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Bella Thorne Won’t Be Shamed By ‘The View’ For Taking Nude Selfies

Someone hacked Bella Thorne’s phone recently and got a hold of some naked pictures she took. This person tried to blackmail her with them, so Bella did the one thing that would absolutely cut that option out of the equation and shared them on Twitter herself (link NSFW).

Well the ladies on The View had some strong opinions on this, especially Whoopi Goldberg, who went on a pretty decent rant about celebrities should “know better” than to photograph themselves nude for their intimate partners because celebrities shouldn’t have normal sex lives.

Personally, I think Bella should have to shave her head like one of those Japanese idols who got caught holding a boy’s hand in public. I mean, either that or we say the dude blackmailing her was the bad one and not her.

Bella posted a video response to the segment and it’s a doozy.

Through tears, Thorne says she’s cancelling her interview with The View because she doesn’t want a bunch of older women shaming her for her sexuality. She ended the video with a “shame on you” for Whoopi Goldberg.

I have to take Bella’s side here, everyone takes naked pictures of themselves nowadays. It’s a side-effect of having cameras in their pockets and being a normal amount of horny for an adult human. There’ no reason to shame people for completely normal human behavior.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Went on F-Bomb Filled Rant, The View Audio Reveals

Years before Meghan McCain was whining at Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was hosting The View with a touch more homophobia.

More than ten years ago, Hasselbeck went on a tirade about Plan B, and Barbara Walters asked her to moderate her tone and be respectful.

Hasselbeck stormed off of the set, and we now have the F-bomb filled audio of what Hasselbeck screeched backstage.

Elisabeth hasselbeck on the view in 2006

In August of 2006, Elisabeth Hasselbeck went on a fiery rant about the morning after pill.

The morning after pill prevents fertilization, just like wearing a condom or just staying in and binging something on Netflix.

But Hasselbeck's concern was that it was "a slippery slope to just eliminating life."

She then launched into a tangent, growing increasingly heated, suggesting people who support universal healthcare but also reproductive autonomy are hypocrites.

Barbara Walters still appeared on the show she started at the time, and she urged Hasselbeck to calm down and speak in a civil tone.

As The View cuts to commercial, Hasselbeck dramatically rips up her notecards and storms off of the stage in a huff.

Elisabeth hasselbeck whoopi and babs

That's not the end of it, though, because Variety has unearthed the audio recording from Hasselbeck's backstage hissy fit.

In the audio, Hasselbeck can be heard continuing to freak out, while Joy Behar tries to comfort her.

"F--k that! I'm not going to sit there and get reprimanded on the air," Hasselbeck declares repeatedly.

"It's not okay to sit there and get reprimanded on the air," she insists. "What the f--k!"

She then suggests that Barbara's words impacted her so much that she's no longer responsible for her own behavior.

"I don't even swear," she claims. "She has me swearing."

Elisabeth hasselbeck on the view

"This woman is driving me nuts," Hasselbeck declares. "I'm not going back. I can't do the show like this."

"She just reprimanded me," she claims again. "And she knew exactly what she was doing."

"Goodbye!" Hasselbeck says dramatically. "I'm off."

Hilariously, she ends her rant with: "Read about that in the New York f--king Post!"

Hasselbeck would, in fact, remain on The View for another seven years.

Elisabeth hasselbeck the view guest host march 2019 03

That bizarre rant was wild, but Hasselbeck has now posted an apology on Instagram, and it is filled with gems.

"This. Just. In: I am quite humanly reactive," Hasselbeck writes.

Humanly reactive is quite a phrase.

She admits: "I used bad words when frustrated."

"I was pregnant with Taylor," she explains. "And a big conversation about the value and the lives of the unborn took place at the View."

"It was a battle," she writes. "But not of the flesh."

A battle not of the flesh? You cannot make this stuff up.

Elisabeth hasselbeck in action

"I used fighting words," Hasselbeck explains. "Because I believe that God decides the value of the lives of babies."

"We care for a group of Robin’s eggs in a nest before they are hatched," she says.

"And," she adds. "Likely would think twice before stomping on the awesome blue shells because we know what God placed inside the hard womb."

"And in the heat of the moment, when I felt the need to protect what I knew to be truth," she writes.

"And had seen with my own eyes on ultrasound the LIFE in my own shell of a body," she continues. "I used big battle words."

Using big battle words is my new favorite euphemism for swearing.

Elisabeth hasselbeck in red

She notes: "(one in particular that I am not proud of and am sorry for using in the heat of trying to defend the lives of the unborn)."

"2 things I have grown to learn: 1) there are words that DISTRACT from your point: Choose wisely," Hasselbeck advises.

She adds: "2) I have a God who fights the battle. I don’t have to do that all on my own."

Hasselbeck then goes on to use this controversy to plug her book, of course.

"I still hold all my Constitutionally protected rights to freedom of faith," she then writes.

"But now," Hasselbeck concludes. "I can hold the hand of the person who does not agree at the same time."

Elisabeth hasselbeck the view guest host march 2019 01

We don't want to get too personal here, but we can of course understand someone feeling extremely passionately about their beliefs.

Even if a person believes that life begins at the moment of conception, the morning after pill should not be an issue, as it prevents conception.

That's why it's not called hte Next Week Pill or the At My Convenience Pill. Time is of the essence.

But even though no "unborn human lives" by any definition were involved, it's clear that Hasselbeck for some reason believed that they were.

Barbara Walters very gently told her to please moderate her tone out of respect for both cohosts and the audience.

It's a shame that she freaked out in the way that she did, but the goofy phrases in her "apology" today make it all worthwhile.

Elisabeth hasselbeck went on f bomb filled rant the view audio r

Meghan McCain Got Owned so Hard on Twitter She Had to Call in Sick to ‘The View’

Last week, Meghan McCain broke down in tears on The View because congresswoman Ilhan Omar said she didn’t like being expected to pledge loyalty to Israel in order to do her job as an elected official. McCain, and a lot of people called this anti-Semitic because that line of attack has worked in England and France so why not give it try. McCain is not Jewish, but she was so upset because she’s friends with Joe Lieberman, who is just the worst. Lieberman is most famous for fighting to keep health insurance expensive and to ban violent video games or something.

A Jewish cartoonist replied to her with this cartoon, which McCain called anti-Semitic.

Again, Eli Valley is Jewish, Meghan McCain isn’t. It’s important when you see the next tweet.

It didn’t go well for Meghan.

This particular image from The Princess Bride got posted so many times, yo. So many.

This was all too much to bear, and so on Monday, Meghan called in sick from The View. It did not stop the dunks.

I wish this sort of thing happened more often. Like specifically to McCain.

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Whoopi Goldberg Was About to Whoop Jeanine Pirro’s Ass on ‘The View’

The View thought it would be wise to have Fox News host and pro-Trump supporter Jeanine Pirro on their show to promote her new book. It’s never wise to have anyone from Fox News on your show unless your show is on Fox News.

The end result was Pirro and Whoopi Goldberg getting into a shouting match on the show which continued off stage.

Page Six reports that things were destined to end up like this the moment Pirro entered the studio.

“When Jeanine arrived on set she was looking for a fight and refusing to be on with Ana (Navarro), demanding [Ana] not be in the segment,” an insider said. “[Pirro] was yelling at [‘The View’] executive producer and her staff like, ‘You need to handle this.’”

Ana Navarro, an anti-Trump CNN personality, was filling in for Joy Behar.

While Pirro’s beef may have started with Navarro, it ended with Goldberg. Pirro accused Goldberg of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, which sounds like the worst mental disease ever. Goldberg shot back, expressing her disgust for Trump and his ability to whip up hate. Goldberg ended the segment with a quick goodbye.

But things didn’t stop there.

Goldberg left the stage, but the fireworks went off again with the cameras off: Backstage when the two crossed paths, a source told us, “Jeanine tried telling her she’s fought for victims her whole life.” That’s when “Whoopi got in her face and said that they’ve known each other a long time, but still, ‘F–k you, get the f–k out of this building.’ Jeanine looked stunned.”

Another source told us, “Jeanine could have walked by her. There was one more segment to do. She could have walked by her easily, she put her finger in her face and said, ‘I’ve done more for abused women than you will ever do’ and that’s when Whoopi said, ‘You and I have never had a problem,’ before everything else was said.”

Pirro might be a judge, but that just means she’s good at telling others what they did wrong. She doesn’t want real smoke with Goldberg, who looks like she can scrap with the best of them.

Goldberg eventually apologized on-air. She should have apologized for having Pirro on to begin with.

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Candace Cameron Bure Says Goodbye to The View

Here's a free idea for producers at The View:

Get rid of all doors leading out to the stage and install a turnstyle instead.

This would seem to be more appropriate, considering the constant cast changes on this morning talk show.

Candace Cameron Bure on The View

Just over a month after Raven-Symone announced her departure as a full-time panelist, Candace Cameron Bure has gone ahead and done the same.

Yup, it's time for yet another farewell, viewers.

A mother of three who has been with The View for fewer than two seasons, the actress was one of the few religious and conservative voices on the series.

She referred to her leaving as a "little bittersweet" this morning when informing the audience of why she was parting ways with the program.

"It wasn't an easy decision," Bure explained, going into further detail as follows:

"Before I started The View, I had already had my commitments to Fuller House and my work with the Hallmark Channel...Because of the success of those, my commitments have become even greater with those shows." 

Candace Cameron Bure Talks

Bure was named a co-host of The View in 2015... while simultaneously filming her spinoff sitcom for Netflix.

Her View contract was renewed for Season 20 this year, yet Fuller House was also picked up for a second season. And it's just become too much for the star to juggle.

In addition to a a serious work load, Bure also attributed her departure to having to travel between both coasts on a regular basis.

She's not complaining. She has a great life. But that kind of thing takes its toll.

"The commute of going west coast to east coast every single week for me has been tough on me and hard for my family as well," she said on air.

"I want to make sure that I am able to spend as much time with my children."

Candace Cameron Bure Gets Excited

So here we go again.

There's now a spot open on The View panel once more.

Bure went on this morning to express her gratitude to the women at the helm of the team.

"I thank everybody - Whoopi [Goldberg], Joy [Behar]...for welcoming me to this table. I've learned so much from you and I'm so grateful for you.

"I tried to be superwoman, but I'm going to not try anymore."

Executive Producer Candi Carter said the following via statement:

On behalf of everyone at 'The View,' it's been a pleasure working with Candace, a devoted mother, talented actress, and passionate co-host who never hesitated to speak her mind.

We are thrilled for her success with 'Fuller House' and her Hallmark movies.

She will always be a part of 'The View' family and we will gladly welcome her back to the show to support her with all of her endeavors.

Whoopi Goldberg Signs New Deal on The View


Someone is actually sticking around The View.

Whoopi Goldberg on the Red Carpet

Following months of contract negotiations and public speculation, Whoopi Goldberg has announced via Twitter that she will return for the show's 20th season.

"Ok NOW it's official, I have re-upped for 1 year returning to @TheView 4 the 2016/2017 season," Whoopi wrote earlier today, adding:

"Will continue 2 annoy some, delight others."

At least she knows her audience and her standing with them, right?

Whoopi Goldberg tweet

Goldberg, of course, has been one of the few steady cast members on The View over the past several years.

That show changes panelists more often than Kim Kardashian changes filters on her Instagram account. (Or some better metaphor.)

As it currently stands, Joy Behar and Paula Farisare  already committed next season, while regular contributor Sara Haines is in talks to join the round table.

There's no word yet on the statuses of Raven-Symoné or Candace Cameron-Bure, however.

Just last month, meanwhile, it was announced that Michelle Collins would be leaving the program.

She became the latest series casualty in the process. Just consider:

Rosie O'Donnell has come and gone twice over the last few years.

Then there was Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, neither of whom lasted very long.

But they at least stuck around longer than Rosie Perez, who was on the show for approximately 129 minutes.

Are you glad Goldberg is staying? Are you upset? Could you not care any less?

And can you imagine the ratings increase if one of the following stars snagged a seat at The View table?

Nicole Arbour Gets DESTROYED on The View

Dear Nicole Arbour: You may want to just go far away for awhile.

The so-called comedian, who has come under major fire for a video titled "Dear Fat People" that called out overweight individuals for their smell and laziness, appeared on The View this week.

And got utterly destroyed.

She tried to tell jokes... no one laughed. She tried to defend herself... and each panelist shot her down with a well-reasoned argument

Arbour once again tried to claim she isn't a bully, though her basis for this claim made little to no sense.

Considering she's a comedian, however, the most important thing in this appearance and in her original video is this: she simply is not funny.

Watch her cringeworthy View interview here and take special note of Raven-Symone's reactions throughout.

Nicole arbour gets destroyed on the view

Michelle Collins Reveals The Guests For The View’s Season Premiere!

We can't believe it's already time for a new season!

The View made headlines in 2015 after a controversial year that saw the exits of Rosie O'Donnell, Nicolle Wallace, and Rosie Perez.

Well, it seems as though ABC is ready to start anew with a much larger panel, and some very fun celebrity guests!

For Tuesday's premiere, Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, and Senator Elizabeth Warren will be stopping by the daytime talk show in an attempt to boost ratings.

[ Related: Nicolle Found Out She Was Fired From Press Release! ]

Michelle Collins revealed the three stars on Sunday, but left out the name of a surprise guest that even the hosts don't know about!

The panel for Season 19 will consist of Whoopi Goldberg, Raven-Symoné, and Michelle returning, Candace Cameron-Buré and Paula Faris as new additions, and Joy Behar making her way back after exiting in 2013.

Make sure to tune in this Tuesday at 11/10c to see if The View can get back to its prime on ABC!

[Image via The View/Instagram.]

Joy Behar Returns To ‘The View’: Here’s Five Co-Hosts We Wish Would Come Back

In the last five years of The View, the constant juggling of co-hosts that arrive and exit the show, seem like a Russian roulette of sorts. The ABC set has been such a revolving door, and has gone through so many face lifts that it has turned viewers away. Once again ABC is struggling to get its core audience back, and due to that they shook things up once again on the panel.

ABC announced that along with new co-hosts, Paula Faris, Candace Cameron Bure, Michelle Collins, Raven-Symone, and moderator Whoopi Goldberg, former co-host Joy Behar was returning to The View. This season they got rid of Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace. Behar’s return is a bit of a head scratcher, as it seemed like she was ready to move on. When she left in 2013 she was the only original member left standing that joined the table back in 1997.

When she left, Behar released a statement to Deadline, “It seemed like the right time…You reach a point when you say to yourself, ‘Do I want to keep doing this?’ There are other things on my plate I want to do – I’ve been writing a play, I’ve been neglecting my standup.”

Now that she’s back, her signature candor, will be welcomed, due to the fact that it was lacking with past hosts Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez, who never truly found their footing on the show after one season. Perhaps The View really didn’t need a facelift after all, and just needed some old blood to bring the audience back to what they loved about the daytime show.

With Joy Behar’s return, we ask, which former co-hosts of The View would we welcome back into our living room with open arms? Here’s who we would like to see return to the table to discuss hot topics and interview today’s hottest figures.

1. Rosie O’Donnell

Okay, so we know that she just left the show for the second time, and it seems like she has a lot of stressful things happening in her personal life, but O’Donnell’s brand of candor really worked on the show. Not only did her extreme liberal views prove to be polarizing, she didn’t worry about who she was going to offend. From 9/11 conspiracy theories to slamming Donald Trump, you always knew what was on Rosie’s mind and her “view” of the world. Plus, wouldn’t it be exciting to see her clash with outspoken Republican and Christian Candace Cameron Bure? We would pay money to see that kind of entertainment.

2. Lisa Ling

While Paula Faris is a former correspondent for ABC News, the table is severely lacking the political clout that Nicolle Wallace had. It was always very interesting to hear Wallace’s views on the political stories that were introduced during the Hot Topics segment. It not only gave the show actual legitimacy but proved that it wasn’t just a fluffy show, which it had turned into in recent years. Lisa Ling brought that same kind of feeling when she started on The View [...]

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Meet ‘The View’ Co-Hosts: Candace Cameron Bure, Raven-Symone And More!

The View co-host panel for next season is finally complete! What’s surprising, is not how The View practically cleaned house of its co-hosts, but a familiar face that’s rejoining the team for the upcoming season.

Variety broke the news that none other than The View’s Joy Behar is set to return to the daytime hot topic talk show. Joining her is staunch Republican and Full House star Candace Cameron-Bure, actress Raven-Symone, comedian Michelle Collins, Paula Faris, and moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

Big news! @candacecbure, @paulafaris, & @JoyVBehar will join @whoopigoldberg, @ravensymone, & @michcoll as co-hosts! pic.twitter.com/mv9wPQG5k3

— The View (@TheView) August 25, 2015

It’s believed that the show’s creator and executive producer Barbara Walters had a huge hand in Behar’s return. In a statement Walters said, “As ‘The View’ embarks on a remarkable 19th season, I am extremely proud to see the legacy of smart and diverse women engaging in entertaining and thought-provoking conversation continue.”

Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace were both let go from The View after one season on the show. Rumors spread about Perez’s fate on the show in January, and Glee star Naya Rivera was one of the names thrown in there to replace the star. Perez was up until then was juggling Broadway rehearsals and tapings of the show.

At the time, former co-host Rosie O’Donnell, a good friend of Perez’s, was caught off guard by the damaging news. O’Donnell made a comment about the rumors that Perez was going to leave The View, and then magically she returned to the show. Variety originally said that execs were scrambling after the news was made public, as they didn’t want an Ann Curry situation to happen.

Despite these reports, an ABC spokesperson said about the reports, “These unnamed sources are wrong. As was always the plan, the amazingly talented Rosie Perez took time off to rehearse for her Broadway play. We’re eagerly looking forward to having her back on February 3rd. Any speculation to the contrary is simply untrue.”

It was said that ABC execs didn’t think Perez was a good fit. Even though Perez hung on, it sounds like in the end the writing was on the wall, as she announced that she would be leaving the show when her contract was up in August. She addressed the mutual decision on an episode of The View back in July.

“I have decided to move on. Today is very bittersweet for me. I am excited for what is to come, but I’m so sad to leave. I want to thank you for your friendship, Nicolle, and your intelligence and your wit and your sunshine. Whoopi, thank you for everything: your guidance, your professionalism and most of all your friendship.”

She continued, “Just know that I do not have one regret for coming to this show. I would do it all over again. And it’s because of you, the fans.”

Around this time it was rumored that The View was looking to get rid of political pundit Nicolle Wallace. Rumors spread that Wallace wasn’t controversial enough for [...]

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Raven-Symoné & The Rest Of The That’s So Raven Cast Just Had A Reunion!

This is so Raven!

Raven-Symoné may be focused on her job hosting The View at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten the show that made her famous.

The former Disney child star had a That's So Raven reunion on Tuesday when Anneliese van der Pol, Orlando Brown, and Kyle Massey joined her on her ABC talk show!

[ Photos: Ashley Tisdale's Suite Life Of Zack & Cody Reunion! ]

This just makes us so nostalgic and we cannot wait to watch the episode when it airs!

Maybe this could mean a That's So Raven reboot in our future?!

Probably not, but we can still dream!

[Image via Raven-Symoné/Facebook.]

Kelly Osbourne to Donald Trump: You NEED Latinos to Clean Your Toilet!

Kelly Osbourne and Donald Trump are not two names you expect to see in the same headline.

Sure, they've both made some seriously questionable hair decisions in their lives, but they come from two different ends of the pop culture Earth.

However, like Trump, Osbourne likes to make grand political statements about issues she doesn't quite understand, and - also like Trump - Kelly apparently has a contortionist-like ability to cram both feet in her mouth at the same time.

Hey, maybe they have more in common than we thought!

Check out the clip above to see Osbourne's attempted applause line about Latinos cleaning toilets go over like a lead balloon on today's episode of The View.

Hey, Kelly - remember when you threw Giuliana Rancic under the bus for making a joke about Zendaya Coleman's hair?

Yeah, live TV and karma are both bastards.

Kelly osbourne to donald trump you need latinos to clean your to

Whoopi Goldberg on Dr. Walter Palmer: MURDERER!!!!

According to The Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force, Dr. Walter Palmer can redeem himself for killing Cecil the Lion by flying back to Africa and performing free dental procedures for poverty-stricken residents there.

But Whoopi Goldberg may not think this is sufficient.

Whoopi on The View
Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion

The outspoken View panelist made her feelings well known today on the controversy gripping the nation:

Palmer's admission that he paid $50,000 to have a hunt set up for him this month in which he killed a lion in Zimbabwe.

Little did Palmer know at the time that the lion was nationally-protected and that it was against the law for him to be hunted.

The Minnesota dentist has since expressed regret for his actions and basically gone into hiding, but PETA wants Palmer to be hanged... and Goldberg can see where the organization is coming from.

“This was not a sport; sport is, you’re in there and you use everything you shoot,” Goldberg said of Palmer's endeavor. “This man went over and he basically shot fish in a barrel.”

It's true: Palmer had guides lure Cecil the Lion into a certain area; and had to do very little himself except aim at a very close target and fire.

"That was not a hunt; that was a murder," Goldberg added.

Uproar over Palmer's actions has been nearly universal.

No celebrity is on record defending the dentist, while Jimmy Kimmel broke down in tears while castigating him and telling a national audience how it can help preserve wildlife.

Heck, Mia Farrow even Tweeted Palmer's home address! (That was likely a step too far.)

Proving that anger over Cecil the Lion crosses the political aisle, Nicolle Wallace chimed in and agreed with Goldberg on The View.

“I think hunting this animal is incomprehensible," she said.

While you debate this ongoing topic, here's a look back at our nation's previous hunting scandal:

Nicolle Wallace Just Made An Awkward Yet Hilarious Joke About Getting Fired From The View!

Too bad she wasn't showing off this sense of humor before she got the axe!

Nowadays, being a panelist on the The View means constantly having to be worried about your future on the show.

And no one knows that to be true more than Nicolle Wallace, the most recent person to be fired from the ABC daytime talk show.

The political commentator was reportedly let go for not being as edgy as Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Candace Cameron Bure, while simultaneously not knowing enough about pop culture.

[ Related: Sherri Shepherd, Molly Sims, & More Join The View! ]

Well, it seems like Nicolle sure followed her stories in the news pretty closely, because while interviewing Eriq La Salle this week, she poked fun at her very own firing!

The best part of the joke is that you can see each of her co-hosts understand what she just said one-by-one; first Whoopi Goldberg, then Rosie Perez and Michelle Collins, and finally Raven-Symoné with the very best reaction.

Ch-ch-check out the awkward yet hilarious moment (above)!!!

Candace Cameron Bure and Raven-Symone Clash Over Gay Wedding Cake

The Supreme Court may have recently legalized gay marriage around the country, but that hasn't settled all debate surrounding this issue.

On The View today, tensions ran very high between guest panelist Candace Cameron Bure and co-host Raven-Symone (the latter of whom is gay) once the topic of an Oregon bakery's decision to refuse service to a lesbian couple was broached.

Said a clearly angry Raven-Symone in response:

“It’s the same exact thing that they did back in the day saying that black people couldn’t do certain things because it’s my 'religious belief.'"

But Bure saw things differently.

"I don’t think this is discrimination at all," she countered. "This is about freedom of association. It's about constitutional rights. It's about First Amendment rights. We do have the right to still choose who we associate with."

The discussion grew more heated from there, with Symone saying at one point she "refuses to associate" with the Full House star right then and there.

Watch the explosive debate above

Candace cameron bure and raven symone clash over lesbian wedding

Rosie Perez Is Leaving The View For Real This Time!

They should just rename it The Few...

Rosie Perez announced on Tuesday that she would be leaving The View after only lasting a single season.

The 50-year-old actress joined Whoopy Goldberg on the panel alongside Nicolle Wallace at the start of Season 18, but she will now be departing the show after its finale on August 6.

[ Video: Nicolle Wallace Doesn't Think Raven Is Famous On The View ]

Raven-Symoné only just joined the cast on June 10, so it'll be interesting to see who ABC picks as Rosie's replacement.

There were rumors that Rosie was leaving the show after four months back in January, but those were eventually proven false as she actually lasted the entire year.

The View hasn't been able to keep its cast together following recent high profile exits from Rosie O'Donnell, Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd, and Jenny McCarthy... and it looks like Rosie is just the latest casualty.

Who do U want to see join the OG panel series??

[Image via The View/Facebook.]

Whoopi Goldberg Is STILL Defending Bill Cosby Following The New Revelations And Janice Dickinson Is PISSED!

Newly released court documents from a 2005 deposition of Bill Cosby have shed a new light on the allegations against him.

In the unsealed files, the 77-year-old -- who has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women -- admitted to acquiring drugs with the intention of using them to have sex with girls.

[ Related: Celebs SLAM Bill After Docs Are Unsealed! ]

But on The View on Tuesday, Whoopi Goldberg revealed that she's not condemning the comedian just yet, saying:

"We'll see what happens as more information comes out. People will make judgments. I don't like snap judgments because I've had snap judgments made on me, so I'm very, very careful...Save your texts, save your nasty comments. I don't care."

The 59-year-old even went on to say that she isn't going to view him as a rapist until physical evidence against him has surfaced:

"This is my opinion and in America, still — I know it's a shock — but you actually were innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven a rapist."

Janice Dickinson heard about the Sister Act star's comments, and did not like them one bit.

The model -- who claims to be one of Bill's victims and is suing him for defamation and emotional distress -- fired back at Whoopi for being so dismissive of the allegations against the actor:

"What is wrong with you, Whoopi Goldberg? What more does it take? You need to be fired. How dare you sit there on The View? You need to be fired, you stupid woman. That is ridiculous."

She also responded to Cosby's confession about getting drugs for sex, revealing she can't consider it a victory until some wrongs have been righted:

"I don't know how to feel. I don't have the strength at the moment until -- until each and every one of the women that have accused Bill Cosby along with myself and a few others that have personally reached out to me that will not come forward due to character victimization -- I would like an apology for each and every one of us in order for my soul to feel. I don't feel any 'hip-hip hoorays.'"


So what do U think of the disturbing drama, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Alberto Reyes/WENN.]

Whoopi Goldberg Compares Confederate Flag to Nazism

Whoopi Goldberg has taken another strong stance on another hot topic.

In the wake of last week's horrific Charleston shooting, which claimed nine lives inside a church, a debate has raged on over South Carolina still flying the Confederate Flag over its Capitol Building.

Where does Goldberg stand on this controversial topic? She made it very clear during a segment on The View.

"It should not be flying anywhere," the panelist said.

"The only argument you can make against having this flag be as spectacularly shown as it is around the South is the Nazis. It would be like having the swastika flag flying on your next-door neighbor."

Co-host Rosie Perez did not use this comparison, but did say she doesn't comprehend the "pride" associated with this Civil War symbol.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, meanwhile, just came out and said it's time for the flag to come down.

Check out Goldberg's take and then go see her compare Rachel Dolezal to Caitlyn Jenner.

Whoopi goldberg compares confederate flag to use of swastikas

TMI Alert: Whoopi Goldberg Just Wants Get Laid!

Remember when Whoopi Goldberg farted on The View?

The host just opened up in a very different way. 

During a discussion about online dating sites and the concept of casual sex, Goldberg felt a need to get something off her chest - and that something was this:

Sometimes she just wants a guy on her chest!

"There’s a difference between a relationship and sex," she explained. "There’s a big difference! Sometimes all you want is sex, okay?"

But Whoopi wasn't finished going all TMI on the audience:

"I don’t mind a hit-and-run because I don’t want to have your kids. I don’t want to meet your family. I just want to get laid!"

Amen, Whoop. Amen.

Whoopi goldberg admits sometimes i just wanna get laid

Raven-Symone to Join The View?

Raven-Symone may be headed back to the small screen.

The former Cosby Show star is under consideration for a full-time gig on The View, sources tell Us Weekly.

The 29-year old actress spent a bulk of this spring co-hosting the ABC talk show alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace.

Raven-Symone Photograph

"They think she's really smart, but also a little kooky and so she'd be a good fit," an insider tells the tabloid of Raven-Symone.

The star has certainly proven that she isn't shy about speaking her mind.

She came out as gay last August and she later told Oprah that she does not want to be called an African-American.

"Every night she studies all the current events and topics for the next day," a second source tells Us. "Everyone is blown away. Nobody else prepares like she does!"

Bringing in Raven-Symone would the latest in a number of significant changes at the long-running talk program

Shortly after Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd departed the panel in August 2014 Rosie O'Donnell returned for a second stint as a host... only to exit the show months later.

Would you want to see Raven-Symone on The View? Or would one of the following choices be better?