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Ozzy Osbourne Postpones Concert After Having Hand Surgery Due to Infection: ‘Ice Cream Helps’

Ozzy Osbourne is recovering from hand surgery — and ice cream is just what the doctor ordered.

The Grammy winner, 69, underwent hand surgery at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Saturday because of an infection, according to a press release. He is remaining in the hospital for a couple of days and is postponing his show that was planned for Oct. 6 in Mountain View, California, to Oct. 16. First, his No More Tours 2 tour will pick up again on Oct. 9 in Chula Vista, California.

On Instagram Saturday, the legendary rocker posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed with one hand resting in a bandage and the other hand holding an ice cream cone. He captioned it, “Feeling better after surgery. Ice cream helps.”

In another picture, Osbourne showed off a second angle of his wrapped-up hand and tattooed arm.

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His daughter Kelly Osbourne kept him company as he stayed at Cedars-Sinai. The former Fashion Police co-host, 33, posted on her Instagram Story, “Chilling at the hospital,” alongside a picture of her feet up and the television on.

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She gave fans an update about her father’s condition on Instagram. “Thank you all so much for your well wishes dad is doing so much better,” she wrote. “Nothing that some rest, antibiotics and of course his favorite ice cream can’t cure.”

In November 2017, Osbourne announced his global “farewell world tour” from 2018 to 2020. “People keep asking me when I’m retiring,” he said in a statement. “This will be my final world tour, but I can’t say I won’t do some shows here and there.”

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“I’ve been extremely blessed to have had two successful music careers,” Osbourne said in a release. “I’m looking at this final tour as being a huge celebration for my fans and anyone who has enjoyed my music over the past five decades.”

31 Stars Who Have Been to Rehab: From A(ffleck) to Z(eta-Jones)…

All of the stars listed below have battled various demons over the years.

But they've acknowledged their problems and entered rehab facilities to deal with them.

Please join us in sending them well wishes for a bright, healthy and happy future...

1. Ben Affleck

Ben affleck live by night
Affleck has now entered rehab THREE times, the latest being in August 2018. He has a serious problem with alcohol.

2. Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn lowell with nova
Catelynn Lowell battled suicidal thoughts and bouts of depression, checking into rehab on two different occasions over the past few years.

3. Luann de Lesseps

Luann de lesseps season 10 pic
Does it count when someone attends rehab for two weeks? Yes, of course. But we feel like Luann de Lesseps may have needed more than that after her 2017 arrest.

4. Demi Lovato

A kiss from demi lovato
Our heart breaks for Demi Lovato. For her latest stint, the singer suffered a drug overdose in late July 2018 and then entered a facility for treatment.

5. Josh Duggar

Josh duggar pic
It's not entirely clear just why Duggar went to rehab. For sex addiction, we guess. But he entered a facility after admitting to cheating on his poor wife... multiple times.

6. Selena Gomez

Selena gomez gorgeous and serene
Selena Gomez has been in and out a couple times, but never for substance abuse. Always for emotional issues and health problems related to Lupus.
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4 Celebrities Who Overcame Drug Addictions

While there are thousands of people who suffer through drug and alcohol addictions each and every day, it’s not very often that we hear about people who make it through these addictions and come out on the other side. Especially in Hollywood, it seems like we’re always hearing about people who succumb to their addictions and end up losing their lives. Luckily, there are quite a few celebrities who have battled with addiction and came off conqueror. So to help you find motivation to beat your own addiction, here are four celebrities who overcame drug addictions.

Drew Barrymore

According to DrugAbuse.com, Drew Barrymore began using drugs when she was very, very young. After years of abuse and roller coasters of a life as a result of addiction, Barrymore ended up going to rehab twice. After these attempts at getting her life back in order, Barrymore has been able to rehabilitate not only her health and personal life, but has also found success in her career.

Robert Downey Jr.

After a very public battle with addiction, Robert Downey Jr. found himself not only with physical trouble resulting from his drug addiction but also legal trouble. DrugAbuse.com shares that after his arrests on drug-related charges and time spent in prison, Robert Downey Jr. was able to beat his habit that’s been going on since he was six-years-old and get back an amazing career and reputation.

Kelly Osbourne

With her family in the reality tv spotlight, Kelly Osbourne struggling with her own drug addiction. Everyday Health writes that her dependence on substances was fueled by her mother’s cancer diagnosis, making Kelly feel that she needed something to take her mind off the pain her family was going through. But luckily, after spending time in rehab, Osbourne started her road to recovery and began a very successful career.

Elton John

According to Kelly Blakinger, a contributor to the New York Daily News, Elton John only started getting serious about kicking his drug habit after meeting a teenager who got HIV from an infected blood transfusion. After seeing the toll drug abuse can take on a person’s mind and body, John decided it was time for him to make a change in his life. And as Elton John is still a highly successful musician, we can see that recovering from drugs has had a great impact on this career and the longevity he’s been able to sustain.

Although many people enjoy the drama and show of a failing celebrity, it’s encouraging to see that even those who are steeped in a drug culture can work through their addiction and come out the other side with an even better life and more productive career for us to admire.

25 Stars who Have Been to Rehab: From A(ffleck) to Z(eta-Jones)

All of the stars listed below have battled various demons over the years.

But they've acknowledged their problems and entered rehab facilities to deal with them.

Please join us in sending them well wishes for a bright, healthy and happy future...

1. Ben Affleck

Ben affleck live by night
Affleck didn't tell the public he was entering rehab. But he made an announcement upon leaving the facility in March of 2017. We wish him well.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay lohan in the studio
Lindsay Lohan has been to a rehab six times. She completed a mandatory 90-day stint in the summer of 2013.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine zeta jones picture
Catherine checked in to treat her bi-poler disorder in 2011.

4. Demi Lovato

A kiss from demi lovato
Demi Lovato sought treatment for eating disorders and mental health issues.

5. Britney Spears

Britney spears at x factor party
Not long after the infamous head-shaving incident in 2007, Brit checked into a facility.

6. Demi Moore

Demi moore premiere pic
Demi Moore checked into a Utah center in 2012.
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Bella Thorne, Kaley Cuoco & More: Star Sightings 01.11.2016

While Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson and more attended BAFTA's annual award season tea at the Four Seasons, Nikki Reed, Ian Somerhalder and more attended the annual Art of Elysium Gala.

This year's gala paid special tribute to Vivienne Westwood, so many a starlet was dressed up in avant garde, showcasing the romantic style of the British designer.

On Sunday, the best part of the Golden Globes happen after the ceremony.  Stars hopped from party to party at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, from The Weinstein Company and Netflix's bash, to InStyle & Warner Bros.-hosted do.

Check out this weekend's star sightings below.

1. Kaley Cuoco: The Art of Elysium Presents Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler's 2016 HEAVEN Gala

Kaley cuoco the art of elysium presents vivienne westwood and an
Kaley Cuoco at The Art of Elysium Presents Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler's 2016 HEAVEN Gala on January 10th, 2016.

2. AnnaLynne McCord: LAPALME Magazine Launch Party

Annalynne mccord lapalme magazine launch party
LAPALME Magazine Winter Issue cover girl AnnaLynne McCord at the magazine's launch party at the Continental Club in Los Angeles on January 8th, 2016.

3. Jon Hamm: HBO's Post-2016 Golden Globe Awards Party

Jon hamm hbos post 2016 golden globe awards party
Jon Hamm at HBO's Post-2016 Golden Globe Awards Party on January 10th, 2016.

4. Brie Larson: 2016 BAFTA Los Angeles Awards Season Tea

Brie larson 2016 bafta los angeles awards season tea
Brie Larson at BAFTA Los Angeles Awards Season's Tea at The Four Season Los Angeles on January 9th, 2016.

5. Malin Akerman: The Art of Elysium Presents Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler's 2016 HEAVEN Gala

Malin akerman the art of elysium presents vivienne westwood and
Malin Akerman at The Art of Elysium Presents Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler's 2016 HEAVEN Gala on January 9th, 2016.

6. Angela Bassett: 2016 InStyle/Warner Bros Golden Globes After Party

Angela bassett 2016 instyle slash warner bros golden globes afte
Angela Bassett (in Safiyaa London) at the InStyle/Warner Bros Golden Globes after party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10th, 2016.
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Kelly Osbourne Fingers Camel Toe of The Real Co-Star

Well... okay then, Kelly Osbourne!

That's about all we can think to say about the following NSFW photo.

camel toe pic

In case you aren't entirely sure what's going on here, allow us to explain:

See, Jeannie Mai from The Real (which remains a talk show that apparently still exists) is wearing an outfit that gives her the dreaded "camel toe" look around her most private of parts.

And Osbourne is placing her index finger all up in Mai's crotch because... well... why not, right?

"Sometimes @thejeanniemai” is just #TunaGiltToQuit hey hey!" Osbourne wrote as a caption to the Instagram photo because, again, why not?

Osbourne has been in the news for reasons unrelated to camel toes of late.

She got into some trouble for saying Donald Trump needs Latinos to clean his toilet and went totally off on Giuliana Rancic as well.

This is the first time she's made headlines for fingering the covered crotch of a colleague, however.

At least we're pretty sure it is.

Nick Jonas Reaches New Levels Of Sexiness At The 2015 VMAs!

The MTV VMAs aren't holding anything back this year!

Nick Jonas came out for a pre-show performance of his bumping new track Levels, and it was next-level HOT -- especially for Kelly Osbourne, who joined him onstage for a little bump and grind!

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Ch-ch-check out the hot Moonwoman-filled performance (above)!

THEN get a sneak peek at the Levels music video (below)!

Kelly Osbourne to Donald Trump: You NEED Latinos to Clean Your Toilet!

Kelly Osbourne and Donald Trump are not two names you expect to see in the same headline.

Sure, they've both made some seriously questionable hair decisions in their lives, but they come from two different ends of the pop culture Earth.

However, like Trump, Osbourne likes to make grand political statements about issues she doesn't quite understand, and - also like Trump - Kelly apparently has a contortionist-like ability to cram both feet in her mouth at the same time.

Hey, maybe they have more in common than we thought!

Check out the clip above to see Osbourne's attempted applause line about Latinos cleaning toilets go over like a lead balloon on today's episode of The View.

Hey, Kelly - remember when you threw Giuliana Rancic under the bus for making a joke about Zendaya Coleman's hair?

Yeah, live TV and karma are both bastards.

Kelly osbourne to donald trump you need latinos to clean your to

This Is How Kelly Osbourne Feels About Melissa Rivers Co-Hosting Fashion Police!

Kelly Osbourne might not've left Fashion Police on the best terms, but she's loving that Melissa Rivers is following in her mother's footsteps!

The daughter of the late Joan Rivers announced this month that she has signed on to co-host the show, after she remarked earlier in the year that the panel fell apart after her mom passed.

[ Photo: Kelly Posts A Pic Impersonating Rachel Dolezal! ]

Kelly shared a similar sentiment, and was reportedly unhappy that E! decided to revamp the show after the comedian died.

But, the 30-year-old is ecstatic that Melissa will be working her way out from behind the camera into the spotlight, saying:

"This is what should have happened from day one. Melissa always should have been there."

The British beauty was over the moon when she first heard the news:

"When [Melissa] called me to tell me, I was like screaming, jumping up and down because I'm like, continue the legacy!"

Even though the violet-haired beauty had a bit of a dramatic departure from the smack-talk show, she looks back on her time there with fond memories:

"I will always, always love, love, love the time I spent working with Joan [Rivers] and George [Kotsiopoulos] and Melissa. They're the most incredible people. They're still part of my family."

We wonder if Giuliana Rancic noticed she wasn't listed anywhere in there. Awkward!

We're so glad the TV personality is so supportive of Melissa's decision to take the reins!

[Image via Joel Ginsburg/FayesVision/WENN.]

Kelly Osbourne Poses as Rachel Dolezal: Is She a Hypocrite?

Kelly Osbourne is under fire today for a joke many people feel she should not have been the one to make.

In light of Rachel Dolezal continuing to make waves around the Internet for having pretended to be an African-American while serving as President of the NAACP in Spokane, Osbourne posted the following photo on Instagram.

Kelly Osbourne as Rachel Dolezal

"#CallMeRachel #MyCasualLook," Kelly wrote as a caption.

Sort of funny, right?

It's hard to fault anyone for mocking Dolezal, who resigned her post after her Caucasian parents outed her as white and then went on to say her parents can't actually prove they are her parents.

But should Osbourne be the one to make this sort of quip?

Osbourne quit her position at E!’s Fashion Police in February after Giuliana Rancic made inappropriate comments about Zendaya Coleman's dreadlocks.

Critics therefore view Kelly as a hypocrite by jumping here into a race debate.

"Anyone who thinks this is funny in light of @kellyosbourne 's bs earlier this year in fashion Police with her antics about @zendaya is a complete moron," writes one Twitter user.

"It's about context people, and in this case she's absolutely 100% a hypocrite."

Then again...

"Transracial is not a real thing," replies an Osbourne defender.

"Rachael is white, not black. Kelly is making fun of Rachael, not black people. People get outraged about the stupidest things these days."

On which side of this divide do you stand?

Sharon Osbourne Is Taking A Break From The Talk After Collapsing From Exhaustion! Deets HERE!

Sharon Osbourne is taking a well deserved break!

The Talk co-host is taking a hiatus from the daytime talk show in the wake of a frightening incident.

On Friday, the 62-year-old collapsed in her El Lay home after returning from a trip to New York and Toronto last week!

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A rep for explained that the star's "grueling" schedule was to blame:

"Upon her return she collapsed from mental and physical fatigue. Her doctors report that she is suffering from 'extreme exhaustion' and assessed that she most likely returned to work too soon after being hospitalized recently for pneumonia.

Yikes! It sounds like some rest & relaxation is exactly what she needs! The statement continues:

"Sharon has been advised and has agreed to to take a month hiatus to recover fully from these recent events. Sharon would like to thank everyone at The Talk for granting her this time off and to all friends, family and others for their incredible support."

Kelly Osbourne's momma has been on The Talk since it began back in 2010.

We hope Sharon rests up well on her much needed time off!

[Image via Dominic Chan/WENN.]