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Selling Sunset: Renewed for Season 6! And Season 7!

Selling Sunset is on its way back.


And again.

And then one more time after that, too.

Selling Sunset crew

Netflix has announced a renewal of its uber popular reality show not just for Season 6, but also for Season 7, confirming the surprising/awesome news on Sunday night.

“Everyone is very excited,” an insider told Us Weekly of the development.

Selling Sunset made its debut in March 2019.

It chronicles the lives of real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, focusing not just on the incredible properties up for sale across this U.S. city... but also on the personal lives of the aforementioned agents.


For prime example?

Season 4 gave viewers an up close and personal look at the conflict between Christine Quinn and newcomer Emma Hernan, both of whom dated the same man before they appeared on the program.

Quinn, for her part, said that she was engaged to Peter Cornell when he left her for Hernan, Emma alleged this was never the case.

sunset people

“They were never engaged, he made that very clear,” Hernan told Us Weekly in December 2021, adding at the time:

“He was laughing when it was mentioned, and everyone knows that. It’s not even negotiable because there’s literally zero percent chance.”

In other dating news, a few months after Season 4 dropped, Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim went public with their own romance.

It sounds like Season 5 will tackle this relationship in more depth, but it came to an end after just a brief period of time.

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim Selfie

“While Chrishell and I are no longer together, we remain best friends we will always love and support one another,” Oppenheim wrote via Instagram last month.

“She was the most amazing girlfriend I’ve ever had, and it was the happiest and most fulfilling relationship of my life."

In her own post about the split, Stause explained that the couple had difficulty agreeing about whether to have kids.

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim Photo

She said at the time, also on Instagram:

“Jason was and is my best friend, and other than our ideas for family ultimately not being aligned, the amount of respect and love we have for each other will not change going forward.

"Men have the luxury of time that women don’t and that’s just the way it goes."

We can't yet confirm a premiere date for Selling Sunset Season 5, while Us Weekly reports there will be a bit of a break in filming before Seasons 6 and 7  get underway.

But at least they're on the way, right?!?

Bringing Up Bates: Suddenly Canceled by UPtv! (Is Josh Duggar to Blame?)

Josh Duggar may have claimed a few more victims.

We mean no disrespect to the individuals whose lives have been permanently impacted by this convicted sex offender.

But it's hard not to relate the following piece of shocking news to this disgraced father of seven:

UPtv has announced it will no longer air Bringing Up Bates.

Bringing Up Bates pic

“We will not be premiering Bringing Up Bates season 11 on UPtv as planned as we will be focusing our programming in 2022 on movies and a new scripted series to be announced soon,” executives confirmed on Tuesday.

“When we premiered Bringing Up Bates, the series was focused on parents with 19 kids who were teenagers and young children.

"The cameras were there to capture the love, laughs and big life moments, as the family continued to grow.

"Thank you to Gil and Kelly Jo Bates for welcoming viewers into your family’s home over the past ten seasons."

bates people

New episodes of the reality show were expected to premiere in February.

Why the sudden cancelation decision? At this last minute-moment?

Many observers believe producers were under pressure to disassociate the network from these family members because they're close friends with the Duggars.

Just over a month ago, of course, Josh Duggar was found guilty of downloading sexually graphic photos and videos of minors; he faces up to 40 years in jail.

bates folks

Concluded the producers yesterday:

“Thank you to the fans who tuned in every Thursday night to be part of the journey. We’re looking forward to continuing to uplift you with our programming in the future."

In a statement to Us Weekly, meanwhile, the Bates family did not mention Josh Duggar.

Nor did they sound bitter about this shocking development.

long bates announcement

“As the next year begins, our family will be experiencing a lot of new changes," the Bates have said in response.

"One of the biggest changes for us is that the network will be moving toward producing more scripted family shows and will not be renewing a contract to film new Bringing Up Bates episodes.

"We realize God’s timing is always perfect, and we are looking forward to what the future holds for our own family, as well as the network!"

The relatives continued as follows...

bates folks

The last ten seasons of filming with Bringing Up Bates have been an amazing journey for our family.

We never expected or aspired to be on TV, but we are forever grateful to UP for all of the friendships we have formed as a result.

Filming and opening up our home has been both rewarding and challenging, but there are not enough words we could say to show appreciation for the amazing film crew and all of the staff who have invested so much time into making this show possible.

They have become family and have impacted us forever.

We are also grateful for all of the encouragement we have received over the years from those who have watched the show and have reached out to message us or pray for us.

another bates poster

The reality stars concluded:

“Most of all, we are thankful to God for the experiences we’ve shared together as a family and for the lessons we’ve learned along the way. We feel very blessed to have these memories.

"We look forward to the next chapters of life unfolding before us with lots of new adventures.

"We promise to keep you updated on our lives in the days ahead and pray that God will richly bless each of you.

"Our greatest desire is that we would each strive to learn more about God and to grow in His grace."

bates relatives

Bringing Up Bates premiered in 2015, focusing on Gil Bates, Kelly Bates and their 19 children. (Sound familiar?)

The family was previously featured on TLC’s United Bates of America, which ran for one season in 2012.

As recently as this past September, it sounded very much as if the series would return for Season 11.

Said Hector Campos, vice president of content strategy and programming at UPtv, at the time:

"Bringing Up Bates continues to outperform its prior seasons in the ratings because the Bates are beloved by our viewers and fans who watch the series weekly and engage with the family on social media."

2 bates guys

Could Bringing Up Bates get picked up by another network?

Yes. That remains a possibility.

Elsewhere, meanwhile, Tuesday concluded with something positive and exciting for this same family:

Erin Bates and Chad Paine just welcomed their fifth child!

Jordan Cashmyer, 16 and Pregnant Star, Found Dead

Tragedy has struck the world of reality television.

Jordan Cashmyer, who starred in on Season five of the MTV reality series 16 and Pregnant, has died at the age of 26.

No cause of death has been announced and very few details are available to the public at this time.

Jordan Cashmyer

The tragic news of Cashmyer’s passing was shared by her stepmother, Jessica Cashmyer, via a post written on the Facebook account of the Dennis M. Cashmyer Jr., her husband and Jordan’s father.

“My oldest beloved daughter, Jordan has passed away, she was only 26 years old,” Jessica Cashmyer wrote on Facebook.

“Our hearts are truly broken. No parent should ever have to go through losing a child, ever.

"Please keep my family in your thoughts prayers as we navigate through this terrible tragedy.”

Jordan Cashmyer Snapshot

The former reality star's death comes just seven months after she gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Lyla.

She's also the mother to Genevieve "Evie" Shae Taylor with ex-boyfriend Derek Taylor, with whom she appeared back in 2014 on the aforementioned season of 16 and Pregnant.

The then-couple's episode documented the young mom's desperate struggles with unemployment, homelessness and being disowned by her family, as her parents did not approve of her relationship with Taylor.

At one point, the young parent signed over custody rights on a temporary basis to Taylor’s mother in 2015.

Cashmyer, Jordan

Cashmyer, sadly, was likely better known for what transpired in her life after she left the small screen.

She was arrested for drug possession in 2017, for example, and also struggled with mental health problems.

Jordan allegedly dabbled in escorting and found other unsavory ways to make money at different points over the last few years.

However, in January 2021, Cashmyer shared photos from a party being held by her and her friends to celebrate a year of sobriety.

jordan c

Just a short time later, though, Cashmyer's boyfriend and Lyla's father passed away.

"Last night I received a call no parent ever wants," read a post shared on the Facebook page of Jordan's own dad, Dennis Cashmeyer, Jr., which also included a black and white photo of Jordan.

"My oldest beloved daughter, Jordan has passed away, she was only 26 years old. Our hearts are truly broken.

"No parent should ever have to go through losing a child, EVER."

jordan c image

A rep for Jordan, meanwhile, told E! News he received word of her death the evening of January 15.

"This is an incredibly sad day. Jordan was a sweet and caring person," he said.

"Last we spoke she was doing well and seemed to be in a good place mentally and physically. I wish people had the opportunity to know her beyond her struggles.

"I was always rooting for her and am grateful I had the chance to know and work with her all these years.

"Life wasn't always kind to her so now she is able to be at peace."

The Bachelor Premiere: Clayton Echard Gets Rejected! Twice!

ABC has taken a great deal of heat for choosing Clayton Echard as the latest Bachelor, considering he failed to advance very far on Michelle Young's recent season of The Bachelorette.

As it now turns out, this backlash is a tad bit ironic.


Because practically no contestants chose Clayton to potentially be their husband on Monday night's season premiere!

Cozy with a Contestant

Okay, fine.

This isn't entirely accurate.

But the opening episode began in strange fashion, as a suitor named Salley told Echard she broke off her engagement just before filming began -- and she was scheduled to get married the day before the premiere!


"This weekend has been extremely hard for me," the spine surgery robot operator told Clayton in private.

"I was engaged in the past and I was supposed to get married yesterday. Part of me is being pulled home but I didn't want to fully come to that decision until I met you.

"And you're really good-looking. I've heard nothing but great things about you.

"I feel weird being here the weekend of my wedding."

Salley then cried. Clayton offered her a rose because he determined the pair had great "chemistry," and she replied as follows:

"My heart is just not in the place where I can. And I feel so bad about that. My heart is just not ready."

With that, Salley left and Echard grew sad.

"The first rose that I have given out as the Bachelor was rejected," Clayton told the cameras. "This is not the way that I was hoping to start my journey to find love."

Hello, Clayton

Cut to the limo arrivals, which we'lll quickly run down below:

There was Teddi, who said in her introduction video that she's a virgin. There was Kate, who convinced Clayton to take a swig of Jack Daniels upon their introduction. There was Sierra, who told Echard: 

"Don't freak out but I'm your wife and I just got back from the future, okay?

"And you end up choosing me anyway so you want to just get out of here?"

Cheers to This Suitor!

Personal trainer Melina jumped off of her moon shoes into Clayton's arms.

Pediatric nurse Hailey asked him to open a jar of pickles.

And Jill brought Clayton the ashes of her ex-boyfriends.

"I brought them here just in case you make the same mistake," the architectural historian warned.

Giddy Up, Clayton!

After meeting all 30 suitors, Clayton went inside to announce:

"I have never seen so many beautiful women in one room. I'm going to be in way over my head, but in the best possible way.

"Guys, I'm nervous alright. I really am. Like, it doesn't feel real to me.

"Like now I'm here, it's like, okay, I guess you are the Bachelor at this point."

Eating with Clayton

Eventually, Clayton shared his first kiss of the season with Teddi.

"I felt that spark right away," he explainedd to the cameras. "It's wild."

Kira jumped in later and also laid one on The Bachelor, while Eliza also swooped in to swap some spit.

But Claire? She wasn't feeling it.

Clayton Meets Another One

"He's 100 percent too nice for me," Claire told the other ladies.

When approached about her attitude by Clayton himself, this unenthused suitor said:

"I don't hate you. I just, it feel like we just haven't like clicked."

Clayton proceeded to walk Claire out and told the rest of the women about his decision.

"I don't think it's fair to have somebody here that doesn't want to be here when there are so many phenomenal women in this room," he said of a second contestant going home.

Why, Hello There!

After asking if anyone else wasn't feeling his vibe, Clayton pulled Teddi aside.

"From the moment that you stepped out of the limo, I just couldn't get you off my mind. I just, I don't even know how to explain it," he said to her. "I just want to … when we talk there's a clear connection."

Clayton presented Teddi with the first impression rose -- and she accepted with another kiss.

"I'm going to be thinking about that kiss for a while," Clayton said to the cameras.


In a shocking development, it then turned out that the Rose Ceremony was a challenge for Clayton.

"After tonight, I truthfully believe that my future wife is in this room," he said while addressing the group.

"I know it wholeheartedly. I do want to apologize to those that I was not able to speak with.

"Just know ultimately that I'm following my heart and doing what I believe is best for me."

Clayton Echard, Pre-Ceremony

And where did his heart leave him?

Clayton gave roses to: Serene, Susie, Eliza, Rachel, Lindsay D., Sarah, Kate, Cassidy, Elizabeth, Kira, Shanae, Sierra, Mara, Marlena, Genevieve, Melina, Gabby, Jill, Lyndsey W., Hunter and Tessa.

As for which of these women will advance all the way to the final four?

Visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to findd out!

Kardashians Drop First Trailer, Reveal Name of New Hulu Show

You may no longer be able to keep up with the Kardashians on E!, but have no fear, television fans:

The First Family of Reality Television is back!

And we don't just mean because they never really left, sharing social media updates about their extremely busy lives on a near-daily basis.

No: We mean the Kardashians have released the first trailer for their upcoming Hulu series.

"When the countdown to the new year ends, the countdown to the new show begins," Hulu wrote in this teaser, which is featured on this page... which aired late on December 31, 2021... and which depicts each of the famous sisters dressed in muted tones.

"Happy New Year, everyone," the siblings say in unison.

Not especially revealing, we know.

We have learned, however, that the show will be titled The Kardashians.

No footage is included in the preview, but it's safe to assume what episodes will focus on, at least in the beginning.

Just think of everything going on with the Kardashians right now!

A cynical person might accuse some of these developments as being set up as storylines for the upcoming show.

Kim Kardashian announced in September 2020 that her family's long-running reality program would be ending the following year.

“It is with heavy hearts that we’ve made the difficult decision as a family to say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the mother of four wrote via Instagram at the time.

“After what will be 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes and numerous spin-off shows, we are beyond grateful to all of you who’ve watched us for all of these years — through the good times, the bad times, the happiness, the tears, and the many relationships and children.

"We’ll forever cherish the wonderful memories and countless people we’ve met along the way.”

She continued back then:

“Thank you to the thousands of individuals and businesses that have been a part of this experience.

"And, most importantly, a very special thank you to [series cocreator] Ryan Seacrest for believing in us, E! for being our partner, and our production team at Bunim/Murray, who’ve spent countless hours documenting our lives.”

A month later, Hulu revealed that the family signed a major multiyear deal to create new content for the streaming service.

"This is the next chapter," Kris Jenner has said of the Hulu production.

"In the new show, you'll see us evolving as a family, fans want us to be who we are and since moment one, they've been emotionally invested in our show just like we are.

"The fans will love seeing us continue the journey.

"I can't say much about what's coming but spoiler, we're going to look fabulous."

According to the show's official synopsis, meanwhile, "the Kardashian / Jenner family bring their exciting next chapter to Hulu in this new, intimate journey into their lives."

No premiere date has been announced just yet.

Kardashians drop first trailer reveal name of new hulu show

Clara Berghaus Responds to Ryan Oubre, Is Aghast Over Divorce Allegations

They were Married at First Sight.

And then divorced a short time later.

And now they're both speaking out about what transpired -- in candid, revealing and sort of ugly fashion.

In July, Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre split up after a relationship that had been featured on the latest season of Married at First Sight.

Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus Photograph

“After taking some time away from cameras, we have reached that point in our marriage where we know it’s better to go our separate ways,” Oubre wrote via Instagram Story at the time.

“It’s not an easy decision to make it, nor we do we take these next steps lightly.

"Grateful to all who stood by us and continue to stand by us as we make this very difficult decision.

"It goes without saying, we remain friends and hope for nothing but the best for each other.”

Ryan Oubre

Both sides then remained pretty quiet for awhile.

Until, that is, Ryan opened up this week via a NINE-PAGE slideshow on Instagram.

“I’ve had several months to reflect on a very challenging moment in my life,” he wrote on Wednesday, December 29.

“Being a part of the show has taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

"I’ve weighed the options of addressing the circumstances or choosing to continue to remain silent.”

a ryan statement

Oubre continued in his post:

“What I can no longer sit idly by for is untruly statements to be continuously made about my family and friends.

"With that being said: getting married to a stranger is indescribable — words won’t every describe it well.

"On one hand you full trust the process and those involved and in the other, you think through what if this doesn’t work out.

"I’ve always lived my life knowing you can always go back to where you were if it doesn’t work out.”

a second ryan statement

What, specifically, were some of the issues? Aside from the intimacy obstacles early on, which were addressed on air?

Oubre made allegations yesterday about one's openness to marry another race and trying to understand their culture, stating:

“Walking into a family gathering and not speaking to anyone and scrolling through your phone will never fly and declining food (outside of a food allergy or avoidance) because you don’t like the way it looks won’t help either.”

He went on to write that "by marrying into a different race/culture you inherently adopt parts of their identity" and "most importantly, your kids 100% will, and your kids will need you to help navigate it."

a third ryan statement

Pretty scathing stuff.

Clara, as you might imagine, felt like she had no choice but to respond a day later.

"I’ve spent the last six months of therapy, reflecting over my @mafslifetime experience and I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine," she wrote on her own Instagram page.

"I never thought I would speak publicly about my divorce but I’ve realized that, while I don’t owe anyone any explanations, I also don’t owe anyone my silence."

Clara Berghaus message

She addedd:

"I have spent so much time not speaking up for myself because I’m so wildly conflict adverse, but the only way to heal and grow is to start doing things that make me uncomfortable.

"And, in all honesty I feel like not sharing would be doing a disservice to anyone going through something similar.”

Berghaus also cited the "anxiety" she feels ahead of Thursday's Married at First special, which will air on Lifetime.

Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus Together

Berghaus acknowledged she “went through hell and back the last 18 months and at this point I have to say, I’m so so proud of myself and how far I’ve come."

She concluded this morning as follows:

Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus Picture

As nerve-wracking as this experience is, I know that telling my story will be integral to my healing process and let me tell you, I’m so ready to put all of this behind me.

Tonight marks the final end to this chapter of my life and has already provided me with so much closure.

Thank you to everyone who was there to pick up the pieces-you know who you are and I love you all so dearly.

I so so love getting to share my life with you all, and while I’m nervous as hell, I can’t wait for everyone to know my truth.

Kelly Dodd: The New Real Housewives of Orange County is a Disaster!

Kelly Dodd has taken a break from dragging poor people and minorities in order to set her sights on a demographic she actually knows something about:

The Real Housewives of Orange County.

On Monday, the former Bravo personality jumped on Twitter in order to mock the revamped version of the franchise that made her famous.

Kelly Dodd with Andy Cohen

Sharing a recent ratings report -- which stated the December 22 episode of cable network series was watched by 822,000 viewers in real-time -- Dodd wrote the following:

“Wait, wasn’t I the ratings problem? Wasn’t there a boycott??"

Dodd included a GIF of herself with the critique, adding:

We got over a million viewers 14 out of 16 weeks last season despite HUGE competition from election coverage on the news!!! This year? #RHOC16 under a million 3x in 4 weeks ! Hey @Andy How’s that reboot going???

Kelly Dodd on Season 15 Reunion

Dodd was fired from the show in June.

The move came amid a flurry of controversial remarks made by Dodd, including a previous remark about how COVID-19 was God's way of thinning the herd because it only kills dumb people and those who are less well off.

She eventually apologized, calling the comment “the stupidest thing I’ve ever said."

Still, though, some viewers threatened not to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County as long as Dodd part of the crew after she made fun of the Black Lives Matter movement by wearing a hat that read "Drunk Wives Matter."

Kelly Dodd Gets Fancy

Dodd had been a cast member since Season 11.

After getting tagged by Dodd in her Tweet this week, meanwhile, Andy Cohen clapped back at the former star.

“Good morning! Reboot going great. Feels like a return to form for #RHOC,” Cohen wrote on Tuesday, December 28.

“Look at the delayed numbers, not live. That’s what’s measured.”


Shortly after she was let go this summer, Kelly went on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live and said:

“I was blindsided.

"You want somebody to love to hate you, or you want people to really love you, but I have a million followers and they are diehard, like, fans, and they love me. And then I have, then I have this little group of people that are the cancel culture that hate me.

"And so they’re the loud ones. They’re the, actually the ones that can’t afford to. The woke, broke people. They love to hate me.”

Kelly Dodd and Husband Rick Leventhal

The Real Housewives of Orange County does look very different this season.

Dodd is gone, as is Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

Bravo brought back Heather Dubrow, however, and this year's series regulars also include Shannon Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson, along with newcomers Noella Bergener and Dr. Jen Armstrong.

Kelly Dodd Online

Dodd and Cohen, for their part, have clashed in the past.

On stage at The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 reunion, the host called Dodd out for her ridiculous COVID-19 comments.

"I mean, the amount of messages that I get that you're uneducated, you're putting out misinformation, you're behaving like a moron," Cohen said at the time, to which Dodd replied:

"I get them too, saying that you're anti-American. That you put your political beliefs out there, that they don't want to watch a political show."

dodd vs. cohen

A stunned Cohen responded, "I'm anti-American because I don't like Donald Trump?" and Dodd confirmed, "Yeah."

Speaking later to E! News, Dodd clarified that she didn't vote for Trump, didn't mean to make this feud political and added:

"My point with Andy was that you can always find negative comments on social media.

"Some people with zero posts and zero followers comment, but the vast majority of comments about me are positive.

"My point wasn't always to find negative comments about me, but I was saying you can find negative comments about him, you can find negative comments about you."

Michelle Young Gets Engaged on The Bachelorette Finale. But Will It Last?!?

Michelle Young didn't listen to her mother on The Bachelorette finale.

But she did listen to her heart.

On Tuesday night, Young admitted she had very strong feeling for both finalists, Brandon Jones and Nayte Olukoya.

How would she ever choose?!?

michelle young

For starters, by seeing what her loved ones thought, as Brandon and Nayte both spent time in Mexico on the finale with Michelle's mom LaVonne, dad Ephraim and sister Angela.

Michelle's mom strongly approved of Brandon after he told her he'd be willing to move to Minnesota to be with Michelle.

"I just want to marry her so bad," Brandon told LaVonne.

Young, meanwhile, those the entire meet-up went "perfectly" and said she falls "even more in love with" Brandon every single day.

kiss for brandon

Doesn't sound like it boded too well for Nayte, huh?

"There's a different vibe than what we saw with Brandon," Michelle's dad told the camera. "Brandon was definitely a warmer person initially."

It didn't help that Nayte said he was ready to propose... but maybe not ready to uproot his life for Michelle.

"I'm still not sure that at the end of this you really feel like you'd be ready for an engagement," Michelle's mom told Nayte, adding: "I'm not sure you're 100 percent in."

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young

Michelle was a bit worried, as well.

Therefore, she planned a date with Nayte that would help him continue to open up: a ceremony with local shaman Raul to bring them closer to marriage.

"Here I am at the end, madly in love with you, wanting to spend the rest of my life with you and it is terrifying because this really could be it for me," Nayte told her.

"I could start the rest of my life with you and be the happiest guy in the world. I'm scared as hell."

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young Kiss

This was exactly what Young wanted to hear, as the pair kissed and said they loved each other.

And yet: On the day of the final rose ceremony?

"Waking up this morning I felt confused," Michelle admitted. "I have two incredible men who I am in love with and they are in love with me."

She then listened to an emotional plea from Brandon.

"I truly believe that you're the missing piece I've been searching for my entire life and I don't want to spend another second without you," he told Michelle.

"I don't want to walk another day without you.

"I don't want to wake up another morning without you. I would truly be the luckiest man to walk this earth if I got to walk it with you."

Beautiful, right?

Brandon J.

And yet, part two: Michelle then shared her honest feelings with Brandon.

"I promised myself that I would continue to follow my heart," she said.

"It's not that I don't love you because I do, it's just that my heart is pushing me in a different direction."

Brandon reacted with calmness and understanding, only breaking down later in a confessional.

Michelle Young Finale Pic

This did mean, though, that all those Bachelorette spoilers were accurate.

"I want to run away with you," Nayte told Young once he was the last suitor standing.

"I want to run away to forever with the woman that I've come to love. This amazingly crazy, wow kind of love.

"And through this journey, you've shared a lot of vulnerable sides of your past and I know that you've felt unseen at times and I want to let you know that I am completely prepared, willing and ready to make sure that you are always chosen first, seen now, today and tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

"I love you, Michelle."

Michelle Young on Her Finale

Michelle totally agreed.

"I love you with my entire heart and don't ever want to think about waking up next to anyone beside you and doing life with anyone besides you," she said to Nayte.

"At the end, I wanted to be standing in front of my soulmate and he is definitely standing right in front of me."

Just lovely.

Nayte Olukoya Wins!

This is where Nayte dropped to one knee.

"Michelle, I love you," he said. "I love you. I don't want to ever let go. I am absolutely crazy for you. Michelle Anne Young, will you marry me?"

Yes, of course, she replied, referring to Olukoya as her soul-Nayte.

Then, a mariachi band came out to celebrate.

"This is the happiest day of my life," Nayte said, "and so ready to start the rest of my life with Michelle."

The Bachelorette: Michelle Young Fulfills 3 Fantasies… And Then Breaks Someone’s Heart

Michelle Young took one a huge closer to finding her forever partner on Tuesday's episode of The Bachelorette.

But it wasn't easy.

In fact, according to the leading lady herself?

It was downright impossible.

The Bachelorette Trio

"I have three incredible men left and I am falling in love," Michelle told the cameras of Brandon, Joe and Nayte. "I never thought that I'd be able to have those types of feelings with more than one person."

To help Young make up her mind, the group headed to the Conrad Punta de Mita in Mexico -- for Fantasy Suites week!

After Michelle told Kaitlyn she was leaning toward Nayte, Brandon received the first Fantasy Suite date of the week, which began with some horseback riding.

"With her, everything is so perfect," Brandon said after the duo sat down for some champagne.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Walks with Michelle

Later, over dinner, Young asked the contestant if was ready for an engagement.

"Since Day 1 when I met you, I knew that you were the one," Brandon replied.

"And when it hit and when I truly knew was when randomly when we were getting ice cream.

"Michelle, I want you to know that I'm in love with you. I was gonna wait but I don't want to wait anymore."

Brandon J.

In a confessional Michelle then referred Brandon as "soulmate material," right before the two got into hut tub and agreed to spend the evening inside of a Fantasy Suite.

"This is what I want to do every day," Brandon said the next morning.

Would Joe have anything to say about that future, though?

"I want her to know I'm ready for marriage, I'm ready for partnership, I'm ready for building a life together," Joe said after the pair went ziplining.

Joe Coleman

He also told Michelle that he wants three or four kids with her -- and then, yes, they went to the Fantasy Suite.

They enjoyed breakfast together on the terrace several hours later.

"I really do appreciate you pushing through your shy side," Michelle said to Joe. "And if it is us standing side by side at the end of this, that relationship's going to be so strong."

Before they parted ways, Michelle told Joe: "I can see a future with you."

What about Nayte, who went on a boat ride to kick off his solo date on Tuesday?

"When I'm with Nayte, I feel how you're supposed to feel when you're with your soulmate, when you're with your favorite person," Michelle told the cameras. "I don't want the day to end."

She was afraid Nayte didn't feel the same way, however, prompting the handsome suitor to reassure The Bachelorette as follows:

"I don't play with emotions.

"I don't play with feelings so when it comes to you, I am feeling things for you that I've never felt for anybody before. It's easy for me to close my eyes and picture a genuine life with you."

Nayte Olukoya Picture

These two also embarked on some fun in The Fantasy Suite.

"You're someone I want to hold onto," Nayte said to Michelle post-coital. "I'm falling in love with you. I'm in love with you."

While they were serenaded by a mariachi band over breakfast, Young dropped the same L-Bomb in response.

Cut to the Rose Ceremony...

Michelle Young, Pre-Rose Ceremony

"I have three incredible men who are still left here," she told the fellas.

"You opening up your hearts to me and continuing to be vulnerable with me has really allowed our relationship to become so much stronger this week.

"You three have completely changed my life.

"You have impacted my heart in a way that I can't even describe and because of that, this decision tonight has my stomach in knots and it seems nearly impossible to make."

Michelle Young Pretends to Teach

Before she could make the choice, Brandon asked her to chat.

"Michelle, when I told you I put you first, I put you first," he told her.

"When I told you that I love you and when I told you that you were truly becoming my best friend, that I truly mean that I will be here for you regardless of whatever happens tonight."

And the gambit worked! Young gave him a rose.

Michelle Young Waits Her Turns

Nayte also earned a flower, meaning Joe was sadly sent packing.

"You have a piece of my heart and you always will," Michelle told Joe when she walked him out. "And I'm sorry. I didn't want to break your heart."

Joe admitted to the cameras that he "didn't see that coming" and added: "I might not be showing it right now, but I really do see that future with you that we talked about."

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to see who wins Michelle's heart next week!

Reality TV Star Says She’s Made Almost $50,000 Selling Her Farts!

Who said there wasn’t money in farts?  Not reality TV star Stephanie Matto.  She’s cashing in big time on them.  She turned her appearance on the Australian reality show “90 Day Fiancé” into a large social media following then turned that into a fart selling success story.

As you would expect she’s documented her fart selling journey on social media….


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Stephanie Matto (@stepankamatto)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Stephanie Matto (@stepankamatto)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Stephanie Matto (@stepankamatto)

@stepankamattoRespect the hustle? ##SnowballFightAgainstHunger ##MyBrawlSuper ##JBLGreekOut♬ anna defending herself – Portland Tidwell

@stepankamatto💨💨💨💨 ##MyBrawlSuper ##SnowballFightAgainstHunger ##JBLGreekOut♬ original sound – phonographicmaterial

Thank God!  I was starting to think the human race was gone forever.  Now that I know people are able to make thousands of dollars selling their farts I have a renewed sense of faith in mankind, although I have a feeling not everyone can cash in on this one.

At least hot chicks with a large social media following can sell their farts!


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shut Down Amid Massive COVID-19 Outbreak!

Forget the drama over Erika Jayne's pressing legal issues for a moment.

Or the trauma surrounding Dorit Kemsley's recent home invasion.

The stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are facing a very different kind of setback at the moment, one that has resulted in the temporary shut down of filming on Season 12:

Many cast members have come down with COVID-19.

lots of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

According to multiple outlets, Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Girardi and Lisa Rinna all recently tested positive for the Coronavirus.

"The girls who are sick are trying to take care of themselves. The other cast members are nervous now that they might have it.

"Production is taking every precaution to keep people safe," an insider tells People Magazine.

"All of the ladies are vaccinated. They're fine and will be fine because of it,"

Lisa Rinna Discusses Her Daughter's Drama

Beauvais, who is also a co-host of The Real, broke the news of her COVID diagnosis in a video on Instagram Monday.

Referencing her 14-year-old twin sons, Jax and Jaid, the actress/reality star explained her situation as follows:

"I found out that I tested positive for COVID. I feel okay, I'm sure I will continue to feel okay. My boys are being tested, so far they've tested negative.

"We're going to continue testing them."

Garcelle Beauvais on a Red Carpet

The 55-year old said "may show up" virtually over Zoom for her appearance on the aforementioned daytime talk show.

"A Monday morning update for you all. Thankful to be vaccinated and to not be showing symptoms.

"Please comment below with alllll the TV & movie recommendations for the next 10 days. I love you all!!" Beauvais wrote in her Instagram caption, adding that she'll be in quarantine for the next 10 days and issuing a warning:

"This stuff is crazy. Be careful out there. Be safe."

Garcelle Beauvais on Bravo

Neither Girardi nor Rinna has yet commented on their health status.

Kemsley and Kyle Richards, as well as recurring Housewife Kathy Hilton, were diagnosed with COVID last fall.

At the time, production on Season 11 was placed on pause.

Erika Jayne Shares Painful Advice

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired on Bravo in October and November.

A bulk of the previous season focused on Erika proclaiming her innocence in regard to her estranged husband's role in a pretty disgusting embezzlement scheme.

Tom Girardi may very well have stolen money from past law firm clients, including the loved ones of those who died in a 2018 airplane crash.

In response to allegations that she was in on the crime, Erika often blasted her co-stars whenever the topic was brought up on air.

Erika Jayne Breaks Down Again

Kemsley, meanwhile, was nearly killed in a home robbery in late October.

The Daily Mail reported at the time that Dorit was grabbed and held at gunpoint by the perpetrators... while her kids were asleep in a different room.

"It’s truly overwhelming. My kids are unaware of what happened, they slept through it and I thank God for keeping my kids and myself from being physically harmed," Dorit said in a subsequent statement.

“My family now needs to start the healing process. I have thrown myself straight back into work as I want our family to return to normality as soon as possible.”

Kody Brown: I Lied to Christine, Okay?!? She’s a Whack Job!

Give Kody Brown points for honesty.

And then take those same points away for the guy being a horribly insensitive spouse.

On Sunday night's new episode of Sister Wives, the father of 18 addressed Christine's very public desire to move back to her native state of Utah.

She made this clear on this past spring's Season 15 finale of Sister Wives, voicing her preference for where she wanted to reside -- and then growing very sad and angry after Kody appeared to have her back...

A Sister Wives Selfie

... only to then side with his other three spouses.

Following this rejection by Meri, Janelle and Robyn on the aforementioned finale, and following her husband agreeing with trio that he wanted to remain in Arizona, Christine took a walk with Meri and said:

"I can't do marriage with Kody anymore."

A few months later, Christine proved this wasn't some empty threat; she announced she really had left Kody.

head down kody

On Sunday's installment of the TLC series, which was filmed months ago, Kody sat with Meri for a discussion about Christine.

"I've got to admit. I've tried to be stoic with [Christine]," Kody confessed about how he initially handled the talk about moving away from Flagstaff.

"I was like, 'Yeah, I'll move. I'm game.' ... Oh yeah, I always have been [interested in returning]. That's where I thought I would retire, in St. George, Utah."

So... you lied and/or misled Christine about something that meant a lot to her, in other words? Well done, Kody.

Meri Brown Talks to Camera

Asked by Meri about whether he actually wanted to move, Kody replied:

"No, I really don't want to move. You can't beat Flagstaff, Arizona. You just can't."

Moreover, Kody didn't comprehend why moving to Utah is "a big deal now" for Christine.

He even suggested she's potentially experiencing a "mid-life crisis" because he's such a sympathetic and caring husband who tries quite hard to understand what his sister wives are going through.

Kody Brown on Season 16

"Thinking of moving to Utah, honestly, my gut instinct is, 'Oh, hell no. Not interested,'" Meri told Kody. "I never had the desire to move back."

Meri, at least, recognized here that she felt "bad" about this stance because she knows how important a move is to Christine.

"Honestly, I hate the fact that she might be feeling trapped," Meri said to Kody.

"I don't know if that's how she feels, but I wonder."

Sister Wives Season 16 Poster

In a confessional, meanwhile, Meri acknowledged some of the irony here.

For a long while, many Sister Wives fans assumed she would be the one who would walk away from Kody.

To this day, Meri posts memes and messages that most interpret as shots as her self-centered spouse.

On this new episode, she even spoke directly about speculation that she was ready to move on from a miserable relationship.

Meri Brown in Nature: A Photo

Admitted Meri on air:

"So a few months ago, Kody and I had our 30th anniversary. I've had a lot of people say to me, 'Why are you still there? He clearly doesn't love you.

"'You're just brainwashed. … You're just doing this because you think it's what's going to get you to heaven. Why do you stay?'"

"Well, because it's my family. Because I have a confirmation from God that this is where I am meant to be. This is a very conscious choice that I'm making."

For his part, Kody told the cameras the he and Meri now have an "amiable relationship" with "no desire or interest in a romantic relationship."

And while they're "in a much better relationship" now, Kody doesn't see it becoming romantic ever again, prompting us to wonder:

Meri, why would God want you to be in such a marriage?

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

Thomas Wells, Former X Factor Star, Dead After Horrifying Accident

The world of reality television is in mourning.

Thomas Wells, who competed on The X Factor among other well-known singing competitions back in the day, died on November 13, his wife Jessica has confirmed on Facebook.

He was 46 years old.

Thomas Wells1

"I feel like it's not real but I know it is," Jessica shared in a heart-wrenching videotaped at his gravesite.

"He was my best friend."

According to Jessica, who opened up about her husband to TMZ, Thomas passedd away following an accident at the tire manufacturing plant he worked at in Oklahoma.

While at his job, reports the outlet, part of Thomas' body got caught in an automatic conveyer belt ... and he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to another in Tyler, Texas.

Thomas Wells

"He was deteriorating really fast," Jessica said on Facebook.

"The lack of oxygen in his brain was causing his body to shut down and his organs and everything was just not working right.

"And there was something wrong with his stomach and and it kind of had this smell. It's hard to explain. It wasn't like overwhelming, but you could tell something was happening.

"His blood pressure was dropping really fast."

wells on stage

The father of three taught himself how to play instruments by ear as a child.

He went on to take part  in America's Got Talent, as well as The Voice, The Winner Is and, as cited above, The X Factor.

"It was the worst day of my life because I lost my husband but the best day of my life because God told me he was home," Jessica added in her video.

"I know 100, million percent Thomas is up there waiting for me."

more wells

Reads a section of the obituary for Thomas Wells:

Thomas had an amazing voice and loved singing hymns as well as contemporary music.

He always had a smile and loved to joke and give people a hard time.

He was a great entertainer and always became the center of attention.

We send our condolences to the friends, family members and loved ones of Thomas Wells.

May he rest in peace.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 1 was filled with the drama you'd expect from the franchise.

It had a great cast and drama that made the tension on the high seas reach boiling point.

But where did everyone end up?

Check out where the cast is today.

1. Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 Cast

Danny zureikat on below deck mediterranean season 1 cast
The cast included Hannah Ferrier, Julia d'Albert Pusey, Tiffany Copeland, Ben Robinson, Bryan Kattenburg, Bobby Giancola, Jenn Riservato, Danny Zureikat, and Captain Mark Howard.

2. Julia d'Albert Pusey Then...

Julia dalbert pusey on below deck mediterranean season 1
Julia had a fun-loving personality and she actually enjoyed her job.

She was probably the most drama-free steward in franchise history.

Much of her storyline in her first -- and only -- season involved Bobby Giancola following her around like a lost puppy because he had the hots for her.

3. Julia d'Albert Pusey Now...

Julia dalbert pusey in 2020
Julia left the world of yachting behind to focus on her swimwear brand, Renée as well as the launch of her second company Myrtle & Maude.

The star now resides in England where she married her husband Matty.

The star recently returned for Below Deck: Galley Talk.

4. Mark Howard Then...

Mark howard
Mark was the Captain of the Ionian Princess yacht.

He kept himself to himself and largely allowed his crew to fulfill their duties.

He only really got involved when things went haywire.

5. Mark Howard Now...

Captain mark howard on below deck medittaraneant
Mark kept a low profile after leaving the series, but he was known for responding to fan questions on social media.

Sadly, Mark passed away in October 2021 at 65 years old.

His co-stars broke the news on social media.

6. Ben Robinson Then...

Ben robinson below deck mediterranean
Ben moved from the main series to the spinoff and made quite the impression.

He got close to Hannah Ferrier, only for it all to come crashing down when they bickered over the name of courses.

It was something!

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Jen Shah: I’m So Innocent! All I Wanna Do is Help People!

Jen Shah has doubled, tripled and quadrupled down.

On Sunday's night's new episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, all attention turned to Shah and her arrest on charges of money laundering... considering she was taken into custody on the previous installment.

(Remember: Filming on Season 2 took place months ago.)

Jen Shah Confesses on Season 2

"I just feel so deceived, I just don't think she's who we think she is. I don't know who she is ... she's a completely different person than I think," said Lisa Barlow in response to the arrest.

But Heather Gay saw things differently.

I will help her, 100 percent," she said. "She is my friend, and for better or worse, whatever that word means, when things like this happen, people use it as an excuse to scatter ...

"And I think the only true value of friendship is when you're down."

Jen Shah Reflects Upon Troubles

For the record, Shah is accused of lying to a large contingent of senior citizens in order to gather their personal information.

She's then accused of selling this information to various businesses for a large profit.

She's also accused of orchestrating this scheme and, as a result, faces decades in prison if convicted across the board.

Shah pleaded not guilty in April.

Jen Shah and Co-Stars

She basically did the same thing on air this week.

Meeting with her lawyer, Clayton Simms, who told his client that she had been "charged with wire fraud and then money laundering," Shah reacted with disgust.

"What I have been accused of is absolutely the complete opposite of anything I would do in my life. If I have any fault, it's because I'm too giving and I help too many people," Jen said in a confessional.

Hear that, potential jurors? Jen Shah is only guilty of being too good of a person!

Jen Shah Confesses

"I feel like I'm still in shock ... I didn't grow up with a lot," Shah added.

"I worked so hard to get where I am, and to have this happen ... I don't understand."

Jen and assistant Stuart Smith were arrested and charged in March with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing ... through which they allegedly victimized 10 or more persons over the age of 55.

They were also charged with  one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Jen Shah on a Phone

But here's the thing:

Long after this episode aired, Smith changed his plea go guilty.

We can't say for certain why he did this.

However, it's VERY plausible that he did so because he plans to turn on Shah and testify against her at a future trial.

Jen Shah on Season 2

Translation, in case it wasn't obvious?

Jen Shah is f--ked.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City React to Jen Shah’s Arrest: WTH is Going On?!?

Jen Shah just got arrested for her role in a nationwide telemarketing scheme.

On television, at least.

The controversial cast member was front and center on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Sunday night, as she and her fellow Bravo personalities were boarding a bus for a trip to Vail...

... only for Shah to get a phone call.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Cast

She hung up and then claimed that her husband had been hospitalized for internal bleeding so she had to leave ASAP.

But then members of Homeland Security showed up, looking for Jen.

Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose and Jennie Nguyen chose to continue on with their vacation... wondering the entire time what was going on.

"Other than our families, there was 7 people that knew we were meeting at Beauty Lab today," Lisa said, curious how authorities knew where to track down Shah.

"I can't imagine anyone here would turn Jen in, but this looks really sus."

shah arrested

As the installment continued, the women talked about Jen's ordeal -- withh Lisa asking Whitney if she knew something that she wasn't telling the other ladies.

"I don't!" Whitney replied.

"I don't know anything, but I have a lot of questions around, like, Jen's lifestyle. It intrigues me where she gets all of her money and all of her things from."

Rose later admitted to Heather during a pit stop, though, that she felt like Lisa was "guilty of something" because had called all six of her lawyerrs.

shahgets arrested

Could she have topped off the feds?

"I don't know, I'm not implying that, but it's weird, right? She's behaving very odd," Whitney said.

Shah is accused of lying to senior citizens around the country about potential (fake) business opportunities, passing their information along and then profiting massively from this scam.

She faces 50 years in prison.

Jen Shah Confesses

"All I can think about is their families and how this is going to takeoff like wildfire," Heather said in a confessional. "I'm absolutely gut-punched that Jen may be involved in this."

As for Meredith Marks, who organized the trip and was waiting for her pals in Vail?

"Too many things didn't add up and I've suspected that something was going on for a while," she said via FaceTime.

"And now, it's validated that I was right [and] I'm not crazy. That's the bottom line."

Jen Shah on Season 2

Such a response prompted Meredith's castmates to ask why she was "unfazed" and ask whether she turned Shah in to the cops.

"I have been traumatized and terrorized -- me, my family, my business -- for almost two years by this women, and I just waiting quietly because I don't point my fingers when I don't have the facts," Meredith told Mary in Colorado.

"And you know what? This now suddenly adds up.

"Do I think she may be innocent? Sure. Of course. It's possible. [But] do I believe it?"

J. Shah

Once the women arrived in Vail and sat down for dinner, Whitney then her co-stars that someone had sent her a message that said authorities allegedly had a tracker on Jen... which is what made them able to find her and arrest her on the side of the road.

So perhaps no Real Housewife of Salt Lake City was to blame for getting Shah in trouble?

Especially when Shah's own alleged actions are really to blame.

Jen Shah in Utah

Said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss in a press release in March:

Jennifer Shah, who portrays herself as a wealthy and successful businessperson on ‘reality’ television, and Stuart Smith, who is portrayed as Shah’s ‘first assistant,’ allegedly generated and sold ‘lead lists’ of innocent individuals for other members of their scheme to repeatedly scam.

In actual reality and as alleged, the so-called business opportunities pushed on the victims by Shah, Smith, and their co-conspirators were just fraudulent schemes, motivated by greed, to steal victims’ money.

Now, these defendants face time in prison for their alleged crimes.

Below Deck Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Below Deck premiered in 2013, and it was far from the show it is today.

The series had outlandish guests that tested the patience of everyone working on the boat, but the cast didn't gel as well as they did on the later seasons.

We would even go as far as saying that any potential viewers should skip the season entirely.

Still, there was a cast, and it's time to delve into what they got up to back then and, more importantly, what they are up to nowadays.


1. The Cast

Below deck season 1 cast
From left to right we have Ben Robinson, C.J. LeBeau, Kat Held, Adrienne Gang, David Bradberry, Aleks Taldykin, Sam Orme, and Eddie Lucas. They look great, right?

2. C.J. LeBeau Then...

Cj lebeau on below deck season 1
The Bravo hit rarely shows engineers, which might be because of C.J.'s antics throughout the freshman season.

He was involved in a relationship with his co-star, Sam, and made minimal impact on the overall show.

It makes sense then that the show never invited him back for another season.

3. C.J. LeBeau Now...

Cj lebeau on below decks freshman season
C.J.'s one-season stint could also be attributed to the fact he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend when the first season was airing.

The star disappeared from oblivion thereafter, and stays away from the world of social media.

That's why we used another photo of him from the first season.

4. Sam Orme Then...

Sam orme on below deck season 1
Sam was well-known for hating her job and butting heads with much of her co-stars.

She balked at the idea that she should listen to her boss, Adrienne.

The relationship between the 3rd Steward and the Chief Steward is always rocky on the series.

Sam clearly didn't want to be on the boat as an employee, and it made sense that she was never brought back.

5. Sam Orme Now...

Sam orme in 2020
Sam left the yachting world behind, got married, had a kid, and the rest is history.

You could tell Sam hated her job, or maybe it was just Adrienne, but she looks happy and healthy.

6. Adrienne Gang Then...

Adrienne gang on below deck season 1
Adrienne was the most serious Chief Steward in franchise history.

She was unapproachable for the most part, yelling orders at the people below her.

She was replaced the following season with Kate Chastain, and it probably saved the show.

View Slideshow

Erika Jayne Blows Up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Trashes Sutton Stracke as a "F–king C–t"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped up its most dramatic season to date on Wednesday night in the only way it really could:

With Erika Jayne going full-on ham.

The full hour of this four-part reunion special focused almost entirely on Jayne and her never-ending beef with pretty much all her colleagues, following their incessant grilling this year of Jayne's alleged role in her estranged husband's alleged financial scams.

Erika Jayne Blows Up

"I'm lashing out at everyone, Andy. Why wouldn't I? I tell you the truth," Jayne said to the show's host early on, setting the angry tone.

Erika went off on her co-stars for doubting her and for constantly talking behind her back about Tom Girardi's reportedly stealing money from his past law firm clients.

Cohen then brought up one of the most scandalous viewer conspiracy theories of the season:

That Erika purposely chose not to wear waterproof mascara during an emotional scene with Kyle Richards; that she, essentially, faked tears for the camera to garner sympathy.

Erika Jayne Reunion Photo

"No, absolutely not and that's not true at all," she said when asked about the allegation.

"I always do [wear waterproof mascara] because I have allergies with my eyes and that day I did not. That is not true and I don't need anyone's sympathy.

"I don't need anyone's pity.

"And I certainly don't need someone on the side who's no longer on this show to put in their two cents, okay?"

Erika Jayne on an Episode

What about the state of Girardi these days, considering he's been placedd in an assisted living facility and diagnosed with Alzheimer's?

Jayne fought off tears, said it was all "very sad" and that she had talked to her former spouse recently just to see how he was doing.

Okay... but what about allegations in an L.A. Times article that at least $20 million from Tom's firm went into EJ Global LLC, the company set up for Jayne's performing career?

"It was not," replied Erika. "There was no $20 million, no. My lawyer wrote to Page Six, to E!, but somehow or another, that doesn't seem to be told."

Erika Jayne in Interrogated

As for allegations that she charged $14 million to her American Express card between 2008 and 2020, Jayne pointed out this covered a 12-year period.

"So if you knock that down to $2 million per year, that's pretty much what we're all doing in this lifestyle," she added, pointing to the rich women around her on stage.

Over and over again, of course, the topic returned to what, if anything, Erika knew about Tom's seemingly shady business dealings?

Nothing, she insisted -- over and over again.

Erika Jayne on Reunion Stage

"You can't hide s--- like this, that's what I'm saying," she explained.

"This is not some master plan. This is not Erika being some financial f---ing mastermind. This is a tragic sequence of events that are completely terrible."

The group then delved into the Sutton Stracke of it all, beginning with the meeting she called behind Jayne's back for all the ladies to air their concerns about the ordeal.

Erika went off on her co-star around that time, saying "I'm coming for you" if Sutton calls her a liar ever again.

Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne

After Sutton claimed she hired security for a week to protect her family?

Jayne scoffed, and then uttered the line of the night:

It felt like you were being a bitchy f---ing c---. That's what it felt like.

Erika Jayne Promo Pic

Overall, Girardi stands accused of embezzling money from cancer patients, a burn victim and the families of plane crash victim.

And Jayne stands accused, at minimum, of showing very little sympathy to these victims.

"You know how I can serve the victims the best? By cooperating in court, rolling up my sleeves and getting to the bottom of it and that is what I've done," she said on air in response... as her costars emphasized how they would have loved to hear more remarks like that during shooting.

Cohen added that this was the most important thing Jayne said on the whole reunion.

Erika Jayne at the Reunion

"The legitimate claims need to be taken care of," Jayne concludedd, before addressing all of her costars.

"Thank you for hearing me out today. It is not pretty, it is ugly.

"Stories have run wild and people have filled in the blanks.

"I hope that today you all leave knowing a little bit more of my side and understand this will not be wrapped up easily."

The Bachelor Season 26: When Does It Premiere? Is Clayton Echard Really on Board?!?


Finally, we have confirmation of two rather important details related to The Bachelor Season 26.

We know when it will prremiere.

And we know who will be searching for his soulmate.

bachelor sunset

First, the network has announced that this beloved franchise will return with new episodes on Monday, Januay 3 at 8/7c.

Second, despite ABC still refusing to comment on the extremely strong rumor, we're more confident than ever before in reporting that Clayton Echard will be featured as the series lead.

How come?

Because upcoming host Jesse Palmer -- who will take over for Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe; who took over themselves for Chris Harrison -- has posted the following photo on Instagram.

Jesse Palmer and Clayton Echard

It depicts Palmer and Echard and it includes the hashtag #TheBachelor.

Echard is currently competing for the affection of Michelle Young, but a recent spate of The Bachelorette spoilers revealed that Clayton won't even advance to Young's final four.

As a result, there's been some controversy over his selection.

Why did producers go with Clayton Echard if he doesn't even advance especially far on The Bachelorette?

Clayton Echard Photo

Some observers can't help but wonder whether it's because Echard is white, considering all the men who will go on hometown dates with Young are persons of color.

Might this explain why ABC has not yet issued any kind of statement about Echard as The Bachelor?

Could we see a last-minute change?

We can't rule anything out at this point.

Clayton Echard Picture

Looking ahead, meanwhile, we've been hearing that ABC may air a second season of The Bachelor in 2022 -- just like it is doing with The Bachelorette in 2021.

We're even hearing that Blake Moynes may star as the lead of Season 27.

The veteran cast member appeared on The Bachelorette opposite both Adams and Katie Thurston.

He and Thurston just split up a few days ago.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes: Engaged!

Said the now-former couple in a statement at the time:

"We are so grateful for the moments we shared together and the entire journey that has unfolded this year.

"But we ultimately have concluded that we are not compatible as life partners, and it is the most caring choice for both of us to move forward independently."

Season 18 of The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, while season 26 of The Bachelor premieres January 3 at 8 p.m. ET.

Below Deck: The Most Stunning Exits in Show History

Below Deck is one of the most dramatic shows on the air.

It provides a lot of drama with a group of sexy people working in sun-soaked locations as they serve the rich.

Thanks to the nature of the series, workers are fired without a second thought, which adds to the insanity of it all.

Other people just opt to quit and not look back because of the horror they endured on the yacht.

With so many different iterations of the show on the air today, there have been a lot of exits, and most of them have been completely and utterly dramatic.

Check out the most stunning exits to rock Below Deck below.

1. Hannah Ferrier

Hannah ferrier
Hannah was the Kate Chastain of this Below Deck spinoff for five seasons, but it all came crashing down when Captain Sandy fired her.

Bosun Malia White reported the chief stewardess for having Valium and a vape pen on the boat, and Hannah was forced to sail away from the franchise ... for good.

It was one of the most dramatic scenes in the history of the series, largely because the spinoff focused on Ferrier. She was the Kate Chastain of this iteration.

In the years since her firing, Ferrier and Captain Sanday have exchanged jabs in the media, while Captain Lee of the original series has condemned Sandy's decision.

2. Hannah's Exit Resulted in Uproar

Hannah ferrier picture

There was much debate about whether Hannah was good at her job throughout her run, but the fan reaction to her firing was enough to declare her one of the biggest draws of the spinoff.

Ratings dipped the following season, but not enough for Bravo to reverse its decision and rehire Hannah.

3. Caroline Bedol - Below Deck

Caroline bedol on below deck
Caroline Bedol was one of the most memorable stewards on the beloved Bravo reality series.

The reason?

She went up against franchise mainstay Kate Chastain without a second thought.

Viewers watched in shock -- and horror -- as the pair went toe-to-toe for half a season.

Her tenure on the yacht came to an end when she decided it was time to quit after a series or injuries and arguments.

4. Caroline's Exit Was Shocking

Caroline bedol on below deck season 6

After declaring she would be giving up her job, Kate told her to pack her things and get off the boat.

In one of the most bizarre scenes of the series, Kate and Josiah blasted music through her locked room door to get her off the boat.

Yes, really.

5. Would Caroline Return?

Caroline bedol is shocked
Still, Caroline is not ruling out a return to the series in some capacity.

"I would have another go at the third-stew position," the Bravolebrity said on Reddit to a fan.

"Only because they would literally never attempt to eff with me again haha."

6. Andrew Sturby - Below Deck

Andrew sturby on below deck season 2
Andrew was one of the fresh faces of the second season of the hit series, but it was immediately clear the supposed deckhand had no clue what he was doing.

It turned out he lied on his resume to get on the show.

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Mark Howard, Below Deck Mediterranean Captain, Dead at 65

Mark Howard, the captain who led the Ionian Princess during season 1 of Below Deck Mediterranean, has passed away.

He was 65 years old.

The details behind this former realty star's death are complex and/or still coming in as we type.

But here is what we know so far...

Mark Howard

According to the Fernandina Beach Police Department, Captain Mark’s wife, Susan Howard, discovered her husband's body on Wednesday, October 27 after returning home from a trip.

The official report notes that there were “blood droplets on the floor that appeared suspicious in nature” alongside Captain Mark’s corpse upstairs in the room above the garage.

The late Bravo personality had “blood coming from the area of the right side of his face” and had seemingly died several days prior, the report states.

All we can really add at the moment is that the death was unexpected and sudden, per a family friend.

Mark Howard

Howard appeared on 13 episodes of the show's inaugural season in 2016.

He was a respected authority figure on the popular program, always maintaining a positive attitude when it came to the patrons -- yet also extremely close to all crew members.

Based on his biography on Bravo, Howarrd was a native of Michigan who had nearly 30 years of experience on boats.

He also had a pilot's license.

captain mark

Following the stunning news, Tiffany Copeland -- who worked with the late captain on the Bravo series -- told Us Weekly: “I just found out this morning.

The season 1 stew learned about Howard's passing from ex-cast member Brian Kattenburg.

“They were still close,” Tiffany said about the first officer’s bond with Captain Mark.

She also tweeted the following: “RIP Captain Mark Howard. You were a joy to be around."

captain howard

Dave Quinn, the author of Not All Diamonds and Rosé​, also confirmed the tragedy, tweeting on Friday:

“Sad news, Bravo fans. Captain Mark Howard — BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN’s season 1 captain — died on Thursday. May he RIP. #BelowDeckMed."

Below Deck Mediterranean is a major cable network hit, currently airing its sxth season..

The yachts featured on the show range from $140,000 to $300,000 per week, while Captain Sandy Yawn is now one of the main faces of the show, with an ever-growing presence on social media.

howard promo pic

Ahead of his small screen debut, Mark opened up about his experience working on season 1 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

“There’s more experience involved here,” he said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in May 2016.

“This is the pinnacle of charter yacht operation and the best of the best people go to the Med. We had some newbies, but we had a lot of experience as well.

"That really made a big difference in what we were able to do and the service we were able to provide for the charter clients.”

“Our thoughts and sincerest sympathies are with the family and friends of the respected Captain Mark Howard,” Bravo wrote in a statement on Friday.

“As the captain of the first season of Below Deck Med, he will always be remembered for his many contributions and mentorship and will forever remain part of the Bravo family.”

We send our condolences to the friends, family members and loved ones of Mark Howard.

May he rest in peace.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14: Meet the Cast!

The Braves may be in their first World Series since 1999, but now residents of Georgia have something to truly be excited about:

Production on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14 is underway.

And we know who will be included in the main cast!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14 twosome

Over the last several weeks, there has been an abundance of rumors concerning who may be in and who may be out.

Amid this chatter, Cynthia Bailey annnounced her departure.

And then Porsha Williams did the same a short while later.

While these were big names and while many viewers were likely sad to see Cynthia and Porsha go, we can now confirm that other well-known cast members are at least on board for upcoming episodes.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14 cast

Courtesy of a report in Variety on Monday, let's go over the returning and new cast members, shall we?

  • Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora will ALL be back for Season 14.
  • Shereé Whitfield is reprising her role as a full-time cast member.
  • Marlo Hampton, a longtime Friend of these women, will finally become an official member of the cast.
  • As for the only legitimate newbie? That would be track star Sanya Richards-Ross.

Richards-Ross is a four-time Olympic Gold medalist who previously starred on the WeTV show Sanya’s Glam and Gold... is married to former NFL cornerback Aaron Ross... and who once dropped a stunning abortion bombshell.

Marlo Hampton Picture

Variety also states that NeNe Leakes will not appear on Season 14.

Neither will Tanya Sam, who vanished from filming in Season 13 after she was accused of having a threesome with Williams and Bolo, the verry ripped and handsome stripper.

Nor will we see Latoya Ali, who bonded with Moore (until she didn’t) and who clashed with Sidora.

Finally, some readers may be disappointed to learn that Falynn Guobadia won’t be back this season, either, which is too bad because Williams is now engaged to Guobadia's ex-husband, Simon.

Sanya Richards-Ross Pic

As for those who peaced out early this fall?

"After much thought and consideration, I have made the very difficult and heartfelt decision not to return for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Bailey wrote on September 27.

She added:

"Thank you NBCUniversal, Bravo and Truly Original for over a decade of partnership. I can't wait to see what we do next!"

Porsha Williams Promo Pic

Just three days later, Williams echoed this sentiment.

"After ten life-changing, gratifying, incredible years, it is finally time to begin my next chapter," she wrote.

"This was a difficult decision to not only make, but also come to terms with. It's one I have put a lot of thought into and because of that, I know it's the right one.

"I want to thank Bravo, Truly Original, and Andy Cohen for this opportunity, and all the show's producers, editors, and assistants, for working tirelessly every day to create our show."

porsha statement

Concluded Williams back then:

"I have so much love and endless gratitude for my Bravo family and supporters. You've made the past decade a truly special one.

"One where I've dealt with unbelievable highs and unbelievable lows, and I can honestly say I would not have made it through some of them without the unconditional love and support I have gotten from all of you.

"Don't worry though, I'll be back on your TV very soon. I can't wait to share all of my exciting new endeavors with the world-beginning with the release of my memoir, The Pursuit of Porsha, out on November 16.

"As for the rest, you'll just have to wait and see! Love ya!"

Chris Pearson, Former Ex on the Beach Star, Dies in Stabbing

Chris Pearson, a cast member on the first season of MTV's Ex on the Beach, died over the weekend due to a stabbing in the San Fernando Valley.

TMZ was first to report this startling and tragic news. He was only 25 years old.

According to insiders quoted by the celebrity news website, Pearson was involved in this fatal altercation around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Chris Pearson

He was transported to a local hospital shortly after the confronation, but passed away from the injuries he sustained about an hour later.

Friends have already started a GoFundMe for the professional DJ's family in Colorado, referring to his death the result of a "tragic encounter," in the campaigns description, which reads in part:

ex on the beach cast

Chris was the one person that loved with his whole heart. He had so much love and energy to give to every single person he crossed paths with.

He wouldn't leave the room until he made sure every single person was happy. Chris was the most determined person there could ever be.

His smile lit up an entire room.

CP on TV

The basis of Ex on the Beach was to bring castoffs from other reality shows together ... but Pearson had no experience on the small screen at the time he come on board.

On the series, a pair of of Pearson's exes were brought on to confront Chris, who was sold as a vulnerable party boy, prompting the star to cry on camera over one his former flames.

Altogether, Pearson appeared on 11 episodes of the program.

ex poster

After getting away from television, Chris has established himself as a successful DJ.

Reads his bio from Ex on the Beach:

21-year-old Chris AKA Creatures Ferris is an international house DJ and a ladies’ man who boils everything in his life down to whether it’s “Gucci” or “Not Gucci."


Despite his apparent goofiness, Chris is a hopeless romantic who has fallen in love more than once, and had his heart broken as a result.

Needless to say, when Chris’s Ex arrives in the house, it will NOT be Gucci.

Can Chris’s Gucci-ness overcome the predicament he’s about to enter?

cp pic

Law enforcement sources have told TMZ that police are looking into the stabbing and consider it to be a "solvable case."

MTV's Taylor Selfridge, who played a role on Teen Mom, acknowledged her fellow MTV personality's passing on Monday.

She shared a sad face emoji and prayer hands.

The CP

Here is the way in which his GoFundMe Page concludes:

The only other thing that Chris loved more than his music was his family and friends. All Chris wanted was to make it far in life to help his family and make them proud.

Chris was taken from us way way too soon.

CP Picture

The Hollywood Gossip staff sends our thoughts to the friends, family members and loved ones of Chris Pearson.

May he rest in peace.

Sister Wives Season 16: Will the Browns Return to Utah?

“I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore. I don’t want to... It’s not enough.”

These were among the final words uttered by Christine Brown to close out Sister Wives Season 15, as the forlorn spouse expressed her discontent to fellow cast member Meri Brown.

No, Christine would not be moving back to Utah, despite her strong attempt at convincing the family just such a move was in everyone's best interests.

“I’m just tired. I need a partnership. I need something different than this," Christine added on air.

3 wives people

Talk about a cliffhanger, huh?!?

For several months, TLC viewers were left anxious because executives had not made a decision about the show's future.

Ratings have been falling of late, storylines had grown stale and Kody Brown had been coming across more unlikable than ever before.

Would the show get renewed? Would fans get to learn the fate of these four marriages, only one of which seemed to actually be working?

Sister Wives Poster 2021


TLC confirmed Sister Wives Season 16 would be a go in late August.

As you might expect, upcoming episodes -- which kick off on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c -- will pick up where the previous ones left off, focusing on the unhappy state of pretty much all Kody's unions.

Heck, are he and Meri even together anymore? It's hard to say.

Sister Wives Promo Poster

With such disdain and displeasure as the backdrop, TLC has also released an official Season 16 synopsis.

Where might future installments take this unusual family?

Will they still be a unit when 2022 rolls around? Willl they remain in Arizona or take Christine's advice and go back to their native state?

And will any progress ever be made on the property at Coyote Pass?!?

Janelle Brown Poster

Let's take a look at the TLC description, shall we?

Kody talks to each of his wives about Christine's desire to move to Utah and gets a resounding no from each of them.

When he tries to talk Christine out of it, she can't even have a conversation with him and walks out in tears.

A difference of opinions about COVID protocols creates tension between Janelle's family and Kody and Robyn.

4 Sister Wives

Despite the fact that Meri has no romantic relationship with Kody, she seems to be doing better and managing the drama within the family well.

As the family prepares to start building on their property, they are splitting apart at the seams over the upcoming holidays.

Both Janelle and Christine's families refuse to follow Kody's COVID rules.

Is the family not getting back together, even for the holidays? With tensions boiling over, more than one wife is questioning the future.

Sister Wives on an Episode

Can't say we blame them, based on the way Kody treats anyone not named Robyn.

Will you be tuning in for Sister Wives Season 16?

As noted above, it premieres on Sunday, November 21 on TLC.

Cynthia Bailey: Okay, Here’s the REAL Reason I Left The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

You want the truth?

Okay, fine.

Cynthia Bailey is not a Colonel in the movie A Few Good Men.

She thinks you can handle the truth.

Cynthia Bailey on The Real

The long-time Bravo personality announced a few days ago that she's leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, stating for the record:

"After much thought and consideration, I have made the very difficult and heartfelt decision not to return for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"Thank you NBCUniversal, Bravo and Truly Original for over a decade of partnership. I can't wait to see what we do next!"

Bailey's decision came amid a great deal of speculation over cast changes for 2022. 

Cynthia Bailey Selfie Alert

Cynthia has talked on The Wendy Williams Show just this past summer that her time as a series regular might be coming to an end.

"Thank you to my Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates for eleven of the most unbelievable years of my life; and the most incredible & UNFORGETTABLE memories!" she concluded a few days ago.

"I am so grateful to have had this amazing journey, and I am anxiously waiting to embark on new adventures.

"Most importantly, THANK YOU to my fans! I could not have done it without your blessings, love, and support."

Cynthia Bailey with a Smile

Is there more to this story, though?

"It's been an incredible journey and I have to be honest you guys, I'm happy but I'm also sad at the same time," Cynthia said E! News' Daily Pop on Friday, October 1.

"It's almost like 'what in the world, how did I do this for 11 years?' When I look back, even looking at the intro, I want to go back and watch all the seasons with me on it.

"Because when you live it, when you're a part of it, it's actually very difficult show to watch sometimes. It's a hard show to do.

"I feel like I did it, I did it my way and I made it out alive, with a brand and a whole husband."

Cynthia Bailey in 2020

Bailey told Williams a couple months ago that she didn't want to be fired from the show.

And she added here that the choice to walk away was a long time in the making.

"It was time, it was honestly time," the model continued.

"I had been thinking about it for a while, just the whole transition. I knew it wasn't going to last forever. I knew I didn't want to do it forever."

Cynthia Bailey on Instagram

An extended hiatus following Season 13, the understandable result of Covid-19, played a role in Cynthia's decision, she explained.

She also claims Bravo offered herr "Friend" status for Season 14.

"Ironically, I actually introduced the friend contract on the show, but that's neither here nor there," she said.

"And I thought, 'You know what? That may be a perfect way for me to transition. I don't have to commit completely fully to being a Housewife, and I can be a friend and kind of phase myself off the show.'

"And then I decided, you know what, cut the cord."

Cynthia Bailey in Shock

Did fairly new husband Mike Hill play any role in Bailey walking away?

"Listen, let me correct the streets," Cynthia fired back at this chatter.

"Mike has always been super supportive of me, for sure. At the end of the day, he wants me to do what is going to be best for me and what's happy for me...

"The reality of the situation is, I'm tired. I want to do something else. There's so many other things I can do."

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair

Just days after Bailey quit The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams did the same.

"After ten life-changing, gratifying, incredible years, it is finally time to begin my next chapter," wrote Williams on Instagram this week.

"This was a difficult decision to not only make, but also come to terms with.

"It's one I have put a lot of thought into and because of that, I know it's the right one."

The Bachelor Bombshell: Jesse Palmer to Host Season 26!

Jesse Palmer has accepted a rose from ABC.

In a manner of speaking, that is.

On Tuesday night, the network made the surprising announcement that the former series lead and current college football analyst would step in and host The Bachelor Season 26.

He'll be the first person to emcee this franchise other than Chris Harrison.

Jesse Palmer Picture

“For more than 20 years, The Bachelor has brought the world dozens of unforgettable love stories, including at one time, my own,” the ESPN personality said in a statement.

“Falling in love is one of life’s greatest gifts.

"I am humbled by the opportunity to return to the show as host this season to offer the newest Bachelor advice gained from firsthand experience.

"I am grateful to play a small part in his journey.”

Jesse Palmer Photo

Harrison, of course, stepped into scalding hot water during Matt James' run as The Bachelor in early 2021.

He awkwardly defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell after old social media posts of her surfaced in which she Liked photos of the Confederate Flag and bragged about attending a plantation-themed sorority party.

The long-time host apologized multiple times for the way he handled the situation and voluntarily stepped aside at the time.

A few months later, Harrison and executives agreed he ought to leave the show permanent... with sources claiming Harrison walked away with $25 million in hush money/buyout mone.

Chris Harrison Profile Picture

"I’ve had a truly incredible run as host of The Bachelor franchise and now I’m excited to start a new chapter," he wrote in June via Instagram.

"I’m so grateful to Bachelor Nation for all of the memories we’ve made together.

"While my two-decade journey is wrapping up, the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime."

Harrison has said next to nothing in public in the time since.

palmer in a tux

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams, meanwhile, came on board to host Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette, and will do the same this fall for Michelle Young.

Last week, numerous outlets confirmed that Clayton Echard -- a contestant on Young's upcoming season -- would anchor the next season of The Bachelor, which is expected to premiere in January.

You can meet the women he'll be selecting a fiancee from here:

Palmer, for his part, played quarterback at the University of Florida and was drafted in the fourth round of the NFL by the New York Giants.

He only played in 8 total professional games and compiled a 59.8 rating in the process.

More relevantly to The Bachelor, Palmer was front and center on Season 5.

He chose Jessica Bowlin as his winner, although the duo broke up shortly after the series aired and Palmer is now engaged to model Emely Fardo.

Jesse Palmer as a Model

Palmer has also hosted several reality shows over the years -- including The Proposal, Holiday Baking Championship and The Ultimate Surfer -- and seems to be a safe choice by producers.

Said ABC Entertainment and Warner Horizon this summer after the companies basically forced Harrison out:

“Chris Harrison is stepping aside as host of The Bachelor franchise.

"We are thankful for his many contributions over the past 20 years and wish him all the best on his new journey."

John Andrew Studdard: Will Duggar Cousin Star in His Own Spinoff?

According to a new report, television simply cannot quit the Duggars.

An insider has told The Sun that John Andrew Studdard, who is the adoptive son of Jim Bob Duggar'ss cousin, is now in talks to star in his verey own reality show.

For what possible reason?

That, we cannot confirm... or even try to comprehend.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Camera

TLC, of course, was in business with this polarizing family for years and years.

First, the network aired 19 Kids and Counting -- right up until Josh Duggar confessed to molesting his own sisters as a teenager and cheating on his wife and then producers pulled the plug.

Then, the network aired a spinoff titled Counting On -- right up until Josh Duggar was arrested on two counts of child pornography possess this past April.

One might say the guy has serious issues.

Josh Duggar Back in the Day

From what we can gather, TLC isn't necessarily the network behind this latest Duggar TV show proposal, with the aforementioned source telling the aforementioned outlet:

"John Andrew has been approached to possibly do something, but nothing is set. It would be about him navigating his life as an Asian American.

“You don’t see many Asian Americans on reality TV or in Hollywood in general. He wants the opportunity to change that.

"Growing up being the only Asian person has been a struggle for him."

John Andrew Studdard

Concludes this speculative report:

“He's ready to show his authentic self. Doing reality TV is something he wants to take over now that his family is off TV.”

To John Andrew's credit, he has used his platform over the years to promote various LGTBQ rights and bring awareness to Asian lives.

He was raised in a far less strict and conservative household than the children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and likely would bring a fresh perspective to the small screen.

all these duggar people

And yet: Do we really need anyone else associated with the Duggar family to be given his/her own television program?

John Andrew previously told The Sun that he “feels” for his relatives following the cancellation of Counting On.

“TLC will not be producing additional seasons of Counting On," said executives this spring, referring to Josh's enormous legal problems and adding at the time:

"TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately.”

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad

Said John Andrew shortly afterward:

“It’s sad. I reached out to one of the family members in May. But it’s probably best that they take a break from TV and settle their issues behind closed doors.”

The rumored reality star doesn't have any sympathy for Josh, however.

“I think anyone should have a consequence for doing something illegal and awful. What he did was very wrong," John Andrew continued.

Josh and Anna Throwback


Josh’s wife, Anna, who is pregnant with their seventh child, has been standing by her husband despite the heinous charges.

John Andrew sounds disappointed by this decision, but not stunned.

"I’m not surprised Anna is standing by him. Divorce is like a big no no for them," he said.

“I would never stay with anyone after that… I don’t know how they think."

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion CANCELED. Will the Show Be Next?

Reunited and it feels so good?

Not quite.

Not for The Real Housewives of New York City.

Quite the exact opposite, in fact.

ny women

Amid ongoing speculation that cast members on this long-running reality show do not get along - like, at all; in any way, shape or form -- Bravo has announced that there will be no Season 13 reunion.

This is an unprecedented step for The Real Housewives of New York City.

This is a step that forces fans to wonder if there will ever be any new episodes of the show again.


new yorkers

"Due to scheduling challenges around taping the reunion of The Real Housewives of New York City in a timely manner, Bravo confirmed there will not be a reunion for this season," a new spokesperson confirmed in a statement on Friday.

"It's disappointing to not be able to bring the cast back together.

"But we are happy to have ended on such a high note with the finale, and are now shifting our focus to next season."

As you can see, executives appear set on airing a new season in 2022.

The Real Housewives of New York City2

But even if this happens, a whole slew of changes will likely be afoot.

The current cast includes Eboni K. Williams, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Leah McSweeney and Sonja Morgan.

However, the addition of Williams (who is Black) has not been met with universal praise -- not after a season that some critics believed focused too much on race.

With ratings down these past several weeks, Williams has received the bulk of the blame... following a number of heated confrontations she had this year with her fellow Housewives in regard to their privilege and status.

The Real Housewives of New York City1

Producers made it clear in June, though, that Eboni isn't going anywhere.

"Bravo invited Eboni K. Williams as the first Black woman to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York to be her authentic self, which has brought a new perspective to the show," read a message this summer.

"We support Eboni in expressing her views, and we are proud that the show is addressing these important and relevant issues."

The Real Housewives of New York City2

In an interview with Variety published last month, meanwhile, Williams looked back on her experience on The Real Housewives of New York City.

At the time, she addressed reports that there wouldn't be a reunion due to supposed scheduling difficulties.

"I was told a time. I was told that we're having a reunion," she told the outlet.

"I was told what to wear to said reunion."

Eboni K. Williams Preps for WWHL

What happened since then?

We can't say for certain.

Nor can we predict the future of a once-stable and popular franchise.

"Things are in a complete state of panic amongst the cast of RHONY," an insider previously told The Sun, suggesting that Ramona was almost certainly gonna be fired.

Eboni K. Williams Sits With Ramona Singer

"There could be a complete revamp of the show. Three or more people may be fired," this report continued, concluding with a focus on Singer:

“People have been very vocal about their dislike for Ramona this season.

"It doesn’t make sense to have her on the show anymore.

"She has become completely unlikable."

Ramona Singer on Bravo Air

Production for season 14 isn't expected to begin until 2022.

Bravo, therefore, has plenty of time to arrive at a resolution for the mess it created in 2021.

Which stars do you hope get the axe and which do you want to see return?

Clayton Echard Named the Next Bachelor! But Who the Heck is Clayton Echard?!?


We have a winner.

It's just not the winner anyone or any outlet had previously anticipated.

Clayton Echard Picture

On Wednesday, following reports that the next Bachelor lead will come from the array of suitors about to compete for Michelle Young's heart this fall on The Bachelorette, Variety confirmed the followiing:

Clayton Echard has landed the gig!

This seemingly reliable update comes after E! News published photos from the set of a promotional shoot for next year's Bachelor season.

These photos were snapped in Missouri... and Clayton Echard hails from Missouri... and this website joined Variety in writing that he is almost assuredly a lock for the role in 2022.

Clayton Echard Photo

Echard will be introduced to viewers as a suitor on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

However, his biography has already been released by ABC -- and this is what we can verify about the aspiring husband:

He's a 28-year-old orthopedic sales representative who calls the town of Eureka, Missouri home.

Echard is a former college footballl player (just like Matt James), who even signed as an undrafted rookie with the Seattle Seahawks. 

Clayton Echard Shirtless

The ex-tight end refers to himself as a “washed-up athlete now trying his luck in orthopaedic sales,” according to his Instagram bio.

Clayton Echard is also a former freelance rapper. Which is simply amazing.

We know, of course, that he's set to vie for Young's heart later this year on ABC -- and that he won't be selected as her fiance in the end.

But -- The Bachelorette Spoilers Alert, we guess -- it's safe to assume Echard advances pretty far or else producers would not have selected Echard him for this job

Clayton Echard Pic

This marks a first for the franchise.

Never before has the network aired two seasons of The Bachelorette in one calendar year; and, as a result, never before have we known ahead of the premiere just which contestant would ba named the brand new Bachelor.

To be clear, neither ABC nor Warner Bros. has confirmed this Clayton Echard.

However, filming is complete for Young and we feel extremely confident in this report.

Clayton Echard in His Kitchen

Prior to this Bachelor bombshell, there was chatter that Greg Grippo would be searching for a wife on national television in 2022.

This, despite Grippo gaslighting Katie Thurston and making a selfish fool out of himself toward the end of the previous Bachelorette season by yelling and screaming and then straight up quitting.

There had also been informal votes on social media for past contestants Andrew Spencer and Michael Allio.

Heck, Tyler Cameron is now single and many fans were hoping to see him again on their small screen.

Before settling on Echard, sources tell Variety the network had met with other suitors from Thurston’s season and also the current of Bachelor in Paradise.

The future star, meanwhile, loves the outdoors and exercising, explaining via his LinkedIn bio:

“When I am not spending time in the OR, working on my MBA and/or working out, I enjoy hiking and biking on the nature trails around the Columbia area.

"I make it my duty to emphasize living a healthy lifestyle, therefore I exercise daily and am in the process of learning to cook healthy meals that also surprisingly have flavor!”

Clayton Echard on a Hike

Finally, has two brothers... and one fine looking body!

Check out photos of Clayton Echard above and then sound off:

What do you think of the next Bachelor?

Did ABC hit a home run? Or, to be more accurate in this case, did it score a touchdown?

Big Brother Recap: Did Tiffany Betray Her Alliance?

With 8 people in the house, the road to the final six is proving to be a turbulent endeavor for The Cookout.

The plan going into the HOH competition was for Derek F or Azah to win and put Alyssa and Claire on the block.

Derek F dropped during Thursday's live eviction, leaving the only contender for the Cookout to win being Azah.

Tiffany Mitchel as Head of Household

Unfortunately, Azah also dropped, leaving Tiffany and Azah to duke it out for the competition win.

Tiffany did not want Kyland in power with his third HOH win, and everyone else in the Cookout seemingly wanted someone other than Tiffany in power.

Tiffany secured the win, and it showed the cracks in the alliance.

Tiffany Mitchel for CBS

Her allies were mad because they didn't think she deserved to win. Yes, they would have rathered Kyland in power.

How can Tiffany be blamed if X is throwing competitions and Azah and Derek F can't make it to the end of them?

The strategy for the Cookout has always been strong, but in recent weeks, the cracks have been forming.

At least with Tiffany in power, she thought she could save Claire. Did anyone else expect her to put her own ally on the block when Alyssa would gun for Tiffany if she got the chance?

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

Derek F and Xavier were so mad with Tiffany that they didn't even sit in for her HOH room reveal. They stormed out like sulking children to whine about her.

Say what you will about Tiffany, but it can't be denied that she's playing the game.

Xavier is worried about losing Alyssa and depending on how she plays in the veto, we could still see Claire going out the door this week.

Alyssa made a surprisingly coherent pitch to Tiffany in that Tiffany would win the jury by a landslide against her, but the vote would be more split against anyone else.

Kyland Young on Big Brother

Still, Tiffany would not want to cut Claire so soon, especially if she could keep her for another week.

The wider issue for Tiffany is that the men in the Cookout want her gone, and it could be as soon as Thursday's double eviction.

Unless Hannah or Azah win during the double, there's a good chance Tiffany will see the block.

There's still a lot of game to be played before we get there.

Azah Awasum for CBS

Tiffany went the safe route and nominated Xavier and Alyssa, with the latter being the target.

Xavier could throw the POV to Alyssa for all we know.

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