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Becca Kufrin as The Bachelorette: First Promo Pic!

After getting her heart shattered into a gajillion pieces on national television, Becca Kufrin wants the world to know that she's back.

With vengeance.

The scorned winner of The Bachelor Season 22, Kufrin was dumped by Arie Luyendyk Jr. mere weeks after he proposed to her on the show's emotional finale.

Bachelorette Promo Pic

It was a stunning and horrific development for the franchise, but fans at least had their concerns over Becca eased a little bit upon learning that she had been chosen as the next Bachelorette.

Her journey to happiness (we really hope!) gets underway on May 28at 8/7c, with host Chris Harrison teasing Kufrin's season on Twitter this week via her very first promotional photo.

It features Becca in a beautiful gold gown, a red rose in hand... and a straightforward tagline plastered across the front.

Let's Do The Damn Thing.

It's pretty clear Kufrin is not messing around, isn't it?

This is a woman ready to find love on her terms for once, and she doesn't plan on letting anyone stand in her way.

Becca Kufrin, The Bachelorette Rose

The slogan seems to has become somewhat of a mantra for Kufrin, who actually used it when she was announced as the show's lead back in March.

"Words can’t express everything I’m feeling tonight, but I’m so beyond grateful for the love, support and well-wishes," Kufrin wrote on Instagram alongside a slideshow of images from After the Final Rose.

She then added:

"I’m beyond excited for this next chapter of my journey and to have shared the start of that all with you tonight.

"Now we’re doing the damn thing."

Yes you are, Becca.

Kufrin handled her very public embarrassment about as well as anyone could possibly expect.

Becca Kufrin Laughs

She really only called out Arie one time, shortly after he tried to claim that he dumped her in front of ABC cameras specifically because he wanted to turn her into a sympathetic figure and, therefore, prompt the network to make her The Bachelorette.

That was a crock of nonsense.

"I don't think he ever expected me to be [the Bachelorette], or how everything played out," Becca said in response to this assertion.

And that was basically it.

Becca has had a chance to slam the living heck out of Arie and has constantly chosen to mostly take the high road.

She isn't looking for attention in this manner, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight.

She's really just looking for a loving husband.

Becca Shrugs

"She's not one of those people who went on the show for Instagram followers,” the insider told this outlet, adding of the 28-year old Minnesota native:

“She's got a killer job, she's a good person and she really wants to find somebody."

We sincerely hope she does.

Based on a recent set of The Bachelorette spoilers, we have a clearer idea of who this somebody could be.

And we also know he will come from the following pool of suitors.

Get to know them now:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 20 Recap: NeNe Leakes vs. Kim Zolciak

We think it’s fair to say that the days of NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak being cordial to each other are long gone. 

In fact, it would not surprise us if the pair never spoke to each other again after The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 20

The action kicked off as soon as Kim walked on stage. The eye rolls and looks of disgust made it obvious there was going to be much drama. 

“You look younger than you did ten years ago,” Andy Cohen said to Kim, to which she responded, “I mean, I think that has a lot to do with makeup.”

“Your lips are considerably bigger. What’s the end game with the lips?” Andy grilled.

“It just depends on how I’m feeling at the moment,” Kim replied with a grin. 

The conversation quickly turned to the NeNe-Kim feud, and it went nuclear when Kim started showing off the picture of NeNe parked in the handicap spot. 

“All this bulls*** you’re gonna talk?” NeNe yelled at the naked selfie Queen. “Put it out now b**** I’m right here with your a**.”

Andy wanted to dig deep in order to find out the true reason for how these women are so at odds with each other. 

Kim opined that NeNe was jealous of her life with her husband.

“You’re a hater. You are f***ing trash!” NeNe continued to rant at her nemesis. Unfortunately, the feud was cut short because there is still another week of this reunion to go. 

Elsewhere, there was more drama for Kandi and Porsha. If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will already know that Kandi has been chanting for weeks that Porsha’s apology was fake as hell. 

Surprisingly, Porsha seemed ready to bury the hatchet and finally move on with her life. 

“I’m not putting any blame on you… I hear you loud and clear,” Porsha began her final attempt at an apology. 

“It was a bad choice, and I wish I wasn’t a part of it. If that is what you were missing, you have it today. I apologize for the situation, and there is no but.” I

The ladies finally had a handshake, and that was that …. until next season. 

Then, NeNe was put on blast for making friends with Marlo once again, and that’s because Kenya is not a fan of her. 

This is the thing with these Bravo reality shows: You can’t be friends with someone one of your friends hates. It’s petty, but it must be part of the contract to appear on the shows. 

Marlo appeared on the stage and wasted no time in voicing her displeasure about Kenya calling her a prostitute. 

This made Andy ask Marlo where she made her money. 

“I dated a billionaire,” she said as though she had a well-rehearsed response for everything. 

In any case, the second half of the reunion lacked the luster that The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 19 had. 

It’s time for a cast refresh and the producers know that. Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak will not be back next season, so that’s a positive. 

What did you think of all the action?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues Sundays on Bravo. 

The Bachelorette Suitors: Meet Becca Kufrin’s Men!

The Bachelor ended with Becca Kufrin's heartbreak after the audience watched her brutal breakup just weeks after her proposal.

But now, she's starring on The Bachelorette.

And, if you don't mind learning a few The Bachelorette Spoilers, you can see a list of every single man identified who is set to appear on this upcoming season.

Will Becca be drawn to their winning personalities? Their handsome faces? Their impressive bodies? Their careers?

The Bachelor Nation is clearly rooting for her to find the happiness that she so richly deserves.

But there's no doubt that everyone's going to have an opinion on which suitor she should select.

Take a look and decide which man you think is the key to her happily ever after.

1. Lincoln Adim

Lincoln adim
Lincoln Adim is 26 years old and lives in LA, though his accent comes from growing up in the UK. He has a degree in biological sciences, works as an executive for Oracle, and is serious about fitness. As you may have noticed.

2. Chase Vergason

Chase vergason
Chase Vergason is a 27-year-old Florida Man with a degree in business management. He played baseball for the Gamecocks and is currently CFO at the real estate marketing firm of Vergason Sojourner & McWaters.

3. Ryan Peterson

Ryan peterson
Ryan Peterson is a 27-year-old who is originally from Boston, currently lives in Manhattan, and has previously lived on a boat. He has a BS in business management and previously worked at a fertility agency. He's also worked as a landscape designer and contractor, but he's known for being a free spirit. Again, he lived on a boat.

4. Darius Feaster

Darius feaster
Darius Feaster is a 27-year-old with an intensely impressive body. Yes, he played football in college at the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated with a BA in Business Management. Now he's a sales rep for Allergan and lives in L.A.

5. Blake Horstmann

Blake horstmann
Blake Horstmann is a 28-year-old sales rep for Coors. He has a degree in marketing and communications. The Bachelor Nation may know him best from his first impression -- when he showed up with a horse. Like ya do.

6. Clay Harbor

Clay harbor
Clay Harbor is a 31-year-old football player. Currently a free agent with the NFL, he has played for the Eagles, Patriots, and Lions. He is from Illinois and played college football at Missouri State.
View Slideshow

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 11 Recap: Thank You, Thuck You

Did Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit Kemsley, and Kyle Richards finally get some clarity on why they were arguing?

If they did, could they tweet as much to viewers because it's becoming increasingly difficult to make sense of why they all hated each other? 

Kyle Richards Is Not Impressed

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 11, the division amongst the ladies continued to cause problems. 

That's what divisions do, but it's difficult to care when we don't actually know what's going on to make all of these women so mad. 

Would it be out of the realm of possibility for the producers to be lacing the alcohol these ladies consume by the gallon?

In any case, Lisa was still mad because Dorit was dragging her to the other women for being needy, or something. 

But then there was Kyle who wanted to go along for the ride and make the argument last longer. The reason? Because she felt good old LVP held her to a higher standard than the others. 

L to the VP

Sweetie, we all hold our BEST friends to a higher standard than the lower ones on the totem pole. 

Despite things being awkward as hell, the ladies were all gearing up to attend a fashion show for some things at Kyle's New York store. 

Dorit decided it was time to extend the olive branch to Lisa Vanderpump, and she did so in predictable fashion. 

“Things come out of my mouth,” Dorit said. Yeah, somehow, this woman always tries to get out of owning up to anything, and it's pretty tiring. 

Lisa countered that Dorit should not have been running her mouth to the ladies about what she told her about her childhood. 

“I love you, mainly on the strength of loving your husband, and wanting to love you and make it right,” said the SUR boss who seemed like she genuinely wanted to move on. 

Lisa Vanderpump at People's Choice Awards

Despite some back and forth, they managed to put their beef aside. 

However, Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York was already on the warpath thanks to Kyle opening up about how Lisa treated her. 

Bethenny wasted no time in opening her mouth, but LVP elegantly brushed her off and thanked Kyle for helping her the night before. See! Was it THAT difficult to say thanks?

In any case, Bethenny was probably upset because she was promised a fight by Andy Cohen or something. It was a big bust, and the rest of the event went on without a hitch. 

Bethenny Frankel in a White Coat

Back in Beverly Hills, Kyle showed up at Lisa's house for some fine dining. Lisa admitted that she did not want to lose her friendship with PK and that she wanted to just move on with her life. 

“Let me ask you a question,” Kyle says: “Do you feel like anything’s at stake with us?"

Lisa admitted that she held her to a different standard because they are better friends. 

“I made a mistake; there’s no buts, ifs, ands, or howevers. I am sorry that I neglected you; I didn’t realize you were that upset,” Lisa said to close of the episode. 

Kyle Richards: The Simple Life 2 Welcome Home Party

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesdays. 

Kailyn Lowry Reacts to Safaree Samuels’ Nudes

When Safaree Samuels' nudes leaked, plenty of Twitter users voiced their opinions about what they saw.

Most did not expect to see Kailyn Lowry react, however. Most celebs don't weigh in on each other's leaked nudes.

And certainly no one expected for Kailyn's post to be this darn funny.

Safaree Samuels on Twitter

Over the weekend, Safaree Samuels' nudes leaked. These were fully nude nudes, folks. The kind that you're unlikely to see even on HBO.

Suffice it to say that Twitter was impressed by Safaree Samuels's anatomy.

Obviously, hacking and the leaking of nudes without someone's consent is absolutely no joke, folks.

A lot of people understand that, but couldn't help but heap praises upon Safaree Samuels after seeing exactly what "talents" he brings to the table.

(His penis. They liked it)

But Safaree Samuels being blessed by Priapus aside, a lot of the tweets took different tones.

Some questioned why Nicki Minaj -- or any woman -- would be willing to break up with such a man.

Others shared that they were honestly not up to the challenge that sex with a man so well endowed would present.

Either way, for a little while, Safaree Samuels was virtually omnipresent on Twitter, to very nearly "broke the internet" proportions.

Which is probably the guy's biggest (get it? biggest?) claim to fame since he got a beat down from Meek Mills last year.

Kailyn Lowry Via Instagram

So ... what does all of this have to do with Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry?

The short answer is ... memes? But that's too short to tell you anything.

So, at some point, one of the tweeters who was so impressed by what Safaree Samuels apparently has to offer that they found the perfect image to reflect the spectrum of their reaction to the leaked images.

That image just happens to be a photo featuring Kailyn Lowry. There are a lot of those out on the interwebs.

And this was the amazing result.

Kailyn Lowry Twitter Meme

They're right -- there's fear, anticipation, and curiosity in this very nervous photo.

On a simpler level, their mouths are open pretty wide. We don't want to be crude but ... an open mouth is also a reaction that many had to seeing Safaree in his full glory.

Clearly, Kailyn was delighted to see herself taking front and center in such an amusing post.

(For the record, commenting "I am screaming" is standard internet parlance for a strong feeling of joy, humor, or excitement and is very seldom accompanied by any actual screaming or noise of any kind)

And she knew that her followers would get a real kick out of the post.

Even if some of them probably regretted googling Safaree's name as soon as the first image popped up. Not everybody wants to see that.

Safaree Has Abs for Days

Did Kailyn choose to share this because she's interested in Safaree Samuels?

Probably not.

Oh, she might be interested in him -- she has eyes, doesn't she? But we don't think that this tweet of hers is a not-too-subtle attempt to bridge a connection between the two of them.

For the moment, Kailyn is like the rest of the internet -- viewing news stories as they come up and responding to them on social media.

It's just that, as a Teen Mom 2 star, she's much more likely to have her photo featured in a meme. Even if it's of a story that strikes her interest.

To be clear, though, Kailyn didn't make that meme -- she just shared it. We think that it's safe to say that she's not endorsing the terrible leaking of nudes.

Alaskan Bush People Star Gabe Brown Accused of Seducing Fans, Cheating

Rain Brown posted a sweet Valentine's Day photo of herself "third-wheeling" while her brother locks lips with a woman in the background.

Instead of sweet responses, the comments filled with outrage by women accusing Gabe of cheating -- and, in some cases, of having broken their hearts.

It sounds like more women were catfished by Gabe Brown's imposter than anyone ever realized.

Gabe Brown, Hauling Wood

The Brown family has had one hell of a year.

Ami Brown waged a battle against lung cancer that many described as likely to be terminal. Many -- from the Browns themselves to fans of the show -- weren't sure if she was going to make it.

But Ami fought hard and could afford the best treatment. After enduring agonizing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, her cancer, though it had spread to both lungs and to her spine, went into remission.

Now Ami Brown is cancer-free, but she'll need to be vigilant for the rest of her life.

This battle was hard on her. It was also hard on her family, who feared that they might lose their beloved mother.

Gabe Brown, Bird Brown, Rain Brown in Target

But that was not the only drama going on in the lives of the Brown family.

Anyone who thinks that Alaskan Bush People is the one show where the family never has that much personal drama clearly isn't following them on social media.

Last year, and as you can see in the video above, Rain Brown warned of an imposter pretending to be Gabe Brown online.

She issued the catfishing warning and told people that Gabe wasn't really using his social media at the moment, and that if they received any messages, it wasn't from him.

There was apparently a woman who even claimed to be his fiancee. Whether this was someone who was catfished or someone who just made it up for attention was always unclear.

Rain Brown, Gabe Brown, Raquell Rose

Though Gabe just recently broke his social media silence, it was Rain who shared this photo.

That's Rain, her dog Cupcake, and Gabe with a woman named Raquell Rose.

Rain captioned the pic: "Third wheelin like a pro this V-Day."

Plenty of the comments were normal -- people telling Rain that she'll date when she's a little older (she's barely 15, which is old enough to date in most families, but the lifestyle of the Browns probably makes that hard).

But instead of congratulations towards Gabe's apparent new relationship, a number of commenters accused Gabe Brown of being a no good dirty cheater.

Gabe Brown, "Romantic" Evening

The comments under that one simple, sweet photo contain about half a year's drama from any given soap opera.

"How would you feel if a man that you admire and think he's innocent started to conquer you and enjoyed your company, so you start to feel more beautiful and start to dream be with him and then you see a pic of him kissing someone else maybe a girlfriend?"

This person sounds like they're describing (in a weird way -- "conquer?") being catfished by Gabe Brown's imposter.

"And in the same time discovered you were not the only one cause he did it with the other fans too? And you think all of this could be just a joke from him! Just have a little of empathy."

Another person who had apparently been catfished wrote:

"She never thought it was a relationship! But he messed our feelings, and we didn't understand why he did it if he had a girlfriend! That's it!"

Gabe Brown and Best Friend

More and more people -- diehard fans of Alaskan Bush People who apparently missed Rain's warning about a Fake Gabe (or didn't believe it, or perhaps it came too late) wrote.

"No, of course I didn't believe it made a relationship. But when I saw he had a girlfriend and a fan girl commented that he talked things to her I didn't understand anything in that moment and thought he was a jerk!"

It sounds like that same commenter may believe that Gabe Brown was really flirting with her.

"I felt confuse and disappointed, he's not that nice guy I thought he was?? Now I can understand him clearly and yes, it's normal to flirt. Now all this confusion already passed."

Rain Brown and Gabe Brown

Some people insist that it was really, truly Gabe Brown who stole their hearts.

"People defends him saying we're all lunatics but the fact is: He was always answering us in a romantic and seductive way and no one can blame us to have hope to think be with him some day. Because he fed this desire on us."

Again, Rain warned last year that somebody was pretending to be her brother.

"He needs to know which acts lead to consequences, and that having fans is a responsibility. Me as a fan and friend would like him to learn to think more about his actions and then learn to face them."

Someone else was scandalized that Rain hadn't deleted the photo out of shame, or something.

"I simply cant believe this is still going on. Or that Rain hasnt deleted it... Or that Gabe hasnt commented at all."

Gabe Brown in August 2017

There were also accusations that Gabe was engaged -- he isn't. Other, more sensible followers, voiced their support.

"Maybe they just started dating?? Still doesn’t mean he owes a bunch of people on the internet any explanation about his private life. That’s all!"

That's true -- not even reality stars owe their fans explanations.

"LOL are you really telling someone on tv that you've never met that they owe you an explanation for their lives?"

And others really didn't like the bonkers accusations that were thrown in Gabe's direction.

"People assume things too quickly that's what I don't like. She could be his girlfriend or she may not, if he wants to say, then he will, I'm personally not worried about it."

Rain Brown, Nope

As Rain mentioned last year, Gabe was heartbroken when his relationship didn't pan out and that's why he took a break from social media.

It's wonderful that he's getting his romantic life back on track.

While it's tragic that apparently so many women were deceived online, surely Gabe Brown isn't responsible for the actions of an imposter.

And similarly, he can't cheat on a fiancee to whom he's not actually engaged. (No, a rumored photo of two hands wearing rings is not "proof")

Finally, even if so many people really believe that Gabe is sketchy, is his 15-year-old sister's Instagram page the place to have this discussion?

It is not.

Rain may be the de facto spokesperson for her family, but her Instagram page is still mostly a place for her to share her thoughts and her photos.

Nathan Griffith SLAMS David Eason for Homophobic Rant

Earlier this week, David Eason launched into an unprompted homophobic rant on Twitter that horrified fans -- and Teen Mom 2 fans are not easily shocked.

MTV has ended their relationship with David Eason, which makes things even more awkward for the already controversial Jenelle Evans.

Nathan Griffith is stepping up to the plate and condemning David Eason's words.

David Eason on Insta

Just days ago, while arguing with fans on Twitter about his and Jenelle's decidedly pro-gun response to the tragic shooting at a Florida high school on Valentine's Day, David Eason got called out on his atrocious parenting.

(And that's putting it nicely -- fans who've seen him in action wouldn't trust him with a pot roast, let alone a child)

David's response was to pivot by attacking LGBT parents and children, tweeting:

"Why don't you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals. Oh, I forgot, that's supposed to be normal."

There's nothing abnormal or immoral about LGBT parents, but David Eason says that he's going to make sure that his kids steer clear of them.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

He tweeted:

"I'm going to teach them not to associate with them or be that way...If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas."

A disgusting sentiment and a deeply offensive analogy. 

When David Eason was accused of homophobia, he decided to take a literal approach to the word's etymology.

"Homophobic? You really lost it now. I'm not scared [of] s--t, especially a homo."

That's right, he decided to make it worse. (By the by, folks, "homo" in this context is a slur, but that's hardly the worst part of his tweets)

MTV pulled the plug, firing David Eason with six weeks of production remaining.

Nathan Griffith Tweet 01

Nathan Griffith sometimes feuds with Jenelle Evans, which really fits the Teen Mom 2 brand because they're exes. And, in particular, he's Jenelle's ex.

And now he's speaking out against her current husband, David Eason.

He started his series of three tweets with well wishes for everyone.

"Please take care everyone! Especially, with the terrorist attacks in the east and the families suffering in Florida."

Every day is one nightmare after another, it seems.

"God bless and remember that God is the only one that judges and loves all his children of all races, sex, personal orientation, and belief."

That seems like a direct reference to David Eason.

Nathan Griffith Tweet 02

He then goes on to admit that (quite frankly, like every man who's ever been in Jenelle Evans' orbit) he is far from perfect, writing:

"I know there are some things that I have said out of pure ignorance on my part."

You know what -- not that it's an excuse -- but everybody's learning all of the time.

"And if I have offended or hurt anyone out there, I am truly sorry and the door is always open to vent or even ask for advice."


Once could cynically suggest that perhaps Nathan is simply hoping to make sure that he never becomes unfilmable, but his message is a positive one.

Nathan Griffith Tweet 03

"I have my own beliefs and my own opinions but to segregated, belittle, and to hate someone based on their opinions, lifestyle, religion, race, and/or sexual orientation is wrong. PERIOD!"

When he talks about segregation, he's clearly talking about David Eason's vow to teach his children to never associate with LGBT people.

He then goes on to lament that people are still having to preach basic equality in 2018.

"It’s 2018! As long as it doesn’t affect your life, then let it go. #lovem​orehateless"

That's a very positive message.

Nathan Griffith With Ashley Lanhardt

Nathan Griffith does have a tendency to come across as the more reasonable of the two when he feuds with Jenelle.

(Admittedly, that's not super hard to do -- we're talking about the Carolina Hurricane here)

We're not going to endorse him for President any time soon, but it's probably fair to say that Nathan said some good and fair things in these tweets.

And he didn't actually mention David Eason by name -- though, obviously, anyone who saw them knew what brought on his statements.

The Bachelor Winter Games: Ben Higgins Leaves in Tears

The Bachelor Winter Games is more than just a way to pass the time between Bachelor episodes and reading each of The Bachelor Spoilers that leaks.

It's also a wild ride. This episode saw a very memorable Ghost homage on a surprisingly successful date. There was also an epic kissing contest with high stakes.

But Ben Higgins realized that he was in the wrong place. After talking it over and crying over Lauren Bushnell, he decided that it was time to leave.

For starters, it turns out that Dean and Lesley aren't just both beautiful — they're both pretty good with a pair of skis, blowing everyone away as they raced down the slopes.

Josiah couldn't help shading Dean Unglert at little — referring to Dean having "so many women at his disposal."

It sounds like a compliment or perhaps even a neutral description, but it's to remind everyone of Dean's disastrous love triangle in Paradise.

And Clare is much harsher about it.

(Oh, Deanie Babies, the Bachelor Nation is still so disappointed in you)

However, Dean and Lesley won two date cards and after a lot of soul-searching, decided to hand off one of them to Kevin and Ashley. Which is how we got this:

That's right, folks.

Kevin Wendt and Ashley Iaconetti did a full-on Ghost reenactment.

You'd think that a date that includes Ashley confessing that she's a virgin would be spent awkwardly, but Kevin was totally understanding.

(He is, after all, Canadian — politeness is kind of their brand)

That didn't stop either of them from enjoying their spin pottery date. And Ashley said that she could really see herself falling for Kevin.

A lot of folks are rooting for these two.

After Tiffany realizes that it was time to say goodbye, Ben Higgins started questioning whether The Bachelor Winter Games was really best for him at the moment.

This resulted in the tearful heart-to-heart that he had with Chris Harrison, which you can see in the video below.

"Coming back to a place like this really brings up a lot of weird memories."

He says that he's haunted by the "ghosts" of his past, which means that this would have made a great Halloween episode. Alas.

"And then, to try to engage in relationships here, and know that the last time that I did this was one of the best moments of my life. …"

Sometimes, you don't know that you're in the wrong place until you're there.

"But, right here, right now, it just doesn't feel right."

"My fear is not entering into a relationship, my fear is not pursuing somebody."

But he does know what his real fear is:

"My fear is that if I [were] to be broken again, I'm not full enough right now to recover from that."

We can totally understand that. You need to feel secure in yourself, emotionally. Some wounds stay raw for longer than you would think.

And perhaps being on The Bachelor Winter Games has exacerbated that.

And then he talks about what sounds like being deeply impacted by comments and fan speculation — and not only that which was hurtful or intentionally hurtful.

By leaving, Ben Higgins (and Michael and Yuki) missed out on the kissing contest, which was judged by Rachel Lindsay, JoJo Fletcher, and Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Which means that Dean, Luke, Josiah, and Bibiana were engaging in a makeout contest … in front of their exes.

Awkward beyond reason.

The best kissing was definitely Ashley and Kevin — they got a standing ovation.

The worst? Josiah and Ally. Ally threw up right beforehand, and that's just not a recipe to a good kiss.

Take a look at Ben's tearful conversation and decide for yourself if he was right to leave:

The bachelor winter games recap ben higgins leaves in tears

Bravo Makes Stars Promise Not to Sue If They Get STDs From Slutting Around

Remember when Bravo used to have operas and jazz music and stage productions of Shakespeare? Well, now the cable channel launched as a service for high-brow entertainment and the arts has to have its reality TV stars sign a waiver in case they get herpes from all the fucking they do while recording their shows. Yeah, that’s how far the bar has been lowered, we’ve gone from The Marriage of Figaro to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I’m sure the story, which was reported by Page Six, will lead to either slut-shaming or accusations of slut-shaming, so let me just say that I don’t know why we act like being a slut is bad to begin with. I’ve never gone to a concert to see someone who’s never played the piano. The way you get good at things is to practice them.

So even though they’re not going to be in Pagliacci, Bravo is still full of clowns who spend all day practicing their trade all over each other. So the network makes them sign a contract that says, and I’m paraphrasing here, “If your nasty junk falls off, that’s on you.” Seems smart, you don’t want someone coming after you just because you happened to be filming them when they got gonoherpasyphilaids from Vanderpumping each other all day. Apparently it’s pretty standard in the industry.

ABC has previously revealed that it tests contestants on its long-running dating shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” for STDs. Those shows make the 50 finalists for spots in the competition get screened for sexual diseases.

Hey, there you go, if you’re on The Bachelor, feel fee to rawdog it. It’s like a porn set. A straight porn set. Bravo plays by gay porn rules, so you need to wrap it up over there.

It seems that Bravo’s hit “Vanderpump Rules” is a particular hotbed of disease because of its particularly hot beds.

In 2015, one of the show’s stars, James Kennedy, called co-star Jax Taylor — who has slept with a number of the women on the show — a “dirty, dirty boy” on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and added, “It’s called herpes!”

Taylor denied the accusation in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” interview.

This is some of the least surprising news I’ve ever heard. If you take away the wine-throwing, most reality TV is just a Showtime softcore porno that cuts away when the humping starts.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Brandi Glanville Asked Omarosa WHAT?!

Brandi Glanville is not one to follow a crowd. 

That's why we rolled our eyes when we heard she had been cast on the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. For better or worse, she's managed to find herself in a good spot in the game. 

Brandi Glanville, Big Hair

She's in a four-person alliance with Ross Matthews, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Ariadna Gutierre. In short, the four are calling the shots in the house because they know the game. 

Going into Friday's eviction spectacular, we knew that Shannon Elizabeth was public enemy number one, and was likely headed back to the outside world. She played too hard too soon, and it came back to bite her. 

But Brandi decided to change things up at the vote, and you can tell it's going to cause a lot of drama between the houseguests. But that was not her craziest moment in the episode. 

Brandi Cleavage

At the top of the hour, Brandi decided it was time to get some insider facts about Donald Trump. That found her asking Omarosa whether she had indulged in sexual relations with the President of the United States. 

"Hell no!” Omarosa replied, clearly disgusted. “That’s horrible.”

Brandi admitted that a rumor she heard a rumor that Trump slept with a contestant during filming for The Apprentice. It was a hilarious moment that almost made me want to sign up to watch the live feeds. 

Omarosa Manigault

Shannon realized her game was over, but Omarosa was not about to let her go down without a fight. Omarosa and Shannon buried the hatchet and decided to be friends. 

That's when Omarosa realized she could create paranoia in the house. To do this, she went to James and told him that things were changing and that he was the target. 

It was apparently a tactic to make James look crazy to the other houseguests. It failed, however, and the four-person alliance admitted to Omarosa's face they thought she was lying about not doing anything. 

Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother Season 1

We then got to the Veto competition which found the houseguests in a dark restaurant and trying to get out in the best time. Shannon took an early advantage, but James emerged as the winner. 

As expected, he used the Veto on himself, and Mark was thrown up on the block next to Shannon. 

When we got to the vote, Shannon decided to speak about animal rights instead of pleading her case to stay in the game. It was a classy move, and it showed she wanted to use the platform to promote animal welfare. 

Eviction 3 Results:

  • Ross Mathews votes to evict: Shannon 
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur votes to evict: Shannon 
  • Omarosa votes to evict: Shannon
  • James Maslow: votes to evict: Shannon
  • Brandi Glanville votes to evict: Mark 
  • Metta World Peace votes to evict: Shannon

Shannon is evicted!

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

The houseguests seemed surprised by the hinky vote. It looked like Brandi did not want Shannon to go out with a whole house against her, so she tried to give her a vote. 

We left the houseguests as they participated in an endurance HOH competition. 

What did you think of the episode?

Should Shannon have left?

Hit the comments below!

Isabel Rock: Did She End Jacob Roloff & Audrey Roloff’s Feud?

Little People, Big World fans are still reveling in the happy news: Jacob Roloff is engaged to girlfriend Isabel Rock.

This good news is compounded by the happy news that Jacob, once the black sheep of the Roloff family who left home with a lot of anger, is mending fences with his family -- even with sister-in-law Audrey.

A new and very telling Instagram post suggests that this may have been the doing of Jacob's fiancee, Isabel.

Rock and Roloff

As you'll see in the photo below, Isabel Rock -- full name Isabel Rock Garretson -- is cuddling up to Tori Roloff and Audrey.

Tori being in the middle may very well be because her hair stands out. Everybody likes a little balance ot their composition, folks.

Seeing the three so cuddly together is kind of important. Well, Tori gets along pretty well with most folks. It's seeing Isabel and Audrey getting along so well that's a relief to many people.

The biggest deal of all is that Isabel used the photo to promote Audrey's online shop.

Hawking goods for your future sister-in-law is one hell of an olive branch.

Isabel Rock, Tori Roloff, Audrey Roloff

Isabel wrote this in the captions:

"I'm so lucky that I gain three sisters by coming into this family. To receive encouragement from, endless support and to always have them to lean on Love you ladies, just missing you Molly."

She's with Tori and Audrey, of course, who are both tagged in the sweet, sisterly pic.

Molly Roloff, of course, does not live on Roloff Farms, and sometimes misses out on family photos for just that reason.

(That's life)

But to understand the significance of this photo, we have to backtrack a little and talk about how Jacob and Isabel haven't always been super close with Jacob's family.

Multiple Roloffs

Jacob stormed off of Roloff Farms, blasting Little People, Big World as scripted.

He was angry with his family for forcing him into doing a reality show. He's since expressed that he felt that he didn't have a lot of choices growing up -- which is, in many ways, true.

Last year, in a move that was heralded to fans with a photo of his dog being affectionate with his mom, Amy Roloff, Jacob returned to the area and started the gradual process of repairing his relationships with his family.

He didn't come back alone, however. He'd been traveling with long time friend turned girlfriend, Isabel Rock. And now they're engaged.

(We still can't help but smile as we think of the details of Jacob Roloff's proposal to Isabel in Iceland)

But just because Jacob came home doesn't mean that there weren't any bumps.

They're Engaged!

In December, news of a Jacob vs Audrey feud erupted when fans realized that Jacob had unfollowed his brother's wife on Instagram.

Sure, Audrey plugs her own products a lot, but considering that Jacob was willing to let his mom "exploit" him to sell stuff online, we don't think that it's a huge issue for him.

People instead point to Jacob and Audrey's ideological differences.

Audrey, like a number of the Roloffs, is a devout Christian. One of Jacob's gripes about his childhood -- one that is hardly unique to him -- is that he was not given a choice regarding religious adherence. He is now agnostic, which is a pretty far cry from Audrey's worldview.

But then came Jacob's 21st birthday (gosh, that's incredibly young to get engaged, but he and Isabel have known each other for 7 years), where we saw Jacob and Audrey bury the hatchet.

Happily Engaged Twosome

So ... what happened?

Fans think that Isabel happened.

After the news of their engagement broke, Audrey Roloff seemed the shade Jacob and Isabel with a sex-shaming post about people "dabbling in sexuality" before marriage.

But now we see that Isabel's response is to not only embrace Audrey as a sister, but to promote her clothing -- she tagged her own sweater with Audrey's online shop, folks.

Jacob may not have demonstrated the sociopolitical maneuvering skills to make nice with his sister-in-law on his own, but it looks like Isabel has him covered on that front.

If her response to what looks like an epic vaguepost aimed at her is to go out of her way to be even nicer, then yeah, we can definitely see Isabel being responsible for helping to repair the Roloff family.

If so, we look forward to seeing Jacob spend more time with his precious little niece, Ember Jean.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Is HOH? Who Is the Target?!

The inaugural edition of Celebrity Big Brother is well underway, and things are getting crazier by the day inside the most famous home on television. 

When the episode got underway, we found out that Keshia and Omarosa were not impressed with the last-minute vote flip that sent Chuck Liddell out of the house. 

Omarosa, Celebrity Big Brother Season 1

We flashed back to right before the eviction and Ross, Marissa, Shannon and James agreed to join a Final 4 alliance that would help them in the game. 

However, Ross revealed in the diary room that it would be better to confirm he is in the alliance, but he's not definite on whether to stay with the alliance. 

Omarosa was ready to lose it with Shannon because she was left out of the last-minute flip, and the two women got ready to have it out with each other. 

Omarosa Manigault

Omarosa knew there was no way that Marissa or Brandi could spearhead such a move, and that meant Shannon was the next person in line. Shannon was forced to confirm the truth about her deal with Omarosa to the rest of the group. 

When Shannon came clean, it meant the target on her ballooned to dizzying heights because they knew they would need to get her out of the house in a swift manner. 

In a sad turn of events, Metta was confused about the eviction process and actually sent home Chuck instead of saving him. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

Shannon then started chatting about what she wanted to do about Omarosa, and Omarosa heard all about it. She said that Shannon was being sketchy and tried to find a way to sort it out. 

In the end, Ross came out top trumps and won the HOH competition. 

Tensions flared up in the aftermath of the HOH competition when Omarosa disappeared. She went to the hospital because she had to get checked out for an asthma attack. 

Ross felt like the safest option was to throw Omarosa and Keshia up on the block because that's what the house wanted. 

Omarosa did not want to hear the speech, so she told Ross to forget about it. She was over playing nice and wanted to proceed with the game. 

Keshia Knight Pulliam, Pre-Baby

Keshia was unimpressed because the female alliance had fallen apart, and wondered whether her days in the game were numbered as a result. 

There's a good chance Shannon could find herself up on the block because the POV is playing out live right before an eviction. 

That would give her no time to dig her heels in and get the votes. 

What do you think of all the drama?

Who will leave?

Hit the comments below.

Lydia McLaughlin: I Quit The Real Housewives of Orange County! Again!

Lydia McLaughlin has an announcement to make.

And it's an announcement you may have heard her make before.

Lydia McLaughlin for Bravo

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member took to her official blog on Friday and confirmed that she will no longer be a Real Housewives of Orange County cast member

“RHOC has given me a great platform and I’m grateful for that. However, I feel like I can only handle this show one season at a time,” McLaughlin wrote online, adding:

“I need a break! There is a lot of good that comes from the show, but also a lot of negativity.

"After a family vote, it was unanimous that I should take a break. Sometimes the people who love us the most see things even we don’t see.

"I trust my path and I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Indeed, McLaughlin initially joined this Bravo franchise in season 8.

She departed the cable network hit just before season 9, yet returned last year as a full-time cast member for season 12.

Lydia McLaughlin on a Red Carpet

Earlier this year, it was also reported that Meghan King Edmonds would not return to Orange County for next season.

She swears this was her decision.

And McLaughlin insists the same.

“Bravo and Evolution have been amazing to me and I have made great friendships," she continued on her blog, expounding:

"I treasure all my fans and appreciate all the love and support.

"I’ve been honored to be a source of entertainment and inspiration to all of you and I hope to continue spreading light and love.

"Being a full time mom to THREE little boys, publisher of NOBLEMAN Magazine, blogger, jewelry designer, author, and wife, I have a lot going on!

"I will continue to share my life and faith and use this platform to be a lightworker.”

Lydia McLaughlin in Newport Beach

In other words: we haven't heard the last from Lydia McLaughlin.

We've just seen the last of her on Bravo.

McLaughlin and her husband, Doug, have three kids:

  1. Stirling, 8.
  2. Maverick, 6.
  3. Roman, 2.

These children, Doug and even McLaughlin's mother have been featured on The Real Housewives of Orange County at various points.

We don't know just when when season 13 will air, but it's clear the cast will look a bit different whenever that date arrives.

Any suggestions for women who should fill these two open slots?

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Who Was Evicted?

We think it's fair to say that Celebrity Big Brother has brought the drama throughout its first week on the air. 

We've had Brandi Glanville causing trouble, Omarosa wailing to Ross Matthews about how she would never vote for Donald Trump again and a big twist that allowed the head of household to be overthrown. 

James Maslow, Chuck Liddell

The first big event of the episode was the Power of Veto competition, and if you've been keeping up with our Big Brother spoilers, you will already know how that played out. 

Keshia, James, and Chuck were players by default. Mark and Ari were picked by random draw, and Keshia chose Shannon to help her try and keep the nominations the same. 

Omarosa was tasked with hosting the competition that found the houseguests spelling the biggest word. Shannon emerged as the winner, successfully spelling out "responsibilities."

Shannon Elizabeth Poses

That means Shannon won the first two competitions of the season and needs to dial it back a little if she has any hope of making it much further. 

Proving to be a competition beast in week one can be detrimental to your place in the game. It's a good thing Shannon is in that all-female alliance because they should all keep each other safe. 

James and Ari came in the last place in the competition, so they had to wear baby costumes for 48 hours. They came to play Big Baby, it seems. 

James Maslow Is Cool

The nominations were kept the same, meaning James or Chuck would be going home. This meant James was the likely one to go, but there were some last-minute discussions that made everyone question the target. 

Eviction One Votes:

  • Brandi Glanville votes to evict: Chuck
  • Ariadna Guiterrez votes to evict: Chuck
  • Omarosa votes to evict: James
  • Ross Mathews votes to evict: Chuck
  • Metta World Peace votes to evict: Chuck
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur votes to evict: Chuck
  • Shannon Elizabeth votes to evict: Chuck
  • Mark McGrath votes to evict: Chuck

By a vote of 7-1, Chuck was the first houseguest evicted from Celebrity Big Brother!

Chuck Liddell

He was furious, but it was a last-minute blindside that will likely come back to haunt some of the players. 

Omarosa voting to evict James seemed like a strategic move to cause some unrest in the all-female alliance. It seems a bit early to be doing that, but we all knew she would be causing as much trouble as possible. 

The power is back up for grabs, and we cannot wait to see who has been crowned the next HOH. The results and should be announced today at some point. 

Omarosa Manigault

What do you think of the results?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS. 

Catelynn Lowell: Struggling to Cope with Miscarriage in Public Eye

Reports that Catelynn Lowell suffered a miscarriage are heartbreaking.

The Teen Mom OG star has reportedly sought guidance from rehab, but fans are now for the first time seeing her joy upon learning that she's pregnant on the show itself.

Quite the contrast from her current grim reality.

Cate Lowell Picture

A new report reveals how Catelynn is coping ... and that MTV's crew has been instructed to walk on eggshells around her in this trying time.

On the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell revealed that she was pregnant.

She shared the news with Tyler Baltierra by putting Nova in a shirt that read "I'm going to be a big sister!"

Kind of a weird way for Tyler to find out what was, at the time, good news. But a cute reveal nonetheless.

Unfortunately, we already know that Catelynn Lowell suffered a miscarriage.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Snuggles

That's one of the pitfalls of reality television being filmed months in advance -- you see sad life events coming in the distance like an oncoming train, but you can't get off of the tracks.

Catelynn has reportedly not taken this well.

Everyone grieves differently. Everyone processes negative emotions differently.

And no two people have the exact same response to the very personal tragedy of a miscarriage.

Considering the childhood trauma that Catelynn has endured, it's very understandable that she faces additional challenges when it comes to grief and loss.

Tyler and Catelynn Lowell

Grappling with suicidal thoughts, Catelynn Lowell checked herself into rehab for her own safety and well-being.

As a reality star, Catelynn has to relive her suffering as her story unfolds for fans and viewers on Teen Mom OG.

But there is still so much that fans don't know. Obviously, many -- though not all -- know better than to directly ask Catelynn about her alleged miscarriage and about details of her stint in rehab.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is unconfirmed, but based upon reports of what people who work on the show were told.

Still, the story adds up.

Catelynn Lowell with Pink Hair

The pregnancy reports (now confirmed on the show), the confession of suicidal ideation, the rehab reports.

This is all so sad.

HollywoodLife reports on how Catelynn Lowell is coping and on the Teen Mom OG star's current state of mind:

"Catelynn is not ready for any of this to be public right now so it’s complicated."

Yes, it certainly is.

"It’s such a delicate subject there’s a lot of mystery around what exactly happened and the crew has been told not to ask her about it and not to mention it to anyone so there is a lot of unknowns."

Catelynn Lowell at MTV VMAs

True. It's good that the crew has been instructed to be sensitive at this time, but there has to be some unspoken awkwardness on set. Or so we imagine.

"Obviously Catelynn is having a very hard time coping right now so the priority is just getting her stable again."

Absolutely. We all want to know, but Catelynn's health and well-being come first.

Still, the source ends on a positive note.

"It’s a dark time, but she’s a fighter and she’ll make it through."

Considering all that Catelynn has already been through, we're inclined to agree.

Catelynn may have filmed rehab footage for Teen Mom OG. If so, we'll all get front-row seats to an early and crucial stage of her recovery.

But grief and mourning aren't something that you can complete during a stint at an Arizona facility.

Regardless of what makes it on camera, we expect that Catelynn will share her story with fans when she's good and ready.

Amy Roloff Congratulates Jacob Roloff & Isabel Rock on Their Engagement!

On Sunday, fans of Little People, Big World were so pleased to see that Jacob Roloff is engaged to girlfriend Isabel Rock.

It's big news for Roloff family's (former?) black sheep. And his mom, with whom he's recently repaired his relationship, has taken to Instagram to offer big congratulations.

Amy Roloff's persistent haters will be pleased to know that Amy Roloff isn't "exploiting" Jacob to sell bread ... this time.

Jacob and Amy Pic

When Jacob Roloff began to reconnect with his family, the first big clue was when he began hanging out with his mom again.

Fans knew that Jacob was back in his mom's life because Amy Roloff shared a photo with Jacob Roloff's dog. At the time, it seemed that Jacob wasn't ready to be part of the family brand again just yet.

Now, he's come a long way.

Jacob Roloff had a birthday celebration with his mom Amy and the whole family (except for Matt).

He even buried the hatchet with sister-in-law Audrey Roloff, more or less quashing the feud rumors that had followed them both.

And if you worried that Jacob's dad missed his 21st birthday altogether, fear not. He just wasn't there for the early celebration at Amy's.

In fact, Matt and Amy set aside their differences to celebrate Jacob's birthday. Not exactly the wild party that most people picture for a 21st birthday, but maybe he did that, too.

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

But the big news, of course, is that Jacob is now engaged to his girlfriend, Isabel Rock.

Back in September, Isabel made reference to a "life-changing decision" on Instagram.

That could have meant all sorts of things, including a reference to spending more time with Jacob's family.

But many fans wondered at the time if Isabel was referring to an engagement between her and Jacob. Marriage -- and the engagements that lead up to such a union -- is definitely life-changing.

However, they didn't get engaged in September. They also didn't get engaged over the weekend, even though they shared the news on Sunday.

No, Jacob and Isabel got engaged while in Iceland. That sounds like a beautiful place for a proposal.

Amy and Isabel

Amy took to Instagram and celebrated the news in her captions.

"And this happened! I couldn’t be a happier mom!"

Of course -- Jeremy is married to Audrey, Zach is married to Tori, Molly is married to Joel (don't forget Molly and Joel!), and now:

"My youngest- Jacob and the beautiful Isabel are engaged."

21 is very young to be engaged, but it's exciting nonetheless. And Jacob and Isabel are so sweet.

Amy's over the moon about it.

"Love them both and excited to see where life will take them in their marriage!"

They're Engaged!

Amy included numerous, perhaps excessive, hashtags in her captions:

"#amyssecondactcontinues #engagedtomarry #forthroloffwedding #love [two red heart emojis] #wonderfultogether @moniqueserraphotography"

Even if Amy or any of the other Roloffs have private objections -- maybe Jacob really is too young, after all -- it's always best to be encouraging.

If things work out, you're not the bad guy. If things don't work out, you can say "oh no!" and still not be the bad guy. It's win-win.

But we don't think that Amy's biting her tongue. She seems genuinely enthused. And why wouldn't she be? Jacob and Isabel found each other and now they're both in Amy's life.

Multiple Roloffs

Some, however, feel that Audrey Roloff's new Instagram post was an epic vaguepost about Jacob and Isabel.

"Some words on dating from a Christian perspective..."

That's exactly how fans familiar with her brand would expect Audrey's post to begin.

"Let’s just say you recently hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy, and then became emotionally attached."

That sounds like ... what dating usually is.

Jacob Roloff and His Lover

"The main problem with this scenario is that it blinds you to red flags. It’s the classic 'love at first sight' trap."

I can't say that I always see eye-to-eye with Audrey, but ... she's not wrong about that part.

"You begin to see the person you are dating as the “the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe” (If you don’t get that reference, please go watch The Lego Movie after you finish this book. It’s sure to solve all your dating problems)."

If this is a thinly veiled attack on Jacob and his fiancee, it might be the first vaguepost we've ever seen that references The Lego Movie.

Her advice at this point is just to listen to your friends and family when they warn you about the person you're dating. But, like the words of one's friends and family, that's as likely as anything to fall on deaf ears when somebody's head over heels.

So ... is Audrey really vagueing about Isabel Rock?

Hanging in Nature

Well ... she could be, sure.

Or she could be making a jab at Jacob, the one with whom she's (allegedly) had issues in the past. Maybe she tried to warn Isabel that Jacob's "no good." And she does write this advice as directed at women.

But, quite frankly, we have no idea and we shouldn't rush to conclusions.

Audrey may have not even thought of possible parallels to her family when she wrote this. Remember, she must have known about the couple's engagement for a while, now.

And surely, if she were going to throw shade, she'd be a little more subtle about it.

... Right?

Briana Renee: I’m No Longer a Little Woman of Los Angeles!

Briana Renee is done with reality TV.

At least for now.

Briana Renee as a Little Woman

According to Radar Online, the Little Women: LA cast member will not return for season seven of this Lifetime series, turning down a contract offer that had reportedly been placed on her table.

In an unusual turn of events - for someone who has aired her dirty laundry in front of a camera for years - insiders say Renee is leaving the series because she yearns for a bit of privacy.

Specifically, she doesn't want her ongoing divorce drama to play out for an audience.

And what a drama it is!

Back in November, Renee and Matt Grundhoffer announced they had split, not long after the latter admitted to having cheated on his wife.

At the time, this split seemed amicable.

Just consider Brianna's quote at the time:

"We rode til the wheels fell off, and now we can redirect our course as friends focusing on being the best parents."

Briana Renee, Child

The former couple is parents to an 18-month old son, while each also has children from previous relationships.

Fast forward to early January, however, and the concept of amicable was thrown out the window.

Like, WAY out the window.

In her divorce documents, Renee asks Grundhoffer for child and spousal support, which is reasonable and normal.

But TMZ also confirmed at the time that Renee filed for a restraining order in December because she alleges her husband verbally abused her at least twice in November, referring to her a "cunt" and a "worthless bitch."


These same documents state that Grundhoffer threatened to take the couple's son, Maverick, away from his mother.

Wait, however, there's more...

Briana Renee, Husband

Briana accuses Matt of often being drunk, mean and violent.

She relays a story in her filing from April of 2017, during which Grundhoffer supposedly threatened to "kill everyone in the house" and also talked openly about killing himself.

And Renee also says she found extremely disturbing exchanges between Grundhoffer and another woman, presumably his mistress.

These exchanges were "sexually explicit and disturbing," Briana writes, and allegedly "involved bestiality and proposals of sex acts with minor children, including the proposal of sex acts with Matthew's minor child, age 12, from a previous relationship."

None of that is even worth joking about.

Briana Renee

Shortly after Renee confirmed she was breaking up with Grundhoffer, a transgender model came out and referred to the twosome's relationship as the "most dysfunctional ever."

So it definitely seems like it's for the best they are going their separate ways.

As for the future of Little Women: LA?

Radar reports that producers are not looking to replace Renee and that been in production on season seven has actually been going on for months without her.

Let's hope, for the sake of her children, that everything works out as well as can be between Renee and Grundhoffer.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 15 Recap: Margaret vs. Siggy

Kim D was back to stir the pot on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 15, and Teresa Giudice was not about to let her leave without throwing in her two cents. 

“F—k yeah, I’m on probation, bitch,” Teresa snarled at her enemy before saying that Posche stood for “Piece Of S—t Coke wHore Every day.”

Yes, we're not so sure Teresa is very good at her spelling. We pity the editor of her books. 

Kim then pointed out that the fashion show raised $3,000 for the family, and that only paved the way for some more drama as Teresa claimed Kim stole some of the money for herself. 

Teresa Giudice Instagram Pose

Teresa yelled that Kim D liked to wreck marriages, and even threw in some words about her being a madame. This paved the way for Kim to say that she did not hate the idea of being one. 

Wouldn't it be great if returned full-time? There would be fights on an episodic basis. It would really be Kim D vs. the world. 

When Kim D was ushered out of the studio because she served her purpose to rile the women up, Margaret Josephs admitted that she was being sued for over $9 million by Vineyard Vines. 

This has been widely speculated on social media and something Siggy Flicker has been taunting her with via social media, so it's excellent that Margaret admitted it. 

Siggy Flicker Picture

Margaret was adamant that it was "normal" in the industry, but Siggy continued to try and paint the fashion designer as a bad person. 

Now that Siggy is out of the cast, we can breathe a huge sigh of relief until the producers cast the next unstable person to try and cut the women down. 

Then, it all switched up and gave us a Dolores Catania and Danielle Staub argument for the ages. If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you will already know that Danielle has been critical of Dolores' relationship with her ex-husband, Frank. 

Danielle Staub Attends Wine Tasting In New Jersey

Dolores admitted that something was "off" with Danielle and that she did not have any evidence to back up the claims that she was on drugs.

“I get it. You don’t like me, but shut the f—k up and stop calling me names,” Danielle fired back at her nemesis. 

“I don’t want anything to do with Dolores Catania, that piece of s—t,” Danielle subsequently said while Dolores was backstage, and it became clear that Dolores loved winding Danielle up. 

She was legit laughing and Danielle shouting. Well played, Dolores. 

In the end, it all came down to Margaret vs. Siggy, which has been the storyline all season long. 

Siggy would not confirm whether she thought Margaret was anti-semitic, saying: 

“Only Margaret knows what’s in her heart.”

Siggy Flicker

But things took a tense turn when Margaret started telling Siggy that she had deep ties to Jewish people. 

“Shame on you. You are not Jewish. You didn’t convert. You are not Jewish,” Siggy balked at her. 

Andy chimed in with his thoughts and admitted that his parents did not agree with Siggy's sentiments about Margaret. 

“You don’t bring him up in casual conversation,” Siggy said. “It’s done.”

So, that's a wrap on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8!

Margaret Josephs

What did you think of all the action? 

Was it worth the wait?

Hit the comments below!

28 Reality Stars Who Died Way Too Young

A lot of reality TV stars have tragically passed away in recent years. 

Some are from well known reality series. Some are lesser known. 

All of them are gone from this world, but will never be forgotten. Pay your respect below...

1. Gia Allemand

Gia allemand close up
Gia Allemand killed herself in 2013 after getting into an argument with her boyfriend.

2. Big Ang

Angela big ang raiola photo
Mob Wives star, Big Ang died of cancer in 2016.

3. Mindy McCready

Mindy mccready picture
Mindy McCready burst on to the scene in the 1990s. She died in 2013 due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

4. Corey Haim

Corey haim pic
This child star eventually became a reality star, but his life was cut short in 2010 when he died of pneumonia.

5. Lisa Marie Naegle

Lisa marie naegle
Lisa Marie Naegle of Bridalplasty fame was shockingly found murdered in December 2016.

6. Valerie Fairman

Valerie fairman image
Valerie Fairman of 16 & Pregnant fame died of an apparent overdose in December 2016.
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Aspyn Brown: Eldest Sister Wives Daughter Engaged to Mitch Thompson!

Rejoice or despair (or both!), because Sister Wives is back.

But as much drama as the new season is packing, some of the family's developments haven't even made it on camera yet.

And not all of those developments are bad things. One of the many, many children in the family has gotten engaged!

Aspyn Brown & Mitch Thompson, Engaged!

It's kind of funny -- the Duggars had a big reality series, 19 Kids and Counting, highlighting the scope of their ever-growing brood. The whole selling point to lure viewers was that their fertility cult has so many children.

The Brown family on Sister Wives has nearly as many children -- 18 -- and yet that's not the real focus.

In part because the big draw is that the series follows Kody and his wives, because their family is polygamous.

But also because the Brown family "cheats" by having multiple mothers give birth. That doesn't carry as much shock value as one woman birthing so many children.

Recent episodes of Sister Wives have covered Christine's daughter, Mykelti, as she prepares to marry Tony, her fiance.

And now another of Christine's children has gotten engaged.

Aspyn Brown & Kody Brown

(Here she is with her father on his birthday, just a few days ago)

Aspyn Brown is Kody's eldest daughter with Christine -- who is his third wife. (Sometimes it can be hard to keep track, we know)

Aspyn was born in 1995, and is just slightly younger than Kody's son with Janelle, Logan. 

As it turns out, Aspyn and her new fiance, Mitch Thompson, have been friends since childhood.

It seems that Kody had always wanted this pairing for his daughter, and joked on social media that he even "conspired" to make it happen. (Parents love to take credit)

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson

Aspyn Brown tells People all about the great news!

"We are both so excited to start our life together"

And she describes their shared personal history.

"We were raised in the same church group, and I had a little crush on him."

Awww. Most childhood crushes don't pan out, but this one clearly did.

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson Photo

But at first, it seemed that they both went their separate ways.

"We went different directions until a rally some of my family attended in Utah, where we both happened to be."

This rally was one to protest against laws that would impose harsher penalties upon polygamous relationships.

(If you want to oppose those scary polygamous cults, pass laws protecting children; micromanaging the marriage choices of consenting adults just seems downright un-American)

"My dad’s brother asked what ever happened between us, which was nothing, because neither of us did anything about it. So I decided to call him."

And, well, one thing led to another.

Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson Pic

Mitch (full name David Mitchell Thompson) decided to propose while the two were in Seattle.

He popped the question on December 30th.

"We got dressed up and took a walk to the waterfront before dinner, where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him."

And her reaction is so sweet.

"I was so happy, I said yes immediately and pulled him up to kiss me before he could even put on the ring."

The couple plans to keep their wedding relatively simple, though they don't know when it will be.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 10 Recap: Storming Out

Kenya Moore loves to be the center of attention. 

Case in point: On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 10, she ditched a charity event to headline one of her own and failed to tell her friends about it. 

When the episode got underway, it was revealed that Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey were each headlining their own events for Houston to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Kenya swiftly shut Cynthia down and said she was unable to attend her event, but failed to mention that she was doing one of her own. 

Sheree stayed home because of a back injury she got as a result of a car accident. Sheree was still mad at Nene Leakes for calling her boyfriend a con artist. 

Sheree relayed the information to her man via telephone because, well, he’s incarcerated. 

“Nene would never want to say anything negative about me. She doesn’t want to go down that road,” he said.

Does that mean there’s a history between Nene and Tyrone?

“What I do know, is that when I met Tyrone, she was trying to pursue him,” Sheree admitted to the camera before saying that Tyrone was not into Nene and cut her off. 

Could this explain why Nene has been so against Tyrone and calling him out while he cannot defend himself? Quite possibly. 

Nene should quit being jealous and sort out her own life before trying to bring another woman down. 

Back in Houston, Cynthia’s event was over, and she was supposed to make her way to Porsha’s event. 

That did not happen, and she decided to go and support Kenya’s Habitat for Humanity event instead. 

When the ladies met up for dinner, Lauren was quick to point out that Cynthia’s move was shady and she will not forget it. 

“Saturday was the main reason I wanted you guys to come,” Porsha complained as Cynthia tried to cover her bases by saying she did not realize it was that important to her. 

The thing is, it probably wasn’t crucial to her, but Porsha is desperately trying to kick up the drama, so she does not get demoted to the dreaded “Friend of Housewife” status. 

As if that was not bad enough, Shamea started to drag Kenya. Apparently, Kenya was rude to Shamea when she showed up to help out at Kenya’s event. 

“I just felt like you were pretty dismissive,” Shamea said before claiming Kenya ordered her around. 

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Cynthia sided with Shamea and said that Kenya was rude to everyone. 

Kenya stormed to the bathroom and started yelling at a show producer. 

“I don’t give a f—k about any of them bitches!” Kenya began. “The whole table is stupid as s—t.”

Okay then. 

Will Kenya be able to get back in good graces with her friends?

Find out next Sunday when RHOA continues on Bravo!

Jeremy Roloff Posts Tribute to Audrey Roloff on Anniversary of the Day They Met!

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are perhaps the most visible couple on Little People, Big World

That's not just because they both have the best hair in the family. It helps that they're both very active on social media, giving fans glimpses into their lives and thoughts -- even when their show is on hiatus.

Jeremy posted a beautiful tribute to his wife on a very special anniversary. And he included some great throwback photos of the two of them.

Audrey Roloff, Ember Jean, Jeremy Roloff

Jeremy and Audrey have brought so much sweetness into each other's lives, the lives of the Roloff family, and onto the screens of fans and viewers.

All of that visibility has its drawbacks, unfortunately.

That means that fans can grow hostile when Audrey Roloff appears talks about her faith in order to sell something.

(She's a businesswoman and Christianity is part of her brand)

It also means that Jeremy Roloff gets parent-shamed for tickling Ember Jean.

(The concern comes from a good place, about children setting boundaries, but Ember Jean is a baby and Jeremy's interactions with her are healthy)

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, Throwback Pic

But we're glad that Auj and Jer wade through that hefty criticism, because it means that they can share precious posts.

Jeremy posted a series of throwbacks of himself with Audrey, writing:

"I met my wife eight years ago today on a blind date."

That's so sweet! A lot of people dread blind dates, but sometimes, you meet the love of your life.

"It’s been a wild and unexpected eight years."

It sure has! They're now married parents as well as reality stars.

(For the record, in case you remember Audrey and Jeremy's seven-year-old "anniversary" pic, it sounds like they didn't start dating right away after their blind date. They're just marking eight years since they met)

Audrey Roloff & Jeremy Roloff, Swimming Throwback

Jeremy continues his sweet tribute (among the photos in which he and Audrey look dramatically younger) by musing upon the ways in which we both do and do not decide our own destinies.

"We never get to choose where we end up, our daily choices choose for us."

We believe that what he's saying here is that you don't end up with someone by deciding that you'll love them for the rest of our life, but by choosing to spend time with them as you know each other.

That's harder, but ultimately that's how life works: one day at a time.

"When we are old and grey I imagine the greatest thing will be looking back at the love story we have written."

That's so sweet! And, of course, they're already looking back on their love story.

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff, Climbing Date

Jeremy uses a quote to speak about the next period in his and Audrey's lives.

"For the next half: 'if it’s half as good as the half we’ve know, then here’s hail! to the rest of the road.' A Severe Mercy."

Very poetic and very sweet.

And then he finishes his tribute:

"Cheers babe! (P.S. I love this photo of you)"

It's not clear which photo he means, because he shared so many and they're all great.

Jeremy Roloff, Audrey Roloff Motorcycle Date Throwback

And look how far they've come.

Their daughter, Ember Jean, is precious beyond words. We imagine that we'll get to see so much more of that little one and her parents on the new season of Little People, Big World which is apparently coming out in a few months.

It's possible that Auj hasn't always gotten along well with her entire family, but whatever conflict there was between Audrey and Jacob Roloff seems to be resolved.

If it was ever there to begin with.

We all look forwarding to seeing Audrey and Jeremy's next 8 years of knowing each other.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 14 Recap: Bun in the Oven

It's the reveal we've been waiting months for, and on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 14, Khloe Kardashian finally revealed the news to her family. 

Khloe Kardashian Konfirms Pregnancy

While Khloe may currently be six months pregnant, the episode was recorded back when she was just six weeks pregnant. 

When the episode got underway, Khloe dished the good news to her assistant, Alexa Okyle. 

“I’m pregnant,” Khloe revealed emotionally, and you could tell she was excited, but cautious about the news. 

The Revenge Body host then went into detail about the moment Tristan was told the good news via Facetime.

“He was like, ‘Wait are you kidding or serious?’” she recalled. 

Khloe Kardashian Baby Bump Photo

Instead of going guns blazing to tell all to her family, Khloe opted to hold off the news until an upcoming family barbecue. That meant just Khloe, Tristan, Alexa and some production members were in the know about it. 

Later, Kourtney Kardashian grew concerned over Khloe's diet regime because Khloe had gained some weight. 

“You’ve gained a few pounds,” Kourtney said. “Have you amped up the eating since Tristan’s been back?”

Luckily, Khloe revealed all to her family shortly after. At the barbecue, Khloe cradled niece Dream Kardashian as she plucked up the courage to tell everyone. 

“We’re so lucky and blessed to have everyone here … we’re having a baby,” she said in a real tearjerker of a scene. 

Kris Jenner, Blonde Selfie

It was evident Kris Jenner was ecstatic by the news, and it was almost like she breathed a huge sigh of relief when she got the news.

Either that or she realized she could make the family a whole lot of money from a dual pregnancy. 

“I always thought that Khloe would may be one of those women who never had kids,” Kris confirmed to the cameras. 

The topic of conversation quickly turned to the due date, and Khloe confirmed, “I’ll be six weeks on Tuesday.” 

Given that the show is far behind on the pregnancy news, we may need to wait a long time to see the offspring on KUWTK. 

Kylie Jenner did not grace her family with her presence at the event, so she was told the news via Facetime. Kylie seemed overjoyed but continued to remain coy about her own pregnancy. 

Seriously, what's the holdup, Kylie? 

Kylie Jenner to the Camera

Maybe we'll get another two-night event to confirm the 20-year-old has a bun in the oven. Either that or she'll use it to plug Life of Kylie because that show did not exactly kill it in the ratings. 

The other big shocker from the episode did not involve any pregnancy news. It was all about Kim Kardashian. 

The 37-year-old confirmed that her glam squad would continue to work even she was in a coma. The reason? 

Kardashian had glam squad requests in her will. Yes, it makes sense that Kim would want to continue to look good when she has no control over her body. 

Kim Kardashian: Who Needs a Bra?

Aside from those two developments, the producers could have easily added five minutes on to Sunday's episode with all of the details. 

What did you think of the reveal?

Hit the comments below!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians continues Sunday on E!

The Four Recap: A Fresh Take on Singing Competitions?!

It’s crazy that we’re in 2018 and the broadcast networks are still throwing singing competitions our way. 

What stings the most about singing competitions is the sheer fact that much of the winners are never heard of again, so it’s increasingly difficult to sit through them. 

Fox’s latest effort comes in the form of The Four: Battle for Stardom and the network seems to think it’s going to be the show that will successfully change the genre up. 

When the series kicked off Thursday night, the four finalists had already been chosen by the judging panel that consisted of Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, Charlie Walk and Sean “Diddy” Coombs. 

The four best singers in all of the land were apparently Lex Lu, Blair Perkins, Elanese Lansen and Ash Minor. It definitely felt anti-climactic to go into the episode without witnessing the journey of these four. 

But, whenever a challenger appears, they have the power to take one of the seats and send the person who is in the final four home, or something. 

The first challenger was Tyler Griffin, and he appeared on the scene to film a Jason Derulo song. It was a decent enough rendition of the song, but Charlie Walk tried to be the Simon Cowell of the group and basically said it was crap. 

The other three seemed mad because they actually liked the performance. The big flaw with the format is that ALL the judges need to give the go-ahead for the person to advance in the competition. 

It’s going to be rare to find an act that all the judges agree on, and it takes away much of the suspense. That meant Tyler’s big challenge was all for nothing and he was sent home. 

Zhavia, a 16-year-old girl, appeared as the next challenger and wasted no time in belting her heart out to Khalid’s “Location.” 

Zhavia was voted through, and that meant she got to battle one of the Four for their place in the competition. Her battle was with Elanese, and it was clear Zhavia performed better. 

The audience allowed Zhavia to stay and Elanese was sent packing, so there’s that. It didn’t help matters that Fergie was muttering as she walked around the stage. 

The next challenger was a singer-songwriter named Anthony Hall, but the judges were not feeling it and cut him off pretty much off the bat. What happened to giving everyone a chance, you guys?

Illakriss was the next person, and he was voted through to battle it out with Lex Lu, but Lex ran circles around him in the performance, and Illakriss was sent home. 

Saeed Renaud was the final competitor on the night, and we quickly learned he had already won a Grammy as a songwriter, so he had more experience than half of the judging panel. 

But Renaud’s rendition of “Run To You” by Whitney Houston was hands down the best performance of the night. The shock was off the charts. It’s no Susan Boyle moment, but it’s up there. 

Saeed got to battle it out with Blair and won the battle. 

That concluded an awkward 120 minutes long episode. There are hints of a good show, but the judges need to dial back the enthusiasm and critique the singers. 

What did you think of it?

Hit the comments below!

American Idol Will Be a Total Failure. This is Why.

American Idol is officially returning to TV this spring, as Ryan Seacrest and company will air new episodes on ABC.

We're as shocked as you are.

And also very pessimistic about this endeavor.

Why do we think this version of American Idol will fail miserably? Scroll down to find out...

1. Not Even Kelly Clarkson Wants To Be Part of It

Kelly clarkson at 2017 amas
Wouldn't it have been great to bring one of the most successful contestants back as a judge? It would have been a great way to market the series, but Kelly decided to defect over to NBC's The Voice instead.

2. The Katy Perry Effect

Katy perry 2017 mtv vmas
It was reported last May that Katy Perry secured a massive $25 million paycheck for her role as a judge for ABC's inaugural season of the show.

The big salary was apparently an offer she could not refuse, and producers only offered as much because they lost Kelly Clarkson, and they needed to have a big name attached before Fox's upfronts.

3. Can Katy Even Judge Music?

Katy perry host pic
Katy Perry has built a career on belting out songs written by others that make very little sense. On the marketing side of things, she went for a bizarre live streaming event to promote her latest cure for insomnia that was titled "Witness."

It found her crying, and doing a whole lot of sleeping as fans watched live thanks to Youtube.

She also appeared as a guest judge many years ago on The X-Factor UK, and well, let's just say her critiquing skills were not up to scratch.

4. "The Farewell Season"

Simon cowell returns
American Idol came to an end in April 2016 with a season that was widely marketed as "The Farewell Season." It's hardly a farewell if the show will be returning to the air less than two years after its series finale.

When a show as big as American Idol gets the reboot treatment, it should be off the air for long enough that people actually miss it.

5. The Voice For The Win

The voice season 13
The Voice emerged from the shadows back in 2011, and ultimately wound up as the more popular attraction. The chair turning may not be as fresh as it once was, but the overall show is better produced than American Idol ever was.

6. The Ratings

Ryan seacrest on final idol
The show was already way past its prime when it concluded in 2016. It received a minor boost in the ratings vs. its 2015 edition because the marketing team at Fox made everyone aware it was the end of the series. There's no getting away from the fact that show was losing viewers steadily the year
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Siggy Flicker: I Quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Siggy Flicker has sent a couple messages to The Real Housewives of New Jersey:

One would be this:

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

And the other would be this:

Peace out, mother effers!

What we’re trying to say it this:

Flicker has quit the Bravo reality hit after just two seasons as a regular cast member.

After joining the series in 2015, Flicker has struggled to catch on with viewers, while also feuding endless with various colleagues.

Of late, for example, the irritating 50-year old got into it with Margaret Josephs after the women went to Milan … and Josephs accused Flicker of being “anti-Semitic” due to a comment about Adolf Hitler.

Yeah, Awkward.

“Looking back at the show I truly wanted to make a difference for Jersey and in Jersey and I realized that I had too many obstacles working against me and I couldn’t do it,” Flicker told Us Weekly, pretty hilariously, upon announcing her decision to leave.

(We’re just saying: if you want to make a difference for Jersey and in Jersey, appearing on this reality show isn’t really the way to do it.)

Added Flicker:

“I feel like I lost the battle but I won the war because at the end of the day, everyone’s goal should be … to be happy.

“And there is nothing more that I love than myself, my husband and my family too much for them to be unhappy and for me to be unhappy.”

Along those lines, Flicker wrote the following as a caption to the image below:

Celebrate life. Celebrate love. Your life. Your rules. Surround yourself with the best of the best & you will flourish every single day! #love

Meanwhile, a production insider tells the aforementioned tabloid that Flicker thinks she received a rough edit this season and felt “betrayed” by production.

“There’s not a chance she’ll go back. She feels liberated,” the source added.

Of course, there are always two sides.

And the opposite side says Flicker was tough to work with and that her future on the series would have been bleak even if she had not arrived at this decision to walk away.

“She was not going to be asked back,” alleges this source.

“Fan reaction about her has been very negative, especially with what she has posted on social media.”

What do you think?

Will you still watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online or on TV, even with Siggy Flicker?

Elsewhere, the now FORMER star said the following to Bravo’s The Daily Dish:

“After much reflection and Bravo’s support, I have decided that this will be my last season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“I am grateful to the network for allowing me to be part of this successful franchise and wish only the best for Teresa [Giudice], Melissa [Gorga], Dolores, Danielle [Staub] and Margaret.

“At this time, I want to focus on my beautiful family, my growing business and some exciting new projects.”

Arie Luyendyk Jr: Too Old to Be The Bachelor? Too White?

For better or for worse, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the leading man on this upcoming season of The Bachelor, and there are some people who are very unhappy about this upcoming season.

And there's more to that frustration than wishing that someone else were starring on the show.

Is Arie Luyendyk Jr. too old? Is the cast of contestants too young? Are they all (or most of them) too white?

Arie The Bachelor

Before you say it, this isn't just about why Peter Kraus isn't the Bachelor.

Peter's a fan favorite and, unlike precious puppy Dean Unglert, didn't soil his reputation on Bachelor in Paradise.

Peter was an easy pick to win.

But, you know, fans think they know who'll win The Bachelor based upon names and math, so ... sometimes a fan theory is really just a guess.

(Hint: if you follow The Bachelor Spoilers, you have a pretty good idea of how all of this is going to end)

But showrunners felt that Peter wasn't up for it, or maybe they just wanted to surprise fans by defying their expectations. And picking Arie certainly does that.

That said, the concerns that fans have over this upcoming season (The Bachelor will be upon us so soon, you guys!) are a little less personal and a lot more important.

Arie on The Bachelor

First of all, we have to talk about race.

Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette was historic, and not just because Rachel was the franchise's first black female lead.

Though that, in and of itself, was a huge deal -- and many are disappointed that The Bachelor did not follow in its sister series' footsteps.

Eric Bigger isn't quite Peter Kraus ...

(Even Rachel Lindsay knows that, even though she's thrown Peter under the bus at every opportunity since her season ended)

... But some fans feel that he would have made a stronger, handsomer Bachelor.

(Especially with that revenge beard!)

The Bachelor Season 22: Group Shot

And, quite frankly, even with Arie at the helm of the show, they could have made the contestants a little more racially diverse.

Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette was historically diverse.

Yes, she is black, and that was an amazing and embarrassingly long overdue bit of the bare minimum amount of inclusion for the franchise.

But if you look at her suitors, you notice that they were a much more diverse crowd than we're used to seeing -- on The Bachelorette or The Bachelor.

Nearly half of Rachel Lindsay's suitors were men of color.

Then we look at the women competing for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s "rose" (or "heart" or whichever euphemism you prefer), and see that the series has taken a step backwards.

Arie Jr.

Finally, we need to talk about age.

Nobody likes this topic, because time is cruel and unfeeling and robs us of all capacity for pride or joy with time, but we need to address it.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is 36.

His absolute oldest contestant this season is 33. A 3-year age difference barely matters in college and is a blink of an eye when both people are in their thirties.

Most of the women are in their mid-to-late 20s.

There are a couple of women who are 23. And scuttlebutt is that Rebekah, whose age was conspicuously absent from early reports, may be as young as 22.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. Throws

Of course, people have whined about recent Bachelors being "too young," allegedly wanting to increase their social media visibility instead of genuinely looking for love.

(As if anyone believes that Arie's here for love)

All of these criticisms make sense. Diversity matters. Reasonable age ranges matter.

But we have to wonder if The Bachelor is preparing to pivot.

Perhaps their next leading man will be a 26-year-old man of color, and Arie is just the dull build-up to a groundbreaking 2019 season.

In the mean time, take a look at Arie's prospective mates, and decide for yourself if, beautiful though they all are as individuals, the make-up of the overall cast leans a little too young and white.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Rock the Boat

The ladies were still not amused with the way Kenya Moore kept the details of her wedding a secret on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 7

More importantly, Sheree and Porsha found it odd that Cynthia was also left in the dark and only found out about the marriage after reading about it online. 

Could you imagine your best friend getting married behind your back? That's precisely what Kenya did, and it's clear it's going to continue to cause drama for the ladies. 

Sheree and Porsha may have been shopping for some fancy doors, but they were dragging Kenya as much as they possibly could. 

Then there was poor Cynthia who felt deflated by the fact she had yet to meet Marc, but Kenya was all about keeping the peace, saying that she hadn't met him because he was rarely in Atlanta. 

There have been conflicting reports that Kenya's man is not amused by the way the show represents males, and that could be why he's keeping well away from the Bravo cameras. 

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

Cynthia seemed done questioning Kenya's motives and decided to chat about Sheree instead. Yes, Sheree was getting up close and personal with Tyrone Gilliams, and the dude is incarcerated. 

All the talk about love got Porsha interested in finding a man for herself, so she joined a matchmaking service. 

“I want to focus on someone who is supportive, confident and successful,” she said before saying that she wanted to have kids. She proceeded to show off two kid's rooms in her house. 

The matchmaking service seemed confused because Porsha does not yet have children, so it was clear she was getting a bit ahead of herself. 

Meanwhile, Sheree decided it was the right time to open up to her kids about the domestic violence. 

Sheree Whitfield Talks

“You need to know that nobody deserves to be mistreated,” she said with a tear in her eye. 

Her kids were shocked by all of, but they closed out the scene with a hug which confirmed Sheree was in a happy place because the past was eating away at her. 

Elsewhere, Cynthia geared up for another date with Will Jones, and Kandi and Todd seemed scared that something was going to go horribly. 

Kandi felt like he was using it as another platform to show to gain recognition and did not want her pal to be subjected to that. 

“If he stands the test of time, we will know that he’s the real deal,” Kandi said to the camera with a smile. 

Porsha Williams Smiling

Porsha's first blind date was with some guy named Patrick. She was not impressed and seemed to be looking for an opportunity to make a swift getaway. 

She stayed for a little while, and the tension could be cut with a knife, so she made her getaway and used her mother staying as an excuse. 

The big closing segment focused on Sheree getting a phone call from her boyfriend from prison. Her life coach was floored by revelation that she was with an incarcerated man,  

“Tyrone fulfils me more than any man has,” Sheree said to the camera. “I know what we share,” she said the life coach. “He is my soul mate.”

Okay then, Sheree!

Sheree Whitfeield Image

What do you think of all the crazy developments?

Sound off below. 

90 Day Fiance: David’s Daughter Exposes Him as a Selfish Deadbeat!

So, a while back, we were able to reveal how much 90 Day Fiance stars are paid after some people who were not under contract but appeared on the series decided to reveal what they'd experienced.

Those were friends of David and David's fiancee, Annie.

Well, after appearing on 90 Day Fiance herself, David's adult daughter is not mincing words when she describes what sort of man her father is. And ... she's not exactly singing his praises, folks.

David and Annie Discuss Money

So, David Toborowsky's from the US. Annie Suwan's half his age, and from Thailand.

Annie hales from an impoverished community (not all of Thailand, folks, just her hometown) and is looking for a guy who can and will take care of her.

David's daughter, Ashley, who's 28 (remember, he's twice Annie's age) appeared on 90 Day Fiance, and she did not exactly gush about her father.

In fact, she straight-up told Annie that the guy'd been a cheater and deadbeat dad.

And now Ashley Toborowsky gave an interview to Auntie's Advice, and she explained exactly where she's coming from in terms of her father.

"He might say he wants to be back with his kids but that’s not the truth."

Meaning that her appearance on 90 Day Fiance was more of a stunt to make him seem less selfish.

"He’s been a very selfish person his whole life."

Some people are like that.

"Yes, he loves his children, but does he want to be responsible for people?"

Love is good, but being a parent is a lot of responsibility. If you just want to love kids with zero responsibility, be an aunt or uncle and visit them from time to time.

"No, he doesn’t want to be responsible for people."

Interesting, since Annie is counting on him to be her provider.

"He wants to do what David wants to do."

Now, plenty of people feel that way. And that's fine.

What's not fine is feeling that way, having kids anyway, and continuing to care only about your own desires and to generally put your wishes first.

David and Annie on the Plane

Ashley did have some very positive things to say about her dad's best friend, Chris.

Now, as you may recall, Chris and his wife, Nikki, have been very generous to David and even appeared on 90 Day Fiance, without getting paid, in order to support their friend.

It was after a shocking episode aired that Chris and Nikki took to social media to reveal what they'd experienced.

See, during the episode, Chris had asked Annie for a massage to repay him for allowing her and David to stay with them.

That's super gross. Like, even before all of the stuff that we've heard about Weinstein and so many others, we all recognized that this was not an appropriate request.

(Asian women in particular have been fetishized, often portrayed as sex workers -- particularly in the context of massage parlors. Which made the request extra gross)

Well, Chris and Nikki -- who were not under contract to keep quiet -- revealed that the producers had asked Chris to say that, in order to stir up drama with viewers.


Technically, that's better than if Chris had come up with the creepy suggestion himself, but it's pretty disheartening.

90 Day Fiance Couple David and Annie

We bring up Chris because, well, Ashley herself does.

She had a lot to say about her dad, but she seemed to have just as much to say about her dad's best friend and his wife.

"They’re nice people. I know that Chris has definitely helped my dad a lot."

Like, a whole lot.

"Chris has definitely opened up his heart and his arms to Dad. Like I said they’ve been best friends."

Chris and Nikki have gone above and beyond for David, it sounds like. But they go way back.

"He watched my Dad go through the divorce with my Mom. Nikki, I don’t really know much about her. I’ve only seen her on the show and that was it."

Ashley was close to her father when she was younger, but they grew apart as, she says, she saw him for who he really was.

David and Annie of 90 Day Fiance

Ashley spoke about her father's fiancee, Annie:

"She’s nice. You know she doesn’t speak to us really. She’s dad’s wife, girlfriend, fiancee. Whatever you want to call her."

That sounds like an accidental slip-up -- it was reported a while back that David and Annie ultimately did end up getting married.

Ashley does not mince words when she describes her father -- she says that what you see of David on 90 Day Fiance is what you get.

"An a--hole? Yeah. Authentically? Yeah. He can’t fake that one. Everyone can see exactly what that is. That wasn’t scripted. That’s dad."

That's sad.

"I may come off as harsh on the show to my dad. Some people might see me as disrespectful and that’s okay. I’ve had a very crazy relationship with my dad."

It sure sounds like it.

Best of luck to Annie with her new life, we guess.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 9 Recap: When Chairs Fly

Kim D. has got to be the woman the producers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey call in when they need to inject some drama back into the show. 

It's almost like they thought, "Darn, Danielle is not bringing the drama we thought she would. Could we get Kim D. back to stir the pot and fracture the friendships of the core women?"

It's not a bad thing, but if The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 9 proved anything, it was that Kim should not come back again because her claims do not hold much water. 

What Posche Really Stands For

Siggy and Dolores showed up to prepare for the fashion show, Kim wanted to know how her claims about Teresa being a cheat went down with everyone. 

“Everyone hates you so much,” Siggy said proving again that she is not one to try and sugar coat things. 

Kim then said that she heard Teresa was done with Jone, so she could do what she wanted. That's when Siggy and Dolores defended her. 

“Welcome to the Posche fundraiser. Toodloo!” Kim said to the women as she gave them a breather. 

Kim DePaola on Instagram

Teresa claimed to Melissa that she would keep her composure and not fight with her hands because she needed to keep it together or she ran the risk of being hauled back to jail. 

Not one to show any fear, Kim said that she would fight Teresa, Margaret, Dolores, and Melissa. Yes, really. 

"I'll take you all, come on,” the villain said, but it was not clear whether she was smiling, or pooping her pants. We can thank the botox for that. 

“Nobody is gonna talk about my husband or me,” Teresa says.

“You talked about my husband two years ago. Did you see him fuck another girl?”  

That's when Kim said Teresa has been spotted out at clubs and getting close to other men. 

Kim DePaola

"Piece Of Shit, Coke Whore, Home Wrecker Every Day!," Teresa said of what Posche stands for. Her attempt to string a sentence together failed because it did not make sense. 

Kim then went for the jugular and said that if Teresa got rowdy, she would have her locked up. 

Melissa tried to defend Teresa and asked Siggy and Dolores whether they were disgusted yet by what they were seeing. Dolores started yelling and getting up in her grill. 

Teresa left and referred to Siggy and Dolores as Kim's puppets.  

Siggy and Dolores See the Light

The next day, Siggy and Dolores went to dinner with Frank, and he was straight to the point about understanding where Teresa was coming from. 

Siggy Flicker Poses

The two women agreed that maybe they should have left the event, and Siggy went to visit Teresa to let her know she was sorry. 

Teresa accepted, and they were friends again, but Melissa was still unsure about the pair making their way to Milan. 

Melissa closed her segment essentially saying that Dolores had better watch her back. Is anyone else her just for Melissa and Danielle teaming up to take down Dolores?

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The other big plot strand was Marge Sr. going on a date with Margaret's accountant. Margaret and her husband went along for the ride to chaperone the date, but it became clear there was something sketchy going on. 

Margaret made ill-timed comments about her mother still being capable of "swallowing." Yes, that is what Steve will be dealing with if he becomes a permanent fixture to the family. 

The Other Side

In a more serious scene, Melissa, Teresa, and Joe spoke to a medium about Nona's passing, and the medium said that she was happily on the other side and is out of her pain. 

Teresa Giudice Instagram Pose

It was unsettling because all three of them were bawling their eyes out. The only thing that irked me was that the woman could have gotten her information from watching every episode of the show before meeting them. 


What did you think of this episode?

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