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Michael Madsen Has Details on the Vega Brothers Movie We Never Got

Early on in the development of Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino wanted Michael Madsen to reprise his role from Reservoir Dogs, career criminal Vic Vega, aka Mr. Blonde. Madsen turned down the role to film Wyatt Earp, which I understand he doesn’t regret but almost anyone else in the world would.

This led to John Travolta being cast as Vincent Vega in what was easily his best performance in his entire career, and it led Quentin Tarantino to almost make a prequel tying both films together about the Vega brothers before the events of these films.

Madsen recently filmed a video referencing his role in Reservoir Dogs encouraging people to stay home lest they get their ears cut off.

He also took the opportunity to tell The Hollywood Reporter what we missed out on in that Vega Brothers movie that never got made.

“We were supposed to be in Amsterdam, criminally,” says Madsen of Tarantino’s thoughts. “The picture was going to start out with the two of us being released from prison in different states. And we open up a club in Amsterdam.” In Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega says he just returned to Los Angeles from Amsterdam.

After Madsen and Travolta got too old to play their younger selves outside of like, that Netflix Wet Hot American Summer prequel, Tarantino had another, even crazier idea that also never came to fruition.

“He had come up with this idea that it would be the twin brothers of Vic and Vincent, who met after the deaths of their siblings,” Madsen says, chucking. “It was very complicated, but when Quentin starts discussing an idea, it’s very easy to go along with it.”

That may sound like some weird, dumb soap opera bullshit, but if anyone could have pulled something like that off, it’s Quentin Tarantino. The man made an episode of CSI that was actually watchable by people under the age of 72, he can basically do anything.

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Caroline Vreeland & Georgia Fowler are Sexy, and John Travolta is Out and Proud… As a Bald Man!

Caroline Vreeland and Georgia Fowler are two sexy goddamn women, and we should celebrate that fact any chance we get. The two sexy babes showed up for something called the Noble Panacea, which I assume is some sort of power hungry cabal who holds our hottest women hostage until they find cures for diseases. Tis a noble endeavor, to be sure.

John Travolta, on the other hand, brought his beard along with him to Italy for the 14th Rome Film Festival, but it seems he left wife Kelly Preston at home. Buh-doom cha! It’s nice to see Travolta living his life, out and proud, as a bald man. For too long he hid under an increasingly ridiculous series of rugs—much like his Face/Off co-star Nicolas Cage—and I’m glad I lived to see him living his life, unashamed of the truth of who he is, and how L. Ron Hubbard or whomever made him.

So what does John Travolta have to do with Caroline Vreeland or Georgia Fowler? Why include him in a gallery of pics with two sexy women at a charity event in Manhattan while the beloved New Jersey icon was basking in the glow of his fan base halfway around the world in Rome? You guys really wanna know why? It’s because I didn’t have enough pictures of the hot women and Travolta just looked so happy now that he’s living his life out of the closet as a bald man, I just kinda wanted to share it with you guys. Can I get a woop woop for the Travolta lovers out there? Nevermind, I’ll stop now.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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John Travolta Busts Out His Racing Wig for ‘Trading Paint’ Debut Trailer (VIDEO)


God bless John Travolta. Though he hasn’t made a movie worth a damn in over a decade, he’s still cranking them out every year, and his latest, Trading Paint, looks about on par with his 2018 offerings Gotti and Speed Kills. Travolta plays race car driver Sam whose rebellious son Cam leaves his dad’s crew to break out on his own as a racer. Have your eyes unrolled themselves yet?

Travolta’s got two beards for this one, including Shania Twain making her official acting debut as Sam’s long-suffering wife. That’s right, Shania has over three dozen acting credits on imdb, but they’re all as herself, so this is honestly the first time she’s appearing in something where she’s not just playing herself. She was great in I Heart Huckabees as herself, though. Great running gag and a great cameo.

Anyway, what more can one say about this pile of trash other than it’s yet another movie Travolta shouldn’t have to be in. I wish more directors would cast him in their movies. He was the only good thing about Oliver Stone’s Savages, give him more roles like that. I know he has a tendency to get hammy, but if you actually guide him and, you know, direct him, he can be great.

Trading Paint, which is somehow not a new home improvement series, debuts On Demand and in “Select Theaters” on February 22.

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John Travolta and Olivia Newton John Think You Might Like Their Christmas Song (VIDEO)


A few years ago, Grease co-stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John recorded a Christmas album. The Onion even had a bit of fun with it. It was a totally forgettable endeavor, but it did yield one music video that has become a Christmas tradition in my house.

“I Think You Might Like It” comes to us courtesy of songwriter John Farrar, who wrote—among other things—”You’re the One That I Want” from 1978’s Grease, and it reunites the stars of the film at some sort of rinky-dink regional airport. Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston is there, as is their daughter Ella Bleu, and a cast of clearly non-professionals attempting to line dance.

There’s so much here to love from Newton-John just taking her foot off the brake of her car and letting it slowly roll down the entrance to the airport, not to mention Travolta’s spray-on hair and chin scruff.

I love these two and so there is a hint of un-ironic love for this song and video, but most of my love for this is steeped in schadenfreude. It’s not that I enjoy watching them fail, it’s just that they commit 110% to a total garbage endeavor like this. Merry Christmas from John, ONJ, and the whole gang here at Egotastic!

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Kelly Preston Cosplays as Chesty LaRue at Red Carpet Premiere of ‘Gotti’

I love Kelly Preston. Not only has she aged incredibly well, she has been a stalwart, long-term (alleged) beard for my other boo, John Travolta. She’s also not particularly obnoxious in the way other celebs are about Scientology. She’s not calling alleged sexual harassers “glib” on national television. She doesn’t appear in videos with David Miscavige. She’s kind of the model member of the church.

But I digress. She and Travolta not only have a great relationship off-screen, they have wonderful chemistry together on-screen—except in Old Dogs where she was strangely paired as the love interest with Robin Williams instead of Travolta. Weird. They met on the set of The Experts—a movie I’ve oddly seen at least a dozen times thanks to some fat kid HBO summers—and have been paired together a bunch, including in Battlefield Earth.

I might actually check out Gotti. I’ve got MoviePass, so I can see it for free, and it feels good to support Travolta’s films… even if they are directed by E from Entourage. And Kelly Preston is still smoking hot. I mean, just go back and check her out in Mischief. Sure, she’s aged, but she looks just as good now as she did then. For realsies.

[Read More Stories About Kelly Preston From TMZ]

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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Fred Durst and John Travolta Is the Director/Actor Dream Team We Deserve

This is not a drill. Fred Durst is directing a movie starring John Travolta. It’s called Moose and it’s about a fan who stalks a movie star. It’s basically the film version of Eminem’s “Stan.”

Travolta has starred in roughly two thousand films in his career. He’s taken direction from award winners like Quentin Tarantino, Mike Nichols, Oliver Stone, and more. But none of them compare to the guy who rhymed nookie with cookie even though the two were never related in the song.

Travolta told TMZ, “He’s so generous, and he’s such an artist. He allowed me to create a character that nobody else would allow. [Durst gave me] a lot of leeway and had great ideas. He already had this film in his imagination, so he knows how he’s going to put it together, so he knows how to let me be free within that boundary”

Moose and Durst on set

A post shared by Moose Movie (@moosemovie) on

Durst is no stranger to the director’s chair. He directed his own sex tape, which you probably forgot about until I just brought it up. You’re welcome.

There is no release information on Moose just yet. But we can already pencil it in for an Oscar nomination based on Travolta’s comments.

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Tom Cruise and John Travolta Both Want to Be Papa Hubbard’s Big Boy

When I heard Tom Cruise and John Travolta were fighting about something, I was pretty sure it was who got to come out of the closet first now that being openly gay would increase their standing instead of being an impediment to their career like it would have been a decade ago when people started making jokes about how totally gaybones they are.

Turns out that what Cruise and Travolta are actually arguing about is who is more important to Scientology, according to Brendan Tighe, a former security guard at Scientology’s global headquarters.

Before Cruise, 55, came along, Travolta felt he was the ‘favorite son’ of leader David Miscavige.

‘It’s no secret that Cruise and Travolta despised each other. Travolta wasn’t invited to Cruise’s wedding with Katie Holmes, it told me everything. I can assure you Travolta doesn’t recognize Cruise as a superior in any way. When Cruise got that medal Travolta was so p***ed off.

‘The closest person Miscavige had ever said that about before was Travolta, he was told by Miscavige that he was he most dedicated Scientologist and had introduced more members than anyone, so it was like getting his title stripped, he was jealous.

‘Travolta dictated a scathing letter to his chauffeur, who had to write to Miscavige asking “what the hell is this medal was all about?”‘

In his interview with the Daily Mail, Tighe painted Cruise as a sort of entitled jerk, and Travolta and fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley as much nicer and more considerate of the people around them. While Tighe saw Cruise every day for years working security for his personal apartment, Cruise only said hello to him three times; Alley, on the other hand, would throw lavish parties for the staff and buy the women designer dresses so they had something nice to wear to them. He also mentioned he and Travolta developed something of a friendship because Travolta had been friends with Tighe’s uncle.

Cruise, on the other hand, is probably in love with church leader David Miscavige.

The only person he did have time for is Miscavige, and the pair would ride around Clearwater on their motorbikes or go to the movies.

‘When I witnessed it for the first time, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, they were putting on their motorbike gear on a public street, in full view of everyone. They’d then drive to the movies, which they’d do a lot, I don’t know how no one ever noticed them. They’d then ride back, talk for an hour by the road, then go their separate ways,’ says Tighe.

‘Cruise emulates Miscavige in every way.’

But it was his relationship with children Isabella and Connor which stuck with Tighe. Nothing got in the way of his studies, family was second to Scientology, The kids would even stay in different lodgings.

‘Although he was at the Osceola, he’d rent a few rooms at The Sandcastle for his staff, Isabella and Connor, and their teachers and caretakers. I never, ever saw him with his kids apart from one time in 2007 when it was his birthday on the 4th of July. I don’t want to paint a bleak picture, but I was watching hundreds of cameras and I never saw them with him. They’d even be making faces into the cameras.’

So Cruise ignored his children and went off on little dates with the Grand Poobah of the Water Buffalo Lodge, who gave Cruise a medal for being daddy’s good boy. Of course, Cruise was furious when he found out he couldn’t have a television channel created just to show him getting the medal 24 hours a day.

‘For example, after he got the Freedom Medal, in one of the reports, it said that Cruise wanted to create a TV network on Scientology. He was so pumped up about his medal that he wanted them to create a video of the ceremony, then play it 24/7 on some new channel he wanted.

‘He wanted the full interview, the one where he’s laughing his a** off, on the TV network, he thought it was the best thing ever. Tommy had the worst task of having to tell him we couldn’t do it.’

People give Kanye West shit for having a huge ego, but Kanye never suggested a TV station that would just play Kanye jumping on stage when Taylor Swift got her VMA 24 hours a day.

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Those John Travolta Massage Rumors are Back

Back in 2012, a few masseuses came out claiming John Travolta sexually assaulted them while they were working. The first guy alleged that Travolta stripped down, got a semi and an hour into the massage, started rubbing the guys leg touching his shaft and balls. He then offered him a reverse massage and upped the ante by offering to jerk him off. When that didn’t work, Travolta just jerked himself off. Long story short, Travolta seemed pretty nice offering these things and all he got in return was a $2 million lawsuit.

Now with the whole Harvey Weinstein and men of Hollywood sexually assaulting everyone, another masseuse is resurfacing his claims that Travolta assaulted him. This one happened in 2000 at La Quinta Inn in Palm Springs.

It was the usual story. John Travolta wanted a deep body massage and his towel kept “slipping” down during it. After the masseuse gave Travolta a body scrub, Travolta kept saying how attractive he was and that he got him “excited”. Travolta then asked the guy to join him in the steam room so he wouldn’t be lonely. Obviously John got naked. Then Travolta wanted to show the guy a few massage techniques he had picked up. He ended up rubbing his taint or something.

Travolta then asked the guy to soap up his back while he showered. Not getting the hint and still hoping for shenanigans, Travolta asked if he ever gave another guy a rim job or if he would ever have sex with a dude and, if so, to tell him about it so he can fantasize about it.

The guy filed a police report but Travolta had left the hotel by the time an officer could question him.

Suffice to say, everyone just assumes Travolta is gay and he’s probably been doing this reverse massage pickup technique for years. The fact that this came up again during the whole Harvey Weinstein thing isn’t so surprising. What is surprising is there doesn’t seem to be any recent reports about this. John’s getting smarter. He’s…. evolving.

24 Actors Who Turned Down Iconic Roles

Can you imagine anyone other than Tom Hanks as Forest Gump? What about anyone besides Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller?

You won't believe what actors actually turned town those roles. In fact, we've got a list of 24 actors who passed on iconic roles -- sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. 

Check them out below!

1. Michelle Pfeiffer, Silence of the Lambs

Michelle pfeiffer picture
It's true. Maybe you can't imagine anyone other than Jodie Foster as Clarice in Silence of the Lambs, but Michelle Pfieffer was actually offered the role first. She turned it down because it was too violent.

2. Al Pacino, Star Wars

Julie and al pacino
Are you sitting down? Because it's nearly impossible to imagine anyone other than Harrison Ford, but Al Pacino was actually offered the role of Han Solo on Star Wars.

3. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Clueless

Sarah michelle gellar smiling
That's right. Sarah Michelle Gellar passed on the role of Cher in the movie Clueless, which eventually went to Alicia Silverstone. Gellar focused on slaying vampires instead.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio, Boogie Nights

Leonardo dicaprio at the oscars
Leonardo DiCaprio probably made the right choice with this one. He turned down the role of Dirk Diggler on Boogie Nights so he could instead star in a little film called TITANIC.

5. Johnny Depp, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Johnny depp golden globe photo
Um, seriously? Try really hard to imagine Johnny Depp as Ferris Bueller, you guys. Doesn't work, does it? It's a good thing he turned down that role, because nobody other than Matthew Brokerick could be Ferris Bueller.

6. Lindsay Lohan, The Hangover

Lindsay lohan at a fashion show
Who knows what might have happened if Lindsay Lohan hadn't turned down the role of Jade on The Hangover? Instead, that part went to Heather Graham.
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23 Celebrities You Thought Were Dead

No these 23 celebrities aren't dead, though you probably thought they were.

From teen heart-throbs to Academy Award Winners, these stars just haven't been doing much lately. Check out our slideshow below to find out who they are!

1. Pauly Shore

Pauly shore
Remember this guy? It's been a while since we've seen Pauly Shore, and even longer since the comedien has starred in anything remotely well-known. Okay, maybe that's an overstatement for Encino Man, Son-in-Law, and Bio-Dome, but you get the idea.

2. Amanda Bynes

Amanda bynes
Seriously, what the heck happened to Amanda Bynes? She hasn't appeared on any screen since 2010. She announced that she was retiring from acting back in 2012. She's been dealing with some pretty serious personal problems for a while.

3. David Schwimmer

David schwimmer
Nothing can compare to David Schwimmer's role as Ross on Friends, but we're pretty bummed he hasn't done much since then. He is, however, set to appear on a new series in 2016.

4. Alexis Bledel

Alexis bledel
The Gilmore Girls star resurfaced for a reunion this summer, but otherwise, it seems like Alexis Bledel has been pretty dormant. She did make a few appearances as a not-so-Rory-like character on Mad Men, but we hoped she'd do so much more after Gilmore Girls ended.

5. Bridget Fonda

Bridget fonda
Bridget Fonda has disappeared, but she's still very much alive. The actress, known for her roles in The Godfather Part III, Single White Female, and Jackie Brown, hasn't appeared on our screens in over 10 years.

6. Dave Chappelle

Dave chappell
Where have you been, Dave Chappelle? Though he returned to stand-up a couple of years ago, he seems to have fallen offf the map ever since he left Chappelle's Show.
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Hollywood Stars Who Are Surprisingly Good Dancers

While season 12 continues to air, the popularity of the TV show So You Think You Can Dance is not only proof that people like watching celebrities do something other than acting, but it has also been proof that some celebrities are actually pretty good dancers.

If you have managed to keep up with each season of So You Think You Can Dance, you already know there are plenty of good celebrity dancers, or at least ones who were easily taught how to dance. In case you aren’t a reality show fan, but would love to learn about some good dancers in the celebrity world, here are a few you should know about.


Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken has proved his dancing skills in both music videos and in movies. Fans of Fatboy Slim may remember seeing his dance skills in their video for Weapons of Choice. Rumor has it that Mr. Walken started his career as a dancer, before he became an awesome and well known actor.

This one is probably pretty surprising to people that didn’t see that music video, since he just doesn’t seem like the dancing type when you look at him or watch his movies.

Patrick Swayze

According to Arthur Murray, dancing is a great thing for men to learn for many reasons. It’s great for keeping fit and for attracting the ladies, just ask Patrick Swayze (but you can’t, RIP). For generations the movie Dirty Dancing has attracted women that love a romance, and shown them all that Mr. Swayze was a pretty talented dancer.

The world lost a very talented man when Swayze died from cancer in 2009. Not only was he a great actor and a great dancer, but he was also a pretty good singer. The song “She’s Like The Wind,” from Dirty Dancing, was sung by Swayze.

Channing Tatum

Speaking of actors that have attracted the attention of the ladies, Channing Tatum was catching the eyes of women all over the world long before he took his first dance step in Magic Mike, but now with Magic Mike XXL, he has women drooling in the theater aisles. That boy can dance.

Tatum will likely be showing off his dance moves in a third Magic Mike movie, with it’s huge popularity.

Jessica Alba

Dancing isn’t just for the guys. Jessica Alba has been turning heads for years, not just for her stellar acting skills, and her awesome wellness company, but also her dancing abilities. Don’t believe it? Go rent the movie Honey and check her out.

Jessica Alba spends most of her time working on being well and helping others be well with The Honest Company.

John Travolta

John Travolta was a disco dancing fool back in the late 70’s. He followed his disco time in Saturday Night Fever with more dancing in Grease. He might not do a lot of dancing in the movies these days, but he sure stole some hearts in the past, and showed he has some dance floor skills.

Alfonso Ribeiro

Depending on how old you are, or how old your parents are, you may just remember the ‘Carlton Dance.’ If you don’t, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still runs in syndication so you can check out reruns and see Carlton’s great moves. The Carlton wasn’t Mr. Ribeiro’s only dance move, as he got his start on Broadway. He was also the Tap Dance Kid.

Vin Diesel

Take some time and look for Vin Diesel on YouTube and you’re likely to come across a video of him break dancing, and he’s pretty good at it too.

Who are your favorite celebrity dancers?

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