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Dwayne Johnson: I’m Done with the Fast & Furious! And Vin Diesel Sucks!

Dwayne Johnson has made it official:

He's done with two things...

  1. The Fast & Furious franchise.
  2. Vin Diesel.

Despite (or, perhaps, because of) starring opposite one another in a number of these beloved action films, Johnson and Diesel have been in an open feud for years.

Dwayne Johnson and vin

Back in 2016, Johnson called out Diesel for being unprofessional on the set of Fast 8 and, ever since, it's been on between the wildly successful actors.

On Instagram last month, however, Diesel appeared to maybe offer up a peace offering.

"My little brother Dwayne... the time has come," he wrote, referencing the potential next movie in the aforementioned franchise.

"The world awaits the finale of Fast 10," Diesel added at the time.

rock and diesel

He then concluded:

"As you know, my children refer to you as Uncle Dwayne in my house.

"There is not a holiday that goes by that they and you don't send well wishes... but the time has come.

"Legacy awaits."

Vin Diesel Close Up

As he continued to try and convince Johnson to sign on for yet another Fast & Furious blockbuster, Diesel brought up the pair's late co-star, Paul Walker, by his nickname, Pablo.

"I told you years ago that I was going to fulfill my promise to Pablo.

"I swore that we would reach and manifest the best Fast in the finale that is 10! I say this out of love... but you must show up, do not leave the franchise idle you have a very important role to play.

"Hobbs can't be played by no other. I hope that you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny."

Vin Diesel in Furious 7

How sweet?

Not really, according to Johnson.

"This past June, when Vin and I actually connected not over social media, I told him directly -- and privately -- that I would not be returning to the franchise," Johnson told CNN on Wednesday.

"I was firm yet cordial with my words and said that I would always be supportive of the cast and always root for the franchise to be successful, but that there was no chance I would return."

Dwayne Johnson Video Still

Johnson added that he also informed Universal Pictures about his decision and "all of whom were very supportive as they understand the problem."

Was Diesel's heart in the right place when he made his public plea?


But Johnson sounds aghast that he exploited Walker's tragic death in such a manner.

The Rock Johnson

Johnson referred to his foe's post an "example of his manipulation," saying:

"I didn't like that he brought up his children in the post, as well as Paul Walker's death. Leave them out of it."

Johnson said that after his earlier conversation with Diesel, he thought they had a "clear understanding" and hoped to leave the franchise with "gratitude and grace."

However, he feels the "this public dialogue has muddied the waters" at this point.

Dwayne Johnson at the Gym

In conclusion?

This is what Johnson told CNN:

"Regardless, I'm confident in the 'Fast' universe and its ability to consistently deliver for the audience.

"I truly wish my former co-stars and crew members the best of luck and success in the next chapter."

Jon Cryer Feuds with Congressman Matt Gaetz in Most Unexpected Feud of 2020

You may have heard this at some point over the past several God awful months, but it really must be emphasized again:

Go home, 2020. You're drunk.

And never has this ongoing year seemed more wasted than on Saturday afternoon... when former Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer went at it on social media with Florida Representative Matt Gaetz.


The unexpected Twitter rivalry appeared to ignire due to one of Cryer's posts, in which the actor showed support for Florida's Democratic candidate Phil Ehr.

The actor tagged Gaetz in his tweet and wrote:

"Rep. @mattgaetz invited a white supremacist to the State of the Union, attempted to intimidate a federal witness, and endorsed a sociopathic bigot who applauded the deaths of migrants for congress."

Gaetz, an ardent and outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, did not let these slights go unnoted.

cryer thread

"Charlie Sheen totally carried two and a half men," Gaetz replied shortly after, to which Cryer clapped back:

"Is that why, after he left, it lasted for 4 more years and I won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy?"

Seriously. This back-and-forth really happened.

.And it didn't even stop with these jabs.

Matt Gaetz

"What's an Emmy? An award Hollywood gives itself? I win elections," Gaetz fired back, adding:

"Well if you do see the show, watch the early seasons."

As television fans likely recall, Two and a Half Men debuted in 2003 and centered around Charlie (Sheen), Alan (Cryer) and his nephew Jake (Angus T. Jones).

The three lived together in aMalibu, California beach house after Alan's wife, Judith Harper (Marin Hinkle), filed for divorce.

2.5 men

The series was a monster hit for CBS.

However, it was brought to a screeching and very public halt at the end of season eight following Charlie Sheen's public meltdown... which led him to check into rehab 2010.

The following year, the actor was fired from Two and a Half Men after he attacked the creator, Chuck Lorre.

Ashton Kutcher was brought in to replace the troubled star after Sheen's character was killed off.

The show went off the air in 2015.

The Debut of Walden Schmidt

Cryer, meanwhile, wanted to make it clear he was never hurling any shade at Sheen in his feud with Gaetz.

"And FWIW, this wasn't meant as a slam on Charlie. He was undeniably the star of the show. And a fantastic actor. Despite his issues, we had many more highs than lows," Cryer wrote.

"But you can't say he 'carried' a show that lasted four years without him."

So there you have it.

Now go drink a lot of water and sleep it off, 2020.

Tori & Zach Roloff Snub Siblings on July 4, Take Family Beef Up a Notch

How's this for some rich irony?

July Fourth is a holiday that celebrates the independence of America, which, of course, was the result of winning a war against Great Britain.

And now? Within the confines of the Roloff family?

Roloffs on the 4th

There appears to be a different kind of war brewing, and its most recent casuality was a party held in honor of -- you guessed it -- July Fourth.

This past Saturday, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff hosted a gathering for friends Erica Rose Meichtry and Destiney Mueller, who are also acquaintances of Zach and Tori Roloff.

As you can see above and below, good times were had by all in attendance at Jeremy and Audrey's place in Helvetia, Oregon. 

But as you can also see above and below...Tori and Zach were nowhere to be found.

Audrey in a Pool

“Happy 4th of July!!! So grateful to live in the land of the free because of the brave. God bless America," wrote Audrey as a caption to these snapshots.

She didn't mention Zach and Tori and we don't know whether they simply weren't invited -- or whether they were invited and snubbed their supposed loved ones.

Audrey and her guests enjoyed sack hop races, hot tub time, delicious drinks, grilled meats, tractor rides, camping in tents and beautiful views.

“Always one of my favorite weekends of the year," wrote Audrey, seemingly taunting her in-laws.

Audrey and Pals

This story seems especially relevant at the moment because Tori accidentally confessed just the other day that her baby daughter had never met Audrey's baby son.

Despite the two being cousins. And despite their parents living in the same state.

Moreover, Audrey has been at odds with brother-in-law Jacob of late, as the latter has strongly condemned the former for her passive reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Actually, it's more than that.

Tori and Zach on the Fourth

Audrey simply cited a passage from the bible in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of a white police officer.

She probably thought she was being all profound and helpful by doing so.

But Jacob has been attending rallies and protests and indirectly trashed Audrey a couple weeks ago for her "empty gestures and fancy platitudes."

Yikes, huh?

Audrey Roloff Ad

Then, earlier this month, Audrey took a lot of flak from critics who were aghast that she seemingly shed her principles in order to promote the brand Mr. Clean.

And this gets to the crux of what many folks find to be such a turn-off when it comes to Audrey Roloff.

They think she acts all high and mighty and special and all-knowing and religious... when, in their views, she's really just a sell-out who will go against her own views at any time to make a quick buck.

Harsh? Perhaps.

Look at the Roloffs!

But there's clearly tension between Audrey and the Roloffs.

Tori, it should be noted, is considered to be a sincere and kind person.

She would never aggressively or outwardly trash her sister-in-law. We shouldn't expect Tori to fan any flames of a feud any time soon.

Tori and Zach Roloff and Children

But this is worth keeping your eye on, almost literally.

Continue to take a look at Audrey and Tori's Instagram pages in the days and weeks ahead and see if you spot any photos of the other one on there.

Just don't hold your breath whole looking.

90 Day Fiance: The Most Brutal Feuds of All Time!

90 Day Fiance is a show about people finding each other across continents and oceans, giving up everything for love.

Naturally, it is filled with some of the most toxic couples and the most vitriolic feuds that you can imagine.

Not all of that bile plays out on camera, either.

Behind the scenes and on social media, 90 Day Fiance stars will wage verbal wars on each other.

Sometimes, it's a rival from their season or a person who was almost family.

Other times, it's people who have only met once or twice, but experience loathing at first sight.

Take a look below and see the most intense feuds that have ever played out among the stars.

1. 90 Day Fiance has a wealth of feuds

Jay smith ashley martson leida margaretha fernanda flores and jo
Fans may start watching for the controversial couples and the cute couples, but the feuds will keep you hooked for years -- because that's how long they can last.

2. First, let's address something obvious

Larissa lima any who is against the queen will die
A lot of these feuds involve Larissa Lima. Though she only entered the scene in Season 6, her relationship was the most talked about since Danielle and Mohamed. Her situation has changed, but for a long time, she was feuding with anyone who looked at her crossways.

3. First of all ...

Colt and debbie
We're not going to count every pair of exes on this list. Sometimes, they parted on good terms. Other times, they loathe each other but it's not quite feuding. But Colt resolved to try to get Larissa deported to Brazil, and Debbie is badmouthing her left and right. So we'd say that Larissa is feuding with them both, even though she is trying to move on.

4. Fernanda vs Larissa

Fernanda has concerns
Viewers who didn't keep up with the stars on social media at all were introduced to this feud at the Tell All special. Larissa saw Fernanda as her rival for the title of best-looking 90 Day Fiance star. It was so bad that Larissa and Colt were late getting on set.

5. Jonathan Rivera got involved

Fernanda flores and jonathan rivera tell all
Though he and Fernanda would split several weeks after the Tell All was filmed, he had his wife's back and feuded with both Larissa and Colt. On the tell all, this culminated in the hilarious moment when Larissa yelled "shut upee!" It broke the tension -- a little.

6. That didn't last

Jonathan and fernanda in happier times
When Jonathan and Fernanda's marriage fizzled out in December, they didn't really share joint custody of their feuds, either.
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Kim Kardashian: Taylor Swift is STILL a Liar and a Snake!

Kim Kardashian has taken to Twitter to slam Taylor Swift as a snake and a liar.

Yes. Again.

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian

The former adult film star and the beloved singer first started feuding back in the summer of 2016... after Kim and husband Kanye West released snippets of a phone conversation between the rapper and Swift.

During this chat, Swift appeared to give West permission to reference her in his song "Famous."

After it came out, however, Swift complained about the way Kanye trashed her in this track.

The stars went back and forth and it got really annoying and we recapped the outbreak of this feud HERE.

swift v. kim

Multiple times over the past couple years, both Kim and Taylor have referenced the rivalry, partly to put it behind them -- and partly to keep throwing shade at the other.

We really thought it over, though.

But then:

A lengthy video of Kanye talking to Taylor hit the Internet this week (below)... and now here we are again.

As you can see in this footage, Kanye and Swift do talk about the song and Taylor does say the part about West rapping about how his foe "owes" him "sex" is okay.

But Taylor never gives Kanye permission to trash her as a "bitch," which seems to be the real point of contention between the parties: Just what Swift was blessing during the phone call.

On Monday, meanwhile, Swift took to her Instagram stories to react to all the renewed interest in the beef between her and the Wests.

Taylor Wins An Award

Wrote Swift:

"Instead of answering those who are asking how I feel about video footage that was leaked, proving that I was telling the truth the whole time about *that call* (you know, the one that was illegally recorded, that somebody edited and manipulated in order to frame me and put me, my family, and fans through hell for 4 years)...

"Swipe up to see what really matters."

Swiping up prompted her followers to a donation page for the organization Feeding America.

Pretty great response, right? Swift got some digs in, while also hopefully raised some money for an important cause.

Taylor Swift Gets Sassy

Kardashian, however?

She posted a flood of tweets on Monday night defending herself against the singer and once again attacking Swift.

“To be clear, the only issue I ever had around the situation was that Taylor lied through her publicist who stated that ‘Kanye never called to ask for permission…’" wrote Kim.

"They clearly spoke so I let you all see that. Nobody ever denied the word ‘bitch’ was used without her permission."

tay v kimmy

Kim continued:

At the time when they spoke the song had not been fully written yet, but as everyone can see in the video, she manipulated the truth of their actual conversation in her statement when her team said she 'declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message.

Back in 2016, Taylor's rep told E! News in a statement (which does reflect Kim's aforementioned assertion):

"Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single 'Famous' on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message.

"Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, 'I made that bitch famous.'"

more from kim

In response to Kardashian' most recent tweets, Swift’s rep shared her “UNEDITED original statement” on Twitter, as you can see above.

Elsewhere, Kim defended her husband’s “right to document his musical journey and process,” and said she would “never” have released the footage if Swift had not “forced me to defend him.”

She also vowed to finally shut the heck up about all this.

"This will be the last time I speak on this because honestly, nobody cares," Tweeted Kardashian, referencing the Coronavirus pandemic and concluding:

"Sorry to bore you all with this. I know you are all dealing with more serious and important matters.

lots of kim tweets

We really are.

Which means the celebrity gossip world can serve as a nice distraction... but not by these two once again going at it online.

Instead, let's all donate to Feeding America.

And let's all distance ourselves socially, as well as emotionally from anything Kim or Taylor or Kanye says about all this nonsense.

Ashley Martson vs Angelina Pivarnick: Stars Fight at Kids’ Charity Event!

Maybe it was the cold weather. Maybe it was that Angelina is still sore from her wedding humiliation. Whatever the cause, she was itching for a fight.

At a charity event for children, Angelina Pivarnick allegedly picked a fight with Ashley Martson after badmouthing her all night. What happened?

Ashley Martson on 90 Day Fiance

Both 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson and Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick were at Buca di Beppo in Times Square.

The stars were in New York for Johnny Donovan's annual celebrity Christmas party, which supports Little Flower Children Services of New York.

The MTV star and the TLC star got into conflict, which came to a head at the Sugar Factory.

Now, Ashley is sharing her side of the story, and lamenting that, despite her best efforts, the night wasn't just about the children in need.

Ashley Martson Instagram Pic

"Monday night was supposed to be all about the kids," Ashley expresses somberly to Us Weekly.

She assesses: "I think for the most part, we were successful in doing what we were there to do."

"I would have hoped that any story written about Monday night would be focused on the charity," Ashley shares.

She adds: "And kids we were supposed to be there for."

Angelina Pivarnick on Insta

Ashley said that during the charity event, Angelina gave off a vibe that "seems to want to insert herself” into Ashley's personal life.

However,s he admits taht Angelina's motives and desire for conflict don't “make any sense."

"During the event, she was having conversations about me to the other guests,” Ashley reports. “I didn’t engage. It wasn’t the place for that."

"We were invited to the event to lift a group of underprivileged kids’ spirits during the holiday season," she notes, "not to bring petty drama."

Ashley Martson Gazes Into the Distance

"After the event, I was asked to dine at The Sugar Factory," Ashley continues.

"To my knowledge, Angelina was not invited," she says, "but she showed up at the restaurant and joined the group that I was with."

Angelina allegedly got into "an altercation” with some of Ashley's friends.

That didn't last long, though, and Ashley says that after a while, “things were settling down."

Angelina Pivarnick in Jersey

That fragile peace lasted all of 20 minutes, unfortunately.

"Angelina went back to her antics that she is famous for and again," Ashley accuses.

She claims that Angelina "started saying negative things about me to the table making people visibly uncomfortable."

“Instead of letting it go as I had done all night, I confronted Angelina," she shares.

Ashley Martson: his time is up

"I don’t think what I said to her is appropriate for me to discuss publicly," Ashley shares, making us extremely curious.

She explains her reluctance, "as it’s personal to her and could impact more than she and I."

"One of the other guests did intervene in the confrontation and suggested we go take a breather," Ashley narrates.

"I went outside," she reports. "The group at the table, with the exception of Angelina, her rep, and her two friends left the restaurant."

Angelina Pivarnick on the Shore

Ashley continues to explain how she diffused the situation, saying: "We went to another establishment."

That is odd behavior for a pair of 33-year-old women who, quite frankly, don't know each other that well.

For her part, Angelina has yet to publicly and directly comment on the alleged altercation between the two of them.

Both women are known for their fiery tempers, so it sounds like things could have been a whole lot worse.

Larissa Lima and Evelin Villegas Go to WAR Over Corey Rathgeber!!

On Thursday, we reported that Larissa Lima and Corey Rathgeber had posed for a selfie together.

She wasn't the first 90 Day Fiance legend with whom Corey had taken a photo, but the pic did get fans talking.

The immediate result was that Evelin Villegas warned Larissa away from Corey.

Her relationship status with Corey remains up in the air. She may be afraid of losing him to someone who lives closer to his family.

Thursday night, that brief exchange exploded into an all-out verbal war. Text messages were exposed, names were called. A feud ignited.

Believe it or not, even Leida tried to get involved.

1. The selfie that launched a thousand ships

Larissa lima and corey rathgeber
Around midnight on Wednesday night, Corey and Larissa shared this snap. We doubt that either of them had any idea of the firestorm that it would unleash.

2. First, a brief reminder ...

Evelin and corey
Corey and Evelin are of course 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars. They had their ups and downs but were very much in love, and have been for years. However, something changed drastically at the filming of the Tell All special

3. According to a leaker ...

Corey and evelin in san francisco
Evelin could not attend the Tell All taping, so like most of his castmates, Corey attended alone. As we previously reported, producers had Corey sign a mental health waiver and had a therapist on standby before they showed him a video that is said to show Evelin cheating, in some capacity, before he arrived in Ecuador.

4. It was not good, folks

Corey and evelin
Whatever the video showed caused Corey to break down crying. He spoke to the therapist. He remained in the US after that, spending time with his family. Days later, on his birthday, he blocked Evelin on Instagram.

5. Evelin held out hope ...

Corey rathgeber and evelin villegas may be back together
And it seemed that it had paid off. Just a few days before this scandal involving Larissa broke out, Corey unblocked Evelin and the two refollowed each other. Fans who wanted to see them reconcile rejoiced, hoping that they were talking it out.

6. Meanwhile, Larissa is very single

Larissa lima and eric foster make kissy faces
It's been about a month since her breakup from Eric Nichols. It was about the same amount of time, at the beginning of the year, between when she and Colt broke up and when she joined TInder -- and found Erickee. To those who see Larissa as a man-stealing skank, the fear that she would gobble up Corey was all too real. And since he'd already spent a lot of money on Evelin, they worried that Larissa would zero in on him.
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Kylie Jenner and Alex Rodriguez are Engaged in the Most Random Feud Ever and We Are SO Here For It

Kylie Jenner has clapped back against Alex Rodriguez after the former baseball slugger claimed the Instagram star bragged non-stop about her extreme wealth at the MET Gala in May.

Yes, that is something that actually just happened. 

arod and ky

Here is how we arrived at this amazing point:

In an interview for the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, Rodriguez told the magazine⁣ that he sat with Kylie and Kendall Jenner at the aforementioned fashion-based event in New York City this spring and...

“Kylie was talking about Instagram and her lipstick, and how rich she is.”

We have no idea how the topic of Kylie came up in this conversation between Rodriguez and this publication.

But Kylie does have an enormous presence on social media and does have her own lipstick line and is a self-made billionaire -- so this quote and this claim would seem to track.

Except that Kylie alleges it was totally made up by the future Mr. Jennifer Lopez.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Together

Along with a couple confused and irritated emojis, Jenner posted a link to A-Rod's interview, in which her name and bank account came up and simply Tweeted:

Umm no i didn’t. We only spoke about Game of Thrones.

Just two months before this year’s MET Gala in early May, did name Kylie her the youngest self-made billionaire on account of her success with Kylie Cosmetics.

Heck, she even crossed the ten-figure threshold earlier in her life than Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg did.

Rodriguez, meanwhile, signed the richest contract in baseball history with the Yankees in 2008 -- so it does seem plausible that the topic of wealth may have come up between these celebrities.

We mean, what else would Kylie Jenner and Alex Rodriguez talk about?!?

kylie klap

Not long after Jenner countered Rodriguez's recollection of their discussions at the MET Gala, the polarizing ex-athlete responded to the E! personality on his own Twitter account.

"OMG that's right @KylieJenner," Alex quote-tweeted on Tuesday night, adding:

"It was me talking about you and your makeup line and how much my girls love you."

This reply has left many observers wondering...

arod clab pck

... is Rodriguez truly agreeing with Jenner and simply taking back his own comments to Sports Illustrated?

Or is he mocking Jenner and her allegation of what the two actually discussed?

It's hard to say, as both possibilities seem far-fetched.

Under the first, as we stated above, Rodriguez would be contradicting what he himself told Sports Illustrated.

Under the second, he'd be sarcastically dragging Kylie Jenner... which is simply hilarious and very out of character for someone who has alwys come across as a pretty lame, robotic, giant tool throughout his time in the spotlight.

J. Lo & A Rod at the Gala

Kylie, it should be noted, does have reason to be defensive these days any time the topic of her wealth is addressed.

"She has this, like, entitlement,” sister Khloe Kardashian said in a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “Nobody says anything because she’s Kylie ‘billionaire’ Jenner.”

The same installment saw Kylie and mom Kris Jenner battling over office space at Kylie Cosmetics’ headquarters.

“I’ve helped build this business with Kylie, and … I deserve a little bit of respect,” Kris said at the time.

James Charles Destroys Tati Westbrook AND Jeffree Star in New Video!

Did you think that the drama from the beauty YouTuber community was slowing down?

If so, well ... sorry, sister.

The drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles isn't slowing down anytime soon -- in fact, thanks to a new video James posted yesterday, it's getting more insane than ever.

But to get where we're going, let's take a brief look back at where we've been, OK?

All of this started, if you can believe it, because of vitamins.

James and Tati have been friends for a couple of years now, with Tati mentoring him and helping him develop his career as an influencer.

And that's why she was hurt that instead of promoting her own brand of vitamins, he did a sponsored post for Sugar Bear Hair, her main competitor, after they helped him out with some security at Coachella.

She cried about the whole thing on Instagram Live, but as it turns out, she was crying about more than just the vitamins, and we found out all about it when she posted a 43-minute long video titled "Bye, Sister" all about James.

Tati said so, so much in that video -- that she was hurt that he'd promote her competitor and that he didn't even give her a heads up about it before the post went live.

She said that he released a public apology without ever reaching out to her, which she thought was disrespectful, considering how close they were.

But then the video stopped being about vitamins and started being about James' behavior in general, which Tati said was not good.

He's mentioned in several videos of his own that he's only interested in straight guys, and it's always been sort of a joke, but Tati claimed that he was actually manipulative towards the straight men he developed interest in.

She told one story about how she went out with him and several other friends and family for a birthday dinner for her in February, and he made several lewd remarks about their waiter.

When she told him the waiter was straight, she claimed he responded with "It doesn't matter, I'm a celebrity."

She went off about how not OK that kind of thinking was, and how wrong it is to try to maniulate someone else's sexuality, and that's been the point that most people have focused on.

After Tati's video went up, James went on to lose over three million subscribers.

He made a brief apology video, saying that he was sorry for how things happened with Tati and that he understood how upset she was, and he admitted that he definitely had some things he needed to work on when it came to romantic relationships.

And just on Friday, Tati made another video about how she never meant for James to get such backlash for the things she said.

It's been a lot to keep up with, and if you're just now trying to catch up ... good luck.

But yesterday, James uploaded a new video he titled "No More Lies."

And now things are juicier than ever.

James kicks off his video by saying that he still stands by his previous video about Tati, and that now he's not looking for sympathy or forgiveness, that he just wants people to hear his side of the story.

He then begins at the beginning, with Coachella and the Sugar Bear Hair deal, and he shares several texts showing that he was telling the truth -- that he got swamped by fans and the vitamin company was able to help him out with security in exchange for a sponsored post on his Instagram.

He also shows texts that he exchanged with Tati showing that he did give her a heads up about the post, and says that while she was upset, he was contractually obligated to promote the other vitamins.

Next, James says that he never even told Tati that he wouldn't promote her vitamin brand on his channel, and even showed clips from older videos and social media posts where he told his audience about her product.

Moving on to the subject of men, he straight up admits that he's a virgin, and he insists that he would never use his fame to get hookups.

"That is disgusting," he says, "it is not me, and the fact that Tati brought this up blows my mind because she knows the real story."

He goes into the story about the waiter at the restaurant for Tati's birthday dinner, and his version is very different than hers.

According to James, he discussed the waiter with Jeffree Star, who was also in attendance (more on him in just a bit), but the conversation never got "inappropriate."

As for his alleged remark about how he could convince the waiter to get with him because he's a celebrity, he says that never happened.

What happened was that he called himself "famous," which is apparently an inside joke in his friend group, just another way of saying something is really good.

He shares numerous texts between numerous people using the word in that way -- even texts with Tati.

You really just need to watch the video for him to explain the whole situation with the waiter, but he does show texts from him in which he tells James directly that he's bisexual.

Later, James admits that because he began developing his career at such an early age, he's pretty immature when it comes to relationships.

"Love and relationships is something that I have barely any experience in," he says, "and I honestly think that's why I'm a lot less mature than others may be in the situations I get myself into."

He says he's working on this, and that he's been apologizing to any men he may have been too forward with, but he maintains that he's never done anything as sinister as people think.

We can't really recap everything he says in the video, but a big part of it is about Jeffree Star. Jeffree was friends with both James and Tati, and he pretty much inserted himself into all this drama.

After Tati's original video, Jeffree tweeted that he agreed with everything she said, and added that James was "a danger to society."

In this video now, James took the opportunity to share several texts from Jeffree, which are disturbing, to say the least.

In one, he calls James a "sick motherf-cker," then writes "You need to be locked in prison for a long time. You need the internet taken away from you. You are a danger to society."

Jeffree also tweeted James' 17-year-old brother to "shut the f-ck up" and told him that in supporting his brother, he was supporting a pedophile.

No matter how you feel about James Charles, a 33-year-old man taunting a 19-year-old, calling him a "sick motherf-cker" ... that's too far, right?

We'll wrap things up now, but honestly, we don't know who to believe here.

Did James fake all those text messages? Was Tati trying to stir up some drama because of the vitamins?

At this point, we can't say.

But we can say that this entire thing is far from over.

Check out James' full video below:

James charles destroys tati westbrook and jeffree star in a new

James Charles Responds to Tati Westbrook: I’m Sister Sorry!

If you don't find joy in keeping up with YouTube gossip ... well, sorry.

But the drama that's been going on between James Charles and Tati Westbrook is what a whole, whole lot of people are talking about, and so here we are.

So, OK, James and Tati are both beauty gurus on YouTube, right?

Tati has been in the game for years, and James has been around for a fraction of that time, but he's had unbelievable success.

And it turns out that he has Tati to thank for that.

The drama started when James shared an ad for SugarBearHair vitamins after he claimed they helped him out with security at Coachella, and Tati reacted very negatively to that.

She was upset because she has her own line of vitamins, Halo Beauty, and since she and James have been so close for so long, for him to promote her main competitor was a bit of a betrayal.

She literally cried about the situation in her Instagram story, and a lot of people thought she was being dramatic.

Not so much.

Yesterday, she released a 43-minute video titled "BYE SISTER ..." in which she pretty much destroyed him, but in a nice way.

In the video, she revealed that she mentored James at the very beginning of his career, and that she and her husband helped him get million-dollar deals when no one was taking him seriously.

She considered him to be family, and they were so close that she had him do her makeup at her wedding.

As time went on, certain things about him began to bother her, and she realized that his ego was getting out of control.

She also had a big problem with the way he treats potential romantic partners.

That's a whole different story, but just to get a taste of it, Tati recalled how he went out to dinner with her and her family and friends for her birthday, and he said very explicit things about what he wanted to do to their waiter.

When she told him he was straight, James said "It doesn't matter, I'm a celebrity."

Tati said that she tried to help James time and time again and steer him in the right direction, but he would never listen, and when he promoted a rival company, that was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back.

And after learning just how much she and her husband helped him, it's definitely understandable that she no longer wants to be involved with him.

The thing is that Tati is pretty revered in the beauty community, and she's very trustworthy, so it was easy to believe everything that she said.

And James started hemorrhaging subscribers -- as of now, he's lost well over a million.

So what else was there for him to do but an apology video?

You can watch the full video at the end of this post, but the gist of it is that he's really, really sorry.

After losing so many subscribers, why wouldn't he be?

He says that most of his career so far "has been about me making mistakes and trying to learn and grow from them, and I haven't always done the best job with that."

He's sad that he ruined a relationship that was so important to him, "and throughout all of this what sucks the most is that there's nothing I can say or do to ever earn that friendship or trust back."

Oh, and about all that creepy, manipulative stuff about getting with guys?

He essentially says that he just wishes he never talked about it at all on social media, and that Tati did warn him he'd get into trouble over boys on day.

So he's not sorry for his behavior, only sorry that he's getting called out for it.

He finishes the video by admitting that "A lot of times when I've tried to address things in the past I've acted out of impulse and I've gone off and tried to pull receipts or facts or screenshots and played the victim, and I'm not doing that today."

It's just not a great apology video. It's not as bad as Laura Lee's apology from last year, but it's still not good.

After everything we've seen from him, it's hard to believe he's sincere here, and if you take one look at the comments on the video, it's clear that everyone else agrees.

Is this the end of James Charles?

Probably not.

But still, it's certainly a bad look.

Check out his full apology here:

James charles responds to tati westbrook im sister sorry

James Charles Gets CANCELED by Tati Westbrook: BYE, SISTER!

By mid-afternoon on Friday, James Charles and Tati Westbrook were dominating social media conversation and trending hard.

It's sometimes difficult to tell what exactly is happening with all of that chatter, and nobody has time to string it all together.

But we made time, and here's why the internet is cheering after beauty vlogger Tati effectively canceled James.

Tati westbrook and james charles

Even if you don't follow many YouTubers or keep up with many beauty vloggers, you've probably heard of James Charles.

Why? Well, at only 17, he became the first ever spokesmodel for CoverGirl.

Now, he's 19 (he turns 20 later this month) and continues to be a successful influencer.

But on Friday, just two weeks before he exits his teens, he began hemorrhaging followers across all platforms.

Why? A callout video from friend and fellow beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook, titled: "BYE, SISTER."

James charles with tati westbrook on yt

We have a clip -- the most serious excerpt -- from the 40-minute video that Tati released on Friday afternoon.

But you should know that this all started when James Charles endorsed a company that sells hair vitamins.

See, his until-now good friend Tati has her own brand of Halo Beauty gummies.

James was apparently assisted by another brand's security while at Coachella this year, and repayed them by endorsing the brand.

Tati was livid -- especially when, after nine days, he still hadn't reached out to her.

Tati westbrook on yt

"To not even get a phone call, to not even get a text a few days prior... that's pretty typical of James Charles' behavior," Tati says.

"From the time that I met him when he was 17," she notes. "I know that he has a way of just getting what he wants."

"And," Tati explains. "I always blamed it on his age."

But she says that James has changed more since they first met than she had ever imagined.

He is no longer a person with whom she wants to be associated.

James charles at coachella

"Fame, power, and a fat bank account will change almost anyone," Tati expresses.

Since his meteoric rise to fame, James has rubbed elbows with top-tier celebrities and also Katy Perry.

"And if you don't have people that tell you to your face that you're doing the wrong things," she notes. "You will change."

"I tried to be that person to you James, I really tried," Tati laments.

"I don't think there is any getting through to you and I don't want to be friends with you," she declares.

"I don't want to be associated with you," Tati repeats. "And I need to say that very publicly so that this chapter can just be closed."

James charles on instagram

Tati says that she was instrumental in encouraging him early in his career.

She also accuses him of spreading malicious rumors that treat her like a villain.

But things get more serious when she begins to accuse James of being almost a predator.

"You tried to trick a straight man into thinking he's gay yet again," Tati alleges in her video.

"Using your pain, your power, your money to play with people's emotions," she accuses. "You're threatening to ruin them."

Gage gomez

What she's talking about here is an Instagram model, pictured here, named Gage Gomez.

Gage was linked with James Charles earlier this year, and even spotted alongside him at Coachella.

(A great reminder that nothing good comes from Coachella)

James accused Gage of "using him" for social media clout, and Gage was harassed by James' (young, impressionable) fans.

But Gage tells a very different story.

Gage says that he admitted to James that he was unsure of his sexuality, but says that James then began pressuring him.

This wasn't just sexual pressure -- he says that James would insist that he make time for him, and then viciously subtweet him if he was busy.

He says that James would block and unblock him on Instagram and also invite and uninvite him to Coachella.

That sounds like toxic and even manipulative behavior.

James Charles has also been accused of being racist and transphobic, both in the past and very recently.

We can't say that we're sorry to see him canceled -- and especially not in such a thorough way.

Remind us to never get on Tati's bad side.

James charles gets canceled by tati westbrook bye sister

90 Day Fiance: Most Vicious Feuds of All Time

90 Day Fiance is a show about people finding each other across continents and oceans, giving up everything for love.

Naturally, it is filled with some of the most toxic couples and the most vitriolic feuds that you can imagine.

Not all of that bile plays out on camera, either.

Behind the scenes and on social media, 90 Day Fiance stars will wage verbal wars on each other.

Sometimes, it's a rival from their season or a person who was almost family.

Other times, it's people who have only met once or twice, but experience loathing at first sight.

Take a look below and see the most intense feuds that have ever played out among the stars.

1. 90 Day Fiance has a wealth of feuds

Jay smith ashley martson leida margaretha fernanda flores and jo
Fans may start watching for the controversial couples and the cute couples, but the feuds will keep you hooked for years -- because that's how long they can last.

2. First, let's address something obvious

Larissa lima any who is against the queen will die
A lot of these feuds involve Larissa Lima. Though she only entered the scene in Season 6, her relationship was the most talked about since Danielle and Mohamed. Her situation has changed, but for a long time, she was feuding with anyone who looked at her crossways.

3. First of all ...

Colt and debbie
We're not going to count every pair of exes on this list. Sometimes, they parted on good terms. Other times, they loathe each other but it's not quite feuding. But Colt resolved to try to get Larissa deported to Brazil, and Debbie is badmouthing her left and right. So we'd say that Larissa is feuding with them both, even though she is trying to move on.

4. Fernanda vs Larissa

Fernanda has concerns
Viewers who didn't keep up with the stars on social media at all were introduced to this feud at the Tell All special. Larissa saw Fernanda as her rival for the title of best-looking 90 Day Fiance star. It was so bad that Larissa and Colt were late getting on set.

5. Jonathan Rivera got involved

Fernanda flores and jonathan rivera tell all
Though he and Fernanda would split several weeks after the Tell All was filmed, he had his wife's back and feuded with both Larissa and Colt. On the tell all, this culminated in the hilarious moment when Larissa yelled "shut upee!" It broke the tension -- a little.

6. That didn't last

Jonathan and fernanda in happier times
When Jonathan and Fernanda's marriage fizzled out in December, they didn't really share joint custody of their feuds, either.
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Chris Brown Tells Offset to SUCK MY D-CK!

You guys, we're starting to think Chris Brown may have an anger problem.

No, really. We think this really could be the case.

Just consider the way in which Brown absolutely WENT OFF on Offset this week...

brown v. offset

Fresh off an allegation of rape, the singer blasted Cardi B's husband after Offset stood up for his troubled friend, 21 Savage.

And we mean blasted.

Allow us to explain what happened, okay?

Last Sunday morning, 21 Savage was detained by ICE and threatened with deportation.

Targeted as part of a raid, rapper really may be kicked out of the United States due to a visa issue and forced to return to the United Kingdom.

It's a pretty sensitive issue... that Brown made fun of by sharing footage in which someone with a British accent does a voiceover against the backdrop of an Offset music video. 

"CMON FAM, STOP PLAYING WIT DA MANS DEM," Brown wrote as a caption.

brown blasts

Replied Offset, who released a collaborative album with 21 Savage in 2017, "Memes ain’t funny lame."

And that was enough to trigger Brown. Big time.

YOU LIL BOY. BETTER WORRY ABOUT WHAT U GOT GOING AND FOCUS ON "YOU," Brown wrote to Offset, adding in even more anger:


Brown wasn't finished throwing his tempter tantrum, either.

Chris Brown Screams

He concluded as follows:


Oh and another thing, SUCK MY DICK!!!

Offset did eventually reply to Brown’s message on his Instagram Stories writing, “Coke head don’t want [smoke emoji].”

He then deleted this message.

Offset on a Red Carpet

Offset’s defense of 21 Savage comes after Cardi B, with whom he recently reconciled, called out conservative moron pundit Tomi Lahren on Twitter after she Tweeted about 21 Savage’s arrest.

“I got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight ICE agents ready to deport ya,” Lahren wrote in reference to the lyrics of 21 Savage’s song “Bank Account.”

“Don’t make me get my leash,” Cardi  wrote back, referring to a previous viral Tweet where she told Lahren that she would “dog walk” her.

Meanwhile in a statement released Tuesday, 21 Savage’s attorneys addressed the claims that the artist overstayed his visa, along with the fan speculation that he was targeted due to a recent anti-ICE rap.

This statement reads as follows...

21 Savage Pic

Many have speculated as to possible ulterior motives for his arrest and detention, including that he released music five days prior to his arrest by ICE, which included new lyrics condemning the behavior of immigration officials for their detention of children at the border.

Mr. Abraham-Joseph was born in the United Kingdom. Mr. Abraham-Joseph arrived legally in the United States at the age of 7.

He remained in the United States until 2005, when he departed for approximately one month to visit the United Kingdom. He returned to the United States under a valid H-4 visa on July 22, 2005.

Mr. Abraham-Joseph has been continuously physically present in the United States for almost 20 years, except for a brief visit abroad. Unfortunately, in 2006 Mr. Abraham-Joseph’s legal status expired through no fault of his own

ICE provided incorrect information to the press when it claimed he had a criminal conviction.

Kim Kardashian Seems To Be "Over" The Feud With Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian may actually just have declared peace with Taylor Swift. 

And we can't believe it. Or can we? 

The reality star posted a story on Snapchat featuring her glam look, but it wasn't her flawless skin that fans cared about. 

Kim kardashian and Taylor Swift

Nope. It was the fact that Taylor's hit song 'Delicate' was playing in the background of the video. Obviously, fans went crazy over the subtle gesture the 38-year-old made and we all are wondering the same thing: could it be true?

Needless to say, the video caused some speculation that Kim was definitely trying to make amends. 

Some fans found the whole situation humorous and Hollywood Life shares tweets from @g1veharryaoscar who says, "Lmao Kim Kardashian listening to delicate is the funniest thing omg." And @EllieLouisaaa wrote "Hahahaahahaha Kim Kardashian is listening to Delicate by Taylor Swift on her story aw cute x." 

Taylor Swift in Sydney

Other fans (probably Taylor's) found the whole situation very hypocritical though. 

"What's the most ironic thing you've seen happen? - Kim listening to Taylor's song pretending she didn't try to sabotage her career," tweeted @delicate_styles and "The delicate lyrics included 'my reputation has never been worse' and Kim and her husband are directly responsible for that so how about she goes and buys herself a conscience."

While the insult may be harsh, it's not necessarily wrong. 

Taylor Swift with Her Fans

The song is clearly a love anthem to boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but it's also about Kim and Kanye's fallout with the singer back in 2016. 

Taylor's takedown album was partly targeted at Kim and Kanye, along with other past romances, but the album clearly expresses that Taylor... yeah, she's not a fan of the married couple. 

In case you somehow missed out on all the drama back in 2016, Kim shared a video (also on Snapchat) of her husband calling Taylor to approve of a lyric about her in his song "Famous."

Kim and Kanye at the VMAs

Taylor claimed she had never approved of the line. The media, along with Kim, quickly branded the singer - a snake.

Welcome to album number 6, Reputation

During the kickoff night on the Reputation tour, Taylor explained and opened up to all of her fans about why snakes were such a prominent symbol for her tour, according to The Washington Post.

Taylor Swift Does Her Thing

She told her loyal fans, "a couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media and it caught on. Then a lot of people were calling me a lot of things on social media. And I went through some really low times for a while because of it." 

Taylor then concluded with an inspirational speech on how to not let bullies bring you down and that you shouldn't care about what people think of you, especially if they don't know you. 

But, that's so three years ago. Is Taylor ready to actually forgive and forget?

Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes Listen to Kelly Clarkson

Maybe not... I mean her song "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" suggests the singer is not looking to forgive anytime soon. I mean she literally laughs at the thought and couldn't even say it with a straight face.

I guess only time can tell.

As for Kim, she tells Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she is "over it."

Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian on Watch What Happens Live

Cohen asked the Keeping Up With The Kardashians Star if there is still "beef with Taylor" after everything went down. She shakes her head no and states she "feels like we have all moved on."

So, Tay... thoughts? 

Kanye West Reignites Feud with Drake for Dumbest Reason Ever

It may be a tad bit premature, but it's safe to say the following:

Kanye West's New Year's resolution will not be to forgive and/or forget.

Quite the opposite, in fact, when it comes to Drake.


About two weeks after Kanye reignited his feud with Drake, because the latter dared to ask for clearance of a track from the former, Kanye has gone out and once again...

... reignited his feud with Drake.

In this case, the 41-year-old rapper shared a screen capture of an article that claimed that Drake, used to follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram and...

... wait, there is no and. That's it. That was enough to get Kanye off.

“I never knew till this morning that Drake followed my wife on Instagram back in September,” West wrote on Twitter early Saturday, adding in consternation:

“I had to bring this up because it’s the most f-cked up thing of all and I just saw it this morning.

"Imagine having a problem with somebody and they follow your wife on Instagram."

Sleeping on Their Jobs

A few points to make here:

1. Kanye has since deleted these Tweets.

2. Drake no longer follows Kardashian.

3. Perhaps he formerly did so because Kim so often poses naked on that social media platform.

The Yeezy later designer claimed he has no ill will toward Drake, however.

“We truly wish this man the best and pray that he will find the same happiness that we have,” he tweeted. “Love everyone.”

darn you, drake

Back on December 13, West went after Drake when he accused the three-time Grammy winner of attempting to contact the Kardashian-Jenner family.

“Still need that apology for mentioning the 350s and trying to take food out your idols kids mouths. Been trying to meet with you for 6 months bro,” West wrote, attacking Drake as follows:

“You sneak dissing on [Travis Scott] records and texting Kris [Jenner] talking about how’s the family."

Kanye even went on to allege that Drake had threatened members of his family.

There was just a lot to digest here, as is so often the case with Kanye West...

ye ranting

Eventually, Kardashian told Drake to leave her loved ones alone.

And then Drake's baby mama got herself involved.

Fun times all around!

For celebrity gossip outlets such as this one, at least.

"@Drake never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake," Kim wrote in defense of West at the time, adding:

“My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know.

"He has broken so many boundaries, everything from music, stage design, fashion and culture and will continue to change the world."

ye vs. drake

Drake has not yet responded to Kanye's latest rant against him.

But Kardashian hasn't really gotten any more clothed on Instagram.

So Drake may soon follow her again, like most warm-blooded males, and we'll do this whole dance all over again.

This whole rivalry started after Drake seemed to name check Kardashian in the song "In My Feelings."

West then said in an Instagram video:

"What I'm looking for, for my spirit to take accountability is, the fact that there's people making rumors or thinking that you f-cked my wife, and you not saying nothing and you carrying it like that, that don't sit well with my spirit...

"You know, if I had a girlfriend from Chicago, her name was Renita and then you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn't make no song called 'Riri.'

So when you're like, 'Ah I don't know where it comes from!' You're too smart for that, bro. You know where that comes from.

"Don't make no record with nothing that could be confused."

Kailyn Lowry Dismisses Jenelle Evans: Thanks for All the Publicity!

So... this happened on Friday:

As documented in the gallery above, Jenelle Evans received a gift from Kailyn Lowry earlier in the week.

It was a package of Kailyn's Pothead Haircare products.

Nice and thoughtful, right?

Not quite, according to Evans, who responded by filming herself POURING GASOLINE ON THE PRESENT AND THEN SETTING T ON FIRE.

“Hey, Kail. This is to your peace offering,” she quipped before taking this dangerous and pretty hilarious course of action.

“Been debating whether to upload this, but I feel like the time is appropriate. Kail Lowry, for years you’ve been super jealous and envious of all us girls on the show,” Evans captioned the post, adding:

“You try to make your way into the group, then turn into a mean ass person when it came down to me.”

Jenelle Shows Off

Along with the emoji of a raised middle finger, Evans concluded:

You apologize on/off, claim I need to be apologizing sometimes, then talk shit constantly about me and my husband to the tabloids?!

THEN you had the balls to send me a PEACE GATHERING GIFT?!

Don’t send me gifts and then go talk shit AGAIN!!! Wow, you’re an idiot cuz this is what I do for gifts sent from fake ass bitches like you.

Stay our of my life, go worry about your own.

Pretty straightforward, huh?

Kailyn Lowry in Cut Offs

It sounds very much as if Lowry received Jenelle's message loud and clear...

... and isn't all that stressed about it.

"I knew they would do this. I’m not upset at all,” Lowry told Us Weekly when asked about the burning.

Kailyn also shared a screenshot of Evans’ video on her Instagram Story shortly after it was posted and wrote:

“So Jenelle set my peace offering gift on fire…”

She proceeded to joke about the incident on Twitter by replying to tweet with a picture of the flame-engulfed products and adding,

“Potheadhaircare.com is [fire emoji].”

;lowry lit

It's true. In her own way, Jenelle has provided her foe with all the free publicity she could ever desire via this gesture.

The Teen Mom 2 stars have been at odds with since August when Jenelle appeared to slam Lowry for hooking up with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, after his romane with their fellow castmate Briana DeJesus ended.

The drama didn't stop there, though.

Evans later accused Lowry of exploiting her and their rivalry for the sake of podcast downloads.

“Soooo it’s ok to constantly talk about me on their podcast tho? Don’t you have any other topics than me?! #Flattered,” Evans tweeted at the time, to which the Hustle and Heart author replied:

“You’re not actually interesting."

DeJesus, meanwhile, has also chimed in on Jenelle's burning.

She's no fan of Kailyn, either, not after they both slept with Javi -- and she said the following to In Touch Weekly:

"This isn’t my beef but I agree with what Jenelle did and completely get where she’s coming from.

“You can’t say sorry and try to make peace and then go talk sh-t about Jenelle and her family.

"Kail did the exact same thing to me - talked mad sh-t for a long time and then tries to claim she wanted to make peace at the reunion only to try to provoke some sort of ridiculous fist fight."

Concluded Lowry here:

"Kail has a way of pushing people’s buttons, bringing them to a high level of pissed off, and then trying to play the victim in every situation.

"I can assure you from my experience, [Kail] is not the victim."

90 Day Fiance Feud: Ricky Reyes Calls Mohamed Jbali a Little Punk!

Remember back when 90 Day Fiance viewers thought that Ricky Reyes was being catfished? He ended up not being very sympathetic.

Well, now Ricky has gotten into an online feud with another infamous alum of the series: Mohamed Jbali.

See their heated exchange below:

Ricky Reyes, 90 Day Fiance

Mohamed Jbali took to Instagram to reveal to his followers that he helped a friend make a music video.

Some followers were excited, others were uninterested.

Fellow 90 Day Fiance alum Ricky Reyes was enraged.

"What a punk, really??" Ricky wrote.

"I send Mohamed a message to collab since we in the same state/city," Ricky claimed. "And he never responded."

He then changed his tune, if slightly.

"I’m really interested to see how it comes out," he added. "I will give credit if it’s good, I won’t be a hater."

Ricky on 90 Day Fiance

Ricky has his own production company, so of course he wished that he had been involved.

That was why he went on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days in the first place -- for publicity.

Ricky broke Ximena's heart on television just to famous.

But someone who knows Mohamed Jbali better than most stepped in.

"[Mohamed] won’t reply," Danielle Mullins warned Ricky. "Because he probably knows you were on the show."

"And," Danielle claimed. "If you are not a panty dripper he won’t respond."

Danielle Mullins Wears Pink

"lmao your comment is priceless," raved one fan.

Danielle has all of the receipts on Mohamed and she is always happy to share them with fans.

Their divorce was bitter to say the least.

Another followers asked Danielle what in the world a "panty dripper" might be.

(Others had assumed that she simply meant a panty dropper, but this was not the case)

Danielle defines panty drippers as "Women that message Mohamed telling him he is good and praise him."

Danielle Mullins, No Glasses Selfie

Some were quick to criticize Danielle for, well, how quick to criticize Mohamed she seems to be.

One commenter accused Danielle of being "obsessed" with her ex husband.

Danielle insists that this is not the case.

"No," she wrote. "I was answering on a friend’s post and explaining to [Ricky] why [Mohamed] would not answer him."

"That," Danielle explained. "Is not being obsessed."

Fair enough.

Mohamed Jbali is a Little Frustrated

Mohamed, it seems, did not care for Ricky's reaction.

"I’m on social media to communicate with family and friends and share my thoughts," Mohamed writes. "And not any other reason."

"Drama is not my thing," he insists. "TV and fame are not for me."

He learned that the hard way.

"I’m not obligated to answer my DM’s 24/7," he asserts.

"Not my job to help someone get famous," Mohamed concludes. "Sorry for disappointing."

Mohamed Jbali lashes out on Instagram

"Mohamed be direct, man up," Ricky insists in a response of his own.

"You ain’t famous," Ricky accuses. "And I don’t need your help to be famous because that’s not what I want.”

Yeah, if Ricky wanted to increase his fame, he would presumably flirt with more women and then propose to whichever one didn't ghost him.

You know, just like last time.

“I’m about business," Ricky writes. "I make decisions based on how to maximize and generate revenue."

"Anyhow, I do need your help, I need a ride to the airport next week heading out to NYC for another smart business endeavor," he jokes.

Ricky concludes: "BTW I’m a good tipper."

(Fun fact: when it comes to tipping, actions speak louder than words, and people who say that they are "good tippers" seldom are)

Ricky Reyes speaks up on 90 Day Fiance

Ricky did later soften his words.

"I’ve got nothing against Mohamed,” he said in a later Instagram video. “I think he’s a good guy."

That's not something that you hear very often about Mohamed Jbali.

"He works hard, and you got to respect a man for that," Ricky claims.

"You know, no matter where he works, as long as he’s working, bringing food to the table, and surviving, you got to respect that," Ricky says.

That sounds like he's casting shady aspersions at Mohamed's blue collar employment.

Ariana Grande and Her Mom DESTROY Piers Morgan Over Misogyny

On Wednesday, Twitter witnessed a murder.

Ariana Grande and her mother, Joan Grande, just absolutely annihilated Piers Morgan.

See, he went after both Ellen DeGeneres (really!) and Little Mix, because he's an absurd troll who likes to stir up trouble.

But if you kick enough hornet's nests, you get stung.

It's no surprise to see Ariana and her amazing mother doing their share of the stinging.

Piers is a controversy-courting provocateur who fancies himself a journalist and it is always a delight to see him get put in his place.

Take a look:

1. Mama Grande had time

Joan grande destroys piers morgan 21 november 2018 01
Joan Grande is a delight, and she doesn't love to see Piers stir up controversy towards women just to get himself a little attention.

2. Piers tried to explain himself

Joan grande destroys piers morgan 21 november 2018 02
One of Piers' favorite habits is concern-trolling, where he pretends to be a champion of women by ... condemning women for what they do with their own bodies.

3. Joan didn't care for that

Joan grande destroys piers morgan 21 november 2018 03
Honeslty, if Joan Grande told me in that tone to have my mother call me ... I would change my name and disappear off of the face of the planet.

4. Joan makes it clear that she's not going to feed the trolls

Joan grande destroys piers morgan 21 november 2018 04
She said what she cames to say, and she won't dignify Piers' nonsense by giving him any further attention.

5. She did notice one thing, though ...

Joan grande destroys piers morgan 21 november 2018 05
Ariana had also taken note and was NOT here to listen to Piers shaming these women, either.

6. Ariana, like her mother, had time today

Ariana grande destroys piers morgan 21 november 2018 01
Ariana spent Wednesday teasing her followers with behind-the-scenes glimpses at her "Thank U, Next" music video, but she saw her mother's tweets and added her own legendary voice.
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Lorde to Kanye West: Don’t Steal Ideas From Me or ANY Woman Again!

Last week, Kanye West was forced to flee as shots were fired on set. Also, everywhere near his primary residence is on fire.

Now, he's facing accuastions from Lorde that he totally ripped off her stage designs for his shows.

And she has the photo comparisons to back up her claim.

Kanye West and Lorde

Kanye West and Kid Cudi's "Kids See Ghosts" Tour has attracted the wrong kind of attention.

Lorde, the absolute legend who won a Grammy before graduating high school, took to her Instagram Stories.

There, she shared a series of images noting what she found to be a suspicious similarity between her tour's stage design and Kanye's.

The suspended box design, creating a second floor to the stage without taking up any stage space, is pretty difficult to miss.

Did Kanye really steal the work?

Lorde suggests so with a few words.

Lorde accuses Kanye of stage design stealing 01

"I’m proud of the work I do," Lorde wrote in reflection.

"And it’s flattering when other artists feel inspired by it," she continued.

Lorde clarified about that flattered feeling: "to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves."

"But don’t steal," she insists.

"Not from women or anyone else," Lorde writes. "Not in 2018 or ever."

Lorde accuses Kanye of stage design stealing 02

Es Devlin is a designer who has worked closely with Lorde.

"It’s hard to come up with stuff that feels new," Lorde shared in 2017.

"And with the tank it felt weird and interesting and quite specific to me," Lorde shared.

She spoke of her collaboration with Devlin: "The two of us just built it from the ground up, bouncing ideas back and forth."

Devlin has also very notably worked with Kanye for many, many years.

In an apparent response to Lorde's post, Devlin made a post on Instagram showing a similar "box" in the opera, Carmen, by Georges Bizet.

Kim Kardashian accuses Saint Laurent of stealing Kanye stage design

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that someone has noticed that Kanye's stage design seems similar to another.

Last time, it was this image (above) of hanging lights.

Kim Kardashian herself took aim at Saint Laurent, suggesting that Kanye's set design had been ripped off.

(One could argue that no one gets to lay claim to the concept of hanging lights, but it really doesn't matter)

That makes defending Kanye against Lorde a little complicated.

That is, assuming that Ye has any defenders left who aren't in his bed or on his payroll.

Taylor Swift Kisses Lorde

Some could cynically suggest that Lorde is being opportunistic.

Lorde is famously friends with Taylor Swift.

Even more famously, Taylor and Kanye have a serious beef.

In 2016, Kim orchestrated Taylor's temporary downfall. Now, however, Taylor is back.

Meanwhile, Kanye chose 2018 as the year to purge himself of any lingering goodwill that the public may have for him.

Is Lorde just kicking Kanye while he's down by attacking his art?

Kanye with Passion

So, did Lorde jump the gun by indirectly accusing Kanye of ripping off her work?

Did Kanye and Lorde just come up with similar ideas?

(Great trains run along the same tracks, if Kanye is still considered to be "great")

Or did Es Devlin rip off a design from an opera and then pass it off to both artists?

We would suggest that it's more likely (and also kinder) to suggest that no one is stealing from anyone.

Stages only have so many possible designs, folks.

That said, we can understand why Lorde might be sensitive on the topic.

There is a widespread phenomenon, from business meetings to the art world, of men duplicating a woman's ideas and receiving credit for it.

It's good to be on guard for that -- even if you might, occassionally, be mistaken.

Nicki Minaj: My Best Friend Whupped Cardi B’s Ass!

Remember when Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj and then left the party with a massive goose egg on her forehead?

Well, now we have a better idea of exactly how the rapper got lumped up.

Cardi B-Nicki Minaj

And from the sound of things, the beef between the undisputed queen of hip-hop and the latest claimant to her throne is far from over.

The latest drama began when Cardi's sister -- who is apparently actually named Carolina Hennessy -- alleged that Nicki leaked Cardi's number to her fans.

“She leaked my sister’s number to her fan pages the same sh-t she did to Mariah Lynn," Hennessy wrote on Instagram this week.

Cardi B, Nicki Minaj Split

“It’s easy for y’all to ask me why I’m bothered, why I care so much! But not one of you are waking up to death threats every day, made up stories that could effect my REAL life and my REAL relationships!" Hennessy added.

"Imagine if this was your infant child, imagine if this was your sister or ya mother! Who with a real heart and real f**kin feelings is going to continue to let a group of people harass them!! If you wouldn’t defend yourself or ya family cool but not me!! Not NEVER!”

On her Beats 1 radio show, Nicki denied leaking the phone number.

Cardi B at 2018 AMAs

Hilariously, she went on to reveal that her friend -- former Love & Hip Hop star Rah Ali -- was the one who took brutal revenge on Cardi following the infamous Hurling of the Louboutin.

“Rah beat Cardi’s ass really bad,” she said.

“The punches were so hard in your head. Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah. She punched her eight, nine times. Now you got your sister calling me a crackhead.”

Nicki Minaj in Black

Minaj went on to say that she would be "happy" to make the feud "stop" and "never talk about this again."

While a severe head-pummeling doesn't seem like a proportionate response to a thrown shoe, Nicki certainly has some loyal friends.

That said, her fans might be a little too loyal, and if they're really issuing death threats to Cardi's family, then it's time for these two to bury the hatchet before someone gets hurt.

Although if they wanted to toss a couple savage diss tracks at each other before moving on, we would be okay with that ...

Kanye West Blasts Nick Cannon, Drake, Tyson Beckford in Bizarre Video

Earlier this month, Kanye West went on an apology spree, trying to make nice with others and even telling Drake to "take his good energy." Whatever that means.

Now, however, it looks like Kanye has changed his tune. He recorded a video message for various men in the music industry with whom he has a beef.

The short version? Don't talk about his wife, don't think about his wife, and definitely don't suggest that you've ever boned her.

Kanye west face on video

"I just wanted to express some things that were not sitting right with my spirit," Kanye explains.

Kanye continues: "Now that I’m up out the sunken place I can think and I can just be ‘Ye and express how I feel."

When he says the sunken place, he is referring to Get Out, though some would argue that he is using the reference with the opposite of its intended meaning.

"There’s a couple of things that I want to address," Kanye explains.

Kanye on the radio

"First of all I want to address Nick Cannon," Kanye announces.

"I understand that you used to date my wife," he says. "But you know, you get into an interview, don’t mention my wife."

That is something that many would consider to be an odd or intrusive instruction.

"If someone brings my wife up, say, ‘I respect that man, I’m not speaking on that,'" Kanye demands. "Don’t be making no suggestions -- like nobody f--k my wife"

That demand might have gone over better with some fans if Kanye had asked Nick to respect Kim. But Kanye is all about Kanye.

Very serious kimye

So, Kanye produced a song of Pusha T's that called out Drake for allegedly using a ghostwriter for his music.

"Now if I wasn’t in a medicated state I might have thought and had the wherewithal to say, ‘Hey Pusha, don’t diss Drake on my beat," Kanye admits.

"And I spoke about that and took accountability for that," he says.

"People making rumors or thinking you f--k my wife and you’re not saying nothing…" Kanye continues. "That don’t sit well with my spirit."

Kanye west as a guest

It has long been speculated that the "Kiki" from Drake's song, "In My Feelings," may have been Kim Kardashian, even though she never boned Drake.

"You know, if I had a girlfriend from Chicago, her name was Renita, and you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song called Riri," Kanye says.

"So when you’re like, ‘Ahhh I don’t know where it come from,’ you too smart for that bro," Kanye insists.

"You know where that come from," Kanye continues to lecture Drake. "Don’t make no record with nothing that can be confused."

These are some hefty demands.

Kanye west on rap stage

You know how Pusha T revealed that Drake had a secret child?

"Now I told ya, I didn’t tell Pusha no information about your baby, baby mama, nothing," Kanye says. "That don’t come from me,”

“Don’t speak on nobody from our family," Kanye commands. "Nothing that can even be mentioned with my wife period."

"We don’t have to talk again," Kanye says. "I’m not giving no energy to that."

Kanye's dragon energy isn't an unlimited resource, we guess.

Hands up

Kanye moved on to yet another target.

"As far as Tyson Beckford goes, don’t speak on my wife, bro," Kanye insists.

"Like none of y’all speak on my wife period," he demands. "What are you talking about? I’m married. We’re in love, we’re a family."

We don't think that anyone seriously questions that, but apparently, in Kanye's mind, these men should never mention Kim Kardashian.

"All three of y’all, come talk to me," Kanye instructs. "We’ll work it out."

Kanye west tweets about emma gonzalez

Kanye just told Drake that they didn't need to speak again in one breath, and then invited him to talk to him with the next.

"Nick Cannon, Drake, Tyson Beckford," Kanye concludes. "All that wasn’t sittin’ right with me."

Yes. That much is clear.

It will be interesting to see how they respond to Kanye's Thursday message.

In this post, we have a combined version of the videos for you. Watch it for yourself and see what you think.

Kanye west blasts nick cannon drake tyson beckford in bizarre vi

Donald Trump Tries to Dunk on LeBron James, Calls Him Stupid

Donald Trump is too short, too out of shape and possesses hands that are way to small to dunk a basketball.

But the President of the United States nevertheless took some time out of his late Friday night to try and slam one home on...

... LeBron James?

Donald Trump at Lectern


The very stable genius, who thinks one needs an ID to purchase groceries, jumped on Twitter around midnight and Tweeted the following about the new Los Angeles Lakers star:

Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do.

I like Mike!

There are many things to point out about this Tweet.

For starters, Lemon interviewed LeBron on Monday night, meaning there are only one of two options here:

  1. Trump used TiVo to record the interview and watched it days later.
  2. Trump was simply watching CNN, the network he often claims "sucks" and is terrible and is full of "fake news," when it re-aired the Q&A.

Either would be a totally normal thing for the Commander-in-Chief to do, right?

donald tweet

Secondly, LeBron James was interviewed by Lemon (along with other outlets) because he just opened a public school in Akron, Ohio.

To reiterate: James donated millions and millions of dollars to the I Promise school, an institution for at-risk children in his hometown that will offer:

- Free college tuition to the University of Arkon for all graduates.

- All students a free uniform, free bicycle and free helmet.

- Job assistance and GED training for the parents of all students.

- A food pantry for families.

- Free breakfast, lunch and snacks for all students.

One could easily argue this is the most generous and impressive off-court gesture ever made by a professiona athlete.

And THIS is the individual that President Trump has chosen to insult as unintelligent.

LeBron Opens a School

We wonder why.

Yes, James has referred to Trump as a "bum" on Twitter in the past and he also said in June that whichever team won the NBA title would turn down an invitation to visit the White House.

But head NBA coaches Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich has been far more critical of Trump.

The latter said in March that Trump is a liar and a hypocrite and that he brings out the "dark side of human beings for his own purpose."

Yet Trump has never uttered a negative word about Kerr or Popovich. We really do wonder why.

What makes LeBron different from these two other men in his profession. Can anyone out there help explain it to us?

Donald Trump in FL

In his CNN interview, James discussed the impact of sports and how it brings people together, contrasting this experience with the way Trump uses "sports to kinda divide us."

A great example of this would be Trump's constant bashing of NFL players for being unpatrotic because they are protesting violence against African-Americans by taking a knee during the national anthem.

"Sports has never been something that divides people," James told Lemon. "It's always been something that brings someone together."

A few months ago, LeBron expounded further on Trump's self-centered and misguided attitude toward... everything and everyone.

"He doesn't understand the power that he has for being the leader of this beautiful country," James said. "He doesn't understand how many kids, no matter the race, look up to the president of the United States for guidance, for leadership, for words of encouragement.

"He doesn't understand that, and that's what makes me more sick than anything, that we have someone that's ... this is the most, this is the No. 1 position in the world."


In his viral Tweet above, Trump said he likes Mike, very likely making a reference to Michael Jordan in the debate for who is the best basketball player of all-time.

The world now waits to see if Jordan will chime in with his opinion of the President.

It also now waits to see if Trump will get impeached for being a traitor.

Farrah Abraham: I’m Ready to Fight Drita D’Avanzo!

It's been about six weeks since Drita D'Avanzo threatened to smack Farrah Abraham in the face.

And yet, Farrah still remains annoyingly un-smacked.

Farrah Drita split

That's the thing with usually-spontaneous gestures like face slaps -- you really need that element of surprise.

You can't announce your intentions publicly and then wait out the perfect opportunity.

It gives your opponent too much time to prepare for the eventual rumble, and it appears that's exactly what Farrah's been doing.

Yes, not only has Farrah been attacking hotel employees, she's also been engaging in a more formal style of combat training.

According to The Blast, Farrah recently began training as a boxer with none other than former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson as her coach.

Hilariously, Farrah says she hopes to participate in a celebrity boxing match with the proceeds going to an anti-bullying organization.

Farrah Abraham on Insta

The irony in that sentence will make your head explode if you focus on it too long, so let's just move along to the question of who Farrah will be squaring off against.

She played it coy when asked directly:

“Maybe some of the Teen Moms who talk trash about me and bully me," Farrah replied.

Maybe some of the producers who bullied me off the show I created with them so maybe Morgan Freeman should step out."

She does know that when people talk about putting a stop to bullying, they're not talking about beating up all the bullies, right?

Farrah Abraham Dressed Like a Magician

Okay, so obviously Farrah is gonna fight Drita, but first, they have to pretend like the feud was re-ignited organically on social media.

We get it.

The wait will be annoying, but it'll be amusing to hear Farrah's clueless comments about her future boxing career.

“I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing and look my best," she told The Blast.

"Like I’m Floyd Mayweather stepping in the ring for the women."

You're a little late for that party, Farrah.

Floyd Mayweather is already the Floyd Mayweather of beating up women.

Kailyn Lowry to Briana DeJesus: Way to Make Out With Your Mom, Nasty-Ass!

There was a moment on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 that left fans sharply divided.

No, we're not talking about Jenelle's declaration of love for the NRA, or Leah Messer's revelation that she hooked up with Jeremy Calvert.

We're talking about an unexpectedly intimate moment involving Briana DeJesus ... and her mother.

Yes, just before Briana headed to Miami to undergo plastic surgery, her mom Roxanne went in for a kiss that went on a tad too long for most fans' comfort.

And Kailyn Lowry was among the first to point out just how weird the makeout session really was:

1. Roxy Music

Roxy music
Bri and Roxy have always been close. But prior to Monday night, we didn't realize just how close they were.

2. Going Under the Knife

Briana de jesus pic
Much of this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 surrounded Briana's planned cosmetic procedure in Miami. And for a relatively routine operation, her plastic surgery resulted in a ton of drama.

3. The DeJesus M.O.

Briana d pic
Of course, everything Briana does results in a ton of drama, but we digress.

4. Happy Endings

Briana de jesus
We now know that Bri's procedure went off without a hitch, and she's pleased with the results. At the time the episode was filmed, however, the outcome was uncertain.

5. Unexpected Emotion

Briana on teen mom
Fans expected that there would be some drama surrounding Bri's surgery, but they may have been surprised by just how worried her mother was.

6. Surprise PDA

Briana dejesus on mtv
And they were definitely surprised by the lengthy kiss that Roxy basically forced on Bri.
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Stormy Daniels Feuds with Roseanne Barr Over Anal Sex Accusation

If the headline above does not perfectly sum up the world in which we live at the moment, we don't know what else would.

2018, huh, people?

Earlier this week, adult film actress and former Donald Trump sex partner Stormy Daniels got into a heated Twitter debate with revived sitcom star Roseanne Barr.

Stormy Daniels Smirks

The topic at hand was the act of anal intercourse.

The nauseating back-and-forth started when Daniels Tweeted the following:

Have you seen my tits? (Of course, you have) I don't jog anywhere. So I'll just sit here, sipping my coffee and talking shit. Xoxo.

Aside from detailing her affair with President Trump, Daniels has become known for this sort of forthright talk on social media.

She certainly isn't ashamed of her profession.

sd tweet

From here, am Internet user named Sassy Southern Diva (who has since deleted her tweet) replied as follows:

“You’re disgusting and do not represent classy women AT ALL. Your fifteen minutes of fame will be up soon and we will all be thrilled when that day comes!”

Sassy Southern Diva also tagged in Roseanne Barr in this message, because... why not, we guess?

Roseanne is having a moment.

For whatever reason, actress Patricia Arquette then got involved, chiming in with this reply:

Following this logic -If she doesn’t represent “classy women” I guess that means the President represents classless men? Hmm. Interesting. ..

This is where Barr leaped into the very random fray, Tweeting as only she can:

she's known for anal porn scenes.


But this is incorrect.

Farrah Abraham is known for anal sex scenes.

Daniels is just known for having vaginal sex, a point she made in response to Roseanne.

I don't even do anal movies, you ignorant twat," shot back Stormy. That's like saying you are known for your beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

Roseanne Barr on Tonight Show

This, of course, is a reference to Roseanne's infamously disrespectful national anthem prior to a San Diego Padres game in 1990.

The comedian grabbed her crotch and spat on the field and was booed at the time by those in attendance.

See for yourself:

Fast forward 25 years and Roseanne is a passionate Donald Trump supporter while Daniels was a one-time semi-passionate Donald Trump mistress.

And now these two are feuding.

Over anal sex accusations.

Like we said above: 2018, huh?!?

Donald Trump Gets Dunked On By Alec Baldwin In Response to Random Trash-Talk

Alec Baldwin made his first appearance as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live way the hell back in October of 2016, and the show's been on hiatus for the past three weeks due to NBC's broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

So why was the president angrily tweeting about Baldwin's impression at 5:42 this morning?

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

It's a good question with several troubling answers.

The most obvious explanation for why the leader of the free world had a man-baby outburst while gnawing on his Egg McMuffin this morning is the fact that Baldwin had some unkind words for Trump in a recent interview.

"Every time I do it now, it's like agony," Baldwin recently told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about his Trump impression.

“Anybody over this guy,” Baldwin added. “It doesn’t matter. We have to get rid of him.”

Those are exactly the kind of comments that get under Trump's skin, so it's no surprise the president was so upset that even autocorrect couldn't reason with him this morning:

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump Again

"Alex Baldwin, whose dieing mediocre career was saved by his terrible impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing me was agony," Trump tweeted.

"Alex, it was agony for those who were forced to watch. Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent!"

That tweet was only live for about 10 minutes before Trump deleted it and replaced with a version in which Baldwin's name and "dying" were both spelled correctly.

Needless to say, Twitter wasn't so quick to forget the president's spelling boo-boos.

But unhinged Trump tantrums are obviously nothing new.

The weird thing about this one is, the Baldwin interview took place back on Wednesday, and the Donald has been never one to buy into the expression about revenge being a dish best served cold. 

Alec Baldwin on SNL

(After all, the analogy wouldn't make much sense to someone who only eats food that congeals if it's left to sit for more than a few seconds.)

The best explanation with regard to the timing seems to be that less than thirty minutes before Trump's tweet, Baldwin's interview was mentioned in a segment on Fox News, which is the president's state-run television network of choice when he's lounging around the White House in his bathrobe.

Of course, the real reason that Trump decided to start his morning with an old-fashioned Two Minutes Hate is that he's coming off yet another chaotic week and he'll do just about anything to change the topic of conversation.

It's a typically inept move from an administration that aims for Third Reich, but usually misses the mark and lands more in the Keystone Cops area.

Alec Baldwin Plays Trump

That said, we'll give the Donald credit for one thing - Hammond actually does have the better technical impression, in terms of nailing Trump's "FBI Mafia informant turned used car salesmen" mannerisms.

But wherever you stand on who serves up the best impersonation of our anus-lipped commander-in-chief, there's no denying that Baldwin's response left Trump as roasted as one of those well-done steaks he likes so much:

"Agony though it may be, I’d like to hang in there for the impeachment hearings, the resignation speech, the farewell helicopter ride to Mara-A-Lago," Baldwin tweeted, adding:

"You know. The Good Stuff. That we’ve all been waiting for."

Get emmmmmm!

Alec Baldwin or Donald Trump?

As though that wasn't enough to send DJT into a diaper-filling rage, Baldwin continued:

"Looking forward to the Trump Presidential Library. A putting green. Recipes for chocolate cake. A live Twitter feed for visitors to post on.

"A little black book w the phone numbers of porn stars. You’re in and out in five minutes. Just like..."

Baldwin might want to start using his middle name, a la Lee Harvey Oswald because we're pretty sure that qualifies as an assassination.

Kim Cattrall Sends VERY Clear Message to Sarah Jessica Parker

Kim Cattrall was known on Sex and the City for portraying a character who always spoke her mind.

And it's now evident that that the role of Samantha Jones was a bit of type-casting, considering the simple and direct share Cattrall just hurled in the direction of a former co-star.

Kim Cattrall Face

In a very straightforward Instagram message shared on Saturday morning, for ex-HBO star addressed Sarah Jessica Parker, the former lead on the series that made both women very rich and very famous.

"My Mom asked me today “When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?” opened Cattrall on social media.

She then set her sights specifically on Parker and wrote:

"Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already):

"You are not my family. You are not my friend.

"So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona."

The bold up above is our own because thought these words required emphasis.

cattrall message

There had long been rumored tension between Cattrall and Parker, dating back to when the actress co-starred on Sex and the City the TV show.

They put aside their differences for many seasons, however, and then also through a pair of movies.

But everything blew up publicly last fall after Parker told Extra that a script had been penned for Sex and the City 3 and that everyone was on board to film...

... except for Cattrall.

She referred to this hold out as "disappointing."

Cattrall then took exception to Parker taking her beef public, considering Kim says she was never, ever open to shooting another movie.

She held no bitter feeling. She even encouraged producers to find another actress for Samantha.

She had simply moved on -- and here was Parker, taking her to task for simply making a personal and professional decision.


"At this very moment it’s quite extraordinary to get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘no’ that I’m demanding or a diva,” Cattrall told Piers Morgan in an interview last October, adding of Parker in particular:

"And this is really where I take to task the people from Sex and the City and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, in that I think she could have been nicer."

So it was obvious at that time that the stars weren't very close.

But then Cattrall's brother went missing and was eventually found dead.

In response to the tragedy, Parker wrote the following on Instagram:

Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx.

sjp note

This appears to be the basis for Cattrall's latest message.

She feels as though Parker wasn't being sincere, pretending as if she and Cattrall were good friends when, in reality, they are anything but.

Wrote Cattrall shortly after she learned of her brother's death:

"It is with great sadness that myself and my family announce the unexpected passing of our son and brother, Chris Cattrall.

"At this time we ask for privacy but we want to thank you all on social media for your outpouring of love and support in this trying time."

Did Parker mean well with her Instagram reply to this confirmation?

Or was she exploiting the sad situation for PR sake, to make it look like she's a caring individual when, according to Cattrall, there's no relationship of any kind about which Parker should care.

It's clear on which side of this debate Cattrall falls.

And it's also now VERY clear that there will no Sex and the City 3, not with Cattrall as Jones at least.

David Eason’s Sister SLAMS Jenelle Evans: Feed Your Son!

Not all that long ago, it looked like the feud between Jenelle Evans and David Eason's sister, Jessica Miller, might finally come to an end.

After months of truly nasty exchanges on social media, Jessica was arrested for assault, and insiders said the incident prompted her to re-evaluate her priorities and attempt to turn her life around.

Jenelle Evans with her kids

We assumed the self-improvement campaign would involve no longer engaging in petty online beefs with her brother's wife.

Obviously, we were wrong.

Not only is Jessica still taking shots at Jenelle, she's stepped her game up and is now peddling anti-Jenelle merchandise!

Yes, Jessica is selling t-shirts inspired by her feud with Jenelle on the Tee Spring website.

Act now, because supplies won't last.

Not because they'll sell out, of course, but because Jenelle will probably sick her lawyers on Jessica and shut this whole operation down any minute now.

Jenelle Shirt

As you can see, one of the shirts references the controversy over Jenelle allegedly failing to feed her son Kaiser.

Another shirt--which has apparently already been removed from the site--shows two stick figures having sex in front of a video camera, with a caption reading, "Makin' My Family on the Lannndd."

As Teen Mom 2 fans are aware, Jenelle and David refer to their property as "the Land" for reasons that are apparent only to them.

So yes, it does appear that Jessica is suggesting that Jenelle and David have made a sex tape.

Why that's a fact she felt the need to immortalize on a t-shirt is anyone's guess.

But Jessica claims (probably because she has to for legal reasons) that the shirts aren't intended to make fun of Jenelle.

Jessica Eason Miller Photo

She insists she simply posted an online poll, and these were the concepts that fans liked the most.

"I asked for requests and ideas and most of the requests were very similar," Miller tells Radar Online.

"There was an overflow of expressions and references. Most of them were #FeedMe related."

Never mind the fact that the only reason Miller has "fans" is because she gets into a public war of words with Jenelle about once a week.

We're sure the "I was just giving the fans what they want" excuse will fly with the judge in Jessica's assault case.

For once Jenelle might actually have the upper hand in a court case.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the absolutely bonkers life of the Carolina Hurricane herself, Mrs. Evans-Eason.

Kim Zolciak: Kandi Burruss Is Just a Lying B-tch!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann may not be a regular on The Real Housewives of Atlanta anymore, but that doesn't mean she's done bringing drama to the ATL.

Much to the chagrin of some of her castmates, Kim has been making appearances as a "friend of the Housewives" this season, and lately, her feuds from the show have been spilling over onto social media.

It's Kim Zolciak!

On Sunday night's episode, Kim claimed that Kandi Burruss once propositioned her for sex.

Burruss took to Twitter to state quite bluntly that no such exchange ever occurred:

"I’m sick of these b-tches lying on me," she tweeted.

"@Kimzolciak I have NEVER wanted you or your box. And stop swearing on your kids while you’re telling lies. Lying ass bitch. Somebody’s really reaching for a permanent peach here... This is my house. You’re just a visitor!"

Yes, Kandi basically pulled rank, reminding Kim that she's been stripped of her Housewife status and is now just a lowly guest on the show.

Kandi and Her Boobs

Kim, of course, has never been one to back down from a fight, and she stuck by her claim ... albeit not in terribly convincing fashion.

"If anybody is lying it’s you @Kandi You and your husband are full on swingers f--king all kinds of girls and can NEVER admit it. And bitch if it weren’t for me there would be no house. Remember I built this house!" Zolciak-Biermann tweeted.

"If anybody is lying, it's you"?

That's something people who are lying say.

Zolciak's claim came during a conversation with Sheree Whitfield, in which she asserted that Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, attempted to lure her into a threesome.

"The elevator’s not going to the top floor if you’re willing to share your man," Kim remarked.

Kim Zolciak with Low Cut Top

This all comes on the heels of Kim's ugly feud with Nene Leakes, which has also delivered plenty of bonus drama on social media.

Nene fired the latest shot in epic fashion last week, saying of Kim:

"I think if you cut her open, worms and slimy nastiness will come out of her. I think she is a slimy, nasty person for real."

Tell us what you really think, Nene!

Both of these situations seem likely to get worse in the weeks to come, which is probably exactly what Zolciak wants.

In all likelihood, Kandi hit the nail on the head when she remarked that Kim is a woman who desperately wants "a permanent peach"

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to relive all of this season's wildly entertaining drama.

Chrissy Teigen Slams Seal For Oprah-Bashing Meme

There are random feuds, and then there’s whatever the hell this is.

As you may have heard, millions of grownups want Oprah to run for president because she made a nice speech at the Golden Globes, and having a former TV star in the White House is currently working out so well for us.

But apparently Oprah only managed to win over roughly 99.99999 percent of the Earth’s population.

Sadly, she’s missing the all-important Seal vote.

Yes, Heidi Klum’s ex holds opinions on matters other than which flower is the most kissable.

(Surprisingly, it’s the one with all the thorns.)

For instance, he belongs to the microscopic minority that believes Batman Forever is the finest superhero film ever produced.

And he also thinks Oprah needs to sit her ass down because she’s just another Hollywood heathen.

Oprah Meme

Seal posted the above meme to Instagram this week, and in case it was too subtle for you, he did whatever the British equivalent of spiking the football is with this scathing caption:

“Oh I forgot, that’s right…..you’d heard the [rumors] but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young [starry]-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad. #SanctimoniousHollywood.”

Yes, Seal is accusing Oprah of being complicit in the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals.

Because now is a great time to dogpile on women and blame them for the revolting actions of a disgusting dude.

Fortunately, powerful females like Oprah and Meryl Streep–both of whom have been crucified for having once associating with a guy who was later accused of rape–have an equally powerful defender in Chrissy Teigen.

You may be thinking that Oprah can certainly fight her own battles, and you would be right.

But she also can’t stoop to the level of being with freakin’ Seal on Instagram.

For that, she needs a pitbull like Chrissy in her corner.

The model and media personality basically burned Seal to the ground with a single comment on his dumb anti-Oprah meme.

“Hmm. Let’s just say we’ve all heard things about each other, haven’t we?” she wrote.

Teigen didn’t go into detail, but clearly, she’s got the goods on ya boy Seal.

Here’s hoping he tries to call her bluff and she pulls the trigger.

Or should we say … seals the deal?

We’ll show ourselves out.