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You’re Not Taking Ric Flair Today, God. Wooo!

Ric Flair is one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. The man put on a show and almost every big match he was in you’d get to see the Ric Flair show. He was the heel and he made his opponent look good every match. If you’ve never seen Ric Flair wrestle and you have any interest in it, even if you’ve just seen GLOW and that Andre the Giant documentary, I recommend this match he had with fellow legendary wrestler Antonio Inoki in the 1990s.

Unfortunately, Ric Flair is in the hospital again. A little under two years ago he was in a medically-induced coma, and he’s 70, which is extremely old for a pro wrestler.

While some reports have gone as far as to prematurely declare Flair dead, TMZ reports that his wife said he’s expected to make a full recovery.

“Due to ongoing health complications, Ric was taken to the hospital and is expected to undergo a procedure tomorrow morning, after which he expects to fully recover.”

So we don’t have a lot of details here, that one sentence is really all we know, other than reports that this was a serious medical issue. Flair is 70 and that is an old age that a lot of wrestlers never got to, including Ric’s son Reid who died at only 25. Reid’s death inspired his sister Charlotte to follow in their father’s footsteps, and she’s become one of the most accomplished female wrestlers of all time.

She hasn’t posted anything about her father’s health on social media, either, but I know we’re all hoping that the Nature Boy gets through this and does make a full recovery.

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Celebrity Air Ambulance charity football match Walsall 11th May 2019

COCOAJAMESON posted a photo:

Celebrity Air Ambulance charity football match Walsall 11th May 2019

Celebrity football match at Walsall FC in aid of the Midlands Air Ambulance

Some Say Raymond Daniels Is Still Spinning to This Day

That’s gonna leave a mark.

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Chris Paul Is Really Sensitive About His Head

Everybody go rub Chris Paul’s head now

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BJ Penn Accused of Being a Cokehead Cuck Who Abused His Wife for Years

I know that title had a lot of information to process, but that was basically a rundown of an October 18 restraining order filed against UFC fighter BJ Penn by his estranged partner Shealen Uaiwa. This February, a judge granted a 3 year extension until 2021.

The report, obtained by MMA Junkie, accuses Penn of a decade of abuse. The restraining order alleges Penn verbally abused Uaiwa, abused her in front of their two kids, sexually abused her and threatened to kill her family. She didn’t report him to the cops because she was scared for her and her children’s safety.

The restraining order was first filed in October after Penn threatened her and her mother. She said he “came up to the car threatening my mother that he will kick her dumb (expletive) ass out of her house, he was harashing (sic) me and my mother with verbal abuse, calling us (expletive), manipulators, stealers. I was trying to get out of the driveway and he was making it hard like he wanted to attack me and my mom through the window. My children witnessed this incident.”

Penn also told her that don’t think he won’t knock her out just because she’s not a man. Which is sort of weird since Penn is known as a submission artist. I guess saying, “Don’t think I won’t armbar you just because you’re not a man,” is less threatening.

Then there was their 11-year-old daughter saying she’d rather kill herself than hang out with her dad. I’d usually say this is pretty normal for a teen and it’s just puberty talking, but Penn sounds like a real piece of shit so I don’t know.

Uaiwa also claims Penn tried to get her to have sex with other men and forced her to smoke weed. That one I wasn’t prepared for. I never pictured BJ Penn as being a cuck.

There’s also the stories of his drug use. The most insane one being when Penn woke up Uaiwa scared because he got cocaine on her oldest daughter. “He was freaking out and he wanted to commit suicide.” I’m not even sure how that could happen. Was she standing in front of him and he just decided to do a line off her head?

Another incident was after he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Penn and friends did cocaine in the bathroom the entire night while she and her kids were in the room and his niece and aunt were in the living room. He ended up smashing her phone and verbally abusing her.

These claims give more weight to Pedro Carrasco’s allegations years ago where he claimed Penn was a cokehead who sexually assaulted his girlfriend. “Tired of seeing this pervert BJ Penn in the news. Dude’s a cocaine addict, who sexually assaulted my Playboy model gf, and I have proof. [Penn] came to my home when I wasn’t there and forced himself on my girl, pulled her clothes off, then blamed me, said I looked at his GF ass.”

BJ Penn hasn’t won a fight in 9 years. He’ll be facing Clay Guida at UFC 237 in May. If this fight still manages to go through, expect his wife and kids to be cageside. Screaming. For Clay Guida to punch a hole through him.

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Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov are Fighting on Twitter and Daddy Dana White Is Putting a Stop to It

Conor McGregor, who unretired on Tuesday, and Khabib Nurmagomedov, the guy who submitted him in his last fight, have been going back and forth on Twitter. It started when Khabib responded to Conor’s retirement by comparing him to a jealous wife who leaves all the time but comes back. It wasn’t an untrue statement, but Conor, like a angry 5-year-old, had to respond and just went for the jugular.

Ok, I sort of chortled at that. I mean, his wife looks like she was doing her best impression of a ghost. Of course, Kahbib is pretty sensitive about his religion and Dagestanis don’t really joke around. Naturally, things escalated from there.

Yikes. That wasn’t even trying to be clever. The woman in the photo isn’t the one accusing Conor of rape. That woman was the one who claims Conor cheated on his girlfriend with her and had his kid. Without going into too much detail, the timeline sort of matches up and she’s looking to do a DNA test.

If you remember, the last time these two went at it, Conor threw a dolly at a bus Khabib was riding in. Then after their fight, an all out brawl erupted in the octagon which lead to them both getting suspensions. This is probably why UFC president Dana White decided that he had to step in before things got serious.

If I know Dana, addressing the situation internally means rubbing his hands together and giggling uncontrollably thinking about how much money the rematch is going to make.

There was one great thing that came out of this though and it’s Conor Cosby.

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Blazers’ Jusuf Nurkic Broke His Ankle and the Ref Didn’t Even Care

In the second overtime of the Blazers vs Nets game on Monday, Jusuf Nurkic jumped for a rebound, landed and broke his ankle. The video of the injury is pretty bad. His foot just folded in and was left dangling as Nurkic writhed in pain.

The ref, however, didn’t give a shit. He never even looked back after tripping over his detached foot. He was probably walking away thinking about giving him a technical for crying like a bitch.

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Conor McGregor Retired Again

In a tweet on Monday night, Conor McGregor announced his retirement from MMA for the second time.

The timing is a little weird considering he was just on Jimmy Fallon where he said he was in talks to return in July for UFC 239.

In a statement from Dana White, he said Conor’s retirement makes sense. He’s making a lot of money off his Proper 12 whiskey and he’s already made enough money that he’s set for life. $30 million off the Mayweather fight which probably adds up to $100 million after ppv buys, ticket sales and other promos.

And he’s also on Fallon promoting his whiskey which seems to be a stipulation in all his appearance contracts so it’s not like promotion is going to dry up for his whiskey anytime soon.

But this isn’t the first time Conor’s used retirement as a negotiation tactic. He’s done it before when he was pulled from UFC 200 for not showing up for press conferences. He ended up fighting Nate Diaz for the second time at UFC 202.

For his next fight, he was originally rumored to fight Donald Cerrone but that didn’t happen because he didn’t want to be the co-main event. Then he tried hyping up a possible fight with Max Holloway, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening either. There’s also probably something going on with negotiations since UFC is now on ESPN and they may not want to give Conor his red panty night. ESPN may only want to give him a blue panty night. And not even a good blue panty night. It’s one of those panties that women wear while lounging at home in their sweats. And they’re a little crusty.

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People Think Mariah Bell Sliced Fellow Figure Skater Lim Eun Soo With Her Skate Blades, RIP Bell’s IG

Professional skaters Lim Eun Soo, 16, and Mariah Bell, 22, collided during rehearsal for the ISU World Championships on Monday. According Lim’s management All That Sports, Lim was skating on the edge of the rink after completing a turn when Bell channeled her inner Tanya Harding and “kicked and stabbed Lim’s left calf with her skate blades.” Says her management, “Lim Eun Soo was skating close to the edge as much as possible to not interfere with other skaters. It seems it was intentional, considering how Bell came from behind.”

Lim was treated and decided to skate through the pain. She ranked #5 while Bell ranked #6.

According to All That Sports, Bell has been bullying her continuously during preparation for the championships.  They added, “In the past, we believed we should just ignore it but it got severely bad as the championships approached,” and said, “It wouldn’t have been this bad if she apologized for once.”

Since the report came out, Lim’s South Korean fans flooded Bell’s Instagram with some posting death threats. If I was Mariah Bell and I could read Korean, I’d be terrified.

Meanwhile, Adam Rippon, who’s skated with Bell, says all this is clickbait.

Figure skating hasn’t been this exciting since the Tanya Harding story arc. It might even take me two days to forget this happened instead of one!

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Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Desperately Doesn’t Want You to See His Deflated Ball Sack

You would think that a guy who owns an NFL team could afford to go to high-class prostitutes instead of some cheap handjob hut where old ladies are giving you a wank. He’s got 20-year-old virgin hooker money. But apparently Billionaire Robert Kraft likes $70 mini-mall handies.

The New York Post reported that their are videos of Kraft’s visits that he’d very much not like you to see.

Lawyers for the billionaire — as well as attorneys for 14 of the 24 other men charged with soliciting prostitution at the Orchids of Asia Spa in Jupiter — have filed jointly for a protective order to prevent law enforcement and prosecutors from releasing any evidence gathered in the investigation — most notably the police surveillance videos.

Affidavits in the case have revealed cops placed cameras in the spa the day before 77-year-old Kraft’s first visit in January, and describe how the footage shows two women, one aged 45 and another aged 58, “manipulating Kraft’s [genitals].” On the second visit, the younger woman is seen putting “her head down by his [genitals]” the documents state.

Wow, a blowjob, too. No wonder their Yelp reviews say they demand a 20% tip. By the way, I wanted to highlight one of the Yelp reviews I found.

I saw the reviews and wasn’t sure about going here. That’s why I decided to write a review. It was wonderful. I go there whenever I can visit. I have given my mother gift certificates as well.

You sick bastard.

Speaking of sick bastards who are into incest, Politico is reporting Donald Trump very much wants Robert Kraft to visit the White House with the rest of his team to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. And he thought he had such a good excuse to avoid eating pizza sitting under a heat lamp.

President Donald Trump wants Kraft to join his players at the White House this spring for a celebration of their February Super Bowl victory, a prospect that has White House aides worried that it could turn a feel-good photo op into an embarrassing media spectacle.

Yeah, we wouldn’t want Trump to embarrass himself, it would be so out of character.

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People Are in Love With Sophie Turner Chugging Wine at MSG

Season 8 of Game of Thrones will premiere on April 14. While we’re waiting, here’s Sophie Turner at Madison Square Garden caught on camera. Of course, that meant she has to do something interesting because monkey needs to dance! And so she does a half-hearted dab before downing her $11+ glass of wine. Celebrities. They’re just as awkward as us!

Then there’s Rami Malek. I’m not sure what he was trying to do when the camera caught him at MSG. I think he short circuited.

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Sania Mirza Extreme Weight Loss After Pregnancy

videosloving posted a photo:

Sania Mirza Extreme Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Sania Mirza Extreme Weight Loss After Pregnancy #SaniaMirza #weightloss #postpregnancy #HealthyLiving #celebrity #tennis #player #fitness #healthylifestyle #sports #pregnancy #celebrityvideo #tennisplayer #viralvideo #VideoViral #latest #NewVideo #viral

Conor McGregor Arrested for Robbery

Conor McGregor’s ego getting ahead of him. The UFC star was arrested in Miami Beach for strong-armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

The arrest came after McGregor allegedly grabbed and smashed a fan’s phone. The guy was taking photos of McGregor outside the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel.

Unlike his bus window smashing incident, this does not appear staged.

His attorney said:

“Last evening Conor McGregor was involved a minor altercation over a cell phone that resulted in a call to law enforcement. Mr. McGregor appreciates the response of law enforcement and pledges his full cooperation.”

TMZ has more:

…the owner of the phone was walking out of the hotel at the same time as Conor and as the fan attempted to take a photo, Conor slapped the victim’s phone out of his hand, causing it to fall to the ground. McGregor then allegedly stomped on the phone several times, damaging it.

Conor then walked away with his phone. Haha. Ok. He should’ve taken a pic of his balls and mailed the phone back to him.

So, basically, an overzealous fan got into McGregor’s face, thought he deserved a photo and now has many, smaller pieces of a phone instead of one big phone.

Some fans can be worse than paparazzi. I get celebs are celebs because fans put them there. Do they owe fans anything? Maybe a little. But that doesn’t mean shoving a flash into their face and thinking they owe you.

He’s currently held on $12,500 bail which is pennies to him, so not sure why he hasn’t been bailed out yet.

Dana White must be salivating over this. More press for Conor, more ways to hype a fighter who is on the decline.

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Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Only Needed 15 Minutes for a Handy and a Blowie

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, 77, was officially charged on Monday on two counts of first-degree solicitation. Kraft has a “low level” arrest warrant issued which means he doesn’t need to appear in court. Kraft faces one year in jail, a $5,000 fine and 100 hours of community service.

Documents released Monday revealed more information about Kraft’s visit to Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Florida. He was a big fan of the place having visited the massage parlor twice in 24 hours. Once on Jan. 19, a day before the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and the Chiefs. The second time was the next day on Jan. 20, the day of the AFC Championship Game. I imagine this is a pre-game tradition.

Kraft was seen arriving in a chauffeured 2015 blue Bentley at 11 a.m. Video captured him receiving a blowjob and a handjob from a woman at the spa. She was paid with a $100 and another bill before he left at 11:15 a.m. The AFC game kicked off at 6:40 p.m. Coincidentally, the time it took him to go in, get off and get out was the same time it takes to finish out one quarter of an NFL game.

As for repercussions, the league on Monday said it would handle Kraft’s case like any other under it’s conduct policy. Which means pretty much nothing apart from the fact he won’t be able to show up to a few games. Makes sense. The guy got a handjob and blowjob from a sex slave who was probably trafficked over from China. It’s not like he took a knee or something.

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Robert Kraft Loves Game Day Hooker Threesomes, Police Report Reveals

Kraft fap-aroni and sleaze!

As you've likely heard by now, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was busted participating in a prostitution ring in -- where else? -- Jupiter, Florida last week.

Robert Kraft Pic

News of the scandal comes just weeks after the Patriots celebrated their sixth Super Bowl victory.

And it seems that for Kraft, at least, future victories just won't be the same without the ladies of the Asian Orchid massage parlor.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Kraft enjoyed the services of numerous masseuses on the weekend of January 19, 2019.

Robert Kraft Photo

On Saturday, Kraft was chauffeured to Asian Orchid in his blue Bentley.

While there, he paid and generously tipped two women, both of whom "took turns manipulating his genitals."

After the women "cleaned [Kraft] up" (ed. note: yeesh), he tipped them each with a crisp $100 bill.

Robert Kraft

The next day, Kraft returned, once again chauffeured in his Bentley.

This was an early morning session and he didn't linger quite as long.

After all, Kraft had places to be.

Aaron Hernandez and Robert Kraft

After being rubbed and tugged to completion, the Pats owner boarded his private jet for Kansas City, where the Patriots took on the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game,

The Pats pulled out a thrilling overtime victory, thus giving Kraft his second happy ending of the day.

All of this is extensively detailed in a police report released on Monday:

"[Employee] escorted Kraft to a room identified as JPPD Cam 2. There, the two hugged each other and Kraft took off all his clothing, laid face up on the massage table and [employee] hugged him again," reads one portion of the report.

Bob Kraft 1

"At approximately 1102hrs. [Employee] began manipulating Kraft’s penis and testicles and then put her head down by his penis. This went on several minutes," the report continues

"After a few minutes, [employee] wiped Kraft in the area of his genitals with a white towel, helped him get dressed and hugged him again.

"Kraft gave [employee] one $100 bill plus at least one other unidentifiable bill."

We joke about Kraft's indecency, but the crimes he's accused of are actually quite serious.

Bob Kraft 2

Police allege that Kraft was an active participant in a sex trafficking ring in which women were essentially sold into slavery.

Since Kraft could easily afford high-end prostitutes who are in business for themselves, his preference for enslaved foreigners might carry some distressing implications about his character.

On paper, NFL owners are bound by the same conduct policy as players -- so we'll see if the NFL is willing to hold a 77-year-old billionaire to the same standards as a 22-year-old recent college grad.

Robert Kraft, Owner of the Patriots, Charged With Soliciting Cheap Prostitutes

Patriots owner, 77-year-old Robert Kraft worth $6.6 billion, has been charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution from Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida. That spa was one of 10 which were shut down in Orlando as part of a investigation that uncovered human trafficking and sex slaves.

Kraft, who’s team just won the Super Bowl for the 6th time, was a regular at the spa and most likely had himself a few rub and tugs. Police started the investigation in 2012 and have video evidence of a stream of men going in and out of the spa. They also found “napkins coated in seminal fluid in a trash receptacle outside the spa on more than one occasion. Condoms were rarely used.” My heart goes out to that poor bastard who had to dig through the trash for dried cum.

Obviously, the most surprising part of the story is a famous billionaire was visiting a strip mall spa to get jerked off. But it’s only surprising until you realize that Robert Kraft knows that to stay rich you have to be frugal and smart. Sure, he could have slid into some IG model’s DMs but he would have probably had to pay her thousands to keep quiet. Not to mention the payout he’d need to give her after she decides to blackmail him. Chinese sex slaves at a strip mall day spa? Those girls can keep a secret and you only have to tip them $40. Or so I’ve heard.

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Colin Kaepernick Settles Lawsuit Against NFL; How Much Did He Get?

Colin Kaepernick has earned both praise and outrage for his bold, silent protest against the killing of unarmed black men.

His protest also ended his NFL career. He has been a free agent since 2016.

He sued the NFL for conspiring to keep him off of the field. And now that lawsuit has been settled.

Colin Kaepernick Cheers

Attorneys Mark Geragos and Ben Meiselas released a joint statement on Friday, February 15.

"For the past several months, counsel for Mr. Kaepernick and [Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid]," the statement begins.

It continues: "have engaged in an ongoing dialogue with representatives of the NFL."

"As a result of those discussions," the statement reads. "The parties have decided to resolve the pending grievances."

"The resolution of this matter is subject to a confidentiality agreement," the statement concludes. "So there will be no further comment by any party."

Colin Kaepernick attorney statement 15 february 2019

This settlement is a long time coming.

As you may recall, Kaepernick filed a grievance agains tthe NFL and its owners in late 2017.

He accused them of colluding to keep him off of the field.

Kaepernick became "controversial" in 2016 for peacefully kneeling during the anthem as a form of silent protest.

But though he was protesting the murders of unarmed black men by police, who then go unpunished, some political forces made him a target.

They present him and his protest as anti-American.

He accuses the NFL of responding to this controversy by conspiring to sabotage his career.

Colin Kaepernick Shows Tattoos to GQ

Eric Reid was the first to join Kaepernick's silent protest.

The NFL Player's Association filed a similar grievance against the NFL in 2018 on Reid's behalf.

"We continuously supported Colin and Eric from the start of their protests," the NFLPA said Friday in a statement to ESPN.

The NFLPA "participated with their lawyers throughout their legal proceedings and were prepared to participate in the upcoming trial."

They did all of this "in pursuit of both truth and justice for what we believe the NFL and its clubs did to them."

"We are glad that Eric has earned a job and a new contract," the statement concludes. "And we continue to hope that Colin gets his opportunity as well."

Colin Kaepernick, GQ 2017 Man Of The Year

Fortunately, Colin Kaepernick's misfortunes were alleyed.

Nike decided to go all in, placing Kaepernick front and center on their campaign in 2018.

The controversial move had avowed racists throwing away or destroying their Nike shoes.

Just days ago, a store that had removed all Nike products from its shelves closed because of sales losses. Womp womp.

Nike, on the other hand, saw massive sales in 2018.

Their move not only supported Kaepernick when he needed it, but signaled something very affirming.

Ultimately, being progressive was the more profitable move than capitulating to racists. That should be encouragement for all of us.

Colin Kaepernick Greets Fans

Kaepernick has been a controversial figure for multiple reasons.

To racists and others in Donald Trump's base, he was a target because he's a black man taking a stand for what he believes in.

It's interesting to note that the people who complain about louder, less convenient protests tend to say "protest like Dr. King would!"

Their attempt to weaponize Dr. Martin Luther King is clearly empty words, since Kaepernick's protest is as silent and peaceful as a living human can be.

On the Left, Kaepernick was controversial because he did not vote in the 2016 election.

Many find it difficult to imagine how someone could risk (and lose) his career for a political cause, yet refuse to do his civic duty and vote for a better world.

Colin Kaepernick, Names of the Slain

Ultimately, though, Kaepernick is a politically significant and widely loved figure.

And no, it's not just because he's really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

It's also not just because of his skill on the field.

Kaepernick and Reid took a stand against white supremacy, against Trump, and against the NFL, which has been characterized as one of the world's most predatory businesses.

It is widely assumed that Kaepernick and Reid have made a substantial amount of money in this secret settlement.

If so, good for them.

However, it is unlikely that we will ever see confirmation of how much of a payout they received.

Bob Costas Finally Tells All About Why He Was Cut From Last Year’s Super Bowl Coverage

Remember the Immaculate Reception? One of the greatest plays in NFL history, Jack Tatum, a player widely regarded as almost as big a cheater as Tom Brady, deflected Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw’s pass into the hands of rookie running back Franco Harris to score the game-winning touchdown. The Steelers would go on to lose to the undefeated Miami Dolphins the next week in the AFC Championship game, but it launched the fortunes of the franchise would go on to win the first of four Super Bowls in the decade two years later.

How about The Catch? In the 1981 NFC Championship the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team,” were up by six points with just about a minute left in the game when Joe Montana threw a pass for Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone, high enough to avoid an interception. Clark lept through the air and came down with the ball and both feet in bounds to win the game and, to paraphrase Joe Montana, sent America’s Team home to watch the Super Bowl with the rest of America.

You know who probably doesn’t remember those great plays? Half the guys on the field when they happened, because they all have CTE now. That’s a thing the NFL and NBC don’t want you to think too hard about, to the point that they benched legendary broadcaster Bob Costas because he had written about the problem concussions and sub-concussive head injuries in the NFL caused.

Why did NBC leave their best and most famous sports journalist off of the Super Bowl on his last year with the network because the NFL was angry with him? Here’s what Costas told ESPN.

“Look, the NFL isn’t just the most important sports property, it’s the single-most important property in all of American television. And it isn’t even close.”

“The networks, all of them, dance to the NFL’s tune. It’s just kind of the way it goes. Everyone walks on eggshells around the NFL.”

Bob, speaking about concussions in football, gave a speech that included this line; “The reality is that this game destroys people’s brains — not everyone’s, but a substantial number. It’s not a small number, it’s a considerable number. It destroys their brains.” Guess who didn’t like that.

“It tells you who calls the shots,” Costas says. “The only business arrangement I can think of where the buyer must continually flatter the seller is the sports TV business. ‘We’re pulling a Brinks armored truck up to Park Avenue, Mr. Goodell. It contains the billions of dollars that we’re going to pay you for the right and privilege to televise your games. But if we’ve delivered them in a denomination that does not please you, we’re terribly sorry, we’ll back the truck up, and we’ll bring it to you in 20s and 50s if that’s the way you’d prefer it.'”

That’s pretty harsh. I love football, but we’ve really got to reckon with how unsafe the sport is. It’s basically causing barely less human suffering than the Romans did at the colosseum. But it does sell a lot of jerseys.

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Local TV News Graphics Guy Unjustly Fired For Calling Cheater Tom Brady A Cheater

Tom Brady is a cheater. I can say that because Tom Brady was suspended for four games by the NFL for systemic cheating by deflating game balls to make them easier to catch. But you put that fact, which is 100% true, on a chyron on the local news you get fired, probably because Bill Belichick paid off the station manager like they were a referee.

Yes, this is the sad fate that befell Michael Telek of KDKA News in Pittsburgh over the humorous chyron he put on the screen in this package about the Super Bowl. Telek explained his decision to Deadspin.

We get these packages that come down from corporate and it was just like, Here are the two teams in the Super Bowl, pretty boring. So I wrote the intro about the six rings and then changed it up. I mean, it’s Pittsburgh, we hate the Patriots, we hate Tom Brady, so it was a little wink for fans. Then I kept going on with my day. After the news, I left at 5 p.m.

Man, remember when the news was on at 6 p.m.? Now the local news runs from noon until prime time, only taking a break for an extra three hours of Today. But I digress.

Everyone does hate the Patriots. At least everyone with a soul. And CBS not having a sense of humor about this is such a bummer. I’m sure Michael will land on his feet, though. He’s obviously smart, tuned in, and knows that hating Tom Brady is good.

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Harry Potter Hates Tom Brady as Much as the Rest of Us

Tom Brady might be the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, especially if you don’t remember Joe Montana, who was way better. Despite that, Brady is also a cheater, and asshole, and a weirdo who kisses his kids on the lips and that’s why pretty much everyone hates him, including, it turns out, Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe gave an interview to Variety at Sundance which turned to football, because he’s a big fan. Radcliffe had some choice words about the Patriots and Tom Brady, of whom he is not a fan. When asked who he was rooting for in the Super Bowl, all of Australia chuckled a bit and Radcliffe said “The Rams. Because the whole world is rooting against the Patriots.”

He went on to say Brady shouldn’t retire, but he should stop winning things and for him to “take that MAGA hat out of your locker. I feel like that was the moment when we were like, as a country, ‘Oh, come on, dude, we all want to be behind you, you’re awesome, don’t put that in there.”

I agree with Radcliffe here, I don’t want Brady to retire, I want him to suffer a career-ending injury where part of his body turns a way it’s not supposed to turn. Also, that it happens when he’s going for it on fourth down in an inconsequential week 17 game when he’s trying to pad his stats to try to make people forget he lost two Super Bowls to Eli Manning.  He can be the model for the Theismann Trophy.

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Henry Cejudo May Have Just Saved the UFC’s Flyweight Division

On Saturday night, UFC’s 135 lb bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw dropped down a weight class to challenge 125 lb flyweight champion Henry Cejudo for his belt. UFC president Dana White’s plan was for Dillashaw to finish Cejudo so he could wipe out the flyweight division. White’s plan had already been set in motion when he traded previous flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson to rival promotion ONE FC for Ben Askren. Johnson was fresh off his first flyweight decision loss to Cejudo and had been UFC’s longest reigning flyweight champion for 6 years.

Dana White’s plan did not come to fruition. It took just 34 seconds for Henry Cejudo to knockout TJ Dillashaw. 34 seconds to knockout a man best known for his speed, accuracy and defense.

Fortunately, Dillashaw took his loss with grace and class. In his post-fight interview, Dillashaw congratulated Cejudo and exclaimed, “You didn’t beat me.”

Similarly, Dana White whined that it was a “bad stoppage.” This coming from a man who last year said Mario Yamasaki made him sick for letting a fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Priscila Cachoeira continue for what he felt was too long.

“Most of you guys stay in there, and she did fight like a warrior. For that idiot to say he gave her the opportunity to be a warrior – no. No, you moron. You’re in there to protect her from herself.

“He makes me sick. That guy has no business reffing fights. And I promise you, you’re never going to see him again.”

Though in Dana’s defense, in this case, he wasn’t trying to kill off an entire division.

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Was Conor McGregor Arrested for Attempted Rape?

The Irish Times reported today that a sports star was arrested in Dublin, Ireland in connection with a sexual assault that happened on December 9th. He was detained and released without charge. The woman only recently gave a formal statement to police after a friend of hers made a complaint. The alleged victim added that along with attempted rape, she was also physically assaulted by the man. Whoever it was turned himself in today and said he was willing to be interviewed.

Back in December, there was a more detailed report of a very similar incident involving an Irish sports star. In that incident, forensic samples were taken from a woman who they say was raped. The woman in that case didn’t remember how she ended up at the guy’s hotel.

In a totally unrelated story, a leak today showed Conor McGregor presented himself to police in connection with a recent assault allegation in Dublin.

Is Conor becoming another cautionary tale after making millions in MMA and boxing? Probably. According to rumors on Reddit and past stories from months ago, Conor’s been snorting up so much powder he could turn his nose into a black diamond slope.

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Why Ryan Lochte Said Yes to Celebrity Big Brother: Viewers Are Going to See a Different Side of Him

The first time Ryan Lochte appears on Celebrity Big Brother will actually be the second time he has been asked to compete on the CBS reality series.

But that was then. And now, Lochte — a few months fresh from successful treatment for alcohol abuse and still in the middle of training for the next Summer Olympics despite a 14-month ban — is ready for America to see a different side of him.

“He’s not how he is in the media,” his agent, Jeff Ostrow, tells PEOPLE. “He’s a great person, laid-back and down to earth.”

“I thought it would be nice for the 10 million people that regularly watch the show to get to see who Ryan is,” he says.

“People who want to see Ryan — what they think, he’s a party animal, crazy person, that’s not what they’re going to see and that’s not what Ryan is,” Ostrow continues. “And, in fact, he made a commitment to change his lifestyle a little bit and sought a little bit of help for alcohol and he doesn’t party like that.”

Lochte, 34, is one of the most decorated athletes in his sport and a superstar of past Olympics. But his prowess in the pool has often been overshadowed by his behavior on dry land, including a reality series on E! in 2013 that didn’t seem to miss a single moment of cluelessness or shenanigans.

And then there were more troubling incidents. Lochte falsely claimed he and other American swimmers had been held at gunpoint and robbed while at a gas station during the Rio Summer Games, touching off an international incident. He later apologized amid conflicting accounts of what his group had done and why security had felt the need to draw their guns.

Despite stiff punishment from U.S. Swimming, Lochte vowed to make it back to the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020 and was well on his way when he was barred last year from competition for 14 months because he received an illegally large IV infusion. (The substance itself was not banned.)

In October, Lochte underwent treatment for a years-long alcohol addiction after police were reportedly called to an incident at his hotel in California.

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Ostrow, his agent, says now that the outpatient treatment lasted about a month and “went very well.”

“It was something that he voluntarily wanted to do even though many professionals would suggest that he didn’t necessarily need to,” he says of Lochte. “He needed to kind of take control over himself and his decisions better.”

There have been recent bright spots as well: Lochte wed former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid in a lavish ceremony in September after a civil ceremony earlier in 2018. They are parents to Caiden Zane, born last June, and Kayla is expecting a baby girl this summer.

“They’re super excited, they always wanted to have two children,” Ostrow says.

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Lochte, particularly, “couldn’t be happier — No. 1 that he’s having another kid because he loves being a dad, but having a baby girl has always been part of his dreams.”

After all the ups and downs, Lochte is now set to join a house with 11 other celebrities from various fields (including former White House official Anthony Scaramucci and Lindsay Lohan’s mom) to compete for $250,000.

They will be cut off from the outside world and watched constantly by cameras. Unlike the other sports stars in the cast, such as Olympian Lolo Jones, Lochte is still competing.

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“Ryan always goes into everything to win. His mindset is to win,” says Ostrow. ” I think he’s going in there to try and win the game but not at the expense of making himself look foolish or doing things that are contrary to the type of person that Ryan is.”

One thing Lochte won’t stop doing is training. There will be a pool at the Big Brother house just for that purpose.

While he has brushed up a bit on the series, “He didn’t want to over think the process too much in terms of strategy,” Ostrow says.

“You’re thrown into that experiment,” Ostrow says, adding, “My advice is, ‘Go in and be yourself, obviously be mindful that unlike the rest of our life they’re going to watch everything you do. Just be you’ — and I know he’ll be fine if he’s him.”

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Monday (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.

Meet Brittany Matthews, Gorgeous Girlfriend of NFL Superstar Patrick Mahomes

brittany mathews hot fitness trainer girlfriend of Patrick Mahomes

If we’re all very lucky, in about a week we’ll all gather around our televisions and see Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to victory against the Patriots and Tom Brady will suffer a career-ending punch to the dick. And when Mahomes is Super Bowl MVP, he won’t kiss his kids on the lips because he doesn’t have any and he’s not a creepy weirdo. Instead, it looks like he’ll be kissing his girlfriend, fitness model Brittany Matthews. Here’s what you need to know about her.

She’s Also a Pro Football Player

While boyfriend Mahomes is hopefully leading the Chiefs to victory against the hated Patriots, Matthews, 23, plays for the Icelandic women’s soccer club UMF Afturelding/Fram. While most football fans can picture Mahomes as Super Bowl MVP, I’m sure Brittany Matthews pictures championships in both of their futures.

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High Tides & Good Vibes🌊

A post shared by Brittany Matthews (@brittanylynne8) on

She Likes to Embarrass Her Boyfriend on Social Media

In addition to all the pictures of the couple on Brittany Matthews’ Instagram, she gives fans the inside dirt on Mahomes on Twitter.

She’s a Personal Trainer

You don’t get a body like Matthews by accident, she has to hit the gym and stay in shape.

She and Mahomes are High School Sweethearts

Part of the reason Matthews and Mahomes seem so natural together is they’ve been together for ages, despite being in their early 20s. The couple actually started dating in high school.

That’s a much cuter story than “I got super rich and dumped my wife for a supermodel” if you ask me.

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World’s Luckiest Man Dies in Seventh Round of Sex Competition

A man died in a sex competition in Nigeria. This is a thing that really happened. I know you’re saying that it sounds fake but it was reported by The Guardian Nigeria, and it’s not as if a storied news organization like The Guardian would just make something up out of whole cloth.

Here’s what The Guardian Nigeria reported.

A middle-aged man, simply known as Davy, has died in a popular hotel in Ikotun area of Lagos State during a sex competition with a lady identified as Loveth.

It was gathered that the late Davy had argued with Loveth on who can last longer in a sex bout.

Both claimed they were stronger and refused to admit defeat.

During the argument, Davy staked N50,000 on the condition that if Loveth defeats him during the romp, she will take the money.

Who hasn’t been there? Which one of us hasn’t said to our friend or partner or a total stranger “Hey, I think I can fuck longer than you and I’ve got $137 American to back it up!”

Well you fucked up Davy. You not only lost, you got fucked to death. Now you’re out $137 and you’re dead.

There’s even worse news, because Loveth is in jail waiting for the autopsy to verify if her “I fucked him to death” story checks out.

But the one thing we can all agree on is if we have to go, I think we’d all like to die while having our seventh consecutive orgasm.

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Steph Curry Says He Believes the Moon Landing Was a Hoax

Steph Curry went on the Winning It podcast, hosted by Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore and Annie Finberg and said he thinks we faked the moon landing. According to The New York Times, Curry brought up the topic, and everyone on the show agreed the moon landing was a hoax.

“We ever been to the moon?” he asked.

The others, in unison, agreed that the answer was no.

“They’re going to come get us,” Curry replied. “Sorry, I don’t want to start conspiracies.”

Finberg expressed some skepticism, asking Curry to clarify, and he said he did not believe the United States had landed on the moon, leading to a short discussion of some of the more popular conspiracy theories, including one asserting that the film director Stanley Kubrick had staged the entire thing.

The faking of the moon landing is one of the more believable conspiracy theories. While a lot of NBA players apparently believe the Earth is flat, anyone who ties a camera and a GPS to a helium balloon can see pictures of the curvature of the Earth.

The moon landing, however, is a little trickier. Like a dystopian science fiction novel, we can’t actually replicate the technology we used to get to the moon today; another manned lunar mission would essentially require rebuilding the Apollo project from the drawing board. The Van Allen radiation belt also provides a challenge, one that was mostly overcome by good navigation. But the combination of the difficulty of a moon landing and our current inability to reproduce it makes the conspiracy that we never landed on the moon more appealing.

But there’s actual physical proof we landed on the moon. We can’t see the flags or the lunar landers from Earth, but there is a way to prove that man-made objects exist on the moon. The Apollo 11 astronauts set up a retroreflector on the surface of the moon which will reflect any light that hits it back in the direction it originated in. You can actually shoot a laser beam at the moon and have i bounce back. This not only shows that the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, but since the speed of light is constant, by measuring the time it takes for the laser to return to Earth from the moon, we can calculate the exact distance of the moon from the Earth. That distance isn’t constant, though, and varies from 225,623 miles to 252,088 miles away, though it gets a little farther away (about an inch and a half) every year. Which we know because we can measure it, thanks to the Apollo astronauts.

Of course, there’s speculation Curry actually knows this, and in addition to NASA inviting Curry to see proof of the moon landing, Houston Rockets GM tweaked Curry over the statement on Twitter.

When you put it like that, it seems highly unlikely the moon landing even could have been faked, logistically. This is where most conspiracy theories fall apart; they rely on the silence of too many people to ever be true.

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Teri Hatcher, Nev Schulman, Brian d’Arcy James & More Stars Run the New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon was a star-studded affair as celebrities sprinted among more than 50,000 runners.

Teri Hatcher, 53, and her daughter Emerson Tenney, 20, loaded up on pasta ahead of the race and were wide-awake before the sun came out.

“Good morning! It’s marathon morning, and it’s a little bit before 5:00,” Hatcher said enthusiastically on her Instagram Story. “We’ve been up. We’re now on the VIP bus, and look who we found. Brian d’Arcy James! He’s running it too.”

“It’s really early,” d’Arcy James, 50, chimed in.

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“We’re doing it for Save the Children,” the Desperate Housewives actress explained, mentioning the charity for which the mother and daughter raised more than $11,000. “Hopefully we’ll see you in the middle of the race but definitely as we cross the finish line.”

In August, Hatcher told PEOPLE that the race would be a bonding experience for her and her daughter, a student at Brown University.

“We have a really close great relationship, but I think that she would say, and I agree with this, that this is different than just going on a trip or spending time together,” Hatcher said.

“Something about the ups and downs of training for such a physical feat as a marathon — that sort of vulnerability, the adversity that you have to get through and pushing through walls together — and having that experience as a team; it’s just a bonding thing that you can’t really replace or have from any other experience,” Hatcher continued. “And I think we both wanted that together.”

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And we’re off! Don’t forget you can track our progress with the TCS NYC Marathon app! See you at the finish line! #tcsnycmarathon #donate #savethechildren #linkinbio

A post shared by Teri Hatcher (@officialterihatcher) on Nov 4, 2018 at 7:16am PST


On his Instagram, d’Arcy James shared his transportation plan. Alongside a picture of a Citi Bike rack, he wrote, “What do you do when you need to be somewhere at 4:45am before a marathon?”

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What do you do when you need to be somewhere at 4:45am before a marathon? @citibike @nycmarathon

A post shared by Actor (@briandarcyjames) on Nov 4, 2018 at 1:48am PST


The Spotlight actor also shared what he dubbed his #postmarathontreat — cookies from Levain Bakery. “This is my version of ‘be good to yourself,'” he explained.

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This is my version of “be good to yourself”. #postmarathontreat

A post shared by Actor (@briandarcyjames) on Nov 3, 2018 at 7:20am PDT


Model Ruby Aldridge, 27, shared on her Instagram Story that she was running for the Parkinson’s Foundation in honor of her father.

“Good morning. Hello,” she said from the bus en route to the marathon. She wrote alongside the video, “No coffee yet.”

She kept her fans updated on her progress. “I am at mile 18, and this is absolutely the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” she explained as she ran.

“Actually, I’m at mile 17, so that just means I have to run nine more miles,” she panted in her next post. “Oh my god.”

“That was, hands down, the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she said when she finished.

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Picked up my race bib at the @nycmarathon expo and it was ridiculously overwhelming, emotional and exciting!!! It’s all starting to hit. There are THREE MORE DAYS till the big day! Trying to keep raising money for @parkinsondotorg so if u wanna donate now is the time !!! Link in bio my friends <33333333 let’s get emmm!!! #tcsnycmarathon

A post shared by Ruby Aldridge (@rubyaldridge) on Nov 1, 2018 at 2:08pm PDT


“We are really doing this!!” Sports Illustrated model Chase Carter gushed on Instagram.

Olympian Erin Hamlin, 31, thanked her family a day before the race as one of her frequent updates about her training.

“I’d be failing at these shout-outs if I didn’t give a huge one to my fam,” she wrote on Instagram. “Between dad & Ryan being pit crew on long runs at home or biking along (in-between doing loads of wedding prep work), mom rocking runs with me & Sean & Ash making the trip down to cheer me on. Their support is unwavering!!”

“Here. We. Go!” she wrote on Sunday.

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Here. We. Go! Follow along on the @nycmarathon app!! Also, catch the ESPN2 & ABC7 NY broadcast & you might just see my mug! #TeamWSF #MovedMe

A post shared by Erin Hamlin (@erinhamlin) on Nov 4, 2018 at 5:56am PST


Chef Dan Churchill and Michael Chernow, the co-founder of the Meatball Shop, shared a laugh on the bus beforehand.

“Clearly I missed the haircut memo,” Churchill said, giving a nod to Chernow’s unique hairdo that included his children’s names shaved onto the sides of his head.

“The #RoadToNYC ends today. So pumped to crush the @nycmarathon with my amazing coach @RobertoMandje. Good luck to all the runners,” Catfish‘s Nev Schulman, 34, tweeted ahead of time.


Former football star Tiki Barber, 43 — who told PEOPLE in 2015 that he had lost 20 pounds by running marathons — also participated in the race. Three years ago, he said he was in “unbelievable shape” thanks to his hobby.

On Sunday, Mary Keitany of Kenya won in the women’s division, and Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia emerged victorious in the men’s division.

Olivia Culpo Wears Expensive Rolex Watch She Seemingly Planned to Give Ex Danny Amendola

Olivia Culpo seems to be moving on — and with a new accessory!

On Friday, the 26-year-old model shared a photo to her Instagram Stories, showing off a brand new silver Rolex watch on her wrist. The post came on the same day that ex-boyfriend Danny Amendola was celebrating his 33rd birthday.

“Looks like this is my present now. HAPPY BDAY TO ME,” Culpo wrote over her new piece of jewelry.

While the specific model of the watch was unclear, newer Rolex watches typically sell for around $5,000 to $12,000. More coveted styles can sell for significantly more.

Just last month, Culpo confirmed that she and the NFL star had rekindled their romance with a P.D.A.-packed Instagram. It seems their fling, however, did not last long.

Last weekend, the Miami Dolphins wide receiver was photographed getting cozy with Miami-based CBS sports journalist Bianca Peters. The pair got close on lounge chairs at the Soho Beach House in Miami, smiling happily as they whispered into each other’s ears. Amendola and Peters also acted flirty during a swim together.

Afterward, a source close to the pair told PEOPLE that Amendola hasn’t been taking their relationship seriously and he was “playing both sides.”

“He’s saying that the day with Bianca was just him having fun,” the source told PEOPLE. “She’s a reporter, he’s a football player. I think in his mind he got caught so he’s trying to diffuse it.”

“Danny never viewed Olivia as an exclusive girlfriend,” the insider explained. “She came to Miami or New England all of the time and they dated, but it was more her putting in the travel effort than him.”

“Olivia refers to Danny as her boyfriend but he doesn’t refer to her as his girlfriend. He could care less about making it official,” the source added.

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Culpo and Amendola first made their relationship Instagram official in February 2016. The model previously opened up about how she makes her relationship with the professional athlete work during a visit to PeopleNow.

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“I think that if you want to make something work, you make it work,” she said. “And I always just say that you can’t think about how. You just have to try your hardest and know what feels right and if it’s meant to be then it should be easy.”

Added Culpo: “It should be something that is fun and if it doesn’t work out, then that’s because it wasn’t meant to be.”

The pair first parted ways in March after they were spotted celebrating the model’s BFF Devon Windsor‘s birthday on an island getaway, before getting back together this fall.

First Woman to Score in College Football Game Suffers Organ Failure After Reaction to Antibiotics

Katie Hnida, a former college football player and the first woman to play and score points in a Division I college game, was left fighting for her life after an antibiotic reaction caused her to go into multi-organ failure, her family says.

Hnida, a former kicker for the University of New Mexico, was recently prescribed a common, everyday antibiotic, her family explained on a GoFundMe page created to help with her medical expenses. Instead of it helping the 37-year-old former athlete, Hnida suffered a rare reaction to the medication, which put her life in danger.

The antibiotic caused Hnida’s kidney, liver, and bone marrow to all stop functioning properly and shut down, her family said. They also shared that her blood was not clotting properly, causing uncontrollable bleeding.

Because of her declining critical condition, Hnida was admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and given emergency dialysis. While there, doctors also contemplated a possible liver transplant surgery.

By some miracle, Hnida’s condition soon improved and she has since been released from the hospital. Her family says she has been “making slow but steady progress as she rests and rehabilitates.”

“She is being cared for by an excellent team of specialists, who are pleased with her progress to date,” her family wrote in a recent update. “They caution, however, that her recovery will be measured in months, not days.”

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Her family is now asking for donations to help Hnida — who currently works as an advocate and educator for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse — recover from the health crisis. They say she is likely to pay more than $155,000 in hospital expenses and other health care needs, but will not be able to work for the next 4-6 months.

So far, the campaign has raised $41,127 for the former athlete.

Hnida started her college career as a kicker at the University of Colorado for one season, before transferring to the University of New Mexico, where she remained for her final three seasons.

For both teams, Hnida became the first woman to play in a college football game, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported.

However, in 2003, during New Mexico’s season opener, then-head coach Rocky Long put Hnida in the game to attempt a two-point conversion. Not only did she lead the team to victory, but it also earned Hnida the title of the first woman to score in a college football game, according to the publication.

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Before the life-threatening health incident, Hnida was touring around the country and speaking on behalf of sexual abuse and domestic violence victims, the outlet said. She became an advocate after she was allegedly sexually assaulted by a former teammate while playing at Colorado.

At the time, Hnida did not press charges or come forward with her story. It wasn’t until 2004 — the same year that Colorado was publicly caught in a hazing scandal — that she sat down for an interview with Sports Illustrated and shared her allegations, the Santa Fe New Mexican said.

In response, then-coach Gary Barnett reportedly denied the claims, called Hnida a “distraction to our team,” and made sexist comments criticizing her on-field play.

“It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful,” Barnett said, according to Sports Illustrated. “Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible, OK? There’s no other way to say it.”

San Francisco Giants Hall of Famer Willie McCovey Dies at 80: ‘Our Collective Hearts are Broken’

Willie McCovey, a former first baseman for the San Francisco Giants, died on Wednesday, the team confirms. He was 80.

Willie, a baseball Hall of Famer, was struggling with “ongoing health issues” at the time of his death. He was surrounded by family and friends and listening to his favorite sports channel when he passed away peacefully, his daughter Allison McCovey said.

Following the sports legend’s death, Giants President & Chief Executive Officer Laurence M. Baer released a statement on behalf of the “broken” baseball community.

“San Francisco and the entire baseball community lost a true gentleman and legend, and our collective hearts are broken,” Baer wrote. “Willie was a beloved figure throughout his playing days and in retirement. He will be deeply missed by the many people he touched.”

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“For more than six decades, he gave his heart and soul to the Giants  —  as one of the greatest players of all time, as a quiet leader in the clubhouse, as a mentor to the Giants who followed in his footsteps, as an inspiration to our Junior Giants, and as a fan cheering on the team from his booth,” Baer added.

“Willie’s greatest passion was his family,” he continued. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his beloved wife, Estella, and his daughter, Allison, and her children Raven, Philip, and Marissa.”

Willie is also survived by his sister Frances and his brothers, Clauzell and Cleon, the Giants reported.

In addition to statements from Baer and Willie’s daughter, his wife Estella also spoke publicly about the loss of her husband and explained how her life is now forever changed.

“Every moment he will be terribly missed,” she said. “He was my best friend and husband. Living life without him will never be the same.”


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Willie turned heads from the very first day he stepped onto the professional diamond.

In his Major League rookie debut on July 30, 1959, the athlete gave Hall of Famer Robin Roberts a run for his money when he hit two triples and two singles off the pitcher, according to the Giants. He later went on to win National League Rookie of the Year and National League Most Valuable Player in 1969.

In 1973, Willie was traded from the Giants to the San Diego Padres. He also temporarily played for the Oakland Athletics before returning to San Francisco for his final seasons as a professional player, the Giants said.

Both the Padres and Athletics also paid tribute to their former player on social media after his passing.



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Willie — who was nicknamed “Stretch” for his 6-foot-4 stature — eventually retired in 1980, the Giants said.

Throughout his 22-year career, he gained several accolades, including a six-time MLB All-Star, a three-time National League home-run leader, and two-time National League RBI leader, according to the team.

For the latter two, he became just the fifth player in MLB history to earn those consecutive titles.


Six years after his retirement, Willie was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. Despite giving up the sport physically, he remained close to the diamond and spent the last 18 years of his life working as a senior advisor to the Giants.

His dedication to the team was also reciprocated, with a statue of Willie going up across from AT&T Park in 2003 and a part of the San Francisco Bay behind right field at the Giants’ stadium being named “McCovey Cove,” according to the team.

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In addition, the Giants have given out a Willie Mac Award since 1980, which awards the person who “best exemplifies the spirit and leadership consistently shown by McCovey throughout his career.”

On Wednesday, the Giants paid tribute to the legend by flying their stadium flags at half-staff and shared a photo to Twitter.

A public celebration of Willie’s life is expected for a later date, the Giants said. Fans can send condolence letters to McCovey family care of San Francisco Giants, attention Forever 44, 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94107 or send emails to [email protected].