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Supernatural is Actually Coming to an End

The series some thought would never die, based around creatures who often refuse to die, is finally set to say goodbye.

We never thought we'd see the day.

super boyz

But The CW announced on Friday afternoon that Supernatural will wrap its incredible run after its upcoming 15th season, which will consist of 20 episodes.

Beloved stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins confirmed the news in a video posted on Instagram late this week.

“Well, it’s official. One more round for the Winchester brothers. Though nothing ever really ends in Supernatural...does it?” Ackles wrote alongside this footage from the cast.

Supernatural will conclude after 327 episodes, making it the longest-running sci-fi/genre series in the history of American broadcast television.

Rather impressive, huh?


"We just told the crew that though we’re very, very excited about moving into our 15th season, it will be our last,” Ackles says in the video, adding:

“Fifteen years of a show that has certainly changed my life… And we just wanted you to hear from us that though we’re excited about next year, it will be the finale. The big, grand finale of an institution.

The actors were barely able to hold it together in this message to fans.

"We’ve cried some tears, and we’ll cry some more,” a very emotional Padalecki added. “[We’re] grateful, and we’ll work all the emotion into next season."

super actor

Said executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb in a joint statement after the news went viral:

Firstly, we would like to thank all the people who have been involved with the show both in front of and behind the camera.

For us it has been an experience of a lifetime. The support we have had from both Warner Bros Television and The CW has been incredible.

We’d like to give special thanks to Jensen, Jared and Misha for making this journey so special. It is now most important to us to give these characters that we love the send off they deserve.

We're not crying over here, okay?

YOU'RE the one who is crying.


The CW President Mark Pedowitz has often said at the Television Critics Association press tour that if the ratings held up, the show would go on as long as Ackles and Padalecki wanted to do it.

Elsewhere, series creator Eric Kripke said the following in a Tweet:

#SPNFamily please remember: shows end. But family is forever. That never changes & that's what you've created here.

All my love & thanks to the cast & crew & most of all you, the family. #spn @[email protected] @JensenAckles @mishacollins @andrewdabb @serathegamble @ben_edlund.

Are you glad to see Supernatural ending?

Is it about time?

Or do you wish it had run forever and ever?

Denise Richards Wants You to Know About Her Husband’s Big Penis

Denise Richards’ performances in Wild Things and The World Is Not Enough were amazing. Probably the best work of her entire career. Unfortunately, that was 20 years ago. A quick marriage to Charlie Sheen and a string of underwhelming movies and tv shows later, she’s now on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where D-listers go for one last hurrah before they disappear from Hollywood and start hoarding crystals.

In the last episode, Denise and her husband Aaron Phypers met Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards for dinner. In and of itself this wasn’t very eventful until you realize every 5 minutes Denise felt compelled to talk about Aaron’s giant penis. How did you meet? Aaron’s giant penis. What does Aaron do? Me. With his big penis. Hey, so what should we order? Aaron’s giant penis. So Aaron has a tiny penis? Yes, he has a tiny big penis.

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‘Amy Schumer: Growing’ Isn’t Her Best Effort, But Is Far From Her Worst

I like Amy Schumer. I have ever since she was on Last Comic Standing, and I will go to my grave not knowing how John Reep beat both her and Doug Benson. And I know you’re sitting there thinking “Oh, Amy Schumer isn’t funny, she’s really overrated,” and if you’re basing that assessment on Trainwreck and The Leather Special then you’re right. But Schumer’s album Cutting is really a thing of brilliance. It’s full of memorable bits.

Growing, Schumer’s new Netflix special, isn’t as good as Cutting, but it feels like a return to form after the disastrous Leather Special. A very pregnant Schumer does what she does best and delivers a special full of embarrassing jokes at the expense of herself and her husband. She starts her bit on her husband by saying “Marrying a chef is a little on the nose for me, it’s kind of like Snoop marrying weed,” and has some material about being married.

The special has gotten some attention because she talks about her husband being on the autism spectrum which is a whole interesting and funny section about how he doesn’t react appropriately to things. And her bit about being arrested next to Emily Ratajkowski at a protests against Brett Kavanaugh while stuffing her face because she’s afraid of being hungry while she’s pregnant is really well-crafted, too.

Most of Schumer’s material about being pregnant really kills. Her best stuff has always been personal and embarrassing, so it’s not unexpected; few things are as personal and embarrassing as pregnancy.

The special isn’t all great. A bit comparing her pregnancy to to Meghan Markle falls pretty flat, as does a section about women’s fears versus men’s fears. But those sections are the exceptions.

This is one of Schumer’s better efforts, especially recently. I was worried going in because of how bad her last special was, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It’s worth checking out and shows that Schumer is still a solid comic.

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YouTube Star Lilly Singh is Taking Over Carson Daly’s Terrible Late Night Time Slot

You might be shocked to find out that Carson Daly has a late night talk show on NBC. It’s called Last Call with Carson Daly and it’s been on at 1:37 a.m. since 2002. I think he thought he was going to get Conan’s time slot when he got The Tonight Show, but no, 1:37 a.m. is right where NBC wanted Carson Daly. Alas, all mediocre things must end, and so after 17 years and 2,000 episodes that were only seen in the green room of strip clubs that don’t have Netflix, Daly is hanging up the towel to focus on being the back-up weekend host of Today, which, to be fair, probably does get him more viewers that Last Call.

NBC has decided to replace Daly’s show with a new show called A Little Late with Lilly Singh starring popular YouTuber Lilly Singh. She does videos like this.

She announced her new show on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers came out to welcome her, too.

After all the talk about how all the late night hosts are straight white men, we finally have a bisexual woman of color hosting a late night show on one of the major networks at a time when absolutely no one will see it. I honestly can’t imagine this being a move up in Singh’s career. She’s one of the most successful creators on YouTube, she’s not going to be more successful than that hosting NBC’s “We don’t want to give this half hour back to affiliates so here’s a show with a $20 budget” slot. Which is not at all a knock on Singh; she’s at least as charming as Carson Daly. It just feels like maybe her aunt works at NBC and she took this job because her mom owed said aunt a favor.

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‘The Simpsons’ is Trying to Make Its Michael Jackson Episode Disappear. It Shouldn’t

You might have heard that The Simpsons is trying to make an episode disappear. The episode in question is the season three premiere Stark Raving Dad, where Homer is put in a mental institution and ends up befriending a large white man who thinks he’s Michael Jackson, voiced by the late King of Pop himself, credited as John Jay Smith. Funnily enough, Jackson requested a sound-alike for the songs he sings in the episode, part of a joke Jackson wanted to play on his brothers. He was a weird dude.

This is in reaction to the documentary Leaving Neverland where we learned nothing because everyone knew Michael Jackson was a kiddie fiddler since the 1980s. Here’s what James L Brooks told the Wall Street Journal:

It feels clearly the only choice to make,” Mr. Brooks said of the 1991 episode in which Mr. Jackson voiced the character of a patient in a mental hospital who believes he is the pop star.

Mr. Brooks said he, along with Matt Groening and Al Jean, the other two masterminds of the long-running Fox cartoon, came to the conclusion after watching the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland.” In the documentary, which premiered earlier this week, two men allege in graphic and compelling detail that Mr. Jackson molested them over several years when they were children.

“The guys I work with—where we spend our lives arguing over jokes—were of one mind on this,” Mr. Brooks said in an interview, speaking on behalf of the production team behind “The Simpsons.”

Of course they have the right to do this, but it raises the question: why now and not twenty years ago? He did answer that.

“The documentary gave evidence of monstrous behavior, he said, adding that he went into it wanting to “believe the thing that we believe,” which was that Mr. Jackson was falsely accused.

It’s kind of interesting that so many people had this reaction, because here’s no new evidence in this documentary, just some victim porn where people cry and say how hard it was on them. It really helped them connect with the people they thought were lying for the past thirty years.

Here’s why this is dumb: people who want to see the episode will see the episode. It’s gone from the iTunes store and the FX app, and I assume other digital marketplaces, but it’s still really easy to find to download on the internet. People who bought it on DVD or Blu Ray still have it (even though they said it will be pulled from future releases). And really, people should be allowed to watch it if they want to. I get pulling it from TV and even the streaming app, but no one is going to accidentally come across it on a DVD.

Also, you can ask any Family Guy fan, episodes and segments being pulled just makes people want to see them more. People went nuts when they found out there was an unaired episode from the original run. There are actually two now, one that eventually aired and one that still hasn’t.

Brooks said this about pulling the episode:

“I’m against book burning of any kind. But this is our book, and we’re allowed to take out a chapter,” he said.

You can’t make the past not have happened. How many more episodes of The Simpsons are going to get pulled now?I feel like it’s open season. The Mel Gibson episode, maybe? The ones John K was a guest animator on? George Takei’s guest spot as Akria? I’m sure there are tons of people we could object to. This episode is 27 years old. Michael Jackson wasn’t profiting off of it before he died, he sure as hell isn’t now.

I don’t even really get the statement they’re trying to make her. Fucking kids is bad? Thanks, everyone knew that. Would people be confused if you didn’t do this? I have news for you, having an episode with Michael Jackson in it isn’t going to do any more damage to your brand than the last ten seasons of your show have.

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Meghan McCain Got Owned so Hard on Twitter She Had to Call in Sick to ‘The View’

Last week, Meghan McCain broke down in tears on The View because congresswoman Ilhan Omar said she didn’t like being expected to pledge loyalty to Israel in order to do her job as an elected official. McCain, and a lot of people called this anti-Semitic because that line of attack has worked in England and France so why not give it try. McCain is not Jewish, but she was so upset because she’s friends with Joe Lieberman, who is just the worst. Lieberman is most famous for fighting to keep health insurance expensive and to ban violent video games or something.

A Jewish cartoonist replied to her with this cartoon, which McCain called anti-Semitic.

Again, Eli Valley is Jewish, Meghan McCain isn’t. It’s important when you see the next tweet.

It didn’t go well for Meghan.

This particular image from The Princess Bride got posted so many times, yo. So many.

This was all too much to bear, and so on Monday, Meghan called in sick from The View. It did not stop the dunks.

I wish this sort of thing happened more often. Like specifically to McCain.

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Alex Trebek Has Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer

This has been kind of a shitty week. Luke Perry died. King Kong Bundy died. Prodigy frontman Keith Flint died. The Kardashians are going to live forever just to spite us. And Hannah Gadsby is getting another Netflix special. On top of all of that (and keep in mind it’s only Thursday) Alex Trebek has stage four pancreatic cancer.

This doesn’t mean Trebek going to die, stage four is the worst and it means that the cancer spread beyond the organ it developed in, but that doesn’t mean it’s always fatal. Still, it’s not good. But Trebek isn’t giving up hope and he says he’s going to beat it. He delivered the news himself, from the set of Jeopardy!, on the official Jeopardy! YouTube channel.

“Hi everyone, I have some news to share with all of you and it’s in keeping with my longtime policy of being open and transparent with our Jeopardy! fan base. I also wanted to prevent you from reading or hearing some overblown or inaccurate reports regarding my health. So therefore, I wanted to be the one to pass along this information. Now, just like 50,000 other people in the United States each year, this week I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Now normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working. And with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. Truth told, I have to! Because under the terms of my contract, I have to host Jeopardy! for three more years! So help me. Keep the faith and we’ll win. We’ll get it done. Thank you.”

Alex Trebek is something of an institution on television. And I thought instead of being sad

I love this clip the most because that fist woman is so insane, and Alex keeps it together through her whole “I worship Dana Scully on the internet” thing but just loses it when that woman smiles and calls him insensitive.

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‘Arrow’, Which Launched the CW’s ‘Arrowverse’, Will End Later This Year

After 8 years, Arrow, the show that basically gave the CW its identity as the network for DC shows based on properties they don’t think will work as movies, is ending later this year after a 10 episode eighth season which will probably culminate with the long-awaited Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover that was foreshadowed in this year’s Elseworlds crossover, which implied Oliver will sacrifice himself to save The Flash and Supergirl.

Arrow star Stephen Amell delivered the news on an emotional Facebook Live stream.

All good things…

Posted by Stephen Amell on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

It sounds to me like Amell wanted to leave and even though Arrow has been auditioning various replacements for him, such as Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper and Sea Shimooka’s Emiko Queen, Oliver’s younger sister and the current Green Arrow, the higher-ups weren’t willing to hand over the reigns of the show to a new star and chose to end it instead.

Arrow has been of very uneven quality over the years, and never really recovered after a disastrous third season. But Arrow has been important in a lot of ways, and not just to the CW. For starters, there may never have been a Suicide Squad movie without Arrow, as the virtually unknown team was given a run on the show to test the waters for a movie based on them. It also introduced an important original character who would become an unlikely love interest for Oliver Queen due to the undeniable chemistry between Amell and actress Caity Lotz. Yes, Sara Lance, the Arrowverse’s first Black Canary, now White Canary on CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, didn’t have a counterpart in the Green Arrow comics. Also, for some reason Oliver ended up married to a supporting character from Firestorm.

What does the Arrowverse look like without Arrow, though? Should we start calling it the Flashverse? I expect this means Ruby Rose’s Batwoman is even more likely to be picked up, but Grant Gustin’s Flash is very likely going to be the unquestioned center of the CW’s superhero universe now.

Even though everything happening right now is pointing to Amell’s Green Arrow being killed off, he says that he’s open to reprising the role after Arrow ends. It seems likely that if his character does survive the end of the show, we could still see him taking part in the annual crossover year after year. And that’s not a bad deal. Plus you can watch those season 2 blu-rays from when the show was still great anytime.

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Arrow to Take Final Bow, Conclude After Season 8

All good things must come to an end.

And the same can be said for all good television shows.

Allow us to present more evidence...

amell as arrow

... Arrow will conclude its beloved run on The CW after a shortened eighth season this autumn.

The sad news was broken on Twitter by the show's leading man, Stephen Amell, who wrote the following:

Playing Oliver Queen has been the greatest professional experience of my life… but you can’t be a vigilante forever.

Arrow will return for a final run of 10 episodes this Fall. There’s so much to say... for now I just want to say thank you.

Here's the positive thing, though: Amell went on to hint at some sort of future for himself as Oliver Queen, along with the franchise in general.

amell tweet

During a Facebook Live, Amell added on Wednesday night:

“Something tells me even when I’m done, I won’t be gone. If you watch the Arrowverse, you should understand that… I think it’s been a good run. It’s no Supernatural, but it’s been a good run."

Arrow returned on March 4 from a three-week hiatus -- and fell to a series low in the 18-49-year-old demographic, (0.2) while delivering its smallest audience of the season.

Still, though, this move has likely been a long time coming.

Nearly every series loses viewers, along with entertainment value/creativity, by this point in its run.

stephen a

"This was a difficult decision to come to, but like every hard decision we’ve made for the past seven years, it was with the best interests of Arrow in mind,” executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Beth Schwartz said in a statement.

They added:

“We’re heartened by the fact that Arrow has birthed an entire universe of shows that will continue on for many years to come.

"We’re excited about crafting a conclusion that honors the show, its characters and its legacy and are grateful to all the writers, producers, actors, and - more importantly - the incredible crew that has sustained us and the show for over seven years."

The DC Comics-inspired series -- which also stars David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Echo Kellum, Katie Cassidy, Rick Gonzalez, Juliana Harkavy, Colton Haynes, Kirk Acevedo and Sea Shimooka -- debuted in October of 2012.

It launched numerous  spinoff series within The CW's "Arrow 'verse," including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and the upcoming Batwoman standalone series starring Ruby Rose.


Ramsey, who has portrayed Oliver's best friend, John Diggle, since the series premiere, reflected on the show’s journey and expressed his desire to go out on a high note shortly after Amell made this announcement.

"What an awesome ride! @arrow fans have been the best any actor could’ve asked for!” Ramsey Tweeted, adding:

“Thank you for helping me bring John Diggle/Spartan to life!!! Love all of you! Can’t wait for you to see what we have in stock for you. Let’s end on a high, shall we?"

Elsewhere, Colton Haynes, who returned as a series regular this season, tweeted:

"Sad to say that #Arrow will be coming to an end after a 10 episode Season 8. Thank you to all the fans who’ve watched. It’s been such a blessing to be a part of this incredible show.

"What a beautiful journey."

mad oliver

The final season’s abbreviated run means Arrow will wrap up shortly after this fall’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths," the next crossover with The Flash and Supergirl (and possibly Legends of Tomorrow). 

At the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in January, per TMZ, The CW President Mark Pedowitz said the special event will take “some big swings.”

We can't wait to see what's on tap.

Now... you tell us: Will you miss Arrow? Or is this just about the riight time for it to go away?

Other notable show ending in the near future include Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.

Which will you miss most?

Derry Girls protest

brightondj posted a photo:

Derry Girls protest

TV show's stars protest against Northern Irelands anti abortion laws

There’s Going to be a ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Remake About Remaking ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’

We’re pretty much reaching peak remake here. It’s bad enough that Marvel has remade the exact same movie 30 times now and we’re getting yet another Ghostbusters movie after the last two were so beloved. But we’re clearly not even close to done.

Enter Beverly Hills, 90210. There was already a remake, called 90210, that some of the original cast was in, but now there’s another remake that’s about the original cast members getting together to make a Beverly Hills, 90210 remake. I’m exhausted just reading that. Read the statement Fox gave The Los Angeles Times about it while I catch my breath.

“Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori reunite when one of them suggests it’s time to get a ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ reboot up and running. But getting it going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself. What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast — whom the whole world watched grow up together — attempts to continue from where they left off?”

Okay, first of all, “watched them grow up?” All those actors were in their 20s when that show started except for Gabrielle Carteris, who was, and I kid you not, 31. I mean, I get it, some actresses can play younger, Ellen Page looked twelve until about six months ago, but no one is buying a high school student with crow’s feet.

But what is going on here? Is this supposed to be a parody of the concepts of remakes, or is this supposed to be about fictional Luke Perry wanting to bang fictional Jennie Garth?

Also, I notice the name “Shannen” wasn’t in that list. I was kind of wondering if we were going to find out during metoo that Shannen Doherty was lovely and wouldn’t sleep with Harvey Weinstein on the set of Mallrats so he slandered her, but it turns out she’s actually just a bitch.

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Jussie Smollett Got Kicked Off of ‘Empire’ Because Everyone Hates Him Now

This Jussie Smollett story just keeps getting more and more fascinating to me; there’s an assumption that it’s getting so much coverage because of race relations and people want an excuse to dismiss real hate incidents which have been on the rise for the past three years for some reason. That’s not the reason I’ve been covering it so much, though. I’ve been so interested in it because a guy whose career was going relatively well tried to raise his cachet in the dumbest way possible and it exploded in his face and basically ended his career.

If you haven’t been following, Smollett faked two hate crimes against himself; after sending himself a threatening letter calling himself a “black fag” he hired an extra from Empire and a friend to pretend to be Trump supporters and pretend to beat him up and put a noose around his neck. And he would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling police. The reason police went so hard on him once it became clear he had faked it was that the Chicago PD is strained for resources and was forced to assign 24 detectives to investigate this case because of the high profile. Jussie is not exactly the kind of criminal mastermind who can fool two dozen officers. He paid his fake attackers, one of whom worked on his prime-time network TV show, with a check.

According to TMZ, the entire cast of Empire hates him now, and he’s all but fired, having been written off the show for at least the rest of the season.

A source close to Terrence [Howard] tell us … the actor didn’t believe Jussie’s account from the get-go, he felt the story never added up. We’re told Terrence grilled Jussie periodically as holes began to emerge.

Tensions between Terrence and Jussie boiled over after the 2 Nigerian-American brothers who allegedly helped Jussie stage the attack, Abel and Ola Osundario, were detained by police … we’re told Terrence confronted Jussie once again, screaming at him to come clean.

The rest of the cast feels much the same. Basically, everyone stuck their neck out and supported him and he made them look like idiots.

The feelings of animosity stem from the fact everyone on set had Jussie’s back after the “attack,” but in light of the new evidence police have laid out … many of them feel hurt and embarrassed.

We’re told almost everyone on set is worried about how Smollett’s damaged the show’s reputation … and could continue to do so if he remains part of the cast.

Well, Fox listened, and Jussie was kicked off the last two episodes of the season because his mere presence on set was disruptive.

7:25 AM PT— Fox just announced it’s scratching Smollett from the end of the current season. The statement says, “The events of the past few weeks have been incredibly emotional for all of us. Jussie has been an important member of our EMPIRE family for the past five years and we care about him deeply. While these allegations are very disturbing, we are placing our trust in the legal system as the process plays out.”

The statement continues, “We are also aware of the effects of this process on the cast and crew members who work on our show and to avoid further disruption on set, we have decided to remove the role of ‘Jamal’ from the final two episodes of the season.”

If you’re a betting person, whatever the odds are that Jussie never sets foot on the set of Empire again, take them. It’s sad really; all Jussie had to do to was nothing and he’d have been a successful actor on a hit TV show for years, and he could have gone on to a bright future and a big career. Instead, he did this, and now he could end up in prison longer than Bill Cosby and the only acting role in his future is in a “don’t do fake hate crimes” PSA.

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Boob Tube Roundup: The Week’s Sexiest TV Scenes 2.25.19

Over at MrSkin.com, they don’t just focus on the week’s best nude scenes. They also round up all of the sexy non-nude content from the week and we’re bringing it to you in our Boob Tube Roundup! Here’s what you’ll find in the gallery below…

ManifestMelissa Roxburgh wears a black bikini while strolling on the beach in a flashback.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach ClubLindsay Lohan wears a small bikini top and jean shorts as she talks to her employees at her beach club, and Gabi Andrews buttcheeks were hanging out the bottom of her short-shorts!

Deadly ClassMaría Gabriela de Faría walks into the girl’s bathroom with no shirt on talking to the girls in just her bra, then puts on her shirt after some time. Later in the episode she shows some sideboob when she gets naked and has sex with a guy!

Suburra: Blood on RomeFederica Sabatini walks around a hotel suite while her boyfriend sleeps on the couch, wearing a black sports bra. At the end of the episode, Cristina Pelliccia wakes up in the middle of the night and answers the door showing pokies through a thin top.

Chicago Med: Torrey DeVitto and Norma Kuhling both showed some sexy cleavage in their network approved sexy bras!

Good Trouble: Maia Mitchell burned down the house this week when she took a dip in a skimpier than skimpy black bikini, and Zuri Adele showed off in her bra as well!

Catastrophe: Lauren Socha showed some major league cleavage while attempting to get a sad Rob Delaney off the toilet!

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Alec Baldwin Thinks Donald Trump is Going to Have Him Whacked For ‘SNL’ Mockery

Saturda Night Live has, for the past 45 years, been the home of some of the most toothless political satire to ever fill the air. It just isn’t what the show does well. The show has parodied every president since it debuted in 1975, but the most famous parodies were completely divorced from reality; Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford was an uncoordinated clod while Ford himself was an All-Star football player in college, and George Bush, unlike Dana Carvey, never said “Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent.”

This tradition continues today with Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Donald Trump; Baldwin nails Trump’s mannerisms, but Trump isn’t dumb in an entertaining way the way George W Bush was, so SNL mostly has nothing to say. Despite the fact that SNL‘s Trump parodies are neither particularly funny or particularly insightful, they really piss Donald Trump off.

Baldwin told #resistance dork Scott Dworkin on his podcast that this particular tweet made him fear for his safety, via The Guardian:

“People would say to me early on, do you have any concerns about retaliation, not necessarily from the government or from Trump, but from his agitators?” said Baldwin. “I always said not really, I didn’t really think that was something that was real, until now, when he made this comment about retribution and he thought SNL should be investigated.”

Baldwin said the president’s hostile language functioned as “codes”.

“Trump signals people, not necessarily what to do, but how to feel, and that’s the beginning. The beginning is you make people angry, the beginning is you make people agitated and bitter and then the actions flow from there.”

That’s somewhat legitimate, some dude in Kentucky just got busted planning an insane act of domestic terrorism targeting Trump’s political enemies. But it’s not like this is unique to Trump, either; John Hinckley tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan because he thought it would impress Jodie Foster, and that was way before Twitter existed.

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Boob Tube Roundup: The Week’s Sexiest TV Scenes 2.11.19

Over at MrSkin.com, they don’t just focus on the week’s best nude scenes. They also round up all of the sexy non-nude content from the week and we’re going to start bringing it to you in our Boob Tube Roundup! Here’s what you’ll find in the gallery below!

Good Trouble: Maia Mitchell’s two moms come to visit her new place in the city and she takes them around her loft introducing all her roomates. Kira Kosarin comes out of a shower showing some sideboob while Maia is showing the bathroom and awkwardly introduces herself to the parents. We see Maia in a bra telling her bisexual boytoy, Tommy Martinez, that her moms are coming to visit but she won’t introduce him as her boyfriend since they’re not anything serious.

You’re the Worst: Kether Donohue shows some massive cleavage while having sex with Desmin Borges, and gets angry when they are interrupted by another couple.

Dynasty: Elizabeth Gillies wakes up next to her old flame Robert Christopher Riley after sleeping together. She’s wearing a black bra, and shows off some decent cleavage as she collects her clothes and leaves.

The Big Bang Theory: Kaley Cuoco surprises her husband Johnny Galecki when she drops her robe to reveal blue lingerie. She lays in bed with him and reads a comic book afterward.

Chicago FireDestiny Hernandez walks in on Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer having breakfast. She’s in her underwear wearing one of Kinney’s button up shirts.

PEN15: This high concept comedy finds 30-something comedians Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle playing themselves in 7th grade. In Episode 5, Maya and her best friend Anna find a pink thong while digging through a girls purse. Anna tries it on over her own underwear first and then Maya takes it home. In Episode 7, Maya meets someone on AIM and asks Anna to take sexy photos of her to send to him. Maya strips down to her grey sports bra and stuffs it with tissue for the photoshoot.

Riverdale: This week found Madelaine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan lying in bed in sexy undies and smooching lightly, and Camila Mendes showing major cleavage while straddling Charles Melton in her undies.

Bull: Reiko Aylesworth and her husband Alex Carter have to pause a sexy night when he has chest pains. She runs to get his pills showing off her black lingerie under her robe.

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I Hate ‘The Masked Singer’, So Why Am I Obsessed With ‘The Masked Singer’

The Masked Singer has become a huge hit for Fox, and I have to admit that I’m obsessed with it even thuogh I think it’s the dumbest thing in the world. An American adaptation of South Korean hit Miseuteori Eumaksyo Bokmyeon-gawang, or King of Mask Singer, The Masked Singer features a group of celebrities in a singing competition show with the hook being they were elaborate mascot costumes to hide their identities from the audience and judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke. We only find out who is under the mask once a singer is eliminated, or, I assume, at the end of the season when the winner is announced.

I don’t like The Masked Singer; I don’t like the concept of singing competition reality shows to begin with and the hook for this show just seems utterly ridiculous. But I need to know who is under the masks. It’s latched onto my brains and I just keep following it.

So far, we’re halfway through the show and that means the six worst singers have been unmasked.

  • Hippo – Antonio Brown
  • Pineapple – Tommy Chong
  • Deer – Terry Bradshaw
  • Poodle – Margaret Cho
  • Unicorn – Tori Spelling
  • Raven – Ricki Lake

Two Pittsburgh Steelers seems like an odd choice, but it’s better than two New England Patriots. Can you imagine if Tom Brady was one of the masked singers? Running around deflating the other masks and making his kids kiss him on his weird mascot lips, no one needs to see that.

Also, none of these people are major celebrities or even singers so far. I feel like that’s part of the appeal of the show, because if I knew that these were the celebrities there’s no way I’d ever tune in. It’s like Dancing with the Stars or Celebrity Big Brother: really stretching the definition of the words “star” and “celebrity”.

I think the mystery is a big part of the appeal. Like a mystery novel, people like to guess about whodoneit. I’m only human. So you did it, Fox, you hooked me on watching something I hate with your gimmicks. It’s like that terrible movie that Kristen Stewart did those nude scenes in; I’m miserable, but the pay-off is worth it. Also, I will fight anyone who says the Bee is anyone but Gladys Knight.

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‘Modern Family’ Calling It Quits, Here are The Best Episodes

Well, it’s finally happening, everyone. The renowned award-winning series Modern Family will end after its 11th season. It’s sad to think about it since it’s such a staple in American television, but on the other hand, you can’t say it hasn’t had a good run after eleven years on the air. To commemorate Modern Family‘s departure, let’s have a look at some the show’s most memorable moments from its best episodes.

1. Fizbo the Clown

This episode marks the first appearance of Cam’s alter-ego, Fizbo the Clown. Cam is determined that Fizbo will make an appearance at Luke’s birthday party much to Mitch’s irritation and the clown-phobic Phil’s terror.

2. The Kids Walk In On Their Parents Having Sex

Haley, Alex, and Luke try to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed on their anniversary, but receive the shock of their lives when they accidentally catch Phil and Claire doing the deed, something no child should ever have to witness. Phil and Claire sit the kids down to try to rectify the situation, but only succeed in further traumatizing their children.

3. Phil Has the Flu in Disneyland

This entire episode (“Disneyland”) is great. Alex and Haley are fighting over a boy, little Lily has to go on a toddler leash, Gloria suffers from the pain her stilettos are causing, and Manny obsesses over stocks like a neurotic, coke-fueled Wall Street mogul. But the real stand-out is poor Phil who just wants to enjoy the day with his family and have fun on the rollercoasters, but is slowly being sapped by the flu that is slowly overtaking him. I always empathize because the exact same thing happened to me during a day at Hershey Park.

4. The Godfather Sequence

It’s Baby Joe’s christening, and with Claire too busy to help the kids with their problems, Phil has to step in and help the kids with their feuds with other people. After failing in his “kill them with kindness” strategy, Phil goes full-on Godfather on all of these brats. While Phil stands up as Joe’s actual godfather, Luke and Dylan execute Phil’s plan by wreaking Godfatherly havoc on the Dunphys’ enemies.

5. Cam and Mitch Lock Baby Lily in the Car

Mere seconds after Cam gives Mitch a parenting pep talk after Mitch accidentally bumps their daughter’s head, the two inadvertently lock Baby Lily in the car. It’s perfectly paced pandemonium in under two minutes. Cam falls into complete hysteria and tries to break the car window with a public trash can while Mitch struggles to pacify his husband as he talks to emergency assistance, the operator mistakes Cam’s high-pitched screams for a woman’s voice, and the scene ends with complete and sudden calm once the emergency signal unlocks their car door.

6. Cam’s Lion King Presentation of Baby Lily

A scene right from the very first episode. When Mitch and Cam call a family meeting for a surprise, Jay mistakes the occasion for Mitch announcing their breakup. After Jay refers to Cam as a “drama queen,” and Mitch tries to object, Cam offsets the protests by emerging from the back room elaborately robed to present Baby Lily Lion King-style complete with The Circle of Life playing in the background. This one scene shows the audience exactly what we can expect from the flamboyant Cam, and the series does not disappoint.

7.  Gloria Kills a Rat

Here we see the feisty Gloria’s scarier side on full display. It’s strongly hinted that Gloria might have murdered the neighbor’s dog, but Jay is relatively sure of his wife’s involvement after witnessing Gloria violently slaughter and decapitate a rat in their yard with complete satisfaction.

8. Phil’s Decision Making Skills

In ten seconds, we learn that sometimes Phil doesn’t always make the most well-thought-out decisions on his own. And Claire learns why she shouldn’t let Phil out of the house unsupervised

9. The Humping Stuffed Animals on the Car Roof

There really are no words that can best describe this scene. You just have to watch.

10. Mitch Versus Pigeon

Mitch is home alone with baby Lily when a pigeon gets into the house. Mitch is terrified of birds, and Cam isn’t around to save him. From Mitch hiding from the pigeon in his daughter’s nursery to having to run for the kitchen hysterically screaming to get Lily’s bottle, down to where Mitch decides to take down this feathered fuck for good by chasing the pigeon through the house wielding a tennis racket and fire extinguisher as he destroys his home in slow-mo while Cam sings “Ave Maria” in the background, these are the most priceless three minutes and fifteen seconds.

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The Real Housewives of New York City: See the Season 11 Trailer!

It seems like it was only weeks ago that we watched the The Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 reunion.

Now, Bravo has released the trailer for Season 10.

The trailer itself, as you can see, is a work of art. We cannot wait for the actual season to begin.

Bethenny frankel is in charge

The Real Housewives of New York City is returning for Season 11 on March 6.

We are nearly at February, the shortest month of the year. March is not far off at all.

Season 11 will pick up with elements of Season 10.

One of those is Dorinda's "Jovani" heckle. You can bet that Luann didn't forget.

Another blast from the past is Tinsley's quest for a husband.

But the trailer stars with Bethenny pulling up and calling Sonja Morgan a "hooker," so you know it's off to a good start.

Catcalling is fun if it's from your friends.

Tinsley mortimer bethenny frankel dorinda medley sonja morgan on

There is a lot of partying and very little context in early parts of the trailer.

We of course recognize the stunning Halloween costumes.

There's also a butt.

Bravo usually reserves its peaches for The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but made an exception.

We also see a number of the Housewives making out with each other, which isn't hugely unusual party behavior.

Speaking of parties, they head down to the Sunshine State — to Miami, specifically.

The real housewives of new york city season 11 trailer clip

If the timing of one of the clips were slightly different, people would be accusing Bethenny Frankel of being a witch.

At one point while everyone is living it up in Miami, Bethenny admonishes Sonja.

"Go to f–king sleep, now," Bethenny insists.

(You know how some people get super bossy when they're drunk? Well, Bethenny takes that to whole new levels)

Sonja just … collapses and falls out of her chair.

We don't think that this was what Bethenny meant.

Bethenny frankel grieves

Speaking of Bethenny (when are we, in our hearts, not speaking of her?) but on a much sadder note …

In the trailer, a tearful Bethenny can be seen coping with the sudden death of Dennis Shields.

"There was a lot in my mind about him dying," she admits.

"I could not get off the ride," Bethenny says of their on-again, off-again relationship.

"I feel guilty," she confesses. "That the only way I could get off the ride is that he’s dead."

It is normal to have mixed feelings about the death of a loved one. It is part of coping.

Luann de lesseps laughs in season 11

Luann de Lesseps is, of course, doing much better than she was a year ago.

"Nine months ago I was in jail," Luann cheers. "And now I'm a cabaret star, it's insane!"

She laughs with glee and is clearly pouring herself into her stage work.

This does seem to bring her into conflict with Bethenny for a moment that we just had to turn into a .gif.

"I can't even believe you act this way," an exhasperated Bethenny lashes out.

"‘Cabaret, cabaret, cabaret!' Life is not a cabaret!" Bethenny insists, which would make a hell of an audition for the villain in a musical.

Finally, Bethenny tells Luann: "You're insufferable!"

Bethenny frankel life is not a cabaret

We hope that the two of them managed to patch things up after this outburst.

Bethenny, Dorinda, Sonja, Ramona, and Tinsley are joined this season by Barbara Kavovit and Jill Zarin.

While there are a number of friendships among the Housewives, this will clearly not pressure them to hold back.

It looks like just about every possible conflict comes to light, and we cannot wait to see it all play out.

The real housewives of new york city see the season 11 trailer

Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino Bro-Up to Help Each Other Find True Love on New MTV Dating Show

Well, Jersey Shore fans, you may rejoice. DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino are returning once more to MTV. Oh no, not for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. No, not for The Pauly D Project, either.  And not for The Show with Vinny…Jesus Christ, did these two ever really leave MTV?

This time the duo are planning to look for true love together by having their very own reality show called Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny. According to MTV,  twenty eligible (and desperate) women will be competing for the hearts of these dudes who made getting drunk on a beach a profitable occupation.

Here are the official bios from MTV for Vinny and Pauly D:

“Pauly continues to tour the world DJing while holding down a Las Vegas residency, but are any of the contestants ready to keep up with his luxurious lifestyle?”

I think the “luxurious lifestyle” is the primary attraction for these women who are willing to degrade themselves on national TV.

“Vinny is ready to get back into a relationship, but will the Staten Island keto-guido find someone to take home for Sunday family dinner?”

I think the better question is who would want to present either of these two to their families as a potential spouse? Well, stupid question, really. I should just go back and see my above answer.

Let’s face it, anyone who tunes in to watch this show isn’t going into it expecting to see the blossoming of new love. Like any other reality dating show in the same vein as The Bachelor, viewers will witness a bunch of hopeless people fight each other to the death over two dipshits that they normally wouldn’t give a second glance, except that they might be able to score fifteen minutes of fame and a gig promoting diet tea on Instagram.

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CBS Rejected This Touching Super Bowl Ad That Promotes Medical Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana should be legal. It’s less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol and probably those Juul pods that are also basically harmless and it has health benefits to people with a number of conditions; everything from insomnia to the side effects of chemotherapy can be made easier to handle with pot.

Acreage Holdings wanted to show America what cannabis can do to help people with medical needs, and how the unnecessarily onerous federal prohibition needs to be overturned so we can all just get better and buy more cookies from the coolest girl scout in the world. They put together this ad and according to TMZ, they were willing to pay $5 million to air it during the Super Bowl.

But CBS rejected the ad because they’re a bunch of heartless fucking NARCs. Well, according to them, it’s because they don’t air marijuana ads at all. But that’s bullshit because they’ve been airing reefer madness anti-pot PSAs like this one for at least my entire life.

But someone wants to promote the idea that marijuana is harmless and it can actually help people, which is, you know, the truth, but they won’t allow it. That’s taking a side, and not only is it the wrong side, but the only people on that side are racists who like that the police predominantly arrest African-Americans and not white people for smoking pot and alcohol and pharmaceutical companies who don’t want the competition. And while idiots like former Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III might say that pot leads to harder drugs, I’m pretty sure entirely legal Vicodin and OxyContin have lead more people to opiod addiction than pot, so maybe CBS should consider that.

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Ryan Edwards Is a Living Example of What ‘Teen Mom’ Does to Cast Members

No good ever seems to come out of being on Teen Mom. I mean, that’s usually the case with most reality shows, but it looks like the Teen Mom cast members go on to have especially terrible lives. Besides the obvious getting knocked up before being able to vote issue, someone from that show always seems to be getting arrested or in some kind of legal trouble. This time, Ryan Edwards is the honorary Teen Mom Jailbird of the Week.

I admit I’m not overly familiar with Teen Mom beyond some of the stand-outs like Bristol Palin and Farrah Abraham, so I had to do some digging around to find out who this Ryan Edwards guy was. What I learned is that Edwards was on Teen Mom from the beginning because he was the one who impregnated one of the lower tier cast members named Maci Bookout with whom he shares a son. But that relationship is kaput because Edwards is currently married to a woman named Mackenzie Standifer, who to my understanding was also once a teen mom, but you know, not one of the cool Teen Mom teen moms.

This is not Edwards’ first run-in with the law, and he seems to have a fairly extensive arrest record; mostly on charges of heroin possession. His crime this time around was running up a $36 tab in Jack Daniels and not pay it. And while the police were picking him up for theft of services, they realized that there was an outstanding warrant for Edwards for another heroin possession charge, so yeah, there’s a bonus charge right there. Evidently, the 90-Day rehab center Edwards attended over the summer did not have enough sticking power.

So, besides the obvious lesson of “don’t do heroin,” the other takeaway from this should also be “don’t go on Teen Mom.” Seriously, kids, being on this show is not worth the fame and attention. If you’re that desperate to be on TV, stick to stuff like The Bachelor or Big Brother. The cast of Teen Mom should pose enough of a warning about keeping your dick wrapped and just waiting until you’re old enough to audition for The Real World.

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It looks like Zack Morris and Jessie Spano Hooked Up After All

If you’re a 90s kid, you most likely remember the show Saved By The Bell.

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Others of you might recall that Dustin Diamond (the nerdy Screech) wrote a tell-all book back in 2009 called Behind the Bell about his supposed experiences on the set of the show. The book was hugely disputed, and his claims of outrageous behavior behind the scenes were highly questionable. But one thing that Diamond did (sort of) get right was that there was plenty of on-set, inter-cast dating. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris, recently admitted that he dated Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano) during their time on the show.

Gosselaar just had an interview on Anna Faris’ podcast, Unqualified where he confirmed that there was a lot of “incestuous” dating during the show. He explained saying:

“You know how it is. When you’re working on a set, and we were young, there’s no one around, really. I mean, you work and live in a bubble.”

Well, it’s not exactly a shocking revelation. It’s pretty unsurprising that a bunch of young kids who spend most of their days with each other in an isolated environment would eventually turn to each other for romance. I mean, if they’re spending most of their days on set with raging hormones and hardly any contact with other people, where else are they going to get their rocks off?

And I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising that Zack Morris and Jessie Spano hooked up. I guess that’s the next logical step when you save someone from becoming a caffeine pill junkie.

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‘The Simpsons’ Faces an Uncertain Future Despite Likely Two-Season Renewal

The Simpsons has been on the air for 30 years, and they’ve given us nearly 20 years of great television. And Variety reports that they’re showing no signs of stopping, with a two-year pick-up for seasons 31 and 32 likely from Fox.

Sources with knowledge of negotiations tell Variety that FBC and studio 20th Century Fox Television are near completion of a deal to renew “The Simpsons” for a 31st and 32nd season. The terms of the agreement, which includes a licensing fee that’s slightly reduced from what the network paid under the last renewal, reflect the reality of the shifting economics around the show.

The problem for the show is that while The Simpsons makes an insane amount of money for Fox, that money doesn’t really come from advertising for new episodes. At least, it doesn’t make as much as Fox pays to produce the show. That’s fine because it all evens out, but once the Disney/Fox merger finishes, Disney will own the series and Fox Broadcasting won’t be getting all that other money the show brings in.

This means that the show that seemed like it was going to go on forever, already the longest-running scripted prime-time television show in US history, might come to end, or at the very least leave Fox’s Sunday night line-up. Disney stands to make a huge amount of money from The Simpsons once it leaves Fox and its current syndication deals end.

“It’ll set a record because it will be such a huge library,” media consultant Brad Adgate says.

Disney has a multitude of options. One source tells Variety that Fox has long mulled breaking the show’s episodes — more than 700 by the end of Season 32 — into three batches that would rotate among multiple licensees. Such a strategy could attract more money on a per-episode basis than could be drawn from a single deal partner. Disney also could opt to forgo an outside deal and instead use “The Simpsons” as a platform on which to build out Disney Plus or Hulu in much the same way that FX used it to establish then-nascent offshoot FXX.

But there’s speculation that Fox will keep the show for as long as it can, even if it is losing them money. They’ve built their entire brand around it, and having it on Sundays has given them a platform to launch other hit animated shows like Family Guy, Futurama, King of the Hill and Bob’s Burgers. Because some of us still tune every week even though we know we’re going to be disappointed. I mean, the show is still okay, but there hasn’t actually been a memorable episode in the last five years or so.

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Wendy Williams Hospitalized, Delays Talk Show Return Indefinitely

She might not be aware of it, but we've been beefing with Wendy Williams here at The Hollywood Gossip for many years now.

We simply haven't been able to stand the way she desperately seeks attention by making cruel, outlandish statements about her fellow celebrities.

You know, like how she slammed the #MeToo movement and how she called Kylie Jenner's baby ugly.

Wendy Williams Close Up

But anyway.

Our point here is not to rehash these issues, but to actually call a truce and to wish Williams well.

Why? Because the talk show host has been hospitalized due to complications from Graves Disease.

“As Wendy Williams Hunter previously shared, she fractured her shoulder and has been on the mend. Over the past few days, Wendy has experienced complications regarding her Graves’ Disease that will require treatment," reads a statement from her family, which continues as follow:

"Wendy will be under the strict supervision of her physicians, and as part of her care, there will be significant time spent in the hospital

"Despite her strong desire to return, she is taking a necessary, extended break from her show to focus on her personal and physical well-being."

Wendy Williams in Gold

Williams broke her shoulder in December and then started to worry fans when she slurred her words on-air.

She later apologized and blamed the painkillers she was taking at the time.

Since then, Williams has delayed her show’s return on two occasions.

It was originally supposed to return shortly after the New Year -- but was pushed back to January 14.

It was then delayed another week and will now be on indefinite hiatus.

Concludes this most recent statement:

“Wendy thanks everyone in advance for their well-wishes and for respecting her and The Hunter Family’s privacy during this time.”

Wendy on Britney

In early 2018, Williams also took an extended break after her diagnosis of Graves Disease

This is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism).

Symptoms often include anxiety, hand tremor, heat sensitivity, weight loss, puffy eyes and enlarged thyroid.

It's a pretty serious illness and Williams addressed her reation to the diagnosis last March.

"There's was just a mess going on inside my body," she said on Good Morning America.

Continued the polarizing TV personality at the time:

"We, as women, particularly if we have families, you know, we’re taking care of children, we’re taking care of our home, our husbands, we take care of everybody but ourselves.

"I'm not doing that anymore... Wendy first!"

Wendy W.

Says the production company behind the Wendy Williams Show:

For over ten years, Wendy has been a vital part of the Debmar-Mercury family.

We wholeheartedly support Wendy in this decision to take the time she needs and we will welcome her back with open arms the moment she is ready.

Of course, because this is the Internet, gossip and innuendo abound.

With rumors swirling about her husband's affair, some are wondering whether Williams is simply shunning the spotlight for awhile and using her health as an excuse.

We're not saying that.

But some out there most definitely have been.

Millie Bobby Brown Thinks the Stalker From ‘You’ Was Super Romantic

I watched You with my girlfriend a few weeks ago because she likes stories about emotionally unstable men and I’m no fool, I do what she says so we have sex instead of a fight. We’ve been together long enough that she’s gone from swooning over Twilight to us making jokes about how controlling these characters are. Occasionally, when she’s going out with her best friend I’ll tell her I was feeling jealous, so I disassembled her car’s engine to keep her safe, and she’ll jokingly reply “Aww, that’s so romantic!” That sort of thing.

If you haven’t watched You, which was on Lifetime in September but gained a huge following after being streamed on Netflix starting at Christmas, here are some spoilers for you: it’s about a crazy guy who meets a girl, stalks her, kills her boyfriend and then best friend and dates her. Then they break up and she turns out to be almost as crazy, stalking him to get him back and away from his new girlfriend while sleeping with her therapist. Then he locks her in a cage under his bookstore, kills her and pins the blame on said therapist. We were absolutely howling with laughter by the end, where the guy is narrating something to the effect of “I think Beck would be okay with me murdering her because I love her so much I had no other choice.”

Oh, and the dead best friend was also stalking the female lead. It’s a mess. Everyone is stalking everyone.

Millie Bobby Brown thought it was super romantic, because she’s a teenager and teenagers are dumb.

Oh honey, we’re going to judge you, it’s the internet. In fact, people are still judging her on Twitter right now

Also, keep in mind Brown had just started watching the show, so it’s not like she got to the part where he’s killing a bunch of people and went “Awww, how sweet!” In fact, her opinion changed after she finished the show. Shocking, I know.

That’s kind of just the way the show is structured, you’re supposed to like the guy at first and be able to look past the fact that he’s a nutter. Even when he starts killing people, they’re not good people. Everyone loves it when Marvel heroes kill the bad guys, right? That’s what being a hero is, isn’t it? Yeah, think about that one for a while.

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Why Ryan Lochte Said Yes to Celebrity Big Brother: Viewers Are Going to See a Different Side of Him

The first time Ryan Lochte appears on Celebrity Big Brother will actually be the second time he has been asked to compete on the CBS reality series.

But that was then. And now, Lochte — a few months fresh from successful treatment for alcohol abuse and still in the middle of training for the next Summer Olympics despite a 14-month ban — is ready for America to see a different side of him.

“He’s not how he is in the media,” his agent, Jeff Ostrow, tells PEOPLE. “He’s a great person, laid-back and down to earth.”

“I thought it would be nice for the 10 million people that regularly watch the show to get to see who Ryan is,” he says.

“People who want to see Ryan — what they think, he’s a party animal, crazy person, that’s not what they’re going to see and that’s not what Ryan is,” Ostrow continues. “And, in fact, he made a commitment to change his lifestyle a little bit and sought a little bit of help for alcohol and he doesn’t party like that.”

Lochte, 34, is one of the most decorated athletes in his sport and a superstar of past Olympics. But his prowess in the pool has often been overshadowed by his behavior on dry land, including a reality series on E! in 2013 that didn’t seem to miss a single moment of cluelessness or shenanigans.

And then there were more troubling incidents. Lochte falsely claimed he and other American swimmers had been held at gunpoint and robbed while at a gas station during the Rio Summer Games, touching off an international incident. He later apologized amid conflicting accounts of what his group had done and why security had felt the need to draw their guns.

Despite stiff punishment from U.S. Swimming, Lochte vowed to make it back to the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020 and was well on his way when he was barred last year from competition for 14 months because he received an illegally large IV infusion. (The substance itself was not banned.)

In October, Lochte underwent treatment for a years-long alcohol addiction after police were reportedly called to an incident at his hotel in California.

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Ostrow, his agent, says now that the outpatient treatment lasted about a month and “went very well.”

“It was something that he voluntarily wanted to do even though many professionals would suggest that he didn’t necessarily need to,” he says of Lochte. “He needed to kind of take control over himself and his decisions better.”

There have been recent bright spots as well: Lochte wed former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid in a lavish ceremony in September after a civil ceremony earlier in 2018. They are parents to Caiden Zane, born last June, and Kayla is expecting a baby girl this summer.

“They’re super excited, they always wanted to have two children,” Ostrow says.

RELATED VIDEO: Ryan Lochte Is Ready for His Fresh Start — ‘I Can’t Wait to Be a Dad’

Lochte, particularly, “couldn’t be happier — No. 1 that he’s having another kid because he loves being a dad, but having a baby girl has always been part of his dreams.”

After all the ups and downs, Lochte is now set to join a house with 11 other celebrities from various fields (including former White House official Anthony Scaramucci and Lindsay Lohan’s mom) to compete for $250,000.

They will be cut off from the outside world and watched constantly by cameras. Unlike the other sports stars in the cast, such as Olympian Lolo Jones, Lochte is still competing.

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“Ryan always goes into everything to win. His mindset is to win,” says Ostrow. ” I think he’s going in there to try and win the game but not at the expense of making himself look foolish or doing things that are contrary to the type of person that Ryan is.”

One thing Lochte won’t stop doing is training. There will be a pool at the Big Brother house just for that purpose.

While he has brushed up a bit on the series, “He didn’t want to over think the process too much in terms of strategy,” Ostrow says.

“You’re thrown into that experiment,” Ostrow says, adding, “My advice is, ‘Go in and be yourself, obviously be mindful that unlike the rest of our life they’re going to watch everything you do. Just be you’ — and I know he’ll be fine if he’s him.”

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Monday (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.

Ellen DeGeneres Enters the Race for Most-Liked Photo By Putting Kylie Jenner’s Face in the Egg

Ellen DeGeneres is taking on #TheEgg.

On her show on Wednesday, the talk show host addressed the recent event in which a photo of a single brown egg claiming the top spot for most liked photo on Instagram. The egg (or its account holder really) first set out to surpass Kylie Jenner, who originally held the record with the first snapshot she shared of daughter Stormi five days after her birth in February 2018. Jenner’s photo garnered 18 million likes, but the egg has now reached an astonishing 45 million likes and counting.

“The egg’s life has completely changed,” DeGeneres joked. “I want that egg on the show. Egg if you’re listening… I want you on the show.”

Before revealing her plan to break the record, the comedienne couldn’t resist a very appropriate egg joke. “Now that this egg holds the record, everyone’s gonna try to beat the egg,” she said, “And you know what happens when you beat an egg? It’s an omelet.”

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DeGeneres’ then showed off what photo she hopes will out rank them all: The egg decorated with Jenner’s face on it.

“I named it Eggward Shellington Jenner III,” she said.

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According to my calculations, this will be the most liked Instagram post ever! The egg + @KylieJenner = 51,000,000 likes minimum.

A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on Jan 14, 2019 at 12:21pm PST


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Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this 🙌 #LikeTheEgg #EggSoldiers #EggGang

A post shared by EGG GANG 🌍 (@world_record_egg) on Jan 4, 2019 at 9:05am PST


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stormi webster 👼🏽

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 6, 2018 at 1:14pm PST


Though her combo post doesn’t exactly threaten to beat either Jenner or the egg (it has 4 million likes right now), it has become DeGeneres’ most-liked photo. It has more likes than her photos with Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson, Julia Roberts and the image of her receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom—but true to her form, DeGeneres isn’t getting discouraged.

“I think this is great, because with all the divisiveness that we have going on in the world, we found something that we can all agree on,” she said. “It’s a damn egg.”

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Jenner responded to the controversy on Sunday with a video of herself cracking a brown egg on the hot pavement outside seemingly to watch it cook.

“Take that little egg,” she captioned the funny clip.

To Catch a Predator Host Chris Hansen Arrested, Charged with Issuing Bad Checks

Chris Hansen, former host of To Catch a Predator, has been charged with issuing bad checks.

Hanson was arrested in Stamford, Connecticut on Monday and charged with issuing a bad check, the Stamford Police Department confirmed to PEOPLE.

In the summer of 2017, police said Hansen ordered several promotional items including t-shirts, mugs and decals from a local company for upcoming marketing events.

According to police, Hansen was given a bill totaling just under $13,000 and agreed to pay for the items in full before they were delivered, but the check he issued nearly three months after receiving an invoice bounced.

The owner of the vendor reached out to Hansen, who apologized and attempted to make a partial payment, police said. But after the television host wrote a second check in 2018 that also bounced, the owner contacted the police.

When investigators contacted Hansen, he refused to speak on the issue, police said. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Hansen turned himself in to police on Monday and was charged with a class D felony, according to police. He was released without bond and signed a promise to appear in court.

A rep for Hansen did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment.

On Wednesday morning, Hansen tweeted from Los Angeles, but didn’t mention the arrest.

“Weighing an early morning run while there’s a break in the LA rain…..but first coffee!” he captioned a photo of the city at dawn.


To Catch a Predator ran from 2004-2007 and saw Hansen and his team confront sex offenders.

The Bachelor Season Premiere Recap: We’re in Virgin Territory!

Colton Underwood is a virgin. Did you know that?

ABC continued to hype this fact about its Season 23 star on the three-hour premiere episode Monday night, which featured Colton kissing two women and sending home seven more.

"I’m the first virgin Bachelor and it’s crazy to even think about that,” Underwood said early on. “I couldn’t be more hopeful and excited.”

Did his 30 suitors feel the same way, however?

How did they approach the fact that he's never slid his throbbing unit inside of any private parts?

Scroll down for everything you ever wanted to know about this lengthy season premiere -- and visit our section of The Bachelor spoilers to see who actually wins...

1. Ready to Meet the Ladies

Bachelor premieres
After the usual kind of introduction -- which, yes, focused heavily on both Colton's former football career and his virginity - Chris met up with Colton outside of the mansion to meet his many suitors.

2. They Were Ready to Swipe That V Card

They were ready to swipe that v card
“If I was the person that Colton gave his virginity to, I would definitely bring out all the tricks,” said Onyeka, an IT risk consultant from Dallas, Texas, at one point.

3. Et Tu, Demi?

Et tu demi
Added this suitor: “I know that he’s a virgin, which is kind of concerning. If you only ever have a vanilla cupcake, well how do you know you don’t like chocolate? How do you know you don’t like strawberry? I feel like you have to try out all the cupcakes first to know what you really want. I’m the damn confetti cake."

4. Okay. On to the Arrivals!

Okay on to the arrivals
There was Caelynn — who currently holds the title of Miss North Carolina 2018 - wore her sash and everything!

5. Yup, She's a Sloth

Yup shes a sloth
There was Alex D., who dressed in a head-to-toe sloth costume (because Colton likes to take things “slowly.” Really. This was her reasoning.) and was so very into it that her arrival took up about half the premiere.

6. Pulled Over for Lameness

Pulled over for lameness
There was Tracy, who showed up in a cop cruise because she was the self-proclaimed fashion police. Wow, huh? The sloth costume may have made more sense.
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The Today Show Officially Replaces Megyn Kelly With…

Megyn Kelly is out.

And her replacements are officially in.

this is today

On Monday morning, about three months after Megyn Kelly was fired for being naive, insensitive and also pretty darn racist, NBC went ahead and seemingly named her replacement.

Indeed, Megyn Kelly Today is no more.

Viewers should now prepare themselves for ... Dylan Dreyer, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones And Craig Melvin Today?

Okay, the name may be a work in progress.

But Dreyer wrote the following to her Twitter followers a few hours ago:

Hope you don't mind these faces! You'll be seeing a lot of them at 9am.

Please join us! #3rdhourtoday #youvegotafriendinus #letthegoodtimesroll @TODAYshow @SheinelleJones @craigmelvin @alroker.

Aside from tagging her colleagues, Dreyer shared this photo of them along with her message:

Today Show Peeps

Roker, meanwhile, posted the same snapshot and simply wrote:

"I love these guys." 

It is worth noting, however, that NBC is yet to officially announce anything.

In fact, Jenna Bush Hager served as a co-host on the day Dreyer sent this message; and she has been a rumored replacement herself for Kelly.

Kelly, for her part, never found footing - or an audience - on NBC.

The network tried to act as if she was never a polarizing political pundit at Fox News prior to her hiring, shaving off all rough edges and re-introducing her as their own kind of harmless and fun Kelly Ripa.

The makeover never worked.

It actually failed miserably.

Megyn Kelly as Today Anchor

But Kelly wasn't shown the door until she ignited a controversy during a Halloween costume discussion in which she wondered why blackface was considered taboo.

"You do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween or a black person who puts on white face for Halloween," Kelly said during a panel discussion that got way, awy away from her, adding erroneously:

"Back when I was a kid, that was OK as long as you were dressed up as like a character."

She later wondered what makes something racist.

Once she learned the history of how demeaning and flat-out racist the concept of blackface actually is (something she, a seasoned journalist, didn't know beforehand?!?), Kelly issued an apology.

"I was wrong and I am sorry," she told viewers, continuing as follows:

"Sometimes I talk and sometimes I listen and yesterday, I learned.

"I learned that given the history of blackface being used in awful ways by racists in this country, it is not OK for that to be part of any costume, Halloween or otherwise."

Megyn Kelly, NBC Picture

But it was too little and too late.

And she had already been too unpopular at NBC for executives to fight for her job.

Kelly, of course, walked away with millions and millions (and millions!) of dollars, so no one is feeling to badly for her at the moment.

Elsewhere, NBC is yet to announce a replacement for Kathie Lee Gifford, who will be leaving her seat alongside Hoda Kotb in April.

"I have my idea of who might be absolutely wonderful, but there's a great pool of talent and beauty and heart around here, right within our own family," Kathie Lee said when confirming her departure.

"And if they come from outside the family they will soon become family because you all treat everybody that way..."

Kathie Lee Gifford Says Goodbye

Gifford is exiting the program in a graceful manner.

The same cannot be said for Kelly.

Will you give the 9 a.m. hour of Today a shot again if the quartet listed above really are the ones to step into Megyn's shoes?

(As documented below, those shoes have so often been anti-African American.)