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Who The Hell is Moon Knight, Marvel’s Latest Headlining Super-Hero Played by Oscar Isaac

Marvel’s influx of their most popular and recognizable characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the purchase of Fox hasn’t stopped their efforts to turn minor characters like The Guardians of the Galaxy or Iron Man into household names.

The latest relatively unknown character to get a big Marvel push is Moon Knight, who will be played by Oscar Isaac in a Disney+ series.

But what’s the character’s deal? This one is actually pretty easy. I assume you’ve heard of Batman, right? Imagine you were working at Marvel but really wanted to write Batman. You might create a character who is basically Batman but with just enough changed to prevent you from getting sued. That’s Moon Knight in a nutshell, with changing being he, not his parents, is the one who was killed in his origin, giving the character a supernatural element as Egyptian god Konshu restored him to life to fight crime.

Of course, Moon Knight is more than just a Batman rip-off, and the character is best known today for exploring dissociative identity disorder, something you would think would be a more common theme in comic books that focus on characters with double lives and secret identities.

Rumors swirling on social media just before Deadline announced the casting of Oscar Isaac in the title role suggested Nick Kroll would be the star of Moon Knight. A lot of people have egg on their face for that one, and it wasn’t that believable of a rumor.

Moon Knight isn’t a popular character, but he’s also not a joke character. He’s a Batman rip-off, but not an Adam West Batman rip-off; his stories tend to be played straight and deal with serious issues.

And that meme image going around has photoshopped text. Rumors of Kroll being cast and earlier that Dracula would appear in the TV series lead people to believe the show would essentially be based on this one internet meme of the character, but I’m guessing it will be something closer in tone to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fare, which is still pretty campy and comedy-fronted but is not the Airplane! levels of goofy this show would have been if it starred Nick Kroll.

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Wendy Williams Addresses Bizarre Behavior: I’m Not Perfect, Alright?!?

Wendy Williams isn't exactly known for her coherence.

Nor is she known for being a nice person, but that's another story for another time.

Wendy Williams is a Hot Mess

This time, in this case when it comes to the polarizing talk show host, the issue at hand is how Wendy's acted during the October 23 episode of her program -- and whether fans ought to be concerned as a result.

During this installment, Williams mispronounced Adele's name, and the word "jealous," and repeatedly paused throughout her time on air.

Furthermore, when she spoke about Rick Ross' new home, she kept stopping to giggle and collect her thoughts... and she had a hard time overall just getting through a segment about her shoes

Yes, her shoes.

wendy concern

As you can see above, plenty of viewers were quite worrried about Williams after watching the episode.

One individual on her official YouTube channel stated: "I'd rather they put on a rerun episode today instead of seeing Wendy like this."

Added another: "I honestly feel sorry for her."

It's important to remember that Williams has been open her battle with Graves Disease and the way it's affected her health... while also talking candidly about having relapsed last year and lived for awhile in a sober house.

She also may have attemped suicide in June.

Wendy Williams on a Set

With all this in mind, and clearly aware of what was being said about her on social media, Williams opened Monday's show by addressing her behavior late last week.

"I always say I love you for watching, because I really, really do.

"I come here every day and I try to do the best that I can for you," she began.

"I appreciate you watching, but even after all of these years, it's still work and effort put in for the hour that I'm out here with you, you know?"

Wendy Williams Broadcasts from Home

She continued along these lines:

"I guess every day is not perfect, but I'm not a perfectionist. I'm not perfect.

"But I do appreciate you putting in the effort to watch us. I love entertaining you, you know?

"And it's not easy. It is not easy. You're a tough crowd."

Wendy Williams Says Dumb Stuff

And, well, that was it.

All this said, the host took a sip of her tea and launched into the first topic: Adele's recent Saturday Niight Live hosting gig.

Sadly, a source just told OK! Magazine that the 56-year-old small screen personality has been in a “very dark place” since the new season of her show premiered last month.

Employees are scared to even go to work as a result.

Wendy Williams Cries Hard

Explained this insider:

“Behind-the-scenes at the show it’s not good. There is something very off with Wendy again.

"Her behavior is erratic and getting worse each day. The staff are at a total loss and frightened to go to work each day."

That sucks.

Wendy Williams on the Air

We're no fan of Wendy Williams... at all. 

But we do recognize that she's been through a whole lot of late, such as her husband having a child out of wedlock with his mistress, and we sincerely do with her the best.

Let's hope Wendy gets the help she needs.

Quibi Just Folded, Taking Two Billion Dollars of The World’s Dumbest People’s Money With Them

Quibi. It’s short for a quick bite and it’s synonymous with a huge piece of s**t everyone but people with more money than brains knew was going to fail within a year. So the announcement that it had indeed shuttered after only six months wasn’t really a surprise. If anything, I’m shocked by the longevity of Quibi, I had August in the office death pool.

There is an upside to the closure of Quibi, and it’s that most of Hollywood took an absolute bath on this failure that everyone but them saw coming. Seriously, Wikipedia’s entry on Quibi says that “in 2018, Quibi raised $1 billion in funding from major Hollywood film studios, TV companies, telecommunications companies, technology companies, banks, and other investors including The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Time Warner, Viacom, eOne, Lionsgate, MGM, Madrone Capital, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Alibaba Group, Liberty Global and ITV.” By the time they folded they had raised almost $2 billion in VC money.

Basically, these Hollywood investors can’t wait to throw money at people whose names they know and Quibi was the brainchild of Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former head of Disney and was run by Meg Whitman, the former CEO of HP. Those are names all those businesses knew so of course their new product was going to be hugely profitable, right?

The problem with Quibi is that it was like YouTube but with much worse content and it cost more than Disney+. The main draw of YouTube is that it’s free. Sure, it has ads but you can just go there and there’s enough free content that you’ll never be able to watch it all. Now, a lot of YouTube content is low-quality video clickbait, but there’s so much quality, professionally-produced content there that the cream of the crop on YouTube dwarfs the total amount of content on Quibi, which was very much bulked out by news programming.

The reason so many YouTube channels like Good Mythical Morning and Babish Culinary Universe have had as much success as they have is that they’re independently created by people who are able to infuse their actual personalities into the finished product.

Quibi didn’t even try to do that in the way that, say, Condé Nast did. Quibi tried to bring a sort of network/Netflix television to short-form streaming content and it’s just a thing no one asked for and clearly something that no one wanted when it was offered.

But it seems likely that the bigger reason Quibi wanted to get into short-form content is that they could skirt union regulations and underpay the crews on these shows. Basically, once a show gets over 20 minutes long, you have to pay the crew more. If you take a three-act, 24-minute television show and break it into three seven-minute episodes, you can save a ton of money by underpaying the crew.

When I took a free trial and looked at what Quibi was doing, its scripted programming was mostly comprised of multi-part serials with a total length in the neighborhood of 90 minutes. Quibi’s business model was to make feature films for streaming and do it by paying all the cameramen and gaffers and grips and script supervisors and what have you well below the rates their unions negotiated for by having the credits play ten times during every film instead of just at the end.

It’s good for everyone that Quibi failed. They didn’t understand the market and their business model was premised on exploiting workers. But there are going to be a lot of Quibis as the streaming market sorts itself out. Remember Seeso? The streaming service that basically denied Americans a chance to watch Get Krack!n, the absolutely brilliant Australian morning-show parody. That was maybe the first Quibi. But more Quibis are on the horizon. Hulu could even be the next Quibi once it loses its network TV content.

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The Bachelorette Recap: God, That Was Awkward…

Rose hunting season is officially open.

So uttered one of the contestants on The Bachelorette this week, as Clare Crawley went on her very first group date and it didn't take very long at all for things to get emotional, dramatic...

... and awkward.

Clare Crawley and One Suitor

To kick off the installment Riley, Jordan, Yosef, Ivan, Ben, Bennett, Zac C., Zach J., and Dale all went out with Clare.

The goal of the evening was to teach the men about the importance of love language --  so they meet Crawley at Romeo and Juliet-themed location to act out the different ways to express their feelings.

While the affirmation exercise centered on the men trying to find the right words, everything was taken up a notch when blindfolds got broken out.

What better way to demonstrate the physical language of love, right?

Talking to Dale Moss

"Obviously, we all are deprived of physical touch during quarantine, so this was a love language I was ready for," Clare said of all the groping.

It was evident right away, though, to everyone present, that Clare really just wanted to be touched by Dale Moss, who earned last Tuesday's first impression rose.

"The hardest part about this group date is seeing other guys hug her and stuff," Ivan said on air. "That's completely brand new."

Perhaps because she seemed so smitten with Dale right away, no one approached Crawley during the subsequent cocktail hour.

Clare Crawley and Dale

"Does anybody want to step up to the plate?" she said after an awkward silence. "Don't everyone jump at once."

Bennett did eventually jump, but the general snub was apparent.

When Yosef offered to "speak for the group," Clare quickly shut him down.

"If you guys all want to hang out with each other, you can do that and I can go home and go to bed. At the end of the day, I'm a woman and I want my man to show me he cares.

"The truth of the matter is, it just hurt me."

Blindfolded on The Bachelorette

Dale, of course, felt awful that his potential soulmate experienced any pain at all.

"You shouldn't feel like that," he said. "I feel like s--t knowing you felt like that. I never want you to feel like that when you're around. Never again will I restrict how I feel."

Eventually, the moment blew over -- but not before Yosef called Clare "crazy" for thinking she wasn't wanted -- and Clare went about her night, spending individual time with each of the suitors.

She ultimately decided to give Riley the group date rose.

annoyed clare

From there, it was time for Jason to go on a one-on-one date with The Bachelorette.

"To open up and share your deepest darkest secrets, that's when I get scared," he said about being asked to write a letter to his younger self. "I don't like that."

At one point, while sitting by the fire, Jason did get candid up about his past, revealing he has a tendency to avoid commitment after watching his parents fight while growing up.

Clare, who was proud of him for being so honest, offered him the rose.

clare sitting

For the second group date, the men played strip dodgeball -- yes, strip dodgeball -- and only members of the winning team could proceed to that night's cocktail hour.

"She might see my man goodies tonight," Demar quipped. "If that happens, that's the Lord's will, right?"

The red team won and most blue team participants went back home with their heads held high and their hands covering their privates.

Except for Blake Moynes.

blue team

He crashed the cocktail hour because he wanted more time with Clare.

"I wanted to come in here and really show balls," he said about breaking the rules.

"I'm here for you and I'm going to these uncomfortable places internally to show you that. I know I'm going to take a bunch of heat for this, but I just don't really care that much."

The men got pissed, Blake got thrown out -- and then Brandon went and got himself tossed as well.

"I don't really know anything about you," he told Clare. "I don't obviously know you on a personal level. You're just so beautiful, and I wanted to get to know you."

This seemed like a pretty honest and understandable admission, but it didn't sit well with Crawley.

"I don't think people have to know me on a personal level, but there's a lot of guys here who say they like my drive, they like what I have to offer," she replied.

"I have a really great group of guys here and I think I'm going to have to focus more on them. I don't think I want to pursue this anymore."

And, just like that, Brandon was kicked off the show.

talk with brandon

Meanwhile, back at the residence, Yosef was pissed about the dodgeball date.

"My number one value is, have respect for myself and my daughter," he told the other men.

"I don't want her turning on the TV and seeing her dad's ass. It just seemed classless. There have been a couple of red flags and it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth."

He planned to bring up this issue with Clare at that night's get-together, but she pulled Blake aside instead.

Blake Moynes

"I wanted to pull you aside because I truthfully didn't expect you to show up last night," she told him.

"It was something that, again, I thought was amazing of you to do. I don't want you to worry. I don't want you to question anything."

Moynes therefore earned a rose for his actions.

"Everything you are doing is so right," Clare said. "I want you here."

The episode ended without a rose ceremony, with viewers kept in suspense... and wondering when Tayshia Adams will make her debut.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Lily James Running Away From ‘Today’ After Snogging Married Co-Star

In 1995, Hugh Grant got arrested for getting a blowjob from a hooker. He was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about two weeks later to promote a movie called Nine Months. Much to everyone’s surprise, Grant actually showed up for the interview in which Leno famously opened with “What the hell were you thinking?” The result of the interview was that Grant’s career didn’t suffer any kind of backlash from the incident and Leno overtook Letterman in the late-night ratings war.

Lily James is not Hugh Grant. You might have guessed that if you’d ever seen her acting, but I’m actually talking about her canceling an appearance on Today after getting caught with Dominic West’s married tongue in her mouth.

Fun fact, Lily James and Dominick West are currently filming a BBC miniseries based on the book The Pursuit of Love, and Page Six says he’s playing her father. Good for him. His wife even did the “Everything is fine, we’re stronger than ever, I’m definitely not putting ground glass in this prick’s meatloaf” thing Hillary Clinton did for Bill.

That Hugh Grant thing was 25 years and he went on to be in Love, Actually, a film my partner and I watch every single Christmas. Lily James should take her lumps and go and promote her Netflix series. The story isn’t as big as Hugh Grant being with a hooker and Today is one of the most softball shows out there, they’d probably just avoid the whole situation if James didn’t want to talk about it. She wasn’t even going on alone, her Rebecca costar Armie Hammer was going on with her. Running away from this is only going to make things worse and I don’t think Lily James is going to successfully rebrand herself as a lesbian like Kristen Stewart for a comeback.

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‘Home Improvement’ Child Actor Arrested For Domestic Abuse After Strangling Girlfriend

I don’t think Tim Allen has been a very good fictional dad. For starters, two of his three daughters on Last Man Standing have been replaced by entirely different people and he didn’t even notice because he was too busy talking about cars and liberals with Jay Leno.

His fictional son Brad Taylor from his previous sitcom Home Improvement, however, has taken the Dana Plato Prize for screwed-up former child actors.

Zachary Ty Bryan, who played Brad, the older, dumber brother who didn’t have the weird cancer scare episode has been arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend.

From TMZ:

Look, I know it’s funny when Homer Simpson chokes Bart but it is never okay to strangle a woman unless she asks you to. Even then, it’s kind of weird and you’re definitely not going to do it right and it’s going to get weird pretty fast, you should probably just pass.

Bryan was charged with strangulation, fourth-degree assault and interfering with making a report and booked into jail.

Zachary, or Brad as we like to call him because that IMDB page is looking real sparse. If he hadn’t been on Home Improvement this article would have been called Kirstie Alley Claims She’s Being Harassed By Other Celebrities For Supporting Trump because like hell is anyone doing a story about a guest star on Veronica Mars doing anything. But Zachary has had previous violent incidents.

Back in 2008, he was tased at a hotel where staff said “Zach went nuts on the staff, a lot of alcohol was involved, and tasering the dude was the only safe bet.” That’s the only other story we’ve done about him in case you were wondering how his career was going. I was shocked that I didn’t have to make a tag for him writing this story.

Maybe, if he’s really lucky, he’ll get sent to Tim Allen’s old prison. He is a legacy admission.

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Emily in Paris: How Old is She… Really?!?

Lily Collins would like a do-over.

The actress, who is pretty much everywhere these days as the lead star on the Netflix sensation Emily in Paris, stirred up quite the unexpected controversy this week.

Emily in Paris

Collins, who stars on this comedy as Emily Cooper, a young marketing executive who gets sent to France for a year as part of her job and experiences many professional and personal ups and downs there, was asked a few days ago about her title character.

Specifically, about her age.

“I don’t believe we’ve ever given her a specific ‘number’ for her age, but I believe that she’s pretty fresh out of college. Maybe this is her first year after graduation,” the actress told British Vogue.

“I want to say she’s like, 22-ish. She’s had enough experience at her company in Chicago to have earned the respect of her boss...

"She’s gone to school for this, and she’s completed internships."

Emily in Paris

This simple hypothesis took Netfllix viewers aback. Like, WAY aback.

How could Emily only be 22, they asked?

She has a Master's Degree on the show. She has a very expensive, Chanel-themed wardrobe. And she sleeps around... a lot. (No judgment!)

illily c

“Emily has a MASTER’S DEGREE she is not 22!!!! Lily Collins plz,” one fan tweeted, while another chimed in as follows:

“Excuse me but Emily is supposed to be 22?! And get that job transfer to Paris fresh out of college? Alrighty then.”

Apparently aware of all these questions and the scandal she accidentially created, Collins has now walked back her response.


“Emily looking at me when I get her age wrong,” the actress, 31, captioned a GIF of her alter-ego via her Instagram Story on Friday, October 16, adding a laughing emoji.

“Sorry girl," she also wrote.

Collins proceeded to take the lighthearted response one step further.

“You might not be 22, but I gotta say – you do act like it sometimes!!!” she concluded.

Emily in Paris2

Elsewhere in her British Vogue interview, Collins defended Emily’s level of experience.

“She’s not the person who traveled during college. She was really, really focused on her jobs in the Midwest, and I don’t think she’s been abroad,” the star said.

“Basically, she’s always kind of been a big fish in a small pond -- and then suddenly in Paris she’s a fish out of water.

"If she had gone to a different company in Chicago, she would have been taken seriously -- but in Paris, she’s not prepared for the cultural shift that she experiences at Savoir.”

emiky paris

As for how she feels about some of the criticism leveled at Emily in Paris, like how it's full of cliches and that her character is very one-dimensional and shallow?

“She is a woman who is both romantic and work-driven – you don’t have to be one or the other,” Collins said of Emily.

“It’s refreshing to hear a woman say, ‘I love my job, it makes me happy.’ …

She’s in a city that’s extremely foreign to her, and it’s tough – and, yeah, she could probably get on a plane and go home, but that’s just not who she is.”

That's great and all -- but how old is she?!?!?!?!?

Rose McGowan, Hollie Marie Combs to New ‘Charmed’ Cast: We’re Not Racist, Your Show Just Sucks

When you hear that cast members from Charmed are fighting, you kind of expect it to be Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano at each other’s throats over how Milano threw the #metoo movement under the bus for Joe Biden.  But the current Charmed kerfuffle isn’t between the original cast and the reboot cast after Rose McGowan said she didn’t like the reboot.

It started when McGowan and Hollie Marie Combs complained about the show being rebooted without them, and without asking them to be involved, which they thought was essentially trading on the name of the brand they built to sell an inferior product. They joked that their series had been removed from Netflix so people didn’t confuse the new series with the one with the “old people.” People who saw the George Clooney Batman movies or The Amazing Spider-Man films will know exactly what they mean.

Sarah Jeffery of the new cast decided that the only reason someone wouldn’t like the new Charmed reboot would be racism and tweeted about it, accusing the former stars of “putting down women of color.”

If you thought Rose McGowan was going to stay silent and just take that, you don’t know Rose McGowan. She took on Harvey Weinstein and his army of spies, she’s not afraid of a CW actor.

Here’s how McGowan responded on her Instagram Story, via People:

“Dear Sarah Jeffery, I honestly had no idea who you were til you tweeted,” McGowan wrote in her post. “I have been too busy fighting monsters & fighting for a massive Cultural Reset to notice who’s in the reboot. Absolutely nothing to do with race, that’s quite a stretch you took. I’m beyond glad any WOC has a well paying job. Hell yes to that. I’m sure you are a great actress.”

She continued: “‘My quibble (google it) is about execs & producers & @wb network trading on years of my work & name in such a cynical and obvious way – a money grab to cash in on the Charmed name. I do not care that they remade it, I have far bigger things I’m dealing with. I do not nor will I watch a show I disagree with on principle.”

“This is not ego trashing the reboot, this is a criticism of creators … with little to no imagination making bank off of years of us busting our ass to create a legacy that you are actually profiting off of as well,” McGown wrote. “I care that original fans weren’t listened to. I care that Hollywood won’t stop making remakes that don’t need to be remade. It’s a formula that’s gone on for too long.”

Hollie Marie Combs also responded to the accusation in a much more blunt way, saying “That’s some bullshit.”

I’m on team old people here. Reboots, by definition, are either just retreading the same old stories or have a different enough premise that they could be a new series and are just trading on an established name trying to bring in an existing audience. It’s not to say that they’re bad, but CW’s DC Comics shows have gone out of their way to include actors from previous adaptations, including bringing John Wesley Shipp onto Flash as Jay Garrick, the first Flash and having Batman: The Animated Series Star Kevin Conroy play Batman in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Charmed seems to want to have its cake and eat it to by using the name of the previous series to bring in old fans while also trying to distance itself from the show, which I never thought was very good but had a very engaged cult following. The new cast clearly has no respect for what came before them, at any rate, and I think Ghostbusters proved that calling people who don’t like your crappy reboot bigots isn’t exactly the best marketing strategy.

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Bill Burr Shocks ‘SNL’ Audience By Actually Being Funny

If you’re a big fan of jokes about how President Trump wears a lot of bronzer with the punchline “Can I get some covfefe with my hamburders?” then you’re probably a big fan of Saturday Night Live, which hasn’t been this terrible since the 80s. If you like jokes that are actually funny and thoughtful, you probably stopped watching around when Tina Fey left, the last time the show was actually funny.

Bill Burr got his first hosting gig on the show Saturday night, I suppose to promote The Opening Act in which he has a supporting role or just because Bill Burr is funny and there’s a pandemic, and he absolutely killed it.

Bill Burr’s monologue is inarguably the most left-wing political humor to have aired on SNL since Ronald Reagan was President, and amusingly it was the audience of professional-managerial class liberal white women SNL has meticulously built with horrible bits like singing ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ to Robert Mueller that were absolutely losing their minds at Burr’s monologue, because if there’s one thing people who watch SNL and have “Still With Her” bumper stickers hate it’s being exposed as having basically the same politics as the Republicans they spend all their energy attacking.

And that is exactly what Burr did, starting with a minute and a half about white women trying to make themselves the victims of oppression despite being complicit in white supremacy since the 17th century that ends with “sit down next to me and take your talking to.” He ended the set by talking about June’s Pride Month, finding some new humor in the old joke that Black History Month is in February, the shortest month, by contrasting it with June, a long month with much nicer weather. It was the kind of sharp, incisive political commentary Bill Burr’s fans have come to expect from him.

Offended liberals, outraged at being the butt of the joke, took to Twitter to call Burr’s monologue misogynist and homophobic, which it clearly was not.

It’s amazing the hostility you see come out when people who have built their entire identities around the wokest, most liberal, most Trump-hating people around get told they suck and aren’t any better by the large group of people to their left.

And lots of people on the left thought Burr’s monologue was great.

I hope if there’s one thing people take away from this it’s that “political correctness” is not a left-wing project. Censorship, be it through the government, corporate control or social pressure, is only ever used by the entrenched powers to stifle threats to that power. Cancel culture or political correctness are likewise used by the neoliberal establishment to try and discredit people speaking truth to that power that isn’t as woke as it wants you to believe it is.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Who’s In? Who May Be Out?

Are you ready for the ultimate cast shake-up?

Over the last few days, rumors have started to ramp over in regard to which cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be on their way out -- and which may be taking their place.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fight

At this point, you knoow where it starts, right?

Denise Richards.

The actress and polarizing personality announced in early September that she will not be returning to the franchise, not after she spent many months on air staving off attacks from Brandi Glanville and her co-stars.

Few viewers out there were surprised by this decision, however.

Denise Richards Cries Hard

About two weeks after Richards chose to move away from reality television, Teddi Mellencamp confirmed that she was being forced out by Bravo.

"I recently found out that my contract as a Housewife is not being renewed," the cast member said in a moment of honesty last month, adding:

"It feels like a breakup, almost. 

"Because you develop such strong relationships with the cast, with the crew. And you get to do incredible things that you probably never get to experience without the show."

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Pic

So there you have it: Teddi is out and Denise is out.

Might two other mainstays be joining these ladies on the sidelines?

Both Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne have removed "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" from their Instagram bios, prompting quite a bit of speculation from followers.

The former has been a regular on the series since Season 5, while the latter has been doing her thing on air since Season 6.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills duo

For whatever it's worth, Erika no longer has anything in her bio right now, while Rinna's lists everything but the Bravo program:

“Actress, Host, NY Times Best Selling Author, Wife of Harry Hamlin, Mother of two beauties, designer of the Lisa Rinna Collection on QVC - United Talent Agency."

We'll keep a close eye on these women and their social media machinations in order to keep readers as well apprised as possible of their futures on the series.

As for who might take their place if they do leave? Or who might come on board with Richards and Mellencamp out of the picture? 

Lisa Rinna Tells It Like It Is at the Season 10 Reunion

Glanville claims that Kathy Hilton is already on board.

On Brandi’s newest episode of her Unfiltered podcast, the 47-year-old alleged that Kathy is “coming on” to star on the next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season.

“I talk to Kim [Richards] I talk to Kyle. [Lisa] Rinna and I text. I’m friends with Sutton [Stracke],” Brandi said on this podcast episode, adding:

“I’m friends with Kathy, Kathy Hilton is coming on, I’m friends with all of them."

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richarrds

The 61-year-old socialite is mother to Paris Hilton and the half-sister of Kim and Kyle Richards.

She won't be a full-time cast member next season, though, Glanville says. She'll simply be a "friend of...," just like Brandi was this past season.

“I think it’s already out there, so I’m hoping I’m not spilling anything," Brandi said.

"I think that’ll be interesting because it’s always interesting to have a family dynamic."

Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick and Kathy Hilton

According to TMZ, Hilton was offered a regular role on the franchise, but she's actually the one who doesn't want to commiit full-time.

It will be easier to make cameos, a source has told Page Six of Hilton's thinking, because part-timers don’t have to take part in the grueling postseason reunion specials, which take several days to produce.

Oh, and also for the record:

Kris Jenner will NOT be joining the cast.

Emilia Clarke Had Secret Brain Surgery During ‘Game of Thrones’

Being on Game of Thrones almost killed Emilia Clarke, and having seen the ending, it would not have been worth it. Between seasons one and two, Clarke had a brain hemorrhage and had to have emergency surgery to remove it, according to a new behind-the-scenes book excerpted by Entertainment Weekly.

Here’s what Clarke said about filming in the desert after the surgery.

It was crazy intense. We are in the desert in a quarry in like ninety-degree heat, and I had the consistent fear that I was going to have another brain hemorrhage. I spent a lot time just being like: “Am I gonna die? Is that gonna happen on set? Because that would be really inconvenient.” And with any kind of brain injury it leaves you with a fatigue that’s indescribable. I was trying so hard to keep it under wraps.

This is back when she would still get naked. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that Game of Thrones got terrible after they took all the sex out of it?

They didn’t want to work me too hard. I was like: “Don’t think I’m a failure; don’t think I can’t do the job that I’ve been hired to do. Please don’t think I’m going to f–k up at any moment.” I had the Willy Wonka golden ticket. I wasn’t about to hand that in.

I mean, that’s a very good way of putting it. No one expected Game of Thrones to be as big as it was and make huge stars out of the entire cast, so these unknowns like Clarke got cast just for looking younger than they are and being willing to get naked with Jason Momoa. You’re not going to let a little brain hemorrhage stop your big break, are you?

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It’s Time We Talked About ‘Futurama’

September 4th marked seven years since television’s best comedy came to a final close. Right now you’re probably pouring over every show that ended in 2013, trying to find a way in which Breaking Bad can be considered a comedy or wondering if that horrid Seth MacFarlane show Dads was actually better than you remembered (it wasn’t – oh dear god that show hurt to watch).

No, I speak of course of Futurama, that wondrous, classic sci-fi comedy that debuted in 1999 and aired on-and-off for fourteen years. Over seven seasons (and four movies), we got to know Philip J. Fry, a loser pizza boy from the twentieth century who must adapt to life in the future. We sympathized with his terrible luck, laughed at his cluelessness, and rooted for him to finally wind up getting the girl – in this case, the one-eyed Leela, originally thought to be alien before being revealed to actually be a mutant from the sewers underneath New New York.

But what made Futurama endure for so long (even returning from an initial cancellation by FOX), in order to end only in 2013? Well, it takes a bit of time, and a modern lens from which to observe the show, but the explanation is quite simple, really.

Think of the smattering of adult animated shows that have cropped up in the last decade, from the really good (BoJack Horseman, Rick & Morty) to the really bad (what the hell is Pacific Heat, anyway?). What do they generally all have in common, other than usually finding a home on Netflix or Hulu?

It’s their characters. They’re all so…unlikable. The Griffins are so terrible in Family Guy that the psychopathic baby is the breakout character, and the kids in South Park combine edgy 1990s humor with demented Gilbert Gottfried-level voices. Everybody in Archer is such a monster that as viewers we wind up gravitating towards the neurotic clone of Adolf Hitler – a sentence most of us never thought we could say.

BoJack Horseman, though one of the great animated shows of history, is all about toxic people doing toxic things, while Rick & Morty treads in much of the same lane. The fact of the matter is, all of these shows are about bad people trying to do less-than-bad things… and often failing. It’s realistic, perhaps, but it can get so tiring watching characters engage in the same self-destructive tendencies all the time.

Contrast this with Futurama, where the overarching comedic philosophy is that of ‘you gotta do what you gotta do.’ Fry, Leela, and the rest of the Planet Express crew are genuinely decent people just trying to get by in the 31st century. Even misanthropic alcoholic fan-favorite Bender Rodriguez isn’t even that bad, portrayed as loving and loyal even if he’s an abrasive egomaniac. What other show has had such well-meaning characters?

One could argue maybe Matt Groening’s other hit show, The Simpsons, but let’s be frank. That show, much like Seinfeld, has aged terribly, and the new seasons – well, no point being poetic here, they tend to suck.

Past just the characters, Futurama excelled where many of its contemporaries failed by its sheer scope and ambition. Very few shows could conceivably have plots where we discover that a main character, who slept with their grandmother in 1947, is their own grandfather, thus stripping him of his delta brainwave and making him immune to mind control – yes, you read that correctly.

Even fewer could end an episode on the implication that the whole universe is contained in a box…inside that same universe, thus making the whole universe bend when a character forgets and sits down on the box to watch television.

Quite simply, there are no rules in Futurama, with episodes being made in traditional 1940s cartoon animation, in a video game format, in an anime style, and so on. One of the movies involves a Dungeons & Dragons parallel universe that’s so shameless in its Lord of the Rings homages one can do nothing but laugh.

Hell, the previous movie features the entirety of the universe going out on a date, beginning a relationship with, and eventually moving in with the universe from next door, a giant tentacle monster named Yivo who reveals in his final moments on screen that he has gonorrhea. There truly are no constraints in the world of the 31st century.

We’re talking about a show written by – and for – nerds, a show that wore its sci-fi and comedy influences on its sleeve. Compare that to shows who rely on cutaway gags for cheap laughs, or a show that thinks that repeating “Danger Zone” is high comedy. Yes, Adam Reed, I’m looking at you.

Finally, there are the tear-jerking moments that made the show so legendary initially, most infamously “Jurassic Bark,” in which Fry seeks to reanimate his pet dog from 1999. Upon learning that the dog, Seymour, lived on for twelve years after his departure, he chooses not to, claiming “I’ll never forget him, but he forgot about me a long time ago.”

We as the audience are then subjected to a sped-up montage of what those twelve years looked like, as we see Seymour waiting for Fry’s return at the entrance of the pizzeria where he worked. Seymour grows old and tired but never stops waiting for Fry, eventually closing his eyes and dying.

It’s impossible not to get emotional just thinking about it. That, my friends, is the beauty of the show.

Will we ever see Futurama return once more, as it did in 2008 after five years of being canceled? Would we even want to, given how powerful and excellent that series finale was? It’s up in the air. We’ve seen in recent years how bad reboots of classic shows can be (looking your way, Fuller House), and there’s really no reason to reanimate a perfect show just to ruin it.

Not to mention, past just the series finale, the entire seventh season served as fan service, bringing tear-jerking closure to Fry’s lost relationship with his family

No matter what, though, a decade after its Comedy Central revival, it’s high time we all gave Futurama the respect it absolutely deserved as TV’s best animated comedy.

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‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Simpsons’ Have Found New Voices for Cleveland Brown and Carl Carlson

Remember when huge crowds of people took to the streets to protest the killing of yet another unarmed Black man by police and to demand justice and an end to this abuse by the people who supposedly exist to protect us, and Hollywood responded by saying “we hear you, we’re recasting some Black cartoon characters,” and racism was solved forever?

Well, racism still exists but now we know who will be playing Cleveland Brown on Family Guy and Carl Carlson on The Simpsons, and we even heard Carl’s new voice, Alex Désert, on Sunday’s episode, though Family Guy will still be using Mike Henry’s performances for the rest of the season since they were already recorded.

So Désert did a good job as Carl, I thought, especially for someone who was on Becker. But Carl is an important part of the cast and couldn’t be easily written off in favor of someone voiced Hank Azaria or Harry Shearer. I don’t expect to see Apu or Dr Hibbert have a speaking role ever again. It’s not like The Simpsons hasn’t demoted and promoted characters before; Barney Gumbel used to have a much larger role on the show and major charters like Lionel Hutz and Edna Krabapple were retired when their voice actors passed away. There’s just a convenience factor in having very talented voice actors like Azaria and Shearer along with Dan Castellaneta,  Pamela Hayden and Tress MacNeille who can voice ten characters or so every episode. Basically, if Kevin Michael Richardson (also a very talented actor) can’t do a black supporting character’s voice, don’t expect to see them much anymore.

As for Cleveland on Family Guy, we won’t hear his new voice actor, Arif Zahir, for a while, but he pretty much nailed the voice and was cast based on the impression he’d been doing for years.

I like it, I’m glad the character won’t really change with the change of actors.

Still, I don’t think they’ve accomplished much here. While it is important to create more opportunities for Black voice actors, no one was asking for these roles to be recast and this also probably means that Black actors won’t be cast as white characters anymore, even though Kevin Michael Richardson was nominated for two Emmys as the Joker, literally the whitest cartoon character ever, so this doesn’t even create more opportunities for Black actors, it just segregates them.

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The CW Cancelled ‘Supergirl’ the Second They Got a ‘Superman’ Show

There are four comic book characters who tower above the rest in terms of popularity and presence in the cultural zeitgeist: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. If you have one of those characters in your project, you’re pretty much golden. If you don’t, you’ll probably spend a good deal of time trying to turn another character into one of them.

For example, The CW has had serious limits on the DC characters they’ve had access to for television, and so without Batman they made Arrow, a show ostensibly about Green Arrow but that felt much more like a Batman show than it did a Green Arrow show, even compared to the darker, 1980s Mike Grell Green Arrow run. Without Superman, they expanded the world first with Flash, a more optimistic hero, and later with Supergirl, a show that may as well have just been called Not Superman, Wink Wink.

Never having much of her own supporting cast or gallery of villains, most of the characters on Supergirl were borrowed from Superman, like Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant, and villains like Metallo, Manchester Black, and even Lex Luthor. Most of the story elements not borrowed from Superman came from The Legion of Super-Heroes, originally supporting cast members from Superboy comics.

Things have changed at the CW, and Warner is less opposed to having different versions of the characters appear on TV and in movies; the multiverse is becoming an increasingly large part of the brand’s identity, and that lead to The CW getting the okay for a Superman and Lois show spun off from Supergirl.

Everyone knew that this made Supergirl redundant and The CW confirmed it on Tuesday, announcing that the forthcoming sixth season of Supergirl would be the last. It’s also basically the second time Supergirl was cancelled, as it was originally on CBS and didn’t move to The CW because its ratings were so great.

Still, if you can look past the incredibly toxic and annoying ‘Supercorp’ shippers who want Supergirl and Lex Luthor’s sister Lena to be in a relationship because they can’t imagine a platonic female friendship existing, Supergirl had its good moments. Most of them revolved around Legion of Super-Heroes characters Mon-El and Brainiac 5, but they were still pretty good.

In fact, if you want my advice, CW execs, and why wouldn’t you, you’re owned by the same people who made S**t My Dad Says a TV show so you’re obviously not above taking ideas from bloggers, you send Supergirl into the future with the Legion in the last episode. Then you get Melissa Benoist and her husband and Jesse Rath and you do Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes as a limited series on HBO Max. Give it a big budget, lots of special effects… there’s no way it’s worse than Titans.

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Supergirl: Coming to an End After Season 6!

Supergirl will soon fly someplace far, far away from television fans.

But any time too soon at least.


The CW announced on Tuesday that the beloved drama will come to an end after the upcoming sixth season.

It's unclear at this juncture whether the network yanked the plug or producers decided to move on from the series -- but Supergirl will soon begin production on the final 20 episodes of what has been an enjoyable run.

"To say it has been an honor portraying this iconic character would be a massive understatement," star Melissa Benoist wrote in an Instagram post after the news broke.

Along with Benoist, the show stars Chyler Leigh, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, Nicole Maines, Andrea Brooks, Azie Tesfai, Julie Gonzalo, Staz Nair and David Harewood. Previous stars included Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan, Chris Wood, Floriana Lima, Odette Annable and Calista Flockhart.

melissa post

Continued Benoist in her message:

"Seeing the incredible impact the show has had on young girls around the world has always left me humbled and speechless. She's had that impact on me, too. 

"She's taught me strength I didn't know I had, to find hope in the darkest of places, and that we are stronger when we're united. What she stands for pushes all of us to be better.

"She has changed my life for the better, and I'm forever grateful."


Supergirl‘s first season, which debuted in October 2015 on CBS, averaged 7.7 million total viewers and a 1.7 demo rating (in Live+Same Day numbers).

Upon being switched to The CW for Season 2, it slipped to a 2.4 million/0.7, which was expected with the change of networks.

For Season 5?

The show fell to 840,000 total viewers and a 0.22 demo rating, down a full 30 percent from Season 4.


Wrote Benoist of portraying Supergirl:

"She’s had that impact on me, too.

"She’s taught me strength I didn’t know I had, to find hope in the darkest of places, and that we are stronger when we’re united. What she stands for pushes all of us to be better.

"She has changed my life for the better, and I’m forever grateful."


The actress also sounds confident about how the series will wrap up in 2021, concluding:

I’m so excited that we get to plan our conclusion to this amazing journey, and I cannot wait for you to see what we have in store.

I promise we’re going to make it one helluva final season.


The only returning CW series set to premiere this fall is Supernatural, as networks continue to adjust to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Supergirl will return for its sixth and final season some time next year.
Will you miss it?

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Half-Assed, Non-Apology on Season Premier

One thing journalists often have to decide is whether to use the active or passive voice in describing an incident. The headlines “Unarmed Black Man Executed by Police” and “One Dead After Police-Involved Shooting” could describe the same incident, but the use of the passive voice allows the person using it to avoid assigning responsibility to guilty parties.

Here’s what Ellen DeGeneres said about the accusations that she’s a gigantic bitch who made life miserable for everyone around her on the season premiere of her talk show, via Page Six:

Sarcastically calling her summer “great,” DeGeneres apologized to anyone who had been negatively affected while working on her staff.
“As you may have heard, this summer there were allegations of a toxic work environment at our show and then there was an investigation. I learned that things happened here that never should have happened. I take that very seriously and I want to say I am so sorry to the people that were affected. I know that I am in a position of privilege and power and with that comes responsibility and I take responsibility for what happens at my show,” DeGeneres said.
She added that she is now “taking responsibility for what happens at my show.”

Lady, you did pint learn s**t, you did s**t. Look at how she frames it: “things happened here that never should have happened.” That is not someone taking responsibility, that is someone using passive voice to specifically avoid responsibility. “Gee, I guess you had to chew gum before speaking to me and were reprimanded for looking me in the eye. I don’t know how that happened but I take full responsibility. And you, I recently discovered someone tried to get you fired for having chipped nail polish? Geez, what a Karen, right?”

This is an unrepentant person hoping her behavior can be swept under the rug. It’s not an apology and it’s not taking responsibility for anything, it’s just throwing some producers under the rug. You should have listened to your wife and retired, Ellen.

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Emmys 2020: Big Wins for ‘Watchmen’, But Also Good Shows

In a way, it’s hard for me to believe Watchmen did so well at the Emmys considering, you know, it’s not a good show. You have to have read the comic for most of it to make any sense, but the comic book makes the show look even worse in comparison. But it’s terrible in a way that makes white liberals who just got done posting “riots and looting are not a valid form of protest” on Twitter feel like they’re super extra not racist, so it picked up Outstanding Limited Series as well as Lead Actress in a Limited Series for Regina King who is a good actor but wasn’t particularly good in this and Supporting Actor for Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who absolutely did not deserve to win over Tituss Burgess. Like at all.

Schitt’s Creek just wrapped up its final season and boy did it just sweep the comedy awards. I don’t think any show has ever won Outstanding Series along with Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress in the same year. The show also picked up statues for writing and directing. Just an absolute clean sweep. I still think Curb is funnier, though, especially this year’s spite store plot.

Succession picked up Outstanding Drama and Lead Actor for Jeremy Strong and Zendaya picked up Lead Actress, making her the youngest person to ever win that category at 24.

And of course, proving that even the Emmys get it right once in a while, Rick and Morty picked up Outstanding Animated Program at the earlier Creative Arts ceremonies for The Vat of Acid Episode, beating Bojack Horseman in its final season and proving that taking out all your show’s jokes for deep introspection doesn’t actually make your show better, it just makes it less funny.

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Are We Going to See ‘The Mandalorian’ Without the Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian just won two creative arts Emmys for Sound Editing and Production Design, making it the first Disney+ show to bring home a statue, something that took Netflix six years and a huge PR push to accomplish.

But there’s reportedly trouble on the set, mainly because Pedro Pascal doesn’t know why the hell he’s on set since he’s never shown without his helmet on and it’s not him in the suit when the helmet is on, it’s John Wayne’s grandson Brandon Wayne. How do you not name your kid Bruce if your name is Wayne?

YouTuber Grace Randolph is saying that she’s confirmed with two sources that Pedro Pascal stormed off the set halfway through season two after going over the producers’ heads and taking his complaints about essentially doing a voice-only role to the higher-ups at Lucasfilm.

Now, Randolph talks like this means his character, Din Djarin, will only appear in half the season, but as we know he’s not Don Djarin, Brendan Wayne is, Pascal only does his voice and only physically played him in one scene.

I don’t expect much to have changed because Pascal wasn’t around, because it’s really likely he recorded his voice lines for the entire season before and not after he supposedly stormed off the set.

I also don’t expect that the show is looking to continue without Pascal or his character Din Djarin, the Mandolarian of The Mandalorian. The worst-case scenario is that they get someone else to do his voice, TV shows recast characters all the time and we really don’t need to see him without his helmet again until the final scene of the series.

I don’t see even that happening, though. Pascal is going to get paid an unreasonable amount of money to do a voice-only role and he’s not going to turn that down. Even if he’s been having these problems with the production team, it’s not like Star Wars has anything else worth watching going on at all at the moment. Like, AT ALL. This is definitely going to get worked out and those buckets of money from Baby Yoda merch is going to keep flowing like the drugs Disney wants you to forget Han Solo was smuggling.

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Should Gina Carano be Fired From ‘The Mandalorian’ and Blackballed Forever Because She Made Bad Tweets?


Done. Go look at Chris Evans’ huge dick some more.

Oh, you want context for this and for me to explain my opinion? Fine, but this is time I could be using to get MAME to work on my Vita.

Gina Carano plays Cara Dune, a popular supporting character on The Mandalorian, the only good thing Disney has done with Star Wars since they bought Lucasfilm. She’s also kind of a tool. Like, she’s one of those “I won’t wear a mask during a pandemic” people despite the fact that her claim to fame is being on a show about a guy who adamantly refuses to take off his mask.

More recently, Carano put “beep/bop/boop” in her Twitter bio, making fun of how people put their pronouns in their bio. Then Pedro Pascale explained why people do that and Carano took it out of hers.

Great, controversy over, we can all go home now, right?

God damn it.

First of all, it was not right to fire Kevin Hart of James Gunn, and they at least eventually realized that for Gunn.

But second, and here’s the big point here: I don’t care if actors or other artists are good people and neither should you, provided it’s not directly related to their work. Like, I think Ellen DeGeneres should probably be fired because she’s allegedly abusive to her staff and I think it’s good Kevin Spacey was fired because he was taking his dick out at work. If I got my dick out and shook it at Bob Mike in the Blemish bullpen, I would get fired, too.

But someone having objectionable views outside of work? Grow up. You want to call Gina Carano trash for her opinions? That’s your right as an American. I don’t watch The Mandalorian for a lecture on a supporting character’s views on trans rights (which are human rights). I didn’t read Harry Potter for JK Rowling’s views on trans people, and I’m not going to play that sick-looking PlayStation open-world Harry Potter RPG they revealed yesterday for her political views, either.

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‘Friends’ Reunion Looking For New Host to Replace Ellen DeGeneres

Do you think Ellen DeGeneres feels like she’s stuck in second gear? Like this hasn’t been her day, her week, her month, or even her year? Well, no one is there for her.

It was long believed that Ellen DeGeneres would host the Friends reunion for HBO Max, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards anymore. Here’s what Lisa Kudrow said about it, via Page Six.

On a new episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, Cohen asked Kudrow: “Is there a host for that? Is Ellen — did I hear that Ellen DeGeneres was hosting the reunion?”

“Um, you may, I don’t know,” Kudrow, 57, responded. “I don’t know that that’s been decided.”

That, to me, sounds like someone desperately trying not t say “yeah, we were going to have Ellen host but it turns out she sucks and everyone hates her now, so we keep calling Jon Stewart and Joe Rogan to see if they have an open day in their schedule.”

I’m not sure Ellen would have been the best host for this even before everyone found out what a huge bitch she is, honestly. I don’t want another celebrity there with the cast, I want like, a producer or a director of a lot of episodes who knows about all the behind-the-scenes stories and can facilitate conversations about what working on the show was really like. Creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman would be the best choice in my mind. They would clearly know the show and the cast, have a lot of stories to tell and they wouldn’t insist on making David Schwimmer pull them to the studio in a rickshaw while they whipped him.

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Dancing with the Stars Premiere: The Partners! The Scores! The Awkward Debut of Tyra Banks!

Dancing with the Stars kicked off Season 29 on Monday night...

... via a commercial that featured the family of Carole Baskin's missing husband asking for leads about his whereabouts.

Yup: things looked rather different this year on the ABC franchise.


Baskin, of course, starred on the Netflix documentary Tiger King and is widely believed to have murdered Don Lewis in 1997.

Early on in the premiere, an ad appeared across the screen that depicted Lewis’ daughters, Gale, Lynda and Donna, his attorney John Phillips, and his former assistant, Anne McQueen, asking for any information that would help them find the missing millionaire.

“We need to know what happened to our father,” his oldest daughter, Donna, said in the footage.

“Do you know if Carole Baskin was involved?” the lawyer asked, adding that the family is offering a $100,000 reward for information.

Carole Baskin for DWTS

So... that was awkward.

And so was the debut of Tyra Banks as host.

Taking over for Tom Bergeron, the former lead of America's Next Top Model appeared very nervous and stiff, messing up many words, reading off a teleprompter and asking basically the same question of every contestant after his or her video package aired.

Is it too late for Bergeron and producers to make up and for Tom to take back over?

Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars

As for the tandems, which were finally revealed on Monday? And who leads the competition after opening night?

We gotta start with Baskin, right?

Teamed with Pasha Pashkov, the polarizing reality star and alleged killer danced to Eye of the Tiger (because of course she did) and earned a combined 11 points.


carole on dwts

Dancing a Jive, meanwhile, AJ McLean and Cheryl Burke were the first couple to take the dance floor.

The Backstreet Boys singer scored a six from all three judges and walked away wiith a total of 18.

Not awful for his first-ever effort on the program.


On the flip side, Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko struggled.

The Selling Sunset star came across as anything but natural during her Tango.

She was anxious. She was nervous. She stumbled a bit.

She scored a total of 13 points.

Chrishell Stause and Gleb Savchenko

Vernon Davis and Peta Murgatroyd Foxtrotted on the premiere.

The former came across as charismatic and, well, extremely strong, putting his muscles to use during the performance.

They got 17 total points.

Vernon Davis and Peta Murgatroyd

On the Salsa front, Jeannie Mai and Brandon Armstrong were full of pep and energy.

And lime green outfits.

There were also two lifts on the pair's way to 18 points.


Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe displayed a whole lot of joy for their Cha Cha, with the latter clearly leading the way... but that's to be expected, right?

It was a strong debut for the team and it also earned them a six from all panelists.

Another 18, folks!

Anne Heche and Keo Motsepe

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess did a Quickstep, easily the hardest dance on the premiere.

The actor was able to keep up pretty well, though, impressing viewers with his light and deft touch.

Still, he couldn't break 20. We're looking at yet another 18.

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess

Skai Jackson and Alen Bersten raised, the bar, however.

They did a Tango and Jackson attacked it with passion.

There's an evident chemistry between these two and some serious talent on Skai's part.

21 points!


It was then on to a Cha Cha from Kaitlyn Bristowe and Aretm Chigvintsev.

The two were in sync throughout and the former Bachelorette definitely has some ability. She just showed some nerves on opening night.

Who can expect perfection so soon, though?

20 points.


Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson dressed all fancy and made us feel like we were watching a 1940s movie.

The Foxtrot looked gorgeous across the board -- and Nev blew us away with his hand extension! And his height!

They also earned a total of 20 points.


For their Cha Cha, meanwhile, Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart weren't exactly sharp... but they also displayed a great deal of chemistry.

Weir, an ice skater used to the big stage, was as confiident as any celebrity on the premiere and was having a blast throughout.

They picked up 18 points.


As for Justina Machado and Sasha Farber, the former looked totally at home on the dance floor. They did a Cha Cha and we marveled over their footwork.

Farber does not lack for enthusiasm, either. Wow!

They garnered 21 points and a spot near the top of the leaderboard.


The same can't be said for Charles Oakley and Emma Slater.

This Salsa featured the former NBA star mostly being used as a prop.

He was stiff. He had no sense of timing and, well, Oakley is really gonna need to rebound next time if he wants to stick around.

They got a trio of 4s and 12 points overall.


Monica Aldama and Valentin Chmerkovskiy made a strong opening impression.

They totaled 19 for their Foxtrot for a dance that asked a lot from the star, most notably when it came to the need for quick feet.

But she did not disappoint.

Monica Aldama and Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Finally, we close with Nelly and Danielle Karagach.

This Salsa included the fifth lift of the night (gotta be a record, right?), along with the rapper needing to sink down and take more advantage of his legs.

He was a little out of of control at times, but Nelly has potential and obviously a lot of rhythm.

They got 16 points.

TV From the Future: The Keeping Up With the Kardashians Series Finale Revealed

It’s a little-known fact that we here at The Blemish have a time machine in the office. We ran into Mr. Peabody on the Sunset Strip and times are tough for the former star; he offered to sell us Shermie but we gave him Kevin Spacey’s number and talked him into selling us the Wayback Machine instead. With the news breaking that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is ending, we decided to get it out of the garage and see what surprises are in store for the much-anticipated series finale.

Shocking Reveal: There’s a Fourth Kardashian Sibling

You know all about Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian and their half-sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, but did you know that there’s a fourth Kardashian? Her name is Kourtney and apparently she’s been on the show all along, it’s just that no one ever noticed her.

Kylie and Kendall’s New Business Opportunity

Kylie and Kendall Jenner return from their trip to Africa in the finale with a big announcement: they’re starting a line of designer kente cloth. They’ve struck a deal where they will buy authentic kente cloth from Ghana and then screen print their faces and logos over the intricate designs created by the original artisans and sell them at a 1000% markup.

Caitlyn Jenner: NASCAR Driver

Caitlyn Jenner is an Olympic hero but the Keeping up With the Kardashians finale revealed that her lifelong dream was to be a NASCAR driver. There were shockingly few casualties considering she took the second lap through the stands; social distancing saves lives, people.

Kim Wakes Up: Kanye West Nightmare Over

The most shocking scene in the finale was when Kim woke up and went to the shower to find it empty: apparently Kanye West was not a real person, just a bad dream Kim was having. It was kind of obvious in retrospect with the way he interrupted Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech and then started his own religion, but it was still an unexpectedly bold move for a TV show not known for taking risks.

A lot of people didn’t like the way Keeping up With the Kardashians ended, and I admit it wasn’t perfect. But when Khloe held up the blue French horn outside Lamar Odom’s apartment… I couldn’t help feeling a little nostalgic for the excellent second season. Of course, after that we found out that the whole series was taking place in autistic kid’s snow globe, and it was ultimately really disappointing the way the very end just cut to black while Kris Jenner was in the middle of a sentence.

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Ellen DeGeneres Allegedly Set ‘Traps’ For Household Staff

At this point, I feel like Ellen DeGeneres’ continued insistence that she’s not a horrible monster to everyone she considers beneath her is just insulting to our intelligence. For me, the things that sum it up is the story of someone saying hello as they walked past her and her wife Portia only for Ellen to respond “Who the hell do you think you are?” That’s the attitude of someone with an uncontrollable ego.

Ellen has repeatedly been accused of mistreating her staff, which she’s tried to push off onto her producers, but now The Daily Mail is reporting her household staff is sharing all sorts of horror stories about working for her.

Workers were hit with an itemized daily list of trifling gripes from serving food in the wrong bowl, leaving the salt shaker in the wrong place or failing to ensure DeGeneres’ latte was frothed the way she liked it.

Nitpicking DeGeneres would even ‘lay traps’ before she left for work, strategically leaning matchsticks behind cupboard doors and cushions to test if cleaners were dusting every square inch of her sprawling residence.

Sounds like a real joy to work for. It’s like your dad rigging the drawer he keeps his 70s porno in.

‘My belief is that someone’s real personality comes out at home,’ the former employee told DailyMail.com.

‘So after everything that has been said about her at work, you can imagine how terrible Ellen is going to be at home when her guard is down.

‘Sometimes she would yell at us but it was more about the incredibly condescending tone she would use. She treated you like you were nothing.

‘She was going to torture you and you were just going to sit there and listen to it because you were being paid.

‘Ellen was the worst person that I’ve ever met in my life. She takes pleasure in firing people.’

But, you know, the mistreatment of her staff at work was just because other people weren’t being as nice as she was. She just didn’t realize, you see, that people were being mean on her behalf.

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Adult Swim, Heads Firmly Up Their Own Asses, Cancels ‘The Venture Brothers’

Adult Swim has been on the air for 19 years and they still don’t know what the hell they’re doing. A little over a year after the block debuted they aired the pilot episode of The Venture Brothers, a Johnny Quest parody that slowly built into a sprawling epic building it’s own mythology while remaining exceptionally funny. Today we found out that Adult Swim canceled the show with season eight already in pre-production, leaving it forever unfinished until they decide to give the show a movie or something to wrap up the loose threads and unresolved cliffhangers in ten years like HBO (which is owned by the same company) did with Deadwood.

Now, here’s what Adult Swim did wrong that completely screwed up on of their most popular and oldest shows; they dragged their feet on renewing it every season despite the long production cycle. The Venture Brothers aired 7 seasons in 15 years from when the pilot aired in 2003 to the final episode, which aired in October of 2018.

It didn’t have to be that way. The reason for the long gaps wasn’t that the show took so long to produce, it was that Adult Swim would drag their feet making each season’s pick-up so the next season wouldn’t even enter pre-production until well after the previous season had aired.

We could also see this in how Adult Swim handled Rick and Morty, which had similar delays between seasons; season three aired its final episode in October 2017 and Adult Swim didn’t greenlight season four until May 2018, despite Rick and Morty being their most popular show. They had similarly waited until after the season two premiere to order season three. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon saw what was going to happen and had the leverage to demand a huge 70-episode order so they could put the show out on a timely, yearly basis.

Even then, Justin Roiland said he’d prefer to air a new episode once a month because he knows those huge gaps between seasons kill shows.

The Venture Brothers didn’t have the luxury of a big, upfront order and you can watch the ratings fall as fans had to remember intricate plotlines and dozens of characters from years earlier to follow along.

Adult Swim killed The Venture Brothers by creating these unnecessary gaps between seasons, and they were going to do the same thing to Rick and Morty if Harmon and Roiland had let them. The gaps between seasons were a choice Adult Swim made; Rick and Morty season six is in production right now, before season five has even premiered because that’s what it takes to keep an animated series on the air in a timely fashion. Had Adult Swim given The Venture Brothers multi-season renewals, even two at a time, they could have had fifteen seasons by now. Instead, it died a slow death and we’ll never get answers to some of the show’s biggest questions, like why The Monarch hates Dr. Venture so much.

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Tyler Perry Filmed an Entire Season of a Sitcom in Four Days

Tyler Perry is quite the businessman. I remember first hearing about him as a popular playwright and assuming he was doing something along the lines of Neil Simon when in actuality he was wearing a dress and saying “hellur,” but he somehow turned that into a billion-dollar industry.

Perry isn’t letting the COVID pandemic slow him down, either, because he filmed all 19 episodes of his latest TV show Bruh in just four days, which is about the same rate Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune record episodes.

The New York Post explained how Perry worked his quarantine schedule:

Sitcom “Bruh” was the shortest order, 19 episodes, and the shortest shoot, four days. The BET+ comedy, which started filming Sept. 3, finished today.

Since July 9, when the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta opened its doors for the cast of “Sistas,” Perry successfully filmed 82 episodes of his BET series “Sisters” and “The Oval” and BET+’s “Ruthless” and “Bruh.”

Perry filmed new seasons of his series amid the coronavirus pandemic using a quarantine bubble model, sequestering cast and crew on the lot for the duration of a shoot.

Overall, there were 32 shoot days and 51 quarantine days total for the four series, with weeklong breaks between production of “Sistas” and “The Oval” as well as “The Oval and Ruthless.” (Perry and his crew stayed in continuous production after “Ruthless” to shoot “Bruh.”)

Perry’s quarantine bubble model involves check-in testing as cast and crew arrive at the studio, with everyone staying in their rooms until test results come back.

His model worked, and there were no cases of COVID during the entire time except for the people who tested positive when they were first checking in.

I can’t imagine the shows are very good, though, unless Tyler Perry has the most amazing cast and crew ever assembled. I watched part of the first episode and I can assure you he doesn’t. So let me explain a little bit about how television production works,

Your average soap opera usually has a 12-hour shooting day, with rehearsals early in the morning followed by roughly ten hours of shooting to produce a 36-minute episode (the runtime without commercials). This is considered a particularly breakneck pace and is the reason soap operas have a reputation for poor quality, along with a distinct visual language.

Perry’s Bruhs is a multi-cam sitcom, which usually take an entire week to film an episode, and are in production for 26 weeks to film 22 episodes, which includes table reads and several days of rehearsals and 2-3 days of actual shooting per episode.

If we assume Perry had extra-long 14 or 15 hour production days, that’s only three hours to rehearse and film each episode and an absolutely grueling schedule for the cast and crew. It would essentially require every actor to nail every scene in one or two takes after a single run-through of each episode.

Having seen some of those Madea movies, however, I can only conclude Perry isn’t all that concerned with quality. Jeopardy can shoot five episodes in a day because it’s basically a live competition, there are no scripts, no second takes and no rehearsals. Actually, I think there are brief rehearsals so contestants can learn how things like the buzzers work so the show goes smoothly, but it’s not like they have to film it again if someone gets a question wrong.

It’s amazing that Tyler Perry was able to cram all his shows into a three-month time frame for everyone’s safety, but I feel confident that when all is said and done Perry will have made something that wishes it looked as good as a soap opera, and it’s really hard to imagine anything looking cheaper and more rushed than a Tyler Perry sitcom produced under normal circumstances.

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The Bachelorette Premiere Date: Announced!

It's coming, folks.

The most dramatic season in the history of The Bachelorette finally has a premiere date.

And we could not be more excited!

The Bachelorette Poster

As you can see in the newly-released poster above, ABC has confirmed that Clare Crawley will debut as the Season 16 lead on Tuesday, October 13.

Yes, we wrote Tuesday. The series will be airing on Tuesday nights for the first time in history.

That's far from the only thing that will be different about the franchise this fall, however.

As you may have read about already -- and, seriously, how could you not have?!? -- Crawley will, indeed, kick off this season as The Bachelorette.

Clare Crawley is The Bachelorette

However, she won't last very long in the role.

After less than two weeks of filming, the 39-year old allegedly fell in love with a suitor named Dale Moss.

In response to these feelings, Crawley either refused to continue filming or she and producers reached a mutual agreement whereby they agreed it would be  silly to keep shooting if Clare had already settled on her future husband.

So, what they did they decide?

Clare Crawley Promo Pic

They decided to replace Crawley with Tayshia Adams!

No one associated with the franchise has actually issued a statement on this rumor... but it's far from just a rumor at this point.

Adams has actually been spotted out in California on the Season 16 set.

This really is happening, you guys.

Clare Crawley on a Couch

ABC, meanwhile, has simply released a synopsis for new episoodes that reads:

"Follow [Clare's] passionate, wild ride to find her soul mate and the explosive turn of events that will have all of Bachelor Nation talking."

So there you have something, at least: An explosive turn of events has been confirmed by executives!

Clare Crawley Instagram

Host Chris Harrison has also came came out with this teaser of an announcement.

"It's safe to say this season will be twice as good as any other!" he captioned the above season key art on Instagram, and his subsequent tweet was equally cheeky:

"I feel like this could be double trouble."

In other words: Yup, there will be two Bachelorettes.

Clare Crawley, Everyone!

From what The Bachelorette spoilers have previewed, Clare will begin the season as the lead... only for Adams to then takeover at some point and begin her search for love.

Here is the full official description:

Bachelor Nation, the wait is finally over!

Clare Crawley will finally embark on her journey to find true love as The Bachelorette returns for its sizzling 16th season on a new night.

Tayshia Photo

Clare had women across America cheering from their living rooms when she famously stood up to controversial Bachelor Juan Pablo during the memorable 18th season finale of The Bachelor.

Clare left the season with a new sense of self-worth and a determination to never settle for anything less than the unconditional love and respect that she deserved.

Follow her passionate, wild ride to find her soul mate and the explosive turn of events that will have all of Bachelor Nation talking.

The Set of Netflix’s ‘Patriot Act’ Sounds More Toxic Than Ellen

Netflix has had a number of attempts at talk shows and none of them have worked out for the streamer. Despite bringing in established stars like Joel McHale for a Talk Soup clone, Norm MacDonald doing celebrity interviews or Chelsea Handler for basically what she was doing on E!, none of their attempts have worked out. They even brought on Jimmy Carr to do a version of a British panel show and tried a grown-up version of Bill Nye the Science Guy that both only lasted a year.

Netflix’s latest attempt at a late-night show was Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, which sounds impressive at six seasons but less so when you realize each season was about a week’s worth of episodes of The Daily Show, the format Patriot Act was clearly inspired by. Now that it too has been canceled, former staffers have taken to social media to air their grievances with the production.

Writer and producer Nur Nasreen was the first person to speak up, but others followed after her.

A running theme here is that women of color in particular were targeted for abusive behavior on the show.

The other thing they have in common is that they’re incredibly vague.

Without specific allegations, we can’t really say what was going on here or how serious it is. It does not sound good, though.

What I can say here is a point I find myself making over and over again; just because a piece of media espouses a political view does not mean the people making the show adhere to or even subscribe to those beliefs. The world is very politicized right now and everything is a culture war issue; nobody is more aware of that than Hollywood producers and brands. When they take a political stance, they’re doing it because it’s good for their bottom line, not because they believe in it.

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A Dark, Gritty ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Reboot is Happening Because We’re in Hell

Did you know that The Powerpuff Girls were originally called Whoopass Stew because they were made from “sugar, spice and everything nice… and a can of whoop-ass”? That name and concept were a little too adult for Cartoon Network at the time, but now we’re in the age of the gritty CW reboot and The Powerpuff Girls is next in line, as reported by Variety.

In the updated version of the series, the titular superheroes are now disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime fighting. Will they agree to reunite now that the world needs them more than ever?

The project hails from writers and executive producers Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody. Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and David Madden will executive produce via Berlanti Productions. Warner Bros. Television will produce.

You ever read an Archie comic? They’re like “Oh no, I’m Archie and I have a date with Veronica but my car won’t start and my friend Jughead ate a comical amount of hamburgers.” Then Riverdale came along and it was like “I’m Archie, I’m sleeping with Miss Grundy and ten people have been murdered and my friend Jughead is in a gang and fucks now and also there’s a cult.”

And that’s what we can expect from this new Powerpuff Girls show. For starters, I assure you Buttercup is a lesbian based entirely upon her having a short haircut in the cartoon.

Seriously, though, have you ever watched an episode of The Powerpuff Girls and thought “You know what would make this lighthearted children’s cartoon better? If the girls were brooding and horny.” Of course not, because you’re sane.

But we’re all totally going to watch this, aren’t we? I know I feel bad about it too, but it’s going to be just good enough and just serialized enough to keep us interested, like all CW shows. That how it happened with Riverdale, that show is objectively below average But it has just enough intrigue and gorgeous actors and actresses to keep people watching.

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Ellen DeGeneres Claims Staff Just Spontaneously Decided to Tell People Not to Look Her in the Eyes

Ellen DeGeneres is trying to survive her “Ellen is actually a huge bitch” scandal by desperately claiming to be a powerless figurehead with no actual authority on her television show and that all the stories about her being a horrible monster are actually the fault of other people and she knows nothing about it.

This would all be more believable if she didn’t try to have a waitress fired for having chipped nail polish. Did you know that waitress, like all wait staff in the LA area, is also a stand-up?

Yeah, now we’re getting somewhere.

If you remember a while ago Neil Breen (not the director) talked about what a nightmare she was as a guest on a show he was producing, between moving the location by 400 miles and just giving an interview when she was supposed to be a guest host. And the crew was told they weren’t to talk to or look at Ellen.

Now Ellen has claimed she doesn’t know how that started but it didn’t come from her. That incident with Breen was seven years ago and was one of the things that came up more than once in the Twitter thread that kicked off Ellen’s troubles.

I’m sorry but I just don’t believe Ellen’s people told everyone not to look her in the eye for a decade and she never had any idea. Remember that someone claimed they said hello to her while walking past her on the street and she responded “Who the hell so you think you are?”

I don’t think she’s going to Luke and Beau Duke her way out of trouble this time. Even if her show doesn’t replace her, I don’t think the ratings will hold after all these stories have come out. And I don’t think anyone buys her half-hearted denials.

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What’s With the Racist Backlash Against a Spin-Off of ‘The Office’?

Leslie David Baker was a bit of a scene-stealer on The Office, where he played Stanley Hudson, a salesman prone to angry outbursts at boss Michael Scott’s antics. He’s currently crowdfunding a spin-off for the character called Uncle Stan in which the character moves to LA to help run his nephew’s small business. It sounds a little like Sanford and Son to me. Sanford and Nephew.

The Kickstarter for the pilot episode just successfully concluded over the weekend, so they’re going to make at least one episode. It’s worth mentioning that the show isn’t technically a spin-off because they don’t have any rights to The Office, so it’s just Baker playing a guy named Stan who happens to be exactly like the character he played on The Office.

Okay, if I’m honest, this is probably going to be a train wreck. I want to be wrong, Leslie David Baker seems lovely and he was really funny on The Office, but I don’t have high hopes of this show working out, especially considering that it’s basically a bootleg.

Even though I’m not particularly enthusiastic about the spin-off, I’m still somewhat taken aback by the hateful, racist response Baker has gotten to the show, some of which he posted on his Instagram.

Yeah, this is not right. Here’s what Baker said about the situation to USA Today.

“Racism doesn’t care whether or not you’re an actor on TV or if you won awards,” he said. “This is something that faces minorities on any job, not just because they’re in show business.”

“It’s not riding down the street in the hood with the burning cross, but instead it’s been replaced with the new technology,” he said. “We think that the old photographs that we see of people being persecuted on the way to school in the South and trying to vote in the ’60s, we think that all of those people have died out. They haven’t died out. They got married. They had children. They had grandchildren, great grandchildren. But they took those beliefs with them, and in many cases, they have not altered those beliefs.”

I don’t think you need me to tell you that racism is bad and I hope you don’t need me to tell you it still exists. You can say that Uncle Stan sounds kind of cheesy in that sitcommy way most sitcoms are cheesy, but it’s a pretty far leap from that to “oh, he’s black, this must be a scam.” The man just wants to make the best TV show he can and we should hope he succeeds because if he does, we can watch and enjoy it.

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