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Vanessa Lachey Opens Up About Son Phoenix’s ‘Traumatic Experience’ in Hospital

Vanessa Lachey is opening up about her son’s Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) diagnosis that left him hospitalized shortly after his birth.

On Tuesday, the mom-of-three posted a photo of Phoenix, who is now almost 2, when he was a baby and shared her experience about caring for her son — who was born 10 weeks prematurely.

“When I gave birth to my youngest, Phoenix, at 30 weeks, I knew he would need extra care,” she wrote on Instagram.

In the shot, Vanessa, 37, holds a young Phoenix — who is wrapped up in a blanket, wearing a hospital gown, and has a breathing tube up his nose.

“But I wasn’t aware that he was at an increased risk for a common respiratory virus called #RSV due to his under-developed lungs and immature immune system,” she continued.

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Those with the respiratory virus typically experience cold-like symptoms, including coughing, runny nose, and fever. Although most RSV infections clear up on their own within 7-14 days, it is especially dangerous for young infants as it can cause breathing difficulty and dehydration, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“So when he was hospitalized for six days for severe RSV disease, I was shocked and terrified,” Vanessa added. “I wish I had known more about RSV before this traumatic experience.”

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She also went on to explain that she is partnering with AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company, to raise awareness about the disease during its month-long initiative.

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Vanessa and husband Nick Lachey, 44, previously opened up to PEOPLE about adjusting their expectations when it came to the youngest member of their family.

“What I’ve had to do for myself now as a mom of a preemie is to not count the milestones,” Vanessa said at the Pampers‘ #SleptLikeThis event back in January.

“I mean that loosely and with love — to not compare him because every kid is going to be different, especially a preemie,” she added.

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The pair — also parents to Brooklyn Elisabeth, 3, and Camden John, 6 — were also careful to not compare what their two older kids were doing as 1-year-olds to what Phoenix was capable of doing.

“He’s smaller, but he’s healthy. He’s so happy,” Vanessa said. “Brooklyn and Camden were standing and walking a little bit at this point and he’s not even near that.”

“And I’m okay with that because every kid has their own time and their own moment,” she explained, “and instead of us dwelling on what he’s not doing, we’re just living and relishing in what he is doing.”

“He’s the happiest, most joyful kid ever,” added Nick. “He’s crawling everywhere, he’s so curious and into everything now.”

Nick and Vanessa Lachey Expecting Third Child

Lacheys Expecting Baby 3

“The Hardest Thing” (and most exciting thing) Nick Lachey might ever have to do is be a dad to three kids!

Lachey and his wife Vanessa are expecting their child, the couple announced Friday in matching Instagram posts.

“We got a new crib! Now we need a new CRIB!” says the photo, which features the shot of the soon-to-be family of five in front of their new home — moved into just in time for the new arrival.

“Newest Lachey arriving Spring 2017,” completes the photo’s message, with a heart drawn around Vanessa’s baby belly.

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Instagram Photo

“#LacheyPartyOf5… and Wookie!” Vanessa captioned

The 98 Degrees frontman, 42, and his wife, 35 — who said “I Do” in 2011 — will welcome their newest family member this spring.

The new baby will join big sister Brooklyn Elisabeth, 20 months, and brother Camden John, who turns 4 on Sept. 12.

Jen Juneau

Jessica Simpson Says Her Marriage to Nick Lachey Was Her Biggest Money Mistake


Jessica Simpson went from a famous singer to being ridiculed for being so clueless to getting fat to performing at county fairs to now owning a $1 billion per year retail empire.

That was to give a quick backstory as to why she was interviewed by CNBC’s Kelly Evans about her Jessica Simpson Collection which started with shoes but now comprises over 30 different products. Simpson says she knows what women want and that when she’s at an approval meeting she thinks of what she’d want her nana to wear and what her kid would look cute in.

Anyway, back to the point. Evans asked Simpson what her biggest money mistakes were. Jessica, taking a moment to think, said, “I don’t know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage!”

Wow. I wonder why everyone in that room weren’t screaming in pain with their hands over their ears. The sound of shots fired in there would have been deafening.

Jessica Simpson Admits First Marriage Was A Big Mistake — See Why She Feels That Way HERE!

Well this is rude!

Jessica Simpson went on CNBC on Thursday evening to talk to the financial folks on the business-based show Closing Bell -- and mainly, the talk was supposed to be about the Jessica Simpson Collection, which is raking in about $1 billion (!) in yearly sales.

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Only... the pop star-turned-movie star also got in some shots at ex-hubby Nick Lachey, contending her first marriage was her biggest mistake!

The host of Closing Bell, Kelly Evans, was asking Simpson about her biggest regrets with money, when the singer/actress said:

"The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage!"

Ouch! Lachey and Simpson were of course married from 2002 to 2006, and appeared on the popular reality show Newlyweds together.

Now, with Lachey married to Vanessa Minnillo since 2011, and Simpson wed to Eric Johnson since 2014, it all may be water under a bridge... but Jessica just had to get that one shot in there!

Here's thinkin' of ya, Nick!

[Image via Jeff Grossman/PNP/WENN.]

1990s Boy Band Members: Where Are They Now?

N*Sync! Backstreet Boys! 98 Degrees! These 90s boy bands defined a decade, but sadly, none of them stood the test of time. (Okay, so *technically* the Backstreet Boys have never broken up and have been together for 22 years. Technically.)

While reboots and reunion tours abound among the former imaginary flames of teenage girls everywhere. 

(Seriously. Don't even pretend you didn't dream of marrying Justin Timberlake. Or that a tiny part of your once-teenage heart didn't die the day he married Jessica Biel.)

While some members rose to fame, others felt their stars fall rapidly from the sky, and we all watched it happen. Check out this gallery to find out where these 90s boy band members are now! 

1. Justin Timberlake

Justin timberlake in gq pic
Justin Timberlake, arguably the most famous member to come from N*Sync, also became (totally not arguably) the hottest. He learned to deal with that seriously curly hair of his and realized that bleaching his locks blonde was NOT a good look for him. At all. Thank the celebrity gods. Timberlake launched a successful solo career after N*Sync "took a break" from group performances, starred in a few B-list movies, dated Cameron Diaz, and then settled down with Jessica Biel before embarking on the greatest role of his life: Dad.

2. Chris Kirkpatrick

Chris kirkpatrick
N*Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick traded his crazy hair for a pair of golf clubs and an appearance as a contestant on CMT's second season of Gone Country. He ultimately lost to Sebastian Bach, but he gave it his best shot.

3. Joey Fatone

Joey fatone image
Joey Fatone, oh ye of the unfortunate last name, is probably the second most famous former member of N*Sync. (Some would say that role belongs to J.C. Chasez. Some would be wrong.) Joey continued a career in entertainment following the demise of the band that made him a celebrity. He's had stints hosting game shows and performed with great success on Dancing With the Stars.

4. Lance Bass

Lance bass image
Lance Bass turned his musical talents from the studio to the stage following N*Sync's break-up. He took over the role of Corny Collins in the Broadway production of Hairspray in August of 2007, just one year after coming out on the cover of People magazine and receiving the Visibility Award from the Human Rights Campaign in 2006. Then Bass trained to be a cosmonaut in hopes of securing a seat on the TMA-1 space station mission, but his sponsors all backed out. He married Michael Turchin in 2014 in the first same-sex marriage ceremony to be aired on national television.

5. JC Chasez

Jc chasez
JC Chasez, whom fellow groupmate Timberlake dubbed "the best singer of us all," released a solo album in 2004 but it debuted to little success. Eventually, his second album was scrapped as his relationship with Jive Records ended. Now he works behind the scenes in the music industry writing songs for artists such as American Idol alum David Archuletta and, shockingly, his former competition the Backstreet Boys. Speaking of...

6. AJ McLean

Aj mclean picture
Myriad issues have cropped up for the Backstreet Boys during their two-decade tenure. Member AJ McLean suffered from a notorious addiction to drugs and alcohol and did stints in rehab in both 2001 and 2002 at the behest of fellow group member Kevin Richardson. McLean is now clean and credits his wife, Rochelle Karadis, for helping in stay that way.
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Drew Lachey on His Daughter Dating: The Boys Have ‘Been Warned’

Drew Lachey hot yoga
Paul Zimmerman/Wireimage

Aw, they grow up so fast!

Drew Lachey spoke to PEOPLE about daughter Isabella Claire‘s love life while attending a hot yoga class sponsored by Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever campaign on Tuesday.

“It’s crazy that she’s halfway through her time in your house,” brother Nick Lachey, 41, said to Drew, 38.

He responded: “Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.”

Drew admits that Isabella, 9, is getting older — and dating will soon be just around the corner. Luckily, their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a small enough city where “everybody knows each other,” so he has already talked to parents of the boys in her grade.

“They know,” he jokes. “They’ve already been warned. [I’m going to] kill somebody [when she starts dating].”

But the banter between the two brothers doesn’t stop there. “My wife will be like, ‘No, you’re being the weird guy,’ ” Drew says.

“Isabella will be like, ‘Daddy, you’re the reason no one will take me to prom. Everybody’s scared of Daddy,’ ” quips Nick, who is dad to daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth, 7 months, and son Camden John, 2½.

Despite his tough-guy tactics, Drew admits he has his daughter’s best interests at heart.

“I’ll be the reason that boys love her for her,” explains Drew, who calls Isabella “strong, very independent and very bull-headed.”

These days, Isabella splits her time between the soccer field and the dance studio. As a father of two, Drew has some words of wisdom for all parents.

“I think the biggest thing with any kid is teaching them confidence,” he says. “It’s okay to try things. You’re not always going to succeed at first, but just go for it.”

He adds, “Try to expose them to as many different positive things in their life as you can.”

— Megan Kuharich

Vanessa Lachey: ‘When You’re a Mom, You’re a Superhero’

Life is sweeter with two kids — and popsicles!

Vanessa Lachey wears several hats as a mother of two little ones, son Camden John, 2½, and daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth, 5 months. Now, the 34-year-old supermom is joining forces with Popsicle to launch the brand’s first-ever official comic book and new Avengers popsicle — a perfect fit for Lachey, whose son calls himself “Camden America.”

In fact, Camden and Scott Foley‘s son, Keller, have become quite the dynamic duo.

“[Keller] wears capes every day to school — it’s the cutest thing — and Camden became obsessed with it so then they became the duo. Super Camden and Super Keller. It’s fun,” Lachey tells PEOPLE.

“It’s fun to watch little boys let their imagination run wild and for me as a mom it’s great to see him evolve to this little person.”

Vanessa Lachey popsicle avengers

Now with her little boy growing up and wearing sneakers and jeans, Lachey feels like the time has flown.

“I thought at 2 you were still wearing onesies that said ‘Mama’s big guy,’ but he’s like a little man,” she shares.

Lachey and husband Nick recognize how fast the precious moments passed with Camden, which is why they are trying to savor time with their baby girl.

“Instead of thinking about when [Brooklyn’s] going to be there and what she’s going to be like, we’re just soaking up the babyness right now and the cooing and the swaddling for nap times,” she explains.

Big brother Camden is also enjoying special moments with his baby sister.

“[Camden] stood and plopped down on his bottom and [Brooklyn] started laughing at him,” she shares. “He was recognizing that he was making her laugh and so he kept saying, ‘Making baby sister laugh, making baby sister laugh.’ ”

Even though Lachey has her husband to help her — and she admits “he’s great at changing diapers” — adjusting to life with two little ones has been a challenge.

“When I look back at one I’m like, what was I ever complaining about or what was I ever so stressed about? It’s funny because everyone says you sleep when baby sleeps or you take a nap when baby takes a nap. That’s true when you have one. When you have two, that is not true,” she explains.

“It does feel like the day becomes more hectic, but in all the best ways and in every way that I wanted it to become because I always wanted to be a mother and I always wanted to be a wife and I’ve always wanted a family.”

She adds, “So while it is a juggle and it is chaotic, it’s my chaos and at the end of the day, it’s what makes my world go round.”

The mom of two calls her ability to accomplish it all “a superpower.”

“I feel like the word mom and supermom should be synonymous,” Lachey says. “When you are a mom, you are a superhero.”

— Alexandra Hurtado