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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: Andy Cohen Announces New Series!

There's one reason that Austen Kroll is giving relationship updates and Kelly Dodd is chilling with Ramona Singer in New York.

The very first Bravocon is here, and at the convention, Andy Cohen made a startling, exciting announcement.

Andy Cohen, Season 14 Reunion Selfie

"We’ve always tried to choose a city that has completely unique personalities," Andy Cohen announced at the big reveal on Saturday.

He continued: "And we also try to throw a little curveball now and then."

"Pick somewhere you weren’t expecting,” he clarified..

Andy then expressed: “We are very excited to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah!"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 Reunion Still

"You didn’t see it coming," Andy freely acknowledged.

"But I have to tell you, in Utah, you have the majesty of the mountains, the Mormon religion," he listed.

Andy continueds: "An exclusive community of people who have very successful businesses who live in their own universe."

“It is gorgeous," he gushed. "And I think you’re going to be really surprised and intrigued by the group of women we’ve found."

Real Housewives of New York City Cast at Reunion

Bravo also released a more formal reveal of the exciting new addition to the wildly successful franchise.

"The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City takes viewers into an undiscovered world," the official Bravo announcement reads.

The statement adds that it's a world "that is about so much more than religion."

"Although," the announcement acknowledges, "the Mormon church is undeniably ingrained in the culture."

Andy Cohen on TV

"In the majestic mountains of Utah is a hidden social circle made up of successful women," the announcement contnues.

Bravo describes them as woman "who have created their own paradise filled with luxury homes, shopping sprees, and multi-million-dollar businesses and brands."

"With Hollywood’s exclusive Sundance Film Festival in their backyards," the statement notes.

Bravo teases: "These Type-A power-brokers are accustomed to rubbing elbows with A-listers and what party list you are on means everything."

NeNe Leakes Attends Reunion

"They have mastered running wildly successful enterprises by day and enjoy après ski at the finest resorts by night," Bravo dishes.

The announcement adds that they do this "all the while raising extraordinary and unconventional families."

"Here perfection is not an aspiration, it’s a mandate," the network dramatically expresses.

That may be the single best line of the entire reveal. it's not even done and I'm already sold.

Drama at the RHONJ Reunion

"They hold themselves and each other to an extremely high standard," Bravo's announcement points out.

The women have lofty expectations "and never hold back when things go sideways."

"But lord knows they are always there for each other when they need it most," the statement concludes.

That is so exciting ... but who will star on it?

Nicole Cliffe Real Housewives of Salt Lake City spec tweet

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a cast list. If we did, we would be showing you their names instead of snaps from Reunion specials.

If you're like me, the first name who came to mind at the idea of wealthy housewives in Utah was Slate writer Nicole Cliffe.

But despite her cult-like following on Twitter, she has already confirmed that she will not be part of the cast.

She herself is speculating on Twitter about who might be a good fit for the show. Let's hope that she joins in Season 2.

Update: Nicole now reports that her network of Utah socialite friends have identified two cast members: Lisa Barlow and Angie Harrington.

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Whoa! That’s Derek’s Killer!

Grey's Anatomy turned 350 episodes old on Thursday night.

We don't even have a joke or a pun-related follow-up to make about this milestone.

That's just... a heckuva lot of episodes for one television show!


In a semi-ironic twist, meanwhile, the latest installment of this beloved ABC drama didn't focus on the past and all the series has accomplished.

But rather on the future and whether Meredith would ever accomplish anything in the medical field ever again.

Specifically, of course, we mean that Meredith attended the hearing to determine if she would lose her medical license ... and might have lost her relationship in the process.

Yikes, right?!?


Our favorite physician entered this hearing and immediately was taken aback.

That's what happens when you notice that one of the doctor’s evaluating whether you ought to lose your license for breaking the law is Paul Castello, the man whose negligence in the operating room killed your husband.

The doctor in question didn’t recognize Meredith at first and she stayed quiet.

However, when he started talking about her children, she couldn’t hold back any longer.


“That one night should’ve cost you your entire career,” Grey screamed at Castello about Derek's final surgery. “My medical license should not be in this man’s hands. He is dangerous.”

Castello began having a seizure after this incident, actually dying during surgery at Grey Sloan from a brain hemorrhage.

And yet, Meredith's hearing continued, as dozens of patients she had treated over the years testified on her behalf.

Even Bailey had a change of heart and supported her old friend, which prompted Meredith to finally come out on top: She got to keep her license and also got her job back at Grey Sloan.



“You are a pain in my ass but you’re a fine surgeon … I need you,” Bailey told her occasional foe.

How sweet, right? Or, really, how Bailey-like?

There was a point, though,  during Meredith's hearing, when things were NOT looking very positive for her.

She suffered through numerous bad testimonies against her and let Andrew Deluca know she thought it was over in a heartbreaking way.

“If I lose my license and I can’t cut and you can, we won’t make it,” she said to him.


As mentioned, of course, this became sort of moot when Meredith won her case -- but she still said it, you know? It was still a sentiment she shared.

The threat really stuck with Deluca, who was hurt because he realized that Meredith respected Derek in their relationship, yet she doesn’t see Deluca as that equal partner.

He told her he wanted to take a break.

“Figure out what it is you want and let me know if I’m a part of that,” Deluca said.

How will this play out?

We'll need to wait for Episode 351 and beyond to find out!

Kourtney Kardashian is Ditching ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ For… Wyoming?

Kourtney Kardashian, also known as “Oh yeah, there is another one, isn’t there?” to fans, is leaving Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Cosmo reports that she wanted to spend more time with her children, and I suppose that being so vapid for such long periods of time must be exhausting.

If you’ve forgotten which is one is Kourtney, she’s not the tall one or the hot one.

What really caught my attention, though, is what Kourtney is doing with all her free time; she’s taking her family to Wyoming, the Kourtney Kardashian of states.

The Us Weekly article reporting this news also pointed out that Kourtney runs a website called Poosh, which is sort of like Goop but without… well, basically just without Gwyneth Paltrow.

View this post on Instagram

We have everything we need 🙏🏼

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

I mean, she looks like she’s having a good time. In Wyoming. You can actually see the curvature of the Earth in these photos.

Meanwhile, fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will just have to imagine life without Kourtney in it. You know, provided they remembered she was on it to begin with.

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13 Terrifying TV Shows You Need to Watch on Halloween

This Just In:

Every year on October 31, young people dress up in costumes and go around collecting candy from their neighbors on an occasion known as Halloween.

To celebrate the holiday and this frightening theme, we're rounding up the best horror TV shows around. You might as well just give in to the terror of the season, right?

The Hollywood Gossip have got you covered.

Prepare to be scared, in the best way possible...


1. The Haunting of Hill House - Netflix

The haunting of hill house
This series took the world by storm when it launched in 2018. It freaked audiences out so much that many couldn't get through the entire first season. Will you be brave enough to beat this one?

2. American Horror Story - FX

Twisty the clown
American Horror Story is well into its ninth season, and for a good reason: It's filled with jump scares.

Thankfully, there are nine distinctly different seasons to choose from, depending on what you're in the mood for.

3. Stranger Things - Netflix

Stranger things season 3 episode 3 photo
Stranger Things is not described as horror by Netflix, but there are plenty of scary moments for it to be on your Halloween binge list. We promise!

4. Bates Motel - A&E

Bates motel season 4 pic
The origins of Norman Bates are not for the faint of heart. This five-season series chronicles a young boy's murderous tendencies coming out to play. It has a moody atmosphere that never really lets up.

5. Supernatural - The CW

Supernatural season 11 premiere pic
Supernatural knows how to dial up the scares. That's part of the reason why it has been on the air for 15 years.

6. Hannibal - NBC

Hannibal pic
This NBC drama focused on Hannibal Lecter, and there were other serial killers along for the ride. It did get canceled, but the three-season series is widely considered one of the best TV shows out there.
View Slideshow

Jersey Shore Recap: What the Hell Happened in Vegas?!?

Things got very ugly on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation last night.

And, incredibly, none of the drama centered around Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Instead, viewers tuned in to see the fallout from last week's interactions between Zack Clayton Carpinello, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Angelina Pivarnick.

24 dude

In real time, of course, Farley dumped Carpinello after she watched the previous episode and witnessed how he flirted up a storm with Angelina (while JWoww was passed out at a club).

But these installments were filmed months ago -- meaning Thursday night gave us a glimpse at at the complete $hitstorm that broke out the day after Zack, Jenni and Angelina got wasted during an evening out...

... and Zack totally groped a stunned Angelina on the dance floor.

The following morning, Jenni woke up --  still in her dress and still drunk.

As Zack quietly tried to get her ready for the airport, Vinny talked to Angelina in the living room.

vinny 1

"The weirdest thing is I saw you guys dancing at Drai's, and he grabbed you," he said, adding that he witnessed Zack "touching your ass."

YES! Thank you! Angelina was ecstatic to hear this.

"You saw it! You saw it! I saw your face! Oh, thank God. Thank God! I wasn't dreaming," she exclaimed, claiming that Zack told her after the club that he would be calling her to say hi.

She thought the entire situation was really odd and felt 24 just got "too comfortable, too quick."

"Even though I don't like Angelina, I actually agree with her right now, that that was kind of shady situation," Vin said in a later confessional.

"I know that Jenni is looking through Zack-colored lenses right now, but if Jenni finds out about this whole thing, she's gonna flip out."


Cut to everyone heading home and a text thread getting underway about what the heck happened between Zack and Angelina.

"We were in a group chat talking about the night Jenni was drunk in Vegas with 24," Vinny told the camera.

"I made a comment like, 'Yeah, and how about when Zack was dancing with Angelina?' Angelina says that Zack was grabbing her, she doesn't like 24, she's saying his intentions aren't good, and that really pissed off Jenni."

From there, the episode delved into a lot of he-said/she-said territory, as a now-sober JWoww tried to piece together what transpired.

During a FaceTime call with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi to fill her in, she relayed her boyfriend's side of the scandalous story.

"Angelina's trying to turn it into something like he grabbed her. She f-cking kissed him!" Jenni shouted into the phone.

drunk  jersey

Elsewhere, Angelina was busy keeping her fiancé, Chris, in the loop.

"[Nicole] is texting me saying, 'What happened in Vegas? Did you make it a big deal that he was dancing with you?'" she read from her phone. "How f-cking dare her?!"

Back to Vinny:

"Any time you're on Jenni's bad side, you're also on Nicole's bad side," he explained.

"So Nicole starts to text Angelina like as Jenni's little attack chihuahua and was like, 'What are you saying about Zack?' So now it's an all-out war.

Jenni's now saying that Angelina tried to kiss Zack, Angelina's mad that everyone's teaming up on her, that this is gonna ruin her engagement.

"And we're all about to get together for Deena [Cortese]'s baby's baptism in just a couple days."


Angelina then cried on Deena's shoulder at the latter's house, insisting that she was the one wronged here.

"But what did Zack do? He just moved you out of the way?" Deena asked.

Angelina said it was an intentional and "inappropriate" grab that was causing major strain on her engagement and life in general.

"I'm stressed out. I lost so much weight over all this. This can break up my engagement, you know? Just her saying that? My fiancé thinks that this actually happened, and this is why I'm upset," she said, wiping away tears.

Jenni. for her part, was having trouble of her own... simply because she couldn't remember anything about the night in question.

"I just don't like being that person that's like, 'I don't remember any of it.' But I'm glad that I was that level because, if I would've saw that, her kissing him, and I was in a state of mind..." she said, imagining laying the smackdown on Angelina.

After Vinny tried to explain that Zack had acted inappropriate, Jenni blew him off and said that Carpinello claimed that Angelina kissed him.

shocked angelina

"I'm sorry, but like, there's nothing for me to be mad at," she later told the camera, adding:

"Unless Zack like physically cheated on me, not my problem! If he kissed her, that would be a huge problem, but he didn't! Supposedly, she did.

"I don't trust Angelina. I truly believe Zack. He's just not capable of lying. There's nothing for him to gain out of that."

When Deena got together with Jenni and Nicole later that night, she explained that Angelina had come over and cried to her about the situation.

"'Cause she's guilty!" Jenni yelled. "I would cry, too, if I was like, 'Damn, I got f-cked up and I kissed someone.' Zack was like, 'I have nothing to hide. I would never disrespect you.' He hasn't even flinched over it."

(Editor's Note: Zack has since owned up to his actions.)

Jennifer Farley and Clayton Carpinello at the VMAs

At the after-party for Deena's son's baptism, Angelina and JWoww were seated at different tables and managed to avoid each other.

But Snooki approached Angelina and said:

"Don't be mad at me. I didn't do anything."

Angelina replied" "Aw, that's cute, Nicole."

"I texted you to let you know what happened because I black out sometimes," Snooki explained.

"I f-ck up sometimes and I get drunk, and I'm like, 'What the f-ck did I do?' That's why I texted you, to be like, 'Girl, you were drunk. This is what I was hearing about you.'"

Angelina responded, in reference to Zack: "I just think you're defending someone that you shouldn't be defending."

And, with that, she left the party alongside Chris.

When will the much-hyped Angelina versus Jenni showdown actually take place?

Guess we'll need to tune in next Thursday night to find out!

Paul Rudd Got Someone to Look at His Ball Sack

Paul Rudd made it onto Hot Ones and forced host Sean Evans to look at his finger testicles

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Matt Lauer Really Wanted Pippa Middleton on ‘Today’, Definitely for Non-Creepy Reasons

This story is not going to surprise anyone given what we know about Pippa Middleton and Matt Lauer today, which is to say Pippa has an amazing ass and Matt Lauer has been accused of doing a bunch of rapes.

How do these two things relate? Well, Page Six reported that Matt Lauer really wanted to hire Pippa to be on Today.

Lauer even shut down his favorite restaurant, Donohue’s Steak House on the Upper East Side, to host a dinner for the future queen’s sister, whose regal derrière became the unwitting star of Kate’s royal wedding to Prince William in 2011.

Pippa was accompanied by her publicist at the time, former UK newspaper editor Simon Kelner, alongside senior “Today” staffers, including former “Today” executive producer Don Nash, who thought it would be a good idea to hire her.

He really rolled out the red carpet. What attribute could Middleton have that made Lauer so insistent on hiring her.

“Pippa wasn’t comfortable with any of it. Buckingham Palace was putting her under tremendous pressure not to go forward or cause any embarrassment to her sister. Matt and Pippa were never alone, and she wasn’t really interested in the job, but nevertheless NBC staffers were nervous about Matt’s interest in Pippa.”

Can you imagine if Matt Lauer had trapped the sister-in-law of the future King of England in his office with the rape button on his desk? He could have single-handedly started another war with England by trying to stick his dick in the world’s finest ass without consent.

Like, can you imagine this being taught in high school in the future? “So World War I was caused by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and World War III was caused by a morning show dipshit pushing one up the Queen’s sister while she was trapped in his good buttfucking stockades.”

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Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy Creator, Fired From FX for Being an "Abrasive D-ck"

Kurt Sutter, the executive producer best known for having created Sons of Anarchy and then its spinoff, Mayans M.C., has been fired by FX.

The writer himself confirmed the news in a letter he sent to the cast and crew of the latter drama on Thursday afternoon.

Kurt Sutter

According to The Hollywood Reporter insiders, Sutter was let go due to "multiple complaints" over his behavior on the series, which chronicles a biker gang viewers first met on Sons of Anarchy.

As mentioned above, Sutter detailed his dismissal by FX CEO John Landgraf and Disney TV Studios and ABC Entertainment chairman Dana Walden in a message sent to those who had been working with him on The Mayans for the past two years.

In this message, he described himself as an "abrasive dick."

Representatives for FX and 20th Century Fox TV have not yet commented on the development, while representatives for Sutter did not respond to the aforementioned outlet's multiple requests for a remark.

Kurt Sutter Picture

Filming and production on the second season of Mayans M.C. has already been completed.

Last month, Sutter told fans at the Season 2 premiere that he was planning to down from his executive producer role should this Sons of Anarchy follow-up earn a third season from FX.

“It’s time for the white man to leave the building,” he told the audience at the Hollywood screening.

Sutter went on to say at the time that a person of color should run the writers’ room because it’s a drama about a Mexican biker gang on the California-Mexico border.

Kurt Sutter,

Always an outspoken showrunner, Sutter appeared as the character of Otto in multiple episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

He was also one of the main writers on legendary FX drama The Shield.

"This morning I was fired by Dana Walden and John Landgraf for all the complaints levied against me," wrote Sutter in his letter to the cast and crew, adding:

"Not the way I wanted to end my 18 year relationship with FX. At least being fired for being an abrasive dick is on brand...

"I deeply apologize if I’ve made people feel less than or unsupported. My intention was literally the opposite. But clearly I’ve not been paying attention.

"My arrogance and chronic distraction has created wreckage. Just know, I adore this cast and crew."

k. sutter

Elsewhere, however, Sutter was far more pointed in his criticism of the decision.

Here is his lengthy letter in full:

Let me begin by saying, I know who I am. I know the impact of my process. I'm intense and passionate. I take what I do very seriously. That's what having a vision manifests. And if you fuck with that vision, I’m gonna push back.

When I'm right, I let the work speak for itself. When I’m wrong, I own it, make amends and fix it.

I pride myself on having a supportive and empowering set. I try to acknowledge all the hard work everyone does. I'm clear that it's a collaborative effort. And I try to pass that philosophy down to my writers and producers so they do the same.

Disney letting me go today was apparently based on data collected by HR and Business Affairs from writers, producers, cast and crew.

They claim the intel suggests that I created a climate of hostility, favoritism and enabled a set where no one felt safe or appreciated.

I know that’s not true. I’m not saying it was all sunshine and roses, but I’m close with most of those guys and they love going to work. I’m also not sure how, having been on set… maybe three times all season, I was able to singularly create that much damage

more sutter

Never did I think the ship was off course until after mid season when I suddenly was bombarded with unfavorable reports about the tension on set. I am not going to mention names, because I don't want to point fingers. So yes, there were complaints.

And ultimately whomever they are about lands on me to fix. That’s when I contacted the network to let them know. They told me they’d look into it. And to sit tight. So I did.

Who I have been hard on this season is the studio and network. I’ve felt the creative scrutiny of Disney from day one. Notes on scripts and cuts have been heavy handed.

Demanding a level of dumbing-down story and inane PC restraints like I’ve never experienced before. I genuinely feared for the creative future of the storytelling. So I pushed back.Hard.

No different than I have in the past. In fact, much tamer than I ever was on SOA. However, I was dealing with personnel who didn’t know me. And my level of… passion. Clearly I ruffled a few mouse ears.

I know my role at Mayans MC was going to be greatly reduced. I am handing off the show to Elgin. So it's not the job that's the issue.

What pisses me off, what hurts the most, is that John Landgraf and Dana Walden sat across from me and sited a summary of a slanted truth formulated by lawyers and clerks.

They blamed my dismissal on the cast and crew.

sutter and katey

People I care about. People I respect. They had no first hand knowledge of anything they were saying. They’ve never been on set or spoken to any of my people. I’m not saying all of the intel was bullshit.

But I know that’s not why I was fired. The truth is, the suits wanted me gone. I stepped on toes and bruised egos. And in this Disney regime, I'm dangerous to the wholesome brand.

And clearly not worth the trouble. So 18 years of friendship, loyalty and producing quality television, was flushed down the drain. They threw me under the fucking bus.

I send this diatribe because I feel deeply wronged. They embarrassed me. They created a false narrative that could damage my reputation and career. I want them to understand the depth of that mistake.

Talk soon. Thanks. ks. sutterink, the letter concluded."

This Is Us Recap: Did Kevin Just Meet His Soulmate?

Secrets, secrets, they are no fun.

They are no fun for anyone... until they come out and stir up lots of drama, that is, which is exactly what went down on This Is Us Season  4 Episode 3, "Unhinged."


On the latest installment of this NBC drama, Kate (Chrissy Metz) broke down after learning that husband Toby (Chris Sullivan) had been keeping his weight loss from her.

This is how the reveal transpired:

Toby settled into his IT sales job by inviting Kate to meet some of his clients at a restaurant.

He then attempted to subtly get the hostess to switch their table, yet when she wouldn’t do so, Kate confessed that she could not fit into the booth. It was very awkward.

Why didn't Toby say the say thing, however? Hmmm...

Kate later ordered Toby to take off his shirt, but not in a seductive way -- she wanted to see his abs for herself.

He admitted that he had been going to the gym to get healthy following his heart attack, which made Kate quite emotional.

He didn’t want to make her feel bad, although she acknowledged she had gained 10 pounds since giving birth.

From there, her neighbor (Timothy Omundson), who was trying to rehabilitate from a stroke, caught her crying on her porch... and after he shared his story with her, she and little Jack joined him for his morning walks around the neighborhood.

It's a start, right?


Elsewhere, viewers saw why Nicky (Griffin Dunne) vandalized the VA center.

You see, he was making progress with a therapist when she was transferred and this caused him to relapse.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) arrived in town to help Nicky avoid prison time and a gigantic fine, as the VA agreed to let Nicky continue his treatment, despite his aversion to assistance.

Again: It's a start, right?

And speaking of starts...


While at the facility, Kevin met Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) and her son.

Cassidy was immediately turned off by him, but she later warmed up when they wound up in the same Alcoholic Anonymous meeting.

Kevin lamented his life having no purpose at all and trying to stay sober by focusing on his nephew.

Cassidy laughed at his struggles, which included his fear of becoming an AARP spokesperson, prompting Kevin to eventually did the same.

Sparks most definitely flew here and it's very safe to say we're intrigued.


Also; Deja (Lyric Ross) received a surprise of her own when Malik (Asante Blackk) told her he has a daughter.

She had no idea what to think about the situation and would only say that the revelation complicated her feelings for him.

In other young person Pearson news, Tess (Eris Baker) battled coming out at school.

Then there was our man Randall (Sterling K. Brown), who faced a few problems of his own.

One of his aides pressured him to fire Jae-Won (Tim Jo) because the two were friends and he lacked experience.

However, Randall let go of the aide instead for disrespecting him and then helped his chief of staff plan his proposal to his girlfriend.

Finally, via flashbacks, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) was himself was fired after making a huge mistake at work.

But Miguel (Jon Huertas) stood up for him, telling their boss that he would quit if Jack had to go. The bold move saved both their jobs.

Kevin also helped out Randall after he got in trouble at school and suffered from an anxiety attack.

‘South Park’ Stands Up to China, Unlike NBA, Blizzard Entertainment

The politics of South Park are some of the most speculated-about and misunderstood topics in television since the show burst onto the scene over twenty years ago. The bottom line is that Parker and Stone are iconoclasts; they have a problem with authority and especially with being told they can’t do something.

For example, the show’s 200th episode was a two-parter all about showing the prophet Muhammad. Even talking about showing an image of Muhammad was too much for Comedy Central who have pulled the episode as if it had Michael Jackson in it.

Now the thing you can’t do is make fun of China or their President for Life, Winnie Jinpooh, who changed Chinese law to make himself President for Life. Yeah, seriously, the guy is anti-Democratic even by Chinese standards.

But China has a lot of money, and big American corporations would like some of that money, please. They will basically do anything to get that money. Like, you know how Marvel is always taking about how woke they are but any reference to any character being anything other than 100% straight has been meticulously cut from their movies, aside from a character who doesn’t even have a name in Endgame? That’s because China has rules about depicting homosexuality and Disney cares way, way more about Chinese money than American values.

This was the topic of last week’s episode of South Park, ‘Band in China’. Stan forms a band and his label is constantly giving him notes about what he can and can’t say to be successful in China and Randy flies to China to try to sell weed, ending up in prison with Winnie the Pooh. If you’re curious, China banned all references to the beloved children’s character because protestors once claimed President Xi Jinping looked like Winnie the Pooh.

They also banned last week’s episode of South Park, surprise surprise. To put what happened next into perspective, two other major brands bent over and kissed China’s ass just today.

First was Blizzard Entertainment, makers of Hearthstone and World of Warcraft.

That’s right, Blizzard took down the video from a major tournament because a player from Hong Kong, who won, used his platform to call for independence for Hong Kong. It also did not allow players from Taiwan to use the Taiwan flag.

Then there was the NBA. There aren’t even any NBA teams in China, but they’re still licking that Chinese boot. The GM of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, made a tweet supporting the Hong Kong protestors which was deleted by the morning and he was almost fired by the Rockets. Morey tweeted an apology, presumably with a metaphorical gun to his head.

Which brings us back to South Park, who tweeted their own apology.

It reads:


“Like the NBA, we welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and into our hearts. We too love money more than freedom and democracy. Xi doesn’t look just like Winnie the Pooh at all. Tune into our 300th episode this Wednesday at 10! Long live the Great Communist Party of China! May this autumn’s sorghum harvest be bountiful! We good now China?”

I told you they don’t like being told what to do. And unlike much, much richer people, Parker and Stone aren’t afraid to tell a huge market to fuck off if they can’t be free to do what they want to do.

In conclusion, free Tibet and hire Colin Kaepernick.

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Linda Porter, Beloved Superstore Actress, Dies at 86

Linda Porter, a veteran actress likely best known for roles on Twin Peaks and Superstore, died this past Wednesday after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Shew as 86 years old.

Linda Porter

Porter was most recently seen by television viewers in her recurring role as Cloud 9 employee Myrtle Vartanian on the aforementioned NBC sitcom.

She had just appeared on the Season 4 finale in May.

The character, a beloved fan favorite, had been rehired on the show as new manager Amy’s (America Ferrera) assistant after being laid off in Season 3 ... and then brought back as a customer-greeting hologram.

Overall, Porter had appeared on 35 episodes of the comedy series, which returned for its fifth season just a day after she died.

Porter had not filmed any Season 5 episodes before her death, however, and therefore will not be featured posthumously on the program at any point.

The ensemble comedy will likely pay tribute to one of its guest-starring MVPs next week, though.

as myrtle

Following news of her passing, several tributes poured in from Porter’s costars and fellow actors.

“Here’s hoping the angels don’t call cut right away because your best stuff always came at the end. We’ll miss you Linda Porter,” Superstore star Ben Feldman Tweeted, for example.

Added Danny Gura, who portrays Elias on Superstore:

“We lost a good one. R.I.P. Linda Porter, who was always smiling and always brightened up the Superstore set. This is a hard one. You will be missed.”

And there was this from Lauren Ash:

"The Superstore team lost one of its best members. RIP Linda Porter. Always funny, always vibrant and ALWAYS enthusiastic. I don’t know that anyone loved our show more than Linda.

"Both you and Myrtle will be deeply missed. xoxo"

porter tribute

Porter had also recently recurred as Lady Slot-Addict in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival for Showtime.

Her multitude of other TV credits included guest roles on:

  • Childrens Hospital
  • Togetherness
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Bunheads
  • The Mindy Project
  • How I Met Your Mother

And her big screen work included Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, Mercy and Dude Where’s My Car?

She was most recently seen in 2017’s The House.

porter tribute 2

“Linda wasn’t just hilarious, she was incredibly sweet, energetic and enthusiastic – working with her brightened everyone’s day,” Superstore executive produces/co-showrunners Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green said on behalf of the show’s cast and crew.

They concluded:

“We’re lucky to have been a small part of her long career. The Superstore family won’t be the same without her.”

May Linda Porter rest in peace.

This Is Us Season Creator Breaks Down Totally Insane Season 4 Premiere

This Is Us just did it again.

We guess we shouldn't be surprised at this point.

And yet: That's sort of the whole point, isn't it?

this is us 2

On This Is Us Season 4 Episode 1, which aired Tuesday evening on NBC, the beloved drama shifted our focus from its core characters to a bunch fo newbies... prior to wrapping up the premiere with yet another twist that brought everything together.

Appropriately titled "Strangers," the episode introduced fans to:

Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), an intense military officer whose wartime stint in Afghanistan left her detached, drinking and not very close to her husband, Ryan (Nick Wechsler), and their young son.

After losing some control, along with her loved ones, Cassidy sought assistance from a veteran’s support group.

From there, we saw her first meeting was interrupted by… Griffin Dunne’s Nicky, who hurled a chair through the window in a fit of drunken anger.

this is us1

Then there was Malik (Asante Blackk), a teenager who’s attempting to provide for a young daughter -- at any cost.

This new character's parents are Darnell (Omar Epps) and Kelly (Marsha Stephanie Blake), who shower him with affection and also plenty of babysitting.

Darnell made sure that Malik had a few moments of carefree bliss at a friend’s barbecue, where the latter grew instantly smitten with a new-to-Philly girl whose name is… Deja (Lyric Ross).

Following along so far? Because we're about to change time periods.

this is us3

In a flash-forward, viewers met a bold, quippy, struggling blind musician ... who married the waitress at the diner he happened to visit by happenstance ... and is now enjoying burgeoning fame, because this guy is… Jack (Blake Stadnik).

Yes, present-day premature son of Kate and Toby!

Both grandmother and mother had music dreams -- and Jack was the one who seemed to turn similar dreams into an actual, successful reality.

There's your major Season 4 premiere twist, folks.

this is us 4

Elsewhere, however, this opener was anchored in the past, traveling back to the early 1970s as Jack and Rebecca returned from their amazing road trip and were feeling out the possibilities of this new romance.

Jack was invited to meet her parents (the incomporable Elizabeth Perkins and Tim Matheson) at a country club dinner, where our favorite underdog Vietnam veteran managed to impress everyone at the table.

Ultimately, however, Rebecca’s father shook his hand ... and told Jack that wasn’t good enough for his daughter.

That's a lot to take in overall, of course.

Thankfully, showrunner Dan Fogelman spoke to Entertainment Weekly and broke down this shocking This Is Us premiere.

this is us 5

Why did he introduce new characters in this fashion?

Normally you would meet characters through the eyes of your main characters, which always gives you a little bit of a skewed perspective, because you’re meeting them through our characters. But that’s not how you meet strangers in real life.

The first time you meet the person who becomes your husband or wife or your new boss or your business partner, they’ve had a whole life before you and the meeting with them is your first experience of them.

So I wanted to give the audience that feeling of getting to know these people before you got to know them in relation to our main characters.

What will the relationship between Cassidy and Kevin be like?

The relationship is complicated, it’s formative, and it’s a very deep, interesting, bizarre relationship. And whether or not it’s ever romantic is for the series to delve into a little bit later on.

But it’s an interesting thing when you look back — she’s going to be somebody who adjusts a part of the course of Kevin’s life. As is the entire first half of the season that he’s embarking on.

this is us 6

How far might the show flash forward?

Beyond Jack at the concert? I mean, anything’s possible. It’s not in the current plan right now...

We do have plans for the future and that which we call “the deeper future" -- because we call it the one where Rebecca’s in bed “the deep future” -- but I think we would only being going past that linearly.

Meaning a continuation of where we’ve been with Jack, but not even jumping further into the 2300s or anything like that.

How will Jack’s blindness affect Kate and Toby in the present day going forward?

It’s a gigantic story... Raising a child is a complicated process, and raising a blind child comes with extra challenges.

Obviously, having a newborn child — with or without sight — is a challenging time for young parents. For any parents. You’re snipping at each other, you’re exhausted. [Now] there’s added stuff.

This was not expected. It’s a surprise and that’s a big part of their season this year.

Sophie Turner and Kit Harrington Share Tearful ‘Game of Thrones’ Reunion at the Emmys

Sophie Turner and Kit Harrington, both of some show called Game of Thrones, reunited during the Emmys. I actually dig this video. It’s two celebrities, genuinely happy to see each other, and the emotions are real. That’s eight years of memories starring in one of TV’s best shows you see in their tears.

Or it could be them commiserating over the end of their gravy train.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Cleans Up at Emmys, Proving Once Again Lack of Quality is No Bar to Success

The Emmys are the best awards show because they’re the only one that used to routinely give awards to other awards shows, before they decided just to give those awards exclusively to Jon Stewart and then John Oliver, which seems unfair to Trevor Noah until you remember he is neither funny nor insightful.

This year’s Emmy awards were punctuated by an Outstaning Drama win for Game of Thrones, a show people used to like before George R.R. Martin lost all interest in writing it and the show runners had to rely on their own talent for dialogue and pacing. It was basically as if the voters decided to give the statue to a still-smoldering Amtrak derailment because they had a good steak in the dining car four years ago, they don’t even have the dining car anymore guys.

On the comedy side, Fleabag picked up four major-category wins, but it’s British and they’ve already done a grueling 12 episodes in the past four years so the next season won’t be out until roughly 2037. They put out new episodes of Casualty like clockwork, though.

Craig Mazin won a statue for writing Chernobyl, which must make him feel better about the way he and his friends were absolutely blown out in the recent WGA elections.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel picked up Supporting Actor and Actress wins for Tony Schalhoub and Alex Borstein while Lena Headey, who played the greatest villain in television history for seven seasons lost out to Julia Garner from Ozark, better known as Because You Watched Breaking Bad.

Saturday Night Live somehow managed to beat Documentary Now! for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, presumably because the people who gave Jim Parsons four Best Actor statues think that “Isn’t Trump dumb? And now here’s Pete Davidson to apologize to a vocal Trump ally” is the height of comedy.

Next up is the Oscars in February, where best picture will go to a movie set to play in five theaters in La Jolla the week before Christmas about a heroic white guy who befriends a Jewish transwoman in Berlin in 1934 and how the Holocaust weighs on his soul as he turns her into the S.S. Oscar voters will call it “important.”

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Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguards Almost Killed Kim’s Mother Kris

You know what’s weird about the Kardashians? I mean, everything, but this specific thing is even weirder than most things about them. They somehow manage to keep major news about themselves out of the press to avoid “spoilers” for their realty show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a title that’s much less apt now that that show isn’t about down-to-Earth Bruce Jenner dealing with a giant brood of crazy women. And Rob.

Like, Kim Kardashian thought she had lupus, which turned out to be psoriatic arthritis, but there wasn’t a peep about it in the news. That’s ultimately pretty minor, but how about Kim’s bodyguards almost waxing matriarch Kris Jenner.

That’s a preview of an upcoming KUWTK episode where Kim learns her bodyguards tackled Kris, who had to be taken to the hospital.

I don’t understand how you keep that under wraps. Has Kris Jenner been secretly wearing one of neck braces right in front of our faces?

How do these bodyguards not know they shouldn’t tackle Kris Jenner though? Khloe said she should have gone around or whatever, but seriously, what good are bodyguards who don’t know the difference between a deranged maniac and one of your family members and oh, oh, I see the problem. Good job bodyguards.

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Things are Looking Up for Sean Spicer

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Saved By the Bell Revival: Confirmed by NBC!!!!!!!!!


We don't know if your teacher recently popped a test or if you're currently a mess or if your dog ate all your homework last night.

We do know, however, that it will be alright regardless... because NBC Universal just dropped some truly incredible news:

We're about to be Saved By the Bell once again!


The company made this announcement on Tuesday morning, confirming that an updated version of this memorable sitcom will help anchor its new streaming service, which will somehow be called "Peacock."

The reboot will reportedly star Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, who dated throughout most of the original seres as their respective characters, A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano.

In a truly amazing official logline, NBC says that Mark-Paul Gosselaar's iconic character, Zack Morris, has gone on to become the govenror  of California.

This is what the synopsis says:

When California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many low-income high schools, he proposes they send the affected students to the highest performing schools in the state — including Bayside High.

The influx of new students gives the over privileged Bayside kids a much needed and hilarious dose of reality.


Does this mean Gosselaar could make an appearance?

You never know -- but he's currently signed on to star as a lead on ABC's new series Mixed-ish, having just come off Fox's The Passage, which followed roles on the programs Nobodies and Pitch.

Gosselaar has enjoyed a very strong career since Saved By the Bell went off the air.

Conversely, Berkley made headlines way back in 1995 for starring as a stripper in the movie Showgirls. She's done very little since.

Lopez, who has hosted Extra and Access Hollywood, among other television shows, hasn't acted in ages -- but did recently stir up controversy for some homophobic remarks.

ac and jesse

As for other original cast members?

Tiffani Thiessen has gone on to a strong career and is unlikely to want to reprise the role of Kelly Kapowski, while Dustin Diamond is now best known for having starred in a sex tape and for getting arrested a lot.

And Lark Voorhies appears to have some mental problems.

Saved by the Bell originally aired on NBC from 1989 to 1993.

It cented on on a group of friends as they navigated life at Bayside High School and the cast included:

Berkley (as Jessie Spano), Lopez (as A.C Slater), Gosselaar (as Zack Morris), Thiessen (as Kelly Kapowski), Voorhies (as Lisa Turtle), Diamond (as Screech) and Dennis Haskins (as principal Mr. Belding).


An eventual movie was made of the sitcom, along with a very brief run of the Saturday morning series as a primetime show where Zack, Slater and company went to the same college.

It didn't exactly fare very well.

And yet, in the wake of this revival news and in honor of Berkley's Spano during her addiction to caffeine pills:

We're not even scared. We're just SO excited! 

‘Saturday Night Live’ Fires Controversial New Hire Shane Gillis in Desperate Attempt to Cling to Relevance

I don’t know if you’ve caught Saturday Night Live lately, but it was been terrible for years. How terrible, you ask?

That sketch lasted three minutes! That’s twice as long as the cue card scene in Love, Actually lasts to begin with. And in that three minutes the only actual joke is Clinton saying she’s never seen a movie.

Which is to say the bar was not high for Shane Gillis when he was hired. All he had to do was be as funny as Colin Jost and Michael Che.

Unfortunately for Gillis, he did a racism on a podcast 20 people listened to, so he got fired before he ever made it onto the show.

The shocking thing to me is how long it took internet “detectives” to find a year-old clip of Gillis using the word “chink” in a rant about Chinatown. Literally only an hour or two after he was announced as a cast member were people all over this obscure podcast.

When I was a kid, we started to see these conservative Christian groups spring up where all they did was watch every show on broadcast television and look for things to complain to the FCC about. They would not only complain, though, but they would mobilize a network of followers to complain, and threaten advertiser boycotts. I can’t help but think the same thing is going on now, only instead of trying to get Ellen DeGeneres cancelled for being gay they’re trying cancel Dave Chappelle for saying “fag”.

The consensus on Twitter is pretty much the same joke about him turning right-wing and getting a Netflix special.

Seriously, I just picked on the checkmarks here but there are hundreds of tweets of this exact same joke. To be fair, it’s funnier than anything that Saturday Night Live has written since John Mulaney left.

If there’s one person who knows about getting fired by Saturday Night Live, it’s Norm Macdonald. Norm was fired for making too many jokes about O.J. Simpson being a murderer, and that rankled NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer, a friend of Simpson. So it’s no surprise Norm reaches out to him.

Gillis, for his part, made a statement on Twitter.

I was on his side until he said he was a Mad TV guy. Aside from My White Momma that show was just five minute sketches based on answers from an @Midnight hashtag game.

But at least we know this sort of racism against Asians has no place at Saturday Night Live.


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Shane Gillis: Fired by Saturday Night Live Over Racist Jokes, Responds Like a Total Douche Canoe

Shane Gillis has been fired by Saturday Night Live before ever stepping foot on its legendary stage.

The comedian -- who came under extreme fire just days after his hiring last week after audio surfaced of some very inappropriate (read: RACIST) jokes and remarks -- was let go by NBC on Monday.

Shane Gillis image

"After talking with Shane Gillis, we have decided that he will not be joining SNL,” said a show spokesperson on behalf of SNL boss Lorne Michaels.

This statement continued as follows:

We want SNL to have a variety of voices and points of view within the show, and we hired Shane on the strength of his talent as comedian and his impressive audition for SNL.

We were not aware of his prior remarks that have surfaced over the past few days. The language he used is offensive, hurtful and unacceptable.

We are sorry that we did not see these clips earlier, and that our vetting process was not up to our standard.

Shane Gillis

Not long after Gillis was confirmed as one of three new faces on Saturday Night Live Season 45 (along with Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang), a video resurfaced of the so-called comedian engaging in racist rhetoric.

"Chinatown’s f-ckin nuts,” Gillis can be heard saying in a clip from a September 2018 podcast posted to a YouTube channel called Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.

"Let the f-ckin ch-nks live there,” he adds.

Earlier this year, Gillis also referred to Presidential candidate Andrew Yang by this same derogatory term for Asians.

On another episode of this podcst, Gillis referred to Judd Apatow and Chris Gethard as “white f-ckin got comics,” calling them “f-cking gayer than ISIS."

Aware of the immediate backlash against him, Gillis released a very lame non-apology that used his profession as an excuse for his language and viewpoint.

Shane Gillis statement

“I’m a comedian who pushes boundaries,” he wrote on Twitter, as you can see above.

Gillis then added, condescending and pathetic fashion:

"I sometimes miss. If you go through my 10 years of comedy, most of it bad, you’re going to find a lot of bad misses. I’m happy to apologize to anyone who’s actually offended by anything I’ve said."

In response to his firing, meanwhile, Gillis Tweeted in an equally shameful and cocky manner.

"It feels ridiculous for comedians to be making serious public statements but here we are. I'm a comedian who was funny enough to get SNL. That can't be taken away," he wrote, concluding with a dig at the program itself:

Of course I wanted an opportunity to prove myself at SNL, but I understand it would be too much of a distraction. I respect the decision they made.

I'm honestly grateful for the opportunity. I was always a mad tv guy anyway.

Shane Gillis states

The sad truth is that this controversy likely will lead to some fame and riches for Gillis.

He's actually scheduled to meet with Yang down the road, Tweeted the Democratic hopeful himself.

“Shane Gillis reached out. Looks like we will be sitting down together soon,” Yang wrote this afternoon.

Where do YOU stand on this scandal?

Shane Gillis

We're all for open dialogue and on people learning from past mistakes.

But does Seth Gillis sound like someone who is doing this? Or is capable of doing this?

Or does he just sound like an unfunny loser who relies on racist tropes and played-out stereotypes to try and come across as edgy and/or relevant?

Bachelor Nation Stars Who Found Love After the Show

Just because you go on a reality TV show to find love, it doesn't mean you will. 

The Bachelor and its many spinoffs have been on the air for over seventeen years.

It may have seemed like these Bachelor Nation stars found love on one of the ABC shows, but they're with someone different today. 

Have a look below. 

1. DeAnna Pappas

Deanna pappas husband
DeAnna got engaged to Jesse Csincsak on The Bachelorette Season 4, but their relationship did not stand the test of time. Pappas went on to marry Stephen Stagliano in 2012. They welcomed a daughter Addison in 2014 and a son Austin in 2016.

2. Ali Fedotowsky

Ali fedotowsky and kevin manno
When The Bachelorette Season 6 wrapped, Ali seemed loved up with Roberto Martinez, but the engagement came to a halt in 2011. She subsequently got close to Kevin Manno, the same man she married in 2017.

They have two children together!

3. Bob Guiney

Bob guiney carves a turkey
We forgot all about this dude, but here we go: He and Estella Gardinier, Bob’s final pick from The Bachelor Season 4 split up. He got married to Rebecca Budig in the aftermath, but they split up after six years of marriage. But he followed that one up with Jessica Canyon. They’re married and have a son!

4. Byron Velvick

Byron velvick
Byron called off his engagement to Mary Delgado in 2009 but got married to Belinda Velvick in 2015. They have one daughter.

5. Jillian Harris

Jillian harris pregnant
Harris was got engaged to Ed Swiderski on Season 5 of The Bachelorette. It didn’t work out. Years later, Harris announced her engagement to Justin Pasutto in 2016. They’re now married and have two kids.

6. Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan pablo galavis and wife
Things quickly went south between Galavis and Nikki Ferrell — the final rose recipient of The Bachelor Season 18. But Galavis moved on to Osmariel Villalobos and the pair got married in August 2017.

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New SNL Cast Member Shane Gillis Was Just Pushing Boundaries With Racial Slur

Congratulations, Shane Gillis, on becoming one of the newest members of Saturday Night Live. Gillis will be joining fellow newcomers Bowen Yang and Chloe Fineman. Unfortunately, Shane’s celebration will be somewhat short-lived as he didn’t quite scrub the entire internet of his racist, homophobic and sexist comments. Aw, shit. Someone is about to sacrificed at the altar of cancelled culture.

In a podcast that aired just last year, Gillis used an anti-Asian racial slur during a conversation with comedian Matt McCusker. He exclaimed, “Chinatown’s fucking nuts.” Later saying, “Let the fucking ch**ks live there.” Sure, it sounds bad out of context, but even in context it’s not great.

Gillis did the thing where you mimic what someone during a more intolerant time would say just so you can get a temporary pass to use a racial slur. Comedians need to realize these passes are earned through smart comedy. Otherwise, they just sound racist.

Variety has a few more things Gillis said, but I can’t really comment on those because I didn’t listen so I have no context. NBC and reps for Gillis at UTA have not replied to requests for comment, but Gillis did issue the usual non-apology via Twitter saying sorry if you feel offended.

Again, I can’t comment on the other stuff he said, but from the audio, it sounds like lazy comedy which will help him fit right in with SNL.

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13 Worst TV Characters of All Time

Some TV characters are beloved by fans. 

Others, not so much. 

These 13 TV characters had the potential to be good, but they squandered the potential at every turn. 

Yes, really. 

Who made the list?

Find out below. 

1. Archie – Riverdale

Kj apa on riverdale season 2 episode 19
As the lead character on Riverdale, you would expect him to be likable. Instead, he doesn’t follow rules, complains when other people don’t follow rules, and walks about with half-naked at the best of times.

2. Morgan – The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead

Morgan fear the walking dead
Morgan served little purpose to the narrative on The Walking Dead, so the decision to send him to the spinoff was silly.

Morgan loves to give monologues that make very little sense. He’s the worst.

3. Jo – Grey’s Anatomy

Jo searches for answers
In the most recent season, the character of Jo was fleshed out. But for the seasons she was part of the show before that, there was a grand total of zero character development. It’s too late in the game for us to care about her.

4. Paige – Pretty Little Liars

Paige pretty little liars
Paige was in a relationship with Emily at one point. Before that? She pushed Emily’s head underwater when her obsession with being the better swimmer took over. Yikes. It makes sense then that fans hated the character.

5. Noah – The Affair

Noah the affair
He has a superiority complex that makes him think that cheating on his wife was acceptable. He complains about his ex-wife when she ignores his calls. He’s quite simply a horrid human being.

6. Matt – The Vampire Diaries

Matt donovan photo
Matt was too bland to care about. On a show that was about supernatural beings, he lingered behind the scenes like an extra. He only piped up whenever anyone said anything about Elena.

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13 Best Teen Dramas of All Time

Teen dramas have dominated the small screen for decades now. 

As such, there are many. 

The Hollywood Gossip is here to run down the 13 Best Teen Dramas of all time. 

Yes, we've narrowed them down to 13!

Did your favorite show make the cut?

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The WB/UPN

Buffy the vampire slayer the wb slash upn
It's hard to believe that a TV show based on a failed movie became such a cultural phenomenon. But Joss Whedon finely tuned the series to make sure that it resonated with teenagers, despite the supernatural elements.

2. Euphoria - HBO

Euphoria hbo
It may only have aired one season, but it features an accurate portrayal of what it's like to live as a teenager in today's world. The cast is led by the wonderful Zendaya, who well and truly sticks the middle finger up to that Disney image she was known for.

3. Freaks and Geeks - NBC

Freaks and geeks abc
It was way ahead of its time. It focused on some serious topics that had not been shown on the small screen at the time. On top of that, it had some big stars attached to it.

4. The Vampire Diaries - The CW

The brothers reunite on the vampire diaries
For a show that was compared to a watered-down attempt at Twilight ahead of its launch, The Vampire Diaries proved to be quite the opposite. With twists, turns, and lots of teen angst it started a franchise for The CW.

5. Riverdale - The CW

Archie and veronicas final date
It's probably the most ridiculous show on this list, but it is so freaking addictive. The teenagers act like adults by being part of gangs and such, while the adults act like teenagers by bed-hopping. Pretty crazy, right?

6. My So-Called Life - ABC

My so called life abc
This series may have lasted only one season, but it was praised for its portrayal of adolescence. The cast members were teenagers at the time and were struggling with the demands of schoolwork while trying to film episodic television. Claire Danes was the one who wanted out, and that's sort of why the series ended prematurely.
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13 TV Shows Canceled Way Too Soon

Saying goodbye to a TV show is tough -- especially when they end too soon. 

In most cases, the show is canceled because of ratings. 

But that isn't always the case. 

These 13 shows ended way too soon and deserved more time to bring the narrative to a close. 

1. The Secret Circle - The CW

The secret circle the cw
The Secret Circle was canceled in its prime. The plot was intriguing, and it was backed up by a solid cast. It was let go after just one season, but that didn't stop fans from campaigning to save it.

2. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

Santa clarita diet posters
This comedy series starred Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a realtor couple whose lives were rocked when one of them became a zombie. It was hilarious, garnered rave reviews, yet Netflix canceled it after three seasons with no conclusion.

3. Angel - The WB

Angel series finale photo
Angel lasted five seasons, but it deserves a place on this list because the fifth season finale effectively wiped the slate clean, and set up a war between our heroes and the villains of Wolfram & Hart. The war could have served as the final season.

4. Hannibal - NBC

Hannibal pic
This brilliant drama series was saddled with low ratings and terrible timeslots from the get-go. It wasn't a good fit for broadcast, but NBC could have at least tried to act like they cared about it.

5. Jericho - CBS

Jericho cbs
CBS pulled the plug on high-concept drama, Jericho after one season. Thanks to relentless campaigning from fans, it was revived for a second season. However, it was canceled after that.

6. The Tomorrow People - The CW

The tomorrow people the cw
This show sucked for the first half of its first and only season. But just before the series concluded, it got good. There was a solid plot in there that was coming to fruition.
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13 TV Characters That Really Need to Die

Some TV character do terrible things. Like, REALLY terrible things.

And these 13 are some of the worst on all of television. 

That's why the only satisfying conclusion for them involves them being six feet under. 

Have a look below. 

1. Alpha - The Walking Dead

Alpha arrives
Alpha is the show's scariest villain to date, but she has killed multiple beloved characters, meaning that she has to go. Carol has to take her down in horrible fashion.

2. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jons scratch
Game of Thrones may be over, but Jon had turned into a ridiculous character who became less significant in the final two seasons. He then killed the Mother of Dragons.

3. Nate - Euphoria

Nate euphoria
Where do we start with this loser? Nate catfished a girl at his school and then tried to accuse her of creating child pornography to keep her silent. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

4. Frank Gallagher - Shameless

Frank gallagher shameless
Frank is the most despicable character on all of television. He would rather get drunk and high on drugs than look after his children. He's the worst.

5. Aunt Lydia - The Handmaid's Tale

Aunt lydia the handmaids tale
Aunt Lydia whacks the handmaids as soon as they look at her the wrong way. Every single time there's a semblance of a human there, she does something completely horrible to someone.

6. Negan - The Walking Dead

Negan laughs
Negan is a rapist, so forgive us for not buying the hero edit he's been getting of late. He also killed some big fan-favorites. He needs to die.
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This is Us Season 4 Trailer: Who are These People?!?

This is Us is a mega, gigantic, super hit on NBC for one reason and, really, one reason only:

It features characters viewers know and love.

And yet: Thee Seeason 4 trailer featured on this page makes it clear that upcoming episodes will give us a look at character we don't know -- and maybe won't love.

Indeed, NBC has now confirmed that This Is Us Season 4 will introduce fans to 10 new characters, many of whom will be played by very familiar faces.

“It’s so strange, isn’t it? How just like that a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story,” Mandy Moore‘s Rebecca Pearson tells future husband Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, early on in this video.

“It’s actually kind of terrifying, you know, how a single cross with one person you’ve never met can change everything,” she adds ... as glimpses of new characters appear.

So... who are these strangers?

And how will they impact the This Is Us universe we've been watching for years?

Most details are being kept under wraps, but we do know who they're played by:

  • Asante Blackk
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake
  • Omar Epps
  • Bahara Golestani
  • Jennifer Morrison
  • Timothy Omundson
  • M. Night Shyamalan
  • Julian Silva
  • Auden Thornton
  • Nick Wechsler

Morrison is set to make her debut on the drama as a military woman, this much we know.

We're also gonna guess that Shyamalan makes a cameo as someone working Kevin on his the latter's movie after he landed a role in a Ron Howard World War II movie co-starring Sylvester Stallone.

But, again, this is just a guess.

Epps, we can also confirm, will play a mechanic.

“I would say that there’s a lot of secret new cast members who are going to be a big deal, coming up,” co-creator Dan Fogelman recently said about the guest actors joining the show.

As for other non-series regulars you can expect to see on Season 4?

Griffin Dunne will return as Nicky, Jack’s little brother who had a traumatic time while serving in the Vietnam War.

Elsewhere, Ron Cephas Jones will beb ack as Randall’s dad in flashback scenes... Elizabeth Perkins will appear in the season premiere as Rebecca’s mother ... and Phylicia Rashad returns as Beth’s mom.

“If you think you know what’s coming next you don’t know us,” this trailer teases

Season 4 of This Is Us premieres on Sept. 24 at 9/8x on NBC.

Check out this revealing and intriguing sneak peek now.

This is us season 4 trailer who are these people

People Are Predictably Mad About Dave Chappelle’s Dark and Hilarious New Special, ‘Sticks and Stones’

Dave Chappelle has a new special on Netflix, called Sticks and Stones and good lord is it hilarious. I’ve always liked the sort of comedy Chappelle has started doing in the later days of his career, which is probably best described as “touching the stove.”

It’s the sort of comedy Woody Allen or Sarah Silverman might have done, the sort of jokes that leave you saying “You can’t say that!” as you’re laughing at the thing they just said.

What exactly does Chappelle say in his set? He starts by talking about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide and how he killed himself despite having the best job imaginable. He has a section about the LGBT community as four people in a car that really hits the nail on the head. He defends Michael Jackson, Kevin Hart and Louis C.K. and has some jokes about school shootings. Basically, everything that he’s been told he can’t say, he says.

He basically predicts that people will be mad at him and he was right.

But if I were to tell the actual truth, Dave Chappelle is actually wrong about this. Because I had to scroll through a ton of tweets to find any that were actually disapproving, the broad consensus on Twitter is that Dave Chappelle is hilarious, which is why Netflix paid him millions of dollars to film comedy specials exclusively for them.

Way more people are mad at Vice’s negative review of the special than the special itself. As a side note, if a publication runs down Dave Chappelle and brings in half a dozen comics no one has ever heard of to tell you how great Nanette was, maybe don’t take their advice on comedy.

I liked the new special, but I’m sure you’re going to read more than one article about how “the internet is outraged about Chappelle.” And what I want you to keep in mind is that it’s pretty easy to present just the tweets like the ones I used and present them as the whole story, and it’s going to happen. Maybe to tear Dave down, maybe to defend him, but either way… most people loved this special.

And like he himself says during the special, “If you’re at home watching this shit on Netflix, remember, bitch, you clicked on my face.” No one was accidentally offended by this special. People either watched it because they like Chappelle or because they wanted to be offended. But there are a lot more people in the first camp.

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The Voice Winners: Where Are They Now?

The Voice has had sixteen winners. 

Yes, really!

Of these champions, some have continued to have consistent success, while others have struggled to keep up the pace. At best.

Have a look below to find out where they are now!


1. Javier Colon - Season 1

Javier colon pic
Despite dominating the competition during his turn on the freshman series of The Voice, Javier struggled to light up the charts. His first record post-The Voice failed to garner much traction. As a result, he exited his label. However, he went on to release another album titled Gravity in April 2016. He turned to theatre work in 2017.

2. Jermaine Paul - Season 2

Jermaine paul on the voice
Jermaine was crowned a winner in May 2012. However, he has yet to release a full-length studio album. It may never be released. But Jermaine has been keeping busy, taking part in low-profile events.

3. Cassadee Pope - Season 3

Cassadee pope at the acms
Pope is the first female winner, and also the first winner to achieve success in the charts. Her debut solo album landed at No. 9 on the Billboard 200. However, she released her second album almost six years later in 2019 under a new record label and it didn't find much success. Pope also scored a Grammy nomination in 2016 for "Think of You," a duet with Chris Young.

4. Danielle Bradbery - Season 4

Danielle bradbery at 2018 cmas
Danielle has released two studio albums, and they have both been moderately successful. She has also been nominated for CMT and ACM awards.

5. Tessanne Chin - Season 5

Tessanne chin on the voice
Tessanne may have changed record labels, but she is still releasing music ... all these years later.

6. Josh Kaufman - Season 6

Josh kaufman on the voice
Josh has kept busy in the years after The Voice. He released a new album in 2016. He has appeared on Broadway, and even performed the anthem for the United States in the United States vs. Trinidad And Tobago FIFA World Cup CONCACAF Eliminatory match in Dick's Sporting Goods Park Commerce City, Colorado.
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13 Fiery Feuds That Rocked Reality TV

Reality TV thrives when the cast members are embroiled in feuds. 

People don't watch them to be bored by drama-free people.

They're a form of escapism, and the ratings tend to rise when the cast members are hurling insults at one another. 

Have a look at 13 feuds that rocked the world of reality TV. 

1. Lisa Vanderpump vs. Her RHOBH Cast Mates

The real housewives of beverly hills season 8 cast
Lisa Vanderpump decided to quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Beverly Hills in 2019 when Kyle Richards and the rest of the cast turned against her following PuppyGate. We're not even going into it because it has been covered extensively by every outlet out there.

2. Brandi Glanville vs. Scheana Marie Shay

Brandi and scheana
Brandi was a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, while Scheana is a cast member on spinoff Vanderpump Rules. They have one thing in common: Eddie Cibrian!

But Scheana allegedly had sex with Eddie while he was still with Brandi. It made for some tense moments.

3. Ashley Jacobs vs. Kathryn Dennis

Ashley jacobs kathryn dennis split
Ashely and Kathryn are both exes of embattled Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel. They feuded through the reality series, with Jacobs calling Dennis "just an egg donor" at one point. But Kathryn later alleged that Jacobs only approached Ravenel “with the intent to become his girlfriend so that she could get on the show.”

4. Kenya Moore vs. Porsha Williams

Kenya vs porsha pic
Kenya accused Porsha of cheating on her ex-husband Kordell Stewart. It started with rude remarks, but it ended with Porsha dragging Kenya by the hair as Kenya called her a "dumb ho."

5. Stassi Schroeder vs. Kristen Doute

Stassi schroeder hits kristen doute
Things took a crazy turn when it emerged that Kristen had a night of passion with Stassi's on-off boyfriend, Jax Taylor. It all went down while Tom Sandoval was asleep in the other room. Stassi slapped Kristen when she learned the truth.

6. Teresa Giudice vs. Danielle Staub

Danielle staub and teresa giudice
These two hated one another. Teresa flipped a table in one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey's most iconic scenes. Years later, they managed to get back in good graces with each other.
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Bachelor in Paradise Recap: What Did Demi Decide? (And How Did Derek React?!?)

For the second consecutive night, Bachelor in Paradise featured a cast member having to choose between two people.

On Monday evening, we witnessed Hannah thankfully choosing Dylan over Blake.

And then 24 hours later, it was time for Demi Burnett to decide if she wanted to date Derek or Kristian. (Yes, that second person is a woman!)

Demi Burnett, Girlfriend

“I don’t want to lose anyone,” Demi said to Chris Harrision in regard to her fellow Paradise player and the girlfriend back at she she had started to get serious with, adding:

“One of them deserves to have all of me -- but I’m scared that I’m not going to make the right choice."

Derek tried hard to understand.

But he also expressed hurt that Demi couldn't just pick him, move on and simply find out what could be between the duo.

“Demi confirmed that she still has these feelings for somebody else and I don’t care if that’s a man or a woman,” he said. “It’s just hard to know that there is another person there.”

Derek and Demi

Elsewhere, everyone else on the beach was basically coupled up. There was:

  • Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones.
  • Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor.
  • Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert.
  • Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski.
  • Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour.

The only four quote-unquote single contestant remaining were Kristina Schulman, Blake Horstmann and new arrive Caitlin Clemmens from Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor.


Caitlin was still interested in Blake after their date, for some reason... but was starting to feel like Kristina -- who had saved Blake at the last rose ceremony -- might get in the way of their relationship.

“I like Blake. I’m still curious about him. I definitely want to show him that I’m still super interested,” she explained.

“I just think it will be very difficult for me to progress anywhere with him with Kristina hanging around.”

As the evening went on, and as Kristina alleged she didn't actually have romantic feelings for Blake, Caitlin got more and more worked up, trashing Kristina “awful,” “atrocious” and “f—ing manipulative.”

“Kristina is like the mosquitoes here,” she said. “She’s just sucking the life out of everyone. And tonight we’re going to squish the mosquito.”

krist  and blake

Caitlin tried to talk to Kristina about this weird love triangle, but the two didn't get anywhere.

“I don’t know how Kristina can sit there and be happy with herself at the end of all of this, knowing that she’s doing this to her friends,” Caitlin said.


Jen Saviano from Paradise in Paradise Season 3 then arrived, eventually picking Chris for her date.

For his part, Chris was hoping for some "clarity" from this outing because it had been clicking with Katie.

Did he get it? All we can say for certain is that he got to make out with Jen in the hot tub.

When the date was over, Chris admitted to Katie that he wasn’t “completely clear” and still had some “doubts” about their relationship, much to her chagrin.

demi b pic


In a historic movie, Kristian was flown down to Mexico as the first-ever non-Bachelor franchise alum to take part in the show.

Demi was stunned to see her, but also thrilled. She gave her lover a tear-filled hug.

“I came all the way down here to pursue and show Demi my level of commitment,” Kristian explained. “I have a lot of hope and a lot of excitement.”

And even though Demi confessed to having a connection with Derek, she also told Kristian that her arrival made her decision very easy.

“The second that I saw you, I knew -- it’s you,” she said. “It’s always been you. I want to be with you.”

someone in paradise

As we said, this part was easy. Telling Derek? That was hard.

“I think that you are super amazing and you’re the best dude on this beach, hands down. I’m so lucky that I met you and I’m really glad that you were here,” she said, adding in their emotional exchange:

“But [Kristian] is here now and I wanted her here so I could get some clarity.

"When I saw her, I knew it was her.

"That’s just where my heart is and this is going to suck for you and this isn’t fair, at all, but she’s going to stay here and I’m going to pursue my relationship with her.”

Derek processed the news as best he could, but also choked back tears upon saying:

“It’s really hard. To go from kissing you to this, I don’t know how to feel.”

From there, Derek, Kristian and Demi all sat down to have a mature conversation.

Yes, a mature conversation on Bachelor in Paradise!

“I don’t think that it helped me to meet Kristian, but I wanted to do that because I thought it would help Demi,” Derek said later. “I do just want Demi to be happy.”

We concluded with Kristian meeting other cast members and hearing the following from Demi:

“Being with Derek, the more I was with him, the more I thought about you. And I don’t want to run from it anymore. I want to risk it because I will do whatever I need to do to make sure that I’m with you...

“I want to commit to you. And I’ve never wanted to commit to someone like this before.”