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Angelina Jolie NOT Dead NOR Teaching At Georgetown!

Where do these crazy rumors come from anyway?!

A Facebook post started spreading, titled “CNN Video Footage: Angelina Jolie Says Goodbye to Her Fans and to Brad Pit Before Doing This Suicidal,” which gossip debunker Snopes found to be linked to a click bait site that churns out tons of hoaxes!

Angelina Jolie death hoax
(c) Snopes

As if that wasn’t enough, a source shared earlier to Us Weekly that the actress will become a visiting professor at D.C.’s Georgetown University.

Angelina Jolie
(c) Getty

While the rumor is rather harmless, a rep for the school clarified things to E! News: “There are no current plans for Ms. Jolie to teach at Georgetown, but Angelina Jolie and William Hague have an open invitation to share their experiences and perspectives at Georgetown anytime they’re able.”

People really do miss you, Angie.


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Nick Young’s Pregnant Ex Speaks Up!

Is Keonna Green the reason behind the Lakers athlete’s break-up from Iggy Azalea?

“I’m not the reason they separated,” Green confidently tells Us Weekly. “I didn’t feel guilty because I was in love with a man.”

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young
(c) Getty

Keonna, who now has two children with Nick [one is currently on the way], continues, “I’m definitely not going to apologize for being in love with a man who I have a lot of history with. I do wish [Azalea] that kind of success and hope that she can get through this difficult time and she and Nick can move forward from this.”

Nick Young and Keonna Green
(c) Hollywire

A source, meanwhile, tells E! News: “They had a night and things got out of hand and they had sex. There was no question in not having the baby when they found out. Nick was a bit shocked but this is the mother of his son and if it happen with anyone now, he’d rather it be a slip up with her.”

Nick Young is a mess right now.


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Justin Bieber Throws Punches In Cleveland, Literally

Can someone with sense keep this boy company?

No matter how catchy and sexy his tunes are, it’s just too late now for Justin Bieber to say ‘sorry’ for his less-than-noble decisions in life, the latest of which is the brawl he got into in Cleveland last Wednesday after an NBA game.

Justin Bieber - Lamont Richmond fight

For all the voyeurs out there, TMZ got a Snapchat footage, and the singer was unfortunately taken down by a 6’5″ dude, Lamont Richmond.

According to Richmond, he asked Bieber if his two female friends “could take a pic and get a John Hancock,” to which the drunk Bieber saucily replies, “No autographs tonight, motherf*****.” Classy.

Justin Bieber
(c) Instagram

As if that wasn’t enough, the big guy is now planning to sue. Good effin’ luck!


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Caitlyn Jenner Denies ‘Sex Change Regret’ Rumors!

Sounds like trouble, if you’ll ask us.

After going through all that brouhaha to become a woman, writer Ian Halperin, who wrote the autobiography “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family,” says that Caitlyn Jenner is thinking ’bout de-transitioning back to a man. [WHUT!]

Caitlyn Jenner
(c) Vice

“One source confirmed to me Caitlyn has made whispers of ‘sex change regret…” Halperin dishes to news site TheWrap, citing Jenner’s remaining romantic interest on women as one reason.

Caitlyn Jenner
(c) AP

The other camp, meanwhile, was quick to refute this claim. One rep for the transwoman says, “Not worth commenting on such an idiotic report… Of course it’s not true.”

Hmmm… which one to believe?


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Britney Spears Photoshopped Her Bikini Pic?!

Real or fake? You tell us.

The whole Interwebs was in a chaos once again due to Britney Spears‘ recent pool side photo, which got a little too sexy for reality!

Britney Spears
(c) Instagram

Despite garnering over 170, 000 likes, many of her Instagram followers thought her torso section was a case of bad Photoshopping.

“It doesn’t look real. She’s beautiful but there’s something wrong with the pool’s border,” one user wrote.

Britney Spears and kids
(c) Instagram

I say… cut her some slack! Brit-Brit’s just enjoying her break from the Piece of Me tour with her sons.

Continue slaying, Godney!


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Vanessa Hudgens & BF Are Under Investigation!

Oops! There might be such a thing as “too much love.”

After what seemed to be a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend in Sedona, Arizona with Austin Butler, one careless act sparked a criminal investigation.

Apparently, as seen (and later deleted) on her Instagram, they carved “Austin + Vanessa” on one of the rocks which “may be located” in the Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest.

According to a spokesman, Brady Smith, it’s against federal law to damage “any natural feature or other property of the United States.”

Vanessa Hudgens in Sedona
(c) Instagram

If proven guilty or charged, their #sedonadreams might cost them up to $5,000 or six months in jail. Ouch!


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Paul McCartney Can’t Party With Tyga?!

Who would turn the King down?

TMZ was the first to report about the mishap that happened during Tyga‘s Grammy after-party at Argyle.

Despite an entourage that consisted of Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, Paul McCartney (THE Sir Paul!) was held up by security TWICE.

“How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit,” Paul says on video.

Paul McCartney at Republic Records party

The trio made their way to Mark Ronson’s Republic Records party instead, where they gained their mojo back.

In defense of Argyle, a rep told that “the club would have let in Sir McCartney if he wanted access,” if only the mix-up didn’t occur.

Oh well.


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What’s Happening Between Justin Bieber & Kourtney Kardashian?!

One Kardashian isn’t enough for Justin Bieber.

Back to his old ways, we see!

The “Sorry” crooner was just seen spending some time with the oldest sib, Kourtney Kardashian, at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood.

Kourtney Kardashian And Justin Bieber leave The Nice Guy Club Together
(c) Splash

A snitch shares to People, “He and Kourtney were nearly inseparable – smoking on the patio together and were super touchy feely.”

Justin Bieber and mystery woman
(c) Instagram

The two already ignited rumors when the Biebs posted a photo with an unknown woman, with a reference to Kourt’s baby daddy, Scott Disick: “Lord knows.”

What do you think, readers? Something serious is bound to happen, or just a serial hook-up?


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Zayn Malik & Calvin Harris Acted Really “Mature” On Twitter!


The Twitter fiasco started when Zayn Malik retweeted a post comparing Taylor Swift‘s Spotify drama and Miley Cyrus‘ statement about “not caring” if she makes money or not. [You can tell what he’s trying to say.]

Miley vs Taylor

This didn’t sit well with Calvin Harris‘ feed, so the mudslinging commenced with the sarcastic “You’ve made your money? Cool…fuck the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah fuck em.”

“ha you just made an absolute fool of yourself mate… you clearly didn’t understand what I just said either” was Malik’s comeback.

Calvin Harris
(c) Armani

Well… the cat-calling and the bashing took a few more exchanges, but ended up with Harris conceding: “best of luck, genuinely. You’ve got a great voice.”

A lot of time on their hands, apparently!


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The Battle Continues Between Drake & Meek Mill!

Drake isn’t letting Meek Mill‘s harsh words pass by him.

The crooner dissed Mill again through a new freestyle, “Back to Back,” that was posted last Wednesday. It follows his previous diss last weekend, “Charged Up,” which is Drake’s answer to the rapper’s criticism that he only hired a ghostwriter to compose his verse for “R.I.C.O.,” their collab off Meek’s album “Dreams Worth More Than Money.”

Back to the freestyle, he’s saying that Meek Mill has “trigger fingers turned to Twitter finger,” owing to the origin of the accusation. Drake even bravely calls him out, “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” as he’s the opening act for GF Nicki Minaj‘s The Pinkprint Tour.

Meek Mill and Drake
(c) Your Music Fix

Mill, however, just brushes all these off as “Baby lotion soft.” Woah!


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Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj: A FEUD Is Brewing!

‘Cause baby these two girls now got bad blood!

According to her latest tweets, she thinks so, apparently. She ranted on how, despite her 3 own nominations, her hit song “Anaconda” failed to get the “Video of the Year” nod despite the YouTube records it set last year.

Tay responded by being sweet, but fans are attacking her and the industry in general, alluding Nicki’s arguments mainly on racism in the music scene.

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj
(c) WireImage

What do you think, guys?


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50 Cent Files For Bankruptcy!

It’s definitely not 50 Cent‘s birthday.

The rapper, whose name is Curtis James Jackson II in real life, has filed for the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US.

The 40-year-old recently reported in court that he has assets and debts within the $10 to $50 million range, days after a jury ruled that he has to pay $5 million to a woman who sued after a sex tape case.

50 Cent
(c) Getty


“Mr Jackson’s business interests will continue unaffected in the ordinary course during the pendency of the Chapter 11 case,” his lawyer defends.

Digital Experience - 50 Cent

“This filing for personal bankruptcy protection permits Mr Jackson to continue his involvement with various business interests and continue his work as an entertainer.”

Okay, whatever you say.


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Ariana Grande Is One Donut-Licking, America-Hating Woman!

Ariana Grande has one more, one more problem.

As always, TMZ has managed to sneak out ’em security footages, and this time, it’s that of Ariana’s. The video shows her, initially, licking donuts on the display rack (ew!) with back-up dancer BF Ricky Alvarez.

When an employee approached with a new batch of donuts, she blurted, “What the f— is that?”

“I hate Americans. I hate America,” the songstress continues as Ricky and two other friends laughed out loud — during the 4th of July, no less.

Ariana Grande and new BF Ricky Alvarez
(c) Getty

Well, this is certainly not good for her image, and even ex Big Sean thinks it’s “immature” and “rude.”

She can’t resist it no more.


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Tyga Sent D*ck Pics To A Girl Who Isn’t Kylie Jenner!

Trouble’s brewing in this young couple’s paradise.

After all that drama with Blac Chyna, Tyga‘s making waves again — definitely not because of his music — but because of his alleged nudies… sent to another woman!

Kylie Jenner Tyga
(c) Celebs Life

Gossip site LoveBScott claims that a “source” sent them an e-mail, detailing Tyga’s raunchy exchange with transgender actress Mia Isabella. 80 screenshots have even been attached, and includes the intimate photos.

“Smh. The devil is working hard today,” the rapper tweets.

Kylie Jenner Tyga
(c) Splash

As for Kylie Jenner, another source, close to the couple, reports to HollywoodLife.com that she isn’t believing it, and “plans on standing by her man no matter what.”

Hope this turns out well!


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Tiger Woods Is Allegedly Dating His Fellow Golfer’s Ex-Wife!

Someone can’t seem to lay off ’em girls.

The latest of controversies surrounding Tiger Woods, he’s now said to be dating the ex-wife of his fellow pro-golfer Jason Dufner, Amanda Dufner!

Amanda Dufner photo
(c) Dailymail

The National Enquirer noted that their “steamy affair” started when Woods was still married to now ex-wife Lindsey Vonn.

Dufner is said to be a “flirt” among his husband’s colleagues on the PGA tour, which might have probably led to the hook-up-slash-affair.

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods
(c) Getty

“Even though Tiger dated Lindsey for years, he had a ‘thing’ for Amanda.  At first, it was just innocent flirting, but earlier this year it became serious,” a source dishes.

Ay, ay, ay, Tiger.


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Kate Moss Allegedly “Escorted Off” The Plane For Being “Disruptive”

“easyJet” didn’t go easy on Kate Moss.

The 41-year-old supermodel was reportedly escorted off one of its flights last Sunday in London for her “disruptive behavior.”

Kate Moss Vogue Italia 2015

She was supposedly on her way to Bodrum, Turkey when the incident occurred.

“The passenger had been reported as being disruptive on the flight. Officers attended and escorted the passenger from the plane. No formal complaints were made against her and she was not arrested,” a police spokesman says.

Kate Moss at the Louis Vuitton fashion show 2015
(c) Dominique Charriau

A fellow passenger, on the other hand, divulges, “There certainly wasn’t anything evident that was either putting the plane in jeopardy or creating a problem.”



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A$AP Rocky Slams Rita Ora Over Their Past Fling!

Rita Ora just had herself another hater: A$AP Rocky.

One particular song on the rapper’s new album, At.Long.Last.A$AP, caught everyone’s attention, “Better Things,” and it seems to talk trash ’bout the songstress.

Rita Ora and ASAP Rocky on the VMAs

“I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth/ Next time I see her might curse the bitch out/ Kicked the bitch out once ’cause she bitched out/ Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the bitch bounce,” he raps.

Rita Ora in white
(c) WENN

He then continues to diss her in a recent radio interview with Annie Mac on  BBC Radio 1, “To all the Rita Ora fans and to Rita Ora herself, keep going, you’re still beautiful baby girl, but next time – keep your mouth shut and I’ll do the same.’



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Courtney Stodden’s Sex Tape Is About To Be Released!

Thanks to Vivid Entertainment (and to Courtney Stodden’s dismay), the world will be treated to an “solo, intimate affair” with the reality star!

TMZ has received screen grabs of “Courtney Uncovered: The Courtney Stodden Sex Tape,” and it involves a lot of ice cream and foamy baths.

Courtney Stodden sex tape 2
(c) Vivid

Vivid says fans have been craving for the 20 year-old’s big boobies, so they’re moving up the release date.

Earlier, Courtney said that one of her best friends and “made it clear that he will stop at nothing to double-cross me.

Courtney Stodden sex tape 3
(c) Vivid

Stodden tells TMZ one of her best friends stole the tape and “made it clear that he will stop at nothing to double-cross me. I’ve been painted into a corner.”


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Adam Levine, SUGAR BOMBED!

“Your sugar? Yes please!”

After his stint at Jimmy Kimmel Live, poor Adam Levine was bombed with a bag of powdered sugar (a speculation) on his way out of the studio.

Adam Levine sugar bombed
(c) Twitter

Though Jimmy’s always known for his antics, Levine’s surprised reaction seemed like it was a random attack. It happened while the Maroon 5 frontman was signing autographs for fans.

Adam Levine sugar bombed

The attacker was quickly caught by security, who turned him over to the police afterwards and charged him for battery. Moreover, the heartthrob just brushed the sugar off!


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