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Chris Pearson, Former Ex on the Beach Star, Dies in Stabbing

Chris Pearson, a cast member on the first season of MTV's Ex on the Beach, died over the weekend due to a stabbing in the San Fernando Valley.

TMZ was first to report this startling and tragic news. He was only 25 years old.

According to insiders quoted by the celebrity news website, Pearson was involved in this fatal altercation around 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Chris Pearson

He was transported to a local hospital shortly after the confronation, but passed away from the injuries he sustained about an hour later.

Friends have already started a GoFundMe for the professional DJ's family in Colorado, referring to his death the result of a "tragic encounter," in the campaigns description, which reads in part:

ex on the beach cast

Chris was the one person that loved with his whole heart. He had so much love and energy to give to every single person he crossed paths with.

He wouldn't leave the room until he made sure every single person was happy. Chris was the most determined person there could ever be.

His smile lit up an entire room.

CP on TV

The basis of Ex on the Beach was to bring castoffs from other reality shows together ... but Pearson had no experience on the small screen at the time he come on board.

On the series, a pair of of Pearson's exes were brought on to confront Chris, who was sold as a vulnerable party boy, prompting the star to cry on camera over one his former flames.

Altogether, Pearson appeared on 11 episodes of the program.

ex poster

After getting away from television, Chris has established himself as a successful DJ.

Reads his bio from Ex on the Beach:

21-year-old Chris AKA Creatures Ferris is an international house DJ and a ladies’ man who boils everything in his life down to whether it’s “Gucci” or “Not Gucci."


Despite his apparent goofiness, Chris is a hopeless romantic who has fallen in love more than once, and had his heart broken as a result.

Needless to say, when Chris’s Ex arrives in the house, it will NOT be Gucci.

Can Chris’s Gucci-ness overcome the predicament he’s about to enter?

cp pic

Law enforcement sources have told TMZ that police are looking into the stabbing and consider it to be a "solvable case."

MTV's Taylor Selfridge, who played a role on Teen Mom, acknowledged her fellow MTV personality's passing on Monday.

She shared a sad face emoji and prayer hands.

The CP

Here is the way in which his GoFundMe Page concludes:

The only other thing that Chris loved more than his music was his family and friends. All Chris wanted was to make it far in life to help his family and make them proud.

Chris was taken from us way way too soon.

CP Picture

The Hollywood Gossip staff sends our thoughts to the friends, family members and loved ones of Chris Pearson.

May he rest in peace.

Sister Wives Season 16: Will the Browns Return to Utah?

“I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore. I don’t want to... It’s not enough.”

These were among the final words uttered by Christine Brown to close out Sister Wives Season 15, as the forlorn spouse expressed her discontent to fellow cast member Meri Brown.

No, Christine would not be moving back to Utah, despite her strong attempt at convincing the family just such a move was in everyone's best interests.

“I’m just tired. I need a partnership. I need something different than this," Christine added on air.

3 wives people

Talk about a cliffhanger, huh?!?

For several months, TLC viewers were left anxious because executives had not made a decision about the show's future.

Ratings have been falling of late, storylines had grown stale and Kody Brown had been coming across more unlikable than ever before.

Would the show get renewed? Would fans get to learn the fate of these four marriages, only one of which seemed to actually be working?

Sister Wives Poster 2021


TLC confirmed Sister Wives Season 16 would be a go in late August.

As you might expect, upcoming episodes -- which kick off on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c -- will pick up where the previous ones left off, focusing on the unhappy state of pretty much all Kody's unions.

Heck, are he and Meri even together anymore? It's hard to say.

Sister Wives Promo Poster

With such disdain and displeasure as the backdrop, TLC has also released an official Season 16 synopsis.

Where might future installments take this unusual family?

Will they still be a unit when 2022 rolls around? Willl they remain in Arizona or take Christine's advice and go back to their native state?

And will any progress ever be made on the property at Coyote Pass?!?

Janelle Brown Poster

Let's take a look at the TLC description, shall we?

Kody talks to each of his wives about Christine's desire to move to Utah and gets a resounding no from each of them.

When he tries to talk Christine out of it, she can't even have a conversation with him and walks out in tears.

A difference of opinions about COVID protocols creates tension between Janelle's family and Kody and Robyn.

4 Sister Wives

Despite the fact that Meri has no romantic relationship with Kody, she seems to be doing better and managing the drama within the family well.

As the family prepares to start building on their property, they are splitting apart at the seams over the upcoming holidays.

Both Janelle and Christine's families refuse to follow Kody's COVID rules.

Is the family not getting back together, even for the holidays? With tensions boiling over, more than one wife is questioning the future.

Sister Wives on an Episode

Can't say we blame them, based on the way Kody treats anyone not named Robyn.

Will you be tuning in for Sister Wives Season 16?

As noted above, it premieres on Sunday, November 21 on TLC.

Cynthia Bailey: Okay, Here’s the REAL Reason I Left The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

You want the truth?

Okay, fine.

Cynthia Bailey is not a Colonel in the movie A Few Good Men.

She thinks you can handle the truth.

Cynthia Bailey on The Real

The long-time Bravo personality announced a few days ago that she's leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, stating for the record:

"After much thought and consideration, I have made the very difficult and heartfelt decision not to return for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"Thank you NBCUniversal, Bravo and Truly Original for over a decade of partnership. I can't wait to see what we do next!"

Bailey's decision came amid a great deal of speculation over cast changes for 2022. 

Cynthia Bailey Selfie Alert

Cynthia has talked on The Wendy Williams Show just this past summer that her time as a series regular might be coming to an end.

"Thank you to my Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates for eleven of the most unbelievable years of my life; and the most incredible & UNFORGETTABLE memories!" she concluded a few days ago.

"I am so grateful to have had this amazing journey, and I am anxiously waiting to embark on new adventures.

"Most importantly, THANK YOU to my fans! I could not have done it without your blessings, love, and support."

Cynthia Bailey with a Smile

Is there more to this story, though?

"It's been an incredible journey and I have to be honest you guys, I'm happy but I'm also sad at the same time," Cynthia said E! News' Daily Pop on Friday, October 1.

"It's almost like 'what in the world, how did I do this for 11 years?' When I look back, even looking at the intro, I want to go back and watch all the seasons with me on it.

"Because when you live it, when you're a part of it, it's actually very difficult show to watch sometimes. It's a hard show to do.

"I feel like I did it, I did it my way and I made it out alive, with a brand and a whole husband."

Cynthia Bailey in 2020

Bailey told Williams a couple months ago that she didn't want to be fired from the show.

And she added here that the choice to walk away was a long time in the making.

"It was time, it was honestly time," the model continued.

"I had been thinking about it for a while, just the whole transition. I knew it wasn't going to last forever. I knew I didn't want to do it forever."

Cynthia Bailey on Instagram

An extended hiatus following Season 13, the understandable result of Covid-19, played a role in Cynthia's decision, she explained.

She also claims Bravo offered herr "Friend" status for Season 14.

"Ironically, I actually introduced the friend contract on the show, but that's neither here nor there," she said.

"And I thought, 'You know what? That may be a perfect way for me to transition. I don't have to commit completely fully to being a Housewife, and I can be a friend and kind of phase myself off the show.'

"And then I decided, you know what, cut the cord."

Cynthia Bailey in Shock

Did fairly new husband Mike Hill play any role in Bailey walking away?

"Listen, let me correct the streets," Cynthia fired back at this chatter.

"Mike has always been super supportive of me, for sure. At the end of the day, he wants me to do what is going to be best for me and what's happy for me...

"The reality of the situation is, I'm tired. I want to do something else. There's so many other things I can do."

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair

Just days after Bailey quit The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams did the same.

"After ten life-changing, gratifying, incredible years, it is finally time to begin my next chapter," wrote Williams on Instagram this week.

"This was a difficult decision to not only make, but also come to terms with.

"It's one I have put a lot of thought into and because of that, I know it's the right one."

The Bachelor Bombshell: Jesse Palmer to Host Season 26!

Jesse Palmer has accepted a rose from ABC.

In a manner of speaking, that is.

On Tuesday night, the network made the surprising announcement that the former series lead and current college football analyst would step in and host The Bachelor Season 26.

He'll be the first person to emcee this franchise other than Chris Harrison.

Jesse Palmer Picture

“For more than 20 years, The Bachelor has brought the world dozens of unforgettable love stories, including at one time, my own,” the ESPN personality said in a statement.

“Falling in love is one of life’s greatest gifts.

"I am humbled by the opportunity to return to the show as host this season to offer the newest Bachelor advice gained from firsthand experience.

"I am grateful to play a small part in his journey.”

Jesse Palmer Photo

Harrison, of course, stepped into scalding hot water during Matt James' run as The Bachelor in early 2021.

He awkwardly defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell after old social media posts of her surfaced in which she Liked photos of the Confederate Flag and bragged about attending a plantation-themed sorority party.

The long-time host apologized multiple times for the way he handled the situation and voluntarily stepped aside at the time.

A few months later, Harrison and executives agreed he ought to leave the show permanent... with sources claiming Harrison walked away with $25 million in hush money/buyout mone.

Chris Harrison Profile Picture

"I’ve had a truly incredible run as host of The Bachelor franchise and now I’m excited to start a new chapter," he wrote in June via Instagram.

"I’m so grateful to Bachelor Nation for all of the memories we’ve made together.

"While my two-decade journey is wrapping up, the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime."

Harrison has said next to nothing in public in the time since.

palmer in a tux

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams, meanwhile, came on board to host Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette, and will do the same this fall for Michelle Young.

Last week, numerous outlets confirmed that Clayton Echard -- a contestant on Young's upcoming season -- would anchor the next season of The Bachelor, which is expected to premiere in January.

You can meet the women he'll be selecting a fiancee from here:

Palmer, for his part, played quarterback at the University of Florida and was drafted in the fourth round of the NFL by the New York Giants.

He only played in 8 total professional games and compiled a 59.8 rating in the process.

More relevantly to The Bachelor, Palmer was front and center on Season 5.

He chose Jessica Bowlin as his winner, although the duo broke up shortly after the series aired and Palmer is now engaged to model Emely Fardo.

Jesse Palmer as a Model

Palmer has also hosted several reality shows over the years -- including The Proposal, Holiday Baking Championship and The Ultimate Surfer -- and seems to be a safe choice by producers.

Said ABC Entertainment and Warner Horizon this summer after the companies basically forced Harrison out:

“Chris Harrison is stepping aside as host of The Bachelor franchise.

"We are thankful for his many contributions over the past 20 years and wish him all the best on his new journey."

John Andrew Studdard: Will Duggar Cousin Star in His Own Spinoff?

According to a new report, television simply cannot quit the Duggars.

An insider has told The Sun that John Andrew Studdard, who is the adoptive son of Jim Bob Duggar'ss cousin, is now in talks to star in his verey own reality show.

For what possible reason?

That, we cannot confirm... or even try to comprehend.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Camera

TLC, of course, was in business with this polarizing family for years and years.

First, the network aired 19 Kids and Counting -- right up until Josh Duggar confessed to molesting his own sisters as a teenager and cheating on his wife and then producers pulled the plug.

Then, the network aired a spinoff titled Counting On -- right up until Josh Duggar was arrested on two counts of child pornography possess this past April.

One might say the guy has serious issues.

Josh Duggar Back in the Day

From what we can gather, TLC isn't necessarily the network behind this latest Duggar TV show proposal, with the aforementioned source telling the aforementioned outlet:

"John Andrew has been approached to possibly do something, but nothing is set. It would be about him navigating his life as an Asian American.

“You don’t see many Asian Americans on reality TV or in Hollywood in general. He wants the opportunity to change that.

"Growing up being the only Asian person has been a struggle for him."

John Andrew Studdard

Concludes this speculative report:

“He's ready to show his authentic self. Doing reality TV is something he wants to take over now that his family is off TV.”

To John Andrew's credit, he has used his platform over the years to promote various LGTBQ rights and bring awareness to Asian lives.

He was raised in a far less strict and conservative household than the children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and likely would bring a fresh perspective to the small screen.

all these duggar people

And yet: Do we really need anyone else associated with the Duggar family to be given his/her own television program?

John Andrew previously told The Sun that he “feels” for his relatives following the cancellation of Counting On.

“TLC will not be producing additional seasons of Counting On," said executives this spring, referring to Josh's enormous legal problems and adding at the time:

"TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately.”

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad

Said John Andrew shortly afterward:

“It’s sad. I reached out to one of the family members in May. But it’s probably best that they take a break from TV and settle their issues behind closed doors.”

The rumored reality star doesn't have any sympathy for Josh, however.

“I think anyone should have a consequence for doing something illegal and awful. What he did was very wrong," John Andrew continued.

Josh and Anna Throwback


Josh’s wife, Anna, who is pregnant with their seventh child, has been standing by her husband despite the heinous charges.

John Andrew sounds disappointed by this decision, but not stunned.

"I’m not surprised Anna is standing by him. Divorce is like a big no no for them," he said.

“I would never stay with anyone after that… I don’t know how they think."

The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion CANCELED. Will the Show Be Next?

Reunited and it feels so good?

Not quite.

Not for The Real Housewives of New York City.

Quite the exact opposite, in fact.

ny women

Amid ongoing speculation that cast members on this long-running reality show do not get along - like, at all; in any way, shape or form -- Bravo has announced that there will be no Season 13 reunion.

This is an unprecedented step for The Real Housewives of New York City.

This is a step that forces fans to wonder if there will ever be any new episodes of the show again.


new yorkers

"Due to scheduling challenges around taping the reunion of The Real Housewives of New York City in a timely manner, Bravo confirmed there will not be a reunion for this season," a new spokesperson confirmed in a statement on Friday.

"It's disappointing to not be able to bring the cast back together.

"But we are happy to have ended on such a high note with the finale, and are now shifting our focus to next season."

As you can see, executives appear set on airing a new season in 2022.

The Real Housewives of New York City2

But even if this happens, a whole slew of changes will likely be afoot.

The current cast includes Eboni K. Williams, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Leah McSweeney and Sonja Morgan.

However, the addition of Williams (who is Black) has not been met with universal praise -- not after a season that some critics believed focused too much on race.

With ratings down these past several weeks, Williams has received the bulk of the blame... following a number of heated confrontations she had this year with her fellow Housewives in regard to their privilege and status.

The Real Housewives of New York City1

Producers made it clear in June, though, that Eboni isn't going anywhere.

"Bravo invited Eboni K. Williams as the first Black woman to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York to be her authentic self, which has brought a new perspective to the show," read a message this summer.

"We support Eboni in expressing her views, and we are proud that the show is addressing these important and relevant issues."

The Real Housewives of New York City2

In an interview with Variety published last month, meanwhile, Williams looked back on her experience on The Real Housewives of New York City.

At the time, she addressed reports that there wouldn't be a reunion due to supposed scheduling difficulties.

"I was told a time. I was told that we're having a reunion," she told the outlet.

"I was told what to wear to said reunion."

Eboni K. Williams Preps for WWHL

What happened since then?

We can't say for certain.

Nor can we predict the future of a once-stable and popular franchise.

"Things are in a complete state of panic amongst the cast of RHONY," an insider previously told The Sun, suggesting that Ramona was almost certainly gonna be fired.

Eboni K. Williams Sits With Ramona Singer

"There could be a complete revamp of the show. Three or more people may be fired," this report continued, concluding with a focus on Singer:

“People have been very vocal about their dislike for Ramona this season.

"It doesn’t make sense to have her on the show anymore.

"She has become completely unlikable."

Ramona Singer on Bravo Air

Production for season 14 isn't expected to begin until 2022.

Bravo, therefore, has plenty of time to arrive at a resolution for the mess it created in 2021.

Which stars do you hope get the axe and which do you want to see return?

Clayton Echard Named the Next Bachelor! But Who the Heck is Clayton Echard?!?


We have a winner.

It's just not the winner anyone or any outlet had previously anticipated.

Clayton Echard Picture

On Wednesday, following reports that the next Bachelor lead will come from the array of suitors about to compete for Michelle Young's heart this fall on The Bachelorette, Variety confirmed the followiing:

Clayton Echard has landed the gig!

This seemingly reliable update comes after E! News published photos from the set of a promotional shoot for next year's Bachelor season.

These photos were snapped in Missouri... and Clayton Echard hails from Missouri... and this website joined Variety in writing that he is almost assuredly a lock for the role in 2022.

Clayton Echard Photo

Echard will be introduced to viewers as a suitor on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

However, his biography has already been released by ABC -- and this is what we can verify about the aspiring husband:

He's a 28-year-old orthopedic sales representative who calls the town of Eureka, Missouri home.

Echard is a former college footballl player (just like Matt James), who even signed as an undrafted rookie with the Seattle Seahawks. 

Clayton Echard Shirtless

The ex-tight end refers to himself as a “washed-up athlete now trying his luck in orthopaedic sales,” according to his Instagram bio.

Clayton Echard is also a former freelance rapper. Which is simply amazing.

We know, of course, that he's set to vie for Young's heart later this year on ABC -- and that he won't be selected as her fiance in the end.

But -- The Bachelorette Spoilers Alert, we guess -- it's safe to assume Echard advances pretty far or else producers would not have selected Echard him for this job

Clayton Echard Pic

This marks a first for the franchise.

Never before has the network aired two seasons of The Bachelorette in one calendar year; and, as a result, never before have we known ahead of the premiere just which contestant would ba named the brand new Bachelor.

To be clear, neither ABC nor Warner Bros. has confirmed this Clayton Echard.

However, filming is complete for Young and we feel extremely confident in this report.

Clayton Echard in His Kitchen

Prior to this Bachelor bombshell, there was chatter that Greg Grippo would be searching for a wife on national television in 2022.

This, despite Grippo gaslighting Katie Thurston and making a selfish fool out of himself toward the end of the previous Bachelorette season by yelling and screaming and then straight up quitting.

There had also been informal votes on social media for past contestants Andrew Spencer and Michael Allio.

Heck, Tyler Cameron is now single and many fans were hoping to see him again on their small screen.

Before settling on Echard, sources tell Variety the network had met with other suitors from Thurston’s season and also the current of Bachelor in Paradise.

The future star, meanwhile, loves the outdoors and exercising, explaining via his LinkedIn bio:

“When I am not spending time in the OR, working on my MBA and/or working out, I enjoy hiking and biking on the nature trails around the Columbia area.

"I make it my duty to emphasize living a healthy lifestyle, therefore I exercise daily and am in the process of learning to cook healthy meals that also surprisingly have flavor!”

Clayton Echard on a Hike

Finally, has two brothers... and one fine looking body!

Check out photos of Clayton Echard above and then sound off:

What do you think of the next Bachelor?

Did ABC hit a home run? Or, to be more accurate in this case, did it score a touchdown?

Big Brother Recap: Did Tiffany Betray Her Alliance?

With 8 people in the house, the road to the final six is proving to be a turbulent endeavor for The Cookout.

The plan going into the HOH competition was for Derek F or Azah to win and put Alyssa and Claire on the block.

Derek F dropped during Thursday's live eviction, leaving the only contender for the Cookout to win being Azah.

Tiffany Mitchel as Head of Household

Unfortunately, Azah also dropped, leaving Tiffany and Azah to duke it out for the competition win.

Tiffany did not want Kyland in power with his third HOH win, and everyone else in the Cookout seemingly wanted someone other than Tiffany in power.

Tiffany secured the win, and it showed the cracks in the alliance.

Tiffany Mitchel for CBS

Her allies were mad because they didn't think she deserved to win. Yes, they would have rathered Kyland in power.

How can Tiffany be blamed if X is throwing competitions and Azah and Derek F can't make it to the end of them?

The strategy for the Cookout has always been strong, but in recent weeks, the cracks have been forming.

At least with Tiffany in power, she thought she could save Claire. Did anyone else expect her to put her own ally on the block when Alyssa would gun for Tiffany if she got the chance?

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

Derek F and Xavier were so mad with Tiffany that they didn't even sit in for her HOH room reveal. They stormed out like sulking children to whine about her.

Say what you will about Tiffany, but it can't be denied that she's playing the game.

Xavier is worried about losing Alyssa and depending on how she plays in the veto, we could still see Claire going out the door this week.

Alyssa made a surprisingly coherent pitch to Tiffany in that Tiffany would win the jury by a landslide against her, but the vote would be more split against anyone else.

Kyland Young on Big Brother

Still, Tiffany would not want to cut Claire so soon, especially if she could keep her for another week.

The wider issue for Tiffany is that the men in the Cookout want her gone, and it could be as soon as Thursday's double eviction.

Unless Hannah or Azah win during the double, there's a good chance Tiffany will see the block.

There's still a lot of game to be played before we get there.

Azah Awasum for CBS

Tiffany went the safe route and nominated Xavier and Alyssa, with the latter being the target.

Xavier could throw the POV to Alyssa for all we know.

Big Brother continues Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

Big Brother Recap: The Most Predictable Eviction Yet?

The Cookout is dominating the entirety of Big Brother Season 23.

The group of six have masterfully plotted all summer long, and with one of them on the block against their fake ally, it was obviously going to be another predictable vote.

When the episode picked up, Kyland and Sarah Beth were still on the block.

Kyland and Sarah Beth

With the plan to eliminate Sarah Beth, it left Alyssa and Claire as the sole non-Cookout people in the house, and Alyssa said Claire would be the only white person left in the house at the end of this week.

"Maybe there's an alliance in the house I don't know about," Claire said with a laugh.

This whole exchange made Xavier uneasy, and he went to the bathroom to tell the cameras Alyssa would need to go next.

Sarah Beth Pleads on Big Brother

Alyssa has been such a pivotal part of X's game, but with her catching on to the Cookout, he knows she needs to be the next target.

There wasn't much of a scramble for votes this week due to Kyland being on the block.

That's why producers opted to fill the episode with Big D losing his chill when a beetle arrived in a backyard.

In one of the most comical scenes in the history of the series, he tried to escape the hammock with such force that poor Hannah rolled over the other end and whacked her head on the wood below.

Derek Frazier Shocked on Big Brother

While this played out, Claire and Azah cooked dinner, but with a twist. The oven caught fire, and they had to act fast to stop the flames.

When it came to the live vote and eviction, Tiffany gave Sarah Beth a sympathy vote, but everyone else voted to send her to the jury house.

It was a nice dose of karma for the way she treated Derek X last week.

Britini was shocked by Derek's arrival in the jury house, and the pair started to put together the clues to the Cookout.

Derek Xiao on Big Brother 23

Kyland has been dropping hints in his goodbye messages, which is not surprising. He wants their jury votes, and who can blame him?

When we returned to the house, it was time for the next HOH competition. Claire was forced to throw it because of her secret HOH power last week.

What's the point of the power if it's detrimental to the player the following week? It seems like a bizarre list of rules for something deemed "The Coin of Destiny."

The HOH competition was endurance, and it was supposed to last well into the wee hours, but Derek F dropped during the commercial break, and the only hope for a non-Cookout HOH was dashed when Alyssa fell before the episode was over.

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

Let's delve into spoiler territory below:

After the show, the Big Brother live feeds kicked off, revealing Tiffany was in power, once again.

This is especially intriguing because it means Tiffany could target Claire if Alyssa wins the POV.

Next week, we have a double eviction, followed by another double eviction the following week.

Alyssa Lopez for CBS

This means that if all members of the Cookout are left standing at the end of next week's double, two of them will be sent packing the following week.

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS.

Dancing With the Stars Casts One Bachelor and One Gigantic Cheater


Dancing With the Stars has done it again.

The long-running ABC competition, which has often cast controversial contestants with questionable pasts, has once again given a platform to a so-called celebrity who is only famous for being really awful.

In this instance, the show may have plummeted to a new low, too.

Dancing With the Stars big logo

On Wednesday, we learned that Olivia Jade willl compete on Season 30 of Dancing with the Stars.

And just who is Olivia Jade?

She's a 21-year old social media influencer who is also the daughter of disgraced actress Lori Loughlin.

Jade was also at the center of an enormous scandal in 2019 after her parents were indicted for a college admissions scandal.

Olivia Jade Giannulli RETURNS to YouTube

Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli infamously admitted that they paid $500,000 in bribes to ensure their daughters’ admissions into the University of Southern California.

This scheme included pretending that Jade was a member of her high school rowing team.

At one point, Jade willingly posed for a photo (below) to make it look like she took part in this sport... in order to pad her high school resume and fool the aforementioned university into accepting her.

After months of social media silence, Olivia spoke out about the scandal on Red Table Talk in December 2020

Olivia Jade Giannulli Coxswain Image

“I think for anybody, no matter what the situation is, you don’t want to see your parents go to prison, but also I think it’s necessary for us to move on and move forward,” she said on Facebook Watch series.

“I’m not trying to victimize myself.

"I don’t want pity — I don’t deserve pity. We messed up.

"I just want a second chance to be like, ‘I recognize I messed up.’ I never got to say, ‘I’m really sorry that this happened,’ or ‘I really own that this was a big mess-up on everybody’s part,’ but I think everybody feels that way in my family right now.”

Olivia Jade on Red Table Talk

As punishment for her sin, Jade has now been rewarded with a platform on national television.

And some people dare to say that certain folks benefit from white privilege!

As for who will be joining thiis pretentious and spoiled 21-year old on Season 30?

Matt James with a Finale Rose

ABC previously confirmed that former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore would be coming on board.

So will JoJo Siwa, who will make history by competing with a same-sex dance partner.

We can now also report, meanwhile, that Matt James is on board.

The Season 25 Bachelor, James selected Rachael Kirkconnell as his champion... only to break up with her after a bunch of racist old social media posts surfaced... and then got back together with her.

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell Laugh

The ex-athlete is one of many Bachelor Nation stars to take part on the show.

Trista Sutter, Melissa Rycroft, Jake Pavelka, Sean Lowe, Chris Soules, Nick Viall, Joe Amabile, Hannah Brown and Kaitlyn Bristowe all appeared on Dancing with the Stars over the years.

Elsewhere, Olympian Suni Lee has also been cast on Season 30.

Season 30 kicks off on September 20 on ABC at 8/7c.

Big Brother Recap: Did Sarah Beth Nominate Derek X?

The Cookout's grip on the Big Brother house continued on Wednesday's new episode of the CBS reality series, but did Xavier escape the block?

We picked up with Alyssa's botched Chopping Block Roulette win putting her closest ally, well, on the block.

Alyssa was understandably livid, largely because she could have saved her coins for another week to play for the Coin of Destiny, but Xavier was more so because he wanted to get to the end of the game without hitting the block.

Claire and Xavier on Big Brother

It's a rare feat, but his attention quickly turned to the Veto. He needed to escape the block, and the only way to do that was to win the Power of Veto.

Claire realized the writing was on the wall for Derek X and she planned to win to take herself off so that she could try to rally the votes should he be put on the block. The worst-case scenario was the pair on the block at the same time.

In any case, Derek X would have to win the Veto, but unfortunately, he wasn't picked. He's struggled to get any luck in this game, and when you consider he was almost the HOH this week, it sucks.

Azah Awasum for CBS

Sarah Beth has no clue what is truly going on in the house, and the fact that she allowed Kyland to run her HOH is sure to have some adverse effects.

Alyssa worried about what would happen at the Veto, so she was totally on board with backdooring Derek X as revenge for him getting Christian out of the house.

The more comical side of this is that Sarah Beth and Alyssa think they are close to Kyland and Xavier when in reality, the two women will probably be on the block next week.

Big D, Alyssa, and Azah were chosen to play alongside Claire, Xavier, and Sarah Beth, meaning this was all on Claire if she wanted to evade the block.

Kyland Young on Big Brother

The competition found people pressing forward with dominos and picking out advantages and disadvantages to get the best time.

Derek F went for all the prizes and got the best time, but he didn't choose the Veto, something that seemingly rubbed Xavier and Azah the wrong way.

Ultimately, Xavier won, but he had to agree to lose all of his Big Brother bucks and 24 hours of solitary confinement.

On top of that, he will be a third nominee at some point in the future, so there's that.

Tiffany Mitchel for CBS

Derek X chatted with Tiffany, who said the best way to keep Derek X would be to get Hannah on the block, so Derek X reluctantly campaigned against his friend.

Did it work?


Sarah Beth opted to put Derek X on the block alongside Claire, so we have our final nominations of the week.

Big Brother continues Thursday at 8/7c on CBS.

Katie Thurston Picks Her Bachelorette Winner. But Will They Make It?!?

The third time was the charm for one special contestant on The Bachelorette finale Monday night.

And so, it turns out, was a rather magical evening in The Fantasy Suite.

Heading into her concluding episode, Katie Thurston wasn't just torn between her pair of finalists, Justin Glaze and Blake Moynes.

She was also torn up about the way Greg Grippo left the show a week earlier.

Katie Thurston and Finalists

What did it take for Thurston to rebound from this heartbreak?

A romp between the sheets with Blake, apparently!

"I love Katie," Blake said in an on-camera interview prior to taking her to bed.

"I love her a lot. But if Katie's still hung up on Greg and she can't match that, then there's no point in getting engaged if she's having doubts."

crushed Katie Thurston

Blake then poured his heart out to Katie, pointing to her celebration after scoring a hockey goal during their hometown date that sealed his romantic deal.

"I love you and I'm f—ing really excited about life with you," he said.

Thurston said she was "speechless" upon hearing such a declaration, only to quickly find the right words.

"As much as I want to be stubborn and just do like you, it's scary and it's crazy, but I f—ing love you so much and I couldn't be happier that you're here," she told Blake.

Blake and Katie

The stars celebrated with a trip to the Fantasy Suite, where they shared cheesecake ... and then breakfast.

Katie referred to as the experience "truly perfect" and added:

"There's nothing I've ever wanted more than this adventure I think him and I could have together."

The Bachelorette even told Kaitlyn Bristowe that during her time with Blake in the bedroom, she "was plenty satisfied, many times" and:

"It was just the best day of my life. My heart officially belongs to Blake."

Sorry, Justin

Before she could hand it over, however, Katie had to crush the hopes and dreams of Glaze.

"I was looking forward to today," she told Justin.

"However, I did have my overnight with Blake and in that, I did tell him that I'm falling in love with him. And that is something I can only say to one person.

"And you are someone I wanted to explore things with, but given how I now feel about Blake, knowing I am in love with him, it wouldn't make sense to have us move forward and go on this date.

"It wouldn't make sense to have you meet my family and that's where I'm at."

Bachelorette Finale Pic

Understandably, Justin expressed his disappointment in Katie's choice, noting:

"Everything that I've said to you is 100 percent true. I just hope you know how special you are."

From there, though, this finale was all about Blake and Katie.

"I'm very unsure and uneasy about the decision that I'm going to make," Blake said after looking at engagement rings.

"I love Katie. I love her a lot but the 'I love you' that comes with a ring is just different than another 'I love you.' It just is."

Waiting for Herr Husband

The series clearly had to drag things out, but it was evident at this point where things were headed.

At the proposal site, Katie professed her feelings first, telling her aspiring husband:

"I never knew I'd be falling head over heels in love with you. You are caring and supportive and confident and passionate and you love me for me and that's a love I never even knew existed.

"The night that you said you loved me changed my life forever because I knew in that moment I wanted to love you for the rest of my life. You and only you.

"You have made me the happiest woman alive and in a world of change I want to be your constant.

"I love you today, tomorrow and forever and I can't wait for our adventure to begin."

Katie Thurston on Her Finale

Moynes then echoed the sentiment:

"I know how great of a wife you're going to be, mother you're going to be, but I know there's things that scare you.

"And I know that you in the past have talked about how you've had to compromise the way that you are to make relationships work and I don't want you to do that.

"But I can't give you what you came here for. Because you deserve a lot more than that.

"You deserve the world and I'm excited to support you and be there for you every day moving forward."

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes Kiss!

The two then kissed, and then the ring came out.

Thurston said yes, giving Blake her final rose in the process.

"This was meant to be," Katie said. "Like, this exact moment we were always meant to experience together."

Moynes proceededd to praise his new fiancée as "the piece I've been missing that's going to make life better" and Katie said "this is the start of forever" -- and they rode off on horseback.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes

And that was it!

But will this be it forever and ever? You tell us:


And the Winner is?

Katie Thurston has chosen her heart's champion. But will she make it down the aisle with Blake Moynes? View Poll »

Katie Thurston: That’s It! I’m Done with The Bachelorette!

Hope can be a dangerous thing.

So we were told around the halfway point of The Shawshank Redemption, and Katie Thurston didn't let such a saying fog her thinking early on The Bachelorette last night.

"I'm hoping to figure out who it is that I see blending into my life," she said in a confessional at the outset of the installment, prior to a trio of hometown dates.

"You don't just marry a man, you marry his family, so this is huge."

Thurston in Thought

First up, Katie spent the day with Blake Moynes, getting a dose of his life in Canada... in New Mexico, as the guys had to replicate their native cities at the resort due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The duo rode a mechanical moose and played hockey before going to see Blake's family.

After awkwardly learning from her son that the physical chemistry between Blake and Katie was "1,000 percent there," Moynes' mom wanted to make sure some feelings were present as well.

Was Katie in love?

At Home with Blake

Not yet, she replied.

"It doesn't feel right [to use that word] while I'm still dating multiple people," she said.

And yet: the aspiring spouses eventually made out and Blake told the camera:

"The word 'love' is a scary word to use. Still, at the end of the night, the way she kissed me, if things keep going the way that they are, I see myself getting engaged to Katie."

Katie and Justin

Cut to Justin trying to make Katie feel at home in "Baltimore," but doing it without his parents around because they told him they just don't comprehend the whole premise of The Bachelorette.

"I was a little disappointed," Katie admitted of not meeting Justin's mom and dad.

"I was a little surprised, especially given how soon an engagement is. I think meeting the families is extremely important, and it's hard because with Justin's family not here, I do wonder, is Justin ready for a proposal?

"A marriage? That's a little bit of a struggle for me."

Thurston did end up spending time with two of Justin's very good friends, with one of them telling Katie how reserved he usually finds Justin.

But "he's just so himself around you," this pal observed. "I haven't seen him that way before."

To close their night together, Justin opened up to Katie about his feelings.

"As much as I'm trying to fight it, I know I'm falling in love with you and that is how I feel," he told her. "I'm not going to hold back."

The two then swapped spit and Justin said he could absolutely see himself getting engaged.

Greg Grippo as a Suitor

From there... it was time for Katie and Greg to pretend they were in New Jersey. And it started out well.

They rode a tandem bike down a makeshift boardwalk... ate pork rolls and Italian ices... and surfed on a motorized machine.

They also played basketball together, something Greg used to do with his dad before he passed away.

After meeting with Greg's mother and brother, Katie felt better than ever before about this potential husband.

Katie and Greg

"I hate to use the word frontrunner, but Greg is someone I have a strong connection with," she said.

"Greg is someone -- I don't care if I'm allowed to say this -- like, Greg will be here next week. Greg is someone I want to continue to pursue our relationship with."

This said, Katie reiterated to Grippo's mom that she hadn't dropped the L-Word yet because it didn't feel right while two other suitors remained in the picture.

Greg, however? He went alll in.

Greg Grippo Picture

"I haven't been this happy in the longest time," he told Katie after the family gathering.

"I didn't know that I was going to fall in love with you. And I am in love with you. You just make me the happiest I've ever been."

Katie didn't reciprocate those feelings exactly -- and this is where The Bachelorette spoilers at last came true.

This is where an all-time argument broke out.

Greg Grippo with Katie

The reality stars kissed goodnight, but Greg told the cameras he felt "confused" about where his and Katie's relationship stood.

"I'm so sad because I spilled my heart out to her last night. I don't know. I told her I was in love with her. She really didn't have any reaction," he said.

"I wasn't asking for a lot, just the smallest thing to let me know she was feeling somewhat of the same."

Cut to Greg heading to Katie's room and saying Thurston "completely mowed" over what he had said to her. The whole love thing.

Greg Grippo and The Bachelorette

"There's obviously a disconnect here. It's, like, clear. That's obvious," Greg told her. "As much as it hurts me, I've reached my breaking point with this. I gave you everything and I really hope you find something."


"I can't even comprehend what it is you're trying to say right now," Katie replied. "Are you not wanting to stay anymore? Are you done?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying," Greg confirmed.

"It was never about a rose for me this week and I was never asking for you to profess your love to me. I just wanted Katie."

Katie Thurston Waits

Grippo proceeded to storm out of Katie's hotel room ... and she chased after him.

However, Greg stood firm on his position to leave.

"I deserve more than what I've been given on your side," he said. "I'm not happy here anymore. I'm done here."

Bachelorette Rose Ceremony

That prompted Katie to declare the same thing: "I am done. I am done. I am done."

Kaitlyn Bristowe ran to Katie's room in response to the ddrama, where she found the Seattle resident crying over the breakup.

"It just feels like it's all for nothing," she said of her time on the program

When Kaitlyn asked how she wanted to proceed, Katie said: "I want someone to book my flight home."

Katie Takes the Throne

And that's how the episode ended!

We can't believe there won't be a winner this season on The Bachelorette!

(Just kiddding. This was all just a bunch of scripted nonsense and Katie will be back next Monday, as usual.)

Big Brother Recap: The First Veto Competition Derails Frenchie’s Game!

Big Brother is having one of the most impressive first weeks in the history of the series.

Instead of everyone working together to get one person out the door, the houseguests have been forced to work in teams, raising the stakes and causing problems for the Head of Household.

Frenchie, bless his heart, has been making deals with the whole house, including both of his nominees. He wanted someone to volunteer to be a pawn, and in Big Brother, you might as well walk out the door if you agree to be a pawn.

Frenchie Scrambles on Big Brother

Frenchie threatened to break the status quo, but in doing so, he's had the messiest Head of Household in recent memory, putting himself as a big target, and it's been pretty embarrassing.

As someone who tweets Big Brother, he should have known how the game goes and making deals with everyone was always going to come back and bite him.

Wednesday's episode picked up after the nominations ceremony, and Frenchie continued to try to convince everyone he was a genius at the game.

Frenchie for CBS

But all the other houseguests were blindsided by the nominations and not in a good way.

How can people really make deals with Frenchie if he's not sticking to his word?

Not one to mince words, Alyssa confronted Frenchie about nominating her after promising her safety.

His response?

My mistake. My mistake. My mistake.

Alyssa Lopez for CBS

We are totally paraphrasing here, but you get the gist of it.

Frenchie doesn't own up to his mistakes, and he knowingly put a target on Christian and Alyssa by implying they were in a showmance.

Like we said, messy!

Alyssa and Christian managed to convince him of his mistake, and he started worrying about the future of the game because of his big blunder.

Brent Champagne for CBS

Frenchie's attention switched to Derek X, who he decided had to be the one to go this week. He said Derek X was close with Travis (another meathead) and formed alliances with the rest of the house.

Yes, Frenchie's paranoia is embarrassing, but it's making the first week exciting. Nobody is voting with the house because they have no clue what is going on. This is Frenchie's world, and everyone is just living in it.

The good thing going for Derek X is that Brent told his ally about Frenchie's plant to target him, allowing his friend to make plans to stay in the game.

At the veto, we had Frenchie, Kyland, Alyssa, Tiffany, Derek X, and Kyland.

Tiffany Mitchel for CBS

Derex X immediately decided to do the opposite of the other houseguests and started his puzzle from the bottom, leaving him the opportunity to look at the other puzzles when he finished that part.

It paid off -- big time.

Derek X won, but the other houseguests watching realized his plan, and that could solidify him as a competition beast.

Frenchie was in a panic in the aftermath as Kyland and Derek X pleaded with him to save one of them.

Xavier Prather for CBS

Ultimately, Derex X saved Kyland, leaving Frenchie's mouth on the floor. Karma, right?

Travis was the replacement nominee, meaning our final two nominations of the week are Alyssa and Travis.

The first eviction airs Thursday on CBS at 8/7c.

The Bachelorette: Will Tayshia and Kaitlyn Return as Hosts?

Are they in?

Or will they be out?

This is the question that's been floating around Bachelor Nation of late when it comes to an unprecedented step in The Bachelorette history:

A second season in the same calendar year.

Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe

As loyal viewers likely know by now, Michelle Young has already been announced as the next franchise lead -- only she'll be going on her romantic journey for a husband not in 2022.

But in 2021.

ABC has not yet announced a premiere date for Young's debut, but we know it will be some time this fall.

What we haven't known, however, is whether or not Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe will serve as hosts during Young's search for a husband.

Michelle Young and Katie Thurston

The former Bachelorettes, of course, have taken on this gig for Katie Thurston, helping her navigate her way through cocktail parties and solo dates and group dates after Chris Harrison was forced out of the franchise.

The long-time emcee took a temporary leave of absence several months ago after he mishandled a race-based scandal that centered on past contestant Rachael Kirkconnelll.

The temporary leave became permanent some time later, though.

Harrison will no longer be returning to The Bachelorette.

Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Katie

As for Adams and Bristowe?

Reality Steve Tweeted this weekend that they will, indeed, star alongside Young later this year.

Wrote The Bachelorette spoilers guru on Sunday:

(BACHELORETTE HOST UPDATE): Kaitlyn and Tayshia will be returning to co-host Michelle’s season of the “Bachelorette” when it begins filming later this month.

I’ll have some filming updates, locations, and timelines in my column on Tuesday.

Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe hosts

We'd imagine fans will have mixed feelings regarding this news.

Some may have been hoping for a different Chris Harrison replacement.

Others may never get over Harrison leaving the show.

And still others may actually love Tayshia and Kaitlyn and could be jumping for joy right about now.

Chris Harrison and Tayshia Adams

"I’ve had a truly incredible run as host of The Bachelor franchise and now I’m excited to start a new chapter," Harrison wrote on June 8 via Instagram, adding:

"I’m so grateful to Bachelor Nation for all of the memories we’ve made together.

"While my two-decade journey is wrapping up, the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime."

Chris with a Rose

Said Warner Horizon, the studio that produces the Bachelor franchise, and ABC Entertainment, in a statement of their own:

"Chris Harrison is stepping aside as host of The Bachelor franchise.

"We are thankful for his many contributions over the past 20 years and wish him all the best on his new journey."

Jim Bob Duggar Reacts to Counting On Cancelation: On to the Next Adventure!

By the unfortunate sound of things, we haven't seen or heard the last of Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar.

Just over two months since their oldest child was arrested on charges of child pornography possession, and days after TLC canceled the reality show Counting On as a result, these misguided parents of 19 have released a statement.

Is it filled with sorrow and regret over the way they enabled son Josh and the unhealthy way in which they raised all their other kids?

Heck noo.

jbd pic

"It is hard to believe that more than 17 years have passed since we were first contacted by a production company wanting to do a one-hour documentary about the logistics of raising 14 children," reads the message.

"Our family has grown (and grown up!) before our eyes and on national television, and the journey has been miraculous—following God is an exciting adventure."

The statement was posted on the official family website and made no reference to Josh Duggar allegedly downloading sexualy explicit material of minors.

For this supposed crime, Josh will go on trial in November and could be sentenced one day to up to 40 years in prison.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as a Couple

Continues the statement:

"Over the years, some of our most treasured moments have been those when we met children across the country who are alive today because of our testimony that children are a blessing—a special gift from God—and that the only real hope for individuals and families is a close relationship with Jesus Christ."

TLC confirmed the cancellation of Counting On this past Tuesday, revealing the network has cut ties with the horriblle family following Duggar‘s April arrest.

“TLC will not be producing additional seasons of Counting On,” executives said at the time.

“TLC feels it is important to give the Duggar family the opportunity to address their situation privately.”

Duggar Family

The Duggars had worked with TLC since 19 Kids and Counting debuted in 2008.

After a decade on the air, the show was canceled in 2015 when Josh confessed to having molestated his own sister back when he was a teenager.

He then admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna Duggar, and entered treatment.

At the moment, Josh is confined to living with some family friends, while Anna is pregnant with the couple's seventh child.

Anna Duggar and Awful Husband

The elder Duggar went on today:

"Since we began filming so long ago, we’ve had the amazing honor to share our lives, our faith, and our story with you—including some of the most difficult and painful moments our family has ever faced.

"We are full of deep gratitude for the love shown to us and the prayers of so many who have sustained us both now and through the years."

This is one of those times when we stop to wonder: Is there literally a single fan of Jim Bob and Michelle out there? Like... a single one?!?

Josh Duggar Close Up

Hinting that perhaps they had more television deals to come, the Duggars added:

"We look forward to all the new adventures and endeavors that may come our way, and with so many grown children and wonderful grandchildren, we know our love will only continue to multiply."

When you arrange for your teenage sons to marry teenage women and then pressure them to procreate as often as possible, this is literally true.

Isn't that right, Justin and Claire Duggar?

Josh Duggar Throwback

Concluded Jim Bob and Michelle:

We are forever grateful for our film crew and so many others behind the scenes who have become like family to us over the years.

The wonderful experiences that filming has provided us will be treasured always.

We look forward to discovering what’s next for our family and sharing more with you along the way!

Denise Richards: Could She Actually Return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Never say never in the world of reality television.

Not even when it comes to those who have been accused of having same-sex affairs by a co-star.

Indeed, just under a year since Denise Richards walked away from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills amid rumors that she slept with Brandi Glanville, we now hear that the actress may return.

And we hear this courtest of a rather reliable source.

Denise Richards Makes a Point

Garcelle Beauvais, perhaps the only real friend of Denise's during her two seasons on the aforementioned franchise, just told Andy Cohen as much.

"I think she wants to come back," Garcelle revealed on the June 30 installment of Watch What Happens Live.

Just because Richards wants to, of course, does not mean that Richards will.

She peaced out on Bravo last September partly because Glanville continued to lob accusations of an illicit affair in her direction -- but also because a certain fellow colleague didn't have her back.

Denise Richards Holds Back

Not only didn't this certain other colleague have Denise's back -- but she attacked her right up front, on air, pulling out text messages and trashing Richards as a liar.

Yes, we're looking at you, Lisa Rinna.

In order for her pal to make a return, therefore, Beauvais told Cohen "somebody's got to go... just saying."

"Are her initials 'L.R.'?" Cohen asked, well aware that the answer is yes.

Denise Richards Up Close

This is all premature, of course.

Both The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of New York City are undergoing significant cast shake-ups, but there's been no indication that Rinna's job is in jeopardy.

Ratings for the ongoing season have been holding strong compared to the past... and it's simply too early to look ahead.

Moreover, with Rinna's daughter (incredibly) dating Scott Disick these days, the former soap opera star has been gifted a prime storyline.

We can't imagine she'll be getting the boot in favor of Richards.

Lisa Rinna on Season 11 Premiere

Richards, for her part, has said very little since leaving Bravo.

She didn't even issue a formal statement to confirm she was done with the show last September.

After Glanville claimed to anyone who would listen that she and Richards slept together in April 2019 -- even alleging that Denise's husband, Aaron Phypers, was very much aware of the shagging -- it was simply clear why Richards needed to step away.

(Denise was steadfast in her constant denial of this allegation all season long, it's worth noting.)

Denise Richards for Bravo

Richards battled most everyone except for Beauvais over Glanville's insistent accusations, too.

"You guys are so vicious," she yelled at the group to conclude an emotional reunion last summer.

Garcelle, meanwhile, also gave an update on her relationship with former frenemy Kyle Richards during her very recent chat with Cohen.

Garcelle Beauvais Reacts at the Season 10 Reunion

"That was the beauty of that lunch, the fact that she was open to receiving and hearing," Garcelle explained of mending fences with the one of the original Beverly Hills Housewives.

"She didn't do it intentionally, she didn't understand the history, but I thought that's why we were able to move quickly forward, because she got it."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

Miss the latest episode? We've got you covered down below!

The Bachelorette Recap: Katie Thurston Meets Her Future Husband!!!!!!

Katie Thurston dealt with two very different men on this week's episode of The Bachelorette:

A liar and her alleged true love.

On the former front, there was Thomas... who confessed during last week's installment that he had focused on becoming the next Bachelor when he first arrived on the show.

"I have been a politician," Thomas said to Quartney at one point. "I have been just trying to say the right things to everybody."

On a Knee for Katie

On the latter front, there was Blake Moynes... who made a stunning debut and who The Bachelorette spoilers swear will propose to Thurston on this summer's season finale.

First up, though, was a group date.

On this outing, the men were asked to play a game of Truth or Dare, which ended up involving a lot of Twinkies; the chance to whisper sweet nothings into Katie's ear; and the challenge of waxing one another.


Katie Thurston's two men

There was also the Dare of eating a spicy pepper and then getting down on one knee to ask for Thurston's hand in marriage.

Once everyone's mouths cooled off, they headed to an afterparty.

Andrew S. used his time there at this shindog Katie that he had "never had a woman understand me."

"I value every moment with you," he said before the pair kissed. "They're so brief, but they're so impactful."

Katie Thurston men

One of the more polarizing suitors, Greg Grippo, also made his move.

"You're all I think about," he said to the leading lady. "I just love the connection I feel with you."

"I think obviously I have to see this out 'til the very end, and if it's something you and I can get through together, that says a lot," Katie replied to the contestant some critics think is an actor only on the show for fame.

"It says that … I'm starting to fall for you."

Greg, 27

For his part, Tre was all about exposing Thomas.

"I think that there are some things that have been happening in the house that I feel like, if I care about you at all, which I do, I feel like you need all of the info that's available, especially when you're pleading with us to give it to you," he began.

Tre then called Thomas "someone we feel like maybe is not here for you" and asserted that the real estate broker had displayed "a pattern of manipulative behavior."

Katie said she was "blindsided" by this claim, but thanked Tre for "sharing" his "truth."

Tré, 26

Before Thurston could decide about how she should handle the Thomas situation, however, BLAKE MOYNES SHOWED UP.

"I guess I want to apologize first, because I know what kind of wrench this throws into your whole situation," said the man who had previously courted Clare Crawley and Taysia Adams on TV.

"I also at the same time knew this was the only way," he added, as if his arrival wasn't totally scripted, planned and known ahead of time to Katie.

In an on-camera interview, Katie admitted that she and Blake had spoken before via Instagram DMs.

"Blake reached out to commend me for my bold personality and, I mean, he's a very handsome guy," she said.

Katie Thurston and a Contestant

Still, Moynes confessed last year to having fallen for two previous series leads.

"It is concerning that you've dated, at this point, two Bachelorettes," Katie said to Blake.

"If you stay, I will be now your third Bachelorette, and I'll be honest, in the house, there's been a lot of drama regarding who's here for the right reasons and who's not.

"So that's still kind of fresh on my heart, and obviously it is a little concerning that here you are for now your third time."

Blake Moynes on The Bachelorette

Moynes vowed he came on the program with only pure intentions.

"I promise you that if it came down to the end and we connected the way I think that we might, we would be engaged at the end of this," he said to Katie.

Prior to the Rose Ceremony, meanwhile, Thomas visited Katie and tried to quell her concerns.

"I would sign something right now that says anything that you need," he said. "The only thing that gets me through being here is an opportunity to be with you, and I mean that."

Katie Thurston at a Rose Ceremony

Did Katie buy what this seemingly shady guy was selling?

To conclude the episode, she handed out roses to Hunter, Greg, Justin, Brendan, Andrew S., Aaron, Mike P., James, Josh, Quartney and Andrew M.

Then, she called Thomas' name, and all the men couldn't hide their shock. 

However, when Thomas approached to accept his rose, Katie WENT OFF ON HIM.

"You told me things I wanted to hear. What I learned about you tonight is you're selfish, unkind and a liar," she said to Thomas in front of all the other men.

"Your Bachelor audition ends tonight, so get out."


So, Thomas is out. And you know who is in, right?

Thurston for The Bachelorette

"If you want to stay, I'd like you to join and see if this becomes something," Katie said to Blake after knocking on his door later that evening. "If that interests you."

Darn right it does!

Like we noted above, Blake is about to interest Katie, too.

Until death does them part.

Katie Thurston Breaks Down on The Bachelorette, Reveals Sexual Assault

Katie Thurston got especially candid and especially personal on The Bachelorette this week.

First, however, she sent some potential husbands home.

Still seething over the claim last Monday night about men being on her season for the wrong reasons, Thurston told her suitors at the outset of this new episode:

"I just don't have the right mindset to give some of the guys the energy and the time they deserve."

Katie Thurston Cries

As a result?

"I'm not going to give any more time to anyone else tonight. We're just going to go straight to the rose ceremony."

With that said, Thurston doled out roses to David, Hunter, Conor C. and Mike P., yet stopped after the 31-year-old virgin referenced last Monday's allegation that a suitor was solely out for fame and fortune, saying to Katie:

"What Karl said wasn't the truth."

Karl, 33

"Do you all feel the same way?" Katie asked.

The men nodded their heads and Thurston excused herself.

She explained to co-hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe that she wanted to keep Karl around, but after Mike P.'s revelation, she second-guessed herself.

Cut back to the rose ceremony, where Katie chose NOT to give Karl a rose.

Michael, Connor B., Quartney, Tre, Justin, Andrew M., Christian, Josh, Brendan, James and Aaron moved on instead.

Katie Thurston and Nick Viall

But the main focus this week had to be on Nick Viall making an appearance in order to lead a discussion between Katie and her men, prompting each of them to open about about problems from their past relationships.

The contestants then confessed to various things pertaining to divorce... substance abuse ... and infidelity... and, as they did, Thurston felt a need to speak up.

In a stunning twist, she went ahead revealed something of her own that “not even her own mom knows about.”

Katie Thurston Makes a Reveal

“I know you all know me as this sex-positive person now," Thurston said.

“But years ago at a New Years Eve party, I was drinking and there was a situation where I had sex with someone that I did not give consent to."

Wow, huh?

Also: Just awful.

Katie Thurston Poses

Continued Katie on air, explaining that the incident happened a decade ago:

"I was in denial about what happened, so much still that I tried to form a relationship with him because I didn't want to believe what actually had happened.

"And when that didn't work out, for years I had a very unhealthy relationship with sex. I didn't want to have sex, which affects a relationship.

"I didn't like talking about sex. And it's taken me a long time to get to where I am now.

"And being open and comfortable talking about it and loving myself and accepting things that I can no longer control."

Katie Thurston Puckers Up

Considering Thurston showed up to meet Matt James on The Bachelor with a vibrator in hand, this admission likely came as a shock to most viewers.

But you just never know, you know?

Concluded Thurston on this topic:

"I just want you guys to know that I've come a long way in who I was 10 years ago and how important consent is, how important communication is and how important it is to not guilt trip somebody for not having enough sex with them, guilt trip them for not having sex with them in general."

Katie Thurston Bachelorette Picturer

At the afterparty, Katie called the group date and her confession "transformative."

But the guys were more concerned with Thomas, who claimed he had told Thurston on this same episode that he was in love with her.

"It feels fraudulent, it feels like, almost like a campaign, like, you want to be Bachelor. I don't know what it is," Hunter said to Thomas in front of the other men.

"I mean, is that something you've thought about?"

Thomas, 28

Thomas didn't deny it, either.

"Yes, coming into this, one of the thoughts on my mind was potentially being the next Bachelor," he finally admitted.

Whoa there! Total WRONG REASONS ALERT!

Thomas claimed he now cared a lot more about ending up with Thurston than ending up as the next Bachelor -- but his competitors were left with plenty of doubt.

However, bringing such a concern to Katie's attention will have to wait until next week.

NBC Stops Production on Reality Show Due to Outbreak of Explosive Diarrhea


If we were more mature, we likely would not report on this story.

We'd just let it go right on by, perhaps pausing for a moment to feel terribly for the folks involved.

But then we'd return to reporting on far more important celebrity gossip topics, such as the departure of Chris Harrison from The Bachelor or the potential paralysis of Jenelle Evans.

Ultimate Slip 'N Slide


We are not that mature.

Therefore, we're here to state that production on NBC's upcoming game show Ultimate Slip 'N Slide has been halted indefinitely after a crew member on its set in Simi Valley, California, tested positive for giardia.

This is a microscopic parasite that, when swallowed, causes diarrheal disease.

slip slider

To be more specific, and nauseating, The Wrap reported on Thursday that “up to 40 crew members fell violently ill,” citing a “person with knowledge of the production.”

This individual said people were “collapsing” and “being forced to run into port-o-potties” due to “awful explosive diarrhea."

Reality television often makes us feel ill as well.

But no quite to this degree.

slip side guy

TMZ, for its part, quoted an anonymous source “close to production” as saying that multiple people were ill with gastrointestinal symptoms.”

Giardia can be found "on surfaces or in soil, food, or water that has been contaminated with feces from infected people or animals," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Pet owners may be familiar with the sickness because dogs often come down with it after drinking dirty stream water.

A spokesperson for Universal Television Alternative Studios, which is producing the show for NBC, told People Magazine that it is “in the process of determining next steps in order to complete production.”

slip side casting

First, we presume, they must get out there and purchase every bottle of Pepto Bismol they can find.

"The health and safety of everyone on our set is our number one priority, so out of an abundance of caution we have made the decision to stop production of Ultimate Slip 'N Slide at the current location," added this spokesperson.

Ultimate Slip 'N Slide is currently scheduled to premiere on Sunday, August 8 at 10:30 p.m. ET, after the Olympic Summer Games' closing ceremony.

The series - hosted by Bobby Moynihan and Ron Funches - takes Wham-O's iconic backyard waterslide game and transforms "into a real-life water park full of gigantic slippery rides with the chance to take home a big cash prize," an NBC press release previously read.

Jarrod Schulz, Veteran Storage Wars Star, Arrested for Assault

Jarrod Schulz has been accused of assaulting his well-known former girlfriend.

Who also happens to be his co-star on the long-running reality show Storage Wars.

He may be in serious trouble with the law.

Jarrod Schulz

According to TMZ, Schulz was arrested on April 30 for an incident involving Brandi Passante, from whole he split about two years ago.

Law enforcement insiders tell the celebrity gossip website that Passante was hanging out with friends at a bar in Orange County when she got into a heated exchange with Schulz.

Brandi eventually asked Jarrod to leave.

Instead, Schulz allegedly pushed his ex on two occasions and also continually screamed at her group of pals.

Jarrod Schulz

The police were called to the bar, but Jarrod had left by the time they showed up on the scene.

A police report was taken ... and a few days later Schulz talked to cops, denying ever placed his hands on Brandi.

However, the Orange County D.A.s Office charged Schulz nevertheless with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz

Jarrod and Brandi have appeared on all 13 seasons of this smash hit A&E show.

They've been dubbed "The Young Guns" because they're the youngest auction bidders in the main cast,  and they share two children.

On the Season 13 premiere, though, Passante finally admitted she and Schulz had broken up.


"I'm not with Jarrod anymore," Passante said on the episode.

In his own interview on the program, Schulz explained:

"Just because me and Brandi aren't together anymore, doesn't mean we can't go to an auction — but separately."

The premiere then featured the two crossing paths at an auction, with Passante calling Schulz "an idiot" for spending $400 on a storage unit that didn't especially look profitable.

brandi and

According to Passante, she had actually called things off with Schulz after filming the 12th season of Storage Wars, which premiered way back in November 2018.

She quickly touched on the development last year during a Facebook Live interview with The Dad Diary.

When host Danny Jordan asked how has being a single mother affected her life, Passante -- who shares daughter Payton and son Cameron with Schulz -- responded:

"I did a lot of it on my own anyway, but it's the scary dad voice in the background that we're missing."

with brandi

In February 2021, Passante spoke about her current love life while appearing on the Spirit Talk YouTube channel, revealing that she's seeing "no one in particular" and "just going with the flow right now" and concluding:

"I wasn't really allowed to have an identity for many, many years. And so these last couple of years, I'm kind of coming into my own and figuring out who I am.

"I just don't have an attachment to anyone.

"I've definitely dated and things like that, but ... right now it's not something I'm really trying hard to seek out. I'm waiting until I can feel an attachment to someone.

LaToya Ali Taunts Drew Sidora: Your P—y is All Dried Up!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta may be over for 2021.

But the drama between Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali? The tension? The ugliness of their feud?

It's only just beginning, folks.

real atl1

On Sunday night's finale, Sidora and Ali nearly came to legitimate blows after the former once again accused the latter of having a relationship with Prophet Anthony Lott.

(As a refresher: Both Prophet Lott, who is single, and Ali, who is in the process of getting a divorce, denied Drew's accusation during last week's installment.)

This time around, the confrontation took place at Cynthia Bailey's white elephant "Friendsmas" holiday party at her Lake Bailey residence... where each cast memberr and officialy Friend was asked to bring a gift not exceeding $1,000 in value.

(Yes, $1,000. For the average person, these kinds of gatherings come with a limit of, like, $25.)

real atl2

Just ahead of the shindig, LaToya texted Cynthia Baily and said she would NOT be attending due to the ongoing drama.

"I just got a text from LaToya saying, 'I'm not coming. I don't want the drama. I'm over it,'" Cynthia read aloud to almost everyone.

Cut to the get-together and the women eating dinner together and then moving to the sofa to play the game.

After each ladies opened their extremely expensive gifts, Kenya Moore opened the final present, which was Drew's trio of boxes.

real atl3

Unlike the other lavish items, Kenya unwrapped three packages, inside of which were: a tape recording, a $100 donation to the Humane Society and Drew's infamous wig.

What the what now?!?

"This is actually the hair that Kenya was obsessed with, and LaToya," Sidora told the group, holding up the wig that LaToya previously criticized.

From there, Porsha Williams asked if Drew was "still going to give the $1,000 gift though, right?" promptined Drew to reply:

"That was $1,000, those bundles."

real atl4

"It's a gag gift. Let's laugh about it and you got bundles. I spent my $1,000, so I followed the rules," Drew explained in a confessional.

The time then came for the tape recording to be played; it was allegedly of Prophet Lott speaking with Drew's assistant, Danny, about Ali.

"So, everybody's been talking about this whole prophet situation and literally God dropped this in my lap. My assistant Danny gave it to me. Danny was really hurt that Prophet Lott was not telling the truth and this was a conversation that they had," Drew told the women.

"I just want y'all to sit back and listen, because I do not lie."

real atl5

On the recording, Danny allegedly asked the following of Prophet Lott: "What is the relationship with Toya?"

"Do I like her? I really do like her," Prophet Lott allegedly replied.

"She's an awesome person. But I know the situation 'cause I've been there. I met my 3-year-old's mom while I was still technically married."

Cue Drew turning to those gathered and saying:

"He admits to liking LaToya, and he admits that when he was married, he started to date his baby's mother."

Kandi Burruss, however, stood up for Lott and Ali, saying nothing was happening between them and Drew wasn't even trying to uncover any kind of truth. She was just stirring $hit up.

The doorbell then rang and in walked LaToya, who appeared to give a hug to everyone but Drew.

Kenya proceeded to tell Ali thatn prior to her arrival, Drew "just tried to present some stupid recording of a prophet talking about you."

"The truth will go forth. LaToya has issues and things going on, and we have had a lot of drama that she has brought into my life," Sidora said to the women.

real women1

LaToya didn't want to hear it, however.

"Drew, shut up," she snapped at Drew, who replied by telling her castmate: "Something is wrong with you."

"You weren't looking for God!" Drew continued. "You were looking for some d---. You was looking for prophet d---."

"And your man looking for some new p----, 'cause yours is dried up," Ali fired back in amazing fashion.

real women2

LaToya later grabbed the wig Drew had brought as a gift and threw it at her costar.

Immediately, Drew jumped up off the couch and started moving towards LaToya before two men, who appeared to be members of production, intervened.

With that, the party -- and the season -- came to an end.

"You will not put hands on me and you will not throw things at me," Drew said in a confessional. "She is an animal and she needs to be tamed."

Gerren Taylor, Star of BET’s Baldwin Hills, Dies at 30

Gerren Taylor, a main cast member on the BET reality show Baldwin Hills, passed away on Sunday, according to the aforementioned cable network.

She was 30 years old.

"The entire BET family mourns the passing of one of our own, Ms. Ashley Gerren Taylor, beloved star of BET's Baldwin Hills," BET wrote in a statement.

"The untimely passing of such a young, bright light is difficult to process. BET's thoughts and prayers go out to Ashley's friends and family during this time."

Gerren Taylor

No cause of death for Taylor has been announced at this time.

Baldwin Hills premiered in July 2007 and ran until March 2009.

The show was set in the African-American section of Beverly Hills.

It chronicled the lives of the privileged sons and daughters of doctors, attorneys, actors and athletes, as well as those less privileged teenagers who resided in a dicier neighborhood nearby.

Gerren Taylor tribute

Ray Cunningham, who has appeared on BET's College Hill and Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, mourned Gerren's passing on social media.

"Just got the worst news ever and I'm still not processing it fully," he wrote on Sunday alongside a video of the pair.

"I've known @mstaylorxo since 2006, the #BaldwinHills cast was like the little sisters and brothers to #CollegeHill.

"I was sneaking her into parties with me."

Gerren Taylor Photo

Concluded Cunningham in a separate tribute:

"You will be missed. BET fam. Rest well love.

"We love u Gerren. Together today for unfortunate circumstances but my @BET family is forever."

ray c tribute

Taylor worked a model and an actress.

Her career began at 12 when she was signed by the runway division of LA Models, making her at the time the youngest person to ever be signed by the agency.

In 2007, she appeared in the documentary America the Beautiful, which examined the stuggles of self-image and beauty standards in American culture and society.

for gerren

In another message, fellow Baldwin Hills alum Moriah Johnson -- son of former NBA player Marques Johnson -- referred to as Taylor a "beautiful and confident soul."

"Still can't believe it.. Feels like I've lost a piece of my childhood.

"It's difficult to comprehend the brevity of life at times, and so we must live and love as best we can while we can," Johnson wrote. "

"Sending my love and prayers to the Taylor family and all affected by this untimely loss. Such a beautiful and confident soul. Enjoy your rest."

gerren t

"Rest easy sis," Olympian Carol Rodriguez wrote in another social media tribute alongside a series of pictures of Taylor.

Added model Nia Riley:

"My beautiful supermodel angel!

12 years ago you entered my life being nothing but one of my most solid friends ever!! I'm so heartbroken! I'll never get over this, I don't understand.

"I love you, I'm going to miss you even more Pray for @mstaylorxo family please! Love you all!"

gerren image

According to Essence, Taylor was a mother to a seven-year-old daughter.

We send our condolences to her friends, family members and loved ones.

May she rest in peace.

The Bachelorette Premiere Date: REVEALED!

As of this writing, we do not know whether or not Katie Thurston will bring her vibrator along for her run as the next Bachelorette.

We do now know, however, when the beautiful brunette will debut in this role.

ABC announced Thurston's premiere date on Wednesday, April 7, while also giving fans their very first look at Katie in the role.

Here it is:

Katie Thurston as The Bachelorette

The 17th season of this franchise, meanwhile, will kick off on June 7, while the same network also confirmed today that Bachelor in Paradise will return on August 16.

This, of course, will be a unique year for The Bachelorette.

Following a lengthy, race-based controversy on this past season of The Bachelor, producers said this spring that 2021 will feature a pair of Bachelorette leads.

First up will be Thurston, who was eliminated fairly early on by Matt James; then, this winter, Michelle Young, will take on this challenging gig.

Katie Thurston ABC Photo

Among the other major changes?

Chris Harrison will not serve as host on Katie's season.

Instead, with ABC essentially punishing Harrison for insensitive remarks he made during Matt's Bachelor season when it came to suitor Rachael Kirkconnell and her past social media posts...

... Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams will anchor Season 17.

Katie Thurston on the Couch

Chris Harrison will not be hosting the next season of The Bachelorette," read a statement from the network in mid-March.

"We support Chris in the work that he is committed to doing.

"In his absence, former Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe will support the new Bachelorette through next season...

"We are dedicated to improving the BIPOC representation of our crew, including among the executive producer ranks."

Chris Harrison Profile Picture

Back to Thurston, however:

She made a name for herself as "Vibrator Girl" almost immediately upon her Bachelor introduction... thanks to her decision to bring her favorite sex toy along when she met James.

She also earned praise from viewers around the nation because she stood up to bullies inside the resort that housed the suitors and basically told them to shut the f--k up.

For a brief period of time, there was chatter about Thurston being too racy for The Bachelorette gig, but executives appear willing to roll the proverbial dice.

Michelle Young and Katie Thurston

Katie's season is currently filming in New Mexico and it will once again feature the star and her aspiring husbands quarantined on their own.

So much for those expensive and exotic vacations.

As for where Thurston comes down on Harrison and the scandal that enguled Bachelor Nation for nearly all of Matt's recent season?

Katie Thurston Accepts Rose

"I stand with other alumni who have expressed that learning & growth require time," Thurston has Tweeted.

"I hope that Chris Harrison continues to take more time to step away while sincerely educating himself & dedicating himself to the work," she continued.

"We can all grow and do better with time, and I hope he does."

Will you be tuning in to see if Katie Thurston can find love on The Bachelorette?

Deshayla Harris, Former Bad Girls Club Star, Shot Dead at 29

Deshayla Harris, a cast member on the final season of Bad Girls Club, has been confirmed as as one of two victims killed in a trio of shootings in Virginia Beach on Friday.

She was 29 years old.

According to a state released yesterday by local authorities, Harris is believed to have been a "bystander at the second" incident.

The shooting remains under investigation -- and is not believed to have been connected with the other shooting incidents on Friday.

Deshayla Harris

No arrests have been made in connection with the fatalities.

"We do believe that [Harris] truly is, at this point in time, an innocent victim that was probably struck by stray gunfire in some regards," Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate said at a Saturday press conference.

Not many other details are available at this time.

va beach statement

On Saturday night, Bad Girls Club released a statement regarding Harris' death.

"Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Deshayla's family and loved ones," the program wrote on its Twitter page.

Her murder was also mourned by fellow Bad Girls Club star Key Hamilton.

"You didn't deserve this man this sh-- jus don't feel real ....I'm sick affffff rest easy Babygirl," Hamilton wrote.

"Thank you for always pushing me and supporting me no matter where we were in our friendship...watch over me I love you ...we literally JUST talked 3 days ago."

Deshayla Harris Photo

The first shooting in Virginia Beach on Friday injured numerous individuals, but there were no fatalities, authorities said.

However, the third shooting, which was officer-involved, claimed the life of Donovon W. Lynch, 25, while the second took Harris.

The body cam on the officer involved in the incident with Lynch was not on for "unknown reasons," prompting questions surrounding his death.

A protest was held later that night, with demonstrators calling for the police officer involved to be held accountable for what transpired.

Deshayla Harris Picture

"As much as we would like to be transparent -- we pride ourselves on being accountable and responsive -- I do not have the answers that the community is looking for in regards to this death right now," said VBPD Chief Neudigate on Saturday.

Lynch's passing has been mourned by several family members and friends, with his father calling Lynch a "dream son."

"Intelligent, handsome, a scholar, an athlete, an entrepreneur and loved by all he came in contact with," he said in a statement to WAVY. "Rest in Peace Don!

Deshayla Harris Pic

In total, 10 people were injured by gunfire -- including two who died -- in three separate shootings Friday in Virginia Beach, according to police.

Three people have been arrested and each charged with seven counts of felonious assault, use of a firearm in commission of a felony and reckless handling of a firearm.

Harris, meanwhile, was known as “Shay" when she appeared on the 17th and final season of Bad Girls Club in 2017.

A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Harris was nicknamed “The Firecracker Fashionista” on the show and represented the East Coast.

We send our condolences to her friends, family members and loved ones.

May Deshayla Harris rest in peace.

Ryan Edwards Finally Speaks on Teen Mom OG Firing

Ryan Edwards does not sound bitter.

He does not sound mad.

He doesn't even sound as if he cares very much about what transpired this week in his professional life.

But we'll see forr how long this calm tone lasts.

Ryan Edwards in Trump Hat

On Tuesday, Edwards, his wife and both of his parents were effectively fired from Teen Mom OG.

To be even more specific, Edwards, his wife and both of his parents were effectively fired from Teen Mom OG... by Ryan's main foe and ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout!

“Ryan and Mackenzie, as well as Jen and Larry, were all on a call with production on Tuesday informing them they won’t be on the show anymore going forward,” a source told our friends at The Ashley's Reality TV Roundup.

Ryan Edwards' Grey Hair

Added this insider:

“The Edwards were informed that Maci’s reps wanted to go a different direction and showcase all of her abilities.

"Maci went to production and explained she wanted her story to cover all the parts of her life and no longer focus on Ryan and his family.”

Such a power move doesn't come as a huge surprise, considering Maci has been feuding all season with Ryan and his relatives over how often they see Bookout's 12-year old son, Bentley.

Ryan Edwards and Family Photo

At one point, Ryan's wife, Mackenzie, trashed her husband's baby mama as a "spiteful bitch," and, at another point, Ryan's father nearly came to blows with Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney.

It's been very ugly for awhile now.

“We the family have been let go from the show by the network,” Larry confirmed on Wednesday to The Sun. “It’s unbelievable.”

As for how Edwards feels about this development?

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo

"I really haven’t given MTV much thought now that I have my own fabrication shop," Edwards claimed to this same publication on Friday.

Ryan not really caring, or almost even noticing, that he's been canned is a bit hard to believe.

But his dad did confirm back in October that Ryan was getting a garage built.

"He fabricates buggies from the ground up. He would love to build buggies for people. Put row bars on them. Not many people do custom work like that," Larry explained back then.

"He’s very good at it. He’s got all the tools and machines."

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids

Mackenzie, meanwhile, has said that Maci went all the up the cable network food chain to the executives at Viacom in order to oust her rivals.

She added that Bookout's agent "said that they wanted to focus on all of Maci's abilities and her... whatever she does... and that we took up the time on the show that she could be using to show all that."

Continued Mackenzie:

“It’s just more of an angry, I’m gonna show you who’s boss-type of deal.

"The truth in the matter is, she calls the shots here. This is her show. It is what it is. It’s fine.”

Maci Bookout on the Phone

In closing, Mackenzie reached for a silver lining amid the chaos.

She said that she’s a bit “relieved” to be done on the show.

“It’s almost, like, a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

"I deserve to feel good about myself, I deserve to not be riddled with anxiety all the time.”

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom Episode

Maci has not yet commented on this situation.

She's probably too busy having the last laugh.

The Bachelor Chooses His Obvious Winner. But Are They Still Together?

In the end -- following an unpredictable season that concluded with the temporary ousting of the only host the show has ever known -- The Bachelor ended in the most predictable fashion imaginable.

Matt James chose the woman everyone knew he would choose, almost since Day One.

While everything else surrounding the series went into upheaveal, the earliest Bachelor spoilers proved prophetic.

Matt James on the Finale

Matt James gave his final rose to Rachael Kirkconnell.

Before arriving at this decision, though, Matt's mom, Patty, and older brother, John, joined their loved one at Nemacolin Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

Once there, they meet the two women with whom James was allegedly in love.

"I think it's a long shot that Matt would be engaged at the end of this," Patty told the cameras, perhaps hinting at the conclusion to come.

Matt James, Mom

Michelle ended up making quite the impression, however, telling Patty she was "very much" in love with her son.

That was seemingly all it took for Patty to be convinced Michelle could be part of the problem, which prompted Jams to gush in a confessional:

"I'm extremely excited about where we're at in our relationship. Today couldn't have gone any better."

What about Rachael, though?

Michelle Young Photo

"I've loved people and I've cared for people but I don't think I've ever been truly in love with someone to where I can see my future with him," Rachael told John, adding:

"This probably sounds crazy but I just feel like he is the other half of me that I've needed."

Heck, Patty even cried listening to Rachael gush over her child.

"I just want to let you know that I really, really, truly do love your son," Kirkconnell said to Patty.

Rachael Kirkconnell and The Bachelor

Despite the rave reviews both women received, and despite Matt saying he cared deeply for both Michelle and Rachael, Matt told Chris Harrison that he wasn't sure about proposing.

"I know that the easy thing for me to do would be to tell Rachael and Michelle what they want to hear and [that] is I'm ready and I've been through with this whole process and get down on one knee and do something that I'm not ready for," he explained.

"And then what happens?

"It sets off our relationship course on something that neither one of us are ready for."

Matt James in the Woods

Cut to Matt's final date with Michelle, which featured the pair rappelling down a building.

Later on, after confessing to the camera that he had some doubts, Matt had to come clean after Michelle gave him a basketball jersey and pulled out a matching one for her that said "Mrs. James" on the back.

"I'm just like, having doubts," he told Michelle.

"And I shouldn't be having any doubts about that. We're like, a day or two away. This is the first time I've felt any type of thing outside of wanting to be with you forever and having just any doubt in my mind at this point for me is just like, scary.

"I've been pushing through that feeling today and trying to get there because of how I feel about you and what I know life could look like with you.

"And I think the easy thing for me to do would be to tell you what you want to hear."

Michelle Young on ABC

Young, heartbroken, wondered how Matt could just "flip a switch" and no longer be in love with her.

But Matt simply apologized and said it wasn't like that.

He then told Harrison that he wasn't in love with Michelle.

Which brings up to Rachael's final date on the finale... sort of.

Rachael Kirkconnell on Video

To build drama, Matt actually canceled the date... pondered how he was feeling... and, of course, picked out an engagement ring as part of the network's advertising deal with jewelerr Neil Lane.

Rachael and Matt ended up meeting by the lake, with the former speaking first.

"I want to be there for you when you're hurting," she said. "And when you're hurting, I'm hurting. And I don't know what happened yesterday, but I do know I'm not going to run just when it gets tough.

"I don't know if you still want this but regardless, I feel so unbelievably lucky just to have felt what I have felt for you.

"I never felt a love like this in my entire life and at the end of the day I just want you to be happy, but I just know with all my heart that I love you and I will choose you every day from here on out if you'll let me."

Rachael Kirkconnell in the Limo

Matt responded by telling Rachael she's "everything that I came here looking for."

"I want to be everything to you, I want to be everything for you that my dad wasn't to my mom," James continued. "And as I'm wrestling with what I'm going to do today, the easy thing for me to do would be to brush those feelings and emotions off and make you happy.

"That's to propose to you today.

"But I couldn't live with myself if I put you through what my mom has been through. I've seen what rushing into a proposal, a marriage can do in my family and it's ugly and it's not something I want for you or for us.

"And that's why I can't propose to you today."

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell Together

Kirkconnell said she understood and both sides dropped the L-Bomb. Matt also added that he did see a future with Rachael.

"I do see you as my wife," the Bachelor concluded. "I see you as the mother of my kids."

Matt gave Rachael the final rose and, naturally, she accepted.

Then, Matt picked her up and they left together in a horse-drawn carriage.

And they lived happily ever after?

Emmanuel Acho

Not quite!

On the After the Final Rose special, hosted by Emmanuel Acho, James explained how he and Rachael were on an "extended honeymoon" after the finale wrapped.

Untill those social media photos were leaked online and Kirkconnell had to acknowledge mistakes she made in the past that were "racist and wrong."

"You hear things that are heartbreaking and you just pray they're not true," James told Acho of how he felt when he first learned Kirkconnell had attended a plantation-themed party in 2018.

"And when you find out that they are, it makes you question everything."

Matt James Cries Over Reunion with Dad

Mat then said the entire incident and scandal made him think "Rachael might not understand what it means to be black in America."

He referenced her apology and how she said in it that "there's a lot of work that needs to be done," emphasizing for the audience:

"I have to step back and allow her to do that work."

So you're no longer together? Acho asked.

No, Matt replied.

Matt James in the Sun

And there you have it.

James bristled at the notion that some viewers might be "triggered" by his reaction to Rachael's past actions, adding that those folks simply do not understand his experience as a Black man.

In the end? Neither does Rachael Kirkconnell.

And therein lies the whole problem.

Chris Harrison: Out as Host of The Bachelorette! (And We Know His Replacement!)


So much for a slap on Chris Harrison's wrist.

About one month after the long-time host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette announced that he would step away from the franchise -- due to some racially-insensitive comments he made in response to an ongoing franchise scandal - ABC has confirmed that Harrison will not return.

Not for this upcoming season of The Bachelorette at least.

Chris Harrison Host Photo

"Chris Harrison will not be hosting the next season of The Bachelorette," Warner Horizon and ABC Entertainment said in a joint statement on Friday.

This same message went to acknowledge Harrison's recent missteps -- while naming his upcoming replacements.

"We support Chris in the work that he is committed to doing." 

Meanwhile ...

Tayshia Adams in Thought

"In his absence, former Bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe will support the new Bachelorette through next season."

Adams, of course, served as the most recent Bachelorette.

Bristowe was a contestant on The Bachelor and then anchored her own season of the latter show back on Season 11.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Bachelorette Photo

"As we continue the dialogue around achieving greater equity and inclusion within The Bachelor franchise, we are dedicated to improving the BIPOC representation of our crew, including among the executive producer ranks," the statement concluded.

"These are important steps in effecting fundamental change so that our franchise is a celebration of love that is reflective of our world."

So not only will there be two Bachelorettes, as per The Bachelorette spoilers, but two hosts.

Tayshia on Proposal Day

Harrison came under major fire in early February after an interview on Extra with Rachel Lindsay.

He was asked at the time about current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell and a number of newly-surfaced social media posts.

They featured her dressed in Native American attire as a costume and also attending an antebellum plantation-themed college party in 2018.

Rachael Kirkconnell Insta Pic

Kirkconnell, who is expected to win The Bachelor Season 25 on Monday night, admitted herself these actions were "racist and wrong" and has asked for folks to NOT defend her.

Speaking to Lindsay, however, Harrison withheld judgment, seemingly going out of his way to focus on Kirkconnell, as opposed to those affected by her past behavior.

He even questioned the "lens" of 2021 compared to 2018 and said that people should have "a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion" for the suitor.

Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay on Set

Harrison quickly apologized and said he would, at the very least, not be hosting the March 15 After the Final Rose special.

Emmanuel Acho will be stepping into this role in Harrison's place next week... talking to James and, we presume, Kirkconnell about all that has transpired on this chaotic Bachelor season.

For his part, Harrison appeared just days ago on Good Morning America and said he plans on returning to the franchise.

Chris Harrison for The Bachelor

He shared in the interview with Michael Strahan that he is working with "a race educator and strategist," as well as faith leaders and scholars, like Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

"Dr. Dyson often talks to me about counsel, not cancel. That is full accountability … owning from that, learning from that.

"Seeking council from the community that you hurt, gaining experience knowledge and moving forward," Harrison said on GMA.

Chris Harrison Plays Host

To many viewers, Harrison said all the right words at the time.

But even Strahan later said it sounded like a "surface" mea culpa from someone who just wanted his job back.

"I am saddened and shocked at how insensitive I was in that interview with Rachel Lindsay."

"I didn't speak for my heart, that is to say I stand against all forms of racism ..."

Chris Harrrison on The Bachelor Season 25

"I'm sorry to Rachel Lindsay and I'm sorry to the Black community," Harrison said on air.

He added that he is "committed to progress, not just for myself, also for the franchise."

Continued Harrison this month:

"I am an imperfect man, I made a mistake and I own that."

Chris Harrison GMA Photo

"I believe that mistake doesn't reflect who I am or what I stand for. I am committed to progress, not just for myself, also for the franchise."

"And this is a franchise that has been a part of my life for the better part of 20 years and I love it."

"This interview is not the finish line. There is much more work to be done. And I am excited to be a part of that change."

Katie Thurston on Instagram

Alas, the new season of The Bachelorette will likely premiere in May.

It will reportedly include Katie Thurston as the lead, although there's also been chatter that there may be TWO Bachelorettes.

Either way, Chris Harrison will not act as host. Will you still tune in?

The Real Housewives of Orange County: Who’s In? Who’s Out? What the Heck is Going On?!?

Okay, look.

This much we can say for certain:

The Real Housewives of Orange County will look very different in 2022.

There's no real debate at this point that the long-running Bravo franchise will replace some cast members and keep other cast members, but this fact still leaves one obvious question out there:

RHOC ladies

Who is leaving?

Who is staying?

And why is this so gosh darn complicated?

RHOC ladies3

Speculation over a mass firing by executives ran rampany a few days ago after a popular Instagram account shared a tipster’s alleged inside information about the program.

This individual person claimed that Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Emily Simpson, and Elizabeth Vargas had all been fired.

Tamra Judge, meanwhile, was supposedly set to return; while Heather Dubrow and Alexis Bellino had been extended a contract, but actually turned it down and were planning to become free agents.

Was there any truth to this detail rumor?

RHOC ladies2

All we can do is quote social media user Deuxmoi, who wrote online this week:

“Same friend also works at Bravo. RHOC shakeup is coming.

Kelly, Braunwyn, Emily, and Elizabeth are out. Tamra will be back. Heather and Alexis said no.

"They’re trying to get Gretchen [Rossi] and her rich Newport [Beach] friends on but Gretchen won’t return if Tamra’s still on the show.”

oc confirmed?

Based on this intel, the only stars guaranteed to appear next season would be Shannon Beador and Gina Kirschenheiter.

But wait one second, people! Hold everything! Pick your jaws up off the floor!

Dave Quinn -- who refers to himself as the “Housewives scholar” on Instagram and who has shared reliable information in the past  -- jumped in to the fray shortly after this rumor got started to say this:

It's total BS.

Kelly Dodd Gets Fancy

“[For your information], that [Deuxmoi RHOC] tea isn’t true so please stop sending it to me,” he tweeted on February 21.

A fan, hoping for Tamra’s return, subsequently asked Dave to confirm which part of the rumor isn’t true.

“All of it isn’t true,” he wrote. “There [have] been no decisions made yet.”

Oh, well. Okay then!

Kelly Dodd Insta Photo

It's been discussed for several weeks, of course, that Dodd is on her way out, following her many anti-mask comments, her stark racism, her open disdain for public health and her general elitiism.

Heck, Dodd herself has claimed she's getting fired.

Until she claimed the opposite, that is.

"It’s actually kinda funny..." Dodd Tweeted this week. "I’ve heard these rumors every year for the last five years."

Kelly Dodd on the Set

Kelly even boasted: "Looking forward to my sixth season #RHOC 16!"

Is she actually coming back, though? Have producers really arrived at this decision? Or any decision?


A network spokesperson told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday that no casting choices have been made just yet.

Kelly Dodd Reunion Pic

What does all this mean?

Mostly that The Real Housewives of Orange County continue to win because here we are, in the offseason, obsessed with the show and what comes next.

But if Dodd truly does return? After all she has said and done and how much she just sucks so much?

It may be a pompous bridge too far for some viewers.

The Bachelor Blows Up! Matt Cries! One Suitor Quits!

The Bachelor really is going through it these days.

We're talking not just about the franchise, either, amid an ongoing racism scandal that has engulfed the Season 25 favorite and also the only host the show has ever known.

We're also talking about The Bachelor himsellf, Matt James.

james and this lady

Shortly after James addressed the Rachael Kirkconnell-Chris Harrison saga on Instagram, he went on a quartet of hometown dates with his final four.

Sort of.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the series brought Bri, Michelle, Rachael and Serena P.'s loved ones to Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania.

We opened with Michelle taking Matt on a bike ride and then on a virtual trip to the classroom in which she teaches.

Matt James and Michelle

"How many girlfriends do you have?" one student asked, to which Matt replied deftly: "I've got one right here, Ms. Young."

Another student, Kelsey, wondered if the couple planned on having babies.

"That's a great question. And yeah, I do want kids. A lot of them," James responded, while later telliing another student that he and Michelle are discussing the whole marriage thing.

After these cute interactions, the pair kissed and Michelle told the cameras that the day had gone "even better" than she could've imagined.

Michelle Young Photo

"I'm falling in love with Matt," she confessed, adding:

"And I think my family, they're going to have no problem falling in love with him, too. But tonight, if they for some reason said, 'No, we don't like Matt,' it would be really hard for me to move forward with our relationship."

No pressure, though!

On her own, Michelle told her dad that she would accept a proposal from Matt.

When this same father proceeded to ask Matt if he loves her daughter, James diidn't give a straight answer:

"I haven't told her that yet and it's not something I will share with her until I meant it. And I am all in for your daughter."

Matt James in the Sun

Michelle, Matt and her parents ended the night playing basketball together.

"I connect with you in a way that I've never connected with anyone before, and so I do want you to know that after you meeting my family, I knew that I was going to take my emotions to a whole different level and I was ready for that," Michelle said to Matt.

"And I can say that I am falling in love with you. And that makes me so excited and it's so scary but it's so genuine and it's so real."

They they smooched.

Rachael Kirkconnell Photo

From there, it was Rachael's time.

She picked James up in a sports car, blindfolded him and took him to another location -- which ended up being the spot for skydiving!

Matt said it was the "perfect idea," while Rachael admitted to being pretty anxious.

"It's a different feeling when you're falling in love and that person's potentially, like, really hurt," Matt told Rachael after both survived the adventure, but the latter took a hard fall.

"And the thought of losing you set in in that moment. I was like, damn we're just getting started. I didn't realize how strongly I felt until something like that happened to you."

Rachael Kirkconnell and The Bachelor

Later, when her parents arrived, Rachael held nothing back.

"I've definitely been falling in love with him so easily," she told her mom, adding:

"If he were to propose to me tomorrow, I would be confident in saying 'yes.' Like, I know we can make this work. At least I think so."

Kirkconnell's mom was supportive, but her dad continually told Matt that it appeared as if the romance was moving too quickly.

Rachael ended up disappointed when Matt eventually told her he failed to ask for her father's blessing, prompting this quote from her: "I will be completely crushed if I don't end up with Matt."

Pre-Fantasy Suite

Up next, Bri took Matt off-roading; this time, with her behind the wheel.

When Bri's mother asked what Matt liked about her child, Matt mentioned the commonality they shared of being raised by a single parent.

"The level we connect on is different than the conversations and connections I have with other women here, and I realized that early on when I shared with her what it's like to grow up with a single parent," Matt said.

"It's made me who I am and everything that you've done for Bri has made her into this woman who she is today. And I see it working with Bri."

Matt James Keeps Warm

Matt refused to drop the L-Bomb either to Bri or about Bri, but she went all in after James met her mom and her BFF.

"After taking to my mom and [my friend] Bri, I feel like I'm falling in love with you and I just… I want more time with you," she told Matt, who gave her a kiss in response.

Would he give her a rose later on, however?

Matt and Serena P.

Finally, Serena brought Matt to a private bar decked out with Canadian flags, maple syrup and beaver stuffed animals.

She wanted to give him the full Canada experience.

Serena's mom, Rasna, pulled Matt aside to talk almost as soon as she got there, asking him what he liked about her daughter.

"She's smart, beautiful, has her head on her shoulders and she challenges me," he responded.

"She doesn't take crap from anybody and every time I've left a conversation with her, I'm thinking about her and wanting to know everything I can about her."

Serena P for Season 25

In a separate conversation, after hearing that Matt was "everything" she would want for Serena, the suitor's sibling, Talia, told her sister:

"You don't seem smitten.

"And I think it's because you're in your head, personally. I think you're logically thinking, 'Yeah, Matt checks all the boxes, but where's that it-factor?'"

While speaking with her dad, Serena confessed that the certainty she felt in her relationship with Matt had started to wane.

"On one end I was confident, but now I'm not 1000 percent sure," Serena said.

Sensing that something remained "off" after the quasi hometown date, Matt paid Serena a visit at her suite and she shared the decision she came to following their meeting with her loved ones.

"When it came to being able to actually talk about my feelings for you and how I felt about you, I really struggled," she explained.

"And I thought that it was fear initially, that I was just scared.

But I think if I'm being honest with myself, it's more than that. And I think that it just comes down to the fact that I don't think that you're my person."

Matt took a long pause, clearly not too upset about the decision, and said:

"It sucks to hear that, 'cause I just want what's best for you. And if that's not going to be me, I can't make you happy and be all those things for you then like, that stinks."

With Serena headed home, Matt had a message for his final three prior to Fantasy Suite week:

"I just want to reiterate what it means when I offer you a rose and what comes with accepting that rose is accepting what comes with being here for me that's an engagement," Matt told his remaining suitors before starting the rose ceremony.

"I want you all to think long and hard about that commitment before you accept the rose tonight."

Michelle accepted "without hesitation," as did Rachael and then Bri.

However, Bri felt some type of way about being the last one offered a rose.

"There's just something a little bit disheartening knowing that I got the last rose," she told the cameras. "I can't help but just wonder where Matt's head is at."

Editor's Note:

We've read The Bachelor spoilers, Bri. We know the answer.