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Lindsay Lohan Crazy Train and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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Lindsay Lohan Found Someone to Pay Her to Act Again

Well, it looks like Lindsay Lohan’s not working on that show about Russians right now. Instead, she’s going to be on the second season of a show called Sick Note, with Rupert Grint, Nick Frost, and Don Johnson.

Lohan is going to play the daughter of Grint’s boss, played by Johnson. Wow. This series has like the best of the 1980’s, ’90’s, and ’00s right on one set! Fine. We’ll give Johnson credit for Nash Bridges, too. Still, this is quite a weird hodgepodge of actors. Apparently, people love the first season and they have high hopes for a second one.

There’s a photo that’s possibly the most WTF thing I’ve ever seen – it shows Grint, Lohan and Nick Frost all standing there looking at the camera. My first thought was… one of these people doesn’t belong. I’m a huge Frost fan… and it just seems really odd to see Lohan in the same shot. OK, I’m going to go watch Hot Fuzz again.

OK, I know. As far as WTF things, that’s pretty mild, but we live in such a fucked-up world now that there are times that I just want to stay in a state of drunkenness all the time. The sad thing is that I’m writing this thing completely sober.

I wonder if Lohan confused everyone with her accent. Let’s hope she doesn’t torch yet another chance with diva behavior.

The Sideboob Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Want You to See

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan have a new strategy. Instagram a photo out and then quickly delete it. Whoopsie! Except, nah, wasn’t no accident. They wanted people to talk about their “racy photo.”


It worked.

Lohan Instagrammed out a pic of her on all fours in bed. She stares back while her boobs, or at least the right one, sways freely like a partially filled plastic bag stuck on a tree. We in the business call that “sideboob.”

In Touch Weekly gladly saved it for all you pervs.

I’m closing my eyes and imagining this is Lindsay Lohan from 10 years ago. Is Lindsay still waiting for Mean Girls 2 to come out? It’s the only gravy train in her sight.

While she waits for the crew to get back together, she’s hawking her own jewelry. Oh, yeaa. *nods heads* This’ll definitely take off. She hashtagged #LohanJewelry to whet our appetites.

😎 #chakra @ssh_maritime #LohanJewelry

A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

#cannes 😎😍😎 #chakra #blessed #LohanJewelry @ssh_maritime

A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Instead of jewelry, Lohan should hawk videos on accents: “How to fake an unidentifiable accent.”

Is the accent British? Middle Eastern? It’s like a mix of Middle Eastern and Woody Allen.

I’ll give it up to Lindsay. She’s rather worldly. She’s faking accents, reading the Koran and making movies about Russian oligarchs. She  was recently even in Monaco checking out F1 racing cars, and probably their drivers too.

#montecarlo #grandprix #ferrari #F1 reminds me of filming Herbie Fully Loaded! 😍

A post shared by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Somebody get her job stat.

Lindsay Lohan Wants to Do a TV Series About Russia. Really. Maybe.

Lindsay Lohan, who hasn’t been culturally relevant since Mean Girls… OK, MAYBE Herbie: Fully Loaded (I’m still stunned that she’s only turning 31… it seems like she’s been around for at least five decades), was talking up a storm at a party at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s uncertain what accent she used.  She was saying that she’s working with a partner of Netflix to do a television show centered around Russian oligarchs. I have no idea why she’d be thinking of doing something about that topic, it’s not like Russia or oligarchies have been in the news lately. Oh. Wait. Yes, it seems like Ms. Lohan IS trying to keep up with the times.

As is the custom of many of these “projects” within Hollywood circles, it seemed like a lot of what was going to happen in the air. Right now, it’s in the writing stage. That’s where a lot of these projects remain. I have a novel that’s been in that stage for 17 years, but that’s neither here nor there. She’s apparently uncertain what her actual role could be – a source there told media that she “plans to act and co-direct or direct, but said she hasn’t decided yet.” Well, she needs to decide quickly, since if a certain orange-skinned politician finds himself bounced from his position of higher office, this might wind up joining my novel in limbo.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed anything. To be fair, though, they could just be really busy getting ready to roll out The Defenders soon. This could also be their way of saying, “Um. We have NO idea what she’s talking about. Please don’t ask us any more questions about it.”

Until we all get a definitive answer, we can wait for Lohan’s movie, The Shadow Within, which is about a detective that’s also a werewolf. Yes. A werewolf detective. Amazingly, Uwe Boll was not involved, though it sounds like something that would be right up his alley.

Lindsay Lohan Is Really Serious About Islam

In Lindsay Lohan’s latest attempt to get publicity, she’s now wearing a burkini.

The 30-year-old actress was photographed wearing the swimsuit in Thailand. Since turning 30, Lohan explained that she has found solace in her life and has studied the Qur’an to further her peaceful journey.

‘I have reached inside and I found what I want my intentions to be in the world… focusing on taking control of what I want out of life.’

‘You can’t just convert to a religion overnight – it’s a culture and practice [and] I don’t want to comment on something I haven’t finished’

Well, this is a far cry from her trying to be British a couple of months ago. I hope that this isn’t some type of weird publicity stunt, but this is Lindsay Lohan we’re talking about here. A month from now, she’ll be Australian.

I will say this, Lindsay looks happy. She’s out on the water, doing some paddle boarding, a little bit of yoga, and is staying out of trouble. Maybe she is finding peace. It’s tough to forget those crazy years. But let’s remember the good years. Stay Fetch, Lindsay.

Is Lindsay Lohan Making a Comeback with Prank Reality Show?

Is the prank gonna be on us for watching it?

Lindsay Lohan is plotting her big return from yachting around the Mediterranean thinking about how she’s really a refugee. She’s currently shopping a social media prank show, The Anti-Social Network, around Hollywood.

In the show, she takes control of contestants’ social media for 24 hours and has them do weird and humiliating shit for prizes.

Lindsay Lohan gets into weird shit constantly, so this will probably be hilarious. It’s probably some kind of long drawn out weird revenge for when Ashton Kutcher targeted her on Punk’d 500 years ago.

Check out a little sneak peak below.

25 Stars who Have Been to Rehab: From A(ffleck) to Z(eta-Jones)

All of the stars listed below have battled various demons over the years.

But they've acknowledged their problems and entered rehab facilities to deal with them.

Please join us in sending them well wishes for a bright, healthy and happy future...

1. Ben Affleck

Ben affleck live by night
Affleck didn't tell the public he was entering rehab. But he made an announcement upon leaving the facility in March of 2017. We wish him well.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay lohan in the studio
Lindsay Lohan has been to a rehab six times. She completed a mandatory 90-day stint in the summer of 2013.

3. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine zeta jones picture
Catherine checked in to treat her bi-poler disorder in 2011.

4. Demi Lovato

A kiss from demi lovato
Demi Lovato sought treatment for eating disorders and mental health issues.

5. Britney Spears

Britney spears at x factor party
Not long after the infamous head-shaving incident in 2007, Brit checked into a facility.

6. Demi Moore

Demi moore premiere pic
Demi Moore checked into a Utah center in 2012.
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Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Racially Profiled

Oh my god.

During an interview on Good Morning Britain, Lindsay Lohan claimed she was racially profiled at Heathrow Airport while wearing her headscarf.

Was she religiously profiled?

Absolutely. Nothing scares white people more than somebody wearing a non-white approved hat. Unless they are a white girl wearing a Native American headdress at Coachella.

Was she racially profiled?


She white.

From Refinery29:

“I got stopped recently and was racially profiled,” Lohan shared. “She [the customs agent] opened my passport, saw ‘Lindsay Lohan,’ and immediately started apologizing.”

Despite the apology, the agent advised the former child star to “take off your headscarf.” She said the experience left her “kind of shocked,” and wondered how “another woman who doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf” might feel.

Lohan, who has finally started reading the Koran after claiming she was really into Islam about a year ago, and supports Turkey for taking in refugees, is probably doing her best to be sympathetic.

You could really argue that by doing her best to make an international refugee crisis about her, she isn’t really all that sympathetic, but at least it’s better than the shit she used to pull.

Which mostly involved getting drunk and shouting racist stuff at people.

Oi vey.

Lindsay Lohan: I’m a Muslim, But I Want to Meet With Trump!

You can't really blame Lindsay Lohan for trying to reinvent herself.

After all, at this point she's been a Hollywood punchline for much longer than she was a legitimate movie star.

Unfortunately, the new persona she's chosen (Angelina Jolie meets Carmen San Diego-style globe-trotting humanitarian) is one that can't be entered into lightly, and it seems Linds just didn't do her research before the unveiling.

Lindsay Lohan With Erdogan

She's like a high school kid who shows up to the first day of sophomore year with a mohawk and a Sex Pistols shirt but still thinks Johnny Rotten is the bad guy from that health class movie about STDs.

Tortured metaphors aside, Linds appears to have jumped into this whole international peacekeeper thing without putting in her due diligence first, which may be how she wound up unwittingly (we think) working as a Turkish spy.

Or writing teary-eyed poems about ISIS.

Or doing engaging of the other misguided BS that she's stumbled into since she decided she wants to convince the world philanthropy is new her new cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan: International Woman of Mystery

Anyway, when she's not engaged in her other vocation of the moment (trying to get Lohan nightclub off the ground so that the proceeds can go to like ... some charity or something), Lindsay is busy trying to convince the media that she's a force for positive change in the world.

Lohan is in the process of converting to Islam, and she now reportedly sees herself as a bridge between the eastern and western worlds.

But, like, a bridge that used to be famous, ya know?

Lindsay Lohan: 50 Shades of Blue

In a must-read interview with The Daily Mail, Lindsay recently opened up about her religious awakening and how she hopes her new faith won't keep her from meeting with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Seriously.

"It’s a process to convert to anything," Lindsay said of her conversion. "You cant just convert overnight to a religion."

Many have pointed out that you totally can convert to a religion overnight, but the really bonkers part is yet to come.

It seems Lindsay wants to have a sit-down with Trump and his BFF Putin, who are both huge fans of the Islamic faith.

"I want to try to get the word out to Donald Trump bring him over there, have him see all the positive things they are doing over there and all America can do to help as well," Lindsay said when asked about her work in the Middle East.

Lindsay Lohan in Turkey

"He is the president – we have to join him," she insisted. "If you cant beat him, join him."

Linds says - and we can't stress enough that this is not a joke - that she would also like "Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Rachel McAdams" to sit in on the conference.

Brad and Angie, eh? We think it's safe to say Linds hasn't been keeping up on the news.

McAdams might seem like a strange choice, but that's Lindsay's way of multi-tasking, as she's still hoping to get that long-rumored Mean Girls sequel going.

We'd say that's a long-shot, but what do we know?

Not too long ago, we would've said a weasel-wigged reality show becoming the leader of the free world was a long shot, too.

Now That Lindsay Lohan Is Muslim, Will Trump Have To Deport Her?

She’s rich and white so probably not, but I can dream.

Lindsay Lohan, who has talked a lot about identifying with Islam for somebody who has admittedly never actually read the Koran, did some revamping on her Instagram.

She deleted all of her posts and replaced her bio with the phrase “Alaikum Salam.” This Arabic greeting means “Peace be unto you.”

Muslim Twitter is accepting her. Which is nice of them. If Lindsay Lohan was tryna join my clique ,I would be a lot more mocking about it. Though she has been doing humanitarian work in Turkey and in the Middle East. Maybe I should stop dragging up all that shit about her drunken racist bar rants and be as accepting as them.

Damn, am I the only bitter Western post ironic meme loving fuck out here that thinks this is a stunt to sell Vitamin Water somehow?

Lindsay Lohan Wants Mean Girls 2: ‘I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it’

Lindsay Lohan is ready to be a Mean Girl again.

In a recent interview with CNN, Lindsay Lohan talked about being very interested in a Mean Girls sequel. “I have been trying so hard to do a Mean Girls 2. It is not in my hands,” she said. “I know that Tina Fey, and Lorne Michaels and all of Paramount [Pictures] are very busy. But I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it.”

Lindsay hasn’t just been wishing and hoping, she’s written a treatment for a sequel and is just waiting for a response. She also hopes Jamie Lee Curtis and Jimmy Fallon can join the cast and Lohan will not let it go.  “…I will keep forcing it and pushing it on them until we do it.”

Rachel McAdams said she’d be happy to play Regina George again, if Tina Fey wrote the script. But Tina herself hasn’t showed much interest.

Also in the interview was a sane version of Lindsay Lohan. She dropped her fake accent, seems to be moving on giving energy drinks to refugees, and spoke kindly and eloquently about her humanitarian work which all sounds surprisingly helpful and legit.

Whether there’s a Mean Girls 2 or not, lets hope that this more clear headed Lohan stays around for good.

Lindsay Lohan: Fired and SLAMMED By Publicist!

Lindsay Lohan has been in rare form lately.

Actually, she's been in the exact form we've come to expect, but it would be rare for anyone else on the planet.

To her credit, Linds has slowed down on the partying, but that doesn't mean she's any less batsh-t these days.

Lindsay Lohan Instagram Image

If anything, sober Lindsay might actually be more of a handful now that she's "settled down."

The rumors about her personal life have gone from "I heard she sleeps face-down in a pile of cocaine" to "she might actually be a spy for the Turkish government,"  and it seems her inner circle is becoming more and more fed up.

Page Six is reporting today that Lohan's longtime publicist Hunter Frederick has cut ties with the actress after growing weary of her increasingly erratic behavior.

“You never know what Lindsay you’re going to get," a source says of Lindsay.

"One second she’s in a great mood and wanting to get things back together, and the next you can’t say anything to make her happy,”

Lindsay Lohan: International Woman of Mystery

Apparently, a big part of the reason that so many former Lohan loyalists are jumping ship these days is that she recently went from being a wealthy psychopath to a relatively poor one.

“She’s going to have a really hard time finding a new publicist not only because she’s radioactive and no one wants to represent her, but the monthly retainer alone would render her bankrupt,” says the insider.

Plus, there's that problem of the fact talking to someone who insists on using a fake, made-up accent can get pretty irritating.

It seems that of particular annoyance to Frederick was the fact that despite her financial difficulties, Lindsay habitually turns down lucrative job offers.

Lindsay Lohan Dazzles At 2016 Butterfly Ball

"[She] just doesn’t want to take them for whatever reason,” says the insider.

We imagine that's quite frustrating for the folks whose job it is to ensure that these offers continue to roll in.

The source says Lindsay can still command up to $15,000 for a sponsored Instagram post, and the ease of making enough money to get by through social media and non-entertainment-related business ventures has basically turned her off of acting.

The fact that she's no longer bringing in enough cash to pay her staff doesn't seem to concern her.

Of course, in recent months, Lindsay's efforts to keep the cash rolling in have become increasingly desperate, leading her into the aforementioned business partnership with the Turkish government, as well as a gig promoting a Greek nightclub called - what else? - Lohan.

It's not hard to see why continuing to try and breathe new life into the career of an" actress turned club promoter and part-time social media ambassador for Turkey" doesn't hold much appeal for Frederick.

Lindsay Lohan: My Mom Thinks I’m Special!

In case you missed it, Lindsay Lohan is kind of a hot damn mess right now.

Well, she's always a mess, but right now the situation is more dire than usual.

Last week, Lindsay did this little interview, and while she was talking, she used this bizarre new accent.

It didn't sound like any accent that exists in reality, and she's certainly never used it before.

Disappointingly though it was, her father, Michael Lohan, tried to play it off like it wasn't a big deal -- like a grown ass adult randomly making up an accent and using it in a professional setting is totally normal.

"Lindsay picks up languages like I pick up a coffee!" he joked.

"I will tell you this, she's spoken other languages on the phone with me -- languages I don't understand."

"I'll be on the phone with her and I'll hear her say something in fluent Farsi to a friend she's with."

And just yesterday, Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, told Us Weekly all about how Lindsay isn't disturbed or anything tragic like that.

Lindsay Lohan on a Boat

No: she's just special!

"I have raised Lindsay and all my kids to constantly learn different languages and embrace different cultures," she said.

"Since Lindsay was a kid, she was speaking fluent Italian because my mother is Italian and would only speak to her in Italian."

OK, maybe that one's true. That's at least a tiny bit believable.

But then Dina says that "She taught herself how to speak French, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, and the list goes on."

"Lindsay has a very high IQ and is very intelligent and can pick up on any languages in a minute. She has that gift."

And really, Dina argues, the accent thing is nothing new.

Dina Lohan Shares an Instagram Of Herself With Daughter, Lindsay

"Remember when Lindsay was just a little kid doing The Parent Trap and she was able to rock that British accent because she was so fascinated with the British culture -- and still is -- and embraced it fully?" she asked.

"With that being said, she has always been this way. Nothing has ever changed."

Really? Not a thing? There are several rehab centers and police departments in California that might disagree.

It's just Lindsay's new accent is so very, very upsetting. It's not a great sign for her mental health, especially considering everything else she's been through recently.

That engagement to the allegedly abusive Egor Tarabosov, for instance?

But Dina insists that Lindsay's is fine, completely fine. Marvelous, really.

Lindsay Lohan Lingerie Pink Halloween Photo

"She is overseas now focusing on giving back to kids who have been refugees, who have no place to go, who have no food, who have no clothes to wear or anyone to turn to, and she helps them get everything they need," she explains.

"She sits down and communicates with each kid no matter what background they have come from or what language they speak because that's her way of communicating to them."

"She is a worldly person who has so many talents and so much to offer and that's what makes her so special and beautiful."

If all that's true, then that's great, it really is.

But the accent is still weird and sad as hell.

Lindsay Lohan: Is She Going Back to Jail?!

Lindsay Lohan just can't catch a damn break, can she?

Or rather, she can catch a break, but she has this awful instinct every time she gets her hands on one to set it on fire and run away screaming.

Our beloved LiLo has been in a bad way for several years now, and, bless her heart, things are only about to get worse.

Hot Mess Photo

Remember when Lindsay moved to London a couple of years ago? You remember, she did that play and she was only a little bit flaky and she kept talking about how she could get a new start in a new country?

Yeah, it didn't work out so great.

Lindsay is now being sued for unpaid rent to the tune of around $95,000. Apparently she's been unable to pay up for her fancy London apartment, and the landlords have had enough.

She reportedly has until November 8th to hand over all that money, and if she doesn't, she'll be made to file for bankruptcy.

"Lindsay is an an absolute mess," a source explains.

Lindsay Lohan Crying

"She has blown virtually all her money, and has basically resigned herself to being declared bankrupt."

"The whole situation is incredibly tragic, and for Lindsay this is an astonishing fall from grace."

But wait, it gets worse!

Her sketchy ex, Egor Tarabasov, is also claiming that Lindsay stole nearly $30,000 worth of his belongings during their time together.

And Egor wants her to be arrested.

Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan Photo

He's saying that she took items like a Rolex, a diamond ring, designer clothes, a fancy painting ... you know, stuff you could imagine Lindsay Lohan stealing.

But "the thing he really wants back," according to a friend of his, "which, ironically, is of very little monetary value, is a small gold Russian orthodox cross which was given to him by his dead godfather."

What a gross, awful situation.

It's difficult because while it's definitely easy to think that Lindsay Lohan stole some jewelry -- she's been known to do so from time to time -- it's also hard to believe anything this creeper says.

Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan Nap

Lindsay's said that Egor was incredibly abusive, to the point that she thought he'd kill her.

So is Egor telling the truth? Is he trying to make her look bad? Is he a disgusting leech who just needs to take Lindsay's name out of his mouth forever?

Who knows, but man, poor Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan: Screw YOURSELF, Trump!

Lindsay Lohan isn't taking Donald Trump's perverted sexposé's lying down. 

As previously reported, Trump said that he wished he could have banged Lohan during her more destructive days.

If that doesn't set your teeth - and your private parts - on edge, maybe you need another cup of coffee, or a good slap upside the head. 

Lindsay Lohan Bruise Pic
Donald Trump in Florida

In a statement via her rep, Lohan said, "Right now, Lindsay is choosing to focus on the positive things happening in her life." 

"[She's] decided to disregard the comments made about her by presidential nominee Donald Trump."  

"[Lindsay] is focused on helping children around the world in need, and that's where her passion is."  

Good to know that her passion doesn't reside within hooking up with "political figures."

... If we can even call this scum by that term. 

Also, hold up: Lindsay Lohan has a rep? 

You Don't Mess with the Lohan

About Lohan, Trump previously said, "She's probably deeply troubled." 

"And therefore, great in bed," he reasoned. "How come the deeply troubled women - you know, deeply, deeply troubled - they're always the best in bed?" 

Though he slammed her freckles, and said that he just wasn't that into them, it's better than what he recently had to say about Khloe Kardashian - who he called an ugly "piglet."

Donald Trump Makes a Point
Khloe K. Photograph

Even former costar, Jamie Lee Curtis hopped to Lohan's defense.  

She blasted the presidential nominee (gag, cough, choke, death) on Instagram and said, "I am appalled."

"Lindsay needed help and guidance," she blasted.

"Not your gross, lecherous, lewd commentary. You are the Republican nominee for the presidency," she concluded. 

She also took her venting to Twitter, and simply said, "How dare you." 

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan Mean Girls Photo

How dare he indeed - but he did, and things aren't seeming to go very well for the freak show that we're calling a presidential nominee. 

As of today, there are over 12 women that Donald has allegedly harassed, either physically or verbally, and doesn't that say enough? 

It should, if you're paying attention, and at this point in the game, there's no excuse for anybody's attention to be directed elsewhere when it comes to this man and his bid for the presidency. 


We'd say "he should be ashamed of himself," but we have a feeling that he doesn't even know what that term means.

("Shame," not "himself" - he apparently thinks he's the only one in the universe that matters.) 

Lindsay Lohan Nearly Loses Finger in Horrific Accident!

Can Lindsay Lohan catch a break?!

She won't be catching one with her hand for a while now, that's for sure.

As Lindsay Lohan shared earlier today on Snapchat, she had a little boating accident that nearly cost her a finger.

Lindsay Lohan Injured Finger

"I almost lost my finger from the anchor," she explained. "Well, I lost half my finger, thank goodness we found the piece of my finger ... I just had surgery to fix it ... it hurts so bad."

Sounds pretty gnarly, right?

She also shared a little video of her injury:

"This is the result of me trying to help anchor the boat by myself," she can be heard saying. "My poor finger!"

Her poor finger, indeed.

It's not clear what exactly happened -- did she lose half of her finger, or were doctors able to reattach it? Did they just reattach a piece of it? What was she doing with an anchor for it to rip her finger off? -- but goodness, poor Lindsay.

Sadly, this is just the latest in a string of unfortunate, worrisome instances in Lindsay's life.

This summer seemed to be particularly awful for her, thanks to her creep of a fiance, Egor Tarabasov, and his allegedly abusive ways.

Lindsay Lohan Egor Tarabasov Greece Pic

Back in July, she claimed in a bizarre Instagram post that Egor cheated on her with a "Russian hooker."

Soon after that, she started dropping hints that she was pregnant, and we're still not really sure what all that was about.

The next day, police broke down Lindsay's door after she stood on her balcony and repeatedly screamed that Egor had strangled her and tried to kill her. No one was there when police arrived.

Then, a couple of weeks later, a video emerged of a frightening physical altercation between Lindsay and Egor. The video showed Lindsay from running from Egor with his phone while Egor chased her down and wrestled the phone from her.

Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan Photo

A few days after that, Lindsay shared a cute little selfie, but all anyone noticed was the gigantic, seriously painful-looking bruise on her arm.

And finally, a couple of weeks ago, Lindsay admitted during a Russian interview that she was frightened Egor "may splash acid in my face."

Thankfully, it seems like Lindsay has left Egor, but, as this new incident proves, there's still cause to worry about her.

The way she's going, it looks like there always will be.

Lindsay Lohan Thought Her Ex Would Throw Acid in Her Face


Lindsay Lohan has lived fast for quite some time now, but her efforts to slow down haven’t always gone over so smoothly. The Parent Trap star was previously engaged to Russian millionaire, Egor Tarabasov, but broke things off last July in a volatile balcony brawl.

The actual details of the night in question have been murky, but now LiLo has taken it upon herself to have a Q&A in the Russian media. Speaking with Russia’s Channel One network, the star discloses:

I went to bed and he broke into my house. He started strangling me.

Possible motive? She had been posting all over snapchat about not knowing moneybags’ whereabouts.

I feared that Egor may splash acid in my face.  I jumped out to the balcony and shouted with all my force, ‘He’s trying to kill me, call the police!’

Finally getting her ex-fiancé’s attention, Egor has since released his first thoughts to the press:

It has come to my attention that my former fiancee, Lindsay Lohan, is planning (a) new smear campaign against me in the Russian and international media. My relationship with Lindsay came to an end in July 2016. In the weeks that followed, there were numerous attempts to discredit my name by inaccurately portraying the nature of our relationship, publishing distorted facts, and making false accusations.

Or are they????

I decided not to address those harmful and false statements at that time. As an international businessman, I aim to maintain a low profile and concentrate on developing my business. I also chose to keep my silence out of respect for Lindsay.

But enough is enough!

Today, I would like to state that all accusations made, and about to be made, by Lindsay against me are not true. I refuse to be dragged into the media storm created in the aftermath of our breakup. I will not be making any more statements with regards to my former relationship with Lindsay, but I will use all possible legal means to protect my name and reputation.

Translation: I cannot have a child star ruining my reputation! I have to double my net worth!!!

This is the kind of drama I’ve been praying for.

24 Actors Who Turned Down Iconic Roles

Can you imagine anyone other than Tom Hanks as Forest Gump? What about anyone besides Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller?

You won't believe what actors actually turned town those roles. In fact, we've got a list of 24 actors who passed on iconic roles -- sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. 

Check them out below!

1. Michelle Pfeiffer, Silence of the Lambs

Michelle pfeiffer picture
It's true. Maybe you can't imagine anyone other than Jodie Foster as Clarice in Silence of the Lambs, but Michelle Pfieffer was actually offered the role first. She turned it down because it was too violent.

2. Al Pacino, Star Wars

Julie and al pacino
Are you sitting down? Because it's nearly impossible to imagine anyone other than Harrison Ford, but Al Pacino was actually offered the role of Han Solo on Star Wars.

3. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Clueless

Sarah michelle gellar smiling
That's right. Sarah Michelle Gellar passed on the role of Cher in the movie Clueless, which eventually went to Alicia Silverstone. Gellar focused on slaying vampires instead.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio, Boogie Nights

Leonardo dicaprio at the oscars
Leonardo DiCaprio probably made the right choice with this one. He turned down the role of Dirk Diggler on Boogie Nights so he could instead star in a little film called TITANIC.

5. Johnny Depp, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Johnny depp golden globe photo
Um, seriously? Try really hard to imagine Johnny Depp as Ferris Bueller, you guys. Doesn't work, does it? It's a good thing he turned down that role, because nobody other than Matthew Brokerick could be Ferris Bueller.

6. Lindsay Lohan, The Hangover

Lindsay lohan at a fashion show
Who knows what might have happened if Lindsay Lohan hadn't turned down the role of Jade on The Hangover? Instead, that part went to Heather Graham.
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Lindsay Lohan: Pic Reveals HUGE Bruise On Star’s Arm

She may not know this, but Lindsay Lohan just showed followers a massive bruise on her arm.  

It wouldn't be all that concerning if Lohan hadn't revealed to the Daily Mail on August 7th that she is a victim of abuse.

Lindsay Lohan Bruise Pic

Lohan is engaged to 22-year-old Russian businessman, Egor Tarabasov, whom she revealed has abused her more than once.

Fishwrappefirst noticed the photo, which featured Lohan rinsing off after a dip in the ocean.  

"No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn't prepared to say sorry," Lohan told the Mail's Katie Nicholl at a hotel in Sardinia.

"I realise now you can't stay in a relationship just for love."

Lohan admitted that her fear of what he will do if she remains quiet prompted her to speak out.

"I wanted to do this interview because it's time to tell the truth," Lohan said.

"There have been so many lies printed about me recently. I've kept quiet for so long but now I'm scared of what Egor might do to me and to himself."

"I need closure," she continued.  "I genuinely fell in love with him but he broke my trust and made me feel unsafe.

"I know I'm not an angel but I've tried to fix things. It's down to him now. I had suggested we go for couples' counselling but there comes a time when I have to put myself first, my family, and also think about my career which I've worked so hard for.

"I also don't want to let my fans down by not being the strong woman I have become."

Fans were first made aware of the abuse after video of Lohan screaming for help from her London flat surfaced.  The actress claimed that Tarabasov was choking her and wanted to kill her.

Police were called to the scene, and after knocking the door down, found no one inside.

Lindsay Lohan Egor Tarabasov Greece Pic

Then last week, video of Tarabasov and Lohan physically fighting pushed Lohan to realize that she couldn't hide her secret anymore.

As of press time, Lohan and Tarabasov are still engaged.

Lindsay Lohan Speaks Up On Ex-Fiance’s Abuse!

For starters, yes, they’ve broken up.

It won’t be a Lindsay Lohan break-up if there isn’t any controversy, which this one definitely has. The Mean Girls star just spoke to The Mail on Sunday, revealing just how toxic her 10-month relationship with 23-year-old Igor Tarabasov is.

Alice through the Looking Glass private screening - Lindsay Lohan
(c) Getty

“It’s not the first time. That’s the problem. But this time, someone saw,” Lindsay ‘fesses. “”I didn’t call anyone, I’ve dealt with enough police in LA.”

The ‘abuse,’ apparently, was taken overseas as a viral video of them arguing, in no less than Mykonos, spread like wildfire.

Clearly hurt, looks like forgiveness is not in the cards right now: “I genuinely fell in love with him but he broke my trust and made me feel unsafe.”


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Egor Tarabasov: Lindsay Lohan Reveals Scary History of Abuse

The violent Lindsay Lohan-Egor Tarabasov fight caught on video in Mykonos, Greece on July 5 was upsetting, to say the least.

Was it an aberration or part of a pattern, though?

Lindsay Lohan Egor Tarabasov Greece Pic

Lindsay is opening up to the Daily Mail's Katie Nicholl about her fiance's abusive past, revealing that this isn't the first time this has happened.

Tarabasov has put his hands on her before, she says - and that's not something she feels she has to take anymore.

"No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn't prepared to say sorry," Lindsay said.

"I realise now you can't stay in a relationship just for love."

The disturbing footage, released by Radar Online, shows the couple in a jeep and reportedly arguing.

At the beginning of the clip, Lindsay threw Egor's phone out the window, so he got out of the car to retrieve it.

Lindsay got out as well, and tried to get to the phone before her fiance. That's when things got a little scary.

Egor managed to grab Lindsay from behind, and twisted her arm behind her back in aggressive fashion.

When he finally got his phone, Ego went back to the jeep.

Lindsay later explained that Egor, 22, had taken her phone, so she threw his on to the beach in retaliation.

Without going into much detail, she said that he "drank too much" and "went crazy."

Lindsay did, however, explain what led to their last public fight on July 23.

On that date, Lindsay screamed for help from the balcony of her London flat and claimed that Egor was trying to strangle her.

"Egor and I had been out for dinner. We danced, it was fun," Lindsay explained of the series of events that led to the incident.

"When we got home I went to bed and Egor went out. A few hours later he came back and when I woke up he was standing over me."

"He wasn't himself, he was being very aggressive and he attacked me."

Why is Lindsay talking about this now?  

Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan Photo

Simply put, she's scared of what might happen to her if she stays silent, especially now that there is hard evidence that Egor has put a hand on her.

"I wanted to do this interview because it's time to tell the truth," Lindsay said.

"There have been so many lies printed about me recently. I've kept quiet for so long but now I'm scared of what Egor might do to me and to himself.

Still, Lindsay admits, she wears her emerald engagement ring.  The relationship, though, may well be over.

"I haven't taken it off, even after all this," Lindsay said.

"The truth is, I wanted to make things work, but now I'm not sure that I can."

Lindsay said she has tried to get in touch with Ego to talk things out and figure out how to move forward.

"I need closure," she explained. 'I genuinely fell in love with him but he broke my trust and made me feel unsafe."

Lohan also revealed that she and Egor planned on getting married next May in Lake Como, and that she has cut her father, Michael Lohan, off again.

Milo falsely told the press that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant (LiLo blames her rounder belly on pasta and "good Mediterranean living.").

"My father is known for talking to the press and selling stories," she said.

"He loves the attention."

"In the past he's said I've done drugs, he put my number on the internet. 'Who does that? Some of the stuff he's done proves to me he doesn't care about me."

Where Lindsay and Egor go from here is anyone's guess, and the Russian businessman has not responded to the Mail's request for a comment.

Stay tuned.

Lindsay Lohan & Egor Tarabasov: Physical FIGHT Caught on Video! WATCH!

We've known for quite some time that Lindsay Lohan's relationship with her fiance, Egor Tarabasov, is far from stable.

In fact, there's mounting evidence to suggest that LiLo is involved in an extremely unhealthy and possibly abusive relationship.

Lohan and Tarabasov got engaged back in April after just a few months of dating.

Red flags indicating that the relationship would be a troubled one began to pop up almost immediately.

First we learned that Tarabasov is likely lying about his wealth.

Shortly thereafter, Lohan accused him of cheating and hinted that she's pregnant in a bizarre late night social media rant.

Now, disturbing disturbing new video has emerged that may indicate that there's some truth to the rumors that Lindsay and Egor's fights frequently get physical.

The footage, obtained by Radar Online, shows Lindsay jumping out of a Jeep with Tarabasov's cell phone before being chased down by her future husband, who wrestles the phone away from her.

The incident reportedly occurred on July 5, just days after Lohan's 30th birthday.

The video appears to show a long-rumored incident in which Lohan tried to throw Tarabasov's phone after flying into a rage over a text message that she found.

Lindsay repeatedly laughed off the incident, claiming the whole thing was a joke that was misinterpreted by onlookers.

Amazingly, following the emergence of this shocking video, it appears she's still pretending that all is well.

Just hours ago, Lohan posted the above photo, along with a caption reading:

"I love shaping all the food I make into a heart."

Just moments ago, the actress made her Instagram private, possibly in response to today's developments.

We'll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.

You can watch the video of Lohan and Tarabasov's bizarre beach scuffle below:

Lindsay lohan and egor tarabasov physical fight caught on video

Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant and Smoking on a Yacht Which Makes Total Sense


Of course.

Lindsay Lohan just broke up with the Russian millionaire she was cougar-ing, and is handling it really well.

Besides being photographed looking sullen and smoking cigs on yachts, she’s also been sending her dad desperate texts about being pregnant.

Michael Lohan had a lot to say to Daily Mail about it.

‘It’s going to be up to her what she decides to do.’

Is she gonna raise it Muslim even though she’s never read the Koran but thinks she’s Muslim? Is she gonna take it binge drinking with her? How many chapters will this kid take up in her memoir? I have a lot of questions.

‘It’s troubling. It’s troubling that she is pregnant.’

No shit. At least there’s a chance that it’s some kinda thing she just said mid crack pipe hit on her luxury yacht and it’s not even real.

Good luck, hypothetical baby Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan REALLY Wants You to Care That She Turned 30

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend, and while we'll grant that there was a time when a lot of people didn't think she would make it to the big 3-0, turning a year older isn't really an achievement.

Lindsay Lohan Birthday Image

Lindsay posted the above photo on her Instagram page on Saturday, presumably to remind us that she has no idea how the world or human interactions work.

We know that Lindsay is terrible at Photoshop, so she probably didn't make it, but just the fact that she posted a birthday card to herself with nothing but Emojis in the caption is weird as hell.

Even weirder: that's just the beginning of Lohan's bizarre obsession with her own birthday.

Not only did Lindsay host a live online Q&A session to "celebrate" the occasion (seriously), she also attempted to make her own birthday hashtag happen.

Clearly, she learned nothing from Toaster Strudel heiress Gretchen Wieners, because the girl pushed #LiloIs30 for days before taking the hint that it wouldn't be catching on.

And if you thought the weirdness would end there, clearly you don't know #LiLo.

Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon

"Happy birthday to me from a genius mind with a beautiful heart!! Hurry back to London soon! #letsdothis #LILOIS30"

It kinda feels like Lindsay is a freakin' Martian who just learned about the concept of birthdays last week.

You can't just post a pic of someone and wish yourself a happy birthday from them.

If you could, Kate Upton and LeBron James would wish us a happy birthday every year.

Lindsay posted nearly a dozen pics in celebration of her birthday, many of them documenting the Greek Islands vacay that she took with her rich Russian boyfriend.

Hilariously, she did the A-list celebrity thing where she was careful not to give away her exact location, so as to avoid getting mobbed by adoring fans.

We'd say she could've just not posted on social media every 20 minutes, but then where would we have gotten out #LiloIs30 updates?

Lindsay Lohan: Releasing A New Album?

Lindsay Lohan might be making a return to the music industry. 

Lindsay said as much when she took part in a live video chat with her Mean Girls co-star, Rajiv Surendra. 

She revealed that she still HAS to release another album for Universal Motown. 

Lindsay Lohan Dazzles At 2016 Butterfly Ball

“And I will,” she added

There is no definite release date for the album as of yet, but it appears that it all depends on what her sister, Ali Lohan's career.

“My sister is signed with EMI and she is recording a record, and out of respect for her and her true career choice, which is all she wants to do is make music,” she said, referring to her younger sister Ali.

“Her voice is like Etta James meets Adele. I want to respect her in that lane.”

There are a LOT of celebrity families that have more than one person with the same profession, so it's a very odd thing to say. 

It's sweet and all, but it doesn't seem like we're getting the full story here. 

There's no denying that Lohan has had her ups and downs, but she seems to have turned a corner in recent years. 

Her acting career never quite recovered from her hiatus due to what was going on with her. 

A move back to the music industry would be a good step, but there's a good chance that her hiatus from singing would probably make it difficult for her to achieve much in the way of chart success. 

It's not like the star is doing much else at the moment. 

There was word recently that she could be marrying Egor Tarabasov without a prenup in place.

Obviously it's a crazy decision, but it's not like Tarabasov isn't worth a decent chunk of money. 

The fact of the matter is that Lindsay shouldn't be passing up opportunities that could better her financial situation. 

Releasing another album might not make her much, but it would be something. 

Her fans are not going to be rooting for a new album forever. Her last single was released in 2008!

What do you think about all of this? Should Lindsay just move on and release her next album?

Lindsay Lohan Actually Looks Normal and Happy and It’s Freaking Us Out

Lindsay Lohan may or may not be engaged to Egor Tarbasov.

The couple has been dating for five months and things are clearly going well, though reports over their official status remain conflicted.

Lindsay Lohan on a Boat

But even if Egor is yet to put a ring on it, the guy is clearly doing something right as far as Lohan is concerned.

The VERY troubled actress shared a couple selfies on Instagram over the weekend, making the basis for her bliss as clear as can be via the caption to one of the images.

"Time flies when you're having fun and happy in love #supersaturdays," she wrote.

Seriously, have you ever seen Lindsay Lohan look so happy? Look so... normal?!?

Lindsay Lohan Bathing Suit Selfie

Earlier in her Instagram sharing binge, Lohan wrote that "true love is possible."

We'll be honest: we never dreamed it would be for her.

Tarabasov is seven years younger than Lohan and reportedly moved in with the star in March.

Lindsay's rep has denied that any life-altering questions have been popped, but the Lohan has been spotted wearing a sparkling emerald band on her ring finger.

And also wearing the biggest smile we've ever seen from her on her face.

About a year ago, Lohan came off probation for the first time in seven years.

She has since remained mostly under the radar, actually sticking to the salient words she wrote on Twitter last May.

"Clean slate. Fresh start...hard work pays off. Thank you to all those that allowed me to volunteer while in nyc. God bless you all. Amen."

Along with the pair of pictures above, Lohan posted a photo of a beautiful beach sunrise with a familiar looking-cloud.

This is what she wrote as a caption to it:

If you look to the right in this photo. You will notice the figure of a hat.

I took this as I was playing a #michaeljackson remix with #prince & it's almost as if they are watching over us all and sharing their peace with us.. #cincodemayo #onelove

Lindsay Lohan Finds Love In Egor Tarabasov!

No matter what, we just have to be happy for our Cady Heron.

Lindsay says to The Sun last month, “I haven’t known Egor for that long. We’ve been together for about seven months. He is a great guy. I met him in the summer. I’m really happy.”

Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov
(c) Instagram

Though TMZ has disseminated that she was already engaged to the 22-year-old Russian business heir, the actress quickly refuted it on Page Six.

Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov
(c) Instagram

Looks like London, like Egor, has done some good for her, then.

“The smartest thing I have done for myself is making the move to London I came to London by myself. Being here is such a big deal. I didn’t have anyone here at first,” the 29-year-old Mean Girls star shares.


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15 Hot Young Celebs Who Are Secretly 40

It's tough to make a living in Hollywood, and it only gets tougher with age.

That goes doubly for women in the film industry, who are often forced to conceal their age in order to avoid being automatically ruled out for certain roles.

In 2012, Jessica Chastain was caught lying about her age. Last year, Rebel Wilson admitted to doing the same.

Both women are now at points in their career where they can confess to misleading a few casting directors and still find work.

However, they might have never gotten the chance to establish themselves if they hadn't fibbed a bit on their resumes.

So when we present the following list of celebs who have been accused of lying about their age, we do it not to shame them, but, well ... simply because it's fun to guess how old they really are.

Jump into the gallery below for a list of stars who may have turned 29 a half dozen times. Just don't judge them to harshly. 

After all, sometimes you have to play with the truth in order to get to the top - and just about every politician on Earth is guilty of far worse fabrications than these.


1. Blake Lively - 28

Lively in red
Blake Lively says she's 28 years old. Rumors that she's lying about her age have haunted her since her Gossip Girl days.

2. Margot Robbie - 25

Margot robbie at wolf of wall street premiere
Margot Robbie claims to be 25, but many fans have pointed out that she looks a bit older. Hey, that Australian sun will do a number on your skin.

3. Lindsay Lohan - 29

What is with lindsay lohans face
LiLo certainly looks older than her 29 years. The sad part is, in this case, we don't think she's lying about her age as much as we think her lifestyle has added at least 11 years to it in terms of mileage.

4. Adele - 27

Adele nose job photo
Maybe it's her old school style, but some folks think Adele's latest album should be titled 35-ish.

5. Coco - 36

Coco and ice t leave the huffington post
Coco says she's 36, and frankly, we believe her. Hell, there are far more unbelievable things about her body than her age.

6. Bella Thorne - 18

Bella thorne cleavage photo
Obviously, Bella is gorgeous, but does she look 18? We suspect her parents might've misled some casting directors to give Bella a leg up when she was a child star.
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Lindsay Lohan Rocks Fake Engagement Ring at Halloween Party, Continues to Be Ridiculous

The beloved 2004 comedy Mean Girls featured a memorable voice-over about the great lengths that some women will go to make themselves the center of attention on Halloween.

Lindsay Lohan was in that movie, but she probably can't remember her middle name most of the time, so it's not surprising that she didn't learn anything from her own dialogue.

Lindsay Lohan Halloween Costume Image

Lindsay showed up to a Halloween party in London dressed in the most ridiculous costume she could imagine.

That's right - she went as Engaged Lindsay Lohan and rocked a giant diamond on her left ring-finger.

“She has lost her mind,” a source close to the actress told Page Six. “She did it as a joke for her friends and wanted to see what people would do or say.”

Haha, it's a joke, guys! Just like all those other times Lindsay tried to make us think she was engaged

Seriously though, Lindsay's bids for publicity have been getting more and more desperate lately, and we're beginning to worry that she's actually serious about running for president in 2020.

Clearly, she's bonkers enough to think she really has a chance, and her social media posts have slowly been more political than ever lately.

Granted, Lindsay is still expressing her fondness for Columbian drug lords on Instagram, so she's a little confused when it comes to foreign policy, but so are a lot of other candidates.

Anyway, Lindsay is not engaged, she's probably not even dating anyone, and she showed up to a party in the most unoriginal costume imaginable ("The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears.") hoping everyone would be all, "OMG, we love your fiance's Invisible Man costume!"

We're starting to think the blood trickling from the corner of her mouth might not be fake.

Lindsay Lohan is a Cokehead, Loses Lawsuit

Back in February, Lindsay Lohan tried to sue Fox News after a commentator stated on the air that Lindsay does coke with her mom.

The case finally went before a judge today, and TMZ is reporting that was immediately thrown out of court.

The reason? Lindsay totally did coke with her mom - probably on several occasions.

Lindsay Lohan Style Awards Pic
Dina Lohan in Sunglasses

The judge - who must frequent celebrity gossip sites - dismissed the case on the simple grounds that "the truth is a defense."

In other words, "Everyone knows Lindsay Lohan is a cokehead, and Dina is certainly no better."

The judge didn't cite any examples, but if he wanted to, he could've reminded Lindsay of the time she called her dad and specifically told him that Dina is on coke.

We don't blame the man for not getting into specifics.

Instances that prove Lindsay Lohan is on drugs and Dina Lohan is the worst kind of enabler are so plentiful that no one would make it home this weekend if the judge started listing them all. 

As of right now, Lindsay's cases against Fox News and Sean Hannity have been officially thrown out.

There's no word on the outcome of the Lindsay's suit against the guest on Hannity's show who made the comment, but we're guessing that one's dun-zo, as well.

If not, the defendant should just take a camera to the Chateau Marmont this weekend, where he will 100% see Lindsay consoling herself by burying her face in a pile of blow that would make Tony Montana weep.