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Larissa Lima Returns to Plastic Surgeon: Make Me Perfect This Time!!

90 Day Fiance lost one of its most polarizing stars when they fired Larissa Lima over an innocuous livestream.

So far, Larissa is getting the last laugh.

Not only is she continuing to model on OnlyFans, but she can now speak freely about everything in her life without asking producers for permission.

She is also not stopping her plans to perfect her flesh prison with cosmetic procedures.

Viewers first "met" Dr. Smith, her plastic surgeon, when Larissa showed up to do a consultation with him.

Since then, he has given her two major rounds of plastic surgery.

Now, she has returned to get even more work done.

It's hard to say what we think of the results, of course, until she's done recovering.

Check out the Instagram photos below -- from both before and after -- and then the video compilation that Larissa uploaded.


1. Larissa changed a lot this year

Larissa lima is free
In February, she received massive breast implants and underwent a nose job.

2. Then, in August

Larissa lima laughs on deck
Larissa had abdominoplasty and a fat transfer to her butt alongside some specialized filler to give her a more prominent booty.

3. The results speak for themselves

Larissa lima in red lingerie
Larissa is flaunting a powerful new hourglass figure -- on social media and on OnlyFans.

4. She's wanted this for a long time

Larissa lima flaunts her new profile
Larissa has long been uncomfortable with her appearance and her body, and ridicule from thousands of vicious trolls since her rise to fame cannot have helped.

5. Larissa has "big" plans for the future

Larissa lima snaps a selfie in colorado springs
Larissa, who is already sporting some truly massive breast implants, has hinted on Instagram that she plans to increase her bust size even more dramatically. Remember, this isn't a question of what other people find attractive or would want for themselves -- ultimately, the only opinion that matters about Larissa's body is whether she is happy with it.

6. Now, it's time again

Eric nichols kisses larissa lima before treatment
Right before Halloween, Larissa returned to Dr. Smith to get even more work done -- though we think that the increase cup size is still a ways off. While some details have yet to come out, we already know a lot about what Larissa just got done.
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Kylie Jenner Goes OFF After Kim Kardashian Posts Pre-Plastic Surgery Pic: Delete It NOW!

It's no secret that the ladies of the Kardashian clan have had quite a bit of work done.

And while they don't necessarily feel the need to lie about it (anymore), they also don't like to remind fans of the extent to which they've been surgically enhanced.

Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Khloe in 2009

And we guess that's why Kylie Jenner was less than pleased to see this pic on Kim Kardashian's Instagram page.

Kylie is the world's youngest self-made billionaire, so she has little cause for complaint in life.

But she's also the youngest of Kim's sisters, which means that we saw more of her awkward phase than anyone else's.

Kim and Kylie Confess

That might be why Kylie started correcting what she saw as her "imperfections" while she was still in her teens.

Nowadays, it's widely accepted that Kylie has dramatically altered her appearance.

But at the beginning of her career in the public eye, her rapidly changing face was a major source of controversy (you might remember the years in which Kylie denied having lip fillers, despite abundant evidence to the contrary).

Kylie Jenner Fillers

So it stands to reason that she would chastise Kim for posting a pic from the days before she first went under the knife.

Kim seemed to mean no harm by posting the group photo, which she captioned, "Babies at Benihana."

But Kylie was understandably not a fan of the pic, taken in 2009, when she was just 12 years old.

"Delete this immediately," the makeup mogul commented.

Kylie Jenner's Sailor Cleavage

Was she joking? Very likely.

But she probably really would have preferred that the photo not be posted for Kim's massive Instagram audience.

Plus, her older sister went on pour salt in the wound by reminding Kylie of an embarrassing incident from her more recent past.

Kim Kardashian Is Wearing a Bikini

"Should I Diddy crop you out?" Kim replied.

"Absolutely," Kylie answered.

That's a reference to a 2017 mini-scandal in which Diddy cropped Kylie and Kendall out of a group photo!

Diddy Crop

Not exactly Kylie's proudest moment, so this one post turned into a sort of double-diss for the young billionaire.

The pic and the exchange in the comments were enough to revive a rumor about an intense rivalry between Kylie and Kim.

Is it really playing out in passive-aggressive fashion right in the open on Instagram?

Kylie Jenner: The Cleavage

Whatever the case, fans had a field day remarking on Kim's apparent shade-throwing,

"Why she do that to her sisters lol," one commenter wrote.

"Kim knows she looks good but her sisters [laughing emojis] that’s why she posted it," another added.

Kim Kardashian in 2020

"Kourtney the only one that looks the same," a third chimed in.

Yes, Kourtney isn't even in the photo and somehow she came out of this situation on top.

Now that's winning!

Kourtney Kardashian at the Lake

Believe it or not, this one photo ignited a second controversy that folks are still hashing out in the comments section.

Kim stands accused of re-touching the pic and passing it off as an unedited throwback.

Some say she only lightened it, while others insist that she also messed with Kylie and Kendall's noses.

Kim and Kylie Throwback (Retouched)

There's no denying that the two images (the original and the one that appeared on Kim's page this week) look different -- but would Kim really go so far as to alter a photo when the whole point of posting it was to show how her family used to look?

It sounds crazy -- but we wouldn't put it past her.

After all, pissing off a 23-year-old billionaire sounds crazy too, but Kim went right ahead and did that!

Larissa Lima Preps For Boob Job After Kylie Jenner Inspo

As we have seen on 90 Day Fiance, Larissa Lima wants plastic surgery -- a boob job and a nose job.

A new video shows part of her journey, and she is also opening up about the famous body that inspires her.

In the sneak peek clip that Larissa has shared for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Boyfriend Eric Nichols starts it off, explaining how he was "skeptical" at first about her desire to undergo breast augmentation surgery.

After all, he recognizes that Larissa is a total hottie just the way that she is. Plus, she wants him to loan him the cash to pay for it.

They meet with the plastic surgeon, who echoes Eric's concerns that Larissa is planning on getting her breasts way too large.

For some reason, she seems fixated on the idea of looking like a "blow up doll."

That's curious, as it wasn't so long ago that she was making very different statements during her marriage to Colt.

Anyway, Larissa wants some tig ol' biddies, and she would like for them to look "fake."

It's her body and she can do what she likes, but many people are scratching their heads at her preference.

Most people seeking cosmetic surgery are hoping to look as natural as possible.

The surgeon does talk her down from her initial plans to "go big or go home" ... a little.

Double D implants are a big deal, especially on someone with such a slender frame.

Larissa also wants her nose "fixed," and her surgeon seems to agree with her assessment that her (very cute) nose is somehow a "flaw."

I'm Team Eric on that one but, again, it's Larissa's flesh prison to decorate as she chooses.

The surgeon then goes over the risks -- what is needed for recovery, how implants can become displaced, scar tissue can build up, persistent bleeding can occur.

Any time that you go under general anasthesia, you are risking your life. It always helps to know the risks before a cosmetic procedure.

"The BIGGIE day is almost here!" Larissa teases on Instagram. "Find out on next Sunday's episode of 90 Days HEA."

"Most people can understand or imagine how it can be a challenge to be so exposed to an audience of big eyes," she writes.

Larissa explains: "It can leave a person somewhat insecure about her looks."

"There are lingerie and bikini brands that send me clothes to model and post," Larissa shares.

Heartbreakingly, she admits: "And I never felt I could do the brands justice with what I had pre-surgery."

This is not the first time that we have worried that Larissa has a skewed self-image that does not reflect reality. Body dysmorphia is real.

"Despite getting offers for implants from several surgical centers," Larissa announces, "I decided to go for the best."

She writes: "@smithplasticsurgery and his entire staff were so wonderful in how they treated me."

"It was explained to me what the pros and cons were, the possible dangers, and I was never pushed to do something I did not want," she shares.

"After my first surgery with @smithplasticsurgery," Larissa notes, "it was no surprise that I went back to him."

She shares that she was a return customer "for my abdominoplasty, liposuction, and fat transfer."

She gushes: "He is a brilliant surgeon."

"My inspirations are Kylie Jenner and the pin-up girls of the 1950s," Larissa shares.

"I have always wanted that hourglass figure for myself," she admits.

Larissa notes: "You might remember the controversy of my posts regarding my corset and tight lacing training."

"That was a while ago," Larissa emphasizes, "and that is not something I recommend to anyone"

"A woman wanting to change her body does not need to aspire to look like Kylie Jenner or be a fan of Marilyn Monroe," she affirms.

Larissa advises: "There are so many tricks you can do to accentuate your curves."

"Sometimes losing weight and just picking the right bra will do it," Larissa suggests.

"Maybe it is not big boobs you want," she notes.

Larissa adds: "Perhaps you want to go smaller than what you have, or just get a lift."

"We are all unique in what makes us feel good," Larissa acknowledges.

She emphasizes: "What works for one, may not work for the other."

Larissa's post concludes: "We can improve ourselves in different ways, or not, and love our bodies."

Larissa lima preps for boob job in 90 day fiance sneak peek says

Wait Did Cardi B’s Boob Job Leave Her Without Nipples?

It seems like everyone and their MILF watched the new Netflix reality competition series Rhythm + Flow this weekend, which means that everyone and their MILF was wondering where the heck Cardi B’s nipples went. She’s one of the hosts of the show – in which Cardi and friends search for the next hip-hop star – and as she rides in the backseat of a car, we see a ton of her chest real estate without a nipple in sight. Wherefore art thou nipple? She also walks around the set in a similarly revealing dress, also sans nip.


So what gives? I’m not a doctor, but medically speaking, if there is a nipple present, it seems like we’re dealing with this sort of situation:

We discussed these stills from Rhythm + Flow at length at the office, and, all jokes aside, we think that possibly Cardi’s dress is pushing up her implants independently of the skin that holds them in. So she can tape down her nipple and thrust her implants up practically into her neck in order to show off as much of her amazing hotness as possible. Or, or, or, Cardi’s nipples are still sitting in the lost and found at her plastic surgeon’s office. Either way, enjoy…


See all of Cardi B’s nippleless scenes here

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People Are Confused By Khloé Kardashian’s Nose In New Pics, But We’re Hard For It


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Hydrated and Healthy!

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on


Khloé Kardashian is playing a game of I’ve got your nose with herself on Instagram, and to say that we’re turned on is an understatement. She definitely doesn’t look like a drag queen on Botched and lawdy lawdy do we want to tap dat nose. All day all night. Basically the queen of the Kardashian Dy-nasty posted some new pics (above) on Instagram, and even after refusing to admit that she’s ever gone under the knife, the h8ers out there are accusing Khloé of doing something to her nose:

Why do they think that? Because it’s about half of the honker it used to be. And again. The smaller her nose, the bigger my peen. And let’s not forget that the new pics give us a great look at Khloé’s delicious cleavage and trim little waist. None of the Jenndashians have had plastic surgery. The Earth is flat. And I graduated high skewl 😉



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♡ This summer I have been focused on ME. Me from within. Mind. Body. Soul. ♡ #focused #peace #strength

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on


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A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on


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A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on


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Round 3 ✨ JUNE 14th

A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

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Farrah Abraham STILL Has The Butt Bruises To Prove Her Iconic Injections

Farrah Abraham changed the game when she uploaded her butt injection procedure to Instagram. Few starlets dare to divulge this amount of transparency with their lewks, but it’s just the kind of bold move that has helped ender Abraham to our hearts over the years. The gorgeous brunette recently splASShed around in the ocean in the tiniest bikini you could imagine, and we couldn’t help but notice that the bruises from her procedure – which she underwent in April – are still visible. She proudly flaunted them shortly afterwards when they were highly visible, but even months later they’re still here. Sexy reminders of the dedication that went into making this butt the amazing thing that it is. Literally, could Farrah Abraham be any sexier?

Photo Credit: MEGA

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Kate Middleton: Wait, Did She Actually Get Plastic Surgery?

Kate Middleton has been at the center of plenty of celebrity gossip and rumors ever since she married Prince William.

The most damning, of course, has been the recent chatter that William is cheating on her with former friend Rose Hanbury.

But now a new piece of salacious gossip is making the rounds, and it may come as a shock to those who admire this Royal Beauty for her, well, natural beauty.

Kate Middleton Stands and Smiles

Suddenly, you see, fans are being forced to grapple with the following question: 


On Wednesday, Dr. Munir Somji of the Dr. MediSpa clinic in England posted side-by-side Intsgaram photos of the Duchess of Cambridge's face, implying very strong that she had used Botox.

These photos have since been deleted, but here's what Somji wrote alongside them:

Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox.

Patients come from far and wide to see me for this procedure. It truly is so simple...

There is no excuse for doctors to leave patients with brows on the floor. Note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead.

But also note the depression of the medial (middle part) brow but elevation of the lateral tail of the brow.

The magic of baby Botox is that it does not leave you feeling so heavy and provides you with a subtle reduction of lines as well as a better eyebrow position.

Kate Middleton Guffaws

It's pretty easy to see what this unethical doctor has done here, right?

He's used images of Middleton and phrased his caption just right (Our Kate loves  a bit of baby Botox...) in order to never straight up make any accusations against the celebrity.

He's simply dropped a clear insinuation in order to garner headlines and draw attention to his business.

Which is the exact result which has now transpired.

The Instagram message even made its way all the way to Kensington Palace, prompting a spokesperson to shoot down all plastic surgery talk with a statement to The New York Post.

Kate Middleton Ices Out Meghan

In this statement, the spokesperson says Dr. Somji's post is “categorically not true” and “in addition, The Royal Family never endorse commercial activity."

For the record, "baby Botox" involves injecting multiple amounts of the botulinum toxin into one's face to paralyze the underlying muscles. It is designed to create a subtle, more natural look.

The Dr. MediSpa clinic is located just 10 minutes away from Kensington Palace.

Asked by the aforementioned newspaper whether or not Middleton is actually a client there, the marketing manager replied:

"We wouldn’t be able to disclose whether she is a client or not.

"We have non-disclosure agreements where we can’t disclose our high-end clients. We absolutely can’t comment at all that she has come to us."

This is probably true. But it's also a convenient way for the clinic to play coy on the matter.

Kate Middleton Cracks Up

Curry did acknowledge to The New York Post that she thinks Somji was referring to "The U.K.'s Kate" when he called her "our Kate," not referring to her as the spa's Kate.

So it sounds like we can put this rumor to rest and focus on what's truly important when it comes to Kate Middleton, which is always this:

Could she be pregnant again?!?

Do we see a baby bump here?!?

Blac Chyna Has Plastic Surgery Goals for 2019

I never realized that getting plastic surgery was something to brag about, but Blac Chyna certainly thinks so. Blac Chyna recently posted a gleeful picture of herself posing with her plastic surgeon.

She captioned it:

 “Getting ready for 2019 [dollar-sign eye emoji]  Thank you so much @dremilkohan Can u guess What I’m getting done next?”

I assume that Blac Chyna means she’s already had so much work done that posing a guessing game to social media is quite valid. It’s probably a challenge for fans to figure out what she hasn’t done. Fans on Instagram have been speculating a potential lobotomy or brain operation, which would make total sense.

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Today’s Shenanigans 🌞 @fashionnova

A post shared by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

Seriously though, you rarely hear of someone so openly and actively proud of getting plastic surgery. I was always under the impression that you weren’t supposed to disclose the fact that you’ve had unnecessary work done. Isn’t the purpose of plastic surgery meant to make you look like you haven’t had drastic physical changes? I feel like announcing your intention of renovating your body in advance takes away from the ultimate goal.

Honestly, how much more plastic surgery does one person need without having been in a horrifically destructive accident? Although, maybe Chyna thinks that getting into a relationship with Rob Kardashian was a horrific disaster that caused some severe damage. I can only imagine that being with Rob Kardashian for any amount of time could definitely bring on some premature lines, wrinkles, or worse.

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Farrah Abraham: Check Out My Brand New Boob Job!

So Farrah Abraham, just in case you couldn't tell, has had some plastic surgery done.

You know, just a little bit here and there.

I'm Coming Back!

Huh, what's that?

She looks like an entirely different human being than she did less than 10 years ago?

She's had so much work done that it's a wonder her parents even recognize her?


Farrah Abraham at 2018 VMAs

Yeah, OK, so our girl here is no stranger to plastic surgery, that's true.

She's had a nose job, a chin implant (which she later removed), and several vaginal rejuvenations.

She's had some kind of procedure meant to tighten her backside, as well as plenty of butt injections.

And who could even begin to count all the lip injections, Botox, and fillers?

Farrah Abraham Dressed Like a Magician

No one without infinite time on their hands, that's who.

On top of all that, Farrah has had not one, not two, but three boob jobs.

She hasn't messed with them for a few years, but just in time for Christmas, she's gone and done something new!

Check it out, but don't say we didn't warn you:

Farrah Abraham's New Boob Surgery

That's a screenshot from a Snapchat video she shared yesterday evening from a clinic in Beverly Hills.

Pretty wild, right?

"Hey ladies," she said in the video. "I've been wanting to do this for a really long time, scar camouflage, after my surgeries."

"A surgery, then we're all done. It is like natural and brand new."

Farrah Abraham, Weight Loss Lollipop

The point of the scar camouflage, of course, is to cover up the scars she got in her previous boob jobs.

It's interesting though, because she's calling this a surgery, but from what we can tell, this procedure is really more of a kind of tattooing.

According to her clinic's site, "A unique pigment is created for and matched to each patient based on their natural skin color."

"Scars begin to blend with the rest of the skin after several sessions."

Farrah Abraham Fired

They also work with burn victims and other trauma survivors, they cover up birthmarks and stretch marks, and they even do work with people who need breast reconstruction after mastectomies.

But all throughout their site, they refer to the "treatments" and "procedures" they offer.

It's not surgery.

So is Farrah just confused?

Farrah Abraham Rolls Her Eyes, Deep in Thought

(Well, she's always confused, but is she using the wrong word in this specific instance?)

Is she getting another surgery somewhere?

Could she just be looking for any chance to show off her chest on social media?

Hey, maybe all of the above is true!

There really is no telling when it comes to Farrah, is there?

Jenelle Evans: "Unrecognizable" After Latest Plastic Surgery?!

Jenelle Evans has been in rare form lately, folks.

Actually, at this point, she's been behaving so erratically for so long that there's really nothing rare about it.

Fresh off the controversy over her decision not to evacuate for Hurricane Florence, Jenelle finds herself in the eye of another storm.

This time, it's a mini-scandal surrounding her ever-changing appearance, and it's yet another reminder of the extent to which the mother of three has gone off the deep end ...

1. The New Jenelle

Jenelle evans and daughter on instagram
Jenelle posted this photo to Instagram recently, and fans were quick to call her out for her latest cosmetic procedure.

2. "So Plastic!"

Jenelle evans with ensley
That was the remark made by one of Jenelle's followers that touched off a heated debate in the comments section.

3. The Big Question

Jenelle evans dude shirt
Some fans didn't believe Jenelle had gotten any work done, and to be fair, her latest alteration is pretty subtle.

4. It's All in the Lips

Jenelle evans best picture
"Lay off the lip injections," one fan wrote. On Facebook and Reddit, fans posted photos which they claimed showed that Jenelle's fondness for lip injections was taking its toll.

5. She Looks Fine to Us!

Jenelles lips
Critics of Jenelle's appearance have pointed to this screenshot from Teen Mom 2 as evidence that her frequent cosmetic procedures are having an undesirable effect.

6. Everyone's a Critic

Jenelle evans gaze
These people say the constant change in the size of Jenelle's lips has created a "deflated" look around her mouth. And naturally, their criticism doesn't end there ...
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Marnie Simpson Proudly Showcases Her Big New Ass Post-Surgery In Amazing Bikini

What does it feel like to have butt implants? Having your breasts enlarged probably does not affect the owner’s day to day life much once they get used to the increase in weight. There might be a slight decrease in mobility, but if the size difference is not too dramatic then I would bet in most cases it is negligible.

I think the ass would be a different beast. People use their asses constantly. I am sitting on mine right now. I am assuming that ass implants would feel a lot like breast implants, and to me that seems like it would be an odd sensation to be sitting on. It would be like taking the gel inserts from your shoes and stuffing them in your boxers, only the inserts are no longer a quarter inch thick.

Hopefully the surgeon gets the size and placement right, otherwise that would lead to a lifetime of discomfort. I cannot even stand having my wallet in my back pocket, I cannot imagine carrying around lopsided cheeks all day. But at the very least Marnie never has to deal with pain of bleachers again, she has her seat cushion everywhere she goes.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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Guys Are Spending Big Bucks to Get Channing Tatum’s Macho Mouth on Their Faces

Okay, ladies, I owe you an apology. When I heard that women were getting plastic surgery to make their nipples look like Kendall Jenner’s nipples, I thought it was possibly the dumbest thing anyone other than Kanye West had ever said. But it turns out men are having even dumber cosmetic surgeries than the ladies getting their nipples filled with caulk or whatever to give themselves permanent pokies.

Page Six presented a report on the procedure where men have their bottom lips enlarged to look more like celebrities like Channing Tatum. Despite the fact that the procedure is called “Macho Mouth,” one of the celebrities mentioned being emulated is Harry Styles, who is roughly as macho as the Village People.

Oh yeah, dude, you look just like Channing Tatum aside from your chin and body and face. Good work on the lips though.

Guys, I have some advice for you. If you want to get an elective surgical procedure to make you more attractive to women, get the one where they make your tongue longer. There is no amount of plastic surgery you can get that’s going to let you compete with a dude who can lick his own eyebrows. And if you’re into dudes… same advice, but maybe do some crunches, too, men are shallow.

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Angelina Jolie Doppelganger 50 Surgeries Later Looks Like a ‘Before’ Picture

Okay, so, you know how sometimes you see someone and you wonder if they might have had some work done? Like a little nip and tuck, some laugh lines pulled tight, maybe some Botox? Well, that’s not what today’s story is about. Today I bring you the story of an Iranian teenager named Sahar Tabar, a woman who had 50 cosmetic procedures and ended up looking like someone who needs a little cosmetic surgery to fix her deformed face.

نگو مثه اونام..!

A post shared by سحرتبر..!👾✌🏻 (@sahartabar_official) on


A post shared by سحرتبر..!👾✌🏻 (@sahartabar_official) on

قاب سوپرمن نابه😻🔮👅 ناب ترين پيج😻👇🏻 @case__mobilee @case__mobilee @case__mobilee @case__mobilee

A post shared by سحرتبر..!👾✌🏻 (@sahartabar_official) on

داشيامو دوس دارم..!👅🖕🏻

A post shared by سحرتبر..!👾✌🏻 (@sahartabar_official) on

So why did Sahar, who was freaking gorgeous before all this plastic surgery, go full Michael Jackson? She claims she wanted to look like Angelina Jolie. Clearly Ms Tabar has missed the mark, but luckily for her she does, in fact, look like a celebrity.

نرو بدون تو سخت ميگذره..!❄

A post shared by سحرتبر..!👾✌🏻 (@sahartabar_official) on

Twinsies! I can barely tell those two apart. And luckily for Tabar, there’s a Masters of the Universe movie in production, scheduled for a winter 2019 release. This is really a win-win here. Sahar can be a famous movie star and Sony can save a bundle of money on CGI and prosthetics.

Chrissy Teigen: Of COURSE I’ve Had Plastic Surgery!

Chrissy Teigen is absolutely delightful, just a real and true gem.

One of the things that we love about her -- and let's be real, there's a long, long list -- is her honesty. Girl does not hold back about anything, and it's always wonderful to see.

Chrissy Teigen in Houston

And earlier this week at a promotional event, Chrissy really let some home truths fly.

See, she's doing a new makeup palette in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, and at a launch party for the product on Thursday night, she told reporters that she'd had plastic surgery.

Extensive plastic surgery, even.

One of the things she claimed to have done, odd as it may seem, is liposuction on her armpits.

"I had an armpit sucked out, which was one of the best things," she said. "It's a big secret, but I don't care."

Chrissy Teigen After the Globes

"It was nine years ago or so," she continued. "And it added two inches to my arms. Now it's back though, so now I gotta pay for [liposuction] again."

She said that it was "so easy," and that "It made me feel better in strapless dresses, and I felt more confident."

"It was the dumbest, stupidest thing I've ever done. The dumbest, but I like it, whatever. I have no regrets, honestly."

It sounds weird when you first think about it -- liposuction in the armpit, that is -- but it sort of makes sense, doesn't it?

And if it makes her feel more confident, then more power to that armpit fat removal!

Chrissy Teigen for Target

But the liposuction wasn't the only cosmetic procedure Chrissy admitted to -- she also said "Everything else is fake, but my cheeks are real."

"Women are like, 'those fake-ass cheeks,' and I'm like, No! This is my real face!"

She even pointed at her nose, her lips and her forehead, saying "Fake, fake, fake."

Those who heard her firsthand say that she was obviously joking about having plastic surgery on her face, and most reasonable people reading it would figure that out, too.

But goodness knows that the vast majority of internet users are not reasonable people.

Chrissy Teigen at MTV Movie Awards

After her quotes began circulating, several outlets and readers took her joke as fact, so much so that Chrissy had to hop on Twitter to set the record straight.

"Reminder to never ever joke, ever," she wrote. 

However, she did clarify that "I did to the armpits, no regrets except it clearly came back."

She adorably added "You think I'd have this ass if I'd done extensive work? Like who would ask for this ass."

Oh, Chrissy. Never, ever change.

Kylie Jenner: "Butt Scar" Photo Prompts Implant Rumors

Kylie Jenner’s career is based largely on her massive social media following. 

It’s Kylie’s 93 million Instagram followers that allow her to earn cash as an “influencer” and refer to herself as a model, even though she’s never walked a runway.

So when Kylie has a bad week on social media, it’s not a minor annoyance, like that time no one liked picture of your cat.

It’s more like if you got reprimanded at work in front of 93 million people.

The 19-year-old’s string of bad luck started last week when a Kylie Photoshop fail was detected, passed around social media, and widely mocked.

This week, it’s a different kind of controversy, as Kylie is getting called out for apparently failing to retouch one of her pics.

You see, for as long as she’s been famous, rumors of Kylie undergoing plastic surgery have circulated non-stop.

The one that seems to bug her the most is the speculation that Kylie has had butt implants, and many are now taking the photo above as confirmation that Kylizzle is sitting on artificial cakes.

As you can see, there’s a small scar on Kylie’s backside, and many of Kylie’s followers have speculated that the mark could be the result of an incision made by a plastic surgeon.

“What happened to her butt?” one commenter wrote.

“Omg what happened to her? That’s a big scar,” another remarked.

Interestingly, Kylie has yet to comment on the scar.

Normally, this is the sort of thing she would immediately seek to clear up.

Her silence, of course, is only adding fuel to the rumor fire.

Kylie has several small tattoos, and several fans have come to her defense, claiming that the slash in the photo is just a portion of oddly-placed ink.

If that’s the case, Kylie should really hop back on Twitter and clear the air.

After all, there’s more at stake here than just one little rumor.

Much of Kylie’s appeal lies in what young fans see as her authenticity.

Getting caught deceiving those fans twice in one week (Kylie has repeatedly insisted that she’s never had any plastic surgery done.) could do irreparable damage to her brand.

After all, teens don’t want to buy overpriced lip kits from people they feel they can’t trust.

20 Celebrity Nose Jobs You Simply Won’t Believe

Noses are such little things, really, but tiny nips and tucks can make huge differences! For some, a nose job can be a door opener.

For others, a nose job can be a total mess - even a career ender.

Sometimes, it's obvious which is which. Other times, it's a thin line, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, right?

In any case, here are 20 celebrity nose jobs you won't believe!

1. Britney Spears

Britney spears
Britney Spears will always be a doll to us. Hers was subtle enough that few people probably noticed ... or they were just too busy staring at that Catholic school girl skirt or skin tight spacesuit back in the day.

2. Michael Jackson

Michael jackson
Michael Jackson's nose job is the most dramatic on the list. He might have blamed his skin lightening on a genetic condition, but there's no denying his nose came from a knife.

3. Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee simpson
Ashlee Simpson's nose job was quite dramatic! It changed the entire look of her face! Wonder how her nose job affected her voice?

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston had a nose job to shed her father's schnoz. It happened early enough in her career that her new nose is the only nose we know.

5. Blake Lively

Blake lively
Blake Lively has never confirmed or denied that she went over the knife, but let's just say Gossip Girl would've had a field day on her blog with before-and-after photos like this.

6. Tom Cruise

Tom cruise
Tom Cruise had a nose job early on in his career. Oddly enough he waited until he was in his 40s for braces. Rumor has it Katie Holmes also had a nose job so maybe that's what Suri will get for her Sweet Sixteen.
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Kim Zolciak to Daughter: Shoot Up Those Lips!

Kim Zolciak may want to take on Kim Kardashian in a butt war.

But she has no interest in taking her daughter on when it comes to plastic surgery.

Kim Zolciak and Brielle

The Bravo reality star sat across from Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday night and turned her attention to the injection of lip fillers.

Not when it comes to her own face.

Zolciak has already admitted to have gotten lots of work done.

But a called asked why Kim permits her 19-year old daughter, Brielle, to go under the knife, prompting the following response from the former Real Housewife of Atlanta:

"She's almost 20, so talk to her. And then, why not? Shoot it up!"

Of course, some might say: exactly, she's almost 20. That's the entire problem here.

But not Kim, clearly.

Back in May, Zolciak told Us Weekly that Brielle had been bothered her forever about getting lip injections.

"She bothered me for five years about her lips,” Zolciak told the tabloid this spring.

"She was like, ‘I hate my lips, I hate my lips.’ So I’m like, 'then go fix them!'"

One could actually have a pretty real discussion about whether or not it's a parent's job to encourage self-confidence in her kids...

... or to encourage her kids to use unnatural means to fix whatever they think is wrong with them.

"I've heard her complain about her lips since she came out of the womb, honestly," Zolciak told Cohen last night, adding:

"I was like, 'I'm going to take you to the best.'"

The procedure was done in November by Dr. Simon Ourian.

"My lips are my biggest insecurity and I’m so happy w my results now," Brielle wrote on Instagram after getting the world done.

On his show this week, Cohen pointed out that Brielle is a "chip off the old block" and a future Housewife in the making. 

But is that really a good thing?

Take a look below and remember: she's 19 years old.

The young Biermann posts bikini photos like it's her job, is obsessed with her body... and may become pregnant soon?

Those who watch Don't Be Tardy online or on television bore witness to the Season 5 premiere on Wednesday night.

Toward the end, Zolciak made it sound like she's open to having a seventh child.

But she's getting up there in years. She might not be able to get pregnant.

Enter Brielle?!?

"Maybe I can be the one to carry it for you … to see if I like birth," she told her mother.

Gosh, that's creepy.

Caitlyn Jenner: Undergoing Surgery to Fix Botched Boob Job?

Caitlyn Jenner has been having a rough couple of weeks.

Caitlyn Jenner Accepts 2015 Arthur Ashe Courage Award

First came word that her reality show, I Am Cait, had been canceled by E! after just two seasons.

Shortly thereafter, the former Olympian found herself at the center of an unexpected controversy after Bette Midler made a tasteless joke at Jenner's expense on Twitter.

(Midler later deleted the tweet and issued a public apology.)

Now, perhaps as a result of the back-to-back blows to her self-esteem, Jenner is reportedly considering undergoing surgery to correct  what she sees as a defect in her breast implants:

“She’s going back under the knife to have them adjusted,” an insider revealed to RadarOnline.com.

“Caitlyn thinks one is now hanging lower than the other and she’s not happy about it.”

Apparently, Jenner has been unhappy with the implants for quite some time, and this is not her first attempt at "fixing" them:

Caitlyn Jenner for Glamour

“At first they were too small, then too big and heavy — and she’s very upset about the scarring,”

The insider seems to feel that Jenner's concerns are baseless and symptomatic of the flaws in how Jenner perceives herself, not in her actual appearance. 

However, another source believes that Jenner is right to press on in her pursuit of perfection:

“All she wants are natural-looking breasts that are big enough to off-set her masculine frame," says the unnamed friend.

"Considering the amount of money she’s spent on them, it’s the least she should be able to expect.”

It's true that Jenner has the means to go back under the knife, and now that her show has been axed, she certainly has the time.

But hopefully, she hasn't developed an unhealthy fixation with plastic surgery.

We imagine all those years as a member of the Kardashian clan can have a lasting impact on a person.

Jessica Simpson: I Love My Boobs & So Does My Husband!

Jessica Simpson covers the new issue of Women's Health, and inside the mag, she talks about what seems to be her favorite topics:

That topic, of course, is Jessica Simpson's boobs.

Jessica Simpson Women's Health Cover

We know that Jessica loves her boobs because she's told us so on several occasions.

There was a time when rumors that Jessica would undergo a breast reduction struck fear in the hearts of men across the land.

Fortunately, Jessica knows that with great boobs come great responsibility, so she's putting our minds at ease by once again assuring fans that Jessica Simpson's boobs are here to stay.

“My boobs just have their own life, they have a way of making themselves present," Jessica told Women's Health

 I thought I was going to get a breast reduction. After having kids, I look at myself, and I’m like, ‘You know what, my boobs are actually really big, but I like how they are.' 

"They’re an asset, and Eric loves them still," she added, stating the painfully obvious.

Weirdly, this isn't the first time that Jessica has gone into specifics about why she's not getting a breast reduction.

"Been getting lots of questions about this alleged breast reduction... not to worry... I LOVE MY BOOBIES!! They aren't going anywhere!" she tweeted in 2011.

All these years later she's singing the same tune.

At this point, she should really just take out billboards in the nation's biggest cities assuring commuters that her boobs ain't going nowhere.

Not only would it free her up from having to talk about it in future interviews, but wouldn't your drive to work be improved by the sight of Jessica Simpson's boobs?

We thought so.

Mama June Shannon Appears on Botched to Have Excess Skin Removed! WATCH!

Yesterday, we reported that Mama June Shannon lost a lot of weight over the past few months.

Mama June Shannon Weight Loss Photo

The controversial reality star posted the above pic on Twitter to show fans how well her months of training and dieting have paid off.

Shannon hasn't gone into specifics about how she lost the weight, but her secret might be revealed soon.

She reportedly filmed much of her progress in hopes of scoring a reality show about her weight loss journey.

It's possible that she knows that's a long-shot, because while her agents her attempt to work out a deal, Shannon is paying the bills by making guest appearances on already-established series.

First, Shannon appeared on Marriage Boot Camp with her baby daddy Sugar Bear.

Now, she'll be starring in a very different kind of reality show thanks to a problem created by her rapid weight loss.

Yes, Mama June will be featured on this week's episode of Botched.

It seems the 36-year-old mother was left with an "excess" of loose skin after shedding all those pounds.

The show has a long history of recruiting reality stars looking to have work done.

Last year, Farrah Abraham appeared on Botched to have a mangled lip augmentation fixed.

Some say, Farrah got "botched" as a publicity stunt, and that it was always her plan to appear on the show.

Is June Shannon also going under the knife primarily to revive her career?

We may never know, but after the year she's had, we wouldn't put anything past her.

Kailyn Lowry Flaunts Weight Loss, Butt Lift Results

Back in December of 2015, Kailyn Lowry underwent a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

In the months since,  the Teen Mom 2 star also shed several pounds. The girl is clearly feeling herself these days, and we don't blame her.

Kailyn Lowry Butt Lift Photo

Ms. Lowry posted the above pic to Instagram today, purportedly to promote the "body analyzer scale" that she's standing on.

But clearly the photo doubled as an opportunity to show off her new booty and midsection.

Obviously, his isn't the first time that Kailyn has flaunted the results of her hard work and expensive procedure.

However, we thought we'd share it as a way of giving props.

Think for a moment about everything that went into this photo.

Not only is the girl showing off her trimmed-down physique, she's getting paid to do it.

In order to appreciate that level of hustle, you have to take some time to think about where the other ladies of the Teen Mom franchise are in their lives:

Jenelle Evans is fighting two custody battles at the same time.

Amber Portwood is about to marry Matt Baier, who might be the douchiest of all TM boyfriends and husbands, which is really saying something.

Farrah Abraham sadly remains Farrah Abraham.

Obviously, Kailyn isn't saving any lives here, but she appears to be moving on from a difficult divorce in admirable fashion.

And hey, if she wants to take some time out to brag about her weight loss along the way, more power to her.

13 Stars Who May Have Fake Butts

You've heard of boob jobs. You're familiar with nose jobs.

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, you probably also now know that some folks surgically enhance their lips.

But did you know that some people also get butt implants? And that the following celebrities are rumored to have done so? It's true!

1. Erica Mena

Erica mena
The Love and Hip Hop New York star looks like she may topple over sometimes. She talks openly about her boob job, but has remained mum so far on chatter that she has also had her butt done.

2. Blac Chyna

Blac chyna butt peek
Rob Kardashian's fiancee is certainly proud of her rear end. Does that mean it's not all natural? Study and decide for yourself.

3. Jenna Jameson

Jenna jameson
She's a famous porn star. We know a lot of stuff may have been in Jenna Jameson's butt. But people also think some stuff has gone into making it look different.

4. K. Michelle

K michelle
This singer has owned up to her butt implants, telling The Huffington Post: "I got my boobs done, I had fat transferred to my butt, I sucked out the stomach. You know, just normal women things; and they say, ‘are you really going to do this surgery?’ I said, ‘Yes, because it’s my life.’ And I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed of wanting to suck the rolls out of my stomach."

5. Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn lowry waist training selfie
Kailyn Lowry bared it all on Snapchat after she received a Brazilian butt lift from Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who told Radar Onlone: "A Brazilian butt lift involves liposuction. We take fat from areas you don't want it, separate out the fat and the blood, give you back the blood, and the fat is processed and injected back in [to the butt]."

6. Kenya Moore

Kenya moore picture
Kenya Moore has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors ever since landing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe Leakes once said she has a "fake booty."
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Lindsey Harrison Gets ENORMOUS Boob Job!

You'll be forgiven if you don't recognize Lindsey Harrison any longer.

Because she's a random reality star who was briefly famous after appearing as a cast member on Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant?

Lindsey Harrison Photo

Well, yes. For sure.

But also because Harrison has just undergone a boob job.

And not just any boob job. But the biggest boob job anyone is legally permitted to undergo in the United States of America.

In plastic surgery news broken by TMZ, the 21-year old Harrison recently went under the knife of Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the same surgeon who transformed Teen Mom 3’s Briana DeJesus earlier this year.

According to that celebrity gossip website, Lindsey was an A cup prior to the doctor putting in 800cc silicone implants, which are the maximum silicone implant available in America.

Go above this number and physicians believe risk factors outweigh the benefits of having a much larger chest.

Harrison is now somewhere around a DD cup and we hear she's very happy with the results.

We also hear that her next boyfriend will be even happier with the results, whoever he turns out to be.

Olivia Munn Looks VERY Different in Latest Selfie; Has the Actress Gone Under the Knife?

Last time we checked in on Olivia Munn, she was defending herself against ridiculous accusations that she ruined the Green Bay Packers' season by serving as a distraction to her boyfriend, quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Now, Munn is at the center of a very different kind of speculation, this one involving her changing appearance.

Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Photo

Olivia hasn't quite pulled a Zellweger, but as you can see, she doesn't look quite the same as we remember.

It's hard to put a finger on exactly what's changed, but as many have pointed out, Olivia just looks different.

She posted the above side-by-side photo in order to sing the praises of a new cleavage-enhancing bra (Munn swears it wasn't a paid endorsement, and we believe her), but for perhaps the first time in recorded history, the Internet really wasn't interested in boobs.

Yes, the pic is getting a lot of attention, but it's not because of Olivia's sweater magic.

Some fans have expressed concern ("Aaron loves you no matter how you look!") while others have simply wondered aloud about what kind of work Olivia has had done.

Don't get us wrong, she's still a beautiful woman; she's just looking a lot more Kardashian-y than usual these days.

Brielle Zolciak: Photos of Instagram’s Newest Star!

Brielle Zolciak may still be best known as the daughter of unstable reality star Kim Zolciak, but with a half a million Instagram followers and a fondness for posting racy selfies and sharing every intimate detail of her life online, the 18-year-old clearly has designs on becoming famous in her own right.

Unlike so many young social media starlets, Brielle is open about undergoing certain surgical "enhancements" in order to achieve her ideal look.

Brielle admitted to having her lips plumped, and has stated that she's not opposed to having more work done in the future.

It's refreshing, as even Kim Zolciak denies getting plastic surgery, despite the fact that most of her fans have functioning eyes and brains. 

Hopefully, Brielle won't take things too far, but we have to admit that her willingness to go under the knife to "perfect" her look lends an interesting "before and after" quality to some of her Instagram pics. 

Check 'em out below, and she if you can guess what she's had tweaked. 

1. Brielle Zolciak Bikini Pic

Brielle zolciak bikini pic
Brielle Zolciak, Kim Zolciak's teenage daughter, looks like a combination of her mom and Kylie Jenner in this Instagram photo. All three women have demonstrated a profound love of selfies.

2. Brielle Zolciak on Insta

Brielle zolciak on insta
Brielle Zolciak, Kim Zolciak's daughter, gives us a Kylie-esque pout. Her mom would be proud. No seriously, she is basically mimicking her mom's every move on social media.

3. Brielle and Kim Zolciak on the Red Carpet

Brielle and kim zolciak on the red carpet
Brielle and Kim are more than just mother and daughter. They're besties and business partners as well.

4. Brielle Zolciak in a Bikini on Instagram

Brielle zolciak in a bikini on instagram
Brielle spends a lot of time in bikinis. As far as we can tell rocking swimwear and posting selfies are the only two activities she engages in.

5. Zolciak Family Bikini Photo

Kim zolciak bikini pic with daughters
Brielle has a bit of a strange relationship with her mother and sisters.

6. Brielle Zolciak on Don't Be Tardy

Brielle zolciak on dont be tardy
Brielle on her mother's reality show. Don't be surprised if she launches her own spinoff in the very near future.
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Ronda Rousey to Undergo Plastic Surgery Following Loss to Holly Holm?

In a stunning upset, Holly Holm knocked out reigning UFC champ Ronda Rousey in the second round of a heavily-hyped fight in Melbourne last night.

Ronda Rousey Photo

Holm became the new bantamweight champion, while Rousey was rushed to a nearby hospital after enduring a vicious pummeling that ended with a kick to the neck.

The extent of Rousey's injuries remains unknown, but several sources have reported that there is some good news, as the 28-year-old did not suffer a concussion, as previously thought.

Unfortunately, it's also being reported that Rousey may require plastic surgery due to a shattered nose and badly split lip.

The news has not been confirmed by Rousey's reps, but was verified by several mainstream media outlets such as ESPN.

Almost as well-known for her likeable, outspoken demeanor as for her dominance in the ring, Rousey remains the UFC's most recognized figure.

Her film roles and feuds with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather have helped to make Rousey a household name, even to those who have no interest in mixed martial arts.

While the loss to Holm was obviously a serious blow to the previously-undefeated Rousey, she's expected to make a full recovery and challenge Holm to a rematch. 

We'll have further updates on Rousey's condition as more information becomes available.

Kim Zolciak: Stroke Caused By Plastic Surgery?!

Last week, we reported that Kim Zolciak suffered a stroke shortly after flying from LA to Atlanta following a Dancing With the Stars audition.

It was later revealed that Kim was the victim of a transient ischemic attack, also known as a "mini-stroke."

The effects weren't as destructive as they might have been, but the attack was still serious enough that Kim was hospitalized for several days and forced to quit Dancing With the Stars.

Kim Zolciak Face

It's not a common health scare for a 37-year-old to endure, and there's been much speculation as to what might have caused Kim's stroke.

Initially, insiders speculated that the demanding DWTS rehearsals were to blame.

Past participants have talked about the physical toll that the show can take, and the rehearsals certainly may have played a role in Kim's current condition.

However, Radar Online has consulted with a medical expert who has a different theory regarding the cause of Zolciak's stroke.

Dr. Susan Evans (who has never treated Kim) believes that the reality star's fondness for plastic surgery may have put her at greater risk for cardiovascular disease.

“Sometimes one surgery alone can cause a stroke," says Dr. Evans, a Hollywood plastic surgeon. "The more surgeries, the higher likelihood.

"If the proper prevention for stroke didn’t take place and she doesn’t have an underlying condition such as taking birth control pills, all of those factors could make it more likely for her to stroke."

Evans notes that plastic surgery can carry a greater risk than other operations, as doctors work under the assumption that their patient is in good health.

“Some anesthesiologists tend to take less precautions for plastic surgery patients because they are generally healthy people that just want a face lift or liposuction," Evans says.

“You can have a stroke during the surgery, or right after because not moving could cause blood clots in the legs. You would also need a hole in between the chambers of the heart for this to happen though."

Zolciak has admitted to getting plastic surgery in the past, but claims she has not had any work done in over a year.

Fans recently speculated that she had undergone a facelift, but Kim claims her altered appearance was simply the result of a new makeup routine.

Kylie Jenner: "Ruining Her Face" With Plastic Surgery, Doc Warns

Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner admitted to getting lip injections after months of claiming her bee-stung pout was the result of some sort of magical, cosmetically-enhancing puberty that only rich people undergo.

The 18-year-old reality star and Instagram queen swears that she hasn't had any other work done, and she's even gone so far to make videos proving that her breasts are "real."

However, Radar Online has asked a top plastic surgeon to analyze photos of Kylie, and Hollywood-based Dr. Kevin Youn says that it appears that Kylie has undergone several different procedures.

Kylie Jenner Before Bed

In fact, Youn says there's a good chance that the rumors about Kylie being "addicted" to plastic surgery are true, and that if she doesn't stop soon, she may suffer permanent damage.

"Kylie Jenner unfortunately appears to have had way too many fillers injected into her cheeks and lips and they appear completely unnatural, as they are out of proportion to the rest of her face," Youn tells the website.

"I suspect that she's had several syringes of filler injected into her lips, maybe even as many as 10 syringes...Her cheeks also appear quite puffy and that may be due to filler injections there as well.

"I strongly recommend she stop cosmetic treatments now before it is too late. This could turn into a major problem for her, and she will end up ruining her face."

It's important to note that Youn has never treated, or even met, Kylie - but if he can glean all of that from a few photographs, it may be time for the youngest Jenner to cool it with the fillers.

Farrah Abraham: Did She Remove Breast Implants?!

Farrah Abraham's penchant for plastic surgery is well documented, but did the Teen Mom star quietly have her breast implants removed?

She doesn't quietly do anything, but they're just looking so much less ... giant and fake in this random Twitter photo she recently shared:

Farrah Abraham Implants Removed?

You don't have to watch Teen Mom online (or more accurately, Backdoor Teen Mom online) to know Farrah has changed over the years.

She's been quite open about how her breasts have increased in size twice with the aid of surgery, once to a C cup, then later to a D.

Farrah has even suggested that her daughter Sophia will get plastic surgery one day too, because this is how we strive to look our best.

No apologies to be found, in other words.

In the world of Farrah, it's your body, you do what you gotta do, and you read pro-plastic surgery children's books to your little kid.

We're getting off-topic there, though.

Getting back to the issue at hand, it's not clear if it's the pose, the camera angle, or the outfit that may be making her assets look smaller.

You have to wonder if she's had another procedure to, say, reverse some of the past mistakes she once gushed about like no tomorrow.

Just because Farrah had her chest enlarged to the point of porn star dimensions doesn't mean she might not tire of that at some point.

Those things have got to be heavy after awhile, and if you love plastic surgery that much, maybe you just look for excuses to get more.

We're reaching, admittedly, and this is a girl who, in all her infinite wisdom, just threatened to kill the entire cast of Celebrity Big Brother.

Not exactly predictable or stable.

Miley Cyrus: WEIRD Plastic Surgery, Piercing Plans Revealed?

As you probably know Miley Cyrus loves to shock.

Unfortunately, we've already seen Miley naked dozens of times. We know Miley loves to smoke weed, because she tells us every chance she gets.

Basically, she's running into the problem Marilyn Manson had in the early 2000s: She's just running out of ways to make the squares gasp.

Miley Cyrus Without a Shirt

The problem is even worse in the modern era, as social media makes it so that every freaky thought that pops into her head ends up online within minutes and is quickly forgotten.

Sure, Miley's feud with Nicki Minaj at the VMAs was interesting, but 1. she was more deer-in-the-headlights than instigator, and 2. the always-fickle celebrity media has already moved on.

So how can Miley capture out attention in a way that might allow her to hold onto it for a week or so? Why, by modifying her body so that she looks like a Hot Topic cashier by day, professional bondage mistress by night, of course!

“She’s leaning toward getting silicone horns implanted in her head," a source tells In Touch. "Miley wants them to be very out there, like devil horns!”

Of course, if you thought she was gonna stop there - you don't know Miley.

“She’s also interested in a corset piercing,” says the unidentified friend. “It’s when you get holes pierced around your spine and you can actually put ribbons through those holes in a crisscross fashion to mimic the look of a corset.”

Yes, devil horns and spinal piercings. Those might even beat out a degree in philosophy as things you're most likely to regret in your 30s. Good luck, Miley!