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All 80 Million of You That Watched ‘Bird Box’ Can Now Enjoy the Honest Trailer (VIDEO)


Netflix claims that 80 million households have watched their original film Bird Box, yet somehow I don’t know a soul who has actually sat down and watched it beginning to end. Nevertheless, it’s a bonafide phenomenon now, which means the folks over at Screen Junkies have turned it into their latest Honest Trailer.

Having not seen the film myself, I don’t know if this is a decent takedown, but I do know that it reinforces why I haven’t watched it yet. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done better in a dozen other similar movies. Not only that, this same basic premise was more or less done perfectly earlier last year with A Quiet Place.

I understand the thought process behind watching a Netflix Original: you don’t have to leave the house, it doesn’t cost anything to watch, etc. However, until they really start investing in quality properties, they’re just going to strike gold at random intervals, as they have been.

As much as I love Sandy Bullock and appreciate her as an actress, this looked like a direct-to-Redbox dud that must’ve only appealed to her because of the literal dump truck full of money they drove up to her house. If you’re one of the households in America that hasn’t seen Bird Box yet, it’s on Netflix. Go watch it. Or don’t, I don’t care.

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Sandy Bullock Protects Her Family From Whatever’s Inside the ‘Bird Box’ in Debut Trailer (VIDEO)


Sandra Bullock doesn’t make a lot of movies, so her starring vehicles have turned into mini-event films for her fanbase. Her latest effort, her second major role year following the summer hit Ocean’s 8, is the Netflix Original film Bird Box.

If it looks familiar to another recent smash hit, A Quiet Place, that’s because high concept horror is a thing again thanks to the success of films like that one and Get Out. Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy winning director Susanne Bier (The Night Manager) is at the helm of this fascinating new horror film that sounds a bit like another Netflix flick I recently watched with Martin Freeman titled Cargo

When a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, only one thing is certain: if you see it, you take your life. Facing the unknown, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) finds love, hope and a new beginning only for it to unravel. Now she must flee with her two children down a treacherous river to the one place left that may offer sanctuary. But to survive, they’ll have to undertake the perilous two-day journey blindfolded.

Unlike Cargo, at least this one’s not zombies, because the god damned zombie thing has been done to death at this point. There’s nothing left to say about zombies folks. No more metaphors left untried at this point. Zombies can’t be everything all at the same time.

Bird Box debuts on Netflix on December 21.

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Hoda Kotb Stays in Touch with Her ‘Guiding Light’ Sandra Bullock After Bonding Over Adoption

Hoda Kotb and Sandra Bullock, who bonded on Today over adopting children in a segment that aired in early June, remain friends thanks to their motherhood journeys.

“We do keep in touch,” Kotb, 54, said Tuesday on Watch What Happens Live. “She’s somebody who sort of guided me through the process when I was wondering like, ‘Can I do it?’ She said to me, ‘Oh yes you can.’ ”

She explained, “I remember thinking, ‘I wonder if it’s too late. I wonder if I missed my lane or my window.’ And she said, ‘There is no box anymore. You go for it.’ And she’s been kind of a guiding light.”

Kotb’s 19-month-old daughter Haley Joy was born in February 2017. Bullock, 54, adopted Laila at 3½ years old in 2015 and brought home Louis at 3 months old in 2010.

Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Parents newsletter.

RELATED: Hoda Kotb Celebrates Motherhood and Her 54th Birthday in Sweet Photo with Daughter Haley

Savannah Guthrie chimed in on WWHL, “These two have the loveliest friendship. I have seen it behind the scenes. It’s so wonderful.”

Just as Bullock inspired Kotb, Guthrie added, “Hoda, I think, has inspired other women who are like, ‘You know what, why not me? I know I’m a mother, and I’m gonna do something.’ I think that’s incredible.”

On Today, Bullock got emotional as she said, “Hundreds of thousands of children that are ready to be your child, you’re a forever parent the minute you accept the love of that child.”

She added, “It’s amazing to me how we can take away people’s happiness by telling them this is the box that you have to stay in. There is no box. There’s no box.”

RELATED VIDEO: Hoda Kotb Raves About Her 1-Year-Old Daughter on The Dr. Oz Show

On WWHL, Kotb got candid about the weighty moment she found out she was going to be a mother.

“I still remember my phone going off, and it was someone from the adoption agency saying, ‘Call me now.’ And I remember, I paused for one second because I thought to myself, ‘This is a line of demarcation in my life.’ and I wrote down, ’11:54. This is the moment.’ ”

She continued, “And I felt it, and I dialed this number and she said, ‘She’s here.’ It’s the closest thing to a live birth that I would ever experience. It was such a beautiful moment.”

Hot Or Not: The ‘Angelina Leg’ Is Not For Everyone At The Ocean’s 8 Premiere

It obviously takes time for a fashion trend to catch on, hence why the look that Angelina Jolie sported at the 2012 Academy Awards is finally trickling down to movie premieres. The sexy stars of Ocean’s 8—along with some sexy celebs on hand just for the premiere—were rocking the bold, single leg forward look, happily heisting it from Angelina, much like their sticky fingered characters.

The film’s stars all looked ravishing, from leads Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock to supporting cast members like Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, and Rihanna. No sign of Awkwafina, though, whose name annoys me to no end, especially considering it’s a variation on a Pepsi-branded product. Pretty stupid.

Then you’ve got to give it up to the hot ladies like Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and Dascha Polanco for turning up in a show of solidarity for the female-themed caper flick. Just because they’ll never be in movies, doesn’t mean they don’t like to go to the movies and show off most of one of their legs, okay? Get with the times, yo. This movie is nuts and edgy and in your face… just like that one cast member’s name, Awkwafina. Man, it just gets dumber every time I type it.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Pacific Coast News 

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Hurricane Harvey Relief: Which Celebrities Donated?

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm when it first made landfall in Texas.

We have all seen the photos of the flooding. We've seen highways that have flooded so high that the water above them has waves.

We've seen people standing on rooftops, people riding boats between houses, and heard the horrifying stories of people who were swept away by the water.

Celebrities have heard this, too, and they have been using their considerable platforms and their own personal resources to help with the relief effort.

As climate change continues to destabilize what were once more temperate weather patterns, these "500 year storms" will be coming more and more frequently.

Many believe that we need a better coordinate governmental response when these disasters strike. It's good to hear stories of private citizens acting as heroes, but it's better if they never have to.

In the mean time, however, boat owners have been taking time off of work and traveling with their boats towards Texas where they hope to help distribute supplies and reach people who are still stranded.

Celebrities are donating money to the relief effort, but some stars are doing even more.

1. JJ Watt

Jj watt
JJ Watt's relief fundraiser had an initial goal in the six digits. It has currently raised over $10 million and the amount continues to clim as donations pour in.

2. Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez

Jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez on vacation
J Lo and A-Rod have each donated $25,000. They have also used their celebrity status to encourage their followers to donate to the Red Cross.

3. DJ Khaled

In addition to sending his prayers to the people of Houston, DJ Khaled has also donated $25,000 to aid those ravaged by Harvey.

4. Nicki Minaj

Nicki minaj and boobs
Nicki Minaj announced that she was donating $25,000 when she shared Kevin Hart's message.

5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne johnson laughs
Dwayne Johnson donated $50,000 and shared Kevin Hart's plea.

6. Kevin Hart

Kevin hart at get hard premiere
Kevin Hart is said to be the first major celebrity to donate, putting up $50,000. He's also encouraged other celebrities to do the same.
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Are Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock Doing It?

After the explosive collapse of Brangelina, rumors are flying about Brad Pitt’s love life.

Honestly, rumors have been flying about every part of Brad Pitt’s life since the divorce. Is he a child beater? Is he on crack? Is he getting facelifts to numb the pain? According to a bunch of assholes like me, maybe.


According to a new report, Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock met through mutual friend George Clooney, who thinks they should be together. According to the insider:

“George is determined to help heal Brad’s heart and couldn’t think of anyone better than Sandy. They’re keeping it on the down-low…. George thought that Sandra was the ideal girl for Brad.”

Another source, however, says Brad is taking some time for himself and not looking to get involved with anyone. This seems more likely because that motherfucker has been through the ringer lately. Apparently, he spent weeks locking himself in a room fifteen hours a day while sculpting and listening to sad music.

That doesn’t sound like a man over his ex enough to start boning anyone to me.

Mindy Kaling Is Famous. But Not Sandra Bullock Famous.

Mindy Kaling is famous and funny. But she’s not as famous or funny as Sandra Bullock. So, when she hangs around Sandra Bullock, like she was doing on the set of their movie Ocean’s Eight, she gets mistaken for Sandy’s assistant.

There are worse jobs in the world, I suppose?

Talking to Seth Myers:

“Like, I thought I was pretty cool. I have my own show. People think I’m Sandra Bullock’s assistant and they’re like, ‘Get out of the way! We need to bring Sandra her matcha tea.’ I’m like, ‘I’m in a scene with her. I’m not her assistant.’ Then I’m like, ‘OK! Whatever! I’ll get her her matcha tea. Might as well,’”

It’s ok, Mindy. You may not be an Oscar winner and you not have starred in the greatest movie ever, Speed, but you were part of The Office. And had you just let them know what you knew Michael Scott, they would have immediately gotten you some matcha tea.

Ryan Gosling, Kate Hudson & More: Star Sightings 1.07.2016

Last night's People's Choice Awards was the year's first opportunity for celebs to put on a fancy dress and pose for a few photos.

Melissa McCarthy scored not one, but two gongs, and a few of our favorite leading ladies (including Homeland's Claire Danes) had their hair done ever-so-gloriously by Joico stylists.

Elsewhere, Paris Hilton looked ecstatic that paps wanted to take her photo at LAX.  It was adorable, and a little sad.

Check out more photos from the 2016 People's Choice Awards in star sightings below.

1. Ryan Gosling Attends Steve Carrell's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Ryan gosling attends steve carrells hollywood walk of fame cerem
Ryan Gosling attended Steve Carell's Hollywood Walk Of Fame star ceremony on January 6th, 2016.

2. Priyanka Chopra: 2016 People's Choice Awards

Priyanka chopra 2016 peoples choice awards
Favorite Actress in a New TV series winner Priyanka Chopra (in Vera Wang, with hair styled by Joico Celebrity Hair Stylist, Castillo) at the 2016 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on January 6th, 2016.

3. Kate Hudson: 2016 People's Choice Awards

Kate hudson 2016 peoples choice awards
Kate Hudson (in a Stella McCartney jump suit) promoted her new film, 'Kung Fu Panda 3' at the 2016 People's Choice Awards. held at the Microsoft Theatre L.A. Live on January 6th, 2015

4. 'Grey's Anatomy' Cast: 2016 People's Choice Awards

Greys anatomy cast 2016 peoples choice awards
'Grey's Anatomy stars' James Pickens, Jr., Sarah Drew, Camilla Luddington, Ellen Pompeo, Jerrika Hinton, Kelly McCreary, Caterina Scorsone, Chandra Wilson, and Justin Chambers posed with their People's Choice Award for Favorite Network TV Drama backstage at the Microsoft theater in LA on January 6th, 2016.

5. 'The Big Bang Theory' Cast: 2016 People's Choice Awards

The big bang theory cast 2016 peoples choice awards
'The Big Bang Theory' stars Melissa Rauch, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, and Kunal Nayyar posed with their People's Choice Award for Favorite Network TV Comedy backstage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on January 6th, 2016.

6. Claire Danes: 2016 People's Choice Awards

Claire danes 2016 peoples choice awards
Favorite Premium Cable TV Actress nominee Claire Danes (wearing Burberry, with hair styled by Joico Celebrity Hair Stylist, Peter Butler) at the 2016 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, CA on January 6th, 2016.
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People’s Choice Awards 2016: All The Best Highlights From Tonight’s Show!

The people have spoken!

Tonight at the People's Choice Awards your fave stars stepped out to rock the red carpet AND pick up a few awards to take home. From the Pretty Little Liars to Sandra Bullock, stars did their thing tonight in HIGHlarious and sweet ways.

In case you weren't able to catch the big event, have no worries because we've got you covered!

Ch-ch-check out the hottest, craziest, and most memorable moments from tonight's show (below)!

The Ladies Of Grease Live Wear Outfits Any T-Bird Would Approve Of At The People's Choice Awards

Maddie Ziegler Is The Cutest Lil' Thing On The People's Choice Awards Red Carpet

Priyanka Chopra Chases Off The Rain At The People's Choice Awards

Jason Derulo & Girlfriend Daphne Joy Sex Up The People's Choice Awards

Melissa McCarthy Pulls An Extraction Mission On The People's Choice Award For Favorite Comedic Film Actress!

Shawn Mendes Performs His Hottest Hits At The 2016 People's Choice Awards With The Help Of Camila Cabello!

The Pretty Little Liars Vamp It Up At The People's Choice Awards! Ow, Ow!

Lucy Hale Can't Get A Word In Edgewise When Pretty Little Liars Wins The People's Choice Awards 2016 For Best Cable TV Drama!

Vin Diesel Gets Emotional & Even SINGS As He Accepts Furious 7's TWO People's Choice Awards!

Sandra Bullock Gives The Most Adorable Acceptance Speech After Winning Favorite Movie Actress At The 2016 People's Choice Awards!

Johnny Depp Surprises The 2016 People's Choice Awards With A Visit After Winning Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor!

The Talk Totally Got Kanye'd While Trying To Accept Their People's Choice Award!

[Image via Getty Images.]

7 Celebrities Who Worked Real Jobs Before Fame

Have you ever dreamed of being famous? Wished you could drive a Lambo and kiss your day job goodbye? For many civilians, it can seem like celebrities have had everything handed to them. While in some cases this is undoubtedly true, there are a few stars who spent their time working their way to the top. Included here are a few celebrities who worked real jobs before they become famous.

Brad Pitt

While it may be surprising to know that Pitt attended college, he was actually only two credits short of his degree in journalism before the lure of the screen attracted him to LA. While living in Los Angeles and waiting for his big break, Pitt worked a variety of jobs, from delivering refrigerators to dancing around as a chicken.


Before making it the American Bandstand, pop icon Madonna worked as a showgirl in France for a time. In New York City, Madonna worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts stand in Times Square. Madonna managed to lose her job in a way most of us can only dream of, by squirting jelly donut filling all over a customer.

Ashton Kutcher

In spite of his outward appearance, Ashton Kutcher is a fairly intelligent man with time spent pursuing a biomedical degree at University of Iowa. Kutcher is rumored to have spent time sweeping cereal dust at a General Mills factory and frequently donated his blood to help with living expenses.

George Clooney

This famous actor had baseball dreams in high school that never quite panned out. Following his rejection from the Cincinnati Reds, Clooney decided to go to school and pursue a degree as a broadcast journalist. Before moving to LA, Clooney also worked as a tobacco farm hand and a shoe salesman.

Sandra Bullock

While some stars seem to barely think about acting before they make it big, Sandra Bullock had to earn her spot on the screen. Before her big break, Bullock was a starving artist in New York City. She worked as a waitress and bartender to support herself in the early stages of her career.

Harrison Ford

Before his big breaks into show biz with Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Ford had to pull his own weight at a few less than glamorous jobs. Ford worked as a custom furniture builder and sports commentator in high school. Serving in the boy scouts was also important to Ford as he worked at an adventure camp helping scouts earn their reptile merit badge.

Jennifer Aniston

Before her break on the big screen through “Friends,” Aniston worked as a telemarketer and a waitress. Waiting for her chance to shine she also spent days as a bike messenger and spokesmodel on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Sandra Bullock’s Costar Wouldn’t Be Surprised If She Added More Kids to Her Brood

Sandra Bullock, who recently added to her brood by adopting 3½-year-old daughter Laila, loves being a mom so much that a recent costar says he wouldn’t be surprised to see more children in her future.

“I’m not [surprised] by the adoption. I’d say this is maybe not the last,” Bullock’s Our Brand Is Crisis costar Joaquim de Almeida told PEOPLE Thursday at a luncheon honoring Michael Douglas, who received the 2016 AARP Movies for Grownups Career Achievement Award.

He adds, “I think she’s enjoying the role of being the mother a lot. Congratulations to her!”

Our Brand Is Crisis Sandra Bullock
Patti Perret

Laila, a little girl from Louisiana who had been in foster care, joins big brother Louis, 5, who Almeida says has no clue what his mom does for a living.

“I spent quite a bit of time with Sandra when we shot the movie, and I met Louis,” de Almeida says. “He was certainly a recipient of a lot of love by Sandra.”

The actor recalled a day when Bullock and Louis entered a house where his character in the movie lived, and Louis scrunched up his face when he saw de Almeida. “He said, ‘Huh? Still in your pajamas at this time in the afternoon?’ … at 4 or 5 years old,” the actor says with a laugh.

Bullock, he says, “came in and said, ‘He doesn’t know what we do!’ He has no idea what she does. She’s a really caring mother. She’s a caring person in life. That’s very important. She’s lovely to work with. She’s a person with so much success, and the success has not gone to her head. She keeps it very simple and kindness emanates from her.”

Our Brand Is Crisis Sandra Bullock
Sara Hammel

de Almeida, a Hollywood veteran of some 90 films and TV shows, has done some parenting of his own. His son Lourenço is an aspiring actor and attended the lunch with his father, Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Blythe Danner, Glenn Close and Paul Rudd. The lunch was hosted by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins and Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner and featured a discussion between Douglas and Robert Love, Editor-in-Chief of AARP The Magazine.

Says the junior de Almeida, “He was always a great dad, although he lived overseas. Everyone talks being an actor’s a hard life, you have to move a lot, [but] it was even harder for him because he decided to have his family in Portugal. He was always able to manage it.”

But, he adds semi-jokingly, “He’s still very cynical about my career.”

— Sara Hammel

Sandra Bullock Shares Her ‘Peaceful’ Bedtime Ritual – and Favorite Bedtime Book!

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock opens up for the first time about fostering and adopting her 3½-year-old daughter, Laila. Subscribe now for instant access to the exclusive interview, plus the adorable family photos of Laila and brother Louis, or pick up PEOPLE on newsstands Friday!

When Sandra Bullock is tucking in her two kids at night, she has a go-to read-aloud: The Family Book, by Todd Parr.

“Everyone will find their family represented there!” she tells PEOPLE of the colorfully illustrated tale, which celebrates diversity.

After a day chasing 5-year-old Louis, 3½-year-old Laila and dogs Poppy and Ruby, Bullock finds herself “asleep by 8:45 p.m.,” she says. “But I’m up by 5:45 a.m., so there’s that. That’s what makes me happy — having so much love.”

Sandra Bullock Adopts Daughter Laila PEOPLE Exclusive Cover
Cover Photograph by Bryan Randall/Getty Images

She also reveals that Laila, whom she recently adopted after fostering, and Louis, whom she adopted in 2010, share a room.

“It’s pretty amazing to just sit in bed and listen to them on the monitor, how they interact and take care of each other,” she says.

“The most peaceful time of day is when I know for a fact that both of them are successfully asleep,” she adds, “and I can leave their room knowing we have another day under our belt.”

To learn more about adoption and fostering in the U.S., go to adoptuskids.org and kids-alliance.org.

— J.D. Heyman

How Sandra Bullock Will Spend Her First ‘Magical’ Christmas with Two Kids – and ‘Bwoono Maws’

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock opens up for the first time about fostering and adopting her 3½-year-old daughter, Laila. Subscribe now for instant access to the exclusive interview, plus the adorable family photos of Laila and brother Louis, or pick up PEOPLE on newsstands Friday!

Sandra Bullock is gearing up for her first Christmas as a mom of two — and she has a few ideas in mind.

“Usually I dress as Santa and sneak outside so that there is a Santa sighting in the dark Christmas Eve,” the mom of 5-year-old Louis and 3½-year-old Laila tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s cover story.

“But Louis is onto me that I always have to ‘walk the dog’ when the family has their sighting. So I ordered the XL Santa suit this year and will pass the torch to my brother-in-law so I may watch Laila see him for the first time.”

Sandra Bullock Adopts Daughter Laila PEOPLE Exclusive Cover
Cover Photograph by Bryan Randall/Getty Images

As for her children’s wish lists, she says her daughter — whom she adopted after first fostering — is obsessed with Grammy winner Bruno Mars. (The little girl calls him “Bwoono Maws.”)

Says the star: “I will spend Christmas trying to convince Bwoono Maws to be under the tree!”

But more than anything, adds Bullock, “the most magical part will be watching Louis show a little girl who may never have had a Christmas before what it’s all about.”

To learn more about adoption and fostering in the U.S., go to adoptuskids.org and kids-alliance.org.

— J.D. Heyman

Sandra Bullock ADOPTS A Daughter!

Sandra Bullock is pulling off an Angelina Jolie!

Five-year-old son Louis now has a baby sister, as the veteran actress confirms her adoption of Laila to People.

Sandra Bullock and Louis
(c) PacificCoastNews.com

Bullock, without any trace of doubt, gushes, “When I look at Laila, there’s no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here. I can tell you absolutely, the exact right children came to me at the exact right time.”

Sandra Bullock
(c) PA

Motherhood has been a source of pride for the 51-year-old, and she wouldn’t have her family any other way. “My family is blended and diverse, nutty, and loving and understanding. That’s a family,” she says.

Congrats, Sandra!


More of her!

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Sandra Bullock Celebrates Her 50th Birthday!
Is Sandra Bullock Running From Michelle McGee?

Still Re-Watching Ellen DeGeneres’ Lip Sync Battle Against Jimmy Fallon?! Find Your Next Viral Obsession In The Top 10 Vines Of The Week!

What a week it's been!

If you're like us then you're probably still re-watching Ellen DeGeneres' lip sync battle against Jimmy Fallon from Wednesday night's episode of The Tonight Show! How do you possibly get over the Daytime TV kween doing Rihanna's B*tch Better Have My Money?!

Well, you don't... but you can certainly try!

Since it's the weekend, you're probably itching for some new material to OBSESS over! So thankfully we took the time to peruse through all the top videos on Vine!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the HIGHlarious six second vids we've compiled together.

Ch-ch-check out the top 10 Vines of this week (below)!

10. It's fantasy football time -- and people are certainly not messing around!

9. This Sandra Bullock impression is SPOT ON!

8. WARNING: Do NOT try this at home!

7. We wish all restaurants did this. We can dream right?!

6. Don't be that friend... know when to end a good joke.

5. It's a good thing you can make yourself laugh!

4. Hey kiddies, this is how every study session should go!

3. The struggle is REAL.

2. Guess who won this breakup?! We're taking bets.

1. This is actually just terrifying. LOLz!

First Look At Film ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ Flips The Script In A Big Way [WATCH]

Today, the first trailer for Our Brand Is Crisis was released, alongside a story that reveals much about the film’s production process and casting choices. The movie stars Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton, and was developed and produced by George Clooney. But the most interesting part of this movie is, in my opinion, the casting changes that led to Sandra Bullock being cast in a role originally written for George Clooney.

Apparently, as Sandra Bullock told Entertainment Weekly, the role was originally written for Clooney, but that she was excited to see if they would be interested in having a female actor play the role instead. She said, “About two and a half years ago I put out feelers saying, ‘I’m not reading anything I’m excited about. Are there any male roles out there that [the filmmakers] don’t mind switching to female?’ ”

Bullock reached out to Clooney about his project Our Brand Is Crisis, inspired by the 2005 documentary of the same name, and found that he was receptive to the change.

In the new film, Bullock plays “Calamity” Jane Bodine, a political strategist lured out of retirement to help the president of Bolivia, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, get reelected. Bodine’s character is brilliant, assertive, cunning, and as the trailer suggests, has a growing kindness and humanity.

The release of the film was meant to coincide with the United States’s growing interest in politics and elections, seeing as our own presidential election will take place next year. But the making of this film also sheds light on another social issue.

Bullock’s statements to the press underline a big problem in Hollywood, one that was also suggested recently by Anne Hathaway, namely, sexism and ageism in the industry.

It’s a shame how few interesting, complex, dynamic, and worthwhile roles for women there are in Hollywood that an Oscar winner wasn’t reading anything she actually wanted to play. It’s also a sign of sexism that Bullock immediately thought of roles for men, and thought that she obviously could play them just as well. Why aren’t there equivalent roles written for female actors in the industry, especially those who have proven their talent and popularity? Why is no one writing roles specifically for Bullock?

Anne Hathaway also recently shed light on sexism/ageism in Hollywood (as these two often coalesce for female actors). In an interview with Glamour UK, Hathaway revealed that she is already a victim of ageism, and she’s only in her early 30s. However, she also stated that she’s aware of the other side of the coin, that the ageism she’s now experiencing was actually benefitting her 10 years ago:

“When I was in my early 20s, parts would be written for women in their 50s and I would get them. And now I’m in my early 30s, and I’m like, ‘Why did that 24-year-old get that part?’ I was that 24-year-old once. I can’t be upset about it; it’s the way things are.”

Hathaway seems content with a system that’s fit to ignore a woman over a certain age, but [...]

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Sandra Bullock: Dating Bryan Randall!

Not only has Sandra Bullock been named the world's most beautiful woman, but she is also off the market!!!

The 51-year-old Oscar winning actress is dating Bryan Randall, a Los Angeles-based photographer.

Sandra Bullock Women in Film Pic

According to People Magazine, Sandra’s new beau is a 49-year-old Portland, Oregon, native.  A source told the mag, the couple met through mutual friends and has been dating for “several months!"

One can only assume that her boyfriend is just as beautiful as she is.  Of course, Randall has worked as a model for nearly 20 years and has posed for Saint Laurent and Harper’s Bazaar.

The couple was spotted leaving Los Angeles' Craig’s Thursday night.

Sources also said that Bullock brought her new man as her date to the secret, star-studded wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on August 5.

Sandra hasn’t had the best luck in love.

She was previously married to Jessie James.  But they divorced in 2010 after five years of marriage.  Their split was the result of allegations that Jessie cheated on her.

Before they pulled the plug on their marriage, Sandra and Jessie were in the process of adopting a child.  Bullock proceeded with the adoption and became a proud single mother to her son, Louis, in April 2010.

"He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way,” the actress told People Magazine at the time.

Louis, who is now 5-years-old, has been the main man in her life since her divorce. 

Her decision to voice a character in the new Minions movie was made with her son in mind. "I wanted to make something my son could see and watch and enjoy, even though he doesn't know what I do and he doesn't know it's me – I can sit in the theater and watch him," she said to the Belfast Telegraph.

"Nothing makes me happier than hearing that boy laugh.”

Last year, there were rumors that Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans were dating.  We hope her relationship with Bryan ends up being the real deal this time!!

See Who The Top Earning Actresses In Hollywood Were This Past Year & How Much They Made!

Talk about a lot of money!

Every year the list changes a little bit and actresses rise and fall!

Last year's number one actress, Sandra Bullock, didn't even crack the top 10 for 2014! But the good news is, that leaves room to share the wealth with someone new!

Do you think you know all the women who made the the list? Where'd Jennifer Lawrence land? What about Angelina Jolie, is she still in the fight?

Ch-ch-check out the list of the top earning actresses over the past year and we bet you'll be surprised by a couple ladies near the top!

CLICK HERE to view "10 Top Earning Actresses Of The Last Year -- And What They Made!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Top Earning Actresses Of The Last Year -- And What They Made!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Top Earning Actresses Of The Last Year -- And What They Made!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Top Earning Actresses Of The Last Year -- And What They Made!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Top Earning Actresses Of The Last Year -- And What They Made!"

15 Same-Sex Celebrity Smooches: Which Stars Have Swapped Spit?

It started with Britney and Madonna, but the trend has only accelerated in recent months.

We're talking girl-on-girl action, of course, and we're talking lip locks between such A-listers as Tina Fey and Amy Schumer; Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry; and plenty of other well-known females.

Which of these same-sex smooches has been the most sizzling?

Try to keep your keyboards and your computer screens clean, fellas, and check them out below:

1. Britney Spears and Madonna

Britney spears madonna kiss

2. Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson

Sandra bullock and scarlett johansson
Sandra Bullock has good taste in women. She smooched Scarlett Johansson at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

3. Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock

Meryl streep and sandra bullock
You didn't expect to see these two on this list, did you? Sandra Bullock planted one on Meryl Streep at the 2010 Critics Choice Awards.

4. Britney Spears and Rihanna

Britney spears and rihanna
Britney Spears and Rihanna nearly broke the Internet with this kiss. It took place at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

5. Madonna and Christina Aguilera

Madonna and christina aguilera
Madonna famously kissed Britney Spears on stage. But she didn't forget Christina Aguilera as well as the 2013 MTV VMAs.

6. Denise Richards and Neve Campbell

Denise richards and neve campbell
Yes, this kiss took place in the movie Wild Things. But it must be included because Denise Richards and Neve Campbell changed the course of many men's lives with the lip lock.
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Sandra Bullock: Why I Spent Mother’s Day in Tears

Sandra Bullock was blindsided on Mother’s Day!

The actress admits Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she spent the day crying thanks to her son Louis.

“It was all happy tears. I just cry at anything now,” the Minions actress, 50, says. “I didn’t [give birth to him], but I feel hormonally.”

The 5½-year-old — who insists on adding that extra half to his age, jokes Bullock — started her morning off with a sweet serenade.

“He sang me a song that he wrote … I didn’t have the heart to tell him he plagiarized,” she jokes. “[The song goes], ‘There was a mom I love so much and Sandy was her name-o.’ ”

Sandra Bullock Ellen DeGeneres
Warner Bros.

Cue the water works. “I’m just like, ‘Ahhh!’ He played the harmonica in between and then he just kept looking at me,” PEOPLE’s World’s Most Beautiful star shares. “He’s all boy with a really tender heart.”

Bullock and Louis recently returned from his birth city of New Orleans, where they enjoyed Mardi Gras — much to host Ellen DeGeneres‘ horror.

“You took him to Mardi Gras? What kind of mother are you?” the Louisiana native jokes.

Although the proud mama playfully counters with, “I think a good one … if you’re gonna learn, you’re gonna learn,” DeGeneres quips, “Those are called breasts, son.”

“He’s like, ‘Why don’t they look like yours?’ ‘Well, I don’t have any,’ ” Bullock says with a laugh.

“No, oddly there were no breasts … I was too busy catching the beads. I was focused on the beads.”

— Anya Leon