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Kourtney Kardashian Gets Engaged! Ready to See the Massive Ring?!?

Here's the likely thing about Travis Barker:

Based on the non-stop, NSFW photos that have continued to emerge throughout his relationship with Kourtney Kardashiann, the musician has a big penis.

We just had to come out and say it.

Now, however, it's evident that the drummer's unit is not the only large thing at the center of he and Kourtney's romance.

kourt ring

Because the guy just got her a gigantic diamond ring!

For those just tuning in, Barker proposed to Kardashian outside of a hotel in California on Sunday night.

Not Really a Spoiler Alert: She said yes!

"Forever," Kourtney wrote as a simple and telling caption to the photo below, which was snapped right near the site of the proposal itself:

Travis Barker Proposes

"Travis escorted Kourtney down to the beach, where he had red and white florals set up in the shape of a heart. It looked very romantic," a witness told E! News, adding:

"I could see Kourtney smiling from ear to ear and put her hand over her mouth looking surprised.

"The family cheered for them and went back into the hotel."

Fans seems equally excited for the Blink-182 drummer and the social media influencer, while sitting slack-jawed at their computer screens, mouth agape over the size of this rock:

Kourtney Kardashian Engagement Ring

We hear it's six carats in size.

Travis and Kourtney only started dating in January 2021, but they live close to each other in Calabasas and have been tight for years.

“Travis and Kourtney’s kids are very close,” an insider previously told Us Weekly.

“They became friends living in the same neighborhood and hang out a lot. Their kids’ friendship had Kourtney and Travis spending a lot of time together.”

Kourtney and Travis at SNL

Prior to agreeing to get married over the weekend, there had been chatter that Kourtney was pregnant (she's not), along with talk that an engagement was imminent.

Still, sources claim Kardashian was taken aback by Barker popping the question on Sunday, considering the couple had returned from New York City earlier that same day.

Was she actually surprised, however?

Consider: Cameras were reportedly rolling during the proposal for the upcoming Kardashian reality show on Hulu.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker on Red Carpet

Assuming she and her fiance make it down the aisle, this union will mark Kourtney's first marriage -- although she shares children Mason, 11, Penelope, 9, and Reign, 6 with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick.

Barker, for his part, was married to Melissa Kennedy from 2001 to 2002; and to Shanna Moakler from 2004 to 2008.

He shares son Landon, 17, and daughter Alabama, 15, with the latter; along with stepdaughter Atiana, 22.

more ring

Last month, Barker declared he wanted to laugh with Kourtney "for the rest of my life," after she uploadedd a series of memories to Instagram, including footage of the couple holding hands at a table.

The Poosh founder replied, "my whole life."


That whole new life together begins right now. With an enormous rock.

Bachelor Nation: Which Couples Are Still Together?

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are TV shows with a goal that you don't need Bachelor spoilers to figure out:

Set up a man or woman with his/her soulmate.

Heck, nearly every season ends with a proposal, right? Yet, over time, almost no proposals end in actual marriage.

By the numbers, few duos from Bachelor Nation last months; let alone years; let alone an entire lifetime together.

Have there been exceptions to this rule?

Oh yeah, look at Jason and Molly. Or Sean and Cat. Rachel and Bryan. Even Arie and Lauren ... or JoJo and Jordan.

Nevertheless, it's an arduous, uphill battle.

See Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt. Oof. Or Peter Weber and Hannah Ann, or Peter and Madison, for that matter.

Their engagements lasted ... days? Hours?

These are unique cases, and yet ... not. Heck, Peter and Kelley Flanagan broke up too. Dude was 0-for-3 in 2020!

The fact is, it's hard out there for duos spawned by this franchise to make it work, as we saw repeatedly last year.

If you recall, Colton and Cassie broke up last summer. Followed by Becca and Garrett. Then even Ashley and J.P.

Such a brutal year, 2020.

Fortunately, 2021 is looking up Clare and Dale back on, Tayshia and Zac going strong, and now Katie and Blake.

Heck, even Matt and Rachael are giving it another go after his disaster of a season. Perhaps there is hope yet!

Looking back now, which duos are still living happily ever after after the final rose was bestowed?

Take a look at notable couples from The Bachelor and Bachelorette and see if they're still a romantic item now.

1. Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes

Katie thurston and blake moynes engaged
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes are engaged after The Bachelorette finale and banging each other senseless in the honeymoon phase of their surely happy relationship. Will it last is the question. While doubts persist, particularly after the controversial departure of suitor Greg Grippo, and that may make for great gossip fodder, it's way too early to know - and we don't count Blake and Katie out. They are clearly very into each other and seem to have the same shared goals and dreams. Here's hoping they continue the recent hot (or at least lukewarm) streak from the franchise's pairings.

2. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss

Clare crawley and dale moss on the gram
Where to begin with Clare Crawley and Dale Moss? These two got engaged after like two weeks, peaced out of the show, and were head over heels in love before a host of usual suspects - cheating allegations, long-distance relationships, conflicting priorities, the stress of the spotlight, the honeymoon phase wearing off - derailed their romance in spectacular fashion in early 2021. Is it possible for a breakup to be surprising and yet not at all? Not as surprising as the fact that they quietly reconciled after that and appear to be making it work. Honestly, did anyone see that coming?

3. Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark

Zac clark picture
Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark, on the other hand, appear happy as can be - at least for the time being. Almost boringly so, from a gossip standpoint! After she took over The Bachelorette when Clare bounced with Dale, she went on to enjoy a relatively conventional season, culminating in an engagement to Zac. We wish these two all the best, as they certainly do seem like a great fit. You just never get your hopes up too high as a fan these days.

4. Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell

Rachael kirkconnell with matt
What a mess. What a complete and utter mess. An unmitigated disaster that the show will take a long time to recover from, if it ever does, no one can take away the fact that it was, truly, the most shocking season in Bachelor history. (Ironically, Chris Harrison stepped down at the end of it.) Of course Matt James, hyped for months as the first Black Bachelor, would end up giving Rachael Kirkconnell - who came under fire for racially insensitive photos and comments - his final rose. He never even proposed to her (no promise ring, no nothing) on the finale, which is probably the only good news producers could've hoped for, as their Valentine's Day breakup (a month before the season finale even aired) was relatively quick and painless. Yet, after all that, we're here eating our words in August 2021, as these two are back together again, living their lives, and seemingly oblivious to criticism. Who would've ever guessed?

5. Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph

Colton cassie
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, as we mentioned and you probably heard if you're reading this, broke up in late May 2020. By all accounts, Cassie was The One for Colton from the start, and it appeared that she was along for the ride long after he busted the inaugural nut. Whether they actually make it to the altar was always suspect, however, given the hesitation we'd seen on the show ... and some of the bombshells he dropped in his recent memoir ... and just the overall odds of reality TV relationships actually lasting. Not good. But hey. They made it over a year and as they said in their joint statement, some people are just meant to be friends instead. No shame in that truth. Of course, given her recent accusations and the restraining order she filed, there may be plenty of shame we've yet to learn about.

6. Peter Weber and Madison Prewett

Madison prewett and peter weber
Peter Weber was an iconic disaster on The Bachelor. So much so that it's hard to decide which of his relationships to even include here. He began his season needing "closure" with Hannah Brown, who returned to the show for multiple episodes ... then got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss on the finale and dumped her a month later (long before the finale actually made it to air). Then Chris Harrison flew to Alabama to set Peter up with runner-up Madison Prewett, who he went public with on the After the Final Rose special. They broke up two days after. Then he got together with Kelley Flanagan, another contestant on his season who didn't even make it to hometown dates. Good luck to her.
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Bachelor Nation Couples: Is Anyone Still Together in 2021??

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are TV shows with a clear goal that you don't need Bachelor spoilers to figure out:

Set up a man or woman with his or her soulmate.

Heck, nearly every season ends with a proposal, right? And yet, over time, almost no proposals end in actual marriage.

By the numbers, few couples from Bachelor Nation last months; let alone years; let alone an entire lifetime together.

Have there been exceptions to this rule?

Oh yeah, just look at Jason and Molly. Or Sean and Cat. Rachel and Bryan. Even Arie and Lauren ... or JoJo and Jordan.

Nevertheless, it's still an arduous, uphill battle.

See Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt, or Peter Weber and Hannah Ann, or Peter Weber and Madison for that matter.

Their engagements lasted ... days? Hours?

These are unique cases, and yet ... not. Heck, Peter and Kelley Flanagan broke up too now. Dude was 0-for-3 in 2020!

The fact is that it's hard out there for duos spawned by this franchise to make it work, as we saw again this weekend.

Yes, you probably saw that Colton and Cassie broke up last summer. And Becca and Garrett. Then Ashley and J.P.

Some people are just meant to be friends.

Will Clare Crawley (or Tayshia Adams) fare any better in 2021, now that filming has wrapped and real life has begun?

We hope so. But we doubt it. Anyway ...

So looking back through the years, who is still living happily ever after after the final rose was handed out?

Take a look at notable duos from The Bachelor and Bachelorette and see whether they're still a romantic item now.

1. Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph

Colton cassie
Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, as we mentioned and you probably heard if you're reading this, broke up in late May 2020. By all accounts, Cassie was The One for Colton from the start, and it appeared that she was along for the ride long after he busted the inaugural nut. Whether they actually make it to the altar was always suspect, however, given the hesitation we'd seen on the show ... and some of the bombshells he dropped in his recent memoir ... and just the overall odds of reality TV relationships actually lasting. Not good. But hey. They made it over a year and as they said in their joint statement, some people are just meant to be friends instead. No shame in that truth. Of course, given her recent accusations and the restraining order she filed, there may be plenty of shame we've yet to learn about.

2. Peter Weber and Madison Prewett

Madison prewett and peter weber
Peter Weber was an iconic disaster on The Bachelor. So much so that it's hard to decide which of his relationships to even include here. He began his season needing "closure" with Hannah Brown, who returned to the show for multiple episodes ... then got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss on the finale and dumped her a month later (long before the finale actually made it to air). Then Chris Harrison flew to Alabama to set Peter up with runner-up Madison Prewett, who he went public with on the After the Final Rose special. They broke up two days after. Then he got together with Kelley Flanagan, another contestant on his season who didn't even make it to hometown dates. Good luck to her.

3. Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt

Jed wyatt photo
This one didn't come close to working out. Hannah accepted Jed's proposal... only to find out TWO WHOLE DAYS later that Wyatt had never told her about a quasi girlfriend back at home. She then dumped him. A year later, she said she had doubts even during the proposal itself. Maybe she shouldn't have put herself through that, but what can you do. The heart wants what it wants and sometimes that's douchelords.

4. Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen

Becca kufrin and garrett yrigoyen engagement pic
Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen hit it off from the very start, and after a fairly conventional season of The Bachelorette, they got engaged on the finale. Perhaps the most notable obstacle for this duo came prior to the season, when his Instagram "double-tapping" of some seriously offensive posts and memes came to light. It appeared they were destined to stay on cloud nine, until the spring and summer of 2020, when it appears his support of Blue Lives Matter and their different world views were just too much to overcome. They split August 6.

5. JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers

Jordan rodgers and jojo fletcher after the final rose
JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have been an interesting case, both seemingly over the moon in love and behind the proverbial eight ball since day one. They certainly seem to have weathered whatever storms have been in their path thus far, and enough time has passed that they're no longer in the "honeymoon" phase that they've proven us wrong, for sure. Whether or not they make it to the altar is still an open question, but there's zero signs of trouble right now, at least publicly. It's been FOUR YEARS at this point so we have to give them credit. Hey, they even got engaged, again. For whatever that's worth.

6. Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo

Rachel lindsay engagement ring
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are a match made in heaven. Bachelor Nation seemed to prefer runner-up Peter Kraus, but Rachel went with the smooth (too smooth for some fans' liking) doctor from Miami at the last minute. And it worked out for them! These two got married in August 2019!
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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Allegedly Welcome Second Child After Secret Pregnancy

According to a shocking new report, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have welcomed their second child.

In related news:

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were apparently expecting a second child!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at Premiere

The Daily Mail has broken this unexpected story, reporting that Biel gave birth a few days ago to a son and is now caring for the newborn alongside her famous husband and their five-year old firstborn, Silas.

Neither Timberlake nor Biel has confirmed this arrival just yet.

We also cannot confirm the child's name or measurements at this time.

JT, Wife

Timberlake and Biel have not been pictured publicly since March and are believed to have been staying at their home in Big Sky, Montana, since March 25.

No outlet out there even hinted over the past several months that Biel was pregnant.

But think about it:

It's not all that difficult to shield the world from your baby bump during a pandemic, you know?

Jessica Biel and Husband Justin Timberlake

On July 4, Biel shared a video on Instagram from 2019 showing herself and Timberlake learning how to throw axes at targets.

Both celebrities have also recognized the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement and push for both social justice and police reform.

Again, however: Good luck finding a photos of Biel's stomach out there at any point since mid-March or so.

Justin Timberlake and Wife Jessica Biel

The alleged birth of the couple's new son comes just eight months after Timberlake was caught getting WAY too cozy actress Alisha Wainwright during a night out in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In November, the two were seen holding hands while out and about after a day of filming a movie together.

Spokespeople for the actors said there was nothing romantic going on between them.

And Timberlake later issued a lengthy apology, admitting he was drinking the night the snapshots were taken... not that this was an excuse for his behavior.

Whispering to His Wife

"I drank way too much that night and I regret my behavior," the singer wrote back then.

"I should have known better. This is not the example I want to set for my son.

"I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation, and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be. This was not that.

"I am incredibly proud to be working on Palmer. Looking forward to continuing to make this movie and excited for people to see it."

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Sizzle

Biel seemingly accepted this mea culpa, too.

On Valentine's Day, she posted a photo of her husband and her son, along with the caption: "My valentines [heart emoji]. Love you guys to the [moon emoji]."

On May 10, she then posted another family photo, which appeared to have been taken in Montana, and which read:

"These two people make being a momma the greatest job in the whole world! The moments spent with you are truly the most precious and funniest and glorious times of my life."

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake and Son

So... Timberlake's inappropriate actions took place about 8 months ago?

And Biel seemingly just gave birth?

The math adds up.

Congrats to the couple on some passionate, unprotected makeup sex!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Will They Make It Down the Aisle?

Alex Rodriguez is used to hitting home runs, having power 696 balls over the fence during his Major League Baseball career.

But he really hit one out of the park earlier this month.

That's when Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez and the singer/actress/all-around-goddess replied with one simple, albeit hugely meaningful, syllable:


A. Rod with J. Lo

Indeed, the mega famous and ultra wealthy couple is now engaged.

And they've spent the two weeks since this announcement basking in each other's hotness, while also gushing over each other on social media.

"A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself," shared Rodriguez the day Lopez agreed to be his wife, posting a quote online that also reads:

"A soulmate is someone who loves you with so much conviction, and so much heart, that it is nearly impossible to doubt just how capable you are of becoming exactly who you have always wanted to be."

Who knew he was such a romantic, right?

Alex Rodriguez with J. Lo

This past weekend, meanwhile, Rodriguez posted the first photo we published above on his Instagram account and praised his fiancee's acting ability in the caption.

"This beautiful woman starts shooting her movie tomorrow, 'Hustlers,'" he began. "I won't play spoiler, but I can't wait until you all see how she transforms herself into a completely different character!!"

Adds the long-time steroid user:

"She's been working so hard lately. I'm glad we were able to enjoy a quick little break before she dives into this new project. Love you baby and continue to shine, fly high and inspire all of us."

Lopez, for her part, has also appeared quite smitten with Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez Proposes!

She has shared a couple photos from his proposal and she's seemingly brushed off claims that he's been cheating on her.

So, everything is all good, right?

You can practically hear the wedding bells ringing already, can't you?

Maybe, some followers believe.

Maybe not, others counter.

Jennifer Lopez Proposal

Rodriguez, for example, loves to play the field.

We don't mean this in a baseball sense, even though he won a pair of Gold Gloves over the course of his tainted career.

We mean it in the sense that, ever since his divorce in 2008, the legendary slugger has gone to bed with Torrie Wilson, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, just to name a few beautiful women.

Some might say he found the literal most beautiful woman in Jennifer Lopez and he'll therefore be satisfied and settle down.

But Rodriguez was not an honest baseball player, serving lengthy suspensions for performance-enhancing drugs and lying multiple times about his experience with these substances.

So who's to say he'll be an honest lover?

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

Lopez, meanwhile, has been married three times.

Which is totally and completely fine. Zero judgment here.

You just get the sense that she's maybe more in love with the idea of being in love and desperate to finally make a union work.

We mean, let's be honest, Rodriguez came across like a total tool during his days on the diamond. It's hard to imagine he's changed all that much simply because he gave J. Lo a giant diamond.

To be clear, we're rooting for these stars to make it.

We'd never actively cheer for anyone to break-up.

We just have a few questions and many doubts.

Do you share them? Sound off and VOTE below:


And the Winner is?
Yes, they are meant to be!
Yes, they are meant to be!
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Vote for YES!

Will they make it? Will Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez actually exchange vows? VOTE NOW! View Poll »

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez: Engaged! With This HUGE Ring!

Alex Rodriguez ended his Major League Baseball career with 696 home runs.

But the polarizing third basement saved his biggest swing for Saturday night...

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Together

... when he aimed for the fences with Jennifer Lopez and connected!

On an agreement to become husband and wife!

That's right, readers, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are engaged! To be married!

Both superstars shared the enormous news at the same time posing a photo of the gigantic rock Rodriguez gifted to Lopez on Instagram.

“She said yes,” captioned the image, which featured the diamond on his bride-to-be's finger, while J. Lo published the same snapshot along with including eight black heart emojis in her caption.

Prepare yourselves to be blown away -- but here's an up-close look at the rock in question:

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring

According to a People Magazine insider, Rodriguez popped the life-altering question during a vacation in the Bahamas.

He also did so after posted a quote on his Instagram Story defining a soulmate.

It reads as follows:

A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.

A soulmate is someone who loves you with so much conviction, and so much heart, that it is nearly impossible to doubt just how capable you are of becoming exactly who you have always wanted to be.

Who knew Alex Rodriguez was such a romantic, huh?


The happy news comes nearly seven weeks after the couple celebrated its two-year anniversary on February 3.

Back when they first got together, most observers assumed this would be a mere fling between two very rich and attractive people with an extensive dating history.

But they actually have proven to support each other at all times in public and the feelings have seemed quite real for awhile now.

“You make my world a more beautiful safe and stable place … in the midst of our ever-changing, ever moving life,” Lopez wrote in part of a touching Instagram post to celebrate the two-year mark.

Added Rodriguez in his own message at the time:

"We are meant to be, and how much you mean to me cannot be put into words."


Rodriguez was previously married to Cynthia Scurtis.

They divorced in 2008 after six years of marriage and share two kids, Natasha, 14, and Ella, 10.

Lopez, meanwhile, was previously married to Ojani Noa, Chris Judd AND Marc Anthony. She shares twins Max and Emme, 11, with Anthony, who she divorced in 2014.

Yes, that's three marriages -- but Lopez has said in the past she would still be open to a fourth.

so good looking

“I do believe in marriage,” she told Harper's Bazaar a year ago. “And I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship.

"But I’m not forcing anything right now.”

As for A. Rod? She told this same magazine in this same interview:

"It’s good, it’s healthy; we communicate well. We understand each other’s lives in a way that most other people couldn’t."


Hailey Baldwin Finally Reveals: How Did Justin Bieber Propose?

In the latest issue of Vogue, we learned that Justin Bieber had taken a break from having sex at the time he rekindled his romance with Hailey Baldwin.

The singer talked openly about how intercourse can be a "vice" and how God rewarded him for his recent celibacy by setting Justin back up with Hailey.

Pretty revealing stuff, right? You can read all about it here:

In her own video interview with the same magazine, however, Baldwin reveals even more about her relationship with the singer.

For instance: How did Bieber propose?!?

"We were alone in a house, just the two of us," the model explains simply. "It was very special."

Oh, okay. Not tons of detail there, huh?

Baldwin said she was surprised when the question was popped, however, as were all of Bieber's fans back in July when this development occurred.

Big Kiss for Hailey

The stars then went ahead this past fall and got married by a judge.

But they do plan to hold a religious ceremony with all their family members and friends at some point; not that Baldwin has apparently given it much thought.

"I can't say much, but it's kind of like an off-white color," she said to Vogue of her gown for that big day.

She also confirmed the pop star got her father Stephen Baldwin's permission before asking the life-altering question last year.

Still, though, when asked how much of her day is dedicated to wedding planning, Baldwin confessed.... not as much as it should be.

"Not a lot, which reminds me that I should probably get on top of it," she admitted.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

There had been chatter about the pair getting married next month in Los Angeles, but that may not be the case any longer.

As for other details Hailey dishes on in the video below?

When asked what Bieber's worst habit is, she said he "doesn't have any."

The star also said she admires her husband's "heart for other people" above all else.

She sometimes borrows his socks and would not change his fashion choices.

"I think he has great style," she says.

Once vows are exchanged again in the near future, talk will probably turn to the couple having kids.

Baldwin says openly here that her ultimate goal in life is to "have a family of my own," so it sounds like a bunch of little Bieber may be running around pretty soon.

Can you imagine?!?

Hailey can.

I'm in "the best place I've ever been," she tells Vogue.

Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe: We’re Banging, Alright!

It really is all happening, Bachelor Nation.

On Wednesday morning, Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe confirmed what has been rumored for several weeks now:

The ABC alums are, indeed, in a romantic entanglement.

boothe and

The former Bachelorette star and Tartick - who competed on Becca Kufrin’s season of the long-running reality series - have been getting it on for about a month now.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Tartick said in a live interview on the Today show.

The camera then panned over to Bristowe, who was in the studio with her new boyfriend and clearly very happy about their relationship status.

“I’m here!” Bristowe said through laughter on the program, adding:

“I mean, I was going to use my podcast to break the news, but I guess the Today show beat me to it.”

The new couple then giggled as Tartick was asked how long they’ve been a “steady item.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe in 2017

“About a month or so,” the banker told the host, prior to gushing over how they met.

“On her podcast,” he continued. “We were friends [with] a little banter here and there. And then the friendship turned into a relationship.”

Bristowe and Tartick didn't really stun anyone with reveal.

It came two weeks after the Bristowe spoke about the romance during an episode of her aforementioned podcast, where she said she considers him her boyfriend after going on a couple of dates in Denver earlier this month.

“We both feel like we’re established and where we wanna be in our lives and we have, like, the self-love and respect to actually, like, be in a mature, healthy relationship,” she told listeners at the time.

Jason Tartick Picture

The new Bachelor Nation twosome has established itself three months after Bristowe confirmed her break-up from Shawn Booth... who she met, fell in love with and got engaged to on the season 19 finale of The Bachelorette in 2015.

"I just want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of my relationship with Kaitlyn over the years," Booth wrote to followers in mid-November, saying at the time:

"Thank you to everyone who has sent their love & support during this painful time."

In a joint statement late last year, they said:

After three incredible years, we have decided to go our separate ways. This difficult decision comes after thoughtful, respectful consideration.

Even though we are parting as a couple, we’re very much committed to remaining friends and we will continue to support each other.

Due to the nature of how we met, our relationship has always been very public, and we have enjoyed sharing it with all of you, but we ask that you respect our decision and our privacy at this time.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and jet

It didn't sound like there were any hard feelings between the stars.

Just a handful of tears on both sides.

But Bristowe has bounced back big time now!

Will Jason, who nearly became the new Bachelor instead of Colton Underwood, and Kaitlyn make it to the altar?

Only time will tell, folks!

Miley Cyrus: I Cyberf-ck Liam Hemsworth All the Time!

At this point, it's unclear whether Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth will ever get married.

There are rumors on a near weekly basis about the stars walking down the aisle, but we're yet to spot a single wedding ring on either of their fingers.

Miles Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Still, though.

Just because Cyrus and Hemsworth may never be husband and wife, this doesn't mean they never do what husbands and wives typically do on the night of their nuptials.

That is, Miley and Liam manage to have lots of sex.

Even when they are not physically in the same place.

In an interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday, Cyrus was asked by the shock jock how the singer and the actor maintain their physical chemistry when each must travel so often for work.

Ogling Liam

And Miley had a simple and obvious response to this question:

"That's what FaceTime's for. Cybersex."

Oh, right. Of course.

Cyrus may have been joking, but she also may have been serious.

We've heard for awhile, after all, that she and Liam have lots of wild intercourse.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are Together

For two very famous people who are pretty active on social media, Cyrus and Hemsworth actually keep their romance more private than you'd expect.

This is because the celebrities live a mostly "regular life," Miley explained to Stern, getting candid and elaborating as follows:

"He's a really amazing cook.

"So I just end up smoking weed and eating, and he has these weird genetics, where him and his brother are actually f-cking superheros and they just eat.

"And I'm like, 'Why am I getting so soft?' And he's like, 'I'm feeding the cannons.' And all of the sudden he just eats and eats and eats and he gets more ripped.

"It's not fair! I wake up where I can't open my eyes because I've had so much salt."

Miley Cyrus Loves Liam Hemsworth

On a more serious note, Cyrus and Hemsworth lost their home last month in the Malibu fires.

Miley told Stern that Liam "got a lot of action" for saving all of their animals at the time, even getting two pigs into a crate.

"We travel around together, usually we live in Malibu, so right now we live in Nashville and adjusting," she explained.

"And I think the hardest thing for both of us right now is to go back, a lot of people are starting to get back to their homes, people that didn't lose their homes.

"But Malibu just isn't the same for right now, the air quality, the water, 'cause he surfs every day."

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Walking Dogs

Hemsworth and Cyrus met way, way, way back in the day on the set of the film The Last Song.

They broke up for a couple years, but always remained close and now seem more committed than ever before. Marriage be damned.

"I call him my survival partner now," Cyrus told Stern, concluding:

"He thinks it's not romantic, but I learned that it is. It is why you pair up with someone is for survival."

Catelynn Baltierra: I Am Not Getting a Divorce, Okay?!?

Catelynn Baltierra gets where the rumors are coming from.

She really does.

But the veteran Teen Mom star still has a message to send to critics, trolls and haters.

Catelynn on Season 8

And that message it this:


Catelynn and Tyler have faced questions about their relationship for many months now.

But those questions grew more intense after it came out on a recent Teen Mom OG episode that Tyler wanted a separation.

Did this really happen? Yes. Is this really what Tyler wants? Yes.

But it's not your typical separation.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell at the VMAs

“YES we are having a 30 day reflection time. NO we are not getting a divorce!" Catelynn wrote in a since-deleted Instagram message on Friday.

She added of her daughter, this unusual arrangement and her hospitalization for mental health issues earlier this year:

"YES I know what I put him and nova through when I left for treatment."

Tyler explained in a recent interview that he and Catelynn are committed to each other and remain very much in love.

He simply thinks they need some space from each other from time to time, while acknowledging that they still hang out during this "reflection" time and are still in couples therapy.

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra

In the aforementioned social media post, Catelynn only had positive things to say about her husband.

“He was AMAZING and supported me through the whole time! I also knew I had to go so I wouldn’t commit SUICIDE! I am supporting what he wants now! We love each other and ALWAYS WILL!”

Catelynn suffered a miscarriage early in 2018 and the fallout from such a trauma resulted in her needing to enter rehab for a few weeks in order to deal with ongoing Depression.

Tyler confessed at times that this disorder made things difficult on occasion.

But he also expressed his support for Catelynn at every turn.

"The main goal is to stay with my wife and live this life. We love each other," he told Us Weekly after the latest episode of Teen Mom OG aired.

Sadly, though, not everyone gets it.

Cb message

As you can see above, Catelynn has been facing a great deal of backlash from strangers online these days.

She addressed these cruel individuals on Wednesday by writing:

"Some of u people disgust me!

"How can we treat other women with such hate & nasty words? Especially when they r carrying a child!!! No wonder I didn’t use social media 4 the longest time!

"At least I can go 2 sleep knowing I’m not an evil, vile person."

Tyler, for his part, has also tried to tell these same people to chill out and shut up.

ty message

Conclued Catelynn earlier in the week:

Why can’t we lift one another instead of feeling the need to be so rude and disgusting? Thank god my girls will be taught to speak kindly to other people and to stand up for themselves!

THANK YOU to all my supporters you all rock!!!!!

Tyler and Catelynn have been together since middle school and are expecting their third child in March.

(They gave up the first for adoption and happily parent three-year old Nova together these days.)

The couple has revealed that it is expecting a girl and she will be named Tezlee.

Yes, Tezlee.

Allow Tyler to explain...

Jen Harley and Ronnie Magro Seriously Can’t Quit Each Other

It seems very possible that Jen Harley recently pounded Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in the face.

Despite this allegation, however, the troubled reality stars continue to pound each other.

In the bedroom, we mean.

ron with jen

Just a few days ago, Ronnie shared a close-up of his face and his left eye, both of which appeared to be battered and bruised.

Along with this disturbing image, the veteran Jersey Shore cast member wrote as a caption:

“Sorry for lying to my friends and family. Sometimes u love people so much [you’re] willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to protect."

Translation: Harley beat the crap out of me again.

Right? How else were we meant to interpret this message and this picture?

A few months prior to Ronnie's apparent assault reveal, he had been dragged down the street from a car that Harley was driving./


Jen with Ronnie

And just a short time before this ridiculous incident, Harley was banned from a Las Vegas hotel after she (allegedly) got physical with Ronnie on a different occasion.

And these altercations followed an ugly exchange between Ronnie and Harley on social media, as documented below.

Simply put, these two do NOT belong together...

Shortly after Ronnie shared the back eye picture, Jen replied to a fan on social media who asked about her having future contact with her baby daddy, writing:

“No I will never speak to him again. I’ve kept my mouth shut for to (sic) long.”

That was on Friday.

On Saturday, Harley and Ronnie were spotted out and about, chilling with friends on a boat.

The MTV star himself posted clips aboard the boat of him and Harley, the latter of whom was donning a pink fluoro bikini, as you can see in the first picture in this article above.

Ronnie on the Lake

According to TMZ, meanwhile, the effed up twosome was in Florida, celebrating Harley's birthday with a handful of loved ones.

On Sunday, Jen shared a series of text messages between her and Ortiz-Magro on Instagram, saying along with them: “the truth about the Black eye lol.”

“I’ll fix it baby,” a message allegedly from Ronnie reads, assing:

“U want me to post something say that I reacted out of anger and that it was a double sided incendet (sic) and we are working at making things better so we are never back in that situation again.”

“Lmfao. Nahhhh so it look like your so scared of me you had too,” Harley responded, adding that Ortiz-Magro made her “wanna puke right now.”

We can't figure these two out, that's for certain.

Ronnie's Black Eye

But we do know they have a six-month old daughter at home and better shape the hecl up for her sake.

Harley and Ortiz-Magro, who started dating in July 2017, have documented their tumultuous relationship on social media and on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

You can tune in each Thursday night to see how this awful relationship plays out.

Just consider yourself warned:

It will be funny at first and then, once you realize they are parents of a baby girl, it will be downright nauseating and awful to witness.

Roger Mathews Celebrates Anniversary With Jenni Farley Despite Separation

Last month, Jersey Shore fans were stunned when Jenni Farley filed for divorce from Roger Mathews.

The couple was beloved by fans, and their marriage was considered by many to be the most stable among the Shore cast.

JWoww and Roger Matthews

Adding to the confusion over the situation is the fact that the decision to split was not a mutual one.

In fact, it seems as though Jenni made up her mind abruptly and without warning.

Mathews has pleaded with Farley to give him a second chance in a series of heartfelt social media posts.

Of course, fans of Shore won't be surprised to learn that JWoww is not the sentimental type and was not swayed by Rogers first attempts at a reconciliation.

But to his credit, Mathews has not given up.

This week marked three years since he and Farley got married, and he celerated the occasion by posting the photo below on his Instagram page:

JWoww Wedding Photo

"This happened 3 years ago today. 8 years together total," Mathews captioned the pic.

"3006 days together. Not one of them was a flawless day. Not one of them would I change.

"Happy Anniversary Babe @jwoww Wedding video in my bio cause I’m a corny traditionalist."

Obviously, Roger's post tugs at the old heartstrings, but for all we know, Jenni is right to stand her ground.

Roger Mathews and JWOWW Photo

There have been no allegations of cheating or abuse, but those who know the couple best say they've been showing signs of being mismatched for quite some time.

“The split was a long time coming," one insider tells Us Weekly.

"Everyone was hoping they’d work it out, but it didn’t happen.”

JWOWW and Roger Mathews in the Car

Mathews seemed to confirm as much in one of his videos:

“There’s no cheating or any dumb s—t or any juicy details," the 43-year-old recently informed fans. 

"She just grew tired of the repetitive pattern that we fell into … and [it was] not a good one,” he added.

Roger went on to say that he understands his wife's reasons for leaving -- but feels that things will be different if they give their marriage a second chance:

Roger Mathews and JWOWW

“I don’t blame her. I’m not done fighting. I’m gonna win my wife back," Mathews told the camera.

"I’m gonna win her affection back, I’m gonna win her love back … We’re in counseling so there is hope. it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

JWoww, on the other hand, has been hesitant to speak about the split.

In her September filing, the mother of two cited only “irreconcilable differences” as her reason for leaving. 

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber: Yes, We’re Married!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have reportedly put an end to one of the weirder controversies in recent memory.

Simply put: Yes, the stars are married.

We never thought we'd have to clarify such a thing about such a famous couple.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

But Bieber and Baldwin have remained oddly coy ever since entering a New York City courthouse a few weeks ago and... maybe tying the knot?

Maybe just obtainining a marriage license?

This has been the question ever since: Are they actually husband and wife or not?!?

On Wednesday, a woman named Nona Melkoni told Us Weekly that she sat next to Bieber and Baldwin at the restaurant at Joan’s on Third in Studio City.

And she evidently took it upon herself to play investigative reporter.

“I asked them if they were married and they simultaneously said yes!” Melkoni explained to this tabloid, adding:

"They were both very happy and kind. He told me that she’s his angel. They were super sweet!”

Justin Bieber, Fiancee

Wow. So there we have it, we guess.

Earlier this month, we reported that the pair had, indeed, exchanged vows inside the aforementioned courthouse and even that Baldwin was pregnant with Justin's child.

We now stand by the first half of that sentence, but we cannot verify the second half.

Previously, insiders have claimed that Baldwin and Bieber did not want to acknowledge their status until they had a religious marriage ceremony.

They almost didn't even view the legal side of their arrangement as "counting," if that makes any sense.

The Bieb and the Baild

At some point down the line, Hailey and Justin will have a far bigger ceremony and reception.

They will be married by a priest, presumably, and celebrate with all their family members and loved ones.

It's simply unclear exactly when this will happen and exactly why they went the courthouse route to begin with.

What's crystal clear, however, is how in love the singer is with the model.

Sorry, ladies, but it's true.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

After rekindling their romance in June, Bieber and Baldwin stunned the world when they got engaged in July.

They've been pretty open about their feelings for each other in the months since. To wit:

"He is incredible," Baldwin gushed in an interview with Harper's Bazaar published Tuesday. "He crushes everything. Every song, every feature."

In this same interview, Hailey didn't hesitate when it came to having children with The Biebs, bringing up the topic herself in a sort of roundabout way by remarking:

"I want more (tattoos), but I’m keeping space for my kids’ names, and certain sentimental things, and I don’t want to fill all the cute spots before … I get there."

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

Due to the witness account outlined above, the question no longer seems to be whether Baldwin and Bieber are married.

Instead, attention now turns to whether the latter will make the former sign a postnuptial agreement in order to protect his giant fortune.

It's been estimated at $250 million.

We know Justin is head over heels over head again in love with Hailey and everything... but we've simply seen too many celebrity marriages fall apart.

Make her sigh the document, dude.

Channing Tatum and Jessie J: Random New Couple Alert!

Hey, Jessie J:

We know someone who wants to channing all over your tatum.

In fact, according to multiple sources, he's probably already done so.

The Channing

This is all a roundable way of saying that Jessie J is apparently dating Channing Tatum.

The relationship has been going strong for a couple months now, insiders tell Us Weekly, adding that Tatum and J have been spotted together at the latter's recent concerts in Seattle and Salt Lake City.

An astute social media user even claims the stars played miniature golf together just this past Saturday in Washington.

Which is downright adorable, is it now?

Jessie J Image

“It’s new, casual and they’re having fun together," writes the aforementioned tabloid, while People Magazine also confirms this pair is knocking boots and getting at each other in the buff.

“It’s very new,” says a source simply to this publication.

But the Twitter user who witnessed Tatum and J on the course actually seems like the most reliable source here.

"Who knew a mini golf job could be so crazy," wrote @maurerpower172 on Saturday, explaining in more detail:

"Tonight I had to watch one of my a——- ex professors make out with his fiancé, then my coworker cut his hand open and had to go to the hospital, and finally Jessie j and Channing Tatum came in to play a round."

j tweet

You may recall (or you more likely do not) that the former The Voice UK presented Tatum with the award for Best Comedic Performance at the MTV Movie Awards in 2015.

The stars briefly embraced on stage as he accepted the golden popcorn trophy.

It's unclear whether they've been in regular contact since or whether this quick encounter played any role in their new romance.

Just this past April, Tatum and Jenna Dewan - who are parents to five-year-old daughter Everly - announced their decision to separate after nearly nine years of marriage.

It took us all by major surprise.

Jessie J Sings

This is what their lengthy and heartfelt statement read at the time:

We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple. We fell deeply in love so many years ago and have had a magical journey together

Absolutely nothing has changed about how much we love one another, but love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths for now.

There are no secrets nor salacious events at the root of our decision - just two best-friends realizing it’s time to take some space and help each other live the most joyous, fulfilled lives as possible.

We are still a family and will always be loving dedicated parents to Everly.

We won’t be commenting beyond this, and we thank you all in advance for respecting our family’s privacy.

Channing Tatum Red Carpet Image

And it's true: neither has uttered many words about the split since.

Dewan simply said this to Women's Health in July:

"It’s OK for a relationship to change into a new form that is actually better for both people involved, and I think that’s maybe what shocked everyone so much - that it can be a positive thing.

"That was ultimately what happened with us.

Neither Tatum nor J has commented on their relationship.

So we're mostly left to wonder and speculate here.

And we're gonna go ahead and wildly speculate about the following:

These two hotties must have outstanding intercourse!

Tristan Thompson Was Ready to Propose to Khloe, Until…

As previously recappd, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian jetted off to Japan on this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

But buried in the rundown of the latest fight between these siblings was the fact that Tristan Thompson admitted during this same installment that he wanted Khloe to go someplace else with him at some point:

The altar.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on SnapChat

Oh, yes, the professional baller (in the sense of playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and plowing any Instagram model that shows interest) said he had plans to propose!

In a scene from the installment, Thompson FaceTimed with Kris Jenner in order to chat about a push present for Kardashian.

(At the time, she was expecting the couple’s first child, daughter True. These episodes were filmed a hilariously long time ago.)

“I remember Koko saying she wanted something where she could pass it down, generation after generation,” Thompson told Kris, to which she replied as follows:

“You know, Corey [Gamble] bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago this really beautiful little diamond ring that you could put on any finger.

"You know, until you get that really huge diamond that’s going to go on on her ring finger!”

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Kiss

In other words:

Ask for my daughter's hand in marriage, dammit!

What are you waiting for?!?

Not much, Tristan actually replied, stating on this call that he has every intention of making an honest woman out of Khloe.

“Of course,” he replied about proposing. “Eventually!”

Wow. We had no idea Thompson had really thought about this possibility at all.

So... why didn't he go through with it?

Mom and Dad Pic

Because it soon came out that he had been cheating on Khloe left, right and in every direction in between.

Those allegations had not yet come to light when Thompson had this discussion with Jenner and he's been spending every second since merely getting Khloe to trust him again.

It would be quite the leap to go from sleeping around on your girlfriend to then getting engaged to this same girlfriend in just a matter of months.

Many viewers, meanwhile, are wondering whether we'll see Khloe's reaction to Tristan's infidelity on upcoming episodes -- and the answer is yes.

You can even get a sneak peek at what this will look like HERE.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Kiss

While the new mother has largely avoided publicly discussing the cheating scandal, Khloe did address it on social media last month.

She did so while responding to speculation that she and Thompson were talking about, you guessed it... getting married.

In a reply to an Instagram user who accused her of “acting like Tristan didn’t cheat," Khloe grew defensive and shot back:

“I’m not acting as if Tristan didn’t cheat. I’m saying the story about marriage and anyone insinuating they know what we speak about privately is crap."

Fair enough, right?

Khloe and Tristan Thompson, All My Love

As for whether the pair will walk down the aisle someday?

Let's slow that roll.

The better question right now is whether Khloe will move to Cleveland with Tristan, as insider now say she is having doubts.

“Khloe has seemed emotional,” says a People Magazine source, adding:

“Her feelings about Tristan cheating is something that she is still dealing with. She has good weeks when she is fine about it and weeks when she is upset about it.

"It’s of course difficult to trust someone 100 percent who cheated days before he was about to become a dad.

"Khloe still struggles with this sometimes.”

Hailey Baldwin: Stop Saying I’m Married to Justin Bieber!

Welcome to the great marital debate of 2018.

Earlier on Friday, multiple sources reported that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber has entered a New York City courthouse... obtained a marriage license... and exchanged vows.

That's to say: Baldwin and Bieber are married!!!!!!!

Hailey Baldwin Insta Pic

How exciting and unexpected, right?

Yes, if these reports are accurate.

But a pretty reliable source who is very close to the situation is telling everyone to please slow his or her roll.

Because no marriage has actually taken place.

“I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I’m not married yet!” the 21-year-old model Tweeted Friday evening.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

But here's the the thing; this message has since been mysteriously deleted, so make of that what you will.

And here's the other thing: People Magazine is sticking by its claim that Bieber and Baldwin are husband and wife.

According to this publication's sources, Bieber and Baldwin exchanged vows this afternoon and signed their marriage license.

They are absolutely, 100%, legally wed.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

HOWEVER, Hailey “feels a civil ceremony and their ‘real’ wedding are two separate things," one source explains, adding that the stars will hold a much bigger gathering somewhere down the line.

Adds a religious source, dubbed as such by People:

“What happened at the courthouse is a courthouse thing - a legal thing. But marriage is two people making a vow before God and the people they love.”

(Just to be clear: That's completely false. A marriage, by definition, is a legally binding agreement between two people.)

Hailey Baldwin Ring

TMZ, meanwhile, first broke the news of Justin and Hailey entering a courthouse in New York.

It even quoted a witness who overheard Bieber telling Baldwin, "I can't wait to marry you, baby."

But this celebrity gossip website says no ceremony of any kind took place, but we can expect one to be held some time next week.

Oh, and in case you were wondering why Baldwin and Bieber moved up their alleged plans to get married in 2019... it's NOT because she's pregnant, TMZ writes.

Justin Bieber, Fiancee

So that's where things stand at the moment.

No one is really certain what's going on.

But we do know that Bieber and Baldwin got engaged in early July.

The pair has stayed close after just having what appeared to be a fling a couple years ago; and then reunited romantically this summer after Justin committed himself to his faith.

They've since written some very nice things about each other on social media, with Bieber penning the following message to Hailey the day after their engagement news broke:

Hailey Baldwin in Red

My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first!

You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else. You make me so much better and we compliment eachother so well!!

Can’t wait for the best season of life yet!. It’s funny because now with you everything seems to make sense!

The thing I am most excited for is that my little brother and sister get to see another healthy stable marriage and look for the same!!!

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

That was just two months ago, but Baldwin has made no secret in the past that she sees no reason to have a long engagement.

When you know, you know... you know?

“My sister was 24 when she got married, and my parents also got married when they were young, too. I see no reason to wait. When you know it’s right, it’s right.” she told The Cut.

Baldwin also said her parents are totally on board:

“I said to them, ‘You’d stop me if you didn’t think this was the right decision, right?’ And they didn’t.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: MARRIED!!!

Well, it's official, folks.

Justin Bieber is a married man.

Justin Bieber, Fiancee

Multiple sources have confirmed to People magazine that Bieber and Hailey Baldwin tied the knot in a small private ceremony in New York City on Thursday.

The couple was spotted applying for a marriage license in Manhattan earlier that day, but it was widely assumed that they were in the early stages of wedding preparations.

Instead, Bieber and Baldwin executed a secretive ceremony every bit as surprising as the rest of their whirlwind romance.

Justin and Hailey got engaged back in July, but fans remained skeptical that they would ever take the plunge together.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

“They went ahead and did it without listening to anyone,” an insider tells People.

No word yet on whether or not Justin stuck with his recent "Pablo Escobar associate hiding out in West Virginia" look for the ceremony, but don't worry -- it seems he and Hailey's wedding celebration has just begun.

A second insider -- identified only as "a religious source" tells People that Mr. and Mrs. Bieber are planning a second ceremony, this one featuring a guest list of hundreds.

“They’re going to have a big blowout, in front of God and everyone they love,” says the tipster.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

TMZ reports that Justin and Hailey were "extremely emotional" while obtaining their marriage license at an NYC courthouse.

“I can’t wait to marry you, baby," Bieber reportedly told Baldwin at one point.

One onlooker claims Justin was heard to remark, “Thanks for keeping it on the DL" while speaking with a court official.

Though Justin's loyal fan base was initially split on the news of his engagement, the response to his marriage has been overwhelmingly favorable thus far, with tens of thousands taking to social media to congratulate the couple.

All Aboard This Plane

While some remain chagrined that Justin is off the market, others see marriage as another step in the maturation of the once-troubled pop icon.

Thus far, neither party has spoken publicly about their low-key wedding, but insiders say both man and wife are ecstatic.

Our sincerest congrats go out to both Justin and Hailey on this joyous occasion.

And we're not just saying that because we desperately want to be invited to the star-studded reception.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra: We’re Engaged! And Gorgeous!

Just about a month after the exciting news broke that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were engaged, the hunky singer and the gorgeous actress accomplished two things on Saturday:

They confirmed the huge development.

They celebrated in a very special way with family and friends.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Engagement Pic

“Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love,” Jonas captioned the above snapshot on Instagram this morning.

As you can see, it depicts the famous and beloved couple embracing, as Chopra places her hand (and massive engagement ring) on his chest. 

The Quantico star, meanwhile, shared the same picture on her social media page and wrote along with it:

“Taken.. With all my heart and soul."

These beautiful words were just the beginning, however.

The confirmation from the celebrities came on the same day their families united for the first time to celebrate the soon-to-be husband and wife’s engagement in Chopra’s home country of India.

And both Jonas and Chopra included many pictures from the unique party on their respective Instagram pages...

They Will! Together!

"The only way to do this... with Family and God. Thank you all for your wishes and blessings," wrote Chopra as a caption to the gallery of images we've posted above and below.

The truly awesome photos featured Chopra and Jonas posing for another engagement shot, along with photographs taken while the two participated in a Hindu prayer ceremony.

Fans have been curious about this relationship ever since the stars walked the red carpet together at the Met Gala last year.

Speculation then ramped upto fevered pitch after People Magazine reported an engagement...

... and the director of Chopra's latest project Tweeted last month that the actress was out of his "Bharat" film with a thinly veiled reference to singer-actor Jonas.

Family Photo Time

"Yes Priyanka Chopra is no more part of @Bharat_TheFilm & and the reason is very very special , she told us in the Nick of time about her decision and we are very happy for her," Ali Abbas Zafar wrote, adding at the time:

"Team Bharat wishes @priyankachopra loads of love & happiness for life."

Jonas, of course, rose to fame as a member of a boy band made up of him and two of his brothers.

The group has since split, but Jonas has maintained his fame via a solo career and a few acting gigs.

Celebrating with Faith

Chopra, meanwhile, is actually good friends with Meghan Markle and Serena Williams.

She just wrapped up a leading role in the ABC drama Quantico, which marked her first starring role in American television.

The actress was a a giant name in Bollywood prior to her job on this series.

“So happy for the engagement of our son @nickjonas and we welcome @priyankachopra into our family with love and excitement,” wrote Kevin, Sr. on Instagram this week.

Love and Blessings

As far as proposal details go?

All we know for sure is that Jonas popped the big question back in July.

“His friends and family have never seen him like this, and they’re all really excited for him. He’s definitely very serious about her,” an insider tells People.

Well, yeah! We'd sure hope so! The two are set to get married!

They have our very best wishes.

Russ and Paola Mayfield: We’re Having A…

Brace yourselves, 90 Day Fiance fans.

We now know exactly what the stork is bringing Russ and Paola Mayfield.

In a very sweet and revealing Instagram message, the veteran reality stars alerted fans to the gender of the baby growing inside of Paola.

Kiss for the Mayfields

Are you ready to find out?

Are you sure?

Okay. Here we go...


We'll let Paola explain in further detail, per her caption to the photos above and below:

We are having a BOY!!!!

I didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl, I just wanted a healthy baby and to be able to have it in my arms as soon as possible.

Of course I’m always rooting for a girl but a boy is a blessing as well and I know my husband is really excited!

This is an amazing experience now I can finally say I’m pregnant!!! I’m having a little boy.

Boy on Tap

The Mayfields announced their first child was on the way back in late July.

They did so via the following statement to Us Weekly:

"This is the most amazing feeling ever! We can’t believe we are going to be parents - we are already so in love with our baby.

"We are ready for this new adventure and we know it will bring us closer together.

"God has blessed us again, and this time, we are going as strong as our baby’s heartbeat."

The couple also included the following image with this adorable confirmation:

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield

News that Paola and Russ are expecting was met with surprise and also joy by fans of 90 Day Fiance.

We say surprise because there had been chatter as recently as a few weeks ago that the twosome's marriage was on the rocks, as they seemingly could never settle the tension that existed over Paola so often posing near-nude.

And we say joy because Paola suffered a miscarriage last year.

This tragedy took a toll on the relationship in a variety of ways.

But Russ has strongly defended his union every step of the way, telling off trolls on Instagram not long before this pregnancy news went viral.

Paola Mayfield Pregnant Picture

"Keep hating and commenting to better your dull lives because your opinions are meaningless in my eyes," Russ said at this time, pulling nary a punch and concluding:

"You’re only hurting yourself hiding behind your keyboard. Which proves nothing to you or me...

"I am proud of where I come from,. And where I am going and that’s with the love of my life."

So there you have it. Well said.

Congratulations on the impending little boy, Russ and Paola!

Leah Messer Flaunts Relationship With Scandalous New Boyfriend on Instagram!

Leah Messer's love life is a subject of constant fascination among Teen Mom 2 fans.

For a while there it looked as though Leah would get back together with Jeremy Calvert, but when that reconciliation fizzled out, Ms. Messer quickly rebounded.

Jason Jordan and Leah Messer

These days, Leah is dating Jason Jordan, and while he seems to make her immensely happy, some fans have taken issue with the budding romance.

Over the weekend, Leah documented her latest couple's getaway on Instagram, and some fans saw the pics as an opportunity to reiterate their complaints.

For one thing, Jason is much older than Leah (she's 26; he's 38).

It's not the kind of cradle-robbery that makes you want to alert the authorities, but it's enough of an age gap to raise a few eyebrows.

Jason Jordan Smiles with Leah

Especially since despite the fact that he's pushing 40, Jason still seems to have quite a bit of growing up to do.

Naturally, once word of the relationship went public, fans started doing their research and dug up everything they could about Jason.

The most interesting thing they unearthed was a series of YouTube videos in which Jason played a character named West Virginia Meth Man.

Now, as far as we know, Jason never dabbled in meth himself.

Leah Messer and Jason Jordan

And it appears he was just poking fun at some of the more, um ... colorful residents of his home state.

Still many found the skits to be in poor taste, particularly one video in which Jason (as Meth Man) commented on the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal.

"Just want to make a little comment about Ray Rice," quoth Meth Man.

"Think he can go around punching women in the mouth, knocking them out cold. When I was high on meth one time I did that and nobody got mad. They just expect it out of me!"

Jason Jordan Photo

Now, that's obviously not the most tasteful joke, but anyone accusing Jason of condoning violence against women would be willfully misrepresenting the bit.

Should he have just refrained from joking about domestic violence at all? Probably?

But the crux of the gag is that only the most repugnant individuals -- your Ray Rices and your Meth Mans -- would engage in such behavior.

To be clear, the Meth Man routine isn't particularly funny, and Leah is probably overjoyed by the fact that her boyfriend has retired the character.

But a few seriously unfunny skits shouldn't be a deal breaker -- otherwise, Ariana Grande would have to dump Pete Davidson! Zing!

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson: Look at Us On Our Honeymoon!

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are currently in their honeymoon phase of marriage.

And we mean this literally:

The newlyweds are actively in Vienna, Austria, having the time of their lives after making the romantic committment of their lives.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson in Austria

Duggar and Swanson shared the snapshot above of themselves on this special vacation, with Josiah adding in an extended comment to Us Weekly:

“We’re so excited to be in Vienna on our honeymoon and spending this time together!

"It’s a beautiful place, with a beautiful wife. What more could a guy ask for than that?

"We are loving every minute of it. It’s still mind-blowing to think that we have the rest of our lives together. God’s goodness is overwhelming!”

Swanson also chimed in with a glowing remark about her husband and their trip.

She even included a note about why the couple selected Austria for their destination.

Lauren Swanson with Josiah Duggar

"We chose Austria for our honeymoon because The Sound of Music," Swanson told the aforementioned tabloid, adding in more detail:

"I’ve always wanted to come here and I’m loving all the scenery and traditional Austrian clothing. I am also loving the people and the culture.

"Travel like this reminds me that people everywhere are really the same, even if the culture and some experiences are different. People everywhere want joy, happiness and good things for their children and so much more.

"This trip makes me love people and desire to deliver God’s love and care to people more than ever before."

Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Image

The Counting On cast member and his life partner exchanged vows on June 30 at John Brown University Cathedral in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

The nuptials came as a surprise to even the most ardent of TLC viewers, considering Josiah and Lauren had not revealed their wedding date ahead of time.

There was even chatter that the ceremony would take place closer to the end of the year, causing some to speculate over why the wedding was moved up.

Specifically, did the pair get married in a pinch because Swanson is pregnant?

Josiah, often considered the most rebellious of Jim Bob and Michelle's children, had previously dated Marjorie Jackson in 2015.

It then took him over two years to find someone else to court.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Picture

Eventually, though, he settled on Swanson, who has been known to wear shorts that stop above the knee, which is equivalent to starring in an adult film when it comes to the Duggars.

These crazy kids are clearly meant for each other.

"What a joy it is to be husband and wife! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect!” Duggar and Swanson said about becoming husband and wife.

“What was even more perfect was to see my beautiful bride walking down the aisle.

"We are so thankful the Lord has brought us to this place and we can’t wait to begin our journey as husband and wife."

As for those curious for a look at the couple's wedding and their first kiss?

Wait no further! Just click down below!

Justin Bieber Shares (VERY!) Sultry PDA Pic with Hailey Baldwin

Whoa there, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin!

Get a room, will ya?!?

The singer has shared the most revealing photo yet of himself and his fiancee, posting to his wildly popular Instagram page a photo of him and Baldwin making out.

All Aboard This Plane

We're not even sure if making out is the proper term here, actually.

Perhaps we should go with eating each other's faces off instead.

The picture, who has received nearly six millions Likes in eight hours of being live, features Baldwin and Bieber in either a pool or a hot tub.

The model is straddling and the artist and may very well be topless, too.

Bieber is most definitely not wearing a shirt, his tattoo-filled torso making all followers drool and hate Baldwin even more than they did before.

Oh, and the famous couple is also going at it, hard, with their mouths.

See what we mean here:

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

Bieber did not include a caption with the photo, probably because the image clearly speaks for itself:

He and Baldwin are totally in love and cannot keep their hands off one another.

This much was made obvious when Justin and Hailey were caught swapping spit in New York City a few weeks ago, a public display of affection that proved they were back together.

Fast forward just a month or so and... BAM!

Bieber and Baldwin were engaged.

We're still having trouble processing the speed at which this all went down.

Justin Bieber, Fiancee

As you must know by now, however, Bieber proposed to Baldwin on a Saturday night in the Bahamas.

The news spread quickly because many witnesses were on hand to witness the magical moment, with Bieber himself confirming the bombshell about a day later.

"Plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you!" he wrote on Instagram, adding in gushing detail:

"So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY.”

Referencing a higher power and a potential for kids down the line, Justin continued:

"I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make.

"My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first! You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn’t want to spend it with anybody else.

"You make me so much better and we compliment eachother so well!! Can’t wait for the best season of life yet!"

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

Shortly after, Baldwin Tweeted her own feelings on her man and their agreement to marry:

“Not sure what I did in life to deserve such happiness but I am so utterly grateful to God for giving me such an incredible person to share my life with!

"No words could ever express my gratitude.”

So there you have it.

Amazing, right?

We hear the Bieber-Baldwin wedding is already being planned and that it may be an intimate affair.

Will it take place in Justin's native country of Canada? Quite possibly.

But we still have plenty of time to uncover those details.

For now, we thought you may be curious to see where we rank Baldwin on Bieber's list of sexual conquests:

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie: We’re Roommates!

According to a new report, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are living in sin.

How so?

By living with each other!

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Look Sad

Indeed, about one month after rumors of a Disick-Richie break-up ran rampant around the Internet, sources now tell Us Weekly that the couple isn't just going strong...

... it's taken a major step in a very serious direction.

“Scott and Sofia are moving in together,” a source tells this tabloid very simply in its latest issue, adding of the arrangement:.

“She’ll move into his house.”

The decision to shack up follows a lot of chatter about Richie ending this romance after Disick allegedly cheated on Sofia in Miami this spring.

Scott was also seen getting very close and awfully cozy with a mystery woman at Kanye West’s Ye album listening party in Wyoming on May 31.

Classic Scott Disick, right?

That's what Kourtney Kardashian would say.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on Snapchat

Still, despite the widely held belief that Disick was sticking his penis into at least one other woman just a little while back, many people close to the situation had a feeling Richie wouldn't be able to walk away.

We guess she knew what she was getting into when she started dating Disick, right?

“It’s likely not totally over,” an insider told People Magazine of Richie and Disick in early June, right around the time of their alleged split, adding:

"They’ve broken up multiple times since they started dating and always ended up back together. No one would be surprised if they’re out again together in a few days or weeks."

Well, sure, right?

Who can resist the... charm of Scott Disick? The rugged handsomeness of Scott Disick? The ability of Scott Disick to drink a lot of alcohol in one night?

We really have no idea at this point.

Scott and Sofia Get Wet

Following the news of Disick’s supposed indiscretions, a confidant revealed that Richie confided in her famous father, Lionel Richie.

And how did the veteran singer respond?

Us Weekly writes that he threatened "to cut her off and write her out of his will if she continues her relationship with Scott as he thinks he’s extremely toxic for her.”

It now sounds as if Richie is willing to call this bluff.

Disick, of course, shares three kids with Kardashian: Mason, 8, Penelope, 6, and Reign, 3.

How does Kourtney feel about her ex-boyfriend's new living situation?

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Valentines Throwback

"She couldn’t be bothered by the drama,” says this first source. “She just cares about the kids and that they’re OK with the situation, which they are."

It also helps that Kourtney is on vacation at the moment as well.

And by the looks of things, she has every reason not to care at all about what Scott is doing.

Because look at who Kourtney is doing:

Hot Kourtney and Younes Bendjima

Nice catch there, Kourt.

Go ahead and suck a large one, Scott.

Tristan Thompson: "Trapped" In Relationship With Khloe Kardashian?

Well, here's a twist that nobody saw coming.

All this time we figured Tristan Thompson was groveling at Khloe Kardashian's feet, begging her to forgive him for cheating while she was carrying his child.

Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian Match Clothes

But according to a new report from Radar Online, Khloe is the one who's desperate to make this relationship work, despite the many, many signs that it's time to call it quits.

A source tells the site that Tristan is currently in Los Angeles with Khloe and her familly -- and he's hating every second of it.

“She will not let him leave, telling him that he has months before training season even starts,” says the insider.

Tristan is still in contact with at least one of his side-chicks, and there have been other indicators that he's eager to return to the single life.

But apparently Khloe has been turning a blind eye to all of them.

It seems Thompson is willing to compromise by allowing Khloe to accompany him back to Cleveland, but she wants no part of that plan.

Khloe and Tristan on Christmas

“Tristan’s more than happy to take True back to Cleveland, but Khloe insists she doesn’t want to go back there for a while,” says the source.

We suppose that makes sense, as Khloe just spent the entire NBA playoffs alone at Tristan's house while he traveled with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Khloe's mother and sisters are all in LA, as well as her livelihood, and sources say she's been desperate to get back home.

But apparently, Tristan is not at all open to the idea of spending his entire summer on the West Coast.

Khloe's family has been encouraging her to dump Tristan for months, so not surprisingly, they're totally on board with letting him head back to Cleveland.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on New Year's Eve

“The best thing for the both of them would be space,” the source says, noting that Khloe has been resistant to that idea, as she “wants the family thing so bad.”

Sadly, it seems Tristan is simply not on the same page:

“He feels trapped in this situation and feels Khloe’s using the baby to manipulate him into staying close to her," the insider claims.

Complicating the situation is the possibility that Tristan might get traded and wind up relocating to a city that Khloe isn't willing to live in.

We know they have a daughter together, but really -- how many warning signs can one couple ignore?

Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus: Planning a Wedding Even Though He’s Still Married?!

It's been almost a year since the world first learned that Ben Affleck and Lindsey Shookus are dating, and these days, the couple is reportedly ready to take the next step together.

Unfortunately, there are some sizable barriers blocking their path.

Ben Affleck, Lindsay Shookus

According to a new report from Entertainment Tonight Lindsey is seeking a commitment from Ben, who seems hesitant to pop the question.

But to his credit, there's a very good reason for that:

"Lindsay and Ben are very much in love,” a source tells the outlet.

“During Ben and Jennifer [Garner's] split, Lindsay truly felt villainized. Every day she spent with Ben out in the world for people to see felt like another day of public scrutiny, but her love for Ben was worth it," the insider adds. 

"They both learned to stick by each other during those painful months.”

See, therein lies the issue.

Ben and Jen

The source makes it sound like Affleck and Garner's split was an ugly chapter in their lives that's now over and done with.

But the fact is Ben and Jen still aren't divorced.

Yes, despite the fact Affleck and Garner have been separated for three years, they're still legally married.

We're sure that's primarily because of legal and financial entanglements, but still ...

Lindsay probably isn't too thrilled about the situation.

The insider adds that Ben and Lindsay are planning to spend their lives together, but have thus far avoided any public discussion of marriage:

Ben Affleck Winks

"Ben has worked incredibly hard on his sobriety and Lindsay has been his rock. He will be forever grateful for all her love and support," says the source.

"They are both constantly being asked if they are planning to tie the knot, but for now they taking it one day at a time.”

It's good that he's taking his recovery seriously, but we can't help but think Ben's leaning pretty hard on that "but, babe, my sobriety" excuse:

"Ben knows he loves Lindsay, but he wants to take things slow for the sake of his sobriety. He’s actually been told to take it slow and he's heeding that advice," the insider claims.

"Ben isn't ready to propose and has no plans to get engaged anytime soon, but Lindsay feels he is worth the wait.”

We're rooting for ya, Shook.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Get Engaged (You Won’t Believe Where!)

Bachelor in Paradise?

More like... No Longer a Paradise Because I Just Asked the Woman of My Dreams to Marry Me! In Paradise!

Indeed, while this reality show title would be way too long and would make very little sense in nearly every context, it would apply perfectly at the moment to Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon on a Beach

According to People Magazine (and the revealing photo below), Haibon popped the biggest question of his life to Iaconetti on Sunday.

And he did it in a way that was simultaneously romantic, public and very much planned ahead of time:

He proposed while filming Bachelor in Paradise Season 5.

In an image released by ABC, Haibon Haibon got down on one knee on the beach, opened up his ring case and allegedly stunned his bride-to-be, who reacted by placing her hands on her chest and throwing her head back in excitement.

Back in 2015, loyal fans of this reality series may recall, Iaconetti was devastated to be turned down by Haibon after seemingly getting close to him on Season 2 of this same series.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Pic

But the stars remained close and Haibon eventually came to the same realization Ashley had before him:

They were soulmates!

"I never felt like it was over between us after Paradise, which is why I said we're still going to be friends," Jared said during a YouTube video of the couple's love story, which they titled "The Story of Us."

"Like, it just didn't feel over," he added in this lengthy and often-mocked piece of footage.

Haibon also admitted in this video that Ashley dating some other dude is what gave him the "kick in the ass" he needed to see what was in front of him this entire time.

Watch the video here:

"Bachelor Nation hasn’t seen so many of the important details that make up our story," the couple says in this video, adding:

"[We] thought there was no better way to explain to the people who have followed our love lives for over three years than by filming our own episode of The Story of Us."

Back during their first run on Bachelor in Paradise, there was chatter that Haibon and Iaconetti had sex, which would have been the first time for the latter enjoying such an experience.

It might explain what has drawn Ashley to Jared with such intensity over the years if this rumor is accurate.

ash and jared

“There’s just this undeniable, magnetic force between the two of us that just is indescribable,” Haibon told People Magazine at the annual Nylon Young Hollywood Party last mont, adding at the time:

“Love conquered.”

And then there was this from Iaconetti, said to Bachelor alum Ben Higgins during iHeartRadio's The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast:

""He is my person. He is my soul mate."

What else ise there to say?

Congrats to the very, very happy couple!

Jersey Shore Halts Filming In Vegas Due to Ronnie Magro-Jen Harley Drama

Oh, that Rahn. Will he ever stahp?

That's likely the question on the mind of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's castmates today, as the Jersey Shore crew was forced to stop filming ahead of schedule due to ongoing drama between Ronnie and his baby mama, Jen Harley.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Parties

Until yesterday, the cast was in Las Vegas filming a second season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

The title isn't terribly apt in Magro's case, as Vegas is his home turf these days.

So it was a bad choice of locale for reasons that go beyond the irony of filming a show with "Shore" in the title in the middle of a landlocked state.

You see, if you've been watching the current season of JSFV, you know that Ron and Jen's relationship isn't the greatest.

During his time in South Beach, Ronnie cheated on Jen with a French woman who was unimaginatively dubbed "French Fry."

But that was only the beginning of their problems.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Image

Shortly after that episode aired, Ronnie accused Jen of cheating on him, in a wild Instagram rant in which he also called her a "c-m dumpster."

In the weeks since, Harley and Ortiz-Magro broke up and got back together several times, so it should've come as no surprise to Shore producers when their relationship drama dominated the first few days of filming in Vegas.

Maybe that was the plan. Maybe the plan backfired.

Whatever the case, the plan was scrapped when -- to use the parlance of Shore's current season -- Ron spiraled and quickly spun out of control.

Last week, Magro got in a fight with another guest at a Vegas hotel.

Ronnie on the Duck Phone

Just days later, MTV pulled the plug on filming in Vegas and sent the cast back to the Garden State.

“They cannot wait to get the hell out of the desert and be away from everything surrounding Ronnie and Jen,” a source close to production tells Radar Online.

The situation had apparently gotten so bad that the cast was considering holding an intervention in response to Ron's self-destructive behavior.

“They are all adults now, and they cannot watch Ronnie destroy his life anymore,” says the insider.

Hey, the guy's been fun to watch this season, but he's a 32-year-old dad now. 

Maybe he should cool it on the Ron-Ron juice for a bit.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Back Together! Canoodling In Public!

You knew this day would come, Jelena fans.

Sure, you may have been cautiously optimistic when you learned that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had gotten back together for the 47 bajillionth time, but on some level you suspected that eventually, the Biebs would get busted engaging in some hardcore canoodling with someone who is very much not Selena.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Selfie

If you go way back through Justin's relationship Rolodex (that's a thing your great-grandparents used to store their contacts in), you'll find the name Hailey Baldwin.

Justin and Hailey dated back in 2016.

It's really not all that long ago, but Justin has had sex with approximately all the women in the two years since they split.

In recent months, of course, Justin briefly reconciled with Selena, while Hailey (allegedly) dated Shawn Mendes.

Now that those relationships have gone bust, it seems Justin and Hailey are once again hooking up.

(Justin and Selena may have split because Bieber was hooking up with Hailey, but more on that later.)

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber

According to Us Weekly the Biebs and Baldwin enjoyed a weekend in Miami that began with a “rare, low-key night” at the W club in South Beach.

Witnesses say the probable couple was spotted “being very flirty and dancing on each other” while “holding hands.”

“Justin [put] his arm around Hailey throughout the night,” says one onlooker.

“[They] didn’t shy away from the crowd or onlookers.”

The next morning, Justin and Hailey were spotted enjoyed poolside, during which she was seen toweling him off. 

That night, they enjoyed a romantic dinner at Casa Tua before going clubbing again, this time at exclusive hotspot LIV.

Hailey Baldwin with Bieber

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Justin is rumored to have reached out to Hailey several months ago ... while he was still dating Selena.

Naturally, a rep for Justin has been quick to claim that he got in touch with his ex solely "as a friend."

“Justin reached out to Hailey. They didn’t talk on the phone and it wasn’t in person, just an exchange of texts,” the source exclusively tells Us.

“There is nothing going on between her and Justin. She’s not interested in Justin in the slightest and he’s not interested in her.”

Based on the sound of that denial, we're about three days away from an official relationship announcement.

Guard your feelings, Hailey.

If history has taught us anything, it's that Justin will break your heart and kick you to the curb with a text that includes the word "gurl."

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor: Actually Engaged!!!!!

Back in April, we asked the following question:

Is the romance between Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor really over for good?

Fast forward about three months and we have a definitive answer from the Vanderpump Rules cast members:

Heck no! It will literally NEVER be over!

Brittany Cartwright and Jax

Indeed, Cartwright and Taylor stunned a majority of the Internet on Thursday night by announcing their ENGAGEMENT!

The veteran reality stars did so via Instagram, with Brittany sharing a close-up of her impressive diamond ring and a smiling Taylor staring into the camera in the background.

“Omg omg!!!!!!!! We are ENGAGED! What a way to start our summer and season 7!!" wrote Cartwright as a caption, managing to tease both her personal future and professional future at once.

She added:

"I am so happy, so in love, and so beyond excited for this next chapter of our lives! I can’t wait for all of you to see how he proposed!

"I am the happiest girl ever right now."

Brittany Cartwright Ring

Cartwright and Taylor, whose journey toward this moment will be chronicled next year on Vanderpump Rules, celebrated their engagement at beachside restaurant Neptune’s Net in Malibu, California.

Taylor, meanwhile, chimed in himself via Instagram by gushing as follows:

She said yes!!! I can't wait for y'all to see how this happened next season!!! I am marrying the woman of my dreams and I could not be happier!!

He then plugged a couple friends/companies who very likely gave him and Brittany a free piece of jewelry and a free meal in exchange:

Make sure y'all tune in season 7 to see how this unfolded. My amazing friend/brother @kcdlovecampaign knocked it out of the park on this ring. I told him a few details but I trusted him and as you can see he came through above and beyond.

When I decided to do this he was the only one I wanted to design Brittany's ring and this is why.. flawless Kyle absolutely flawless.

Also thank you Margaret owner of @Neptunesnet for allowing me to make this special day possible at one of our favorite spots to eat in Malibu.

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor Pic

Why did this announcement take us by surprise?

Why did we never think this day would come?

Because Jax and Brittany seemingly broke up last year amidst a rather intense and ugly cheating scandal.

The former admittedly slept with Faith Stowers, a former SUR staffer Faith Stowers who knows Cartwright pretty well.

But that's not even the end of it, although that in and of itself would put an end to most relationships.

Stowers has talked openly about this affair, stating for the record that Jax said his sex life with Brittany sucked and that he hoped he could have a threesome with Stowers and Cartwright.

Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright on Instagram

He supposedly just wanted to bring Stowers into bed with him and Cartwright, without actually dumping the latter.

Alas, the threesome never materialized, as far as we know, and Jax simply banged Faith on the side.

Stowers then pretended to be pregnant, while Taylor did all he could to win Brittany back over.

"He has betrayed me in so many ways,” Cartwright told the camera during a Vanderpump Rules episode that aired in April, adding:

“He’s cheated on me, he’s begged for me back, he’s played mind games with me.

"And I know that he’s not changing and he’s always going to be the same Jax Taylor he always has been."

And yet, apparently, Cartwright simply can't get enough of this Jax Taylor.

Tweeted Jax this spring:

"I am not perfect and I will never be but I am working very hard on myself.

"I realized later that @BNCartwright is my angel and she makes me want to be a better man."

Welp, we'll see whether or not Taylor was serious.

Because he and Brittany have now taken a serious step in their relationship.

Join us in wishing these stars the best of luck in their engagement and leave a Comment below with your thoughts on whether it will last a full week or as long as one month.

Sofia Richie Drops L-Bomb on Scott Disick

Folks, this is serious.

We've said that before, we know.

But it still hasn't settled in, no matter how many times Sofia Richie and Scott Disick express extreme affection for each other.

Scott and Sofia Get Wet

The latest example came to us on Saturday, after Richie shared the romantic photo of herself and Disick on Instagram, wishing her boyfriend a very happy 35th birthday in the accompanying caption.

"Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for being you. Love you," wrote Sofia.

Yes, she loves him.

It's safe to assume no one saw such intense feelings coming when these two hooked up last year.

Richie had semi-recently been scorned by Justin Bieber; Disick spent all his time drinking and/or pining over Kourtney Kardashian.

And yet they started posing for photos together on social media... the romance continued to heat up... and now many celebrity gossip fans barely even bat an eye when a message such as the one above is relayed.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Valentines Throwback

Heck, there's even been talk that Disick wants to put a baby inside of Richie.

The reality star is allegedly "putting pressure on Sofia to have a baby," according to an anonymous Life & Style source, which is hilarious and troubling on many levels.

One of which being that Richie is 19 years old.

We're also pretty sure that three kids spawned by Scott Disick is already three kids too many.

(No offense, Mason, Reign and Penelope. You're all cuties and we wish you nothing but the best.)

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Private Plane

In the image above, Richie and Disick are on vacation in St. Bart's.

They seem to take many trips together, often snappng pictures while on board a private jet or on some tropical location.

They also seem to spend a lot of time with Disick's aforementioned children, which has supposedly prompted some backlash from their mother.

"Kourtney flipped out and she told Scott that Sofia needs to back the f-ck off right now before she makes her back off," an insider said of Kardashian in March.

Richie's response, according to this same report?

"She doesn't care what Kourtney thinks."

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

Despite their age difference, meanwhile, Scott and Sofia are still going strong after almost a year of dating.

That much is very clear at this point.

They "have gotten more serious the past few months," an insider recently told E! News, adding:

"They have definitely had their ups and downs, but lately everything has been really good between them."

The stars were spotted getting cozy on a yacht in Cannes about a year ago at this time, in May of 2017.

Then, in September Disick seemingly confirmed their romantic status by posting a photo of the two of them in Miami.

There are no questions about it now, however. These two are hot, heavy... and headed to the altar?

Crazier things have happened, right?

Such as anyone wanting to date Scott Disick in the first place.