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Kelly Rowland Slams Suggestions She Bleaches Her Skin: ‘I Am Still Chocolate’

Kelly Rowland wants everyone to know she does not bleach her skin.

Rowland, 37, was hit with several comments suggesting she bleaches her skin after sharing images from a recent photo shoot on Instagram Wednesday.

Taken aback by the accusations, the former Destiny’s Child member fired back at trolls on her Instagram Stories saying, “I never answer questions like this because I think it’s so stupid.

“I am not the one to bleach my skin, nor do I want to bleach my skin, nor do I have to bleach my skin I don’t even think that— it’s not for me,” Rowland continued in the video, which has since been deleted but picked up by several fan accounts.

“Don’t go saying stupid stuff like that,” Rowland said. “You ever thought that it could be the lighting? I am still chocolate, forever chocolate, proud to be chocolate, shoutout to all my chocolate girls.”

In addition to being proud of the skin she’s in, Rowland said she’s confident in herself, overall.

In September, Rowland told PEOPLE her self-confident glow comes from her son, 3-year-old Titan Jewell.

“My son makes me feel confident,” the “Motivation” singer explained in a catch-up conversation in honor of her joining TJ Maxx’s Maxx You Project. “He’s just amazing. I’m like, ‘I did that right.'”

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Rowland and her husband Tim Weatherspoon welcomed their son Titan in November 2014.

“He came at the most interesting time of my life and I had no choice but to be strong. I want him to be better than me, it’s just that simple. So I always like to make sure I’m doing right by him,” she added.

Red Hot Celebrities Attending The City of Hope Gala In Santa Monica

Anyone who read that title and got excited that the John Sayles film City of Hope was finally getting the recognition it deserves is going to be sorely disappointed to learn that the City of Hope Gala has nothing to do with promoting a nearly thirty year old film starring Angela Bassett and Joe Morton.

No, this is a Gala to raise awareness about something or other. Everyone’s always raising awareness these days. Wouldn’t you say that awareness is at an all-time high right now? It seems to me that the more awareness that is raised, the fewer issues actually matter in the end. But that’s just me.

So who was rocking it on the red carpet? Well, kicking things off is Rita Ora looking ravishing in red, followed by Bebe Rexha showing all manner of inner cleavage in a sparkly red number with a plunging neckline.

Also in attendance were a number of other beauties like the alliterative pair of Gloria Govan and Skyler Stecker, as well as the ubiquitous Tiffany Haddish, Jena Rose looking lovely in lavender, and Destiny’s Child herself, Kelly Rowland. And yes, Beyonce was there, but she doesn’t walk the red carpet anymore, she gets snuck in a back door.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA 

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25 Celebrity Baby Announcements That Made Us Smile

I'm pregnant! These famous females didn't want to reveal the biggest news of their lives with two simple words.

They wanted to be fun and creative, posting throwback photos… using their pets… sharing snapshots of their existing children hyping a sibling to come… or giving fans a look at the test-based evidence.

Click around below to gauge how various celebrities made their exciting announcements to the world.

Whose original reveal do you like best?

1. Olivia Wilde Pregnancy Announcement

Olivia wilde pregnancy announcement
How cute is this?!? Look at the way in which Olivia Wilde announced she is pregnant with another child!

2. Gwen Stefani

Im having a boy
How did Gwen Stefani announce her third child? Via this photo and the caption: “I was ready to hand over the crown. but I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys.”

3. Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra wilkinson pregnancy test
It’s positive, alright! Kendra Wilkinson gave followers photographic evidence of her second baby.

4. Stacy Keibler

Stacy keibler
Very well played, Stacy Keibler. Yup, this is a photo of a bun in an oven.

5. Fergie

AWWW, Fergie! The singer announced she and Josh Duhamel were expecting via a throwback photo of the couple and the caption: “Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!! #mylovelybabybump.”

6. Jessica Simpson

Jessica simpson
Jessica Simpson used adorable daughter Maxwell to announced that she was pregnant with her second baby. Someone is gonna be a big sis!

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Kelly Rowland Wishes ‘Someone Would Invent Something to Take Away Stretch Marks’

If you know of anything that will remove post-baby stretch marks, do Kelly Rowland a solid and spread the word.

“I wish someone would invent something to take away stretch marks and cellulite,” Rowland, 35, said with a laugh in Allure‘s Pretty Powerful video. “If you don’t have stretch marks and cellulite after you had a baby, I really don’t like you. It’s just not fair.”

Allure YouTube

The former Destiny’s Child member and her husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed their 21-month-old son Titan. Since giving birth in November 2014, Rowland has adopted workouts such as yoga, spinning and doing killer ab workouts with her trainer to stay in shape.

“Having a baby challenged and changed the way I looked at my body,” Rowland told Allure about her new outlook on her physique. Another thing she’s learned since having baby Titan: me-time is crucial. 

“You’re making your schedule for your baby, your husband, and where do you fall into place?” she said. “I was like, ‘I have to give something back to myself first before I can give anything to anybody else.’ I truly believe in that.”

Adding, “If you can’t take care of yourself, you don’t have anything else to give to anybody else. So I’m my No. 1.”

Recently, Rowland reminded fellow mothers not to beat themselves up about body after baby, and advised them to get back into a fitness regimen at their own pace.

Karen Mizoguchi

Why Kelly Rowland Avoids Saying No to Her Son: ‘I Don’t Want Him to Always Hear’ It

With her adorable son’s first steps behind him, Kelly Rowland is focusing on shaping Titan Jewell by being a persuasive mom.

“I’m trying not to say ‘no’ so much because I don’t want him to always hear ‘no,’ ” the singer, 34, exclusively told PEOPLE at the launch of her new flavors of Seagram’s Escapes in New York City on Wednesday.

Kelly Rowland Parents magazine son Titan

And she already has a communication strategy in place for her 14-month-old son with husband husband Tim Weatherspoon.

“I’ll say no probably one time, and then it’s like, ‘Aw, baby, this isn’t a good idea, let’s try something else. You wanna go over here and play with this?’ ” explains Rowland. “It’s a lot of that these days. He’s an explorer.”

Indeed, little Titan’s independent streak already has him taking on new goals.

“He is wanting to pick up the fork or spoon and feed himself,” shares Rowland. “We’re definitely empowering him to do that.”

Kelly Rowland with son Titan
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Still, he revels in time spent with the Destiny’s Child singer.

“Yesterday he told me, ‘Again!’ because I picked him up and swung him around,” Rowland tells PEOPLE. “And that was the first time I ever heard him say that.”

It’s moments like these that make Rowland confident her “very smart kid” will soon speak in complete sentences — and not just in English. Rowland says he already understands Spanish thanks to the family’s Argentinian nanny.

“I’m having to learn because I don’t want him to learn more Spanish than me and start talking circles around me,” she quips. “When she’s speaking to him, he’s picking it up. He’s picking it up rather quickly.”

When she’s not doting on her and Weatherspoon’s mini-me, Rowland is working on her upcoming album — “I can’t wait until you see what I’m doing with the video for [my single] ‘Dumb,’ ” she tells PEOPLE — and her upcoming BET reality-singing competition Chasing Destiny, which seeks to find the next big girl group.

“I’m pretty busy these days, but I love it,” she reveals. “I can’t lie. I loved being pregnant; I loved having my baby, but when it was the twiddling-of-the-thumbs moments, I was going out of my mind.”

— Nick Maslow with reporting by Shay Spence

Kelly Rowland: ‘Don’t Beat Yourself Up’ About Your Body After Baby

Kelly Rowland has some “Motivation” for all new new moms: Don’t stress over your body after baby.

“Write on your mirror in lipstick: ‘I had a baby. I’m a superhero,’ ” the singer says in the February issue of Parents.

Kelly Rowland Parents magazine son Titan
Chris Craymer

Rowland, 33, welcomed 14-month-old son Titan Jewel with husband Tim Weatherspoon in November 2014. And while she’s got a full plate — between changing diapers, recording her upcoming album, and filming her forthcoming reality singing competition Chasing Destiny — the new mom still manages to find time for exercise. (Rowland’s go-tos are spinning and workouts with a trainer.)

“People think of exercise as tiring, but it actually gives you energy,” the “Dumb” singer explains.

Kelly Rowland Parents magazine son Titan
Chris Craymer

But Rowland insists every new mother gets back into her fitness regimen at her own pace.

“It takes about a year to get the weight off. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes even longer,” she says.

Kelly Rowland Parents magazine son Titan
Chris Craymer

While the Destiny’s Child star has had no problem embracing body positivity, there were some physical aspects of motherhood she initially struggled with.

After experiencing a low milk supply (a common issue with breast implants; Rowland has been open about her decision to go from an A to a B cup size in October 2007), the singer had to turn to formula to supplement her baby boy’s feedings.

“I had my heart set on breastfeeding, but I wasn’t producing enough milk,” she shares. “I got down on myself, which I think was mentally limiting my supply.”

Ups and downs aside, her family of three has made her complete. “Being a  mom just makes me feel whole,” Rowland says.

— Jeff Nelson

Kelly Rowland’s Son Titan Takes His First Steps Before His First Birthday!

Kelly Rowland has her hands full — and she’s loving it.

The Destiny’s Child singer, 34, is currently guest starring on the smash hit TV show Empire and recently released her surprise single “Dumb,” but her favorite role is mom to her son Titan Jewell, who turns 1 on Thursday.

“I’m having a lot of fun with Titan,” Rowland says of her son’s first year, which she plans to celebrate at a “simple” party complete with “family, close friends, cake, ice cream, [and] tacos.”

The duo got an early start on the festivities last Thursday, taking adorable snaps while Rowland celebrated her first year of parenthood with Dreft in Los Angeles.

Kelly Rowland with son Titan
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

The singer says she’s been “using Dreft since before Titan was born,” adding, “My nesting started as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I was just so excited for him to come home.”

In the year since, Titan has been hitting all his major milestones — accomplishments Rowland and husband Tim Weatherspoon have cherished.

“He started walking three weeks ago,” shares Rowland. “We were all in the living room and he was going from one part of the couch to another to the point … so finally his dad put his arms out when he was walking away from the couch, and [Titan] just went for his walk. It was awesome.”

Kelly Rowland with son Titan
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Rowland has been teaching her baby boy about the joys of reading — the mother-son duo enjoy “so many books together,” she tells PEOPLE — as well as her affinity for music.

“Oh my God, he loves the Bob Marley book!” she explains. “But he likes the part where I sing to him after. It’s really cool.”

Sure, fans were introduced to her singing “Say My Name,” but nowadays Rowland is busy busting out lullabies. The vocalist says Titan “loves when we’re playing music all through the house,” adding, “I’ll be glad when he gets his little two-step move down. That’s going to make me super excited.”

Which Hollywood Mom Tried Out an Illegal Drug (from Canada!) to Help Breastfeed?

Rowland already knows she wants to expand her brood — but not by much! “One more. Just one more,” she says of having more children.

But don’t expect Titan to have a sibling anytime in the immediate future: “Not soon,” Rowland clarifies.

“I like the one-on-one time that we’re having right now,” she says. “His little stages that he’s going through with growing up have been pretty awesome, so I want it to be me, him and his dad for now. I like it.”

— Abby Stern

Kelly Rowland Is Planning a Disney Theme for Son Titan’s First Halloween

For Kelly Rowland‘s first Halloween as a mother, she’s keeping things simple and focused on family.

“It’s all about having family time and this moment to really bond because everybody’s on the go now,” Rowland tells PEOPLE. “I think Halloween just gives you time to celebrate with the ones closest to you.”

This year’s costume theme is Disney. The Destiny’s Child singer is going as Minnie Mouse and hopes she’ll be able to convince her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, to put on some Mickey Mouse ears. Rowland is dressing up her 11-month-old son Titan Jewell as a skunk, à la Flower, the skunk from Bambi.

“I thought he would look so cute in his little skunk costume,” Rowland says about picking out her “little stinker’s” outfit this year. “We tried it on him the other day and he looked adorable.”

Kelly Rowland Halloween son Titan
Jean Catuffe/GC Images

As of now, the plan is to have some friends who also have babies over to the house and to give the children some costumed playtime. However, Rowland says they might go for walk in The Grove later on, but nothing’s set in stone quite yet.

Halloween is an important holiday for Rowland. The 34-year-old recalls celebrating the night with her mom, shortly after they moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Texas, and admits the distraction helped her adjust to her new surroundings. That year, she dressed up as a cowgirl and went trick-or-treating in the community.

“When I got out and started going door to door and I met other children, I felt so much happier,” the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” singer tearfully shares.

“When you’re a kid and you’re moving to a new place and you meet others and they’re having a good time and smiling, it just makes it so much better for you.”

That first Halloween in Texas also showed Rowland how this spooky holiday could help strengthen a community, and that’s part of the reason why she’s working with M&M’s this year. This week, M&M’s and Rowland are setting up a pop-up shop in Newark, New Jersey, where they will distribute free costumes to families in the area. On Wednesday night, there will also be a free family fun zone.

“I’m working with M&M’s to help make Halloween safe and easier on the family,” Rowland explains. “I think Halloween just creates another memory for children … that they’ll be able to share when they get older.”

Speaking of getting older, Titan will celebrate his first birthday on Nov. 4. In the past year, he’s become a big music fan; it’s his main form of learning and his favorite song is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

“It was a song his baby cousin sang to him when he was 2 days old, and to this day, he just stops whatever it is he’s doing and just stares and stares,” the Empire actress says. “It’s just really cute.”

For his upcoming birthday, Rowland and Weatherspoon are planning to keep things simple. They’re inviting family and friends over and are going to get little Titan a smash cake.

— Chancellor Agard



Twins! Kelly Rowland and Her Mini-Me Pose at a Pumpkin Patch

Instagram Photo

Kelly Rowland was twinning with her 11-month-old son Titan in photos she shared on Monday.

From the looks of it, the singer and her family got festive at a pumpkin patch and in one photo; Rowland, 34, and her son are undeniably doubles.

The picture — captioned simply with a heart emoticon — shows the former Destiny’s Child member wearing her hair pulled back as she smiles into the camera, holding her son who is a dead ringer for his famous mama.

Rowland and husband Tim Witherspoon welcomed Titan, their only child, last November after tying the knot it May.

With her son being almost a year old, Rowland opened up to E! about some of the exciting milestones he’s reaching.

“He is trying to walk right now—he probably lifts up on anything he can,” she said. “He tried and he is doing well! He is the most amazing human being I am so grateful that God made me apart of his journey in life so I am blessed.”

The starlet added that she’s not opposed to giving Titan a playmate.

“Not for a while, not for a while,” Rowland said. “I am almost at my goal weight after this baby. I want to give it another three years. I absolutely want to give him a brother or sister—just one more I will have. Just not right now.”

Mathew Knowles Teases New Destiny’s Child Project: Is This For Real?

We love reunions. Nostalgia is water to millennials. So that’s why we’re all really, really ready for another one, perhaps the biggest one of all.

With Beyonce on top of the world, maybe it doesn’t make sense to do a well-publicized throwback to her Destiny’s Child days. After all, she doesn’t need it. But in a lot of other, better ways, it’s what the world needs right now.

Despite the fact that Beyonce is no longer represented by her father Mathew Knowles, he has some projects in the works that at best, hint at a reunion and at worst, just gives the world more information about the hip-hop threesome we all loved.

The world got a hint of this hypothetical magnificence at the 2013 Super Bowl Half Time Show, when performer Beyonce brought to the stage her fellow (and former) Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Seriously, chills ran throughout the audience and across the world.

We need that again.

Hopefully, we’ll get it, or something similar. On Monday, Sept. 21st, Mathew Knowles revealed that he’s “working on a few Destiny’s Child projects right now” and that he’s “extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with an album and a tour.” We are too!

Sadly, it seems like Mathew doesn’t have the power to reunite the girls, though that doesn’t mean they won’t do it themselves anytime soon. They recently sang together on Miz Williams’s gospel track ‘Say Yes,’ as well as performing the song at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards. Clearly, the girls aren’t opposed to working and performing together. That has to be a good sign.

However, Knowles’s project seems to be more along the lines of an autobiography and a corresponding biopic:

“My second book will be the autobiography of Destiny’s Child. I’m talking to the film and TV community right now, regarding a Destiny’s Child movie or TV series of some sort.”

I guess, for now, we’ll have to content ourselves with this development and cross our fingers for more.

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Kelly and Michelle Have a Mini Destiny’s Child Reunion – Serenading Rowland’s Son Titan Jewell

Instagram Photo

It wasn’t quite a Destiny’s Child
reunion, but it was close!

Singers Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams reunited and captured a video of themselves serenading Rowland’s son, Titan Jewell.

“Ok your turn, add a third, post the video and make sure you hashtag #TITANSsong #GO,” Rowland captioned the video on Tuesday, encouraging fans to get involved in the melody.

The duo sings to baby Titan as he smiles and bounces on Williams’ lap, just before his mama goes in for a kiss at the end.

The 34-year-old welcomed her son last November — the first child for her and husband Tim Witherspoon.

Motherhood has changed Rowland in a couple ways. For one, she said music comes second to her family, which is her first priority now.

While the rest of us might be missing her music, Titan is enjoying his mom’s obvious talent!

—Naja Rayne

Kelly and Michelle Have a Mini Destiny’s Child Reunion – Serenading Rowland’s Son Titan Jewell

Instagram Photo

It wasn’t quite a Destiny’s Child
reunion, but it was close!

Singers Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams reunited and captured a video of themselves serenading Rowland’s son, Titan Jewell.

“Ok your turn, add a third, post the video and make sure you hashtag #TITANSsong #GO,” Rowland captioned the video on Tuesday, encouraging fans to get involved in the melody.

The duo sings to baby Titan as he smiles and bounces on Williams’ lap, just before his mama goes in for a kiss at the end.

The 34-year-old welcomed her son last November — the first child for her and husband Tim Witherspoon.

Motherhood has changed Rowland in a couple ways. For one, she said music comes second to her family, which is her first priority now.

While the rest of us might be missing her music, Titan is enjoying his mom’s obvious talent!

—Naja Rayne

Beyoncé, Jay-Z, And Blue Ivy Enjoyed A Vacay On The Amalfi Coast This Week — With A Familiar Family By Their Side!

Now this is the life!

Beyoncé Knowles and husband Jay-Z enjoyed the good life this week on a vacation to the Amalfi coast of Italy -- and it's every bit as cool as it looks!

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Queen Bey (above) enjoyed a jet ski ride while Jay watched from the land, and of course Blue Ivy Carter was there to soak up the sun and fun!

Joined by the trio, though, was fellow Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland and her family -- hubby Tim Witherspoon and baby boy Titan. Now that's a family vacation we can get behind!!

How'd you spend the end of your summer??

[Image via AKM/GSI.]

Kelly Rowland: My Family is My ‘No. 1 Priority’

She’s got a new show on the way and is working on a new record, but Kelly Rowland‘s primary focus is still her family.

“You make time for the things you want to make time for,” the singer — who welcomed son Titan in November with husband Tim Weatherspoon— told PEOPLE Saturday at her Samsung Galaxy Experience talk at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. “I know Tim and Titan are the No. 1 priority, then it’s music, and after that is everything else. My son and my husband are the greatest thing that happened to me.”

The Destiny’s Child star adds finding a healthy work-life balance is a work in progress.

“It’s a lot,” says Rowland, whose BET reality series Chasing Destiny (in which she’ll assemble what she hopes will be the next smash girl group) is due later this year. “You get different advice from people, but I’m learning as I go.”

Instagram Photo

And the new mom is just enjoying the little moments as she watches her little man, now 8 months old, grow up.

“The other day, he takes my face and gives me a very drooly, open-mouth kiss,” recalls Rowland. “Drool is just running in my mouth, but it’s the sweetest thing ever because he loves his mama, and I love him back so much.”

What Does Kelly Rowland Refuse to Tolerate As a Mom?

Between bottle duty and diaper changes, Kelly Rowland has had her hands full since welcoming son Titan Jewell in November — but there’s one thing in particular the new mom doesn’t have time for.

“I don’t tolerate bulls— anymore,” the singer, 34, told PEOPLE Wednesday at Dreft’s #Amazinghood launch in N.Y.C.

“I don’t like to deal with it. As soon as somebody is negative, I definitely don’t want it around myself, but I really don’t want it around my child.”

The newly empowered mom — who celebrates her one-year anniversary with husband Tim Weatherspoon on Saturday — says she does make time for some star-studded play dates, though.

“All my girlfriends have babies, so they were like, ‘We’re waiting for you!’ Now I fit in, I guess,” says the Destiny’s Child alum, whose son gets ample play time with her pals’ kids, including Beyoncé‘s daughter Blue Ivy, Ciara‘s son Future ZahirSolange Knowles‘s son Julez and La La Anthony‘s son Kiyan, who “has learned to pick him up.”

Kelly Rowland Dreft
Courtesy Dreft

When Titan’s not socializing, his proud mom says he’s learning to crawl, rolling over and even trying to talk.

“He’s trying to pronounce a ‘B.’ He’s doing this thing where he’s trying to get ‘bottle’ out, maybe? He’s just going ‘b-b-b-b-b-b’ with his lips together,” shares Rowland. “It’s so cute to watch him.”

Now that he’s on his way to making words, might we find Rowland’s 6-month-old son as a feature artist on her next record? (Beyoncé included her baby girl on “Blue,” and Future Zahir’s adorable coos and giggles are on Ciara’s new track “I Got You.”)

“We’ll see,” says the singer, who’s back in the studio recording. “He’s in the studio with me just listening to certain things. He pays attention to everything around him; he’s really excited about that, which I find intriguing for a baby. He really responds to music.”

As for Titan’s favorite tune? Rowland just might have a little rocker on her hands. “In my tummy, I remember playing [Guns N’ Roses’] ‘Welcome to the Jungle,’ and he seemed to move around a lot when I played that song.”

And the singer’s “amazing year” and expanding her family has inspired her songwriting “a lot — different story lines. I feel like it’s a new moment for me,” she explains, adding “I feel spoiled by God. I have a great husband, he’s a great father, and I love being a mom.”

Kelly Rowland Dreft
Courtesy Dreft

— Jeff Nelson