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Mariah Carey Secretly Made and Released an Alternative Album in the 90s and It Kind of Rocks

I have to level with you; I’m not actually a huge fan of Mariah Carey. She has a fantastic voice but the things she chooses to sing with that voice are all just terrible to me. In the 90s, when she was at the peak of her popularity, I was the weird kid that actually listened to all the bands the normal people who listened to Mariah Carey and The Backstreet Boys at the time now claim to have listened to, like Sonic Youth and The Breeders.

But it turns out that while Mariah Carey was recording her 1995 best-seller Daydream she recorded a secret album with her band to unwind and that album is actually good and was under our noses the whole time.

Carey posted a clip of one of the songs on Twitter accompanying an excerpt from her new book about how she had a kind of envy for alt-rockers like Kim Deal or Kim Gordon who had a very different image than Carey had as a pop singer. Carey is the background singer on this track.

I am not joking when I say that is literally the best Mariah Carey song I’ve heard in my entire life, and if I had I had known about this at the time I probably would have had pictures of her in my locker in high school instead of Juliana Hatfield and PJ Harvey. Okay, maybe not, this isn’t ‘C’mon Billy’ but it’s still really good. The album is out of print and not on streaming services but a few songs are on YouTube, including that one

Of course, there’s a lot more money to be made in radio-friendly pop music than there is distorted, lo-fi alt-rock, so Daydream sold over 20 million copies while Pixies’ Doolittle, their best-selling album with their biggest crossover hit ‘Here Comes Your Man’, sold about 1.5 million copies.

This is basically the reverse of Liz Phair’s sell-out 2003 self-titled album; Carey is a pop star who released an alt-rock album called Someone’s Ugly Daughter under the band name Chick, their only album, that flew entirely under under the radar. Seriously, I had never heard of this and I had albums by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Murmurs and Luscious Jackson. I have a whole new respect for Mariah.

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Mariah Carey Sounds Like She’s in the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Sucks’ Camp

It’s time for another episode of America’s favorite game show, Who Hates Ellen DeGeneres Now?. You know it’s you love it and at least the answer isn’t just “homophobes” anymore. This was a much easier and less exciting game in 1997.

Today’s contestant is Mariah Carey, singer, skinny legend, incredible ass-haver, American Idol judge and star of the worst movie ever made.

So, will Mariah love Ellen or hate her? Does Ellen Glitter or litter? Would this game make more sense if you didn’t already know the answer from the headline? Let’s get a quote from Vulture to find our answer.

“I was extremely uncomfortable with that moment is all I can say. And I really have had a hard time grappling with the aftermath,” she says. “I wasn’t ready to tell anyone because I had had a miscarriage. I don’t want to throw anyone that’s already being thrown under any proverbial bus, but I didn’t enjoy that moment.”

This is in reference to a 2008 appearance on Ellen’s show where she pressured Carey to admit she was pregnant by handing her a glass of champagne and telling her to drink it if she isn’t pregnant.

Ellen seems to love to do this to celebrities, press them in person on the sort of rumors people like me report on and/or viciously mock them for. I’ve also interviewed celebrities in my career and I have found that it’s better to not be an asshole to them, but that’s just me.

Carey’s PA is also named Ellen, and Vulture’s profile of the singer had a funny exchange between the two that stuck out to me.

“Ellen, will you make us some ‘horse devoirs,’ ” Carey asks, intentionally mispronouncing the word. “That’s what we call ’em.”

The reason I like that so much is it’s a line from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, the one comic book your NPR-listening friends will admit they’ve read, though Delirium (neé Delight) actually says “horse doovers” and not “horse devoirs.” Still, it makes Carey seem a little cooler.

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Mariah Carey Shows Cleavage in a Morticia Addams Dress

You guys are probably old enough to remember when baseballs weren’t the only thing Derek Jeter was hitting. He was once attached to Mariah Carey and they were quite the power couple at the heights of their respective celebrity. Not sure why I constantly associate Mariah Carey with an ex-boyfriend from decades ago, but it’s just the way my mind works.

The busty pop diva made an appearance at Variety’s 2019 Power of Women gathering, the second such girl power event of the recent past along with the Girl Up thing from yesterday. I guess so long as there are women to be celebrated and food to be eaten and speeches to be given, these sorts of events will continue, but the good news is that it brings people like Mariah Carey out of hiding and puts her massive cleavage into the spotlight once more.

I wonder if Mariah or Jeter ever look back on their time together as the best time of their lives, but I have a hard time imagining that either of them were able to do better in the interim. Well, Jeter’s definitely had other hot women. He used to give them gift baskets to thank them for the anal. It’s true!

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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Mariah Carey Has Her Own Version of the Bottle Cap Challenge

This is how I open all my drinks.

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Want to Work for Mariah Carey? You Better Like Being Pissed On

Until just now, I would have thought being Mariah Carey’s PA was a good, if not demanding, job. The pay seems great, over $300K a year. The details of what the job entails, as detailed by Buzzfeed after Carey’s former PA filed a lawsuit, make it sound like it isn’t worth it, though.

Included in the allegations filed by Lianna Shakhnazaryan, who also goes by Lianna Azarian, is that Carey’s manager would often yell things at her like “Get that Armenian bitch!” and “Move your fat Armenian ass!” Carey’s then-manager Stella Bulochnikov also allegedly slapped Shakhnazaryan’s breast and on multiple times pushed her to the ground and sat and peed on her.

Shakhnazaryan said Carey was aware of the conduct and also joined in committing physical, emotional, and psychological attacks. She is suing for sexual battery, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination.

That is… wow. I need to collect myself here. Late night hosts have spent two years making jokes about a non-existent Donald Trump pee tape when they should have been looking for a Mariah Carey pee tape.

On the bright side for Carey, Shakhnazaryan is an adult so there won’t be a R. Kelly documentary about her on Lifetime.

Mariah Carey filed a lawsuit the previous day alleging that Shakhnazaryan tried to blackmail her with “intimate videos” after being fired by Carey.

After Azarian was terminated for repeatedly not showing up to work, she threatened to release the videos unless Mariah gave her $8 million, according to the lawsuit. However, “Mariah refused to be extorted,” and had no choice but to take legal action, the complaint adds.

In addition to the alleged recordings, Carey said that Azarian “retains a closet full of expensive clothing and handbags that belong to or were paid for by Mariah.”

Carey is asking a judge to declare her the legal owner of the goods and to order Azarian to destroy the videos. She also wants a permanent restraining order preventing Azarian from releasing any footage.

I don’t know who is telling the truth here, but if someone had their manager piss on me, I wouldn’t hesitate to leak their sex tape.

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Dem Dumplings! Mariah Carey’s Twins Have the Cutest Reactions While Cooking with Mom in Taipei

Mariah Carey may be busy performing all around the world, but she always has time to learn new things with her twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott.

The mother of two treated her son and daughter, both 7, to a cooking class on Wednesday at The Regent Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, where Carey performed a concert as part of her Southeast Asia tour.

“Making dumplings in Taipei!” the proud parent captioned a series of photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook.

“It’s very intricate work here,” Carey said in one video before Monroe adorably attempted to repeat her mom’s words, remarking, “It’s very interesting.”

“We’re learning about different cultures,” the singer explained.

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Making dumplings in Taipei – and now the movie in 3 acts! 💖😃🥂 #MCLiveInAsia

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on Oct 17, 2018 at 9:16am PDT


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Making dumplings in Taipei! See you at the show tomorrow! #MCLiveInAsia

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on Oct 17, 2018 at 5:39am PDT


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And after they completed their dish, Carey surprised her kids with their finished products. “Wow! We made that?” one of the twins said after Carey showed them their steamed dessert dumpling. “This is ours? No way!”

“Yes, you made this!” Carey — who shares her children with ex-husband Nick Cannon — replied lovingly.

Moroccan and Monroe have grown up touring with their famous mom, even joining her on stage from time to time. “Every time I get a minute off, we go somewhere and try to do something fun,” Carey told PEOPLE in August about activities with her children.

“They love each other and are best friends, but they’ll do things without each other. For the most part they’re with each other all the time. I just hope they maintain that for the rest of their lives. There’s nothing like the bond that they share,” she said, adding, “They light up my life and are amazing.”

RELATED VIDEO: Mariah Carey on Battling Bipolar Disorder and Raising Her Twins: “They’re Never Going to See Me Sitting Around Crying”

Not only is she touring, but Carey continues to release new music ahead of the debut of Caution, her first album since 2014’s Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.

On Thursday, the elusive chanteuse premiered her new single “The Distance,” the third song off Caution after previously released tracks “GTFO” and “With You.”

In addition, Carey will be returning to Las Vegas in February for her new residency, The Butterfly Returns.

Caution, scheduled for a Nov. 16 release, is available for pre-order on amazon.com.

Mariah Carey’s New Single ‘GTFO’ Sells Zero Copies in Three Days

Mariah Carey’s career is tanking. While her weight goes up, her album sales go down. Is there a correlation there? Hmm…maybe. Or maybe it’s her diva behavior and karma finally biting her in her ass.

Carey’s new single, “GTFO,” gtfo’d out of the charts, selling zero streaming or downloads the weekend after its release. That’s roughly Friday September 14th to the 17th. Zero. A fat goose egg.

Read some lyrics from “GTFO”:

“How about you get the fuck out? /
How about you take your things and be on your merry way? /
Fly off with a wink, bye bye, baby /
How about you scusea me baby let me call your valet.”

I listened to the song. Horrible lyrics aside, the problem is you would never know it’s a Mariah Carey song. She can’t hit the high notes anymore and that was always her trademark. Now they alter her voice to sound like any other singer on the charts now. Except Carey’s…not on the charts.

And people don’t even want to watch her at her Las Vegas residency. She couldn’t sell half of the tickets to her shows there. I bet they either comped a lot of drunk Midwesterners or put a tarp over the empty seats like at stadiums for crappy baseball teams no one cares about.

Luckily, Christmas is coming up so you’ll be hearing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” about twenty million times. That’ll pay off Carey’s mortgage for a few months.

Her career, though, is over. Not even signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation can save her.

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Mariah Carey Is Desperate For ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers From Kit Harrington

Mariah Carey is thirsty. And the only thing that can quench her thirst is Game of Thrones spoilers.

At a Golden Globes party, Carey was all over Kit Harrington, hoping for Game of Thrones spoilers. No word if she was able to coax it out of.

According to onlookers, Carey was wearing a low cut dress, touching Harrington’s arm, and generally being Mariah Carey. Harrington, of course, is engaged to Rose Lelsie and probably wanted nothing to do with Mariah.

Mariah is a big Game of Thrones fan, which isn’t really news. Everyone is a big Game of Thrones fan. Except for me. There is way too much going on in that show.

Here’s what an onlooker told The Sun:

“Kit kept glancing around as if he couldn’t believe it. Everyone in the whole party was looking over at them.

“Mariah is clearly a huge Game Of Thrones fan because she wouldn’t let him go. She was all over him.”

Harrington was glancing around because he was wondering why this lady was left unattended from the retirement home.

Mariah is dating Bryan Tanaka. So, maybe, Carey was just looking for spoilers. She knows there are books, right?

Granted, George R. R. Martin won’t finish that book for another five years. Maybe she should cozy up to him instead of Kit Harrington.

In the end, it doesn’t look like there is much to see here. Carey desperately wanted spoilers like she desperately wants attention and Harrington probably gave her an autograph so she would go away. Watch the show like the rest of us, Mariah. This isn’t the 90s. You’re not special enough to get spoilers.

Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve: Did She Redeem Herself?

We really should have known, people.

We should have known a year ago at this time that 2017 would be a debacle, considering the way it kicked off:

With a Mariah Carey performance from Times Square that was, to put it simply and bluntly, the worst thing we had ever seen or heard.

We're very sorry to remind you of what transpired, but refresh your memory of the debacle below:

The sound was off. Mariah clearly didn't know the words. It was a mess.

Carey proceeded to blame anyone but herself for what happened, but after seemingly hiding from her transgression and not taking responsibility for her total failure... the legendary singer went out and faced the music last night.


She took to the Times Square stage once again on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

This time around, Twitter did not react with laughter and vitriol.

The artist performed two songs and remembered the lyrics to both.

The iconic diva wowed with an impressive medley of "Vision of Love" and "Hero" and even made a quip at her own expense, telling the audience that the night was a "disaster" because she didn't have her hot tea.

"I'm just going to take a sip of tea, if they'll let me," Carey said, turning away from the crowd and adding:

"They told me there would be tea. Oh, it's a disaster. OK, well, we'll just have to rough it. I'm going to be just like everybody else.

"There'll be no hot tea."

Indeed, it was FREEZING in New York City.

Was Mariah's performance red hot?

Not really. She definitely lost a bit from her prime.

But the bar was set so low to conclude 2016 that as long as Carey didn't trip 12 times on stage, she was likely to clear it.

When the cameras stopped, sources tell Billboard that Carey was all smiles and gushed “I love you” back to her adoring fans.

Check out the quasi triumphant return below:

Mariah carey on new years eve did she redeem herself

Mariah Carey Still Sucks As a Person, Accused of Sexual Harassment and Verbal Abuse

It’s a new day, which means there’s a new sexual harassment suit. However, unlike the previous 37,957 allegations, this one comes against a woman.

Specifically, Mariah Carey.

The notorious diva is being accused of not only sexual harassment, but abuse and humiliation as well. The suit is being brought forward by Michael Anello, the former head of Carey’s security. In the suit, he claims that Carey called him and his friends Nazis, skinheads, Ku Klux Klan Members, and white supremacists. Really, those are just different words under the same definition.

He also claims she exposed herself to him. When he came up to her room to help her with her luggage, she was wearing a see-through negligee. Well, if it’s open, that sort of defeats the purpose of it being see-through. The suit also claims that Mariah wanted to be around black guys (that seems pretty obvious based on her dating history) and would perform sexual acts for Anello to see.

Finally, Anello says he’s owed more than $200,000 from Carey and that it would have been another $511,000 if she didn’t deny him two more years of work that she had promised.

While all of this seems bad for Carey, the lawyers on both sides have already been in touch and working towards an agreement. It looked like they had an agreement in place, but Anello wanted more money. Don’t be greedy, dude. Take your million and live happy knowing you were the final nail in Carey’s public coffin.

Mariah is actually getting off easy. She’ll pay this dude a million bucks to go away and go back to planning her next tour. Haha, just kidding. We’re two months away from 2018 and Mariah hasn’t been relevant since she made American Idol even more unwatchable. No one is booking her.

And if they are, they get what they deserve.

26 Truly Stunning Hollywood Divorces

Really, if these couples can't make it... who can?

We're still shocked that these Hollywood marriage didn't work out. Toggle through this slideshow of most surprising divorces and react now: Can you believe they're over?!?

Can true love even exist in Hollywood at this point? Or anywhere for that matter?

1. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

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They announced their legal separation in August of 2017, with Pratt's busy movie schedule supposedly to blame. Sad face.

2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad pitt and angelina jolie pose
We start with the most stunning EVER. Jolie filed for divorce in September of 2016 due to problems she had with Pitt as a father of their kids.

3. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben affleck jennifer garner red carpet pic
We're as stunned as you are. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were together for a decade and are parents to three amazing kids.

4. Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner

Bruce and kris jenner
If Bruce and Kris Jenner cannot make it work, even after two decades of marriage, what hope is there for every other couple out there?

5. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer lopez and marc anthony pic
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have twins together and also had a great life together. But then it all fell apart.

6. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

Mariah carey and nick cannon on christmas
They have twins! They renewed their vows every year! And yet it did not work out in the end for Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.
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Mariah Carey Too Tired to Move Onstage Now

I’m not going to say that Mariah Carey is getting old (especially not on the internet, where she can hear me), but I will say that she’s gotten… less energetic. I saw her on New Year’s Eve, and she was a mess (though she refuses to take the blame). So I’m not all too surprised to hear about her latest onstage calamity.

Fans are reportedly mad about a show she did in Las Vegas. Specifically, it happened during a rendition of “Honey” that they found less than stirring.

#PressPlay Monday mood or naw 😂 #MariahCarey via: @halocarterr

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Carey’s shows are filled with dance choreography, but for this number, she just sort of stood there. The backup dancers tried to cover, moving around her, but Carey had to take a breather, or forgot where she was, or just didn’t really care.

Some blame it on Mase, who came in with some sleepy rapping in the remixed version of the song. Maybe Carey was just lulled to sleep by his unenthusiastic performance? There are those who will defend Carey until the end, but sometimes musicians don’t perform at peak levels until the end of time.

Or maybe she was distracted by a hottie backup dancer. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Mariah Carey Celebrates Birthday with Bryan Tanaka: See The Pics!

Mariah Carey has made it abundantly clear in the past that she's not one to follow traditions. 

The singing sensation celebrated her birthday in style with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. As has been the case with the couple throughout their relationship, the whole thing was well-documented via social media.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka Kiss

Mariah, who turned 47-years-old, has made a habit of treating her birthday more like an anniversary. She does have a point, but something tells us this is her trying act like she's better than everyone. 

Bryan was the one who shared the pictures, and it sure looks like the pair indulged in a relaxing getaway to ring in the momentous occasion. 

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka Relaxing

"Starting the anniversary festivities in a relaxing, chic environment #HappyAnniversary," Tanaka captioned to his 136,000 followers. 

In another picture, he looked out to the ocean, with Mariah (presumably) taking the picture of him. 

"Everyone can use a little zen time. Soaking in the moment and recaliberating my spirit #MuchLove #BlessingsOnBlessings," he captioned. 

Bryan Tanaka Posing

Does it seem like the couple is trying to make everyone jealous of their trip?

We kid, mostly.

 On a more serious note, viewers did get to see another side to Mariah during her stint on Mariah's World.

That reality series showed a more vulnerable version of the star who has been known for her diva behavior.

That reality series also showed fans the burgeoning relationship between Mariah and Tanaka as they grew closer.  

It's just a shame her being portrayed in such a good light was tarnished by her botched New Year's Eve performance that found the star refusing to continue with a performance. 

The reason? Technical issues. It was, however, blown out of proportion when Mariah's team made claims that she had been sabotaged. 

Maybe this break will do Mariah more good than Bryan. Either way, we hope she had a wonderful birthday anniversary. 

Are We Witnessing The Fall Of Mariah Carey?

Did you know Mariah Carey just put out a failed single? Usually when someone as big as she allegedly is puts out something it’s a big deal, whether it gets good press or torn apart.

I don’t think anyone even heard “I Don’t.” I still haven’t.

Following a miserable NYE performance so bad it doesn’t even classify as a performance, shit is definitely not looking up for Mariah. In fact, it looks like her record company is even considering dropping her all together.

According to Showbiz411:

I caught word that Epic Records is very unhappy with Mariah. That recent single, called “I Don’t,” was a total failure. It was also a total surprise to Epic. They were sent the track all completed, with no forewarning from Carey’s camp that it was coming, I am told. They hadn’t heard it. “We were just told to put it out,” says a source. So they did. And it flopped.

Mariah Carey’s ex is right. She does need professional help because her management is majorly fucking up. Her manager Stella Bulochnikov is clearly doing a really shitty job, and has apparently also cut Mariah off from everyone so no one can reach her.

That’s a really bad fucking sign, and it’s getting even worse.

Now my sources say Epic chief L.A. Reid is considering dropping Mariah from the label. In the time since she signed with him, Carey has had two singles– “I Don’t” and “Infinity.” They were not sellers, and didn’t get played on radio. There is no work being done toward an album, and no conversations are taking place between Epic and Carey’s team.

If Mariah wants to continue living like a queen, she better find someone that can manage her into some goddamn money. And stat.

Mariah Carey Pretends She Works Out In Stilettos And Fishnets

Mariah Carey, a diva so extra that she threw her own NYE performance away and forces her boyfriends to only listen to her music, despite not having a hit in at least 10 years, wants you to believe she works out in fishnets and stilettos.

She instagrammed the whole thing.

Climb every mountain 👊🏾😘 @gunnarfitness

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

We all know you weren’t born with that ass, Mariah. It’s ok. I don’t believe you did all the sqauts necessary to get that hot only in stilettos.

Running amok. @gunnarfitness

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

I dig this exercise porn parody video Mariah tho, tbh. To be almost 50 and still be this perfectly ridiculous is a feat.

We must we must … ;) 😘 @gunnarfitness

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

Ok, Mariah.

Mariah Carey’s Ex-Husband Tommy Mottola Says She Needs Professional Help

Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Tommy Mottola, who launched her whole damn career, says she needs to work with people who suck less.

Considering her disastrous NYE non-performance and her upcoming reality show which will probably be a beautiful disaster, I second that.

Everything that comes out about Mariah Carey revolves around her being so diva that diva doesn’t even cover it. Making everyone around you and your future ex-fiance only listen to your music? Claiming you don’t know anyone, ever? Come on Mariah. This reality show is gonna make her the laughing stock of planet earth, probably.

I’m so ready.

In a letter he gave to Page Six, Mottola said lot of shit that makes sense.

“My only advice is that she should hire more seasoned and respected professionals to surround her and help her with her career! I would never have encouraged her or guided her to do something like a reality television show!!!!! I don’t get it!!”

I want to know what the next “is it chicken or fish?” gonna be. I get it. Mariah’s manager however, flung back the sickest burn in American history, probably.

“Really? Tommy is a relic. Did he give you that statement from a rotary phone?”


Mariah Carey’s Performance Was Sabotaged…By Her Not Giving a Fuck

Mariah Carey’s New Years Eve performance was sabotaged!

Was it the Russians? No, this time it was just the crew at New Years Rocking Eve.

If you somehow missed it, Mariah Carey did a 3 song set live in Times Square for the ABC program. After doing a fine job of Auld Lange Syne, things went bad during Emotion and We Belong Together. Mariah apparently couldn’t hear herself due to technical issues, so she walked around onstage occasionally saying she needed her monitor fixed, then half heartedly lip synched while her dancers tried their hardest to still put on a show. Basically, she was the living embodiment of not giving a fuck.

Now, Mariah’s rep is saying that she was “set up to fail.” The rep claims Mariah rehearsed for 3 hours the day before and showed up for a run through at 3pm that day with no sound problems. Then, before the actual show, Mariah complained her ear piece wasn’t working and her concerns were just brushed off and she was thrust into her live performance. The rep claims they may have done this on purpose for ratings.

As for the lip syncing, it is actually common for singers to sing a long with a track, especially when a performance is outdoors, in the cold, live, with a million screaming people around.

But a production source responded by saying that’s all a crock of shit. They claim Mariah “Had ample time to rehearse and chose not to…The music was provided by her team, there were no fewer than eight audio monitor wedges in front of her and the dancers had no problem syncing up to the music.” Plus, they say that Mariah had a body double rehearse for her at the run through and encountered no sound problems.

The truth is probably somewhere in between. I wholeheartedly believe that she could not hear herself and that there were audio problems during the show. I also firmly believe that Mariah Carey did not rehearse for 3 hours to sing 3 songs she sung for a million years. There’s no way that’s true. Also, it seems unlikely that the crew would undermine her on purpose. Sound problems happen all the time. Watch The Tony Awards. All you see are theater professionals sing with non-working microphones.

Either way, it’s kind of awesome to see someone just give a middle finger to a live show. It’s not the most professional move, but it did make for a much more entertaining New Years Rocking Eve.

Mariah Carey’s NYE Performance Was Sabotaged

Still reeling from the disaster of a NYE performance, Mariah Carey’s team is now in damage control and telling everyone that Mariah was sabotaged for ratings. According to her people, they told production three times that Carey’s mic pack was broken and instead of cutting to commercial or to the West Coast feed, they hung her out to dry.

“I will never know the truth, but I do know that we told them three times that her mic pack was not working and it was a disastrous production,” Carey’s manager, Stella Bulochnikov, told Us Weekly on Sunday, January 1. “I’m certainly not calling the FBI to investigate. It is what it is: New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Mariah did them a favor. She was the biggest star there and they did not have their s–t together.”

“They acknowledged that they knew her inner ears were not working,” she said. “They did not cut to a commercial. They did not cut to the West Coast feed, they left her out there to get ratings.”

Emails to Dick Clark Productions on Sunday asking why they’ve been “suspiciously silent and let Mariah take all of the hits today when they are responsible for the mess” went unanswered. Her team called it “sabotage.” That’s how bad it was. Even Donald Trump took her off his list of people he wants to perform at his inauguration.

DCP responded to the allegations denying anything of the sort took place.

“As the premier producer of live television events for nearly 50 years, we pride ourselves on our reputation and long-standing relationships with artists. To suggest that dcp, as producer of music shows including the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Academy of Country Music Awards, would ever intentionally compromise the success of any artist is defamatory, outrageous and frankly absurd. In very rare instances there are of course technical errors that can occur with live television, however, an initial investigation has indicated that dcp had no involvement in the challenges associated with Ms. Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance. We want to be clear that we have the utmost respect for Ms. Carey as an artist and acknowledge her tremendous accomplishments in the industry.”

While Dick Clark Productions could be to blame, one has to think another part of the blame also falls on Mariah who couldn’t perform a song she’s been doing since 1991. Anyway, ending 2016 with this disaster was fitting.

Mariah Carey Had a Fantastic New Year’s Eve

Did any of you catch Mariah Carey’s performance last night in NYC at the annual Rockin’ Eve? Because Mariah sure didn’t.

During her performance of Emotions, everything went to hell when the vocal track went missing and Mariah was unable to lip sync. Why did she even need to lip sync? Her voice has gone to shit. Just watch this embarrassment. There’s a 100% chance she murdered someone afterward.

Rumor has it that she’s still trying to find her backing track to this day.

Mariah Carey: Worst New Year’s Eve Performance Ever?

If all publicity is good publicity, then ratings for the next episode of Mariah's World will be off the proverbial charts.

That's because the legendary singer is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter today, following a humiliating performance in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

The issues kicked off nearly as soon as the Carey took to the stage singing "Auld Lang Syne," when it became immediately apparent that her backing track didn't match up with what she was singing.


Donning bodysuit and surrounded by dancers who were holding feathers, Mariah subsequently launched into "Emotion" - but appeared to be unable to hear the actual track.

After belting a couple of words, the artist told her dancers to walk her down the steps to the front of the stage.

"Well, Happy New Year," she said to the audience, as she seemed to reach for her earpiece.

"We can't hear but I'll just get through 'Emotion.'"

A moment later, though, she basically gave up, informing those in attendance:

"All right, we didn't have a check for this song, so we'll just say it went to number one."

Honestly, things just got worse from there.

At one point, she simply shrugged and said:

"We're missing some of the vocals, but it is what it is … I'm gonna let the audience sing. We didn't have a sound check for this New Year's baby, it is what it is."

Overall, it was a pretty fitting way to wrap up 2016.

In response to the clear hiccups, Carey later Tweeted: "Sh-t happens.'

Which is true. But this was epic.


Mariah carey worst new years eve performance ever

Mariah Carey Doesn’t Know Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is always trying to start shit, but no one cares enough about the tone deaf Disney asylum escapee to take her up on it. From calling out Nicki Minaj to calling out Mariah Carey randomly on Twitter one day, being a middle school bitch is just not working out for Demi.

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday, Carey played a game of Plead The Fifth where Cohen brought up Lovato’s jab. He asked the diva:

“Demi Lovato, I didn’t know this, she kind of shaded you on social media. She made assumptions about Ariana Grande, and she said, ‘Mariah’s a legend and she’s so talented but she disses people. It’s nasty the way she treats Jennifer [Lopez].’ What would you say to Demi?”

Of course, Mariah continues her trend of not knowing anyone. She has said she doesn’t know JLo, despite having met her many times.

”I don’t know her either and so I wouldn’t say anything to her. She should come up, introduce herself to me, say, ‘Here’s my opinion, what do you think about it?’ That’s how you handle shit, OK?”

Carey also claimed not to know Ariana Grande.


Bryan Tanaka: I Love Mariah Carey So Much!

For several months, Mariah Carey thought James Packer would always be her baby.

The singer seemingly possessed an endless love for the billionaire businessman.

But then she and her fiance called off their relationship, acknowledging that their one sweet wedding day would never take place, and Carey went off in search of a new hero.

It didn't take her long to find one.

Mariah Carey in a Robe

Indeed... if all Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is an attractive man to call her own, then she's clearly found one in choreographer Bryan Tanaka. 

Song lyric puns aside, there is no longer anything to debate. There are no rumors surrounding Carey and Tanaka, no innuendo of any kind.

They are simply together, mere weeks after Carey split from Packer.

Late last month, witnesses confirmed that Carey and Tanaka were all over each other in Hawaii.

There was kissing. There was groping. There were public displays of affection across the board.

“They swam in the ocean and he picked her up to kiss her," an onlooker told Us Weekly, adding in detail:

"She was jumping into his arms, and he bent her back over his knee like they were dancing. Then they walked on the beach holding hands, and he gave her a piggyback ride.

"They had a lot of fun together, and were very playful."

Bryan Tanaka and Mariah Carey

Fast forward about a week and E! News chatted with Tanaka at a premiere party in honor of Mariah's World, the new reality show that debuted last night on E!.

And the dancer wasn't exactly shy when it came to his feelings for Mariah.

"I've always had a thing for Mariah. I love her so much," Tanaka said at the New York City-based party.

He then toed the company and network line perfectly, teasing new episodes to come:

"Just make sure you tune in to the show and you'll see kind of how everything happens."

You can use the video below to watch Mariah's World online right now in order to catch up on the pilot.

It was every bit as absurd and scripted as you'd imagine it to be...

"We've been friends for a long time," Tanaka added at the bash. "I do a little dance move here and there and we have a good time. It will be fun."

A cynical person might say this relationship is simply contrived for the sake of ratings and storylines.

But Tanaka swears that it's real and special.

"Something connected with us back in the day and there was just a mutual admiration," Tanaka says.

"She saw something in me that I actually didn't recognize at first, from that it was over. It was set in history that we were gonna be connected some way, some how."

Remember: Carey was engaged as recently as two months ago!

So these two may want to slow down, out of respect for James Packer at the very least.

Not that we can blame Carey is this romance really is the real thing.

Did you see that photo of Bryan Tanaka above? Did you see those abs?!?

Go get it, girl.

Mariah Carey: Bryan Tanaka and I Are …

Mariah Carey ... well, the poor woman has had a hell of a time lately.

She broke up with her fiance, James Packer, in October, and the split reportedly "traumatized" her.

We've never really gotten a clear reason for the breakup, but some sources claim that a source of tension between the two was Mariah's relationship with James' family.

Or, to be more accurate, the lack of a relationship.

The "final straw" for James was allegedly when Mariah refused to come to his sister's birthday party, but "his mom hates to even hear her name mentioned, and James' tight circle of friends never really thought they would marry."


But another report states that "something really bad" happened with Mariah's assistant when they were all vacationing on a yacht in Greece, so who knows what happened?

Whatever it was, it's undeniable that Mariah has been pretty closely linked with her backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, in the days and weeks following the breakup.

Like, so closely linked that there are already pregnancy rumors.

So did Mariah cheat on James with Bryan, is that why they broke up? Or has Mariah found comfort in the dancer after all that heartbreak?

Girl, just watch this video:

Mariah carey bryan tanaka and i are

Naya Rivera & Ryan Dorsey Are Just The Latest Celebrity Couple To Call It Quits In 2016!

2016 has been a sh*tty year for more than one reason, and celebrity breakups are definitely one of them!

As you may have learned by now, Naya Rivera filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Ryan Dorsey, while requesting primary physical custody of their baby boy Josey. Eep.

Related: Love Takes Another Hit Following Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber's Split

From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Mariah Carey and James Packer -- this year has just not been good for love!

See if your favorite duo called it quits in the gallery (below)!!

CLICK HERE to view "All These Celebrity Couples Broke Up In 2016!"

CLICK HERE to view "All These Celebrity Couples Broke Up In 2016!"

CLICK HERE to view "All These Celebrity Couples Broke Up In 2016!"

CLICK HERE to view "All These Celebrity Couples Broke Up In 2016!"

CLICK HERE to view "All These Celebrity Couples Broke Up In 2016!"

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Mariah Carey-James Packer: Insane Prenup Details, REVEALED!

Mariah Carey may or may not be pregnant with Bryan Tanaka's baby.

There's been talk going around the Internet that the singer and her backup dancer are already an item, just several days after she split from fiance James Packer.

That's up for debate.

What has been confirmed, however, is that Carey and Packer were in the middle of negotiation a prenuptial agreement when they broke up.

Mariah Carey on a Microphone

And the details of the document are a bit unusual.

According to TMZ, a draft of the prenup was sent to Mariah's camp not long before this relationship came to an end, with reps for Carey rejecting it as "tacky and insulting."

Let's take a look at various clauses and you can see if you agree, alright?

This passage was considered one of the more controversial conditions of the proposed agreement:

Except for gifts between them for their engagement, wedding or on birthdays and anniversaries, no item of jewelry and/or personal adornment costing over $250,000 will be deemed a gift unless accompanied by, or promptly followed by, a writing specifically stating 'This is my gift to you.'

Look, all marriages should spell out who gets to keep which so-called gifts valued at over $250,000, shouldn't they? It's only fair.

Elsewhere, Packer agreed to purchase certain items clothing for the artist...

... but there's a blank space for the couple to agree upon a maximum amount he had to shell out.

The document also read that this clothing would not to be used for business or performing and "Mariah shall provide all clothing for her children."

James Packer and Mariah

Who are we to judge another couple, we know.

If Carey and Packer were happy and in love, they could include anything they want to in their prenup.

But it's pretty clear they were NOT happy and in love, especially not when we see the kinds of business-like conditions they were putting on their romance.

The singer and the Australian billionaire ended their engagement in late October.

The reasons why remain unclear, but insiders close to Carey have deemed Packer to be violent and mentally unstable.

There's been talk that something happened between Packer and Carey's assistance during a vacation in Greece a few weeks back and that the stars haven't even talked since.

It's a pretty huge mess.

This was another clause in the prenup:

James shall cause a credit card(s) to be issued for use by Mariah and staff ... the amount of expenses ... shall not exceed US $____ per calendar month.

The amount was blank.

And also:

James shall provide the use of one private aircraft, of his selection, for Mariah's personal use, or that of her children and nannies only when James, in his sole discretion, determines it is appropriate to do so.

What was the main reason why negotiations fell apart?

This provision, TMZ alleges:

James will pay Mariah, and Mariah shall accept, $6 million dollars per year for each full year of marriage, up to a maximum of $30 million ... adjusted pro-rata on a weekly basis [$151,385 per week].

Carey supposedly turned down this dollar amount and is now demanding a $50 million payout from Packer, one that she says he agreed to make if the marriage fell apart.

Mariah Carey Says Her Kids Should Have Their Own Reality Show: ‘They’re Hilarious’

Mariah Carey‘s twins are two tiny stars in the making.

When the diva’s new reality show, Mariah’s World, debuts in December, the singer’s 5-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, will also get some screen time.

“They can have their own show because that’s how funny they are,” the proud mom, 46, told reporters at a TCA panel promoting the E! show.

Though dad Nick Cannon has been “very supportive” of their children being featured on the show, the former couple is still figuring out “mutually” how big a role they will play.

“The truth is, they jump on the stage when they can,” says Carey. “The answer is we’re still in the process of putting everything together.”

Mariah Carey reality show
Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock

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And though they’re still toddlers, Carey says her kids have already seen more of the world than most adults.

“I try to have them do as many activities that they can that aren’t just like, the iPad,” she says. “I spend time with them. We travel together. I take them to different places. They love traveling.”

Mariah Carey reality show
Source: Mariah Carey/Instagram

Despite her hectic schedule, however, the singer also tries to keep their schedule as “consistent” as possible — and they already take after Mom.

Says the star: “Yesterday, my son was being the deejay. Miss Monroe has a really, really good ear for music and a really beautiful tone, but I can’t force her to sing, so if she wants to sing, she’ll sing. I encourage her because it’s a great outlet.”

For more from Mariah Carey, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Melody Chiu

Mariah Carey: When Will She Marry Marry James Packer?

Mariah Carey is getting married to James Packer... maybe. If she can find the time.

The 46-year-old singing sensation had a chat with Sharon Osbourne for Entertainment Tonight this week, addressing plans about her future. 

Will it include a wedding?

Mariah Carey and James Packer at 27th Annual Glaad Awards

Maybe, but Carey said she has "a lot on my plate" these days.

Her professional plate, she means. Not her personal plate... or else we'd be close to hearing wedding bells.

Surely, if she was serious about the whole thing she would pick a date and work her schedule around it. 

Even if that meant pushing it a bit further down the line. 

It kind of raises questions about whether everything is going well between the singer and her VERY rich fiance. 

If you plan on getting married, you get married. You don't get all sketchy about it. 

Could there be trouble in paradise?

Might it be down to Nick Cannon refusing to sign divorce papers?

Yes, word came out earlier this week that Cannon was flat out refusing to sign the divorce papers. 

This could very well be preventing any potential union between Carey and James Packer. 

It is pretty odd that he's so against signing the papers because it's preventing both parties from moving on from the failed relationship. These two seemed to get along very well for exes.

There's also the possibility that this is all a ruse to get people to tune into her eight-part E! reality series, Mariah's World.

Shows on E! rely heavily on constructed drama. It's the home of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, after all.

It hasn't made us any more excited for the show and viewers will probably be furious if the show has Cannon refusing to sign the divorce papers all season long. 

Carey thinks she's GLAAD's most famous celebrity, so expect similar comments about her being the most famous person in reality TV. 

What do you think of all the drama? Hit the comments!

15 Hot Young Celebs Who Are Secretly 40

It's tough to make a living in Hollywood, and it only gets tougher with age.

That goes doubly for women in the film industry, who are often forced to conceal their age in order to avoid being automatically ruled out for certain roles.

In 2012, Jessica Chastain was caught lying about her age. Last year, Rebel Wilson admitted to doing the same.

Both women are now at points in their career where they can confess to misleading a few casting directors and still find work.

However, they might have never gotten the chance to establish themselves if they hadn't fibbed a bit on their resumes.

So when we present the following list of celebs who have been accused of lying about their age, we do it not to shame them, but, well ... simply because it's fun to guess how old they really are.

Jump into the gallery below for a list of stars who may have turned 29 a half dozen times. Just don't judge them to harshly. 

After all, sometimes you have to play with the truth in order to get to the top - and just about every politician on Earth is guilty of far worse fabrications than these.


1. Blake Lively - 28

Lively in red
Blake Lively says she's 28 years old. Rumors that she's lying about her age have haunted her since her Gossip Girl days.

2. Margot Robbie - 25

Margot robbie at wolf of wall street premiere
Margot Robbie claims to be 25, but many fans have pointed out that she looks a bit older. Hey, that Australian sun will do a number on your skin.

3. Lindsay Lohan - 29

What is with lindsay lohans face
LiLo certainly looks older than her 29 years. The sad part is, in this case, we don't think she's lying about her age as much as we think her lifestyle has added at least 11 years to it in terms of mileage.

4. Adele - 27

Adele nose job photo
Maybe it's her old school style, but some folks think Adele's latest album should be titled 35-ish.

5. Coco - 36

Coco and ice t leave the huffington post
Coco says she's 36, and frankly, we believe her. Hell, there are far more unbelievable things about her body than her age.

6. Bella Thorne - 18

Bella thorne cleavage photo
Obviously, Bella is gorgeous, but does she look 18? We suspect her parents might've misled some casting directors to give Bella a leg up when she was a child star.
View Slideshow

Nick Cannon: Posts HILARIOUS Response to Mariah’s Engagement

Yesterday we learned that Mariah Carey became engaged to billionaire boyfriend James Packer, and Nick Cannon, for one, is being a great sport about it.

Nick Cannon reacts to Mariah's engagement meme

Carey's ex and America's Got Talent host reposted a hilarious meme in which he is lying unconscious in a hospital bed as Kevin Hart hovers over him saying, "It's just a ring, Nick."

The meme is funny for sure, but the rock that now resides on Carey's finger is in fact a whopping 35 CARATS, making it one of the biggest diamond rings on the planet.

By comparison, Kim Kardashian's ring is 15 carats and Beyonce's is 18, so Mariah's new bling has them beat by about double. 

Hell, a glimpse of that piece easily might've knocked me out, too.

But Cannon appears to hold no ill will toward the couple, and even offered his enthusiastic congratulations in the caption:

"Ha! This made me laugh out loud for real!!! HILARIOUS! #AllLove Congrats to @MariahCarey and James! May God Bless Your Future Union... #GreatPeople #GreatCouple"

Evidently, Cannon is staying true to his word that he'll never diss his ex-wife

"I will never say anything negative about @MariahCarey. We are forever a family rooted in love," he said after the two split in 2014.

Carey and Cannon share custody of their four-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe and the four have spent holidays together since the divorce.

Looks like Nick is keeping it classy. Chelsea Handler, on the other hand...

Mariah Carey Shares Sweet Instagram Snap of Herself Cuddling with Her Kids

It’s adventure time for Mariah Carey and her 4-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

On Sunday, Carey posted an Instagram snap of herself cuddling with her twins in a bed on what appears to be a plane. She captioned the photo with just a few hashtags: #dembabies #cuddle #moments #adventures.

Mariah CareySource: Instagram

The singer is no stranger to showing off her kids with ex Nick Cannon on Instagram.

Last week, she posted an Instagram photo of herself along with her pajama-clad twins meeting Santa Claus.

Although Carey is dating billionaire James Packer, she and Cannon often reunite for their children. The former couple gathered with the twins, and Cannon’s mother, for a night of family decorating for the holiday season. The proud dad, 35, took to his own Instagram to share photos of the festivities.

“With twins you gotta do everything twice, thus the 2 Angels on the tree!” Cannon captioned a pic of himself cuddling with his kids.

The evening consisted of decorating, homemade candy apples, using Cannon as a jungle gym and an outing with Cannon’s mother.

— Char Adams