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The Bachelorette Recap: Luke Gives Love a Bad Name

He earned the First Impression Rose on The Bachelorette premire.

But Luke Parker truly made an impression on Week 2 of this ABC francjise.

“Luke has the body of a Greek god,” confessed fellow suitor John Paul Jones with reluctant appreciation on Monday night. “The guy looks amazing.”

luke p half nude

We've included the visual evidence to go along with this quote above, courtesy of something called "Mr. Right Pageant," which is what the men were forced to participate in during their group date.

Luke stood out for his abdominal muscles and perfectly-sculpted physique.

But he later stood out for his mouth; more specifically, for one word that came out of it.

But we'll get to that in a little bit...

An Excited Hannah

Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan and Luke P. were the ones selected to strut their stuff on stage, doing so in front of Alyssa Edwards and Alaska, both of RuPaul's Drag Race fame -- and Miss J of America's Next Top Model.

Each guy rocked a Speedo and had to come up with a talent competition, such as Jed singing and Luke... confessing he's in love?!?

“Hannah I know that the Mr. Right for you is a man that’s going to love you fiercely,” the early front-runner/villain said in front of everyone, adding:

“I can’t believe I’m saying this right now, this is so crazy because it’s so soon, but I can’t hide it. Hannah, I’m genuinely starting to fall in love with you.”

The men rolled their eyes at this claim, along, we assume, with Internet users who do not trust Luke.

But Hannah fell for it, hook, like, amazing six-pack and sinker. She proclaimed Luke the winner. (But she gave Jed, below, the Group Date Rose.)

Jed on The Bachelorette

Later that evening, Luke doubled down on his profession and again, Hannah seems totally into it.

“I am glad you told me - that’s all I’ve been asking for, is for someone to fight for me,” she said. “I asked for bold and you’re bold.”

“I believe him,” she later added. “It makes me feel excited.”

(Editor's Note: Hannah, you've had many six minutes woth of conversations with this guy. Please slow your roll.)

Anyway, on to the one-on-one date: You're up, Tyler G.!

After zooming around and slinging mud at each other via a four-wheeler excursion, the two cuddled up to enjoy the views from the top of the Los Angeles hills.

“I’m feeling revved up like my engine,” Hannah said. “I’m a dirty girl.”

with ty g

Hannah and this Tyler bonded over their shared anxiousness of dating, with the suitor swearing to try his best to be “real” with her.

From there, he didn't say very much besides repeating how lucky he feels to be with her and constantly emphasizing how "surreal” the entire experience has been.

He earned himself a Rose after asking Hannah about her hopes and dreams.

For the second group date. Devon, Mateo, Darren, Connor J., Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter and Garrett met Hannah to go roller skating/roller derby-ing... despite none of them knowing how to stay upright on wheels.

Dustin took a hard fall and earned some shade from Chris Harrison ("He came here for love and he’s leaving with a broken ankle."), but then also some alone time with Hannah during he cocktail hour that night.

The two even swapped some spit after he explained to her that, although he may be quiet, his heart is still in it to win her over.


Cam, however, ended up being the true star of this cocktail hour.

By which we mean he swooped in and insisted on crashing the date and chatting with Hannah.

“Some guys are going to be upset but I can only be true to me. I always say, ABC - always be Cam,” he actually explained of his actions.

“When I’m sitting here thinking about the inevitability of you creating other bonds and relationships, I’m trying not to get over Hannah-lytical,” he added of why he decided to show up.

After Hannah kicks Cam out and Kevin says he exhibited "poor judgment," Dustin is given this Group Date Rose.

cam on bachelorette

This sets the stage for the weekly Cocktail Party, as Cam is agitated over his lack of time with The Bachelorette.

At one point, he steps in to invite both Kevin and Hannah to eat some chicken nuggets with him, prompting the former to grow angry and frustrated.

“I think you’re just coming in at a really weird angle with trying to impose your will,” Kevin said to Cam, adding:

“I think what you did with me tonight was honestly ridiculous as well with the whole chicken nuggets thing. I think you can go f-ck yourself, dude.”

Cam repets his ridiculous ABC motto and we move on from his nonsense... and back to Luke P.!

He's giving Hannah a massage and taking off his shirt and then things get extra awkward when Jed walks in on Hannah and a half-naked Luke P. making out.

lukey p

“He’s so hot, it’s easy to get caught up in what this is,” Hannah says.

Finally, the rose ceremony comes around and Hannah ends up sending Connor J., Matthew and Daron home.

But the episode isn't over!

Luke P. sneaks away and walks in on Hannah doing her confessional interviews! The two quickly begin yet another hardcore makeout session!

“I felt like time stopped when I was looking you in the eyes for the first time,” Luke tells the star. “Honestly, everything has just been like magical."

“Everything I’m telling you is 100 percent real,” he adds. “You can trust me.”

And, for now at least, Hannah completely does.

Will this continue, though?

Click on the gallery above to scroll through some The Bachelorette spoilers and find out if Luke comes out on top -- of both Hannah and the show in general.

Vicki Gunvalson: Dropped From the Real Housewives of Orange County?

Is she a Real Housewife or not? This is the burning question srrounding Orange County OG Vicki Gunvalson as we build up to the show's 14th season.

Since rumors of her demotion sprang up in February, Vicki's been scrambling to show fans and producers alike that she's relevant enough to remain a full cast member.

Vicki Gunvalson Engaged to Steve Lodge

Vicki's engagement to Steve Lodge in April was her most recent attempt to offer up something, anything, for the series to use as a storyline.

It seemed like the engagement was supposed to save Vicki's role as a Full Housewife for season 14. 

We can even imagine the eventual wedding being perfect fodder for season 15, with a scintillating divorce playing out across later seasons.

Well played, Vicki.

But if Vicki's role is truly safe, why is she absent from the show's promotional material?

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

An inside source told Us Weekly that Vicki was excluded from the rest of the housewives' group cast photos.

"Last week, the RHOC cast shot their official photos for the next season," the insider revealed.

"Vicki was not included in the group cast photos and they shot multiple options," the source continued.

These annual group cast photos are the ones you'll likely see over and over again throughout the season, wherever the series is advertised.

So it's a pretty big deal for the show's longest-running cast member to be missing from the shot.

Lots of Real Housewives

If the photographers shot mutliple options for the group and didnt include Vicki in any of them, it seems clear that her ouster was intentional.

Although she didn't pose for the group photo, Vicki was present on the set during the photoshoot, Us Weekly reports. 

If she got called to the set, she's almost sure to appear on the show in some capacity. But it's looking more likely that she'll have a reduced role, as fans have speculated

Rumors began to surface in February that Vicki had been demoted to "Friend" of the Housewives, a more ancillary role with presumably less screen time. 

Vicki Gunvalson at the 2018 Reunion Special

It made sense.

Vicki's been on the show a long time after all, and the show needs to make room for new housewives, like this season's Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

Vicki also recently squashed her beef with castmates Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, which is great for their personal lives, but not great for our entertainment.

Shannon has her ongoing divorce drama with David Beador, and Tamra is the kind of walking nightmare that always gets great ratings, so they're both easy picks to keep.

Vicki was quick to dismiss the demotion rumors on Twitter, urging fans not to believe anything they didn't hear straight from her. 
Vicki Gunvalson tweet it's just rumors

Okay fine, but for her to still be in negotiations after the season had already started filming is a pretty good sign that her status was up in the air.

Evidence of Vicki being put on the backburner has only piled up since then. Inside sources report she took a 50% pay cut for any potential episodes.

And reports say she's been a holy terror to her costars on set, in an attempt to amp up the drama (and her screen presence).

We also know that Bravo's cameras were present and rolling for Steve's proposal to Vicki.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Reunion

So, even if she has been friend-zoned, we're sure to get some juicy moments with Vicki Gunvalson this season.

Reduced pay notwithstanding, would it really be so bad to be just a friend of the housewives?

Well, with friends like these.... yeah, probably. But Vicki's official status is still up in the air. 

We're sure all will be revealed when The Real Housewives of Orange County returns this summer

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Spoilers: Season 4 Tell All Predictions

Over the weekend of May 11-May 12, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? filmed its Season 4 Tell All Special.

These specials are always treats, and are broken up into multiple episodes because there's so much drama.

Unlike on regular episodes, the stars actually get to interact with each other.

It's during these Tell Alls when the stars update fans -- sometimes shocking them -- on what has changed for them since their season aired.

Well, what has changed for the Season 4 stars in the months between when Season 4 was filmed and when they filmed the Tell All?

Let's take a look at what viewers can expect:

1. Ashley and Jay

Jay smith and ashley martson for 90 day fiance happily ever afte
On Season 4, we've seen them stress and wonder if there's any hope for their marriage after Jay's Tinder cheating scandal.

2. Things got so much better

Ashley martson and jay smith in happier times
Jay was there for Ashley through one health crisis, then another. As a couple, they endured a social media fraud scandal together.

3. And then things got worse

Ashley martson looks majestic
On April 15, Ashley took to social media to reveal that Jay had once again cheated on her.

4. This time, it's serious

Ashley martson and jay smith the best is yet to come
Jay had at least one mistress, and Ashley says that this went on for MONTHS behind her back. Ashley filed to divorce Jay, accusing him of adultery, and you can BET that this came up over the weekend while the Tell All was filmed.

5. Colt and Larissa

Larissa lima and colt johnson in therapy
Season 4 has followed Colt and Larissa through some of the rougher times of their marriage in 2018.

6. But it gets so much worse

Colt johnson is deeply frustrated
Larissa has a total of THREE arrests, two of which were during their 7-month marriage. And yes, their marriage only lasts for 7 months. Colt also has a huge cheating scandal in December, when it is revealed that he was using his fame to message various women, claiming that his marriage to Larissa was just a sham for television.
View Slideshow

Troy Dean Shafer Dies; Nashville Flipped Star Was 38

Very sad news today out of the television world.

Troy Dean Shafer, best known as the contractor and host of DIY Network’s restoration series Nashville Flipped, passed away in his sleep on April 28.

He was 38 years old.

Troy Dean Shafer

The reality star's brother, Tim, told TMZ that there were no warning signs and no previous medical conditions that would have given anyone close to Shafer cause to be concerned.

The family remains in shock over the heartbreaking news.

This same gossip website reports that the coroner's office in Erie, Pennsylvania had not yet performed an autopsy on Troy's body -- but a toxicology report will be finalized in the weeks ahead.

Until then, those close to Shafer and those who worked with him will remain perplexed over what transpired.

"The DIY Network family is sorry to hear about the passing of Troy Dean Shafer, a dedicated, driven entrepreneur and restoration expert who was admired by everyone who worked on the series," the network has said in a statement, concluding:

"We continue to extend our deepest condolences to Troy's family and friends during this difficult time."

Troy Dean Shafer image

Shafer was laid to rest in a small ceremony last week.

He graduated from Penn State University and had actually moved to Nashville to pursue a career in singing.

Ultimately, though, he utilized his construction skills and pitched a home renovation show based in this beloved city, one that focused on homes from the 1800s and early 1900s.

The series, Nashville Flipped, also starred Rob Kuskin and Sean Roberge and premiered in April of 2017.

A year earlier, Shafer opened about his many TV offers but said many had been looking for a “character" -- and that just wasn't him.


“They were looking for some over-the-top drama, and I get it. That makes good TV, and that’s the way a lot of house flipping shows are, but that’s definitely not me,” he told The Nashville Ledger at the time, adding:

“I’m not dramatic, and even if I was, I wouldn’t go on TV and broadcast it, because the show may last one year, but I need this company to last.

"I want to pass this down to kids.

"I don’t want anyone thinking anything other than who I really am.”

Shafter was partly popular due to this sort of attitude; simply put, he kept things real.


Meanwhile, according to Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook, there's a very good chance that drugs played a role in this unexpected passing.

“Given the situation, we strongly suspect drugs were involved and a factor in his death,” Cook told Radar Online.

However, he will not know for certain until the results of the toxicology report come back.

Shafter is survived by his parents, Timothy and Janey Shafer; his brother Tim; as well as a niece, cousins, aunts and uncles - and his wife, Becky, who he married in 2014.

May he rest in peace.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: Headed to Marriage Boot Camp!

According to a new report, We TV is about to lap up MTV's sloppy seconds.

With pleasure.

And, the network hopes, a major bump in ratings as well.

As detailed in the slideshow above, Jenelle Evans has finally been fired from Teen Mom 2.

Rumors of this nature have been swirling for weeks and weeks, even before husband David Eason took everything to an extreme by, literally, murdering his family's dog.

Jenelle's screen time had already been reduced over the course of this past season because cameras couldn't film any time she was around Eason (who was fired last year for outwardly hating gay people)...

... but then Eason shot and killed his own pet and all Hell broke loose.

Sponsored fled from Teen Mom, co-stars confessed to being frightened of Eason and various outlets wondered about the safety of Jenelle's kids.

With so much negative attention on the series, MTV finally released a statement on Tuesday night that read as follows:

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

MTV ended its relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Mom 2 with him since.

Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6, 2019 and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season.

Evans allegedly learned about her firing at the same time as the public, and she reacted by "crying" a lot, both E! News and Radar Online have claimed.

But TMZ now writes that Jenelle has a reason to smile once again.

Kiss for David

Insiders tell the celebrity gossip website that Eason and Evans are all prepared to sign on for Marriage Boot Camp.

The We TV program has reportedly been after this controversial couple for years -- and both halves are now finally free from any other network contracts and prepared to work out their issues in front of a new set of reality TV cameramen.

Sounds totally healthy for them and like it will absolutely fix their relationship, doesn't it?

But Jenelle likely isn't thinking about her actual marriage here.

She's thinking about her family and how to keep feeding it.

Jenelle and David Hiking

“She is broke,” says an insider to Radar, adding the reality star “depends on that quarterly check from MTV."

Evans was banking somewhere in the six figures on an annual basis from her role on Teen Mom 2

That's a huge haul, but let's remember two things:

  1. Jenelle has three young kids.
  2. We somehow doubt Jenelle and David manage their money well.

As a result of her alleged financial status, it's not surprising that Evans would be seeking out an immediate new project.

Nor, to be honest, is it surprising that Marriage Boot Camp would want the polarizing star.

It's just sad.

Still, ask yourself right now: Would you tune in to a season that featured a heavy dose of Evans and Eason discussing their romance? Probably, right?

Go Ahead and Hate Us

As for how Jenelle's now-former colleagues feel about her dismissal?

"I want to sympathize for my former cast-mate, but at this point I can't," wrote Leah Messer as part of a lengthy Twitter thread. "Enough is enough!"

Randy Houska added that her firing was "far past due," claiming that the network really "drug their ass in doing it."

At the same time, he said what we're all thinking:

"I worry for the kids, and since we’ve been in this for 10 years together, I worry about Jenelle."

Read more of these reactions below:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Did Lisa Vanderpump Forgive Dorit Kemsley?!

While it seemed like Lisa Vanderpump was never going to share the screen with any cast members who were not Denise Richards again, Tuesday's episode found the LVP in the presence of the Kemsleys. 

Yes, PK and Dorit Kemsley extended the olive branch to Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd.

An Icy Look

The meeting was icy, to say the least. LVP did not want to look in Dorit's direction, but she acted as if nothing had changed between her and PK. 

Dorit wasted no time in opening up about her feelings on the matter. She felt like Lisa should have chatted to her before going to TMZ. 

Ken chimed in, saying that Lisa defended her during that entire thing and that she found herself losing a lot of friends. 

Lisa Vanderpump Feels Mistreated

"You have to understand it's very difficult for me to believe you had nothing to so with that," Dorit said, but Lisa had had enough of the drama. 

"If you believe I gave the story to Radar Online, we don't have a friendship," she replied.

PK stepped in because he wanted to put PuppyGate behind them, but neither Lisa or Ken was ready to do that. 

Ken told Dorit that Lisa was "the most honest person you will ever meet in your life" and "the best friend you will ever have."

Lisa Vanderpump Ready for War

"If she doesn't believe her, no friendship!" Ken added.

"I can still say that this happened, but I still love you enough and care for you enough that I can put this behind us. I want to more than anything," Dorit said, prompting Ken to reply, "You're still saying you don't believe her!"

That's when PK changed his tone. He thought someone from Lisa's team leaked the story, but Lisa felt like that was garbage. She said she had no idea of that happening, but she couldn't confirm it. 

PK and Lisa agreed to disagree, but Dorit maintained that she could not put it behind them unless Lisa admitted her part. 

Dorit Kemsley for Season 9

"No, I care enough about our friendship that I know it has to be based on honesty," Dorit said. "Much like I believe you had something to do with the initial story and the Johns, period."

At that moment, Lisa and PK got up to leave. They were done. 

Ken shouted back, "You're no friend of mine. I'm going. PK, I'd like to stay friends with you," while Lisa said "I love you, PK."

Dorit chased after them, and tried to get Lisa to agree to disagree, but she wasn't ready to let it go. 

"Bye. Love you," she said while walking out the door.

Dorit Kemsley Glams Up

"How can you say you love me?" Dorit wondered.

Lisa stopped in her tracks and said, "I actually don't."

Shot. Fired. 

Dorit met up with the women later on and told them all about the awkward meeting with LVP. 

But Kyle Richards was still mad about her argument with PK from a week earlier. 

The ladies wondered why PK did not take Dorit's side, and she said it was all down to their "eep friendship."

Kyle admitted that she had a "deep friendship" with Lisa as aswell, prompting Dorit to say that Lisa's friendship with PK was stronger. 

Kyle Richards for Season 9

"I never even heard of you or PK until 2 years ago!" Camille Grammer said, clearly happy about finding a moment to get a word in.

"Dorit, if you and I are very good friends, you know all my friends," Kyle said in bewilderment. 

"I don't know all your friends!" Dorit hurled at her frenemy. 

"Well, maybe we're not that good of friends!" Kyle countered. 

Okay then.

What did you think of the latest drama?

Hit the comments below. 

RHOBH continues Tuesdays on Bravo. 

The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Tinsley Mortimer Confirms She’s Single!

Tinsley Mortimer breathed a huge sigh of relief on Wednesday's The Real Housewives of New York City. 

The socialite revealed to her co-stars that the game of "Truth or Dare" made her a single woman. 

Tinsley Mortimer Reveals the Truth

"After everything that happened at Bethenny's, when I got home, I ended up calling Scott, and I said to him, 'I need more from you. I just need you to be here. Just come to New York,'" Tinsley revealed during a confessional.

"And he said, 'No, I can't.' So -- that's all she wrote."

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you know that Tinsley has struggled with the long distance between her and Scott. 

She even seemingly confirmed that Scott had a controlling nature to him, leading to Bethenny saying that they needed to get her out of the relationship. 

Luann de Lesseps Laughs in Season 11

Tinsley went to an Al-Anon meeting with Luann de Lesseps and broke the news about the end of the relationship. 

"This happened all just after that dinner, but I strangely feel this relief," she claimed, and Luann was ecstatic for her. 

It must have been horrifying for the women to watch Tinsley question everything about herself, but she's moved on. 

Tinsley told Sonja second about it. 

"Did you have to tell me that now? I'm in such a good mood!" Sonja cackled over the news. 

Sonja Morgan Image

Tinsley admitted that Bethenny was partly to blame for it, but noted that it was for the best. 

"I'm happy to hear that Tinsley and Scott have broken up. I think it's healthier for her," Sonja told the Bravo cameras.

"No offense to Scott, but sometimes two people aren't meant for each other. And I definitely know that Tinsley depends too much on Scott."

Tinsley waited until she was at Dorinda's to tell Bethenny the news, and she was super excited to tell it. 

Tinsley yelled, "Scott and I broke up! Hi! Hello! How are you?"

Bethenny Frankel on RHONY

"There is never any foreplay," Bethenny laughed to the cameras.

"It is literally jam it in, no lube and we are started. Tinsley is the poster child for breakups. She's like (in a high-pitched voice), 'We broke up! Haha! Ding!' I've never seen a better breakup in my life. If I could break up like Tinsley, I'd break up with everybody!"

But that's not what she said to Tinsley's face. 

"That wasn't the right relationship for you," Bethenny said warmly.

"That's good news, Tinsley. I thought I was gonna have to get a rope and f--king pull you out. I really did," she added.

Ramona was the most surprised about the news. 

Ramona Singer on E!

"I really thought Tinsley would just be a hanger-onner with Scott," Ramona told the camera.

Elsewhere, there were rumors that Ramona hooked up with her ex-husband, Mario Singer. 

"Ramona can't even believe he's there. She turns bright red," Luann recalled. "I've never seen her that cute in ages! I mean, she was like a little schoolgirl!"

Dorinda dished that she heard through the grapevine that Ramona definitely hooked up with Mario. 

"Did you hook up with Mario?!" Bethenny yelled.

"Yes! She took him home!" Sonja replied while Ramona yelled back, "Absolutely not."

Ramona Singer Nearly Cries

"He came to the house to walk Coco," Ramona claimed, but Bethenny muttered, "He wanted to walk her p---y, is what he wanted."

"I stroked his face with cream!" Ramona added, while Dorinda said, "Is that the only head you stroked?"

Yikes, but also LOL. 

What did you think of these twists?

Hit the comments!

RHONY airs Wednesdays on Bravo. 

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff: Might They Return to Little People, Big World?

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff wear quite a few professional hats these days.

They are bloggers, authors and podcast hosts, not to mention social media influencers who peddle advice to other married couples on a near-daily basis, whether it is welcome or not.

But many fans have been wondering something about the twosome for several months now...

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on Easter

... will they ever be reality stars again?

Jeremy and Audrey stunned Little People, Big World viewers when they announced their departure from the show that made them famous almost as soon as the previous season wrapped up last summer.

Wrote Jeremy at the time, explaining where this decision came from:

After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come.

A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride.

We have the most loyal fans on TV and we appreciate every one of you.

You are what made doing this so fun. We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically - the show must go on!

Audrey and Jeremy R

And both the show and the careers of these two Roloffs have gone on.

New episodes of Little People, Big World are currently airing every Tuesday night on TLC, while Audrey and Jeremy have written a very popular memoir.

No matter what those mean trolls may say, the couple is doing quite well at the moment.

But might these universes collide at some point down the line?

Have Audrey and Jeremy truly appeared on their last-ever Little People, Big World episode?

Maybe not, actually.

Look at Our Book!

During a recent appearance on Access Live to promote their aforementioned book, Jeremy touched on why he andn his wife left their family's reality series.

"I just reached a point where it was never really something I said ‘yes’ to, I just grew up doing it,” he explained, adding:

“If you asked me if I’d do it all over again, I’d say ‘yes’ … I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it’s just a long time. It’s time to do something else."

Fair enough certainly.

This is how we feel and also how his loved ones feel, Jeremy said:

"They all understand. We’ve all been doing it - it’s been a family business for 14 years, like, that’s a long time to be working all together, day in and day out, making TV."

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Ember

Here's the thing, however:

Jeremy and Audrey remain close to their siblings and the former's parents.

And because Little People, Big World documents the lives of the Roloffs, it's conceivable that Audrey and Jeremy may simply pop up from time to time.

Not as main cast members or anything -- but simply as relatives who are attending a family function.

“I like to say we may have quit the show but we didn’t quit our family,” Jeremy said in this interview. “We still make our cameos and we still go to Jackson’s birthday party and hang out with the family.”

Makes sense to us.

And until we see them on screen again, we can always read revealing quotes - such as Audrey's admission that she let Jeremy touch her below the belt prior to marriage - about their past, present and future.

Not a bad arrangement overall.

The Real Housewives of New York Recap: Who Made Bethenny Frankel Cry?

Our favorite housewives were still in the Berzerkshires on Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, and that can only mean one thing: 


By the end of the installment, there were tears and a great big divide. 

Bethenny Frankel Cries

Dorinda Medley, who is annoying much of her co-stars these days, decided to take the ladies to Ventfort Hall. 

Sonja Morgan was in her element, taking in the beautiful building, but the trip also caused some problems for her. 

It reminded her of the townhouse she shared with her ex. Yes, her townhouse was like a studio in comparison, but it still reminded her of that beautiful New York townhouse. 

Remember she was trying to get rid of it? 

Dorinda Medley Attends Premiere

At the mansion, Dorinda was trying to learn everything there was to know about the family who lived in the exquisite abode. 

At one point, she even picked up a handwritten letter in one of the rooms, and Sonja was livid. She told her friend to get her fingers off the note and to respect that it was not for her to read. 

"Maybe it's all the old wood and the dust and the smell of mold, but it goes from Sonja to Lady Morgan very quickly," Luann de Lesseps said in bewilderment. 

Ramona Singer picked up on Sonja's wild behavior and spoke to Dorinda about it at the end of the trip. 

When they returned to their living quarters, Sonja could not help but get as drunk as possible. She was knocking those drinks back like they were going out of fashion. 

Sonja Morgan Image

It was pretty bizarre!

Sonja went on one of her drunken tirades of terror, and not one of the women were safe. She asked Bethenny Frankel to indulge in a night of passion with her. 

Yes, really. 

She followed that up by bashing Barbara Kavovit for trying to "steal" Bethenny for her. 

"You come near her room tonight, I'm gonna punch your face out," Sonja said to a visibly alarmed Barbara. 

"What are you talking about, Sonja?" Dorinda wondered.

Dorinda Medley Picture

"I'm talkin' about the truth!" Sonja shouted.

Bethenny told her to sip some water, and Sonja said that were "goin' all night."

"We're going to the billiards!" she laughed. 

Dorinda then tried to get her dog away from Sonja, and the latter lashed out. 

The ladies chatted about jewelry they had been given from their exes, and Dorinda chatted about her deceased husband.

"Oh, boy, here we go!" Sonja yelled, but the ladies had no idea what was going on, so they asked her. 

"No, I have no problem talking about Richard!" she maintained. "So she doesn't want to talk about my husband?"

Dorinda Medley Cries

Tinsley stepped in, saying that Dorinda took them all out that day. 

I said, 'Look at these antiques,' and Dorinda put her paws all over these letters," Sonja complained before shouting, "You got in that house, YOU DON'T TOUCH THOSE F--KING LETTERS! YOU DON'T TOUCH THE F--KING MORGAN LETTERS!" It was pretty embarrassing. 

Elsewhere, Bethenny was blindsided by Luann's complaints about the bedroom situation, primarily because Bethenny was one of the few people who tried to help her when she relapsed. 

Bethenny Frankel in Sweater

"Why is Luann talking behind my back at all saying any negative thing about me whatsoever in any capacity at all in any iteration whatsoever?!" Bethenny complained to Dorinda.

"She should be saying, 'You are the Lord Jesus Christ,' and I don't even know if I believe in that. I'm not Catholic."

"I really can't wrap my head around that," Bethenny added in a confessional.

"We went through this intervention together, and I didn't do what I did for her because I feel that she owes me, but saying anything negative or anything catty -- zero bandwidth."

RHONY continues Wednesdays on Bravo. 

Vicki Gunvalson: I Salvaged My Full Housewife Status!!

Even though reports say that Vicki Gunvalson is a holy terror on the set of The Real Housewives of Orange County, there is good news.

At least she's on the set at all, right? That was in real doubt for a while.

Now, a report says that Vicki not only fought her way back on camera, but earned her continued status as a Full Housewife.

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

HollywoodLife reports that Vicki Gunvalson has secured her full time status.

"Vicki is excited to be filming RHOC right now," the insider shares.

"Despite reports and rumors she wasn’t coming back," the source confirms. "She is filming right now."

"And," the insider elaborates. "Is returning to the show."

We've all known for some time that Vicki had eventually succeeded in negotiating her way back on camera.

But the report that she's no longer in danger of being labeled a mere "friend" of the Housewives is new!

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

Despite reports of high levels of drama while on camera, this report says that things are actually kind of chill when the cameras aren't rolling.

"She and all of the other ladies are having fun," the insider describes.

"And," the source notes. "Things are good right now with Shannon [Beador] and Tamra [Judge], too."

As we are aware, Vicki made nice with both Shanon and Tamra after years of squabbling, feuding, and rumor-spreading.

That left something of a drama vacuum -- which was part of why Bravo wasn't sure that they wanted Vicki back full time.

Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, and Tamra Judge at Andy Cohen's Baby Shower

Clearly, however, Vicki convinced producers that she's the OG from OC for a reason.

Just because they didn't initially see a storyline for her didn't mean that she didn't really have one.

"They started filming a few weeks ago," the insider notes.

"And," the source confirms. "All the ladies from last season are returning."

If it's drama that people want to see, Vicki's ongoing feud with Kelly Dodd is as intense as ever.

Vicki Gunvalson Goes Under the Knife

Early this year, longtime fans were shocked at reports that Vicki had been fired from the franchise that she helped make what it is today.

Vicki's rumor-mongering and her lack of storyline were said to be the cause.

Some fans couldn't imagine a version of the series without her.

Others felt that it was a welcome change -- and perhaps even long overdue.

But Vicki herself took to Instagram to share that, while others were filming, she hadn't actually been fired.

"Unless you hear it from me, then it’s simply a rumor," Vicki wrote. "I am in negotiations."

Vicki Gunvalson and Steve Lodge, Date Night

How did Vicki save her job during negotiations, when so many considered it a foregone conclusion that she was getting the boot?

Reportedly, boyfriend Steve Lodge saved Vicki's job.

Vicki has allegedly promised producers that she will get engaged to Steve on the show.

That will certainly give her a storyline with which to work.

This engagement won't be just for entertainment value, either.

Reports say that Vicki has assured them that she and Steve will have a huge, romantic wedding for Bravo to film.

That was enough for producers to let her start filming again, but her status as a "friend" or full Housewife remained up in the air.

Vicki Gunvalson Waves a Knife

However you feel about Vicki, only time will tell whether she can pull her weight on this new season.

That said, we'll take reports that she has secured her "full time" status with a grian of salt.

It is not yet confirmed.

The public at large may not know for sure until the new season premieres.

Mike Thalassitis, Former Love Island Star, Dead at 26

Mike Thalassitis, a former reality star who competed on the third season of the British series Love Island, tragically passed away on Friday.

He was 26 years old.

Mike Thalassitis

The BBC reported that Thalassitis’ death was confirmed by his management company, although we have no direct quote from that company ourselves.

There has been no announced cause of death, either.

As mentioned above, Thalassitis competed on the third season of the British reality show back in 2017, where he became known as "Muggy Mike."

He also appeared on Celebs Go Dating a year later in 2018.

According to the Daily Mailt, the ex-reality star was found dead on Friday in his hometown of Essex. That's all the information any outlet appears to have thus far on what transpired.


As far as his biography goes...

Thalassitis was a semi-pro soccer player who played on teams such as Chelmsford City F.C. and St. Albans City F.C.

A London-born athlete, he remained very close to a handful of his Love Island co-stars, many of whom mourned the loss on social media on Saturday.

Johnny Mitchell shared an especially long and poignant tribute.

m Thalassitis

"I genuinely can't believe what I'm seeing here," he wrote alongside a photo of the two friends smiling.

Mitchell concluded:

"My boy from the villa and one of my best mates from the show coming out. An absolute hero and a legend and someone I looked up to since I met him, always full of so much positivity and charisma.

"One of the best people I've ever known taken from us far too soon, I'm heartbroken and can't put into words how much I'm gonna miss you bro!

Here is the photo Mitchell included along with those very kind words:

Thalassitis tribute

Elsewhere, Love Island host Caroline Flack referred to Thalassitis a "total gentleman" in her post about him on Instagram.

And Rachel Fenton, another competitor, tweeted: "I'm lost for words. My heart breaks for your family."

Stevenage FC, a soccer team Thalassitis played for during his career, shared its own tribute. It reads:

"Everybody at #StevenageFC is shocked & saddened to hear the tragic news about former player Michael Thalassitis. Our sincerest condolences go to his family & friends."

According to the BBC, Thalassitis was previously in a relationship with The Only Way Is Essex star and country singer Megan McKenna.

Last June, another former Love Island contestant named Sophie Gradon, also passed away.

May Mike Thalassitis rest in peace.

Jim Raman, Former Amazing Race Runner-Up, Dead at 42

Dr. Jim Raman, an orthodontist who completed on the 25th season of The Amazing Race, died this past Monday in South Carolina, multiple outlets have confirmed.

He was 42 years old.

Jim Raman

According to local authorities, Raman's body was discovered in his home, with Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher confirming the tragic news in a statement to WIS-TV that reads:

"Nothing suspicious or criminal is involved with the case you are referencing and out of compassion and respect for family, my office will not comment on it.”

Raman was a native of Irmo, South Carolina and he competed on the long-running CBS reality show in 2014.

He partnered on the global competition with his wife, Misti, finishing in second place overall and winning five of the show's 12 stages.

Dr. Jim Raman

The couple shared two kids, Lexi and Jimmy.

After their stint on The Amazing Race - on a season that included surfer Bethany Hamilton and country artist Whitney Duncan - they worked together at Irmo Smiles, a dental practice in South Carolina.

The company confirmed the news of Jim’s death in a statement of its own:

Irmo Smiles has suffered a tragic loss this week. It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Jim Raman.

As our staff and the family prepare for Dr. Raman’s celebration of life, please join us in praying for peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Your patience is greatly appreciated as we give Dr. Misti Raman time to grieve the loss of her loving husband.

jim, wife

Officials have not released a cause or manner of death, but are continuing to investigate what transpired.

Police were called to the Raman family home at 4:30 a.m. on March 12, Lexington County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Captain Adam Myrick has told WIS-TV, adding simply that Raman was found dead on the scene.

Jim was a graduate of the University of South Carolina.

He received his doctorate in dental medicine from the Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Dental Medicine.

According to obituary published online, funeral services are scheduled to take place at a church in Irmo on Saturday, March 16.

on the Race

In 2018, Raman wrote a “Letter to the Editor” to The State about his autistic son, urging South Carolina to do more to provide health care coverage for autistic patients.

"As a parent, I would give anything to remove the burden of autism from his life," Jim wrote at the time.

Such sad news.

We send our condolences to his friends, family members and loved ones.

May Dr. Jim Raman rest in peace.

90 Day Fiance: Most Vicious Feuds of All Time

90 Day Fiance is a show about people finding each other across continents and oceans, giving up everything for love.

Naturally, it is filled with some of the most toxic couples and the most vitriolic feuds that you can imagine.

Not all of that bile plays out on camera, either.

Behind the scenes and on social media, 90 Day Fiance stars will wage verbal wars on each other.

Sometimes, it's a rival from their season or a person who was almost family.

Other times, it's people who have only met once or twice, but experience loathing at first sight.

Take a look below and see the most intense feuds that have ever played out among the stars.

1. 90 Day Fiance has a wealth of feuds

Jay smith ashley martson leida margaretha fernanda flores and jo
Fans may start watching for the controversial couples and the cute couples, but the feuds will keep you hooked for years -- because that's how long they can last.

2. First, let's address something obvious

Larissa lima any who is against the queen will die
A lot of these feuds involve Larissa Lima. Though she only entered the scene in Season 6, her relationship was the most talked about since Danielle and Mohamed. Her situation has changed, but for a long time, she was feuding with anyone who looked at her crossways.

3. First of all ...

Colt and debbie
We're not going to count every pair of exes on this list. Sometimes, they parted on good terms. Other times, they loathe each other but it's not quite feuding. But Colt resolved to try to get Larissa deported to Brazil, and Debbie is badmouthing her left and right. So we'd say that Larissa is feuding with them both, even though she is trying to move on.

4. Fernanda vs Larissa

Fernanda has concerns
Viewers who didn't keep up with the stars on social media at all were introduced to this feud at the Tell All special. Larissa saw Fernanda as her rival for the title of best-looking 90 Day Fiance star. It was so bad that Larissa and Colt were late getting on set.

5. Jonathan Rivera got involved

Fernanda flores and jonathan rivera tell all
Though he and Fernanda would split several weeks after the Tell All was filmed, he had his wife's back and feuded with both Larissa and Colt. On the tell all, this culminated in the hilarious moment when Larissa yelled "shut upee!" It broke the tension -- a little.

6. That didn't last

Jonathan and fernanda in happier times
When Jonathan and Fernanda's marriage fizzled out in December, they didn't really share joint custody of their feuds, either.
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June Shannon Thinks She May Be Pregnant in This Video

June is in danger of packing on the pounds and proving the haters... right.

So teases the first trailer for From Not to Hot Season 3, which will premiere on WEtv on March 15 and which will once again focus on June Shannon's weight loss.

And then subsequent weight gain.

As loyal fans of this reality star know well, Shannon underwent gastric bypass surgery two years ago and dropped hundreds of pounds.

She became practically unrecognizable.

The first season of this Here Comes Honey Boo Boo spinoff chronicled June's incredible transformation, but Season 2 then tracked the changes in her life after she gained a bit of the weight back.

Where do we find June and company on Season 3?

The teaser here depicts Shannon scarfing down on a lot of food, as the very excited narrator asks:

Is she chowing down on stress?

Or is she eating for two?

Wait... what?!?

Yes, producers want us to believe that Shannon is pregnant, as she even says in the footage at one point: "Grandma Flo is a little late for her visit this month."

We then see her at the doctor's office, where she gets examined and finds out whether Alana and Pumpkin really are about to get a sibling or not.

“I’ve gained a little bit of weight back,” June admits to the camera. “But I’m not ever gonna be 450 pounds again."

This video also gives us a look at Jennifer Lamb, Shannon's ex-husband'ss wife, who is going through a transformation of her own.

After choosing having a gastric sleeve herself last season, it looks like Lamb will at last go under the knife when the series returns -- leading to June's "biggest showdown ever with her arch enemy."

How dramatic!

Elsewhere: Will Gene leave June? How will Alana fare on Dancing with the Stars Junior?

And to whom is Gene referring when he says "I think she's gonna die?!?"

All these questions and more will be answered on From Not to Hot Season 3!

Check out the preview now!

From not to hot trailer threatens the worst is june shannon preg

Jake Harris, Ex-Deadliest Catch Star, Arrested for Felony Drug Possession

Jake Harris is in major trouble with the law.

The former Deadliest Catch star was arrested on January 23 for felony DUI and drug possession, as reported by TMZ.

Details are still coming in, but this is what we know so far about the incident...

harris, j

It took place in Skagit County, Washington where police say the 33-year-old refused to identify himself to park rangers, after they tried pulling him over.

In response to this attempt, Harris took off with his RV, prompting state troopers to turn on their sirens chase him down and force him down.

Once they managed to do so, the legal problems only became worse for Harris.

Authorities say the troopers noticed signs of drug use on the ex-reality star, most prominently pinpoint pupils, bloodshot eyes and a pale face.

They also say he was jittery, unable to stand still and just shaking the whole time - while also talking very quickly.

As if these signs were not sufficient evidence, a K-9 alerted cops to drugs in the RV.

Jake Harris Mug Shot

From here, once again, it got even worse...

Police allegedly discovered a half ounce of heroin and other paraphernalia associated with the selling of drugs.

Moreover, they found a shotgun Harris claims he purchased from someone for $150 and a "ball" of heroin... which was stolen.

Harris He was arrested and charged with four felonies:

1. DUI.

2. Possession of a controlled substance,

3. Maintaining a vehicle or premises for drug trafficking.

4. Possession of a stolen firearm.

Heck, Harris was even driving on a suspended license.


Harris was skipper of the Cornelia Marie prior to leaving Deadliest Catch in 2012.

His struggled with drugs over the years have been well-noted and publicized, never more so when he was nearly beaten to death in November of 2016.

According to local Washington officers at the time, Harris got into a car with multiple individuals... and was thrown out at some point.

He was discovered by the police with injuries so serious that he was transported to the ICU.

Based on a message posted by his brother, Josh, shortly after the assault, Harris was bleeding from the brain and came close to dying.

jake h

“They literally beat my brother, left him for dead, threw him out of a moving vehicle onto the side of the freeway," Josh told fans in an update back then, adding:

"Luckily the people that were behind the vehicle that he got thrown out of ended up seeing my brother and called 911.”

The people responsible for this beating were eventually arrested and, to this day, it's unknown exactly what transpired and/or why.

But many folks believe drugs were involvd.

Harris' bail for this new arrest, meanwhile, has been set at $200,000.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Won Season 2?

Celebrity Big Brother crowned a winner on Wednesday night's two-hour season finale. 

At the top of the episode, we had the second to last HOH competition, and Ricky realized it was time for him to start winning things. 

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Finalists

He opted to put Kandi and Dina on the block after complaining that both women would not hesitate to take him out of the house. 

The dude had never watch Big Brother before because he was all about people doing whatever he told them to. 

Tamar was quick to tell Kandi that she needed to win the veto competition or she was likely toast. 

Lolo won the veto and during the live telecast decided to leave the nominations the same. With Ricky and Tamar being her only allies, this was the best course of action. 

Lolo Jones Wins a Crucial Competition

During the live eviction, Lolo decided to evict Kandi, while Tamar went with Dina. This was to force a 1-1 tie. Ricky sent Kandi packing. 

That left us with the final four, and the final HOH competition of the season. 

  • Round 1: Everyone gets a point 
  • Round 2: Ricky & Tamar get a point
  • Round 3: Lolo, Ricky, & Tamar get a point
  • Round 4: Lolo, Ricky, & Tamar get a point 
  • Round 5: Lolo, Ricky, & Tamar get a point 
  • Round 6: Ricky gets a point 
  • Round 7: Lolo & Tamar get a point 
  • Tiebreaker: Final HOH is Ricky!

Winning two back-to-back HOH competition was a big move, but Ricky had to evict two houseguests on the spot. 

Tamar Braxton Poses on Celebrity Big Brother

Ricky decided that Tamar was his best option, sending Dina and Lolo packing ahead of the final vote. Dina took it well, because, well, she won zero competitions in the house. 

Lolo on the other hand, well, she was pissed!

“Fifty thousand dollars, after he gets second [place] — after taxes and his agent’s fee, it’s really not much,” Lolo complained to Julie. 

If anything, this solidified the fact that Lolo is not a team player. Her attitude throughout the game has rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. 

Lolo Jones Red Carpet Photo

The funniest part of her being out the house was putting her hand up for Ryan Lochte to hit it. It was like she forgot the way she treated him. She flipped the bird at him, cussed at him, and told numerous lies. 

Her behavior was bizarre. 

After some tense back and forth, the jury made their decision and the votes played out as follows:

  • Jonathan votes: Tamar 
  • Ryan votes: Tamar 
  • Joey votes: Tamar 
  • Kato votes: Tamar 
  • Natalie votes: Tamar
  • Tom votes: Tamar
  • Kandi votes: Tamar 
  • Dina votes: Tamar
  • Lolo votes: Tamar

Tamar Braxton won the season by a vote of 9-0. That's what they call a landslide in Big Brother terms. 

Tamar Braxton on Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

The only other time a houseguest won by a unanimous vote was when Dan Gheesling manipulated his way to victory on Season 10. 

Tom Green went on to win $25,000 to be crowned America's Favorite Houseguest. 

What are your thoughts on the finale?

Hit the comments below. 

Temptation Island Recap: Another Relationship Crumbles!

The couples appear to be dropping like flies on Temptation Island. 

That's sort of what happens when you go on a reality show that makes couples live apart in houses that have various singles. 

Shari Ligons, Tyler Sabino on Temptation Island

The show went for a refreshing take to the second dates:

The couples got the opportunity to choose which of the eligible singles they wanted to go on a date with. This was done well away from the prying eyes of their significant others. 

Did this lead to jealous couples leaving the island with the fear that the dates went a little too well?

Not a chance in hell. 

Kaci was still not impressed by Evan's antics. She wanted her boyfriend to realize that their relationship was worth salvaging, but she was not ruling out getting close to her date Justin. 

Justin was easy on the eyes and had a no-nonsense approach to cheating. In short, he was the polar opposite of Evan. 

Javen Butler, Shari Ligons for USA Network

"My date with Justin actually taught me a lot, and it just really opened my eyes that if Evan does blindside me at the end of this that I really need to move on and cut that out of my life,” Kaci admitted, adding:

“It’s not what I deserve.”

She had a point, but why did she need to come on TV to come to that conclusion? 

Evan is an ass, and Kaci needs to cut him out of her life before leaving the island. 

Then there was Nicole. Her guard was up during the date with Jack, and for most of her relationship with Karl. 

Temptation Island Couples

“I’m realizing that Karl and I haven’t opened up as deeply as I thought in our relationship, and being able to open up and be vulnerable with somebody I just met — it’s a whole new perspective to me on our relationship and what I really need to be striving for,” she said in a confessional.

Maybe she has a point, but does she have cause to drop Karl like a hot potato at this stage? 

Probably not. 

Elsewhere, Evan was all about trying to bury the hatchet with Morgan, and it seems like there's actually some chemistry between them. 

Spending more time together, they seemed to agree there could be something there if they worked on it. 

Evan Smith, Kaci Campbell

“I did not think this was gonna happen like this,” Evan said in his confessional. “I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to explore whatever she’s got.”

But the drama switched into high gear when Evan was shown the video of Kaci's date, and her chatting about his status as a cheater. 

“I’m not a cheater anymore, man, and that hurts,” Evan said as though he was about to burst out crying. 

Maybe this show should be called Karma Island because something tells me Evan is going to be bawling the whole season when Kaci finds her upgrade. 

Temptation Island continues Tuesdays on USA Network.

The Bachelor Recap: Very Serious, Very Somber in Singapore

The Bachelor aired a few light-hearted moments on January 28, but a bulk of this unique episode was dedicated to a very serious subject matter.

During her one-on-one date with Colton, Caelynn Miller-Keyes opened up about having been sexually assaulted in college.

It was a raw and honest and upsetting conversation, though one that certainly captured the attention of all viewers.

We admire Caelynn for telling her story in this manner.

How did Colton react? What else transpired this week? And who was sent home?

Scroll down for a recap of this special episode (and visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers if you wish to see what happens next)…

1. What Had We Seen Thus Far from Caelynn?

Viewers had previously seen Caelynn feud with Hannah B., a fellow beauty pageant contestant who the 2018 Miss North Carolina actually knew prior to The Bachelor.

2. But That Feud Was Not an Issue This Week

The floor is yours caelynn
Instead, Caelynn told Colton about what happened to her when she was a sophomore in college and attended a fraternity party in 2014 with three friends.

3. "Something Really Bad Happened"

Caelynn miller keyes pic
“They drugged our wine,” she told Underwood. “I woke up the next morning completely naked in my bed and had no memory of the night before. I had a small vision of a guy in my bed and I just had this pit in my stomach that something really bad happened last night. My girlfriend called and said three of us were all sexually assaulted.”

4. This is What Happened:

This is what happened
Caelynn said her friend told her that after her two friends passed out in a bed at the party, two men allegedly had sex with them, in the same bed, while they were incapacitated. “The girlfriend who didn’t drink the wine called me and told me that not only did a guy come home and have sex with me, another guy — I was passed out on the couch from the drugs and he said, ‘Watch what I’m about to do’ with all his fraternity brothers around me and he lifted up my dress. They watched and laughed and took photos” and shared the photos on Snapchat.”

5. The Trauma Continued…

The trauma continued
“It was horrible It was absolutely horrible,” Miller-Keyes told Underwood. The next day, Caelynn reported the assault to the police — but when she first went to get a rape kit, she was turned away by the hospital — “which is illegal,” she added of being told she had to file the report first. By the time she arrived at the second hospital and spoke with police, the results ended up being inconclusive because too much time had passed.

6. One Student Was Expelled. The Others Got Away with It.

Caelynn miller keyes miss north carolina 2018
“I was determined to get justice and seek justice,” said Caelynn on air. “It’s something that will always be a part of me. I struggled with the shame and guilt that I had felt. It’s the most difficult thing in the world. It’s so painful and it screws up every ounce of you.”

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The Real Housewives of New York City: See the Season 11 Trailer!

It seems like it was only weeks ago that we watched the The Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 reunion.

Now, Bravo has released the trailer for Season 10.

The trailer itself, as you can see, is a work of art. We cannot wait for the actual season to begin.

Bethenny frankel is in charge

The Real Housewives of New York City is returning for Season 11 on March 6.

We are nearly at February, the shortest month of the year. March is not far off at all.

Season 11 will pick up with elements of Season 10.

One of those is Dorinda's "Jovani" heckle. You can bet that Luann didn't forget.

Another blast from the past is Tinsley's quest for a husband.

But the trailer stars with Bethenny pulling up and calling Sonja Morgan a "hooker," so you know it's off to a good start.

Catcalling is fun if it's from your friends.

Tinsley mortimer bethenny frankel dorinda medley sonja morgan on

There is a lot of partying and very little context in early parts of the trailer.

We of course recognize the stunning Halloween costumes.

There's also a butt.

Bravo usually reserves its peaches for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but made an exception.

We also see a number of the Housewives making out with each other, which isn't hugely unusual party behavior.

Speaking of parties, they head down to the Sunshine State — to Miami, specifically.

The real housewives of new york city season 11 trailer clip

If the timing of one of the clips were slightly different, people would be accusing Bethenny Frankel of being a witch.

At one point while everyone is living it up in Miami, Bethenny admonishes Sonja.

"Go to f–king sleep, now," Bethenny insists.

(You know how some people get super bossy when they're drunk? Well, Bethenny takes that to whole new levels)

Sonja just … collapses and falls out of her chair.

We don't think that this was what Bethenny meant.

Bethenny frankel grieves

Speaking of Bethenny (when are we, in our hearts, not speaking of her?) but on a much sadder note …

In the trailer, a tearful Bethenny can be seen coping with the sudden death of Dennis Shields.

"There was a lot in my mind about him dying," she admits.

"I could not get off the ride," Bethenny says of their on-again, off-again relationship.

"I feel guilty," she confesses. "That the only way I could get off the ride is that he’s dead."

It is normal to have mixed feelings about the death of a loved one. It is part of coping.

Luann de lesseps laughs in season 11

Luann de Lesseps is, of course, doing much better than she was a year ago.

"Nine months ago I was in jail," Luann cheers. "And now I'm a cabaret star, it's insane!"

She laughs with glee and is clearly pouring herself into her stage work.

This does seem to bring her into conflict with Bethenny for a moment that we just had to turn into a .gif.

"I can't even believe you act this way," an exhasperated Bethenny lashes out.

"‘Cabaret, cabaret, cabaret!' Life is not a cabaret!" Bethenny insists, which would make a hell of an audition for the villain in a musical.

Finally, Bethenny tells Luann: "You're insufferable!"

Bethenny frankel life is not a cabaret

We hope that the two of them managed to patch things up after this outburst.

Bethenny, Dorinda, Sonja, Ramona, and Tinsley are joined this season by Barbara Kavovit and Jill Zarin.

While there are a number of friendships among the Housewives, this will clearly not pressure them to hold back.

It looks like just about every possible conflict comes to light, and we cannot wait to see it all play out.

The real housewives of new york city see the season 11 trailer

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Is Tamar Braxton the Target?

Celebrity Big Brother is in full swing, and with two people out of the house, it was time for the houseguests to work on their list of targets. 

Ryan was blindsided by Jonathan's eviction, and he vowed to go after Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie because the vote confirmed they were no longer working with him. 

Tamar Braxton Poses on Celebrity Big Brother

There was one lone vote to evict Kandi, and everyone wondered who was the one to try and get the Real Housewife out of the house. 

Naturally, everyone thought Tamar was to blame, and she was not impressed. 

"Jonathan was in Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan was in Mean Girls, that was like, uh, 2000 years ago, they’ve been friends forever,” she says. “Of course she’s gonna keep him in the house.”

Ryan quickly started to worry about his future in the house and realized that his only hope of safety was for Joey to win HOH. 

Ryan Lochte Just Chills

Yeah, Joey is the same person Ryan nominated for eviction just a few days ago, but what else is he supposed to do at this stage?

Tamar followed up her previous rant about Dina being the lone vote for Kandi by saying:

“She’s 52 years old; that girl don’t know nothing.”

Okay then. 

We then moved on to the next HOH competition which was an endurance one. Ryan watched on the sidelines as he worried about his future. 

Ryan Lochte Visits Planet Hollywood

It came down to Kato and Natalie, with the former offering the former WWE worker safety, so she dropped down because she felt there was no point in winning a competition this early into the game. 

Ryan turned to Kato with a deal of his own: Allow him to pick off the other players, and carry him to the end. 

But Kato recognized that Ryan was doing it out of desperation. 

Tamar then complained at Natalie for making a deal without consulting her alliance, but Natalie felt she could be better in next week's competition. 

Tamar Braxton on the Red Carpet

Elsewhere, Dina continued to drag Kato for lying to her face about the votes, and Lolo did not seem to enthused to be seen talking to her. 

Lolo took the news to Tamar, and the pair started bickering once again. Oh yes, these women hate each other. 

Tamar then complained that she was ready to leave the game and set out to throw everyone under the bus. 

In the end, Dina and Tamar were on the block for eviction. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest scheming?

Hit the comments below. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 8/7c on CBS. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Here’s What Really Happened to Anthony Scaramucci

When the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds opened on Tuesday night, many eagle-eyed viewers noticed a glaring omission to the cast:

Anthony Scaramucci. The man who lasted ten or eleven days inside the White House had seemingly left the Big Brother house in just six days. 

Anthony Scaramucci on Big Brother

While he resurfaced at an event in Switzerland, Friday's episode of the CBS juggernaut was all about filling in the blanks. 

It turns out, Anthony was always supposed to stay in the house for a handful of days. He appeared via video message in a President Trump-like set-up and revealed the new to his houseguests. 

“I’m actually not a Big Brother houseguest, but I am part of a Big Brother twist” the former White House Director of Communications revealed at the top of the hour.

“Just like I left my mark in Washington, I’m going to leave my mark on the Big Brother game. First off: From this moment on, I’m out of the house."

Anthony Scaramucci Looking Chagrined

"That means you’re all one step closer to the quarter-million dollar prize. The Big Brother house is just like my experience in Washington; you get judged quickly before people know who you really are — and you don’t get a second chance."

"So I’m giving the current nominees a second chance at safety.”

With that, we learned that there was one more veto competition for the week, giving Jonathan and Tom a second chance to get off the block. 

Before that, Ryan had to nominate another houseguest to take the Mooch's place on the block. 

He chose Kandi Burruss, citing the fact that their personalities “don’t really mesh.” Yes, really, and Kandi was pissed. 

Kandi Burruss on Celebrity Big Brother

Ryan immediately followed up her nomination by trying to hug her, but she was not about all the fakery, so she told the Olympian to keep his distance from her. 

Kato won the special POV, meaning the nominations would remain the same, or they could be changed in some way. 

Kato went with saving his ally, Tom, and Ryan was forced to nominate another houseguest. He went with Joey Lawrence this time. 

  • Dina votes to evict: Kandi 
  • Kato votes to evict: Jonathan
  • Tamar votes to evict: Jonathan
  • Ricky votes to evict: Jonathan
  • Tom votes to evict: Jonathan 
  • Lolo votes to evict: Jonathan
  • Natalie votes to evict: Jonathan

Jonathan was the first houseguest evicted. 

Jonathan Bennett on Celebrity Big Brother

“It went really well, Julie,” Jonathan complained, adding:

“Don’t team up with a gold medalist as soon as you enter the house. It’ll put a target on your back.”

As for Julie, well she dragged Jonathan for trying to save Dina and not telling his allies. 

What are your thoughts on the first eviction?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Wait, WHAT Did Joe Giudice Say?!

It's hard to believe it, but Teresa Giudice took part in her first bodybuilding competition on Wednesday's The Real of Housewives of New Jersey. 

Oh yes, we're talking about the woman who made a career for herself out of flipping tables with all of her might and flying off the handle at her co-stars for the littlest of things. 

Teresa Giudice Shows off Ripped Body

The truth is, Teresa could probably dominate in the UFC if she put her mind to it. 

But she had to settle for the bodybuilding competition we've heard so much about of late.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know that Teresa's trainer previously said her body looked like "s--t" because she was not following the low carb, high fitness regime. 

Hey, it's tough going when it comes to these competitions, but did she manage to get it together for the big competition? 


Teresa Giudice Attends Daughter's Party

Teresa took to the stage looking ripped, tanned and ready for action donning a purple bikini. 

The episode kicked off with Frank Catania giving Teresa a pre-show rub-down. 

"I love my job," he gushed before teasing:

"As long as you don't send this to Joe."

Teresa was still unsure about whether telling her husband Joe about her new hobby. 

'I've been on the fence whether or not I should tell Joe that I'm doing this bikini competition,' she admitted she said. 

Teresa Giudice Promotes RHONJ

This comes weeks after Giudice revealed her husband previously told her she would not be taking part. 

"I never know how he's going to react to things, but then a week ago, I did tell him about it. And he just said, 'I hope you win.'"

"I was kind of shocked. I was like, 'Oh wow, he is changing in there.'"

Either that or he was too busy worrying about the prospect of being separated from his family if he was deported. 

The action then moved to two days before the competition, and Teresa was having a workout with Frank. 

Teresa Giudice on GMA

"Your butt's getting a little smaller now, isn't it," he said. 

"I am getting nervous about getting onstage. I'm wearing a thong! Onstage, in front of everyone, but I've worked hard to get my body into the best shape it's ever been."

We then learned more details about Teresa's eye-popping tan. 

"Guys, the darker you are, the more defined you look, the more ripped you look," Frank told Teresa and his son, Frankie.

"'Over the past six months, so much of my life has changed," Teresa laughed.

"I've worked out and practiced posing for over a thousand hours. I can't believe it boils down to two minutes on stage. That's crazy to me," she added.

Teresa Giudice Instagram Pose

"This whole journey has completely changed me," she said after taking to the stage and coming in third place. 

That's an excellent result for a first timer. 

"For the first time in my life, I got to do something just for me. I've never been this independent, and I love it."

Teresa then geared up for her trip to Mexico with the girls, but stressed that she would find it difficult letting her hair down after being allowed to drink. 

"I'm not trying to be like Miss Bodybuilding New Jersey, but I did like the lifestyle. I loved eating clean; I loved working out. So I do want to keep it going."

The girls then got Teresa a necklace with the word "Strong" on it, but Jennifer Aydin was not impressed. 

"Did you guys know my brother is a jeweler? He probably would have done it for a fraction of a cost," said the obnoxious new housewife. "It would have came out better if my brother did it."

Jennifer Aydin Promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey

"Jen is really missing the point of this necklace: It's to honor Teresa," Jackie said of Jen's antics. "It's not so her brother can get a sale."

"Why would I f***ing pay for something from a jeweler that's not my brother?" Jennifer complained when Margaret made a comment about her being too drunk.

"You know what? It's f***ing ugly. Sorry, Teresa," she continued. "I don't like it."

Jennifer then said something about her being "on point," and Margaret was done listening. 

"Really? So is your f***ing lipliner, why don't you fix it?" Margaret yelled. 

"Jealous much, b****?" Jennifer said after fixing the lips, prompting Margaret to scream:

"Looks like a monkey's a**hole."

Jennifer Aydin in Oklahoma

"Yeah, a monkey's a**hole that you sucked, probably!" Jennifer hurled back. 

Danielle Staub then stepped in to defend Jennifer and took her away from the table. 

"I'm sorry, your necklace is beautiful," Jennifer told Teresa.

"I'm all about saying how you feel. And I love your lip-liner," Teresa said with a grin. 

Okay, what the eff is going on?

RHONJ continues Wednesday on Bravo. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Tamar Braxton vs. Kandi Burruss!

It's hard to believe, but Wednesday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother (yes, we are still calling it that!) had more drama than the entirety of the show's first season. 

With alliances crumbling, old feuds coming to light, and brand new twists, there was a lot of action. 

Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss on Big Brother

When the episode got underway, Jonathan, Tom, and Anthony were on the block, and Jonathan was starting to worry about his prospects in the game. 

Not helping matters was that Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar were already gunning for Jonathan because they realized he was the one who moved the target away from Dina. 

The trio started to strategize and realized that it was already time to turn their back on the alliance that was created just one episode before. 

This is party Ryan's fault for allowing himself to be swayed by Jonathan. The pair flat-out lied to their alliance about the nominees and flipped the script at the last minute. 

Jonathan Bennett on Celebrity Big Brother

Lolo followed this up by yelling that both Ryan and Jonathan were in a final two before flipping the bird at the pictures of the two men. 

What made this more embarrassing was that she performed this act in full view of the two men she was dragging. 

For someone who thinks she knows how Big Brother works, she missed the mark on this one. Ryan then pondered whether it would be a good idea to backdoor Lolo. 

The weird thing here is just how fast this relationship combusted. They went from being Olympians and friends to enemies quickly. 

Ricky went on to win the POV competition, and Ryan asked him to use the veto so that he and the other men could wipe out the girls. 

Ricky took this to Lolo who acted as dumb as a bag of rocks when she wondered why Ryan would turn on her so quickly. 

Kandi Burruss on Celebrity Big Brother

Then there was Tamar and Kandi who couldn't strategize because they were too busy bickering about something that happened over a year ago while they were on tour. 

“I was having trouble with my marriage,” Tamar revealed, adding:

“I was having issues with my career. Things were like all over the place. You personally interjected yourself in the situation by talking crazy about me when you should have just said nothing.”

“Okay,” Kandi said. “On the tour, I wasn’t thinking about that stuff. I thought we had moved on.”

“I thought it was totally ugly disrespectful and unprofessional,” Tamara fired back.

Tamar Braxton on the Red Carpet

“I had to endure being uncomfortable at work,” Tamar continued while also claiming that Xscape members messed with her set. 

“We would not do that on purpose,” Kandi insisted in a confessional. “We were happy she was there. Whatever she is thinking is clearly a misunderstanding.”

Tamar turned on the waterworks prompting Kandi to cackled like an old witch because Tamar was so extra. The only thing this did was put the two women further at odds with each other. 

“I’m not taking all that cackling,” Tamar complained. “For you to laugh...”

“I wasn’t trying to attack you,” Kandi responded.

Kandi Burruss at 2017 Grammy Awards

“The fact she’s trying to make me this villain in her life is totally ridiculous,” Kandi later said.

Tamar's day went from bad to worse when Natalie and Lolo walked into the room and started brainstorming names for their final two. Tamar was in the room, and the pair failed to check if the room was empty. 

Yeah, you couldn't make this stuff up. Tamar was mad, but she tried to imply she was cool with it. 

What followed was Tamar making a comment about hitting Lolo in the throat, but claimed it was a joke when Lolo geared up for a fight. 

Lolo Jones Red Carpet Photo

Yes, really. 

While the pair managed to patch things up, this feud has started, and it's not going to be over any time soon. 

In the end, Ricky stirred up all the drama and decided against using the POV, noting that he was intent on stirring the pot. 

What are your thoughts on the latest action?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Friday at 8/7c on CBS. 

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Which Houseguests Have the Power?

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 got underway on Monday night, and it found 12 celebrities (if you can call most of them that!) entering the house to battle for a cash prize. 

There was a Real Housewife (Kandi Burruss), Lindsay Lohan's mother (Dina Lohan), Anthony Scaramucci, and even that loser Ryan Lochte. 

Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett

Yeah, we think it's fair to say CBS scraped the bottom of the barrel with most of these options, and most viewers will be looking at this edition as a bonus winter season featuring regular houseguests. 

There wasn't much in the way of action during this opening installment, but we'll run down some of the highlights for you. 

Tamar Braxton and Kandi had some beef before entering the house, and it was evident based on the confessionals that there were still some negative feelings between them. 

Tamar opted to kill Kandi with kindness by offering to work as a pair with her during the first HOH competition. Whether these two will be able to play nice when the heat is turned up is another story, but time will tell. 

Kandi Burruss on Celebrity Big Brother

Olympian Lolo Jones complained in the D.R. that knowing Ryan Lochte would make her an immediate target. It's not uncommon for Olympians to know each other, but we see where Lolo is coming from. 

Surely anybody would want anyone associated with Lochte out of the house. He's a freaking snake. 

Julie Chen then revealed the first twist of the season:

The houseguests would be paired up to become Celebrity Big Brother's first-ever power pairing to compete for the HOH competition. 

Ryan was drawn to go first, and he picked Jonathan to work with him. Next, Tamar chose Kandi for her pair. Then we’ve got Joey and Ricky. Lolo and Tom. Dina and Anthony.

Tom Green and Lolo Jones

That left Kato and Natalie wondering about whether they were about to be sent to the block without getting a chance to fight for safety. 

With that, Julie revealed the two left out of the competition were safe from the block during the first nominations ceremony. 

The houseguests then worked in their pairs to try and fill up champagne glasses. Ryan and Jonathan had an immediate lead, but by the end, they were neck in neck with Lolo and Tom. 

In a tense standoff, Ryan and Jonathan won. Their victory was short-lived, however, when Julie announced the pair would be facing off against each other on the next episode. 

Jonathan Bennett on Celebrity Big Brother

The winner would be the first HOH, and the other would find themselves as the first nominee. 


What are your thoughts on celebrities?

Hit the comments. 

Part two of the HOH competition will play out on Tuesday at 8/7c. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Margaret Calls Jennifer’s Sister-in-Law a ‘Mail-Order’ Bride

It was the end of the line for Danielle Staub on Wednesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Margaret Josephs who has long advocated for Danielle to be part of the group decided enough was enough, and that their friendship was at breaking point. 

Instead of getting into another altercation, Margaret opted to send a text to end her friendship with the former series regular, effectively cutting her out of the action. 

Margaret Josephs On The Real Housewives of New Jersey

"She's wacko," Margaret complained to her co-stars, before going on to reveal how the text exchange played out, and it was as ugly as you would expect. 

"I wish you a happy life. Never speak to me again," Margaret said to Melissa Gorga and show newcomer Jackie Goldschneider as she skimmed her phone for the damning messages. 

"I can't believe you're this person, shame on you," Danielle fired back before going on to wish Margaret a happy mother's day. 

While that final act sounds like Danielle's way of being nice, it was not. If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know that Margaret hasn't had the best relationship with her kids. 

She has been vocal about the breakdown of her previous marriage leading to a decline in communication between her and her ex-husband's children. 

Danielle Staub Smiles

It was a typical Danielle move, but at least Margaret was wise enough to let the snake down gently by SMS. 

Hell, Danielle was out for blood on last week's installment when the two Joe's got talking about her intentions with her then-husband. 

"I didn't answer. We're done. We're never having this fight again," Margaret said to the women after spilling the beans. 

"Denial is a real thing, and she f***ing is Cleopatra," she said with a smirk. 

As for the other relationship that was on the rocks, that was Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider. 

Giudice was ready for a war of words. That's what happens when you bring her family into your petty squabbles, Jackie. 

Teresa Giudice Promotes RHONJ

"I'm definitely not intimidated by Teresa. I just hope it's not another scream-fest," Jackie fretted before a one-on-one meeting with her nemesis. 

"What you did to me is not excusable," said Jackie of their previous bust-up, adding:

"I don't get spoken to like that; I'm a grown woman, I have a lot of self-respect ... I was like, 'What the f***?'"

"Listen, you came at me first," Teresa shot back. 

But Jackie went on to imply that she and Teresa had something in common. Her father was in jail, and her mother was under house arrest. 

"We used to laugh about it," Jackie said, clearly trying to make light of the situation. 

"I'm living it right now," Teresa said. "My kids live with it every day. And it really hurts them that their father is not here."

Jackie Goldschneider Trashes Teresa Giudice

"I did not mean to hurt you, and for that I am sorry," Jackie ultimately said, with Teresa accepting. 

"Believe me, I've gotten more Namaste – I used to be a little bit crazier. So that was calm for me when I'm p***ed," Teresa said to close off the argument. 

While Margaret was washing her hands of Danielle, she didn't realize she was gearing up for another big fight. 

Teresa later told the ladies that Jennifer Aydin's brother and his soon-to-be wife "knew each other for two weeks and now they're getting engaged."

"Ok, that's a little crazy," Margaret said laughing.

Teresa said it's part of the culture and that "they don't sleep with each other and you get to know them when you marry them,'"

"What happens if he was a dud? That's a life of torture," continued Margaret, adding:

"Oh come on, he met her in Turkey? She could be mail order."

Margaret Josephs


Teresa told Jennifer all about it and the latter said to Margaret:

"I can't relate to people who have affairs with married people."

This is the season of the feud, and we're living for it!

RHONJ continues Wednesdays on Bravo. 

The Bachelor Season Premiere Recap: We’re in Virgin Territory!

Colton Underwood is a virgin. Did you know that?

ABC continued to hype this fact about its Season 23 star on the three-hour premiere episode Monday night, which featured Colton kissing two women and sending home seven more.

"I’m the first virgin Bachelor and it’s crazy to even think about that,” Underwood said early on. “I couldn’t be more hopeful and excited.”

Did his 30 suitors feel the same way, however?

How did they approach the fact that he's never slid his throbbing unit inside of any private parts?

Scroll down for everything you ever wanted to know about this lengthy season premiere -- and visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to see who actually wins...

1. Ready to Meet the Ladies

Bachelor premieres
After the usual kind of introduction -- which, yes, focused heavily on both Colton's former football career and his virginity - Chris met up with Colton outside of the mansion to meet his many suitors.

2. They Were Ready to Swipe That V Card

They were ready to swipe that v card
“If I was the person that Colton gave his virginity to, I would definitely bring out all the tricks,” said Onyeka, an IT risk consultant from Dallas, Texas, at one point.

3. Et Tu, Demi?

Et tu demi
Added this suitor: “I know that he’s a virgin, which is kind of concerning. If you only ever have a vanilla cupcake, well how do you know you don’t like chocolate? How do you know you don’t like strawberry? I feel like you have to try out all the cupcakes first to know what you really want. I’m the damn confetti cake."

4. Okay. On to the Arrivals!

Okay on to the arrivals
There was Caelynn — who currently holds the title of Miss North Carolina 2018 - wore her sash and everything!

5. Yup, She's a Sloth

Yup shes a sloth
There was Alex D., who dressed in a head-to-toe sloth costume (because Colton likes to take things “slowly.” Really. This was her reasoning.) and was so very into it that her arrival took up about half the premiere.

6. Pulled Over for Lameness

Pulled over for lameness
There was Tracy, who showed up in a cop cruise because she was the self-proclaimed fashion police. Wow, huh? The sloth costume may have made more sense.
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90 Day Fiance: Twitter Reacts to the Tell All

90 Day Fiance concluded its sixth season and began airing the Season 6 Tell All special.

Part 1 was filled with drama, starting with Larissa and Colt dragging their heels and waiting until the last moment to walk onto the stage.

Couples hashed out issues, from cheating to feuds.

Stars and couples clashed over each other's outlandish behavior.

Part 2 was teased and it looks like it may be even more bonkers than Part 1.

Twitter was overflowing with hot takes and livetweets, and we dredged some of the best reactions for you here.

1. Larissa's REAL issue is that she envies Fernanda

90 day fiance season 6 tell all special livetweets 01
Now, that's unfair ... cats don't "infest" the home. They live there. They are innocents in all of this.

2. Don't disturb Asuelu!

90 day fiance season 6 tell all special livetweets 02
A lot of people feel protective of Asuelu. He's young and emotionally vulnerable and looks extremely cuddly. That's all it takes.

3. A very funny moment

90 day fiance season 6 tell all special livetweets 03
Larissa's tendency to tack an -ee sound onto the ends of words caught people's attention from day one, but it's very funny when she yells it at Fernanda in anger.

4. Larissa's not the only villain this season

90 day fiance season 6 tell all special livetweets 04
Steven's constant rudeness to Olga isn't just upsetting to viewers -- it makes people genuinely worried about their relationship

5. Kalani explained a gripe about Asuelu

90 day fiance season 6 tell all special livetweets 05
Asuelu didn't send her any child support money before coming to the US. Some fans thought that it wasn't a fair expectation.

6. 90 Day Fiance Season 6 Tell All Special Livetweets 06

90 day fiance season 6 tell all special livetweets 06
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The Voice Recap: Who Won Season 15?

The Voice crowned another winner on Tuesday night. 

It's hard to believe it, but that marks fifteen people who have won the competition. We think it's fair to say that the series doesn't exactly make people stars who set the charts alight, but we just can't stop watching. 

Chris Kroeze, Chevel Shepherd, Carson Daly on The Voice

The Voice Season 15 has been littered with controversy, and much of that is down to Adam Levine's knack for throwing his acts under the bus and choosing clear favorites. 

We wonder if the producers will be as subtle as him when they say his contract is not being renewed for The Voice Season 16. 

We kid, mostly. 

In any case, it was down to Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer), Kirk Jay (Team Blake), Chris Kroeze (Team Blake), Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly) to vie for the votes to be crowned the winner. 

But how did the important performances play out? No, we don't mean the guests the show likes to bring back to pad the episode out for dear life. 

The Voice Season 15 Poster

We're talking about the above competitors, of course. 

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer) and Kelly Rowland - “When Love Takes Over”  

Kelly Rowland returned to perform with finalist, Kennedy. Yeah, Kennedy would probably have liked to sing with Beyoncé more, but oh well. 

Kennedy turned in another solid performance, but there were some issues with it. For a start, this was supposed to be a duet, and it came across more like a battle. 

Kirk Jay (Team Blake) and Rascall Flatts - “Back to Life”

Kirk managed to bounce back after his weak Monday performance. It was his best performance of the season and proved that he is one of the worthiest finalists. 

Adam Levine Has Platinum Hair

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake) and the Doobie Brothers - “Long Train Runnin'”

Chris continued to be a middle of the road performer. The Doobie Brothers managed to sing better than the finalist, so that's a big problem. 

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly) and Dan + Shay - “Speechless”

This performance was quite a surprise. Chevel has not been the strongest of singers, but she brought her A game on Tuesday night with a performance that ticked all of the boxes. 

In the end, Kennedy was eliminated fourth, Kirk Jay third, and Chris in second place. That meant the winner of The Voice Season 15 is ... Chevel Shepherd. 

Chevel Shepherd Wins The Voice Season 15

This was a huge surprise. He's not been consistent all season long, so something tells us this win came from fans of Kelly Clarkson. 

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Hit the comments!

The Voice returns in March 2019.

Teen Mom OG Recap: "I Could Kill Myself"

Amber Portwood tragically hit a new low on the Teen Mom OG season finale.

She broke down on air and admitted that she had been thinking about killing herself.

The candid cast member actually called on Catelynn to fly in and offer assistance, considering this fellow Teen Mom had been through something similar in the not-too-distant past.

What did Catelynn say to Amber?

How did other stars tie up or continue their storylines this week?

Scroll down for an emotional recap...

1. A Candid Confession

Amber breaks down
On last week’s installment, Portwood opened up about her postpartum depression, which she said on air was made worse by the fact that fans were sending her nasty messages on social media. We learned here that those messages contributed to her thoughts about suicide.

2. The Thoughts Were Real

The thoughts were real
“There was a night that I was waiting for [Andrew] and James to go to bed so I could kill myself,” Amber confessed. “And for some odd reason, he could feel it and he was like, ‘I’m not going to bed.’”

3. Please Help Me

Please help me
Desperate, Amber reached out to Catelynn, who viewers know has also dealt with postpartum depression and suicidal thoughts just this past year; Catelynn and daughter Nova therefore flew out to Indiana.

4. Can I Go On?

Can i go on
“I feel like I’m at my lowest right now. I have no will,” Amber told Catelynn when she arrived and sat down on a couch with her friend.

5. Offering Assistance

Offering assistance
Catelynn told Amber to maybe try inpatient treatment like she did. However, because son James was still so young, Amber said she wasn’t prepared to do so. Later, Portwood told MTV camera crews she wouldn’t film because of the way she’d been portrayed on the series.

6. A Separation is Needed

A separation is needed
"I think I should separate myself from the show,” Amber told Executive Producer Larry Musnik. “I just don’t feel like this is right for my life anymore, seeing that you guys want a certain kind of story that I just don’t want to give you anymore. I just feel like it’s very different from a reality show anymore."
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William Hathaway, Wicked Tuna Star, Dies in Fatal Car Crash

William "Willbilly" Hathaway, a cast member on the National Geographic Channel reality show Wicked Tuna, died on Saturday due to injuries he sustained in a car accident.

He was 36 years old.

William Hathaway

According to local news outlets, Hathaway was involved in a crash in Salisbury, Maryland after he swerved off a remote countryside road into a ditch.

WBOC16 says that Maryland State Police received a 911 call from a concerned citizen who drove past a Toyota truck on Old Ocean City Road; the station then received numerous similar calls shortly afterwards.

The incident took place around 4 p.m. local time.

Hathaway, meanwhile, supposedly called his wife after the accident occurred and said he was alright.

However, paramedics quickly arrived at the scene and found the reality star "slumped over the center console," not breathing.

The aforementioned news outlet claims he was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.


Hathaway was allegedly forced off the road and into the ditch when another vehicle cut him off.

His airbags reportedly never deployed.

In response to this tragedy, friends and loved ones have started a Facebook fundraiser  to raise money for Hathaway's wife and their newborn daughter, Molly.

"He was an exceptional human being whose passion was the sea. He always brightened the day of anyone he met. His wife and new born baby girl he was most proud of,” a spokesperson for the Ocean CityFishing Community wrote on the page, adding:

“Due to his untimely death we are asking for donations to help them stay on their feet while trying to survive this tragedy."

As of this writing, more than $56,500 of the $250,000 fundraising goal had been reached.

with wife

Hathaway was part of the fishing crew on the Ocean City-based Foolish Pleasures vessel, which was featured on "Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.

The series itself debuted in April of 2012.

As detailed by Wikipedia, it "takes viewers into the unrelenting North Atlantic waters infamously spotlighted by the novel-turned-feature film The Perfect Storm, to follow captains who are relied upon by their families, their shipmates, and by Gloucester itself, to haul in boatloads of the large but elusive bluefin."

William "Willbilly" Hathaway

Tragically, another Wicked Tuna star lost his life earlier this year.

Nicholas Fudge died in July after a lengthy battle with substance abuse. He was only 28 years old.

We send our condolences to the friends, family members and loved ones of William "Willbilly" Hathaway.

May he rest in peace.