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Adrienne Bailon And Israel Houghton Are Engaged! See The Ring — In Front Of An Amazing Eiffel Tower Background — HERE!

Engaged in Paris -- literally NOTHING better!

Adrienne Bailon is now spoken-for after boyfriend Israel Houghton popped the question in the AH-Mazing French city on Friday night, and we couldn't be happier for them!!

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The co-host of The Real shared a video late Friday night showing off the new diamond engagement ring and it is the cutest thing -- not just the ring itself, but the background of the lit-up Eiffel Tower, too!

The couple has been vacationing through Europe, and we have to say, Houghton picked the PERFECT place to pop the question. Nothing more romantic!! Relationship goals!!!

Ch-ch-check out the vid Bailon posted to her Instagram account (below)!!!

You. Me. Oui.A video posted by Adrienne Bailon (@adriennebailon) on Aug 12, 2016 at 6:29pm PDT


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And it was far from the only post she made about love in, well, the city of love!

Ch-ch-check out this cute little vid from earlier on Friday (below):

French Kiss xo #Paris #EiffelTower #SeineRiver #YachtsDeParis @ihoughton 📷 @nyricanmama (thnx Mami) Checkout my snapchat! RealAdrienneBA video posted by Adrienne Bailon (@adriennebailon) on Aug 12, 2016 at 7:17am PDT

So cute, so sweet!

Getting engaged in Paris... CHECK.

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If only we could all be so lucky!

Congrats, Adrienne and Israel!!

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Kate Moss

Celebs Arriving to the Miu Miu Fashion Show, Paris, France - 07 Oct 2009

Cat Memes Take Over The #BrusselsLockdown Hashtag (For a Great Reason)

If there is one thing the internet does with excellence and grace, it is cat memes, cat videos, cat gifs, cat vines, and the classic cat photo. But why are cats taking over the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag?

Since Saturday, Nov. 21, Brussels has been in a state of lockdown, virtually shutting down the entire European city in the fear of another attack like the one that occurred November 13 in Paris. The city is also using the lockdown to conduct raids and to apprehend Salah Abdeslam, believed to be the ringleader of the Paris attacks. As of time published, Brussels law enforcement have apprehended five more people today, Monday, November 23, in addition to the 16 people detained during Sunday’s 20 house-to-house raids in Brussels and Liege. Reportedly, Abdeslam is not of those people.

The lockdown includes the closing of monuments, tourist destinations, shops and shopping malls, the cancellation of football games and concerts, and the shutting of music venues, museums, and galleries. Citizens have been urged to remain inside and safe, and the threat level has been risen to Four, the highest it can be.

So what does all of this have to do with cats? Amid all of this fear and chaos, there was an inevitable social media response, causing the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown to trend. The hashtag collected photos of the extent of the lockdown, showing theatres, buildings, and shops closed down. It was an inside look at the infrastructure of the city, and of the efforts of law enforcement to protect it. Seen by the wrong people, these photos could potentially pose a threat.

Law enforcement asked for “online silence” as they conducted raids and put security measures in place. As a response, the internet happily switched to posting all kinds of pictures of cats, some in military gear, some some riding unicorns, some driving cars, and still others channeling their inner Darth Vader. The decision to post cat pictures seems to have spawned from a pun on the French word for four (the current threat level), “quatre,” which is pronounced “cat.”

Cats it is, then! Here are some of the best cat pictures in the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag, and may all in that city stay safe (and tweeting).


Some of the best of #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/SoDjIMu0GF

— Michelle (@Michelle9647) November 23, 2015

We will destroy this terrorist organization. #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/WKY7DbAYyD

— Tiago Silva (@hugotiago_) November 22, 2015

They knew their day would come #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/AbARuxAIbN

— LoveIsLouder (@ornys_elf) November 22, 2015

Belgians fight terrorism with cat pictures on Twitter https://t.co/edsxTNOBf9 #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/4tg5ziTd9Z

— DAILY SABAH (@DailySabah) November 23, 2015

You can run. But you cannot hide. Chagritte will get you. #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/YJsIk7HMmZ

— Sven Gatz (@svengatz) November 23, 2015

When it’s Monday and #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/b3Tj6Nnto8

— chenling (@chenlingzhang) November 23, 2015

In the mean time in Belgium .. #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/G6nEvli3o8

— ElisabettaCanalis (@JustElisabetta) November 23, 2015

Shimmying my way through the #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/oz73sP6ej5

— Michael Q Todd (@mqtodd) November 23, 2015

Stay inside they said. #BrusselsLockdown pic.twitter.com/hpAfV417Hf

— Julia Reda (@Senficon) November 22, 2015

Well done, Brussels. Well done.

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6 Things You Should Know About Working Backstage For Fashion Week

Instagram/@KezBlogs (photo by author)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the most important time of the year on the fashion calendar. From New York to London, Milan and Paris, the trends vary far and wide throughout the seasons. However, what is always constant is the chaos backstage. I’ve worked for a few Fashion Week shows and there are some key things you should know before gracing the backstage scene.

If you plan on working backstage on a seasonal basis, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts, so you get hired or asked to volunteer the next time around. Working for Fashion Week is always a good look on your resume and if you are in college, it’s a fairly easy way to accumulate school credits, not to mention the ‘perks’ that may present itself in the form of a check or backstage goodies.

Whether you are working on the hair and makeup team or a general assistant for the design or PR crew, here are some tips (especially if you are a first timer) to get you through the insanity!.

1. Be on time

This should go without saying, but punctuality in any job is of the utmost importance. At Fashion Week, it’s even more imperative! Every single second before the show is important, and if you’re even a couple minutes late, it could make a difference and reflect poorly on you. If subways are notoriously late, leave absurdly early, just make sure you get there on time!

Before the show it’s imperative to have all the logistics on the show’s call time. Don’t be afraid to shoot your boss an email to find out the location, call time and other important details if you haven’t received the memo by the day before. Showing up on time not only shows that you are a professional, but almost immediately displays your commitment to the job and that’s always a good look.

2. Walk with your own snacks/refreshments

Though backstage is usually loaded with refreshments, it gets super crowded and crazy and grabbing a quick bite on the table easily turns into mission impossible. When you bring your own refreshments, you avoid the hassle of having to leave your work station and save time you may have spent food hunting.

Always come prepared! And in this case, it means stuffing your pockets with mini bagels.

3. Do only what you are asked, and stick to your task

Never be too quick to take on tasks that weren’t delegated to you. At Fashion Week, everybody’s jobs and tasks are so specific that chances are you can’t help that much anyway. Making a good impression and showing your multi-tasking abilities are important, but only do what you are asked.

If you are working for the PR team and someone in hair and makeup needs assistance with something, clear it with the head of PR or find someone who can better assist them in the area. Only if you have completed your current tasks with extra time to spare should you assist in such areas. Also, if [...]

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Cities and The Cinema: 6 Films That Explored Beautiful Places


Cinema has the ability to transport us to totally new places. Whether it’s the stunning cinematography or a plot that creates a character from a city, we can get lost in places we wish to visit when we watch a good film. From the bright lights of Tokyo to the relaxing beaches of Naples — get lost in these six unique cities and the wonderful films that explored them.

Tokyo, Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation is littered with beautiful cinematography and was filmed in Tokyo’s Shinjuku and Shibuya — two of Tokyo’s most colourful and busiest districts. The journey through the Japanese capital experienced by Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray is filled with streets covered in neon pictographs, high-rise hotels and many elements that make for a visually stunning film with a great storyline to boot.

Thailand, The Beach

Post-Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio on a beach. Sounds good enough, right? Well luckily for us, the film was more than Leo’s good looks, and explored the stunning island of Krabi, Thailand. From the lush jungles, blue lagoons and gorgeous beaches, the scenic island played a pivotal role in the film’s success, and further shows the power of locations and cinematography in film.

Ischia, Italy: The Talented Mr. Ripley

Beautiful people in beautiful clothes in a beautiful location — pretty much the perfect description for The Talented Mr. Ripley. The acclaimed film, which stars Jude Law, Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow, takes us on journey through Italy, stopping at Venice, Naples, Tuscany, Rome and San Remo. Talk about a Roman Holiday! The cliffside views, ancient ruins and picturesque beaches add to the mysterious plot of the film, creating a rather dreamy atmosphere.

Edinburgh: Trainspotting

While Trainspotting focuses on the poverty-stricken lives of heroin addicts in the 90s, the Edinburgh backdrop provides a beautiful juxtaposition to the rough lives of these characters. The high energy storyline, set amongst Edinburgh landmarks (the famous opening scene was filmed on Edinburgh’s Princes Street), is one of the few films that presented Edinburgh to the world, and still manages to have an allure even with its dark storyline.

Udaipur, India: The Darjeeling Limited

The colorful and cultured landscape of India gets the Wes Anderson treatment in The Darjeeling Limited. This dramedy about family and the ties that bond them contains rich visuals of Udaipur, as the travelers discover the beauty of this foreign land.

Paris: Amélie

For any Francophile, Amélie is the perfect movie to explore the beauty of Paris. The quirky film starring Audrey Tatou really shows what it is like to live in Paris — specifically in the Montmartre neighborhood. From stone-skipping at the picturesque Canal Saint-Martin, to walking down the cobblestone streets, Amélie truly feels like the ultimate Parisian experience for girls everywhere.

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