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Brielle Biermann Turns 24, Celebrates in Bahamas with Bikini Thirst Traps

Brielle Biermann is, simply put, a knockout.

Kim Zolciak's eldest daughter would be turning heads even if she weren't related to anyone famous.

But having a reality TV career just means that there are more heads to turn, so to speak.

Last week was Brielle's birthday.

(She turned 24! Happy birthday, Brielle!)

While she didn't pose in her birthday suit, she did flaunt her curves in the next best thing.

Take a look at the mind-boggling thirst traps that Brielle shared with her fans and followers to mark the occasion. 

1. Don't be tardy for the birthday party!

Brielle biermann poses in pink
Brielle Biermann is Kim Zolciak's eldest child. She's gorgeous, but her jaw-dropping good looks aren't the only reason that she's well-liked.

2. Before the party ...

Brielle biermann shows her silhouette in pink
Brielle shared photos in a gorgeous magenta outfit that could barely contain her considerable assets while in Scottsdale, Arizona before she kicked off her official birthday celebrations.

3. To Nassau

Brielle biermann kneels in the surf
Brielle partied in Naussau, The Bahamas as she turned 24, flaunting her incredible body yet again in the crystal-clear surf.

4. The photos? Heart-stoppingly hot

Brielle biermann flaunts her curves on a jet ski
Brielle's audacious hourglass figure is the envy of millions, and she has never been shy about showing it off. People are very grateful for that.

5. This is something of a tradition for her

Brielle biermann seated on a jet ski
Brielle partied in Nassau for her 23rd birthday, getting an earthshatteringly dark tan under the tropical sun ... just weeks before the entire world went into lockdown.

6. She's back again for 24!

Brielle biermann is ready to jet ski
Brielle was born on February 25, 1997. Some of us are still processing that someone born in 1997 is 24, and not 13.
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Brielle Biermann Turns 23, Flaunts Outrageous Bikini Body

New year, new Brielle Biermann -- at least, that's what she announced in early 2020 when she deflated her famous lips.

She traveled to the Bahamas for her birthday this week, and is flaunting her body and intense new tan in a tantalizing bikini.

The New Brielle Biermann

Can you believe that Brielle Biermann is 23 years old?

Her birthday was on Tuesday, Feburary 25, just as it has been every year since she was born in 1997.

When she went to the Bahamas to celebrate, she didn't go alone.

Brielle's pal Ty French, a fellow notorious Instagram hottie, tagged along to help her mark the occassion.

Brielle Biermann in a Magenta Bikini

Brielle is uploading some jaw-dropping photos from her fun in the sun. 

Wearing an intense magenta bikini, she flaunted her curves and her deeply tanned skin all at once.

We cannot get enough of Brielle as a brunette, folks. Big hair, do care.

"Coconuts don’t fall far from the tree," she captioned the thirst trap, just in case anyone had somehow failed to notice her boobs.

Brielle Biermann and Ty French in The Bahamas

Here we see Ty and Brielle enjoying drinks and their respective plunging necklines.

Brielle captioned this photo "When a bitch tries you at dinner."

We hope that no one was actually giving her a hard time. She and Ty were clearly just caught with "resting bitchface" at the same time.

Brielle shouldn't have to deal with drama on her birthday Bahamas trip, folks!

Brielle Biermann Dresses Up in Nassau

"Dress it up and go to Nassau," Brielle captioned this photo of herself in a dazzling magenta dress with a plunging neckline.

Her hair is so big here. It's giving us, like, Lana Del Rey vibes, you know?

"A Pisces celebrating her birthday by the water," she captioned another post.

To her fans and followers, she expressed: "thank you for all the birthday wishes! Feeling so loved & blessed."

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak, Twinning

Proud mother Kim Zolciak posted a birthday tribute to her eldest.

"My baby @briellebiermann has never been into s--talkers, gossipers, or negative energy since she was born," Kim writes.

She gushed: "Happy Birthday Brielle!!"

It's good to remember that growing apart in looks doesn't mean that they've grown apart in ways that matter.

Brielle Biermann with Brown Hair

See, until very recently, Brielle had almost looked like a clone of her mother.

Don't get us wrong, Brielle has been drop-dead gorgeous for years. No one is saying that she looks her mother's age.

But matching her mother's blonde hair and, most conspicuously, her filler-inflated duck lips did raise a number of eyebrows.

Kim's choices were baffling enough to fans. To see Brielle follow in her footsteps was even stranger.

Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak, and Ariana Biermann Look Alike

Ariana Biermann, too, has seemed like yet another Kim Mini-Me for a while.

But recently, Brielle took a huge step by having her fillers removed.

While her lips don't exactly look flat these days, they no longer appear like they would function as emergency flotation devices.

(We kid, but even at Peak Lips, Brielle was still a knockout, and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves)

Brielle Biermann, Ariana Biermann, and Kim Zolciak: Three for One

Brielle also lost the blonde hair in favor of a firm brown color.

Honestly, the look is really working for her.

And her intense and dark tan is probably temporary, but contrasts beautifully with her magenta bikini.

Happy birthday, Brielle!

Kenya Moore Turns 48, Flaunts Post-Baby Body in Sizzling Bikini

In November, just three weeks after her C-section, Kenya Moore showed off her post-baby body.

Thursday was her 48th birthday, and Kenya marked the occasion by flexing on everyone.

She is rocking a white bikini, showing off her flawless post-baby body. And she's showing off her baby, too.

Kenya Moore with B Necklace

Happy Birthday, Kenya Moore!

On Thursday, January 24, Kenya turned 48 years old.

To mark the occassion, she shared a mind-blowing glimpse of her body in a bright white bikini.

The Beach photo shows her in the white top and matching cutout bikini bottoms.

Her right arm is holding her hair in place.

In her left arm, she's holding her 2-month-old baby, Brooklyn.

Kenya Moore Flaunts Post-Baby Bikini Body on Birthday

Kenya looks absolutely, jaw-droppingly incredible.

We don't just mean that she looks good for her age, though very few 48-year-olds have a body as rocking as hers.

Very few people have a body that good, period.

We also don't simply mean that Kenya looks good for a woman who got cut open two months ago so that doctors could remove a baby.

But she did very much have a C-section in November after suffering from severe preeclampsia.

She looks so good, period.

Kenya Moore Hand with Baby Hand

When it comes to having the body that you want, money trumps almost everything else.

Kenya and her husband, Marc Daly, are fortunate enough to be people of means.

This means that Kenya was able to afford firstrate prenatal care, the emergency C-section, and then care afterwards.

It also means that wealth (and the ability to afford childcare) gave Kenya the free time to exercise to recover her pre-baby body.

The vast majority of mothers cannot "bounce back" from delivering a baby like this.

This is especially true for women in their later 40s.

Kenya Moore, Post-Baby Body

Thursday's birthday bikini pic was not the first time that Kenya flexed on her followers.

Just weeks after her C-section, Kenya shared mirror selfies of her body, which was already recovering.

"The SnapBack is real! LOL,” Kenya captioned the photos.

“I still can’t work out yet but I feel much better," she shared.

Kenya Moore, Three Weeks After Giving Birth

"I was cut twice during my 3 hr C-section," she wrote. "But I made it!"

"I’ve always been healthy and worked out my entire life," Kenya noted. "Whatever my body will do I’m not rushing it."

"It feels good to start to feel myself again," she gushed.

Kenya concluded: "#brooklyndaly is worth every battle scar!"

Brooklyn certainly is.

Kenya Moore and Husband

Brooklyn is Kenya's first child. She waited all of her life for the right man, and finally found Marc Daly.

Her secret marriage earned her the ire of The Real Housewives of Atlanta producers and may have ultimately been a factor in costing her her peach.

But she knew what she wanted in her life and had her priorities in order.

Kenya also knew that she was taking serious risks with a pregnancy at her age, but she went with it.

We are so, so glad and grateful that both Kenya and Brooklyn made it through that risky pregnancy and are both doing so well.

Lili Reinhart: Topless on Instagram for Her Birthday!

Courageous Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart have lashed out at their body-shamers in the past.

Now, for her 22nd birthday, Lili is showing off her body with a topless photo.

Sometimes, the best way to drown out the haters is to remind them how amazing you are. Take a look:

Lili Reinhart Instagram Selfie

Cole Sprouse posted the photo that you're about to see to wish a happy birthday to his co-star and girlfriend, Lili Reinhart.

Lili turned 22 years old on Thursday, September 13.

"Both the birthday and the gift," Cole writes.

"My little muse," the 26-year-old actor calls her. "Happy birthday my love."

In the photo, Lili is gazing into the mirror while topless.

Lili Reinhart Topless

The photo was shared to Instagram, where of course women's nipples are infamously singled out for restriction.

For the longest time, Cole and Lili were simply rumored to be in a relationship.

Gradually, however, they made things official.

The two of them play love interests Betty Cooper and Jughead on The CW's hit drama, Riverdale.

And, just last month, Lili gave Cole a shoutout over his birthday.

Cole Sprouse, Birthday Photo 2018

Cole's birthday was August 4, and Lili posted this photo of him with a tribute of her own.

"It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you," Lili wrote.

Lili's sweet post continued: "I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure."

Finally, she signed off: "Happy birthday, my love."

That is so precious! We love that their birthdays are so close.

Lili Reinhart in Off-White

Riverdale is a hit for good reason.

The teen demogrpahic can watch it at more or less face value, for the relationships -- Betty and Jughead, known by shippers as Bughead, being they keystone of fan interest.

Adults -- or anyone over 25, basically -- can enjoy the show for its surreal artistry and for its almost satirical nature.

From Cheryl Blossom's magnificent wardrobe to the peculiarities of Riverdale's setting, older fans enjoy the show in the way that they once enjoyed Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars.

It doesn't hurt that all of the main characters' parents are played by some of the biggest stars of the '90s. (Anyone else feel old?)

Lili Reinhart in a Corset

The popularity of Riverdale led to the greenlighting of a related property.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premieres on Netflix next month, and we already know that there will be a second season.

It will be nothing like the Melissa Joan Hart adaptation, and viewers can instead expect satanism and cannibalism, just like in the comics on which the series will be based.

We hope that the stars from both shows -- shows which are linked in the comics -- will work together on crossovers, even if it's just cameos.

Betty and Veronica play a key role early on in Sabrina's comics -- we wonder if Lili Reinhart will make an appearance.

Ami Brown Birthday Tributes Pour Forth Amidst Cancer Battle

Ami Brown is so far from alone.

The Alaskan Bush People star is battling stage four lung cancer and the prognosis from doctors is grave.

But the mother of seven can at least take comfort in knowing she's surrounded by friends, family members, loved ones... and an endless array of fans.

brown bday

With the Discovery Channel personality celebrating a birthday this week, supporters from all corners of the Internet have come together to send Ami their very best wishes.

"Happy birthday to the matriarch of the Brown family and the glue that holds them together!" reads the caption to the Facebook photo above.

It has been Liked over 28,000 times.

Wrote another user of the World Wide Web:

“Happy birthday Ami, a beautiful woman inside and out. We pray you have a very blessed day surrounded by your loved ones.

"Sending our love and prayers! Continue to look up, that’s where our hope comes from."

Brown recently spoke to People Magazine about her illness, telling the publication that "everything hurts" and adding:

“I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days.

"But I have the will to fight.”

Ami on TV

It's this brave and strong attitude that has endeared Brown to so many viewers over the years.

“Happy Birthday Ami, Praying fo you to have GREAT results from your treatments," wrote another followers, adding that she can relate to Ami's pain:

"I am a two time cancer survivor and wish you ALL the Best, LOVE You and your Family and show."

And one more fan note:

"If prayers alone would heal cancer, you would be healed.

"You are a wonderful Mother, Wife and Role Model. You have raised a fine and loving family. You are a strong woman and have blessed our lives just by your inspiration.

"GOD Bless you and your family always."

Billy Brown also spoke to People this month about the state of his wife, saying he almost never leaves her side and marveling over the courage his wife has displayed.

"She’s the strongest person I know, so if she’s saying it hurts, it really hurts. She tries to hide it from everybody but four or five times a day she bends over like a baby and cries.

"She bends over and tears run down. She put out seven babies without a grunt. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Ami, but I’ve got a lot more now.

"She makes me feel like a wuss."

Based on her type of cancer, Brown has only been given a long-term survival rate of three percent.

As we said above, the outlook is grim. 

Ami Brown in Bed

However, as long as Ami is alive and fighting, we'll maintain hope.

We join these fans in sending birthday wishes to the reality star and we hope we can do the same next year at this time.

Hang in there, Ami.

Mariah Carey Celebrates Birthday with Bryan Tanaka: See The Pics!

Mariah Carey has made it abundantly clear in the past that she's not one to follow traditions. 

The singing sensation celebrated her birthday in style with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. As has been the case with the couple throughout their relationship, the whole thing was well-documented via social media.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka Kiss

Mariah, who turned 47-years-old, has made a habit of treating her birthday more like an anniversary. She does have a point, but something tells us this is her trying act like she's better than everyone. 

Bryan was the one who shared the pictures, and it sure looks like the pair indulged in a relaxing getaway to ring in the momentous occasion. 

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka Relaxing

"Starting the anniversary festivities in a relaxing, chic environment #HappyAnniversary," Tanaka captioned to his 136,000 followers. 

In another picture, he looked out to the ocean, with Mariah (presumably) taking the picture of him. 

"Everyone can use a little zen time. Soaking in the moment and recaliberating my spirit #MuchLove #BlessingsOnBlessings," he captioned. 

Bryan Tanaka Posing

Does it seem like the couple is trying to make everyone jealous of their trip?

We kid, mostly.

 On a more serious note, viewers did get to see another side to Mariah during her stint on Mariah's World.

That reality series showed a more vulnerable version of the star who has been known for her diva behavior.

That reality series also showed fans the burgeoning relationship between Mariah and Tanaka as they grew closer.  

It's just a shame her being portrayed in such a good light was tarnished by her botched New Year's Eve performance that found the star refusing to continue with a performance. 

The reason? Technical issues. It was, however, blown out of proportion when Mariah's team made claims that she had been sabotaged. 

Maybe this break will do Mariah more good than Bryan. Either way, we hope she had a wonderful birthday anniversary. 

Beyonce Turns 35: A Birthday Tribute

The world's most popular celebrity turns 35 years old today.

Yes, we're talking about Beyonce.

Do you really want to object to this statement?

Beyonce Behind the Scenes

Who else would you like to nominate for this distinction?

Justin Bieber? Yeah, right. We didn't say the world's most shirtless douchebag.

Tom Hanks? Sure, everyone loves Tom Hanks. But they don't worship Tom Hanks. They don't bow down in front of Tom Hanks. They just think he's a great actor and really nice guy.

Chris Brown? Just kidding.

So that leaves us with Beyonce.

She has her detractors, yes. Just ask form New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani how he feels about her proactive stance when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement.

But we still challenge anyone to find a celebrity who is more universally beloved and respected than Beyonce Knowles.

Just consider:

She makes her voice heard on important topics.

She remembers friends, many years after they pass away, and she makes sure everyone else does as well:

She handles rumors of infidelity by taking charge of the narrative.

Heck, she handles rumors of infidelity by selling millions of records, nearly breaking the Internet and dominating the music conversation for months:

She takes over a Super Bowl halftime show even when she is not the featured performer:

She keeps her child out of the spotlight, except for the occasional event when she dresses similarly to Blue Ivy and simply stuns on the red carpet.

We direct you to last month's MTV Video Music Awards:

Beyonce with Blue Ivy Carter

She simply owns every single awards show at which she performs.

If we were any other singer, we'd refuse to take the stage after a Beyonce performance. There's just no way of looking good afterward.

Beyonce is so loved that Saturday Night Live created a skit based around The Beygency, which is an organization that goes after anyone that dares to speak ill of the artist.

She's reached heights all other celebrities can only dream of.

And she turns 35 years old today!

So please join us in saluting this global superstar, who seems as comfortable at home in her pajamas as she does singing for the President of the United States.

Is she Jesus Christ, as Adele once stated on stage?

We may not go that far. 

But we'd consider it.


Mila Kunis Birthday Tribute: 17 of the Sexist Photos EVER

Mila Kunis is so very very good looking. Big news, we know.

Just 'cause this is an obvious fact, however, does not mean it isn't worth celebrating. On the contrary, we don't want to take it for granted.

So check out photos of the actresst hat prove our point, and be grateful to be living on a planet in which she exists.

Seriously. Could be a lot worse.

1. Mila With No Makeup

Mila kunis no makeup
Mila Kunis is makeup-free in this ad for Gemfields. And she looks GORGEOUS!

2. Mila Kunis Wallpaper

Mila kunis wallpaper
Enjoy this Mila Kunis wallpaper. Just don't enjoy it too hard if you're at work.

3. Hot Mila Kunis

Mila kunis hot 1
Mila Kunis is like the hottest chick of like all time. Let's be real here ... it's either her or J-Law.

4. Mila in Esquire

Mila kunis nude
It may not get any more beautiful than Mila Kunis. Seriously. Look at her!

5. Mila Kunis on Marie Claire

Mila kunis on marie claire
Mila Kunis covers this issue of Marie Claire. As expected, she looks GORGEOUS while doing so.

6. Mila Kunis GQ Picture

Mila kunis gq picture
Gulp! Thank you, GQ. For this Mila Kunis photo, thank you from the bottom of our heart.
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Lindsay Lohan REALLY Wants You to Care That She Turned 30

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 30th birthday over the weekend, and while we'll grant that there was a time when a lot of people didn't think she would make it to the big 3-0, turning a year older isn't really an achievement.

Lindsay Lohan Birthday Image

Lindsay posted the above photo on her Instagram page on Saturday, presumably to remind us that she has no idea how the world or human interactions work.

We know that Lindsay is terrible at Photoshop, so she probably didn't make it, but just the fact that she posted a birthday card to herself with nothing but Emojis in the caption is weird as hell.

Even weirder: that's just the beginning of Lohan's bizarre obsession with her own birthday.

Not only did Lindsay host a live online Q&A session to "celebrate" the occasion (seriously), she also attempted to make her own birthday hashtag happen.

Clearly, she learned nothing from Toaster Strudel heiress Gretchen Wieners, because the girl pushed #LiloIs30 for days before taking the hint that it wouldn't be catching on.

And if you thought the weirdness would end there, clearly you don't know #LiLo.

Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon

"Happy birthday to me from a genius mind with a beautiful heart!! Hurry back to London soon! #letsdothis #LILOIS30"

It kinda feels like Lindsay is a freakin' Martian who just learned about the concept of birthdays last week.

You can't just post a pic of someone and wish yourself a happy birthday from them.

If you could, Kate Upton and LeBron James would wish us a happy birthday every year.

Lindsay posted nearly a dozen pics in celebration of her birthday, many of them documenting the Greek Islands vacay that she took with her rich Russian boyfriend.

Hilariously, she did the A-list celebrity thing where she was careful not to give away her exact location, so as to avoid getting mobbed by adoring fans.

We'd say she could've just not posted on social media every 20 minutes, but then where would we have gotten out #LiloIs30 updates?

Taylor Swift Turns 26: What a Year It Has Been!

Taylor Swift turns 26 years old today.

And it may not be a stretch to say no human in the history of the world has enjoyed a 25th year of existence as successful as that of this global superstar.

Taylor Swift Looks Proud

So, before Taylor embarks on what we're sure will be another headline-making, money-generating 12 months, let's take a look back at the previous year in the life of this singing sensation.

It all started toward the end of 2014, when Swift released her first pop album "1989."

A short while later, in promotion of the record, Taylor brought her sexy side to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show:

After finding success with music videos for "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space," Swift then took things up a couple dozen notches with the "Bad Blood."

Its video featured pretty much every famous female in Hollywood (except for Katy Perry, natch):

With her professional career at an apex, Swift also managed to finally find love in her personal life.

They haven't been especially open about their relationship, but Taylor and Calvin Harris are very clearly in love:

Swift, meanwhile, spent most of 2015 on tour... but she was never alone.

The singer made news almost everywhere she went, thanks to the never-ending parade of celebrities who joined her on stage at various locations:

And where did such a year get Taylor?

Only above Beyonce and Kim Kardashian to become the most-followed person on Instagram.

Here's a look at what her 58 million-plus fans see on a daily basis via her account:

Oh, and did you know Taylor Swift even started a fashion line this year?

All of this is meant to say... WOW

Taylor Swift did all of the above at 25 years old. What could she possibly have in store for an encore?

We can't wait to find out.

Celebrity Birthdays – November 30, 2015

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Diana Krall
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Katy Perry Wows At Chinese Theater Handprint Ceremony, Jeremy Scott Documentary Premiere

Katy Perry alt=
Katy Perry somehow avoided a wardrobe malfunction on Tuesday night at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, where she and Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott were honored with a hand print cere...

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Happy 57th Birthday, Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson, who passed away tragically and long before his time on June 25, 2009, would have been 57 years old this Saturday.

Without a doubt the defining entertainer of his generation and beyond, his groundbreaking music and pop cultural impact are peerless.

He changed the music landscape forever, inspiring countless, and breaking every record in the books and leaving a legacy like no other.

Long before Michael Jackson died, but even more so after he did, his work became iconic, and his personal eccentricities unparalleled.

If you're looking for scandals, controversy and crazy stories that are uniquely, well, Michael Jackson, you need not look very far at all.

Fans remember him for his music and his compassion, however; MJ's charitable contributions were almost as numerous as his #1 hits.

Most of all, he would surely like to be remembered for raising Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson, all of whom feel his loss most deeply.

Here's wishing his family and friends the best on this somber occasion, which has given way to celebrations of his life for seven years.

In the hopes that they find peace and think fondly of the man, we hope he may find peace in the way fans come together in his honor.

Celebrity Birthdays – August 22, 2015

Celebrity Birthdays - August 22, 2015
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Demi Lovato Turns 23: A Selfie Celebration!

Demi Lovato can be relied upon for many things:

Fun music. Inspiring words of wisdom. And a whole batch of enjoyable selfies that show off her figure, her boyfriend, her pet and her very pretty face.

Toggle around below and see what we mean!

1. Demi Lovato With No Makeup

Demi lovato with no makeup
Demi Lovato wants to start trending "#NoMakeupMonday." This is a fresh-faced photo of the young singer.

2. Demi Lovato, Makeup-Free

Demi lovato makeup free
This is an extreme close up of Demi Lovato and her freckles. The singer isn't hiding behind any makeup.

3. Demi Lovato Bikini Body Selfie

Demi lovato bikini body selfie
Hello, Demi Lovato bikini body! The star snapped this sexy photo of herself getting a tan.

4. Demi Lovato Gym Selfie

Demi lovato gym selfie
Move over, Kim Kardashian! Demi Lovato proves here that she can snap a gym selfie, too, thanks very much!

5. Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato Selfie

Wilmer valderrama and demi lovato selfie
Hello there, Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato! The stars take a selfie in bed in this leaked cell phone picture.

6. Demi Lovato Goes Silver... ish

Demi lovato goes silver ish
Demi Lovato described this look on Twitter as "Lavender/silver ombre." What do you think of her latest hair change?
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Anna Kendrick Birthday Montage: Look Who’s 30!

She rocks Chuck Taylors, has a flawless face and swears like a sailor. Hey, we don't mind!

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendra hates eating healthy and scoffs at the gym. She can go from tom-boy to girl-glam in zero to sixty, making our favorite Anna pics hard to choose. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy these photos of the aca-dorable Anna Kendrick, who loves The Bachelor and hates Spencer Pratt...

1. Sassy Anna Kendrick

Anna kendrick rules
Anna Kendrick is self admittedly a big nerd at heart. This nerd sure does give sass to the camera, though, doesn't she?

2. Anna Kendrick Brings a Friend

Anna kendrick and jennifer lopez
Anna Kendrick showed up to Lip Sync Battle with a backup plan...JLO.

3. Playful Anna Kendrick

Anna kendrick swimsuit photo
Anna Kendrick cools off with some H20...She's looking very pin-up in this 60s-esque photo.

4. Anna Kendrick's Pitch Perfect Smile

Anna kendrick at the oscars
Anna Kendrick's smile can light up a room. The acapella beauty and funny-lady has plenty of reason to smile.

5. Anna Kendrick The Cover Girl

Anna kendrick glamour uk cover
Anna Kendrick graces the cover of magazines, but she does it her way. With a laugh.

6. Serious Anna Kendrick

Anna kendrick snapshot
Sometimes even Anna Kendrick needs a moment. Or maybe she was trying a different face for the camera.
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Celebrity Birthdays – August 22, 2015

Kristen Wiig
Happy Birthday to: Actress Kristen Wiig (1973) Actor Dakota Goyo (1999) Actress Laura Breckenridge (1983) Canadian actress Jennifer Finnigan (1979) Actor Rodrigo Santoro (1975) Backstreet Bo...

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Celebrity Birthdays – August 6, 2015

Marisa Miller
Happy Birthday to: Supermodel Marisa Miller (1978) Actor Ty Simpkins (2001) Actress Harley Graham (2001) Model Adrianne Curry (1982) Actress Soleil Moon Frye (1976) Actress Melissa George (19...

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Celebrity Birthdays – July 22, 2015

Selena Gomez
Happy Birthday to: Pop singer/actress Selena Gomez (1992) Actress Madison Pettis (1998) Actor Skyler Gisondo (1996) Actress / model Sharni Vinson (1983) Actor Josh Lawson (1981) Singer Kate ...

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Celebrity Birthdays – July 18, 2015

Kristen Bell
Happy Birthday to: Actress Kristen Bell (1980) Actress Ambyr Childers (1988) Actor Chace Crawford (1985) Singer Ryan Cabrera (1982) Musician Jermaine Paul (1979) Actress Kelly Reilly (1977) ...

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Celebrity Birthdays – July 17, 2015

David Hasselhoff
Happy Birthday to: Actor David Hasselhoff (1952) Actress Summer Bishil (1988) Brando Eaton (1986) British actress Brooke Kinsella (1983) Actress Sarah Jones (1983) Mike Vogel (1979) Actress ...

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