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BTS Talks About Their Nerve-Wracking 2017 AMAs Performance in Front of The Chainsmokers

BTS, SHow, American Music Awards 2017, AMAsK-Pop group BTS brought down the house when they made their debut American performance at the 2017 American Music Awards. The group, also known as the Bangtan Boys, performed their hit...

Gwen Stefani Lights Up NYC

Now this s*it really is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S, because the ninety-three-year-old Gwen Stefani truly doesn't look a day older than when we first met her all those years ago...

Harvey Weinstein Had A Hitlist Of Women He Assaulted

If you’re wondering how Harvey Weinstein kept track of all the women he was harassing, fondling, raping and otherwise abused so he knew where to send his army of spies, it turns out he made a list. A list with 91 names on it. He even highlighted the high-priority victims in red.

So who is on this list? Well, the Observer, who acquired the list, redacted all the names we didn’t know already and it’s pretty damning for Weinstein. He’s basically well beyond the point where he can claim he didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong or he thought it was just some good consensual fun between a movie producer and dozens of starlets desperate for him to give them work. If there was any doubt left when he hired a bunch of ex-Mossad agents to tail women.

From The Guardian’s report on the list:

Weinstein, the list confirms, was aware that the New York Times was gathering testimony from his victims long before it first ran the story. A public relations professional is named alongside a note stating that “HW [Harvey Weinstein] in contact w/him. Friends w/Jodi Kantor”. Kantor is the New York Times journalist who broke the story that immediately engulfed the producer and the film production company he co-founded with his brother.

Pretty weird of Harvey to think that he could put the toothpaste back in the tube at that point. His time would have been better spent trying to build a TARDIS to go back in time and not rape anyone in the first place.

Weinstein “unequivocally denies” all claims of non-consensual sex, a spokesman for the producer has said. The spokesman dismissed reports that the producer hired spies to stop claims, saying: “It is a fiction to suggest that any individuals were targeted or suppressed at any time.”

Right, it’s a coincidence that he had a list of women he abused and paid half a million dollars to a private spy agency. He could have done that for any reason. Who hasn’t hired ex-Mossad agents just to do some light housework at one time or another?

Teacher Creates a Lovely Candlelight Tableau for Student She Was Molesting

You know, one thing about female sexual predators is that they make things nice and romantic for the people they’re taking advantage of. Take, for example, Hunter Day, an Oklahoma schoolteacher who lit candles, turned down the lights and got in a sexy pose when she was expecting her 16 year old student to come and have sex with her. Of course, it was actually the police who showed up at her door, which just made all her hard work incriminating.

Apparently, the student’s parents found text messages between the student and teacher on his phone and sexy pictures of the married teacher. So the police texted her using his phone to arrange a meeting to have sex.

“This is a classic case of a serious breach of public trust. School teachers are entrusted to protect and educate our children, not to engage in an unlawful sexual relationship with them,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

You might be thinking “well, she’s 22, he’s 16, they’re pretty close in age and 16 is the consent in Oklahoma, what’s the big deal?” You have a point, person I made up for illustrative purposes. They’re closer in age than I am with my girlfriend (though we’re both older than either of them), for example. But she’s his teacher, and that’s the problem. Oklahoma’s age of consent law has an exception which makes it illegal for school teachers to have sex with anyone under the age of 20 who attends the school system at which they are employed.

Basically, high school teachers are supposed to be there to teach, not cruise the halls for a date to Homecoming.

I mean, it’s really just Bad Luck Day that she worked in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, when a teacher has sex with a 16 year old student, they get charged with second-degree rape, facilitating sexual contact with a minor and possession of child pornography. In France, when a teacher has sex with a 16 year old student, instead of going to jail, they just make her First Lady.

Russell Simmons Sexually Assaulted A 17-Year-Old While Brett Ratner Watched

Russell Simmons has added his name to the list of Hollywood scumbags. He was kinda there already with his whole RushCard scheme, which was a prepaid debit card that tricked poor people into giving Russell Simmons even more money.

But now he’s firmly on this list due to new sexual assault allegations levied against him.

Keri Claussen Khalighi has accused Simmons of forcing himself on top of her. Oh, it gets worse. Not only did Simmons mount her, but director Brett Ratner, who is facing his own string of sexual assault allegations, watched while he did it.

Khalighi explains that she went over to Simmons’ home to watch a music video. That’s when he made his sexual advances and began undressing her. She looked over to Ratner for help, but he was too busy figuring out how he could ruin X-Men.

“I looked over at Brett and said ‘help me’ and I’ll never forget the look on his face. In that moment, the realization fell on me that they were in it together.”

Khalighi says that she was forced to perform oral sex on Simmons. When she went to take a shower, he followed her into the shower and that’s when he raped her.

Simmons released a statement claiming that their sexual encounter was consensual. He went on to say that he’s on the side of women during their #metoo movement and has always done his best to empower women.

Well, he’s admitting to the incident. Now we just have to decide whether we believe the female or the guy who has stolen money from poor people and exploited rappers for years.

Khalighi was 17 at the time and why the hell would her parents let her go over to Russell Simmons’ house at that age? Simmons would have been in his early 30’s.

Texas Hero Says ‘Fuck Trump’, ‘Fuck The County Sheriff’ and ‘Fuck You’

Karen Forsenca, a Texas woman who had a bumper sticker that read “Fuck Trump and fuck you for voting for him” is upping her game.

Following her bumper sticker going viral, she was arrested on fraud charges by Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls, a guy who definitely voted for Trump. He posted a picture of the bumper sticker and was looking for information on who owned the vehicle. So, he was definitely looking for something. The charges stemmed from a 2014 outstanding warrant. They likely would have been ignored if this sheriff didn’t vote for Trump and wasn’t butthurt that Forsenca said, “fuck you.”

Forsenca didn’t take too kindly to the arrest. She was released on bail and updated her bumper sticker to read “Fuck Troy Nehls and fuck you for voting for him.”

This woman has the biggest balls of anyone on Earth. She not only went all out to voice her displeasure over Trump, she did the same thing against the county sheriff. I don’t think people realize how powerful bumper stickers can be, either. We see hundreds of bumper stickers every day and we remember all of them. You know that you come home and tell your significant other about a bumper sticker that you saw while stuck in traffic. If I saw a “Fuck Trump and fuck you for voting for him” bumper sticker, I’d probably take a picture and post it to my Instagram, if I had an Instagram.

The next logical step for Forsenca is to run for sheriff of Bend county. Turn this into a real-life Walking Tall. Get The Rock on your side and bring your own form of law and justice to Bend county.

This is what I’m rooting for now. And if you’re not rooting for this, then fuck you for not voting for Karen Forsenca.

Macklemore Stares at Naked Justin Bieber Painting During Sex to Delay Orgasming

You know, this article has a special meaning for me, because most of the time I’m only writing about one horrible, self-absorbed douchebag celebrity. This story has a free bonus douche at no additional cost to you. As you may know, if you’re big into the sport of douche-watching, Macklemore has a painting of Justin Bieber naked, balancing a pancake on his cock, with maple syrup running down his chest. What you didn’t know is that Macklemore looks at it when he’s having sex with his wife.

Macklemore was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo when Cohen read a viewer question about the painting. Because who doesn’t want to know more about what Macklemore does with a naked painting of Justin Bieber? Well, I didn’t, I really didn’t. Turns out he bought it on Etsy for a White Elephant Christmas party, and at the end of the night, no one had taken it, so it was left in his house.

Macklemore did what any of us would do given a naked picture of Justin Bieber and put it above his bed so he can look at it while he fucks his wife. He says it’s to “slow it down” but come on, you can’t fool us. Justin, next time you strike out with some random girl at a gym or Selena Gomez dumps you again, give Macklemore a call. I’ll bet he makes you pancakes.

Donald Trump Bitches About Marshawn Lynch Sitting for the National Anthem

Marshawn Lynch is the best. He plays chicken with buses and hangs out in the crowd after being ejected from the game. There’s no point in trying to figure out what Marshawn is thinking or doing because he’s an enigma.

Marshawn has sat for the national anthem this entire season. He probably sat during the national anthem last season as well, even though he wasn’t in the league. His head coach, Jack del Rio, says it’s “just Marshawn being Marshawn,” which is not entirely untrue. It’s also not entirely true, because Marshawn is a smart guy is obviously doing this as a form of protest.

While Lynch sat for the American national anthem, he stood for the national anthem of Mexico. The Raiders met the Patriots in Mexico City, which is why both national anthems were played. This didn’t sit too well with Donald Trump.

This dude is really still blaming players kneeling as the reason why ratings and attendance are down? No one is tuning out because Marshawn Lynch sits during the national anthem. They’re tuning out because a star gets injured every Sunday and who the hell wants to watch the Packers without Aaron Rodgers?

Maybe Trump should worry more about his approval rating than NFL ratings. He knows that he’s bringing more attention to it with his childish tweets, right? I didn’t know Marshawn stood for the national anthem of Mexico until I saw this story. And I still don’t care.

I’m all for the Raiders benching Marshawn, but not because he sits for the anthem. He looks every bit like a 30-year-old running back with over 2,000 carries to his name.

Come on, Donald. Your Patriots roughed up the Raiders down in Mexico City. Isn’t that enough? They went to Mexico City and did what you’ve been failed to do this past year. They built a wall around the Raiders offense and prevented them from entering the endzone.

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Jenna Johnson Teases Dancing With the Stars’ Finale Will Be Full of Surprises and the Holiday Spirit

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Heidi Klum Looks Amazing On The Red Carpet, Obviously

In other news, the sky is blue.

Della Reese Dies; Touched By an Angel Star Was 86

Singer, songwriter, and Touched By An Angel star Della Reese has passed away at 86.

As she is mourned by her friends and family, she's also remembered by fans for her many contributions.

And her former costar broke the news.

Della Reese, Award

Actress Roma Downey, who spent years as Della's costar, took to Instagram to share the following difficult message:

"On behalf of her husband, Franklin Lett, and all her friends and family, I share with you the news that our beloved Della Reese has passed away peacefully at her California home surrounded by love."

Della's life was full and she played many roles in many lives.

"She was an incredible Wife, Mother, Grandmother, friend, and Pastor, as well as an award-winning actress and singer."

When a celebrity passes, their loss is felt by their loved ones as well as by countless fans. Roma was sure to acknowledge that.

"Through her life and work she touched and inspired the lives of millions of people."

That's a powerful contribution to the world.

The tribute message continues:

Della Reese, Instagram Photo

"She was a mother to me and I had the privilege of working with her side by side for so many years on Touched By An Angel."

And it is from Touched By An Angel that most people recognize both actresses.

"I know heaven has a brand new angel this day."

That's not really standard Christian theology but it's a common expression.

"Della Reese will be forever in our hearts. Rest In Peace, sweet angel. We love you."

That thoughtful message was followed by nine emojis of a dove in flight.

Very tasteful.

Della Reese in Glasses

When people mention Della Reese's role as an award-winning singer and song-writer, it's important that we remember that this was a woman of many talents.

She didn't sing from just one or two musical genres.

She was a nightclub singer. She was a jazz singer. She was a gospel singer. And she was also a pop singer.

And, again, she was also an actress and a pastor on top of all of that.

Oh, and a talk show host.

She had her own talk show series that had nearly 200 episodes.

Della Reese with Fun Hair

Della Reese is survived by her children: Deloreese, James, Franklin, and Dominique, and also by her husband, Franklin Lett.

She's a music legend and star of television and film.

She was also a pillar of her religious community. Many consider serving as a pastor to be life's highest calling.

Everyone whose life she touched will miss her.

2 New ‘The Last Jedi’ TV Spots Feature Intriguing New Bits of Dialogue (VIDEO)

From "BB-8, punch it!" to "It's calling me!" these two new TV spots for Star Wars: The Last Jedi seem to be offering up a bit of contextualization for some intriguing new...

Audrey Roloff Actually Got Trolled for THIS Outfit

Audrey Roloff recently announced that she is taking a break from social media.

And we don't blame her.

Not one bit.

Audrey Roloff at the Doctor's

The Little People, Big World star referenced a re-commitment to God and religion upon telling followers last week that she'd be sharing fewer photos online.

But we bet her decision also had something to do with the grief she receives from trolls on a constant basis.

Take the above example, for instance.

Several days ago, Audrey took her precious daughter, Ember Jean, to the doctor's office for a required two-month checkup.

"Ember’s two month check up! Getting so tall and so strong," Roloff wrote as a simple and encouraging caption last Wednesday.

Good to know, right?

Fans were appreciative of the quick update and had nothing else to say on the topic, right?

Yeah... right. We wish.

Audrey and Ember Photo

Sadly, a handful of critics took issue with the attire Audrey wore to this appointment.

We wish we were kidding.

"Ripped & torn up. What a mess to go to the doctors office!” wrote one troll of Audrey's jeans, while another had this to say:

“Put on a decent pair of pants to wear to a medical professionals office.”


FIRST, ripped jeans are actually considered a fashion forward statement these days. People pay a lot of money for this look.

SECOND, why does any stranger care what Audrey Roloff wears on any occasion?

THIRD, she is at the doctor's office, not a baptism. What are people talking about?!?

Life on Their Farm

Fortunately, we were not the only Internet users to rush to Audrey's defense in light of this unfair and unwarranted criticism.

"I'm a doctor," one individual even wrote. "Trust me when I say we don't care at all about what patients or parents wear to the office."

Another another defender:

"U can't B serious, can U haters?"

We wish we could say this was an isolated incident, too.

But Roloff once got slammed for this Ember ensemble, while a few trolls dared to claim she was placing her child in danger simply because Amber was lying in a bouncer while surrounded by some wet wipes.

We're serious.

Click below to see what we mean:

Thankfully, Audrey has taken the high road.

With a relative newborn at home, she has more important things to worry about than what some losers say via the World Wide Web.

“I posted this pic of Ember and i on my Facebook page . . .” Roloff wrote in reference to the first photo above, adding:

“And this was the top comment LOL.”

Audrey then shared a screen capture of the top comment, which read: “why would you wear those jeans to a doctors appointment?”

We're glad she can laugh out loud about it.

We're less glad that people on the Internet can suck so much.

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Keanu Reeves the Matrix Black Trench Coat

Emonlara85 posted a photo:

Keanu Reeves the Matrix Black Trench Coat

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Keanu Reeves the Matrix Black Trench Coat

Emonlara85 posted a photo:

Keanu Reeves the Matrix Black Trench Coat

One of the best Selling product “Keanu Reeves The Matrix Black Trench Coat” In our online store maadileathers. We have design this Matrix Trench Coat from the standard quality material of Faux Leather with the viscose lining inside. It surely makes exceedingly charming and elegant presentation. Buy right now and get discount.

70 Years of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip: Inside Their Epic Modern Romance

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's golden years have gone platinum. It was 70 years ago, on Nov. 20, 1947, that the then-future queen of the United Kingdom and head of the...

Charles Manson Dead at 83

Swastika-headed Charles Manson, the cult leader who infamously orchestrated the deaths of 8-month pregnant Sharon Tate and others, has died.

In January, sources say Manson had been taken from prison to a hospital because he was seriously ill. Not just in the head this time. A California Department of Corrections of Rehabilitation spokesman said at the time they couldn’t divulge any information for “safety and security reasons.”

In mid-November, Manson was taken to a Bakersfield hospital where sources said “it’s just a matter of time.” And they were right.

The California Department of Corrections released a statement reading, “Inmate Charles Manson, 83, died of natural causes at 8:13 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at a Kern County hospital.”

Manson died of natural causes which just shows how wacky the universe is.

Manson and his creepy murder-family killed Sharon Tate and six others over two nights in LA in August 1969. Tate was the wife of Roman Polanski who would later have his own trouble with the law (he raped a kid and fled the country).

Since being convicted, Manson, 82, had spent the past 45 years in prison. He’d been denied parole 12 times. His next chance for parole would have been in 2027 when he was 92.

Charles Manson Dies; Notorious Murderer Was 83

Charles Manson--arguably the most notorious criminal of the 20th century--has passed away at the age of 83.

News of Manson's death was revealed by Debra Tate, the sister of his most famous victim, who says she was notified by officials from Corcoran State Prison on Sunday night.

Charles Manson Picture

TMZ confirmed the news of Manson's passing moments ago.

Manson was transported to a hospital in Bakersfield, California last week after suffering intestinal bleeding.

It was his second hospitalization in the past year, and on both occasions, doctors reported that the longtime inmate was too weak for surgery.

"It's just a matter of time," one hospital source told TMZ on Tuesday.

Manson's crimes and subsequent trial captivated millions of Americans in the late 1960s and early '70s.

Though he was never accused of taking a life with his own hands, the magnetic cult leader was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the 1969 deaths of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

Charles Manson

For many, Manson became a living symbol for the death of the 1960s hippie movement and its culture of pacifism and free love.

In the decades since his arrest, his name has become synonymous with evil.

Born to an unmarried 16-year-old runaway in 1934, Manson was placed with an aunt and uncle following his mother's imprisonment for robbery when he was just 5 years old.

His life of crime began at an early age, and he was first imprisoned at the age of 13 following a string of robberies.

After a youth spent primarily in detention centers, Manson was transferred to Terminal Island prison in Los Angeles in 1967.


Following his release, Manson experienced a modicum of success as a musician, recording an album's worth of folk songs and collaborating with members of the Beach Boys.

Fame eluded Manson as a singer and songwriter, but his role as a sadistic cult leader would make him a figure of international infamy.

It was at Spahn Ranch in Chatsworth, California that Manson attracted a "family" of drifters and outsiders who, under his instruction, carried out the murders of Sharon Tate, Abigail Ann Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Steven Earl Parent, Jay Sebring Leno, and Rosemary La Bianca.

At the time of her death, Tate--the wife of famed film director Roman Polanski--was pregnant with her first child.

Nearly fifty years after the murders that made him infamous, Manson's hold on the public's imagination is such that he became the number one trending topic on Twitter within minutes of the announcement of his death. 

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