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These Stars Fell out of Love with Their Tattoos

Think of tattoos like relationships. Some tattoos are meant to be. You will be glad to keep them forever. Others are more like flings — you were head over heels with them at first, but that excitement eventually died down, and now you don’t have feelings for them anymore. It happens. 

You’re not the only one who has wanted to end a relationship with a tattoo. Your favourite celebrities have fallen in and out love with their ink before. Find out what they did to get rid of their tattoos and why they decided to do it:

Megan Fox

The actress Megan Fox had a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm for years. But, she decided to have it removed through laser therapy because she no longer emulated the classic Hollywood star. She was concerned that the tribute to the tragic figure would bring negative energy into her life. So, she received laser removal treatment to get rid of it. 

If you are curious about erasing your own tattoo, you should click here to learn about the cost of laser tattoo removal and what to expect from your first therapy session. A responsible tattoo removal clinic will do a consultation first to see whether you’re a good candidate for the procedure. It could be the best option for you.

Angelina Jolie

The actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie famously erased her tattoo dedicated to Billy Bob Thornton after they ended their romantic relationship. She had the tattoo removed through laser therapy. She covered up the freshly cleared spot with more ink. This new tattoo was a collection of the geographic coordinates of her children’s birthplaces.  

Mel B

Mel B, who is most known for being Scary Spice in the pop music group the Spice Girls, got a tattoo about her ex-husband surgically removed after ending their relationship. She has stated that the marriage was physically and emotionally abusive, so she wanted to take off the personal reminder. 

She chose surgery over laser therapy because she wanted the procedure to be finished as soon as possible. Surgery may be a faster form of tattoo removal, but it’s more likely to leave scarring, which is why it’s not an ideal method for large, complicated tattoos. 

Zayn Malik

Zayn, the singer and ex-member of the boyband One Direction, had a cartoon tribute to his fiancée Perrie Edwards permanently etched onto his arm in 2013. But, Zayn and Edwards later ended their engagement. After the break-up, Zayn decided to conceal that specific tattoo. He had it covered up with an extraterrestrial scene, which blended in perfectly with the rest of his ink.

However, it doesn’t sound like Zayn learned his lesson about getting tattoos of your current romantic partner. It’s speculated that he tattooed the eyes of supermodel Gigi Hadid onto his chest during their relationship. The two of them broke up not long after. 

Sometimes a tattoo isn’t meant to be. There’s no shame in realizing that your ink isn’t working for you anymore. You can always find your preferred removal method and get rid of the problem. It will be like you never got it in the first place. 

5 Things That Aren’t So Great About Being Famous

Often when people think about being famous, the first thing that comes to mind is lavish homes, fast vehicles, invitations to the best parties, and beautiful clothing. Yes, it’s true that being famous comes with all sorts of perks and a considerable amount of money. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that fame also comes with its challenges.

Many celebrities will admit that they miss their lives before the fame. Here are some of the ways that fame isn’t always so great.

Constantly Being Photographed

Imagine stepping outside of your house the same way that you did this morning to take out the trash. Your hair was thrown up in a knot, you were wearing your finest pajama pants with holes in awkward places, and you probably looked super grumpy.

Now imagine that there is a group of 17 paparazzi waiting outside of your door who take a photo of you in this condition. Next thing you know you see yourself on the worst dressed list in the back of a magazine.

Celebrities are constantly under the pressure of having to run from the paparazzi who are determined to get a photograph. In some cases, the paparazzi can be so aggressive that it can even be fatal. Most notably the famous death of Princess Diana who was fleeing from photographers when she got into a car accident which resulted in tragedy. Unfortunately, these photographers are so desperate to get that million-dollar shot, that they don’t consider it could lead to someone getting hurt.

Scrutiny on Your Appearance

It’s difficult enough to have to listen to the voice inside of your own head which is constantly criticizing and judging your appearance. However, celebrities are judged by the entire world from bloggers to news shows.

The slightest change in their hair or body shape can lead to a series of magazine covers and terribly cruel commentary.

Lack of Normalcy

Even though it may seem fun to imagine walking down the street and everyone recognizing you, it can start to feel stressful after a while. Once upon a time, these people could go to the store for a pack of gum as if it were no big deal, however, after the fame the smallest trip outside the door is a full-fledged spectacle.

Financial Pressures

Although receiving big paychecks is hardly something which many famous people complain about, it can be a lot of pressure.

With a lot of money comes great responsibility and pressure. Between negotiating contracts, finding the best way to invest their funds, and having to worry about whether people are using them or not. Money isn’t always the end of our worries but can sometimes add to them.

Strained Relationships

It can be challenging for famous people to maintain relationships. Since there is so much pressure from the media and their schedules are often quite full, love can be a challenge for stars and starlets.

4 Most Common Reasons Celebrities Get Famous

Scrolling through gossip sites or flipping through magazines full of our favorite stars, we often wonder why they get to have all the fun and we don’t. What is it that sets apart us normal people from these glittering starlets and how can we get the same status?

After all, who wouldn’t love to be seen in the finest brands and designers, be invited to the most lavish parties and buy cars that the rest of us only dream about. So how did they get famous anyway? When it comes to some of the most common reasons that people celebrities get it, here are the reasons that stick out most.

Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

Sometimes it’s all about simply being the best location at the right moment. You never know when things are in the hands of fate. Some celebrities were doing something as simple as standing in line at the bank when they caught their big break.

The secret to what sustains their fame after being initially discovered is that they take advantage of the opportunity and do whatever it takes to keep themselves relevant. They keep themselves in the public eye, get a good publicist, and involve themselves in notable projects.

Being Outstanding at Their Craft

Some celebrities are famous because they’re downright undeniably great at what they do. They are so fantastic at their craft, whether it’s sports, music, or acting, that they have gained a huge amount of attention because of it.

When someone comes along who truly changes the game, the world usually catches on after a while. Celebrities are often people who simply aren’t comparable to anyone else. So they get put on a pedestal.


Everyone loves a good scandal. When a person is involved in some kind of a racy scandal, the media loves to get coverage of it. Often when there’s a non-celebrity attached to the scandal, it’s only a matter of time until they’re a celebrity themselves and in the limelight.

Many of the people whose names we know by heart were once in the center of a scandal. From Paris Hilton to Monica Lewinsky. Their embarrassing moments, although terrifying at the time, may just have been their lucky break.

Being Good Looking

People love a beautiful face. Many celebrities are known worldwide because of their striking good looks. Since often people are cast in films based on their appearance, incredibly good-looking people often have a huge chance of breaking into big starring roles.

Because of these expectations for celebrities to be outlandishly hot, often more talented and motivated actors will get overlooked simply because of their appearances.

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Fantastic Celebrity Homes In The Sunshine State

The beautiful beaches and endless days full of sunshine make Florida a hotspot for many A-list celebrities. The vibrancy of Miami draws in an array of high-class residence, and the calm vibes of the Florida Keys host a getaway for the rich and famous.

When the weather gets hot, the stars come out to play in the Sunshine State. Take a look at some of the most luxurious celebrity homes in Florida that will make your dreams seem a bit underwhelming.

Adam Sandler

Comedy genius, Adam Sandler’s sprawl in Highland, Florida is an 8th-floor condo that cost a little less than $2 million at purchase. As it should be, Sandler has direct access to the coastal beauty of Florida with the beach just outside his door.

Considering a condo on the beach may seem a bit of an understatement for someone as rich as Adam Sandler, he spent a pretty penny setting his mother up in a gorgeous, oceanside home as well. Every good Jewish boy remembers his mama when he strikes it rich.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s home in Jupiter, Florida may as well be a complex. It’s huge, to put it bluntly. This billionaire spared no expense on his 37,000 square foot property. It’s hard to even imagine just how much lawn care costs for this elaborate spread. Spending $20 million on his original lot, he spent even more money when he purchased the adjoining lots for more space.

Howard Stern

Another well-known resident of Florida makes his home in Palm Beach. Radio personality and successful businessman, Howard Stern, lives in a section of the city commonly referred to as “Raiders Row.” Raider’s Row is home to several billionaires, including Stern.

Stern paid a cool $10 million for his home, but swiftly made a half million dollar renovation to appease his wife’s need for a closet fit for a queen. I guess the old saying is true, “When mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy.”

Vanilla Ice

The character of Vanilla Ice never ceases to make his way back into the hearts of the masses. Though we’ve seen him rise and fall, the world just can’t get enough of Vanilla Ice. Now with a new renovation show, he’s again made his way into the spotlight.

His home in Palm Beach is also nothing less than awesome. The Wellington property features a full-sized fitness center, a resort-style swimming pool, and more than one custom tennis court. It seems the years of hard work and humiliation have paid off for the Ice, ice, baby.

Stephen King

Living in Casey Key, Florida, Stephen King has set up his own not so humble abode. At a cost of nearly $9 million, his home has 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a pool and a hot tub (among other amenities). With 6,817 square feet of house to inhabit, there’s plenty of room for friends and family.

Design Your Interior In The Old Hollywood Style

Hollywood, the place where dreams are realized, has long been an inspiration for interior design in the homes of many. The glitz and glamour of the big screen brings the spirit of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn back to life.

Incorporate the beauty of that old Hollywood style with just a few minor style guidelines. Spice up those venetian blinds, and learn how to adorn your interior with style. Here are a few tips and tricks for making your home look just as stylish as the old legends of the silver screen.

Roll out the red carpet

The red carpet has long been a symbol of stature in Hollywood, so why not add it to your new look? That is not to suggest that you adorn your front walkway with red, but to drop a small floor rug down the hallway.

A splash of rich red against hardwood and other dark colored flooring will instantly grab the vibes of the rich and famous. A long red runner will bring a chic element to any small area of your home.

Display the faces of the past

Capture the faces of the past, and display them proudly around your home. You may enjoy old movie posters as an alternative, but make sure they are displayed in a sleek frame for added aesthetic.

Headshots of the great Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean, or Miss Hepburn herself will remind you daily of the unique history of Hollywood. Show your knowledge of the originals through pop culture art pieces.

Movie stars love mirrors

Every vain girl and guy needs a brightly lit, flashy Hollywood vanity mirror to perfect their look. Choose the specific style of lighting around the mirror to match the style of the room it will call home.

Bright globe bulbs traditionally exude the feel of old Hollywood the best. Bulbs that mimic natural lighting are probably the best choice, as it will make applying makeup much easier.

Add some shimmer and sparkle

There’s no easier way to capture the glitz and glam of Hollywood than to adorn your interior with shimmer and sparkle. Metallic surfaces, crystal chandeliers, and elegant furnishings scream old Hollywood style.

Chic, clean lines are also a staple of the Old Hollywood look. Think upscale and bright, but remember that those aspects do not have to be expensive. There are plenty of gems to be found in the plethora of secondhand stores that exist.

Think velvet materials and rich tones

When it comes to materials and fabrics, think soft and royal. Bright gem tones and velvet couches are the stuff Old Hollywood is made from. Indulge in the plush and beautiful elegance of antique couches and old chairs.

Bad Boys & Girls Of Vegas: Celebs That Have Visited The Vegas Slammer

The old saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” is only true when you don’t get caught. Fame and fortune doesn’t always spare the rich and famous, and Las Vegas is no stranger to celebrities.

The colorful pasts, presents, and futures of the loads of patrons who roam in and out of the borders of Las Vegas have made Sin City the place to let loose. Here is a short list of a few of your most beloved stars who have had their run in Vegas and found themselves visiting the county jail.

William Drayton, Jr. AKA Flava Flav

Flava Flav visited the Clark County Detention Center in May of 2015 on a misdemeanor DUI charge. He almost never cops this charge for reasons of drinking alcohol. It’s marijuana that Mr. William Drayton, Jr. can’t seem to put down.

The famed reality television star and rapper plead guilty to DUI charges in Vegas, which resulted in a fine total of $1,370… a drop in the bucket for a star like Flava Flav. At nearly 60 years old, William shows no signs of falling out of favor with his fans.

Austin Lee Russell AKA Chumlee

At the age of 33, Austin Lee Russell of the reality television show “Pawn Stars” was arrested on weapons and drug charges in Las Vegas. Upon serving a warrant in his home, Las Vegas police found methamphetamine, marijuana, and at least one illegitimate weapon.

Chumlee’s done it now. Dealing with the Las Vegas justice system is a far cry from being yelled at by the “Old Man” on the show. He’s sure got some explaining to do now!

Peter Hernandez AKA Bruno Mars

In September of 2010, Peter Hernandez (AKA Bruno Mars) rose to the top of the Billboard Charts with his hit single, “Just The Way You Are.” While the world was celebrating his talent, the Las Vegas Police Department was giving him an orange jumpsuit.

Bruno Mars got arrested on drug charges after police caught him in a Hard Rock Hotel restroom with 2.6 grams of cocaine on his person. Mars was ordered by a judge to serve out one year of probation, pay two grand in fines and fees, go through drug counseling, and do 200 hours of community service. Needless to say, Mr. Hernandez didn’t get the “star” treatment.

Marion Knight AKA Suge Knight

Suge Knight found his share of trouble in Vegas after police performed a routine traffic stop

7 Celebs Who Have Had Extensive Dental Work To Create Their Perfect Smiles

Not all of our most desired Hollywood hunks and hotties were born with the sparkling smiles we’ve come to know and love. Perfect needs a little help sometimes, and plenty of Hollywood’s stars are no stranger to augmentation for the sake of beauty.

Let the proverbial cat out of the bag, and check out a brief look at a few popular celebrities who have had extensive dental work to achieve their perfect “grill.”

George Clooney

The Batman of the ‘90s and leader of Ocean’s Eleven didn’t always have such a suave smile. Clooney has a nervous condition which causes him to intensely grind his teeth when he is under stress. Clooney was effectively filing his teeth down to nothing.

Instead of investing in treatment and a mouth guard, Clooney chose to spend nearly $20,000 on a shiny new set of porcelain veneers.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known for his “winning” smile, but those pearly whites didn’t come with the original package. Cruise has put his chompers through an extensive set of procedures for whitening and straightening.

After years of augmentation, Tom Cruise chose to end the madness. He made one final dental investment for a full set of porcelain veneers.

Zac Efron

Teenage Zac has a major gap between his two front teeth. Though his look was endearing, Hollywood saw something different. As the young actor made the transition from teenager to Hollywood hunk, the gap in his teeth magically disappeared.

Celine Dion

Celine grew up in the eyes of the public, so there is no doubting that her smile has had a little help along the way. From crooked-toothed teenager to stunning powerhouse, Celine has (like many others) invested in a complete set of veneers.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff started out with a better than average set of teeth, but ran into a terrible mishap one night during a performance. Duff reportedly knocked her front tooth on the microphone in a moment of charisma, which resulted in a noticeable chip.

Instead of repairing the tooth, Hilary chose to invest in a full set of veneers. A $20,000 insurance policy for your smile is just what you do when you’re a star.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey chipped his front tooth before he ever found fame, but his role in Dumb & Dumber gave him the bright idea to remove his cap. It worked, and the world remembers big hearted, snaggletoothed, Lloyd today.

After the movie wrapped, Carrey chose veneers instead of replacing the cap. His smile has never looked brighter.

Chris Rock

Funny man, Chris Rock got a major mouth makeover after appearing in the 1997 film Lethal Weapon. He spent his earnings from the movie on a perfect smile, which he continues to mention today. After spending $150,000, who wouldn’t gloat a little?

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Popular Workout Trends Among Hollywood A-Listers

Hollywood A-listers have been hounded for their workout regimens for generations. Fans always want to know how their idols got their perfect shapes and chiseled muscles. We all want a part of the dream, and imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Before you go buying every workout video you can possibly find, try checking out a few popular trends in Hollywood fitness. Grab your maxi climber, and get in the mood to sweat. Here are several modern forms of physical activity that you may love far more than a traditional trip to the gym.


If you are looking for a high quality, high impact way to get moving, SoulCycle is the regimen for you. Big names such as Lady Gaga, Ashley Tisdale, Nicole Kidman, and Kelly Ripa frequent the SoulCycle sessions of Hollywood.

Pedal your way through an intense upper and lower-body toning session with SoulCycle. The studios are dimly lit, and the music is off the chain. You can burn up to 700 calories in one 45-minute session of SoulCycle, so the cost is worth the results.

S3: Strong, Sexy, & Svelte

The hilarious Tina Fey swears by the results of trainer-to-the-stars Kristin McGee’s’ S3: Strong, Sexy, & Svelte program. The S3 program combines three exercises in a 25-minute regimen.

Dumbbell toning, pilates core work, and power yoga make up the whole of the S3: Strong, Sexy, & Svelte workout program. The best part of this trending workout practice is that you don’t have to go anywhere to get through it. You home is the perfect venue for the beginning of a new body and a new life.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Bootcamp is true to the nature of the popular workout method of Barry’s Bootcamp. Sworn to work by superstars Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel, Sandra Bullock, and Carrie Underwood, Barry’s Bootcamp will take you through a rigorous workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories in just an hour’s time.

Sessions rotate where and how they work your body, so your muscles never get too complacent in their abilities. The sessions alternate between tension training, guided treadmill runs, body bars, and kettlebells, so you’re sure to never get bored.


Piloxing is a new and intense mixture of Pilates and boxing that will make you feel muscles you never knew you had. Piloxing is another calorie-burning, high impact workout program.

Stars such as Vanessa Hudgens, Alexis Bledel, and Hilary Duff have regularly been seen Piloxing to maintain their ideal physiques. Piloxing is also one of the most affordable exercise sessions around.

The Bar Method

It used to be Zumba that ruled the modern workout world, but now there is The Bar Method. Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, and Dakota Fanning all swear by the sweat of The Bar Method, and their bodies back them up.

4 Reasons Watching a Movie Makes a Great First Date

Going on a first date with someone can be nerve-wracking. When it’s the first time you’ve spent time with someone, you may be a bit nervous about choosing which activity to do together. Many people advise against doing an activity which involves alcohol since this can cause you act differently than you normally would, and may even put you in danger. Therefore, it can be a bit of a challenge trying to think of an activity to do together which doesn’t put too much pressure on you both.

However, it doesn’t have to be something which causes stress. First dates can be incredibly fun if you choose the right activity. Watching a movie is something which is perfect. Here’s why.

You Can Sit Close To Each Other

When you are watching a movie together, whether it be in the cinema or even watching a movie at your home, it’s likely that you’ll sit next to each other. If you’re attracted to the person, it can create a sense of intimacy and closeness.

This can be exciting on a first date since you’re feeling each other out and deciding if you’re compatible not only mentally but physically.

Sitting next to each other while watching a movie gives you the opportunity to move in for that kiss if you feel inspired. You never know, it could be the person who you choose wedding rings with one day.

You Can Get a Feel For Their Taste In Culture

When you watch a movie with someone then you can get a feel for what kind of culture that they appreciate. Having the same taste in films isn’t crucial for a happy relationship, however, it can be something which is revealing about their personality.

Choosing a film together can show you how well you are at combining your tastes and arriving at a decision together.

You Can Laugh Together

If you choose to see a comedy, it can be a great way to break the tension and laugh together. Since laughter is known as the best medicine, it can be a great way to grow closer together and appreciate the same humor.

While it’s still possible to enjoy a drama or horror film together, a comedy may be the best choice since it’s light-hearted and encourages conversation and laughter.

It’s a Public Location

It’s normal to worry about your safety when you meet with a stranger for the first time. Therefore, choosing a theater rather than viewing a movie at your home may be a safer option since it’s a public location.

Having the sense of security of other people being around may help ease your nerves.

5 Famous General Contractors

When we think of fame, it isn’t typical to consider those who are famous for more than just their pretty face and acting talents, but there are a whole slew of B, C, and D listers that have made a pretty strong name for themselves through their array of talents.

If you’re looking for star quality home renovations, look no further. Check out a few of the most famous general contractors you may or may not already know.

Bob Villa

One of the pioneers of the industry, Bob Villa, began his career in home improvement in the 1970’s. In 1978, he got an award from Better Homes and Gardens for restoring a Victorian Italian home in Massachusetts. That award landed him a spot as the host of This Old House.

From there, Bob Villa became a household name, literally. He was announced as the spokesman for Sears after leaving This Old House, and has since hosted a slew of other shows, featuring himself as the star.

Mike Holmes

Holmes became an expert voice on home improvement through the television show Holmes on Homes. His motto as a general contractor and home builder is to “do it right the first time.”

He frequently shares his distaste for lazy or messy builders who cut corners while doing their upgrades, and rightfully so. Holmes regularly uncovers dangerous mishaps within structures he is hired to revamp.

Jonathan & Drew Scott

The twins of HGTV have not only got the “cute” factor on lock, but they know their trade quite well. Jonathan and Drew Scott revolve their show around helping couples get more bang for their buck when it comes to their home.

Their show repeatedly raises the hopes of wistful buyers, and then quickly dashes their dreams of a picture-perfect place with an out of reach price quote on the property. Every episode aims to show buyers the value in purchasing a fixer-upper versus a new build.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice? Yes, Vanilla Ice. The rapper turned home improvement star has his own show now, and it isn’t the first season. This 90’s pop icon has actually been in the business of flipping homes for more than twenty years, but his television stardom is fairly recent.

Ice doesn’t just fix up any old house either. He focuses his efforts towards mega-mansions in Palm Beach, Florida. That’s really, “Nice, nice baby!”

Anthony Carrino & John Colaneri

New Jersey natives, John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino are cousins whose specialty is kitchen renovations. The family business has been going strong for many years, and their expertise are top notch. The cousins understand that the modern family spends most of its social time in the kitchen, and the design should work to facilitate these moments.

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3 Artists That can Sing Away the Pain

“Life is pain” is often the theme of a parent teaching a wayward teenager or a drill sergeant carving a soldier and in some ways, they are absolutely correct. As we make our way through life, we endure all kinds of pain from broken hearts, broken bones, tainted souls, and life-saving surgery.

The majority of us know what it is like to endure the painful consequences of a car wreck. That includes the physical and the legal. However, most of the time we view emotional injury as more devastating. Below are a few famous artists that prove they identify by helping us sing away the pain.

Eagles – Heartache Tonight

If you are one of the millions of people who grew up listening to the sounds of the Eagles, you will be more than familiar with Heartache Tonight. In this song, there is a common situation painted for us on the canvas of song.

There is one on the hunt for love in a sea of already coupled lovers. Whether he/she finds it, as the song says, “there’s gonna be a heartache tonight.” This song speaks to all of us. We have all looked for love and went home empty or found it and lost it on the same night.

Some of us manage to hold onto it for years and then tragically lose out. Either way, every member of the Eagles knew the lasting effects of a heartache and made sure they could help us sing it away.

Matthew West – Mended

In every life, there are times when we question whether or not what we have been through has wrecked us beyond compare. Are we worth anything anymore?

Has life finally tore us down so low that we are no longer of any benefit to the world around us? In his song, “Mended,” Matthew West shows us how to cry out for the healing of a heart that has been broken more times than we thought was even possible.

His music brings us to perceive ourselves as something better than the damaged goods we see in the mirror. As life tears us down, West attempts to sing us back from the dead offering healing for our pain riddled selves.

Kutless – Even If

As we walk through the trials of living a human life, there will be moments that the healing we were expecting just doesn’t come. Anyone who has ever lost someone to cancer, lived on the streets, or suffered through a divorce knows how this can feel.

Kutless addresses the very sensitive topic in their song, “Even If,” making sure that their listeners know that even if the healing doesn’t come, there is still hope.

In a time of life where things look blacker than the cold depths of outer space, Kutless offers music that can give us the motivation to keep moving making this song a lifeline that stretches beyond healing to full restoration.

Pain is a reality of life. We all endure our fair share. Some more than others. The next time you arrive at the crossroads of suffering in your life, turn to one of these three artists for a soothing balm on that aching heart.

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4 Things We Learned From Lindsay Lohan

If you don’t know who Lindsay Lohan is, then you may have lived under a rock for the last 10 years. Love her or hate her, she’s had no shortage of articles written about her or stories on the television. Known as Hollywood’s bad girl, better remembered for her checkered past than her acting, she is one of the most controversial actresses of our time.

Sure we’ve been entertained watching her dramatic encounters with the law as we flip through gossip mags, but beyond entertainment, what have her mistakes taught us? When it comes to what we’ve learned from Lindsay Lohan, here are the things that stick out the most.

Don’t Drink And Drive

More than once Lindsay Lohan infamously brushed with the law doing things that were illegal. Most famously driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Not only was she caught, but it continued to happen even after going to court.

What we learned from watching her be seemingly incapable of ordering a cab despite her hefty salary, is that driving under the influence of substances is a really bad idea. Not only will you find yourself potentially in a lot of trouble with the law, but you may get into a car accident which leads to serious injury or fatality.

Blondes Don’t Always Have More Fun

Lindsay is known for her red hair and freckles. Although for a short time she decided to dip her toes into the world of being blonde. Most people agreed that the look washed her out and made her look nothing short of ill.

Even though there may be a misconception that blondes have more fun, her blonde stage may have been one of the worst during her peak bad-girl stage. Passing out in cars, missing court dates, and getting into trouble at rehab are just a few of the things she got into. We learned that sometimes a zebra is meant to have stripes and Lindsay Lohan is meant to be a redhead.

Show Up When You Get A Court Order

Lindsay refused to show up when her judge told her it was time to start taking things seriously. We learned that even when you’re a celebrity there is no special treatment if you refuse to listen to a judge’s orders.

If you are ordered to show up at a certain time in court then take her experience as an example and do yourself the favor of showing up.

Rehab Doesn’t Always Do The Trick

Regardless of how many times she was sent to rehab, we saw that it didn’t necessarily do the trick. Some people are so set on a good time that even after being in a program they can’t seem to resist the urge to party.

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Four Canadian Musicians To Brighten Your Winter

If you live in Canada, you know how important it is to find things that brighten your mood in the winter. Making the effort to get out to the art gallery, a friend’s party or a concert sometimes feels like a feat Herculean strength. Especially if you have kids, finding a sitter and getting out for date night can be incredibly difficult. Studies show that music can make a huge difference in your mood; whether it’s throwing a particular album on at home, listening to the radio in the car or actually getting out to a live concert, music can be a crucial emotional tool in making it to spring without getting too depressed.

If you have adolescent children, you can try and find something that appeals to them as well – there are plenty of adult contemporary artists with cross generational appeal. Kids love to learn music as well, and perhaps your favourite Leonard Cohen album will inspire your teenage son or daughter to learn to play Hallelujah on the piano.

In the spirit of finding music to brighten up the darkness of winter, here’s a list of Canadian artists who have some really great albums:


Feist’s breakout album The Reminder might be the best thing she’s ever done, but her earlier album Let It Die is certainly no slouch. Singing in French and covering a disco hit (Inside and Out), Feist definitely mixes it up and delivers a wide range of styles. Mushaboom is a catchy single that will be stuck in your head for days, without a doubt. Her more recent albums are rawer and more experimental – not to everyone’s taste, but certainly worth exploring.

Leif Vollebekk

Originally from Ottawa, this Montreal transplant has become a staple in the Canadian indie music scene. His soft crooning and smooth folk-pop sensibilities make his records ideal for listening to on a romantic evening, during dinner or while relaxing with a glass of whiskey or wine. Leif learned to play guitar and piano as a child and it shows; his musicality is effortless and comes across naturally.


Fronted by the charismatic Jasmine Burke, Weaves has been referred to as freak-out indie rock. On their newest album, Wide Open, they embrace a more traditional rock dynamic, showcasing Burke’s fantastic songwriting and lyrics. Still, the heavy guitar, funky bass and powerful drums will make you want to rock out while doing the dishes. Definitely may appeal to your teenagers more than you, but then again, even grownups need to rock ‘n roll from time to time.


A fascinating band from Toronto, BBNG is made up of jazz geeks who met in a formal music program and shared a love of R&B and hip-hop. They’ve collaborated with big name rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Ghostface Killah, but their own albums are mostly innovative jazz compositions that are hypnotic and beautiful. You need to be in the right mood for this kind of experimental music, but sometimes it really hits the spot. You’ll also win serious cool points with your kids.

4 Biggest Reasons Celebrities Get Famous

We see them all over the magazines and on our televisions. We “ooh” and “ahh” over the fashion that they wear to fancy events or even casually down the street. Somehow they always look fabulous and have an untouchable glow about them. We may ask ourselves “how did they get that way?”

It’s no doubt that celebrities live lavish lifestyles, drive fancy cars, wear beautiful jewelry and enjoy the good life more than the majority of us. Here is how the majority of them make it to that level of status.

Acting In Television and Film

Acting in films is one way that a large majority of celebrities make it big. The visibility that they have when they are part of a major blockbuster film makes them a household name.

Although it may seem fantastic to be able to be recognized and idolized by many, however, being a movie star is a double-edged sword. Sometimes they encounter a lot of issues with the paparazzi and find it hard to get a moment of privacy. Movie stars, in particular, seem to be most under the spotlight since there is the biggest fascination with them in the press.

Playing Sports

When an athlete is great at their craft and known for taking the trophy on the field or court, they become a big crowd pleaser. They are idolized by children and high-fived by adults.

Not only are they famous for their sports career but they are also able to rub shoulders with all kinds of other celebrities. From movie stars to rap stars. Not to mention they have a handsome paycheck which allows them to buy things like sports cars and mansions.

Making Music

We all love a good song that catches our ear on the radio. Not to mention a good music video that goes along with it. Getting a hit song these days means that you will become a household name and well-known for your craft.

These celebrities are known for making big money off their platinum albums and jetting all around the world on tour promoting their music.

They are known for making just as much money as other celebrities if not more and aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

Being In The News

Sometimes when an average everyday person is part of a big news story they reach instant fame for no other reason than simply being in the press.

In many cases, these people’s fame dies out within a few weeks or months, while others continue to profit from this media attention and go on to make careers in media.

At the end of the day, it’s all about whether they want to remain a celebrity and remain in the spotlight or not.

Celebrities Who Strongly Believe In The Power Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been a Chinese cultural practice for thousands of years. The practice involves arranging the items in your home, office, or wherever in a manner that encourages a positive energy flow through the room.

People from all types of backgrounds, including some very prominent celebrities, have become familiar with Feng Shui practices, and found ways to integrate the beliefs into their own lives. Check out a few of the most popular celebs we found to be believers in the art of Feng Shui.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has been a known believer in the power of Feng Shui for years. He owns many different homes all around the world, and they are all built to please his Feng Shui needs. Depp even has his own private Feng Shui expert on the payroll.


Feng Shui and Madonna are two words that will generate numerous responses when searched through Google. Madonna has long been a believer in liberal and spiritual ways of enhancing life, including a strong display of Feng Shui in her multi-million dollar mansion.

Steven Spielberg

Spielberg had his home built to accommodate the arrangement suggestions of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a strong belief in the particular energies of wind and water. This belief is why you will often see large fountains and water-centered recreation areas around the homes of celebrity believers.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has been known to incorporate the concepts of Feng Shui in his showroom floor plans and designs. The color and fashion of his clothing designs and the energy put forth in his creativity show that Hilfiger’s Feng Shui is in order.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates believes so strongly in the concepts of Feng Shui that he had his multi-million dollar home built from all natural materials to be more coalescent with the surrounding landscape. Bill’s beliefs are clearly leading to something great in his case.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey’s belief in the powers of Feng Shui have also treated her right. There’s no one who has experienced more success and prosperity in life than Miss Oprah Winfrey. Not to mention, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the aesthetic beauty of every interior design the woman touches.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson has been said to use Feng Shui consultants on everything from the placement of the doors in his home to the use of aquariums and fountains. This super millionaire does everything he possibly can to promote success and vitality in his life.


Singer Sting uses Feng Shui to help keep his anger and other detrimental emotions in check. Keeping it copacetic is the main goal, and Sting sure has the ability to get what he wants.

How Hair Loss Affects The Stars

In the Bible, there is a story of a man named Samson. He was what the Israelites called a Nazarite. As part of the Nazarite vow, he was forbidden to cut his hair. God blessed this dedication to Him by giving Samson superhuman strength. Until one day, he was seduced by a woman named Delilah. (Go figure.)

She eventually tricked him into telling her the secret to his strength and while he slept, she cut off all his hair. When Samson awoke, he was no stronger than the average Joe and was arrested. Later his eyes were gouged out and soldiers made fun of him for sport.

God gave him his strength one more time before he died and he literally pulled down the house on top of everyone, getting his revenge. So, we know from way back that losing your hair is a traumatic event for some. Below are some of the ways people of today, celebrities included, lose their strength when they lose their hair.

Lost Confidence In Others Perception of Them

One of the things that help us define ourselves, whether we want to admit it or not, is how we think others perceive us. As a celebrity, the perception your audience has of you is what writes your paycheck.

The majority of us grow into a head full of hair as young children and as we grow up, people get used to how we look. It’s what singles us out in their mind. For example, if the name Sylvester Stallone is mentioned, we bet a beautiful blond is not the first image in your mind. Is it?

When we begin to think those who know us notice our hair loss, we tend to assume that they come to the conclusion less hair means less us. It’s simply not true, but some struggle nonetheless. It’s such a big deal to some that they invest in things like hair transplants and toupees to combat the issue.

Low Self-Esteem

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “Hey! You know what? I like you.”? Have you ever done it? Our self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. It’s whether or not we think we are worth the dirt we’re made of. Having good self-esteem is essential to conquering life.

On the other end of things, we see drug addiction, alcoholism, and suicide. There are several events in life where the strength of our self-esteem, alone, determines the outcome. When men and women, celebrities and average Joes alike, suffer from hair loss, the image they see in the mirror is different.

Sometimes it’s different enough to bring them down to a level of worth that is not measurable. The majority find a way to deal with it, but up to 75% of balding men and even more of balding women find it to be rain on their parade, at the very least.

Issues With Anxiety

Do you remember ever being the new kid in school? How about meeting your colleagues for the first time? Has anyone ever experience being uncomfortable dressing out for gym? We probably managed to get everyone reading to raise their hand.

Anxious moments are a part of life. Most of them are necessary and help us grow into mature adults and most of us deal well with them. However, there are a few things that can cause issues with anxiety that are much harder than usual to overcome. Hair loss can be one of them. Anxiety, itself, can actually cause hair loss.

That said, after experiencing alopecia for an extended time, some people can actually develop trichotillomania. This anxiety driven disorder causes patients to twist and pull their hair out by the root as a means of coping with the stress. So, in fact, it exacerbates the problem.

Hair loss is not a picky menace. It affects some in every group. Take the time to educate yourself and use the information above to raise your level of understanding. You or someone you love could depend on you someday for an added boost of confidence.

4 Celebrities Who Overcame Drug Addictions

While there are thousands of people who suffer through drug and alcohol addictions each and every day, it’s not very often that we hear about people who make it through these addictions and come out on the other side. Especially in Hollywood, it seems like we’re always hearing about people who succumb to their addictions and end up losing their lives. Luckily, there are quite a few celebrities who have battled with addiction and came off conqueror. So to help you find motivation to beat your own addiction, here are four celebrities who overcame drug addictions.

Drew Barrymore

According to DrugAbuse.com, Drew Barrymore began using drugs when she was very, very young. After years of abuse and roller coasters of a life as a result of addiction, Barrymore ended up going to rehab twice. After these attempts at getting her life back in order, Barrymore has been able to rehabilitate not only her health and personal life, but has also found success in her career.

Robert Downey Jr.

After a very public battle with addiction, Robert Downey Jr. found himself not only with physical trouble resulting from his drug addiction but also legal trouble. DrugAbuse.com shares that after his arrests on drug-related charges and time spent in prison, Robert Downey Jr. was able to beat his habit that’s been going on since he was six-years-old and get back an amazing career and reputation.

Kelly Osbourne

With her family in the reality tv spotlight, Kelly Osbourne struggling with her own drug addiction. Everyday Health writes that her dependence on substances was fueled by her mother’s cancer diagnosis, making Kelly feel that she needed something to take her mind off the pain her family was going through. But luckily, after spending time in rehab, Osbourne started her road to recovery and began a very successful career.

Elton John

According to Kelly Blakinger, a contributor to the New York Daily News, Elton John only started getting serious about kicking his drug habit after meeting a teenager who got HIV from an infected blood transfusion. After seeing the toll drug abuse can take on a person’s mind and body, John decided it was time for him to make a change in his life. And as Elton John is still a highly successful musician, we can see that recovering from drugs has had a great impact on this career and the longevity he’s been able to sustain.

Although many people enjoy the drama and show of a failing celebrity, it’s encouraging to see that even those who are steeped in a drug culture can work through their addiction and come out the other side with an even better life and more productive career for us to admire.

Why Most Celebrity Marriages Don’t Last

When it comes to celebrity marriages, it’s a known fact that they usually end in divorce fairly quickly. Even though it can be exciting to see two of our favorite screen stars fall in love and get married, there’s always that lingering expectation for the day that they decide to call it quits.

It can be a punch in the gut to hear the news that your favorite celebrity couple is divorcing, however, it is more common than rare. Most of these breakups are due to the same reasons.

While a normal non-celebrity marriage may find themselves bickering over things like decorating their home or which cable package to choose, celebrities have an entirely unique set of challenges that normal folks will probably never have to worry about. Here are some of the most common.

Conflicting Schedules

Since celebrities are in high demand and are invited to lots of events and premieres throughout the year on top of their shootings, they may find themselves on the road for a good portion of the year. If they were married to someone else who didn’t have this kind of schedule, then it may be manageable if their partner were flexible.
However, when you put two people together who have equally chaotic schedules, then it starts to get difficult for them to be able to make time for each other.

Pressure From The Media

When two celebrities get married, the media will start looking for whatever they can get their hands on in order to sell more magazines. That means that they will start making mountains out of molehills and creating stories where they may be none.

When this starts to happen then conflicts and paranoia can start to arise. Seeing your personal business on the cover of magazines or talked about in the news can make a couple start to argue when there wasn’t anything to argue about in the first place.

The pressure from the media can start to make a celebrity couple start to feel entirely too much pressure and speculation about them. This tends to sadly lead to their demise as a couple pretty quickly.

Temptations From Costars

When it comes to a day in the life of a celebrity, there is no shortage of temptations. Wherever they go they are treated like royalty and the opposite sex is dying to get a few moments alone with them.

Apart from this, however, there is the extra added pressure of having incredibly attractive co-stars that they are shooting films with.

When they are required to shoot steamy scenes with their co-stars and spend a lot of time on set together over the course of several months, attraction can start to happen.

When Celebrities Go Broke Because of Bad Personal Finance Skills

It can be hard for the average person to believe, but celebrities go broke all the time. We all know that D-list reality stars who aren’t wealthy in the first place lose their money, but it can be surprising when someone more famous ends up bankrupt. We aren’t going to use any names here out of respect for the formerly rich, but we will talk about some of the factors that commonly put stars in the poor house.

Personal Finance Matters for Rich People

The top finance blogs are full of methods that people with any amount of money can turn the tide on a bad personal finance situation. These methods work a lot better the more money you have, but if you don’t use them it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Sooner or later you will run into financial trouble.

That’s the situation that many stars find themselves in. You see it very often with sports stars, who might have gone into the major leagues straight from high school without ever learning about how to manage money. Things go just fine as long as the income firehose is blasting, but when retirement comes, this comes grinding to a halt and many former stars end up in bad financial situations.

All of this pain and embarrassment could easily be avoided. Here are the most common mistakes to be avoided by famous people with money (and people without that much of it).

  1. Don’t Develop Substance Problems. For every celebrity rehab scandal, there are ten others who are functioning substance abusers. We’re not advocating for 100% sobriety here, but the cost of regular recreational alcohol and drugs is expensive, on body and bank account. The current opioid epidemic is killing people and ruining lives, but it’s also extremely pricey. Prescription pain killers on the black market are very expensive, and once a habit develops, it can be more than a full time job to keep it up. Don’t make the mistake of starting down this slippery slope.
  2. Not Saving. This one is incredibly simple. It is so easy to spend all of your money and more, but it takes a reversal of instinct to set aside some of what you have for later. Learn to save 10-30% of your income and you will be in a better situation than most people. If all celebrities did this, you wouldn’t hear about celebrity bankruptcy much at all.
  3. Debt/Not Investing. Debt and investment are two sides of the same coin. With debt, you are losing money all the time at a specific rate of interest. With investment, you are making money most of the time with interest. Going into debt is the easiest thing in the world, and more celebrities than you probably realize have more debt than they have wealth, making their net worth a negative number. This is true for many people who are not famous as well. If you have debt, you should do everything you can to pay it off as fast as possible, because debt grows the longer it sits around. Once you have eliminated it, start saving at the same rate and invest that money. The longer investments sit around, the more they tend to grow.

Celebrities run into financial troubles all the time because they either do not know or do not practice simple financial and lifestyle practices. There are a million ways to go broke, but only a few tried and true methods to build and keep wealth. Practice these and you could find that you do better in the long term than many of the people on TV.

Cars In the Stars: Our Favorite Famous Car Experts

If you are like most car enthusiast or have ever dreamt of a certain car you would like to own one day, you are bound to have seen a commercial, at the very least, for one of the better car shows on cable. Some of you get to see the occasional episode when the wife is busy for a while, and the lucky few get to binge-watch every episode they can get their hands on.

With that said, there are many men and women, too, believe it or not, that can hold their own in a discussion about the world’s best sports cars, the classics, and automobile modifications thanks to the automotive experts on these shows. Let’s take a moment to get to know them and the shows they have made popular.

Danny Koker

Mr. Koker was born January 5, 1964. As a young man in Cleveland, Ohio, Danny’s father was an executive for the Ford motor company. His father’s love for automotive knowledge led him to purchase a motorcycle for Danny at the age of 8 years old. As 8 year old boys will, Danny spent his days teaching himself how to take it apart and put it back together.

As he did, his affinity with mechanics took off. Over the years it gradually became his favorite hobby. This celebrity claims to own about 60 cars and 80 motorcycles. On August 13, 2012, Counting Cars, a reality tv show in which Danny stars debuted in the slot after Pawn Stars. It is the third spin off from Pawn Stars and is what most people know Danny for. For seven seasons, now, he and his crew have spent their days restoring and customizing classic rides.

Each show opens as follows: “Vegas is a gambling town. Most people bet with chips. I bet with rides. And I always go all in. I’m Danny, a.k.a. the Count and this is my all-star team. We find ’em, fix ’em, flip ’em and sometimes, I keep ’em. For my crew, every job is high stakes, and we can’t afford to lose. This is Counting Cars.”

Jeremy, Richard, and James

If you love anything on wheels with over 500 hp, then you are already well acquainted with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Famous for their involvement in the show, Top Gear, they have spent the past 16 years teaching us everything we ever wanted to know about the world’s best sports cars.

They have also shown us why some cars should have never made it out of the drawing room. If anyone could tell you the best alignment and suspension combination for a Mclaren P1, it would be them. Born in 1960, 1969, and 1963 respectively, all these gentlemen got their start as local English journalists.

Each man joined the show at different times, with Jeremy Clarkson being the first in 1988 in the original layout for the show. Over the years, the spunky tongue-in-cheek humor and the bonds developed in world travel have taught us to love and respect the ingenuity behind past and modern mechanics.

Richard Rawlings

Richard Ray Rawlings was born in Fort Worth, TX March 30, 1969. As a young boy, Richard’s father took him to a ton of car shows and father/son time was spent constructing cars. At 14, Mr. Rawlings bought his first car.

Over the next several years, he spent time as a paramedic and a firefighter and had a eventful couple of bouts with love. In 2002, this budding entrepreneur opened Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, TX. This shop is all about creating custom built automobiles for customers worldwide.

In 2012, the Discovery Channel took interest in the concept and now follows the daily routine of the shop on the show we know as Fast N’ Loud. Richard’s arrogantly comedic personality along with some of the most knowledgeable mechanics in the United States make this show worth watching for hours on end.

As you might have noticed, the 60’s were a great decade for the automobile and apparently for creating gifted mechanics, as well.

5 Amazing Celebrity Swimming Pools

Celebrities have long been photographed next to their extravagant swimming pools and large homes. Showing off the finer things is a way of life for the rich and famous. Parties, meetings, and simple relaxation are the driving forces behind many Hollywood pool designs.

If you are looking for some inspirations from some of the most beautiful pool area designs on the planet, there is no need to look far. Take a peek at these breathtaking settings, and see which celebrity swimming pool tickles your design fancy.

Tom Brady’s home in Los Angeles

Tom Brady’s swimming pool is not only gigantic, it is an infinity pool. Sitting on the edge of the hills in LA, the pool overlooks the city, with views of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

The pool features a 20 ft dock that extends into the water, offering an island of dry respite while you are enjoying the sights. It is clear that this celebrity dwelling was built with no concern cost.

Marc Anthony’s Compound in the Dominican Republic

Marc Anthony spared no expense building his compound in the Dominican Republic. His fabulous swimming area includes several palapa-style guest villas. The villas are built with authenticity in mind, as they feature American pine walls with cane roofs.

The outdoor furnishings are just as lavishly relaxing as the villas. Designed by a local to the Dominican Republic, Dino Barre, the outdoor seating areas are cushioned with Sunbrella fabric.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s fabulous home in Malibu

Daniel Busbin takes the credit for the oasis that is Jada and Will’s outdoor swimming area. The freeform design of the pool complements the southwestern architectural style of their home with ease.

The tropical foliage around the area adds a nice compliment to the natural stones worked into the pool’s design. If you are seeking out an Earthy experience, this is the place to go. Although, it is not likely that the Smith’s will invite you to take a dip as the family is very serious about their privacy.

Ricky Carmichael’s home in Florida

Ricky Carmichael’s swimming pool features a sizeable goat statue at the peak of its rocky waterfall. Ricky added the goat as a symbol of his nickname given by motocross fans as the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.).

The Kardashian’s Miami mansion

You will be surprised the Kardashian sisters ever leave their Miami mansion when you take a peek at their swimming area. The property features a sparkling infinity pool that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It feels like you could just swim right into the great beyond.

The mansion is literally set right on the coast of Florida. There is no better way to grab a few

Scary Celebrity Stalkers That Have Caused Injury or Death

Celebrities understand that living the life of a famous person means having every moment of your life under the spotlight. Being watched simply comes along with the life of a celebrity, and sometimes those who are watching have the worst of intentions.

The major downside of celeb status are the stalkers, and we all know there have been some pretty crazy stalkers in the past few decades. You know you are a next-level stalker when your escapades end in injury or death. Refresh your memories with this fun list of a few of the stalkers who actually made a mark on their target.

John Hinckley, Jr.

Mr. John Hinckley, Jr. got a not so wise idea after watching the popular movie, “Taxi Driver.” He had nurtured a longstanding obsession with Jodie Foster, and even enrolled in Yale while she was a student there (so he was a smart psychopath).

“Taxi Driver” gave him the idea that if he were to do something big to impress Jodie, that she would finally see his love for her. Hinckley thought the best way to show her his love was to assassinate the President of the United States.

In March of 1981, John Hinckley, Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan six times in an attempt to take his life. At trial, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and confined to a mental hospital.

Yolanda Saldivar

Yolanda Saldivar is the famed stalker of deceased pop star, Selena. Saldivar worked her way into the head of Selena’s fan club, only to be found out for embezzling tons of money from the organization.

After she was fired from her position, she somehow convinced Selena to meet with her in private to discuss the matter. The meeting ended in Selena’s death, and Saldivar now sits in prison. She will be eligible for parole in the year 2025.

Robert John Bardo

This crazy dude had an unhealthy obsession with Rebecca Schaeffer (a television series from the 1980’s). When the young star appeared in an intimate sex scene, Bardo felt like his love had been defiled.

He went to Schaeffer’s home to share with her his anger over the situation, and ended up fatally shooting her. She even reportedly signed an autograph for him before he shot her.

Mark David Chapman

One of the most hated dudes in the history of stalkers, Mark David Chapman, murdered John Lennon in cold blood over some dumb stuff. Following firing five shots at Lennon, Chapman sat at the scene reading “The Catcher and the Rye” to make an admitted “statement.”

Chapman’s lawyers asked him to plead insanity at the trial, but he decided to plead guilty. The judge sentenced him to 20 years to life.

3 Hollywood Couples Who Had Very Civil Divorces

Although going through a divorce can be very hard on any married couple, it’s understandable that having to wade through a public divorce—like many celebrities do—could make the whole ordeal even harder. Not only do famous couples often have more complicated financial arrangements to make, but there’s always people, whether they’re close to the couple or not, who want to comment to the press about how or why the split is taking place. Luckily, there have been quite a few couples who’ve been able to make their divorce as amicable as possible and even remain friends once their romantic relationship was over. Here are a few of those lucky couples.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

According to Brittney Stephens, a contributor to PopSugar.com, Bloom and Kerr announced their separation in October 2013. However, it wasn’t just these two who would be affected by their divorce. Kerr and Bloom also had a son together. In order to give him a happy, peaceful life, the couple decided to end their marriage in the most amicable way possible. Although they are now divorced, they still often spend time together along with their son. Because of the bond they have through their child, they feel as though they are family and not just friends even though they are no longer romantically involved with one another.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Another couple who has been divorced for quite some time but still manage to see each other fairly often in a civil manner is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Because they also had multiple children together, it was important for them to not have an ugly divorce and to still be able to be friendly to one another for the sake of their children. However, this couple has taken it to a new level by even going on vacations together as a family. So although they divorced in 2000, according to Jessie Farewell, a contributor to TheHollywoodMag.com, they have truly made the best of a bad situation.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

In yet another tale of keeping things civil for the kids, Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon have also been able to maintain a friendship despite having gone through a divorce. Jene Luciani, a contributor to Shape.com, writes that this marriage happened at a very young age for both parties, and they had children rather quickly. And while it’s common for young people to have messy divorces, Phillippe and Witherspoon fought against this trend and rose above their pride to be civil toward each other.

While we often hear about the messy and drawn out divorces that happen in Hollywood, there are still couples who refuse to let the fact that their marriage didn’t work out ruin their lives or relationships.

3 Tips For Decorating For Christmas Like A Celebrity

With the Christmas season upon us, many homes and families are working hard to get their decorations up. When your home feels like Christmas and the holidays are apparent based on your surroundings, it’s so much easier to get in the spirit of the season and really feel the joy that comes with it. And some of the people who know how to do this best are celebrities. But luckily for us, we won’t have to have our own decorators to have our homes looks like a celebrity’s come Christmas time. To show you how, here are three decoration tips to help you make your home look like a celebrity’s Christmas card.

Keep It Simple and Sophisticated

While you may think that celebrities and their decorators might love to take their decorations over-the-top for Christmas, you may be surprised to know that a simple, sophisticated look is something that many stars go for. Julie Sprankles, a contributor to SheKnows.com, shares that celebrities like Denise Richards, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria have all been known to keep their Christmas decorations simple. Putting up a beautiful tree that allows for space for all your family and friends to gather is something that not only proves beneficial to the stars, but might also be the perfect type of decor for your home as well.

Showcase Fresh Flowers

Although a lot of Christmas decor centers around the traditional colors of red and green, one great way to spice up the color palette of your home decor this holiday season is to use fresh flowers to bring in some pops of color. According to HGTV, many celebs choose to use flowers like magnolia and roses as well as plants like eucalyptus and other evergreen foliage when adding charm to their spaces. In fact, the majority of the holiday decorations for Trisha Yearwood’s home included some type of fresh flowers or other greenery. While this can get expensive to maintain throughout the holidays, the effect of this decor can be absolutely stunning.

Decorate Every Space on Your Property

To make your home truly look like a celebrity’s Christmas card, you may want to try taking your decorations into every space on your property, not just the common rooms. According to Stuff.co.nz, Kaley Cuoco even decorated her horses’ stables to help get everyone living at her house into the Christmas spirit. Especially if you live in a temperate climate, you can bring your holiday decor straight into some of your outdoor spaces as well.

If you want your home to look as well put together as the celebrities you follow, use the tips mentioned above to get a look similar to theirs in the comfort of your own home.

How The Stars Keep Their Glow: Beauty Secrets of Hollywood

Have you ever wondered how Samuel L. Jackson, who is now pushing 70 years old, or Sade, who is now 58, keep the glow of youth about them? How is it that we struggle to look the age we are and the stars of Hollywood manage to look sometimes decades younger? In this article, we will explore some of the secret, and maybe more common sense, ideas that help take and the keep the years off the faces of our favorite celebrities.

A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the things necessary to live is sleep. It turns out that this is also one of the most common secrets in the world of a Hollywood celebrity when it comes to looking their best, as well. Science backs this up.

When you got to sleep at night, your body takes this time to clear out dead cells from your brain and skin. This allows your body to make new synapses and generate new skins cells. You have to reach REM sleep to do this.

That means that midnight snack or alcoholic beverage will have to wait until tomorrow. Both are proven to keep you from this badly needed rejuvenating cycle of sleep. Make sure to put down your electronics earlier, as well.

The light, even on low, keeps your body in its day time phase. Elizabeth Taylor put it best when she said, “Honey, you’ll look like hell if you don’t get a good night’s sleep.”

Coconut Oil And Moisturizers

The next tip from the stars is to baby that skin. Applying a moisturizer to your skin every day not only helps to relieve the itching and cracking of dry skin that can happen to anyone, but it also helps to fill in the gaps. What do we mean by that?

A great lotion will help your skin to absorb moisture. This helps to even out your skin tone by filling in the gaps where your skin is missing that moisture. Simply drinking more water can help, as well. Another way to take care of your the largest organ your body owns is to lather it with coconut oil. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and a great moisturizer.

Many celebrities use it as skin lotion. Others take advantage of the fact that is easily absorbed into hair. This makes it a great conditioner. It can also offer a nice shine on those glamourous cheekbones and take off waterproof mascara. The largest attraction, here, is that it’s all natural.

Physical Training

When you look at stars like J-Lo and Angelina Jolie, one of the thoughts that might cross your mind is how in the world they got blessed with genes like those and where you can find them. To show off a six pack after 40 is a trick many of us would love to have the secret to.

Alas, science pops the bubble for us. These actresses, and many others like them, make very regular trips to the gym. Quite a few have their own personal trainers. It is a fact that after the age of 30, unless you are dedicated to a life of eating right and regular exercise, you will begin to lose some of your muscle mass.

The toned physiques of the stars that seem to elude the aging process do not happen by luck or chance. They work hard for it. Most usually include a balance of weight training and cardio. Even Marilyn Monroe, known for having curves in all the right places, admitted to a physical training regimen.

Looking to give old age the slip? Follow the stars.

4 Things Celebrities Love To Spend Money On

Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles and taste in the finer things in life. Since the average movie star earns millions a year they don’t have many limits when it comes to running their credit cards the minute that they see something that catches their eye.

While the rest of us have to take out a loan to buy a house, celebrities are paying all cash for million dollar mansions, and wondering whether they want a new jet or yacht this month. If you’ve ever wondered what celebrities tend to spend the most amount of money on, here are some of the most common areas.


Celebrities are known for having properties all over the world in multiple countries. Sometimes they will spend half of the year in one of their homes and the rest of the year in the other. Rarely are their homes simple or humble. Some celebrity homes have entire gyms inside of them and even home theaters!

When their salaries are millions a year it’s no wonder that they would want to live in a beautiful and lavish home.


It’s no big surprise to see celebrities sporting some seriously impressive jewelry. From necklaces to rings they are sometimes seen wearing pieces worth millions alone.

Some celebrities have a taste for diamonds and are seen wearing some of the rarest rocks in the world. Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, for example, is estimated at a whopping 8 million dollars. While some people in the world are starving, and one person is wearing enough to feed an entire country, this can be a staggering reality.


Celebrities are no stranger to rare and expensive vehicles. Our favorite stars are always seen driving some of the finest cars in the world. Rarely do celebrities have only one car. Many of them have garages full of cars worth hundreds of millions total.

Some celebrities buy cars and never even drive them at all, they are merely collectors. Having such a special and rare car isn’t so much about having it to drive, but just as a status symbol.


When celebrities travel they like to do it in style. Some celebrities rent entire islands and get hotels that cost as much as $50,000 a night. Imagine this per night when many of us are struggling to make just half of that amount in an entire year!

Beyond fancy accommodations they are also known for having lavish meals, nights out on the town, and plenty of shopping in their destinations once they arrive. Their enormous celebrity travel budget is nothing short of a few years salary for many of us.

4 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups

Hollywood is full of some of the most well known and adored celebrities in the world. We watch them on television and read about them in the magazines. If something happens to them we know about it and live vicariously through their seemingly perfect romances

When they break up it can be devastating. As if we knew them personally since we spent so much of our time reading about their favorite meals together and where they went n vacation.

There are some breakups which stand out above the rest, however. Breakups that we never even saw coming. Here are some of the most shocking celebrity breakups over the last decade that we will never forget.

Heidi Klum and Seal

It seems like only yesterday that Seal took Heidi Klum on the top of a mountain and lured her into a romantic igloo. It was here that he made his famous proposal presenting her with a ring and asking for her hand in marriage. Over the years they not only had one of the most well known happy marriages but also several children together.

It was no doubt a shock when the couple called it quits seemingly out of the blue. Fans were devastated as one of the world’s most beloved couples who we all thought would be together forever fell out of love.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The famous controversy surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was on the cover of every magazine when they first got together. It was rumored that Angelina was the reason that Brad broke up with his wife Jennifer Aniston.

After the initial shock and tabloid frenzy surrounding Brad’s new relationship with Angelina following the shooting of their film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they went on to raise a family together. With multiple children who were adopted as well as several biological children, they were known as one of the strongest forces in Hollywood.

Their break up was not only a shock but came with no warning signs. One day they were the most powerful couple in Hollywood and the next they were going through a legal battle. People were so confused that many of them took to strongly choosing one side or the other.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

The famous couple that was wrapped up in the infamous Scientology church. There wasn’t a magazine or television show which didn’t talk about the intrigue and mystery surrounding this couple.

After the infamous scene which Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch professing his love for Katie Holmes we were convinced they would be together forever. Sadly this was far from the case. Not only did they part ways but it involved a nasty legal battle.

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Why Celebrities Always Look Picture Perfect

When it comes to celebrities and looking good the two seem to go hand in hand. When you open up magazines you rarely see a celebrity that doesn’t look primped and fabulous even in candid shots. Although the photograph may be them slightly caught off guard or unflattering, overall their entire look is pulled together and they are without a doubt camera ready.

What is it that sets apart celebrities from the rest of us, however? What is it about them that makes them seemingly superhuman and always looking their best? The answer is in knowing exactly what tricks they have up their sleeves. Here are some of the biggest advantages that celebrities have for looking fab at any moment.

Surgical Procedures

Celebrities are able to look fantastic in bathing suits or in form-fitting clothing because they often have the funds to be able to get surgical procedures done. While the rest of us may have skin hanging or loose areas, celebrities can just run to the plastic surgeon’s office in the blink of an eye and get it taken care of.

Non-celebrities are required to live with their flaws while celebrities have the luxury of being able to remove them or mold them as they see fit. At the end of the day, their big salaries are what make it possible.

Personal Nutritionists and Trainers

If you were to have a professional trainer and nutritionist there every day reminding you how to move your body and what to eat to look exactly the way that you desire, you may find that fitness and nutrition would be a million times easier.

When people are left to their own devices to be accountable for being in shape then things are a little more challenging. In order to be the best version of yourself physically sometimes having a professional at your side to mold you, is a secret weapon that makes all of the difference.

Professional Photographers

Celebrities have the extra advantage of professional photographers who can catch them in the best possible lighting and angles. When you put this together, paired with high-quality cameras and editing programs like Photoshop, it’s no big mystery how they look so superhumanly fantastic.


Each time that you see a photo of a celebrity at an event looking like a million bucks this is because they were usually styled by a professional who dedicates their entire career to knowing exactly the right clothes and styles to put on their clients.

They are able to give celebrities the perfect look which suits their body type and image making them look fantastic even in the most casual of moments.

3 Awesome Places The Stars Choose To Dine While In Australia

If there is one thing that almost all of us look forward to when travelling, it’s the fact that for the majority of the time, at least, we don’t have to cook anything. Vacation is the perfect time to indulge in the fine dining of the neighborhood or a good ole fashioned, huge greasy burger.

Either one makes the trip all that more exciting and we usually take the privilege of overindulging, at that. Australia holds many opportunities to try new cuisine, be catered to with good home cooking, or branch out to other countries’ specialties while cruising the outback. Here are just a few of them.

The Quay

One of the most visited sites in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. The home of impeccable sound is also now the home of impeccable food. The Quay restaurant is located in the Sydney Opera House allowing visitors a panoramic view of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor. You may find the prices a little steep, but the menu speaks for itself and quite a few celebrities agree.

From Oprah Winfrey to Rihanna, you may just spot your hero at the table across from you. Everything included is all natural and put together with amazing artistry. They also claim ability to cater to most any dietary need. When you consider all that this restaurant entails with the view, food, service, and romantic atmosphere, there may not be too many destinations higher on your itinerary.

The Royal

If you prefer a little trip into history, like famous country singer, Keith Urban and professional swimmer, Lisa Curry do, Queensland, Australia is the place you want to be. It is home to the original Aboriginal Settlement, a European settlement circa 1600’s, and eventually was separated from New South Wales in 1859 by none other than Queen Victoria, herself.

Only a short 29 years down the road, one of the best restaurants in Australia was created, The Royal. Home to great Italian food and the perfect place to get a stiff drink, The Royal has created a little slice of Italy in the heart of Brisbane. Anyone is invited, even the kiddos. There are regular events and if you’re in the mood for a little gambling, there is a Pokies room downstairs adjoining the venue.

Rockpool Bar and Grill

When the Kardashian Clan is in the mood for steak, they take a breather here, the Rockpool Bar and Grill. The Kardashians are in the Melbourne area frequently. Check out the Rockpool Bar and Grill and you may get a glimpse of stardom. Rockpool took the popularity of the North American steakhouse and made it their own. Choosing nothing but the finest beef Australia has to offer, this restaurant takes the opportunity to mix fine dining with a relaxing family atmosphere.

They also offer some of the finest wines to accent the amazing cuts of beef offered. There are wine tasting events catered for the most avid of tasters. Rockpool also offers a much wider menu including seafood and fresh salads and other produce to decorate the reputation of this fine place to eat.

If you share Australia as your destination of choice, rest assured you will never run out of good choices for fine dining with the stars.

4 Celebrity Secrets For Looking Perfect For a Photo Shoot

When you see your favorite celebrity on the cover of a magazine you may ask yourself how it is that they look so perfect. Sure there may be a few Photoshop tricks but most of the time these are genuinely incredibly attractive people.

It seems like the rest of us are struggling just to look normal in the mornings with ten pounds of makeup yet these celebrities roll out of bed and look like a million bucks before they’ve even had coffee. However, the didn’t accidentally get photographed this way. There are a handful of secrets that they stick to when they are anticipating an upcoming photoshoot. Here are some of the most common and effective ways that they prep for perfection.

Going On a Diet

Often celebrities know months ahead of time that they will be appearing on a magazine spread. Therefore they have time to plan ahead and shed any extra pounds that they need to before making an appearance in photos.

Often, they hire a personal trainer and go on a diet program which offers quick and effective results. Since often they have the convenience of personal nutritionists and chefs this is fairly easy for them to stick to. Before you know it they have an athletes body in a quarter of the time that it would have taken someone without their resources.

Airbrush Tanning

When bearing skin, the more bronzed you are the less your skin’s imperfections show. Not only does a tan make you appear thinner, but you are less likely to see cellulite or unwanted curves.

Celebrities have the luxury of hiring a specialist who sprays bronzer on their body making them appear tanner and more muscular. Think of it as a contouring of the body. This gives them an extra advantage in looking flawless for the camera.


Next time that you see a celebrity in skin-tight clothing and wonder how they got such a washboard stomach only weeks after delivering a baby, look closely and you’ll realize that they are probably wearing shapewear.

Shapewear squeezes and lifts and flattens in all of the right places in order to be able to wear even the tightest clothing. The waist appears smaller, the hips are smoothed down, and the butt is lifted making them look like they’ve been sculpted like a statue.


Makeup specialists have been using this secret technique for years even though it only became popular in mainstream culture recently.

The effects of makeup contouring can be so effective that it can even give the illusion of plastic surgery. By using dark and light contours on the face, celebrities can accentuate or tone down the parts of their face they want to manipulate.