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Jeff Bridges Once More Plays the Dude in a Dud of a Super Bowl Ad from Stella Artois (VIDEO)


Belgian beer company Stella Artois is so convinced that they’re the best beer in the world that pop culture icons will give up their signature drinks for one. Their new Super Bowl ad revolves around this theme with Jeff Bridges reprising his role as The Big Lebowski‘s The Dude, alongside a very busty Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw.

You see, the joke is that everyone is shocked when Carrie turns down a Cosmo for a Stella, but then The Dude turns down his signature White Russian for a Stella and no one blinks. It doesn’t make even a lick of sense and is so rotten to its core that I can’t believe Bridges or Parker would agree to be in this. Then again, if they drove a literal dump truck full of money up to your house, you wouldn’t say no either.

Personally, I don’t need a Lebowski sequel, no matter what Tara Reid thinks. A grey-haired Jeff Lebowski would only be a let-down, no offense to Bridges, but an aimless man in his sixties is no longer charming. I guess John Turturro’s still working on that sequel focused on his bit character The Jesus, but honestly, I don’t need any more Lebowski spin-offs or sequels in my life.

The Big Lebowski is a perfect film, let’s just let it stay that way.

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Kim Cattrall More Concerned About Sarah Jessica Parker Than Her Dead Brother

Here’s the bad news: Kim Cattrall’s brother went missing and was found dead. This is sad.

Let’s just ignore that part of the story even though it’s a pretty big deal. The real story here is that Kim Cattrall still hates Sarah Jessica Parker and her brother’s death won’t stop her from hating her former co-star.

It started innocent enough. Cattrall thanked her fans for their condolences during this time.

No big deal, right?

Parker then posted on Cattrall’s post:

Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx

That’s when Cattrall turned it into a big deal by posting this on Instagram

My Mom asked me today “When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?” Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona.

And thus, the feud was back on.

SJP and Cattrall have been beefing for years according to insiders. The NY Post story that Cattrall links to has the following to say about their feud:

Parker and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), who’d known each other since their days as preteen Broadway actresses, gravitated toward each other and pretty quickly included co-star Kristin Davis (Charlotte) in their group. For the first couple of years, Cattrall had a real ally on set in the form of series creator and producer Darren Star. But when he left after the second season and was replaced by Parker’s friend Michael Patrick King, Cattrall was completely isolated.

Running up to the end of the series, there were stories filtering into Page Six almost weekly about the on-set tensions. By the end, no one would talk to Kim. “Not even in the makeup room,” one insider said.

You ever seen the movie Mean Girls? It’s an infinitely better movie than either Sex and the City movie. Behind the scenes of Sex and the City sounds a lot like Mean Girls. Go watch that movie. Hell, behind the scenes of Sex and City sounds a lot better than what we saw on-screen.

Not that I ever watched.

It looked like this feud died a long time ago. No one has mentioned a third Sex in the City film in eight years. We didn’t want the first two. But Cattrall brought it up again with her Instagram post.

Seems to me like someone is just looking for attention. Well, she got it. Congratulations, Kim. Your brother died but you’re back in the headlines for a decade-old feud.

Kim Cattrall Sends VERY Clear Message to Sarah Jessica Parker

Kim Cattrall was known on Sex and the City for portraying a character who always spoke her mind.

And it's now evident that that the role of Samantha Jones was a bit of type-casting, considering the simple and direct share Cattrall just hurled in the direction of a former co-star.

Kim Cattrall Face

In a very straightforward Instagram message shared on Saturday morning, for ex-HBO star addressed Sarah Jessica Parker, the former lead on the series that made both women very rich and very famous.

"My Mom asked me today “When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?” opened Cattrall on social media.

She then set her sights specifically on Parker and wrote:

"Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already):

"You are not my family. You are not my friend.

"So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona."

The bold up above is our own because thought these words required emphasis.

cattrall message

There had long been rumored tension between Cattrall and Parker, dating back to when the actress co-starred on Sex and the City the TV show.

They put aside their differences for many seasons, however, and then also through a pair of movies.

But everything blew up publicly last fall after Parker told Extra that a script had been penned for Sex and the City 3 and that everyone was on board to film...

... except for Cattrall.

She referred to this hold out as "disappointing."

Cattrall then took exception to Parker taking her beef public, considering Kim says she was never, ever open to shooting another movie.

She held no bitter feeling. She even encouraged producers to find another actress for Samantha.

She had simply moved on -- and here was Parker, taking her to task for simply making a personal and professional decision.


"At this very moment it’s quite extraordinary to get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘no’ that I’m demanding or a diva,” Cattrall told Piers Morgan in an interview last October, adding of Parker in particular:

"And this is really where I take to task the people from Sex and the City and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, in that I think she could have been nicer."

So it was obvious at that time that the stars weren't very close.

But then Cattrall's brother went missing and was eventually found dead.

In response to the tragedy, Parker wrote the following on Instagram:

Dearest Kim, my love and condolences to you and yours and Godspeed to your beloved brother. Xx.

sjp note

This appears to be the basis for Cattrall's latest message.

She feels as though Parker wasn't being sincere, pretending as if she and Cattrall were good friends when, in reality, they are anything but.

Wrote Cattrall shortly after she learned of her brother's death:

"It is with great sadness that myself and my family announce the unexpected passing of our son and brother, Chris Cattrall.

"At this time we ask for privacy but we want to thank you all on social media for your outpouring of love and support in this trying time."

Did Parker mean well with her Instagram reply to this confirmation?

Or was she exploiting the sad situation for PR sake, to make it look like she's a caring individual when, according to Cattrall, there's no relationship of any kind about which Parker should care.

It's clear on which side of this debate Cattrall falls.

And it's also now VERY clear that there will no Sex and the City 3, not with Cattrall as Jones at least.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Staff Demands Include How Hard Her Children Should Blink

Sarah Jessica Parker, the real-life inspiration for Netflix series Bojack Horseman, seems like a real joy to work for. Michelle Collins, former host of The View, claims to be friends with someone who does work for Parker, and read some of the e-mails she sent to her staff as part of her Magic Mich XXL show at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea last Wednesday.

Page Six had some of the details, and they are well worth reading.

In the emails that Collins, 36, claimed were written by Parker herself, the actress, 52, instructs staffers to refill a tiny 1.75-ounce container of Vaseline with a small spoon or knife for her children’s use. She stresses that the refill jar not be too big (so as to not clutter the house), and that the cutlery used to handle the Vaseline must be hand-washed using a paper towel followed by a cycle in the dishwasher.

I don’t even… What? She does have a 14-year-old son, is this meant to regulate how often he masturbates? Why is the size of a Vaseline container an issue? Is the kid going to just go nuts whacking it and die of dehydration given access to a full 13-ounce jar of Vaseline? I’m not sure that’s even possible, because I made it through my teen years alive and well, if not slightly chaffed.

But for those looking for a shortcut, no such luck. Parker insists the staff not buy multiples of anything and instead prefers them to check the levels of each product daily, replacing only once the product has completely run out.

Is there a name for being the opposite of a hoarder? I guess it’s fine to run out of things every day if you’re not the one who has to trot to the store to pick up a single roll of toilet paper, a tiny container of Vaseline and the new Horse & Rider for Matthew Broderick.

Collins also claimed that when the New York City-based family was plagued with pinkeye, Parker sent the team instructions on how eyedrops should be administered, including how hard the children should blink.

Okay, so she’s just insane. Maybe she hit her head in a dressage accident when she was younger. It would explain why an afternoon getting slightly darker made her come.

Another email Collins read from features the family’s shopping list for Taco Tuesday, which included “Whatever meat goes in tacos.”

To be fair, you can make tacos from a variety of meats, but she probably means beef and just doesn’t know any food words other than oats. Are these “Sarah Jessica Parker has a face like a horse” jokes getting too esoteric? Too played out? Well, don’t worry, I have a feeling that the next time she walks into a bar the bartender is going to say “How the hell can you expect your nanny to regulate the force with which your children blink, you maniac?”

Kim Cattrall Drags Sarah Jessica Parker Over Sex and the City 3

Ding! Ding! Ding!

It is totally on between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker.

For real this time.

Kim Cattrall Red Carpet Pic

Throughout the filming of Sex and the City the HBO television show and then Sex and the City, the two mediocre movies, there had always been chatter that these two actresses did not get along very well.

Which is fine.

Not all co-stars need to be best friends forever.

But the claws have now officially come out in the wake of Parker telling Extra that plans for a third film in the franchise have officially been scrapped.

“We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story,” she told the entertainment news outlet, adding:

“It’s not just disappointing that we don’t get to tell the story and have that experience, but more so for that audience that has been so vocal in wanting another movie.”

(Note: Have they, really?!? Sex and the City 2 has a score of 16% on Rotten Tomatoes.)

Amidst talk that Cattrall was the one to squash the follow-up flick due to various production demands, the veteran actress sat down with Piers Morgan on the program "Life Stories" to address any and all diva-related chatter.

Sarah Jessica Parker Snapshot

Her general response?

I've never been on board for Sex and the City 3... and Parker sort of sucks!

"At this very moment it’s quite extraordinary to get any kind of negative press about something that I’ve been saying for almost a year of ‘no’ that I’m demanding or a diva,” Cattrall told Morgan, adding:

“And this is really where I take to task the people from Sex and the City and specifically Sarah Jessica Parker, in that I think she could have been nicer.”

So there you have it.

After all this time, that's the first admission from either Cattrall or Parker that they aren't exactly on each other's Christmas lists.

“I really think she could have been nicer,” Cattrall reiterated in her interview. “I don’t know what her issue is. I never have.” 

Sex and the City 2

Cattrall went on to explain that she was approached in December about the possibility of Sex and the City 3... and that it simply never appealed to her.

“This isn’t about more money, this is not about more scenes, it’s not about any of those things,” she said.

“This is about a clear decision, an empowered decision in my life to end one chapter and start another. I’m 61. It’s now.”

Fair enough, right?

And it's not as if Cattrall is even against a third movie. Go ahead and make it without me, she happily tells the cast and crew!

“I want them to make the movie, if that’s what they want to do,” she said.

“It’s a great part. I played it past the finish line and then some and I loved it, and another actress should play it. Maybe they could make it an African-American Samantha Jones or a Hispanic Samantha Jones?’

“I’ve moved on. This is what my 60s are about. They’re about me making decisions for me, not my career. For me.

"And that feels frickin’ fantastic.”

The Eclipse Brought Sarah Jessica Parker to Orgasm

Sarah Jessica Parker got off on yesterday’s eclipse. Literally.

We are officially eclipse chasers!

A post shared by SJP (@sarahjessicaparker) on

First, the setting. SJP shows the world that she will be experiencing the eclipse on a boat in South Carolina. There isn’t much to the video. It’s like the bad dialogue that you skip in porn videos because who wants to listen to bad actors and actresses talk? The setting looks like a porn set, but you’re just waiting for them to destroy it with their sexual encounter.

Next, a little foreplay. SJP starts to get excited about the upcoming eclipse. Just the tip, errr chip of the sun is missing, which gets SJP a little hot and bothered. She knows what’s about to come and she can’t control herself. She’s also a little bossy in this video, saying not to look too long. She’s a woman who knows what she wants. And I respect that.

A post shared by SJP (@sarahjessicaparker) on

Now comes the good stuff. Parker is orgasmically excited as the moon covers the sun. She belts out “it’s happening you guys!” like she’s on the verge of an out-of-body experience. She screams “Oh My God!” at the top of her lungs as the cold moon enter the hot sun’s path. Matthew Broderick can only watch from the side as he sees another event bring his wife sensations that she’s never felt before.

A post shared by SJP (@sarahjessicaparker) on

And then it ends. After being naturally fulfilled by the eclipse, SPJ is worn out. She can’t believe what she has just experienced and she knows that she may never experience such a thing again. She is in awe at what just happened. She finishes with, “It is so…extraordinary” in hushed tones. She likely reached for a cigarette when she stopped recording.

SJP not only experienced a potentially once in a lifetime event yesterday, she had the best orgasm of her life. Suck for you, Bueller.

If SJP and Ferris Bueller Can Go The Distance, So Can You

Long distance relationship. The three words that, when put together, suddenly prompt a multitude of personal, odd, and bordering-on-invasive questions.

If the inappropriate interrogation isn’t enough, it is likely to be accompanied by a highly doubtful tone. Not to mention, that familiar facial expression that communicates a peculiar mixture of “well done you” and “oh poor you.”
Source: Pink PR Group via Twitter

But, let’s just look at goddess Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby Matthew Broderick. Next year, the two will have been the two will have been married 20 years, and have a son and two twin girls together.

When SJP’s brother introduced the two to one another, they instantly clicked and have been crazy about each other ever since. However, being two very busy, successful actors, there must have been periods where the time they spent together was scarce.

Starring in the new HBO comedy Divorce, SJP is a far cry away from the character she portrays: a middle-aged, dispirited, and humdrum wife undergoing a separation from her husband.

However, the celebrity pair could not have made their marriage last this entire time without their the devotion they have to one another. After reportedly going through some difficulties, Ms. Parker insisted that they should consult a psychic, in order to save their marriage. Though it was rumoured that Mr. Broderick was uncomfortable about this idea, they went on to receive guidance from psychic readings on a regular basis and, clearly, benefited greatly from it.

So why is it that long distance relationships are met with these questionable reactions? We think there are many advantages of spreading the love around the globe.

Source: Pexels

Being able to work on you

When a relationship becomes serious, it is often easy to lose sight of the other important things in your life, whether that be a career, friends, or hobbies. Being together, but living your lives separately, allows you both to grow into your own person. This means being independent and having certain life experiences, without the possibility of your other half holding you back.

Strengthening your bond

There is nothing quite like some circumstantial distance to prove the strength of a relationship. Being able to go some time without that person you want to spend all your time with helps to prove how much you truly mean to one another.

Making use of your gadgets

Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch whilst you’re apart, and this can become fun! Try playing long-distance scrabble, or having a candlelit dinner together over Skype.

The rush of excitement when it’s time

Your heart is racing and you’re as nervous as you were for your first date. It has been weeks and it’s finally time to be reacquainted. There is nothing quite like that moment. Not to mention, when you do get to see each other, the time you spend together is precious. That is, whether you go on cute dinner dates, cinema trips and nature walks, or simply stay in to eat pizza and have Star Wars marathon. However you spend your time together, it is genuine quality time that not all same-city couples manage to make time for.

Whether your partner is in your home, 5 miles away or 500 miles away, what matters most is dedication. If you have something worth hanging on to, then communicate, engage and do what it takes to be happy – just like Hollywood’s favourite sweethearts.

Golden Globes 2017: Who Should Win?

The 74th annual Golden Globe Awards will broadcast by NBC Sunday, January 8.

There are a lot of different awards up for grabs, but who will emerge victorious in the race for the most awards?

We have some predictions for you. 

Scroll down to find out who we think should win. 

1. Drama Series

Ramsay boltons army
Despite what some may say, there is still no other show on TV quite like Game of Thrones. The sheer scale and writing is on another level from the other shows in the category. With some tweaks, Westworld could get there. This Is Us will win because it's the only show on the list about family values, but Game of Thrones should win.

2. Drama Series - Actor

Rami malek in green
Rami Malek is without a doubt the best actor in this category. Despite a creative nosedive for Mr. Robot in Season 2, Rami Malek turned in an other outstanding performance as Elliot Alderson. Then again, Matthew Rhys has been turning in solid performances on The Americans for four seasons. Rhys will eke out the win over the others in the category, but Malek should win.

3. Drama Series - Actress

Evan rachel wood in toronto
Westworld shocked us all with a solid first season that made us question the world around us. Part of that was Evan Rachel Wood's convincing portrayal of Dolores. Considering the acclaim the series has acieved - particularly for Wood's performance, she should and will win it.

4. Comedy or Musical Series

Atlanta promotional picture
Donald Glover's Atlanta has been a hit with critics and viewers. It should and will secure the win over Veep and Mozart in the Jungle.

5. Comedy or Musical - Actress

Sarah jessica parker 2016 costume institute gala
Sarah Jessica Parker will do battle with the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom. There's no denying that she deserves the win. After years away from a hit show, her acting chops are still there. She should and will win.

6. Comedy or Musical - Actor

Donald glover on community
The writing on Atlanta was just the tip of the iceberg. Donald Glover's performance as Earnest Marks struck a chord with viewers. So much so that he should and will take the win over Nick Nolte, Jefrey Tambor, Anthony Anderson and Gael Garcia Bernal.
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Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals How Robert Downey Jr. Taught Her How to Love and Be a Good Parent

Sarah Jessica Parker Divorce Kids Jess Cagle Interview

Sarah Jessica Parker is opening up about the lessons she learned as a result of her relationship with Robert Downey Jr.

The former couple met on the set of their film Firstborn and dated for seven years in the ’80s and early ’90s before calling it quits.

“It taught me how I love,” the Divorce star told PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Editorial Director Jess Cagle of her relationship with the actor, who struggled with drug and alcohol abuse during much of their time together, ultimately leading to their demise.

Adds Parker, 51, “And what’s the difference between loving and taking care of people and what’s necessary, and what grown-ups should and shouldn’t do for one another.”

Watch the full episode of The Jess Cagle Interview, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to PEOPLE.com/PEN, or download the PEN app on Apple TV, Roku Players, Amazon Fire TV, Xumo, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices.

For his part, Downey has spoken about Parker’s many attempts to help him throughout their years together.

“I liked to drink, and I had a drug problem, and that didn’t jibe with Sarah Jessica, because it is the furthest thing from what she is,” he told PARADE in 2008. “She provided me a home and understanding. She tried to help me. She was so miffed when I didn’t get my act together.”

Although the couple split in 1991 — Parker went on to marry Matthew Broderick and the couple are now parents to 7-year-old twin girls Tabitha and Loretta and son James Wilkie, 13 — the actress says her time with Downey had an effect on the way she parents her children.

“Maybe it taught me a little bit about being a parent too, because the things that I ended up caring about, and the way I cared for Downey, were things that might be more suitable for a parent at a certain point,” continues the former Sex and the City star

“In a way, I think I’m asking myself those same questions now — I have an almost-14-year-old, so what I should and shouldn’t do for James Wilkie is a question,” she adds. “Like, at what point do I let him lose something? When do I say, ‘You gotta lose it in order to understand how to even cope? How are you going to develop your coping mechanisms if I’m fixing?’ ”

“When does a parent let go? When do you let go in a relationship?” she continues. “So I think I learned a lot about it. You don’t know you’re learning about it when you’re in it — you’re just in the day-to-day, caring about someone and loving them, and hopefully keeping them safe.”

The Hocus Pocus star adds that she also picked up some other useful skills during her time with Downey — the latter of whom has spoken positively about his relationship with Parker, and how she tried to help him in the past.

“I also learned how to balance a checkbook because I had to, and I think those are pretty big things to be learning,” Parker says.

Jen Juneau and Anya Leon

Sarah Jessica Parker on the Struggle of Being a Working Mom: You ‘Want to Maintain This Other Part of Your Life’

Sarah Jessica Parker Divorce Kids Jess Cagle Interview

Sarah Jessica Parker has been exposed to all sorts of emotions on the parenting spectrum.

A specific emotion she can relate to personally is a popular one: guilt.

“[Parenting] changes you in every possible way, but there’s a struggle, there’s a conflict that exists, which is you also want to maintain this other part of your life,” the Divorce star told PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Editorial Director Jess Cagle.

“The reason it’s a conflict, usually, is that you like the other life, too,” adds the actress, 51. “Someone [told me] that working mothers who work outside of home feel guilty about work because they like the work.”

Watch the full episode of The Jess Cagle Interview, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Go to PEOPLE.com/PEN, or download the PEN app on Apple TV, Roku Players, Amazon Fire TV, Xumo, Chromecast, iOS and Android devices.

Parker, who has three children with husband Matthew Broderick (7-year-old twin daughters Tabitha and Loretta and 13-year-old son James), touches on the fact that guilt isn’t the only emotion working moms have. In fact, she believes that when women don’t love their work, their feelings are quite different.

“That’s the issue. For many working women in this country who are working two and three jobs, it’s not guilt that they suffer, because they don’t love their work,” explains the Sex and the City alum. “It’s worry, concern, and time away from their children. It’s such a different experience.”

The actress and fashion designer, who stars in and produces the new HBO dramedy, admits that there are definitely pros to being a working mom even when it comes directly to her children’s well-being.

“The things that I want to impress upon all of my children are the things that are the hardest for me to get right in business,” she says.

Jen Juneau

Sarah Jessica Parker CLAPS BACK At A Fashion Blogger For Saying She Didn’t Follow The Met Gala Theme!

Who knew SJP had such sass?!

On Monday, Met Gala favorite Sarah Jessica Parker attended the event wearing a unique Monse outfit.

While her look received mixed reviews, you have to respect the fact that the Sex and the City star took a bold, fashion risk.

Related: Sarah Jessica Parker Was Once Sent A Treadmill By A Producer!

However, whether you love it or hate it, don't accuse the actress of not following the theme!

That same night, fashion blogger Ivy Marshall criticized Miz Parker -- along with Madonna and Diane von Furstenberg -- of not adhering to "Manus X Machina; Fashion in the age of technology.'

She posted on Instagram :

The 2016 Met Gala Theme was "Manus X Machina; Fashion in the age of technology" and this trio didnt get the memo @sarahjessicaparker @dvf @madonna 💁🏼 #fashionforward #Metgala #fashionblogger #ivymarshallA photo posted by Ivy Marshall's Blog (@ivymarshallsblog) on May 2, 2016 at 10:48pm PDT

The 51-year-old saw the post and BLASTED the critic for her ignorance!

She responded:

Do NOT mess with Carrie Bradshaw, girl!

[Image via Getty Images.]

6 Celebrities Who Created Dramatic, Dark Kitchens

While it can be easy to believe celebrities live in a world untouched by the trouble’s of modern life, including the daily struggle for meals, the fact is some of those celebrities do indeed cook in their home kitchens. The kitchens of celebrities vary from bright, sunny rooms, to dark, dramatic abodes. Included here are a few celebrities who created kitchens utilizing dark cabinetry and other dramatic elements.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The $22 million dollar Manhattan townhouse occupied by Parker is a considerable step up from her Sex and the City apartment. With dramatic dark cabinets and a fireplace in the kitchen, Parker did her best to mesh the drama with sunlight from outside. Her kitchen is a seamless pairing in dark and light, creating a dramatic study in contrast.

Lebron James

Being a celebrity basketball star means you have to consume a lot of calories to stay healthy! James created a stunning kitchen with towering ceilings where he could feel comfortable and cook in peace. His $17 million dollar home on the waterfront, has an exceptionally dramatic kitchen that pairs a dark cabinet with white marble counters. With two large, marble-topped islands, James has more than enough space for prep work.

Zooey Deschanel

With a retro blue and white themed kitchen in her 1930’s Hollywood home, Deschanel pairs bright and dark perfectly. Her navy blue cabinets add a deepening element to the room that meshes with her bright white counters. Even the tiles on her floor play to the theme with a beautiful pattern of blue and white.

Cameron Diaz

Catering to the green and gold, Cameron Diaz paired the dramatic and opulent in her Manhattan home. With deep green cabinets and a shining gold backsplash, Diaz’s kitchen is sure to bring out the “top chef” in anyone. Known for exemplary roles in both The Holiday and There’s Something About Mary, Diaz clearly needs time to herself when she heads off set.

Giada de Laurentiis

Even though she spends most of her days in a professional kitchen, Giada still manages to have a professional grade kitchen at home for personal use. With creamy countertops and dark cabinets, Giada’s kitchen is a study in contrast that may inspire the food she creates. A large island occupies the center of the room and deluxe refrigerators and ovens make food prep a breeze.

Gerard Butler

In New York City, Butler has created a kitchen that meshes rustic old style with a bohemian styling. His old world style integrates chandeliers, columns and rustic wooden cabinets. Butler, who is known for his dramatic portrayal of the Phantom of the Opera, has more than enough drama in his home environment as well.

A Look At Some Celebrities And Their Ridiculous Jewelry

Most of the time you are lucky enough to read about best dressed celebrities, especially when it comes to red carpet affairs. However, everyone loves to hear about the fashion failures. Instead of just looking at dresses, you should also keep your eyes on the jewelry price.

Celebrities, some of them anyway, seem to have a love of the most hideous jewelry. Here are ten celebrities that, at least once, seem to be attracted to the most ridiculous jewelry possible. You probably won’t care to ask them where they shop for their baubles.

Sean Kingston Likes To Color


Rapper Sean Kingston paid $500,000 for a Crayola crayons necklace that has to be one of the most hideous things. It’s got gold and lots of gems, and it got lost on the way to a jeweler. Kingston needs to fire his sister, since reports say she only insured the thing for $500.

Kingston is surely not the only guy to wear some crazy jewelry, but he has a lot of competition in the women of the celebrity world. Kingston hopefully learned his lesson and insure his own jewelry, or at least has better taste in it now.

Nicki Minaj Outrageous

Nicki’s look, from hair to shoes, it ridiculous most of the time and she definitely has a love for big, gaudy necklaces and other jewelry pieces. You can find her wearing a texas sized stone of some sort in many photos when you search online. Her jewels tend to stand out as much as her personality.

Nicki likes big and bold, and that kind of style is actually in right now. Bold colors, bold shapes, and, of course, bold sizes. These are called signature styles.

Lady Gaga, Queen Of Awful Jewelry

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga loves to go over the top with her outrageous outfits, and her jewelry is no exception. From necklaces that could clothe a small child to rings that cover her entire hand, she likes her jewelry big and bold, like her attitude.

One wonders why she chose a silver neck cuff to wear with her meat dress, instead of a nice fried egg necklace, or maybe the teeth from the animal that meat came from.

Sarah Jessica Parker And The City

Parker went crazy with her outfits for her character on Sex And The City. Normally she looked to be lacking any jewelry at all, and once in a while she’d wear something that was barely there. However, there were a couple times where she went over the top, mostly with too many necklaces on at once. How was she able to still hold her head up?

When you see Parker on the red carpet she tends to wear jewelry that is a little more discreet and doesn’t stand out.

The Material Girl, Madonna


Madonna may not be as flamboyant these days with her fingers full of rings and 10 necklaces on at once, but once upon a time she was the queen of ridiculous jewelry and accessories (remember those fingerless lace gloves?).

Madonna still goes a little gaga when she’s on stage though and you may still see her with some ridiculous jewelry, but she is no longer a virgin to the scene.

More celebrities need to just opt for some nice diamonds that look beautiful but don’t make the jewelry the only thing people see when they look at them. Minimal is great most of the time when it comes to jewelry and accessories, unless you are looking to get the attention of everyone in the room.

However, diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend, and even Marilyn Monroe reportedly wasn’t a huge fan of them. Diamonds aren’t the only gems making their homes on women’s jewelry though! And don’t forget the guys.

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Hocus Pocus Is Getting A Sequel After All! But Not In The Way You’d Imagine…

Disney World is about to put a spell on you!

It seems like every year around mid-October, '80s and '90s kids start talking about one thing and one thing only...

No, not Halloween -- Hocus Pocus!

The Disney cult classic is always rumored to be getting a sequel, but this year, it's finally happening!

That's because a live stage show version of the Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy movie is coming to Disney World this Fall.

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While the movie isn't getting remade into a complete musical, the Sanderson Sisters are set to team up with other Disney villains like Cruella de Vil, Captain Hook, and Jafar to scare up some fun for the park's annual haunted show.

We're pretty okay with news, actually, because we have a feeling that the addition of the witches might be a way for the House of Mouse to see if there really is interest in a Hocus Pocus 2!

And let us just tell you... there is!!!

Will U be making your way to Florida to check out Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular??

Celebrity Fashion Secrets: Dress Like Hollywood’s Fashion Forward Stars

From boots to bikins, which celebrities rock the best fashion secrets? See if your fashion icon made our celebrity fashion secrets list. Click around to see. 

1. Kate Middleton

Kate middleton hat
From her fashionators to stylish frocks, new mom Kate Middleton is one classic beauty. The trick to Middleton's classic but contemporary look? Simple lines paired with simple heels mixed with some great overcoats!

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah jessica parker at met gala
Okay, we can't pair a Met Gala-esque headpiece with our outfits like SJP everyday, but the point is, take a risk. Next time your outfit needs a kick, try a statement piece necklace or bracelet.

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary kate and ashley olsen
Twinsies Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are all about recycling. Find one staple piece you can wear a hundred different ways to keep your wardrobe looking fresh.

4. Gwen Stefani

Gwen stefani at the 2015 grammys
Rompers are not the easiest piece of clothing to wear. For the summer months, take a chance like Gwen Stefani and you'll "no doubt" be the fashion envy of all your friends.

5. Beyonce

Beyonce weight loss pic
Beyonce never leaves home without a good set of heels. A great pair of heels can help lift the booty and give you legs for days.

6. Kate Hudson

Kate hudson breast implants
Kate Hudson's casual-cool look never fails to impress. Pairing a great blazer with a free-flowing skirt is a great way to stay comfortable and look fashion-forward.
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Kendall Jenner, Ryan Gosling, Ariana Grande, And Many More Celebrities Get Gingy-fied! See The HIGHlarious Red-Headed Results HERE!

Holy cow, these are AH-Mazing!! It's incredible what people can do with just a little bit of photoshop!

If you've ever wondered what all of Hollywood would look like if they were gingers, you're in luck!

[ Photos: Celeb Photoshop Fails ]

A Tumblr and Instagram account by the name of Put A Rang On It decided to take that task on and change all of your favorite stars of today into red heads -- with red hair, freckles, the whole nine yards!

Justin Timberlake, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ariana Grande, you name a celeb, they probably have it or they're in the process of changing a famous face into a orange-y freckled one!

Ch-ch-check out some of the HIGHlarious transformations (below)!

http://putarangonit.tumblr.com/post/118080518113/rangyan-gosling http://putarangonit.tumblr.com/post/118186922293/kendall-jennerang

http://putarangonit.tumblr.com/post/118155634743/peter-grangffin http://putarangonit.tumblr.com/post/118107951678/prangce http://putarangonit.tumblr.com/post/118187723098/sarang-jessica-parker http://putarangonit.tumblr.com/post/118074184433/ariana-grangde


Can't get enough?? CLICK HERE for their Tumblr and HERE for their Instagram!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]