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Kanye West Melts Down On Stage (Again), Calls Out Beyoncé, Jay Z, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, And More: ‘I’m On My Trump Sh*t Tonight’

Oh, Kanye West.

After the polarizing, controversial comments earlier this week about Donald Trump, the artist decided that one heated Saint Pablo show wasn't enough, apparently!

Last night in Sacramento, Yeezy doubled down on controversy, ranting and raving early in his set (before ending it completely after about 30 minutes), and upstaging his reunion with Kid Cudi to call out Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Z, and, yes, Beyoncé!!!

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On Queen Bey -- after screaming "MTV, f*ck you," 'Ye said:

"Beyoncé—I was hurt because I heard that you said you wouldn't perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and over ‘Hotline Bling' [at the VMAs]. In my opinion...now don't go dissing Beyoncé, she's great. Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people. We are all equal. But sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forget who we are just to win. Fuck winning, fuck looking cool. Fuck looking cool. Fuck being cool. Fuck all that, bruh. I've been sent here to give y'all my truth even at the risk of my own life, my own success, my own career. Jay Z—call me, bruh. You still ain't called me. Jay Z, I know you got killers. Please don't send them at my head. Please call me. Talk to me like a man."

Uh.... Ok!!!

Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- Kanye was far from done, though.

He also took a shot at Hillary Clinton and compared her to models (?!), saying:

"This Saint Pablo tour is the most relevant [thing] happening. If your old ass keeps following old models, you'll be Hillary Clinton."


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Obama wasn't far from his sights, either, with Yeezus saying about our current President:

"Obama couldn't make America great because he couldn't be him to be who he was. Black men have been slaves. Obama wasn't allowed to do this [screams] and still win. He had to be perfect. But being perfect don't always change shit, bro. Being perfect don't always change shit, bro."

Deep thoughts with Kanye, anyone?!

How about some more -- like calling out mainstream radio for not playing Frank Ocean or Kid Cudi:

"Radio, fuck you! Oh yeah, I'm on my Trump shit tonight. Radio—fuck you!"

And he even went after DJ Khaled at one time, too, because... why not??

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Here (below):

"Is it just me or did you hear that song so many times—you say you wanna play "For Free." Aye, aye. You know what it is, though? Because aye, I love Drake. I love Khaled. But they set that song up, bro. … Khaled, I know you got hitters from Miami. Please do not send them at my head. I just want to have a conversation about how we playing radio's game. Khaled, you a real nigga. Khaled, you a real nigga. You got the keys."

Whew. We're exhausted.

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Journalists covering Kanye were exhausted, too (below):

And even with that emotional reunion with Kid Cudi (below), it seems to have been completely overshadowed by all this wackiness:

Here are a few more videos of some of his extended rants (below):

And then, after performing two songs, and ranting for 15 minutes, 'Ye decided he was done.

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He ended the show with this (below):

"Right now, press, get ready to write your passive aggressive, LeBron James racist comments, Season 4, racist comments—get ready to have a field day press! Get ready! Get ready, the show is over!"

And then he literally dropped the mic and walked off.

Here it is on video (below):

Predictably, fans were FURIOUS!!!

Ch-ch-check out some of the most infuriated tweets (below):


Just... wow.

Wow to all of this.

[Image via WENN.]

MTV Video Music Awards 2016: Worst Dressed Stars

The MTV Video Music Awards are known almost as much for the eye sores that walk the red carpet as it is for antics that occur during the show.

So, who hopped about this year's Hot Mess Express?  Take a spin through the gallery and see.

1. Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo

Nev schulman laura perlongo vmas 2016
Are you guys expecting? Is this your announcement? Who are you again?

2. Beyonce

Beyonce feathers vmas 2016
Yes, it was adorable when she and Blue Ivy walked the red carpet together, but Beyonce's red carpet look was like something out of low-rent cabaret.

3. Dascha Polanca

Dascha polanco vmas 2016
I remember pairing fancy tops with jeans. We're only getting used to chokers again, so this trend will have to wait.

4. Baddie Winkle

Baddie winkle vmas 2016
Who thought it would be a good idea to convince a 90-year-old woman to wear something like this?

5. Cassie

Cassie vmas 2016
I'm...confused. And a little dizzy.

6. Dana Baby

Dana baby vmas 2016
Someone is skipping their first day of eighth grade.
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Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Compare The Hills Getting Canceled To 9/11! Seriously!

Um... what?!

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag spoke with Vice's website Broadly this week, and the couple shared some, um, interesting things from their days of fame on MTV's The Hills...

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Of course, it's been nearly 15 years since the couple made their mark on reality TV, but with that, they now have a unique -- or maybe crazy -- perspective about all of the money they blew and the influence they lost over the years.

Pratt, to his credit, was open and honest in the interview, going so far as to admit what his career was all about:

"We were fame whores, getting literally a million plus a year in photos and being hated for it. It's frustrating for me that people don't recognize that this was genius. This was innovating!"

Pratt, who claimed he ended up making more than a million bucks a year from MTV, earned himself paparazzi deals and hosting gigs, too -- and the couple ended up splurging on things like a $3,000-a-day hair and makeup budget!!!

Not surprisingly, it didn't last.

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Jersey Shore came along, and Pratt admits he should have seen it coming -- even though his show's cancellation was such a surprise that Pratt compared it to a horrible national tragedy:

"Sh*t, we knew how good the Jersey Shore was because we were super fans. So I personally was like, 'I need to be nutso at this point, like holding crystals to my head.' ... [The Hills] getting cancelled was our 9/11."

Uhh... WHAT?!

That's maybe not the most intelligent comparison Pratt could have made...

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The couple, who've been together for a decade and have by now blown through most of their money, live in Montag's father's beach house rent-free, and are mostly reclusive.

Time away from the spotlight is probably a good idea for them, considering this is what they're going to say on the record...

[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

Teen Mom Cast: See Them Before They Were Stars!

Putting together a Teen Mom throwback album feels a bit weird.

So weird, in fact, that featuring their ultrasounds in utero wouldn't be a stretch for the fab four who MTV first introduced us to in 2009.

Since the popular series, which was preceded by 16 & Pregnant, first premiered, a few cast members have had more children.

Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell both welcomed new additions in 2015. Jenelle Evans in 2014. Leah Messer has three kids total.

Some have struggled mightily with substance abuse, and at least one infamous "star" enjoys a career in the adult entertainment industry.

Farrah Abraham is in a league of her own, for better or worse.

If you watch Teen Mom online these days, you're watching quasi-celebs in their own right, given the show's surprising staying power.

Yet they were all regular girls at one point, and the authenticity from the olden days still shines through as they progress into adulthood.

With new Teen Mom: OG (original girls, not gangstaz) episodes starting January 4, 2016, let's throw it back to before they were stars ...

1. Maci Bookout: '16 & Pregnant' Throwback

Maci bookout
"Throwback to "16 and Pregnant!" Bentley's mom wrote on Instagram. "I had no idea how much my life would change when I became a parent. I've learned so much about parenthood and teen pregnancy over the years and I encourage you all to do the same."

2. Caitlynne Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in 2010

Caitlynne lowell and tyler baltierra in 2010
"Wow a blast from the past!" Lowell wrote on Instagram. "This is from 5 years ago we are sooo little!"

3. Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, and Chelsea Houska

Lea messer kailyn lowry jenelle evans and chelsea houska
The cast from 'Teen Mom 2' poses for a photo together in December 2011.

4. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's Adorable Throwback

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra
The newlyweds in a serious Instagram throwback. "Wow this is from 5 years ago!! I was four months pregnant. Love my babe!" Lowell wrote.

5. Chelsea Houska: Eyebrow Regrets

Chelsea houska
"Looking at pictures from high school today just really made me grateful for eyebrow fillers," Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska wrote on Instagram. "No comment on the tongue piercing haa."

6. Farrah Abraham's Family Flashback

Farrah abraham and her daughter sofia
Abraham shared a throwback photo of her mom and daughter, Sofia.
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