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Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley Break Up After Love Triangle Drama

Larsa Pippen, Malik BeasleyLarsa Pippen and NBA player Malik Beasley have thrown in the towel. Her rep confirms to E! News that Larsa and Malik, who were first spotted together while holding hands at a Miami mall in...

Rape Golem Harvey Weinstein Is Appealing His Rape Conviction Because He Thinks the Media Was Too Hard on Him For All the Rapes

Harvey Weinstein spent decades strutting around as the tiny, deformed dick you had to suck if you wanted to be a movie star. As one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, all he really had to do to stay on top forever was not rape a bunch of women.

Harvey was convicted of multiple rapes last year, and now he’s appealing because he says he didn’t have a fair trial.

ABC 7 in New York reports Weinstein claims media bias and faulty juror selection process, among other complaints, left him unable to receive a fair trial.

Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein appealed his rape conviction Monday, arguing he was made a “media villain” and tried in a “highly volatile and prejudicial atmosphere” that failed to safeguard his right to a fair trial by an impartial jury.

“Although the defense raised legitimate questions about whether Juror No. 11 was fit to serve, the trial court failed to discharge its constitutional obligation to conduct a full inquiry to ensure that the juror was capable of rendering a fair and impartial verdict,” the defense wrote.

Look, I think Woody Allen has been unfairly vilified in the press over unsubstantiated allegations. Harvey Weinstein has been accused of rape by so many women that they could field a team for every major professional sport simultaneously and still have some women on the bench.

I don’t think Harvey is going to be able to jump the General Lee over a canyon and Duke Boys his way out of this one. I expect all sorts of further appeals, but I don’t expect any of them to be successful.

I just think it’s funny that after decades of basically running Hollywood, Weinstein says the media was out to get him.

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Cher (Eventually, Kind Of) Apologized For Making The World’s Dumbest Tweet About George Floyd (No -Candace Owens Division)

George Floyd’s death was a tragedy that highlights that America still has a long way before we can put our history of racial injustice truly in the past instead of the present. The trial of the officer allegedly responsible for Floyd’s death began last week, and his defense is the rather unconvincing claim that George Floyd’s death had nothing to do with him kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly ten minutes.

Cher really wants this to be about Cher. In fact, Cher feels guilty that she didn’t do anything to save George Floyd’s life. The singer made this tweet about it.

Was talking with Mom & She Said ‘I Watched Trial Of Policeman Who Killed George Floyd, & Cried … I Said ‘Mom,I Know This Is Gonna Sound CRAZY, But.. I Kept Thinking … Maybe If I’d Been There, … I Could’ve Helped.

That’s amazing, honestly. Yes, all police brutality could be ended if we just sent elderly celebrities along with the police. Didn’t you hear about how June Squibb ended the war on terror? No terror anymore because of Sheldon’s grandma.

Cher initially doubled down and insisted that she, like Lynn Minmay, can save the world with the power of song.

Wrestled With This Twt, Because I Thought some ppl wouldn’t understand, Or Believe an Entertainer Could have Honest emotions about a human Being,suffering & Dying,even if It’s Only Shown On tv. You Don’t Know What I’ve Done,Who I Am,Or What I Believe.I CAN,I HAVE,& I WILL..HELP

Yeah. People called this an example of white savior complex, but it’s typical Hollywood brain damage, the delusion that you’re so important that you’re changing the world.

She eventually apologized after talking it over with a friend. Guess what her friend’s name is.

I Just got off phone With Friend Karen.Told her what Happened,& Realized,You Can Piss Ppl Off,& Hurt Them By Not Knowing Everything That’s”NOT Appropriate”To Say.I know Ppl Apologize When They’re In a Jam,BUT (hand emoji) TO GOD (prayer hands emoji),IM TRULY SORRY If I Upset AnyOne In Blk Community.I Know My (heart emoji)

Yeah, her friend’s name is Karen. If I was making this story up it wouldn’t have been this good. Notice what she doesn’t say is “I probably couldn’t have melted Derek Chauvin’s icy heart with a warm island song and I was incredibly naive to say I could have heaved George Floyd. Systemic racism is an issue we all have to work to combat and no one person can just flip a switch and make the world into a colorblind utopia.” What she did say was essentially she’s sorry you’re all such sensitive snowflakes for getting mad at her, just in a woke way.

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Kate Winslet Knows 4 Actors Hollywood Has Scared to Come Out

Kristen Stewart was basically a pariah a few years ago. She was the gloomy actress who slept with a married director (and cheated on Robert Pattinson) and a lot of  Ovid fans wanted nothing to do with her. One short haircut and an interview where she confirms she likes vaginas as much as the rest of us later, she’s basically Hollywood’s new it girl.

This is very much not a typical Hollywood coming-out story, even today. Contrary to what you might imagine, being LGBT is not a ticket to success in Hollywood and homophobia is still an issue in Tinseltown.

Despite Hollywood’s gay-friendly image to the public, Kate Winslet says that being gay can severely limit your career prospects as an actor.

Page Six reports Winslet says she knows at least four people who are in the closet and afraid that coming out would cost them acting roles. In 2021.

“I can think of at least four actors absolutely hiding their sexuality,” the actress, 45, told the Sunday Times. “It’s painful. Because they fear being found out. And that’s what they say. ‘I don’t want to be found out.’”

Winslet explained that the discrimination often begins as soon as actors and actresses launch their careers.

“I cannot tell you the number of young actors I know — some well-known, some starting out — who are terrified their sexuality will be revealed and that it will stand in the way of their being cast in straight roles,” she said, calling the notion “f–ked up.”

Gay actors Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons both had a lot of success playing straight characters, but neither came out until after the shows they were on started airing. And still Hollywood is nervous that gay actors can’t “play straight,” even though 20-30-somethings routinely play teenagers.

“It’s bad news. Hollywood has to drop that dated crap of, ‘Can he play straight because, apparently, he’s gay?’” she told the newspaper, noting that the stigma applies to “men more than anything.”

“That should be almost illegal. You would not believe how widespread it is. And it can’t just be distilled to the question about gay actors playing gay parts. Because actors, in some cases, are choosing not to come out for personal reasons. And it’s nobody’s business. Perhaps privacy. Perhaps conditioning and shame.”

Here’s a fun game: name a living, male openly bisexual actor. Did you say Alan Cumming? If you said anyone I’ll bet you said Alan Cumming.

We like to think of Hollywood and brands and big cities as being liberal utopias where the LGBT community is welcomed with open arms because of a deep sense of moral righteousness. It’s actually all a calculated business decision.

There’s an episode of 30 Rock where Jack tells Liz “We’ll trick those race-car-loving wide loads into watching your lefty, homoerotic propaganda hour yet.” That is the purest distillation of how Hollywood and big business writ large think about these issues. It’s all a calculation about how to make the most money.

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Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Share Rare Insight Into Their Life Together

Aaron Rodgers, Shailene WoodleyAaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are finally providing a long-awaited glimpse into their new life together as an engaged couple. In honor of the Green Bay Packers quarterback having...

เลื่อนไปก่อน! สำนักข่าวดังยืนยัน iPad Pro 2021 เปิดตัวเดือนเมษายนนี้

iPad Pro 2021 กลายเป็นประเด็นให้พูดถึงอีกครั้ง หลังจากที่ก่อนหน้านี้ จอน พรอสเซอร์ (Jon Prosser) กูรูคนดังด้านผลิตภัณฑ์ Apple ออกมาเปิดเผยว่า Apple จะจัดงานเปิดตัวผลิตภัณฑ์ใหม่ในวันที่ 23 มีนาคมนี้

ซึ่งหลายฝ่ายก็คาดกันว่าจะเป็น iPad Pro รุ่นใหม่ประจำปีนี้นั่นเอง แต่จนถึงตอนนี้ก็ยังไร้วี่แววของงานเปิดตัวดังกล่าว แถมล่าสุด นักข่าวช่องดังยังได้ออกมายืนยันว่า Apple จะมีมีงานเปิดตัวอะไรในเดือนมีนาคมนี้ แต่จะเปิดตัวในเดือนเมษายนนี้แทน 

iPad Pro 2021 จะใช้พอร์ต Thunderbolt แทน USB-C

ตามการเปิดเผยของ มาร์ก เกอร์แมน (Mark Gurman) นักข่าวสายไอทีของสำนักข่าว Bloomberg ได้ออกมายืนยันว่า Apple จะไม่มีการจัดงานเปิดตัวiPad Pro 2021 หรือสินค้าใหม่อะไรทั้งนั้นในเดือนมีนาคมนี้

หลังจากที่ก่อนหน้านี้ จอน พรอสเซอร์ (Jon Prosser) กูรูคนดังด้านผลิตภัณฑ์ Apple ออกมาเปิดเผยว่า Apple จะจัดงานเปิดตัวผลิตภัณฑ์ใหม่ในวันที่ 23 มีนาคมนี้

 iPad Pro 2021

  โดย เกอร์แมน ระยุว่า Apple จะเปิดตัวiPad Pro 2021ในเดือนเมษายนนี้ ซึ่งยังไม่มีรายละเอียดวันงานที่ชัดเจน ส่วนiPad 9 และ iPad mini ก็จะมีงานเปิดตัวด้วยเช่นเดียวกัน แต่อาจจะไม่ได้เปิดตัวในงานเดียวกับiPad Proรุ่นใหม่ 

นอกจากนี้ Bloomberg ยังระบุว่าiPad Pro 2021 จะได้รับการอัปเกรดไปใช้พอร์ต Thunderbolt แทนที่พอร์ต USB-C ธรรมดา ซึ่งใช้กับiPad Pro รุ่นปัจจุบัน ถึงแม้ว่าในแง่ของการใช้งานนั้น

 iPad Pro 2021

พอร์ต USB-C จะมีประสิทธิภาพต่ำกว่าพอร์ต Thunderbolt ซึ่งสามารถเชื่อมต่อหน้าจอได้หลายหน้าจอ รวมถึงรองรับอุปกรณ์เสริมอื่น ๆ ได้ในเวลาเดียวกัน แต่ถึงอย่างนั้นพอร์ตทั้งสองแบบจะมีการดีไซน์ที่คล้ายกัน ทำให้ผู้ใช้งานไม่จำเป็นต้องใช้ที่ชาร์จแบบใหม่ 

ยิ่งไปกว่านั้น Apple ยังอัปเกรดชิปประมวลและกล้องของiPad Pro 2021 อีกด้วย ซึ่งคาดว่าจะใช้ชิป Apple A14X Bionic รุ่นล่าสุด รวมถึงกล้องแบบ 3 เลนส์ ได้แก่ เลนส์หลัก, เลนส์ Ultra Wide และ LiDAR sensor  ส่วนiPad รุ่นอื่น ๆ ที่จะเปิดตัวในเวลาไล่เลี่ยกันอย่างiPad 9 จะมีหน้าจอขนาด 10.2 นิ้ว

 iPad Pro 2021

เหมือนกับ iPad 8 แต่ตัวเครืองจะมีขนาดบางลง ส่วน iPad mini จะมาพร้อมขนาดหน้าจอที่ใหญ่ขึ้นโดยที่ตัวเครื่องเท่าเดิม รวมถึงฝัง Touch ID ไว้ที่ปุ่มเปิด/ปิดเครื่องแทน หน้าจอใหญ่ขนาดนี้เหมาะเป็นอย่างมากที่จะเล่น 356bet เว็บเดิมพันที่มีเงินรางวัลมากมายให้คุณ


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Henry Golding and Wife Liv Lo Welcome Their First Baby Together

Henry Golding, Liv LoHenry Golding is a dad! The Crazy Rich Asians star and his wife, Liv Lo Golding, have welcomed their first child together. Liv announced the news on Instagram on Monday, April 5,...

Katharine McPhee and Baby Boy Rennie Rock Matching Swimsuits in New Photo

Katharine McPhee, Vocal Star Music AwardsKatharine McPhee and her family members are ready to make a splash. The 37-year-old Smash performer took some time from her busy schedule as a new mom to model her stepdaughter Sara...

Christina Anstead Lists Home She Shared With Ex-Husband Ant for $6 Million

Christina AnsteadAs the saying goes, spring brings new beginnings! It seems Christina Haack, who was previously known as Christina Anstead, is ready for a fresh start. On Monday, April 5, the Flip or Flop...

Mackenzie Edwards: Whatever, God Wanted Me to Get Fired from Teen Mom!

Mackenzie Edwards has recorded a new video in which she responds in detail to recently being let go from Teen Mom OG.

We'll recap her take on the scandalous situation below, but it boils down to this:

Whatever is meant to be, you guys, is meant to be!

Mackenzie Edwards Video Still

As you likely know by now, the axe came down several days ago on Mackenzie, her husband, Ryan, and his parents, Jen and Larry.

The family members were fired by MTV after full-time cast member Maci Bookout reportedly went to producers and demanded their ousting.

The power move was a culmination of a season-long feud in which Maci, her ex and his loved ones argued over how infrequently Ryan was allowed to see his 12-year oldd son, Bentley.

Has Maci really been keeping the child away out of spite... or does Bentley himself not want to spend time with his troubled dad?

Maci Bookout in the Kitchen

That's been the topic of debate for weeks on air -- but Maci allegedly went ahead and settled it last week. In her favor.

“Ryan and Mackenzie, as well as Jen and Larry, were all on a call with production on Tuesday," a source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

According to The Ashley, one of the industry's most reliable celebrity gossip websites, the call was "informing them they won’t be on the show anymore going forward."

“The Edwards were informed that Maci’s reps wanted to go a different direction and showcase all of her abilities."

Maci Bookout in Blue

Maci hasn't really denied this report, and Mackenzie has taken it a step further, claiming Bookout went all the way to Viacom executives to get her canned.

But she now swears she's cool with it.

"We are not doing ‘Teen Mom’ at this point in time,” Mackenzie says in a new YouTube video.

“Before all this happened, I was just kind of praying, ‘God, whatever you have in store for us, let us follow that.’

"Because I’m a believer, Ryan’s a believer and we both believe if we follow our hearts and follow God’s plan then He is going to open up doors for us that have never been opened before."

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together

As fate would have it, Mackenzie went on to say she and Ryan were close to walking away from the franchise anyway.

“We had been having this conversation for a long time but it’s hard to pull the trigger on something like that,” she said.

“So, we got the phone call saying we’re not going to be doing Teen Mom anymore, and we both kind of felt this peace.”

That sure is fortunate for them, huh?!?

Mackenzie Standifer on MTV

Mackenzie admitted in this footage that the MTV paycheck has been her family's "primary source of income," but she's looking to the future.

"I have been putting together a fitness plan since I started my fitness journey close to a year ago,” she explained.

“I had decided I was going to curate a plan with trainers. I got a team together. So we are finally making that dream a reality and we are so excited.

"It’s a 12-week challenge…it is so streamlined. It focuses on your food and your exercise and really just kind of getting healthy from the inside out.”

mac fitness

For his part, Ryan has shrugged off the firing and told The Sun that he's focused on his new "fabrication shop."

We'll give the final word for now to Mackenzie:

“I feel like fitness really gave me an outlet during COVID and a lot of things you didn’t see on Teen Mom.

"They were not documented and I kind of went through a pretty dark time and fitness kind of gave me an outlet.

"I’m hoping that if you resonate with that, and you can give me 30 minutes of your day, you can be successful as well on your fitness journey.”

Bikini Sisters…..and Other Fine Things!

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Bikini Sisters…..

Vanessa Hudgens Aqua Fitness

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter Apple Roasts Her Mom’s Vagina Products In Goop TikTok

Kourtney Kardashian Bikinis for Easter

J.Lo is an Insane Skimpy Swimsuit

Pearl Gonzalez Dressed Up as a Sexy Bunny for Easter

The Craziest Outfits Of Fashion – Including the Mono-Tit Dress!

Gal Gadot in a Bathing Suit Reading a Scrip

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Two Sons Together for First Time

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Duchess Meghan’s Clevr Blends investment supports genocidal oat milk powder!

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Bizarre Scene in Milwaukee After an Umpire Takes a Ball to the Neck and a Trainer Collapses

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Get This For All the Vape Smokers in Your Life

Try these Delta 8 THC VAPES….They are Good

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Alana Thompson Cries at Mama June Shannon: I Was Afraid You’d DIE!

During her catastrophic downward spiral, Mama June Shannon did more than just nearly end her life.

The multiple betrayals of trust nearly destroyed her entire family.

Now sober, she's about to be reunited with her daughters on Mama June: Road to Redemption.

But is she ready to hear what her daughters have to say to her?

WEtv released a sneak peek of this grueling Mama June: Road to Redemption reunion.

"You don't know how many nights I cry myself to sleep," Alana confesses.

She is openly tearful as she speaks to her mother in this painful heart-to-heart.

This isn't run-of-the-mill teen angst, either, even though Alana is 15.

She explains to her mom that she weeps "just hoping and praying that you don't overdose."

There were many times in 2019 and even very early 2020 when we all shared that fear.

No one, of course, felt that more acutely than her teenage daughter.

This very visibly hits June hard.

During her extended drug binge, she clearly did not appreciate how her actions hurt her family.

That is part of what makes this moment so important -- driving home that fact.

This is where Lauryn speaks up after having cared for Alana for a couple of years because June was unfit to do so.

"I can't give Alana her mom," Lauryn says matter-of-factly.

Some of us might be distracted by Lauryn's off-brand Velma look.

(It's a genuinely good look -- no shade)

But her words are starting to hit home with June. At least, we hope so.

Lauryn continues to express the ways in which June's behavior impacted her.

"It's like ... I'm drowning," she expresses.

She was overwhelmed by the burden of her mother's actions and the new responsibilities placed upon her.

Lauryn is not the only one who is visibly overwhelmed.

Alana, whose tender teen age and hormones make this so much harder, begins to openly sob.

This has been and remains a difficult and traumatic ordeal for her.

But not all of the teaser is about this reunion itself.

Other parts continue to show Lauryn and Alana's daily life.

This includes a moment when Lauryn and Josh discuss Alana.

Josh Efird suggests taking Alana to see Sugar Bear.

Whether or not this is being played up for the camera is up to your interpretation.

But our interpretation is that, like everything about Alana's dad, this wouldn't have taken place without the cameras.

Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson was and is a terrible parent and a rotten human being.

There aren't really any good reasons for Alana to visit him.

As such, Lauryn's reaction in this moment is all of us.

We don't see anything further from this scene.

Instead we see June at her (new) home that she shared with her boyfriend.

"This could be a disaster," she warns Geno Doak.

The context for that is anyone's guess, truly.

Up next, we see June reappear in an unexpected place.

Specifically, seated behind Lauryn.

Lauryn turns around and asks her mother "what the f--k."

Is she merely startled by June's sudden appearance.

Or is there more to what's going on in this exchange than is shown in this all-too-short teaser?

Ultimately, there is very little context in this teaser.

But that is the job of this kind of short trailer -- a few lines of dialogue to give you something to look forward to.

Mama June: Road to Redemption continues to air on Friday nights on WEtv.

Alana thompson cries at mama june shannon i was afraid youd die

DMX’s Fiancee, Son Among Hundreds at Hospital Prayer Vigil

DMX's family, friends, fiancee, son and fans have turned out big time to send him prayers and positive vibes at the hospital where he's still fighting for his life. The rapper's family announced there would be a prayer vigil outside White Plains…

Bachelor Nation’s Krystal Nielson Reveals Her Newborn Baby’s Unique Name

Krystal Nielson, Miles Bowles, InstagramWelcome to the world, baby girl! Nearly a week after giving birth, Bachelor in Paradise alum Krystal Nielson has announced her newborn daughter's name. "It's...

Dua Lipa’s Beauty and The Beach!

Dua Lipa is back on another tropical vacation which she somehow manages to fit into her extremely busy schedule.

The singer recently won Best Pop Vocal for her new album Future Nostalgia which she was unable to go on tour for this year, along with many others. Instead Dua did a whole virtual concert called Studio 2054 where she gave her fans an epic performance.

The singer took a little break with some friends on a beach getting an early start to Hot Girl Summer by spending the entire vacation in bikinis!


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Miley Cyrus is An American Woman!

Miley Cyrus is has been going full rock star on us with her new album Plastic Hearts and I don’t think anyone is mad at that. The singer recently performed at the NCAA March Madness event that had her singing the classic Randy Bachman written song American Woman, made famous by Lenny Kravitz.

Miley took the stage in a black cropped vest and dress pants which she paired with thigh high leather boots and latex opera gloves. Miley gave us all a little behind the scenes look at her preparing for the big event, see some backstage goodness below!


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Pearl Gonzalez Dressed Up as a Sexy Bunny for Easter!

The post Pearl Gonzalez Dressed Up as a Sexy Bunny for Easter! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Celebs Celebrate Easter in Bunny Ears!

The post Celebs Celebrate Easter in Bunny Ears! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Charli XCX Does Her Best Addison Rae!

Addison Rae is the biggest star to come out of the TikTok hype so far and has made her way into the homes of America’s leading family, The Kardashians. It’s safe to assume that Kris Jenner has latched onto the star and made herself her manager, like she did with Cardi B, which explains Addison’s new and very sudden music career.

Charli XCX is an actual singer and is paying homage to the TikTok star over not he platform by doing a “duet” with her new dance video. Charli goes all out and styles her hair just like Addison for the video, wearing a similar pair of green sweatpants and an oversized sweater. The best part is, the song used in the video has gone totally viral and is actually Charli XCX’s track!

See more Charli and her TikTok antics, like pushing Tove Lo into the pool, below!


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Bar Refaeli sexy lingerie

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Bar Refaeli sexy lingerie

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Heidi Klum’s Epic April Fools Joke!

As we all know, Sex and The City is coming back for a third movie instalment that had been cancelled more times that we even know. Sex and The City 3 is officially returning and Sarah Jessica Parker even confirmed the news on her IG a few months ago.

The iconic character of Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall will not be returning for this film which sucks for a lot of the fans. That was until Heidi Klum announced on April 1st that she would be joining the cast to play the role of Samantha.

In the end, this turned out to be Heidi’s April Fools joke which she revealed with this video, having the words written across her forehead. A let down, but it was fun while it lasted!

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Bella Thorne Gets Ready for Her Big Day!

Bella Thorne recently became engaged after her longtime boyfriend Ben proposed to her after they reunited in LA after months apart due to the pandemic and travel bans. Bella is rocking some newly dyed hair that looks something like a sunset, or maybe like a flame because girl is on fire!

Bella put on a long white dress to take some selfies in around her whimsical home, she captioned the photos with a request, asking fans to give her suggestions on what she should wear to her wedding.

The singer said she is starting to feel like the bride to be now that she started wearing white. No word on a wedding date yet but we can expect a pretty insane ceremony from this one!


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Chaffinch, Black Isle, Scotland

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Chaffinch, Black Isle, Scotland

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Noah Cyrus Supports Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato recently announced her new album along with a reenactment of her near death experience, a heroin overdose, in her new music video called Dancing With the Devil. The singer has had a few artists jump onto the new album including Noah Cyrus, who seems very excited to be a part of this project.

Noah shared a short clip from the song Easy off Demi’s new album, you can hear the snipped of the new song above and watch Demi talk about her new docuseries in the video below!

“honored is an understatement. thank you @ddlovato for letting me be a small part of your beautiful album. start to finish it is brilliant. you are brilliant. i am so proud and excited for you and this chapter of your life. i’m so grateful to know you and to experience your love, talent, intelligence and beauty. you’ve come so far from the little girl i grew up down the street from. ill forever see that same girl in your smile because it is timeless and contagious and undeniably you. there’s not one thing i could ever want to change about you. i’m so excited for everyone to hear your incredible body of work… congratulations on your album – you have such a beautiful future ahead of you i can feel it and see it already.”


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Rihanna Hits the Streets in Protest!

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Ben Affleck Gushes Over Ex Jennifer Lopez 17 Years After Their Breakup

Ben Affleck, Jennifer LopezBefore there was J.Lo and A-Rod or Mr. and Mrs. Marc Anthony, there was Bennifer. In the early aughts, few couples captivated the spotlight like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The pair...

Jed Duggar-Katey Nakatsu Wedding: Why Was It Kept a Secret?

As you've probably heard by now, Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu got married over the weekend.

The ceremony was a little different from the usual Duggar wedding in a number of significant ways.

For one thing, several guests attended virtually due to Covid protocols.

Jed Duggar and Katie Nakatsu Engagement Photo

But the biggest difference between Jed and Katey's ceremony and the many Duggar weddings that came before it was the fact that for some reason, Jed and Katey decided to keep theirs a secret.

Now, don't get us wrong -- there's always a degree of secrecy in the planning of a Duggar wedding.

For example, the date and venue are often kept under wraps in order to prevent gate-crashing from obsessive fans.

Jed Duggar

But Jed and Katey took the whole privacy thing to a bizarre extreme.

Fans were expecting the wedding, but only because they'd pieced together the facts from leaked video and tabloid reports.

Jed and Katey never even announced their courtship to the public, much less their engagement.

Jed Duggar Married!

In fact, prior to the wedding announcement that Jed posted on Saturday, these two had never publicly acknowledged one another in any way!

"For a long time, I have prayed for my future spouse, not knowing who that person would be," Jed wrote in the caption to the pic he shared over the weekend.

"God answered my prayers far beyond what I could have ever imagined in Katey! We have enjoyed quietly developing our relationship over the past year, and every moment together has been amazing!" he continued.

Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu Together

"I'm so grateful God brought Katey into my life and excited to share with you all that today she became my wife!"

In a statement on their own Instagram page, Jed's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, echoed his excitement.

"We are overjoyed about adding another daughter-in-love to our family!!" they wrote, adding:

Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu

"Jed and Katey have enjoyed a quiet, low-key relationship that has allowed them to prepare for a beautiful life together."

While some Duggar obsessives had figured out the wedding date through online sleuthing, others were completely caught off guard by the whole situation.

"Um, excuse me?! when the heck did this happen?!" one person wrote.

Katey Nakatsu Image

"Woah, when did this happen?! I didn't even know they were courting!" another added.

"OMG!!! How exciting. I had no idea you were even courting someone. big congrats," a third chimed in.

Others praised the couple for their astonishing ability to keep the whole thing relatively private.

Jed Duggar Proposal

"I am absolutely in love with the idea that you did this all private," one person commented.

"So happy for you guys and the way that you were able to keep this journey as a couple private," another added.

Of course, there was a third group who found the whole Jed and Katey situation highly suspicious, and they were more than happy to say so.

Jed Duggar Proposes to Katey Nakatsu

"Why didn't your vows say how much you loved her?" one person questioned, adding the hashtag, "#arrangedmarriage."

Yes, it seems the most popular theory on Instagram is that Jim Bob and Katey's father, Kory Nakatsu, arranged the marriage with minimal input from the young folk, thus eliminating the need for a lengthy courtship.

"Because this one was arranged," one person wrote when a different fan asked about the need for such secrecy.

Katey Nakatsu Photo

"Can you say arranged?! Seriously!?" another asked.

Of course, that wasn't the only theory as to why this all happened so quickly.

"So wonder when the baby will be born. Probably a couple months 'early' is my guess," one person offered.

Katey Nakatsu, Jed Duggar

"Happy for them but they will have a pregnancy announcement soon," another chimed in.

There are other theories, as well, with some saying that Jim Bob objected to the match because Katey's parents are divorced and others claiming that Jed's political career is somehow involved.

Frankly, we may never know the whole truth.

But that won't stop us from offering out congrats to the happy couple!

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