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Paris Hilton Models Her New Lingerie Line

Paris Hilton is launching her own lingerie brand because that’s what everyone does nowadays. Can’t think of anything to do and need to stay relevant? CLOTHING LINE!

When you’re hot, famous, and launch your own clothing line, the best thing to do is model the outfits yourself. Paris agrees.

#ParisHiltonLingerie 💋

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She's all about mystery, adventure & risk. And her heart was wild & full of magic… ✨🔥

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The sun always envied the way she could light up a room… 🔥

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She’s all about mystery, adventure & risk. And her heart was wild & full of magic…

I’ve seen “One Night in Paris.” There isn’t much mystery, adventure, or risk going on there.

Paris is even up on memes.

#SquadGoals 🔥🔥👯👸🏼👯🔥 🔥

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The good news for Paris is that she can’t screw this up as bad as Kendall and Kyle Jenner screwed up their latest fashion foray.

21 Celebrities With REALLY Weird Addictions

Everyone has a vice. Maybe it's coffee, maybe it's alcohol, or maybe it's spending too much time watching Netflix. 

But these celebrities have addictions that are, well, they're pretty darn weird. 

From carrot juice and tanning to eyeliner and online gaming, find out which celebrities have some very strange addictions!

1. Megan Fox

Megan fox on the red carpet
This one is a bit of a cliche, but that doesn't make it any less of an addiction. Megan Fox is apparently obsessed with shoes. Lots, and lots, and lots of expensive shoes.

2. Anna Kendrick

Anna kendrick at the oscars
Anna Kendrick has an obsession we can probably all understand, but she might be more addicted than most. She's totally obsessed with online gaming, and says she plays games for hours almost every day. The game she's most addicted to? Angry Birds.

3. Robert Pattinson

The robert pattinson smile
Robert Pattinson's two weird addictions might end up getting him into some trouble. He's admitted to drinking as many as 300 cans of Diet Coke in a week, and eats way too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

4. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl cole at cannes
Cheryl Cole's obsession isn't so bad, but it's definitely pretty weird. It's carrot juice. She admitted to drinking about 8 glasses a day. EIGHT.

5. Avril Lavigne

Avril lavigne with green hair
Avril Lavigne's addiction isn't actually very surprising. In fact it's part of her overall look. She's obsessed with, you guessed it, eye makeup.

6. Michelle Williams

Michelle williams at the oscars
We've all probably admitted to being addicted to checking email at some point or another, but for Michelle Williams, it feels like "a dopamine hit." She even tried writing letters by hand to help matters.
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23 Celebrities Who Are Also Amateur Porn Stars

If these 23 celebrities ever need a side job, well, there's one career we know they have each dabbled in - with mixed, lewd results.

See our favorite famous amateur porn stars, for better or worse, right now ... and don't download their videos from shady sources.

Seriously, if Ashley Madison has taught us anything, it's that you will get busted if you sign up for an account somewhere. FWIW.

1. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra wilkinson promo shot
Before Hugh Hefner and before Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson got freaky on video with an old boyfriend. And she's got a real talent for rodeo.

2. Kim Kardashian

A kim kardashian selfie
Need we say more? Ray J hit it first and made her a star.

3. Paris Hilton

Paris hilton instagram selfie
Paris Hilton was Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian was Kim Kardashian. In other words, she got famous from a guy doing her on camera. She and Kim were also friends once!

4. Farrah Abraham

Farrah abraham crying again
Okay, there's nothing amateur about getting paid by a porn company to shoot an X-rated video called Backdoor Teen Mom. But she's far from a pro when it comes to everything else.

5. Pamela Anderson

Pamela anderson in cannes
Pamela Anderson's sex tape was one of the first, and most infamous. And hardest core.

6. Octomom

The octomom nadya suleman
Octomom: Home Alone was the self-pleasure hit of 2012. It may be more pleasurable to hit yourself in the head with a 2x4, but so be it.
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Paris Hilton, Stella Maxwell and Victoria Justice Lead The Hottie Pack At Jeremy Scott’s Premiere

No Egotastic man on his deathbed reflects back that he'd wished he'd gone to see more fashion icon documentaries. Though attending the red carpet for these premieres is something altogether different.Hotties galore showed up decked out and primped up and flashing cleavage to the ...

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11 High School Dropouts Who Still Struck It Big

Who needs an education?!?

Actually, most people. Most people need an education. Stay in school, kids!

But the following celebrities all struck it big despite having one seemingly big obstacle in their path: they never graduated from high school. Who knew?!?

1. Jim Carrey

Jim carrey as lloyd christmas
Jim Carrey spent most of his youth working on a farm in Scarborough, Toronto. His family was in financial trouble and he never graduated from high school.

2. Jessica Simpson

Jessica simpson in toronto
Jessica Simpson left JJ Pearce High School prematurely to embark on her successful music career. This may explain why she doesn't know the difference between chicken and tuna.

3. Hilary Swank

Hilary swank little black dress
Hilary Swank has two more Oscars than high school diplomas. But she's on record as saying education is important and she's ashamed of her lack of one.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny depp in tokyo
Johnny Depp dropped out at age 15 in order to pursue music, not acting. Still, the decision has worked out well for him.

5. Drew Barrymore

Drew barrymore photograph
Drew Barrymore was a childhood star after E.T. She also had a rough upbringing and got started in drugs at a very early age.

6. Mischa Barton

Stoned mischa barton
Mischa Barton did not graduate from a conventional high school, but she did get a diploma from the Professional Children's School in Manhattan. Still, we can't really count that. Sorry.
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Paris Hilton Cleavy Plunging Chesty Lace In Spain

Billionaire Barbie was selling something in Spain that caused her to slip into a little something less comfortable but more showy for the red carpet. As part of her worldwide business and pimping interests, Paris is often in Europe or the Middle East where her popularity far ...

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19 Star Scents That Likely Smell Terrible: Rihanna Runs It Back!

Why would you buy a celebrity fragrance? We have no idea.

But reality stars such as Kim Kardashian have attached their names to types of perfume. So have singers such as Rihanna and actresses such as Jennifer Aniston.

Cycle through the following examples of celebrity fragrances, in fact, and you may be surprised by all the stars whose scents you can own:

1. RiRi by Rihanna

Riri by rihanna
Yup, Rihanna now has a perfume named after her. We hope it doesn't smell like Chris Brown's fists.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena gomez fragrance ad
This self-titled Selena Gomez perfume may leave you lusting after Justin Bieber. Consider yourself warned.

3. Glowing by Jennifer Lopez

Glowing by jennifer lopez
SOLD! Based on this poster, we'll take 27 bottles.

4. Justin Bieber's The Key

Justin bieber perfume commercial
Justin Bieber has a number of fragrances out there... somehow. He advertises "The Key" in this ad.

5. Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor swift fragrance ad
Taylor by Taylor Swift is the third perfume released by this singer. She is also behind Taylor Swift Enchanted Perfume and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume.

6. Beyonce's Pulse NYC

Beyonce fragrance shoot
This marks Beyonce's FIFTH fragrance. It smells like success.
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Paris Hilton Rules Instagram And Other Fine Things To Ogle

Paris Hilton is a sexy Instagram pic expert. (TMZ)Brooke Eva ginger topless perfectiion glistening in the sun. (Egotastic All-Stars)Jessica Simpson shows off her monster cleav in a swimsuit. (Drunken Stepfather)Argentine beauty Juliana Kawka has some lovely underboob. (Hollywood Tuna)Selena Gomez ...

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Paris Hilton Gushes Over "Soulmate" Thomas Gross

It sounds like wedding bells may soon be ringing for Paris Hilton.

The hotel heiress and former A-Lister made her feelings for boyfriend Thomas Gross very clear on Instagram yesterday, sharing an elegant snapshot of the couple.

She then captioned it with one, very telling word: Soulmates.

Thomas Gross and Paris Hilton

Hilton is all decked out in a fur coat and jewels for the photo, unable to keep her eyes off of her dapper businessman.

Hilton and Gross have grown very serious in a very short period of time. They only just met in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

Paris, meanwhile, took the photograph in London, which is where she’s been for a few days in anticipation of sister Nicky Hilton's wedding.

Nicky Hilton and her fiance, banking heir James Rothschild, are set to exchange vows at Kate Middleton and Prince William's Kensington Gardens this weekend.

The only question that now remains is when Hilton will join her sister in holy matrimony.

Too Good to be True — Paris Hilton Plane Prank Fake

By now, we should assume all viral videos are fake. Nothing is real, only people trying to cash in on that video money. Even celebs will get in on that action and dupe the public. Just take a look at the recent Paris Hilton prank video. To recap, some Egyptian show tricked Hilton onto an airplane and faked it going down in a crash. Hilton got all cry-ey and wah-wah and boy did it feel good. Well, that vid was as real as a back alley boob job.

Not only did Hilton participate in the prank knowingly, she got paid a cool million dollars. What a whore, literally and figuratively. Grabbing every dollar she can before her star plummets. They even approached multiple celebs to take part who either had more dignity than Hilton or asked for too much money.

TMZ has obtained a document prepared by the Egyptian production company behind the prank. Turns out Paris wasn’t their first choice. The company sent the offer to the reps of other American celebs back in March, offering them big money to participate in the prank.

The document states, “We will act as if something is going wrong and ask all passengers to jump off the plane!!! Of course everyone will panic, we’ll be having skydivers in disguise with us on board.”

The doc goes on, “We will monitor the funny reactions from our celebrity guest when they fear jumping off the plane.”

You had to guess this video wasn’t real, but much like an amazing wet dream, hope that it was.

Paris Hilton Cries for Her Life When She Thinks She’s Going to Die in Plane Prank

Some people found this Paris Hilton prank quite satisfying. That’s because the only time she isn’t walking around with her nose high in the air is when she brings it down to sniff a line of cocaine. Allegedly.

An Egyptian show, Ramez in Control, an awesome title by the way, rolled out a fake red carpet for Hilton in Dubai. TV host Ramez Galal tricks her into an aerial tour of the city. A cabin full of actors and actresses fill out the plane. The flight starts fine enough with some small talk and Hilton’s really annoying, Valley girl voice. It then starts to veer to the side and alarms go off. “What the fuck,” Hilton shouts. Yea Paris, you’re about to get fucked. Fucked by Ramez.

Paris asks “Is this normal?” and then the power cuts off. That’s when everyone freaks out which causes Hilton to start crying. Her face contorts into the ugliest crying face ever. The Botox keeps her forehead oddly smooth as she cries.

More shouting and then a couple of actors put on parachutes and jump out of the plane. Umm, okay, totally natural while flying in Dubai, we assume?

Paris keeps shouting and crying and going berserk. It’s like you told her they sold out of her favorite Louis Vitton bag.

Towards the end, Ramez shouts that they are crashing into the water and pushes Hilton’s head down. Which is odd in a way. Like looking for a final blowjob before they die.

When they get off the plane, Ramez reveals, guess what, you’ve just been Pranked! Or punked! Or had! Or whatever. Hilton, still shaken, calls it crazier than Punked or anything she’s ever encountered.

Fake or real? Who knows. Everything’s fake now, isn’t, even when it’s real. We live for the robot master race anyway.

Can’t wait for the next celeb prank where they put a hood on a celeb and trick them into thinking they’re about to be beheaded.

Paris Hilton Thinks She’s About to Die: WATCH!

Look, we've all sort of wished Paris Hilton would die at some point over the last decade or so.

But this is taking things way too far.

The above footage features Hilton on board a small plane when she smell something unpleasant.

There is then A LOT of turbulence before alarms go off and the plane starts to nosedive.

"Is this normal? What is happening?!?" Paris screams.

From there, a man actually lifts up a side of the plane and drags a passenger off, the two jumping to the ground before things get worse.

Eventually, the plane lands and the man who had been sitting next to the former BFF of Kim Kardashian apologizes, saying it was all a prank.

"Scariest moment of my life," Hilton later Tweeted. "I really believed the plane was going to crash & we were all going to die."

Did she? Are we really to believe Paris was not in on this? Watch and decide for yourself.

Paris hilton plane crash prank real or fake

13 Celebrities Who Don’t Really Like Gay People

Plenty of celebrities are out and proud. Plenty of others are supportive of this. Not all of them, though.

Here are some stars whose anti-gay views and comments have caused a stir.

We can only imagine how they feel about the fact that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states, courtesy of the Supreme Court deciding so in June of 2015.

1. The Duggar Family

Duggar family 19 kids and counting photo
We can't separate any of these reality stars out. Nearly all members of this family have made anti-gay remarks or even been paid to give anti-gay speeches.

2. Kirk Cameron

Kirk cameron on the today show
Few celebrities are as vocally opposed to same sex marriage as former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron.

3. Phil Robertson

Phil robertson pic
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson ignited a national controversy with his comments to GQ about gays and gay sex.

4. Isaiah Washington

Isaiah washington yankees fan
Isaiah Washington got the boot from Grey's Anatomy, and pretty much derailed his own career, by referring to then co-star T.R. Knight by a gay slur ... then doing it again whilst insisting he didn't do it.

5. Chris Brown

Chris brown loves
Chris Brown has dropped more gay slurs over the course of his many scandals than we can even remember.

6. Alec Baldwin

Alec baldwin in shades
The actor got into hot water with homophobic tweets towards writer George Stark, then in a separate incident, called a photographer a "c--ks--king f--got" which he somehow said was not a gay slur.
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Paris Hilton Barbie Swimsuit Show In Ibiza

Billionaire Barbie became completely non-ironic during her Ibiza suntanning and yacht hopping vacation when she donned a Barbie pink swimsuit, complete with her own moniker in outlined font. I think you call this self-actualization, but as with all activities in her life, Paris did ...

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Paris Hilton Bikini Hotness In Ibiza

As I've always maintained, nobody find most joy in their life of leisure than Billionaire Barbie. It's one thing to be idle rich, it's another thing not to end up with a frown on your face from lack of purpose. Paris Hilton takes all that poor little rich girl moping memes and ...

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Paris Hilton Wears Lingerie In “High Off My Love” Music (VIDEO)

Hall of fame hottie Paris Hilton was looking sexy as hell in lingerie in her new music video “High Off My Love”. She was sporting a blue panties and bra combo that is getting my pressure up. I’ve been a big fan of Paris Hilton in her skivies since a certain video of her surfaced back in the day. All these years later she’s still looking incredible scantily clad. Her historic boobage is is a thing of beauty. Paris has a perfectly perky set of funbags. They are the kind of ta-tas you want to take out to a steak dinner because of their inherent charm. But it is her booty that makes me truly joyous. Paris’ lady humps are as splendid today as they were years ago. How many women can say that their asses look the same as they did fifteen years ago?

Not bloody many. I’m going to check out this video now and slow down the good parts.

Photo Credit: Paris Hilton “High Off My Love”

Paris Hilton Releases Latest, Terrible Music Video

Paris Hilton is really trying to make this singing career thing work.

The former sex tape star, who faked an orgasm on stage during a performance this spring, has released the music video for “High Off My Love,” an upbeat track that features Birdman and which somehow nabbed the top spot on Billboard's Real Time chart soon after it came out.

The 34-year old is featured in the footage, rocking tight-fitting clothing and knee-high boots while belting out such winning lyrics as:

So you think I'm bad, babe/And you keep acting like you want me/ I don't need a little boy/You better turn it up just a little more.

The song won't win Hilton any Grammys, but it is better any attempt Kim Kardashian has ever made to sing.

Check out the video above and then compare it to that for Hilton's previous track, "Come Alive."

Paris hilton music video high off my love

Paris Hilton Channels Britney Spears For Her New Single High Off My Love! Listen Here!

Paris Hilton wants you to know her love is addictive!

So be careful listening to her new single High Off My Love -- because you might get hooked!

The up-tempo dance tune is reminiscent of Britney Spears's Hold It Against Me with it's EDM beat and trap hook.

[ Related: Paris Hilton's Little Brother Is Under House Arrest Before His Trial For His Epic Airplane Meltdown! ]

The icy piano complements Paris's vocals and gives a chilling vibe to the track too!

With the addition of a killer rap by Birdman, we are definitely expecting this song to be a dance club banger this summer!

Ch-ch-check out the song in the video (above)!