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Minka Kelly Chesty Peeks For The A List Party

I'm not sure how I possibly got left off the invite list for an event known as the A List Party as I am clearly, well, the kind of guy who if left of the invite list will merely climb a wall or enter through a service entrance disguised as myself. Nevertheless I missed out on a ...

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Minka Kelly And Charlotte McKinney Tight Denim Showdown

Minka Kelly and Charlotte McKinney were both spotted out shopping wearing tight jeans. And I do mean tight. Like, "how one Earth did they pull those on" tight. I don't pretend to understand the physics of women's clothing. What I do know is that I love a woman in a tight pair of ...

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Mandy Moore And Minka Kelly Bikini Together And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Mandy Moore and Minka Kelly together because two is better than one. (Drunken Stepfather)Emily Ratajkowski has a nip slip at GQ shoot. (Egotastic All-Stars)Rihanna is scantily clad at the Barbados Carnival. (TMZ)Get your cardio going with hot girls in sports bras. (The Chive)Courtney Stodden's ...

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Sean Penn and Minka Kelly: Dating?

It's only been two weeks since we learned that Sean Penn and Charlize Theron broke up, but it looks the walking throbbing forehead vein that is Sean Penn has already found a new hot young actress to verbally abuse.

Sean helped actress and former Jeter-banger Minka Kelly celebrate her 35th birthday last night with an intimate dinner at Napa Valley's famous French Laundry restaurant.

Sean Penn Image
Minka Kelly Smiles

Sources say they were joined by other friends of Minka's, but there was unmistakable chemistry between Kelly and Penn, and Sean picked up the check at the end of the night.

It's also telling that Minka gushed about her b-day dinner on Instagram, but didn't even mention that Sean was present. Seems like a low-key romance in the making to us.

So, of course, we'd like to take this opportunity to encourage Minka to move to Montana, change her name, and maybe open a store that specializes in selling yarn and other knitting materials.

Sean must spit game that would make the Most Interesting Man in the World weep, because despite a long history of being a rage-fueled monster, he continues to hook up with some of the most attractive and successful women in Hollywood.

The relationship with Theron reportedly ended when she realized that Penn is an abusive alcoholic

Sources say the actress became so frightened of her ex-fiance that she dumped him by cutting off all contact. The two reportedly haven't spoken since she cut off their engagement.

If you don't see that as a red flag, Minka, you may want to be tested for color-blindness. Or at least have your Douche Sensor re-calibrated.

Minka Kelly Don’t Need No Bra

Minka Kelly may simply be the most boring celebrity in the universe. The known universe, until that Hawking bastard discovers more. We've been watching her sweet goodness for years now and she just never seems to be doing much. Which is boring. Also, absolute perfection when done ...

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