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Leah Remini: Tom Cruise is "Diabolical," Truly Evil

Leah Remini rose to fame as a no-nonsense, straight talking character on the terrible CBS sitcom King of Queens.

And, based on her latest comments about Tom Cruise, it doesn't sound as though this woman was a stretch for Remini to portray.

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

The actress, who will reunite with Kevin James this fall as a series regular on Kevin Can Wait, sat down this week for a Reddit AMA.

Asked at one point whether Cruise is a good person, Remini did not hold any opinion back.

"No! Just going to get straight to it, no!" she replied, expounding as follows:

"There is a public persona of the guy who looks at you directly in the eye and shakes your hand and hugs you and is an attentive person to you and there's the person behind the mask who is a completely different person."

In what way, exactly?

Remini tried to explain.

"Someone could say we all have that - what we are to the public and who we are behind the scenes," she said.

"But the people who are around Tom and work for Tom, not even people who are Scientologists, they will say he is diaboloical [sic]."

Leah Remini Poses

Remini, of course, has become as famous at this point for her connection to the Church of Scientology as she is for her career.

An ex member of that religious organization (for which Cruise is essentially a spokesman), Remini has broken free from the alleged cult and spoken out against it.

Frequently and passionately.

She said late last year, for example, that Scientology is full of rape and forced abortions.

The star made these stunning accusations as part of the A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

In this AMA, Remini noted that some folks she has worked with in the past might say she "can be an asshole," yet claimed it's a different story for Cruise who is one of the most high-profile members of the Church of Scientology.

Probably the most high profile.

"He's very similar to David Miscavige, they could be twins," she wrote, referencing the organization's leader.

A new season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is on the way, one in which the host will once again delve into the dangers of her former religion.

She's talked previously about the child abuse and sexual harassment that takes place within in.

"Tom and most Scientologists, all Scientologists, are taught to believe that people like me are literally the devil, that we mean them harm," she told Larry King in December 2016 prior to claiming that the church is "defrauding people out of their lives."

Leah Remini on Kevin Can Wait

In regard to her assessment of Cruise, the Church of Scientology said via statement to Us Weekly:

"Leah Remini has been obsessed with the leader of the Scientology religion and with Mr. Cruise for years, ever since she made a scene at Mr. Cruise's wedding when she couldn't get the seat she wanted.

"Remini is only commenting on these two prominent individuals to generate media coverage for herself and her hate campaign.

"Remini is bent on inciting hate and bigotry against a worldwide religion and its parishioners and she will stop at nothing to grab attention."

Danny Masterson: That 70s Show Star Accused of Rape

Actor Danny Masterson is best known for his role as Hyde on the early 2000s sitcom That '70s Show.

In the years since the show ended its eight season run on Fox, however, Masterson's career has faltered, and these days, he's known in Hollywood circles primarily for his fanatical devotion to the Church of Scientology.

Now, several media outlets are reporting that Masterson is being investigated for rape by the LAPD.

Danny Masterson Image

“The Los Angeles Police Department Robbery Homicide Division, Sexual Assault Section, is conducting an investigation involving the actor Danny Masterson," the department said in a statement released moments ago.

“Three women have come forward and disclosed that they were sexually assaulted by Masterson during the early 2000s.”

The Church of Scientology has declined to comment, but a rep for Masterson has dismissed one of the charges in a statement issued to the press today:

"The alleged incident occurred in the middle of their 6 year relationship, after which she continued to be his longtime girlfriend," says the rep.

Of course, the fact that they were dating is immaterial, especially in the context of a relationship in which both parties are active Scientologists.

Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson

For starters, rape can and often does take place within the confines of a romantic relationship.

Additionally, former Scientologists have testified that while they were members of the cult, they were forbidden to report crimes by other Scientologists.

Materson's team goes on to blame the accusations on actress Leah Remini, who was herself a Scientologist until 2013, and who has devoted her life to exposing the organization's allegedly criminal practices in the years since.

“We are aware of [redacted]’s 16-year-old allegations," reads the statement from Masterson's reps.

"It was only after [redacted] was in contact with Leah Remini that she made allegations of sexual assault by Mr. Masterson.

"The alleged incident occurred in the middle of their 6-year relationship, after which she continued to be his longtime girlfriend.”

A Leah Remini Pic

The statement goes on to claim that the accuser asked Scientologist officials to help her win Masterson back after their relationship ended:

“When Danny ended the relationship she continued to pursue him, even making threats to beat up his current wife Bijou Phillips unless she left him," Masterson's reps claim. 

"In fact, we are informed by the Church that the only demand [redacted] made of the Church after Danny broke up with her was asking for their help to intervene so the breakup would not be permanent,”

Masterson has yet to comment on the charges personally.

We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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Watch Leah Remini Tearfully Respond To Katie Holmes’ Statement, Saying They’re Both ‘Back To Being Human’ After Leaving Scientology!

This was very inneresting!

Leah Remini joined Good Morning America on Monday to talk more about her much-discussed upcoming tell-all memoir about growing up in Scientology.

As we reported over the weekend, Remini's book Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology -- which will be released to the public on Tuesday -- details various accounts of goings-on within Scientology, including the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Related: Leah And Others React To The ABC 20/20 Special

Now, Remini is speaking out even more, calling Scientology an "extremist" religion, and responding directly to Katie's statement wishing her well, saying:

"It's really because we both left that we're able to have this kind of grace towards each other because we're back to being human."

Ch-ch-check out the video with Remini discussing more of her book and experiences in the church (below):

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Wow. At least it sounds like Leah and Katie are doing somewhat better -- and on better terms with each other, if and when they can reconcile!

What do U think of this whole Scientology controversy??

[Image via Good Morning America/ABC.]

Leah Remini Talks Life After Scientology, Criticizes Tom Cruise [WATCH]

Scientology has more than a fair few of critics and detractors. The controversial, high-profile religion has been called a cult on numerous occasions, and for good reason. It’s only when Scientology’s high-profile, celebrity members leave the church that they’re able to truly share their experiences, which are often borderline abusive.

Leah Remini, TV actor of “King of Queens” fame, is one of those A-list members. She was a member of the Church of Scientology for 30 years, brought into the church by her mother since she was extremely young. Leah left the Church in 2013, because worshipping at the church every day left her so little time with her family.

Since leaving the Church, Remini has said, her eyes have been opened to the true nature of membership. In a new interview on “20/20″ set to air on October 30, Remini talks at length about the dark side of the Church, including criticism of its most famous member, Tom Cruise himself.

Watch the short teaser trailer below: 
In the video, Remini says, “I think that people need to understand, this has been my whole life.”

Earlier this year, Remini revealed much of her reasons for leaving the Church of Scientology. She said her “a-ha moment” was when she witnessed her daughter swimming for the first time, without ever having taught her or even knowing she could swim at all.

‘I don’t think people know the amount of dedication it takes to be in this organization. I mean it was every day, three-and-a-half hours minimum, seven days a week usually. You know, I’m working most of my time, and then the other time was spent at the church, so minimal time is really spent with your family.”

In the short video above, Remini also fires at Tom Cruise: “Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself. You are evil.” Cruise is the undeniable poster boy for Scientology; his involvement in the church has always been his defining attribute, to the detriment of both his career and his marriages. Remini’s comments against the church’s most active and famous proponent is to attack the church itself, an action that, as we’ve seen, Scientologists don’t take lightly.

Remini’s interview comes ahead of her new book about the same topic, entitled Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, to be released on November 3rd of this year.

In that memoir, Remini goes deep into her Scientology roots, the way it has shaped her life for good and bad, and the largely negative experiences she had in her three decades in the church. She describes a particularly harrowing three-month “interrogation” she was subjected to that sounds like straight-up abuse.

Doubtless her memoir and the “20/20″ interview will provide even deeper insight into this shadowy organization.

The post Leah Remini Talks Life After Scientology, Criticizes Tom Cruise [WATCH] appeared first on PopCrunch.

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Tom Cruise Refuses to Pose With Co-Star Rebecca Ferguson: Did She Reject His Scientologist Swag?

Tom Cruise is currently promoting Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (alternate title : Holy Sh-t, Another One?!), and as usual, he's all over the airwaves humblebragging about what a badass stuntman he is because of thetans or whatever.

One thing Tom's not doing, however, is talking up the movie's female lead, Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson.

Usually, Tom gushes about his leading ladies every chance that he gets, but this time he won't even pose on the red carpet with Ferguson.

Tom Cruise Red Carpet Pic
Rebecca Ferguson Photo

The whole awkward press tour has left many wondering if there's some truth to the rumors about Cruise trying and failing to preach the Gospel of Xenu to his sexy co-star.

Tom's controversial religious beliefs have been in the news a lot lately, partially due to the popularity of the HBO documentary Going Clear, and partially due to some bizarre new rumors about Cruise's personal life.

One report claims that Cruise recently banished his 14-year-old niece from his life for violating Scientologist doctrine by kissing a boy.

Insiders say Cruise has been "brainwashed" by Scientology. There have even been rumors that leaders of the faith sent out a casting call for Cruise's next girlfriend.

Some sources say Ferguson made the shortlist of potential Cruise suitors, but when Tom rolled up on with with his 1,000-kilowatt smile and a copy of Dianetics, she wanted none of it.

The Daily Mail even claims that Cruise handpicked Ferguson for the role in hopes of making her one of Hubbard's Honeys, and he flew into a rage when she rejected his advances.

There was a time when such boldness might have led to Ferguson being blacklisted in Hollywood, but Cruise doesn't have quite that much clout these days.

In fact, all you have to do to thwart him is put something on a high shelf and hide the stepladder.

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Scientology: Casting For Tom Cruise’s Next Wife!

There's no love for Tom Cruise these days.

With the news that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are dating and Tom's feud with John Travolta, The Church of Scientology thinks Tom needs a friend.

A lady friend.

Tom Cruise in Soho

According to  Life and Style Magazine, the Church of Scientology is trying to lure some unlucky lady to be Cruise's next wife.

I’ll pass.

The tabloid publication claims that Cruise is on the prowl for wifey number four to repair his increasingly damaged reputation.

Odd that the controversial religious group would lead the way, since many feel Tom’s association with Scientology mangled his celebrity stature.

His high-profile marriage to Katie Holmes brought forth negative attention and rumors about Scientology’s questionable belief and value system.

And what’s a better way for Tom and the church to fix its reputation?

With another weird marriage, of course.

A source claims that Scientology matchmakers (yes they really exist) are designing a plan to find Tommy’s new wife.

If that wasn’t weird enough, they will be training the wife-candidates to be suitable for their leading man (this is as weird as it gets).

The top candidate will be shorter than Tom Cruise (they must be looking for a little person), beautiful, and smart.

She will graduate from the program and get to marry Cruise in some freaky Scientology wedding where everyone will probably drink the Kool-Aid.

Scientology has been accused of setting up the movie star before.

In the recent documentary Going Clear, former scientology members claim that Tom was set up with ex-girlfriend, Nazanin Boniadi.  

Boniadi sold a record number of Scientology books before the church promoted her to celeb status and hooked her up with Cruise.

Rather than a coincidence, that was probably Boniadi's prize.