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#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there... . . . . #celebrityfashion #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos #slay #slayin #pics #explore #

#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there… . . . . #celebrityfashion #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos #slay #slayin #pics #explore #

Celebrity lifestyle posted a photo:

#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there... . . . . #celebrityfashion #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos #slay #slayin #pics #explore #

Justin Carter Dies from Shooting; Country Singer Was 35

Tragic news today out of the music industry:

Justin Carter, a rising country artist, died this week due to an accidental shooting that took place in Texas.

He was 35 years old.

Justin Carter

According to a local ABC affiliate, Carter passed away after a prop gun (being used as part of a music video shoot) went off in his apartment.

Mark Atherton of Triple Threat Management, with whom Carter had recently signed, told ABC13 in Houston of the late singer:

"Justin had a potential to, you know, in our eyes, and a lot of people's eyes to be the next Garth Brooks."

The sad news went public on Thursday but a message was shared on Carter's Instagram page on March 17 that reads as follows:

Please Keep Justin’s Family In Your Prayers & Give Them Privacy In This Hard Time. Justin Is No Longer With Us, He Has Passed Away. He Will Be Missed By Us All.

He Was Always Full Of Joy, Laughter, And Loved On So Many People In His Life. Justin Appreciated All His Fans And Their Support. Justin Loved All Of You.

Thank You All For Your Support! We Will Have More Details Releasing Soon On How You Can Help Donate & Help His Family With Burial And Everything!

Rest In Heaven My Brother!

jc image

Carter's mother also spoke to ABC11, telling the outlet of her son:

"His music was his world. He was always there for everybody."

She added in a separate interview with Fox News:

"He was a wonderful artist. He was the voice, he was the total package and we’re trying to keep his legend [alive]… He just loved music, he was very gifted and by God, his voice was spectacular."

Atherton, meanwhile, added that he "doesn't know too many details" about the accidental shooting -- except that, as previously mentioned, it occurred during production of a video.

He also described his new client as “kind of like the class clown, but when it was time to get down to business, he got down to it.”

carter snapshot

On his official Facebook bio, Carter listed Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Clay Walker, Garth Brooks and George Strait among his favorite artists.

This same profile also says that Carter’s passion came from “the sound of old country, and he clings to that feeling he gets when he hears it and tries to push that into his music.”

Carter, according to that page, had just finished his solo album.

Over a six-month period, he wrote, produced and recorded over 30 songs.

rip carter

Carter was an Army veteran, and his mother has set up a fund to solicit funeral expenses while waiting to see whether his service qualifies for VA assistance.

"Justin always wanted to reach the top,” reads a statement posted on the singer’s Facebook page. “It’s unfortunate it has to be this way, but Justin’s name is worldwide now & his music.”

Our thoughts go out to Carter's friends, family members and loved ones.

May he rest in peace.

K-Pop Star, Seungri of Big Bang, Quits After Investigation Discovers His Prostitution Ring

The big news in Korea these past few months and ramping up over the past few days has revolved around Seungri of famous K-Pop group Big Bang. An investigation uncovered a prostitution ring, stars filming their sex lives with hidden cameras, drugging and rapes in VIP rooms of clubs and a group chat where members shared videos of their conquests. There’s a lot to unpack here so I’m going to try to help you out by trying to condense it as much as I can.

Who is Seungri?

Seungri or Lee Seung-hyun rose to fame in the mid-2000s with South Korea boy band Big Bang which was created under YG Entertainment. Big Bang became one of the most successful bands in Asia. They were probably one of the original K-Pop groups. He was one of 5 members. Others being T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and the still somewhat famous G-Dragon.

What happened?

It all started back in January when a man named Mr. Kim says he was assaulted by staff at Burning Sun nightclub which Seungri allegedly managed. Mr. Kim says he was trying to save a woman. CCTV footage recovered from the club showed a woman being sexually assaulted by a man. The woman Mr. Kim claimed he was saving says he was sexually harassing her.

Why is Burning Sun club important?

Burning Sun staff had a group chat going on where they were talking about finding drunk girls and bringing them into VIP rooms so VIP clients could have sex with them. They’d watch it on CCTV. Police then raid the club.

What does Seungri have to do with this?

At this point, not much. Most of the people involved have downplayed his role. At this point, they say he’s just a consultant. He eventually apologized to fans at his solo concert mid-February. However, police begin investigating him and other executives of the club.

So he has nothing to do with anything?

SBS funE, a station in South Korea, release texts from 2015 between Seungri, CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings and an employee. In it, there is a strong implication that they were hiring escorts for foreign investors at another club called Club Arena. YG pulls a Donald Trump and says these texts are fake. FAKE TEXTS! Police launch an investigation anyway.

Things start to look bad

Internal documents from Burning Sun show Seungri invested 225 million won in the club and is listed as one of four executive directors. At this point, Seungri was found to have promoted another club in Hongdae which is owned by YG and suspected of tax evasion. Three more clubs are then accused of tax evasion as well.

Police search Club Arena and find evidence of pimping. Seungri along with three or four other people in that chat group were arrested.

Mr. Kim makes a return

On March 11, SBS funE is at it again reporting on a KakaoTalk chatroom which included Seungri, Jung Joon Young (a variety show star), two male singers, CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings, two regular people and Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim was sharing video from hidden cameras where some were of him having sex with women who didn’t know they were being filmed.

Now it’s Jung Joon Young’s turn

Jung Joon Young was immediately dropped by many of the shows he worked on.

And he admits to the videos

On March 13, Jung Joon Young admits to the hidden camera videos and apologizes. YG Entertainment then terminate their contract with Seungri.

There’s also police cover ups

In the group chat, it’s reported that FTISLAND’s Choi Jong Hoon used his connections to cover up a drunk driving incident in 2016 and paid off the cops. It’s also reported that a police officer in charge of Jung Joon Young’s illegal filming case from 2016 asked a forensics company to lie about being unable to restore his phone.

Now everyone is being investigated

Choi Jong Hoon left DC FTISLAND, Young Junhyung left HIGHLIGHT after admitting he knew about Jung Joon Young’s hidden camera footage, Commissioner General Min Gap Ryong will investigate corruption in the police force as well as investigate clubs in South Korea for drugs, sexual assault and hidden camera videos. Lee Jong Hyun of another group, CNBLUE, was also revealed to be sharing hidden camera videos with Jung Joon Young.

The fact that the people involved are huge celebrities, that these reports destroy the image of clean cut boy bands in Korea and it involves corrupt cops and you’ll kind of get why this is becoming a pretty big deal. Producers are probably already trying to make a Korean drama out of this.

Sourced from: Allkpop, Koreaboo

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Footage of Michael Jackson Taking a Young Boy Jewelry Shopping has Resurfaced

I’m not entirely sure I get the appeal of watching Leaving Neverland or that R. Kelly doc. It feels somewhat ghoulish to me, it’s basically just victimization porn. I know the main underlying point is to turn public opinion against Jackson and Kelly, I just don’t understand the motivation for someone to watch four hours of people talking about being molested.

That aside, one of the things that came out in Leaving Neverland is that James Safechuck said Jackson took him shopping for jewelry and bought him an engagement ring for a fake wedding ceremony. Look what turned up on YouTube and made the rounds on social media just today.

That’s Inside Edition from the time, the story was in the news at the time because he got pulled aside from security after the Zales employees thought he was a robber in his terrible disguise.

I like the fact that no one questions why Jackson is just hanging out with a preteen boy. Like it’s just a normal thing to do, walking around and shopping for jewelry with a 12-year-old boy you’re “just friends” with.

There’s actually another contemporary news report on it, too.

Yeah, Jackson was buying a ring for Sheryl Crow. It’s a shame those crazy kids could never make it work. Maybe if Sheryl Crow had a tiny hairless penis she would have been more Jackson’s type.

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Where Do These Tapes of R. Kelly Having Sex With Apparently Underage Girls Keep Coming From?

Imagine you’re cleaning out your old VHS tapes looking for some sports bloopers, maybe some Dorf on Golf, and you come across a tape marked R. Kelly. “Oh, what’s on this?” you ask yourself. “A musical concert by Robert Kelly? I’ll put it in my VCR, which I still have for some reason. Oh my, this is not a musical performance at all, it’s a man who appears to be R. Kelly having sex with underaged girls. Ethel, boil the tea!” This is exactly what NBC News reported happened to a Pennsylvania man.

Dennis, a nursing home assistant, told reporters that he found the footage after seeing a tape marked “R. Kelly.”

He said he’d never met Kelly and wasn’t sure where it came from, NBC New York reported.

“I thought it was a recording of an R. Kelly concert,” Dennis said in a statement, adding that it instead appeared to show Kelly “engaging with these children in sexually abusive acts.”

That raises a question: why does this dude have a video of R. Kelly having sex with underage girls, if that’s what this is? Where are these things coming from? Is R. Kelly just the Johnny Appleseed of child porn? Is he just wandering the countryside, handing out VHS tapes of himself sexually abusing young girls?

R. Kelly’s lawyer has a theory.

In a statement, Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, denied that the singer was on “any” tape.

“It’s not him,” Greenberg said, adding that it was “obviously now just open season on R. Kelly.”

I mean, that’s probably more believable than “Some random dude found a video of R. Kelly having sex with underage girls in his crawl space and he doesn’t know where it came from.” In fact, given he choice between that and “No, he didn’t,” R. Kelly’s defense doesn’t seem so outrageous.

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R. Kelly Looking to Hire Bill Cosby’s Publicist, Because Everyone Still Loves The Cos!

I thought the dumbest staffing move I was going to hear this year was going to be Kamala Harris hiring a bunch of Clinton 2016 staffers to run her 2020 campaign, but that was before R. Kelly decided he just had to have Bill Cosby’s PR guy. Bill Cosby is in jail and everyone hates him, at least Kamala Harris can blame her staff when she loses, Robert Kelly isn’t even running for office. Heh, if he was running for office, I’ll bet it would be for school board. Can you even imagine?

School Board Chairman: Mister Kelly, you have new business?

R. Kelly: Yes, thank you mister chairman. As you know, I’ve been investigating ways we can cover our current budget shortfall. My findings tell me that there are significant materials savings in reducing the length of the cheerleader’s skirts.

Chairman: Thank you Mister Kelly, I think we’ve heard enough.

R. Kelly: Wait, I have more ideas on how to reduce our water bill. Currently, students pee in toilets and then flush them. Now my plan is to-

Chairman: Thank you. Mister. Kelly!

Cosby’s publicist told Page Six he’s in talks but hasn’t taken the job yet.

“We’re sending proposals,” Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt told The Post, but said he was still in discussions with Kelly’s people about joining his legal team as a crisis manager. “I have not started with them.”

Wyatt continues to represent Cosby, who was jailed last year following his conviction on charges of aggravated indecent assault. The 81-year-old entertainer is currently serving out a 3- to 10-year prison sentence in Pennsylvania, where he occasionally releases statements through Wyatt likening himself to a political prisoner.

Man, the guy is doing such a bang-up job for Bill, why wouldn’t you want to hire him? Just, you know, make sure Robert pays up front.

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McDonalds is Safe Again, R. Kelly is Back in Jail

R. Kelly just made bail and he’s already back in prison. The man barely had time to fraternize with teenage girls at McDonalds and now CNN reports he’s rotting away in prison just because he’s a little behind on his child support. But what’s $160,000 between former lovers? And his youngest kid is like, 17. That’s old enough to marry R. Kelly. Almost too old.

Supporters are working to get Kelly, 52, out of jail by next Wednesday, publicist Darrell Johnson told reporters at the Richard J. Daley Center.

Johnson said once someone pays the $161,000, Kelly will be freed from jail.

“Supporters.” “Someone.” This mother fucker is going to have a gofundme to get him out of jail, isn’t he?

If you want to see that publicist’s whole impromptu presser, comedian Deon Cole, of all people, uploaded it to Twitter.

What did he do with all that ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ money? I couldn’t get away from that song when it came out. It was like the song was R. Kelly and I was a teenage girl.

All Robert really managed to do while he was out was give an interview with Gayle King that instantly made him into a meme.

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Maluma’s ‘HP’ Video is Introducing the World to Israeli Model Neta Alchimister

One of the cool things about the internet is that it makes the world a little smaller. The most obvious way it’s doing this is through music. Not even 20 years ago, if you wanted to hear music from a foreign country in America, you had to wait for NPR to have a special about ‘world music’.

Now, K-Pop is a huge industry in America, probably because of what a massive hit Psy’s ‘Gangham Style’ was in 2012.

What that means is that people from all over the world can check out Colombian Latin Grammy Award winner Maluma’s new video for his single ‘HP’. I don’t speak Spanish but I assume that means horsepower from the video.

The star of this video is Israeli model Neta Alchimister, who has one of the coolest last names in the world. She hinted at it a few weeks ago.

This whole global marketplace of ideas is pretty cool.

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Saturday morning 🦋🦋🦋

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Holiday style 🦋

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@errocafashion 💜🤩💜

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Prodigy’s Keith Flint’s Fire No Longer Starting

Luke Perry’s death sort of overshadowed the death of Prodigy’s Keith Flint, 49. Flint’s body was found on Monday at his home near London. Prodigy band mate said Flint had killed himself over the weekend.

The Prodigy was best known for the 90s hits “Firestarter”, “Breathe” and “Smack My Bitch Up”. Their music showcased techno and house at a time when R&B and altrock was dominating the charts. Personally, I never understood the allure of The Prodigy, mostly because of Flint’s hair which made him look like a dorky clown. It looked like he escaped from the psyche ward of a circus. But good for those that enjoyed his music and brushed off the cringyness.

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Seal Will Just Chow Down On an Entire, Plain Loaf of Bread

I think we may have finally solved the mystery of “why is Seal out there borrowing salad spinners from people?” It turns out he’s not much of an “eating salad” guy, he’s more of a “eating an entire loaf of bread, one slice at a time, with nothing on it” guy. We know this because Carly Rae Jepsen watched him do it, which I believe because how do you even look away from that unfolding.

Here’s what Jepsen told Zane Lowe on Beats 1, via Spin:

Carly Rae: They were making travel less expensive. This was their thing. Fun fact, Seal ate an entire loaf of bread one slice at a time. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t say that.

Zane Lowe: Who is this person? Oh my God.

Carly Rae: It was gluten-free though. So that’s good.

Oh, well, it was gluten free, that’s way less weird. It gets better.

Jepsen also revealed that she secretly filmed Seal eating this loaf—pretending-t0-text style—and still has the footage on her cell phone. “He opened the bread, he removed a piece, he closed the bread, he ate the whole piece, nothing on it,” she said. “Then he did it all over again.”

Holy shit. This is serial killer behavior. If someone just eats bread in front of you without talking (he wasn’t talking, just eating bread), call the police. They absolutely have a necklace made of ring fingers somewhere in their house. There’s photographic evidence of this, too.

Awesome hangin with Carly Rae Jepsen and Seal in #Winnipeg at charity event for David Foster !!!

Posted by Michael Bolton on Monday, September 26, 2016

Why is he holding bread like that? Look how excited he is to have bread. This is either the most elaborate celebrity practical joke on the public ever played or Seal has 100% put his dick inside a loaf of bread. And he probably split that loaf in half. Which, to be fair, is what you’re supposed to do with bread.

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Porn Star Adriana Chechik Was Giving Out Blow Jobs at the Newsworthy Deja Voom Festival

Deja Voom is Bassnectar’s destination EDM festival that took place February 27 to March 1. The lineup featured artists such as Elohim, Rezz, Glitch Mob, and Claude Vonstroke. It also featured one porn star named Adriana Chechik who flew there and gave out free blow jobs. Chechik made the announcement last Monday.

And she wasn’t lying. Someone at the festival filmed a woman going down on a guy at the festival on Thursday. NSFW video below.

Her face wasn’t visible so I did what any reporter worth their salt would do. I headed to Google to do some extensive research. I finished 30 seconds later and have concluded that this may in fact be Adriana Chechik giving a bj at Deja Voom.

It also looks like she confirmed it.

Turns out I didn’t have to do all that research but what’s done is done.

In other Deja Voom news, the festival brought in drug sniffing dogs to go through people’s hotel rooms because, this may come as a shock to you, but there may have been some drug use at the festival.

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Deciphering Taylor Swift’s Instagram

It all started on Sunday when Taylor Swift posted an Instagram photo of 7 palm trees surrounded by stars. Many theorized the 4 palm trees on the left represented her 4 country albums, the 2 trees on the right were her 2 pop albums and the tree in the middle is a new album.

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A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Her last album, Reputation, was released 2 years ago in 2017. So, of course this was some sort of hidden message letting her true fans know that new music was dropping. Possibly in a week’s time. For reference, “Look What You Made Me Do” was released on August 24, 2017, a Monday. That, by the way, is a fact that has no significance whatsoever.

Taylor, possibly realizing she had the power to fuck with people, posted another photo of her sitting on the sixth step of a staircase.

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A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Like Russel Crowe with his floating, glowing numbers in A Beautiful Mind, fans began began seeing code all around them. This, they decided, was a god damn countdown and there was nothing you could do to convince them otherwise. The next day, Swift would fan the flames some more.

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A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Taylor Swift looking through a fence with FIVE holes making it five days until some big news dropped. Or FIVE more days of Taylor Swift messing with people. Granted, things got a little confusing Wednesday when she posted a photo of her cat with a caption that she’d read all the theories.

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She just read all the theories 🙀

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Not quite sure how to make this fit their narrative, people started grabbing at straws. This cat, Olivia, was FOUR years old. She also has FOUR paws. Swift then made another post with her Elle cover which is part of an op-ed written by Taylor Swift.

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♥ ME by @quentin_jones ♥ Thank you @elleuk!

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

I’m not sure what code is in this one but that’s not going to stop people from wasting half their day to try and pull something out of their ass.

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Senorita Official Music Video

videosloving posted a photo:

Senorita Official Music Video

Senorita Official Music Video #musicvideo #Senorita #music #dance #album #musicalbum #beautifulgirls #amazing #justforfun #Viralvideos #videoviral #entertainment #viral #VIDEO #VideosLoving #latest #NewVideo #trending #GirlsDontCry #officialvideo

R. Kelly Made Bail and Immediately Headed to the Place He Goes to Pick up Teenagers

R. Kelly is going to spend the rest of his life in jail. The man just can’t help himself.

As you know, Kelly spent the weekend in lock-up because he couldn’t make bail for his raping children arrest. Well, he did finally get the money together to get himself out and he immediately headed to the place he goes to find teenage girls to fuck. Seriously.

According to Page Six, Kelly went to the “Rock n Roll McDonalds” in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, which is where he used to go to pick up underage girls.

“When I was little I used do karaoke at that rock & roll McDonald’s on 30 and he came SEVERAL times,” another person alleged in a tweet from January. “My dad stopped letting me go bc he thought r Kelly was truly gonna snatch me eventually.”

In another tweet from November, a user said: “I remember as teenager getting females downtown by Rock & Roll McDonald’s and I would see R Kelly roll up in limo getting them as well…like damn couldn’t compete.”

Far be it for me to give life advice to R. Kelly, but when you get arrested for banging underage girls, you probably don’t want to immediately go to a place where underage girls congregate. Go somewhere where there’s no chance you’re going to run into any underage girls, like a YA bookstore or a Harry Potter website.

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Ariana Grande Is the New Queen of Instagram

Selena Gomez used to be the most-followed person on Instagram, apparently because the website that only exists to see how close you can come to showing your nipples without actually showing your nipples is mainly used by teenage girls. That or adults really love Selena Gomez. They’re both pretty weird explanations, honestly. I don’t even know which one is worse.

Gomez’s days as the most-followed woman on Instagram have come to and end, however, as she’s been dethroned by charcoal grill enthusiast Ariana Grande and her 146 million followers, who are treated to deep thoughts such as this one.

Of course, she’s also the most popular singer since The Beatles, so I guess it’s not surprising. The followers. Well, also the saying dumb things, John Lennon was exactly this kind of fake-deep dickhead, too.

I mean, you can’t see just anyone using those cartoon filters, that’s the content I need from social media. That is well worth having my every movement and conversation tracked and catalogues by Mark Zuckerberg’s army of computer nerds to see.

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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

That is a cute puppy, though.

Grande is probably celebrating her win by getting engaged to an idiot she just met then figuring out how to cover up the tattoo of his name she got on her neck. Turtlenecks, Ari-chan, turtlenecks.

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Miley Cyrus is ‘Redefining Queerness’ by Marrying a Super Hot Dude

Miley Cyrus is one of those people who wants to be really edgy and dangerous and just isn’t. The closest she’s come is being those pictures that looked like she was ten seconds from going all Mackenzie Phillips with Billy Ray. Other than that, she’s famous because she was on Disney Channel; she’s basically as edgy as Ducktales.

Miley married a really hot Australian guy, Liam Hemsworth, and is trying to spin it as some sort of dangerous statement in Vanity Fair.

“The reason that people get married sometimes can be old-fashioned, but I think the reason we got married isn’t old-fashioned—I actually think it’s kind of New Age. We’re redefining, to be fucking frank, what it looks like for someone that’s a queer person like myself to be in a hetero relationship. A big part of my pride and my identity is being a queer person. What I preach is: People fall in love with people, not gender, not looks, not whatever. What I’m in love with exists on almost a spiritual level. It has nothing to do with sexuality. Relationships and partnerships in a new generation—I don’t think they have so much to do with sexuality or gender. Sex is actually a small part, and gender is a very small, almost irrelevant part of relationships.”

There’s a lot to unpack here, but just say you’re bisexual. It’s fine, you don’t have to say you’re queer and be all cagey about it and be like “I’m attracted to people for their souls.” You’re bi. It’s fine. I’m bi, my partner is bi, my best friend from college was bi. It’s not really a big deal.

But you are in no way “redefining what it looks like for someone that’s queer to be in a hetero relationship.” You’re just a bi person being normal. I’m sorry it’s not exciting and winning you some sort of award. I know, it sucks being bi, especially as a woman because lesbians are just super shitty to bisexuals, but let’s all just settled down. You got married. So did over 6,000 other couple in the US alone, just that day. You’re not special.

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#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there…. . . . . #celebrityfashion #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos #slay #slayin #pics #pictures

Celebrity lifestyle posted a photo:

#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there.... . . . . #celebrityfashion #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos #slay #slayin #pics #pictures

Tekashi69 Could Head to Witness Protection, Where He Should Blend Right In

Tekashi69’s antics never fail to amuse me. I mean, aside from the child molesting. More like the lying about getting kidnapped and the whole thinking getting 69 tattooed on your face was a good idea. He really felt the need to take that eighth grade Twitter handle all the way to the grave, which very nearly happened a few months ago.

Well Daniel Hernandez, or 6ix9ine as he likes to be called, could find himself in witness protection soon, as TMZ reports he’s about to turn state’s evidence to avoid spending a minimum of 47 years in prison.

As we reported, the rapper cooperated with the feds and even testified before the Grand Jury. The U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York agreed “not to prosecute [69] for the crimes set forth in Counts One through Nine.”  So, various crimes are off the books. In addition, prosecutors agreed not to go after 69 for crimes he told prosecutors about but have not yet been charged.

The plea deal also says, “It is understood that the defendant’s cooperation is likely to reveal the activities of individuals and that witness protection may be required at a later date.” It sounds like that may be necessary, because 69’s testimony implicates hardened criminals accused of extremely violent crimes.

He could avoid prison entirely and just straight to witness protection, where no one will find him because he’s so nondescript. Who would have thought getting the number 69 tattooed on your face and throat could turn out to be a bad idea. But I have a feeling that Jim 6ix9ine the bait store owner in Boseman, Montana is going to blend in just fine and not get whacked after like three days because where do you hide with that stupid tattoo.

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R. Kelly Allegedly Has Another Pee Tape With Another Underage Girl

I remember a time when rock stars had a little bit of class? Did David Bowie ever pee on a 14-year-old girl on video tape? No, when David Bowie had sex with a 14-year-old girl, he kept it between the two of them… and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Not like today’s stars, like R. Kelly, who keeps allegedly making sex tapes where he pees on underage girls.

Michael Avenatti, who you may know as they guy who got beat in court by Donald Trump, gave a copy of what is allegedly R. Kelly’s sex tape to CNN.

The newly unearthed footage, which lasts 42 minutes and 45 seconds, is clear and explicit.
There are two scenes on the video: one apparently in a living room and another in a bedroom. A naked man who appears to be R. Kelly is seen performing multiple sex acts with the girl. She is heard calling him “daddy” multiple times.
It is impossible to know her age just from the video. They both refer to her “14-year-old p***y.” Six times the girl refers to her genitalia as 14 years old.
At one point, the man asks the girl to urinate. After she does, he urinates on her.
So there’s a few possibilities here. One is R. Kelly banged a 14-year-old on video while they both talked about how 14 she was. One is she’s not 14 in the video and they’re just into age play, which is kind of creepy but not illegal. And there’s always the possibility that it isn’t R. Kelly at all. Maybe it’s a deepfake and there’s no sex going on at all, someone just taught a computer that a video of a guy getting hit in the groin with a football should actually look like R. Kelly pissing on a teenager. Maybe the girl was Joan Rivers and she was just really happy about how well the vagina lift she had 14 years earlier had gone. We may never know.

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Bret Michaels Says His ‘Comeuppance’ is His Daughter Becoming a Bikini Model

Brett Michaels spent his life living the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in Poison, and now Raine Michaels, his daughter, makes a living the same way as the girls Michaels was doing that with. He told Yahoo! that “when you look back as a dad, and this is your comeuppance coming full circle, right?”

“As a dad I’m proud, but there’s bittersweetness involved, because it’s your daughter doing bikini [modeling],” Michaels laughingly tells Yahoo Entertainment. “You know, it’s Sports Illustrated! It’s a bittersweet thing. I just look at it like this: I think she will be classy, it’ll be awesome, and I’m proud.”

Let’s see how classy she looks, shall we?

Super classy. She kind of looks like Malibu Barbie, honestly.

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Miami Glow😎👙🌞🏖 @si_swimsuit X @fae

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I would totally “Unskinny Bop” with her.

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FBI Investigating Ryan Adams’ Relationship With 14-Year-Old Girl

Man, remember yesterday when you didn’t know who Ryan Adams was? Or you had a vague notion of having heard of him, but you thought he might have been the guy who did that song from the Robin Hood movie? Those were the days.

You know who probably misses them the most? Ryan Adams. Because back then he wasn’t under investigation by the FBI for allegedly shaking his dick at a 14-year-old on Skype. Here’S how the New York Times put it.

Adams, through his lawyer, Andrew B. Brettler, has denied that he “ever engaged in inappropriate online sexual communications with someone he knew was underage.” On Thursday, Brettler said that he had not been contacted by law enforcement. He declined to comment further.

In response to The Times’s article, F.B.I. agents in the bureau’s New York office on Thursday took the first steps to open a criminal investigation, according to the official, who declined to be identified because the person was not authorized to discuss it publicly.

So not great for Adams.

Federal law bars the sexual exploitation of children under 18, defining a violator as anyone who “persuades, induces, entices or coerces any minor to engage in” a visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct. Several legal experts said that decisions on whether to prosecute such cases could hinge on whether the adult reasonably believed the minor was of legal age, taking into account context from their conversations.

I wonder if talking about how he hopes her mom doesn’t find out they’re sexting and saying he feels “like R. Kelly” means he thought she was 18.

I just keep thinking about how great a loss this is for the music industry. We’ll never again hear Ryan Adams’ many memorable songs like… Uhh… wait a second… It’ll come to me… “Summer of ’69”! Yeah, that was him, right?

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I Hate ‘The Masked Singer’, So Why Am I Obsessed With ‘The Masked Singer’

The Masked Singer has become a huge hit for Fox, and I have to admit that I’m obsessed with it even thuogh I think it’s the dumbest thing in the world. An American adaptation of South Korean hit Miseuteori Eumaksyo Bokmyeon-gawang, or King of Mask Singer, The Masked Singer features a group of celebrities in a singing competition show with the hook being they were elaborate mascot costumes to hide their identities from the audience and judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke. We only find out who is under the mask once a singer is eliminated, or, I assume, at the end of the season when the winner is announced.

I don’t like The Masked Singer; I don’t like the concept of singing competition reality shows to begin with and the hook for this show just seems utterly ridiculous. But I need to know who is under the masks. It’s latched onto my brains and I just keep following it.

So far, we’re halfway through the show and that means the six worst singers have been unmasked.

  • Hippo – Antonio Brown
  • Pineapple – Tommy Chong
  • Deer – Terry Bradshaw
  • Poodle – Margaret Cho
  • Unicorn – Tori Spelling
  • Raven – Ricki Lake

Two Pittsburgh Steelers seems like an odd choice, but it’s better than two New England Patriots. Can you imagine if Tom Brady was one of the masked singers? Running around deflating the other masks and making his kids kiss him on his weird mascot lips, no one needs to see that.

Also, none of these people are major celebrities or even singers so far. I feel like that’s part of the appeal of the show, because if I knew that these were the celebrities there’s no way I’d ever tune in. It’s like Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Big Brother: really stretching the definition of the words “star” and “celebrity”.

I think the mystery is a big part of the appeal. Like a mystery novel, people like to guess about whodoneit. I’m only human. So you did it, Fox, you hooked me on watching something I hate with your gimmicks. It’s like that terrible movie that Kristen Stewart did those nude scenes in; I’m miserable, but the pay-off is worth it. Also, I will fight anyone who says the Bee is anyone but Gladys Knight.

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