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Seth Rogen Says Tom Cruise’s Scientology Pitch Was Real Weird

Tom Cruise loves Scientology. People get mad because Chris Pratt is a Christian and occasionally says something like “I’ll pray for you to feel better” but if he talked about Jesus as much as Tom Cruise talks about the weird science fiction nonsense Scientologists believe in, he’d be Kirk Cameron.

Seth Rogan recalled how Cruise tried to pitch him on the religion when they first met, via Uproxx.

Rogen also recalled his “bizarre” meeting with Cruise, who was in his “very weird period, where he had had his child, but no one had seen his child and there was genuine speculation as to whether the child was real… I remember meeting this baby, being like, ‘This poor baby doesn’t know she’s like the most talked about person on the planet.’ Which is a lot of pressure.” Deep into the conversation, Cruise brought up Scientology. “I’ll never forget the wording [Tom] used,” Rogen said. “‘It’s like with Scientology,’ he said, ‘If you let me just tell you what it was really about… just give me like 20 minutes to, like, really just tell you what it was about, you would say, ‘No f*cking way. No f*cking way.’”

Yeah, we all saw the episode of South Park that explains Scientology and I think a lot of people’s react was “No fucking way.”

Luckily for Rogen, who didn’t think he could turn down the biggest movie star in the world at the time, Judd Apatow gave Cruise a polite no thank you and no one joined any weird religions.

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Tom Cruise is Giving Back His Golden Globes

I knew when the Golden Globes came under fire by every major player in Hollywood that it was only a matter of time before someone performatively gave back their Golden Globe awards. It’s not a huge surprise that the first person in line was Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise. That dude is always looking for some good press to get people to forget all the times he went on TV and ranted about psychologists.

Here’s what Deadline reported about Cruise’s trophies.

The trophies just sent to HFPA headquarters are the Best Actor prize he won for Jerry Maguire, the Best Actor prize he won for Born on the Fourth of July and the Best Supporting Actor prize he won for Magnolia. This is a new tack, but I wouldn’t be surprised if others follow his lead and that the reception area of the HFPA could be crammed with golden trophies.

NBC also announced they won’t be broadcasting the 2022 Golden Globes Ceremony. That’s pretty much the end of the grift for the HFPA. The organization pretty much makes all of its money from NBC airing the awards show, to the tune of $60 million a year. They’re still going to get that money through 2026 because what NBC actually paid for was the rights to broadcast the ceremony.

The flip side of that is the HFPA can’t shop the ceremony to other networks, and if no one sees the ceremony for 4 years, it’s unlikely they’ll tune back into the show in 2027.

But hey, a tiny group of nerds got to hang out with Hollywood celebrities by bribing them with gold statues and that worked for 78 years. Not a bad run.

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Tom Cruise Bought Social Distancing Robots to Enforce COVID Rules on Set

Unlike some celebrities who really ought to know better, Tom Cruise is taking COVID-19 seriously. Some might say a little too seriously.

It wasn’t that long ago that Tom Cruise read his crew the riot act after someone violated the social distancing guidelines on the set of the new Mission: Impossible film. Now he’s one-upped that and bought robots to enforce the rules.

No, seriously. Robots. Tom Cruise has a robot army at his command. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Page Six had comments from crew members about the robots.

“The robots are really sophisticated and rather intimidating. It’s like the Terminator only not as violent,” the source added.

Now, when I hear Terminator I think bipedal humanoid robot, and we are very much not there yet with robots that would remind you of the Terminator.

I’m guessing they’re much more like Daleks.

In fact, it wouldn’t even be the first time someone used Daleks to spread the word about COVID safety measures.

Tom Cruise is a weird guy, and Leah Remini thinks his dedication to COVID safety is for show to make Scientology look good, there is a simpler reason.

“Yes, the rant that came out last month may have been a bit over the top, but he was right, and those who saw the story sympathized with him,” the source told The Sun.

“He gets paid a lot for these films but he also knows that he is lucky to be working and staff on the film from top to bottom rely on this film going ahead. You don’t have to go far to see how just how much the pandemic has affected jobs,” the person continued.

COVID has shut down a lot of jobs, and making a movie isn’t something you have everyone do from home. Cruise is right that it’s important to try and keep everyone safe because if productions can’t do that then the entire industry could be forced shut down.

Still, who buys COVID prevention robots?

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Here’s What George Clooney Had to Say About Tom Cruise’s Outburst at ‘Mission: Impossible’ Crew

Did you think Tom Cruise may have over-reacted when he flipped out on the crew of the new Mission: Impossible film for not following the COVID guidelines the film is operating under? I think he was right, but a lot of people online were not on his side. I think presumably because they already (rightly) think Tom Cruise is an asshole.

Just because Tom Cruise sucks doesn’t mean he was wrong, though.

George Clooney was on Howard Stern today and he told Howard “He didn’t overreact because it is a problem. I have a friend who’s an AD on another TV show who just had the almost exact same thing happen with not quite as far out a response.”

In fact, a lot of Hollywood celebrities felt the same way as Clooney. Whoopi Goldberg said she understood Cruise’s reaction on The View and Josh Gad tweeted that Tom Cruise was right.

And yeah, Tom Cruise was right. COVID is a serious thing and we need to take it seriously. We can’t all be screwing around like Kirk Cameron and organizing a Merry Christmas super spreader event.

That’s why so many other Hollywood stars were willing to stand up for Cruise; we’re not taking this as seriously as we should and that’s why things are getting so bad right now. They’re about to get worse because everyone is going to ignore all the warnings again and travel for Christmas, including the people who are giving the warnings in a lot of cases. It’s not an ideal situation.

Tom Cruise sucks and maybe you want him to be nicer but if people would follow the rules to begin with we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

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Tom Cruise is Not Screwing Around With COVID Safety Measures

In order for Hollywood to start making movies and TV shows again, they’ve had to put some pretty strict regulations in place to avoid soundstages becoming COVID hotspots. It’s pretty important everyone follows these guidelines because unlike a lot of jobs, you can’t operate a camera or a boom mic or a lighting rig from home; people need to be there in person and if they can’t make that work than the entire industry is going to have to shut down.

Tom Cruise is not taking these safety guidelines lightly, and the actor absolutely lost it on Mission: Impossible crew members who weren’t following them, The Sun reports.

And he flew into a rage after spotting two of the crew standing within two metres of each other.

An audio tape captured Cruise shouting: “If I see you do it again, you’re f***ing gone. And if anyone in this crew does it, that’s it — and you too and you too. And you, don’t you ever f***ing do it again.”

He went on: “They’re back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us. “We are creating thousands of jobs, you motherf***ers.

“That’s it. No apologies. You can tell it to the people that are losing their f***ing homes because our industry is shut down. “

I have to say, as rants from actors at crews go, Tom’s was the most responsible and correct one I’ve ever heard. Cruise has apparently put a lot of effort and money into making sure that the film could proceed and he’s not wrong about those jobs being at risk. Unlike almost every other country in the world, the US government has offered almost no assistance to citizens outside a one-time check and a giant slush fund that was theoretically to help small businesses pay employees who were having to stay home but actually went to people like Tom Brady and Kanye West. Tom Cruise is doing what he needs to do to keep everyone safe so that they can make a living in these scary times. Hopefully the vaccines that are rolling out will mean the end of this pandemic by the end of next year, but while it’s still ongoing Tom Cruise is right to be strict about following the rules.

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Tom Cruise, Whose Religion is Based on a Sci-Fi Novel, is Going to Space to Film a Movie

Tom Cruise is a weirdo who believes in a religion based on a book of science fiction nonsense about space aliens instead of a normal religion based on ancient sword and sandals nonsense about visitors from the heavens like everyone else. I assume that has a lot to do with why he’s letting Elon Musk send him into space to film a movie.

TMZ reports that Cruise is taking a SpaceX flight to the International Space Station in 2021 in order to film an action flick.

As we reported … Tom is working hand in hand with SpaceX honcho Elon Musk and NASA to film an action-adventure flick aboard the ISS. The film, which will become the first shot in outer space, is reportedly NOT a “Mission Impossible” flick.

There’s a zero percent chance this doesn’t end up as propaganda for the Space Force, much like, well, Space Force. I loved the scene where they make not-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look like she hates America for complaining about extravagant wastes of money when people are starving, homeless and don’t have health care. Imagine wanting the government to actually help people instead of pouring money into the black hole of the military-industrial complex; what a dumb cunt, am I right?

If you thought Black Panther and Pitch Perfect 3 were loaded with military propaganda, wait until you see this. It’s also 100% going to kiss Elon Musk’s ass to a sickening degree. Remember how Donald Trump would insist he be given cameos in movies that wanted to film on his properties? Do you think Elon Musk has a smaller ego that Donald Trump?

This will be the first movie shot in space, as previous films that shot zero-g scenes with practical effects generally filmed on the “vomit comet,” a training vehicle that flies in a parabolic arc to create a reduced-gravity environment for brief periods without leaving Earth’s atmosphere. I just hope David Miscavige can cope with being separated for so long while the movie films.

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Leah Remini Wants Everyone to Know Tom Cruise is an Asshole

About fifteen years ago Leah Remini’s support for Scientology’s New York Rescue Worker’s Detoxification Program caused a rift between Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder, then co-hosts of the Air America radio show The Majority Report that led to Garofalo’s departure from the show and the network. Luckily for everyone, Garofalo and Seder have made up and Leah Remini’s current opinions on Scientology are actually awesome.

For example, did you know Tom Cruise is a huge asshole? Remini knows, and she talked to The Daily Beast in the hopes of spreading a much better gospel.

When I was in Scientology I got in trouble in Scientology for saying, ‘Why is this guy the poster child for Scientology? He can’t keep a fuckin’ marriage together, he’s jumping on couches, he’s acting like he knows anything about postpartum.’ I learned pretty quickly that that’s not something you should be doing, because Tom Cruise is considered a messiah in Scientology. This is a man who has not even seen his own daughter in years. That this guy can be running around and having people think he’s this super-nice guy, I don’t get it. But that’s the Hollywood-bullshit game people play.

At one point Tom Cruise was the biggest little star in Hollywood, and everyone bent over to kiss his ass. Scientology hasn’t really caught up with the idea that he no longer is; dude’s never even been in a Marvel movie.

I think that [Newton] speaking out about what we all know Tom to be is not news to people who are or were Scientologists, who know the truth. Because he is not a nice person,” maintains Remini. “There was a time when Tom was a very nice person, but that was before he rededicated himself to David Miscavige [in the aughts], and there was a complete turn-around.

You ever think it’s weird that the leader of a church whose founder considered homosexuality “sexual perversion” spends some much time hanging out with a super handsome actor whose most common description in games of Celebrity is “gay dude who’s in the closet” and has basically made the whole religion’s purpose keeping that one dude happy? Even the term “rededicated” makes it sound like they’re gently touching their tips in the Scientology locker room.

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Won’t You Let the New ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer Take You on a Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise has built his career around taking projects that just shouldn’t work but somehow do, which is why I feel that although the world doesn’t need a sequel to Top Gun, there’s no reason to underestimate Cruise’s ability to make such an endeavor work. Top Gun: Maverick has been teased and hinted at in the three and a half decades since the original hit theaters, so it’s odd that it’s manifesting itself now, in 2020.

That timeline, of course, provides plenty of cushion for all of the new roles people will be playing. It also allows Maverick to have ditched Charlie (poor Kelly McGillis) so he could shack up with the much sexier Jennifer Connelly—who was only 16 when the first film was made. There are rumors—solidified by that stupid mustache he’s sporting—that the eminently punchable Miles Teller is playing the long lost son of Goose (poor Anthony Edwards), further ensuring he’ll never move out of the shadows as an actor.

Again, this has no reason to exist and absolutely no one should have faith that it’s going to be any good, but something tells me that Cruise is just itching to prove us all wrong. Top Gun: Maverick cruises into theaters on June 26, 2020.

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Nicole Kidman: Desperate to Rescue Her Kids From Tom Cruise and His Scientologist Goons?

Somehow, Tom Cruise still lands roles in big-budget Hollywood movies.

It's surprising because we live in a time in which celebrities get "canceled" over poorly-phrased jokes, and yet Cruise still has a career despite multiple decades as the poster boy for a global cult that's been accused of human trafficking and using slave labor.

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

We suppose in a profoundly warped way, Cruise's commitment to Scientology is admirable.

After all, the religion has cost him just about everything except his career, and yet he still clings to it.

Cruise reportedly hasn't seen his daughter Suri in over four years as a result of his ties to the Church.

Insiders say Tom is been convinced that Suri isn't really his daughter -- but not in the literal sense.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

He's well aware that he's the girl's biological father, but he's reportedly been convinced by top Scientology brass that as a "suppressive person" she's not his child in the spiritual sense.

It's a sad situation for Suri, but at least she's not trapped in the CoS or caught in the middle of a bitter legal battle between her parents.

The same can't be said of Isabella and Connor Cruise, Tom's children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman,

Though they're both adults at this point -- Isabella is 26, Connor 24 -- Kidman is reportedly deeply concerned about her children's future.

Isabella Cruise Promotes Scientology

And she feels their only chance at a normal is getting as far away from Tom and the Scientology leadership as possible.

Isabella is currently being groomed to assume her father's role as the face of the Church.

But the passing of the torch comes at an awkward time.

David Miscavige and other top brass within the faith are currently being bombarded with a slew of lawsuits.

Connor Cruise Pic

(Former Scientologists and their families timed the suits in order to deplete the Church's legal resources.)

Nicole reportedly sees this as her window of opportunity, and she's hoping to intercede on her kids' behalf before it's too late.

Rumors that Isabella is pregnant with her first child have led Kidman to the conclusion that there's no time to waste, and it seems her plan is to create enough legal headaches for CoS leaders that they'll want to distance themselves from the Cruise kids.

“Things are getting hot for Scientology with court cases that threaten to blow the organization wide open,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Nicole and Tom

“And if that happens, she wants Connor and Isabella — and this potential grandchild — to be out of harm’s way.”

“Those kids have grown up without choices,” former Scientologist Sam Domingo tells Radar.

“They’re being used as leverage for the church and it’s not right.”

Domingo, who grew up in the Church and broke free as an adult, says Tom and Nicole's kids were groomed for leadership roles from early childhood.

Nicole Kidman at 2017 Emmys

“Tom Cruise’s kids have grown up in an alien world. It’s completely different,” she tells Radar.

“Connor used to be sequestered in the President’s Office, which is the office that deals with the Celebrity Centre.

"The kids weren’t in general population like the rest of the kids. You never saw them.”

Sam's use of prison terminology like "general population" is probably not coincidental.

It sounds like the stakes couldn't be any higher -- a fact that we're sure Nicole is well aware of.

Senator Lindsey Graham Has Strong Feelings on Tom Cruise’s Wardrobe in ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

There’s a new Top Gun movie coming soon for some reason, was anyone really clamoring for this? Well, I guess Senator Lindsey Graham was, but I can’t imagine why.

That explains a lot of why Graham is interested in it, actually. But I want to make it clear then when I compare Senator Graham to Waylan Smithers, I’m not being homophobic, I just mean that he’s a snivelling, spineless toady.

How much sand do you think they had to pile in front of that net to make it some Tom Cruise could spike a ball over it, by the way? I mean, I guess they had it from the ditch they dug for Val Kilmer to walk in when the two were in frame together.

Unsurprisingly, in an impromptu conversation with TMZ, Graham was asked about Tom Cruise’s outfit in Top Gun: Maverick, specifically that it had been altered by the Chinese investors in the film to remove the Japanese and Taiwanese flags.

Graham says that it “sucks,” which I don’t think is appropriate language for a Senator. But he’s still going to watch it because of course he is, it glorifies the military and has shirtless men, Lindsey Graham is basically the entire target audience.

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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Debut Trailer Finds Tom Cruise Up to His Old Tricks


On the long list of sequels we didn’t need, a sequel to Top Gun has to be pretty high up there. It’s not as though the original was crying out for a sequel, and there’s certainly no huge affinity for the film among large swaths of the population, but Tom Cruise has managed to make the most of unnecessary sequels for decades now.

Top Gun: Maverick is coming next year whether we want it or not, and this debut trailer certainly shows that they’re doing their damndest to make an entertaining sequel. With the notable exception of The Mummy, Cruise has been able to personally elevate the vast majority of these premises that shouldn’t work, so the potential that this could be something is high.

My other big gripe with this is the title. Top Gun: Maverick sounds like a spinoff movie or some sort of prequel along the lines of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Realistically they probably should’ve gone with Bottom Gun, although I’m the same guy that said the sequel to Now You See Me should’ve been Now You Don’t. Hopefully this overcomes all of these hurdles to become an instant classic, but the odds are not really in their favor.

Top Gun: Maverick soars into theaters on June 26, 2020.

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The MMA Fight Between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise Could Actually Happen

Last week, Justin Bieber tweeted that he wanted to fight Tom Cruise in the Octagon. Here was this 25-year-old challenging a guy older than his dad to an MMA fight. Though the consensus was Bieber would probably get his ass kicked by Tom Cruise. Never discount old man strength.

Well, TMZ got some details saying that calls were made. Ari Emanuel, co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor agency, owner of the UFC, called Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager. Dana White, president of the UFC, was conferenced in. All were in agreement that this 100% needs to happen. Justin Bieber said he would for sure fight if Cruise agreed. Only one question remains. Will Tom Cruise be willing to punch Bieber in the face for all of us?

Anyway, Dana White must have got a raging boner after the phone call because this is the easiest event he’d ever have to promote. And I’m guessing when Conor McGregor read the news, he wiped his nose and told his people to find the oldest actor they can find so he could punch them in the face.

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Justin Bieber Challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA Fight

On Sunday, Justin Bieber, a tough white kid from the mean streets of Ontario, Canada, challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA fight on Twitter. There was no explanation as to why and it seemed pretty sad wanting to beat up a guy 12 years older than his dad. He may as well have challenged a grandpa with Alzheimers and a child with a learning disability right after.

Let’s forget for a moment how ridiculous it is for a 25-year-old to be challenging a 56-year-old who could probably kick his ass. Let’s entertain this idea and see who could win. Here’s some stats for both fighters.

Justin Bieber

Age: 25
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: 5’9”

Tom Cruise

Age: 56
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 5’7”

It would be fair to say that Justin Bieber has the age, height and probably reach advantage on Tom Cruise. Justin Bieber has also “trained” boxing with Floyd Mayweather and probably knows a little MMA considering his dad used to be an MMA fighter. On paper, Justin Bieber should win this fight. However, you have to account for a few things.

Tom Cruise has spent years preparing for action roles so you know he’s developed old man strength and some fight skills. Add to that the fact that he’s probably on HGH like all the other old action stars and he has himself a strength and even possibly a skill advantage over Bieber.

And then there’s the biggest factor. One that I think pretty much determines Tom Cruise would take it. It is that Justin Bieber is a gigantic pussy.

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Tom Cruise & Elisabeth Moss: Dating?!

Looks like it's a match made in the sacred volcano where the evil Lord Xenu deposited the souls of our ancestors!

Beloved actors and fellow space loonies Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss are rumored to be dating!

Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Moss

Cruise, of course, is the A-list star of Top Gun who allegedly hasn't seen his daughter in over five years after she was labeled a "suppressive person" by the creepy thugs who dictate his religious beliefs.

Moss, meanwhile, apparently sees no irony in starring on a TV show about a dystopian future controlled by oppressive cult leaders while at the same time pledging loyalty to a religious organization that's repeatedly been accused of human trafficking and benefiting from slave labor.

Yes, both Cruise and Moss are devoted Scientologists, which means we should probably watch footage of their public appearances together, as she may be trying to send us rescue instructions by blinking her eyes in Morse code.

Elisabeth Moss on Hulu

“Elisabeth has known Tom forever because they both belong to the Church of Scientology," a source close to the alleged couple tells OK! magazine.

"But early last year, she told a friend a shocking secret: She’s always had a crush on him. She had no idea word would get back to Tom and it would bring them together.”

The source goes on to claim that marriage and children are definitely in the cards for Moss and Cruise:

“That’s Tom for you,” says the insider.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

“He doesn’t sit on things – he’s a go-getter. When he makes a decision, he’s on it. And he’s decided he’s in love with Elisabeth.”

Oh, that irrepressible go-getter Tom.

Whether it's the lead role in a blockbuster film, or attaining galactic oneness by cleansing his soul of alien contaminants, nothing stands between the actor and what he wants.

And these what he wants is Elisabeth Moss!

Elisabeth Moss at 2018 Oscars

Moss has been unlucky in love in the past, having gotten divorced from Fred Armisen back in 2011.

At one point, she was rumored to be dating Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm, but that relationship seems to have fizzled.

While we're sure both experiences were discouraging, we'd like to take this opportunity to publicly encourage Moss to go back to either of those men, or -- for that matter -- literally any man on the planet who is not named Tom Cruise and does not belong to the Church of Scientology.

With that said, best of luck, you crazy kids!

‘Rogue Nation’ and ‘Fallout’ Director Christopher McQuarrie to Make Back-to-Back ‘Mission: Impossible’ Sequels

Get ready for at least two more great action movies with totally forgettable subtitles. I really miss the old numbering system we used to do with sequels. Those days are long gone. Mission: Impossible might be the only modern franchise that has actually gotten better with each subsequent entry in the series.

More importantly in Hollywood, the movies have begun to gross more money with each sequel too, leading Paramount to want to continue making these movies for as long as Tom Cruise is willing to put his life in danger. And we now have some indication as to how much longer that will last as the series’ star Cruise is starring in at least two more sequels, due in 2021 and 2022, that will be written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

McQuarrie wrote and directed the two most recent entries in the franchise—2015’s Rogue Nation and last year’s Fallout—and, according to Variety, will direct the next two flicks back-to-back. Whether they’ll be one story split into two films or two proper sequels remains to be seen, but it’s not surprising that Paramount wants to capitalize on the series’ popularity as they don’t have many other franchises to brag about—especially after shelving the latest Star Trek sequel.

The other thing this means is that it takes the popular writer/director off the grid for the next three years, making it more or less (mission) impossible for him to helm any other movies until at least 2022. As indicated by The Hollywood Reporter, neither McQuarrie nor Cruise will be joining the DC Cinematic Universe to do anything, including their rumored involvement with a Green Lantern Corps movie. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, I’ll leave to you to decide.

These two are definitely cinematic best buds, though. They’re like the more respectable and likable version of Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg.

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Tom Cruise Wants You to Turn Off the God Damned Motion Smoothing on Your HDTV (VIDEO)

There are few things in this world as aggravating to me as going over to someone else’s house to watch a movie and the god damned motion smoothing setting on their television is turned on. It’s a scourge upon mankind that needs to stop. If your movies look weird and other-worldly while you’re watching them, it’s because you need to turn off the accursed setting known as motion-smoothing or TruMotion or Motion Flow or whatever other buzzworthy marketing term they use to describe this plague on our movie watching.

Hollywood action movie superstar Tom Cruise is now putting out a video demanding that people stop watching movies with this setting turned on. He and M:I—Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie want you to understand why this setting is so detrimental to most movies, particularly well crafted action films like Fallout.

So listen to your friend Tom Cruise, he’s a cool dude, and if he wants you to turn this setting off, you turn it off. Simple as that. I think the only person who might be better equipped to yell at you about this might be Wilford Brimley. That guy could scare me into doing just about anything.

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Spoiler-ific Honest Trailer for ‘M:I-Fallout’ is Pretty Fantastic (VIDEO)


There’s no denying that the Mission: Impossible franchise continues to deliver, film after film, with the three best films in the Tom Cruise-fronted series coming in this decade. That’s no small feat for a franchise that started 22 years ago with Brian De Palma at the helm.

Screen Junkies take their potshots at the latest entry in the series, Fallout, with a pretty fantastic Honest Trailer. They obviously handle the film’s many balls jokes with the deep voiced reading of the word “balls,” which never gets old. None of this is to mention this film’s many callbacks to the previous films in the franchise that you’ve likely forgotten all about.

If I’ve any complaint about Fallout, it seems to be the same one they raise, which is that it’s all a bunch of gobbledygook when there’s not an action sequence happening. No one in the movies understands the plot, and the audience is similarly left baffled by it all. But none of that matters when there’s another smash ’em up, bang ’em up, kill ’em with fire action chase scene to be had.

I imagine this will play better at home where you can fast forward through the boring stuff and just focus on the cool, amazing, totally awesome stunt work and action sequences. Mission: Impossible—Fallout is available now on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray, and Digital HD.

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Tom Cruise Won’t Talk to His Own Daughter Because She’s Not a Scientologist

One of the reasons you can tell Scientology isn’t the same as other religions is that Tom Cruise is a huge weirdo. Chris Pratt is annoying religious, too, but all he does is pray for Kevin Smith and be super nice to people. Even Mel Gibson isn’t as weird as Tom Cruise; sure, he’s kind of racist but he never jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch to let everyone know how manly and heterosexual he is.

Tom Cruise has a daughter, and you may remember it being kind of a big deal when she was born. People love celebrity babies the way Tom Cruise loves being David Miscavige’s large adult son. But Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter in years even though his custody agreement says he’s allowed to have for 10 days a month, according to a report in Us Weekly.

“Every person is allowed to see their child if they wanted to,” the source tells Us, revealing custody of the 12-year-old is outlined in his divorce agreement with Katie Holmes. “He chooses not to because she is not a Scientologist.”

How messed up is that? He names the girl Suri like it’s an actual name a person might have and then he stops being involved with her because she, at age 7, isn’t a Scientologist. Tom Hanks wouldn’t pull that shit, he’s easily the best Tom. Cruise allegedly just uses his daughter as a bargaining chip to make sure his ex-wife doesn’t start hanging out with Leah Remini. No, really.

“I’m sure her father, who’s a smart attorney, has probably told her that hanging out with Leah would be considered disparaging the church in the eyes of Tom and the church,” Ortega tells Us. “We were all hoping that eventually Katie would say more and that we’d see them together, but Leah has gone on to become this real lightning rod for exposing Scientology’s abuses, and I think Katie just wants to keep the life she has right now with Suri and not get in a big fight with the church.”

Remini, who publicly left the church in 2013, recently claimed Holmes is not “allowed to have a meal” with her because she could “lose custody of Suri.”

Tom Cruise is the Scientology equivalent of one of those super strict Christian or Muslim families that kicks their kid out of the house when they’re 14 because they found out the kid is gay. But instead of playing doctor with another girl, Cruise caught his daughter playing psychologist instead of having her thetans examined with an e-meter to ward off Xenu or whatever.

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Red Hot Rebecca Ferguson and All the Sexiest Actresses From the ‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’ Red Carpet

The ladies of the Mission: Impossible franchise hit the red carpet last night for the premiere of the sixth film in the franchise, Fallout, and it was one of the hottest shows in town. While not as renowned for its hot women as something like the Bond franchise, there’s no denying that it’s had its fair share of hotties pass through its hallowed halls over the years.

The latest flick features a trio of tantalizing temptresses that turned heads at last night’s premiere. Michelle Monaghan—who has been with the franchise since the third film—stole a lot of focus last night with her braless look in a rather shimmery dress. Not one to be outdone, Brit beauty Rebecca Ferguson—who joined the franchise in 2015’s Rogue Nation—was rocking a red dress that managed to be both elegant and sexy.

The lady of the hour, however, was 59-year old Angela Bassett, whose lacy black dress was a head turner for sure. Wait a second, head turner, Tina Turner. Methinks this might have been her plan all along. Seriously, though, could she be any more devastatingly gorgeous and glamorous? Something tells me that would be the most impossible mission of all. I’ll show myself out.

Photo Credit: Splash News 

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New ‘M:I Fallout’ Featurette Showcases Tom Cruise Doing Insane Stunts (VIDEO)


Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Tom Cruise’s dedication to making the stunt work in his films as realistic as possible. His philosophy behind this is that it makes it more visceral for the audience when they can tell that it’s really him doing the stunt work as opposed to some younger, more qualified stuntman.

I don’t know that it necessarily makes his films better, but it’s pretty undeniable that the Mission: Impossible films have gotten better as they’ve gone along—with the second one being the exception that proves the rule—and a lot of that is thanks to Cruise’s willingness to put the film above his own personal safety. This new featurette showcases the many stunts that Cruise undertook while making the latest film in the franchise, Fallout, including the jump between buildings where he broke his foot and effectively shut down the production for a few months.

If advanced word of mouth is to be believed, however, it all paid off as the film is getting rave reviews from most critics. It’s definitely the last highly anticipated action flick of the summer, so I guess it’s good that we’re going out on a high note. Find out for yourself when M:I—Fallout opens a week from Friday on July 27.

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The Eminently Punchable Miles Teller Joins ‘Top Gun 2’ as Goose’s Son, For Some Reason

Last summer, Tom Cruise revealed that there was going to be a belated sequel to Top Gun titled Top Gun: Maverick, despite the fact that no one asked for or wanted such a sequel. Set to be directed by Tron: Legacy & Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski, the film would follow the further adventures of Cruise’s hot shot pilot character, presumably as he stepped into the supervisory role for a new generation of pilots.

Well, as it turns out, this new generation of pilots is also going to include the long lost son of Maverick’s old buddy Goose—played in the original film by Anthony Edwards. If this already sounds stupid, just wait, it’s about to get even stupider.

According to Variety, Miles Teller is going to be playing this role, despite the fact that absolutely no one likes him as either an actor or a human being. Teller was decent in Whiplash, but hasn’t achieved anything resembling that depth of character since, and he seemed marginally unemployable for a while. I guess someone thought this was a good idea, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it, right?

Interesting fact: When Kelly McGillis came out of the closet in 2009, she became only the fifth gayest thing about Top Gun. Ah, who am I kidding? Everything that ever needed to be said about Top Gun was already said by Quentin Tarantino back in 1994’s Sleep With Me

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Scarlett Johansson Denies Auditioning to Be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend, Something Everyone Knows She Probably Did

Tom Cruise auditioned girlfriends. We know this is a thing that happened and that the Church of Scientology held the auditions. We’ve known this story for years, and it’s been told by multiple sources.

Brendan Tighe, a former Scientologist, was on Megyn Kelly Today this week to talk about Scientology, and it’s mostly a recap of things we already knew, like how Tom Cruise is in love with David Miscavige and that he and John Travolta don’t get along because they both want to be the most famous Scientologist.

Tighe also mentioned that Scarlett Johansson was the only actress auditioning for the role of Tom Cruise’s beard with a recognizable name. Now here’s where the story gets interesting; Johansson issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter about the news, saying “The very idea of any person auditioning to be in a relationship is so demeaning. I refuse for anyone to spread the idea that I lack the integrity to choose my own relationships. Only a man, AKA Brendan Tighe, would come up with a crazy story like that.”

So here’s where I say fuck Scarlett Johansson for trying to use feminism as a cover for shitty behavior. It’s like calling people sexist for not liking that bomb of a Ghostbusters remake Paul Feig shat out, except at the end someone has to have sex with Tom Cruise, probably while wearing a David Miscavige mask and a strap-on.

Also, we know Brendan Tighe didn’t make this story up with his misogynist man brain. A woman, actress Nazanin Boniadi, who is a lady of the female persuasion, confirmed this story all the way back in 2012.The church forced her to break up with her boyfriend and date Tom Cruise, but she eventually failed the audition and ended up pretending to date a gay dude on How I Met Your Mother instead of at Scientology picnics.

Also, Johansson is the spokesperson for SodaStream, an Israeli company that was, until recently, operating inside a settlement on Palestinian land in the West Bank, in open defiance of international law. Upon being told this, Johansson said “No, I stand behind that decision. I was aware of that particular factory before I signed. And it still doesn’t seem like a problem.” I’m sure today she would add in a “Girl Power! Men are gross!” and end with “And anyone who opposes the genocide of Palestinians by Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party is an anti-Semite!” Because Scarlett Johansson is a shitty person.

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It’s Cruise and Cavill v Nameless Thugs in Punch-tastic New ‘M:I—Fallout’ Clip (VIDEO)


They’ve been selling us on Henry Cavill as the main antagonist of Mission: Impossible—Fallout for quite some time, but this new footage from the film shows that they at least start out on the same side.

The various trailers for the film have been edited in such a way as to make us think that Cavill is out to get Cruise, but it’s clearly the trick of some manipulative editing. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were setting him up to take over for Cruise once he’s strong-armed into retiring.

Lord knows they’ve tried it before with Jeremy Renner, who isn’t back for this adventure because of scheduling conflicts with Avengers 4. They’ve got to look to the future, because Cruise isn’t Superman. As much as he tries to act like it, he’s just not.

Cavill, on the other hand, is Superman. It’s a fact. He’s also at least twenty years younger than Cruise, so production won’t have to shut down for quite so long if he gets injured. Mark my words, Cavill’s probably not the villain of this thing and will probably be angling to take over the franchise.

We’ll find out one way or the other when Mission: Impossible—Fallout opens on July 27.

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Tom Cruise is in Space for Some Reason in New ‘M:I Fallout’ Poster and TV Spot (VIDEO)

Franchise rules used to dictate that part four was when you went into outer space, but Mission: Impossible has been playing by its own rules since it first became a franchise. If you looked at this new poster for Mission: Impossible—Fallout and thought, “Oh cool, they’re finally going to space,” then allow this new TV spot to set you straight…


Yeah, no space in that TV spot, nor in the trailers for the film, so what gives? Is Tom Cruise going to god damned space or what?

The answer is, who knows. But the franchise is going to a new place… the third dimension. That’s right, folks, just when 3D was starting to fade, Mission: Impossible decided to break out the big guns and go 3D with this one. Can anyone explain to me why this is? Most of the IMAX theaters around here only do one 3D showtime a day now, but Paramount decides they want three extra dollars on every ticket, I’m guessing to compensate for the presumed fewer number of tickets they’re gonna sell.

Who knows why anyone does what they do, but this seems like a weird gambit. And also, if Tom Cruise is going to space, send him into space for goodness’ sake. Nobody needs this namby pamby skydiving from an even higher altitude nonsense. Send him into space on a motorcycle, because who cares anymore? Mission: Impossible—Fallout opens on July 27.

[h/t Comic Book Movie]

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Tom Cruise and John Travolta Both Want to Be Papa Hubbard’s Big Boy

When I heard Tom Cruise and John Travolta were fighting about something, I was pretty sure it was who got to come out of the closet first now that being openly gay would increase their standing instead of being an impediment to their career like it would have been a decade ago when people started making jokes about how totally gaybones they are.

Turns out that what Cruise and Travolta are actually arguing about is who is more important to Scientology, according to Brendan Tighe, a former security guard at Scientology’s global headquarters.

Before Cruise, 55, came along, Travolta felt he was the ‘favorite son’ of leader David Miscavige.

‘It’s no secret that Cruise and Travolta despised each other. Travolta wasn’t invited to Cruise’s wedding with Katie Holmes, it told me everything. I can assure you Travolta doesn’t recognize Cruise as a superior in any way. When Cruise got that medal Travolta was so p***ed off.

‘The closest person Miscavige had ever said that about before was Travolta, he was told by Miscavige that he was he most dedicated Scientologist and had introduced more members than anyone, so it was like getting his title stripped, he was jealous.

‘Travolta dictated a scathing letter to his chauffeur, who had to write to Miscavige asking “what the hell is this medal was all about?”‘

In his interview with the Daily Mail, Tighe painted Cruise as a sort of entitled jerk, and Travolta and fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley as much nicer and more considerate of the people around them. While Tighe saw Cruise every day for years working security for his personal apartment, Cruise only said hello to him three times; Alley, on the other hand, would throw lavish parties for the staff and buy the women designer dresses so they had something nice to wear to them. He also mentioned he and Travolta developed something of a friendship because Travolta had been friends with Tighe’s uncle.

Cruise, on the other hand, is probably in love with church leader David Miscavige.

The only person he did have time for is Miscavige, and the pair would ride around Clearwater on their motorbikes or go to the movies.

‘When I witnessed it for the first time, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, they were putting on their motorbike gear on a public street, in full view of everyone. They’d then drive to the movies, which they’d do a lot, I don’t know how no one ever noticed them. They’d then ride back, talk for an hour by the road, then go their separate ways,’ says Tighe.

‘Cruise emulates Miscavige in every way.’

But it was his relationship with children Isabella and Connor which stuck with Tighe. Nothing got in the way of his studies, family was second to Scientology, The kids would even stay in different lodgings.

‘Although he was at the Osceola, he’d rent a few rooms at The Sandcastle for his staff, Isabella and Connor, and their teachers and caretakers. I never, ever saw him with his kids apart from one time in 2007 when it was his birthday on the 4th of July. I don’t want to paint a bleak picture, but I was watching hundreds of cameras and I never saw them with him. They’d even be making faces into the cameras.’

So Cruise ignored his children and went off on little dates with the Grand Poobah of the Water Buffalo Lodge, who gave Cruise a medal for being daddy’s good boy. Of course, Cruise was furious when he found out he couldn’t have a television channel created just to show him getting the medal 24 hours a day.

‘For example, after he got the Freedom Medal, in one of the reports, it said that Cruise wanted to create a TV network on Scientology. He was so pumped up about his medal that he wanted them to create a video of the ceremony, then play it 24/7 on some new channel he wanted.

‘He wanted the full interview, the one where he’s laughing his a** off, on the TV network, he thought it was the best thing ever. Tommy had the worst task of having to tell him we couldn’t do it.’

People give Kanye West shit for having a huge ego, but Kanye never suggested a TV station that would just play Kanye jumping on stage when Taylor Swift got her VMA 24 hours a day.

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19 Most Bitter Breakups in Hollywood History

Some breakups are pretty amicable and the two parties remain friends.

But others? Well.... others are less than amicable.

Click through the following photos and stories to remember the splits that resulted in anger, bitterness and many mean social media posts:

1. Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

Taylor swift and calvin harris
Their breakup was a shocker and it obviously hurt Calvin just how quickly she moved on from him with Tom Hiddleston.

2. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Johnny depp and amber heard
This relationship came to a conclusion when Johnny allegedly struck Amber with a cell phone.

3. Kailyn Lory & Javi Marroquin

Javi marroquin and kailyn lowry star magazines annual hollywood
There were constant arguments between this couple on Teen Mom 2, but Javi being deployed seemed to be the final straw.

4. Madonna & Sean Penn

Madonna and sean penn
You know your relationship isn't going well when there's a nickname for it. The Poison Penns was a hilarious one.

5. Matt Damon & Minnie Driver

Matt damon and minnie driver
Remember Matt Damon announced in an interview that he was single and he failed to let Minnie Driver know? Talk about awkward.

6. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Kim kardashian and kris humphries
After a 72-day marriage, Kris Humphries felt that Kim had exploited their relationship for money and ratings. Was he right?
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Leah Remini: Tom Cruise is "Diabolical," Truly Evil

Leah Remini rose to fame as a no-nonsense, straight talking character on the terrible CBS sitcom King of Queens.

And, based on her latest comments about Tom Cruise, it doesn't sound as though this woman was a stretch for Remini to portray.

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

The actress, who will reunite with Kevin James this fall as a series regular on Kevin Can Wait, sat down this week for a Reddit AMA.

Asked at one point whether Cruise is a good person, Remini did not hold any opinion back.

"No! Just going to get straight to it, no!" she replied, expounding as follows:

"There is a public persona of the guy who looks at you directly in the eye and shakes your hand and hugs you and is an attentive person to you and there's the person behind the mask who is a completely different person."

In what way, exactly?

Remini tried to explain.

"Someone could say we all have that - what we are to the public and who we are behind the scenes," she said.

"But the people who are around Tom and work for Tom, not even people who are Scientologists, they will say he is diaboloical [sic]."

Leah Remini Poses

Remini, of course, has become as famous at this point for her connection to the Church of Scientology as she is for her career.

An ex member of that religious organization (for which Cruise is essentially a spokesman), Remini has broken free from the alleged cult and spoken out against it.

Frequently and passionately.

She said late last year, for example, that Scientology is full of rape and forced abortions.

The star made these stunning accusations as part of the A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

In this AMA, Remini noted that some folks she has worked with in the past might say she "can be an asshole," yet claimed it's a different story for Cruise who is one of the most high-profile members of the Church of Scientology.

Probably the most high profile.

"He's very similar to David Miscavige, they could be twins," she wrote, referencing the organization's leader.

A new season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is on the way, one in which the host will once again delve into the dangers of her former religion.

She's talked previously about the child abuse and sexual harassment that takes place within in.

"Tom and most Scientologists, all Scientologists, are taught to believe that people like me are literally the devil, that we mean them harm," she told Larry King in December 2016 prior to claiming that the church is "defrauding people out of their lives."

Leah Remini on Kevin Can Wait

In regard to her assessment of Cruise, the Church of Scientology said via statement to Us Weekly:

"Leah Remini has been obsessed with the leader of the Scientology religion and with Mr. Cruise for years, ever since she made a scene at Mr. Cruise's wedding when she couldn't get the seat she wanted.

"Remini is only commenting on these two prominent individuals to generate media coverage for herself and her hate campaign.

"Remini is bent on inciting hate and bigotry against a worldwide religion and its parishioners and she will stop at nothing to grab attention."

Tom Cruise Goes Splat Onto Building While Filming ‘Mission Impossible’

Tom Cruise is a crazy person. Not just because he’s the face of Scientology and actually believes whatever crazy stuff they believe this month. But because he’s a 55-year-old millionaire who still insists on doing his own stunts.

Currently, Cruise is filming the latest installment of Mission Impossible. His mission in this movie is to get from one building to the next without killing himself.

Mission failed.

Here’s the problem when you’re 55-years-old and still believe that you can jump across buildings. You can’t. Why do you think they re-cast super heroes every seven years? No one believes that a 50-year-old can save the world because most 50-year-olds can barely get out of bed without their knees creaking and their back popping. The only reason we buy Tony Stark as a 50-year-old superhero is because he’s a millionaire who flies around in an armor suit and doesn’t actually do any of the work. If Stark were Captain America, he’d be dead.

The “splat” in the video is pretty unnerving. It sounds like every bone in Cruises’ body breaks as he slams into the side of the building.

I give Tom Cruise a lot of credit. He’s a brave man for continuing to want to do his own stunts. But no one will think less of him if he just retires from doing stunts. I’m willing to bet that most movie goers don’t even know that Cruise does his own stunts. They just assume it’s a double because why the hell is Tom Cruise doing his own stunts?

Here’s my suggestion, Tom. Stop doing your own stunts. And stop making Mission Impossible movies and make Top Gun 2 before Val Kilmer actually dies and you feel bad. The world doesn’t need more Mission Impossible movies. The world doesn’t need Top Gun 2 either, but we do need one last Val Kilmer movie.

Did Justin Bieber Cancel The Rest Of His Purpose Tour To START HIS OWN CHURCH? Let’s Dive In…

Now that's one hell of a purpose!

Beliebers around the globe felt shocked and betrayed when Justin Bieber suddenly canceled the remaining dates of the Purpose tour last week.

But it looks like salvation may be on the horizon, as new reports claim the singer might be taking some time off to focus on his faith -- and possibly even start his own church!

That's right. The Church of Bieber -- or, if he wants to go more contemporary, Biebertology -- could actually be a reality.

Related: John Mayer Praises Justin For Canceling Purpose Tour

Never one to be shy about talking faith, the Biebs has become more and more vocal about his religious affiliations these days.

Last month, he attended a conference for Hillsong, a Pentecostal megachurch based in Sydney, and afterward sat down alongside hipster pastor Carl Lentz to talk worship, professing:

"My faith grows every day, so my faith is stronger than two years ago; better, wiser, kinder."

Well, insiders are now saying the 23-year-old might actually be working to take his Beliebers to a higher ground with a church of his own. A source told Australia's Today Extra:

"I am led to believe that the real reason he's come off the road is because he wants to reconnect with his faith and maybe even planning to start his own Church. Whether he's looking at teaming up with [Hillsong]... or starting his own church, we're not quite sure... That's the word from an inside source."

Wow. Move over, Tom Cruise!!!

Photos: A Timeline Of Justin's Erratic Behavior

While we admit this is pretty farfetched, these spirited claims do have some merit.

Bieber has been closely linked with Lentz, a rock star within the Hillsong church, as of late. The preacher joined the singer on the road during his Purpose tour and has been popping up ALL over Biebs' Instagram:

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Jul 15, 2017 at 2:58pm PDT

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Jul 19, 2017 at 2:32pm PDT

The hitmaker confessed he canceled his tour due to some much needed rest, and his manager Scooter Braun responded to upset fans saying Justin's "soul and well being" came first.

We'll see if Bieber will use this time off to start saving the souls of his disciples.

[Image via WENN.]

Sean Penn Still Crazy

Sean Penn is one of those celebrities that people conveniently forget is crazy. We’ll make fun of Tom Cruise until the world ends, but always seem to forget that Johnny Depp and Sean Penn are terrible people.

Penn has a well established history of freaking out at people that most of us actually like. So it’s not too surprising that he laid into musician Jimmy Giannopoulos. Or that he did it in front of his wife, Robin Wright. Giannopoulos dates their daughter, so maybe that has something to do with it? Nah, Sean Penn is crazy.

‘Sean had his cell phone in his hand and held it up to Jimmy’s face to show him the screen.  A heated exchange followed, and Sean’s face got redder and redder as he confronted Jimmy with whatever was on the phone,’ one eyewitness recalled.

Things got so intense that Robin Wright started crying. Was it because of what Giannopoulos did or said? Or was it because Sean Penn looks like a scary tomato monster when he’s mad?

In other news, why are all these hotties into Sean Penn? Robin Wright should be way out of his league. He dated Scarlett Johansson, remember that? WTF? Don’t they all know that he’s an abusive rage monster? He likes to hang out with notorious murderers for a reason. Because he’s crazy. No seriously, we all need to stop enabling Sean Penn. That dude needs to learn.

Sean Penn is so crazy, he makes Tom Cruise look sane standing next to him.