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NBA Star Meyers Leonard In Trouble For Having a Heated Gaming Moment on Twitch

I have some life advice for you: stop using racial slurs. If you yell the n-word at your tv screen every time you die playing Super Mario Bros, guess what’s going to happen when you hop on Twitch and start playing Super Mario Bros. Of course, the best way to not say the n-word on Twitch is to not say it the rest of the time.

Yet every day it seems there’s a new story about someone saying something horribly racist on an internet stream.

Today that story is about Miami Heat forward Meyers Leonard, who blurted out (and keep in mind we’re talking about someone using a racial slur here) “don’t fucking snipe me, you fucking kike bitch.”

Now, Leonard did apologize for the incident. And honestly, it’s the most hilarious apology I’ve ever seen.

He actually claimed he didn’t know what the word meant.

I don’t buy it for a second. It’s certainly possible for someone to say something that isn’t intended to be racist; there are things that certainly have a racist connotation when said to someone of a specific racial group but not others and some words have multiple meanings or sound racist but aren’t.

This is not one of those things. This is the worst slur there is for Jewish people and it doesn’t really have any other use that isn’t just a mean thing to call someone who is Jewish.

But it doesn’t really mean anything, either. It’s etymological roots likely date to early American I’m irrational through Ellis Island, where illiterate Jewish immigrants would make a circle as a mark instead of an X which they thought looked too much like a Christian cross. The Yiddish word for circle is kikel. The word began as a sectarian thing among groups of Jewish immigrants and was later adopted by hate groups and applied to Jewish people in general.

It’s not like this is something anyone reasonably thinks means something other than something mean to call Jewish people.

I don’t know why someone would try this as an excuse, but I guess he had to try something.

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NBA, WNBA, MLB Players Strike on Fourth Anniversary of Colin Kaepernick’s Anthem Protest Shows How Things Have Changed

There were supposed to be three NBA playoff games on Wednesday night but none of them were actually played. It was widely reported that the players were boycotting because of the police shooting of Jacob Blake, yet another unarmed Black man, but players can’t actually boycott, only fans can. What happened on Wednesday day night was a strike. Technically it was a wildcat strike because the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement doesn’t allow players to strike like this.

What’s interesting and not as widely reported is Wednesday was four years to the day since Colin Kaepernick started the protest that lead to him being unofficially blackballed by the NFL by sitting during the national anthem. Kaepernick changed from sitting to kneeling a week later after discussing the protest with Green Beret Nate Boyer, who told Kaepernick kneeling alongside his teammates would get his point across while still being respectful to the armed forces.

Let’s think about how much has changed since one player kneeling was a scandal to today where one player not kneeling is newsworthy. I know you’re probably trying to avoid politics, especially with the horrifying realization that on January 21st, 2021 either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be president, but politics is everywhere now. Everyone is stuck at home and they’re using that time to go on social media and watch cable news, the two things most likely to entrench people in political views and make them obsess over it.

But we’re also in a political moment where it’s impossible to just put your head in the sand and ignore it because it’s all around us. We’re seeing the level of police violence against the black community every day and the protests against it haven’t stopped. You should take a second to reflect and decide how you want to respond to this moment.

Me, I think Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo had the quote that best sums up the current moment in time. “S**t doesn’t change. And it’s just the fact of the matter. Politicians really don’t give a f**k about us. All they care about is their own agenda. This is just the way it is and it’s upsetting. I’m sorry to use that language and go off. It’s upsetting.”

The Lakers and the Clippers are pushing to end the NBA season entirely right now, without a championship. Maybe you don’t agree. Maybe you’re angry. Most NBA players are Black, think about how they feel when they see yet another unarmed black murdered by police and people crawling out of the woodwork to justify it and then turn around and demand they entertain them without speaking up for themselves or their communities. These athletes have pretty big platforms and make a lot of money but they don’t actually have a lot of political power; refusing to play would hurt the bottom line of large companies like Disney, who owns ESPN and ABC and is looking to sports to make up the revenue that they would normally be making from parks and movies, and maybe, just maybe that would force them to take action and maybe politicians would actually listen to them.

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JJ Redick Says NBA Players Now Care More About Insta Likes than Winning

A lot of young players are probably calling JJ Redick an old head under their breath this week as the veteran player took young up and comers to task in a recent interview. What Redick said has the air of an old man complaining about these kids and their newfangled technology, but he may have a point. Insta stunting and Fortnite wins may be taking their toll on the game.

In his “these kids nowadays,” Redick said on his podcast:

There’s just too much stuff going on. There’s too many people in your ear. There’s probably not enough time in the day for some guys. They’ve got Fortnite to go to. They’ve gotta worry about getting a fit off for pregame. This is an issue. I really believe this: I think there’s more guys concerned with getting a pregame fit on Instagram than they are worrying about the win and loss of a basketball game. I stand by that statement. It’s very concerning to me.

This is spot on. We’re starting to see an uptick in young players across the board in professional sports complaining of symptoms of carpal tunnel thanks to hours of Fortnite. We pay to see the best in the world play a game, and we want their heads in the game, not thinking about Instagram likes or whether their “Taco Tuesday” trademark is going to be approved.

Michael Jordan isn’t the greatest of all time because of his social media presence; he’s the GOAT because of his work ethic. He once infamously played while sick with the flu; Jimmy Butler sits out games because of “general soreness.” The funny thing is that Jordan became the first billionaire athlete ever, and most of these kids posing for likes will blow their fortunes two years out of the league.

The NBA is selling a product, and that product is starting to noticeably wain in quality. Redick is a dying breed, and soon enough we won’t have any hard-nosed players left to call out the behind the scenes bullshit. Redick is 100% right in this situation, but he’ll unfortunately be ignored or even mocked for thinking that professional players should put the game before all else.

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Someone Get That Man a Band-Aid

Joel Embiid can just walk it off.

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LeBron James Stands With You, As Long As It Doesn’t Cost Him Money

During the 2017 NFL season, Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem to protest social injustice and police brutality. Kaepernick would never again play in the NFL after that but did settle a collusion grievance with the league.

At the NBA All-Star game that year, LeBron James applauded Kaep saying, “And I hope that the word of what he did will live on throughout American history but also world history because it’s important for all of us, not only the African Americans but for everybody that wants to stand up for something that’s more important than them.” James added, “I think it’s important to stick up for what you believe in, you know what I’m saying?”

I’m bringing this up because James is once again fighting injustice by standing up for Daryl Morey, the Houston Rockets GM who tweeted that he stood with Hong Kong. Haha, just kidding. LeBron actually told Morey to shut the fuck up in the nicest way possible because he may be costing him and his NBA friends a lot of money.

When asked whether Morey should have been reprimanded for his tweet, LeBron said, “l think that’s another situation that should stay behind closed doors… I think when we all sit back and learn from the situation that happened, understand that what you could tweet or could say… We all talk about this freedom of speech. Yes, we all do have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others, and you’re only thinking about yourself. I don’t want to get into a word or sentence feud with Daryl Morey, but I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand, and he spoke. And so many people could have been harmed, not only financially, but physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. So just be careful what we tweet and what we say, and what we do. Even though yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that too.”

LeBron is right. There are ramifications for freedom of speech. Like when LeBron criticized Donald Trump saying he didn’t “give a shit about the people” and angered a lot of conservatives and could have hurt the NBA. He also tweeted:

This drew a response from Fox News host Laura Ingraham who said, “It’s always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball. Keep the political comments to yourselves. … Shut up and dribble.” LeBron was nonplussed because the people he alienated weren’t people he cared about.

LeBron would later respond with, “I knew at that moment I was bigger than just basketball and I had to say something. Because it wasn’t just about me. It was about all of us.”

Hey, but what about Morey. Wasn’t he standing up for something he believed in? Yea, but, what LeBron meant is you stand up for what you believe in as long as it doesn’t affect his bottom line.

Asked what he meant about Morey being uninformed: “That’s just my belief. I don’t know. That’s my belief. That’s all I can say. I believe he was either misinformed or not really educated on the situation. And if he was, then so be it, but I have no idea. That’s just my belief that when you say things or do things, and you know the people that can be affected by it, and the families and the individuals and everyone that can be affected by it, sometimes things can be changed. And also sometimes social media is not always the proper way to go about things as well. But that’s just my belief.”

Look. I get what LeBron is saying. He really needs Space Jam 2 to succeed in China so he can buy more cars. He also wants a cut of those profits from the Nike product placements. His social credit shooting through the roof won’t hurt either. If I was him, I’d sellout too. I mean, if someone wanted to give me $10 million to turn myself into a Breitbart mouthpiece, I’d pay Steve Bannon to write a think piece about owning the libtards. Unfortunately for lovers of the Commander and Queef, no one is giving me money so all of you guys are going to have to deal with the word salad spewing out of my mouth about LeBron James being a hypocrite.

Twitter was not having it.

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Drake Wins the NBA Championship

Look guys. It was a long, hard road. There were a lot of ups and downs. Emotions ran high. You could make excuses that the Warriors weren’t at full health, but you can’t discount Drake. He was in there every step of the way. You could even say he was the one to single-handedly take the finals in 6.

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Steph Curry Congratulates Drake on the Win

Drake played a hard 48 minutes, but he got the W and Steph has to accept it. Drake will also be dropping 2 new tracks on Friday to celebrate.

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Did You Miss Game 2 Yesterday?

Because Drake didn’t.

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Chris Paul Is Really Sensitive About His Head

Everybody go rub Chris Paul’s head now

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Blazers’ Jusuf Nurkic Broke His Ankle and the Ref Didn’t Even Care

In the second overtime of the Blazers vs Nets game on Monday, Jusuf Nurkic jumped for a rebound, landed and broke his ankle. The video of the injury is pretty bad. His foot just folded in and was left dangling as Nurkic writhed in pain.

The ref, however, didn’t give a shit. He never even looked back after tripping over his detached foot. He was probably walking away thinking about giving him a technical for crying like a bitch.

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Steven Soderbergh Takes on the NBA with His New Netflix Film ‘High Flying Bird’ (VIDEO)


Following his outstanding supporting work in films like 42Selma and Moonlight, André Holland steps into the lead role for Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, High Flying Bird, debuting next month on Netflix. Holland plays an agent whose big name players are in the midst of an NBA strike, when he discovers a loophole that may drastically change the future of the game.

Acting legend and Predator co-star Bill Duke turns up for a minute as a coach and eagle eyed viewers will have also recognized Kyle MacLachlan, Zachary Quinto, and Zazie Beetz, who is primed to have another big year with this and Joker. I think this looks pretty damn good, and with the way basketball and the NBA itself is structured being such a racially charged issue, I imagine this is going to inspire a lot of thoughtful debate on the internet.

Just kidding, the countdown to white activists’ heads exploding over rich white people being the villain in yet another movie starts right now. I love a good dose on false outrage to kick off my year. Don’t let me down, internet!

High Flying Bird makes its premiere on Netflix February 8, the same day LEGO Movie 2 hits theaters… Coincidence? I think not!

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NBA Starting Their Own Esports League

If you’ve ever played NBA 2K, you’ll know that it’s a fun experience with a lot of diversity and replay value. It’s always really frustrating because the servers crash and you get stuck with teammates who are dicks.

Well, get ready to be teammates with dicks for a full season.

The NBA and Take-Two announced that they are creating a NBA 2K Esports league which will function just like the NBA. That means one guy who is really good and on a great team… will leave that team to join a historically great team.

Little is known about the league at the moment, but NBA commissioner Adam Silver said there will be a regular season and playoffs. They’re also talking about doing a draft. Not every NBA team has signed off on this deal, which means you won’t be playing as yourself on the Cavaliers just yet. But I’m sure those Ohio Horseman jerseys will be pretty sweet.

No word yet if players will have to stay in Trump hotels prior to competition.

Trump Loses the NBA Vote


The Milwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, and Memphis Grizzlies are refusing to stay in Trump hotels in Chicago and New York this NBA season, electing to support Motel 8 instead.

Oh no, instead of staying in one hotel owned by a multi-millionaire, these multi-millionaires are going to stay in a different hotel owned by a multi-millionaire. These are tough problems to have. I’m lucky if I can afford a night at a Holiday Inn.

The NBA better be careful. Trump is going to eliminate all sports featuring minorities and then only hockey will remain.

Owner Of Brothel Where Lamar Odom Overdosed Finds House Burned To Ground

WHOA! Is the Kardashian Kurse actually real??

Last year, on October 13, 2005, Lamar Odom made headlines when he was found unconscious at the Love Ranch South brothel in Pahrump, NV after a drug overdose.

Related: Lamar Odom's Personal Trainer Shares A Positive Update

As we reported, a year after the incident, the NBA star is "in a good place" and is working hard to be healthy.

While things are going well for the athlete, the same can't be said for brothel owner Dennis Hof!

On Friday, on the anniversary of LO's overdose, Hof discovered that his Reno three-story house had burned to the ground! What insane timing!

Apparently, the state of Nevada issued a controlled burn, but the fire got out of hand and eventually destroyed Dennis' property!

According to the brothel owner, he believes Khloé Kardashian and members of her family have placed a curse on him. To avoid any more drama, he hopes to move to a remote island later this year.

We can't make this stuff up, people!

[Image via WENN.]

Watch The US Men’s Basketball Team — Except For No-Fun Carmelo Anthony — Sing Along To Vanessa Carlton Lyrics On The Way To The Olympics!

This is too good!

Team USA is heading down to Rio de Janeiro right now to compete in the Olympics over the next few weeks, and while most of the country's men's basketball team is having the time of their lives, one guy is NOT feeling it.

Related: Remember When McKayla Maroney Met President Obama?!

Carmelo Anthony was clearly not in the mood when the men's basketball team started singing the classic song A Thousand Miles, by Vanessa Carlton, on the plane to Brazil today!

First, watch NBA stars Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving get it going by really going all in on the performance -- including a little bit of air piano -- below:

@jimmybutler back at it.... Looking like Willie BeamenA video posted by DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins) on Jul 30, 2016 at 8:51am PDT


And what of Melo, you ask?!

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Well... he was SO not here for this!

Ch-ch-check out his HIGHlarious reaction (below)!!

Melo ain't having it...😂A video posted by DeMar DeRozan (@demar_derozan) on Jul 30, 2016 at 8:48am PDT


That is TOO funny!!

We can only hope that Carlton isn't offended by Melo's lack of participation! LOLz!!

What about U -- are U tuning into the Olympics with us later this week?!

[Image via Instagram.]

It’s Over! Khloé Kardashian And James Harden Are No Longer Dating!

Sadly, Khloé Kardashian and James Harden's relationship is no slam dunk.

The KUWTK star and the NBA player recently called it quits. According to a source:

"She dumped him weeks ago."

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While the insider gave no further explanation for the breakup, the Houston Rockets player's trip to a strip club last month probably didn't help the situation.

Miz Kardashian and Harden began dating last July and things were heating up until her husband Lamar Odom survived an overdose at a Las Vegas brothel.

Ever since Odom's health scare, the Kocktails With Khloé host has been by Lamar's side during his recovery.

As we recently reported, the two are reportedly "closer than ever" after they were seen hiking with Kim Kardashian West.

Another one bites the dust.

[Image via WENN.]

Kobe Bryant Surprised Taylor Swift At Her LA Concert Friday Night — See What The Hoop Star Did To The Pop Star!

This is so cool!

Taylor Swift has been inviting all of her famous besties on stage and surprising the audience during her 1989 World Tour recently, and at each tour stop the audience has gotten more and more into all the famous people sharing the stage with T-Swift!

[ Video: All Of Taylor's Friends Come Together For Bad Blood ]

Well now the tables have been turned on her, because Kobe Bryant just gave Tay-Tay a great surprise during her Friday night gig at El Lay's Staples Center!

That's the building where Bryant's team, the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers play, of course, and the Lakers have won a lot of championship banners that are hanging in that arena. So it's only fair if Kobe did the same for Taylor, right??

Ch-ch-check out the banner surprise via Tay-Tay's Facebook page (below)!!

Tonight Kobe Bryant surprised me with a banner in Staples Center for the most sold out shows. You did that. Love you
Posted by Taylor Swift on Saturday, August 22, 2015

That's right -- most sold out shows in Staples Center history!!

Oh, and if Kobe weren't enough for Taylor's El Lay concert Friday night, Ryan Tedder from One Republic also showed up to perform with Taylor and give the fans yet another thing to adore!

With several more shows coming in El Lay for Tay-Tay... who knows what'll be next?!

[Image via Taylor Swift/Facebook.]

Rihanna SLAMS Matt Barnes Online For Spreading Rumors That They’re Dating! See What She’s Saying!

Talk about being shot down!

On Saturday, basketball star Matt Barnes was caught gushing about Rihanna claiming that he and the B*tch Better Have My Money singer were in the "crush" stage of their relationship.

He stated:

"Rihanna is my friend right now, so we'll see where it goes. It just passed the crush stage a little bit."

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Which would make sense since as he is still technically married to Gloria Govan.

However, it appears that RiRi is 100% confused by these romantic rumors linking her with the Memphis Grizzlies player.

On Sunday, the starlet took to Instagram to shut down any notion that she and Matt were an item or that they even actually knew each other.

She posted:

#bishwhere #thedevilisaliar #shesnotthatintoyou #shesnotintoyouatall #shesneverevenmetyou #thisactuallyhurtmyfeelings #defamationofcharacterA photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Aug 16, 2015 at 2:31pm PDT

Ouch! Matt, we think that the Grammy winner is the last person you should be crossing right now.

Though we're not surprised that the Barbados beauty commented on these rumors as she's recently been spotted getting cozy with Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Nonetheless, it seems that Rihanna isn't rushing to label herself as any man's main slice.

And why should she?? She is totally SLAYING it right now.

What do U think of this recent rumored pairing?! Did Rihanna really never meet Matt?

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Brian To/La Niece/WENN.]

Khloé Kardashian Is The Best Cheerleader Ever At James Harden’s Basketball Semi-Final

She must be his good luck charm!

Khloé Kardashian has been linked to pro-basketball player James Harden for over a month now, and it looks like their relationship is still going strong.

That's because the 31-year-old was spotted cheering her NBA boo on at his Pro-Am League semi-final on Saturday.

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The Houston Rockets shooting guard scored a staggering 25 points to help his team make it to the Drew League finals with a score of 83-72!

Khloé sported a red floral top over an otherwise black outfit with sunglasses -- just in case anyone couldn't tell it was her on the sidelines.

Good luck at the finals, James!

[Image via Cassy Athena/London Ent/Splash News.]

Shaquille O’Neal Fires More Shots At Scottie Pippen — Listen To Him Rant About Not Letting ‘Bums’ Like Pippen ‘Disrespect’ Him!

Shaquille O'Neal isn't backing down from his feud against Scottie Pippen!

The altercation between the NBA veterans went into its second round this week when the former LA Lakers star put his former Chicago Bulls rival on blast yet again!

[ Video: Shaq Has A HUGE Fall During NBA Halftime Report! ]

On Monday, O'Neal spoke out on the social media beef on his podcast The Big Podcast with Shaq, and he had this to say:

"I don't let bums disrespect me. He was a great player but I'm the bridge, he's the water. He will always be under me. Every now and then he will rise to the occasion to get to the same level as the bridge but when reality kicks in, I'm the bridge, he is water, he is under me. Scottie Pippen can't disrespect me."

So, we guess this feud isn't necessarily water under the bridge for Shaq, despite that spot on metaphor.

The 43-year-old went on to say that he wasn't looking to call anyone out with his initial Instagram picture where he claimed the best Lakers players from every era would beat the Bulls biggest stars.

But after Pippen seemed to take it personally with his response, Shaq wouldn't back down from his belief that, "we would beat em by fifty."

Take a listen to the podcast (below) to hear Pippen being called out at the 3:45 mark:

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

LeBron James Strikes Up A Deal With Warner Bros! Does This Mean We’re Going To Get Space Jam 2???

Everybody get up, it's time to slam now! We got a real jam goin' down, welcome to the Space Jam!

Sorry, we just had to get that out of our systems!!

For the past year or so, there have been rumors rumbling that we might get a sequel to the 1996 classic Space Jam featuring LeBron James instead of Michael Jordan!

[ Related: LeBron James Filmed His Part In Trainwreck With No Acting Lessons! ]

While there wasn't much evidence that the followup flick would ever actually happen, the NBA star sent out a tweet today that has our hopes higher than ever! He wrote:

Fans were quick to take the tweet as a sign that Warner Bros. was picking up Space Jam 2; however, nothing has been officially confirmed just yet!

LeBron just had a pretty successful stint on the big screen in the romantic comedy Trainwreck, so there's also a chance that he's looking for his next step into the movie biz!

Whether or not that next step is the giant leap into Space Jam 2, we have no idea.

But we can hope!!!

7 NBA Draft Prospects Who Will Not Be In The Lottery That Could Surprise Some People

The NBA has all of its attention on who is going to go first and second in the draft and what type of an effect those players will have on their respective teams, but the players that go at the end of the first or even second round can be just as important in some cases.

Most people are eyeing the players on teams like Kentucky and Duke, which both have several players that will be going high and it’s all but guaranteed that Karl-Anthony Towns and Jahlil Okafor will take the top 2 spots.

However, there are other players sprinkled throughout the league who have made a difference for their team, and in some cases simply gained the attention of the public through their outstanding play during the NCAA tournament.

Ahead of the NBA Draft, take a look at 7 great NBA prospects that could surprise some people:

Dez Wells (SG, Maryland)

Wells was held back a bit last year with Melo Trimble taking center stage as a freshman, but the senior guard has remained with the team until his senior year and is ready to make the leap to the NBA. He has been with the team in both the ACC and the Big Ten, which could certainly be tough on a player but he terrorized teams in both conferences, even giving the Michigan State Spartans a loss on their home court for the Terrapins’ first game in the conference. Wells is a great shooter and he can do it all as a bigger guard capable of driving to the basket and grabbing rebounds as well.

Ryan Boatright (PG, Connecticut)

His story is extra special as a player who stuck with UConn until his senior year through the controversy and wanted to come back for a championship. He helped lead the Huskies to a championship in 2014 along with standout guard Shabazz Napier, but Boatright is an excellent shooter to watch out for as well. He is a smaller guard and although his final season with UConn wasn’t the greatest, he certainly has what it takes to be a guard similar to Stephen Curry when making the jump to the NBA.

Branden Dawson (SF, Michigan State)

Dawson was one of the difference makers on the Michigan State Spartans and had some amazing games during his 4 years with the team. Commentators would often say something like “If Branden Dawson has a great game, the Spartans will certainly be able to get a win tonight,” and his points and rebounds stats were good enough to rival anyone in the NBA as someone who will be able to compete with the best when he makes the switch. He was the big man that they needed and helped lead Michigan State to yet another Final Four for coach Tom Izzo in 2015.

Rakeem Christmas (C/PF, Syracuse)

The Syracuse team has had its ups and downs over the past few years including the academic controversy that kept them out of the NCAA tournament in 2015, but Christmas has remained a powerful and significant [...]

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Stephen Curry Received Airplane Rides From Muggsy Bogues When He Was A Kid [Watch]

Stephen Curry is a NBA Champion now but in 1992 he was getting airplane rides from Muggsy Bogues. @videogames

A video posted by Sports Videos (@houseofhighlights) on Jun 22, 2015 at 7:16pm PDT

Stephen Curry has quickly developed into the most popular and most fun to watch player in the NBA. However, prior to his NBA stardom, he was hanging out in the locker room as a kid with his dad.

Does everyone remember receiving airplane rides when they were a kid or possibly giving them to your own kids? The most fun that any kid can have is when they are being “flown around” by an older adult and Steph Curry was lucky enough to get airplane rides from former NBA star Muggsy Bogues.

Everyone remembers Muggsy Bogues right? He was the point guard for the Charlotte Hornets for several years and known for his size (or lack thereof), and even had an appearance in the hit animated film Space Jam.

Of course, now that Stephen Curry is all grown up, his own child has become the NBA’s cutest and attention-stealing kid. His daughter, Riley Curry, has gained the attention of everyone around the country with her post-interview stealing sweetness and appearing in the stands with the family during every game.

Stephen Curry’s dad, Dell Curry, played with Muggsy Bogues from 1988 until 1997 on the Hornets and they both joined the team at the same time. Steph was raised in Charlotte and the time that his dad played with Bogues made up the first nine years of his life, a significant part of anyone’s childhood.

Most recently, the Curry family was on a drive together, and his wife Ayesha recorded a video of Steph singing and drumming along to Phil Collins‘ “In The Air Tonight” while driving, later posting it to Instagram.

Stephen Curry continues to gain the attention of fans all over whether it is through his playing on the court, his daughter’s cuteness or his own cuteness as a little boy in the Charlotte Hornets’ locker room.

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Andre Iguodala May Have Received The Sweetest Father’s Day Gift Of All

Andre Iguodala may not have been the biggest star on the Golden State Warriors over the course of the regular season, but he made it count when it came to the NBA Finals.

After an impressive MVP performance, his son showed him how proud he was when it came to Father’s Day. Iguodala is a veteran player in the league and has played with 3 different teams since 2004, but never reaching the NBA finals until this year.

He was able to share the moment with his son after the game when the team was celebrating and receiving the trophy. This was also the time when he was given the MVP Award, a much-deserved honor that he earned through his work during the series.

Months before he won the NBA title or the MVP Award, Andre Iguodala’s son had made a sculpture of the Larry O’Brien Trophy for him and decided to wait until Father’s Day to give it to him, paired with a sweet card that said “Dad of the year.”

This kid is amazing. Although I don't celebrate many holidays, he sculpted this Larry O'Brien Championship trophy back in April in art class. Saved it until Father's Day to give to me. This might be my new favorite trophy. #HappyFathersDay #MyNinja

A photo posted by Andre Iguodala (@andre) on Jun 21, 2015 at 9:09pm PDT

Of course, his son, Andre Tyler Iguodala II did not know that his dad would already have the real thing and thought it could even work as a consolation prize, but a handmade trophy from your son is certainly more special and Iguodala even said in the caption that it might be his new favorite trophy.

What more could an NBA player ask for on Father’s Day? In the past week, he has now received a handmade Larry O’Brien trophy from his son, a real Larry O’Brien Trophy, and the Bill Russell Finals MVP Trophy. It’s safe to say that the Iguodala family is having an amazing time in celebration right now.

Andre Iguodala was able to bring his son and his wife during the Golden State Warriors’ celebration parade that took place on Friday and thanked the fans while having the time of his life.

To our awesome fans… THANK YOU! #dubnation

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Draymond Green’s Fans Shouldn’t Worry About Him Leaving The Warriors According To GM

Draymond Green has been having a great season as a supporting member of the Golden State Warriors team that is primarily led by Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. He will be a free agent soon, but he should remain with the Warriors for a while.

The Golden State Warriors are just one win away from their first NBA championship in 40 years, due in large part to the defense of Draymond Green as well as his impressive offensive numbers in the NBA finals especially.

However, Green is getting ready to be a free agent soon and while his options will be open, the Warriors fans would certainly love to see him stay put. He has proved that he can play just about any position on the court and he is an important asset to the franchise.

Draymond Green just barely missed out on the Defensive Player Of The Year Award this year after an impressive year and he played center recently in a gamble of a lineup, while also guarding Lebron James and with his size, he seems to be able to do pretty much anything.

Golden state Warriors GM Bob Myers had a message for fans who might be concerned about him leaving when saying, “Tell the Warrior fans they shouldn’t worry. The only thing I can say is we really like our core. Obviously, they’ve achieved a great amount of success so far this season. Our hope is to keep them together.”

The Warriors could match any offer that he is given and choose to keep him around for a long time if they want to continue the success that they have been having. It was recently reported that Jerry West threatened to resign if the team gave up Klay Thompson and they don’t want to lose Green either.

Draymond Green and the rest of the Golden State Warriors will be playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 6 of the NBA finals tonight and currently lead the series 3-2.

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LeBron James Hurt His Head During The NBA Finals, So His Mom Gave Him A Kiss To Make It Better

What a big ole' momma's boy!

LeBron James suffered a minor head injury during game four of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

After being fouled by Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut, the Cleveland Cavaliers small forward found himself sliding into a cameraman and cutting his head open on the equipment!

LeBron was a bit shaken, but eventually returned to the game after getting quick treatment...

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But not before his mother Gloria Marie James gave him some of the best medicine -- a kiss on his booboo to make it better!


Ch-ch-check out the adorable mother-and-son moment (below)!!!

And for those of you who care, the Warriors ended up beating the cavs 103 - 82.

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Stephen Curry Ties NBA Finals Record For 3-Pointers In A Quarter, Unfortunately Not Enough To Win

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Stephen Curry has proved once again why he was chosen as the league’s MVP, although unfortunately for him and the Golden State Warriors, his outstanding performance came too late in the game.

The All-Star MVP guard has struggled for much of the NBA finals behind the aggressive defense of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ unlikely hero Matthew Dellavedova. However, he had a big 4th quarter in game 3 and tied the record for most 3-point shots made in a quarter in the NBA finals.

Curry nailed 5 3-point shots in the 4th quarter, scoring a total of 17 points in the quarter, although due to the large deficit and Cleveland’s determination to win, it was not enough for a victory, losing 96-91 in a dramatic finish.

Stephen Curry has been hassled by multiple defenders throughout the finals and for whatever reason, he and the Warriors just can’t seem to break through the tough Cavaliers defense, even when stacked with injuries to star players like Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

The previous record for the number of 3-point shots made in a single quarter of the NBA finals was set by the veteran master at it of course, Ray Allen. He did it while playing for the Boston Celtics in the second quarter of their game 2 against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012.

However, when Curry did it, the accomplishment was much more impressive since the Warriors were down by 20 at one point before the big comeback and he needed to play like his MVP-worthy self if his team was going to have any chance at coming back.

"This is going to be a hard fought series and I have to have a large part in it" – @StephenCurry30 #NBAFinals pic.twitter.com/MTDzkTQJC7

— NBA (@NBA) June 10, 2015

Despite his awful start to the game with only 3 points at the half, he did score 27 points by the end of the game, almost up to his normal average, making  10 of his 20 field-goal attempts and seven of his 12 three-point attempts.

Stephen Curry has now made 32.4 percent of his three-point attempts and 39.7 percent of his field-goal attempts during the series, averaging 24.0 points, 5.5 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 1.7 steals and a whopping 5.3 turnovers.


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Dwyane Wade Interviews Lebron James On ‘Sportscenter’ Following Big Game 3 Win [Watch]

Dwyane Wade and Lebron James have certainly enjoyed some good times together as friends on and off the court as well as their multiple trips to the finals together. Now they get to experience them in a different way with Wade

Now the two All-Star players get to experience the NBA finals in a different way with Wade serving as a commentator during halftime and after the game. What makes it even more special is that he even gets to interview his former teammate and offer some interesting insight about him during the game.

Lebron James had yet another amazing performance in game 3 with plenty to talk to his former teammate about after it ended. He finished with 40 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists, putting up huge numbers and he has actually scored more in the first 3 games than anyone else in the history of the NBA finals.

LeBron's 123 points this series are the most points scored through the first 3 games of an #NBAFinals (41.0 PPG) pic.twitter.com/65b8fuCC1I

— NBA.com/Stats (@nbastats) June 10, 2015

Dwyane Wade has clearly been having fun watching his former teammate dominating the NBA finals and although he doesn’t have the expertise of the other analysts, he had some good questions for James after the game as well.

He asks James what his mindsight his at this point and how he is feeling about the series, adding that he sees him playing even better than when he was with Miami, playing at an unbelievable level while averaging 41 points per game.

James mentions that he was disappointed in finishing third in the MVP voting, but still won’t admit to that being his other motivation in winning the series.

He is dominating the series and doing much more than just scoring, playing a part in nearly every point that the team scores.

LeBron James has scored, assisted, or created 200 of the Cavaliers' 291 points through the first 3 games of the #NBAFinals. Beyond unreal.

— Synergy Sports Tech (@SynergySST) June 10, 2015

Dwyane Wade has hinted that he may opt-out of the final year of his contract and become a free agent this summer. With the way that he relates to James throughout the interview and their history on and off the court, it certainly makes us wonder whether they will end up reuniting on the court.

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Matthew Dellavedova Taken To Hospital For Severe Cramps Following Game 3 Win

Photo via Facebook

Matthew Dellavedova had the game of his life last night, but following the game, he was experiencing severe cramps and needed medical help.

He was unable to talk to the media because he was receiving in IV in the building before being taken to the local hospital in an ambulance for more treatment, something that will certainly not sit well with Cavaliers fans.

The last thing that the Cleveland Cavaliers possibly need is for their breakout star to get injured and his physical play on the court is rivaling of anyone. His play in game 3 was unreal, recording 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists, in addition to his aggressive defense on Stephen Curry.

In addition to a career playoff high 20 Pts, Matthew Dellavedova limited Steph Curry to 5-of-12 shooting in Game 3. pic.twitter.com/PZRkuo0xqX

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) June 10, 2015

Matthew Dellavedova’s defense on Curry has been a bit unbelievable as he was able to hold him to only 3 points in the first half of game 3 and played incredibly aggressive defense throughout much of the first 3 games, until Curry scored 24 points in the second half of game 3.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are already stacked with injuries, which makes NBA fans wonder how they are even continuing on this surprising run that they are on.

Once Kevin Love went out, some people thought they might not make it past the Bulls, then they beat the Bulls and Hawks before losing Kyrie Irving, which could have caused them to not have a chance against the Golden State Warriors, but the Cavaliers have found their unlikely hero in Dellavedova.

The backup Australian point guard has been highly praised for his physical play, and Lebron James gave him some more after the game when saying, “He’s going to give everything he’s got. His body, he’s going to throw his body all over the place. And he’s going to compete at a high level however many minutes he’s out on the floor.”

Matthew Dellavedova’s played so hard physically that he needed to be taken to the hospital, and luckily the next game is in Cleveland, and for the sake of him and his team, hopefully he will be all rested up and able to play on Thursday.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets Are Back With An Amazing NBA Playoffs Edition [Watch]

Jimmy Kimmel’s popular mean tweets segment is back and brings a number of hilarious reactions from NBA players in the NBA playoffs edition. Star players are featured in a different way and some of them can take a joke while others cannot.

The segment is used to expose the bad opinions of celebrities or athletes from random users on Twitter. It has people read mean tweets that have been written about them and while most people will just get a good laugh out of it, some of them can actually take it to heart, feeling that they are too mean.

The latest issue aired last night on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel following the conclusion of the first game of the NBA finals. It featured players both that have been elimintated and still competing including Blake Griffin, Draymond Green, and Stephen Curry.

I love Mean Tweets. This is definitely the best one from the NBA edition pic.twitter.com/7sHq7Kxqf9

— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin) June 5, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” have been going for years and seems to be just as good as the last one every time. Of course, not everyone will be able to enjoy this one, but surely most NBA finals will get some good laughs out of it.

With the NBA finals now underway, fans will want to do anything that they can in order to gain access to NBA related content and this is a great example of that.

Some former NBA players such as Magic Johnson, Jalen Rose, and Reggie Miller are featured as well with some odd jobs targeted at them including poking fun at Magic’s teeth and Reggie Miller’s style, not relating to basketball at all.

http://t.co/dMGpSXxvgs 50 Cent Stars In New Air Bud And NBA Players Read Mean Tweets http://t.co/QGBr4oYE1v #JimmyKimmel

— Jimmy Kimmel (@JKimmel_News) June 5, 2015

Commentators and former coaches Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy are also featured, making fun of both of them as basketball voices and most fans will probably agree that their commentary can be quite odd at times.

Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets feature a fun collection of players and reactions in the NBA playoffs edition and is definitely worth checking out for any fan of the NBA.

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