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Mariah Carey’s Storybook ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Now Available

Around the holiday season, Mariah Carey’s hit song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is damn-near ubiquitous. You can’t avoid hearing it at least once a day, anywhere you go, and if you listen to those all-day Christmas-music stations, once an hour is more accurate.

So maybe that’s enough—for some. For others, the song is not nearly enough to capture the true spirit and essence of wanting something for Christmas. That’s why there’s now an illustrated storybook accompaniment to the classic Christmas song.

That’s right—All I Want For Christmas Is You is now a storybook.

Earlier this week, we brought news of another Christmas classic being adapted into an illustrated storybook: the mega-hit Home Alone. But this is another beast entirely.

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is a heartwarming children’s story book written by Carey herself, and illustrated by Colleen Madden. The story is about a little girl who looks strikingly like a young Mariah Carey, and all she wants for Christmas is her own puppy.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas,” the text reads. “There is just one thing I need.” Now I know I’ve heard that line before…

Mariah Carey, for her part, is “so proud of the song’s impact as it continues to make memories for fans each year. I am thriled to be able to bring the story of the song to new generations of families with this picture book.”

Actually, the art is beautiful, and the story itself is pretty cute, changing the romantic undertones of the song into a children’s story about a little girl and her dog. And it’s also a way of cementing the song even further into our culture, making it certain that there will never be a Christmas without Mariah Carey belting into a microphone.

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is now available from Doubleday Books.

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Diddy & Drake Have Squashed Their Beef! Find Out How They Were Able To Settle Their Differences Over A Track HERE!

Even rappers know when to extend an olive branch!

As we reported in December, Drake and Diddy got into an altercation outside LIV in Miami after the two were fighting over a track given to both of them by producer Boi-1da.

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Reportedly, Sean Combs sat on the song which frustrated Drizzy because he really wanted to spit rhymes over the beat! Growing impatient, the Canadian recorded it anyway, which greatly angered the Sean John founder!

However, their feud is officially over!

According to sources, the two moguls called each other in April and were able to settle their differences! Yay for peace!

Well just exactly why did they put their drama aside?!

Both artists had scheduled BIG events this summer, like festivals and appearances, and decided that they didn't want it to be awkward if and when they crossed paths!

Furthermore, they weren't going to let this silly disagreement of theirs get in the way of big pay checks!


We're so glad Drake and Diddy are no longer fighting! Save that anger for your music, boys!

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