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The Bachelorette Recap: Luke Gives Love a Bad Name

He earned the First Impression Rose on The Bachelorette premire.

But Luke Parker truly made an impression on Week 2 of this ABC francjise.

“Luke has the body of a Greek god,” confessed fellow suitor John Paul Jones with reluctant appreciation on Monday night. “The guy looks amazing.”

luke p half nude

We've included the visual evidence to go along with this quote above, courtesy of something called "Mr. Right Pageant," which is what the men were forced to participate in during their group date.

Luke stood out for his abdominal muscles and perfectly-sculpted physique.

But he later stood out for his mouth; more specifically, for one word that came out of it.

But we'll get to that in a little bit...

An Excited Hannah

Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan and Luke P. were the ones selected to strut their stuff on stage, doing so in front of Alyssa Edwards and Alaska, both of RuPaul's Drag Race fame -- and Miss J of America's Next Top Model.

Each guy rocked a Speedo and had to come up with a talent competition, such as Jed singing and Luke... confessing he's in love?!?

“Hannah I know that the Mr. Right for you is a man that’s going to love you fiercely,” the early front-runner/villain said in front of everyone, adding:

“I can’t believe I’m saying this right now, this is so crazy because it’s so soon, but I can’t hide it. Hannah, I’m genuinely starting to fall in love with you.”

The men rolled their eyes at this claim, along, we assume, with Internet users who do not trust Luke.

But Hannah fell for it, hook, like, amazing six-pack and sinker. She proclaimed Luke the winner. (But she gave Jed, below, the Group Date Rose.)

Jed on The Bachelorette

Later that evening, Luke doubled down on his profession and again, Hannah seems totally into it.

“I am glad you told me - that’s all I’ve been asking for, is for someone to fight for me,” she said. “I asked for bold and you’re bold.”

“I believe him,” she later added. “It makes me feel excited.”

(Editor's Note: Hannah, you've had many six minutes woth of conversations with this guy. Please slow your roll.)

Anyway, on to the one-on-one date: You're up, Tyler G.!

After zooming around and slinging mud at each other via a four-wheeler excursion, the two cuddled up to enjoy the views from the top of the Los Angeles hills.

“I’m feeling revved up like my engine,” Hannah said. “I’m a dirty girl.”

with ty g

Hannah and this Tyler bonded over their shared anxiousness of dating, with the suitor swearing to try his best to be “real” with her.

From there, he didn't say very much besides repeating how lucky he feels to be with her and constantly emphasizing how "surreal” the entire experience has been.

He earned himself a Rose after asking Hannah about her hopes and dreams.

For the second group date. Devon, Mateo, Darren, Connor J., Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter and Garrett met Hannah to go roller skating/roller derby-ing... despite none of them knowing how to stay upright on wheels.

Dustin took a hard fall and earned some shade from Chris Harrison ("He came here for love and he’s leaving with a broken ankle."), but then also some alone time with Hannah during he cocktail hour that night.

The two even swapped some spit after he explained to her that, although he may be quiet, his heart is still in it to win her over.


Cam, however, ended up being the true star of this cocktail hour.

By which we mean he swooped in and insisted on crashing the date and chatting with Hannah.

“Some guys are going to be upset but I can only be true to me. I always say, ABC - always be Cam,” he actually explained of his actions.

“When I’m sitting here thinking about the inevitability of you creating other bonds and relationships, I’m trying not to get over Hannah-lytical,” he added of why he decided to show up.

After Hannah kicks Cam out and Kevin says he exhibited "poor judgment," Dustin is given this Group Date Rose.

cam on bachelorette

This sets the stage for the weekly Cocktail Party, as Cam is agitated over his lack of time with The Bachelorette.

At one point, he steps in to invite both Kevin and Hannah to eat some chicken nuggets with him, prompting the former to grow angry and frustrated.

“I think you’re just coming in at a really weird angle with trying to impose your will,” Kevin said to Cam, adding:

“I think what you did with me tonight was honestly ridiculous as well with the whole chicken nuggets thing. I think you can go f-ck yourself, dude.”

Cam repets his ridiculous ABC motto and we move on from his nonsense... and back to Luke P.!

He's giving Hannah a massage and taking off his shirt and then things get extra awkward when Jed walks in on Hannah and a half-naked Luke P. making out.

lukey p

“He’s so hot, it’s easy to get caught up in what this is,” Hannah says.

Finally, the rose ceremony comes around and Hannah ends up sending Connor J., Matthew and Daron home.

But the episode isn't over!

Luke P. sneaks away and walks in on Hannah doing her confessional interviews! The two quickly begin yet another hardcore makeout session!

“I felt like time stopped when I was looking you in the eyes for the first time,” Luke tells the star. “Honestly, everything has just been like magical."

“Everything I’m telling you is 100 percent real,” he adds. “You can trust me.”

And, for now at least, Hannah completely does.

Will this continue, though?

Click on the gallery above to scroll through some The Bachelorette spoilers and find out if Luke comes out on top -- of both Hannah and the show in general.

Emilia Clarke’s Worst Fear Was Beyonce Hating Her

Game of Thrones is over and as we know, Daenerys Targaryen went all the way crazy. She burned King’s Landing to the ground and killed a million men, women and children, then had her men execute the prisoners. Once it became clear her plan was to keep doing this all over the world again and again, Jon Snow killed her and set the ending of the show in motion.

I thought it was a pretty brilliant move. People wonder how fascism can take hold in a country, and Game of Thrones absolutely encouraged us all to root for Daenerys Targaryen even as she proved to be completely inept as an actual leader and a ruthless, bloodthirsty tyrant in the making. When you stop to think about it, her army of the Unsullied even looked evil, dressed all in black leather and marching in lockstep. How many hints did we need?

Still, almost everyone was rooting for her. More people named their daughter Khaleesi than Stacy in recent years. Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard and current US Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren publicly expressed their support for Dany and even Beyonce loved her.

That last one was a bit awkward for Emilia Clarke who played the hero-turned-villain before the world found out about her heel turn on Sunday. Clarke told The New Yorker that when she met Beyonce she was terrified that the singer would end up hating her for betraying the sisterhood or whatever.

And Beyoncé says to me, ‘Oh, my goodness, it’s so wonderful to meet you. I think you’re brilliant.’ I just couldn’t handle it! I was on the verge of tears. I could see myself reflected in her eyes. I could see her go, ‘Oh, no. I misjudged this. This girl is crazy and I’m not going to have a real conversation with another celebrity. I’m having a conversation with a crazed fan who’s looking at me like a rabbit in the headlights.’ Which is exactly what I was. I said, ‘I’ve seen you live in concert and I think you’re amazing and wonderful! Wonderful!’ And all I wanted to scream was ‘Please, please still like me even though my character turns into a mass-killing dictator! Please still think that I’m representing women in a really fabulous way.’ ”

You don’t have to be the hero or a role model. No one should be looking to prestige TV stars to be “representing womanhood.” But hey, Daenerys proved that even women can be war criminals, and she’s letting all the female war criminals out there finally see themselves on the small screen.

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Game of Thrones Finale Recap: That Was Just Awful

I typically try to come up with some sort of witty headline for a television show review.

I'll go to my grave (fiery or otherwise) thinking THIS was the highlight of my career as a writer of content.

But then I had a revelation when I say down to comment on the Game of Thrones finale -- and that revelation was this:

jailed ty

If the writers of the show aren't going to try, why should I bother?

It's become more commonplace on the Internet to trash Game of Thrones Season 8 than it has to stop following James Charles.

And I've been at the forefront of that charge:

I did not think Dany's homicidal heel turn was well-earned, I thought it was unnecessary and even insulting to have Jaime sleep with Brienne and then return to Cersei; and I even felt the relatively easy disposal of the Night King in just one episode was unsatisfying.

But that's all been discussed ad nauseam online and on this website.

My analysis of the Game of Thrones finale is far simpler and doesn't invoke any of the illogical plot arcs that have tainted Season 8.

dany standing

This was simply a very poorly-written and boring episode of television.

Any episode of television, really, let alone the final episode of arguably the most popular show of all-time.

The series had written itself into a corner by having Dany burn up tens of thousands of men, women and children.

There was no way for her (brief) reign to end other than having Jon Snow stab her in the chest. There just wasn't.

So the build-up to this climactic scene just felt like a waste of time. Tyrion really had to somehow convince Jon he had no choice but to kill Dany? Did any viewer doubt for a second that nephew was going to murder aunt?

But fine, we had to get there somehow and Jon has been painted as feeling very conflicted about how to handle the psychotic woman he apparently loves.

It's everything that happened after this scene that made me angrier than Bronn in a city with no brothels.

dead dany

Let's start with: What actually happened after?!?

In what universe would the Unsullied come upon Jon after he killed Dany and not murder him on the spot?

Instead, they evidently imprisoned him and somehow alerted all the Lords and Ladies that there was a slight problem in King's Landing and they should really get there as quickly as possible because, boy, do they have a lot to debate!

And that's actually what then transpired:

We were treated to a lengthy scene involving about 12 people, half of whose identity I completely forgot, just sitting around and talking about who should reign.

A show that garnered such a large following in part due to its bloodshed, violence, twists, turns and suspense decided to answer the most pressing question of all by holding a random discussion...

... between largely unimportant characters, based on what we've seen from them over the years.

This was the epitome and the essence of an anticlimactic development.

ty talks

And then the guy being held prisoner was somehow the one who made the strongest recommendation... of Bran Stark!

Yes, that Bran Stark!

This is someone who has spent the entire season saying he actually isn't Bran Stark any longer and, well, that's about it.

He's been entirely mundane and useless. He just sits there and utters mysterious things that sound all important, but actually don't take the show anywhere.

Moreover, Tyrion's explanation for arriving at Bran is because.... ummm.... stories are very powerful? So they should go with the guy whose whole story has been just sitting in a wheelchair and mumbling about a great deal of nonsense for years?

Bran was sitting next to one young woman who overcame being raped and assaulted and married off multiple times to rise up and rule the North -- and another who traveled the world, trained to be an assassin and literally just saved mankind.

(Let's also remember the fact that Tyrion asked Bran about being Lord of Winterfell this season and he replied that he doesn't "want" anymore. But how he's all like, Dude, I wheeled myself out here just because I totally wanna rule everything!)

I wasn't interested in any sort of ending that simply gave the fans what they wanted (namely Sansa, based on my social media research/use) -- but this almost felt like a troll job.

Like the writers went out of their way to put the most uninteresting and tedious character as possible on the Throne.

(For the record, yes, I'm aware that George R.R. Martin very likely told Benioff and Weiss that Bron wins this honor in the end -- but I also assume his character is far better developed in the books.)

queen sansa

In the end, most of the main characters ended up in a sensible place.

It makes sense that Sansa would be named Queen of the Independent North... and that Arya would not want to be a Lady and was done being an Assasin... and that Jon would return to the place where he truly belongs... and even that Tyrion would be Hand of the King, despite giving Dany some really awful advice for a long while there.

(Can we also talk real quick about that Small Council meeting? What the heck was that? It felt like it came out of some awkward spinoff.)

The problem wasn't where the characters ended up. It was how they got there.


The storytelling felt rushed all season long, until they seemingly just ran out of story halfway through the finale and decided to just have everyone talk it out for about 45 minutes and straight up tell the viewers what was happening.

It was deeply unsatisfying -- the choice of Bran, the predictable killing of Dany, the slow pacing and the lack of any exciting payoff. All of it.

Do you agree? Disagree?


Now ‘Game of Thrones’ “Fans” Are Demanding HBO Remake Season 8

The more I think about last week’s penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, the more I like it. The entire final season has been kind of rushed and has at times felt more like a montage and less like a television show paying off a long, serialized story. But the twist that Daenerys was actually a bad guy is actually really good story telling. We were supposed to root for her, to practically fall in love with her, to want to name our kids after her, and then, all of a sudden at the last moment, she’s turned out to be worse than the villains we had been hoping she was going to overthrow. It’s a brilliant moment and all the anger and betrayal you felt was exactly what you were supposed to feel.

Of course, some fans are less than pleased about it. They all tend to be thirty-something unmarried women who write for feminist blogs who thought Game of Thrones was a metaphor for how Hillary Clinton should have been president and not just an exploration of how medieval times were shit for everyone who wasn’t a king.

Now Game of Thrones fans upset about this plot point are demanding that HBO remake the entire 8th season of the show to their liking. I’m not sure how, but I’m sure this is something-ist. Remember when people didn’t like The Last Jedi, which was honest to God the second-worst Star Wars movie, just a total shitfest whose only redeeming quality was not having Jar-Jar Binks in it, were sexist? Well, those are the rules now; you don’t like a piece of big-budget corporate entertainment, you’re a bad person. When I decide what -ism this is, I’ll let you know.

Here’s what the dipshit who wrote this idiotic internet petition had to say:

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material (i.e. the books) to fall back on.

This series deserves a final season that makes sense.

Subvert my expectations and make it happen, HBO!

As I’m writing this, a quarter of a million people have signed that petition. All of them are stupid. At least wait until the TV show is actually over, maybe it ends with Lena Dunham descending from the sky and declaring that all bloggers will get a free lifetime supply of white wine. Jezebelle writers would be spraining every joint in their body falling over each other to declare it the greatest show ever if that happened, and then this petition would become sexist.

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TV Cancellations: Which Hurts the Most?

So... did your favorite show survive?

With most network television shows wrapping up their current seasons in mid-May, viewers around the country have been on the edges of their seats due to a number of suspenseful finales.

But also for another, more meaningful reason:

They've been anxious about these programs airing any episodes beyond said finales.

Indeed, it's renewal/cancellation time around the TV dial, with all four major networks making major announcements over the course of the past few days.

The following shows did not make it. They have been canceled.

Which will be the most painful to never watch ever again?

1. I Feel Bad

I feel bad
This NBC sitcom centered on a mother and wife who didn't ever feel appreciated at home. Alas, it wasn't appreciated by viewers, either.

2. The Cool Kids

The cool kids
Not cool at all, according to Fox viewers. They never cared about this very lame sitcom.

3. The Passage

The passage
This Fox drama was based on popular source material. But it probably should have been on HBO or something.

4. Lethal Weapon

Lethal weapon
The off-screen drama was more interesting than anything on screen for this Fox drama, which is gone after three seasons.

5. Star

Star fox
Forgive the obvious pun here, but this Fox drama will not be shining bright for the network in 2020.

6. Murphy Brown

Murphy brown
We loved the original, but what was CBS thinking bringing this back for a revival?!?
View Slideshow

At Long Last, Our First Look at HBO’s Upcoming Adaptation of ‘Watchmen’


If there’s one thing you can say about Zack Snyder’s 2009 adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen, it’s that it was a pretty comprehensive and slavishly faithful adaptation of a book deemed un-filmable by its creator and numerous filmmakers. He pulled off the feat of capturing the essence of the story in three hours, something previously thought impossible.

A decade on, word came down that HBO was taking its own shot at adapting Watchmen, but as this first trailer indicates, this is a continuation of the story from the film and graphic novel. In this world, a cult has sprung up around Rorschach’s diary, with masked vigilantes taking to the street in emulation of their deceased icon. Some of the original story’s characters are still hanging around like Jeremy Irons as an aged Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, but this is mostly full of new characters.

I’m curious to see what this turns out to be, as it obviously has a lot of potential, however, Damon Lindelof is the guy behind this. His entire schtick is great setup, lackluster payoff. For examples of this see Lost, Prometheus, Tomorrowland, The Leftovers, Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, basically everything he’s ever done. Hopefully this bucks the trend.

Watchmen debuts on HBO this fall, hopefully to fill the gaping hole left in your life when Game of Thrones ends a week from Sunday.

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Meghan McCain’s Husband Had a Meltdown in the Face of Light Criticism From Seth Meyers

It takes a special kind of moron to get owned by a late-night talk show host. You’re basically getting schooled by someone who gets paid to drown out the sounds of old people having sex in case their kids get up to pee. And that’s exactly what happened to Meghan McCain

Considering that Meghan is only famous for being a fat slut who hates poor people, I think Seth went easier on her. For example, he didn’t say the thing I just said.

Man, look at the kid gloves he used with her. McCain basically said that a sitting US Congresswoman was an anti-semite and responsible for a terrorist attack because she said the Israeli army should stop murdering children and Meyers was like “do you think you might have been a little harsh?”

McCain’s husband freaked the fuck out about this, however. He later deleted the tweets when everyone pointed out he sounded like a homophobic alt-right nutbar, but luckily former Jimmy Kimmel writer and current Struggle Session host Jack Allison was kind enough to reup said tweets.

I love the implication that criticizing Meghan McCain is anti-semitic. She’s not even Jewish, so if anything it’s slut shaming.

By the way, here’s another tweet McCain’s husband deleted.

Of course, Domenech apologized. Kind of.

Yeah Ben, we all think Seth Meyers is a hack, that’s why he’s hosting a late night TV show. That’s basically the only qualification. But you’ve said meaner things about Meghan and honestly, I’ve read your Twitter feed, you should wish you were talented enough to be a hack.

Oh, did you know Meghan McCain is John McCain’s daughter? She never brings that up constantly.

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Johnny Galecki Shared a Melancholic Behind-the-Scenes Video From ‘The Big Bang Theory’

After twelve seasons, The Big Bang Theory is ending next week, and I know you’re all out there watching it. The reason I know that is that The Big Bang Theory beat Game of Thrones in the ratings last week and you people won’t shut up about Game of Thrones. Seriously, instead of watching it live, I watch it the next afternoon and someone or other on Twitter has spoiled every single episode for me in that timeframe, but god forbid someone say Tony Stark dies at the end of the new Avengers movie.

I’d be tempted to live-tweet The Big Bang Theory to spoil that for people if it wasn’t exceptionally obvious how it was going to end because it’s a sitcom. “You’ll never guess what happened, Sheldon was somewhat irritating but ultimately well-meaning.”

Speaking of which, though, Johnny Galecki posted a behind the scenes video of the set being torn down that’s kind of sad if you’re a fan of the show, which we should all admit is basically fine and if nothing else it’s better than 80% of network sitcoms. Have you ever sat through an episode of Mom or Young Sheldon or even that Murphy Brown reboot? You’ll be begging to watch The Big Bang Theory and that’s just shows on the same network on the same night.

By the way, they put in a lot of work to make Johnny Galecki look less attractive for the show.

Fellow cast member Kaley Cuoco has made no secret of how sad she is that the show is ending.

View this post on Instagram

Post table read for @bigbangtheory_cbs finale episode

A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco) on

Man, they don’t have to do a lot of work to make her look unattainable attractive, though, do they?

View this post on Instagram

Obsessed with him💋 #kcsquared

A post shared by Kaley Cuoco (@kaleycuoco) on

Man, that’s her husband? And people thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was dating beneath her. Kaley is a 9 in Hollywood, this guy looks like she met him on the set of his Magic the Gathering YouTube vlog. Who even is he

Karl comes from a pretty wealthy family, too: His dad Scott Cook is worth around $2 billion, according to Forbes. (Scott founded Intuit, the tax software company.)

Ooooh. That explains so much.

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CW Orders More ‘DC’ and ‘Riverdale’ for Next Year

Since 2012, the CW’s programming has revolved more and more around DC Comics properties. And since Arrow is going away after next year’s crossover, they’re going to need a show to take it’s place in the Arrowverse. which maybe should get a new name. Sara Lanceverse? I like that one, she’s the best. Variety reported that the CW announced that they’re ordered Ruby Rose’s Batwoman to series, likely to fill the hole Arrow will be leaving in the schedule. I hope nothing comes out that makes them seriously regret that. I’m sure it’ll be fine, it’s not like there’s a major movement around how famous and powerful people mistreat women going on.

“Batwoman” is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence.

But there’s even more comic book adaptations on the CW. The network’s biggest non-DC show is Riverdale, based on the Archie comics, and it’s getting a companion spin-off, which is the second if you count The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. Once Katy Keene is on the scene we can start having annual Riverdaleverse crossovers.

Riverdale is really good for a sexy, gritty teen CW show based on a comic for little kids that I literally could not give away when I worked at a comic book store. Katy Keene looks to be following Josie, formerly of the Pussycats, to New York where she makes friends with the titular Katy Keene.

“Katy Keene,” a spinoff of “Riverdale” also based on the Archie Comics character, follows aspiring fashion designer Katy Keene (Lucy Hale), who meets Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), fresh off the bus to chase her musical dreams. Their world is populated with kindred-spirit starving artists, including mysterious socialite Pepper Smith (Julia Chan) and Broadway-bound performer Jorge Lopez – and his drag queen alter ego, Ginger (Jonny Beauchamp).

They’ve also picked up Nancy Drew, based on the book series, which has already had a TV adaptation and a feature film based on it. Knowing The CW, Pamela Sue Martin will be her mother or grandmother and Emma Roberts will be her cool older sister or something.

“Nancy Drew” is set in the summer after Nancy’s (Kennedy McMann) high school graduation. She thought she’d be leaving her hometown for college, but when a family tragedy holds her back another year, she finds herself embroiled in a ghostly murder investigation, and along the way, uncovers secrets that run deeper than she ever imagined.

In addition to these three shows, which will be replacing Jane the Virgin, Arrow and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the CW passed on a Jane the Virgin anthology spinoff called Jane the Novella. They had to pass on something because they renewed every scripted show on the network other than the ones I mentioned. Once CW airs a show for more than one season that shit is on for life.

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Jenelle Evans and Her Dog-Murdering Husband are Off ‘Teen Mom 2’

Sometimes being married to the wrong person can really hurt your career. Just ask President Hillary Clinton. Jenelle Evans is learning this lesson because TMZ is reporting she just lost a lucrative six-figure contract with MTV because she’s still married to a dog-murdering bigot.

Our sources say MTV executives told Jenelle’s manager the killing of Nugget was the last straw and they feared he was out of control and wanted no part in what they see as a looming disaster. We’re told Jenelle was making six figures per season and that is now gone. Jenelle is still with David.

That’s corporate speak for “we don’t know how to deal with capturing a murder-suicide on camera and we don’t want to find out how we would.”

As we’ve reported … Eason also has a history of posting gun-crazed videos online flaunting his home arsenal, and has been accused of domestic violence.

I wonder why MTV doesn’t want anything to do with this person.

Why on Earth would you stay with someone who murdered your pet and cost you a six-figure job doing nothing? Especially when he’s some ugly MAGA beardo.

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Here’s How the Betting Markets Think ‘Game of Thrones’ Will End

There’s just two episodes of Game of Thrones left and everyone has theories about how it’s going to end. If you’re willing to put your wallet where you mouth is, you could make some serious bank. Here are some of the odds sportsbetting.ag is giving for various outcomes on the A Song of Ice and Fire adaptation.

The biggest question is who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the season, and the frontrunners are exactly who you’d expect; Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryen is the favorite at +250, which means a $100 bet will pay out $250. Just behind him is his sister Sansa Stark at +300 and his aunt and lover Daenerys Targaryen at +400. The longest odds are on Ser Davos Seaworth at +8000 while current queen and series villain Cersei Lannister is at +1000, close to Arya and Bran Stark.

I don’t think there’s a real possibility that anyone but Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen ends up on the throne, and maybe the two of them together. But this season and last season have been rushed in a way that’s doing the show a disservice, and one of the most obvious casualties is Daenerys’s story. Many seasons ago, discussing Joffrey’s cruelty, Tyrion told Cersei that they said one in three Targaryens went mad because of all the inbreeding, and that her other two kids were wonderful people. People in fiction don’t just say things like that, they call that sort of thing Chekhov’s gun. Daenerys had two brothers, Rhaegar and Viserys; we were supposed to believe that Viserys was the crazy one, but since returning to Westeros Dany has been somewhat unstable and ruthless.

Since the White Walkers were defeated, I don’t think we’re going to get the “villain wins” ending. The Battle of Winterfell just reduced Dany and Jon’s army to the same size as Cersei’s to heighten the drama, but Cersei is almost certainly going to die, and my guess is she does it next week, on Mother’s Day.

As for who will kill her, Arya Stark is leading the odds at +140 and Jamie Lannister is right behind her at +175. Cersei lives is basically next at +600, and Dany and Tyrion are behind that at +750. Personally, my (figurative, because gambling is dumb) money is on Dany. This shit has gotten personal for her and she has a dragon.

For everyone concerned about romance, the odds of Jon and Dany getting married at +300 for and -500 against (meaning a $500 bet would pay out $100), but Sansa and Tyrion giving marriage another go is just behind it at +500 for and -900 against. The best odds for a couple, however, is Arya and Gendry, with the odds of her accepting his proposal +275 for and -450 against.

Finally, the bet I found the most interesting is who will have the last line in the series, which must be a spoken word. The surprising leader of the pack is Samwell Tarley at even money, +100, followed closely by Jon Snow at +150 with Ser Bronn of the Blackwater pulling up the rear at +3300.

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Adam Sandler Played a Tribute to Chris Farley

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Game of Thrones: Was the Battle of Winterfell a King-Size Disappointment?

Well, one of the biggest weekends on the 2019 pop cultural calendar is officially behind us, and all over America, fanboys and haters alike are hashing out their differences.

Both Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones' Battle of Winterfell saw the deaths of some beloved characters, but GoT being GoT, it's not surprising that some viewers expected even more carnage.

Arya for all the Wins!

Obviously, the remainder of this article is dark and full of spoilers (We miss you already, Melisandre.), so proceed no further if you have yet to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3.

(Which was surprisingly not titled "The Battle of Winterfell," but is instead officially known as "The Long Night.")

The stakes and the expectations for the episode could not have been much higher.

It was the most expensive Game of Thrones to date with a whopping 85-minute runtime.


Marketing materials promised the longest continuous battle sequence in film or television history.

From a narrative standpoint, the episode would conclude the Night King/White Walker storyline that was set into motion in the show's very first scene.

Fans hoped the installment would also deliver some big-time emotional payoff and set the stage for the series' final three episodes.

On some of those promises, the show inarguably delivered (that was certainly one very lengthy battle), but others ... maybe not so much.


On Twitter, complaints were plentiful -- granted, that's always the case with Twitter, but the response to "The Long Night" seemed even more mixed than usual.

One of the primary beefs was the fact that the episode very much lived up to its name.

It was long, and it was very, very dark. Literally.

Many viewers complained that they had difficulty following the action due to the low lighting.

Dany Fights

Others complained of jump cuts and the visual anonymity of the combatants.

Yes, it made sense that the dueling armies were all attired so similarly, but combined with shadowy motif, this often made it difficult to tell who was swinging the sword and who was being cut down.

Speaking of violent death, some fans felt there just wasn't enough of it.

Or more accurately, they felt more top-tier characters should have met their demise.

Advisor Extraordinnaire

Sure we lost Jorah Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Lyanna Mormont, Melisandre, and the Night King, but this is a show that's never been shy about offing major players, and with just three episodes remaining, fans understandably expected the Battle of Winterfell to reduce them to sobbing shells of their former selves.

That might sound like an unpleasant experience, but it's part of what's kept us coming back to Westeros for the past eight years, and for many viewers, "The Long Night" lacked the emotional gut punch they had been simultaneously dreading and hoping for.

But the most serious concerns might have to do with the direction of the series from here.

As thrilling as it was to see Arya reduce the Night King and his army to a pile of shards, it was an ending that raised more questions than it answered.

The Sansa Stare

Presumably, the remaining episodes will focus on the battle for the Iron Throne, but as a villain, is Cersei any match for an undead king with an army of zombies?

Is there any way to rescue the remaining episodes from feeling an anti-climactic afterthought?

Game of Thrones has always been a series that trafficked in surprises, but the biggest surprise of all might be showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss pulling off a conclusion that will leave the majority of the show's viewership feeling satisfied.

Of course, with the emotional sadism these two have demonstrated over the years, that may not be the ultimate goal.

Maisie Williams Got Naked on Game of Thrones … And the Internet Didn’t Know What to Think

Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones gave viewers plenty to talk about.

Brienne became a knight; Dany learned that she's been banging her nephew (or neph-boo, if you prefer), and Tormund filled everyone in on the magical properties of giant boobs.

Arya on Season 8

(Those are boobs found on mythical giantesses, not merely large breasts ... though we suppose those are magical in their own right.)

But there was one scene that the internet just can't seem to agree on -- and it seems some folks found it off-putting for reasons that they struggled to articulate.

As you may have guessed we're talking about Maisie Williams' sex scene.

Arya Stark

Yes, Arya Stark relinquished her V-card to handy hottie Gendry, and many viewers didn't know what to think.

While it's unclear what Arya's exact age is supposed to be at this stage in the story, Maisie Williams is 22, and is thus free to get as freaky on camera as she desires.

And her sex scene was far more modest than some of the softcore action we've seen on Thrones over the years.

Arya Looking Sinister

The season premiere, for example, featured the character of Bronn being mounted by three nude prostitutes as they gleefully discussed the gory fate of Ed Sheeran's much-maligned soldier.

And of course, no one had a problem with that because this is Game of Thrones, a show where sex and violence are so intertwined that there are multiple central characters who have had their dongs lopped off.

And yet, Williams' consensual sex scene, complete with pre-coital discussion of previous experiences has generated controversy in some corners of Twitter.

Arya Meme 1

Yes, because the internet is a hotbed of Freudian hangups that the world's most skilled psychologists could never hope to make sense of, some reported that they were upset by the scene.

It seems these weirdos felt as though they were watching a sex scene involving not the actress Maisie Williams, but the character Arya Stark -- and they reacted as though they'd just learned a beloved younger relative was gettin' it in with the local blacksmith.

Thankfully, these people were in the minority (and some, like the ones we've chosen to feature here, were merely engaging in some lighthearted ribbing).

Arya Meme 2

For the most part, fans were happy to see the long-suffering Arya enjoy a pleasurable experience and enter a new stage in her life -- and they were quick to point out that it was all very well-deserved.

"Had this discussion at lunch," one person tweeted.

"Co-worker said she still thought of her as a young girl. I said I had not thought of her that way since she single-handedly massacred all of House Frey. Which they deserved."

Both Arya and Maisie also enjoyed a great deal of support across the internet.

Arya Meme 3

The always-brilliant folks at Bossip sounded off on the matter, as did Missandei actress Nathalie Emmanuel

"@Maisie_Williams and Arya having agency over her own sexuality like all women should literally gave me liiiifeee," Emmanuel tweeted.

But the best reaction of the night likely belongs to Sophie Turner, who's spent the better part of the past decade portraying Maisie's onscreen sister, Sansa Stark.

"In honor of Easter, I guess Game Of Thrones wanted the storyline to have a little Easter bunny hop, hop, hopping into that p--sy," Sansa told the camera.

We love it.

A girl has no V-card, and we're sure Maisie is deeply proud of her empowering scene.

Of course, according to horror movie rules, Arya is now that much more likely to get iced in the battle with the White Walkers, but that's a conversation for next week.

Game of Thrones Recap: Nothing Happens (And It Was Awesome?)

With only five episodes remaining in Game of Thrones, one would think the epic drama wouldn't have time for everyone to basically sit around the campfire and tell stories.

But that's exactly what transpired on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2.

There were no shocking deaths, no huge secrets revealed (to the audience) and really no storyline advancement of any kind.

jaime and

Instead, with the Night King expected to arrive at Winterfell within hours, there was only a look at what nearly all our beloved characters were thinking the evening before their presumed death.

For long-time followers of the books and the series, this was likely a welcome, tear-filled hour in which they got to slow down and appreciate the journey/saga of the past several years.

For those who tune in wondering whose head will be separated from its body next, this likely felt like a giant waste of time.

On which end of the spectrum did you fall?

jon plots

The two major revelations from the installment were both follow-ups to how the Season 8 premiere concludes:

Jaime Lanniser stood in front of Dany, whose father he murdered, and Sansa, whose brother he shoved out a window, and pleaded his case.

He explained that he was a changed man and Cersei was a liar and he just wanted to help fight for the survival of mankind at this point.

Dany was still itching to avenge her dad's death, until Brienne stood up and delivered an all-time speech about how honorable Jaime acted when he held her as his captive and how she would gladly stand by her side in this fight.

This was enough for Sansa to hear and Jaime's life was spared.

This led to one of the most emotional scenes of all-time, as Jaime later knighted his unexpected best friend and most loyal supporter:


Jon, meanwhile, chose the worst time ever to tell Dany about his heritage and his true identity.

He shocked her with this information mere seconds before the horn blared to alert everyone that the Night King was about to make his violent presence felt.

Dany was less taken aback that she'd been banging her nephew and more stunned that Jon ist he rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

This ought to make for some awkward pillow talk if both survive the war to come.

A Khaleesi Moment

Elsewhere, though, we weren't kidding above: Everyone just sat around and talked.

Tyrion noted the irony that he and his brother were at Winterfell, essentially fighting for the Starks after trying to have that family wiped out for so many years.

Sam reminded the few remaining men of The Wall that he has killed a White Walker and that Gilly and Little Sam would be safe in the crypts while he helped battle the dead.

Arya totally had sex with Gendry because she wanted to experience intercourse before she died.

Sansa and Dany has a nice talk, bonding over their hatred of Cersei and love for Jon... until the former reminded the latter that she wants to control the North even after Dany is anointed to the Iron Throne.

Tormund told a story about how he killed a giant as a boy and then suckled at the teat of the giant's wife for three months and that's why he's so big and strong.

No, really, he told this story.

Gilly In the Cold

Sam gifted Jorah with his family's sword as a tribute to Jorah's father -- and because it was too heavy for Sam to use in battle.

Grey Worm promised to take Missandei to the beach after the major fight was over.

And, lastly, Tyrion watched from the top of a castle wall when the White Walkers showed up and the episode cut to black.

Were you among those disappointed that no one of significance has died yet? That we just spent an entire hour chatting about feelings and bringing up memories instead of drawing swords and flying around with dragons?

Or was this the perfect appetizer before what appears to be the ultimate main course of blood and death next week?

The ideal build-up for a battle seven-plus seasons in the making?

Becaus the point of Game of Thrones isn't simply that lots of people die; it's that lots of people who we've grown to know and love die after a legendary voyage, one the viewers have gone through right along with everyone on screen.

Death may be inevitable, but this was the rare opportunity for Tyrion, Davos and company to actually stop and appreciate their lives.

Onion Soup, Anyone?

Because, as teased in the trailer below, there's no debating it at this point: Winter is absolutely, positively, 100% coming in a few days.

And ain't no way most people are making it out alive.

Check out the preview now:

Mail Art Postcard. No. 4577.

Dave Whatt posted a photo:

Mail Art Postcard. No. 4577.

For more on this one, you could have a look at my blog: davewhatt.wordpress.com/2019/04/20/mail-art-postcard-no-4...

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Photos: Tales From the Crypt

Quite understandably, HBO is playing it close to the vest when it comes to spoilers for the final season of Game of Thrones.

As a result of this extreme secrecy, even details like episode titles are being kept under wraps, and fans are forced to fight over crumbs of information like the lowliest peasants in Flea Bottom.

So here's what little we know so far about Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2:

It'll be longer than the season premiere -- clocking in at 58 minutes -- but still be considerably shorter than the four feature-length installments to follow.

Also, it should provide a nice counterweight to all the pastel cheeriness of the Easter festivities that will precede it -- though it might be just as concerned with resurrection from the dead.

Oh, and we have the following photos from the episode, generously provided by HBO execs who know we'll drive ourselves mad dissecting them for details.

Join us as we do exactly that, won't you?

1. Crypt Keepers

Crypt keepers
Something is going down in the crypts at Winterfell. You can bet whatever scheme is being hatched in Varys' noggin is way more frightening than all those decaying Stark corpses.

2. Hatching a Plan

Hatching a plan
Jon and Arya are there as well. We guess they got over their little feud about how smart Sansa is.

3. Drinking and Knowing Things

Drinking and knowing things
Naturally, Tyrion brought a goblet of red to the meeting. It's stressful always being the most knowledgeable person in the room.

4. Sam's Concerned

Sams concerned
Sam Tarly's got a lot on his mind these days. He has a kid and a baby mama to worry about, an army of the undead is inching closer by the day, and now he's forced to make nice with the woman who torched his husband and brother.

5. Bran Ruminates

Bran ruminates
And then there's Bran, doing what he does best -- staring creepily into middle-distance and making everyone uneasy about what sort of earth-shattering insight he's about to reveal.

6. Busted Big Time

Busted big time
Speaking of Bran, the guy who put him in that wheelchair is about to be in some serious sh-t. In addition to that fateful shove in S1E1, Kingslayer Jaime Lannister got that name by icing the Khaleesi's father.
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The Plagiarism Lawsuit Over ‘Stranger Thing’ Is Moving Forward

If I told you Stranger Things might not entirely be the work of its creators Matt and Ross Duffer, you would probably look at me like I had said something so obvious that you can’t believe I said it out loud. After all, the original pitch was full of all the things it was blatantly ripping off. Charlie Kessler, writer and director director of the short film Montauk, alleges that they wholesale ripped off his short for the series.

He may have a point because if you look at the pitch for Stranger Things, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s called Montauk. That’s not great for them, but we’ll get back to that. Here’s how Deadline reported the news that the judge in the case had rejected the Duffer Brothers’ motion for summary dismissal and the case is moving to trial.

Basically this year-long case is going to trial because the court has seen no proof that Matt and Ross Duffer came up with the incredibly successful and multi-Emmy nominated 1980s-set supernatural drama other than Matt and Ross Duffer saying that they did.

This seems like a slam dunk, seeing as how Kessler made a 2011 short film called Montauk that bears a lot of similarities to Stranger Things.

And then there’s this:

Filmmaker Kessler claimed in his initial April 2, 2018 filing that he pitched the concept to the Duffers four years beforehand at a Tribeca Film Festival party. The Montauk director also asserted that he later handed over “the script, ideas, story and film” to the brother and that they allegedly used that material develop Stranger Things.

Kessler says the Duffers used the working title The Montauk Project during the early stages of Stranger Things, which was originally set in the Long Island town of the title (a setting later changed to Indiana). It should be stated that when Duffers project with Netflix was first announced in 2015, it was called Montauk and was set in Long Island.

Why would they have the same name unless it was a rip-off? And a pretty blatant one at that. Well, it turns out that The Montauk Project is a conspiracy theory centered on the Montauk Air Force Base that dates back to the 1980s. Although there some other similarities.

Not totally unlike the first season of Stranger Things in 2016, the plot of Kessler’s 2012 Montauk short film revolves around a missing boy, a nearby military base conducting experiments on children and a monster from another dimension that looks like a toy.

So if the conspiracy theory is that there was a military base that was conducting experiments on children, then it’s no surprise that those things overlap. The monster that looks like a toy thing is still kind of damning. That’s the kind thing a jury might award someone $7.3 million for.

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Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce New TV Network and Streaming App!

Back in November, we reported that Chip and Joanna Gaines were returning to television.

Now, we know which TV network they're taking over and they've announced their very own streaming service.

But some fans are feeling a little put out -- and see this as nothing but a calculated business move designed to enrich the Gaines brand.

Joanna and Chip Gaines on TV

The Wrap reports that Allison Page of HGTV has been named the president of an exciting new project.

That project will be a "multiplatform joint venture between Discovery, Inc. and the Gaines’ Magnolia brand."

The Fixer Upper stars will be taking over what we currently know as the DIY Network, which falls under the Discovery umbrella.

Though we do not yet know the names of this new channel, TVE app, and SVOD service, we do know one thing.

The world has been told to expect to see "Magnolia" somewhere in there.

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines Arrive

Discovery CEO David Zaslav released a statement on this new venture.

"Chip and Joanna Gaines have become trusted, household names since the debut of Fixer Upper," Zaslav notes.

"And through this joint venture," he continues. "Discovery is proud to extend our relationship with them."

"They’ve got authenticity and relatability," he observes.

Zaslav describes those traits as forming "that special something that is so difficult in our business to find."

Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines at a Table

Zaslav goes on to explain why Discovery knows that investing in the Gaineses is the right move.

"People love them, their taste, their businesses," he points out.

"They’ve built an ecosystem that aligns perfectly with our vision at Discovery," he adds.

Zaslav points out that Discovery has a lot of motivation "for fueling people’s passions."

So it seems like the brands are a natural fit for each other.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Photograph

Chip and Joanna Gaines also released a joint statement about this exciting new development.

"Our intention with this network," the statement begins.

The Gaineses continue: "is to create and curate content that inspires, encourages, and helps to build bridges across our communities."

"We want honest, authentic programming," the statement affirms.

They want to create content "that brings families together."

Chip and Jo

"We believe David Zaslav and the team at Discovery are the perfect partners for this ambitious joint venture," The Gaineses express.

"And," their statement continues. "We know Allison Page is the right person to lead this charge."

She's certainly going to have her hands full, but she's proven herself already at HGTV.

"We’re ready to get started," Chip and Joanna's statement concludes. "And are expectant for all that’s ahead."

We're still waiting on the names that all of these things will have, however.

The Gaines

So when is all of this going down?

The launch is scheduled for the summer of 2020.

As exciting as this is for fans, others feel a little put off.

It seems clear that Chip and Joanna have made a number of business decision with the aim of raking in as much cash as possible.

Some of us would say that there's nothing wrong with that, but others feel that this is a betrayal of their wholesome family image.

Maybe those fans will get over their feelings of unease once all of the nice new Magnolia content rolls out.

Supernatural is Actually Coming to an End

The series some thought would never die, based around creatures who often refuse to die, is finally set to say goodbye.

We never thought we'd see the day.

super boyz

But The CW announced on Friday afternoon that Supernatural will wrap its incredible run after its upcoming 15th season, which will consist of 20 episodes.

Beloved stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins confirmed the news in a video posted on Instagram late this week.

“Well, it’s official. One more round for the Winchester brothers. Though nothing ever really ends in Supernatural...does it?” Ackles wrote alongside this footage from the cast.

Supernatural will conclude after 327 episodes, making it the longest-running sci-fi/genre series in the history of American broadcast television.

Rather impressive, huh?


"We just told the crew that though we’re very, very excited about moving into our 15th season, it will be our last,” Ackles says in the video, adding:

“Fifteen years of a show that has certainly changed my life… And we just wanted you to hear from us that though we’re excited about next year, it will be the finale. The big, grand finale of an institution.

The actors were barely able to hold it together in this message to fans.

"We’ve cried some tears, and we’ll cry some more,” a very emotional Padalecki added. “[We’re] grateful, and we’ll work all the emotion into next season."

super actor

Said executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb in a joint statement after the news went viral:

Firstly, we would like to thank all the people who have been involved with the show both in front of and behind the camera.

For us it has been an experience of a lifetime. The support we have had from both Warner Bros Television and The CW has been incredible.

We’d like to give special thanks to Jensen, Jared and Misha for making this journey so special. It is now most important to us to give these characters that we love the send off they deserve.

We're not crying over here, okay?

YOU'RE the one who is crying.


The CW President Mark Pedowitz has often said at the Television Critics Association press tour that if the ratings held up, the show would go on as long as Ackles and Padalecki wanted to do it.

Elsewhere, series creator Eric Kripke said the following in a Tweet:

#SPNFamily please remember: shows end. But family is forever. That never changes & that's what you've created here.

All my love & thanks to the cast & crew & most of all you, the family. #spn @[email protected] @JensenAckles @mishacollins @andrewdabb @serathegamble @ben_edlund.

Are you glad to see Supernatural ending?

Is it about time?

Or do you wish it had run forever and ever?

Denise Richards Wants You to Know About Her Husband’s Big Penis

Denise Richards’ performances in Wild Things and The World Is Not Enough were amazing. Probably the best work of her entire career. Unfortunately, that was 20 years ago. A quick marriage to Charlie Sheen and a string of underwhelming movies and tv shows later, she’s now on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where D-listers go for one last hurrah before they disappear from Hollywood and start hoarding crystals.

In the last episode, Denise and her husband Aaron Phypers met Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards for dinner. In and of itself this wasn’t very eventful until you realize every 5 minutes Denise felt compelled to talk about Aaron’s giant penis. How did you meet? Aaron’s giant penis. What does Aaron do? Me. With his big penis. Hey, so what should we order? Aaron’s giant penis. So Aaron has a tiny penis? Yes, he has a tiny big penis.

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‘Amy Schumer: Growing’ Isn’t Her Best Effort, But Is Far From Her Worst

I like Amy Schumer. I have ever since she was on Last Comic Standing, and I will go to my grave not knowing how John Reep beat both her and Doug Benson. And I know you’re sitting there thinking “Oh, Amy Schumer isn’t funny, she’s really overrated,” and if you’re basing that assessment on Trainwreck and The Leather Special then you’re right. But Schumer’s album Cutting is really a thing of brilliance. It’s full of memorable bits.

Growing, Schumer’s new Netflix special, isn’t as good as Cutting, but it feels like a return to form after the disastrous Leather Special. A very pregnant Schumer does what she does best and delivers a special full of embarrassing jokes at the expense of herself and her husband. She starts her bit on her husband by saying “Marrying a chef is a little on the nose for me, it’s kind of like Snoop marrying weed,” and has some material about being married.

The special has gotten some attention because she talks about her husband being on the autism spectrum which is a whole interesting and funny section about how he doesn’t react appropriately to things. And her bit about being arrested next to Emily Ratajkowski at a protests against Brett Kavanaugh while stuffing her face because she’s afraid of being hungry while she’s pregnant is really well-crafted, too.

Most of Schumer’s material about being pregnant really kills. Her best stuff has always been personal and embarrassing, so it’s not unexpected; few things are as personal and embarrassing as pregnancy.

The special isn’t all great. A bit comparing her pregnancy to to Meghan Markle falls pretty flat, as does a section about women’s fears versus men’s fears. But those sections are the exceptions.

This is one of Schumer’s better efforts, especially recently. I was worried going in because of how bad her last special was, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It’s worth checking out and shows that Schumer is still a solid comic.

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YouTube Star Lilly Singh is Taking Over Carson Daly’s Terrible Late Night Time Slot

You might be shocked to find out that Carson Daly has a late night talk show on NBC. It’s called Last Call with Carson Daly and it’s been on at 1:37 a.m. since 2002. I think he thought he was going to get Conan’s time slot when he got The Tonight Show, but no, 1:37 a.m. is right where NBC wanted Carson Daly. Alas, all mediocre things must end, and so after 17 years and 2,000 episodes that were only seen in the green room of strip clubs that don’t have Netflix, Daly is hanging up the towel to focus on being the back-up weekend host of Today, which, to be fair, probably does get him more viewers that Last Call.

NBC has decided to replace Daly’s show with a new show called A Little Late with Lilly Singh starring popular YouTuber Lilly Singh. She does videos like this.

She announced her new show on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers came out to welcome her, too.

After all the talk about how all the late night hosts are straight white men, we finally have a bisexual woman of color hosting a late night show on one of the major networks at a time when absolutely no one will see it. I honestly can’t imagine this being a move up in Singh’s career. She’s one of the most successful creators on YouTube, she’s not going to be more successful than that hosting NBC’s “We don’t want to give this half hour back to affiliates so here’s a show with a $20 budget” slot. Which is not at all a knock on Singh; she’s at least as charming as Carson Daly. It just feels like maybe her aunt works at NBC and she took this job because her mom owed said aunt a favor.

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‘The Simpsons’ is Trying to Make Its Michael Jackson Episode Disappear. It Shouldn’t

You might have heard that The Simpsons is trying to make an episode disappear. The episode in question is the season three premiere Stark Raving Dad, where Homer is put in a mental institution and ends up befriending a large white man who thinks he’s Michael Jackson, voiced by the late King of Pop himself, credited as John Jay Smith. Funnily enough, Jackson requested a sound-alike for the songs he sings in the episode, part of a joke Jackson wanted to play on his brothers. He was a weird dude.

This is in reaction to the documentary Leaving Neverland where we learned nothing because everyone knew Michael Jackson was a kiddie fiddler since the 1980s. Here’s what James L Brooks told the Wall Street Journal:

It feels clearly the only choice to make,” Mr. Brooks said of the 1991 episode in which Mr. Jackson voiced the character of a patient in a mental hospital who believes he is the pop star.

Mr. Brooks said he, along with Matt Groening and Al Jean, the other two masterminds of the long-running Fox cartoon, came to the conclusion after watching the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland.” In the documentary, which premiered earlier this week, two men allege in graphic and compelling detail that Mr. Jackson molested them over several years when they were children.

“The guys I work with—where we spend our lives arguing over jokes—were of one mind on this,” Mr. Brooks said in an interview, speaking on behalf of the production team behind “The Simpsons.”

Of course they have the right to do this, but it raises the question: why now and not twenty years ago? He did answer that.

“The documentary gave evidence of monstrous behavior, he said, adding that he went into it wanting to “believe the thing that we believe,” which was that Mr. Jackson was falsely accused.

It’s kind of interesting that so many people had this reaction, because here’s no new evidence in this documentary, just some victim porn where people cry and say how hard it was on them. It really helped them connect with the people they thought were lying for the past thirty years.

Here’s why this is dumb: people who want to see the episode will see the episode. It’s gone from the iTunes store and the FX app, and I assume other digital marketplaces, but it’s still really easy to find to download on the internet. People who bought it on DVD or Blu Ray still have it (even though they said it will be pulled from future releases). And really, people should be allowed to watch it if they want to. I get pulling it from TV and even the streaming app, but no one is going to accidentally come across it on a DVD.

Also, you can ask any Family Guy fan, episodes and segments being pulled just makes people want to see them more. People went nuts when they found out there was an unaired episode from the original run. There are actually two now, one that eventually aired and one that still hasn’t.

Brooks said this about pulling the episode:

“I’m against book burning of any kind. But this is our book, and we’re allowed to take out a chapter,” he said.

You can’t make the past not have happened. How many more episodes of The Simpsons are going to get pulled now?I feel like it’s open season. The Mel Gibson episode, maybe? The ones John K was a guest animator on? George Takei’s guest spot as Akria? I’m sure there are tons of people we could object to. This episode is 27 years old. Michael Jackson wasn’t profiting off of it before he died, he sure as hell isn’t now.

I don’t even really get the statement they’re trying to make her. Fucking kids is bad? Thanks, everyone knew that. Would people be confused if you didn’t do this? I have news for you, having an episode with Michael Jackson in it isn’t going to do any more damage to your brand than the last ten seasons of your show have.

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Meghan McCain Got Owned so Hard on Twitter She Had to Call in Sick to ‘The View’

Last week, Meghan McCain broke down in tears on The View because congresswoman Ilhan Omar said she didn’t like being expected to pledge loyalty to Israel in order to do her job as an elected official. McCain, and a lot of people called this anti-Semitic because that line of attack has worked in England and France so why not give it try. McCain is not Jewish, but she was so upset because she’s friends with Joe Lieberman, who is just the worst. Lieberman is most famous for fighting to keep health insurance expensive and to ban violent video games or something.

A Jewish cartoonist replied to her with this cartoon, which McCain called anti-Semitic.

Again, Eli Valley is Jewish, Meghan McCain isn’t. It’s important when you see the next tweet.

It didn’t go well for Meghan.

This particular image from The Princess Bride got posted so many times, yo. So many.

This was all too much to bear, and so on Monday, Meghan called in sick from The View. It did not stop the dunks.

I wish this sort of thing happened more often. Like specifically to McCain.

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Alex Trebek Has Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer

This has been kind of a shitty week. Luke Perry died. King Kong Bundy died. Prodigy frontman Keith Flint died. The Kardashians are going to live forever just to spite us. And Hannah Gadsby is getting another Netflix special. On top of all of that (and keep in mind it’s only Thursday) Alex Trebek has stage four pancreatic cancer.

This doesn’t mean Trebek going to die, stage four is the worst and it means that the cancer spread beyond the organ it developed in, but that doesn’t mean it’s always fatal. Still, it’s not good. But Trebek isn’t giving up hope and he says he’s going to beat it. He delivered the news himself, from the set of Jeopardy!, on the official Jeopardy! YouTube channel.

“Hi everyone, I have some news to share with all of you and it’s in keeping with my longtime policy of being open and transparent with our Jeopardy! fan base. I also wanted to prevent you from reading or hearing some overblown or inaccurate reports regarding my health. So therefore, I wanted to be the one to pass along this information. Now, just like 50,000 other people in the United States each year, this week I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Now normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working. And with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. Truth told, I have to! Because under the terms of my contract, I have to host Jeopardy! for three more years! So help me. Keep the faith and we’ll win. We’ll get it done. Thank you.”

Alex Trebek is something of an institution on television. And I thought instead of being sad

I love this clip the most because that fist woman is so insane, and Alex keeps it together through her whole “I worship Dana Scully on the internet” thing but just loses it when that woman smiles and calls him insensitive.

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‘Arrow’, Which Launched the CW’s ‘Arrowverse’, Will End Later This Year

After 8 years, Arrow, the show that basically gave the CW its identity as the network for DC shows based on properties they don’t think will work as movies, is ending later this year after a 10 episode eighth season which will probably culminate with the long-awaited Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover that was foreshadowed in this year’s Elseworlds crossover, which implied Oliver will sacrifice himself to save The Flash and Supergirl.

Arrow star Stephen Amell delivered the news on an emotional Facebook Live stream.

All good things…

Posted by Stephen Amell on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

It sounds to me like Amell wanted to leave and even though Arrow has been auditioning various replacements for him, such as Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper and Sea Shimooka’s Emiko Queen, Oliver’s younger sister and the current Green Arrow, the higher-ups weren’t willing to hand over the reigns of the show to a new star and chose to end it instead.

Arrow has been of very uneven quality over the years, and never really recovered after a disastrous third season. But Arrow has been important in a lot of ways, and not just to the CW. For starters, there may never have been a Suicide Squad movie without Arrow, as the virtually unknown team was given a run on the show to test the waters for a movie based on them. It also introduced an important original character who would become an unlikely love interest for Oliver Queen due to the undeniable chemistry between Amell and actress Caity Lotz. Yes, Sara Lance, the Arrowverse’s first Black Canary, now White Canary on CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, didn’t have a counterpart in the Green Arrow comics. Also, for some reason Oliver ended up married to a supporting character from Firestorm.

What does the Arrowverse look like without Arrow, though? Should we start calling it the Flashverse? I expect this means Ruby Rose’s Batwoman is even more likely to be picked up, but Grant Gustin’s Flash is very likely going to be the unquestioned center of the CW’s superhero universe now.

Even though everything happening right now is pointing to Amell’s Green Arrow being killed off, he says that he’s open to reprising the role after Arrow ends. It seems likely that if his character does survive the end of the show, we could still see him taking part in the annual crossover year after year. And that’s not a bad deal. Plus you can watch those season 2 blu-rays from when the show was still great anytime.

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Arrow to Take Final Bow, Conclude After Season 8

All good things must come to an end.

And the same can be said for all good television shows.

Allow us to present more evidence...

amell as arrow

... Arrow will conclude its beloved run on The CW after a shortened eighth season this autumn.

The sad news was broken on Twitter by the show's leading man, Stephen Amell, who wrote the following:

Playing Oliver Queen has been the greatest professional experience of my life… but you can’t be a vigilante forever.

Arrow will return for a final run of 10 episodes this Fall. There’s so much to say... for now I just want to say thank you.

Here's the positive thing, though: Amell went on to hint at some sort of future for himself as Oliver Queen, along with the franchise in general.

amell tweet

During a Facebook Live, Amell added on Wednesday night:

“Something tells me even when I’m done, I won’t be gone. If you watch the Arrowverse, you should understand that… I think it’s been a good run. It’s no Supernatural, but it’s been a good run."

Arrow returned on March 4 from a three-week hiatus -- and fell to a series low in the 18-49-year-old demographic, (0.2) while delivering its smallest audience of the season.

Still, though, this move has likely been a long time coming.

Nearly every series loses viewers, along with entertainment value/creativity, by this point in its run.

stephen a

"This was a difficult decision to come to, but like every hard decision we’ve made for the past seven years, it was with the best interests of Arrow in mind,” executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Beth Schwartz said in a statement.

They added:

“We’re heartened by the fact that Arrow has birthed an entire universe of shows that will continue on for many years to come.

"We’re excited about crafting a conclusion that honors the show, its characters and its legacy and are grateful to all the writers, producers, actors, and - more importantly - the incredible crew that has sustained us and the show for over seven years."

The DC Comics-inspired series -- which also stars David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Echo Kellum, Katie Cassidy, Rick Gonzalez, Juliana Harkavy, Colton Haynes, Kirk Acevedo and Sea Shimooka -- debuted in October of 2012.

It launched numerous  spinoff series within The CW's "Arrow 'verse," including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and the upcoming Batwoman standalone series starring Ruby Rose.


Ramsey, who has portrayed Oliver's best friend, John Diggle, since the series premiere, reflected on the show’s journey and expressed his desire to go out on a high note shortly after Amell made this announcement.

"What an awesome ride! @arrow fans have been the best any actor could’ve asked for!” Ramsey Tweeted, adding:

“Thank you for helping me bring John Diggle/Spartan to life!!! Love all of you! Can’t wait for you to see what we have in stock for you. Let’s end on a high, shall we?"

Elsewhere, Colton Haynes, who returned as a series regular this season, tweeted:

"Sad to say that #Arrow will be coming to an end after a 10 episode Season 8. Thank you to all the fans who’ve watched. It’s been such a blessing to be a part of this incredible show.

"What a beautiful journey."

mad oliver

The final season’s abbreviated run means Arrow will wrap up shortly after this fall’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths," the next crossover with The Flash and Supergirl (and possibly Legends of Tomorrow). 

At the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in January, per TMZ, The CW President Mark Pedowitz said the special event will take “some big swings.”

We can't wait to see what's on tap.

Now... you tell us: Will you miss Arrow? Or is this just about the riight time for it to go away?

Other notable show ending in the near future include Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.

Which will you miss most?

Derry Girls protest

brightondj posted a photo:

Derry Girls protest

TV show's stars protest against Northern Irelands anti abortion laws

There’s Going to be a ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Remake About Remaking ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’

We’re pretty much reaching peak remake here. It’s bad enough that Marvel has remade the exact same movie 30 times now and we’re getting yet another Ghostbusters movie after the last two were so beloved. But we’re clearly not even close to done.

Enter Beverly Hills, 90210. There was already a remake, called 90210, that some of the original cast was in, but now there’s another remake that’s about the original cast members getting together to make a Beverly Hills, 90210 remake. I’m exhausted just reading that. Read the statement Fox gave The Los Angeles Times about it while I catch my breath.

“Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori reunite when one of them suggests it’s time to get a ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ reboot up and running. But getting it going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself. What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast — whom the whole world watched grow up together — attempts to continue from where they left off?”

Okay, first of all, “watched them grow up?” All those actors were in their 20s when that show started except for Gabrielle Carteris, who was, and I kid you not, 31. I mean, I get it, some actresses can play younger, Ellen Page looked twelve until about six months ago, but no one is buying a high school student with crow’s feet.

But what is going on here? Is this supposed to be a parody of the concepts of remakes, or is this supposed to be about fictional Luke Perry wanting to bang fictional Jennie Garth?

Also, I notice the name “Shannen” wasn’t in that list. I was kind of wondering if we were going to find out during metoo that Shannen Doherty was lovely and wouldn’t sleep with Harvey Weinstein on the set of Mallrats so he slandered her, but it turns out she’s actually just a bitch.

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