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Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian: Spotted! Together! In Public!

Over the past three playoff games, Tristan Thompson has been a very pleasant surprise for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He's helped the team win a trio of vital matchups by being aggressive on the court, battling for rebounds and earning his club second chances.

Similarly, in his personal life, it now appears as if Thompson has been given a second chance.

Tristan Kisses Khloe

Or would this be a third chance?

Perhaps even a fifth chance?

Just a few weeks after the Internet blew up with VERY strong evidence that Thompson has been cheating basically non-stop on Khloe Kardashian, the basketball player and his long-time girlfriend were spotted out in public.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the parents of brand new daughter True dined at TownHall restaurant in Cleveland, where they lunched with a few friends.

And, based on this website evidence, it appeared as if Khloe was happy, relaxed and very content with her dishonest baby daddy.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on New Year's Eve

Despite pressure from various family members to kick Tristan to the curb, it's evident at the moment that Khloe isn't ready to do so.

Does this mean she actually wants to marry Thompson, as one recently report shocking claimed?

No, not necessarily. That sure does seem like a huge step for the couple to suddenly take.

But it certainly says something that Khloe has not yet returned to Los Angeles.

She's still in Cleveland, still apparently hoping to raise her child under the same roof as her father.

"She always planned to stay in Cleveland the first three months," an insider says of Khloe, adding:

"Now with Tristan in the playoffs for possibly another month, no decision needs to be made right now."

Tristan and Khloe

It's true: The Cavs are up two games to none on the Toronto Raptors and look well on their way to advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals yet again.

Thompson has suddenly become an integral part of their playoff rotation,while remaining an integral part of Kardashian's life.

“No one in her world is supporting Tristan and she’s still in love with him," this same Us Weekly insider claims.

Back on April 12, Khloe welcomed her first child into the world.

Thompson was reportedly by her side, but the two got into a screaming match nearly as soon as they became parents, according to Radar Online.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

Can you blame Khloe?

Literally a day before she went into labor, word (and surveillance footage) leaked about Thompson sleeping way, way around.

He seemingly slept with at minimum one woman while Khloe was three months pregnant and one while she was eight months pregnant.

It's just so, so, so very wrong.

But we can understand why it's challenging for Khloe to know what to do in the face of becoming a mother AND discovering that the man who helped her to do is basically a huge liar.

We aren't gonna judge.

We're just gonna hope these two stars do what is best for little True.

Blac Chyna Enjoys "Sunday Funday" with Daughter, Amber Rose

Blac Chyna may be stuck in an ugly custody battle with Rob Kardashian at some point in the near future.

But the reality star didn't seem too bothered by this potential situation on Sunday.

In fact, Chyna didn't seem too bothered by anything at all!

Blac Chyna with Dream

As documented above and below, the controversial ex-fiancee of the aforementioned sock designer enjoyed what she referred to on social media as "Sunday funday."

And she didn't do so alone.

First, Chyna excitedly pose for a photo while holding daughter Dream Kardashian, with both mother and daughter rocking a bathing suit for the snapshot.

Chyna donned giant sunglasses while Dream went with an oversized hat to protect her face from an overabundance of sunshine.

"Dreammmmmmmmmm," Chyna wrote as an apt caption to the photo.

Freshly single, meanwhile, Chyna also made a point of including a seductive picture of herself in this new series of Instagram images lying back in a bikini and exposing some serious underboob.

"Kissed," Chyna captioned the picture below.

Blac Chyna in the Sun

Spending time at Amber Rose's impressive hour, Rose also posed alongside her busty best friend at one point.

"Sunday funday at Muva house," she wrote alongside the following photo.

Where is Rob, you may be wondering?

Off doing his own thing, having split from Blac Chyna about a month ago.

Unlike past (very ugly) break-ups between the stars, this one appears to have stuck. And it also appears to be far less contentious than previous separations.

Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, Cleavage

"The wedding plans are off,” a source close to the Kardashians told People Magazine in mid-February, adding at the time:

“They are both trying to be mature about it. It was less dramatic this time.”

The stars went public with their relationship in January 2016.

A whirlwind of a subsequent 12 months included an engagement, a pregnancy, a child born in November and a full season of a ridiculous reality show on E!.

But while the reality show won't see a second season and while no vows will ever be exchanged, this doesn't mean the entire Rob and Chyna relationship went for naught.

It produced a baby girl.

A rather adorable baby girl, we must say.

Dream K.

"I LOVE THIS WOMAN :) I will never tell her no," Rob captioned a recent snapshot of Dream.

It does appear as if the four-month old is in good hands.

Rob and Chyna may not have worked as a couple, but both are committed to being good parents to this precious bundle of joy.

Click through the following images for a closer look at Dream Kardashian and join us in hoping that Blac and Rob continue to keep their eyes on this very cute prize going forward.

Whatever happens between them personally, she must always come first.

Taylor Swift Crashes Wedding, Is Doing Just Swell

Because Taylor Swift has split from Calvin Harris, she probably won't be getting married any time soon.

But that doesn't mean the singer can't attend a wedding, right?

Taylor Swift at a Wedding

Even when she doesn't really know the couple at the center of it.

Indeed, in yet another example of Swift being the coolest celebrity in the history of the universe when it comes to fan interaction, Swift actually responded to a letter sent to her in April.

It was written by the sister of Max Singer, a member of the U.S. armed forces who is a giant fan of the superstar singer.

In the message, Max's sister explained that Singer married Kenya Smith at a hospital a few months ago because his mother was sick and the couple wanted her to witness their nuptials.

Singer and his mother even shared a dance in her hospital room to "Blank Space," Max's favorite Swift song.

Sadly, however, the mother passed away before he could dance with her at Saturday's reception in North Beach Haven.

So Swift knew there was only one thing she could do in order to make Max's big day even bigger: show up at the reception!

In numerous photos shared onto social media, Swift is seen at Brant Beach Yacht Club in New Jersey, where she not only posed for photos with the bride and groom...

... but also performed "Blank Space" on the piano.

Taylor Swift, Wedding Crasher

Is a song about a psycho ex-girlfriend appropriate wedding reception material?

It is in this circumstance, wouldn't you say?

"Congratulations Max and Kenya!!" Swift wrote on Instagram. "Third wheel."

HA! Least annoying third wheel ever, right?

Swift and Harris broke up last week after 15 months of dating, but everything seems to be just fine between the stars.

tay at wedding

And Taylor clearly isn't letting the break up damper her spirits. She continues to be there for her fans at all times.

She really is the best. Your loss, Calvin Harris.

What to Do While on Your Celebrity Sighting Excursion

No matter who you are, it’s always fun to spot a celebrity. For people who live amongst them on the daily, it might not seem like as big of a deal, but you know that even those who are most accustomed to seeing the stars still like to brag about the fact that they spotted people like Kim Kardashian at the supermarket.

For others who aren’t so used to seeing celebs wherever they go, it’s a lot more fun to almost go on a hunt for them. When visiting places like Hollywood or New York, there are a lot of tourist type attractions that promise you just that. You might not see the said celebrities, but at least you’ll see their homes which automatically means your chances of having an actual sighting are a lot more likely.

If you’re planning a trip to a city where a lot of celebs are known to live and you want to spot as many of them as you can, here are some resources that will help you along the way:

Know the Hours

Even though you’re busy scouting out Caitlyn Jenner with your binoculars, you still gotta eat. If you’re waiting around to see Caitlyn, you’ll want to easily know how late the nearby restaurants, supermarkets and other stores are open. That way, you can run for a midnight snack, you’ll know where you’re going, and you can come back quickly without fearing that you’ve missed your chance to see the star emerge from their den.

Go to the TCL Chinese Theatre

The Chinese Theatre is the place to go if you want to up your odds at seeing a celebrity on your extrusion to increase. The theatre has been the place of choice to premier movies for years. If you know when a movie premier is going on, you’ll guarantee that you’re going to see a familiar famous face.

In addition to this, the courtyard of the theatre is where the Walk of Stars is. Over 200 celebrities have left their hand prints and footprints in the colorful cement. While you might run into celebs other places in town, if you’re smart and you visit the TCL Theatre while there is something going on, you’ll see someone, guaranteed.

Spend Your Beach Time in Malibu

Malibu is the place where the celebs like to buy their homes. The surfing in Malibu is thought to be the best anywhere, and the sunsets are unparalleled. If you want to up your chances at seeing a perfect celebrity body and face, spend your beach time on the beaches of Malibu. You can relax, people watch, or just watch the waves while you wait for somebody to make an appearance.

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles: Oh, It’s On, Alright!

It's one thing to have dinner together, as Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles recently were spotted doing.

It's another thing to go on vacation together, as Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are currently doing in Anguilla, a tropical island in the Caribbean.

But it's yet another thing to have dinner together while on vacation and then also be ALL OVER EACH OTHER while hanging out on a yacht.

And that's exactly what took place between the reality star and the singer this week.

According to E! News, along with the paparazzi agency that snapped the photos, Jenner and Styles have taken their intimate party to St. Barts, the location of multiple Jenner-Kardashian family vacations.

But this appear to be a cozy trip meant for two, as cameras snapped pictures of Jenner and Styles showing serious signs of affection aboard an expensive on Wednesday, with Kendall seemingly lying on top of the One Direction artist at one point.

The stars were romantically linked way back toward the end of 2013 and start of 2014.

They denied they were dating at the time, however, and the supposed relationship only lasted a couple months anyway.

But it's pretty clear Kendall and Harry kept in touch and it's especially clear from the following footage that they are now in touch. Literally.

There's a lot of touching going on here, that's what we're saying.

Check out the photos depicted in the video below and decide for yourself.

If Jenner and Styles are dating? No, they clearly are. Decide if we ought to refer to them as Jyles or as Stenner, we mean...

Kendall jenner cozies way up to harry styles on yacht

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan: Did They Make Out?!?

Remember back in February of 2014 when we asked if Selena Gomez and Niall Horan were a new couple?

Let's run that question back, shall we?

Selena Gomez at the Jingle Ball
Niall Horan Red Carpet Pic

According to multiple reliable outlets (People Magazine, E! News) the artists attended Jenna Dewan-Tatum's 35th birthday bash at Bootsy Bellows on Friday night.

They hung out there with fellow stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis and Adam Levine.

Oh, and they were spotted MAKING OUT!!!!

E! sources say the solo artist and the One Direction member kissed, hugged and danced, while also posing together with a group of friends at the event for a photo.

Earlier in the night, both Gomez and Horan took to the stage as part of 102.7 KISS-FM's Jingle Ball 2015.

Back in May of last year, Selena and Niall allegedly attended a Katy Perry concert in London and got very cozy during that concert as well.

There's a history of attraction here, folks.

There's also some history between Justin Bieber and One Direction.

The superstar threw a bit of shade in the group's direction last month prior to both sides releasing a new album on November 13.

In a brief Instagram video, Bieber taunted One Direction by making a face of fear, claiming that was the face One Direction members make upon realizing their new album was going up against Bieber's new album.

We can't help but wonder what Bieber's face looked like upon reading this Gomez-Horan news, however.

Justin Bieber Serenades Selena Gomez!!!!!!!!!


For real, people.

In the wake of both Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently going on promotional tours and saying some very nice things about each other to the press, Justin showed up on Friday night at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills to fool around on the piano.

This isn't something new for him.

The cute artist has a habit of serenading guests with classic tracks at this establishment.

This time around, however, Bieber finished up a rendition of "Sorry" when Selena walked in and the famous exes enjoyed a friendly chat.

Gomez then sat down next to Bieber, only for Bieber to break into a version of The Temptations classic, "My Girl."

For those unaware, lyrics of this emotional ballad include such sweet words as “I've got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girl. I've even got the month of May with my girl.”

Despite his seeming love of supermodel sex, sources say Bieber remains obsessed with Gomez.

Following this serenade, the young stars left the hotel together and were spotted walking around the neighborhood.

Both singers will be performing at the 2015 American Music Awards and you better believe all eyes will be on their interactions at the event.

This footage is dark, but check out Bieber singing his heart out to Gomez now.

Justin bieber serenades selena gomez

Lindsey Vonn and Charlie Ebersol: Actually Dating?!?

Lindsey Vonn and Charlie Ebersol may very well be a new romantic item.

In related news, Charlie Ebersol may very well be the luckiest man alive.

Sexy Lindsey Vonn
Britney Spears, Charlie Ebersol Picture

The 32-year old writer and producer, best known for having dated Britney Spears for over a year, has seemingly moved on to Tiger Woods' ridiculously good looking ex-girlfriend.

Vonn is also a pretty darn good skier and athlete in her own right.

She and Ebersol were spotted at the U.S. Open twice together over the weekend, according to Page Six of The New York Post.

They looked very cozy while arriving in the same car and then heading to the Heineken VIP Suite on Friday, sources confirm.

“I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that they are just friends," an insider tells the newspaper, but another begs to differ, offering up this nugget:

"When they thought people weren’t looking, Lindsey and Charlie were very close. When they got out of the car, they were hanging on each other and had the spark of a new relationship.

"But as soon as there were cameras, they would separate so as not to be seen together."

Vonn and Woods split in May after three years of dating.

Ebersol and Spears, meanwhile, ended their relationship in June.

Kate Middleton with Bangs: First Gorgeous Look!

Altogether now: She bangs! She bangs!

And we don't just mean Prince William on two occasions in order to produce a pair of precious offspring in Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

No, we mean that Kate Middleton was spotted out on Sunday, September 13, driving to church alongside her husband and showing off a new hairstyle in the process.

The duchess looked positively beautiful in a black turtleneck, brown coat and, as the Internet is buzzing about non-stop, a set of face-framing fringe bangs.

The Telegraph has dubbed the look as “sensible,” with Us Weekly asking whether Kate is starting a “fall trend” with this “chic” look and Vanity Fair referencing the return of said bangs as “grand?” 

Do you agree? Did Middleton make the right move here?

Or does it not even matter, because Kate is such a natural beauty that she could go bald and you'd still be fawning all over her?

Kate middleton gets bangs

Robert Pattinson Crashes Wedding in Ireland: See the Pics!

We've had another Robert Pattinson sighting.

We repeat: we've had another Robert Pattinson sighting!!!

Robert Pattinson with Bride and Groom
Robert Pattinson at a Wedding

A few weeks after the handsome actor posed for some pictures alongside some lucky fans in Ireland, Pattinson once again ended up in a few unexpected photos.

This time, Robert was having a drink at the bar in the Culloden Hotel in that same country (where he's filming a movie) when he was spotted by guests at a wedding whose reception was being held at the same locale.

And, naturally, they wanted Pattinson to join in the fun.

After being mobbed by a handful of VERY excited bridesmaids, Pattinson smiled in pictures with multiple members of the bridal party, including the bride and groom themselves.

Perhaps Robert can look at this as practice for his own nuptials because he's engaged to FKA Twigs.

The couple itself is yet to confirm this strong rumor, but multiple insiders have reported it to be the case.

Pattinson is in Ireland at the moment to shoot The Lost City of Z, an adaption of a David Grann book that tells the story of British explorer Percy Fawcett. He disappeared in the Amazon rainforest while searching for an ancient lost city.

The movie also stars Charlie Hunnam, making it possibly the most attractive movie of all-time.

Brave Cancer Patient Sings "Fight Song"with Rachel Platten

Jeremiah Succar is in for the fight of his life.

But at least the seven-year old has an appropriate song to help him along the way.

A few weeks ago, Succar's family started the #RachelMeetJeremiah hashtag on Instagram after the boy memorized the lyrics to Rachel Platten’s smash hit, “Fight Song.”

Despite a busy tour schedule, Platten learned of the trend and found time to surprise Jeremiah in the hospital, where the two engaged in a heartwarming duet, Succar singing every last word right alongside the recording artist.

Succar, who has been battling Stage Four atypical rhabdoid teratoid since May, may have a tube in his nose and down his throat... but that isn't stopping him here from living out a dream.

"THIS was amazing," Platten wrote on Instagram after the meeting.

"I love you Jeremiah, thanks for inspiring me and rocking out with me!!! #prayersforjeremiah #rachelmeetjeremiah."

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.

Rachel platten plays fight song with cancer patient

Hugh Jackman Videobombs Live News Report: Watch! Laugh!

It's Celebrity Videobomb Week at The Hollywood Gossip!

First, we presented footage in which Sam Smith sneaks up behind a couple of Colorado residents at Red Rocks.

And now Hugh Jackman is here to one-up the Grammy winner, running up behind an Australian reporter and making it clear what he's doing.

"Photobomb!" the 46-year old hunk screams before scurrying away.

And in case you’re worried that journalist Jessica Turner was angry over the move, consider her response: “The best kind of photobomb, Hugh!”

That's for sure.

We're gonna go add this to our favorite celebrity photobombs while you watch and try to contain your laughter:

Hugh jackman videobombs live news report

Katy Perry Poses with Presidents, Contemplates Oval Office Run

Move over, Donald Trump. You may soon have some celebrity competition for President.

Katy Perry, who recently split from John Mayer, found herself at the center of an unexpected threesome over the weekend, posing for a photo in between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Katy Perry, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

Yes, former Presidents of the United States George W. Bush and Bill Clinton!

The unexpected photo op went down on Sunday after the artist took the stage during the Starkey Hearing Foundation's So the World May Hear Gala at the St. Paul River Centre in Minnesota.

Featured at the event, Perry dedicated "Roar" to the foundation's co-founders, William F. Austin and Tani Austin.

"If @StarkeyHearCEO & @TaniAustin can do it, we all can do it!" she said, according @StarkeyCares' Twitter account.

Katy then found herself smiling ear-to-ear alongside the aforementioned Commanders-in-Chief, joking on social media that she may contemplate an Oval Office run at some point.

"42, 43, 46?!" Perry wrote in an Instagram caption.

Hey, if her platform includes large boobs, a lot of hair dye and plenty of fake-horse riding during halftime shows... she has our vote!

Kylie Jenner Grabs Boobs, Dances Seductively: WATCH!

In case it wasn't made clear by every raunchy Kylie Jenner photo posted to Instagram over the past several months, this famous teenager is all grown up.

And then some.

The 17-year old shared a racy video on social media early Sunday morning, one that features her celebrating the Los Angeles premiere of the film Paper Towns with good friend Cara Delevingne and sister Kendall Jenner.

"These didn't make it to Snapchat so here you are Instagram," Kylie captioned the footage, which features Jenner grabbing her breasts and dancing it up with Cara and Kendall.

We also see Kylie stick out of tongue and lick her fingers while getting her seductive groove on.

And... wait! Are those alcoholic drinks in front of Kylie in the second part of the video?!? She is not of legal age, folks.

Watch this disturbing footage for yourself now.

Kylie jenner grabs boobs dances seductively

Khloe Kardashian and James Harden: Spotted in Vegas!

The Khloe Kardashian and James Harden dating rumors are growing stronger by the day.

As detailed in the video above, TMZ Sports cameras captured the reality star and the NBA’s leading scorer as they were leaving dinner Saturday night at Red 8, a fancy Asian eatery in Las Vegas.

Onlookers tell TMZ that Kardashian and Harden looked especially close and cozy during their romantic meal.

Following dinner, the stars headed to Drai's Nightclub for a Chris Brown concert.

Khloe, of course, is technically still married to former pro basketball player Lamar Odom.

Khloe and the Houston Rockets All-Star reportedly met because Harden was one of the coaches at Kanye West’s party after Kim Kardashian rented out The Staples Center for her man's 35th birthday.

As we all know, Harden does fit the type of men Khloe and her sisters usually go after.

Khloe kardashian and james harden spotted in vegas

Taylor Swift July 4th Party: See the Photos!

The Fourth was definitely with Taylor Swift and company in 2015.

The singer - who hosts an annual party in celebration of America's independence - threw it down at her Los Angeles mansion on July 4, cooking for her guests and providing them with the largest inflatable slide we've ever seen.

Boyfriend Calvin Harris was in attendance. So was ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend.

What other celebrities rocked a red, white and blue onesie? How did this year's party compare to the party in 2014?

Check out the star-studded, star-spangled pictures here:

1. Jumping for July 4

Jumping for july 4
Sigh. We wish we were friends with Taylor Swift. The singer and her pals jump for joy here on July Fourth.

2. Riding Calvin

Riding calvin
Ride em, Taylor Swift! The singer enjoys her time with Calvin Harris in this photo from her July 4 party.

3. Yay America!

Yay america
Can you recognize all the famous faces in this photo? They are posing at Taylor Swift's annual July 4 bash.

4. Partying with Taylor

Partying with taylor
Those are inflatable swans. That is a giant inflatable slide. And this is a scene from Taylor Swift's Fourth of July party.

5. Patriotic Brothers

Patriotic brothers
Joe and Nick Jonas attended Taylor Swift's Fourth of July party. And they got into the holiday spirit, as you can see here.

6. A Brit and an American

A brit and an american
Ed Sheeran is not American. But he still helped Taylor Swift celebrate this country's independence.
View Slideshow

Stella Maxwell: See Her Kiss Miley Cyrus!

By now, you've heard the rumors: Miley Cyrus is taking her bisexual tendencies to new heights, and we have to say, she has good taste.

She's dating Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell!

Witnesses have even spotted Cyrus making out with Maxwell, and HARD, on the Hollywood set of an upcoming music video.

Don't believe it?

See it for your own eyes in the footage above, which features Cyrus donning a sparkly gold dress while swapping spit with Maxwell.

Is it just PR for their new music video or the real deal? We can't say, but at one point, it looks as if Miley's hand wanders down Stella's pants.

Whoa there, right?!?

Check out the same-sex smooch and then read about the rumor that finds Miley maybe MARRYING Maxwell.

Stella maxwell see her kiss miley cyrus

Do These Lightning Storm Clouds Look Like Michael Jackson?

According to many who have viewed the video above, the weather report in Central Virgina this week was cloudy... with a chance of moonwalking!

Photographer John Plashal captured a picture on Tuesday of a cloud formation over Goochland County that does look eerily like Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop, of course, died six years ago, nearly to that day (on June 25, 2009).

"The image that you see of Michael Jackson just happens to be there,” Plashal tells a local Fox affiliate, insisting he did not doctor the photo in any way, shape or form.

What do you think, readers? Is The Man Above sending us a message here? Is He paying homage to The Man in the Mirror?

Watch the footage closely and then join us in remembering Michael Jackson.

Michael jackson lightning storm photo

Dwayne Johnson Gets Into Car Crash with Happiest Victim Ever

Dwayne Johnson just got into the most amicable car accident ever.

The actor - who recently set a selfie record and who shared a precious video of himself helping a two-year old girl pull an airplane - posted the following photo on Instagram today and shared the following story...

Dwayne Johnson with Car Accident Victim

He was driving to his latest movie set in his pick-up truck, music blaring, when he sideswiped another vehicle.

So Johnson turned around, found the driver and explained what happened, offering to exchange information and “take care of everything.”

Johnson then expounded, saying the driver "cocked his head sideways," asked if he was speaking to The Rock and, upon receiving confirmation, replied:

Wow, this is gonna be an awesome story!

"I started belly laughing at that, then he started laughing and before you know it we’re both standing in the middle of the street pointing to his mirror and laughing like two ol’ crazy buddies," wrote Johnson.

The star added that he later checked back in with the victim, who paid for the damage himself and refused to accept any money.

“Want to thank Mr. Audie Bridges of Wakefield, Mass. for being so cool about the whole thing,” Johnson concluded.

"Life is funny cause you never know who you’re gonna run into… and sure as hell never know who’s truck you’re gonna sideswipe while driving to work."

Kanye West: Caught Smiling… Again!

It happened again, people.

For the second time in just a few weeks, Kanye West has been caught smiling at a basketball game.

The latest embarrassing incident (from Kanye's point of view) took place at Game 4 of the NBA Finals, where Kanye was sitting courtside and where a camera zoomed in on his pearly whites at one point.

But Kanye West cannot be having this. He cannot be looking happy in any way, shape or form... which is why he went into a scowl as soon as he realized what was happening.

We're not sure what the big deal is: Kanye clearly just loves himself some basketball.

The rapper was gifted with a rented-out Staples Center by Kim Kardashian this month, playing a private game of hoops with his famous friends on the Lakers' home floor.

Meanwhile, Kanye smiling on camera was NOT the most humiliating happening to take place at the game.

We did see LeBron James' penis, after all.

Kanye west caught smiling again