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‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti Wants to Remake ‘Pet Sematary’

Thanks to inflation, the 2017 remake of It is on track to be the highest-grossing R-rated horror film of all time, pushing past the $234M 1973’s The Exorcist brought in. Of course, if you adjust for inflation, The Exorcist has a gross domestic total of $983M in today’s dollars, roughly four times what It has pulled in. Still, It is a major hit, and studios are likely to ignore The Dark Tower and make movies based on every Stephen King book they can possibly get the rights to.

While It director Andy Muschietti and his sister, producer Barbara Muschietti, are developing a sequel, detailing the return of gay icon Pennywise in the current day, they told Entertainment Weekly they’d like to do a remake of Pet Sematary.

“My affection for Pet Sematary will go on until I die,” Andy Muschietti tells EW. “I will always dream about the possibility of making a movie.”

“We’ll see who gets to it first,” Barbara Muschietti says. “But it is the first Stephen King book that we read, and it’s something that has been a great love, because it is possibly King’s most personal book. You can imagine his young family. What will you do to be able to keep your family? How far would you go?”

“I really hope we can do it. But if we do it, we have to do it justice, like we did with It,” Barbara Muschietti says. “The versions we read in the past years, the scripts we’ve read, have not been, in our opinion, representative of the book.”

The Muschiettis are also making something that’s not a remake of a movie you’ve already seen, a television adaptation of the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic book Locke & Key for Hulu. Joe Hill is Stephen King’s son, so the duo are really branching out, spreading their wings and trying something different from what they’ve already done.

Tyrese Gibson Slides Into The Rock’s Instagram Like a Jilted Lover

The Rock and Jason Stathman are teaming up for a Fast and Furious spinoff and that’s kind of pissing Tyrese Gibson off. According to Tyrese, he and The Rock had a heart to heart where they came to an understanding.

But now The Rock is not returning Tyrese Gibson’s calls. And much like a woman scorned, he’s sliding into The Rock’s social media to try to contact him. Get it together, Tyrese.

He commented, “If you move forward with that #Hobbs Movie you will have purposely ignored the heart to heart moment we had in my sprinter — I don’t wanna hear from you until you remember what we talked about — I’m on your timeline cause you’re not responding to my text messages — #FastFamily is just that a family……. We don’t fly solo.”

Tyrese then went on his on Instagram to post that he is happy The Rock is getting his own spinoff and he’s totally not jealous. He just wants the release date for Fast 9 to not be pushed back. For the fans, ya know. It’s all for the fans.

#Tyrese is still trying to get #DwayneJohnson to hear him out but it looks like Dwayne still has him on read 👀

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Tyrese needs to chill the fuck out with the passive aggressive ellipsis. If Tyrese talks like he writes, then I can understand why The Rock lost his number.

Also, I don’t know when Fast 8 came out last year but I’m pretty sure it was around No One Gives a Shit O’Clock.

Jared Leto Continues His Crazy Streak in ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

No one likes method actors. People pretend to be impressed, but really, every time you tell someone to call you Biff during rehearsal for Death of a Salesman at your community theater, everyone is rolling their eyes and mouthing “what an asshole” as they walk away from you. No one spends more time annoying their castmates with their unnecessary displays of commitment to acting than Jared Leto, though.

Maybe you’re familiar with how he paid someone to dress as a henchman and deliver a dead pig to his Suicide Squad castmates.Or how he sent Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn, a live rat. Imagine being in Suicide Squad with this douche, sitting around yelling at some PA “I’m the fucking Joker, bring me a cheese danish or I’ll rape your mother!” He was only in the movie for like, ten minutes, but he gave his co-stars a lifetime of memories of him being a huge dick. Which is apparently one of his better attributes.

Someone involved in the Blade Runner sequel, which is super creatively named Blade Runner 2049, thought it would be a good idea to cast this maniac as a blind person. According to Entertainment Tonight, he did exactly what you’d expect him to do and wore contact lenses that actually made him blind.

Because it’s not like the ability to see would be useful on a movie set for things like finding your mark or not walking into the prop scenery.

Director Dennis Villeneuve had high praise for Leto’s commitment, saying:

“He could not see at all. He was walking with an assistant, very slowly. It was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple,” he recalled. “Everybody became super silent, and there was a kind of sacred moment. Everyone was in awe. It was so beautiful and powerful — I was moved to tears.”

Yeah, I’ll bet that’s what happened. At no point did he think to himself “I can’t believe this asshole blinded himself, I have a shooting schedule and a budget to keep to and he can’t just pretend to be blind? I’ll bet they didn’t have to put up with this shit on Daredevil.”

Dave Bautista Is a Giant Gorilla Chameleon

Dave Bautista is perhaps one of the most underappreciated professional wrestlers of all-time. He was criticized for being a “Vince McMahon pet project,” which basically means he’s a big guy who couldn’t wrestle, but got pushed because Vince McMahon loves big muscular guys no matter their ability.

Since he’s a big muscular guy, when he went to Hollywod, he was typecast as a meathead action star. Bautista gave a thumbs down to those who saw him that way.

In an interview with IndieWire, Big Dave talked about transitioning for WWE to Hollywood and wanting to be a real actor.

“I don’t want to look like Dave Bautista there on screen, being the same guy in every role,” said Bautista. “I want to be different characters. I want to be a chameleon, which is not easy for me to do because I’m built like a fucking gorilla.”

A giant gorilla chameleon sounds like the worst pet ever. Could you imagine such a thing?

Bautista credited Chris Pratt for giving him a certain confidence on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I’ve never seen anybody who can just kind of a put himself so at ease and such a mindset where he’s just completely unselfconscious,” said Bautista. “He just lets it fly, he just lets it all hang out, he just doesn’t care. There’s nothing self-conscious about his performance, he just puts it all out there. He does stuff and says stuff [laughs] – it’s almost like he’s rambling sometimes, but he’s just fearless.”

I’ve seen every episode of Parks and Recreation. I 100 percent believe that Chris Pratt doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about him and that if he can elicit a laugh, he’ll go for it. And poor Anna Faris.

Bautista will next be seen in Blade Runner 2049, but it’s not really Bautisa, it’s just a robot.

“That’s the biggest thing I took away from that film is that Denis is very specific, and I mean very specific, to the point of directing how I walk, how I put things down, to my demeanor, to how I put on my glasses, how I take off my glasses,”

You gotta let Big Dave be Big Dave, directors.

Warner Bros Creating Whole New Universe So Leonardo DiCaprio Can Play the Joker

Warner Bros are trying their best to make us forget about that terrible Batman vs. Superman film by giving us a Joker origin film. Instead of using Jared Leto, who appeared as The Joker for like 10-minutes in Suicide Squad, the production company wants a bigger star.

They want the biggest star possible and the greatest actor of our generation.

They want Leo.

And they’re going to use Martin Scorsese to get him. Scorsese was listed as a producer on the upcoming Joker film when it was announced last week, even though his deal hasn’t been officially signed and he probably won’t do anything for the movie other than call up Leonardo DiCaprio.

Where does Jared Leto stand in all of this? Well, he’s still The Joker is the DC Universe that Marvel created in Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. But this isn’t a DC Universe film. You see, Warner Bros wants to create two universes. A DC Universe where Ben Affleck sucks and a CD (yes, I just flipped the letters, that’s not the usual name) Universe where Ben Affleck doesn’t exist.

Got it?

The CD Universe would allow Warner Bros to create standalone films with serious actors like Leo and the DC Universe would allow them to make terrible films that no one will want to see because who wants to watch Jared Leto after you’ve watched Leo?

Leo doesn’t typically do movie franchises because he’s a real actor who hasn’t reached the point of his career where he’s only doing films for money. That’s why Warner Bros is creating this standalone CD Universe. To lure the Leos of the world into comic book hell.

And to confuse the hell out of and piss off nerds everywhere.

Leo hasn’t been seen on screen since The Revenant because he’s been too busy banging models. But he has a couple of movies in pre-production. Given that he only does roughly one movie a year, don’t expect to Leo as The Joker until 2020.

Actually, don’t expect to see Leo as The Joker ever.

Ed Skrein Steps Away From ‘Hellboy’ Reboot In Name of Diversity

Hollywood is, in 2017, still fairly averse to casting Asians in blockbuster films. I don’t believe that having an Asian lead in a film would actually hurt its box office performance. For example, The Big Sick, led by Kumail Nanjiani, pulled in $45 million on a $5 budget, which is pretty good for an indie rom-com about a coma patient.

It’s even more baffling to me when Hollywood casts a white actor to play a supporting actor who was Asian in the source material for no reason. Such was the case when Ed Skrein was cast to play Ben Daimio in the upcoming Hellboy reboot. In the comics, Daimio’s Japanese-American heritage plays a fairly important role in his backstory, so it’s not something that can be changed without changing the core of the character. When Ed Skrein found this out, he posted a message on Twitter saying he was going to step aside.

And I say good on him. Not only is his decision upholding the integrity of the source material, it’s helping to provide opportunities for talented Asian-American actors who would otherwise be overlooked by The Hollywood machinery. Of course, this being Hollywood they’re probably just going to cast another white guy.

Usually I think these cries of whitewashing are a bit overblown. For example, in Dragon Ball: Evolution, Goku is an alien from the planet Vegita who exists in a fantasy world. There’s nothing inherently Chinese about Goku, even though Dragon Ball was based on the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. Likewise Death Note, which adapted a comic originally set in Japan but took place in Seattle. It’s also important to note that both of these movies were terrible, so in the long run it’s probably better for Asian actors that they had white leads.

Major Daimio in Hellboy is a bit different. For starters, his name is Daimio, which is clearly Japanese. As I mentioned earlier, his Japanese heritage does inform his character. I just don’t know what the casting director was thinking. It’s not like the name Ed Skrein is going to pack people into the theater, the guy was in three episodes of Game of Thrones before he got recast and he played the bad guy in Deadpool. That’s essentially his entire resume. There are Asian-American actors way more famous than Ed Skrein.

The ‘Super Troopers 2’ Red Band Teaser Trailer is Here

Super Troopers was a surprise success in 2001. The film, written by and starring the Broken Lizard comedy troupe composed of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske wasn’t a blockbuster, but it did attracted a devoted following with its irreverent antics. Today we get a look at the sequel, which was funded by a $4 million Indie GoGo campaign, in the form of a red band trailer.

We reported last year that Rob Lowe, currently starring in The Lowe Files on A&E, was filming a role in the film. The trailer gives us a look at comedy superstar Jim Gaffigan as a motorist who has a run-in with a few of the super troopers while they’re working as Canadian mounties. The film is set to be released to a crowd of cheering stoners on April 20th of next year.

James Cameron Throws Shade at ‘Wonder Woman’ and Patty Jenkins Shuts Him Down

Wonder Woman smashed into blockbuster territory and our hearts this summer, showing that not only are women capable of directing and starring in formulaic superhero movies, but also that DC has the ability to make a good movie after all. And little girls took notice, making the Amazonian princess a hero to a new generation of young women.

Famed director James Cameron has a different take on the summer blockbuster, however, saying this in an interview with The Guardian:

“All of the self-congratulatory back-patting Hollywood’s been doing over Wonder Woman has been so misguided. She’s an objectified icon, and it’s just male Hollywood doing the same old thing! I’m not saying I didn’t like the movie but, to me, it’s a step backwards. Sarah Connor was not a beauty icon. She was strong, she was troubled, she was a terrible mother, and she earned the respect of the audience through pure grit. And to me, [the benefit of characters like Sarah] is so obvious. I mean, half the audience is female!”

Let’s set aside that he just gave a seriously backhanded compliment to his ex-wife Linda Hamilton and ask if James Cameron is actually right. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, who said at the time that “Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don’t want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women’s strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman.” Marston doesn’t sound like he’s in Cameron’s corner here.

But it’s not 1943 and the new Wonder Woman film was made by Patty Jenkins, not Marston.

Jenkins gave the following reply on Twitter.

So who is right and who is wrong here? I’m inclined to side with Jenkins. Just because Wonder Woman is attractive doesn’t mean she can’t be a positive role model for women and girls. Women shouldn’t need to hide their femininity to be taken seriously. Nearly 70 years after Wonder Woman hit the pages of comic books for the first time, the theme Marston was pushing, that of a strong woman the equal of any man who retained her femininity and shows the power women have to change the world through love rather than brute force, is more relevant than ever.

Ripley and Sarah Connor were great characters who showed that women don’t need to be perfectly quaffed beauty queens to be competent and strong. Wonder Woman says women need not sacrifice the things that make them women in order to be equal to men. This might be controversial to the men who were mad about women-only screenings of Wonder Woman, but I say we let women decide for themselves what kind of women they want to be.

James Cameron advanced the representation of women in cinema more than most of his contemporaries. The comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For that the famous Bechdel Test comes from actually lauds Alien as passing said test.  But James Cameron doesn’t have a monopoly on how women should be portrayed and what makes a woman a positive role model. I don’t think the little girl who cried because she was so happy to meet Gal Godot is lacking a positive role model, I think she’s found the perfect role model for her.

Channing Tatum’s ‘Cruel’ Proposal Made His Future Wife Cry

Channing Tatum is really good at a lot of things, like acting and being the person your wife or girlfriend is secretly thinking about when you’re having mediocre weeknight sex with her. It turns out that practical jokes and proposals are a lot further down the list.

Tatum appeared on BBC Radio 1’s The Breakfast Show yesterday, and he told host Nick Grimshaw that before proposing to his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, he tried to pull a prank on her.

Elle UK had an excerpt from the transcript:

‘When I proposed to my wife I did something pretty cruel because I thought she was on to me. I basically told her I never wanted to get married to try to throw her off,’ the 37-year-old actor recalled.

‘I told her, “I don’t believe in the institution of marriage and I don’t think I ever want to get married”. She basically broke down crying,’ he added. ‘I thought, “This is not going well at all’ so I had to propose to her sooner rather than later.”

This is actually good news for the rest of us, as far as I’m concerned. We all know we’re going to fuck up and piss off our significant other about once a week, leading to yelling, tears or a bubbling hatred simmering just below the surface of your relationship, only manifesting in passive-aggressive gestures. And as guys, it’s always our fault. Seriously. Just apologize. Is sleeping on the couch for a week really worth the moral victory? But anyway, next time you screw up, just say “Oh yeah, well, you know how you’re always mumbling Channing Tatum’s name in the bath? Listen to what he did to his wife.” It may not be the best defense, but it might stop her from pouring boiling water on your manberries.

You Might Not Believe These Pics are Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is an incredibly sexy woman. In fact, Esquire magazine named her the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2017, which is… yeah, that’s this year. It’s hard to argue with that if you’ve seen her, and she’s from Australia, which is basically ground zero for beautiful, tanned people. But pictures from the set of Mary Queen of Scots show a much different Margot Robbie.

Robbie is playing Queen Elizabeth I opposite Saoirse Ronan, who is portraying the titular Scottish monarch in the upcoming biopic. It’s based on a biography by John Guy. You may know Robbie from her pants-tightening appearance as Harley Quinn in the utterly horrible DC Comics film Suicide Squad. If you’re an Aussie, you’ll remember her from her time as quirky groupie Donna Freedman on the early-evening soap opera Neighbours. That show also launched the career of singer Natalie Imbruglia. Robbie isn’t the only former Aussie soap star to headline a super hero flick as Chris Hemsworth, star of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, won a Logie for his portrayal of Kimberly Hunter in Home and Away.

While we may be shocked at how different (and when we say different, what we mean is unattractive, let’s not mince words here) Robbie looks, her fans on Twitter have been quick to point out Margot Robbie is already a very versatile actress.

Rumor has it that after filming this historical biopic, Margot Robbie will be playing Sharon Tate in a historical biopic directed by Quentin Tarantino. You can expect Robbie to look much more beautiful playing the late Hollywood starlet. You can also expect her to be barefoot for much of the movie because Quentin Tarantino is a perv.

Have you ever noticed that when a beautiful actress wears makeup to look less attractive, we fall all over ourselves to compliment their ability to not look beautiful? As if we’re surprised beautiful women can actually do things? Have you ever seen Helen Mirren when she younger? If you thinks she looks good now, you should have seen her when she was in her twenties. And if you think she looks better now than she did then, we’re glad you read our website, President Macron.

Famous Male Feminist Joss Whedon Spent 15 Years Cheating On His Wife

Man, male feminists are having a rough go of it lately. It was just a few months ago that woman-respecter Jamie Kilstein was kicked off of Citizen Radio for trying to fuck pretty much every woman who came on the podcast that he co-hosted with his wife Allison Kilkenny. And who could forget Devin Faraci, former editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death, who built a career on his reputation as a male feminist, stepped down amidst allegations of sexual assault. Those were were made against him in a Twitter thread when he was talking about how Donald Trump should respect women the way he does. Months before that, a little over a year ago from today, the phenomenon was so widespread that Patton Oswald tweeted this:

Which brings us to today. While Joss Whedon was taking over directing the new Justice League movie, his ex-wife was writing a guest blog on The Wrap. Here’s what she said about the very feminist Whedon, who wants you all to know how much he respects women.

Fifteen years later, when he was done with our marriage and finally ready to tell the truth, he wrote me, “When I was running ‘Buffy,’ I was surrounded by beautiful, needy, aggressive young women. It felt like I had a disease, like something from a Greek myth. Suddenly I am a powerful producer and the world is laid out at my feet and I can’t touch it.” But he did touch it. He said he understood, “I would have to lie — or conceal some part of the truth — for the rest of my life,” but he did it anyway, hoping that first affair, “would be ENOUGH, that THEN we could move on and outlast it.”

Joss admitted that for the next decade and a half, he hid multiple affairs and a number of inappropriate emotional ones that he had with his actresses, co-workers, fans and friends, while he stayed married to me. He wrote me a letter when our marriage was falling apart, but I still didn’t know the whole truth, and said, “I’ve never loved anyone or wanted to be with anyone in any real or long-term way except for you ever. And I love our life. I love how you are, how we are, who you are and what we’ve done both separately and together, how much fun we have…” He wanted it all; he didn’t want to choose, so he accepted the duality as a part of his life.

Then later, after he confessed everything, he told me, “I let myself love you. I stopped worrying about the contradiction. As a guilty man I knew the only way to hide was to act as though I were righteous. And as a husband, I wanted to be with you like we had been. I lived two lives.” When he walked out of our marriage, and was trying to make “things seem less bewildering” to help me understand how he could have lied to me for so long, he said, “In many ways I was the HEIGHT of normal, in this culture. We’re taught to be providers and companions and at the same time, to conquer and acquire — specifically sexually — and I was pulling off both!”

What’s interesting to me is that even in a private letter to his wife apologizing for spending their entire marriage banging anything that moves, he still shoehorned in some feminist talking points about the concept of toxic masculinity. At least he admits that he went around banging on about what a great feminist he is to cover the fact that he was also banging on any woman who would have him.

Is anyone shocked that this keeps happening? There are plenty of people who want equal rights and treatment for women who don’t run around in their $150 designer “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts, writing essays for Jezebel about how manspreading is a bigger threat than ISIS. Even the Bible tells you to keep an eye on people who tell you how pious they are.

Top 10 Differences Between the Harry Potter Books and Movies

It is typical for movies made from books to have to make some slight changes due to time constraints, budgeting issues, or even due to the direction that the producers or film directors wish to take the story. While this can happen and the movie still is excellent–like the Harry Potter series is–it is pretty sad to see key plot points or character arcs be cut from the final product. For this Top 10, we will explore what is in our opinion the ten biggest differences between the Harry Potter films and books. Despite these key scenes and characters ultimately being cut, we still believe that the filmmakers were able to truly capture all the magic of the Harry Potter universe.

10: The Animagus Rita Skeeter

An important aspect of Rita Skeeter as a character and her story arc was left entirely out of the movies. The real answer to the question of how the reporter for the Daily Prophet Rita Skeeter was able to get her exclusive scoops will elude those that have only seen the Harry Potter movies and have never read the books.

Rita Skeeter is what is known in the Harry Potter universe as an Animagus. An Animagus is a witch or wizard that has mastered the ability to transform themselves into an animal or creature. An Animagus usually has to take a test and become licensed by the Ministry of Magic. Some well known Animagii include Professor Minerva McGonagall, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. Rita Skeeter’s Animagus form is a shiny emerald green beetle. She utilized this transformation to eavesdrop on the titular characters of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

9: Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington’s Deathday Party

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington–who is commonly called Nearly-Headless Nick–celebrated his 500th Deathday during the story in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This important character development arc was completely absent in the film. One of the important aspects of Nearly-Headless Nick’s Deathday Party is that it allowed Harry Potter fans to date the events that happen in the Harry Potter universe. Based on his 500th Deathday Party and the year of his actual death (1492) we know that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was set in 1992.

Many important ghost characters showed up to celebrate Nearly-Headless Nick’s party, such as the members of the Headless Hunt, Myrtle Warren, Peeves the Poltergeist, the Bloody Baron and the Grey Lady. Additionally, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger were also guests at this party.

8: Hermione’s Potion Challenge

In the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (also known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone), the central trio of characters each have a trial that they must pass to get to the Philosopher’s Stone. The first trial was the Three-Headed Dog, which was overcome through the help of all three characters. The second trial is to get past a Devil’s Snare plant. The third test is the one that is overcome by Harry Potter and is a Quidditch-oriented trial. The [...]

Tom Cruise Goes Splat Onto Building While Filming ‘Mission Impossible’

Tom Cruise is a crazy person. Not just because he’s the face of Scientology and actually believes whatever crazy stuff they believe this month. But because he’s a 55-year-old millionaire who still insists on doing his own stunts.

Currently, Cruise is filming the latest installment of Mission Impossible. His mission in this movie is to get from one building to the next without killing himself.

Mission failed.

Here’s the problem when you’re 55-years-old and still believe that you can jump across buildings. You can’t. Why do you think they re-cast super heroes every seven years? No one believes that a 50-year-old can save the world because most 50-year-olds can barely get out of bed without their knees creaking and their back popping. The only reason we buy Tony Stark as a 50-year-old superhero is because he’s a millionaire who flies around in an armor suit and doesn’t actually do any of the work. If Stark were Captain America, he’d be dead.

The “splat” in the video is pretty unnerving. It sounds like every bone in Cruises’ body breaks as he slams into the side of the building.

I give Tom Cruise a lot of credit. He’s a brave man for continuing to want to do his own stunts. But no one will think less of him if he just retires from doing stunts. I’m willing to bet that most movie goers don’t even know that Cruise does his own stunts. They just assume it’s a double because why the hell is Tom Cruise doing his own stunts?

Here’s my suggestion, Tom. Stop doing your own stunts. And stop making Mission Impossible movies and make Top Gun 2 before Val Kilmer actually dies and you feel bad. The world doesn’t need more Mission Impossible movies. The world doesn’t need Top Gun 2 either, but we do need one last Val Kilmer movie.


teamkeanureeves posted a photo:


Keanu Reeves at a screening of Lionsgate Films' "John Wick" at the Arclight Theatre on October 22, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Robert Pattinson Gave Hand Job to a Dog

I’ll never question Robert Pattinson as an actor again after this story. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Pattison explained that he was asked to give a dog a hand job in his latest film Good Times. Good times indeed for that dog.

Pattinson refused to do the scene with an actual dog penis, which led to the director calling him a pussy. That’s the best part of this story. “Don’t be a pussy, jerk off this dog.” Fortunately, the filmmakers created a fake dog penis and Pattinson gladly gave it a stroke.

This had to be an elaborate prank on Pattinson, right? Who writes a scene that involves jerking off a dog and thinks, “This is very necessary to the plot and the character.” Pattinson tried to explain the rationale.

“(The character) thinks he has control over animals and stuff.”

Well, yeah. If you pleasure a dog, you probably do have control of him or her. But please explain how it’s relevant to the plot. Here’s the plot to Good Times: Pattinson is a New York criminal trying to save his little brother in one night. SO WHY IS HE SPENDING HIS TIME JERKING OFF A DOG?!?!?!

Pattinson explained that “a drug dealer bursts into the room and I was sleeping with the dog.”

Maybe that’s the whole movie. The drug dealers burst in, see Pattinson pleasuring a dog and are like, “This dude is crazy. Here’s your brother.”

This film got a six-minute standing ovation at Cannes. I’m convinced that every film gets a great ovation at Cannes because people have predetermined that Cannes = good film.

Pattinson went through all that trouble to jerk off a real dog with a fake penis and the scene ended up being cut. This proves that the scene is not vital to the movie and was an awesome prank on Pattinson for making all those Twilight films.

Tilda Swinton Could Have Been Pennywise If She Wasn’t So Busy Being Awesome

Can Tilda Swinton do anything? A lot of people certainly seem to think so. Fresh off of her appearance as an old Asian man in Doctor Strange, the producers of It wanted Swinton to play Pennywise, the killer clown.

Swinton may have actually been a good choice to play Pennywise. She’s a great actor who can tackle pretty much any role, and like Pennywise, she’s an extra-dimensional spider demon disguised as a clown who feasts on the flesh of human children.

This juicy bit of behind the scenes gossip was actually revealed as a joke. At a press event, director Andrés Muschietti and his sister, producer Barbara Muschietti, were explaining the lengths they went to find an actor to play Pennywise, one of the reporters asked if they had considered Tilda Swinton. Barbara revealed that they had, in fact, inquired about Swinton’s availability.

But alas, because we can’t have nice things, Swinton wasn’t available during the film’s production window, so we’ll just have to live with Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise when It hits theaters on September 8th, even though we’ll always think of what could have been. You can catch Tilda Swindon in pretty much every other movie in some capacity, and painted on a truck in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.

‘The Emoji Movie’ Reviews Are In and the Verdict Is Poop Emoji

Until a positive review came in today and ruined everything, The Emoji Movie had a 0% rating on rottentomatoes.com. It doesn’t even appear to be horrible in a Snakes on a Plane or Mystery Science Theater 3000 way, just perhaps the most dull, middle of the road pablum you could expect from a children’s movie based on emoji.

So what did critics have to say? Let’s start with Eric D. Snider, one of my personal favorite film critics and a big influence on me personally:

To summarize: it’s an unworkable premise that never should have been a movie, that nobody thought would actually become a movie, and that, having become one anyway, puts forth no effort to be a good one and is as bad as everyone thought it would be. We need to make movies great again.
(NOTE: I didn’t use any emojis in this review because I am an adult.)

The man has a way with words. What did Jordan Hoffman of the New York Daily News think?

The only thing worse than the dialogue is the absurd product placement. In addition to “riding the Spotify streams” to make it all the way across the phones, there are a few glimpses hawking Crackle, a streaming service no one uses but just so happens to be owned by the same corporate entity that is distributing the film.

Over at the Onion AV Club, Vadim Rizov had this to say:

Leondis has cited Toy Story as an inspiration, but The Emoji Movie is more like a severely debased Inside Out that takes place inside of a smartphone. The “plot” is really an excuse to hop from one app to another; there are stops in the lands of Candy Crush, WeChat, Just Dance, Instagram, Spotify, and (for the kids!) Dropbox. That last one proves crucial, saving the fugitive trio from a pursuing robot. “Don’t worry, it can’t get in,” Jailbreak helpfully notes. “It’s illegal malware and this app is secure.” At the climax, a Twitter bird comes to the rescue.

Hey, apps! I use apps! I know some of those names, so I’m sure this movie must be great! Maybe I should download some of the apps the movie mentions that I don’t already use! So as I mentioned up top, what feels like a million years ago, someone gave this movie a good review. That someone is Betsy Bozdech of Common Sense Media, who says:

But most audience members old enough to actually own phones will probably realize that much of The Emoji Movie’s plot is predictable (it feels like a mashup of Inside Out and Wreck-It Ralph, with a dash of The Wizard of Oz) and its humor only so-so. Don’t be alarmed if your mind wanders and you start asking yourself questions like: “How many kids have even heard of Dropbox?” and “Why do Gene and his parents get ‘people’ names, while Smiler and Hi-5 just have emoji names?” and “Would a real teenager really call someone to make a tech appointment at the phone store?” If you need something else to think about, try to figure out how you’d describe the movie’s plot using just emojis. Just don’t pull out your phone in the theater!

That… doesn’t sound like a good review. Common Sense Media isn’t so much about telling you if a movie is good or bad, just about letting parents know if a movie is kid-friendly or not. So the one good review this movie got was essentially just telling parents there’s no eggplant emoji jokes.

How did they get Sir Patrick Stewart to be in this? I saw him on Late Night with Seth Meyers promoting it and basically all he did was talk about Logan, an actual good movie he was in earlier this year. I can only imagine Sony gave him and everyone else involved in this movie that has actual talent a huge dump truck full of some of the money they got from all the product placement.

Angelina Jolie Taunted Cambodian Orphans to Cast New Movie

If there’s one thing we can count on from celebrities and politicians from across the spectrum, it’s utter disdain for the poor. Take, for example, this tweet by Debra Messing, one of the loudest voices in the celebrity #resistance to Donald Trump when she found out Trump advisor Steve Bannon proposed raising taxes on people earning over $5 million a year.

It should come as little surprise, then, that casting for Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father involved giving money to orphans in Cambodia and then taking it away to find the one that had the most emotional reaction. According to Google, Jolie has a net worth of $160 million dollars and the average household income in Cambodia is around $1,100 American dollars a year.

You might think I’m exaggerating here, but here’s a direct quote from the Vanity Fair article Jolie revealed it in.

To cast the children in the film, Jolie looked at orphanages, circuses, and slum schools, specifically seeking children who had experienced hardship. In order to find their lead, to play young Loung Ung, the casting directors set up a game, rather disturbing in its realism: they put money on the table and asked the child to think of something she needed the money for, and then to snatch it away. The director would pretend to catch the child, and the child would have to come up with a lie. “Srey Moch [the girl ultimately chosen for the part] was the only child that stared at the money for a very, very long time,” Jolie says. “When she was forced to give it back, she became overwhelmed with emotion. All these different things came flooding back.” Jolie then tears up. “When she was asked later what the money was for, she said her grandfather had died, and they didn’t have enough money for a nice funeral.”

That authentic connection to pain was awakened in everyone involved, says Jolie, making for a film set like nothing she’d ever seen. “There wasn’t a person who was working on the movie who didn’t have a personal connection. They weren’t coming to do a job. They were walking in the exodus for the people whom they had lost in their family, and it was out of respect for them that they were going to re-create it . . . It completed something for them.” Some had flashbacks and nightmares. For this reason, a therapist was on set every day. And then there were the odd bystanders who hadn’t been aware that a movie was being made, and were traumatized. In one scene, recalls Jolie, “when the Khmer Rouge came over the bridge, we had a few people who really dropped to their knees and wailed. They were horrified to see them come back.”

I mean, Jolie sounds almost pleased with herself over the amount of actual human suffering her film instilled in the local population. It reminds me of when British nobility used to have fox hunts in order to ride their horses through the peasants’ fields with dogs and falcons, leaving wreckage in their wake in order to show everyone how unimportant they were compared to the idle rich and their whims.

I took to Twitter to find some reactions, and frankly, I don’t think you’ll find any better than these. Especially Lana Del Raytheon, who is always a delight.

We don’t talk about it much because everyone finds her so attractive, but Angelina Jolie is a nutter. She almost died getting injected with sheep placenta. While some cell therapy is actual medicine, like a bone marrow transplant, what Jolie had done is essentially homeopathy without the latter’s benefit of having a drink of water. Jolie also French kissed her brother at the Oscars, tried to hire a hitman to kill her, and used to walk around with Billy Bob Thornton’s blood in a necklace. She’s basically one jade vagina egg away from being Gwyneth Paltrow.

First ‘Wrinkle in Time’ Trailer Brings Glitter and Darkness

Ava DuVernay is a stone cold badass. After making Selma, a hit movie showing the darker side and triumph of Martin Luther King Jr., Disney was desperately trying to sign her onto something. They offered her Marvel projects, but she was like “No, I’m good. I’m going to adapt one of the most beloved children’s books of all time, and feature Oprah drenched in glitter.” And Disney said yes!

The first trailer for A Wrinkle in Time, based on the classic 1963 Madeleine L’Engle novel is trippy as balls, but in a good way. Oprah gets to get her good fairy on, and she looks faaaaabulous. Her hair is towering, and she brings gravitas to silly fantasy lines about encroaching darkness and all while wearing more glitter than you’d find in Kesha’s swimming pool.

Chris Pine is in it too. His face looks 90% less punchable than usual. Maybe he’s just got all sorts of good will after Wonder Woman was such a hit.

The best part is that the movie doesn’t look dark, or muddy, or focus tested by a greedy and cowardly studio. It looks balls-out crazy. It’s got visual style, and flair and costumes for miles. And glitter. Oh so much glitter. Like I said, you’d be foolish to bet against Ava DuVernay, who seems to bend reality to her whims. It looks like this movie will give us a look into what’s inside her brilliantly twisted imagination.

Martin Landau Dies; Legendary Actor Was 89

Martin Landau, a veteran actor whose work has spanned the big screen and small screen, died Saturday afternoon at UCLA Medical Center.

He was 89 years old.

Martin Landau

According to TMZ, which broke this sad piece of news, Landau passed away at approximately 1:30 p.m. local time.

He had just recently been hospitalized for unknown reasons and had suffered a few health-related complications before passing away.

Among the many impressive credits to his name, Landau starred in such films as Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, Tim Burton's Ed Wood (for which he won an Academy Award) and Cleopatra.

Within the realm of television, Landau is likely best known for his role on the series Mission: Impossible.

He left that show after three seasons due to a contract dispute.

Landau, who started work as a cartoon, got his major acting breaking playing a gay henchman in the aforementioned Hitchcock classic, which came out in 1959.

At that time, of course, portraying a homosexual man in a movie was not a common occurrence.


Landau received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his performance in Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) and again a year later in the same category for Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors.

He finally won his lone Oscar in 1994.

Perhaps most famously, however, the beloved actor actually turned down the role of Mr. Spock on the NBC series Star Trek; it ended up going to Leonard Nimoy, of course.

“I turned down Star Trek. It would’ve been torturous,” the star said during a 2011 edition of the PBS documentary series Pioneers of Television, adding at that time:

“I would’ve probably died playing that role. I mean, even the thought of it now upsets me.

"It was the antithesis of why I became an actor. I mean, to play a character that Lenny (Nimoy) was better suited for, frankly, a guy who speaks in a monotone who never gets excited, never has any guilt, never has any fear or was affected on a visceral level.

"Who wants to do that?"

Throughout his amazing career, Landau befriended such legends as James Dean and Jack Nicholson, while he briefly dated Marilyn Monroe.

ml pic

Toward the end of his career Landau earned Emmy Award nominations for playing the father of Anthony LaPaglia’s character on Without a Trace and for guest-starring as an out-of-touch movie producer on Entourage.

He portrayed billionaire J. Howard Marshall, the 90-year-old husband of Anna Nicole Smith, in a 2013 Lifetime biopic about the late model; and starred opposite Christopher Plummer in Remember in 2015.

Expect many tributes from Hollywood greats to come pouring in as news of his death spreads.

Altogether, he appeared in close to 200 movies and television shows.

May Martin Landau rest in peace.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese Can’t Quit Each Other

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are just one of those great film duos. Like Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg, Bill Murray and Wes Anderson, or Johnny Depp and Tim Burton (if you’re feeling vulgar), Leo and Marty do some of their best work together. Think about it, the list includes  Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed, Shutter Island, and The Wolf of Wall Street. Those are probably some of my favorite films from either of those guys that isn’t Goodfellas or Blood Diamond (what can I say? I really like Blood Diamond. Fight me.). The dynamic duo has announced their latest team up.

The title of the new Leo/Marty joint has a mouthful of a title: Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI. That sounds right up both of their alleys. Leo already played a duly appointed federal mah-shal in Shutter Island. It’s based on a bestselling book by David Grann, who also wrote The Lost City of Z, which was made into a critical darling film this year.

The movie naturally follows the early days of the FBI in the 1920s. The investigation has the feds in pursuit of a killer targeting Osage nation members to get the oil under their land. Sounds perfect right? It’s probably not going to break any profanity records, but I’ll probably go see it, especially if Leo does a stupid accent.

Quentin Tarantino Wants to Kill Margot Robbie in His Next Film

Quentin Tarantino’s next film will focus on the Manson family murders. Throw in excessive use of the “n-word” and yup, that sounds like a Tarantino project to me.

While nothing is set in stone, Deadline sources believe that Margot Robbie will play Sharon Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski, who was murdered by the Manson family. Tate, 26, was eight and a half months pregnant at the time.

Robbie is currently slated to reprise her role as Harley Quinn for Gotham City Sirens and will play Tonya Harding in I, Tonya.

While nothing is official, given that this is a Tarantino movie, we can all expect Samuel L. Jackson to have some sort of role. Who else to going to drop the N bomb hundreds of times? Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are also being considered for roles.

Tackling the Manson family murders won’t be a huge stretch for Tarantino given that all of his movies depict brutal murder. In fact, I wonder if Tarantino can handle a true biopic. As a Tarantino fan, the satirical charm is something that I enjoy from his films. If he wants to paint a true picture of the Manson family murders, his typical satire and humor must be limited. I’m not sure if he can pull it off the way it needs to be done.

We know it’ll be gruesome enough, but will it be accurate enough to make the brutality come to life? I guess we can argue about that in two years when the film comes out.

Until then, let’s just hope that these rumors are true and we get Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence on the same screen.

Who Let Charlie Sheen Make a 9/11 Movie?

Let’s do a thought experiment. You’re Charlie Sheen’s agent (I’m so sorry). You’re looking for a new project for your boy. He’s been fired from one of the biggest shows on TV. He came out as HIV+, then people said he had magic blood. He smokes crack. A lot of crack. He can’t handle doing live gigs anymore. Like, not at all. Are you feeling exhausted yet? You’re not the only one.

So did you come up with a project yet? No really, try to think of one, I’ll wait. You got it? Good.

Was it a 9/11 movie starring Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg and Luis Guzman? You still there? Hello?

I am not even making this up, Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 project (called um, 9/11) is a real thing that is being theatrically released. I- he- but- HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!? Charlie Sheen is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. How did this happen!!?!

“9/11 is an inspiring story told with the sincerest of intent, and we’re very proud to help usher in Charlie Sheen’s return to dramatic roles,” Atlas [Atlas Distribution] head Harmon Kaslow said in a statement. Guigui added: “Like the play upon which 9/11 was based, the movie gives us an opportunity to take a glimpse into the experiences of a few who actually lived the event.”

Does anyone know where I could get some crack?

The U.K. Is Too Dangerous for George Clooney and His Twins

George Clooney may seem like the kind of guy who wants to live dangerously, but that is far from the truth. The recent dad just wants a safe place to be with his family. It looks like England can no longer be that place.

George and his wife Amal spend time in lots of swanky places, from London, to L.A. to New York, to the Italian countryside. Now he’s thinking about his family though, so wealth and class comes second to their safety.

“He’s determined to move his family to LA,” said a friend close to Clooney, “where he feels much more secure.”

It sounds like Amal really wants to live in the English countryside, but George wants to be close to the action. Sources say he’s practically ready to blow his brains out, which may be the real danger. One assumes he’s talking about the threat of terrorism, though it’s not like California has been free of mass murders recently.

It’s also not like George lives a life free of danger. He sort of likes to go do his liberal celebrity thing and get arrested. Really, it sounds like he’s just not adjusting well to his new life. Fatherhood was gonna come with changes Clooney, and you may have to do stuff for your family now.

Ron Howard Teases the Untitled Han Solo Movie in a Cryptic Tweet

Less than two weeks ago, citing creative differences with Disney and Lucasfilm, directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller left the upcoming Han Solo movie that’s in the works. They were shortly replaced by Ron Howard who took to Twitter on Thursday to offer the first kind-of glimpse of the set.

“Cool scene today but I’m afraid this is the most revealing image I dare share from my 1st day on the set of the Untitled Han Solo movie,” Howard tweeted, including in the tweet of photo of not much of anything, really.

The picture features his shoes, the stage, water bottles and a few cords and wires. How very telling.

One key takeaway: Cast and crew are staying hydrated. Other than that — not much.

Thursday marked Howard’ first day on the set as director. His tweet is similar, in terms of revealing almost nothing, to one posted by Miller back in January, while he was still involved with the movie.

The Han Solo film stars Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, along with Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino), Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke and Woody Harrelson, and remains scheduled for a May 2018 release. Filming was recently extended to autumn of this year.

Hopefully, Howard’s next tweet will tell us a little more than what he and the cast have been drinking.

Hannibal Buress Isn’t Famous Enough to be Recognized

Comedian Hannibal Buress has made jokes before about how obscure he is. I guess now he’s also sort of got himself to blame.

As one of the actors in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, Buress was expected to show up to the premiere. I guess he was busy that night, or maybe he just didn’t like his role as a gym teacher in the movie. He put out a call for “a lookalike with solid comedic timing for an event tonight” and offered them $500.

This is Hollywood we’re talking about, so Buress had no problem finding a willing faker. The chosen doppelganger was screenwriter and actor Joe Carroll. Carroll was happy to Instagram his misadventure.

And here I was thinking that Carroll doesn’t look much like Burress at all. Looks like that’s what they were counting on, because Carroll hashtagged his post with a #weAllLookAlikeRight? I’m glad it’s not just me.

Also, what gives Hannibal? I hear the movie is pretty good. Why’d you skip it?

Maybe he was too busy touring around reminding everyone that Bill Cosby is still a scumbag rapist.

America Finally Gets It Right With Michael Bay and ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’

We did it, America.

Ok, sure, the new Transformers movie opened at #1 over the weekend, but it pulled a paltry $45 million at the box office. It’s the first movie in the franchise to open below $50 million and it can only mean one thing: People are finally sick of Michael Bay.

It’s a credit to Bay that he’s been able to last this long. He hasn’t directed a good movie since Bad Boys II in 2003. And that movie was only good because Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are awesome. Every Transformers film has been worse than the previous and people have now had enough.

Think about this: we’re on the eighth Fast & Furious film.

Anyone who has ever seen one of the Transformers movies knows what to expect: A nonsensical plot, unrecognizable robots, a lot of explosions, bad dialogue, and shameless pandering.

On Rotten Tomatoes, The Last Knight is the worst reviewed Transformers movie in the franchise. Age of Extinction checked in at 18% and Revenge of the Fallen had 19%. Somehow, The Last Knight was lower than both of those films at 15%. If Michael Bay’s goal is to consistently make worse reviewed films, he’s doing a hell of a job.

Some are already calling for the franchise to be rebooted, but given that Bay is signed on for two more films, it seems unlikely that he’ll be ousted anytime soon. Even if Bay is no longer directing the films, he’ll continue to be a producer. I highly doubt that he’ll just relinquish the reigns to a franchise that he’s been tied to since the beginning.

Think about this: we’re on the eighth Fast & Furious film. Each is bigger than the last. They continue to add stars and do even more insane stunts than the previous film. And people eat it up. The last four Fast & Furious films have all done over $200 million in the United States.

The Transformers franchise has typically performed well in the United States, but The Last Knight will need a lot of help to surpass $200 million domestically. Next week, Baby Driver and Despicable Me 3 hit theaters. While neither is considered a “summer blockbuster,” combined they’re both going to cut into Transformers profits. Baby Driver could take away those looking for an action film (a much better action film at that) while kids will definitely drag their parents to Despicable Me 3 over Transformers.

Bay has always been able to fall back on the fact that his Transformers films have cleaned up at the box office. It’s possible that The Last Knight rebounds in the second week. Age of Extinction had a 60 percent drop in the second week, but Revenge of the Fallen (130 percent) and Dark of the Moon (75 percent) saw huge increases in the second week. Being Fourth of July weekend certainly makes things a bit more unpredictable.

I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker ruined Michael Bay for people. Their song, “Pearl Harbor Sucked,” from Team America: World Police, really turned people against Bay and Pearl Harbor. Their portrayal of Bay’s directing style in the “Imaginationand” trilogy further drove home the point. Say what you will about South Park, but their influence throughout the years is unquestionable. They’ve ruined far more trends and personalities than most are willing to admit.

Chances are, The Last Knight will perform well overseas. These blockbuster films always do well overseas for some reason. Do they not play any other type of movie across the ocean? Someone smarter than me should investigate this. But that doesn’t change the fact that, finally, America smartened up to Michael Bay.

New ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Footage is Soaked in Sepia

A new behind the scenes look at the upcoming Blade Runner sequel contains a ton of new footage. I’m of a few different mindsets about it.

The footage is damn gorgeous. Drenched in gold, the familiar cyberpunk cityscapes look real good with a modern budget.

Still, I can’t get too excited for yet another sequel to a movie that was cool 30 years ago. Harrison Ford for one looks like he’s doing everything with a gun to his head. Every nice thing he had to say in interviews, he was looking past the camera at the gunman holding the cue cards.

The new footage works as a bunch of paintings, but I have no idea what this movie is supposed to be about. Everyone just mumbles vague things on pretty sets. Then again, I didn’t really understand the original Blade Runner either. Then again, I hear Harrison Ford punches Ryan Gosling in the face, and Gosling has a very punchable face. That could worth the price of admission alone.

Harrison Ford needs to take a break from all this sequel making for a little while. At least until someone greenlights our Air Force One sequel ideaAir Force Two is gonna be dope people!

Daniel Day-Lewis Says He’s Done With Acting

I don’t think much when an actor says they’re done. Remember when Leonard Nimoy said he was quitting? Probably not. It happened in 2002. And again in 2010. Actors love to announce they’re done acting, and it never ever sticks.

So when Oscar winning method actor Daniel Day-Lewis says he’s done, I shrug and nod. The dude played Abraham Lincoln, which pretty much seems like the leading man holy grail but he’s following that up with the leading role in Phantom Thread. “Set in the fashion world of 1950s London, a dressmaker is commissioned to design for members of high society and the royal family.” That’s not going to be his final role. You don’t go from Lincoln to a 1950s dressmaker to retirement.

But that’s what he says he’s doing. His spokeswoman, Leslee Dart, (Lewis is too fancy for an agent to release statements) announce:

“Daniel Day-Lewis will no longer be working as an actor. He is immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences over the many years. This is a private decision and neither he nor his representatives will make any further comment on this subject. ”

Lewis is a method actor. He lives in his roles while he’s making movies. My theory: his next movie is just about a guy who hates movies.

Joss Whedon’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Hated Women

To some Joss Whedon is basically nerd Jesus. To others he’s the nerd anti-Christ. With details from his Wonder Woman script coming out, it’s easier to see him for the latter than the former.

Whedon has been a part of lots of geeky projects in his long Hollywood career. He did a draft of the X-Men script in 2000. Warner Bros hired him to do a script for a Wonder Woman movie in 2006. This is the guy who did Buffy, he totally knows what women are, right?

The script is less about Diana becoming Wonder Woman and more about her male sidekick Steve Trevor teaching her what it means to be a human being. Okay.

Throughout the movie, Diana is a sort of straw feminist, clueless and disrespected by everyone. One scene has her confronting the villain of the piece Bacchus by doing a sexy dance. Yikes. On the one hand, that’s a little surprising. On the other hand, that’s classic Whedon. The guy has included a lot of ladies doing sexy dances in his career.

The men of the script call her a bitch and a whore every chance they get. Everyone makes fun of her for wearing a skimpy costume.

We already got to see Whedon on the Avengers for better or for worse, but now he’s bringing his sensibilities to new properties. He’s finally directing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League and now, somewhat alarmingly, he’s slated to do a Batgirl movie. Is Whedon trying to pull a George Lucas and constantly talk about those “small projects” he wants to make while only directing blockbusters?