram

Katie Holmes is one grateful mom.

The actress, 37, shared several sweet photos taken at her mother Kathleen’s surprise birthday party on Sunday. In several photos, Holmes expresses her love and appreciation for her 10-year-old Suri Cruise.

In one post, Holmes snapped a shot of her daughter dancing in a white dress with a matching bow at the party. She captioned the black-and-white photo, “#happybirthdaymom #surprise #gratitude #family.”

Instagram Photo

In another post from the festivities, Holmes is seated with a blissful smile on her face as she cuddles with her daughter and another little girl.

“#gratitude #littleangels #blessed,” she captioned the photo.

Instagram Photo

And Holmes ended the series of adorable family photos with a particularly sweet moment between the mother-daughter duo.

“#blessed #goodnight #gratitude #happybirthdaymom #family #love,” she captioned the photo of Suri nuzzling up against her mom.

Holmes shares her daughter with ex-husband Tom Cruise. The couple were married in 2006 and Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012.

In a 2014 interview with PEOPLE, Holmes said Suri “means everything to me … I’m learning every day, and I have been since the minute I became a mom.”

–Blake Bakkila

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Take in a Broadway Show During a Girls’ Night Out

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise don’t want to grow up.

The actress took her 10-year-old daughter and mother, Kathleen, to a Broadway show for a girls’ night out in New York City on Saturday. The group headed to a performance of Finding Neverland, which tells the story of Peter Pan creator J.M. Barrie, before meeting the cast backstage.

Suri was beaming as they posed for a photo with the costumed actors, including a dancer who portrays Peter Pan. The daughter of Tom Cruise wore a cute yellow and white daisy-patterned dress paired with a glittery bow headband.

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes
Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

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Holmes, 37, donned a chic casual look, pairing a simple skirt and shirt with a camel-colored hat.

Kathleen Holmes, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise and the cast of Finding Neverland
Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Alongside the show, the girls’ weekend included a trip to famous N.Y.C. dessert hotspot Serendipity 3.

“We came. We conquered! #serendipity3 #familylove #gratitude,” the former Dawson’s Creek star wrote on Instagram next to a photo of their envy-inducing sweets spread.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

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Holmes was recently photographed shooting the upcoming Reelz Channel miniseries The Kennedys: After Camelot in which she plays Jacqueline Kennedy. She previously played the iconic first lady in 2011’s The Kennedys.

“Katie is brave, committed and perfect for this role,” said Reelz CEO Stan E. Hubbard, prior to filming. “She is a strong, talented woman who understands how special and respected Jackie Kennedy, and then Jackie Onassis, was as an international icon.”

— Stephanie Petit

Suri Cruise Sports a Flower Crown While Hanging with Mom Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise flower crownInstagram

It looks like Suri Cruise and mom Katie Holmes are taking some time off from their directing duties.

On Friday Holmes, 37, took to Instagram to share two photos of Cruise in a flower crown, apparently taken while the two were hanging out on the set of Holmes’ forthcoming REELZ film, The Kennedys: After Camelot.

Accompanying each photo, Holmes posted a string of joyful emoji — hearts and flowers.

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This isn’t Holmes’ first photo from the set: Earlier this week she shared a photo of the 10-year-old Cruise with her on set, sitting in a chair that appeared to be labeled with both her name and, beneath it, “Director.”

Celeb Moms Spill: No Mother Is Perfect, and That’s Okay!

“My sweetie,” Holmes wrote.

But her social media hasn’t been just Cruise-centric: On Friday, Holmes also shared a video of herself on the beach in a bikini, with the caption “Happy weekend.”

— Adam Carlson

Tom Cruise Completely Cuts Ties With Daughter Suri: Report

Back in April, we reported that Tom Cruise had not seen his daughter Suri in 1,000 days.

Now, he's reportedly inching close to the three-year mark with no apparent plans to break his shameful streak of negligent parenting.

Tom Cruise Red Carpet Pic

Sources say Cruise justifies his abandonment of Suri through Scientologist directives that require Church members to cut ties with those who have abandoned the faith (known in CoS jargon as "suppressive persons").

Cruise refused all contact with ex-wife Katie Holmes immediately after she left the Church, and sources say he gradually distanced himself from Suri until he reached the point of having zero contact with his with his youngest daughter.

“They used to Skype and text, but that trailed off drastically,” one insider tells In Touch.

“He uses his film commitments as an excuse, but the truth is that doesn’t hold much weight with Suri anymore.”

Many who were formerly close to Cruise speculate that he was eager to remove Holmes from his life, and his relationship with Suri was simply collateral damage.

It seems there was a time when Cruise wanted 10-year-old Suri to be "reformed" by attending a school for Scientologist children.

Not surprisingly, Katie doesn't want her daughter to have anything to do with the Church.

As a result, Scientologist leader David Miscavige reportedly gave Cruise all of the justification that he needed to cut off contact with his daughter.

“Tom eats, breathes and sleeps Scientology,” one insider states.

“He’s disconnected from Katie, and then de facto from Suri, because of her connection to Katie. He hasn’t seen her since she was 7.”

"Miscavige would have hammered home to Tom that Suri has been infiltrated by a bad Thetan,” says former Scientologist and Cruise associate Gary Morehead.

Cruise has yet to respond to claims that he's abandoned he's not longer a part of his daughter's life.

Katie Holmes and Daughter Suri Get in the March Madness Spirit at Notre Dame Game


Luck of the Irish or luck of the Katie Holmes?

The actress and her daughter Suri Cruise were spotted taking in the Notre Dame vs. Stephen F. Austin collegiate basketball game in Brooklyn on Sunday. The mother-daughter pair were front-and-center at the nail-biting game as Notre Dame’s Rex Pflueger tipped-in the ball with 1.5 seconds left, sending the Fighting Irish to the Sweet 16.

Holmes, 37, dressed in a casual attire sporting a white sweater and pair of jeans while Suri, 9, bundled up in a pink jacket and matching sweater.

Noticeably missing from the mother of one’s left hand was the diamond ring that recently fueled a slew of engagement rumors. (Which Jamie Foxx‘s rep said were untrue.)

Also trending online was Holmes’ fierce game face during the Notre Dame-SFA match.  CBS Sports cameras caught the A-lister scowling as she watched the 6-seed and 14-seed team duke it out.

The Ohio-native has been spending quality family time with Suri in their homebase in New York. Holmes shared a photo on Instagram Sunday writing, “#sundaymorning #familytime #blessed.”

Karen Mizoguchi

Katie Holmes Loves Raising Daughter Suri in N.Y.C.: ‘There Is So Much At Your Fingertips’

Katie Holmes can’t help but rave about the wonders of New York City, calling the Big Apple the perfect place to raise her daughter Suri.

The actress spoke about the cultural advantages of Manhattan during the Target Pillowfort Launch Party at Highline Stages in New York’s hip Meatpacking district on Thursday, telling PEOPLE, “There is so much at your fingertips.”

“I love [the Museum of Modern Art],” she says. “We just saw the Picasso exhibit. And the Met, of course, I love the gallery district, the Natural History Museum.”

Katie Holmes Target Pillowfort
Neilson Barnard/Getty

Nine-year-old Suri prefers the halls of the History Museum — namely, Holmes says, the fossilized dinosaur bones.

Suri’s childhood is a far cry from her own, however. For Holmes, more time was spent in the backyard and inside her suburban “creative household.”

“I did have a tent to camp in the back yard,” she says. “We would decorate that. My playroom when I was growing up was in the basement and was covered in Barbie dolls — art supplies and fabric, kind of like my house now, minus the Barbies.”

The star says she only hopes to emulate her mother, admitting, “My mom does everything great.”

“I’m the youngest of five, and my mom makes everything,” Holmes says. “She makes all the curtains, pillows, she cooks every night. She makes hats, dresses for the homeless. She’s a baker.”

Other celebrity mom attendees of the home decor launch included Maggie Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey‘s wife Camila Alves, who tells PEOPLE that she’s currently trying to immerse her young children in different cultures through travel.

“We just went to Thailand last year for six weeks,” Alves says. “We bathed elephants in the river with them. That was really neat.”

Katie Holmes Maggie Gyllenhaal and Camilla Alves Target Pillowfort
Neilson Barnard/Getty


Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx: Engaged?!?

For two years, rumors abound of a secret romance between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, but the chatter has now escalated with reports that the two have become engaged.

Katie Holmes red dress with diamond ring
The Foxx

The gossip started after the actress was recently spotted sporting a sparkly diamond ring on her left finger - aka the ENGAGEMENT RING finger.

However, neither star has confirmed the engagement, and we've received conflicting reports about its veracity. 

While Radar Online affirms that the ring is indeed from Foxx, a source told E! News that it isn't, and that Holmes has had the ring for more than a year.

Still, we have to wonder why, of all the fingers, she'd choose THAT finger to show off this particular piece of bling. Girl's been at this for a while, she knows how it works.

Then again, if it WAS an engagement ring, wouldn't she just say so? I mean, we can all see it.

Back in 2013, when rumors of their dalliance first surfaced, Foxx shut it down pretty quickly and called the suggestion "hilarious." After all, Holmes' ex, Tom Cruise, was his co-star in Collateral and the two men are said to be good friends.

So, what's your vote? If you're not involved in any fantasy football wagers, you and your pals could potentially start a pool surrounding this quandary: are Katie and Jamie engaged... or nah?

Katie Holmes: Suri ‘Inspires Me’ Because She’s ‘Very Generous of Spirit’

Like most parents, Katie Holmes is intent on raising a compassionate kid.

I definitely like to set an example for my daughter — but she also is very generous of spirit on her own. And so she inspires me, as well,” the actress told PEOPLE of daughter Suri, 9, Wednesday at the Glad to Give launch in New York.

She adds, “She’s sensitive to the needs of others.”

Katie Holmes
Michael Simon/Startraksphoto

Holmes, 36, has teamed up with the brand to encourage charitable donations this holiday season

“The spirit of giving has been always something important to my family and myself,” says the Kennedys After Camelot star, who notes becoming an aunt and mother has only motivated her more when it comes to philanthropy. “It’s naturally something that is a part of our everyday life.”

My sweetie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by Katie Holmes (@katieholmes212) on

Spreading holiday cheer with @katieholmes212 #GladToGive

A photo posted by Jeff Nelson (@nelson_jeff) on

In addition to giving back during the holidays, Holmes has involved her mini-me in her other charitable pursuits, most recently bringing her out onstage at this fall’s Global Citizen Festival, which raised awareness for worldwide poverty.

As for holiday traditions, the mother-daughter duo enjoys seasonal baking, on top of their charitable pursuits.

“I love making holiday Christmas cookies and destroying the kitchen in the process,” says Holmes with a laugh.

Most Fashionable Female Celebs in the 20th Century

Fashion-conscious women around the world normally look up to female celebrities for inspiration. They get fashion style tips and tricks from their favorite TV and movie icons when they see them on the small and big screens, online as well as on magazines.

The fashion cycle continues in the world of showbusiness and the 20th century has produced its own set of style icons. These fashionista celebrities never cease to make a statement whether attending an important event or simply going about their regular lives when not in front of the camera.

While many endorse specific brands of clothing or designer clothes, some are not very particular about brands as long as they feel comfortable wearing the clothes they like regardless of the style.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This Sex and the City star is a fashion risk-taker and a style icon. In fact, she has her very own clothing line now called Bitten that aims to provide cute yet affordable clothing to the masses.

Katie Holmes

She may be known for her signature jeans look but Katie Holmes also loves classic cuts and sophisticated styles. On ordinary days while out on the streets, she can be very simple and casual but when attending important events, she can also carry herself well in a gown or even in a tight-fitting dress. Her fashion sense also shows on the way she dresses her daughter Suri.

Kate Moss

Model Kate Moss is considered one of the most stylish celebrities. This supermodel is known for her cool and fashion-forward look.


Singer and actress Madonna also made her own fashion statement during the peak of her career. Her fashion style is referred to as a chameleon as it never fails to keep up with the trend.

With Madonna, various transformations occurred yet they all made a mark and her fans loved it.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot’s fashion style also inspired many generations. Her style was considered French chic and during the peak of her career, she could pull off any outfit from a pantsuit to a signature swimsuit and floppy hat.

The French actress never failed to grab attention with whatever she’s wearing from jeans and a t-shirt to a fully covered skirt suit. She was just exuding with sex appeal even in a simple outfit.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn created a distinct look during her time. Known as the epitome of sophistication, the actress became well known for that little black dress and capri pants.

Fashion critics and writers have noted that Hepburn was always involved in choosing her outfits during her entire career. She knew what clothes would suit a particular character she’s portraying.

Watch Leah Remini Tearfully Respond To Katie Holmes’ Statement, Saying They’re Both ‘Back To Being Human’ After Leaving Scientology!

This was very inneresting!

Leah Remini joined Good Morning America on Monday to talk more about her much-discussed upcoming tell-all memoir about growing up in Scientology.

As we reported over the weekend, Remini's book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology -- which will be released to the public on Tuesday -- details various accounts of goings-on within Scientology, including the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

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Now, Remini is speaking out even more, calling Scientology an "extremist" religion, and responding directly to Katie's statement wishing her well, saying:

"It's really because we both left that we're able to have this kind of grace towards each other because we're back to being human."

Ch-ch-check out the video with Remini discussing more of her book and experiences in the church (below):

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Wow. At least it sounds like Leah and Katie are doing somewhat better -- and on better terms with each other, if and when they can reconcile!

What do U think of this whole Scientology controversy??

[Image via Good Morning America/ABC.]

Leah Remini Opens Up About Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes’ BIZARRE Scientology Wedding! WATCH!

What the WHAT?!

On Friday, Leah Remini opened up to ABC's 20/20 about her tumultuous relationship with the Church Of Scientology.

In one jaw dropping clip, the actress recounts going to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding and boy, was it weird!

Not only did the church make her invite BFF Jennifer Lopez and (now) ex Marc Anthony, they tried to recruit her!


To see the video, ch-ch-check it out (above)!

Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel And Diane Kruger Skin Tight Dresses For Night Of The Stars Gala In NYC

Night of the Stars sounds like an event I should have been invited to, or at least conned my way into. No, I'm not a star, but I've been ogling so many for so long now I'd like to think I could at least get a leering friends of type invite.The decked out and dolled up event in The ...

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Katie Holmes Brings Look-alike Daughter Suri Onstage at the Global Citizen Festival

Saturday’s Global Citizen Festival, already jam-packed with celebrity performers and attendees, added one more special guest to its roster when Katie Holmes brought daughter Suri Cruise up on stage.

Holmes, 36, and Suri, 9, gave a wave to the crowd of tens of thousands as Holmes spoke Saturday at the festival, where she joined a slew of performers and celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Pearl Jam, Kerry Washington, First Lady Michelle Obama and more.

Suri Cruise and mom Katie Holmes
Theo Wargo/Getty

It might have been the biggest crowd that Suri, Holmes’ daughter with Tom Cruise, had ever seen — but not the first. The budding fashionista attended the Kid’s Choice Awards with her mom earlier this year.

“My sweetie,” Holmes captioned a recent Instagram post of the two together, along with a string of heart emoji.

Instagram Photo

Suri wasn’t the only famous kid at the fest: Gwyneth Paltrow‘s children, Apple, 11, and Moses, 9, were seen dancing front row at their dad Chris Martin‘s performance with Coldplay.

The free Global Citizen Festival, held in New York City’s Central Park, aimed to raise awareness about global poverty.

— Adam Carlson

Katie Holmes Demands More Child Support From Tom Cruise

After Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced because of Cruise's obsession with Scientology, Katie landed more the $400,000 a year in child support from Tom.

And now, years after their divorce settlement, Katie is threatening to take Tom back to court for more child support money.

Katie Holmes in a Hat
Tom Cruise on Set

We aren’t sure why Katie needs more money to support their 9-year-old daughter Suri. But we do think this could be a way of punishing Tom for not seeing his daughter for more than two years.

According to an insider who dished the details to Life & Style Magazine, “She’s going to ask that the $400,000 a year in support she currently gets be amended to a higher amount.”

The source added, “While Katie’s taking every acting job that comes her way, she doesn’t have the ability to keep her and Suri living the lifestyle that Tom’s fortune allowed.”

More money is needed to keep up with Suri’s lifestyle the source said: “There’s also the fact that Suri is getting older and needs more money to travel back and forth across the country with Katie, as well as for her dance, skating and music lessons, new clothes, arts and crafts, and tutors.”

The insider stated that Suri’s “needs will only grow exponentially over the next few years” and that Holmes is “preparing … to make sure she gets the money she needs.”

Will this be a wake-up call for Tom? Will he be reminded that he needs to support and see his daughter?

In August, rumors claimed Tom saw his daughter for the first time in two years and that he was attempting to build a relationship with her.  However, the newest gossip suggests otherwise.

Cruise blames his work commitments, citing that they prevent him from seeing Suri. He spends most of his time in London, while Suri is in New York and Los Angeles.

Holmes isn’t accepting any excuses though. According to the insider, she is ready to put up a fight. “She’s grown a lot tougher since splitting from Tom. The marriage was suffocating her, but she’s no longer afraid,” the source dished.

Like most people, Katie feels that life without Tom is no big deal. In fact, life without Tom is probably better!

She just wants him to take care of their daughter.  Holmes “would be fine if she never saw Tom again, but taking proper care of his daughter financially is another matter,” the source reassured.

Chris Klein Finds Love After Katie Holmes & Marries Fiancée Laina Rose Thyfault! Deets HERE!

Talk about an American Wedding!

On Sunday, Chris Klein tied the knot to his longtime love Laina Rose Thyfault in Montana.

The duo exchanged their vows in front of 115 of their closest friends and family at the Rainbow Ranch on the banks of the Gallatin River. LOVES it!

We wonder if Chris' American Pie co-stars Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott, Tara Reid, or Mena Suvari were in attendance?! Oh, we hope so.

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It's said that the actor wore a Shoreditch London three-piece suit for his special day. Faboosh!

The newlyweds first became engaged in December 2014 after the 36-year-old popped the question in Venice Beach to the blonde beauty after three years of dating. Aww!

Previously, Klein's rep shared:

"Chris and Laina are very happy and look forward to celebrating their engagement over the holidays."

We're so thrilled to see Klein happy and married after his fall out from his engagement to Katie Holmes back in 2005 and his past struggle with alcohol addiction. Whoa!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Feel free to let us know once you two start talking babies.

WE KID! Sort of.

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So Sweet! Katie Holmes Shares Snapshot of Day at Disney with Suri

From dress up to Disney!

Katie Holmes shared a rare sneak peek into her adventures with daughter Suri on Sunday, posting a snapshot of their mother-daughter day spent at the happiest place on Earth.

“Nothing like a day at @disneyland,” she captioned the filtered photo of the pair gazing at the Mickey-adorned Ferris wheel.

Although the actress typically keeps her 9-year-old out of her social media snaps, Holmes, 36, has posted a few photos of the two together.

In April, days before Suri’s birthday, the proud mama showed off their dress up skills with pictures of them sporting oversized orange glasses and plenty of plastic rings.

Katie Holmes Suri Disneyland photo
Courtesy Katie Holmes