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Big Brother Recap: Who Won All-Stars?

Big Brother's bumpy 22nd season concluded Wednesday with a finale that almost made up for recent episodes. 

We picked up in the aftermath of Nicole winning the first part of the final head of household, and it all came down to Cody and Enzo to compete in the second part. 

While finales are typically packed with filler, it seems even the producers wanted this season to be over because the competition kicked off early. 

Big Brother All-Stars Final Three

It was a convoluted competition, but it involved answering mental questions with a physical component stepping in when it came to answering. 

Cody has been winning these types of competitions all season long, so him winning part two was just par for the course at this stage. 

The shocker, however, was that Cody won with a time of five minutes while Enzo was way up at 37. 

Enzo immediately melted down, telling Nicole and Cody that they can go to Final 2 because they have been good competitors. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

The outburst came from nowhere, but it gave Nicole and Cody some food for thought as they weighed up their options at the end of the game. 

They were both unsure about who would benefit them the most at the end of the game. 

A jury check-in revealed what we all expected:

Everyone thought Cody played the best game overall, but there was some positivity for Nicole and Enzo. 

As a former winner, Nicole making it to the end would have been a good excuse for not making the big moves Cody did. 

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

Enzo got some good comments, but everyone felt like it would all come down to his strategy. 

A conversation between Nicole and Cody confirmed Cody was thinking of clipping Nicole should he win the final competition. 

The final part of the HOH kicked off, and Cody took an immediate lead in the competition, and emerged with the win. 

In the end, Cody cut Nicole ahead of the final vote, and she stormed out of the house, demanded to speak to a producer to get back into the house. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother All Stars

We're kidding, mostly. Nicole left the game in tears because she thought Cody would take her to the end. 

The Jury of nine unanimously voted to crown Cody the winner, with the only other unanimous vote in finale history coming during Big Brother 10. 

Julie then revealed that America's Favorite Houseguest was Da'Vonne, which is unsurprising when you think about it. 

Da'Vonne Rogers

That's another season of Big Brother in the can. 

Did the right person win?

Ariela Weinberg Debates Circumcision in 90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek: I Don’t Wanna Mutilate My Son!

On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, fans watched Ariela Weinberg give birth.

Now, it's almost time for her son's circumcision ... if Biniyam Shibre gets his way. Ari has real concerns.

"I knew he was always going to be circumcised," Ariela admits.

"But," she acknowledges, "I really feel like I'm taking away a choice for him in his life."

Well, it's hard to argue with that.

"This is his body," Ariela correctly states, "and he should be able to decide what he wants to do with it." 

Sounds like a good description of fundamental human rights.

However, Biniyam has his own ideas about what is "best" for their newborn son.

"It is good for him, for [the] baby now, if you cut him," Biniyam insists.

Possibly espousing the debunked theory that newborn babies do not feel pain, he adds: "He doesn't feel, like, too much." 

"Don't worry -- I'll decide for you," Biniyam then says, which is just ... never a smart thing to say to your significant other.

"I don't want him to hate me when he's older," Ariela explains.

She worries that her son might realize what was done to him and resent her "because he thinks I mutilated him or something."

Well, that would meet most definitions of mutilation, so the only thing up in the air would be how her son comes to feel about this irreversible cosmetic procedure.

"I don't feel good about it," Ariela expresses.

"But I know there's no way Biniyam would not let me do this," she adds, meaning to say that Biniyam will insist upon it.

"Certain people in my family would not agree with it," Ariela adds, "so I feel certain pressure to do it as well."

It sounds like Ariela is feeling torn between her love for her partner and for her father's side of the family and her love for her child.

Ariela has to go to the bathroom. 

When she returns, her son is being prepared to lose part of his genitals forever. In an adult, the foreskin would amount to 15 square inches of extremely sensitive tissue.

Ariela becomes increasingly nervous.

Biniyam seems irritated by her anxiety -- or perhaps by his own inability to understand it.

"This is how it's done," he complains. "I don't know why she is stressed."

It's very important to note that Biniyam, despite his obvious confusion over Ariela's distress, is not a stupid person by any means.

Not only is he communicating in a second language, but he has not been exposed to as many ideas and cultures. As a result he is set in his ways.

When you see the world only one way for most of your life and are not exposed to anything else, it might not occur to you think "wait, is this right?"

This is yet another example of Ariela and Biniyam seeming to be unprepared for major conversations that anyone should have shortly after pregnancy, if not before.

(We get it, this was an unplanned pregnancy, so it would be weird to discuss irreversible cosmetic genital mutilation of infants with a random hookup)

In fairness, this time, it looks like Ariela had previously been willing to go along with Biniyam's wishes, but seeing and bonding with her newborn is giving her second thoughts about doing this to him.

They will also have to continue to talk about Biniyam's desire to baptise their son within his church.

In addition to the usual ethical concerns of pledging a baby's soul to to a deity that the baby cannot understand let alone consent to, there is the demand that Ariela also convert, which she does not wish to do.

Biniyam believes that the baby could be at literal risk of literal damnation to literal Hell, so this is a complicated topic that they are unlikely to easily resolve. We'll watch all of that play out on the show!

Ariela weinberg debates circumcision in 90 day fiance sneak peek

The Bachelorette Recap: God, That Was Awkward…

Rose hunting season is officially open.

So uttered one of the contestants on The Bachelorette this week, as Clare Crawley went on her very first group date and it didn't take very long at all for things to get emotional, dramatic...

... and awkward.

Clare Crawley and One Suitor

To kick off the installment Riley, Jordan, Yosef, Ivan, Ben, Bennett, Zac C., Zach J., and Dale all went out with Clare.

The goal of the evening was to teach the men about the importance of love language --  so they meet Crawley at Romeo and Juliet-themed location to act out the different ways to express their feelings.

While the affirmation exercise centered on the men trying to find the right words, everything was taken up a notch when blindfolds got broken out.

What better way to demonstrate the physical language of love, right?

Talking to Dale Moss

"Obviously, we all are deprived of physical touch during quarantine, so this was a love language I was ready for," Clare said of all the groping.

It was evident right away, though, to everyone present, that Clare really just wanted to be touched by Dale Moss, who earned last Tuesday's first impression rose.

"The hardest part about this group date is seeing other guys hug her and stuff," Ivan said on air. "That's completely brand new."

Perhaps because she seemed so smitten with Dale right away, no one approached Crawley during the subsequent cocktail hour.

Clare Crawley and Dale

"Does anybody want to step up to the plate?" she said after an awkward silence. "Don't everyone jump at once."

Bennett did eventually jump, but the general snub was apparent.

When Yosef offered to "speak for the group," Clare quickly shut him down.

"If you guys all want to hang out with each other, you can do that and I can go home and go to bed. At the end of the day, I'm a woman and I want my man to show me he cares.

"The truth of the matter is, it just hurt me."

Blindfolded on The Bachelorette

Dale, of course, felt awful that his potential soulmate experienced any pain at all.

"You shouldn't feel like that," he said. "I feel like s--t knowing you felt like that. I never want you to feel like that when you're around. Never again will I restrict how I feel."

Eventually, the moment blew over -- but not before Yosef called Clare "crazy" for thinking she wasn't wanted -- and Clare went about her night, spending individual time with each of the suitors.

She ultimately decided to give Riley the group date rose.

annoyed clare

From there, it was time for Jason to go on a one-on-one date with The Bachelorette.

"To open up and share your deepest darkest secrets, that's when I get scared," he said about being asked to write a letter to his younger self. "I don't like that."

At one point, while sitting by the fire, Jason did get candid up about his past, revealing he has a tendency to avoid commitment after watching his parents fight while growing up.

Clare, who was proud of him for being so honest, offered him the rose.

clare sitting

For the second group date, the men played strip dodgeball -- yes, strip dodgeball -- and only members of the winning team could proceed to that night's cocktail hour.

"She might see my man goodies tonight," Demar quipped. "If that happens, that's the Lord's will, right?"

The red team won and most blue team participants went back home with their heads held high and their hands covering their privates.

Except for Blake Moynes.

blue team

He crashed the cocktail hour because he wanted more time with Clare.

"I wanted to come in here and really show balls," he said about breaking the rules.

"I'm here for you and I'm going to these uncomfortable places internally to show you that. I know I'm going to take a bunch of heat for this, but I just don't really care that much."

The men got pissed, Blake got thrown out -- and then Brandon went and got himself tossed as well.

"I don't really know anything about you," he told Clare. "I don't obviously know you on a personal level. You're just so beautiful, and I wanted to get to know you."

This seemed like a pretty honest and understandable admission, but it didn't sit well with Crawley.

"I don't think people have to know me on a personal level, but there's a lot of guys here who say they like my drive, they like what I have to offer," she replied.

"I have a really great group of guys here and I think I'm going to have to focus more on them. I don't think I want to pursue this anymore."

And, just like that, Brandon was kicked off the show.

talk with brandon

Meanwhile, back at the residence, Yosef was pissed about the dodgeball date.

"My number one value is, have respect for myself and my daughter," he told the other men.

"I don't want her turning on the TV and seeing her dad's ass. It just seemed classless. There have been a couple of red flags and it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth."

He planned to bring up this issue with Clare at that night's get-together, but she pulled Blake aside instead.

Blake Moynes

"I wanted to pull you aside because I truthfully didn't expect you to show up last night," she told him.

"It was something that, again, I thought was amazing of you to do. I don't want you to worry. I don't want you to question anything."

Moynes therefore earned a rose for his actions.

"Everything you are doing is so right," Clare said. "I want you here."

The episode ended without a rose ceremony, with viewers kept in suspense... and wondering when Tayshia Adams will make her debut.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Armando Rubio’s Mom Doesn’t Want to Attend His Wedding to Kenneth Niedermeier

We watched Armando announce his engagement to his family on this week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Now it's time for him to talk about wedding plans with his mother ... and it's not going well.

Oh no. This looks awkward and painful.

In this sneak peek for Sunday's new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Armando Rubio has a seat with his mother to do as she asked.

She told him that she wanted him to talk to her first about things, so that's what he's doing about wedding plans with his fiance, Kenneth Niedermeier.

"Tell me the truth. Were you surprised when I told you we got engaged?" Armando asks his mother.

She admits: "I was surprised because I didn't expect it."

"You didn't even hint about it," she accused.

"I told you, I am your mother," she reminded him. "You must always tell me things first."

It is clear to Armando and to viewers that this has less to do with the surprise and more to do with the fact that it's a surprise related to Armando's sexuality.

This is a painful moment, but Armando's not hiding how he feels about it.

"I can tell my mom's not thrilled still about hearing that Kenny and I are engaged," Armando sadly shares to the camera.

"Her telling me that she would have preferred I told her in private shows me that she's still struggling with it," he observes.

Heartbreakingly, Armando adds: "I think in some ways maybe she feels embarrassed that I'm gay."

"She needs to learn how to accept me without worrying what anybody says, thinks, or who is around," Armando correctly emphasizes to the camera.

Armando came out to his family early this season, but it was not the first time.

He had previously been outed to his family -- by his late ex-wife, no less -- but was then forced back into the closet. No one should have to live a lie.

When Armando begins to speak to his mother about his and Kenneth's plans for a wedding, she reacts with astonishment.

Apparently, she imagined that if they were married, they would simply fill out paperwork and be done with it.

Translation: she had hoped that it would be something easy to hide and not something that she or others might have to either attend or decline attending.

"We want to celebrate it," Armando says as he for some reason finds himself having to explain the concept of weddings, like his mother is new to the concept.

"Like any other couple when they love each other and they get married," he continues.

Armando then states, again as if speaking to a preschooler instead of a grandmother who is familiar with the concept: "It's a very important day."

Armando then has to ask multiple times if she will attend her own son's wedding.

"I want it to be a happy day," Armando emphasizes..

"I want to have full support from you and from and the family," he explains, "So I can feel complete." In this sneak peek, she does not give a verbal answer.

Armando rubios mom doesnt want to attend his wedding to kenneth

RHOC Ratings Plunge 25% as Fans Boycott Kelly Dodd

The Season 15 premiere of RHOC was actually pretty good, culminating in a tearful confession from Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

But a nosedive in ratings has Bravo scratching their heads. Do viewers miss Vicki and Tamra, or do they just hate Kelly Dodd?

Kelly Dodd Doesn't Know What to Say

Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered this week, and the ratings were, to put it bluntly, bad.

Since Season 6, only one episode of the show has had lower viewership than the Season 15 premiere ... and it was Part 1 of the Reunion for Season 14.

Ratings and how they are compared are complicated, so we'll lay it all out for you, with all of Season 14's ratings for context.

RHOC Season 14 ratings

The Season 14 premiere had 1.42 million viewers.

The (pre-reunion) Season 14 finale episode had 1.24 million.

The very last episode of that season, Part 3 of the Reunion, had 1.03 million viewers.

RHOC Season 15 season premiere ratings

The season premiere of Season 15 had 1.05 million viewers.

If you look at the dropoff from 1.24 million to 1.05, it doesn't look like that hefty of a loss, especially in 2020 -- it's a weird time for television.

And if you compare Part 3 of Season 14's Reunion special to the Season 15 premiere, viewership actually goes up a little -- 1.03 to 1.05.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Listens in Astonishment

But we don't look at season premieres and season finales through the same lens.

With rare exceptions, you expect more people to tune in for a season premiere, conventional wisdom saying that they either lost interest or have resolved to "catch up" later.

Most of the time, when measuring the health of an ongoing series, you compare season premieres to season premiere.

Shannon Beador Feels Betrayed

Doing that with Season 14 and Season 15, you witness a drop of 370,000 viewers -- the population of a large American city, vanishing from one season to the next.

There is always a chance that some of these viewers will return as the season goes on.

But at the moment, it looks like a solid percentage of people have just ... lost interest in viewing one of Bravo's flagship series. Why?

Emily Simpson is Listening

The most obvious difference between Season 14 and Season 15 is that, for the very first time, Vicki Gunvalson is not part of the cast.

She is the OG of the OC. She has been part of this franchise since its inception.

And she's not the only one who's gone. Tamra Judge, after 12 years on the show, also took her leave after turning down Bravo's insulting "Friend" offer.

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Dine Without Drama

A lot of people have grown to actively hate Vicki and Tamra over the years, and were on social media (and even in their mentions) celebrating their departure from the show.

But it may be that even more fans are sad to see them go and aren't invested in watching what the show is like without them.

Whether we're talking about politics or TV ratings, it's so important to remember that social media does not reflect how the broader world feels.

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Filming After RHOC Exit

Vicki has been a mainstay on the series, and it may turn out that dropping an OG from the show was a mistake.

Few of us can imagine RHONY without Kyle Richards. And we have no idea what RHOA will look like without NeNe Leakes.

However, though there is much to be said about Vicki and Tamra, maybe this ratings slump has less to do with what's missing ... and more to do with who's still there.

Kelly Dodd in a Drunk Wives Matter Hat

Kelly Dodd has spent 2020 lashing out at fans, followers, and countless others, signaling her malice again and again on social media.

She said that the COVID-19 pandemic was "God's way of thinning the herd" as Americans died in hospital hallways.

She mocked the death toll, told outright lies about the virus, made false comparisons to the flu, and spread dangerous misinformation about COVID and masks that got her posts censored on Twitter.

Kelly Dodd Mask-Free Bridal Shower

Kelly flauted safety guidelines again and again. She also condemned heroic Black Lives Matter protests as "terrorism in America" when her Fox News fiance (now husband) showed her his network's propaganda.

Viewers and fans expect Housewives to be over-the-top or even toxic people. They expect to see personality disorders that make people entertaining to watch.

But as calls to fire Kelly and to boycott the show while she's on it have grown, it's clear that fans draw the line at a genuinely evil person. Maybe we're seeing that boycott in action with these numbers.

June Shannon: I’m Sober Enough to Be Back on TV!!!

Some fans are worried about whether June Shannon can stay sober on her family's show. Others wonder if it's even coming back.

June is offering some reassurances that both she and her show are coming back ... but not as soon as fans hope.

June Shannon Shares Some Good News

This week, Mama June Shannon took to Instagram to address questions posted by some of her curious fans.

She also wanted to give people a little update on how she is doing -- with her life and with her sobriety.

When June allowed fans to pose questions, one follower of course inquired if her family's show is returning for another season on WEtv.

June Shannon Singing

"Yes," June confirmed on Instagram, "the show is coming back."

In fact, this isn't hypothetical -- as the show has begun to film.

"Production did start last week," she detailed.

June Shannon Does Yoga

Given what time of year it is, however, fans shouldn't hold their breath for a season premiere any time too soon.

June confirms that the show is in production "but we're not coming back until 2021."

"So," the grandmother expresses, "it is what it is."

June Shannon in a Mask

Obviously, last season, June was not a cooperative participant for most of the season, only showing up a couple of times.

This time, it seems, things will be different.

"And will I be back?" June asks before answering the very popular question: "Yes, I will."

June Shannon Does Not Know What to Expect

Last season, June let down her family, and not for the first time.

Instead of going to rehab as she had planned, she ghosted.

Refusing to return her family's messages, June seemed more interested in her boyfriend and drugs than in getting her family back.

June Shannon Breaks Down

Her downward spiral with Geno Doak continued for months.

Sadly, there were times in late 2019 and very early 2020 when many feared that the next piece of news about June would be the last.

Geno confessed that he and June managed to spend $150,000 in just six months ... every cent of it going to crack cocaine.

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

But downward spirals eventually have to end, one way or the other.

Fortunately, June's ended with the realization that she had lost all control over her life -- and lost her family and career in the process.

She set about fixing up her life, working on her sobriety and repairing a missing tooth.

June Shannon at the Dentist

Part of the key to her new sobriety journey was having a traveling companion, so to speak.

Just as Geno had been part of June's extended drug binge, he was part of her recovery.

In fact, new photos of Geno that circulated in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic gave fans reasons to hope.

Geno Doak Bares His Arms

Fans asked if suddenly seeing photos of him in short sleeves and putting on weight meant that he was no longer covered in fresh track marks and was taking better care of himself.

In response, Geno hinted that they were right.

Needle marks are conspicuous, but less so when someone stops shooting up. And weight gain can be a very promising sign that someone's life no longer revolves around a needle.

June Shannon: I'm Feeling Great!

June has recently revealed that she is now nine months sober.

Her return to reality TV may end up testing her, however, because with a return to TV comes a renewed flow of income.

Hopefully, June will stick to her sobriety journey. Besides, she's going to need that income in order to buy a new house.

Kenneth Niedermeier Meets Armando Rubio’s Family on 90 Day Fiance

On Sunday, October 11, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns for the rest of Season 2.

In this sneak peek, we see fan-favorite couple Kenneth and Armando meet up with Armando's family for the first time since their engagement.

This anxious clip of Sunday's episode begins with Kenneth and Armando in the car together.

Kenneth is driving and Armando is so nervous that he is physically showing signs of anxiety, including getting uncomfortably warm.

He loves Kenneth and, though he knows that his family loves him, he fears that they will reject him when they see him with his partner.

Armando's freakout is understandable, but Kenneth is quick to remind him that it's not necessarily realistic.

Kenneth does admit: "It's a lot riding on both of our shoulders that this goes well."

But when they drive up to the house, Kenneth points out to Armando that a whole bunch of people who love him are there.

"Okay," Kenneth says, "that's a lot of people."

"They're all looking," he observes," and they're all lined up.

But Armando still has his concerns, having only just come out as gay to his family a very short time ago.

"It's a very difficult moment," Armando describes to the camera.

He explains: "I'm concerned that when my parents see us, they might not be as accepting or kinda backtrack on everything."

"But," Armando affirms, "not accepting him is not accepting me."

Armando's young daughter, Hannah, has been staying with family while Armando made the trek up to their new home and got things set up.

She runs delightedly to Armando, jumping into her father's arms.

Hannah then runs over to give Kenneth a hug -- having met him before they were filming, and likely spoken to him multiple times over voice chat.

"It was just wonderful seeing her again," Kenneth beams.

"It's all worth it to just see her shine and to just hug her and just love her," he adds.

Kenneth already raised four children, all of whom are now adults. He's a grandfather. He is also prepared to love and provide for Hannah.

Armando's mother, Virginia, is a little less warm.

Though we see her shake Kenneth's hand with a smile, her husband is conspicuously absent from the gathering.

She explains to Armando that his father is not there because he was "tired." Even I, rusty in my Spanish, heard her say "cansado."

To Armando's face, she says that his father is merely a little tuckered out.

It's not very convincing. Not to us, and likely not to Armando.

Speaking to the camera, the truth makes itself known as she expresses how she and likely Armando's father feel.

"When I saw my son, Armando, I was very happy," Virginia says.

She then confesses: "But seeing Armando with a man ... it's something strange but ... I don't know."

We know: it's called homophobia.

Yes, the first step to overcoming a prejudice is to admit that you have it.

But it's similarly understandable for people to feel downright uncomfortable hearing someone admit to bigotry, especially towards their own son and his partner.

That she is older and perhaps from a conservative area are explanations, but of course not excuses. There is never an excuse for homophobia.

Kenneth niedermeier meets armando rubios family on 90 day fiance

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Who’s In? Who May Be Out?

Are you ready for the ultimate cast shake-up?

Over the last few days, rumors have started to ramp over in regard to which cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be on their way out -- and which may be taking their place.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fight

At this point, you knoow where it starts, right?

Denise Richards.

The actress and polarizing personality announced in early September that she will not be returning to the franchise, not after she spent many months on air staving off attacks from Brandi Glanville and her co-stars.

Few viewers out there were surprised by this decision, however.

Denise Richards Cries Hard

About two weeks after Richards chose to move away from reality television, Teddi Mellencamp confirmed that she was being forced out by Bravo.

"I recently found out that my contract as a Housewife is not being renewed," the cast member said in a moment of honesty last month, adding:

"It feels like a breakup, almost. 

"Because you develop such strong relationships with the cast, with the crew. And you get to do incredible things that you probably never get to experience without the show."

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Pic

So there you have it: Teddi is out and Denise is out.

Might two other mainstays be joining these ladies on the sidelines?

Both Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne have removed "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" from their Instagram bios, prompting quite a bit of speculation from followers.

The former has been a regular on the series since Season 5, while the latter has been doing her thing on air since Season 6.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills duo

For whatever it's worth, Erika no longer has anything in her bio right now, while Rinna's lists everything but the Bravo program:

“Actress, Host, NY Times Best Selling Author, Wife of Harry Hamlin, Mother of two beauties, designer of the Lisa Rinna Collection on QVC - United Talent Agency."

We'll keep a close eye on these women and their social media machinations in order to keep readers as well apprised as possible of their futures on the series.

As for who might take their place if they do leave? Or who might come on board with Richards and Mellencamp out of the picture? 

Lisa Rinna Tells It Like It Is at the Season 10 Reunion

Glanville claims that Kathy Hilton is already on board.

On Brandi’s newest episode of her Unfiltered podcast, the 47-year-old alleged that Kathy is “coming on” to star on the next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season.

“I talk to Kim [Richards] I talk to Kyle. [Lisa] Rinna and I text. I’m friends with Sutton [Stracke],” Brandi said on this podcast episode, adding:

“I’m friends with Kathy, Kathy Hilton is coming on, I’m friends with all of them."

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richarrds

The 61-year-old socialite is mother to Paris Hilton and the half-sister of Kim and Kyle Richards.

She won't be a full-time cast member next season, though, Glanville says. She'll simply be a "friend of...," just like Brandi was this past season.

“I think it’s already out there, so I’m hoping I’m not spilling anything," Brandi said.

"I think that’ll be interesting because it’s always interesting to have a family dynamic."

Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick and Kathy Hilton

According to TMZ, Hilton was offered a regular role on the franchise, but she's actually the one who doesn't want to commiit full-time.

It will be easier to make cameos, a source has told Page Six of Hilton's thinking, because part-timers don’t have to take part in the grueling postseason reunion specials, which take several days to produce.

Oh, and also for the record:

Kris Jenner will NOT be joining the cast.

The Real Housewives of Orange County: Everything to Know About Season 15!

They're coming back, folks.

Yes, even Kelly Dodd.

orange women

Despite a nationwide push to get Dodd fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County -- due to her an onslaught of insensitive and dangerous comemnts -- this veteran reality star is booked for Season 15 of this long-running franchise.

She and her colleagues will return to the air on October 7 at 9/8c on Bravo.

What can we expect from these women over the next several weeks?

The network has released a teaser descriptions for each cast member, all of which we've posted down below.

Ready for an early glimpse of what's ahead for Dodd and company? Let's do this...

Shannon Storms Beador

Shannon Storms Beador

Shannon starts the year off in complete bliss with her boyfriend, John, and a new place to call home for her and her three daughters in Newport.

As the sole member left in the Tres Amigas, Shannon makes peace with Kelly, but quickly gets herself into hot water with a few of the ladies.

When the news of coronavirus hits, it brings her anxiety to an all-time high and causes tension between her and John when a division arises over house rules with the kids during lockdown.

Shannon’s worst fears eventually come to fruition when she learns that along with her three daughters, she too has contracted COVID-19.  She documents their journey to recovery on her cell phone.


Kelly Dodd

Starting the year off on a high following her engagement to Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal, Kelly is eager to settle into their new home in Newport as she waits for him to officially get transferred to the L.A. bureau.

During stay-at-home orders, Kelly makes waves among the ladies when she jet-sets around the country visiting New York City, the Hamptons, and Miami.

As the election looms, Kelly’s political beliefs and tone-deaf jokes threaten her relationships with the women.

Gina Kirschenheiter

Gina Kirschenheiter

After a difficult year, Gina is happier than ever as she moves into her new townhome with her boyfriend, Travis, and their combined six children.

Tensions with the ladies arise when she hears that some of the women are criticizing her new home. Trying her best to co-parent, Gina celebrates her daughter’s birthday and invites her ex-husband and his new girlfriend.

Meanwhile, she faces a tough decision regarding her ex-husband that could change the dynamic of her family. With the coronavirus shutting down schools,

Gina faces new challenges as she struggles to homeschool the kids while facing criticism for not joining the ladies for a "quarantine happy hour."

Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson

With a new hip and outlook on life, Emily experiences a rebirth in her marriage with Shane.

She even lets “fun Emily” out and finds an unexpected ally in the group. When she is presented with an opportunity to design a bathing suit, she dives headfirst to pursue her true passion.

While in quarantine, Emily and Shane really lean on each other when times get tough, ultimately testing the true strength of their marriage.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke pic

Braunwyn Windham-Burke

2020 is a year of renewal for Braunwyn as she moves into a new 8,000-square-foot home in Newport, celebrates 20 years of marriage to her husband, Sean, and embarks on a new journey of her own.

During the lockdown, Braunwyn settles into parenting seven children without the help of her nannies and housekeepers.

From supporting her son Jacob’s desire to dress in drag to addressing the children’s anxieties, Braunwyn has her hands full as she strives to give each child individual attention.

As she opens up to the women about her past, she finds a common bond with new housewife Elizabeth, yet struggles to see eye to eye with some of the other ladies over her participation in local protests and her political views.

And when the ladies learn that Braunwyn’s friend Shari spends nearly every day with her during quarantine, they begin to question her choices.

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Elizabeth is welcomed to the group through Kelly, who she has known for a few years from the Newport party circuit.

Born and raised in Missouri, Elizabeth always dreamed of living a life of luxury on the beaches of Orange County and with the help of her soon-to-be ex-husband, her dream has become a reality.

Currently a CEO of an online music company, Elizabeth is ambitious, outspoken, and ready to have fun.

As she deals with her ongoing divorce, her lifestyle as well as her complex and sexless relationship with boyfriend Jimmy creates a lot of speculation from the women and they start to scrutinize who she really is.

Big Brother Recap: Who Framed David?

If you were hoping the Committee's grip on the game was coming to an end, then we have some bad news. 

Memphis won the latest Head of Household competition, marking his second time in power this season, but the seventh overall for the dominant alliance in the game. 

Yep, we're in for another boring week in the Big Brother: All-Stars house, and that is all thanks to pre-game alliances. 

David on Big Brother: All-Stars

They have ruined the fun of what should have been a banner season of this veteran reality series. 

You know the season is rough when the biggest drama in the Sunday episode was from earlier in the week. 

David, as we already know, voted with Da'Vonne and Kevin to allow to make it 5-3 vote against Ian. 

The plan was for Nicole to vote with them to force Dani to break a tie, but Nicole and Dani schemed ahead of the vote because David was running his mouth about the then-HOH. 

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

Nicole, a former winner, is playing an excellent game. She's won zero competitions, but her social game is on point. 

Ultimately, her success or failure will all come down to whether she can start winning things when it comes to the alliance taking shots at each other. 

Nicole built trust with Da'Vonne, and the latter thought that David was the one to not vote with the plan. 

It made for a lot of drama, but it was rather uncomfortable to watch. Da'Vonne always seems to align herself with the wrong people. 

Ian terry

She's found herself on the block already and lost her best friend in the game, so she thought she was going to be on the right side of this vote. 

David has been struggling to be trustworthy in the game, and that's why it was easy for Da'Vonne to believe Nicole voted with her than David. 

Nicole played it up well for the cameras, but David's persistence started to make Kevin think that he was telling the truth. 

If Da'Vonne and Kevin find out and gun for Nicole and Dani, it could make things interesting. 

Da'Vonne Rogers

Memphis made a deal with David, but the way he went about it was absurd. Telling David not to win the POV, and he would be in an alliance was dumb. 

It was dumber that David believed it because Memphis made it clear in the Diary Room that David is his target. 

Ahead of the nominations, we got the new Have-Not picks for the week, with Da'Vonne choosing Christmas and David choosing Cody. 

Neither of the new have-nots were happy and made that known to the others. What did they expect? It's a freaking game. 

Memphis on Big Brother

In the end, Memphis nominated Da'Vonne and Kevin for eviction, but with the veto up for grabs, Memphis will want to get his target on the block for eviction. 

What do you think of the plan to frame David? Was it genius or cruel?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c.

Big Brother Recap: Who Became the First Member of the Jury?

With Dani in power, it was a very different week in the Big Brother house. 

While the Committee continued to be in power for the sixth week in a row, Dani was unsure about which direction to take her nominations in. 

We already knew that David saved himself with the BB Basement power, and Da'Vonne went on to win her first competition in three seasons, leading to Kevin escaping the block. 

Tyler and Ian on the Block

That meant our final noms of the week were Tyler and Ian -- two big brother greats. 

Could you imagine if Dani wanted to nominate Christmas? That would have meant she would have had to nominate a fifth person in one week. 

Yep, it's a bloody week in the Big Brother house, but it may be too late to save this season.

Nicole, aka the professional victim, was upset about Ian being on the block and almost flooded the house with her tears. 

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

At least, that's what the episode would like us to believe. If you frequent the Big Brother live feeds, Nicole has made fun of Ian's autism and has just been a terrible friend. 

The only reason she could possibly be upset about Ian leaving is that she will be the only winner still in the house and will have a big target on her back. 

That probably explains why she got scheming to try to keep Ian in the house. In the process, she wanted to evict someone from her alliance. 

That did not go unnoticed, with Cody trying to bring her back down to reality, and Memphis wondering whether the alliance was as solid if Nicole was being that persistent. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

Dani wasted no time in telling Nicole that Ian would be going home and that she didn't want to have to break a tie. 

In the Diary Room, Nicole said it was time for Tyler to go because they didn't know if there would be another time he would be on the block. 

What Nicole didn't seem to understand, though, was that an alliance has kept her safe for weeks, despite her not winning any competitions. 

Nicole is a big target, as well as Dani, and they will probably be on the block come next week if they don't slide in to power. 

Tyler Crispen

When it came to the eviction, it seemed like there was hope for Ian. 

Da'Vonne, Kevin, and David all voted to evict Tyler, while Christmas, Enzo, Cody and Memphis voted to send Ian to the jury house. 

It all came down to Nicole, who chose to send him packing. 

Ian held zero grudges when he exited the house, but Tyler and Nicole exposed the Committee to him in their goodbye messages. 

A battle back could derail their games if Ian returns. 

Oh, and Julie said that a Big Brother legend will be moving into a house next door, so that might make this lame season watchable. 

Darcey Silva Confronts Florian’s Side Piece on Darcey & Stacey

We have all been asking if Florian Sukaj cheated on Stacey Silva ... and the answer is looking grim.

In this teaser for Darcey and Stacey, seeking answers only leads Stacey to heartbreak.

Florian has moved from Albania to Connecticut.

His goal was to be with Stacey.

The way that this coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic means that, well, he's not exactly going anywhere any time soon.

However, that is not to say that things have been smooth sailing for Florian and Stacey.

No one in her family trusts Florian.

Especially after the found photos of Florian with another woman on social media.

Even her father was initially skeptical of the photos, figuring that their must be an explanation if he's posting them.

But when Darcey explained to him that no, the woman posted the cozy looking pics, he faltered.

Everyone wants answers -- and Darcey wants to look out for her twin.

So, in this teaser for the rest of the season, Darcey reaches out to this woman over FaceTime.

"This is becoming a very, very draining situation," she admits.

Darcey continues: "And I just want to know what happened."

"Just keep it simple, honey," Darcey asks of the woman at one point.

At this line, the woman hits back: "I am not your honey, OK?"

"And," the woman declares, "it's not my fault that Florian's sugar want to taste my honey."

Darcey is shocked, and asks: "Sugar?"

The woman's metaphor is an odd one, but everyone understands her meaning -- including Darcey.

Whether Florian sealed the deal or not is unclear, but it seems obvious that the woman is claiming that he wanted to bone her.

Stacey can be seen breaking down over this situation.

"What is happening right now?" she asks her twin through sobs.

Stacey confesses: "I want to believe him."

Of course, it's no surprise to anyone that Stacey is not the only Silva twin having trouble with her hunky boy toy.

"I'm too old to have to be worrying about other bitches," Darcey expresses to Georgi.

In turn, he expresses frustration and clearly doesn't want to talk about this anymore.

It's then Darcey's turn to have a breakdown in Stacey's arms.

These trust issues betwen her and Georgi aren't going away any time soon.

And Darcey looks to the future ... and things are looking uncertain or even bleak.

"I want to build a life," Darcey announces. "I want to build a future."

It is hard to look forward to that when there is nothing but drama.

"I'm sick of it," she expresses. "I'm f--king tired of it."

Towards the end of the teaser, Darcey tells the camera that she has been harboring a huge and possibly dark secret.

"There's one thing that's come to the surface being in quarantine with Georgi," Darcey confesses to the cameras.

She admits: "I haven't said anything to anybody -- not even you guys." The teaser does not divulge Darcey's secret, so we'll have to watch to find out, and you'll have to keep up with THG's coverage.

Stacey silva confronts woman who cheated with florian

Dancing with the Stars Premiere: The Partners! The Scores! The Awkward Debut of Tyra Banks!

Dancing with the Stars kicked off Season 29 on Monday night...

... via a commercial that featured the family of Carole Baskin's missing husband asking for leads about his whereabouts.

Yup: things looked rather different this year on the ABC franchise.


Baskin, of course, starred on the Netflix documentary Tiger King and is widely believed to have murdered Don Lewis in 1997.

Early on in the premiere, an ad appeared across the screen that depicted Lewis’ daughters, Gale, Lynda and Donna, his attorney John Phillips, and his former assistant, Anne McQueen, asking for any information that would help them find the missing millionaire.

“We need to know what happened to our father,” his oldest daughter, Donna, said in the footage.

“Do you know if Carole Baskin was involved?” the lawyer asked, adding that the family is offering a $100,000 reward for information.

Carole Baskin for DWTS

So... that was awkward.

And so was the debut of Tyra Banks as host.

Taking over for Tom Bergeron, the former lead of America's Next Top Model appeared very nervous and stiff, messing up many words, reading off a teleprompter and asking basically the same question of every contestant after his or her video package aired.

Is it too late for Bergeron and producers to make up and for Tom to take back over?

Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars

As for the tandems, which were finally revealed on Monday? And who leads the competition after opening night?

We gotta start with Baskin, right?

Teamed with Pasha Pashkov, the polarizing reality star and alleged killer danced to Eye of the Tiger (because of course she did) and earned a combined 11 points.


carole on dwts

Dancing a Jive, meanwhile, AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke were the first couple to take the dance floor.

The Backstreet Boys singer scored a six from all three judges and walked away wiith a total of 18.

Not awful for his first-ever effort on the program.


On the flip side, Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko struggled.

The Selling Sunset star came across as anything but natural during her Tango.

She was anxious. She was nervous. She stumbled a bit.

She scored a total of 13 points.

Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko

Vernon Davis and Peta Murgatroyd Foxtrotted on the premiere.

The former came across as charismatic and, well, extremely strong, putting his muscles to use during the performance.

They got 17 total points.

Vernon Davis and Peta Murgatroyd

On the Salsa front, Jeannie Mai and Brandon Armstrong were full of pep and energy.

And lime green outfits.

There were also two lifts on the pair's way to 18 points.


Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe displayed a whole lot of joy for their Cha Cha, with the latter clearly leading the way... but that's to be expected, right?

It was a strong debut for the team and it also earned them a six from all panelists.

Another 18, folks!

Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess did a Quickstep, easily the hardest dance on the premiere.

The actor was able to keep up pretty well, though, impressing viewers with his light and deft touch.

Still, he couldn't break 20. We're looking at yet another 18.

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess

Skai Jackson and Alen Bersten raised, the bar, however.

They did a Tango and Jackson attacked it with passion.

There's an evident chemistry between these two and some serious talent on Skai's part.

21 points!


It was then on to a Cha Cha from Kaitlyn Bristowe and Aretm Chigvintsev.

The two were in sync throughout and the former Bachelorette definitely has some ability. She just showed some nerves on opening night.

Who can expect perfection so soon, though?

20 points.


Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson dressed all fancy and made us feel like we were watching a 1940s movie.

The Foxtrot looked gorgeous across the board -- and Nev blew us away with his hand extension! And his height!

They also earned a total of 20 points.


For their Cha Cha, meanwhile, Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart weren't exactly sharp... but they also displayed a great deal of chemistry.

Weir, an ice skater used to the big stage, was as confiident as any celebrity on the premiere and was having a blast throughout.

They picked up 18 points.


As for Justina Machado and Sasha Farber, the former looked totally at home on the dance floor. They did a Cha Cha and we marveled over their footwork.

Farber does not lack for enthusiasm, either. Wow!

They garnered 21 points and a spot near the top of the leaderboard.


The same can't be said for Charles Oakley and Emma Slater.

This Salsa featured the former NBA star mostly being used as a prop.

He was stiff. He had no sense of timing and, well, Oakley is really gonna need to rebound next time if he wants to stick around.

They got a trio of 4s and 12 points overall.


Monica Aldama and Valentin Chmerkovskiy made a strong opening impression.

They totaled 19 for their Foxtrot for a dance that asked a lot from the star, most notably when it came to the need for quick feet.

But she did not disappoint.

Monica Aldama and Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Finally, we close with Nelly and Danielle Karagach.

This Salsa included the fifth lift of the night (gotta be a record, right?), along with the rapper needing to sink down and take more advantage of his legs.

He was a little out of of control at times, but Nelly has potential and obviously a lot of rhythm.

They got 16 points.

Josie Bates Reveals Miscarriage: "Our Baby Girl Has Gone to Jesus"

Josie Bates has revealed some devastating personal news:

She has suffered a miscarriage.

Josie Bates Instagram Photo

The Bringing Up Bates cast member detailed the awful development on Instagram on Wednesday, explaining that she and husband Kelton Balka were "over the moon" to be expecting a sibling for their 13-month-old daughter Willow Kristy in March 2021.

However, they found out during "a recent ultrasound" that she had lost the child.

"Sometimes you have to walk through experiences you never thought you would have to. This has been a very difficult time for our little family," wrote the 21--year old.

She included with this admission images of herself and Balka on the beach.

Josie Bates and Kelton

Continued the reality star:

"We were filled with anticipation as we began to dream of what it would be like as a family of four and for Willow to have a little playmate.

"We surprised our family and friends with the news at Willow's one year old birthday party! Already, my heart felt an unexplainable amount of excitement!"

Josie, who is very close with the Duggar family, continued to be an open book when it came to this tragedy.

Josie Bates and man

"Sadly, when I went for a recent ultrasound, we were heartbroken to hear our precious baby had gone to be with Jesus," she wrote.

"Our hearts have been completely broken. I've never experienced the type of pain and loss that I've had these past weeks. There is an empty spot in our hearts and in our home."

Bates is a woman of strong faith.

She went on to say that she and her husband "know God has a purpose for" their baby's "short life," even though the grieving parents "never got to see our baby face to face or hold its tiny hand."

josie hands

"I added a charm to my necklace, next to Willow's, to help us never forget the memories of how this little one made us feel and how much love and joy it brought to our family," Bates wrote of the above photo. "We are grateful for the love and prayers from so many during this time."

"In spite of our grieving, we have peace in knowing that our little baby is in heaven with Kelton's sweet mom," she said, citing her mother-in-law, who passed away when Balka was 13 years old... while giving birth to her fifth child.

Bates and Balka got married October of 2018 in the Tennessee mountains.

They announced they were expecting first child the following February.

"We couldn't be happier to announce that we're having a baby!" the then-parent-to-be told People Magazine back then.

"We are a little nervous but totally flooded with joy as we're starting this new journey of love and parenting together!"

Kelton Balka

On September 24, Bringing Up Bates will air an episode that centers on Bates telling Balka about her second pregnancy.

According to People, UPtv offered to edit this portion of the episode out.

But the footage will remain intact because the couple wants to preserve the memory of discovering the jouyous news, cementing their unborn daughter's place in their immediate family.

We send them our very best.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Canceled!! Finally!

It's the end of a very impressive, influential and, at times, quite grating era.

Kiim Kardashian announced on Tuesday afternoon that Keeping Up with the Kardashians will come to an end at the conclusion of Season 20.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians poster 1

The legendary series will return on September 17 with a new round of episodes and then air its concluding run at some point in 2021.

"It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians," said the family in an unexpected statement.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians announce

"After what will be 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes and several spin-off shows, we've decided as a family to end this very special journey."

Concluded the farewell message:

"We are beyond grateful to all of you who've watched us for all of these years—through the good times, the bad times, the happiness, the tears, and the many relationships and children.

Kim Kardashian Discusses Her Plans

Adds Kimberly:

"We'll forever cherish the wonderful memories and countless people we've met along the way."

Kim went on to thank producer Ryan Seacrest, the Bunim/Murray production team and E! for spending “countless hours documenting our lives” over the years.

Kardashians Poster

“Our last season will air early next year in 2021,” the KKW Beauty founder added.

“Without Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has watched and supported me and my family these past 14 incredible years.

"This show made us who we are and I will be forever in debt to everyone who played a role in shaping our careers and changing our lives forever."

Khloe Kardashian Says to Zip It

No specific reason was given for pulling the plug on the program next year - but it's pretty easy to understand the decision.

Last season, eldest sibling Kourtney expressed constant frustration with the show and often threatened to quit for good.

Kim has shifted her focus to prison reform and other areas of social justice and has a mentally ill husband to care for.

Kimye on the Red Carpet

Kylie has a beauty empire of her own and no need for the series anymore, while Kendall has never been a huge fan of the spotlight.

Khloe, for her part, appears to be back together with Tristan Thompson and we could maybe see her angling for a spinoff ...

... not that we're being cynical or anything.

Kim Kardashian Wants to Throw Down

... but none of these follow-up programs has ever been a success.

Since the series’ debut, there have been 12 spinoffs at E!:

  • Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami
  • Kourtney and Kim Take New York
  • Kourtney and Kim Take Miami
  • Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons
  • Khloe and Lamar
  • Sex with Brody
  • I Am Cait
  • DASH Dolls
  • Life of Kylie
  • Rob & Chyna
  • Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian
  • Flip It Like Disick

Crazy, right?!?

Kim and Kanye Call It Quits

Meanwhile, E! also released a statement in response to this development as it prepares to say goodbye to one of its ratings juggernauts.

It reads:

Along with all of you, we have enjoyed following the intimate moments the family so bravely shared by letting us into their daily lives.

Kim Kardashian in 2020

While it has been an absolute privilege and we will miss them wholeheartedly, we respect the family’s decision to live their lives without our cameras.

It is not our final goodbye yet, we are excited to have the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians launching on September 17 with the final season airing in 2021.

Kim Kardashian Listens With Concern

We thank the entire extended family and our production partners, Bunim Murray and Ryan Seacrest Productions for embarking on this global phenomenon together.

So there you have it.

It's the end of an error, um, era, and one that has left an indelible mark on popular culture and modern entertainment forever.

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Face Off

Say what you will about this family and the transparently scripted nature of what the show became over its past few years.

But one cannot deny the impact that the now-iconic Keeping Up with the Kardashians has had on television in general.

It will be missed.

Big Brother Recap: Dani Exposes Her Alliance, Enzo Picks a Replacement Nominee

Through the first four weeks of Big Brother: All Stars, one side of the house has been running the game, making all the decisions, and making the overall season a drag. 

We've lost Big Brother legends such as Keesha Smith and Janelle Pierzina, and heading into the latest episode, it seemed like Kaysar was next to get the boot. 

But, with the Veto still up for grabs, there was a small chance that the game could be changed for the better. 

A Tense Veto on Big Brother

Kaysar recognized that his Big Brother life was starting to unravel, so he started scheming to make sure he would get removed from the block. 

Bayleigh, who was a close friend to Janelle in the house, essentially refused to help him because she thought he was condescending towards her, or something. 

She seemed to think that she was well aware of what was going on in the house, but little did she know that there's an even bigger alliance that does not include her. 

Ian managed to evade the block, so he asked Enzo about his plans should someone be taken down. Enzo complained about Ian talking game, despite saying he wanted to have a lot of conversations during his reign. 

Tyler Crispen

Enzo likes to imply he makes big moves, but in reality, he follows the house. It's pretty exhausting. 

Tyler was chosen to compete, his fourth time in a row this season.

Bayleigh got picked as well, while Kevin pulled a "Houseguest Choice" chip and, based on a conversation he had earlier, picked David to play because David promised to pull him off the block if he won.

When it came to the actual competition, Kaysar was first out, because it was simply not a good competition for the bigger built people in the house. 

In the end, it came down to Kevin and David, but the latter refused to throw the competition. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

It made sense because David could have been put up on the block if Kevin won and pulled himself off. 

In the end, Kevin won and, you guessed it, pulled himself off the block. Enzo put Christmas up as a pawn to get Kaysar out, but we all know that pawns regularly go home on Big Brother. 

Dani, who has been playing all sides of the house, and planting seeds of doubt among the houseguests, finally made a mistake. 

After realizing a meeting would be good with Bay, Day, and the rest of the Slick Six, she walked into the HOH room and asked for a meeting. 

Kaysar Ridha on Big Brother

But she forgot that Nicole was sitting on the bed, confused about what was going on. 

Tyler was similarly livid about the developments, and he now knows that Nicole is on to his other alliance. 

This would have been the perfect moment to get Dani out of the game, but that can only really happen during a double because she will be able to talk herself off the block. 

What do you think of all the latest developments?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother evicts its fourth houseguest Thursday at 8/7c. 

Big Brother Recap: Did Janelle Pierzina Save Herself from Eviction?

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha were both on the block at the top of Thursday's Big Brother. 

By the end, one of them was sent packing, and a new HOH competition was underway. 

The Committee — comprised of Cody, Memphis, Tyler, Christmas, Dani, and Nicole F.— has been in control of the game from the jump, and they continued to be in control for the latest eviction. 

Janelle Pierzina's Eviction Interview

Janelle started scheming to keep her place in the house, but that also meant campaigning against her ride or die, Kaysar. 

Her pitch? 

She's the biggest target in the game, who cannot win a competition. While this makes sense, it's possible Janelle could start winning competitions. 

She came THIS close to winning last week's HOH competition and continues to have the best social game of any houseguest this season. 

Janelle Pierzina is Not Amused

Dani was hesitant to commit to saving Janelle to her face but wasted no time in saying she would not be saving her in the DR. 

These houseguests play nice to each other's faces, but then sing a different tune in the DR. It's pretty exhausting and shows how petty they are. 

Bayleigh wanted to keep Janelle, as well as Da'Vonne, mostly because they did not want another woman to be sent home so soon. 

Even Tyler wanted to keep Janelle in the game because he felt like his status as a target would continue to ramp up. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother

Bayleigh explained to Janelle that the only way to swing the votes in her favor would be to go to the head of the snake, aka Cody. 

While Janelle offered up her wedding band, Cody claimed he would consider keeping her, but with the likes of Nicole F. in his ear, there was no way that was happening. 

Meanwhile, David blew up Tyler and Cody's games because, well, he's a rookie in an All-Star season. 

David has had some terrible reads, but telling Da'vonne and Bayleigh he knew all about the plan to evict him was something else. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

Tyler lost it with David and told him he has single-handedly ruined his game, and that he will be nominated next week. 

Cody was similarly mad about the whole scenario, and it made sense. David really does not know how to play the game, and someone who can should have taken his spot. 

As for the votes, here's how they shook out:

Dani votes to evict: Kaysar

Nicole votes to evict: Janelle

Enzo votes to evict: Kaysar

Da'Vonne Rogers

Da’Vonne votes to evict: Janelle

Memphis votes to evict: Janelle

Bayleigh votes to evict: Janelle

Cody votes to evict: Janelle

Christmas votes to evict: Janelle

Christmas Abbott Photograph

David votes to evict: Janelle

Kevin votes to evict: Janelle

Ian votes to evict: Janelle

Janelle was evicted by a vote of 9-2. 

The next HOH competition kicked off, but we didn't get the answer to who won. Thankfully, we know who rolled their ball into victory. 

Kaysar Ridha on Big Brother

Enzo won the HOH competition. 

This means we should be in for another week of Cody running things. Sigh. 

Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. 

The Bachelorette Premiere Date: Announced!

It's coming, folks.

The most dramatic season in the history of The Bachelorette finally has a premiere date.

And we could not be more excited!

The Bachelorette Poster

As you can see in the newly-released poster above, ABC has confirmed that Clare Crawley will debut as the Season 16 lead on Tuesday, October 13.

Yes, we wrote Tuesday. The series will be airing on Tuesday nights for the first time in history.

That's far from the only thing that will be different about the franchise this fall, however.

As you may have read about already -- and, seriously, how could you not have?!? -- Crawley will, indeed, kick off this season as The Bachelorette.

Clare Crawley is The Bachelorette

However, she won't last very long in the role.

After less than two weeks of filming, the 39-year old allegedly fell in love with a suitor named Dale Moss.

In response to these feelings, Crawley either refused to continue filming or she and producers reached a mutual agreement whereby they agreed it would be  silly to keep shooting if Clare had already settled on her future husband.

So, what they did they decide?

Clare Crawley Promo Pic

They decided to replace Crawley with Tayshia Adams!

No one associated with the franchise has actually issued a statement on this rumor... but it's far from just a rumor at this point.

Adams has actually been spotted out in California on the Season 16 set.

This really is happening, you guys.

Clare Crawley on a Couch

ABC, meanwhile, has simply released a synopsis for new episoodes that reads:

"Follow [Clare's] passionate, wild ride to find her soul mate and the explosive turn of events that will have all of Bachelor Nation talking."

So there you have something, at least: An explosive turn of events has been confirmed by executives!

Clare Crawley Instagram

Host Chris Harrison has also came came out with this teaser of an announcement.

"It's safe to say this season will be twice as good as any other!" he captioned the above season key art on Instagram, and his subsequent tweet was equally cheeky:

"I feel like this could be double trouble."

In other words: Yup, there will be two Bachelorettes.

Clare Crawley, Everyone!

From what The Bachelorette spoilers have previewed, Clare will begin the season as the lead... only for Adams to then takeover at some point and begin her search for love.

Here is the full official description:

Bachelor Nation, the wait is finally over!

Clare Crawley will finally embark on her journey to find true love as The Bachelorette returns for its sizzling 16th season on a new night.

Tayshia Photo

Clare had women across America cheering from their living rooms when she famously stood up to controversial Bachelor Juan Pablo during the memorable 18th season finale of The Bachelor.

Clare left the season with a new sense of self-worth and a determination to never settle for anything less than the unconditional love and respect that she deserved.

Follow her passionate, wild ride to find her soul mate and the explosive turn of events that will have all of Bachelor Nation talking.

Dorinda Medley: Was She Actually Fired from The Real Housewives of New York?

This much we know to be true:

Dorinda Medley is outta there.

The veteran The Real Housewives of New York cast member will not return for new episodes of the beloved Bravo franchise, announcing the surprising move  herself via Instagram.

Cheers to Dorinda Medley!

“What a journey this has been. I have laughed and cried and tried to Make it Nice. But all things must come to an end,” Dorinda wrote on Tuesday, August 25.

“This was a great outlet for me to heal when my late husband Richard passed away," she added.

"I have met so many interesting people and learned so much about myself, about life and about women along the way.”

Dorinda Medley Promo Pic

Medley concluded her message as follows:

"Thank you to Bravo and NBC for the incredible ride and to my cast mates for constant stimulation and entertainment. I wish you all health, happiness and success."

So there we have it, right?

Following five seasons on the show, Dorinda is saying she will not be a part of the program moving forward.

Dorinda Medley Quits!

But did she make this decision herself, as hinted in her Instagram post?

Or did executives fire Dorinda Medley as a Real Housewife of New York?

According to The Daily Mail, it was the latter.

This outlet writes that "55-year-old star was informed of the network's decision to give her the ax on Tuesday, just two days after her good friend Jon Giswold passed away."

Dorinda With Jon Griswold

The report goes on to note that Medley tried to get ahead of the story by issuing her statement on social media.

Lettiing Medley goes is a "big mistake," a production source said late yesterday to DailyMail.com, adding:

"We're all surprised as even though she had a tough season, she is a fan favorite who people are rooting for.

"Dorinda was the only housewife left who owns both her own apartment in New York City alongside a second home in the country. You watch, this is an error that they will regret."

Dorinda Medley Midseason 12 Promo

To be fair, Page Six quotes an insider who says Medley reached a "mutual decision" with higher-ups to leave and that she was NOT fired.

Either way, of course, she's gone -- and the series is already planning for life without this veteran lead.

This same publication claims Season 13 may be centered on Leah McSweeney and her friends, while casting is already underway for Dorinda's replacement.

Dorinda Medley in Red

McSweeney, meanwhile, previously told The New York Post that she wants the program to feature a more diverse cast moving forward:

“I hope that there’s not only diversity of race, but an even deeper diversity of where someone lives or what their interests are.

"I hope that there’s just more diversity all across the board because New Yorkers are not a monolith, obviously.

"I think that it is gonna head in that direction."

Dorinda Medley in Black

As for reaction to this surprising news?

“Swipe right for the funniest, most heart-moving, & loving, growing, supportive moments with me and Dorinda over the seasons,” Sonja Morgan wrote on Instagram.

“What’re we doing here without Dorinda? Watching to see what the next chapter is for the Queen of ‘Making It Nice’ and who always speaks her mind. Sending all my love.

"Forever friends and always remembered on @Bravotv over the many years. @DorindaMedley.”

Dorinda Medley Poses

“What a ride. Unforgettable," Andy Cohen added.

“Dorinda was only ‘real’ HW,” Carole Radziwill tweeted.

“So no more truth telling too. Trust me that's a main reason cast is let go. Telling the truth & exposing fake cast members & their storylines & how its all manipulated by production.

"I will never tire of saying I told you so about Trump, and this.”

beth reacts

McSweeney said she is "gonna miss" Dorinda, while Bethenny Frankel chimed in with:

“Every woman in this world wears a little sparkle, some in their dress, and some in their eyes.

"Use each moment to make another's eyes sparkle and to warm a heart. Don't let anyone or anything dull your sparkle. Don't let the insecurities of others dull your sparkle.

"You will be missed … let the next chapter begin. #RHONY."

Denise Richards Blocks Dorit Kemsley, Ghosts the Housewives, Admits Lying to Lisa Rinna in RHOBH Finale

Now that the Housewives have seen Brandi Glanville's evidence, Denise Richards is panicking.

In the Season 10 finale, she ghosts the other ladies. Lisa Rinna is tired of Denise's lies.

At the end of this season's penultimate episode, the previews showed things reach a boiling point.

As always, though, they started innocently enough.

Erika Jayne is starring in a production of Chicago, and invited some of her friends to attend.

The Housewives arrive in New York and they're excited about Erika's billboard.

(Folks, she is an actual celebrity and also a reality star, but it's still okay to be excited)

It doesn't hurt that she looks absolutely great on it.

However, on to more dramatic things than ... the literal dramatic arts.

You know in comic book stories when multiple supervillains team up because they've been thwarted separately?

Well, Denise Richards sat down with Camille Grammer for precisely that reason.

She complains about not being believed (no matter how many stories she comes up with!) by the other Housewives.

Denise resents it ... and Camille tells her that she can relate.

Denise confesses that she is dreading seeing the other Housewives again. She has largely ghosted some of them since Rome.

Camille asks her if she has any holy water -- jokingly implying that they are demonic or perhaps undead, and holy water would protect Denise.

Multiple religions have water purification rituals, but Camille is clearly referring to the Catholic practice.

And Denise says that yes, she has some from her recent trip to Rome.

Apparently, Denise decided that holy water would not be enough to protect her from ... what, exactly?

We're guessing that she hopes to avoid any accountability or basic critical thinking on the part of the other Housewives.

Garcelle Beauvais is then seen sitting in her car, wondering where TF Denise is. She straight up stood her up.

Now, you might arrive at the party wondering where a friend is -- maybe she arrived separately but rudely didn't inform you.

Dorit decides to check in ... and it appears that Denise has blocked her, Dorit, one of her only supporters in the group.

(We know that previews can be edited to be misleading, but it's hard to imagine another context for Dorit saying "she blocked me!" here)

Dorit then compares notes with Sutton, Teddi, Kyle, Lisa, and Garcelle.

None of them seem to know where Denise is.

I, for one, have some questions for Sutton about her wardrobe choice for the evening ... but that is neither here nor there.

Now, it seems like Denise at some point tells the ladies that she had a "family emergency."

Denise is a mother. Her ex is famously "controversial" (and that's putting it politely).

Her current husband is hot but kinda nuts and thinks that he's being stalked by Big Pharma. There is a lot of emergency potential.

At this point, they start to wonder if Denise is avoiding them or avoiding someone else.

Well who should they see but Brandi Glanville, in the flesh.

Brandi arrived with Kim, and while producers filmed them getting ready and driving over, this seems to be a surprise to some Housewives.

Brandi waves hello, in a friendly manner.

Meanwhile, the Housewives deny being responsible for inviting her.

But this awkward mess is nothing compared to what is to come.

Because after this, we see Lisa Rinna sit down for a serious talk with Denise.

Lisa has already admitted that she feels that she cannot trust her longtime friend to tell the truth.

Still, she gives her a chance, asking what the family emergency was.

Denise fully admits that there was no family emergency.

Instead, she shares, she was simply avoiding the party and the people attending it.

She stood up Garcelle and the entire group because she wanted to avoid a "Jerry Springer" situation.

Denise says this very frankly. Lisa does not take it well.

"We were worried about you," Lisa tells her. "You said 'family emergency.'"

Denise appears to try to protest, but Lisa is furious.

"You lied!" she accuses her friend. "That's a lie."

It is not the first that Lisa believes that Denise has told in recent weeks. And some of those lies were at Lisa's expense.

This season has been a wild ride. We cannot wait for that finale!

Denise richards blocks dorit kemsley ghosts the housewives must

Big Brother Recap: Game Over for Janelle and Kaysar?

Ever since Big Brother: All-Stars was announced, the only two names fans wanted back in the house were Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. 

They played together on Big Brother 6 and 7, and were a force to be reckoned with. 

Much to the chagrin of the show's rabid fans, they entered Big Brother as big targets. 

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha

As such, they've been scrambling to create an alliance to start taking shots at the other side of the house. 

During Thursday's new episode, they schemed to try to get everyone to vote out David in order to keep Nicole A in. 

Nicole's response? To ridicule them because she thought they were not fighting for her, despite their pleas to keep her in the game. 

It was totally absurd and highlighted the pitfalls of competing on back-to-back seasons because this was not the Nicole who won America's Favorite Player last season. 

Nicole Anthony on Big Brother

Nicole tried to get the votes, but her conversation with Da'Vonne was telling. Da'Vonne was not working with David, but she refused to evict him because he is African-American. 

David, however, flat out told Da'Vonne to leave him to his own devices, and that he was not working with her. 

The common rule in Big Brother is that you don't create an enemy out of a friend, and that's exactly what he did with Da'Vonne. 

Should we really be surprised? He was booted on the premiere last season in a twist, but some thought he was a good player. 

When it came to the live vote and eviction, David and Nicole A were both still on the block and there was no way to change that. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother

David gave a lame speech about enjoying the game, while Nicole's was more pointed at the people who are not being true to themselves. 

- Tyler votes to evict:

- Nicole Enzo votes to evict: David

- Christmas votes to evict: Nicole

- Kevin votes to evict: David

- Janelle votes to evict: Nicole

Kaysar Ridha on Big Brother

- Da’Vonne votes to evict: Nicole

- Kaysar votes to evict: Nicole

- Bayleigh votes to evict: Nicole

- Cody votes to evict: Nicole

- Ian votes to evict: Nicole

Cody and Nicole on Big Brother

- Franzel votes to evict: Nicole

- Dani votes to evict: Nicole

Nicole A was evicted by a vote of 10-2, and she was livid when she learned that Kaysar and Janelle fought to keep her in the game. 

The HOH competition featured the houseguests earning points by hurling beers down a table to land on a number. 

They had three tables each.

Tyler Crispen

Here is how the points shook out. 

Cody – 4 points

Enzo – 8 points

David – 6 points

Christmas – 8 points

Day – 7 points

Kevin – 7 points

Tyler Crispen - Big Brother Season 20

Ian – 10 points

Franzel – 9 points

Dani – 4 points

Tyler – 12 points

Bayleigh – 7 points

Bayleigh Dayton Is Not Amused

Janelle – 11 points

Kaysar – 5 points

That means Tyler is the new HOH, and given that he is in a majority alliance that is anti-Jaysar, we can expect one or both of them on the block come Friday. 

The safety suite is still in play, but it's kind of worthless. The people who can still play are in Tyler's alliance. 

Big Brother continues Sundays at 8/7c. 

Chi Chi DeVayne, RuPaul’s Drag Race Star, Dead at 34

Chi Chi DeVayne, an accomplished entertainer who competed on two seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race, died on Thursday following several days in the hospital.

She was 34 years old

Chi Chi DeVayne

Just under a week ago, DeVayne (whose birth name was Zavion Davenport) told Instagram followers that she was under the care of doctors, sharing a video that included a very simple message.

"Keep me in your prayers. I'll be back soon," DeVayne said in the footage, which she posted last Saturday morning and which featured her attached to medical equipment while lying down in a hospital bed.

In July, DeVayne was also hospitalized.

That instance, it was for high blood pressure and suspected kidney failure, as she informed fans at the time that she had catheters to her heart and kidneys surgically installed prior to undergoing dialysis treatment.

Chi Chi DeVayne Picture

DeVayne was eventually discharged later that month.

At this time, her cause of death is unknown.

A week ago, however, fans began to flood the comments section of DeVayne's Instagram, saying the star was "battling pneumonia right now."

Again, though, we cannot confirm the exact nature or basis of her passing.

Chi Chi DeVayne in the Hospital

"I am heartbroken to learn of the passing of Chi Chi DeVayne," RuPaul said in a statement provided to Entertainment Weekly, adding:

"I am so grateful that we got to experience her kind and beautiful soul. She will be dearly missed, but never forgotten. May her generous and loving spirit shine down on us all."

In a tweet posted to the RuPaul's Drag Race Twitter account, the famous drag queen continued:

"On behalf of VH1, World of Wonder and the cast and crew of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I extend my deepest sympathy - from our family to hers."

rupaul tweet

DeVayne rose to television prominence on season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race, where she garnered fame and popularity due to her quick wit and personality... finishing the competition in fourth place.

She was later asked to return to compete on the third All-Stars spin-off in 2018.

In this case, the star was eliminated on the fourth episode.

Still: '

DeVayne often credited the program with inspiring her to evolve her skills in an art form that served as a gateway for her to escape a difficult upbringing involving gangs, along with struggles with her sexuality.


"I was so stressed out and it got to a point where I was like, okay, I’m in the bottom every week. It might be time to go home and work a little bit more on my drag," DeVayne told EW shortly after her All-Stars 3 exit.

"I’m a real person, and I just felt it was my time to go. There was no reason to be sad or bitter."

Tweeted All Stars winner Shea Coulee upon learning the awful news:

"I'm literally so devastated and sick to my stomach. Wake me up when it's all over."

chi chi

In addition to her appearances on RuPaul's Drag Race, DeVayne had a small part on season 1 of the Apple TV+ anthology dramedy Little America.

She also appeared on fellow Drag Race alum Yuhua Hamasaki's Bootleg Opinions YouTube series.

And guested on an episode of the popular queer talk show Hey Qween, while also taking part in various performing gigs and tours as a drag artist.

May Chi Chi DeVayne rest in peace.

Denise Richards Drama Could RUIN the Baby Shower for Teddi Mellencamp!

Just hours before Brandi Glanville pulls out proof of her alleged affair with Denise Richards, Kyle and Dorit worried.

Was Denise's drama going to ruin Teddi Mellencamp's special day?

In this The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sneak peek, the final touches are being put on Teddi's baby shower.

"I have to put you next to her," Dorit remarks as she and Kyle finalize seating plans.

Shadily, she explains: "because she might have a heart attack if I don’t."

Earlier this season, Dorit had gotten on Kyle's case for showing clear favoritism towards Teddi.

She is clearly throwing a little shade, but doesn't mean any harm by it.

And Dorit does sincerely want everyone to have their best time.

Dorit is including Denise Richards in the list of people whom she hopes will have a lovely time.

"Maybe I’ll sit next to Denise just in case,” Dorit says, thinking out loud.

She explains: “At least she’ll feel more comfortable if she’s sitting next to me and Garcelle." Those two have been Denise's allies.

Speaking to the (pandemic lockdown) confessional camera, Kyle explains that there is still tension.

"Even though that last night we tried to patch things up and have fun," she reflects.

Kyle continues: "I have not spoken to Denise since Rome."

"I know Denise as a stand-up girl," Dorit insists, expressing that Denise will certainly be attending.

"She doesn’t shy away from things," she claims, despite Denise having stormed off from multiple gatherings.

"She’s a tough cookie," Dorit claims, "and there’s no way Denise wouldn’t show up because she wants to avoid any conversation."

This is when Kyle, concerned about Denise being there, notes that Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville will be in attendance.

With a voice like a fairy in a Disney movie, a worried Dorit asks: "Kyle, do you think that’s a good idea, honey?"

It may not be, but it was done weeks ago.

Kyle explains that Teddi, though she doesn't know details about this surprise shower, invited them.

"We were already planning something," she recalls, "and Kim and Brandi were invited."

That planning took place at the same get-together where Brandi first shared her story about Denise.

Despite this potentially awkward situation, Dorit tries to reassure herself.

"I just think that today is about Teddi," she says aloud.

"And," Dorit continues, "everyone’s adults." Are they, though? Are they?

"Dorit, you're delusional," Kyle says in a voiceover from her confessional camera time.

"Denise doesn’t care if it’s Teddi’s baby shower,” she reasons. “She doesn’t want to have conversations."

"She doesn’t want to work through things," Kyle adds. "I know Denise is not coming tonight."

Dorit thinks that Denise will come. Kyle thinks that Denise will not, to avoid the awkwardness of being around Teddi, even if she doesn't know that Brandi is coming.

Both women recorded these thoughts after the fact, of course, at which point they already know who was right.

Kyle was right. Denise didn't show, but would claim to have had a prior engagement. Well, that's about as believable as everything else that Denise has been saying recently.



Denise richards drama could ruin the baby shower for teddi melle

Debbie Johnson Blasts Jess Caroline: You HURT Colt! He Didn’t Lie to You!

Last week's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? showed Jess Caroline explode at Colt Johnson.

Now, Debbie wants to make sure that they can't move past that, demanding that Jess apologize for her anger.

In a sneak peek of Sunday's new Happily Ever After?, it seems that Jess is for some reason spending time with Colt again.

If you're not happy to see her giving him a second chance, know that Debbie is much madder about it ... and determined to break them up.

"OK," Debbie announces during a deeply awkward car ride, "we need to talk about last night."

Debbie admonishes Jess: "It was not OK. You hurt Colt."

She is trying to argue that Jess emotionally wounded Colt by expressing her anger over Colt's lies.

Jess retorts: "Colt hurt me first."

This whole time, Colt remains silent while the women in his life banter. It's deeply weird of him. It was the same way with Larissa.

Jess patiently explains to Debbie that Colt hurt her "because he lied."

Debbie mistakenly defends her son, trying to split hairs: "I don't think he lied ... he just didn't tell you."

Not only is that less than reassuring when it comes to a couple in conflict, it's also not the truth.

"No," Jess corrects Debbie. "He lied."

She explains that Colt explicitly told her that he and Vanessa were no longer friends, but that in fact they talk every day.

Debbie seems worried that Colt is simply going to continue in his relationship with Jess, which Debbie will not allow.

So she then tries to neg Jess about Jess' use of language.

Yes, Jess acknowledges, she used a bad word, but she was calling Vanessa a "bitch," not Debbie.

Determined to defend her son, Debbie tries to make this about Jess being insecure, which is not what is happening.

Debbie points out that Jess has male friends, and that by the same logic, Colt can have female friends.

But Jess' concerns aren't about all women on Earth ... she is specifically suspicious of Vanessa and of her "friendship" with Colt.

"I think that everyone just misunderstands each other and assumes the worst because they don't know each other," Colt says when he finally speaks.

"And when you come to Vegas," Colt offers, "you can meet Vanessa. We can all have a drink."

"No," Jess replies firmly. "No."

That is the end of the sneak peek, but here, you can see Colt's lie for yourself.

He and Vanessa spoke and then he sent her this fake "breakup" text so that he could screenshot it and send it to Jess.

It was, of course, a deception -- and yes, Debbie, it was a straight-up lie, not a lie of omission. A lie.

As for Vanessa, it turns out that Jess' worries were deeply grounded in reality.

90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates revealed earlier this summer that Colt had cheated on his new girlfriend ... with Vanessa.

Colt had cheated on Larissa and Jess had worried that it would happen to her, so this wasn't really a surprise.

Someone who won't let their significant other have any friends, or any male or female friends, is controlling and toxic.

But there are times when someone has to tell their significant other that, if they're going to move forward, that person has to be out of their life.

Colt could have broken up with Jess when she told him to ditch Vanessa. That would have been fine. Instead, he chose to lie to her and waste her time.


Debbie johnson lays into jess caroline you hurt colt he didnt li

Denise Richards Attacks! Producers Intervene! Chaos Breaks Out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Talk about holding nothing back!

On Wednesday night's new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards boiled over.

Denise Richards on RHOBH

With these spoiled and entitled women off on a Roman vacation, the former actress made it clear that she was sick and tired of all the chatter about her and Brandi Glanville.

All the FALSE chatter, Denise would say, as she's insisted over and over that she never slept with her polarizing co-star.

The emotional hour began with the back half of the group's second disastrous dinner, where Richards continued to deny she and Brandi ever had been intimate.

This is also where she made the bold claim Brandi had sex with other women in the cast.

Denise Richards at Dinner

Neither Lisa Rinna or Kyle Richards bought this story, with the latter saying the whole thing felt "dirty."

Speaking to Denise, Rinna added:

"It's not clean, someone's not being honest. If you have chosen to sit here, then you need to f--king own it."

Richards didn't understand this connection, saying she has owned it by denying it -- yet confessing to often ditching the group out of frustration.

"Denise, if you want to be here, you're here, if you don't want to be here, then GO," Rinna yelled at her across the table.

While Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley wondered why the other cast members chose to believe Brandi over their current costar, Richards swore on her mother's grave she never told Brandi she thought Erika was an "ice cold bitch."

But it wasn't that simple.

In a confessional, Denise claimed Glanville said she heard Erika was "really cold" toward Denise.

And Richards admitted she "agreed" with the comment. She, naturally, didn't say any of this to the other women, adding to the confusion.

bad denise pic

The next day, Denise had a nice chat with Lisa, who she thought did not have her back during any of this.

She told Rinna it was "hurtful" she didn't give her a heads up about the Glanville affair claims and causing the ex-soap opera star to break down in tears as she admitted she hadn't been a very good friend.

From there, Lisa, Denise, Garcelle and Sutton Stracke made a trip together to St Peter's Basilica.

So... all was good and calm, right?

Denise Richards Blasts Everyone

LOL, no. Let's cut to dinner that evening...

"To be brutally honest, theres so much judgement in this group," Richards told the table.

Every single f--king dinner I have been on the receiving end of what feels like being attacked as soon as we sit down and that is not f--king cool."

"My husband did not want me to go on this trip. He had a feeling and he was right," she angrily continued, staring at Kyle and adding:

"When you kept asking me, 'Be honest, be honest,' I was. Nobody believed me."

Kyle Richards at Dinner

When Kyle argued that allegations "have to be addressed" on the program when they're put out there on camera, Denise shot back:

"They do not."

"I have to say this, because this has been probably the worst trip I've been on in my entire life, that is the truth," Richards continued.

"I don't deserve this and you know that. You have not attacked me? You drag in Brandi, that's not f--king cool. It has gotten to the point, this is the god's honest truth, where it is Mean Girls.

That is my experience and observation. I am being brutally honest, that is the truth. You keep bombarding me and it's not f--king cool."

Denise Richards Defends Herself

Dorit then tried to jump in.

She said she didn't think anyone was "deliberately trying to hurt" Denise, to which Richards clapped back; "That I disagree with."

As Kemsley attempted to keep talking, Garcelle grew overcome with emotion and walked out -- with Denise following right behind her.

The women were all irate she made her speech, called them "mean girls" and left before anything could be settled.

Outside, Garcelle confessed she was overtired and missed her children, while Richards told her she felt the other ladies "crossed a line that is really evil and detrimental."

A producer then pleaded with Richards on camera not to leave, telling her it would be a "big mistake" to walk away.

"Let me just say something to you, you can't come in here and make a big speech like that and then not hear anybody else's opinion," he told her.

"You want to move past this? Let's all figure out how we can move past this."

producer intervenes

Later, Richards continued to go off in a confessional.

"I've been hearing what these bitches have to say for months," she said. "But then there's the part of me that goes, you know what, I actually do like these women. I've had fun with them before."

With that, she went back in the restaurant, and her costars all thanked her for returning.

Rinna said she thought it would be best if they didn't "label each other and call each other names" going forward, adding that she understood and accepted how Denise felt.

With that... boom! They all agreed to enjoy their last night in Italy together.

Denise Richads Turns Serious

As they gorged out on some amazing pizza, the woman bonded over the wildest places they've ever had sex.

For Erika Jayne, it was in the hospital with her then-boyfriend after a head injury when she was 16 years old.

Kyle admitted she got it on at the dinner table at a black tie event, while Garcelle joined the Mile High Club on a commercial flight.

Sutton's tale was more "romantic," hooking up on a campground in a sleeping bag, while Rinna said she and her ex-boyfriend had intercourse next to one of her friends and her boyfriend in the same station wagon.

As for next week?

A preview teased the return of Glanville... saying she has evidence of her affair with Richards.

And stunning everyone with a censored allegation about what she did to Denise.

Big Brother Recap: Who Won Safety from Eviction?

There is no such thing as safety in the Big Brother house. 

The latest episode of the CBS reality series delivered a string of revelations as the game kicked off. 

Nicole Franzel wasted no time in getting close to Cody, and it makes sense. They've played the game together already, and share several mutual friends. 

Cody and Nicole on Big Brother

Nicole was a surprise winner on Season 18, and Da'Vonne was the deciding vote to seal her victory. 

Da'Vonne, however, recalls working with Nicole in the game and it not being a good experience. There's something about Nicole that rubs most of the other players the wrong way. 

Every time her back is against the wall, she somehow manages to come out the other side without blood on her hands. But, as a former winner, the odds are against her making it far into this season. 

She and Cody are both making side alliances and reporting back to each other. On paper, that's a good decision, but when people start to compare notes, that will prove to be problematic. 

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18

Cody came to play this season, and his worry that everyone wants to be his friend because he was HOH was laughable. He didn't even want to make deals. 

It was ... something. 

Kaysar and Janelle are Big Brother legends, and Cody taking either of them out in the first week would have come back to bite him. 

It's probably a good thing that CBS had a contingency plan in the safety suite. 

Kaysar Ridha on Big Brother

Kaysar is analytical and has a good read on what is going on, so, of course he knew the writing was on the wall for him and Janelle.

Had they not used the safety suite, they would probably be the first nominees of the season. This is their third season of playing as a duo, meaning they only have loyalty to each other. 

Cody refusing to talk game with Kaysar suggested the Big Brother 16 alum did not think he needed to make deals, and that did not sit well with Kaysar. 

Unless Nicole F or Enzo pull off a surprise HOH win, Cody will probably be on the block next week, with Nicole F as a possible backdoor option. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother

The case for putting Nicole on the block is easy: She's a former winner. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that. She is great at the social side of things, and a decent performer in competitions. 

After Kaysar won the safety suite competition and chose Janelle as his plus one, Cody had to scramble to make some nominations. 

Cody has been unimpressed with Keesha thus far, and it's probably because this is only the first week. She's played before and knows there's no point in playing hard from the jump. 

Unfortunately for her, she chose to steer clear of the HOH, leading Cody to think she's against him, and that's on her. 

Cody Calafiore on Big Brother

Kevin is a bit of a wild card. He made it far during his original season, but he's playing a game that's too emotional thus far. In order to succeed in Big Brother, you need to take emotion out of the game. 

His breakdown to Cody suggested he was worried about being the first boot, and Cody handled the whole thing like a champ. 

When it came to the nominations, Keesha and Kevin were on the block, and Cody did not seem to be happy about it. 

We have the veto coming up, and it's possible Cody could have another target in mind. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 

Tayshia Adams to Replace Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette!?

The craziest and most unpredictable The Bachelorette season may soon get even more crazy and unpredictable.

Due to the FIRST-EVER star switcheroo before episodes even air.

Tayshia Adams/crawley

As previously reported, ABC may be already thinking about replacing Clare Crawley for Season 16.


Because it's kind of a stale franchise that's badly in need of a shakeup and some diversity ... maybe.

But more urgenty because, according to Life & Style sources, the 39-year old is already in love!

And wants out!

Clare Crawley Promo Pic

Crawley has been filming in an isolated California location for just two weeks ... and The Bachelorette spoilers claim she's decided that she wants to marry Dale Moss, who is pictured below.

Why continue filming, Crawley allegedly figures, if she's ready to start her life right this very instant with Moss?!?

Dale Moss

According to this shocking celebrity gossip tabloid report, producers were totally "blindsided" by Clare's declaration.

It's even been rumored that Clare "refused to come out of her room" at one point during shooting in quarantine.

Her reason? She did not want to continue dating men who are not Dale. How sweet, right?

Clare Crawley on The Bachelor

Very sweet. And also: How sort of totally weird after just knowing this guy for 12 whole days.

Not to mention, how incredibly inconvenient for the long-running reality show itself, right? 

Having just scrambled to put together a pandemic season and sequester everyone at a resort?

Claire Crawley

Very inconvenient if this is truly what's happening, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it's that you gotta adjust on the fly.

So, in a pivot to salvage the season - which has already been delayed and presented with countless challenges by the coronavirus outbreak - producers have maybe come up with a solution:

Forget Clare Crawley. Enter Tayshia Adams!

Tayshia Adams Image

Adams finished third on Season 23 of The Bachelor behind Hannah Godwin and Cassie Randolph, nearly winning over Colton Underwood.

Tayshia went on to date Bachelor Nation member John Paul Jones (below) before the couple broke up toward the end of last year.

She has been considered a pretty strong fan favorite ever since - some wanted her to be the lead on Clare's season from the onset ...

Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones

... and now executives supposedly want to take advantage of this situation by turning her into the new Bachelorette.

Potentially amazing, right!?

While Clare already sent home a few of her contestants before falling in for Moss, producers would like to “match [Tayshia] up with the bachelors who are left," Life & Style writes.

Tayshia Adams Selfie

The suitors, of course, signed on for Season 16 under the impression that they'd be competing for Crawley.


“Execs hope the guys will still want to participate” with the 29-year-old replacement because “it took them time to test them all for COVID and they’ve already been quarantined at the resort for 14 days,” an insider says.


Adams, who also participated in Bachelor in Paradise, had previously been considered for the role Clare eventually earned.

Viewers got really excited over the possibility a few months ago (see Tweet below), while Ashley Iaconetti said in February:

“[Tayshia would be a] really good choice,” show alum Ashley Iaconetti gushed to Life & Style in February, adding:

Tayshia Adams tweet

“She is just so likable … She’s just pretty fantastic."

it's worth noting, of course, that Adams is also African-American and the series has been under fire of late for its lack of diversity.

Hence why it has already cast Matt James as The Bachelor for the 2021 season (assuming that happens in some form).

Ready with a Rose

“Producers are scrambling to figure out what to do,” this magazine source says of the Clare situation.

“They are frantically trying to pick up the pieces without having to start over completely.”

Seems to us that Tayshia would be a strong choice for both TV viewers and the men in quarantine.

I mean ... look at her:

Tayshia Adams

Us Weekly, meanwhile, has not gone as far, and won't confirm that Crawley is out and Adams is in.

However, this publication has indeed acknowledged that something seems to be amiss with filming.

Apparently, the alternates are already being summoned for duty ... again, after a whole two weeks.

Clare Crawley Ready to Drink

“Last weekend, producers reached out to backup Bachelorette contestants who had been vetted for Clare’s season but were ultimately not cast to film at La Quinta [Resort],” an insider has said.

“When producers reached back out, out of the blue, it was very apparent that something had happened with production.”

Ya think?

Wild, right?

Stay tuned to The Hollywood Gossip for more Bachelorette news as it breaks in the coming days, weeks, and decades.

And get ready for a whole new set of spoilers if we actually have a new Bachelorette ... because that'd be bonkers.

Leah McSweeney Wars with Ramona Singer: DON’T Tell People I’m Bipolar!

Last week, Ramona Singer flipped out and threatened to quit The Real Housewives after Leah McSweeney had the gall to ... dance at a party.

Now, Leah is putting Ramona on blast, calling her "despicable" for telling everyone that she has bipolar disorder.

Before we get into the dispute over what Ramona was saying about Leah behind her back ...

... Let's cover what Leah said right to Ramona's face.

Leah is not someone whom you want to ignore, clearly.

Ramona sat down with Sonja Morgan for like a mini-intervention, discussing her behavior.

Sonja had been upset before attending Ramona's party, but was clearly feeling no pain as she danced during the festivities.

Unfortunately, she danced on top uf and broke a mirror as the night went on. Ramona was worried.

As all of this is happening, Ramona is not even looking at Leah, who pours herself a glass of Pellegrino.

But Leah points out that she has seen, firsthand, that Ramona has a "nasty side."

As she notes, it's often less about what Ramona says than about what she does not say -- or the people to whom she does not speak.

Leah laments that she is "being ignored" by Ramona in this moment, as the latter does not even acknowledge that she is in the room.

"Acting like you're invisible is the worst thing you can do to someone," Leah opines in her confessional.

Is that a little hyperbolic? Sure. But we can understand the feeling.

At this point, Leah McSweeney reaches a level of confrontational that I, personally, have only ever reached in my literal dreams.

"Ramona is a terrible person," Leah announces, standing just feet away from Ramona but addressing Sonja. "And everybody knows it.

Leah accuses: "She's a bitch, she doesn't support women, and she's phony."

"And she singles me out," Leah notes.

"You're one of her best friends," Leah points out to Sonja, "and she treats you like s--t."

"And that's Ramona," she concludes, adding, "and I'm leaving." And so she does.

Leah sits down with Dorinda in a later scene, which we have also included in this post.

Dorinda notes that Leah is clearly upset about more than just Ramona's dance-shaming at the party.

Though Ramona's behavior at the party was still bizarre and hurtful.

Leah does acknowledge that Ramona has been claiming that she flashed her vagina at people at the party ... which she calls a "demeaning" lie.

At this point, Leah says that her real issue is that Ramona crossed a line by gossiping about her mental health.

She tells Dorinda that Ramona spoke to Sonja, and that Sonja passed it on to her.

"Right before the trip to Mexico, Sonja called me

"And she kind of let it slip out that Ramona was gossiping about me having bipolar disorder"

"Which is repulsive as f--k"

"I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder on my 30th birthday"

"And really dedicated the last 7 years of my life to getting it under control"

"And to getting myself in a good place"

Additionally, Leah details that she is not on any kind of medication to treat her bipolar disorder.

Which means that Ramona's concern-trolling is just that -- there's nothing to "interact" with alcohol (though Leah is currently sober).

Leah has not discussed this with any of the Housewives, leading her to believe that Ramona did some digging into her -- which she finds to be "despicable."

Leah mcsweeney wars with ramona singer dont tell people im bipol

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Brittany Breaks Down

There were tears, rose petals, and more tears on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2, Episode 8.

Brittany's awful confrontation with Yazan's toxic parents left her shaking and crying and having a full-on meltdown.

She wasn't just experiencing culture shock. She was in shock, wailing in despair about her life and her future ... until Yazan found a way to cheer her up.

For the first time, we met Melyza. She and her dad seem to be the only people in her life looking forward to Tim's arrival in Columbia.

Jenny learns exactly how many hurdles she and Sumit must jump in order to be together. There's more to it than a challenging divorce.

Jihoon fully weeps as he confesses how he has totally screwed up his life and done even worse to Deavan's.

Finally, Kenneth and Armando are reunited at last ... but everyone's favorite couple from this season are dropping hints at possible struggles to come.

1. Brittany is reeling

Brittany banks breaks down sobbing
Brittany Banks just met Yazan Abo Horira's parents, and it was a disaster. Yazan's previous obscenity-laden freakout was just a preview for the main event, and Brittany doesn't even know all that was said about her -- she just heard yelling.

2. She doesn't understand!

Brittany banks does not understand what she did wrong
Brittany covered up thoroughly, wearing a hijab even though she herself is not Muslim. She was, by American standards, polite and respectful.

3. Yazan says that it's all her fault

Yazan abo horira you dont see yourself how you talk
He "explains" to her why his parents flipped out, blaming it on Brittany's behavior rather than on Yazan's inability to communicate their expectations to her, or upon the lies that he has told them about her -- claiming that she will convert to Islam when she had ruled that out.

4. It's not helping

Brittany banks is distraught
How, Brittany understandably wonders, could the way that she TALKS be offensive to his parents? Remember, she has been to Jordan before -- she just hadn't met Yazan's parents.

5. Yazan describes it as "insolence"

Yazan abo horira she was being insolent with them
In the US, it is normal for engagements to last many months, and often at least one year. Yazan explains that her request to push the wedding date back -- which he knew about, though he did not know the reason -- was the source of his parents' outrage. Well, one source of it.

6. Also, Brittany's assertiveness was an issue

Yazan abo horira quotes dont call me baby
Brittany had repeatedly asked Yazan before they went there to stop calling her his "baby." She doesn't like it, and no one should be called something that they don't like. However, Yazan insisted on calling her "baby" again in front of his parents, prompting her to remind him to not call her that. This, he says, was a factor in his mom's explosive freakout. Yazan apparently doesn't see this as 100% his fault.
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90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek: Does Andrei Castravet Call Elizabeth Potthast the C-Word?

Tensions have been rising between Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast since their arrival in Moldova emboldened Andrei to be on his worst behavior.

A new sneak peek shows Elizabeth preparing for her wedding ... but fans are already buzzing about the vile word that Andrei called his wife.

We want to get into the vile exchange between Andrei and Elizabeth, but first, let's cover the official sneak peek.

In the accompanying video, you can see Elizabeth and Andrei arrive at a church.

They are still in Moldova and preparing for their second wedding. Part of that means that Elizabeth needs to convert.

Elizabeth and Andrei are both Christians, but Elizabeth is a Baptist -- a protestant denomination with Calvinist theological heritage.

Andrei and his family are part of the dominant religion of Moldova, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, an early offshoot popular in Greece and Slavic countries.

In order to have an Orthodox wedding, they must both be Orthodox. Thus, Elizabeth has to convert.

Part of this process means that Elizabeth cannot wear makeup and must wear all white clothing.

Elizabeth is the first to admit that she has no idea what to expect, really.

To those of us who are not Christians, the differences in denominations can seem academic, but it can be a huge deal to believers -- in terms of theology and in terms of way of life.

Elizabeth is eager to get this done and to move on so that they can continue preparing to marry.

Andrei, too, explains thatt his is "important" because it will allow them to have this traditional wedding (that Chuck is paying for).

This is all new to Elizabeth ... but though the sneak peek ends there, we know that things get worse as the wedding planning continues.

Though not part of any official sneak peeks, some footage is loose on in the internet depicting Andrei and Elizabeth's continued wedding planning.

To Andrei's annoyance, Elizabeth wants to (as is customary almost everywhere) sample food that will be served at her wedding that her dad is paying for.

Instead, she is presented with a book of pictures of food. This seems to satisfy Andrei, but Elizabeth wants to make an effort to actually plan the wedding.

After Andrei continues to interrupt her while she speaks to the camera, Elizabeth has had enough, and snaps: "Don’t interrupt me!”

“You’re f--king annoying, ****,” he fires back, demanding that his wife “Just shut up.”

Did he call her a c--t? TLC used four asterisks, though some fans who saw the clip say that lip-reading tells them that he called her a "bitch." Still unacceptable.

“You shut up!” Elizabeth fired back, upset and hurt at her husband's foul-mouthed attack.

“Don’t f--king tell me how to do this now," Andrei yelled back, prompting Elizabeth to storm off.

Fans are absolutely furious. Andrei has always been rude, selfish, lazy, entitled, smug, and impossible to like, but now, fans are seeing red.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans have suggested that, seeing how protective Kalani's dad is of his own daughters, TLC should invite Low Faagata to the Tell All, play footage of Andrei, and see what happens.

We here at The Hollywood Gossip of course do not endorse any form of violence.

That would, of course, include any scenario where a man, however much of a jerk, gets absolutely pummeled.

The real solution would be for Elizabeth to divorce him, ending this toxic marriage.

90 day fiance sneak peek does andrei call elizabeth the c word