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‘Wrestlemania’ With No Audience is Really Strange

Sometimes you don’t realize how important something is until you take it out. For instance, the live audience reactions and laugh tracks on TV shows. Sometimes they’re really bad, like on Sports Night or How I Met Your Mother. They even released MASH without the laugh track, which makes the show better overall. But if you take the laugh track out of a traditionally filmed multi-cam sitcom, it’s an absolute train wreck full of awkward conversational pauses for no reason.

It turns out that professional wrestling is the latter.

As someone who used to like pro wrestling quite a bit in the 90s, I thought I’d take advantage of my free WWE Network trial to watch Wrestlemania 36. It was one of the strangest experiences of my life.

The introductions to the night with Stephanie McMahon and Rob Gronkowski weren’t really that unusual for pro wrestling, although the normal fanfare of Wrestlemania being replaced with something that felt more like WWF Superstars set a strange tone.

The weirdness of no audience being present was somewhat offset by night one of the two-night event starting with a great women’s tag team championship match. I don’t normally watch wrestling to know who is who and the match had virtually no introduction, so I’m guessing that The Kabuki Warriors are the heels and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are the faces because Asuka and Kairi Sane were the most entertaining wrestlers in the entire event and they dropped their titles to two women who didn’t appear to know a hammer lock from a ham sandwich.

I don’t know who decided it was a good idea to have Bradshaw do the color commentary for Wrestlemania, but good lord was he uninspiring. I know Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon are dead but there are options. Get Jesse Ventura or Jerry Lawler; hell, I’ll take Jim Cornette’s folksy boomer racism at this point.

The rest of the first night was a bit of a slog. A lot of wrestlers have crowd appeals built into their routines and did absolutely nothing to change those routines when there’s no audience. I couldn’t help but imagine what a sociopath Hulk Hogan would look like cupping his hand to his ear in an empty studio like this.

A lot of the spectacle and pyrotechnics seemed especially out of place in this audience-free performance. As an example, Becky Lynch drove the cab of a truck about 20 feet in an empty parking lot. I’m sure it seems cool when there’s an audience cheering for you but this just highlighted how silly some of these things are.

The first night ended with what can only be described as the most bizarre thing I’ve ever see on pro wrestling. The Undertaker fought AJ Styles in a graveyard and it was filmed like a TV drama. The problem is that wrestling choreography is really impressive in a boxing ring but not so much in a TV drama. I’ve seen Sarah Michelle Gellar in more entertaining fights. It was a real low-note to end night one on.

Night two started by confirming what I had already believed from night one, that women’s wrestling is better than men’s wrestling now. Charlotte Flair fought Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship in an opening match was the highlight of the evening. Being a Flair, Charlotte really knows how to put on a show. It was the first time I’d ever seen her wrestle and she did not disappoint.

If you’ve ever thought wrestling is kind of gay, you should check out the last man standing match between Edge and Randy Orton; I’ve seen gay porn that was less homoerotic than that match. Orton kept telling Edge he loved him before the match turned into sweaty dudes grunting in a gym. It was also about 10-15 minutes too long. There’s only so long you can watch dudes hit each other with whatever they find lying around backstage and have it be entertaining.

There were two heavyweight championship matches and they were both around a minute long, which was crazy. Definitely the shortest matches of the night, but it was kind of a relief after watching whatever the hell that Firefly Funhouse thing was. I had never actually seen John Cena wrestle before tonight and I still haven’t. He did fight a puppet and I found out you can say shit but not fuck on WWE Network, but I still have no idea why everyone hates John Cena.

All in all, I can’t say I recommend watching wrestling without an audience. The women’s matches were all great, as was the tag match between the Street Profits and Angel Garza and Austin Theory because they all reminded me of the type of wrestling the WCW Cruiserweight division used to do. The Fatal Five-Way match for the Smackdown Women’s belt was the only match in the entire two night, six hour event to take advantage of the lack of audience and have the wrestlers talk through the match. But it’s just too weird for me. And coming back to watch some wrestling after two decades to these empty-house shows just didn’t make think I’d missed anything.

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Tom Brady is Taking His Deflated Balls and Leaving New England

It’s the end of an era as Tom Brady announced he’s leaving the New England Patriots as a free agent and will be playing somewhere else, though no announcement on where he’s going yet.

Brady made the announcement on his Instagram early Tuesday morning.

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A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

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A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

It’s the end of an era, Brady and Bill Belichick were like the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of cheating at football.

Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft issued responses to the news as well.

It’s actually kind of sweet that Robert Kraft says Tom Brady is like a son to him and that he loves him. Do you think he was getting a squeezer in the back room of a massage parlor when he dictated that letter?

Of course, the speculation is now on what team Brady will eventually sign with. Tampa Bay is leading the speculation right now, and while there was early speculation that the Las Vegas Raiders were interested in Brady, the just signed Marcus Mariota to be the backup to David Carr, so it seems unlikely they’ll bring Brady onboard now.

The LA Chargers and Miami Dolphins are also rumored to have expressed interest in Brady. It seems likely he’ll play for one of those teams next season. You know, provided there is a next season and it isn‘t cancelled because of the coronavirus.

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Kevin Durant, Three Brooklyn Nets Teammates Diagnosed with COVID-19

One of the biggest names in sports has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Kevin Durant -- a former NBA MVP and scoring champion and two-time world champion -- shared the news himself with a reporter this evening.

Kevin Durant Snapshot

“Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine,” Durant told journalist Shams Charania of The Athletic. “We’re going to get through this.”

Durant made his candid admission shortly after multiple outlets confirmed that a total of four Brooklyn Nets players had tested positive for the virus.

The names of the other three players are not known at the moment, with Durant presumably choosing to go public with his identity as a way to send a word of precaution to others around the world.

With so many schools and businesses closed throughout the United States and people panicking, or even ignoring advice to stay inside as much as humanly possible...

Kevin Durant in the Finals

... it can only help to spread this important message for huge stars such as Durant to hammer home this point.

We salute him for doing so.

Durant signed as free agent with the Nets a few weeks after suffering a torn Achilles heel in the NBA Finals as a member of the Golden State Warriors.

As a result, he has not played at all in the 2019-2020 season.

Kevin Durant in Brooklyn

This season was postponed indefinitely last Wednesday night after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was also diagnosed with virus.

Since then, star Donovan Mitchell and breakout Detroit Pistons player Christian Woods have also come down with COVID-19.

In the Nets statement, meanwhile, the team said of the players who were diagnosed, three were asymptomatic while the fourth is currently exhibiting symptoms.

We don't know into which of these categories Durant falls.

Kevin Durant Gets Hurt

“All four players are presently isolated and under the care of team physicians,” reads this message, which  was posted by multiple reporters.

It continues:

“The organization is currently notifying anyone who has had known contact with the players, including recent opponents, and is working closely with state and local health authorities on reporting.”

The Nets were in Los Angeles to play the Lakers when the league shut down games -- and sources now confirm that all the Lakers players will soon also get tested.

This includes LeBron James.

Kevin Durant Speaks

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 187,100 people have tested positive for the coronavirus around the globe, according to the New York Times.

The United states has seen at least 5,303 cases since the outbreak began, and 96 people have died in the country so far.

Along with Durant, such stars as Tom Hanks and Idris Elba have been diagnosed.

Please, everyone, heed the advice of experts... keep your distance from as many people as you can... and let's all be responsible citizens of the world.

Trey Adams, Potential NFL Star, Admits to Having a Shockingly Small Penis at the Combine

Washington Huskies lineman Trey Adams is 6’8” and 327 pounds and he wants you to know that in spite of that, he has a tiny cock. It’s just barely even there. He’s never even seen it, in fact.

Okay, I’m exaggerating, but he did tell scouts at the NFL combine that he wanted a bigger penis.

I am a fan of this guy. I really like this answer, and I’ll tell you why. “What would you change about yourself?” is one of those idiotic questions you get asked by interviews and you have to answer it like it’s not the dumbest thing you’ve ever been asked. Daria was making fun of these kinds of questions like 25 years ago. It’s basically a test of your ability not to call the person asking it retarded.

Adams gave this all the thought and respect it deserved.

Also, not for nothing, but when you’re 6’8” and over 300 pounds, your dick is going to look tiny no matter how big it is.

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Are the Proposed NFL CBA Changes Adding More Games Good or Bad?

The NFL is negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement between the team owners and players in advance of the expiration of the current agreement next year. There are a lot of points being discussed, such as changes to free agency and the salary cap, but the most interesting one is the proposal to add a 17th game to the regular-season schedule and two more teams to the playoffs, resulting in two more playoff games.

Expanding the schedule is something I’ve heard about on and off throughout my lifetime and it wouldn’t be the first time the NFL has changed the schedule. In 1978, the league added two regular season games to the schedule by cutting two preseason games, and in 1990 they added a 17th week to the schedule, giving every team a bye week at some point in the season. They even experimented with a second scheduled bye in 1993, but quickly reversed course in 1994.

The extended season has worked out pretty well for the league, and there’s a certain simple genius to the way the schedule is currently designed. Each conference has four divisions consisting of four teams each and divisions are scheduled against each other on a rotating basis. Every year a team plays each team in their division twice, four teams from a division in their conference, four teams from a division in the other conference and two teams from the divisions in their conference they didn’t play this season based on where those teams placed in the standings the previous season.

It’s hard to say how an additional week would be scheduled; the simplest solutions would be to add either a second game against the teams that finished in the same place in divisional standings from the in-conference division teams play that season or to add a game against the team with the same conference standing from the other conference. Neither of these are particularly ideal, and a 17-week season adds another complication: is it a home or away game?

A cross-conference game could be scheduled so the NFC gets an additional home game one season and the AFC gets that home game the next season. There have also been rumors of this 17th game being played overseas or at least out of country in places like Europe, Canada and Mexico where the league wants to expand to buy doesn’t want to add additional franchises in. The proposed expansion would add 16 games to the 18-week schedule, so one could easily be played in foreign markets almost every week.

Richard Sherman, the 49ers cornerback, said last month that he felt the 17th game was only being introduced because the league has been trying to get an 18 game season for years, despite all the talk from the league about trying to reduce the incidence of CTE, which is currently somewhere in the neighborhood of “everyone who has ever touched a football has it.”

He’s probably right, the league has wanted an 18 game schedule for a while. The reason given has basically been that it’s so terrible when a player gets injured in a preseason game that doesn’t count, but players are less likely to be injured in the preseason if only because they’re less likely to play, especially in they’re starters. Preseason games can also helps coaches decide which players to keep or promote, and some have argued two preseason games isn’t enough. But regular season games make a lot more money for the league and owners, so you can see why they’d want more of them.

The two additional post-season games (which bring in even more money) also have pros and cons. The move would take the wild card week bye away from the second-place team in each conference, and that perk is extremely valuable to high-ranking teams. Teams that play on wild card weekend are at a big disadvantage; since the first-round byes were added in the 1978 season, only ten teams who played on wild card weekend have won the Super Bowl, and six of those wins happened in an 8-year period from the 2005 to 2012 seasons.

It would be much more fair to just add four more teams to the playoffs and eliminate byes altogether, which is how the playoffs worked from the NFL/AFL merger in 1970 until the 1978 expansion.

These changes, if approved by the NFLPA and the players themselves, wouldn’t take effect until the 2022 season at the earliest. I like football and more games, especially more playoff games and big, international regular-season games seems like a lot of fun. But with all the new information about CTE and the concerns it raises about schedule balance, I just don’t know if this proposed expansion, which team owners have agreed to, is a good idea.

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Mike Tomlin Defends Mason Rudolph in N-Word Controversy

One of the most blatant fouls I’ve ever seen in a football game was this past season when Myles Garret of the Cleveland Browns cracked Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet. It seemed incredibly out of line and Garret was suspended for the rest of the season. But then Garret claimed he was reacting to Rudolph calling him the n-word, and everyone stopped and said “oh, yeah, I can see that, that totally makes sense.”

Everyone except for Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin, I guess. Tomlin went on ESPN radio and defended Rudolph, via SB Nation.

“These accusations are serious. Not only in terms of Mason Rudolph’s character, but his professional pursuits. Nobody on that field, as a member of the Cleveland Browns or the Pittsburgh Steelers corroborated what Myles Garrett said. That was founded by us and the National Football League.”

Tomlin went on to explain how the story concocted later by Garrett didn’t fit into how these situations usually transpire following an incident of this nature.

“I was on the field immediately after that altercation and subsequently after the game. I’ve got a lot of personal relationships within that organization over there in Cleveland. At no point did anyone within that organization come forward and say, ‘Mike, heads up, we’ve got a situation here,’ or something of that nature that you would expect that comes with those type of allegations.”

It’s true that we haven’t seen any corroboration of Garret’s claims, but his suspension was lifted by the NFL and ended up being pretty light because, I mean, come on. Look at the guy. Even The Onion got this one right.

If the Steelers has just signed Collin Kaepernick, none of this would have happened and they might have finished higher than 8-8. I’m just sayin’.

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What the Hell Did Chaka Khan Do To the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game?

Chaka Khan is a musical icon. She’s a legend. And I don’t know what the hell is going on with her but it has not been her week. Last Wednesday, she was kicked off of The Masked Singer, only the third contestant eliminated in the contest. Pretty embarrassing for a legendary singer to barely last longer than Drew Carey in a singing competition.

Then on Sunday, she got a chance at redemption when she sang the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star Game. It went… well…

Now, I get that when someone sings the anthem they want to make it their own, so to speak, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I really don’t know what the fuck Chaka Khan was singing here.

If you changed the words to that, I don’t think the average person could identify what she sang there as “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

It didn’t go over well on social media, either.

All of us are Kyle Lowry.

And of course she drew comparisons to Fergie’s performance in 2018.

But for my money, the Fergie/Chaka Khan mash-up won the day.

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Russian BJJ Competitor Payzutdin Aliyev Paralyzed After Breaking Neck in Competition

During a grappling tournament at the Tinkoff Arena in Russia, 26-year-old Payzutdin Aliyev tried for a flying armbar. His opponent stepped back to avoid being caught by it which caused Aliyev to land on his head and break his neck. You can hear the crack in the video below. And if you didn’t realize something bad just happened, the screams of pain that came afterward might might be able to tip you off.

The Russian fighter was “diagnosed with a brain contusion, a closed craniocerebral trauma and a fracture of the cervical vertebrae with damage to the spinal cord.” A follow up CT scan showed his arms and legs were paralyzed in addition to his broken neck.

Yet another reason why I don’t participate in sports. Or any physical activity for that matter. Now when that stupid doctor says I should really consider working out, I’ll show him this.

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Snoop Dogg Is Sorry He Overreacted to Gayle King’s Interview About Kobe

A week or so ago, a clip of Gayle King asking WNBA star Lisa Leslie if Kobe Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault case complicates his legacy made the rounds. A lot of Kobe fans began frothing at the mouth calling Gayle disrespectful with her question. This included Snoop Dogg who called her a “funky dog head bitch” and was trying to “tarnish my motherfuckin’ home boy’s reputation.” He told her to “back off, bitch, before we come get you.” And rightfully so. Don’t you know how many championships Kobe won?

Snoop is now taking it back saying her overreacted. He said his mom told him “2 wrongs don’t make a right.”

To be fair, this was a valid question. In 2003, a worker at a ski resort in Colorado alleged Kobe Bryant had sexually assaulted her. Her identity was leaked which lead to the media and Kobe’s defense team dragging her. A week before opening statements, she told the court she wouldn’t testify. She later sued him in civil court. The case was settled for an undisclosed amount. During the investigation, Kobe partially admitted to the act. In one interview, he even told the investigator he should have done what Shaq does and pay them off. After all this was done, Kobe bought Vanessa Bryant a huge rock to make it up to her.

This is pretty similar to the Chris Brown fans who say Rihanna deserved being punched in the face so much that she ended up looking like tenderized meat. It’ll be interesting to hear what Brown’s fans have to say whenever he dies and they ask about this domestic violence incident. I’m sure the answer will be something like, “Oh, but did you see the way he danced?!”

Then again, 5 championships does deserve to erase an alleged sexual assault. That POS Chris Brown has only one grammy. And Harvey Weinstein? He’s going to need a lot more Oscars to erase those rapes from everyone’s memory.

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Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero Haven’t Even Fought Yet, But There’s Already a Winner

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This Instagram Model Tried to Streak the Super Bowl

If you thought the Super Bowl halftime show was too sexy… you’re a prude and need to grow up. But you’ll also be pleased to know that you were barely spared the image of a naked woman with her bits uncovered.

Instagram model Kelly Kay was picked up by security and the police trying to charge the field and show everyone her naughty, filthy lady parts that she should be ashamed of. I mean, can you imagine if some 14-year-old had been watching and seen a breast? It would have ruined a perfectly good night of watching grown men beat the absolute shit out of each other and get CTE.

View this post on Instagram

Not ur baby 💘

A post shared by Kelly Kay (@kellykay) on

I can’t but think we missed out here.

View this post on Instagram

High fashion 💖

A post shared by Kelly Kay (@kellykay) on

View this post on Instagram

Pineapple on pizza? 🤪🍕

A post shared by Kelly Kay (@kellykay) on

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I don’t think the real story is going to live up to what I have in my mind.

SEE ALSO: The Instagram model wanted for ‘sexually assaulting a dog’

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Brittany Matthews: Patrick Mahomes’ Girlfriend Goes Viral With Super Bowl Celebration Pic!

There was a time when the Super Bowl was notorious for lopsided games and blowout victories that failed to live up to the weeks of hype that preceded them.

But on Sunday night, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs delivered a stone-cold classic and ushered in what could be the start of an exciting new dynasty.

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes was the NFL's MVP for the 2018 season, so it's not like he came out of nowhere.

But at 24, the former Texas Tech phenom hasn't been in the spotlight nearly as long as your Tom Bradys or even your Russell Wilsons.

So while even casual fans are familiar with the biographical backgrounds of Gisele and Ciara's husbands, much less is known about the personal lives of Brittany Matthews and her Super Bowl-winning boyfriend.

Yes, Brittany is the longtime partner of Patrick Mahomes, and many fans are just learning her name today, thanks to this awesome photo:

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews

"We fought for our right to PAAAARTYYYY" Matthews captioned the pic, referencing the Beastie Boys hit that became an unofficial anthem for the Chiefs during their successful 2020 playoff run.

In case there was any question as to which team had captured her heart, Matthews captioned the pic "#chiefskingdom"

The photo racked up 100,000 likes before it was a few hours old, and the adoring comments from fans have continued to roll in.

"Wow!!!!!! This is the pic of the century! Love you both!!" wrote Mahomes' agent, Chris C. Abbott.

Brittany Matthews

Sadly, the quarterback's State Farm representative has yet to remark on the image.

Patrick and Brittany met when they were both students at Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas.

The couple went to the prom together, and they've been an item ever since.

Matthews owns her own fitness company, Brittany Lynne Fitness, and has been a diehard Chiefs supporter ever since Mahomes was drafted by the team in 2017.

Mahomes and Girlfriend

She's been chronicling the afterglow of the team's victory in the hours since Mahomes led the Chiefs to an unlikely fourth quarter comeback over the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV.

The photo above has also earned quite a few favorable comments, as well, including one from the man himself:

"Iconic pic!" Mahomes commented.

Indeed it is. 

A fitting pic for an iconic occasion.

Donald Trump Thinks Kansas City is in Kansas and Twitter Won’t Let Him Forget It

The Kanas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in 50 years on Sunday night.

As a result, residents of the state in which this football teams plays spent several hours celebrating.

They also spent several minutes, we presume, shaking their head over the following depressing fact:

Patrick Mahomes

The President of the United States has no idea where they actually live.

Not long after Patrick Mahomes and company completed their 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, Donald Trump Tweeted the followiing message:

"Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game, and a fantastic comeback, under immense pressure.

"You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well. Our Country is PROUD OF YOU!"

But here's the thing, you guys:

The Kansas City Chiefs play in Missouri, not Kansas.

kansas tweet

President Trump has since deleted this erroneous message, but this is the Internet, you know?

Yes, he's posted a revised, correct version of the same Tweet, one that accurately lists Missouri in place of Kansas.

Nothing is ever gone forever.

And he's since been dragged all over the place for not knowing basic geography in a country over which he presides as Commander-in-Chief.

kasnsa drag

It's almost as if Donald Trump doesn't care at all about any United States citizens.

It's almost as if he's an extremely dumb person.

And there's at least some non-zero percent chance this mistake plays some role in the 2020 Presidential election, if folks in Kansas and/or Missouri get as offended as they ought to over such ignorance on the part of the President.

That may be wishful thinking on the part of Democrats, however, as both these states are as red as the jerseys on the Chiefs last night.

Patrick Mahomes Picture

In other, less troubling and confounding news from the Super Bowl:

Demi Lovato completed her recovery from a near-fatal drug overdose in July of 2018 to sing a wonderful rendition of the national anthem.

It's been universally praised on social media, which is typically a result almost no version of the Star-Spangled Banner at a major sporting event can ever hope to achieve.

Check out the performance here:

And speaking of universally praised sporting event performances?

Did you catch the Jennifer Lopez and Shakira halftime show?!?!?!?!??!?

There was a lot of dancing, some terrific singing, a tribute to Puerto Rico, a cameo by Lopez's 11-year old daughter on the microphone and just so darn much booty and hip shaking.

Like, SO darn much:

Was this the best halftime performance of all-time?

Observers who apparently forgot all about Prince seem to think so.

Watch the above video and decide for yourself.

And then compare the work of these incomparable artists to others who have taken the Super Bowl stage in recent memory:

Patrick Mahomes Wins First of Many Super Bowl MVPs

I don’t think that I will come to regret saying that last night’s Super Bowl LIV marked the end of the era of Tom Brady and the beginning of the era of Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl MVP and future Hall of Famer.

It was an exciting game from start to finish that resulted in a halftime tie that I was sure the 49ers would come out on top of because of their strong defense and physically aggressive offense in the first half, which looked like it was successfully wearing down the Chiefs when San Francisco went up by 10 points in the third quarter.

And were it not for the super sexy halftime show, that might have been the story. The Super Bowl’s extended halftime, twice as long as a regular season game because of the logistics of the increasingly complex sponsored halftime shows, means that both teams came out for the second half fresh and rested. Those big hits the 49ers were putting on the Chiefs in the first half didn’t result in a lack of stamina in the second half.

Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes had stumbled, throwing two interceptions on two consecutive possessions. Then, as if nothing had happened at all, Mahomes rallied his team to a comeback reminiscent of Joe Montana’s march down the field against the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII. Down 20-10 at the start of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs scored three touchdowns at the end of the game to put the 49ers away.

By the time the clock hit zero, Mahomes had thrown two touchdowns and rushed for a third with over 300 yards of total offense; 286 yards passing and a further 29 yards rushing.

When Mahomes stumbled in the third quarter, it looked like Jimmy Garoppolo, who threw for one touchdown and 219 yards, was going to be the hero who brought San Francisco its sixth Lombardi Trophy, which would have tied the Steelers and Patriots for most all-time. But as Mahomes rallied, Garoppolo faltered. The good news for the 49ers is that like Mahomes, Garoppolo is young and has at least a decade of football ahead of him if he stays healthy. We may have just watched the beginning of the rivalry that will define football in the ‘20s the way Tom Brady’s rivalry with the Mannings defined the last two decades.

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Is Tom Brady Hinting That He’s Going to Retire?

Tom Brady is pretty old for an NFL player. At 42, he’s three years older than Eli Manning, who retired this year after 16 seasons and who will undoubtedly be a Hall of Fame selection the first year he’s eligible.

Brady has also clearly had a Hall of Fame career and though he’s said he wants to play until he’s 45, but one has to question what his aim is. The oldest player to play in the NFL is quarterback and kicker George Blanda, who was in the league until he was 48 years old, so Brady isn’t sticking around to become the oldest player ever. He’s also not likely to break Drew Brees’ record for career passing yards, seeing as how he’s 3000 yards behind him and Brees is still an active player and younger than Brady.

All of which makes the tweet Brady made tonight seem like he’s announcing his retirement soon.

A black and white photo of Brady walking out of an empty stadium. Any normal person would assume that this means he’s hanging it up.

But Brady has joked about retiring before. Like last year on April Fool’s Day.

This is January, though.

Brady could also just mean he’s leaving New England, which makes sense since he’ll be a free agent once the season ends. It could also simply be a negotiating tactic to try and get a better deal.

Or maybe he’s just sad he’ll be at home watching the guy who everyone knows is better than him play against the 49ers.

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Jessica Simpson Got a Photo of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash, Which was Very Close to Her House

It’s only been a day since Kobe Bryant’s tragic death and people are still trying to come to grips with how to process it. Bryant wasn’t a perfect person and we don’t really know how to deal with the loss of someone who wasn’t perfect but was also not a bad person and who brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.

Jessica Simpson has some very nice words about Kobe Bryant on her Instagram, along with a picture her husband Eric Johnson took of the crash from their back yard, as the helicopter went down right by their house.

I’m not religious, but I’m not going to begrudge people that are when they’re trying to help people cope with tragedy.

That has to be crazy; seeing a helicopter crash like that’s out your window is probably a punch in the gut, then finding out “oh, I just watched a sports hero die.”

It’s a nice picture and a nice sentiment from Simpson.

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LeBron James in Tears After Kobe Bryant’s Death

LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant for number three on the all-time scoring list last night. What a day makes.

Bryant died in a helicopter crash this morning. Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter Gianna Maria Onore also died. The reactions from celebs to Kobe’s death ranging from President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio are overwhelming.

James was seen getting off the Los Angeles Lakers’ team plane in tears. You can see him wiping his eyes in this video shot by NBC4 Los Angeles.

Is this Lakers game being broadcast? It’s a must-see game now.

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Video of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash Aftermath

The shock of losing Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Maria Onore, is still setting in.

The helicopter that went down was described as a “falling noise“. In Calabasas, where the helicopter went down, its residents knew something was immediately wrong.

You can still see smoke drifting up to the sky in videos of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash.

More to come.

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Kobe Bryant’s Daughter, Gianna Maria Onore, Wanted to Play in the WNBA

Kobe Bryant, 41, and his daughter, Gianna Maria Onore, 13, died earlier today in a helicopter crash in Calabasas. Tragic when young lives are cut short.

Bryant was a loving father who always seemed to be talking about his daughters.

Regarding Onore, Bryant told Jimmy Kimmel last year how he 100% thought she would end up in the WNBA.

Kimmel: Do you think your daughter might want to play in the WNBA?

Bryant: She does for sure.

Kimmel: She does?

Bryant: This kid man.

Kimmel: Wouldn’t that be great!

Bryant: Dude man, I’m telling you. The best thing that happens is when we go out and fans will come up to me, and she’ll be standing next to me and they’ll be like, hey, you gotta have a boy, you and V [Vanessa Bryant] gotta have a boy man, you have somebody carry on your tradition, the legacy. She’s like, oi, I got this. You don’t need a boy for that, I got this.

How amazing would it have been to see Kobe’s daughter in the WNBA? What if Kobe coached her in the WNBA? Like every sudden death, the ‘what coulda beens’ are big.

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Kobe Bryant’s Daughter, Gianna Maria Onore, 13, Also Killed in Helicopter Crash That Crashed Kobe

This keeps getting sadder. Kobe Bryant, 41, died earlier today in a helicopter crash. At the time, there were reports of four other unknown victims. Now, TMZ reports Bryant’s daughter, 13-year-old Gianna Maria Onore aka GiGi, was also on board.

Per TMZ:

We’re told they were on their way to the Mamba Academy for a basketball practice when the crash occurred. The Academy is in nearby Thousand Oaks.

So sad.

Bryant, from a lot of information out there, seems to have been a really great dad, putting all his attention on his kids.

CNN reported that Bryant was flying to the Mamba Sports Academy to coach his daughter.

Bryant called Gigi “Lil Mamba” and “Mambacita” and came across as any other doting, proud father, judging by his Instagram.

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Mambacita and @azzi35

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My Gigi

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Mambacita and @haileyvanlith11 #mambamentality

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Such a tragic story.

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Celebrities React to Kobe Bryant’s Death

Kobe Byrant, 41, died earlier today in a helicopter crash in Calabasas. Early reports sound like a fire broke out which sent the helicopter spiraling downward. The helicopter crashed in the hills, killing Bryant and four others on board.

Celebrity reactions to Bryant’s sudden death are pouring in.

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Imagine All the Spiders He Could Kill on Ceilings

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Odell Beckham Jr. is a Free Man, And He’s Celebrating By Publicly Creeping on His Model Girlfriend’s Instagram

One of the dumbest things that’s happened all year has been Odell Beckham Jr. being arrested for slapping a cop on the ass in the locker room and charged with, and I’m not kidding, sexual battery. It was insanity and it’s really good that it went away once the cop realized he would be mocked and hated in equal parts for the rest of his life if he pressed charges against Beckham, which he declined to do.

With the charges against him dropped, Beckham did what any one of would do in his position and started flirting with his model girlfriend Lauren Wood on Instagram.

Beckham left a comment on this post of Wood in his short saying “Finger long azzzzhailll !! 😭😭😭 “Get a grip…””

I can see why he’d want to keep her happy.

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Just want you around 🌎

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And good for them. I hope things work out for them.

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Antonio Brown in Trouble Again, Possible Warrant Out for His Arrest

Hey, it’s let’s worry about professional athletes week. First there was Delonte West, who was found unconscious on the freeway after getting stomped out on the freeway. Now, we have former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown in a possible criminal battery case.

Cops in Florida are actively getting a warrant for felony battery and burglary charges against Brown. According to TMZ:

A police source tells TMZ Sports … Antonio Brown has been accused of felony battery and burglary stemming from an incident with a driver who works for a moving company.

We’re told cops are actively working on getting a warrant for Brown’s arrest and they’re trying to convince the NFL star to surrender peacefully.

Our source says a man who was with Brown at the time of the alleged altercation has already been arrested.

Earlier, there were a ton of cops at Brown’s Hollywood, Florida house. One suspect was already detained and from TMZ’s most recent update, arrested. No details on where Brown went. Maybe he’s hiding out in his house.

Supposedly, this criminal charge involves an altercation with a moving company.

Brown is living in the headlines. Recently, cops gave him a visit over a dispute between him and his baby mama, Chelsie Kyriss. In a video he filmed, he threw a bag of dicks at his baby mama while telling the cops to “take that fish-looking bitch to jail.” Nice.

His agent canceled him too. Drew Rosenhaus only cares about money, so this was a business move for him. But still, an agent firing a client is rare.

He also allegedly has sex in front of his employees. That’s sexual harassment. Or as Brown might say, “fostering a progressive work environment.”

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Delonte West, LeBron James’ Ex-Teammate, Got Stomped Out and Left Unconscious on the Freeway

Delonte West, Lebron James’ ex-teammate from the Cleveland Cavaliers, needs help. That’s the only thing you’ll get from this news today.

West was videoed on the freeway getting stomped on and punched by an unknown person. Twitter user @N90sKindOfWorld filmed the video from what looks like a few car lengths behind.

The video starts with West lying face down on the ground, while someone in a leather jacket standing over him picks him up and slams him face down in the ground. The guy then stomps on West’s head a couple times, after which he throws some left hooks to his head.

The video ends with an apparently unconscious West crumpled on the side of the freeway.

A second video, which looks like it was filmed after, has West handcuffed on the side of the road getting interrogated. How you go from getting stomped out to being handcuffed is a question someone needs to ask. West doesn’t need medical attention?

It seemingly shows a cop interrogating West about what happened:

Cop: Why’d you hit him, did he attack you first, was it self-defense or did you hit him?

West: I was walking down the street, man approached me [unintelligble] with a gun.

Cop: Where’s his gun at?

West: I don’t give a fuck.

Cop: Okay, you know where is gun is?

It ends with some more unintelligible words from West, but somewhere in there is a mention of Trump. That’s random.

West revealed he was diagnosed as bipolar in 2008. Unfortunately, in 2015, in a long interview with the Washington Post, he said he stopped taking his medication and the diagnosis was overblown.

West has decided that the bipolar diagnosis was somewhat overblown, and he’s not taking medication to treat the disorder. Tragic, life-changing events — teenage suicide attempts, divorce, unemployment — and the associated mood swings weren’t necessarily connected, he now says, even though both West and his therapists have said otherwise in the past.

“I am bipolar — just like the rest of us in the world,” he said. “So bipolar is defined as something sad happens, you’re sad. Something happy happens, you’re happy. I think pretty much everyone in the world is like that. Now there’s different levels. How long do you stay sad? How does it affect your behavior? How do you handle these emotions?”

Reading through the Post’s article, it hasn’t been a good life for West. He got teased for his light skin and red hair. Then, his mother sent him to live with his father in Virginia, where he “spiraled downhill” in his words.

He’s trying to explain his mental state and goes back to his childhood growing up in Prince George’s County. He had light skin and red hair and was an easy target for grade-school taunts. For years all he could hear was the sound of other kids laughing at him.

“I took all that and put everything into basketball,” he said. “You can’t laugh at this on the court.”

…In the eighth grade he hurt his leg, and when he couldn’t play basketball, he says, he stopped going to school. His mother sent him to live with his father in rural Louisa County, Va., and that’s where West said he first “kind of spiraled downhill.”

He said he began cutting himself and swallowing pills with names he couldn’t pronounce. He found himself in and out of children’s hospitals, surrounded by other adolescents who had tried hurting themselves. The smallest things sent him into a stupor: couldn’t afford a trip with his AAU basketball team, didn’t see enough of his father, wanted the latest Jordans.

“I mean, I was basically crying for attention,” he said. “Maybe 17 or 18, you tell the story differently. ‘Man, I tried to kill myself.’ At 31, you say, ‘What the hell was I doing?’ Looking back now, you just think, ‘I was a spoiled brat.’ ”

NBA and NFL players like Dez Bryant and Jameer Nelson have offered to help West.

I guess we won’t expect LeBron James to say anything though. West boned his mother, Gloria James. Luckily there are still other athletes speaking up though.

Too often these athletes end up forgotten once they can’t run as fast or shoot as well.

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No One Has Ever Been Less Happy To Be at a Football Game Than Rob Lowe

The second act of Rob Lowe’s career happened thanks to his role as indefatigably optimistic and happy Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, which is why it was such a shock to see him at Sunday’s NFC Championship game looking more bored than I’ve ever seen anyone at a football game that didn’t involve the Cleveland Browns. On top of that, Lowe was in a  basic hat with the NFL logo on it.

This is a man who does not know what the letters NFL stand for and might cut anyone who tries to tell him. And this was early in the game, well before it became clear that the 49ers were going to just dominate the Packers for four quarters.

I can’t get over the hat, it reminds me too much of Homer Simpson waving a pennant that just says “TV Sports” on it.

Lowe was there with his son so that Joe Buck could point him out and casually mention that his new show, 911 Lone Star, was airing after the game.

I’m honestly still stuck on the NFL hats. Why would anyone other than Roger Goodell even want one of those? Was he contractually obligated to wear it? I think wearing that hat might have been the worst decision Lowe has ever made.

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JJ Redick Says NBA Players Now Care More About Insta Likes than Winning

A lot of young players are probably calling JJ Redick an old head under their breath this week as the veteran player took young up and comers to task in a recent interview. What Redick said has the air of an old man complaining about these kids and their newfangled technology, but he may have a point. Insta stunting and Fortnite wins may be taking their toll on the game.

In his “these kids nowadays,” Redick said on his podcast:

There’s just too much stuff going on. There’s too many people in your ear. There’s probably not enough time in the day for some guys. They’ve got Fortnite to go to. They’ve gotta worry about getting a fit off for pregame. This is an issue. I really believe this: I think there’s more guys concerned with getting a pregame fit on Instagram than they are worrying about the win and loss of a basketball game. I stand by that statement. It’s very concerning to me.

This is spot on. We’re starting to see an uptick in young players across the board in professional sports complaining of symptoms of carpal tunnel thanks to hours of Fortnite. We pay to see the best in the world play a game, and we want their heads in the game, not thinking about Instagram likes or whether their “Taco Tuesday” trademark is going to be approved.

Michael Jordan isn’t the greatest of all time because of his social media presence; he’s the GOAT because of his work ethic. He once infamously played while sick with the flu; Jimmy Butler sits out games because of “general soreness.” The funny thing is that Jordan became the first billionaire athlete ever, and most of these kids posing for likes will blow their fortunes two years out of the league.

The NBA is selling a product, and that product is starting to noticeably wain in quality. Redick is a dying breed, and soon enough we won’t have any hard-nosed players left to call out the behind the scenes bullshit. Redick is 100% right in this situation, but he’ll unfortunately be ignored or even mocked for thinking that professional players should put the game before all else.

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Nate Diaz Says the Conor McGregor Donald Cerrone Fight Was Fixed

Call Nate Diaz skeptical about the Conor McGregor’s win over Donald Cerrone last night. If you don’t know, McGregor TKO’d Cerrone in 40 seconds. It started off with shoulder strikes and ended up with Cerrone in a fetal position with Conor throwing down left bombs onto him.

Everyone lost their minds over the win. All except Diaz. Diaz tweeted out that the fight was “weak as fuck” and “This shits alll fake.”

Classic Diaz. But is it smart? Diaz has fought McGregor twice. The first one ended in a submission win for Diaz. Their next fight went to a decision in McGregor’s favor.

Diaz made $2 million in disclosed pay for their previous fight, plus an unknown amount on PPV bonuses.

Diaz’s only money fight is against McGregor or a rematch against Jorge Masvidal, whom he lost to last year.

Why even suggest the McGregor fight is fixed? Diaz should keep pumping McGregor up and get those eyeballs, and money, for a trilogy fight with him.

To date, there’s never been proof of a fixed fight in UFC. There have been lots of rumors though. Yet, it’s hard to believe that Donald Cerrone would ever take a fall.

This is a case of Diaz being Diaz.

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Conor McGregor Is Back, TKO’s Donald Cerrone with Strikes

Conor McGregor came back and destroyed Donald Cerrone 40 seconds into the first round. McGregor started with a straight left that Cerrone ducked under. Unfortunately, Conor’s been working on shoulder strikes. Good ones too.

A few shoulder strikes later and Cerrone’s nose was busted and bleeding.

McGregor then threw a leg kick and finished with straight strikes to Cerrone who was covering up on the ground. Cerrone’s soul left his body after that.

Check out the whole Conor McGregor versus Donald Cerrone fight video below.

No one can deny the King is back. Or that Conor’s the best thing about the UFC now.

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Even Antonio Brown’s Agent is Ditching Him

For those of you who don’t remember or couldn’t care less, Antonio Brown is an NFL wide receiver who had a promising career before throwing it all away in a series of temper tantrums and bags of dicks. He bounced through three teams in a year before ultimately being let go from the New England Patriots after sexual assault allegations. The joke’s on him because the Pittsburgh Steelers, his ex-team, don’t release people for those crimes. Right, Ben?

Brown’s antics on and off the field – and especially on Twitter – have many questioning the player’s mental health, and so is his superstar agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus is no stranger to controversial clients, which makes this news seem even more dreary for Brown.

NFL insider Adam Schefter first reported on Twitter:

Agent Drew Rosenhaus conditionally terminated his relationship with Antonio Brown today until the free-agent WR seeks counsel, per an NFLPA source. Rosenhaus wrote in the letter that the NFLPA received today that he would like to work with Brown, but not until he first gets help.

For Brown, this is just another step in his downward spiral from potential Hall of Fame wide receiver to Walmart cashier who’s one disciplinary action away from being fired.

People reacting on Twitter think that Rosenhaus is trying to get out of working with Brown altogether and has no interest in a further relationship even if he does get help. Those conspiracy theories will only continue to gain traction as it is almost certain that Brown will shun the idea of counseling.

As for Brown, he says he’s done with the NFL, a claim he’s made multiple times before. The football player is looking to make a move to boxing, challenging YouTube star and celebrity boxer Logan Paul on Twitter.

In an industry full of sleazy deal makers with greased back hair, there is no doubt that Brown will find another agent who cares more about his money than his mental health, and this saga will continue to spiral downward.

With legal woes and continued bizarre behavior like recording himself berating police officers in a profanity-laden tirade, Brown’s future is up in the air. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to him would be some time away from the outside world to get his head straight. One thing is for sure, until he gets the help he needs, he won’t be stepping on another NFL field.

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