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Beyonce and Jay-Z Release Joint Album, Nearly Destroy the Internet


This is one way to distract the public from an alleged affair with LeBron James.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Together

On Saturday afternoon, Beyonce and Jay-Z stunned the music universe by releasing a joint album as a rather significant complement to their ongoing "On the Run II Tour."

Titled "Everything Is Love," the album was released exclusively Tidal and announced by Beyonce via Instagram.

The announcement footage features the two artists at the Louvre museum in Paris, including shots of them standing in front of the Mona Lisa painting while donning pink and mint suits ... as well as glimpses of dancers performing in skin-colored tights and crop tops.

Two performers appear on the cover of the Everything Is Love album.

But this is not even all:

On top of the album drop, Bey and Jay also released a music video for the record's debut single, "Apes**t."

The video was filmed on location last month in this same iconic museum, a Tidal rep tells E! News...

... and here it is!

Within three hours of Beyonce confirming this album, her announced has received over 1.2 million Likes on Instagram.

While the Internet went bonkers with the news, Beyonce and Jay-Z were performing in London Stadium, where onlookers have reported the same announcement was made on a big screen behind the singers.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for a decade.

They are parents to three children, including a set of twins, and have overcome at least one Jay-Z cheating scandal.

The global superstars actually renewed their vows in June, aiming to prove to the world that their love could withstand this sort of infidelity and obstacle.

On the Run Tour 2

As always, however, the artists have remained mostly close-lipped about their relationship, preferring to let the occasional family photo or mysterious quote do the talking.

That, or a surprise album and music video drop of course.

Beyonce sings and raps in the song "Apes**t," whose lyrics make a rather clear reference to her marital challenges. To wit:

I can't believe we made it/This is why we're thankful.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have collaborated on other tracks in the past -- but never on a full album.

The former told the New York Times in 2017 that the pair both "using our art almost like a therapy session," which helps explains Beyonce's legendary Lemonade alum and his 4:44 album.

Beyonce and Jay Z at the Game

As we said, the record is available on Tidal and its track listing is as follows:

1. Summer

2. Apes

3. Boss

4. Nice

5. 713

6. Friends

7. Heard About Us

8. Black Effect

9. Lovehappy

Kim Kardashian Is a Slave to Kanye West

Kanye West dropped his new album ye last night and he was 100 percent in his feelings. On the track “Wouldn’t Leave” Kanye addressed his relationship with Kim Kardashian and her reactions to his recent breakdown, which including saying, “slavery was a choice.”

I said, “Slavery a choice,” they said, “How, Ye?”
Just imagine if they caught me on a wild day
Now I’m on fifty blogs gettin’ fifty calls
My wife callin’, screamin’, say, “We ’bout to lose it all!”

Kanye even gave Kim the choice to leave him. But, like slaves, he chose to stay.

Had to calm her down ’cause she couldn’t breathe
Told her she could leave me now, but she wouldn’t leave

In the least surprising revelation, Kim was mainly worried about protecting her money and the Kardashian brand.

For any guy that ever fucked up (love me or hate me)
Ever embarrassed they girl (love me or hate me)
Ever embarrassed they wife (gone when you miss me)
She told you not to do that shit (ohh)
She told you you’s gon’ fuck the money up

In the end, Kanye and Kim lived happily ever after. Say what you will about these two, but they lasted way longer than anyone expected them to. Probably wouldn’t be good for Kim’s brand if she had two failed marriages.

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No One Cares About Drake’s Instagram Response to Pusha T

Drake is so shook from Pusha T’s “Story of Adidon” diss track in which he was called out for wearing blackface and having a secret child, that he could only respond via an Instagram post.

“I know everyone is enjoying the circus but I want to clarify this image in question. This was not from a clothing brand shoot or my music career. This picture is from 2007, a time in my lie where I was an actor and I was working on a project that was about young black actors struggling to get roles, being stereotyped and type cast. The photos represented how African Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment.”

He didn’t even put this up on his main Instagram. It was part of Instagram stories. Drake is famous for his quick responses to any shot taken at him. This was the best he could do after Pusha’s track. A notes message on Instagram stories.

Pusha T wasn’t feeling his response. In an interview with LA REAL 92.3, he said, “You are silent on all black issues, Drake. You don’t stand for nothing, you don’t say nothing about nothing.” He added, “You have all the platform in the world. You were so passionate back then? No you weren’t. That’s number one. That’s what I know.”

While Drake is still trying to come up with a clever response, the internet didn’t let up.

If Drake really is the 6 God, he’ll rise tomorrow (the third day) with some fire. Otherwise, this is over.

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Pusha T, Back from the Dead, Kills Drake and His Family

Last week, Drake sent Pusha T an invoice for reviving his career.

Well, Pusha used his newfound life to end Drake.

In response to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle,” Pusha released “The Story of Adidon.” The three-minute diss track, which features Drake in blackface as the cover, accuses Drake of having a hidden son with a porn star.

Since you name-dropped my fiancée
Let ’em know who you chose as your Beyoncé
Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother
Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her
A baby’s involved, it’s deeper than rap
We talkin’ character, let me keep with the facts
You are hiding a child, let that boy come home
Deadbeat mothafucka, playin’ border patrol, ooh
Adonis is your son
And he deserves more than an Adidas press run, that’s real
Love that baby, respect that girl
Forget she’s a pornstar, let her be your world, yuugh!

Sophie refers to former porn star Sophie Brussaux. Last May, she said she had text messages from Drake asking her to get an abortion.

She gave birth to a baby boy on October 24, which just happens to be Drake’s birthday as well.

On top of accusing Drake of being a deadbeat dad, Pusha took aim at Drake for not being proud to be black, Drake’s relationship with his parents, and OVO producer 40, who has multiple sclerosis. The last diss might be below the belt, but all is fair in rap beefs.

Pusha dropped the track 17 hours ago without a response from Drake as of yet. For reference, when “Infrared” was released, Drake had a response within 24 hours and has always been known for his ability to immediately respond to diss tracks by others.

Something tells me dude will take a bit more time with this one. “You didn’t actually sell drugs” ain’t shit compared to “You’re hiding a child with a porn star and ashamed to be black.”

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Don’t Use the N-Word, White People, Even If You’re On Stage with Kendrick Lamar

Dear white people, even if a rapper pulls you onstage to perform with them, you still can’t say the N-word.

A white girl by the name of Delaney found that out the hard way at a recent Kendrick Lamar concert in Alabama.

Lamar and Delaney were vibing to “m.A.A.d. city” when Delaney used the N-word multiple times. Lamar stopped the music and Delaney wondered if she wasn’t cool enough. You’re on stage with a Pulitzer Prize winner. No, you’re not cool enough.

“You gotta bleep one single word though,” said Lamar. Delaney offered the Urkel response of, “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I do it?”

If you gotta ask if you said the word, you’re too comfortable using the word.

Despite the crowd wanting her booted off stage, Kendrick allowed her to stay and perform the song. This time she did a better job editing herself. Everyone should take note from this fan who performed with Run The Jewels last year.

Dear Kendrick Lamar, I’m going to your concert on Saturday. Pull me up on stage. I promise to censor myself.

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EDC 2018: This Time Without the Heatstroke

Another year, another 3 nights of people wandering through the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to listen to their favorite DJs perform across 8 different stages and a few art cars. If you’ve never heard of Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, let me give you a quick rundown. It’s a 3 day festival similar to Coachella minus the sunlight and cultural appropriation and with way more wub wubs and untz untzs.

The event started as a festival in LA but was eventually sort of banned by the city because LA doesn’t take kindly to the image of kids overdosing on MDMA. Which is what happened in 2010. Because of the controversy, EDC was moved to Las Vegas the year after where it’s been held at the end of June at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway ever since.

If anyone has ever been to Vegas at the end of June, you’ll know that that time of year is hot. Not, like, hot. Like, HOT HOT. Not even the fact that EDC starts at 7 PM and ends at 5:30 AM saved attendees from literally bathing in their own sweat 10 minutes after getting in. Trust me. I was there last year. It was like walking through a pizza oven without the delicious pizza. And don’t even get me started on the traffic. Unless you like to spend 3 hours going 20 miles, you would have hated life. Sure, you could take a helicopter there, but that would require, I don’t know, money?

I mention these things because, this year, EDC decided to hold the festival a month earlier in May AND offer camping options. This made all the difference in the world. For one, there was finally a breeze at night that didn’t feel like the heat from Satan’s breath. Two, the guinea pigs who purchased the camping option this year lessened the traffic on the 15 and Las Vegas Blvd. It still took a long time to get to the speedway, but I only hated life half as much.

There were some issues with campers getting into the festival when it opened like 8 hour wait times combined with sometimes non-functioning showers, but look how happy they were. Not even a severe sunburn can get them down.

I’m going to leave most of the performances to the music sites and, instead, am going to give you a rundown on the festival itself.

Highlights and lowlights from EDC 2018

  • Thanks to nice Vegas policeman who gave us a police escort when we couldn’t find the correct parking lot entrance FOR 2 HOURS because everything was blocked off!
  • No thanks to a couple of the gate people who kept sending us to the wrong gates.
  • Were there always this many Ferris Wheels? I counted 3. That seems a little excessive.
  • Hey, you could actually navigate through the crowd at the main stage this year and, as a bonus, you didn’t have to rub up against other people’s sweat.
  • There was a man passed out on a blowup doll. It was both sweet (because true love can be found at EDC) and alarming (because he looked dead and the ambulance had to come).
  • Yellow Claw brought out Bhad Bhabie which made someone I was with say with a confused expression, “This is weird. Let’s go.”
  • The Binches, which includes Kayzo, Yultron, Ookay and Dotcom (aka Marshmello), brought out Marshmello during their performance. So meta.
  • In typical Post Malone fashion, Post came half an hour late, had mic problems during the beginning of his set and ran into someone else’s set. Fans still loved him because drugs, probably.
  • Don’t skip Black Tiger Sex Machine or you’ll be pretty sad.
  • This hula hooping girl was THE highlight of the weekend.

Final verdict

So, now that EDC has moved to a cooler time of year, offers camping and, from what I hear, improved their shuttles, should you consider going? Well, do you like that damn electronic music all the kids listen to these days and do you not mind surviving on barely any sleep or not even remembering what DJs played what because all the music eventually melds together to make one giant blob of sound? Then yes, yes you should. Otherwise, stay home and stream it on YouTube where you can poop in an actual bathroom.

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The Weeknd Threw Away Album of Happiness After Selena Gomez Threw Away His Heart

Fans who disliked The Weeknd’s My Dear Melancholy album and wanted something less sad can blame Selena Gomez. Not that we weren’t blaming her before.

In a new interview with TIME, The Weeknd said he had an entire album written prior to Melancholy, but threw out the project when Gomez left him for Justin Bieber.

I ask if that album, presumably recorded while he was still with Gomez, was more upbeat. “Yeah,” he says. “It was very upbeat—it was beautiful.”

He also insists that no one will ever hear the tracks, presumably because he’s given them to Martin Shkreli.

There was no shortage of Gomez mentions on My Dear Melancholy, although he did find some positivity when singing about ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid.

In the interview, he also mentions that he is single, although recent reports suggest otherwise.

Guess we’ll have to wait until his next album to find out the truth.

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TiffinniSaintRanaesAgent posted a photo:


Katy Perry Wanted to End Her Taylor Swift Feud for the Longest Time, But the Snake Refused Her Offers

The feud that ended a year ago has ended once again, but it took a long time getting there.

Entertainment Tonight has the exclusive how Katy Perry tried ending her beef with Taylor Swift forever. And this was all over backup dancers!

Last week, Perry wrote a note to Swift and sent her an actual olive branch. Taylor revealed the gift on her Instagram story.

Perry admitted defeat in this feud last year when her album flopped and everyone panned “Swish Swish,” a diss track aimed at Swift Swift. Despite her public attempts to admit defeat, Perry was ignored by Swift.

A source told ET, “(Perry) hates that feeling of having bad blood. She often told friends she wanted to end this fight with Taylor, but didn’t know how to make that happen. Katy’s attempts to apologize through her interviews seemed to have no effect on Taylor. She kept trying to show Taylor she cared and wanted to end this rift, but Taylor wasn’t having it.”

The feud divided friends of both parties, including Karlie Kloss, a longstanding Squad member who was spotted out with Perry earlier this year.

Let’s remember that this feud was over a backup dancer. And it turned into petty shots on social media, petty shots in music videos, and full blown diss tracks. This backup dancer better be the next Channing Tatum.

The source notes that even if Swift didn’t accept the apology, Katy was going to keep trying. Because American Idol won’t be around forever. Fortunately for her, the apology was accepted and now Perry can appear on stage with Swift during her Reputation tour and the two can make up and kiss to see if Swift likes it.

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Cardi B Deleted Her Instagram After Being Attacked by Noted Troll Azealia Banks

Cardi B became famous on Instagram, which led to a reality show on VH1, a network that used to play music for old people, and eventually to her being signed as a rapper by Atlantic Records. Azealia Banks is mostly famous for viciously attacking women who are more talented and successful than she is, so of course she had some mean things to say about Cardi B on “The Breakfast Club,” basically blaming her for setting black women’s causes back for not being Beyonce, who Banks once said should “SHUT UP and let the new vanguard of black women come forth, instead of poaching from us.”

Cardi B posted a response to her Instagram before deleting the entire account, saying among other things, that Banks “constantly finds joy in belittling black women” and that she isn’t happy in her own skin. She added that she has “never dismissed my heritage or my culture.”

#Cardi has a message for #AzealiaBanks !

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Banks has, over the years, viciously attacked pretty much any black woman who is more famous than Azealia Banks for not being black right. She couldn’t find enough bad things to sat about Beyonce when Lemonade came out, but today she’s talking about great Lemonade was and how much Cardi B has ruined things, which were previously so great.

Banks has also attacked Rihanna for “not being a citizen” when Rihanna attended rallies against Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslim countries, which Banks supported. She also called Zayn Malik from One Direction a “sand n—–,” so she’s not a big fan of people from the Middle East in general.

Amazingly, her comments on Malik led her to get into a long, public argument with 14-year-old (at the time) Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson, whom she told “You need to get ur ass done and your tits done before you become a proper instagram thot girly,” and called her “flatty patty”.

You might think that’s the bottom of the barrel, but when Izzy Azealia said she had considered suicide because of being attacked by trolls on social media, Banks took to social media to tell her “YAAS slavemaster, drive that slave truck right off the canyon!!!”

While Banks was doing that, Vermont Senator and leading 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was complimenting Cardi B for her insight on the need to strengthen Social Security in an interview with GQ, where she impressed with her knowledge of presidential history.

Cardi unleashes her recollections of FDR’s life and accomplishments in a passionate torrent that assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the listener and follows no time line. She knows which president succeeded Roosevelt (his vice president, Truman) and which preceded him (Hoover). She gives a brief overview of the 22nd Amendment. She used to be able to list all the U.S. presidents in order of term but is too nervous to try it in front of me. As a compromise, she invites me to name any president. https://www.gq.com/story/cardi-b-invasion-of-privacy-profile


“He was the 15th president,” she says, and her tone is as neutral as if she were reciting types of weather. “Buchanan is the only president that was a bachelor.”

Azealia Banks saw that and called Cardi B “illiterate” because she makes some typos sometimes.

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OPEN POST: Which Actor’s Music Career Do You Most Enjoy, Ironically or Otherwise?

If you’re a connoisseur of awful music, you often need to look no further than actors turned musicians. While there are exceptions to this rule, the vast majority of actors who release albums are just doing it as a lark, a side project funded by their own success in a completely unrelated field.

Often, the size and scope of the downfall of these projects is directly related to how earnest their content is. Scott Baio’s dour and humorless cover of The Grass Roots’ “Midnight Confessions” is a great example of this in action. The total lack of self-awareness lends this already bad music an air of intrigue it wouldn’t otherwise have.

It’s why consumers thumb their nose at gimmick albums by celebrities. They can smell the scam a mile away. But the guys who really give it their all that stand out from the crowd like Corey Feldman, Billy Bob Thornton, and my personal choice for greatest music career by an actor, Rick Moranis.

Moranis was back in the news recently for a vocal guest appearance on The Goldbergs, but he’s notoriously fickle about what projects he chooses to do, saying no to most of them. His music career, however, is something of an anomaly. It’s not that we don’t associate Moranis with music—he absolutely killed it as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors—it’s just that… well… I mean, just look at the cover of his debut album, 1989’s You, Me, The Music, and Me….


You look at that and you think, “Okay, he’s joking. It’s a joke.” And it’s mostly joke songs, like some bizarre ass covers of songs…


And it seemed like that would be the end of it. Funny album from a funny guy. Until sixteen years later, when he hadn’t appeared on screen in close to a decade, he released another album titled The Agoraphobic Cowboy. It’s another comedy album, we thought. Until we saw the cover…

Oh no, he’s taking himself seriously. This can’t be good. But then the album comes out and it’s full of gimmicky songs…


Rick Moranis’ music career only gets weirder from there. Eight years later, in 2013, he releases his third album, My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs.

The album cover’s a dead giveaway once again. It’s his third gimmicky album featuring such hits as…

I don’t get it, but I have to admit that I respect the hell out of Moranis for making the albums he wants to make and releasing them whenever he feels like it.

So how about you? Which actor has a music career that most delights you, whether ironically or honestly? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Spotify Removes R. Kelly for ‘Hateful Content,’ But What About All These Other Singers?

Spotify rolled out a new morality clause for its service, which it describes as applying to “hate content and hateful conduct.” Luckily for the streaming service, R. Kelly is the only musician to have ever done anything immoral, because he’s the only one they mentioned by name, though apparently XXXtentacion also had his song “Sad” removed from playlists.

I went on Spotify to see if I could lend them a hand with their new behavior policy. Right off the bat I noticed they have five different versions of the Ted Nugent song “Jailbait,” about Ted having sex with a 13-year-old girl and then offering to let a police officer rape her when he gets arrested. So we’re off to a strong start here.

I noticed there’s still a bunch of official Michael Jackson playlists, that’s probably a problem if we’re worried about promoting people who have engaged in “hateful conduct.” You’re also still promoting David Bowie, who engaged in some “hateful conduct” with Lori Mattix when she was 15. Ditto Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page.

Now, I don’t know how far your new code of conduct goes, but I should mention Eric Clapton’s classic “Layla” is about being in love with George Harrison’s wife. I know that’s probably not “hateful,” per se, but since you’re the morality police now, do you really want people to think that you’re promoting adultery?

You’ve got The Beatles on Spotify, and I imagine that was a major coup for you, seeing as how they’re still the most popular rock band of all time. The only problem is you can’t promote that you have The Beatles catalog anymore, because John Lennon was an abusive husband and father in his first marriage, by his own admission. Your policy says “When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful (for example, violence against children and sexual violence), it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator,” and that’s exactly what John Lennon did. Oh, and those early Rolling Stones albums, the ones with most of their hits like Beggar’s Banquet and Their Satanic Majesty’s Request? Well, Brian Jones was also an abusive partner, he once hit his girlfriend so hard he broke his hand on her face, so they’re going to have to go to. Oh, and you’ve still got some Ike Turner, you guys are really behind the curve on this, you know.

Of course, there’s no “mute Ike Turner” hashtag, and Bowie’s liaisons with teen groupies didn’t really cause any public outcry. I could probably list examples of things musicians did that violate your policies all day, until you the only things you could feasibly promote are Kenny G and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Except the LDS church didn’t allow black people to join until 1978, and that sounds pretty hateful, so I hope you like Kenny G.

At the end of the day, Spotify is a private company and is free to do or not do whatever they want. I’m just offended they’re acting like we’re stupid. Pulling R. Kelly’s music from playlists has nothing to do with his behavior, which is, admittedly, pretty egregious. It’s about the reaction to R. Kelly’s behavior. You’re not taking a stand against bad behavior by artists, you’re crafting a policy that lets you step away from artists who attract negative publicity. And that’s fine, it’s your choice. But don’t act like it’s some brave moral stance or some actual policy you have any plans to consistently apply.

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Taylor Swift Is Still the Worst, Wants You to Know How Hard Being Taylor Swift Is

Every time I see a headline about Taylor Swift’s “Squad,” I secretly hope that this time it’s going to have the word “Firing” before it. She’s a rich, award-winning musician whose public persona is to constantly be whining “woe is me” at every turn. Also, her cover of “September” was truly awful, I was actually mad that I had ears when I was listening to it.

Taylor’s latest pity party took place at the first stop on her Reputation tour. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to see some mediocre singer and then between songs she just talks about how Kim Kardashian was mean to her one time.

“A couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media, and it caught on,” Swift said, according to video tweeted by a fan. “Then, a lot of people were calling me a lot of things on social media. And I went through some really low times for awhile because of it. I went through some times when I didn’t know if I was going to get to do this anymore.”

A snake, hunh? You know, I missed that, but she is a snake, isn’t she? This is apparently a thing Kim Kardashian called her two years ago when Swift threw Kayne West under the bus after people said his song “Famous” was mysogynist, faking outrage over it even though Kanye had told her about it in advance.

A fan at her concert tweeted a video of Swift’s little speech.

Oh no, people called her names on social media!? That’s not right! The proper way to handle conflict is to write a manufactured hit song about your private relationships, not to say something mean on Twitter. If you’re going to shit-talk someone, at least have the decency to do it on national television when you’re accepting a Grammy like a well-adjusted adult.

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Woah Vicky Drops a Diss Track Aimed at Bhad Bhabie and It’s Terrible

Bad news, rap dudes. This feud between Bhad Bhabie and Woah Vicky is not going away soon.

For those unaware of the situation (God bless you), allow me to catch you up:

*Woah Vicky is a social media star who is also kind of a rapper. She’s sort of famous for acting black. She has beef with Bhad Bhabie because she’s jealous that Bhad Bhabie became famous for not speaking all that well.

*Bhad Bhabie criticized Vicky’s terrible rapping. The two argued over FaceTime and agreed to a fight. But, according to Vicky, Bhabie never showed up.

*The two sort of got into a fight in Los Angeles. It was really just Bhad Bhabie hitting Vicky from behind and then running away while security and entourages for both chirped at each other.

That’s about it. Until now.

Bhad Bhabie, you is not with that action
You from the suburbs, bitch, you not with that action
You a ho and yo mom a ho too
You a opp and your dad a opp too
Next time you punch me don’t sneak me

Save your ears and don’t listen to the track. The lyrics are basic, the production is terrible, and her flow is stopped up. Say what you will about Bhad Bhabie as a rapper, but she at least sounds professional.

The video itself is actually clever as Vicky beats up a “bad baby” and throws flip flops at the baby, making fun of Bhad Bhabie’s hit “Gucci Flip Flops.” At the end of the video, Vicky claims, “I don’t really hate you. It’s just your breath stinks.” Offering her a Mentos would have saved everyone a lot of time, Vicky.

Bhad Bhabie is currently on tour, getting real money for rap. But expect her to drop a response because this feud won’t die anytime soon.

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EDM Group Cheat Codes Seem Really Tough

Fresh off their not at all sad performance at Ultra Miami last month where their prerecorded playlist stopped mid-set and forced them to stop dicking around on top of their decks, EDM group Cheat Codes performed at Fairfield University’s annual Clam Jam over the weekend. Before we get to that though, here’s their cringey Ultra set. Turn on the subtitles for better effect.

Yikes. That would make most people die inside. But not these two. No way. They soldiered through that embarrassment over the weekend in hopes reaching new heights. How did they do that? They got into a fight with a college kid.

Well, it wasn’t so much a fight as much as it was a kid mouthing off to both of them and the two guys from Cheat Codes whining for security like a 5-year-old yelling for their mom and then shoving the kid’s face while security held him back. I’m surprised that they don’t run back behind their decks shrieking after putting their hands on that kid.

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Lil Lonnie, Beloved Mississippi Rapper, Shot and Killed

Lil Lonnie, a fan favorite in his native state of Mississippi, was one of two people fatally shot in while driving in Jackson on Sunday night.

He was 22 years old.

Lil Lonnie

The artist, whose real name was Lonnie Montrel Taylor, was in his vehicle along with an unidentified female passenger around 10:30 p.m. yesterday.

According to news station WAPT, the Jackson State University student was shot from the rear multiple times, which caused his SUV to swerve and crash into a house.

The female passenger remained unharmed, while Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene.

As of this writing, Jackson Police Department has been unable to find a suspect or a motive for the killing.

The artist rose to local game in 2015 due to the release of the track "Colors."

He later earned the the top-downloaded mixtape spot on LiveMixtapes with "They Know What’s Goin’ On" that same year.

Elsewhere, the single “Special” has garnered over 2.4 million views on the Worldstarhiphop YouTube channel.

In a December 2017 interview with ThisIs50, Lil Lonnie talked about advice he got from 50 Cent, telling listeners his goal of buying his family a home with his first “mega-check.”

Lil Lonnie Picture

In Lonnie's view, that day was coming up in the near future, too.

"Career-wise everything has been going [well], so I took that advice and I ran with it," he said of what 50 Cent told him, adding just four months ago:

"Keep the ground consistent, keep moving around, make my face a presence everywhere."

During this same interview, Lonnie was asked who he signed with to put a billboard up in Jackson, with the interviewer actually asking whether he was selling drugs.

"I don't do none of that," Taylor replied. "I've got morals that I stand by."

Just hours before he was fatally shot, Lil Lonnie wrote as a caption on Instagram:

no going back....you know imma keep it coming.

Lil Lonnie Photo

In light of this tragedy, some major names in hip hop have expressed their condolences via social media:

LL Cool J: Rest in power  Lil Lonnie..  may your music live on....  may the almighty lift up and bless your family..

Juicy J: RIP Lil Lonnie  he was so talented. prayers up.

Tha Joker: Woke up to terrible news for the city and state as a whole. Prayers up for the family and team of @_LilLonnie_ #RIP.

bye lonnie

Finally, and tragically, in this December interview, Lil Lonnie said the following:

"I want to be the next icon people look up to.

"I want to motivate others around from where I'm from because not too many get the recognition I do, and I just want to bring that impact to where I'm from and help people out.

"I'm willing to open the door to everybody."

May he rest inpeace.

Cardi B’s Former Manager Allegedly Robbed Her Blind and Now He’s Suing Her for $10 Million

Cardi B’s former manager is a complicated man, but no one understands him but his woman. That’s right, it’s Shaft and he’s suing Cardi B for $10 million after she fired him for allegedly robbing her blind. See, she says he was embezzling funds from her on top of the 20% cut he was taking as her manager. TMZ said the way the alleged embezzlement scheme worked was “if Cardi got a gig that paid $100,000, Shaft would tell her she was making $50k and allegedly pocket the balance.”

I mean, that’s a good reason to fire someone. The 20% cut is probably a good reason as well, Cardi can get someone to take a much smaller cut now I’m sure. Also, I heard firing your manager is a thing that’s going around now.

But Shaft isn’t taking being fired lying down (Shaft). He’s a cat who won’t cop out when there’s danger all about (John Shaft). So he’s suing Cardi B for $10 million for breach of contract. You do generally need a cause to fire your manager even if you did agree to overpay them. They’re not an at-will employee. Pretty much any time a singer or band fires a manager there’s a lawsuit and countersuit.

But who is in the right here? Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother, man? The courts will decide that in a long, drawn-out process. If Cardi B is right and Shaft was embezzling from her (shut your mouth), then things will probably go her way. I just hope things work out better for her with her new manager, Dolemite.

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OPEN POST: What’s Your Favorite Song by a Professional Wrestler?

As someone who grew up during the golden age of the WWF, I was exposed to a lot of bad music put out by the organization and its various beefed up entertainers. In the 80s and early 90s, they had three big album releases: The Wrestling Album, Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II, and WrestleMania: The Album, all featuring songs sung by the wrestlers themselves.

I owned Piledriver on both cassette tape and VHS, where they shot videos for every one of those awful songs. In fact, I still can’t find the intro and outro to Slick’s immortal classic “Jive Soul Bro” where he gives himself a drum roll with two fried chicken legs. Yes, ladies and gents, the WWF has some content that’s sure to shock and appall the “woke” amongst you.

Piledriver is probably the pinnacle of the genre, featuring Yacht Rock pioneer Robbie Dupree (“Steal Away“) singing the Strike Force theme song “Girls in Cars…”

This tune was later, bizarrely, used as the entrance music for The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase on the NES WrestleMania game.

Also returning to the wrestling music fold is Rick Derringer, whose song “Real American” is perhaps the most well-known entrance theme of all-time thanks to being used by Hulk Hogan for the majority of his career. This time, Derringer penned “Demolition,” a tune for the identically named tag team, that wasn’t so much a celebration of their fighting for the rights of all Americans as it was an explanation of who they were…

It just demonstrated a total lack of creative writing skills, kind of like those end credits rap songs of the late 80s and early 90s that summarized the plot of the film you just saw.

There were some gems on there, however, like Vince McMahon’s warbled tribute to himself, “Stand Back,” a celebration of how ballsy he is and how he will use his own testicles as wrecking balls to smash your preconceived notions about him…

My favorite thing about that song is the commenter on YouTube who suggests Trump should have used it as his campaign song. Fingers crossed for 2020.

Wrestling legend Hillbilly Jim also recorded a lovely duet titled “Waking Up Alone” with a female singer credited as “Gertrude.” It shows a softer side of the big, overalled wrestler…

I will pay you serious money if you can convince your soon-to-be spouse to use this as your first dance at your wedding. Seriously.

The entire album is full of absolutely amazing stuff like this. Derringer returns to duet his classic “Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo” with Mean Gene Okerlund, Honky Tonk Man does an “explaining who I am” song all about himself, and more.

But my favorite song by a professional wrestler isn’t on any of those three albums. No, my favorite song is on Hulk Hogan’s one and only solo album—though he is technically credited as performing with “The Wrestling Boot Band.” The album Hulk Rules featured a song titled “Hulkster in Heaven,” which was the Hulkster’s tribute to a recently deceased wrestling superfan…

Make no mistake about it, this is the absolute zenith of sad ballads about a dead wrestling fan, though Hogan seems more busted up about this kid’s death leading to a non-sold out crowd for his upcoming match at Wembley Stadium than the actual loss of “another Hulkamaniac.”

Speaking of which, how many Hulkamaniacs were we losing back then that we could use the phrase “another Hulkamaniac” with the same casualness with which we now say “another mass shooting”? Was it like one a week?

I’m also troubled by the line, “I wish Hulk’s love could bring you back again.” Is this a passing interest in necromancy for the Hulkster, or is this like the fifteenth thing he’s tried to do with the power of love alone? Something tells me it’s the latter. Matter of fact, Hulk does a lot of “wishing” in this song, and as my dad always said, “you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled first.”

Sure there’s other great songs on the album like “I Wanna Be a Hulkamaniac,” the try ‘n’ rap tune “Beach Patrol,” and the touching “Hulk’s the One” a tribute by then wife Linda Hogan, but “Hulkster in Heaven” is the pinnacle of what wrestling songs can be. Overly sentimental, achingly sincere, and completely and utterly tone deaf, in every sense of the term.

If I had a second favorite, it’d be the “We Are the World” of wrestling songs, “If You Only Knew” from what else but Piledriver…

So how about you? What’s your favorite wrestling song? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Prince’s Recording of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ Is Released as Sinead O’Connor Calls Him an Abusive Drug Addict

A little over 30 years ago, Prince wrote a song called “Nothing Compares 2” for a band called The Family. The Family had one album and only performed one concert, and the song “Nothing Compares 2 U” didn’t become a hit until Sinead O’Connor released a cover of the song, which Prince hated, years later. You can listen to it here.

Just yesterday, however, Prince’s estate released the late star’s original recording of the song, made in 1984 with his band The Revolution. It’s much better.

The vocal style and tempo are basically unchanged from the version he went on to record with The Family, but the droning synthesizer is punctuated with electric guitar riffs and a steady drumbeat, giving the song a sound that’s a little more raw and a little less produced. Oh, and Prince is singing it, and he sings it much better, no offense to Paul Peterson.

Meanwhile, as part of the investigation into his death, Sinead O’Connor, who had a hit with this song, has claimed Prince was a hard drug addict his entire life and beat the shit out of her and other women, claims that no one else has ever made over the course of Prince’s entire life.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to need to hear this from someone less crazy than Sinead O’Connor. Can someone get Margot Kidder or Jared Leto to substantiate this? Fight the real enemy.

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Avicii Dead at 28

Swedish mega-producer Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, died at 28 today on 4/20. His publicist confirmed the news today saying, “He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th. The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given.”

Avicii is probably best known for his hit Levels which catapulted him into the consciousness of everyone in the world and probably overshadowed most of his other hits as evidenced by the fact that, at every festival since its release, the guy next to you would shout-ask, “Is this Levels?!”

Even after switching styles to some new EDM-based country, Avicii still managed to produce a few hits. After 2016, Avicii officially retired from touring citing the psychological and physical toll of stardom. He also cited his health problems which included acute pancreatitis in part due to excessive drinking. In 2014, he had his gallbladder and appendix removed.

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Kanye West Releasing New Music

Kanye West got back on Twitter and the world is good again. The guy wants to release a philosophy book. Are his musings trite? Decide for yourself.

Besides tweeting out trinkets of Yeezy words of wisdom, he just announced a new record with Kid Cudi. That’ll come out June 8th. West and Cudi are calling themselves Kids See Ghost.

Another untitled album will come out June 1st. It’ll feature 7 songs. Hopefully those will be 10 minute long songs because seven songs is way too short. All that time on the mountaintop and he only comes up with seven. SMH.

It looks like he’s guesting on a couple more albums. He’ll guest on an untitled song by Teyana Taylor and one by Pusha T.

I leave you with one tidbit of Kanye’s philosophy. Let it guide you through your life today.

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People Are Smartly Refusing to Listen to Taylor Swift’s Earth, Wind & Fire Cover

I don’t know who decided that maudlin, stripped-down covers of up-tempo classic songs were a good idea, but I hope he goes deaf and loses the ability to play a musical instument.

Oh, too soon? You know he wrote that song about his best friend’s wife, right? Next time just lock the window and spare us 20 years of Phil Collins bullshit.

The latest person do one of these depressing covers of a great song is Taylor Swift, who decided that what Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic “September” needed was banjos. Seriously.

Jesus Christ, why don’t you just dig up Maurice White and punch him in the dick while you’re at it? I made it through about 30 seconds of that and I had start playing the original just to avoid stabbing myself in the ears.

Yeah, that’s the stuff. See how that’s fun to listen to listen to and makes you smile instead of being a chore? That’s what makes that song good, Taylor. Just break up with Joe Alwyn and write some new original songs to save us from accidentally playing this on a jukebox after a few beers in five years.

I’m not the only person who hates this song, though.

Some people didn’t listen to Swift’s cover at all. Here at The Blemish, we call those people “the lucky ones”.

Of course, Taylor Swift has her defenders, too.

Come on, I said way meaner things about Eric Clapton in this article, and I actually like him. Hell, even Quincy Jones likes him.

Yes, my personal aesthetic is tying my self worth to defending millionaire celebrities who are getting dunked on Twitter, too.

You’ve given me a lot to think about, EnchantedSwift7. Like who EnchantedSwift1 through 6 are and what they’re doing with their lives.

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Beyonce Puts Drake, Tiffany Haddish, and Kim Kardashian on Notice

Tiffany Haddish likes talking about Beyonce in her interviews.

In January, she told Vulture that she was ready to fight a bitch at a party if it weren’t for Beyonce. The Queen calmed Tiffany down, the two took a selfie together, and all ended well.

In February, she told TV One’s “Uncensored” (via PageSix) “So I go to the Jay-Z concert and I am invited to the after-party. I was talking to another actress that was there, who was also talking to Jay-Z and she touched Jay-Z’s chest. Beyoncé came walking up and her demeanor was like, ‘Get your hand off my man’s chest!’”

And now, in March, Beyonce is letting Haddish know that she needs to stop talking about her. In DJ Khaled’s new song “Top Off,” Beyonce sings, “If they’re tryna party with the queen, they gon’ have to sign a nondisclosure.”

Haddish was almost giddy that Beyonce would give her an in-direct shoutout that also served as a warning:

This is what being the Queen looks like, folks. One line and Haddish is bowing down at her feet.

Beyonce also put Drake, and possibly Kim Kardashian, on blast in the song, saying, “I break the internet, top two and I ain’t number two.” This is a shot at Drake, who stated, “I know I said top five, but I’m top two. And I’m not two and I got one” on his song “Gyalchester.” It could also serve as a shot at Kardashian, who “broke the Internet” with her Paper Magazine cover.

Jay-Z intro’d her by asking her to “B, put these fuckboys on notice.” Eviction might be next after that verse.

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gospelmusicshop posted a photo:

From @harvestplace_  -  Now loading. Details soon. Watch out.  - #gospelmusic #gospel #music #celebritieswelove  #celebstatus #celebs #musican #instamusic #musicnews #motivational #inspirational #inspirationalartist #motivation #inspiration #love #faith

Fergie Butchers the National Anthem, Jimmy Kimmel and Others Try Not to Laugh

Sooo, Fergie IS actually a singer? Because her rendition of the National Anthem at the NBA’s All-Star Game today was beyond horrendous. Bald eagles everywhere just shed a tear.

She tries to Mariah Carey her way through the anthem, long may it wa-wa-WAAAAVVVE. Ya ya yaaaa!! Woooooohhh. Yea, you get the picture.

No celeb or NBA player could stifle their laughs. Chance the Rapper could only smile, Draymond Green gave a smirk and Jimmy Kimmel was thinking “What in the actual fuck?”

Hopefully, someone gives Fergie the truth: you suck as a singer.

Nicki Minaj Coming for Cardi B

Cardi B took over the female rap game last year with “Bodak Yellow” and Nicki Minaj is pissed. If you heard the song “Motorsport” featuring both ladies, you’ll know that they definitely tried to out-do each other with their respective verses. Cardi won.

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, Nicki is ready to take the spotlight back.

“Cardi B took over the scene and has been breaking all these records. Anyone in their right mind would be like, ‘I better step my game up.’ She wants to be on top. It’s friendly competition. It’s not a Remy Ma situation, but, Nicki definitely pays attention.”

Another source says, “Nicki is focussed on Nicki.”

So, which is it? Probably a bit of both. Any rapper who was on top would be jealous of another rapper who stole their spot. It’s a bit more cutthroat in the female rap game because there are so few female rappers.

Nicki hasn’t released an album since 2014 Pinkprint. She did have a feud with Remy Ma last year, and lost on wax, but won commercially. It can’t come as a huge surprise that another female rapper would emerge in the four years since Minaj’s last album.

Hopefully Cardi’s run to the top of the charts has inspired Nicki to make good music again. Because Pinkprint sucked.

Nicki has reportedly been in Miami working in the studio with Lil Wayne and Drake. That doesn’t exactly give me a ton of confidence about this new album because Lil Wayne hasn’t lost many steps over the years and Drake is. Well. He’s Drake.

That said, nothing Nicki does will flop more than “Swish Swish” so she at least has that going for her.

Justin Timberlake Halftime Performance: Grade It!

Justin Timberlake rocked our bodies, cried us a river and made sure the feelings didn't stop at halftime of Super Bowl 52.

The beloved pop star was the featured act at the mid-point of the game between the Patriots and Eagles on Sunday night, as he was introduced by good friend Jimmy Fallon and started his act underneath the field.

"Haters gonna say it's fake," he then said many times, starting his performance with a brief rendition of "Filthy."

From there, Timberlake danced his way on to the field, rocking a red handkerchief around his neck that became the talk of Twitter.

He sang "Rock Your Body." He broke into "SexyBack." He sampled "Gone." He played all the hits, basically.

Then, at one point, he sat at a piano and covered Prince, who tragically passed away last year from a drug overdose and who made his home in Minnesota.

(The Super Bowl was played in Minnesota, it's worth noting.)

"Minneapolis, this one's for you," he said, prior to a few images of Prince being projected on a giant screen.

Impressively, lights across Minnesota then lit up in Prince's trademark color of purple. It was pretty cool.

The performance culminated in a rendition of "Rock Your Body," which found Timberlake jumping into the crowd and telling a young fan to snap a selfie of him and the superstar.

Overall, there was a whole lot of dancing, which is what Timberlake does as well as anyone, of course.

The sound was off nearly throughout the entire act, but it's possible this was even done on purpose... lest millions of viewers hear Timberlake wheezing for 20 minutes after essentially running a 5K or so.

There was no Janet Jackson, as had been rumored.

Much to the chagrin of NSync fans everywhere, Timberlake’s halftime show did not include a reunion with his former bandmates, either.

We didn't see Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass or JC Chasez.

How did JT stack up against Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and past halftime acts?

Give him a grade below:

And then watch highlights from the performance here:

Justin timberlake halftime performance grade it

Super Bowl Halftime Acts: Who Really Scored?

Beyonce. Madonna. The Black Eyed Peas. Lady Gaga. Who put on the best Super Bowl halftime act in recent memory?

Have a look below at some of the best Super Bowl performances and weigh in now.

It's a tough choice!

1. Beyonce

Beyonce halftime show
Queen Bey ran the world in 2013, making her Super Bowl performance one of the most memorable. She even staged a Destiny's Child reunion!

2. Madonna

Madonna super bowl performance
Madonna took to the Super Bowl stage in 2012 and she proved she was the Queen of Pop. It's just a shame Beyonce outshone her the next year.

3. Black Eyed Peas

Black eyed peas halftime show
The Black Eyed Peas showed off their vocal prowess back in 2011 when they were still HUGE. Yes, their songs were AMAZING. Everything about it was just a delight.

4. Bruce Springsteen

Bruce springsteen halftime show performance
Music legend, Bruce Springsteen took to the stage in 2009 with a showstopping performance.

5. The Rolling Stones

The rolling stones halftime show
The Rolling Stones set the Super Bowl stage alight in 2006. Despite a few issues, it was a solid performance.

6. Paul McCartney

Paul mccartney halftime performance
Paul McCartney proved in 2005 that he was just as relevant as he was many years before.
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20 Years Later, The Spice Girls Are Reuniting For More Than The Early Bird Special at Country Kitchen Buffet

The musican reunion we’ve all been waiting for since 2009 might finally be happening. No, it’s not the Traveling Wilburys jamming together in hell; Bob Dylan is thankfully still alive. So is Jeff Lynne. No one actually asked about Jeff Lynne, but he wanted me to mention his name. He’s spent the last thirty years being referred to as “the other one,” essentially the Sporty Spice of the Traveling Wilburys. Oh yeah, the Spice Girls are reuniting.

Love my girls!!! So many kisses!!! X Exciting x #friendshipneverends #girlpower

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

Victoria Beckham posted this picture of the group all together to her Instagram. I feel like they’re going to need new Spice code names, because “Baby” and “Sexy” aren’t really applicable anymore. How about “Aunt Linda’s ‘Special Friend’ Spice,” “So Unbearably Posh I Vote Tory Spice,” “Dawn From The Office Spice,” “Botox Spice” and “Jeff Lynne Spice.”

Love u all so much!!! X Such a great day!! Thank u Simon! X VB

A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

Beckham also posted this second picture of the band with Simon Fuller, the group’s manager and the creator of Pop Idol, which was brought stateside as American Idol. I just have to say, if you told me in 1997 that the Spice Girls would be reuniting 20 years later, I wouldn’t have cared even a little bit. But if you’d have told me that when they did, Melanie Chisholm would be the hot one, I would have been sure you were lying and wouldn’t have heeded your other warnings like “buy Bitcoin, but make sure you sell it before it crashes again” or “tell Hillary Clinton to campaign in Wisconsin.”

Okay, so the Spice Girls aren’t going to tour or do a new album or anything. According to The Sun, Victoria Beckham only agreed to the reunion under he condition that she wouldn’t have to sing. The reunion will involve edorsements, a greatest hits album, a televised talent show (I’m assuming something like Pop Idol) and possibly television in China, who are just now getting around to the 1990’s.

Personally, I don’t see how they can reunite without doing a sequel to Spice World. Where is the Spice Girls Cinematic Universe? Spin-offs for each Spice Girl, a Simon Fuller solo film, all culminating in… well, I don’t know what, but I’m sure it’ll be better than Justice League.

Grammy Viewers Ask, Attack: Where the Heck Was Lorde Last Night?!?

Lorde was very clearly snubbed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

Not in terms of nominations; the singer was actually up for Album of the Year, arguably the highest honor of the entire ceremony.

But that's the entire problem.

Very Good Lorde

Confused? Allow us to explain...

Lorde was the only female to be nominated for Album of the Year at this year's ceremony, as she was joined in the category by Childish Gambino, JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars.

Impressive feat, right? Absolutely.

However, it was somewhat marred by the strange fact that Lorde was the only member of this illustrious group NOT to be asked to perform at the Grammys.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lorde was approached by producers to take part in a Tom Petty tribute performance at one point during the event...

... but she declined out of protest.

Lorde on a Stage

It's hard to blame her, isn't it?

What possible reason would the Grammy Awards have for asking only men to take the stage?

Aside from the obvious reason of sexism, that is?

This oversight was made even more obvious (and unfortunate) by the ongoing #MeToo movement and the ongoing focus on how men are treated differently than women in the entertainment industry.

Late last week, a few days prior to the Grammys, Lorde’s mother sent out a cryptic message that clearly related to this snub.

Highlighting a portion of a New York Times article about gender equality in the music industry, she wrote "This says it all."

lorde's mom

CBS viewers subsequently tweeted their outrage on Sunday as they watched other artists and host James Corden soak up airtime in place of Lorde.

Following the show, Recording Academy President Neil Portnow even responded to a question from the press about Lorde’s absence from the roster of performances.

This was not an oversight that went unnoticed.

“We can’t have a performance from every nominee,” he said without addressing any singer by name or indicating whether Lorde was invited to perform.

He added:

“We have to create [a show] that has balance... and what you saw was our best judgment on how to do that.”

about lorde

As you can see above, however, this answer didn't sit well with viewers.

Especially in light of Sting, who isn't exactly relevant these days in the music game, being featured in two separate segments for some reason.

They found time for that, but not any time to recognize Lorde?!?

Not cool, Grammys. Not cool at all.

At least we'll always have Lorde's memorable VMAs performance to replay over and over.

But still: this was very lame.